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34th AA Brigade 34th AA brigade printed example
Police Eight Year Service Medal. Miniature version in near mint condition, as worn on dress chain.
10th Hussars title. Single slip on title with embroidered logo, near mint.
10th Royal Hussars. Bi metal badge with some wear.
10th Royal Hussars. Bi metal o/r cap badge in excellent condition.
11th Anti Aircraft Brigade. Embroidered badge in excellent condition with a small amount missing from one side.
11th Armoured Div. Embroidered pair of shoulder badges still joined together.
11th Armoured Div. Single printed badge in good used condition.
11th Hussars. Matching pair of officers bronze collar badges.
12 Corp Printed Patch A 12 corp printed paint type patch.
12th Army. Matching pair of printed shoulder badges, unused.
12th Corp. Printed arm badge with card stiffener, nice condition.
12th Infantry Brigade. Flat woven patch.
12th Lancers. Matching pair of bi-metal o/r collar badges, Kings crown.
13th Duke of Connaughts Own Lancers. Indian made cast badge badge for other ranks.
13th Hussars. Matching pair of o/r Kings crown bi-metal collar badges.
13th Infantry Division. Single printed shoulder badge.
13th Rajputs Regiment. Single brass title.
141 Squadron. Kings crown gilt and enamel badge by Miller Birmingham.
150th Canadian Overseas Regiment. Brass o/r cap badge in excellent condition.
15th/19th Hussars. Officers bullion embroidered badge excellent quality.
16th Lancers. Matching pair of bi metal collar badges, Kings crown.
16th Lancers. Set of cap and collars.
17th/21st Lancers. Single embroidered shoulder title in very good condition, removed from tunic.
19 Corp Embroidered example.
1914/15 Trio group. Group awarded to G-9660 Pte G.W. Argent Royal West Kent's, complete with death plaque, envelope and cap badge, could do with researching.
1914/15 Trio. Trio awarded to J.36878 L.H.F. Skinner Boy.1.R.N. good condition mounted as worn.
1936 Olympics Postcard Postcard produced for the 1936 Olympics depicting the stadium
1939/45 Medal. WW2 1939/45 medal, near mint.
1939/45 star. WW2 1939/45 star in very good condition.
19th Indian Division. Printed badge attached to leather backing.
19th Indian Division. Printed formation sign attached to a leather backing, good used condition.
1st A.G.R.A. Printed shoulder badge attached to backing, nice condition.
1st Allied Airborne. Embroidered formation sign in excellent condition, removed from tunic.
1st Anti Aircraft Regiment. Embroidered shoulder badge, no moth, a little distorted but an iron would put that right if required.
1st Army. Embroidered WW2 raw edged example.
1st Canterbury Regiment. Matching pair of Officers bi metal collar badges, near mint.
1st Corp Royal Engineers. Machine woven arm badge, removed from tunic, very good condition.
1st Corp. Printed shoulder patch in good condition.
1st Corp. Wartime printed patch.
1st Hyderabad Lancers. Cast low grade silver cap badge, nice condition and detail.
1st Infantry Division. Two piece embroidered badge, near mint.
1st Kings Dragoon Guards. Large white metal and brass helmet plate, very good condition with screw post fittings.
1st Mai 1939. Alloy tinny showing a dancing lady with eagle and swastika, good condition.
1st Punjab Regiment. Cast brass O/R cap badge in excellent condition with four loops.
21st Army group. Near matching pair of embroidered formation signs, removed from tunic.
22nd Corp. Matching pair of embroidered badges, one with a few moth grazes.
24th Corp. Embroidered example.
24th Division Christmas card. Comic type in good condition, dated 1917/18.
24th Infantry Brigade. Printed example attached to a K.D. slip on shoulder strap.
26th Indian Division. Embroidered formation sign with pin fitting, very good condition.
28th Infantry Division. Embroidered WW2 raw edged example.
2nd A.A.Division. Embroidered type well used.
2nd Canadian A.G.R.A. Embroidered 2 piece badge.
