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DELHI DURBAR MEDAL 1903 Delhi Durbar Medal 1903 2567 struck Extremely fine
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL PALESTINE 1945-48-WINDEBANK ROYAL ARTILLERY General Service Medal, clasp: PALESTINE 1945-48. Named to: 19143692 GNR R P WINDBANK R A Medal about extremely fine,a couple of light scratches in field.Struck on a thicker than usual flan,so may be later issue?-interesting numismatically and the first one I have encountered.
MILITARY GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP BARROSA-SERJT TILL- ROYAL ARTILLERY Military General Service Medal,clasp BARROSA Named to: W.TILL, SERJT R.ARTY Medal is extremely fine,small edge bruise and scratch on edge. Confirmed on roll.Ex Gendinings,1909 and 1952. William Till was born in the parish of Maddershall,Stafford.A potter by trade. Served in the 82nd Foot 1794-1795,35th Foot 1795-1796 and the Royal Artillery 1798-1817,serving for a total of 21 years,169 days. Sold with copied papers.
1902 CORONATION MEDAL IN SILVER 1902 Coronation Medal in silver 3493 struck Extremely fine
1911 CORONATION MEDAL 1911 Coronation Medal. Medal extremely fine,toned, on original ribbon and pin.
1911 CORONATION-COUNTY AND BOROUGH POLICE-UN-NAMED AS ISSUED 1911 Coronation (George V) County and Borough Police issue unnamed as issued. Medal about good very fine
1914 STAR AND ORIGINAL AUG-NOV CLASP- GROUP OF FOUR WITH WOUNDS BADGE-BRYANT ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY 1914 Star with genuine Aug-Nov clasp named to: 65476 DVR G BRYANT R.F.A, British War and Victory Medals named to: 65476 BMBR G.BRYANT R.A Defence Medal. With silver discharge badge no: 171991 Arrived in France 20/08/1914 Does not appear on roll for SWB under his name,but 171991 badge on roll as 65476 Bdr Fraser,Geo.Jas.this is obviously a mistake,or he changed his name?. Medals good very fine,mounted on pin.
1914 STAR TO BASSINGTON ROYAL FLYING CORPS JOINED 1913 AND PICTURED AND LISTED IN " A CONTEMPTIBLE LITTLE FLYING CORPS" 1914 Star, named to: 983 2/AM C.E.BASSINGTON.R.F.C. Charles Edward Brassington(note Bassington on Medal) was born in 1890,in St Leonards,Stafford.He was a direct entrant into the Royal Flying Corps,in December 1913, and earned the 1914 Star serving with 5 Squadron,as AM/2 .he was promoted to Acting Corporal Clerk, 1 February, 1918.Was Corporal Clerk in April 1918 muster roll.Awarded Royal Aero club Aviators certificate no 4260 on 17th February 1917 as Corporal.He is listed in "A Contemptible little Flying Corps",where his details are listed, along with a photo of Brassington,and he is also pictured on a group photo,under entrant 979. He was transferred to the reserve on 24/05/1919. Nice original Royal Flying Corps entrant,worthy of further research. Medal about good very fine,on small piece of ribbon as purchased.
1914 STAR TRIO HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY ENTITLED TO CLASP 1914 Star Trio,named to: 11912 L/CPL(PTE ON PAIR) J.M.NICHOLLS 2/HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY. an early entrant.arrived in France 14/8/1914,entitled to clasp and roses. Awarded discharge badge and certificate,discharged 14/09/1917(wounds)
1914 STAR TRIO TO ENEVER-ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY DIED OF WOUNDS 1916-COMMEMORATED ON THE BASRA MEMORIAL 1914 Star trio, named to: 56762 GNR W.ENEVER R.F.A. ( A.BMBR W.J.ENEVER on pair). Acting Bombadier Willaim James Enever 56762 8th Battery 13th Brigade Royal Field Artillery died of wounds on the 08/09/1916.He was born in Gosport,and enlisted at Purbrook.He is commemorated on the Basra Memorial.He arrived in France on 14/10/1914. Medals are about extremely fine, mounted on card.Sold with copied research
1914 STAR TRIO- SMITH ROYAL ENGINEERS 1914 Star trio named to: 28758 CPL.H.B.L.SMITH ROYAL ENGINEERS. Arrived in France 15/10/1914.entitled to a SWB discharged 17/10/1916 Medals extremely fine,on full lengths of original silk ribbons.
1914 STAR TRIO-BLANEY-ROYAL ARTILLERY-DIED 1918 1914 Star Trio named to: 82198 DVR H.BLANEY R.F.A.(R.A.on pair) Died 03/07/1918 serving with 5th Battery,45th Brigade.Royal Field Artillery The Son Hugh and hannah Blaney;husband of Alice May Blaney of 194,Sprowston Road.,Norwich.Born in Durham. Buried at Brandon(Meadowfield) cemetery,Durham. Medals are mint, with their original envelopes and boxes-no ribbons
1914 STAR TRIO-HUNTER NORFOLK REGIMENT 1914 Star Trio. Named to: 3-7775 PTE.C.HUNTER 1/NORF:R. Arrived in France 22/09/1914 Later transferred to the Essex Regt. Discharged due to sickness,26/06/1916.Entitled to SWB 80672 Medals about good very fine,on short lengths of original silk ribbons
1914 STAR TRIO-WADE 1/DRAGOON GUARDS 1914 Star trio,named to: 341 PTE.H.WADE 1/D.GDS(D-341 on pair) about very fine or better,(341 on star has been re-punched) Arrived in France 11/11/1914 On original grubby ribbons
1914 STAR- RARE DOUBLE ISSUE-BROWN SUFFOLK REGIMENT 1914 Star, named to: 3-8276 PTE J H BROWN 2/SUFFOLK R 1914 Star, named to: 3-8276 PTE J H BROWN SUFF .R Note no Battalion no, is this a slightly later issue? Intriguing pair Medals about very fine or better. Arrived in France on: 30/08/1914-entitled to clasp
1914 STAR-BALES SUFFOLK REGIMENT 1914 Star named to: 3-9138 PTE A BALES 2/SUFF R Arrived in France: 15/09/1914 Star about good very fine
1914 STAR-CULPIN 2/SUFF REGIMENT 1914 Star named to; 3-9258 PTE H M CULPIN 2/SUFF R Arrived in France 15/09/1914 Medal about very fine, no ribbon
1914 STAR-MAJOR- LATER BRIGADIER GENERAL GARNIER NORTON CARTWRIGHT C.M.G., D.S.O.- MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES FOUR TIMES. 1914 Star named to: MAJOR G.N.CARTWRIGHT R.F.A. Brigadier General Garnier Norton Cartwright, was born on 07 May 1868,the Son of R.N.Cartwright,of Ixworth Abbey,Suffolk.He joined the Royal Artillery on 17th Feb 1888; became Lieutenant 17th Feb., 1891; Captain 1 July,1898,and Major 9 Dec. 1903.Major Cartwright served in the European War from 1914; became Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Oct.1914; Served with the 55th Battery Royal Field Artillery.He was temporary Brigadier General ,Royal Artillery 1st Division,B.E.F.British Armies in France,from 15th October 1915, to 19th October, 1917.He married Isabel,daughter of the late T.J.Masters of Llannelly Hall,Llantrisant. He died in 1924 and is buried at Ixworth, Suffolk.There is a memorial tablet at St.Mary's church, Ixworth, Suffolk. D.S.O.: London Gazette: 18/02/1915 "For services in connection with operations in the field" C.M.G.:London Gazette; 04/06/1917 M.I.D.: London Gazette: 17/02/1915 M.I.D.: London Gazette : 01/01/1916 M.I.D.: London Gazette: 15/06/1916 M.I.D.: London Gazette: 15/05/1917 Arrived in France 23/08/1914, entitled to clasp,British War and Victory Medals would have been named: BRIG GEN according to his M.I.C. Medal about good very fine Miniatures have appeared on the market, which included an I.G.S.,1897 Jubilee,1903 Delhi Durbar.
1914 STAR-TO-WESTWOOD 2/SUFFOLK REGIMENT 1914 Star, named to: 3-8450 CPL S WESTWOOD 2/SUFF R Arrived in France 15/09/1915 Medal about good very fine, small patch of verdigris M.I.C. States : "Reduced misconduct overseas
1914 STAR-URIDGE 1/4TH SUFFOLK REGIMENT 1914 Star, named to: 1615 PTE W URIDGE 1/4 SUFF R Medal about good very fine, on short piece of ribbon. Arrived in France on 08/11/1914
1914 STAR-VICTORY MEDAL-CHAPMAN 1/4 SUFFOLKS 1914 Star, and Victory Medal,named to: 198 PTE P CHAPMAN 1/4 SUFF R (Star) 198 PTE P CHAPMAN SUFF R On Victory Medals about good very fine Arrived in France on 08/11/1914-discharged 01/04/1916
1914/15 STAR TRIO AND DEFENCE MEDAL TO MOULE,ESSEX REGT 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 15271 PTE. J.MOULE,ESSEX R. Together with a Defence Medal. Medals are about good very fine,court mounted for display.
1914/15 STAR TRIO AND NAVAL LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL TO DYER-H.M.S.HAREBELL 1914/15 Star Trio,named to: K1461 L.DYER,S.P.O.R.N. Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(George V Admirals bust) fixed suspension,named to: K10461 L.DYER.S.P.O.H.M.S HAREBELL. Leo Dyer was born in 1890 and joined the Royal Navy on 05/10/1908-his trade upon enlisting,was "Butchers assistant" He served on numerous ships and shore bases,including: VIVID/SULEJ/NIOBE/KENT/ROYAL ARTHUR/SKIRMISHER/APOLLO/WOOLWICH/HAREBELL/TUSCAN/ DAFFODIL.Record complete until 1928.He was pensioned in 1930. He was eventually shore-invalided on 03/02/1940 with "anxiety neurosis" H.M.S.Harebell was an "Anchusa" class convoy sloop. Medals about very fine and better,with some contact wear,on the B.W.M. Mounted as worn,on pin,on original but a little scruffy ribbons.Comes with set of large original papers.
1914/15 STAR TRIO AND ROYAL FLEET RESERVE L.S.G.C-BURROUGHS R.N. 1914/15 Star trio named to: SS 3859 P.R.BURROUGHS A.B.R.N. Royal Fleet Reserve Medal(George V Admirals bust) named to: S S 3859(CH.B.11424) Philip Richard Burroughs was born in Lewisham, London on 06/10/1893. He enlisted on the 26/02/1912 as a Special Service Man,enlisting for 5 years with the R.N.and 7 years with the RFR. His trade is given as Signal Clerk,when signed up. He served on thre following Ships/Shore bases: Pembroke/King Edward VII/Queen/Russell/Eclipse/Yarmouth/Clio/ Medals are extremely fine,comes with copied service record.
1914/15 STAR TRIO GUNNER SEABROOK-ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY 1914/15 Star trio named to: 554 GNR W.J.SEABROOK R.F.A. Arrived in in France 1/11/1915 Medals about good very fine,on replacement ribbons.
1914/15 STAR TRIO NUNN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY 1915/15 Star Trio named to: 12884 PTE C.NUNN YORKS L.I. Arrived in France 26/08/1915 entitles to a SWB. Medals about Extremely fine,no ribbons.
1914/15 STAR TRIO OWEN-EAST SURREY REGIMENT 1914/15 Star trio named to: L5934 PTE.S.OWEN EAST SURREY REGIMENT. Arrived in France: 19/01/1915. Medals about good very fine,mounted on pin for wearing.
1914/15 STAR TRIO PTE J.J.SMITH BERKSHIRE REGT 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 11017 SJT J.J.SMITH R BERKS R Arrived in France 07/08/1915. Medals good very fine or better,comes with wearing bar(2 medals loose on bar) copied M.I.C.
1914/15 STAR TRIO ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY-TRANSFERRED TO ROYAL AIR FORCE 1914/15 Star trio Star named To:705666 DVR A.ANDERSON R.F.A. Pair named to: 407166 2 A.M .A.ANDERSON R.A.F. M.I.C confirms.Label with group states he served with the: 2nd.East Lancs Brigade,R.F.A.T.F.Arrived in France 31/05/1915. Comes with R.A.F. papers,which show that he came from Manchester,and served in the R.A.F. a a fitter.Papers also state: "Gas Shell poisoning" Transferred to R.F.C.01/01/1918. Medals about good very fine, on odd old pieces of original ribbons
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO AYLING-22ND (KENSINGTON BTN) ROYAL FUSILIERS- KILLED IN ACTION 14/07/1916 1914/15 Star Trio,named to: 937 L SJT G.P.AYLING R.FUS.( K 937 SJT.G.P.AYLING R.FUS on pair) 937 Sergeant George Percy Ayling 22nd Btn., Royal Fusiliers was killed in action on 14/07/1916.He was born at Notting Hill,enlisted at Fulham and lived at Paddington.He is buried at the Zouave Valley Cemetery,Souchez. Medals are about good very fine,on full-length original silk ribbons. Arrived in France 26/11/2017.Sold with copied M.I.C.etc.
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO BEAN -SHOEING SMITH -R.F.A. 1914/15 Star trio Star named to:99145 S-STH G.BEAN R.F.A. Pair named to: 99145 DVR G.BEAN R.A. Arrived in France on 25/09/1915 Medals nearly extremely fine, on lengths of original silk ribbon.Sold with copied M.I.C.
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO HARRISON,SOUTH LANCS- KILLED IN ACTION 25/09/1915 1914/15 Star Trio named to: 3513 PTE J.HARRISON S.LAN R. 3513 Pte.John Harrison was killed in action 25/09/1915 serving with the 2nd.Battalion South Lancs Regt age 19. Born and lived at Pendleton,enlisted at Bury,Lancs.The Son of John and Alice Harrison,of 12,Lissadel St.,Broughton Rd.,Pendleton,Manchester.He is buried at the Bedford House Cemetery.Arrived in France on 02/04/1915 Comes with 10 pages research-copied War graves registration,headstone details,etc. Medals about extremely fine,old tape mark on reverse of 1914/15 Star,modern replacement ribbons.
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO WHITE-W/01 ROYAL ARMY ORDNANCE CORPS-WITH ORIGINAL DRAWING AND PAPERS 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 01646 SJT.J.B.WHITE A.O.C.(Star) 01646 T.W.O.CL1. J.B.WHITE A.O.C.(Scarce rank) Sold with original transfer to reserve certificate,as a Sub-Conducter.Demobilization Account,his will,leaving his estate to his Wife.and most interestingly, a pencil drawing, signed Bert White,entitled "The Retreat" a View from my dug-out. Medals about good very fine, but Star and Victory a little stained BWM dark toned,on original silk ribbons. Interesting lot
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO WILSON-8TH BATTALION SUFFOLK REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION14/07/1916-FROM SOMERLEYTON,SUFFOLK- 1914/15 Star trio named to: 14350 PTE.H.WILSON SUFFOLK REGT. Horace Wilson 14350 8th Battalion Suffolk Regiment was killed in Action on 14/07/1916.He was born at Somerleyton,Suffolk,and enlisted at Lowestoft,Suffolk.He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial.In the 1911 census he is listed as a Farm Labourer,living at the Green,Somerleyton,Suffolk. Medals are about good very fine,the victory Medal a little tarnished.
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO- BATCHELOR- ROYAL NAVY RESERVE 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 7056A L.I.BATCHELOR SMN R.N.R. Comes with service papers which show that he was born 1896,and lived at Pakefield,Suffolk. He joined the Royal Navy Reserve on 11/12/1914.He served on various Ships and shorebases including: Victory/Dunacan/Magda/Magpie/Excellent and Avaca. He was demobilised on 22/02/1919. Medals about very fine.