2nd Cheshire Engineer Volunteers. White metal steam train in very good condition, loops.
2nd Gardners Horse. Cast gilt, possibly Officers cap badge, nice quality with Kings crown and both lugs.
2nd Infantry Division. Machine woven example.
2nd Infantry Division. Printed wartime example.
2nd Queen Alexandra's Mounted Rifles. Blackened brass O/S cap badge with makers plaque to reverse, scarce.
2nd Volunteer Battalion East Surrey Regiment. Officers bronze glengarry badge, near mint with three loops, Queen Victoria's crown.
2nd Warwickshire Regiment. Early scroll type brass badge as worn on the pork pie cap.
33rd Anti Aircraft Brigade. Wartime printed example in excellent condition.
3rd Carabiniers. Bi metal badge.
3rd Carabiniers. Prince of Wales Dragoon Guards bi metal o/r cap badge.
3rd County of London Regiment. Matching pair of brass collar badges, Kings crown.
3rd Gurkha Regiment. White metal o/r cap badge, good quality with Kings Crown.
3rd Infantry Brigade. Printed wartime example.
3rd Infantry Division. Embroidered example.
3rd Kings Own Hussars. Bi metal o/r badge with service wear.
3rd Kings Own Hussars. Bi-metal o/r cap badge in good condition.
3rd Marine Division. Embroidered example.
4 Corps. Matching pair of printed and backed shoulder badges, items in very good condition.
40th Division Patch Printed 40th Division type patch.
40th Infantry Division. Printed shoulder badge, removed from tunic.
42nd Lancashire Infantry Division. Embroidered two piece badge in very good condition.
43rd Indian mobile Infantry Brigade. Embroidered example, well used and removed from tunic.
44th Division. Embroidered patch on backing.
44th Home division (TA) Printed example removed from tunic.
45th Division. Embroidered formation sign.
47th Division. Embroidered badge.
48th Division. Embroidered patch with a little moth to the reverse but no holes.
48th Division. Matching pair of machine woven shoulder badges.
4th Armoured Brigade. Good used embroidered badge removed from tunic.
4th Corp. Matching pair of embroidered shoulder badges.
4th Hussars Canada. Single Officers collar badge,two piece silver and gilt example, Kings crown.
4th Infantry Division. Embroidered example.
51st Division. Printed wartime example removed from tunic.
53rd Division. Machine woven example in mint condition.
55th West Lancs Div Patch 55th West lances embroidered.Div patch, a little thinning to the centre.
56th London Armd Div T.A.. Embroidered arm badge.
56th London Division. Pair of embroidered patches , this Division was an armored T.A.
5th A.A. Division. Embroidered shoulder badge.
5th AA Division patch 5th AA Division printed patch
5th Dragoon Guards. Near matching pair of bi metal O/R collar badges, Victoria's crown.
5th Dragoon Guards. White metal o/r cap badge, Kings crown.
5th Madras Light Infantry. Cast white metal cap badge, Kings crown, very nice condition and detail.
61st Division. Matching pair of printed patches.
6th Battalion Norfolk Regiment. WW1 I.D. disc to W.F.Clabburn, his serial number was No7, also with the tag comes a high quality wheelwrights sleeve badge with makers label along with a photocopy of his entitlement for the T.F.E. medal, nice group with very low number.
6th Dragoon Guards. Matching pair of bi-metal O/R's collar badges, Kings crown and in excellent condition.
6th South African Armoured Division. Pair of slip on shoulder boards with metal titles, comes with S.A.A. Cap badge.
7th AA Division. Printed type which has been glued to ( I think) a piece of black cloth.
7th Armoured Division. Embroidered example in excellent condition.
7th Army. Embroidered WW2 raw edged example.
7th Hussars. Matching pair of embroidered titles.
7th Queens Own Hussars. Bimetal O/R example Kings Crown.
7th Queens Own Hussars. O/R. Cap badge.
8 Corp. Wartime printed example, unused example.
8 Corp. Embroidered WW2 raw edged example.
87th A.G.R.A. Embroidered shoulder badge removed from tunic.
8th Army Multi piece construction badge.
8th Army Printed patch attached to a KD slider.
8th Indian Division. Printed example on khaki backing.
90th Division. Embroidered WW2 raw edged example.
91st Foot Shako Badge. White metal Shako badge as worn by the 91st foot ( Argyleshire) between 1816 - 1829, very nice quality two piece construction badge.
9th /12th Lancers. Two piece construction.
9th AA Division. Embroidered patch in well used condition.
9th Armoured Division. Matching pair of embroidered patches.
9th Army. Embroidered WW2 raw edged example.
9th Lancers. Embroidered badge probably part of a set to collect and make into a cushion.
A.A Command. Wartime printed badge.
A.C.F. An assortment of 14 Army cadet force embroidered shoulder titles most in very good condition.
A.O.C. WW1 O/R. cap badge.
A.R.P Animal Guard. Enamel pin back badge in with no enamel damage and complete with serial number.
A.R.P. Badge. Oval embroidered badge as worn on the overalls.
A.R.P. Factory Service, Buttonhole badge in excellent condition and no enamel damage.
A.R.P. Instructors Association. Enamel pin back badge for M/C and district, no damage and maker marked to the reverse.
A.S.C. Silver and enamel badge, hallmarked for 1914, no damage.
A.T.S. Single wartime printed shoulder title.
AAOC. WW1 Australian O/R badge.
Adjutant General Corp. Officers bullion embroidered cap badge, Queens Crown mint condition.
Africa Star and bar. Africa star and North Africa 1942-43 bar.
Africa Star and bar. Africa star with 1st Army bar, near mint.
Air Defence Day Framfurt. Alloy tinny showing an archer shooting skyward, dated 1937, good condition and unusual.
Air Liason Signals. Pair of printed shoulder badges still attached together.
Air Liason Signals. Single embroidered type.
Air Mail. Envelope addressed to a man in Nottingham.
Air Ministry Staff. A very rare pair off zincl collar badges as worn by Elevator Attendants in R.L.M. buildings, traces of the silver finish remaining in the low points, button hole fittings.
Air Technician. Embroidered REME Trade badge.
Air Training Corps. Chaplains stole badge.
Aircraft Recognition Journal. Dated 1942 and has 20 pages of photos and silhouettes of Allied and German aircraft.
Anti Tank Gunners sleeve badge. Bullion sleeve badge for an Anti Tank Gunner, as worn on the blue uniform.
Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders Canada. Large white metal o/r cap badge, Kings crown.
Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders. WW2 plastic economy cap badge, very good condition with no distortion and both blades.
Arm of service stripes. Matching pair of Infantry service stripes.
Army Air Corp. Embroidered bullion Pilots wings, Queens crown and mint condition.
Army Air Corp. Scarce WW2 plastic cap badge with both blades.
Army cap wreath. Alloy cap wreath and cockade in mint condition complete with all pins.
Army Catering Corps. Silver marked and enamel brooch on jewellers box pad.
Army Chaplains Cap. Beautiful cap in excellent condition, complete with correct buttons and high quality Queens crown badge, no moth, made by Herbert Johnson London, a rare cap.
Army Chaplin. Matching pair of collars.
Army Cyclist Corps. Officers bronze cap badge in very good condition, Kings crown and complete with blades.
Army Education corps. First type 1927-1947 all brass o/r example.
Army Education corps. Bronze cap badge in excellent condition, lugs.
Army Flak Badge. Zinc example with no maker, but the badge has the hallmarks of being made by A.Rettenmaier, magnetic pin and catch with around 60% of the silver finish remaining, nice original award, scarce.
Army Lanyard. 1st type marksmans Lanyard with one shell attached.
Army Officers Collar Patches. WW1 or Weimar style collar patches , good quality.
Army Officers Side Cap. High quality item in excellent condition with no moth, complete with all bullion insignia and piping, the eagle has been re-attached at some point but this is normal, the inside has a silk type lining a sweat band to the front, very nice cap.