1914/15 STAR TRIO WITH EDWARD VII LONG SERVICE MEDAL TO HICKS, H.M.S.BLENHEIM 1914/15 Star Trio named to: 2792153 T HICKS CH.STO.R.N. Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Edward VII) named to: 279153 THOMAS HICKS ACTG CH.STO.H.M.S.BLENHEIM. Thomas Hicks was born in 1875,at Smarden,Near Ashford,Kent,and entered the Royal Navy on 14th February 1895.He served on the following Ships: Pembroke,Wildfire,Wye,Penguin,Duke of Wellington,Kent,Leander,Tyne, Blake,Blenheim,Minerva,Jupiter,Vengeance and finally Vivid II. He was invalided in October 1915 suffering with chronic pneumonia,and is on the roll for the silver war badge,no.509. Medals about good very fine to extremely fine.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-AND BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE-SMITH NORTHAMPTON REGIMENT FROM WITTON-NORTH WALSHAM NORFOLK 1914/15 Star trio and Bronze Memorial Plaque, named to: HERBERT WILLIAM SMITH-18597 PTE.H. W. SMITH. NORTH'N. R. 18597 Pte.Herbert William Smith 7th Btn., Northampton Regiment died of wounds on 2nd February 1916 aged 19 years.He was the Son of Mr.and Mrs R.Smith, of Witton,North Walsham, Norfolk.He is buried at tjhe Boulogne Eastern Cemetery.He is also on the Witton, North Walsham Memorial,one of only ten names. Medals and plaque about good very fine,medals mounted swing style for display.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-BARBER MOTOR MACHINE GUN SERVICE ROYAL ARTILLERY AND MACHINE GUN CORPS 1914/15 Star, named to: 1683 GNR C.T.BARBER M.M.G.S. British War and Victory Medals,named to: 1683 GNR.C.T.BARBER. M.M.G.S.-R.A.- Medals about good very fine, mounted on pin for wearing. Arrived in France 16/09/1915-M.I.C. States M.M.G.S.R.A. and Machine Gun Corps. Scarce on the market.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-BARBER-ARMY VETERINARY CORPS 1914/15 Star Trio,named to: SE 8170 PTE.G.W.BARBER A.V.C. Arrived in France: 16/09/1915 Medals about very fine, mounted on pin,as worn. Copy of M.I.C.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE-HUNTER-ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY -KILLED IN ACTION -12 OCTOBER 1915 1914 Star trio,named to: 87414 PTE W J HUNTER R.F.A.(GNR on pair) Bronze Memorial Plaque-WILLIAM JOHN HUNTER. 87414 Fitter William John Hunter "D" Battery.62nd Bde.,Royal Field Artillery was killed in action on 12th October 1915.He was born at Battersea,London,and enlisted at Woolwich.He is buried in the Fosse 7 Military Cemetery (Quality Street) Mazingarbe. Medals and Plaque about extremely fine
1914/15 STAR TRIO-CHARLTON ROYAL ENGINEERS 1914/15 Star trio Named to: 49271 SPR A.E.CHARLTON R.E. Medals extremely fine,on lengths of original silk ribbon,mounted on felt pad.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-DEFENCE MEDAL TO BOX-ROYAL NAVY 1914/15 Star trio, named to: SS 11933 W.J.BOX.STO1 R.N. Defence Medal. Medals about good very fine,on short pieces of original silk ribbon Walter James Box was born in Colchester,Essex on 29/04/1893 He joined the Royal Navy in 1912.He served on various Ships and Shore bases including:VIVID11/CAENARVON/BERWICKand CONQUEROR. He joined the Royal Fleet Reserve in 1919,and was invalided on 15/06/1921.Presnt at the capture of SS SPREEWALD on 10 Sept 1914. An early action for WW1. Mounted on card for display
1914/15 STAR TRIO-EDWARD VII L.S.G.C P.O.DAVEY ROYAL NAVY 1914/15 Star Trio with Royal Navy L.S.G.C(EDWARD VII) Trio named to: 159404 F.A.DAVEY S.P.O.R.N. L.S.G.C. named to: 159404 F.A.DAVEY STO.P.O. H.M.S.TENEDOS. Born 1870, Great Yarmouth,enlisted 1893. Comes with service papers. Medals about very fine or better,suspension bar a little twisted on L..S.G.C.some contact wear,mounted on pin as worn.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-FILBEY-ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY 1914/15 Star Trio named to: 37765 DVR.A.E.FILBEY R.F.A. Arrived in France 26/7/1915 Medals about good very fine,on short lengths of ribboons.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-FLETCHER NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS 1914/15 Star trio named to: 5437 CPL A.FLETCHER NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS. Arrived in France 9/09/1915 Medals about very fine.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-GUNNER JULIER ROYAL NAVY 1914/15 Star Trio named to: GNR A.G.JULIER R.N. Alfred George Julier,born: 1884,Hackney,London. Joined 1902.,and worked his way up through the ratings.Appointed Gunner 03/02/1913,Acting Mate 16/10/1914(cancelled re court-mar) Served on a host of Ships,including: Impregnable,Agincourt,Revenge,D.O.Wellington,Vernon,Excellent,Pelorus,Sirius,Agamemnon,Excellent,ST.George,Carysfort,Neptune,Lucifer,Blenheim,Waterhen,shore bases etc. In the remarks column,Julier is equally praised and denigrated with remarks such as: "more suited to ship with Warrant Officers Mess" His promotion to "Acting Mate" was cancelled in lieu of being court-martialled for being: "drunk on board ship" The most interesting remark is from Captain Lane: "Dangerous near call as torpedo fired from "Carysfort"-considered to blame in not carrying out duties with proper care".. Retired 2/07/1920,died 1953. An interesting read. Medals about good very fine.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-HOWELL NORFOLK REGIMENT 1914/15 Star Trio-named to: 8447 PTE D W HOWELL NORF R Arrived in the Asiatic Theatre 22/10/1915 The Norfolk Regiment Casualty list held at the Regimental Museum shows Howell wounded twice. Medals are about very fine or better.,couple of spots of verdigris on reverse of star
1914/15 STAR TRIO-JOHNSON DRAKE BN.ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION-WOUNDED TWICE-KIILLED IN ACTION 1918 1914/15 Star Trio,named to: T.Z. 4550 H.J..JOHNSON A.B.R.N.V.R.(J.H.JOHNSON on Star) Able seaman Herbert John Johnson Tyneside Z4550 Drake Bn.Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve was killed in action on 8/09/1918.The Son of Herbert Hall Johnson and Mary Gertrude Johnson of 33 Romulus Street,Gateshead. He is buried at CANTAING British Cemetery. Johnson was born in 1897,and his address at enlistment was given as:11,Waugh St.Gateshead -On -Tyne.He enlisted on 21/05/1915 and was transferred to Nelson Bn., on 21/09/1915. He was wounded on 13/11/1916: "Shrapnel wound right side"Rejoined Bn from hospital 17/11/1916. Joined training School, Calais,14/01/1917 Rejoined 07/03/1917. Served as Batman to Lieut Turnbull. Leave in UK 22/05/1917-1-06 1917 He was again wounded on 19/10/1917 GSW R Thigh(sev). Invalided to England.Transferred to Drake Bn.,until:27/03/1918. Johnson was Killed in Action on 28/09/1918. Medals are extremely fine and better-with 2 original boxes and envelopes(AF)Also comes with original Admiralty casualty letter. A fine casualty group to the Nelson Battalion Royal Naval Division,with full set of copied papers.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-KIRK ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY 1914/15 Star trio Named to: 71883 A-BMBR C.KIRK R.F.A.On star, BMBR on pair. Medals about very fine or better,a little contact wear on BWM. On lengths of original silk ribbons,mounted on felt pad. Arrived in France on 27/09/1915
1914/15 STAR TRIO-LONG SERVICE MEDAL TO TALYOR-H.M.S.JULIUS 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 307057 J.TAYLOR ACT.MECH R.N.(MECH on pair) Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, named to: 307057JAMES TAYLOR MECHN H.M.S.JULIUS.(Harbour Craft base at Constantinople) James Taylor was born on 02/04/1882 at South Tayock Dunn, Forfar,Occupation given as Ploughman. He joined the Royal Navy in August, 1904.He served on numerous Ships and Shore establishments, including: ACHERON/PEMBROKE/LONDON/JASON/OSCAR/INDOMITABLE/ IMPLACABLE/TYNE/COMMONWEALTH/LORD NELSON/E/KING EDWARD/CRESSY/CAESAR/ST.GEORGE/EUROPA/JULIUS/VICTORY/RALEIGHCALCUTTA/DARTMOUTH and CONSTANCE. Shore pensioned August 1926.Medal traced 03/11/19. Mechanician scarce rank,equal to Stoker Petty Officer Medals about very fine or better,mounted on card for display,comes with large size Naval Papers.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-LUCAS FIREMAN-MERCANTILE FLEET AUXILIARY 1914/15 Star trio, named to: W.LUCAS FMN.,M.F.A Medals are extremely fine,with original box for the 1914/15 Star(A/F)-no ribbons. William Lucas on the Medal roll as serving on "Ellida"-A hired Yacht. Sold with copied Medal Roll.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-MATTHEWS 15TH HUSSARS 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 6022 Pte.H.A.Matthews 15-Hussars. Arrived in France 19-5-1915. Later Service with the R.F.A. Medals about good very fine,mounted on wearing pin
1914/15 STAR TRIO-MEMORIAL PLAQUE-CAMPBELL MIDDLESEX REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION 26/09/1916-DOUBLE V.C. ACTION Bronze Memorial Plaque-WILLIAM CAMPBELL 1914/15 Star trio, named to: G2207 W.CAMPBELL,MIDD'X.R. G-2207 Private William Campbell,12th Bn., Middlesex Regiment,was killed in action on 26th September 1916.He was born,and enlisted at Holburn, Middelesex,and is commemorated on the Thiepval memorial. Privates Edwards and Ryder of the of the 12th Middlesex were awarded the Victoria Cross for this action. Medals and plaque about extremely fine, star has been very nicely gilded. Comes with extensive research,etc.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-MITCHELL MANCHESTER REGIMENT-LATER 2 LIEUT 1914/15 Star Trio named to: 6193 PTE.W.MITCHELL MANCH REGT.(CPL on pair). M.I.C.Shows Mitchell as commissioned 2 LIEUT. Arrived in France 7/09/1915. Lived at 330 Salterhebble, Halifax. Medals about extremely fine,on full lengths of modern ribbon. Interesting group-worthy of further reasearch.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-PLUS SCHOOL MEDAL,DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY 1914/15 Star Trio, named to: 10481 PTE.F.HARRIS.DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY. Medals about good very fine,on full length original ribbons. Comes with attractive Walthamstow School Board Medal named to: Frederick Harris,1903. Arrived in Asiatic Theatre (5i) Landekai Ridge?- 21/08/1915
1914/15 STAR TRIO-PRICE STOKER 1 ROYAL NAVY FROM LEOMINSTER, HEREFORDSHIRE 1914/15 Star Trio, named to: K12101 E.J.PRICE. STO.1.,R.N.(L.STO on BWM and Victory) Medals about good very fine,on small pieces of original ribbons. Edward Jesse Price was born in Leominster,Herefordshire in 1892. He joined the Royal Navy in August, 1911. He served on various Ships and Shore establishment, including: PEMBROKE/INDOMITABLE/ENDEVOUR/LEANDER/ World War 1 Service: HALCON and Wallington, then :HECLA/BLENHEIM/TRIBUNE and MONARCH. He was discharged invalided in 1921.Comes with copied papers.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-PTE NEW-ARMY VETERINARY CORPS 1914/15 Star trio. Named to: 2942 PTE.E.W. NEW A.V.C. Obverse of BWM pitted
1914/15 STAR TRIO-SHORTEN NORFOLK REGIMENT 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 18914 PTE.G E SHORTEN NORF R Arrived in France on 19/10/1915 Medals about good very fine,no ribbons
1914/15 STAR TRIO-SMITH -ROYAL HIGHLANDERS 1914/15 Star trio named to: 11466 PTE.P.SMITH R.HIGHRS. Arrived in France 3/12/1915 Medals about good very fine,on short lengths of old ribbon.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-TO CUNNINGHAM- SIGNALLER -ROYAL NAVY 1914/15 Star trio named to: J 25257 R.M.CUNNINGHAM O.SIG.R.N. Comes with copied service papers.Born 1898 in Ayr,trade given as joiner. Joined Royal Navy in June,1913. Served on various Ships and Shore stations including: Ganges/Victory/Empress of India/Sandhurst/Vernon and Dido.Discharged November 1919 Medals good very fine,on original,full length silk ribbons
1914/15 STAR TRIO-WINTON YORKSHIRE REGIMENT 1914/15 Star trio. Named to: 14954 PTE. E.WINTON YORK R. Arrived in France: 09/09/1915. Medals about very fine or better,mounted on wearing pin
1914/15 STAR TRIO-WOUND BADGE-TO POSTLE-SUFFOLK REGIMENT-DIED OF DISEASE 1917-BURIED AT LIMPENHOE NORFOLK 1914/15 Star Trio,named to: 3-9987 PTE W. POSTLE SUFFOLK R. Silver Discharge Badge, no: 115507. Fibre Dog Tag 3 9987 W POSTLE C.E. 3/9987 Pte.William Eric Postle 8th Bn., Suffolk Regiment,died on 09/07/1917 aged 25 The Son of William Postle of Cantley;husband of Jessie Gertrude Forder (formerly Poste) of Limpenhoe Hill,Reedham. He is Buried at Limpenhoe(St Botolph) Churchyard,and is listed on the War Memorial. William Eric Postle was born in Moulton, Norfolk in 1891.He was a Fisherman by trade,and joined the Royal Naval Reserve 17/09/1914.These papers state that Postle was "removed from strength" because he had joined the Army.His Silver War badge details state that he enlisted on the 03/09/1914! Postle was discharged from the Army on 17/12/1916 with tuberculosis. Medals are extremely fine, on original silk ribbons.War badge and dog tag in good condition. Comes with Naval Papers,extracts from Army papers,including a letter from Postle applying for his Discharge badge, census returns, etc. Good lot
1914/15 STAR TRIO-WW2 MEDALS SAW SERVICE WITH MARITIME ACK ACK MARITIME ROYAL ARTILLERY 1914/15 Star Trio named to: 59966 PTE E FLETCHER R.A.M.C.Medal index card shows transfer to the Loyal North Lancs-Service in the Balkans Sold with WW2 Medals: 1939/45 Star,Atlantic Star,Italy Star,1939/45 War Medal,with certifacte dated 1940 of the Maritime Royal Maritime Artillery,Maritime Ack Ack,stating that E Fletcher joined in 1941. Medals about very fine or better, certificate a little "dog-eared" Interesting lot as purchased-could be one recipient, or Father and Son, more research needed. Also sold with a Royal Artillery Cap Badge.
1914/15 STAR-BENWELL ARMY SERVICE CORPS 1914/15 Star named to: SS 16001 H.BENWELL A.S.C. Star about very fine,slightly pitted, no ribbon.
1914/15 STAR-BRIGGS SUFFOLK REGT 1914/15 Star, named to: 15028 PTE F E BRIGGS SUFF R Medal about very fine, on small piece of ribbon. Arrived in France on 25/07/1915
1914/15 STAR-BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO HAYWARD SUFFOLK REGIMENT 1914/15 Star,British War Medal, named to: 15491 PTE F HAYWARD SUFF R Medals about good very fine no ribbon on BWM Arrived in France on 04/10/1915
1914/15 STAR-BRIUNTON NORFOLK REGIMENT 1914/15 Star,named to; 18492 PTE F W BRUNTON NORF R Medal about good very fine, blue tack removed from reverse. Arrived in France: 19/10/1915 entitled to a SWB
1914/15 STAR-BYHAM SUFFOLK REGIMENT 1914/15 Star,named to: 16017 PTE A W BYHAM SUFF R Medal about very fine, no ribbon Arrived in France on 25/07/1915
1914/15 STAR-CALLABY ROYAL ARMY VETERINARY CORPS 1914/15 Star, named to: SE4043 PTE. E.G.CALLABY A.V.C. Medal about very fine, on modern ribbon
1914/15 STAR-KNIGHT-ROYAL GARRISON ARTILLERY 1914/15 Star,named to: 5142 GNR. J. H. KNIGHT R.G.A. Medal is about very fine, on frayed piece of ribbon
1914/15 STAR-LIEUT LOUIS ADOLF ERNEST EMIL HAMMERT-ARMY SERVICE CORPS-LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT ATTACHED PORTUGESE MISSION-A PRISONER OF WAR 1914/15 Star, named to: LIEUT.L.A.E.E. HAMMERT A.S.C. Louis Adolf Ernest Emil Hammert arrived in France on 19/08/1915.He later served with the Lincolnshire Regiment, attached to the Portugese Mission.He went missing on 24/03/1918- taken Prisoner Of War,and was repatriated on 11/12/1918. Medal is about very fine, some staining on obverse.
1914/15 STAR-MASTERSON SUFFOLK REGIMENT 1914/15 Star, named to: 12008 SJT E.E.MASTERSON SUFF R Medal about good very fine, tiny spot of verdigris on obverse Entitled to a SWB Arrived in France on 30/05/1915
1914/15 STAR-PRIME-NORFOLK REGIMENT-DIED OF WOUNDS FEBRUARY 1917 1914/15 Star, named to: 15532 PTE. E. PRIME NORF R. Private Edgar Prime, 15532 8th Bn., Norfolk Regiment, died od Wounds on the 19th February 1917.The Son of Mr. and Mrs. E.Prime, of Hall Road,Earsham,Norfolk.He was born in Earsham,Norfolk, and enlisted in Norwich.He is commemorated on the Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension. Medal about good very fine, on modern ribbon
1914/15 STAR-RICHMOND ROYAL NAVY RESERVE 1914/15 Star,named to: SA 1494 F. RICHMOND 2.HD. R.N.R. Medal is about good very fine, on modern piece of ribbon
1914/15 STAR-SURGEON COMMANDER BARFORD-ROYAL NAVY-THE YOUNGEST SURGEON COMMANDER AT THE END OF WW1 1914/15 Star, named to: ST SURG J.L.BARFORD R.N.(Staff Surgeon,executive rank of Commander) James Leslie Barford was born on 25/01/1885. He qualified as M.R.C.S.,L.R.C.P.,in 1905,and immediately entered the Royal Navy,in which he served until 1919.Main Royal Navy papers not found, he was attached to the a Lt.Surgeon,and was serving at Mudros repairs base.At the end of the war, Barford was the youngest Commander Surgeon in the service..Upon leaving the Royal Navy, he joined the Merchant Navy,serving with P and O line,and travelling to most parts of the world.Later he became interested in mental health,and worked at Hospitals in Lincoln,and Ipswich.During the Second World War he was medical officer to the the Surrey County Council Civil Defence organisation,to which he devoted characteristic enthusiasm and ingenuity in planning and first aid.In 1946 he spent nine months in the Antartic,with the first post-war Whaling expedition to leave this country,as medical officer to S.S.Southern Venturer,and carried out much research into the collection, and large scale maunufacture of glandular products.On his return, his desire for adventure reasserted itself, and he joined the the Post Office Telegraph dept as medical officer on H.M.Telegraph Ship Alert, and later on H.M.T.S.Monarch. He died on 29/11/1950.A full Obituary can be found in the British Medical Journal, Medal about good very fine, a few areas of staining. Interesting recipient, and worthy of further research.
1914/15 STAR-VICTORY MEDAL-FREEMAN SUFFOLK REGIMENT 1914/15 Star, Victory Medal, named to: 20322 V.T.FREEMAN SUFF R Medals about good very fine, no ribbons Arrived in France 25/07/1915
1914/STAR TRIO-LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-WOODWARD NORFOLK REGIMENT 1914 Star trio (copy clasp on star) named to: 8681 L SJT R H WOODWARD 1/NORF R CPL NORF R on pair Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,( GEORGE V) REGULAR ARMY CLASP,named to: 5763354 SJT R H WOODWARD NORF R Arrived in France 16/08/1914 Medals about very fine and better star has small verdigris marks on obverse,BWM shows contact wear.
1915/15 STAR TRIO-PLUS I.G.S.CLASP WAZIRISTAN 1921-24-HILL ROYAL ENGINEERS 1914/15 Star Trio,plus I.G.S.(1908) clasp WAZIRISTAN 1921-24 Trio named to: 22198 SPR S.HILL R.E.(A/CPL on pair) SGT S.HILL.R.E on I.G.S(note: no service no. on I.G.S.(Issued in India) Arrived in France 12/12/1914.(served with 1st or 2nd divisional signal coy) Medals about very fine or better,on original stitched ribbons as worn.
1939/45 WAR MEDAL-DEFENCE MEDAL AND TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL TO LIEUT HYMAN ROYAL ARTILLERY 1939/45 War ,Medal, Defence Medal, Territorial Efficiency Medal, clasp TERRITORIAL.Namedc toL LIEUT C A HYMAN.R.A. Comes with boxes for Territorial Medal, and WW2 Medals. Medals about extremely fine
1953 CORONATION MEDAL 1953 Coronation Medal-un-named as issued. A few contact marks,otherwise EF
1977 JUBILEE MEDAL-LADIES ISSUE-ON BOW 1977 Jubilee Medal,Ladies issue on bow for wearing, complete with pin. Medal is about extremely fine
1977 JUBILEE MEDAL IN BOX OF ISSUE 1977 Jubilee Medal,in original Royal Mint card box of issue. Medal extremely fine,on pin for wearing-box in good order,with a couple of small marks on box lid.
1977 JUBILEE MEDAL-CANADIAN ISSUE 1977 jubilee Medal,in silver, Canadian Issue. Medal good very fine,with some toning.
A FINE AND SCARCE MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR TO HALLS- ROYAL INNISKILLING FUSILIERS 1914/15 Star Trio,Star named: 17935 C.Q.M.SJT.F.L.HALLS. R.INNIS. FUS. British War and Victory Medals named to: 17935 C.SJT.F.HALLS R.INNIS.FUS..Meritorious Service Medal,(George V) named to: 17935 C.Q.M.SJT. F.L.HALLS 8/ R.INNIS FUS. M.S.M.London Gazette 18/01/1919 (Dover) Medals about good very fine or better. Comes with Soldiers small book,third and second class Education certificates,whilst serving with the 2/Suffolk Regiment,discharge certificate,and a superb photograph of Halls on his wedding day,with his wife, Alice. Francis Lancelot Halls was born in 1887 in the parish of St.Johns,March,Cambridgeshire.He enlisted at March,Cmbridgeshire on the 16th March,1903 into the Suffolk Regiment,aged 15 years 5 months as a boy soldier,sometime transferring to The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.His discharge certificate also states service with the Military Foot Police.He arrived in the Balkans on 11/07/1915.He was discharged on 2nd October,1920.Also comes with copied M.I.C.,London Gazette,etc.
AFGHANISTAN 1878-80 MEDAL-HIGHAM DRUMMER NORFOLK REGT Afghanistan Medal 1878-80 named to: 31 DRUMR S.HIGHAM 2/9TH FOOT Confirmed on roll. Also entitled to an Indian General Service Medal, clasp a private. Medal about very fine, suspension bar is bent.