Army Officials Collar Badge. Single collar patch in very good condition
Army Pay Corp. O/R cap badge 1902-1920 version.
Army Photo. Wehrpass/Soldbuch size photo of an Army Private.
Army Physical Training Corp. Large size o/r badge, nice detail.
Army Remounts. All brass WW1 cap badge, correct solid back.
Army Service Corp. Embroidered WW2 raw edged example.
Army Service Corp. Silver and Tortoise shell sweetheart badge hallmarked 1917/18, no damage.
Army Service Corp. Victorian o/r cap badge, brass.
Army Shoulder Straps. Matching pair of early straps with a slip on 15 in green.
Army Stretcher Bearers Armband. Embroidered logo, faint acceptance stamp to the bottom right corner, item in good condition with some staining and rust marks, but nor bad.
Army Training manual. 1940 edition with mostly text and diagrams, double franked on the cover one for a S.S.Police Regiment, good condition.
Army Transport Unteroffizer. Early slip on type, no moth
Army Veterinary Corps. Bi metal O/R cap badge, Kings crown.
Army Wehrpass. Nice clean pass to a WW1 veteran, not many entries, some dated 1943 and 1944, has photo of the man attached wearing badges and ribbon bar.
Army Wehrpass. Standard pass with no photo, clean condition with a few entries up to 1944, the holder was born in 1898 and has two punch holes down one side.
ARP Overall Badge. Oval embroidered badge in very good condition.
ARP. Cheshire corp of air raid wardens chrome and enamel lapel badge.
Asquith on war service badge. Silver and enamel badge with no damage, serial numbered and maker marked Thomas Fattorini Birmingham on the reverse.
Assault gunner. Picture postcard of an Army assault gunner wearing the wrap over tunic and M43 cap, unused.
ATS brooch. Silver bar brooch of an ATS cap badge, marked silver.
ATS. Wartime plastic type attached to padded backing cloth.
ATS. Wartime plastic type, maker marked.
Australian active service badge. Brass badge issued by the Dept of Defence for Soldiers returning from active service, probably WW1, numbered and marked Amor Sydney on the reverse.
Australian and Commonwealth Military Forces. Silver bar brooch with enamel centre and hallmarked 1918/19, no damage.
Australian Army Catering Corp. High quality silver and gilt badge, Kings Crown.
Australian W.L.A. Flat embroidered badge.
Austrian Anschluss Medal. Award in very good condition complete with box of issue which is also in excellent condition.
Austrian Medal. Imperial Austria medal for bravery in bronze.
Austrian Medal. Imperial Austrian medal for service in silver.
Austrian Shooting Badge. High quality embroidered badge removed from tunic with snags to three corners.
Ausweiss. Postal Ausweiss, card type.
Autograph book. A small book that contains poems and dedications and several humorous sketches in pen and pencil from WW2.
Auxillary Cruisers Badge. Zinc badge with most of the gilt finish intact to the front of the award, maker marked RS in the correct wartime angular style, one piece construction with very good detail.
Bands mans Badge. Victorian crown in brass and white metal.
Banktop Cadets Bi-metal badge.
Bays. Pair of Collars, in mint condition.
Bedfordshire Regiment. Officers silver cap badge, very good condition.
Beds and Herts Regiment. Single officers dress collar badge in silver, gilt and enamel, nice item.
Black Watch. White metal O/R helmet plate for the 4th Battalion Perthshire Volunteers, post 1887 two piece construction and in excellent condition.
Black Wound Badge. 1939 issue in excellent condition complete with its scarce packet of issue and tissue paper, the packet has the makers details on the reverse.
Blazer Badge. Submarine service embroidered badge.
Blockade breakers badge. Nice early example which appears to be an unmarked Schwerin, as it shows all the characteristics of this maker, excellent condition and detail.
Blues and Royals. High quality embroidered bullion arm badge, mint.
Bomber Command Reunion Dinner. Menu card with toasts and guest list, including VC winners for the 1978 diamond jubilee dinner.
Border Regiment. Matching pair of printed titles, removed from tunic.
Border Regiment. Matching pair of white metal other ranks collar badges.
Border Regiment. White metal o/r cap badge, Kings crown.
Breslau. WW1 Veterans meeting 1931.
Brigade Ehrhardt Sleeve Badge. Scarce white metal sewn on sleeve badge, Brigade Ehrhardt was part of the Freikorps who fought the Communist in the 1920's, very good detail and quality.
Britain. Embroidered assistant parachute instructors wing.
Britain. RAF Regiment wing.
Britain. Mess dress wing, small.
Britain. Parachute Regiment blazer badge.
Britain. Course trained parachutist, embroidered.
British Army Major Generals Insignia. Set of high quality metal insignia, Kings crown.
British Columbia Horse. Matching pair of solid brass shoulder titles, Canadian WW1 era.
British Columbia Horse. Matching pair of brass o/r shoulder titles, very good condition.
British Commonwealth Forces. Machine woven formation sign, Kings crown as used in Korea.
British forces N. Ireland. Embroidered patch in used condition.
British Manual On The German Army. Dated 1941 with an Officers Signature to the cover, Capt J.B.King, inside are 48 pages of captioned photo's showing various Army soldiers, tanks guns etc, good condition.
British Parachute Wing. Wartime embroidered example, removed from tunic.
British Reinforcement Training Centre India. Printed wartime example in very good condition, removed from tunic.
British Troop In Palestine. Printed on stiff canvas type cloth.
British Troops in Berlin. Machine woven type, uncut mint condition.
Bucks Battalion. O/R blackened badge.
Buffs. Embroidered title.
Burma Rifles. Cast low grade silver cap badge, very good condition.
BURMA STAR. Burma Star complete with pacific bar.
Button Brooch. WW1 French army button on a bar.
Cambridge Regiment. Single white metal title.
Cambridge University OTC. Officers bronze cap badge, excellent condition with Kings crown and blades.
Canada. Single brass collar badge.
Canadian Armoured Corp. White metal O/R cap badge, Kings crown.
Canadian Cap Badge. All brass badge for the 109 overseas Regiment the Victoria and Haliburton Regiment, excellent condition.
Canadian Machine Gun Corp. Matching pair of bronze Officers collar badges, items in very good condition with all lugs.
Canadian Memorial Cross. Memorial cross given to Mothers/wives of Soldiers killed in war. This one was given to the Mother of 36 Gnr P.T.Dark, the cross comes complete with its original letter dated 1932 and box of issue, set in very good condition with only a couple of foxing marks to the base of the case, now a scarce item.
Canadian Navy. What appears to be a wartime Officers metal economy cap badge, complete with backing, Kings crown.
Canadian Pacific Forces. Small embroidered badge on Kharki backing cloth, nice condition.
Canadian Shoulder Title. Single brass title for the 229 Overseas Battalion.
Canadian Titles. Matching pair of embroidered titles for the 2nd Btn R 220 R, mint.
Canadian Westminster Regiment. Gilt o/r cap badge.
Canal Zone South. Printed sleeve badge in excellent condition.
Cap Badge. Officers Middlesex Regiment cap badge, appears to be silver but no hallmarks.
Cartoon Annual. Wartime booklet with 80 paged of cartoons from the Daily Sketch, item in very good condition.
Casualty group. A group of four items to the same man, Unterofficer Ernst August Schierbaum who was also an Officer candidate, these being his official death notice, another from his home town Kreis Herford, his DRL sports certificate booklet and the original registered envelope, dated 23/9/44, worth further research.
Centenary tinny. Metal badge for 700 years of Altenesch 1234 to 1934.
Central Midland Division. Matching pair of printed badges, unused.
Certificate. Pass certificate for a Stenographers exam, dated 30/4/1937, postcard size.
Ceylon Mounted Rifles. White metal o/r cap in excellent condition.
Chaplains Cap Badge and Collars What appears to be an almost matching set of 1st pattern dress collars and cap badges, excellent condition complete with loops.
Chaplains Cap Badge. Blackened brass cap badge, 1st pattern with blades, Kings crown.