AFGHANISTAN 1878-PTE LAND 1/12 REGT (SUFFOLK) AFGHANISTAN 1878-79-80 Medal no clasp Named to: 1497 PTE R LAND 1/12 TH REGT Medal about very fine,a few small e/knocks. Robert Land was born in Lancaster,and attested for the 1/12 Foot in 1870. Comes with a set of Service documents,(Large size
AFGHANISTAN MEDAL-ROYAL GIBRALTAR REGT-RARE ON THE MARKET Afganistan Medal, clasp AFGHANISTAN Named to: PTE.B SPENCER R. GIBRALTAR GR/8884 Medal is extremely fine,court mounted on pin for wearing. There is an image available of Pte.Brett Spencer after receiving his Medal from the Governor of Gibraltar. Please note: very fiew members of the Gibraltar Regt.Received the O.S.M.,and as such is rare on the market.
AFGHANISTAN NO CLASP-WEBBER 72ND HIGHLANDERS Afghanistan 1878-79-80 no clasp.Named to: 58.B/2581 PTE T.WEBBER 72nd HIGHrs. Medal is about good very fine Comes with old copied muster rolls etc.
AFRICA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL CLASP KENYA-BEARD-BUFFS Africa General Service Medal,(Queen Elizabeth II) clasp KENYA. Named to; 22692340 PTE.D.V.BEARD.BUFFS. Medal good very fine,uneven naming typical of the period
AFRICA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-HALSTEAD-K.O.Y.L.I. Africa General Service Medal, clasp KENYA. Named to: 22868484 PTE.L.HALSTEAD K.O.Y.L.I. Medal is nearly extremely fine
ANCIENT AND HONOURABLE ARTILLERY CO.1638-1963-AND THE VISIT OF THE H.A.C.OF LONDON COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL Bronze Medal Ancient and Honourable Artillery Co.1638-1963 Medal. Reverse: Commemorating the Anniversary Of The Ancient And Honourable Artillery Company 1638-1963.And the visitation of the Honourable Artillery Company Of London 1537-1963. On Ribbon,about Extremely fine
ANZAC MEDAL-W BOWYER -SERVED WITH THE N.Z.E.F.-WOUNDED AT GALLIOPOLI Anzac Medal,named to: W.BOWYER William Bowyer was born at Gianee? New South Wales in 1879. Attested for the N.Z.E.F. on 24/08/1914.Working as a Gold-miner before enlisting.His Mother was living at Lucknow,New South Wales.He served with the 13th Canterbury Infantry Btn as 6/886. Embarked at Alexandria on 12/04/1915.He was wounded (bullet right thigh) on 28/04/1915,admitted to hospital in Alexandria on 30/04/1915. He was evacuated to England and struck off the strength of the N.Z.E.F.on 30/05/1916.Discharged 18/08/1916. He was awarded a 1914/15 Star trio,and his Anzac Medal was issued on 14/07/1967 Medal is about extremely fine,no box. Comes with extracts from his service records.
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-VIVTORIA-SIMMONS-ROYAL ARTILLERY Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria small letter reverse) Named to: 10775 GUNNR W C SIMMONS 7TH DIV 1ST BDE:R.A.( Egraved naming) Medal about very fine
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-BENNETT-12 FOOT-SERVED NEW ZEALAND Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria small letters type with swiveling suspension) Named to: 2923 CORPL THS.BENNETT 1ST.BN.12TH FOOT (Impressed naming ) Medal about very fine, with a later ribbon. Thomas Bennett was born near Cork,Ireland,and joined the 12th Foot on 26th February 1851, aged 20 years.He served for 21 years,including the Australian Colonies for nearly eight years, and New Zealand for nearly four years.In the 1861 census, he is shown as with the 1st.Btn. 12th Foot 3rd Detachment serving in Tasmania. He is entitled to a New Zealand Medal.
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-DROMEY 58TH FOOT-SERVED NEW ZEALAND Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Victoria SL scroll suspension) Named to: 2549 SERJT JAS DROMEY 58TH FOOT.(Impressed naming) Medal about good very fine and toned, but 2 or 3 heavy edge knocks. James Dromey Attested for the 58th Foot in 1849,discharged 20 October 1870.Served for 6 years in New Zealand, and 4 years in the East Indies. Serving with the South Lincoln Militia after discharge.
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-FREEMAN NORTHAMTON REGIMENT Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal-George V(Robed bust) Regular Army bar Named to: 5875264 SJT A FREEMAN NORTH'N R Medal about good very fine
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-LARGE LETTER REVERSE AWARDED TO COMP SERGEANT WILLIAMSON 1846 Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria Large Letters) Named to: R WILLIAMSON COMP SERJ.ROYAL ARTILLERY 1846 Medal heavily impressed with large style letters. Medal about very fine or better, original iron suspension a little rusted. Robert Williamson joined the Royal Artillery as a Drummer in 1820 aged 14 years.Discharged 1845 at Montreal, Canada.Served Gibraltar and Canada.Awarded the L.S.G.C.Medal 1st July 1846
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-MULLANE-CONDUCTOR-ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Edward VII) Named to: CONDR R MULLANE ORDCE DEPT named in Indian Army style running script Medal is about extremely fine, with one or two light scratches on obverse. Comes with research which shows he was born on 10 Dec 1856 was appointed Sub-Conductor on 15-May 1890 Conductor on 02 June 1896, and retired on 31 December 1907
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-NO1-SERGT MAJOR WARD-ROYAL ARTILLERY-LOW NUMBER! Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal Victoria (small letters) named to: 1 SERJT MAJOR B WARD F BRIGADE R A ealy style impressed naming.F Brigade would seem to relate to the Bengal Horse Artillery. Benjamin Ward was born at Leeds,and joined the Royal Artillery in 1851.Looks like he joined the Bengal Artillery,bought himself out, and then re-joined the Royal Artillery.Seved 21 Years. Comes with copied papers, and further research from the India Office. Medal about good very fine
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-TROOP SERGEANT MAJOR MORGAN 5TH DRAGOON GUARDS Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Victoria small letter reverse) Named to: 775 TP SGT MAJ C.H. MORGAN 5TH DGN GDS Medal about extremely fine. Charles Henry Morgan was born in Newport, Monmouthshire in 1849. He Joined the 5th Dragoon Guards in 1867, aged 18 years, occupation Clerk.He was sent to Manchester in 1878 to help keep order following a strike by 70, 000 cotton workers.He was discharged in 1892 Comes with a set of large size service papers, and a detailed typed history of his service
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-TROOP SERGEANT MAJOR ROUGH RIDER GRIFFITHS 18TH HUSSARS Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria small letters) Named to: 1397 TP SGT MJR R RIDER L GRIFFITHS 18TH HUSRS (engraved naming) Medal is about extremely fine, toned. Lewis Griffiths joined the 18th Hussars, aged 15 years I Month in 1869. H served 28 Years, 44 days.He was awarded his L.S.G.C. Medal in July, 1887. His Father appears to have been: Thomas Griffiths, who served with the Thirteenth Light Dragoons.(listed in Lummis and Wynn, but not a charger) Sold with large size copied papers,Fathers papers, census returns etc.
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-VICTORIA-ORBELL-DIED OF DISEASE-SOUTH AFICA Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria small letters) Named to:1983 SGT DRMR L. G. ORBELL SUFFOLK REGT.-Impressed naming. Medal about extremely fine. Lewis George Orbell was born at Bury St Edmunds,in 1867,and joined the Suffolk Regiment as a Boy on 29th September 1880.He is entitled to The Hazarra 1888 clasp, as well as a Queens South Africa Medal.He died of Disease at Pretoria on 7th July 1901.He was recommended for his L.S.G.C.In April, 1901.Sold with copied birth and death certificates, muster rolls etc.
AUSTRALIAN WW2 GROUP OF FOUR-ALL NAMED-TO GENOLI-FROM ST ANAUD VICTORIA 1939/45 Star, Pacific Star,1939/45 War Medal and Australia Service Meda. All named to: VX 65633 A GENOLI Anthony Genoli was born in 1921.He joined the AIF in 1941.He served with the 4th Australian Field Regiment,and saw service in New Guinea.Trade given as Grocer.He was discharged 11 June 1946.Medals issued in 1957. Medals about extremely fine, all Medals impressed as issued. Comes with complete set of Papers for Genoli,which includes a photo.
B.WM./VICTORY PAIR-KAHLER-NORFOLK REGIMENT BWM/VICTORY MEDAL pair named to: 37004 Pte.R.Khaler Norfolk Regt. About Good Very Fine,both Medals have a small edge bruise
BOARD OF TRADE ROCKET APPARATUS PROOF OF SERVICE AT WRECK TOKEN Board Of Trade Rocket Apparatus Proof Of Service at a wreck Medal/Token 366mm diameter,bronze. Obverse has the Victorian Crown,Reverse attractive three-masted Sailing ship. 3,000 of these tokens were struck by the Royal Mint in 1877 and distributed to Coastguard Stations, 25 of each being delivered to each station.1,000 more were produced and distributed in 1883. These tokens were issued to participants who helped or assisted at a rescue,as a "token" payment as proof of their service. The tokens were then redeemed for the appropriate fee for the rescue,at a later date. Fee for a call-out 2/6d Fee for attending a wreck 5/- Fee for Saving a life 1. This example is in extremely fine or better condition with some original colour remaining.
BRASS TOKEN/MEDALLET- REVIEW OF THE EASTERN COUNTIES VOLUNTEERS-GREAT YARMOUTH 1862 Brass Token/Medalet In Commemoration of the Review of the Eastern Counties Volunteers. At Great Yarmouth 19th June 1862. 22 mm holed for wearing on watch chain
BRITISH EMPIRE MEDAL-DRIVER WEST MERCIA CONSTABULARY British Empire Medal Elizabeth II Civil Named to: Charles Frederick Driver. London Gazette: 15th June 1974 Charles Frederick Driver,Sergeant West Mercia Constabulary. Medal extremely fine, in box of issue.
BRITISH EMPIRE MEDAL-MITCHELL-FOREMAN OF THE AFFRIC HYDRO-ELECTRIC SCHEME British Empire Medal (Elizabeth II)named to: WILLIAM E.MITCHELL London Gazette: 01/01/1952 William E Mitchell,General Foreman,Affric Hydro-Electric Scheme (Cannich,by Beauly) The Glen Affric/Glen Cannich was a vast construction scheme,which involved the building of two dams,the largest of which was 2,385 ft long and 160 ft tall-the two lochs were connected by a tunnel just over 3.5 miles long,The construction work employed up to: 2000 people and as well as a large number of lowland scots,men from all over the u.k.were joined by Irish,Poles,Czechs,Canadians and even German ex-prisoners of War. Medal is extremely fine,and interestingly,must have been amongst the first awarded during the reign of the present Queen.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDAL PAIR-CHALMERS -ROYAL SCOTS British War Medal,Victory Medal nAmed to: 23943 PTE.A.P.CHALMERS R.SCOTS(scottish Rifles) M.I.C.shows further service with The Labour Corps and 15/London Regt. Medals about extremely fine,on short pieces of ribbon
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDAL-JAMES SUFFOLK REGT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 3469 PTE F JAMES SUFF R Medals about very fine,with original ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS 2-LIEUT E.L.SMITH-SOUTH LANCS British War and Victory Medals Named to: 2-LIEUT E.L.SMITH Only one 2-LIEUT E.L.SMITH on the M.I.C's is to Edward L.Smith served with the South Lancs,entitled to 1914/15 Star. The only other E.L.Smith is to:Lieut Edward L Smith 11th Leicester Regt. Medals extremely fine.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO HALL,ARMY VETERINARY CORPS British War and Victory Medals,named to: SE-23155 CPL.H.HALL A.V.C. Medals about good very fine,on original full-length ribbons.Comes with copied M.I.C.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO MANNING ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS British War and Victory Medals Named to; 94962 PTE.S.G.MANNING R.A.M.C. Medals are as issued,with full-length original silk ribbons,in box of issue
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO MILLWARD- HAMPSHIRE REGT,KILLED IN ACTION 23/10/1916 WITH BROTHERS PLAQUE-SERVED R.N.A.S./R.A.F.BOTH ON THE BASINGSTOKE MEMORIAL British War and Victory Medals named to: 20356 PTE.S.MILLARD HAMPS R. 20356 Pte.S.Millard was killed in action serving with the 1st Bn.,Hampshire Regt.He was the Son of Albert and Louise Millard of 17,Fairfield Road,Basingstoke,Hants.He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. Together with his Brothers Bronze Memorial Plaque named to: HAROLD GEORGE MILLARD.Served with the Royal Naval Air Service.He was born in 1899 and was a Bank Clerk.He served on President 11/Crystal Palace.Cranwell and on Daedalus.Later served with the R.A.F.He died of illness on 14/02/1920.He is not listed on the CWGC Also sold with the box for his BWM,which is marked: F28321 H.G.M Millard (Harold George Marsh Millard) A.C.1.R.N.A.S.Both brothers are commemorated on the Basingstoke War Memorial. Medals are extremely fine or better, on original full-length silk ribbons.Plaque extremely fine.Sold with copied Naval Papers,1911 census return,which show the Millard Brothers living at the same Address,M.IC.etc.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO NELSON-SOUTH LANCS KILLED IN ACTION 23/10/1916 ON THE SOMME British War Medal/Victory Medal.Named to: 26085 PTE.H.W.NELSON S.LAN.R. Pte.Henry William Nelson,26085 7th Battalion South Lancs Regt;was Killed In Action 23/10/1916,aged 40.He was the Son of William Henry Nelson,of 51,Kingsland Rd.,Stamford Road.,Dalston,London.He was born at Hackney,Middlesex,lived at Dalston,Middlesex,and enlisted at London. He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. Medals are about good very fine,on original full-length silk ribbons.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO SPICER MILITARY FOOT POLICE British War and Victory Medals,named to: P- 9913.L.CPL.R.SPICER M.F.P. Medals about extremely fine,on full-length original silk ribbons. Sold with copied M.I.C.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-2-LIEUT EDWARD JOSEPH PYKE-ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY PREVIOUSLY SERVED WITH THE ARTISTS RIFLES.LATER IN LIFE BECAME KNOWN AS THE FOREMOST EXPERT ON WAX MODELLING- AND AN AUTHOR British War and Victory Medal. Named to: 2-LIEUT E.J.PYKE. Edward Joseph Pyke was born in 1898,and joined the 28th London Regt (Artists Rifles) on 1/06/1916,his occupation given as student,having previously served in the OTC Wellington.He was commisioned into the R.F.A.on 20/02/1918. On the 21/10/1918,he was blown off his horse by a shell, which hospitalised him,and wounded his horse.He was admitted to the Red Cross hospital at Rouen. Edward Joseph Pyke continued his education, reading Engineering,and gaining an M.A. He then worked as an apprentice at Metro Vick in Trafford Park,and as an Engineer on the Cableship Silverfray,before becoming chief technical officer,and head of the estates the Royal Institute for the blind in 1925, where he remained until his retirement in 1963. He then began to research Wax Sculptures,His interest in the subject stemmed from inheriting his Fathers collection of wax sculptures in 1953. In 1973 the Oxford University Press published his research in "A biographical History Of Wax Modellers".He updated this work in 1981, and 1986,with three supplements, which he published privately.These publictions included details of work held in private and public collections worldwide. He donated a collection of Wax Models to the Victoria and Albert Museum,which also holds his records and papers. Comes with Officers papers,which includes his attestation papers for the Artists Rifles,plus his pension records, which mainly concern his claim for a pension following the incident where he was blown up by a shell. The imperial War Museum also hold a photo of Pyke,copy included. Medals about extremely fine. Interesting reipient.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-COBBETT SUFFOLK REGIMENT KILLED IN ACTION SERVING WITH THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY British War and Victory Medals,named to: 45493 PTE J C COBBETT SUFF R. 44798 James C Cobbett 20th Bn.,Durham Light Infantry was killed in action on the 04/09/1918 aged 20.The Son of Mrs.M. Cobbett of 2,Prospect Place,High St.Knaphill,Woking,Surrey.He was born at Chobham Surrey,and lived at Knaphill, Woking.He is buried at the Voormezeele Eclosure no 3 Medals are about extremely fine, on original full-length silk ribbons,Victory Medal ring a little bent.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-DURRANT SUFFOLK REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals 3-9073 PTE L DURRANT SUFF R Medals about good very fine, victory a little dull, no ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-EDWARDS-K.O.Y.L.I. British War and Victory Medals, named to: 204489 PTE.E.EDWARDS.K.O.Y.L.I. Medals about good very fine,on short pices of original silk ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-GUEST-MACHINE GUN CORPS British War and Victory Medals,named to: 65825 PTE.F.GUEST M.G.C. Medals are extremely fine,on short lengths of original ribbon.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-HUBBARD 2-LIEUT SUFFOLK REGIMENT KILLED IN ACTION 17/02/1917 British War and Victory Medals Named to: 2-LIEUT A.HUBBARD Second Lieutenant Alfred Hubbard 8th Btn., Suffolk Regiment,was killed in action on 17/02/1917. He is buried at the Regina Trench Cemetery,Grandcourt. Sold with copied research including account of the action in which he was killed-See Friend of the Suffolk Regiment."Operation Legacy" Entitled to a 1914/15 as 3756 Pte. Honourable Artillery Company. He was commissioned into the Suffolk Regiment on 31/07/1916. Medals about extremely fine,BWM toned,on original silk ribbons.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-KINGS British War and Victory Medals,named to: 82170 PTE.J.W.KINGS DURH. L.I. Medals are extremely fine, on short lengths of original silk ribbon