Charlotten Kreuz. Scarce Wurttemberg cross awarded in 1916, pin fitting attached to the ribbon, good tarnished condition.
Cheshire Regiment. Victorian o/r silver button.
Chigwell OTC. Pair of brass collars
Christmas Card. Card and photo from a crewman on HMS Agincourt,
Christmas Card. Patriotic Christmas card for 1914 showing flags, Ships and King George V, sent by S.A.Quinn Smith, good used condition.
Cigarette Papers. A pack of propaganda papers for the Free French, unusual.
Cinque Ports Cross belt plate. Silvered Victorian Volunteer rifles belt badge, two screw post to the reverse, scarce.
Citation for the Hindenburg cross. Citation dated 1935 and fully stamped and signed by the Oberburgermeister, good condition.
Citation for the Iron Cross. A very early example dated December 1939 for the Iron Cross 2nd class, awarded to Gefreiter Kasten of 2.A.A.30, signed by the Divisional commander, a little faint.
Citation Group. A set of three award document to the same man, Gefreiter Dries of 6/Gren. -reg 167, these are Iron Cross 2nd class dated 1943, Wound badge in black dated 1943 and the Russian Front medal dated 1942, all in good condition but have been folded and punch holed.
Civil Defence. WW2 embroidered DEPOT title in near mint condition.
Civil Defence. Set of WW2 metal buttons.
Civil Defence. Printed wartime Report and Control title.
Civil Defence. WW2 embroidered breast badge.
Civil Defence. WW2 group to a warden in Birmingham, complete with cloth photo.
Civil Defence. Single wartime Depot title.
Civil Defence. Wartime printed CONTROL shoulder title.
Civil Defence. Enamel members badge, buttonhole fitting with no enamel damage.
Civil Defence. Enamel members badge with buttonhole fitting and no enamel damage.
Civil Gliding Proficiency Badge. Embroidered bullion badge in good used condition, C certificate grade.
Close Combat Clasp. Bronze class being double marked JFS and Peekhaus Berlin, award in very good condition with most finish intact.
Cloth Title. South Lancashire slip on embroidered title.
Cloth Title. Royal Berks slip on embroidered cloth title.
Cloth Title. Post War Home Guard title,ESSEX 19, felt on the rubber backing, the Home Guard was briefly reactivated at the start of the cold war.
Coastal Artillery Shoulder Strap. Single sew in example with embroidered crossed anchors, god condition.
Coldstream guards. Beautiful silver and enamel sweetheart brooch, hallmarked Birmingham 1916/17, complete with pin and safety chain.
Combat Badge. Luftwaffe Radio operators /air gunners badge. Late war type with solid Swastika with most original finish intact, marked B+NL for Berg and Nolte Ludenscheid nice award.
Combat Badge. Minesweepers badge with top hook and horizontal pin, Zinc example.
Comemorative Spoon. Spoon with image of General French.
Comemorative Spoon. Spoon with image of Lord Kitchener.
Commando Buttons. Two buttons as worn on the blazer showing the F and S knife.
Commemorative Coin. Large silver coin minted for Field Marshall Hindenburgs 80th birthday in 1927, made from 900 silver and stamped BAYFR HAUPTMUNZAMPT SILBER 900 around the rim, nice quality item.
Control Commission Germany. Embroidered shoulder badge in near mint condition.
Coronation Medal 1902. Bronze medal awarded to P.C.J. Vince, complete with pin fitting.
Corp of Military Police. Wartime printed example in good used condition, removed fron tunic.
Corps Of Clerks. Scarce Indian Army brass shoulder title.
Corps of Military Accountants. Lovely quality cap badge in excellent condition, George 5th cypher.
Court mounted group. An Imperial and Nazi group being, Iron cross 2nd class 1914, Cross of Honour with swords, 1936 Olympics medal and Police 8 year service medal, nice group in good condition complete with pin fitting.