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-LAWES NORFOLK REGIMENT-DISCHARGED-GUN SHOT WOUNDS TO SHOULDER AND JAW British War and Victory Medals. Named to: 29730 PTE C.F.LAWES. NORF Comes with M.I.C and War Badge roll which shows that Charles Frederick Lawes enlisted on 11/12/1915 and was discharged on 18/09/1917 due to gun-shot wounds,right shoulder and Jaw. Medals are in good very fine condition,and on full length original silk ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-MEMORIAL PLAQUE-BATEMAN SOUTH LANCS-KILLED IN ACTION 09/09/1917 British War and Victory Medals,Bronze Memorial Plaque-named to: ERNEST FREDERICK BATEMAN.Medals named: 203605 PTE.E.F.BATEMAN S.LAN.R. 203605 pte.Ernest Frederick Bateman,1st/4th Battalion South Lancs Regt.,was Killed in Action on 09/09/1917.He was born and enlisted in Manchester,the Husband of Mary A.Bateman,of 10,Egerton St.,Gorton,Manchester.Remembered on the Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery.Comes with 9 pages research- copy War Graves details,M.I.C.etc. Medals and plaque about good very fine,Medals dark-toned.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-PRITCHARD-3RD LONDON REGIMENT-K.I.A.08/10/1916 British War and Victory Medals, named to: 5001 PTE A G PRITCHARD 3-LOND R 25201 Pte A G PrItchard, 3rd Bn.,London Regiment was killed in action on 08/10/1916.He lived Islington,and enlisted at Little Pulteney St.Hev and is buried at The Guards' Cemetery,Lesboefs. Medals are extremely fine, with original full-length silk ribbons, box of issue, letter of receipt and original registered envelope.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-RAWLING-NOTTS AND DERBY REGT British War Medal,Victory Medal named to: 73582 PTE.W.RAWLING NOTTS & DERBY R. Medals about very fine,on old frayed ribbons,mounted on pin as worn.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TWITE NORFOLK REGT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 5380 PTE.A.W.TWITE NORF R. Medals extremely fine, on original full-length silk ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-WALL-SUFFOLK REGIMENT KILLED IN ACTION 23-APRIL 1917 British War and Victory Medals, named to: 3817 PTE H H WALL SUFF R Medals about extremely fine, with original silk ribbons. 201227 Private Henry Hastings Wall 4th Bn.,Suffolk Regiment was killed in action on 23/04/1917.The Son of Mr and Mrs Wall,of 15, Colville Rd,South Lowestoft,Husband of Violet Hilda Wall,od 21,Ontariio Rd Lowestoft.enlisted Ipswich-Soldiers died states: "Formerly 3817 Suffolk Regiment" Commemorated on the Arras Memorial.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-WITH INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP WAZIRISTAN 1919-21-WITH PAY BOOK -PHOTOS-DOG TAGS-TO- NICHOLS NORFOLK REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals named to: 9605 PTE R W NICHOLS NORF R Indian General Service Medal(1908) clasp : WAZIRISTAN 1919-21 Named to: 5763579 PTE R W NICHOLS NORF R. Comes with Pay Book, 3 dog tags, home-made I.D. disc,and 3 photos of Presumably the 2nd Norfolk Regiment in India, stencil for a "Britannia" embroidery, and an Army Reserve Training Order, dated 1925. Lived at 2, Row 5, Northgate St Gt. Yarmouth. Also comes with complete service record, showing him as Wounded in action on 22/10/1917 ( gunshot wound, bullet r/wrist) Medals about good very fine. Nice complete lot
BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO MATTHEWS-ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE British War Medal,named to:F.25518 A.G.W.MATTHEWS A.C.1 R.N.A.S. Arthur George William Matthews was born in Islington,London on 15th May 1890.His occupation is given as "House Agent" He joined the Royal Naval AIr Service on 02/02/1917,and served at Crystal Palace and Felixstowe.He then transferred to the R.A.F. IN 1918.Trade given as Aircraft Mechanic and clerk. Medal is mint,with original silk ribbon in box of issue,(a/f) Comes with copied Naval and R.A.F. service record.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO SMITH- THE QUEENS REGT British War Medal Named to; 94962 PTE.H.G.SMITH THE QUUEN'S R. Medal is extremely fine, on piece of original silk ribbon
BRITISH WAR MEDAL VICTORY MEDAL TO CAINE MANCHESTER REGIMENT British War Medal and Victory Medal pair,named to: 252383 PTE.A.CAINE MANCH. R. Medals about good very fine,on original full-length silk ribbons
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-ADAM THOMSON- MERCANTILE MARINE-FROM LIVERPOOL British War Medal,named to: ADAM THOMSON Served with the Mercantile Marine,lived in Liverpool, born 1892. Medal about very fine, on small original piece of ribbon
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-BINSTEAD-ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS British War Medal,named to: 120378 PTE.J.H. BINSTEAD R.A.M.C. Medal is about extremely fine, dark toned.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-BUCKLES SUFFOLK REGIMENT KILLED IN ACTION 26/04/1915-FROM WICKHAM MARKET SUFFOLK British War Medal, named to: 2106 PTE G BUCKLES SUUF R Medal about good very fine,on original piece of full-length ribbon Private George William Buckles,2106 "E" Coy 4th Bn., Suffolk Regiment, was killed in action on 26 April 1915.The Son of Thomas And Eliza Buckles. He was born at Wickham Market,and enlisted at Ipswich.He is commemorated on the Ypres Menin Gate memorial.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-BURT-SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS British War Medal, named to: 10059 PTE. A.H. BURT SEAFORTH Medal is about very fine, on piece of modern ribbon
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-CAMPKIN-HERTS REGT British War Medal,named to; 5957 PTE. J.R.CAMPKIN HERTS R. M.I.C.Shows later service with the Leicestershire Regt. Medal about good very fine,re-fixed suspension,which is slightly loose. Copy M.I.C.with Medal
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-COE ROYAL ENGINEERS British War Medal,named to: 181130 SPR W. COE R.E. Medal is about good very fine, on piece of original silk ribbon
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-FINCH-9 LONDON REGIMENT British War Medal,named to: 6203 PTE.F.G.FINCH 9-LOND R.(County of London Regiment-Queen Victoria's Rifles Medal about very fine,slight contact marks,on small piece of original ribbon.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-HIRST-COLDSTREAM GUARDS-DIED -29/10/1914 British War Medal,named to: 3517 PTE.T.H.HIRST C.GDS. 3517 Private Thomas Henry Hirst 1st Bn.Coldstream Guards died on 29/10/1917.He was born in Kidderminster,Worcs.,and enlisted in Birmingham.He is commemorated on The Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. He arrived in France on 11/09/1914,and is entitled to the Aug/Nov clasp. Medals is about extremely fine, on piece of original silk ribbon. Supplied with copied M.I.C etc.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-JOHNSON-NOTTS AND DERBY REGIMENT British War Medal,named to: 14779 PTE.H.JOHNSON.NOTTS & DEBY R. Medal about vey fine, but heavy star contact marks on obverse,on small pice of original silk ribbon. Entitled to a SWB,discharged 27/10/1917
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-MERCANTILE MARINE WAR MEDAL PAIR-HOGBEN British War Medal,Mercantile Marine War Medal,named to: FREDERICK G HOGBEN. Frederick George Hogben, born 1875 from Cheslett, Kent Medals about extremely fine,patch of verdigris on edge
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-ORD SEAMAN WOMACK ROYAL NAVY British War Medal,named to: J91906 E.W.WOMACK ORD. R.N. Medal is about extremely fine, toned on piece of original silk ribbon.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-PEACH R.A.F. British War Medal named to: 286149 PTE. 2.C.M.PEACH R.A.F. Medal about very fine
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-POLLARD,R.A.F. British War Medal named to: 28602 2.A.M.D.H.POLLARD R.A.F Medal about good very fine, toned
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-ROBSON-ROYAL ENGINEERS British War Medal, named to: 147351 SPR.P.A.ROBSON.R.E. Medal is about good very fine,on original length of silk ribbon,suspension slightly bent.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-VARNHAM-EAST LANCS REGIMENT British War Medal,named to:19648 PTE.W.VARNHAM.E.LAN.R. Medal about nearly very fine, contact wear,on short length of original silk ribbon
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-WALTER KEEBLE-MERCANTILE MARINE FROM HARWICH British War Medal named to: WALTER KEEBLE. On the Mercantile Marine ,Medal roll.Came from Harwich,born in 1870. Medal about very fine or better,on original length of silk ribbon
BRITISH WAR MEDAL/MERCANTILE MARINE PAIR-ROBERT MC INTOSH British War Medal/Mercantile Marine Medal pair. Named to : ROBERT MC INTOSH 2X Robert Mc Intosh' listed on roll Robert Mcintosh born Glasgow,1886 Robewrt Mcintosh born Wallsend on Tyne,1891. Medals about good very fine,suspender on Mercantile Marine is a little twisted and loose,on original stitched ribbons.
BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE- LEONARD KENYON-LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS-DIED OF WOUNDS 10/04/1918 Bronze Memorial Plaque,named to: LEONARD KENYON 205543 Pte.Leonard Kenyon 2nd/5th Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers, died of wounds on the 10/04/1918. He was born and enlisted in Manchester.He is buried in the Lapugnoy Military Cemetery. Plaque is about good very fine.Only one Leonard Kenyon listed on Soldiers died.
BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE-BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO KING SUFFOLK REGIMENT-FROM FELIXSTOWE Bronze Memorial Plaque named to: STANLEY KING British War and Victory Medals named to: 201723 PTE. S.KING SUFF.R. 201723 Pte.Stanley King 4th Bn.,Suffolk Regiment was killed in action on 26 September 1917 The Son ogf Alfred and Ethel A.King,of 56,Constable Rd.,Felixstowe Suffolk. He enlisted at Ipswich, and is commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial. (Formerley 2455 Suffolk Cyclist Btn. Medals and plaque about extremely fine,but slight solder marks at 3 o'colock and nine o'clock where the Medals have previously been held in some sort of mount Mounted on old velvet pad for display-probably removed from frame.
BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE-JAMES HENRY ROWNTREE-K.O.Y.L.I.-KILLED IN ACTION 16/09/1916 Bronze Memorial Plaque,named to: JAMES HENRY ROWNTREE 34945 Pte.James Henry Rowntree,9th Bn.,King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry,was killed in action on the: 16/09/1916.He was born in Stocton-On Tees,Durham,and enlisted at Stocton,previously served as 3416 Durham Light Infantry.He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. Plaque is about good very fine.Unique name on C.W.G.C.Website
BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE-NAMED TO ALBERT TAYLOR Bronze Memorial Plaque,named to: ALBERT TAYLOR Numerous Men with this name are listed as having died during WW1 on the Plaque is about good very fine
BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE-SIDNEY BATES Bronze Memorial Palque, named to: SIDNEY BATES Two Men of this name are listed on the C.W.G.C. 153188 Gunner Sidney Bates Royal Field Artillery,died 01/12/1918 23496 Pte.Sidney Bates 6th Bn., Border Regiment,died 22/08/1917. Plaque good very fine,dark finish
BRUNSWICK WATERLOO MEDAL-3RD LIGHT BTN BRUNSWICK INFANTRY Brunswick Waterloo Medal Named to: LUDW HUETER 3 IAEG BAT (3rd Light Btn.Brunswick Infantry. Medal is about Very Fine/Fine on original Iron Ring and original ribbon. Slight pitting,and a little rust from suspension
BWM/VICTORY MEDAL LAWRENCE MERCHANT FLEET AUXILIARY British War Medal/Victory Medal.Named to: H.A.G.LAWRENCE TR M.F.A. Medals about good very fine,BWM dark toned,
BWM/VICTORY MEDAL TO ALLEN,EAST SURREY REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals named to: 39901 PTE.F.R.ALLEN E.SURR R. Medals about good very fine,on full length original silk ribbons. Sold with copied M.I.C.
BWM/VICTORY MEDAL-O'SHEA RIFLE BRIGADE-ENT TO SWB British War Medal/Victory Medal. Named to: 4381 PTE.J.O'SHEA RIF BRIG. With M.I.C-Shows arriving in France on 20/12/14 entitled to a SWB,and 1914/15 Star. Medals about very fine,BWM dark toned,original lengths of silk ribbon.
BWM/VICTORY MEDAL-OAKEY(M.B.E.)-R.N.V.R-TRAINED AS A PILOT IN THE R.N.A.S. British War and Victory Medals named to: LIEUT W.H.OAKEY R.N.V.R.(also entitled to a 1914/15 Star) Wesley Howard Oakey was born in 1891.Previously a student at the School of Shipping. He entered the R.N.A.S.on 13/06/1915 as a temporary Flight Sub-Lieutenant,as a trainee Pilot.His papers,under remarks column states that: "Has been rather nervous, but now looks like becoming a good pilot".Too much imagination.25 hour in the air.Flown Cauldron,Fairman,Bleriot,Sopwith and Curtiss.As an Officer good,knows how to handle men. A fair pilot,Most experienced and reliable stores officer, in which duties he has been most useful. A timid Pilot, but an exceptionally good officer.Very capable,and takes charge of men. I entirley cocur with this officers application to transfer to the stores officer.He will never become a pilot as he lacks nerve,confidence and judgement in the air-it is only a matter of luck that that he has not allready had a bad accident.In addition to his flight duties he has been doing duty as a stores officer,in which capacity he has shown extraordinary knwledge and zeal.The work appeals to him,and he has a complete knowledge of the procedure of keeping Naval and Air Service stores.He has been of the very greatest value to me in running this sation,being the best and and most hardworking Officer I have got.He can take charge of men;they like him and work for him.I recommend him to be transferreed as a Lieutenant in the R.N.V.R. Served at Eastchurch and Westgate. Transferred R.A.F. On his R.A.F. papers he is listed as F/LIEUT Technical aero Rigging.Transferred to Reserve 17/09/1926 Relinquished commission 12/09/1930.Upon discharge,his address is given as: "Eversley" Highweek, Newton Abbot, Devon. Awarded M.B.E. (Military division) London Gazette:01/01/1923. Medals about good very fine,comes with copied papers.
BWM/VICTORY MEDALS TO LIEUT IAN DRUMMOND CLAUGHTON 11TH CAMBRIDGESHIRE BTN., SUFFOLK REGT-THEIR FIRST OFFICER TO BE DIE IN ACTION British War and Victory Medals,named to; LIEUT I.D.CLAUGHTON Entry in De-Ruvigny: Lieut Ian Drummond Claughton 11th Bn., Suffolk Regt.,was killed in action on 02/03/1916.The Son of Henry and Emily Claughton of Fornham St.Martin,Suffolk.B.A (Kings College Cambridge).He is buried at Brewery Orchard Cemetery,Bois-Grenier. Ian Drummond Claughton was born 04/10/1890-the 3rd Son of Henry William Claughton of University College,Oxford, and Thornham St.Martin,Bury St.Edmunds,Suffolk.H.M.Inspector of Schools(1874-1913) by his wife Emily, daughter of Captain R.H.H.Kightley,7th Royal Fusiliers.and godson of Bishop Piers Claughton,Archdeacon of London, and Chaplain General of the Forces.Educated at Repton School,and Kings College Cambridge(B.A.1912) He obtained all the School prizes at Repton for English Literature,History,etc.On taking his degree in the Historical Tripos,the college granted him a further exhibition for Research work; he possessed great ability and was very widely read.He was gazetted a 2nd Lieut in the 11th Cambridgeshire Battalion,Suffolk Regt 9th September 1914; promoted Lieut June 1915 went to France early in January 1916.Killed in action 2 March near Bois Grenier.His Colonel wrote: "He was absolutely fearless and died a noble death" He is listed on the Fornham St Martin War Memorial. He was the first "Cambridge Kitchener" Officer casualty Medals are extremely fine, removed from a frame,and mounted on a green baize backed board.
BWM/VICTORY PAIR TO WATSON WITH "R" PREFIX-ROYAL NAVAL VOLUNTEER RESERVE British War Medal and Victory Medal pair. Named to: R1641 C.R.WATSON A.B. R.N.V.R. R prefix denotes "transferred from the Army" Medals about extremely fine.on two lengths of original ribbons.
BWM/VICTORY-2 LIEUT GEORGE STORIE-ROYAL SCOTS British War Medal/Victory Medal.Named to: 2-LIEUT G.STORIE Only 1 Officer with this initial and name-served with the Royal Scots. Applied for Medals 03/02/1922-living at: Burnside College,Tarbolton,Ayrshire. Medals are extremely fine or better,on original silk ribbons. See Sons Medals 50507
BWM/VICTORY-GREEN NORFOLK REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION 16/05/1917 British War and Victory Medals,named to: 26141 PTE.H.R.GREEN. NORF R. 26141 Pte.Robert Henry Green 7th Battalion Norfolk Regiment,was killed in action on the 16 May 1917.He is buried at Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt. He is shown on the 1911 census as living in Russell Street,in the parish of Heigham,Norwich,his age given as 13,and his occupation as a scholar.. Medals extremely fine,on original silk ribbons.Comes with copied research.
BWM/VICTORY-HALES QUEEN'S REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 36157 PTE.G.HALES THE QUEEN'S R. Medals about extremely fine See item no:51099 for Brothers' Medals.
CAMPAIGN PAIR TO BRIG SURGEON LT COLONEL ANDREW-6TH FOOT AND 12 FOOT Indian General Service Medal (1854) calsp: NORTHWEST FRONTIER Named to: AT SURGN G ANDREW H.M.'S 1ST BN. 6TH REGT. Afghanistan Medal, no clasp, named to: SURGN MAJ. G ANDREWS 1/12TH REGT. Medals about good very fine, slight contact wear. Sold with what is believed to be a copy photo of Andrew George Andrew was born 1840 at Gateshead. Acting Surgeon Staff 31/03/1865 6th Foot 10/07/1866 Staff 22/06/1870 Surgeon Major 31 March 1877 B.S Lieut Col 12/02/1891 Retired pay 24/04/1895 MA Kings College,1860 M B 1864 Died 19/10/1899 ( Medical Officers in The British Army 1660-1960 p455 Vol 1) Sold with copied Army lists, etc
CAMPAIGN PAIR TO BYRNE-19TH REGT( YORKSHIRE) AND NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS Indian General Service Medal (1854) clasp: NORTHWEST FRONTIER named to: 1608 P. BYRNE. 1ST. BN.H M'S 19TH REGT. Afghanistan Medal 1878-79-80 Medal, named to: 2213 PTE. P.BYRNE 1/5TH FUS RS. Both correctly named. Patrick Byrne attested for the 19th Regiment aged 19 in 1863. He was born at St, Andrews, Ireland.Has a very colourful service record of ten pages.Spent time in the cells..His Medical record shows a long list of ailments,and diseases treated,including "wound to chest". Transferred to the 1/5th Fusiliers in 1871, and discharged in 1885. Makes a good read! Medals are about good very fine,edge bruise on I.G.S. Comes with copied service papers, medal rolls etc.
CAMPAIGN SERVICE MEDAL CLASP: CYPRUS-GILBERT-R.A.O.C. General Service Medal(ELIZABETH II), clasp MALAYA. Named to: 23320390 PTE.B.W.GILBERT R.A.O.C. Medal is extremely fine
CAMPAIGN SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP BORNEO-CRUMMACK-KINGS OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY Campaign Service Medal,clasp: BORNEO. Named to: 23684963 PTE.G.CRUMMACK KOYLI Medal about good very fine,dark toned,on pin for wearing
CAMPAIGN SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP NORTHERN IRELAND-JACKSON THE QUEENS Campaign Service Medal, clasp NORTHERN IRELAND named to: 24257334 PTE P.B.JACKSON QUEENS. Medal about good very fine,some tarnishing on obverse.
CAMPAIGN SERVICE MEDAL-LEE -BOY- SUFFOLK REGIMENT Campaign Service Medal,clasp : MALAYA Named to: 22241895 BOY H E E LEE SUFFOLK Medal about good very fine
CAMPAIGN SERVICE MEDAL-NORTHERN IRELAND-CANNY R.C.T Campaign Service Medal clasp: NORTHERN IRELAND. Named to: 24364661 DVR.P.T.CANNY R.C.T. Medal about extremely fine, toned
CASUALTY GROUP TO HUGGINS ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE-SERVED WW1-DIED IN SERVICE 1944 H.M.S. ELOOPA 1914/15 Star trio named to: SA 262 J.R.HUGGINS 2 HD.R.N.R. 1939/45 War Medal in box of issue,box named to: Mrs E E Huggins 82,Baliol Rd Gorleston On Sea Norfolk. LT/JX 184432 Second Hand Robert James Huggins royal Naval Patrol Service H.M.S.Eloopa died on 24/07/1944.Son of James Robert and Martha Emma Huggins;husband of Ella Elvery Huggins of Gorleston. Born Bradwell,Suffolk in 1885,he joined the Royal Naval Reserve on 10th August 1914,and served in H.M.A.D."TESSIE" later serving in "TARTER and "KINGFISHER" He was demobilised 0n 14/04/1919. Recalled for service in WW2 he died whilst serving on H.M.S. Eloopa.He is buried in Gorleston Cemetery. Medals about very fine or better,star and victory a little stained. Also comes with original Naval condolence letter and Medal box addressed to his wife(AF) and set of WW1 Naval papers.
CORONATION MEDAL 1902 MAYORS AND PROVOSTS ISSUE Coronation Medal 1902 Mayors and Provosts issue medal designed by Emil Fuchs,and struck by Elkington & Co. On original ribbon
CORONATION MEDAL 1911 METROPOLITAN POLICE ISSUE Coronation Medal, 1911 Metropolitan Police issue Named to: P.C.T.CLARKE Medal about good very fine,on original ribbon
DEFENCE AND WAR MEDALS,IN ORIGINAL BOX WITH M.I.D.AWARD LETTER TO BROWN,R.A.F.V.R. Defence and War Medals in box of issue,Addressed to: F.M.BROWN ESQ,22,BEVERLEY ROAD,IPSWICH. Comes with original letter informing that 1247663 Cpl Brown, F.M. R.A.F.V.R. Has been awarded a Mentiioned in Despatches 01/01/1946. Also comes with ticker-tape slip for the Medals, and emblem,Medal award slip,and a small size M.I.D.emblem. Medals as issued,in their original packets.
DEFENCE OF KIMBERLEY AND KIMBERLEY STAR PAIR TO BORNER-23RD COMPANY WESTERN DIVISION ROYAL GARRISON ARTILLERY Queens South Africa Medal, clasp: DEFENCE OF KIMBERLEY Named to: 91597 GNR H.R. BORNER. 23rd W.D. R.G.A. Kimberley Star "A" hallmark. Henry Richard Borner was born in 1873 at St Georges London.He attested for the Royal Artillery in 1892,trade given as bootbaker. Medal and clasp confirmed on papers. Medals are about good very fine,slight twist on suspension of Q.S.A. Medals have matching colour and toning,so look to be an "original" pair. Comes with copied attestation papers. Several photos are available on various internet sites which show the 23rd Company in action at Kimberley-some firing the "pom-poms" Scarce pair to a British unit
DELHI DURBAR 1911 MEDAL Delhi Durbar 1911 Medal in silver. Medal is good very fine and toned-on small piece of orignal stitched ribbon, as worn.
DISTINGUISHED SERVICE CROSS(GEORGE V) IN ORIGINAL BOX WITH PRIVATE MEDAL FOR VALOUR AWARDEDTO CAPTAIN THOMAS HENRY CLATWORTHY MERCHANT NAVY Distinguished Service Cross(George V) in original box of issue. Hallmarks for London 1917-18. Cross about extremely fine,and lightly toned. Ribbon a little rubbed,on original wearing pin, Original Garrards case,lining a little worn. Sold with a private Lifesaving Medal? with top clasp: FOR VALOUR. Obverse has SS ANDORINHA DEC 24TH 1913. Reverse has the inscription: "FROM THE CRITICAL QUARTETTE" TO CAPTAIN CLATWORTHY.(hallmarked Birmingham 1912-13) 32mm dia. On attrractive yellow and red ribbon-presumably the colours of the Yeoward Line,marked with the letter YB. Captain Thomas Henry Clatworthy was born in 1878 at Bridgewater Somerset.He received his second Mates certificate in 1900,his Mates certificate in 1903,and his Masters certificate in 1905. In October 1912 he was the Master of the S.S.Andorihna (Yeoward Line) bound for the Canaries.It maybe that during this voyage the event occured That let to Captain Clatworthy being awarded the private Lifesaving Medal from the Critical quartette that was presented in 1913. He received a commendation(M.I.D) in the London Gazette,dated 17/11/1917,and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, London Gazette 22/02/1918."in recognition of zeal and devotion to duty shown in carrying on the trade of the country during the War. Also entitled to a Mercantile Marine War Medal and British War Medal. Interesting pair-purchased together.Sold with copied research.,and a small bronze Amateur Gymnastics Association Medal warded to: M.J.Clatworthy Championship of England 1928 Standard.
EDWARD VII ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-COLOUR SERGEANT HALL SUFFOLK REGIMENT Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Edward VII ) Named to: 1440 CLR SERJT C W HALL SUFFOLK REGT Medal about extremely fine Born 1867 Ipswich.Comes with copied papers.Not entitled to other Medals Served at home WW1-Entitled to a SWB.
EGYPT LONG SERVICE GROUP OF THREE TO- PEERSFIELD ROBERTS- ROYAL MARINES Egypt Medal,undated, named to: P.ROBERTS PTE.R.M.L.I (Impressed naming) Khedives Star dated 1884-86 un-named.Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,named to: PEERSFIELD ROBERTS PRIVATE 40TH Co.R.M.L.I.(Impressed naming) Peersfield Roberts was born on 12th August,1852,at Warburton,Sussex.He enlisted in the Royal Marines on 11th August,1870. He served on various Ships and Shore bases including: CHATHAM,HECTOR,DUNCAN,etc. He sailed with Royal Marine Battalion for Egypt,on 10th February,1884,and was invalided from "Remittive" Fever-? on the 13th August 1884 on the Mediterranean Station,He then sailed for England on 17th August, and arrived back at Chatham on 30 August. He qualified for the Royal Navy Long Service Medal,which was received on 30 September 1880.His Egypt Medal and Star are confirmed on his papers, and on the Medal Roll, where he is listed as Piersfield Roberts. Medal are about good very fine,one or two contact marks from the star on Egypt and L.S. Medal, but much better than the average Egypt Group which has come into contact with the star.
EGYPT PAIR-MONK-1/ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT Egypt Meda, undated, clasp: SUAKIN 1884-85,named to: 724 PTE R MONK 1/RL. W.KENT R. Khedives Star, dated 1882 Egypt Medal is slightly pitted due to contact wear with star,the "K" of KENT being obliterated on the naming, otherwise about very fine,and on original mounting bar, with medals stitched on. Egypt Medal and clasp confirmed on roll.
EGYPT/KHEDIVES STAR PAIR-RUSHBRIDGE H.M.S. TYNE-DIED IN SERVICE Egypt Medal,undated,naming officially impressed in capitals to: T.RUSHBRIDGE STO. H.M.S. TYNE. Khedives Star,dated 1884. Thomas Rushbridge was born in June 1854,and joined the Royal Navy in 1873.He served on a number of Ships including: ASIA,CROCODILE,HECTOR/JUMNA/VERNON/HECLA/TYNE/ALEXANDRA/ADELAIDE/D OF WELLINGTON/ He was sentenced to to two trips to the "cells"and was also in "gaol" three times.He is shown as DD "Morbus Cordis"( heart attack or sudden death) 30/01/1887.only 65 undated Medals to this Ship. Medals are extremely fine,the Khedives Star with most of the original finish.On two replacement modern ribbons. Comes with copied papers and medal roll
FAMILY GROUP-METROPOLITAN POLICE MEDALS-PLUS VICTORIAN ARMY LONG SERVICE MEDAL AND SHOOTING AWARDS TO HIS FATHER?-P.C.W.RUTTLEDGE-W AND R DIVISION METROPOLITAN POLICE 1887 Jubilee Metropolitan Police Jubilee Medal,with clasp for 1897,named to: P.C. W RUTTLEDGE V DIVN. Metropolitan Polce 1902 Coronation Medal,named to: P.C. W. RUTTLEDGE R DIV. Mounted on a cloth bar with two Rifle Brigade shooting Medals,the first Gilt Silver, hallmarked London 1842 ? (hallmark letter hard to read,)the second named to Sergeant R Ruttledge-looks to be silver gilt but not hallmarked. Sold with his Father Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal-(Victoria) type 2 small letters, named to: SERJT ROBT RUTTLEDGE STAFF.-Medal awarded 1868 Sold with Metropolitan Police Papers and L.S.G.C.Roll Interesting lot, worthy of further research
FAMILY MEDALS TO SOLLOWAY SUFFOLK REGIMENT General Service Medal,(Queen Elizabeth 11) clasp: CYPRUS named to: 2350658 PTE.S.N.SOLLOWAY SUFFOLK. Together with a boxed set of four Medals: 1939/45 Star,France and Germany Star,Defence and War Medals-no ribbons for the 39/45 star or the Defence Medal.Box named to: Mr.S.F.Solloway 3,Church Close,Leyton,London.with original medal entitlement slip Could be the same man? Medals about good very fine,G.S.M.toned.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL CLASP MALAYA-TROOPER VIRGO 13/18 HUSSARS General Service Medal (George VI) Clasp MALAYA Named to: 22476494 TPR J.E. VIRGO 13/18 H Medal is about good very fine,V of Virgo weakly impresssed.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL CLASP CYPRUS-ASQUITH ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS General Service Medal(Q.E. II) clasp CYPRUS named to:23430655 FUS.R.ASQUITH R.W.F. Medal extremely fine.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL CLASP MALAYA TO BAXTER-W.R.A.F. General Service Medal,clasp MALAYA named to: 2162807 A.C.W.1. A.R.BAXTER W.R.A.F. Medal has been cleaned and has one e/bruise. Scarce
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL CLASP MALAYA-BALDWIN- ARMY CATERING CORPS General Service Medal(GEORGE VI) Clasp: MALAYA Named to: 2065878 SJT. K.E.BALDWIN A.C.C. Medal about extremely fine
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP IRAQ TO GLOVER KINGS DRAGOON GUARDS General Service Medal (George V) Clasp IRAQ. Named to: D-12424 PTE.F.GLOVER.1-K.D.G. Medal is about good very fine, but suspension a little loose. No entitlement to WW1 Medals.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP MALAYA TO CAPTAIN STORIE R.A.M.C. General Service Medal,clasp: MALAYA named to: CAPT.W.B.D.STORIE R.A.M.C. Captain W.B.D.Storie(M.B.) appointed Captain: L.G 28/10/1949 Medal is extremely fine. See Fathers Medals:50508
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP PALESTINE-ELKIN R.A.S.C. General Service Medal(GEORGE VI) clasp PALESTINE Named to: T/865412 DVR W ELKIN R.A.S.C. Medal about good very fine,very small correction to "E" on name. Served with the 58th.Co.R.A.S.C.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-MALAYA -ROYAL ARTILLERY General Service Medal,clasp MALAYA,named to: 23303328 GNR.G.FORSTER ROYAL ARTILLERY. Medal about extremely fine,toned.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-MALAYA R.A.M.C General Service Medal,(Elizabeth II) Clasp: MALAYA. Named to: 23404235 Pte.A.E.Hudson,R.A.M.C. Medal about good very fine
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-MALAYA-BAKER- SUFFOLK REGIMENT General Service Medal( GeorgeVI CLASP: MALAYA Named to: 22360980 PTE W A BAKER SUFFOLK Medal about extremely fine.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-TPR-POLLARD 13/18TH HUSSARS General Service Medal(Queen Elizabeth 11) clasp: MALAYA Named to 22306731 TRP C.P. POLLARD 13/18TH HUSSARS. Medal about good very fine.
GERERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP PALESTINE-BULATT SUFFOLK REGIMENT General Service Medal, clasp: PALESTINE 1945-48 Named to: 14456241 L/CPL L HULLAT SUFFOLK Medal about very fine
I.G.S.(1908) ROYAL WEST KENTS FORMERLY KENT CYCLIST BATTALION. I.G.S.(1908) Clasp AFGHANISTAN N.W.F.1919 Named to: 265567 PTE.A.G.DADSWELL ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT. Entitled to BWM/Victory Medal as T4-265567 Kent Cyclist Battalion. Medal about good very fine or better.
IMPERIAL SERVICE MEDAL (GEORGE V)-ROBED BUST-COUSINS Imperial Service Medal(Geore V Robed bust) named to: EDWARD CHARLES COUSINS Medal is extremely fine
IMPERIAL SERVICE MEDAL-BUTT Imperial Service Medal (George VI)] Named to: SAMUEL GEORGE FRANCIS BUTT Medal extremely fine.
IMPERIAL SERVICE MEDALS-AWARDED TO HUSBAND AND WIFE-BENBOW Imperial Service Medal (Elizabeth II) awarded to: RICHARD APPPERLEY BENBOW-comes with slip ; Lately Technical Officer,Brighton. Imperial Service Medal (Elizabeth II) named to: MRS IRIS IRENE MARIAN BENBOW-with slip which states; Lately Assistant Supervisor,Brighton.Mrs Benbow was the daughter of: Both Medals are about mint,in boxes of issue,with outer cardboard boxes. Also comes with framed certificate from the Central Chancery Of the Orders of Knighthood to Mrs Benbow. For Mrs Benbows Father and Stepfather group see 50527
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL(1908) AFGHANISTAN NWF 1919-CHANDLER-ROYAL WEST KENT R India General Service Medal 1908 clasp:AFGHANISTAN N.W.F.1919 Medal about extremely fine, with original ribbon. M.I.C.shows entitlement to a WWI Pair
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL 1908-CLASP NORTH-WEST FRONTIER 1908-TO HEWETT WEST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT Indian General Service Medal(Edward VII ) 1908 clasp Northwest frontier 1908.Named to: 8095 PTE W HEWETT 1ST W. YORKS REGT. Medal is about good very fine. Confirmed on roll, copy supplied with Medal.
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL AFGHANISTAN NWF 1919 TO STONE NORTH STAFFS Indian General Service Medal,clasp: AFGHANISTAN NWF 1919 Medal named to: 20964 PTE.J.N.STONE N.STAFF R. Medal is extremely fine. Also entitled to a BWM.
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL CLASP JOWAKI1877-78 TO CUBITT-RIFLE BRIGADE-DECEASED ON MEDAL ROLL Indian General Service Medal, clasp: JOWAKI 1877-8 Named to: 1150 PTE. JOHN CUBITT. 4 BN. RIFLE BDE. Medal is about good very fine,and nicely toned,with ribbon. Confirmed on roll ( Shown as deceased on roll)
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-BURMA 1930-32 CLASP-HUGHES MANCHESTER REGT Indian General Service Medal,clasp BURMA 1930-32 Named to: 3521015 PTE.G.HUGHES. MANCH. R. Medal is abour extremely fine,with nice golden toning.
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP AFGHANISTAN 1919-KINGSWOOD-ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT-SERVED KENT CYCLISTS Indian General Service Medal(1908) Clasp: AFGHANISTAN N.W.F.1919 Named to: 265660 PTE.T.W. KINGSWOOD R.W.KENT R. Medal is extremely fine,on original ribbon. Also received BWM/VICTORY-Also Served as TF/1465 Kent Cyclist Bn. Sold with copied Medal rolls,M.I.C etc.
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-HAZARA CLASP-DADE SUFFOLK REGIMENT Indian General Service Medal, clasp HAZARA 1888 Named to: 33 PTE J DADE 1ST BN SUFF R Medal about extremely fine or better-very nice example, cofirmed on roll James Jeremiah Dade Born 1862 Ipswich
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-JOWAKI-COLOUR SERGEANT JOSEPH ROBINSON RIFLE BRIGADE India General Service Medal, clasp JOWAKI 1877-8 Named to 1141 COLOUR SERGT JOSEPH ROBINSON 4 BN RIFLE BDE Medal about good very fine,a few markson but and in field. Comes with large size copied papers.Born at Dover,later lived at Bodmin,Corwall,Served 22 years, 42 days,also entitled to an Afghanistan medal.
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-MALABAR-STRINGER SUFFOLK REGIMENT Indian General Service Medal, clasp: MALABAR Named to: 5819632 PTE G STRINGER SUFF R Medal about fine, a little polished-mounted on single pin for wearing Only entitlement
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-SCELLINE CHESHIRE REGT Indian General Service Medal(1854) clasps: BURMA 1887-89,CHIN-LUSHAI 1889-90. Medal named to: 2123 PTE. J. SCELLINE 1ST BN. CHES.R. James Scelline was born in Wexford, Ireland. He attested for the Cheshire Regiment on 18 December, 1885. He served in Egypt,1885-86,Burma 1887-1893,and home service 1893-1897.He was discharged on 17/12 1897. Papers and Medal roll only show entitlement to the Chin-Lushai clasp,however,he was in Burma during the qualification period for the Burma 1887 clasp,and bars do not appear to have been altered. Medal extremely fine,but suspension a little slack.Comes with large size copied papers.
KHEDIVES STAR DATED 1882 Khedives Star,dated 1882 Struck by Jenkins of Birmingham. Star is about good very fine,on original stitched ribbon
KINGS SOUTH AFRAICA MEDAL-EDWARD VII LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-PALLANT SUFFOLK REGIMENT Kings South Africa Medal, named to:825 COPL A PALLANT SUFFOLK REGT. Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Edward VII ) Named to: 825 CORPL A G PALLANT SUFFOLK REGT Medal sabout good very fine, on short pieces of ribbon Alfred George Pallant was born at Benhall, Suffolk,and enlisted in the Suffolk Regiment 23rd February 1884.Awarded the Long Service Medal with gratuity in 1902.Also entitled to a Q.S.A. Medal, clasps: CAPE/COLONY ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL. Comes with copied Attestation, and discharge papers,census returns, etc.
KINGS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-PARFREY-ROYAL WEST KENTS Kings South Africa Medal,clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/1902. Named to: 4758 PTE.T.PARFREY RL.W.KENT REGT. Medal about good very fine,slight contact wear from Q.S.A.
KINGS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TWO CLASPS-FERNS MANCHESTER REGT Kings South Africa Medal clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/1902 named to: 2735 PTE T. FEARNS MANCH REGT. Medal is extremely fine or better
KINGS' SOUTH AFRICA-BWM/VICTORY-POOLE ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY Kings South Africa Medal,clasps: SOUTH AFRICA1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902.Named to:71853 DVR.E.POOLE R.F.A. British War and Victory Medals named to: RFRA 9607 E.R.POOLE R.A. Entitled to a Queens South Africa Medal,clasps CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE Served with the 44th Battery Royal Field Artillery.RFRA prefix denotes pre-1914 reservist.Enlisted 6/09/1914 Discharged 11/08/1918. Medals about good very fine,K,S.A.has s/e/knock and stain in front of bust.Comes with copied paperwork.
KOREA MEDAL PAIR TO NASH -KINGS SHROPSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY Queens Korea Medal, named to: 22460394 PTE. T.NASH K.S.L.I. United Nations Korea Medal-with unofficial? Korean badge/device attached to ribbon. Also comes with Cap badge (no pin) Wembley and Kingsbury Schools Football League Medal Champons 1946-7 Alperton "T.NASH" Hllmarked silver darts Medal "T.NASH" G.C.S.C. 1954 and Royal Lifesaving Society Bronze Medal, named to: "T.NASH" An Eighth United States Army "Safe Conduct Pass" stating: It is hereby ordered that accomodations and good treatment be given to the bearer of this certificate and his followers.They have voluntarily disarmed themselves,ceased reistance, and surrender to the UN Forces in accordance with proper procedure.Signed JAMES A VAN FLEET Commanding General EUSAK. Reverse of certificate has presumably thge same wording in Chinese/Korean. Medals about good very fine, a little verdigris to the reverse of UN Medal. Nice original lot
KOREA PAIR TO DUNN,ROYAL SIGNALS Korea Medal(BRITT-OMN) First type, Named to: 22548383 SIGMN A.DUNN R.SIGS. United Nations Korea Medal. Medals abot good very fine,on ribbons.
KOREA PAIR TO KIRKUP ROYAL MARINES British Korea Medal( BRITT OMN ) Namec to: PLY/X,5316 G.H. KIRKUP MNE. R.M. Together with United Nations Korea Medal About good very fine
KOREA,NAVAL GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL GROUP OF THREE TO ANDREWS- ROYAL NAVY Queens Korea Medal,United Nations Korea Medal,Naval General Service Medal,clasp: NEAR EAST.Named to: P/JX.850595 L.N. ANDREWS A.B.R.N. Medals about good very fine,on pin for wearing,couple of E/Nicks on Korea Medal. Also comes with group of three miniatures,medals ribbon bar,and ribbons as sewn on to a piece of uniform. All mounted on card for display.