Court Mounted Group. Comprising of 4 and 12 year service medals with correct eagles, and the Sudatenland medal, nice clean group
Court mounted group. Group consists of 1914 Iron cross 2nd class, Cross of Honour without swords and the scarce Order of the Red Eagle with a hand painted enameled emblem to the centre with no damage, nice clean group with backing cloth and pin.
Court mounted pair. Imperial German medals being the Bavarian order of military merit with swords and the Iron Cross second class, good condition.
Court mounted pair. Pair of medals being, War Merit Cross 2nd class with swords and the Next of Kin Cross, unusual to find this medal mounted, medals in good condition ribbons a little grubby.
Coventry Ordnance Works. Brass lapel badge for Special war service, WW1 era.
Cross of Honour Citation. Small citation for the Cross of Honour with swords, dated 1935.
Cross of Honour for Widows. Maker marked example with a very small piece of ribbon.
Cross of Honour with Swords. Maker marked example complete with pin fitting.
Customs Officers shoulder board. Slip on type with metal emblem, very good condition.
Czech Nazi Party. Members enamel pin and subscription card for 1943/44.
D.A.F. Members rule book.
D.A.F. Members book filled in and with coloured subscription stamps inside.
D.A.F. Two I.D. cards to a Husband and wife.
D.A.F. Belt and Buckle. A now scarce item in excellent condition, the alloy buckle has the typical crankshaft bar associated with this type, the item is marked on the reverse RZM M4/39 A for Assman, the leather on the belt in in good condition with no damage.
D.C.L.I. Single embroidered title, yellow on green.
D.J.Sports Proficiency Rune. Silver class in good used condition, maker marked and numbered to the reverse, getting hard to find.
D.L.V. Tinnie. Colured pin badge showing two aircraft.
D.R.K. Donation Badge. Card badge showing a Red Cross man in uniform, maker marked on the tab.
D.R.L. Sports badge. Special class for disabled sportsman, gilt wreath and swastika with silver monogram, maker marked to the reverse, excellent condition.
D.R.V.Members Stickpin. A rare enamel stickpin for for the German Cyclist League, no damage and fully marked on the reverse, unusual.
DAF Festival Cap. Nice cap with good shape and no damage, complete with cap badge and DAF logo on the inside.
DAF Membership card. Unused membership card for the foreign workers section.
DAF/NBJ. Stickpin with the emblem on a piece amber glass, complete with paper label.
Death Notices. A number of WW2 death notices cut from newspapers.
Defence Medal. To MR W.H. HUBBERT with box of issue and paper slip.
Defence Medal. WW2 Defence medal in near mint condition.
Defence Medal. WW2 defence medal in excellent condition.
Demjansk Shield. A used steel example in very good condition, Army backing has been cut a little short with the paper backing covering the back plate, still a nice award.
Derbyshire Home Guard. Scarce WW1 volunteer regiment.
Destroyer Badge. Scarce embroidered cloth example in near mint condition.
Destroyer Badge. Late war zinc example by JFS, very good condition and detail with a good amount of gilt remaining, complete with horizontal pin and top hook.
Discharge certificate. Lovely coloured card certificate for 7 years service in the 1st Battalion Cheshire Regiment, very good condition.
Divisional Sign. Wartime printed 77th Division shoulder patch.
Divisional Sign. Matching pair of printed Air Formation Signals patches, removed from tunic.
Divisional Sign. Scarce embroidered patch for the R.E. depot, some moth on two sides.
DLV Sleeve Badge. A very scarce embroidered sleeve badge in very good condition' with one moth nip.
Document Envelope. Large A4 size envelope showing the Eagle and Swastika, unused.
Donation Badge. A small (25mm x 15mm) good quality lapel badge, above the sunrise swastika is written,Kampf Spende R.W. 1932, unusual item in excellent condition.
Dorset Regiment. Dorset Regiment silver and enamel sweetheart brooch, marked silver on the badge.
Drivers Badge. Bronze class on Luftwaffe backing,complete with paper backing, near mint.
DRL Sports Badge. Bronze Class, mint.
Drummers Sleeve Badge. Embroidered padded sleeve badge in excellent condition.