LARGE SWEETHEART BROOCH-KINGS ROYAL RIFLES HALLMARKED 1895 Large Sweetheart Brooch,approx 43mm diameter Hallmarked silver Birmingham 1895-96 Base metal pin Super condition.
LONDON FIRE BRIGADE LONG SERVICE GROUP OF FOUR-CRUMP Defence Medal,London Fire Brigade Good Service Medal,named to: EDWARD CRUMP 1954 f Fire Brigade Long Service Medal, named to: FIREMAN EDWARD A CRUMP. Borough Of Hampstead Coronation Celebration Medal in bronze. Group about extremely fine Comes with L.C.C. Award Certificate for the Fire Brigade Long Service Medal.
LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-PAGE SUFFOLK REGT-DIED 1921 Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(GeorgeV) Named to; 68387 SJT T.PAGE SUFF. R. Serjeant Thomas William Page Suffolk Regt died on 14th March,1921 Aged 50. Son of William Thomas and Kate Page;husband of Naomi Rosetta Page,of 47,Victoria Road,Brentwood.Previously served 24 years with the Essex Regt;re-enlisted 1914.Served in the South African Campaign,also entitled to The Kings Coronation Medal,Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. All the above information obtained on the C.W,G.C.Website. Born at Chelmsford,he is buried at The Great Warley (Lorne Road) Cemetery. Medal is good very fine
LONG SERVICE GROUP OF FIVE,TO COLOUR SJT DYE,ROYAL NORFOLK REGT.-WITH THREE BUFFALOES MEDALS 1939/45 Star,France and Germany Star,Defence and War Medals,Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (George V IND IMP ),clasp: REGULAR ARMY.Named to: 5769090 COL.SJT.A.DYE.NORFOLK. Sold with original ribbon bar, and three R.A.O.B.Medals,(1) Grand lodge of England,named to:Albert E.Dye,Land of Five Rivers Lodge no.4863 1935.(Hallmarked silver) (2) Royal Antidiluvian Order of Buffaloes (India) named to: A.DYE by land of Five Rivers Lodge,in case of issue. (Bronze gilt) (3) RAOB Medal (Hallmarked silver) in case,with Land of Five Rivers LGE 4863 Top clasp.Named to: Albert dye CP,by the Land of Five Rivers Lodge,NO4863,raised on the 23 Feb 1935. Medals about good very fine,swing mounted on pin,as worn,with a little contact wear,Buffaloes Medals Extremely fine.
LUSITANIA MEDAL Lusitania Medal No box or certificate. Medal in good condition with no rust marks.
LUSITANIA MEDAL-COMPLETE WITH BOX AND ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE Lusitania Medal (British version) in original card box. Also comes with original propaganda leaflet. Medal is extremely fine,box in unusually fine condition,rust marks inside box,otherwise very clean.Leaflet in good condition,with a few rust spots. The best example I have had.
LUSITANIA MEDAL-COMPLETE WITH BOX AND ORIGINAL PROPAGANDA LEAFLET Lusitania Medal With box and original propaganda leaflet. Medal is in good condition,with no rust marks. Box and certificate in reasonable condition.
M.B.E (CIVIL) LADIES ISSUE IN BOX OF ISSUE Order Of The British Empire Members badge (M,B.E.) Civil.(King and Queen) Ladies issue on bow,and in the original Royal Mint case of issue. Order is about extremely fine,case in good order.
M.B.E.GROUP OF NINE TO CHIEF SKIPPER EVERITT BARNARD SMITH-ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE AND MINISTRY OF ARICULTURE AND FISHERIES Group of nine Medals, as purchased from Family M.B.E. (Civil) in Royal mint box of issue. 1914/15 Star trio, named to: W.S.A. 1808 E.B.SMITH.SKR. R.N.R. 1939/45 Star,Atlantic Star,1939/45 War and Defence Medals,1953 Coronation Medal (in box) M.B.E.(London Gazette 01/06/1953) Everitt Barnard Smith Esq.,Skipper of the Fishing Vessel "Sir Lancelot" Everitt Barnard Smith was born in Southwold in 1885.He enlisted in the Royal Naval Reserve on 12/01/1915 and was living at Kessingland,Suffolk. He served in H.M.T "Restart" and then "Goldenchance" and "Hermione" On 26/01/1917 he was "Commander in Charge"Drifter Office".Supernumerary to H.M.T. "Allecto" ? for Special Duty 20/01/1917. Skipper E.B.Smith to be Group Officer of 2nd Division of 2nd ?????? of Drifters from 07/02/1917. Also served on H.D." Pride Of Buckie" "Golden Quest" and "Duchess" Smith was discharged to Reserve in 1923. in the 1940 Navy list, he is listed as Temporary Skipper,and in the 1943 list as Temporary Chief Skipper. He was awarded the M.B.E. in 1953 for his services in the Fishing Vessel "Sir Lancelot" a former Minesweeping Trawler built for the Royal Navy. and owned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Group comes with the following documents: original 1953 Coronation award parchment,to EVERITT BARNARD SMITH 3X letters from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries congratulating Smith on his award of the M.B.E.including one from The Fisheries Secretary Congratulating him on his award,and stating: "There is nobody sailing in our research vessels who better deserves such recognition of long and distinguished service to the fishing fleet. A letter from Kelvin Hughes,Marine Instrument makers congratulating "Captain" E.B.Smith on his award. Comes with further copied research. Medals very fine to extremely fine, all loose and unmounted, as purchased. Interesting lot, worthy of further research.
MARGATE AMBULANCE CORPS-BRONZE AND ENAMELLED MEDAL IN RECOGNITION OF SERVICES RENDERED DURING THE GREAT WAR-AWARDED TO 2ND OFFICER MUNNS Margate Ambulance Corps Bronze and enamelled Medal Obverse: Margate Ambulance Corps on raised enamelled roundel with a scrolled border. Reverse: PRESENTED BY THE MARGATE TOWN COUNCIL IN RECOGNITION OF SERVICES RENDERED DURING THE GREAT WAR 1014-1918-Within a wreathed border. 37mm dia. Named to: 2ND OFFICER W.J.MUNNS. About extremely fine, spot of verdigris on reverse. After having carried out extensive searches for this Medal,I cannot find another extant example-D.N.W.sold a Margate Fire Brigade Medal with the same reverse, for 200 plus buyers premium. Must be rare!
MEDAL OF THE ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE IN ORGINAL JOHN PINCHES BOX Medal Of The Order of The British Empire,in original John Pinches box. Medal extremely fine or better, toned. Bottom of box a little worn Scarce
MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES,WW1/WW2 LONG SERVICE GROUP OF EIGHT TO TORPEDOEMAN COLEMAN,WITH LOTS OF ORIGINAL PAPERWORK,PARCHMENTS, ETC. British War Medal,Victory Medal,these named to: J.53091 A.C.COLEMAN A.B.R.N. 1939/45 Star,Atlantic Star,Africa Star, Defence and 1939/45 War Medal,with oak leaf.Royal Fleet Reserve,Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (GEORGE V Coinage Head-scarce) named to: J.53091(CH.B.220890) A.C.COLEMAN L.S.R.F.R. First two a little polished,otherwise extremely fine,the WW 2 Medals in box of issue, named to: Mr A.C.Coleman 1,North Terrace,Midsummer Common,Cambridge.Also comes with the Artic emblem badge,in Toye Kenning Spencer box,issued to veterans of the Artic Convoys. Alfred Charles Coleman was born in the parish of St Andrew the Less, Cambridge on 02/11/1900. He enlisted in the Royal Navy on 10/05/1916. He served on numerous Ships and Shore Depots including GANGES/VICTORY/QUEEN ELIZABETH( WW1) VERNON/PEMBROKE/WRESTLER/UNICORN/COLUMBINE/GREENWICH (VIMIERA)/EGMONT/PEMBROKE (ABDUL) ROYAL SOVEREIGN. He served until November 1930 and enlisted in the R.F.R.for 5 years from August 1931.He re-enrolled in the R.F.R.and served continously during WW2 from 31 August 1939 to 12 September 1945. He served on the following Ships during WW2: PEMBROKE/UNICORN II/TYNE/GREENWICH/VINDICTIVE/BALDWIN/NEMESIS. He was mentioned in dispatches,London Gazette: 30/05/1944. Group comes with a large amount of original papers including: His original parchment of service,detailing his full service. Original parchment Torpedo History Sheet,with several entries,from 1920 to 1930. Parchment Gunnery and Torpedo History Sheet, with entry whilst serving on the Queen Elizabeth. His original Trade Certificate-Seaman Torpedo Rating,qualifying as a Leading Torpedo Man. An original letter dated 22/06/1944 on official notepaper, "Dear Coleman,Hearty Congratulations on your well deserved mention in dispatches .I well know the work you and the other Torpedo men put into the job to make it a success.I hope you are going strongly still and continuing to harry the Bosch wherever you can find him.Yo had a good shot at it not long ago. Good Luck. Yours sincerely, Cambell". A Royal Navy Educational test certificate. A letter from the Royal Navy barracks Chatham,thanking him for the service he had rendered to the Royal Navy during two great Wars, signed by the Commodore. War Gratuity and Post War Credit of Wages slip. Order for release from Naval service,giving his address as: North Terrace, Midsummer Common,Cambridge. A release paper from the Registrar Royal Fleet Reserve. An original photo of Coleman, with his two brothers. An issue slip for the Medals,showing entitlement to 7 A scarce original lot to a Torpedo-man
MERCANTILE MARINE/BRITISH WAR MEDAL PAIR NAMED TO JOHN HOPLEY Mercantile Marine Medal and British War Medal Pair named to: JOHN HOPLEY Medals about good very fine,on short pieces of original silk ribbons
MERCATILE MARINE WAR MEDAL-H.R.GRIFFITHS AUSTRALIA 753-LATER 1453 AUSTRALIAN ROYAL FLYING CORPS Mercantile Marine War Medal. Named to: H.R.GRIFFITHS AUSTRALIA 753. Harold Roy Griffiths was born in Towerang,Goulburn,New South Wales in 1898. Served for 15 Months R.A.N Transports.Recalled by post master General. Attested for Royal Australian Flying Corps 15/09/1916.Served as Air Mechanic 2/ Wireless Operator.Trade given as Clerk/Wireless Operator He was selected for training as Flying Officer (Observer) 07/09/1918. His Mother is listed as living at 113,Bridge Road,Glebe,New South Wales. His full service record is available online as 1453 Royal Australian Flying Corps(35 pages) Medal good very fine,entitled to British War and Victory Medals for service with R.A.F.C. Scarce Medal, would make a very rare combination-cannot be many men who qualified for the three Medals in the Royal Australian Flying Corps.
MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL TO BLACKBURN-NORFOLK REGIMENT-FOR MESOPOTAMIA Meritorious Service Medal(George V) Named to: 19023 CPL.A.J.BLACKBURN 2/ NORFOLK R. London Gazette: 19/09/1919 only six men from the Norfolk Regiment received the MSM for Mesopotamia. Entitled to a 1914/15 star trio.He lived in Norwich,and died in 1970
MERITORIUS SERVICE MEDAL-EDWARD VII-BANNISTER GRENADIER GUARDS Meritorious Service Medal (Edward VII) Named to: GAR SEJT MAJ J BANNISTER GREN GDS Medal about extremely fine,but "nibbled" on one edge
METROPOLITAN POLICE ISSUE 1887 JUBILEE AND 1902 CORONATION MEDALS- Metropolitan Police Jubilee 1897 Medal,named to: P.C. C.CLARK Y DIVN Metropolitan Police Coronation Medal 1902,named to: P.C. C. CLARKY DIV Medals about very fine,no ribbon on 1902 Medal
METROPOLITAN POLICE ISSUE 1887 JUBILEE MEDAL, WITH 1897 CLASP Metropolitan Police 1887 Jubilee Medal,with 1897 clasp. named to: P.C J ARSCOTT Y DIV Medal about good very fine, on ribbon,as worn,clasp a little bent Sold with research which shows Arscott as having served with the Royal Artillery.
METROPOLITAN POLICE MEDAL 1902 CORONATION MEDAL-1911 CORONATION PAIR TO COOPER A DIVISION Metropolitan Police 1902 Coronation Medal (Edward VII Bronze) Named to: P.C. W COOPER A DIV (Whitehall) Metropolitan Police 1911 Coronation Medal (George V silver) Named to: P.C.W COOPER
MILITARY CROSS -GEORGE V-IN ORIGINAL BOX Military Cross( George V) in original case of issue, complete with top wearing pin. Cross extremely fine,toned.Case in good order,few chips and scuff marks.
MILITARY MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR TO MOORES-16TH LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS (SALFORD PALS)) DOUBLE V.C. ACTION-TO MOORES BEING A NATIVE OF SALFORD. Military Medal( George V) 1914/15 Star trio. Military Medal,named to: 11849 PTE.J. MOORES 16/LAN FUS. 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 11849 PTE.J.MOORES LAN.FUS. M.M. London Gazette 23/07/1919 (Salford) "Attack and crossing of Sambre Oise Canal".4th November 1918. 2 Victoria Crosses, 2 X D.S.O's,one D.C.M,12x M.C's and 14x M.M.'s awarded to the 15th/16th Lancashire Fusiliers for this action. Comes with extensive research,including group photo of Moores,photo of this actual Medal group as pictured on page 205 in Michael Stedmans book "The Salford Pals"published by Leo Cooper & Co (1993) .copies of the war diaries,maps and extract from the Lancashire Fusiliers 1914-18,all in a home-made folder. Excellent group for a double V.C. action-among the last V.C.'s of WW1 Medals good very fine,slight contact wear on M.M.
MILITARY MEDAL,BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-WITH GALLANTRY CARD-TO BLATCHFORD,1/ROYAL WARWICKS Military Medal,British War and Victory Medals. MM named to: 40950 PTE.W.F.BLATCHFORD I/R.WAR.R. British War and Victory Medals named to: 40950 CPL.W.F.BLATCHFORD.R.WAR.R. Comes with 4th Division Gallantry card,which reads: "The Major General Commanding 4th Division has received a report of the gallant conduct of 40950 Private W.Blatchford,1st. Bn.Royal Warwick Regt.and he wishes to congratulate him on his fine behavior. dated 4.XI.18 Signed Major General Commanding 4th Division. With original slip of paper Extract from Supplement to the London Gazette dated 23-7-19.Awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field.No.40950 Pte. Blatchford, W.F.1st..Bn. R.War.R.(Bristol). Also comes with miniature medal bar. Medals are extremely fine,card good condition.Also comes with copied London Gazette,M.I.C.War diary entry,census records,etc.
MSM GROUP OF FOUR TO HIGGINS-ROYAL ENGINEERS 1914 Star,named to: 15806 2 CPL H.HIGGINS R.E. Victory Medal named to: 15806 CPL.H.B. R.E. Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(GeorgeV swivelling suspension) named to; 1854447 SJT.H.B.HIGGINS. R.E. Meritorious Service Medal(GeorgeVI) named to: 1854447C.Q.M.SJT H.B.HIGGINS R.E. Served with 127th Company,Royal Engineers,arrived in France on 08/09/1914. Medals very fine to extremely fine,with a little contact wear on WWI and Long Service Medal.(BWM Missing)
NAVAL CASUALTY GROUP AND LARGE SILVER NAVAL SCHOOL MEDAL? TO KENNETH ROBERT LAMBERT-H.M.S. ALGERINE -SUNK BY AN ITALIAN SUBMARINE- BOUGIE ALGERIA 1942 1939/45 Star,Italy Star,1939/45 War Medal,together with "The Johnson Medal"-Presented in memory of E.S.ROSCOE.Named to Kenneth Lambert. This is a fine, silver medal,which depicts Samuel Johnson on the Obverse,and weighs 67 Grams (over 2 ounces) Comes with casualty slip named to:Kenneth Robert Lambert. PJX 358793 Ordinary Seaman Kenneth Robert Lambert died on the 15/11/1942,serving on H.M.S.ALGERINE. The Son of Robert Lambert and Bessie Adeline Lambert,of Holburn,London.He is commemorated on the Portsmouth Memorial. H.M.S.Algerine was off Bougie, Algeria laying mines when she was sunk by two torpedoes fired by the Italian Adua class Submarine Ascianghi, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Rino Erler.32 men were resued, but only 8 survived. Medals extremely fine, group as purchased.
NAVAL GENERAL SERVICE GROUP OF FOUR TO McMASTER H.M.S. FOX Naval General Service Medal, clasp: PERSIAN GULF 1909-1914 Named to: PLY 15144 PTE .A. MC MASTER R.M.L.I. H.M.S. FOX. 1914/15 Star trio, named to: PLY 15144 PTE. A. MCMASTER R.M.L.I. Alexander Mc Master was born in 1892 in Glasgow.Joined the Royal Marines in 1910.He joined H.M.S.Fox in July 1914 and served in her until 28 October 1915.He then served on H.M.S ".Revenge" from 30 June 1916 until 29 May 1918.He was discharged 16 September 1920. H.M.S Fox was employed for three years in the Persian Gulf,on anti gun-running duties,and Mcmaster would probably have been on "boarding" parties to inspect suspect Ships.At the outbreak of of WW1,H.M.S. Fox was sent to East Africa escorting troop ships,and employed in the search for the "Konisberg". There is an article online that describes all the service of H.M.S.Fox during his time on her. Medals about good very fine, the trio shows evidence of having been "lacquered" at some time, but this does not detract. Mounted on board for display,also comes with copied papers,Medal Rolls,etc.
NAVAL GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-MALAYA-ROYAL MARINES TOGETHER WITH HIS CAMPAIGN SERVICE MEDAL FOR RADFAN AND SOUTH ARABIA-TO THE ANGLIAN REGIMENT-UNUSUAL CHANGE OF SERVICE FOR THIS PERIOD Naval General Serice Medal,clasp MALAYA-Named to: R M 9249 D A CRANE L/CPL R M Campaign Service Medal, clasps: RADFAN/SOUTH ARABIA( Second clasp loose on ribbon).this named to: 2369027 CPL D A CRANE 1 E ANGLIAN Medals about extremely fine, comes with letter from the Medal office for receipt of the clasp. Unusual change of service.
NAVAL GROUP 1914/15 STAR TRIO-VICTORIA LONG SERVICE MEDAL-DIED ON H.M.S.VIKNOR JANUARY 1915 ALONG WITH CAPTURED GERMAN SPIES- KING-ARMOURER PENSIONER 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 132458 W KING ARMR .R.N. Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,(Victoria, narrow suspension) named to W.KING ARMOURER H.M.S.TRAFALGAR. Medals extremely fine,trio on original silk full lenghth ribbons. Armourer pensioner William King,132458 H.M.S.Viknor died on 13th January 1915.Commemorated on the Portsmouth Memorial. William King was born at Northfleet,Kent,on13/09/1864. He served on various Ships and Shore establishments, including: Pembroke/Excellent/Tourmaline/Ringarooma/Crescent/Victory/Resolution/Vernon/Trafalgar/Royal Sovereign/Duke of Wellington/Hannibal/Latona/Tamar/Nelson/Cressy and Viknor. In January,1915, H.M.S. Vikonor was ordered to apprehend the SS Bergenfjord which was suspected of carrying German Spies.(British intelligence had been tipped off that persons boarding the ship in New York as neutral citizens,were in fact German Reservists) She was duly apprehended North-East of the Pharoe Islands,and a boarding party searched the ship,and two Stowaways and Six Gemans were found aboard.One of the Ships passenger list was a Mexican, Rosato Spiro, who admitted on close examination to be Baron H.Wedell,a notorious arch-spy of the German Secret Service.Another passenger, listed as a Norwegian,Dr Rasmus Bjomstad was aslo suspect.They were removed to Viknor,and a prize crew put aboard the Norwegian Vessel, which headed for Kirkwall.On the night of 15th January, the Viknor was lost off Tory Island,with the loss of all hands,and the German spies..She was believed to have hit a mine, or sunk in the heavy seas-no distress signal was received.
NAVAL LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-WALES- H.M.YACHT OSBORNE-ALSO SERVED EGYPT AND WW1 Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Victoria) Named to: J.W.WALES ENG RM.ARTFr H.M.Y. OSBORNE. John William Wales was born in Leeds, Yorkshire,in November 1856. He joined the Royal Navy in 1878 serving as an Act E.R.A. He served on Pembroke,London,Tyne,D.O.Wellington,Asia, Sultan,(qualifying for the Egypt Medal,and Khedives Star),Vernon,Asia and Osborne,from 1886 until 1894 during which time he qualified for the L.S.G.C.Medal.His last service was at President(Manchester) where he served until 1895,qualifying for his pension in 1897. Interestingly,he is on the roll for the B.W.M.FOR WW1.As 102661 C.E.R.A.1.His papers state: 07/09/1915 : Detailed to assist Eng Capt.A.Hart,at Messrs. Armstrong Whitworth,Openshaw,Manchester. Medal impressed, about good very fine,contact wear and star marks,mottled toning. Worthy of further research.
NAVAL MSM LONG SERVICE GROUP OF FIVE TO LE BRUN- FROM NEWPORT, WALES,FAMILY ORIGINALLY FROM JERSEY 1914/15 Star Trio,named to: 199723 G.J.LE BRUN P.O.TEL.,R.N.(G.T.LE BRUN on Star) Royal Navy Merritorius Service MedaL, named to: 199723 G.J.LE BRUN C.P.O. TEL ROXBURGH 1917-18 Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (George V) Named to: 199723 G.J. LE BRUN P.O.(TEL) H.M.S. ROXBURGH. The award of the Meritorious Service Medal was published in the London Gazette dated 15th Feb 1919 " The following awards have been approved: To receive the Meritorious Service Medal.For Services in Cruisers employed on Escort,Covoy,and Patrol duties during 1917 and 1918 C.P.O.Teleg.George John Le Brun,ON199723 (Ch)" George John Le Brun was born on 27/07/1882 in Newport, Mon. He enlisted in the Royal Navy on 27/07/1900. He served in numerous Ships and on many Shore establishments including: CALEDONIAN/AGINCOURT/PEMBROKE/REPULSE/AUDACIOUS/VENERABLE/MINERVA/VERNON/LORD NELSON/VINDICTIVE/IMPREGNABLE/DIDO/ROXBURGH/ST VINCENT/AFRIKANDER. His WW1 Service was on DIDO(LUCIFER) from 05/08/1914 to 18th July 1915.He joined ROXBURGH on 19th July 1915 and served on her until 10/04/1919.He was shore invalided on 16th March 1920 and received his L.S.G.C. Medal on 13/09/1915. Sold with an original photo of Le Brun in uniform,wearing his L.S.G.C.Medal,and comes with copied papers and research,showing that his Father and Grand-Father were born in St.Helier, Jersey.Le Brun died in Hull in 1960. Medals are about extremely fine,L.S.G.C.heavily impressed,BWM suspension loose,slight staining on star and Victory Medal.reverse of ribbons has paper and glue residue, having previously been stuck down on card for display Scarce group.
NAVAL TRIO AND LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL TO GREEN- TELEGRAPHER H.M.S.PRESIDENT Group of Four Medals to Leading Telegrapher J.Green, H.M.S.PRESIDENT. 1914/15 Star Trio named: J.21536 A.J.GREEN TEL.R.N.(L TEL on pair) Long Service Medal named to H.M.S.PRESIDENT.(Fixed suspender) Medals about very fine,contact wear,and pitting on the star,L.S.G.C.about good very fine
NORTH SOMERSET YEOMANRY 1914 STAR TRIO,SPECIAL CONSTABULARY MEDAL. 1914 Star Trio, named to: 701 pte.J. Parker, 1/1 North Somerset Yeomanry.together with a George VI Special Constabulary Medal,named to:James Parker.Arrived in France on 1-11-1914 Medals are about extremely fine, no ribbons.Small patch of verdigris on reverse of spec constab Medal.Scarce trio.
ORDER OF THE LEAGUE OF MERCY Order of the League of Mercy. Silver and enamelled badge. In original Elkington box of issue. A fine badge with all enamelling intact,and most of original gilt finish remaining.
PAIR AND PLAQUE BAXTER QUEENS(ROYAL WEST SURREY) REGIMENT British War Medal/Victory Medal,Bronze Memorial Plaque-EDWARD BAXTER.Medals named: G-7132 E.BAXTER THE QUEEN'S R. Died at Home,13/07/1916 The Son of Montgomery and Kate Baxter. Born Hammersmith,enlisted at Southwark. Buried at Sutton Cemetery. Medals and plaque about extremely fine, also comes with letter from Army Accounts referring to the settlement of Baxters Army Account.
PAIR AND PLAQUE TO HOUGH- KILLED IN ACTION SERVING WITH SOUTH LANCS Bronze Memorial Plaque-GEORGE HOUGH British War Medal/Victory Medal named to: 5744 PTE.G.HOUGH S.LAN.R. Private George Hough 5744 South Lancs Regt.,was Killed in Action 05/12/1916,serving with the 1st/4th Battalion..He was born at Middlewich,Cheshire,and enlisted at Winsford,Cheshire.He is buried at Vlamertinghe Cemetery. Medals Good Very Fine or better,on original full-length silk ribbons.plaque extremely fine. Comes with copy M.I.C.,Copied details regarding his burial,etc.and a photo of Hough in uniform which came with the Medals,this a little distressed.
PAIR OF PLAQUES TO THE WARD BROTHERS- FROM SUFFOLK Bronze Memorial Plaque named to: HERBERT FRANK WARD. 115811 Pte., Herbert Frank Ward Machine Gun Corps was killed in action on 22/08/1918.He was born at Welcanthan,Suffolk,and enlisted at Bury St.Edmunds.Only Herbert Frank Ward on Soldiers died-couldn't find details on CWG. Bronze Memorial Plaque named to: DAVID WARD. 20650 Pte. D.Ward East Lancashire Regt.,Died Of Wounds Mesopotamia 17/01/1917.The Son of Mrs.Thyrza Ward,of 1,Westgate Place,Westgate Rd.,Bury St.Edmunds.Buried at Amara War Cemetery.Born Hepworth,Suffolk.Enlisted Burnley,Lancs. Comes with 1911 census which shows David Ward aged 19 and working as a Stone-picker,and born at Hepworth,Suffolk,and Herbert Frank Ward, aged 13,listed as a cow-keeper?,born Great Welnethan,Suffolk.The Head of the household is given as Robert Ward, a Horsekeeper,and his Wife, Thyrza.( Welncathan and Welnethan are mis-spellings for the village of Great Whelnetham, just outside Bury St.Edmunds) Afew staining spots on the plaque to Herbert Frank,otherwise very fine/ good very fine.
PAIR TO TELEGRAPHIST R.N.V.R. British War and Victory Medals Named to: LZ 6512 C.W.BARNARD R.N.V.R.(London Division) With papers born India About good very fine
PORTUGAL-ORDER OF THE TOWER AND SWORD-OFFICERS BREAST BADGE Portugal-Order of the Tower and Sword-Officers breast badge-35 mm X 40 mm. Gold centre-replacement suspension bar? Nice quality,but enamel damage on arms of cross. Scarce
QSA/KSA PAIR 7TH DRAGOON GUARDS Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/JOHANNESBURG/DIAMOND HILL/BELFAST.Named to: 2956 PRIVATE J. SPONDER 7/DRAGOON GUARDS.(correct engraved naming style for Regiment) Kings South Africa,clasps SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902. Named: 2956 PRIVATE J.SPONDER 7TH DRAGOON GUARDS.(naming impressed) John Sponder joined 7th Dragoon Guards in 1885, aged 21 served for 18 years,including India,Egypt and South Africa.Served on active service in South Africa as an Officers Servant.Married Edith Florence Fish at Norwich Registry Office,1899.After being discharged,lived at Lakenham,Norwich.With Attestation,and Discharge papers, Medals and clasps confirmed on papers and on the Medal Roll. Medals toned, about very fine and better,on original grubby ribbons.
QUEENS KOREA MEDAL-HOLT MIDDLESEX REGT Queens Korea Medal (BRITT OMN),named to: 22221611 PTE.J.HOLT MX. Medal abut extremely fine.
QUEENS DIAMOND JUBILEE 1897- MAYORS AND PROVOSTS ISSSUE DIAMOND SHAPED MEDAL IN ORIGINAL CASE OF ISSUE Queens Diamond Jubilee 1897 Mayors and Provosts issue silver Medal in the original fitted case. Medal is extremely fine and toned,the case in excellent condition. Only 512 Medals struck.
QUEENS KOREA MEDAL-WHITELOCK-DUKE OF WELLINGTONS REGIMENT Queens Korea Medal (BRITT:OMN) named to: 2265523 PTE.F.WHITELOCK D.W.R. Medal is bout extremely fine.
QUEENS MEDITERRANEAN MEDAL TO RODGERS WEST YORKSHIRE REGT Queens Mediterranean Medal. Named to: 5006 PTE.A.RODGERS. W.YORK: REGT. Medal is extremely fine with an attractive blue tone. Confirmed on roll. Arhur Rodgers was born 1870,St. Annes, Sheffield.Attested for the 3rd West Yorks Regiment,23 May, 1900.
QUEENS MEDITERRANEAN MEDAL-BUDGE-WEST YORKSHIRE REGT Queens Mediterranean Medal,named to: 4931 PTE. H. BUDGE W YORK:REGT. Medal is nearly very fine,reverse better. Comes with copied service papers,research. Harry Budge attested for the Militia in Leeds on 21st March,1900, with the 3rd West Yorkshire Regiment,aged 17 years.He was born in the Parish of Burley,Leeds,and lived at 8,St Matthias Street,Burly,Leeds. He served in Malta, qualifying for the Queens Mediterranean Medal,and is present on the relevant Medal roll.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA KINGS ROYAL RIFLE CORPS Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 Named to: 3586 Pte.W.Johnson K.R.R.C. About very fine,(toned) edge dent at 3 oclock. Verified to roll
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL AND MILITIA LONG SERVICE PAIR TO NORTH 4/BEDFORDS Queens South Africa Medal(ghost dates),clasps: CAPE COLONY/TRANSVAAL Named to: 1137 PTE.J.NORTH BEDFORD REGT. Militia Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Edward VII) named to: 4455 PTE.J.NORTH 4/BEDFORD REGT. (only 6 to regiment) awarded 1905.On faded original ribbon. Medals about very fine or better,Q.S.A has two or three e/nicks. Q.S.A.confirmed to roll, serving with 4th Bedfords (Milita Btn) A very scarce pair.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL, GURRY, 9TH LANCERS Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE. Named to: 4393 pte.e.gurry 9th Lancers. Verified to Roll. Medal is about good very fine.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL, LOYAL NORTH LANCS REGT. Queens South africa Medal, Clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL. Named to: 2789 Private N.Levin, 1st Loyal North Lancs Regt. Medal good very fine,dark toned.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL,CATCHPOLE,12TH LANCERS Queens South Africa Medal,2 clasps: CAPE COLONY/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 Named to: 5422 Pte.J.Catchpole, 12th Rl: Lancers Medal about extremely fine,one small e/k.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL- DAVIES WORCESTER REGT. Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPECOLONY,TRANSVAAL,WITTEBERGEN. Named to: 3707 pte.T.DAVIES WORCESTER REGT. verified to roll,also entitled to: BELMONT clasp. Medal about good very fine.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-4 CLASPS-CHEALES 7TH CO 4TH IMPERIAL YEOMANRY(LEICESTERSHIRE)-WITH NICE CABINET PHOTO OF CHAELES ON HIS HORSE Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/TRANSVAAL/WITTEBERGEN/SOUTH AFRICA 19019(Last loose on ribbon) Clasps confirmed on roll. Named to: 2130 PTE A CHEALES 7TH COY 4TH IMP.YEO. Sold with a superb cabinet photo by Claron- Pickering of Leicester- Showing Cheales on his mount.Annotated on reverse: Alan Edgar Cheales Lecester Yeomanry. Medal about good very fine,on original ribbon, photo excellent condition.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-ALEXANDER- SCOTS GUARDS Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ ORANGE FREE STATE.Medal named to: 9797 PTE.G.ALEXANDER SCOTS GUARDS.(Confirmed on roll) Medal is about very fine,pin fixed to reverse of O/F/S/clasp, and a couple of edge bruises.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-BAILEY-56TH CO (BUCKINGHAMSHIRE) YEOMANRY Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA1901 (Last clasp loose on ribbon) Named to: 10189 PTE. P. BAILEY 56th Coy.15th IMP; YEO: All Clasps confirmed to roll, but he is listed as 10189 G.BAILEY. Medal is about good very fine,and lightly toned,and on original stitched ribbon
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-BAKER-43RD IMPERIAL YEOMANRY(SUFFOLK) Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL Medal named to: 6821 PTE R J BAKER 43RD COY IMP YEO. Medal about good very fine, toned, with two edge bruises. Robert John Baker, born Bramfield Suffolk.1868.He joined the Imperial Yeomanry in 1901,trade given as at Stowmarket. Sold with copy papers, medal roll,census returns birth certificate etc
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-CAPE GARRISON ARTILLERY-1914/15 STAR TRIO-S.A.M.R./S.A.F.A. Queens South Africa Medal, clasp CAPE COLONY named to: 491 A BOMBR P.G.SMITH CAPE G.A. 1914/15 Star trio,Star named to: GNR P.C.SMITH S.A.M.R.-F.A.B. British War and Victory Medal named to: SJT.P.C.SMITH .S.A.F.A. Correctly named in the South African style of naming Medals about good very fine, mounted on pad for display. Comes with copied service papers for WWI showing he was born in London,trade given as Store Manager,and served with the 1st Permanent Battery S.A.M.R.From 18/09/1914 to 09/07/1915 and then enlisted with the South Africa Field Artillery on 31/03/1916.He was discharged at Johannesburg 12/06/1919
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-CORNELL SUFFOLK REGIMENT Queens South Africa Medal,( ghost dates) clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901 Medal is about extremely fine. Comes with copied medal rolls and attestation papers. Born at Cherry Hinton, Cambridgeshire,and later living at Norfolk St Cambridge.Served at home WW1 and entitled to a SWB.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-COULSON-EAST YORKS REGT Queens South Africa Medal, no clasp, named to: 3289 PTE. F.COULSON.E.YORK.REGT. Medal about extremely fine. Confirmed on roll,entitled to CAPE COLONY/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 clasps.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-FREEMAN-EAST YORKS REGT. Queens South Africa Medal, clasps; CAPE COLONY/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 Named to: 2992 PTE. F. FREEMAN E. YORK: REGT. Medal about good very fine, 2 small edge bruises. Clasps confirmed on roll.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-GREENSLADE-25TH CO IMPERIAL YEOMANRY(WEST SOMERSET)-A FARMER FROM BRIDGEWATER IN SOMERSET Queens South Africa Medal,five clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/JOHANNESBURG/DIAMOND HILL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901 Medal named to: 7801 PTE S,E GREENSLADE 25TH CO 7TH IMP YEO. Medal about extremely fine,last clasp fixed by wire.All clasps confirmed on rolls,He was attached to the Privisional Transvaal Constabulary from 19/06/1900 until: 14/10/1900,and is listed on a seperate roll for this. Samuel Greenslade was born in Bridgewater, Somerset, his trade on enlistment given as Farmer-he was discharged in Southa Africa and lived in Pretoria,and worked at the Railway Works as a fitter.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-HOBAN WEST RIDING REGIMENT Queens South Africa Medal,clasp CAPE COLONY named to: 3026 CORL. T. HOBAN W RIDING REGT confirmed to roll.He attested for the Territorial Force on 7th October 1914 aged 47,and lived at 126 Pollard Street,Leeds.He was discharged on 20/02/1917 having served with the Royal Defence Corps,and was entitled to the Silver Wounds badge. Medal is good very fine,toned. Comes with copied Mead Rolls,attestation papers,etc.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-KINGS ROYAL RIFLE CORPS-SMITH DIED OF DISEASE Queens South Africa Medal(clear ghost dates) clasps: CAPE COLONY/TUGELA HEIGHTS/RELIEF OF LADYSMITH. Named to:PTE.R.W.SMITH K.R.R.C. Died of disease at Maritzburg. Smith is on the published roll as being entitled to: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/LAING'S NECK and SOUTH AFRICA 1901. Medal is good extremely fine,e/nick,toned and clasps look to be as issued.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-McPHERSON GORDON HIGHLANDERS Queens South Africa Medal clasp: CAPE COLONY. Named to: 3090 PTE.J.McPHERSON GORDON HIGHLANDERS. Confirmed on roll.Invalided-also entitled to India 1895 Medal. Medal extremely fine.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-STEEL-SUFFOLK REGIMENT Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL. Named to: 2686 PTE E STEEL 1ST SUFFOLK REGT.(Clear Ghost Dates) Also entitled to a Kings South Africa, Long Service Medal, and Territorial Force War Medal, etc., Medal about very fine, contact wear. From St James, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.Comes with full set of service Papers, showing later service as a Saddler Corporal Essex R.H.A.(TF)
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TURNER R.A.M.C-DIED OF DISEASE Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE. Named to: 13065 PTE.R.A.TURNER R.A.M.C. Died of disease 02/12/1900 at Bloemfontein.He is listed on the Gun Hill Road Memorial,R.A.M.C. at Aldershot. Medal is good very fine,and attractively toned,on original ribbon.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-WOODGATE-SUFFOLK REGIMENT-DIED OF DISEASE- Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901. Named to: 4298 PTE A WOODGATE SUFFOLK REGT. Arthur Woodgate was born in the Parish of Acton,Sudbury Suffolk,in 1875,and Attested for the Militia in 1895. He was called up for permanent service on 04/08/1900. He died of Enteric fever at Middleburg,on 24th March,1901. Medal is extremely fine or better. Comes with copied Attestation papers for the Militia Reserve, census returns, etc.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA- SOUTH AFRICAN CONSTABULARY Queens South Africa Medal.Clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL. Named to: 678 3rd.Cl TPR W.S.J.Bond S.A.C Also entitled clasps SA1901 /SA1902. Medal abou GOODt very fine,with ribbon
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA-CAPE COLONY-PTE BURDEN WEST YORKS Queens South Africa Medal clasp: CAPE COLONY named to: 2996 PTE. E. BURDEN W.YORKS.Confirmed on roll Medal about very fine or better,dark toned
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA/KINGS SOUTH AFRICA PAIR TO SMITH- LEICESTER REGIMENT Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: TALANA/DEFENCE OF LADYSMITH/LAINGS/ NEK/BELFAST Named to: 4053 PTE.A.SMITH. I: LEIC: REGT Kings South Africa Medal,clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902.Named to: 4053 PTE. A. SMITH. LEICESTER: REGT Medals confirmed on rolls. Medals extremely fine with blue toning, which is a little patchy due to Obverse of the Medals being laquered at some time, which has now worn off. Good clasp combination, and scarce,nice pair of medals.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA/KINGS SOUTH AFRICA TO COLOUR SERGT CORDON SUFFOLK REGT Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL. Named to: 1357 C SGT R CORDON 1ST SUFFOLK REGT. Kings South Africa Medal, clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 Named to: 1357 CLR SJT R CORDON SUFFOLK REGT. Comes with copied documents, stating Cordon Joined the Suffolk Regt in 1885,and at the time of his death was Colour Sergeant Instructor of the permanent staff of the Cambridge University Officers' training corps.He died of Pneumonia in 1912.a full account of his funeral is included, and a synopsis of his career,census returns, copied death death cert etc..Also comes with a copied photo taken is South Africa annotated on the rear, indicating Cordon as the last N.C.O.on the right. Medals are about very fine or better also entitled to a L.S.G.C.Medal
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA/KINGS SOUTH AFRICA-SMITH 9TH LANCERS WOUNDED AT GRASPAN Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: NATAL/BELMONT/RELIEF OF KIMBERLEY/PAARDEBERG. Kings South Africa clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 Both named to: 4186 PTE.T.SMITH 9TH LANCERS(engraved naming on Q.S.A. Wounded at Graspan,25/12/1899. All clasps confirmed to roll, Medals about very fine or better, Q.S.A.has been re-pinned. Scarce clasp combination.
QUEENS SUDAN MEDAL-J HART-1/GRENADIER GUARDS,WOUNDED BOER WAR,AUTHOR OF "INCIDENTS OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN CAMPAIGN" Queens Sudan Medal. Named to: 5747 PTE J.HART1/GREN:GDS (Engraved in the correct style to this unit) 5147 J HART is on the roll for the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards Queens Sudan,and 5747 J.HART is on the roll for the 2nd Battalion Queens Sudan.I believe this to be one and the same man, his number having been transposed,so appears on the roll for the 1st and 2nd Battalion. 5147 Pte.John Hart was born in 1874 in Carey, County Sligo,and enlisted in the Grenadier Guards on 09/01/1895.He served at home,Gibraltar,Egypt and South Africa,being discharged on 26/01/1901 as medically unfit, probably due to wounds received in the Boer War. He qualified for the Queens South Africa Medal, with two clasps,and was wounded at Senekal,on 29/05/1900.(Roll states: transferred to 1st.Btn.,invalided) Pte.J.Hart published: "Incidents of the South African Campaign" His own Diary of the War.Pub New Brunswick,Canada 1901 Medal about very fine or better.Comes with full set of papers. Worthy of further research.
QUUENS SOUTH AFRICA-3RD HUSSARS Queens South africa Medal,clasps: ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1902. Named to: 4309 pte.A NICHOLLS 3rd HUSSARS.Clasps confirmed-transferred to 7th Hussars 19-09-1902. About good very fine,patchy dark toning
ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE DECORATION-ELIZABETH II DATED 1967 Roayal Naval Reserve Decoration (Elizabeth II) dated 1967 in original Royal Mint box.With original top pin, but ribbon has been shortened. Decoration about extremely fine, box in good order
ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE LONG SERVICE MEDAL TAMBLING, R.N.R. Royal Navy Reserve Long Service Medal.(EDWARD VII) Named to: D1001 T.TAMBLING SEAN 1CL R.N.R. Medal is about extremely fine.
ROYAL NAVY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-GRAY-GUNNERS MATE-H.M.S. CAMBRIDGE Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria) named to: G W GRAY GUNNERS MATE H.M.S.CAMBRIDGE.(Engraved naming) Medal about extremely fine. George William Gray was born in October 1843.He joined the Royal Navy in 1860 He was pensioned in 1886 as a Petty Officer,and was serving on the Coast Defence Ship " BELLEISLE. Comes with a set of copied papers, and census returns, etc. including a putative photo of a William Smurden Gray.
ROYAL NAVY LONG SERVICE MEDAL-VICTORIA- NAMED TO BRIDLE CAULKERS MATE-H.M.S.GANGES Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.Named to: AFFED BRIDLE CAULKERS MATE H M S GANGES.(Large impressed naming) Medal about extremely fine,or better-a nice example Afred Carter Bridle was Born in 1854 at Rathbarry Cork. He entered the Royal Navy on 28th October 1869. He served on numerous Ships, including: IMRPEGNABLE/INDUS/ROYAL ADELAIDE/CLIO/BEAGLE/DIDO/WILD SWAN/TAMAR /FLY/TYNE/AUDACIOUS/CLEOPATRA/ESPOIR/VICTOR EMMANUEL/HUMBER/VIVID/PEMBROKE/MILDURA and RAPID He received his L.S.G.C.Medal on 13th February 1882.Shore pensioned in1897, he died in 1910. Comes with large size copied papers, and a full typed synopsis of his career.
SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL (1877-79)-CLASP-1879-BLACKMORE 3/60TH FOOT South Africa Medal(1877-1879) clasp 1879 Named to: 3235 PTE W.J.BLACKMORE 3/60TH FOOT Correctly engraved to regiment,and confirmed on Medal roll Medal is extremely fine or better on old silver buckle. Comes with copy pay muster-joined the Btn.,in 1874 as 2484 renumbered 3235- embarked for England 13/10/1879. The 3/60th were involved in the action at Gingindlovu 2 April 1879 Copy pay muster supplied with medal.
SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL 1853 South Africa Medal 1853, named to: W MANHAM 12TH REGT Medal about very fine, but a few scratches on obverse, and one edge bruise William Manham was born at Hengrave, Bury St Edmunds, on 28th September 1828 at Hengrave, Bury St. Edmunds.He joined the 12th Regt on 29th April 1845 aged 16 years and 7 Months and was discharged on 16th April April 1868.He served in Mauritius for 11 years and South Africa-Cape of Good Hope for 7 years.He was recommended for the Good Conduct Medal.
SOUTH EAST ASIA GROUP OF FIVE TO POINTER-ROYAL SIGNALS 1939/45 Star,Burma Star,Defence and War Medals,General Service Medal clasp: SOUTH EAST ASIA named to: 14348938 CPL.F.T.POINTER .R.SIGNALS Medals are all about extremely fine,on swing style wearing bar.
ST JOHNS AMBULANCE BRIGADE MEDAL FOR SOUTH AFRICA-YEATES PRESTON CORPS. St.Johns Ambulance Brigade Medal for South Africa. Named to: 841 PTE.W.YEATES PRESTON CORPS. Medal about good very fine,on original ribbon,and pin for wearing.
TERRITORIAL DECORATION GROUP OF THREE-TO MAJOR LOCKETT ROYAL ENGINEERS-WITH GOLD MEDAL-PHOTOS British War and Victory Medals, named to: MAJOR R F LOCKETT Territorial Decoration, George V Hall marked 1919 in Garrards box of issue. Also comes with a hallmarked 9ct Gold Medal inscribed: No 4 Sn 1909 2nd Wx Fd Co R E Reverse: Presented to LIEUT R F LOCKETT BY HIS SECTION-WINNERS OF BUTT CUP (weighs 6.2 grammes) Also comes with 4 related photos-a little faded including a photo of Locket-t these faded. Medals and Decoration about mint with original full-length silk ribbons, and boxes of issue. Territorial Decoration London Gazette 30 May1919 Nice lot
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY GROUP OF SIX TO HARMAN-ROYAL ARTILLERY 1939/45 star,Africa Star,Italy Star,Defence Medal,1939/45 War Medal and Territorial Efficiency Medal, named to: 1462643 SJT W.J.R.HARMAN R.A. Medals about very fine and better, mounted on pin "swing style" for wearing. Territorila Efficieny Medal has a correction on the H and A of Harman.
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL,GOODRUM, NORFOLK REGIMENT Territorial Efficiency Medal,clasp TERRITORIAL,named to: 5769322 PTE.S. GOODRUM,ROYAL NORFOLK REGT. Medal about very fine or better.
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL-BEST DEVONS Territorial Efficiency Medal,clasp TERRITORIAL, Named to: 825961 PTE.H.J.BEST DEVON Medal about extremely fine
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL-GEORGE V TO HAYNES NORTHAMPTON REGIMENT Territorial Efficiency Medal, clasp TERRITORIAL named to: 5877139 PTE A R HAYNES 4-NORTH'N R Medal about extremely fine.
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL-PATEMAN NORTHAMPTON REGIMENT Territorial Efficiency Medal TERRITORIAL clasp. Named to: 5886521 PTE S C PATEMAN NORTHAMPTONS Medal about very fine,on small piece of ribbon
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL-PTE WALES- NORFOLK REGT Territorial Force Efficiency Medal,clasp: TERRITORIAL named to: 5773322 PTE.E.W.WALES NORFOLK. About extremely fine.
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL-ROBINSON SURREYS Territorial Efficiency Medal(George VI) named to: 2080297 CPL.F.J. ROBINSON SURREYS. Medal is extremely fine.
TERRITORIAL FORCE EFFICIENCY MEDAL-AUSTIN-NORTHAMPTON REGIMENT Territorial Efficiency Medal (George V) Named to: 31486 SJT W A AUSTIN 4 NORTH'N R Medal is about good very fine, a little staining on reverse
TERRITORIAL FORCE EFFICIENCY MEDAL-GEORGE V-HOUGHTON 4-NORTHAMPTON REGIMENT Territorial Force Efficiency Medal (GeorgeV) Named to: 659 PTE S HOUGHTON 4/NORTHAMPTON R. Medal about good very fine, on short piece of original ribbon
TERRITORIAL FORCE EFFICIENCY MEDAL-TO -MUDDIMAN- NORTHAMPTON REGIMENT Territorial Force Efficiency Medal (George V) Named to: 200157 C Q M SJT F MUDDIMAN 4-NORTH'N R. Medal is about good very fine,small correction on '4' Entitled to a 1914/15 Star trio
TERRITORIAL FORCE WAR MEDAL GROUP OF THREE TO 2 LIEUT SHEE R.G.A. Territorial Force War Medal, named to: 340418 BMBR E.N. SHEE R.G.A. Britiash War and Victory Medals, named to: 2 LIEUT E.N. SHEE Eric Nunn Shee London Gazette 19/06/1917 Special Reserve of Officers from Officer cadet units to R.G.A. Medals are about Extremely Fine, on short pieces of original silk ribbons,also comes with ribbon bar.
TERRITORIAL GROUP OF THREE TO THORNE-SHARDLOW Defence and 1939/45 War Medals,Territorial Efficiency Medal(Eliz 11) clasp TERRITORIAL named to : 22210612 ;L/BDR T.THORNE ..SHARDLOW.R.A.(as appears on Medal-the two impressed stops may be to indicate a hyphen,as in THORNE-SHARDLOW-medal correctly impressed) Medals mounted on pin for wearing,about very fine,ribbons a little frayed.
THE KING'S BADGE FOR LOYAL SERVICE ISSUED BY THE MINISTRY OF PENSIONS The King's Badge - a buttonhole badge with the crowned monogram GRI-inscribed: FOR LOYAL SERVICE. In excellent condition,in The Ministry Of Pensions cardboard box of issue.
VERY EARLY NAVAL CASUALTY-SLATER-DIED 2 SEPTEMBER 1914 H.M.DRIFTER "EYRIE"-WITH HIS FATHERS 1914/15 STAR-SKIPPER R.N.R.WHO ALSO SERVED ON EYRIE 1914/15 Star trio named to: DA888 W.G.SLATER D.H.R.N.R. 888DA Deckhand William John Slater H.M.Drifter "Eyrie" died on 02/09/1914 aged 18 years- when "Eyrie" hit a mine on the outer dowsing.He was the Son of Gertrude Slater,of 59,Maidstone Road,Lowestoft.He is commemorated on The Chatham Memorial. Six men were drowned when the Eyrie was sunk,out of a crew of eleven.The Eyrie had previously rescued the crew of the "Chr Broburg" which had also been sunken by a mine. Group also comes with his Fathers 1914/15 Star, named to: SA250 A.SLATER R.N.R. He was born in 1872 in Blundeston,Suffolk,and was a 2nd hand aboard the "Eyrie" Promoted to Skipper he served on a number of Trawlers and Drifters.He died on 22/04/22,his Naval Prize Money being sent to his Widow. Medals are extremely fine,on original silk ribbons. Comes with Admiralty letter for the Medals,(AF) Medal boxes(AF) A superb memorial double-photo-frame,with a picture of Slater junior with his Mother and Grandmother,and a photo of his Father rowing a boat.These are in a "daguerrotype" frame,with guilt edges,which opens up,and can stand freely. Also a copied photo of the Eyrie with crew.Copied papers, etc. The Eyrie was the first of the Lowestoft hired fishing fleet to be lost in WWI and as such a very early Naval casualty.
VICTORIA ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-INSTRUCTOR OF MUSKETRY SIMPSON-84TH FOOT-ALSO SERVICE WITH THE ROYAL JERSEY MILITIA. Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Victoria S/L) Named to: 792.SERGT I.OF.M.J SIMPSON 84TH FOOT.(Impressed naming) Born at Rotherham,enlisted in the 84th Regiment on 4 September 1859. Tranasferred to the Permanent staff of the Royal Jersey Militia as Sergeant Instructor of Musketry.Served a total of 33 years. Medal is a about very fine,with large-size copied papers.
VICTORIA VOLUNTEER LONG SERVICE MEDAL-UN-NAMED AS ISSUED Victoria,For Long Service in the Volunteer Force Medal. Un-named as issued Good very fine. Original ribbon stitched onto Medal
VICTORY MEDAL TO CAPTAIN J ROMANES-BORDER REGIMENT-LATER ROYAL FLYING CORPS AND LIEUT COL R.A.F.-A GEOLOGIST Victory Medal, named to: CAPT J.ROMANES Captain James Romanes was born in 1886.He was educated at Edinburgh academy and Christ's college,Cambridge,1905-1909.He was formerley on the Geological staff at Cambridge,and in July 1914 had returned from a two year survey in Peru and Bolivia.He joind the 6th Btn Border Regt. and obtained a commission in September, 1914.He was sent to GallIpoli, arriving on the 08/05/1915.He was married just before He went to Gallipoli, and received a Silver Salver presented by 37 other Officers of the Regiment,17 of whom were killed in action.The Family received a telegram dated 27th August, 1915, announcing that he had been wounded in action.Three days later a missive amended the information and offered Lord Kitcheners' sympathy on the death of Captain Romanes.On the third day of the month a telegram was received from Buckingham Palace, offering the King and Queens sympathies,and obituaries were placed in the Scotsman and The Times.The Family then received a telegram from Romanes to say that he was coming home and had been slightly wounded! In March 1917 he joined the Royal Flying Corps,and took a course in Gunnery.He was mentioned in a press communique L.G 13/03/1918. He was appointed temporary Lt Col (Air Ministry) in May 1918, and transferred to the unemployed list 04/04/1919. Medal about good very fine on original full length silk ribbon.Most of the information has been published by his Grandson Alasdair on the Internet,and more information can be gleaned by reading this article.
VICTORY MEDAL-PUMFREY-BIRD NORFOLK REGIMENT Victory Medal,named to: 2469 PTE. B. F . PUMFREY-BIRD NORF. R. Benjamin Fred Pumfrey-Bird lived at Northgate Street Gt.Yarmouth. Served with the 6th Cyclists, and transferred to the Machine Gun Corps. Medal about good very fine, comes with set of service documents, ,M.I.C.etc.
VOLUNTEER FORCE LONG SERVICE MEDAL-C R CARD 1/VB SUFFOLK REGT Volunteer Force Long Service Medal ( Edward VII) Named to: 1568 SJT C R CARD 1/V.B. SUFFOLK REGT. Medal extremely fine. Henry Charles Richards Card, born 1857. Died 1948. See Suffolk County handbook,1899, which lists Card serving in "A" Coy. A,B,and C Companies listed as from Ipswich.
VOLUNTEER FORCE LONG SERVICE MEDAL-W CLEMENTS-1/VB SUFFOLK REGT Volunteer Force Long Service Medal(Victoria) named to; SERGT.W.CLEMENTS 1ST.V.B. S.R. Medal about very fine, on original pin Walter Clements, born 1858,died 1915. Suffolk County handbook shows him as listed in "A" Company-A, B and C companies based at Ipswich.
VOLUNTEER LONG SERVICE MEDAL, VICTORIA UN-NAMED WITH WATCH AND BE SOBER TOP CLASP For Long Service In The Volunteer Force Medal (Victoria) Unnamed as issued,with attractive "WATCH AND BE SOBER" with Recumbant Lion top clasp. Medal about very fine,on original stitched ribbon
VOLUNTEER LONG SERVICE MEDAL-TO SHIPP-1ST V B SUFFOLK REGT Volunteer Force Long Service Medal-Edward VII Named to: 844 PTE J SHIPP 1ST V B SUFFOLK REGT Medal about good very fine Sold with 1911 census return, which shows a J Shipp living at Dennington, Suffolk-could be him?
WATERLOO MEDAL-SILVER REPRODUCTION STRUCK FOR WORCESTERSHIRE MEDAL SERVICES Waterloo Medal,struck in sterling silver,with a proof-like finish,encapsulated,with a piece of ribbpon. Struck for Worcestershire Medal Services,to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Waterloo.Comes with certificate,and box of issue-still being sold at 72.50.
WW1 BRITISH WAR MEDAL AND VICTORY PAIR-CANADIAN INFANTRY British War Medal/Victory Medal pair. Named to: 925476 L CPL.J.K.WALLACE 5-CANADIAN INFANTRY. Medal about good very fine.
WW1 PAIR AIRS-DEVON REGIMENT British War Medal/Victory Medal. Named to: PTE.A.H.AIRS DEVON REGIMENT. Medals good very fine,War Medal toned-on full length original silk ribbons.Copy of M.I.C.supplied, which shows later service with the Labour Corps
WW1 PAIR TO GOLDING-KINGS ROYAL RIFLE CORPS British War Medal/Victory pair. Named to: R33677 Pte.G.H.Golding.K.R.R.C. Medals about extremely fine,BWM dark toned.
WW1 PAIR TO SMITH NORFOLK REGIMENT British War Medal/Victory Medal. named to: 3036 PTE J SMITH NORFOLK REGIMENT. entitled to a 1914/15 Star,Served Balkans, arrived 09/08/1915.Later service in the Machine Gun Corps.Copy of M.I.C.Included. About very fine,Victory a little stained
WW1 PAIR-POUND DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY British War Medal/Victory Medal. named to: 99431 PTE.F.POUND DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY. Medals about good very fine
WW2 CASUALTY GROUP-GILBERT IRISH GUARDS-BURIED AT THE ANZIO CEMETERY 1939/45 Star,Africa Star and Italy Stars,(IST ARMY Clasp) Defence and War Medals. Comes with casualty slip, named to: GUARDSMAN A.C.GILBERT. With box of issue, named to: K.E.Gilbert,Whisby Thorpe-On The Hill Lincoln,Lincs Medals all practically mint in cellophane envelopes with ribbons 2720508 Guardsman .Alec Charles Gilbert died 17/02/1944 aged 24 The Son of John and Kate E Gilbert, of Whisby, Lincolnshire.Buried at The Anzio Cemetery,and is commemorated on the Irish Guards Cemetery in London.
WWII MEDAL CLASP 8TH ARMY Please note this is a multi-stock item,and the clasp sent may not be the one photographed,but it will be of equal quality
WWII MEDAL CLASP :1ST ARMY Please note this is a multi-stock item,and the item sent may not be the one photographed,but it will be of equal quality
WWII MEDAL CLASP: NORTH AFRICA 1942-43 Please not,this is a multi-stock item,and the clasp sent may not be the exact one photographed,but will be of equal quality