Dunbartonshire Rifle Volunteers. White metal glengarry badge, Victorian crown.
Dunlop A.R.P. A small enamel button hole badge, no enamel damage and stamped SILVER on the reverse.
Durham L.I. Single slip on shoulder title in excellent condition except for a moth graze.
Durham L.I. Embroidered title.
E Boat Badge. Zinc 2nd type by RS in the correct angular wartime style, award in good condition with only minute traces of the gilt finish, priced accordingly.
E Boat Badge. 2nd pattern in very good condition with most of the gilt remaining on the wreath, maker marked Peekhaus and Schwerin Berlin on the reverse, getting hard to find these days.
Eagle Order Medal of Merit. Bronze class without swords, complete with pin fitting to the ribbon, this is the 1943 issue.
East Africa Command. Printed example.
East Anglian Brigade. Printed patch in good used condition, removed from tunic.
East Bengal Line of Communication. Embroidered padded shoulder badge for the 404th line of communication, the patch had hooks or poppers but these are missing, good condition.
East Surrey Regiment. Matching pair of Officers silver and gilt high quality collar badges,
East Surrey Regiment. Matching pair of Officers collar badges, bi metal two piece construction and stamped S for silver, brooch fittings and marked J.R.Gaunt London, high quality item.
Eastern Command U.K. Facing pair of embroidered patches.
Eastern command. Single wartime printed formation sign in good used condition, removed from tunic.
Eastern command. Wartime printed example.
Eastern people Medal. Second class with swords example in very good condition, complete with its scarce packet of issue which is in very good but creased condition, maker marked Wachler and Lange on the reverse.
Eastern Territories Cap Badge. A scarce embroidered example removed from cap,very good condition with some of the backing cloth missing up to the edge of the eagle which is intact and does not detract.
Empire day. Coloured certificate dated 1940 to Gilbert Brown for helping raise funds for the armed forces, good condition.
Essex Regiment. Officers silver plated example stamped " P " on the reverse, excellent condition and quality.
Essex Regiment. Yellow on purple embroidered title.
Essex Regiment. Bi metal cap bade for the 8th battalion, slider with blank scroll.
Eton College. Officers cap badge in white metal, one lug shortened.
Eton College. Eton College OTC white metal cap badge in excellent condition, Kings crown with two blades,
European Theater of Operations Advanced Base. Embroidered WW2 example.
Factory fire service. Rare sleeve badge for the Dornier aircraft factory, item has moth holes but not on the eagle or logo, removed from tunic. For all its faults it is still a nice item and would be worth a lot more in better condition.
Factory Guards sleeve badge. Rare Officers bullion sleeve badge, very good condition and removed from the tunic.
Faithful Service Cross. Silver 25 year example in near mint condition with pin fitting to the ribbon, complete with card box of issue,
Faithful Service Cross. A near mint example of the gilt 40 year version.
FELDPOST. Envelope and letters dated 1941.
Fife and Forfar Yeomanry. White metal o/r cap badge, excellent condition.
Fire Brigade. Rare embroidered breast badge for the Heinz food factory.
Fire Police shoulder strap. Sew in type for a Hauptwachmeister, good condition with a small amount of moth.
Fire service College. Kings crown Officers silver and enamel cap badge.
Fire Watcher. Fire watcher members chrome and enamel lapel badge, no damage.
First Aid and Nursing Corp. Embroidered title, light blue on dark blue.
First Day Cover. German Red Cross dated 20/4/41 ( Hitlers Birthday.)
First Day Cover. Un-circulated card cover with pictorial frank, dated 10/1/43, reverse plain.
Flying Club cap badge. An early pre WW1 German flying club cap badge, shows early monoplane on a spoke wheel, the item is still attached to a section of salesmans sample board with stock number.
Flying Club cap badge. Pre WW1 or 1920s cap badge, still attached to a piece of card from a salesmans sample board with stock number below, the badge shows a wreath, winged wheel, propeller and German helmet.
Forces fund lapel badge. Tin lapel badge for the Navy fighting forces fund 1941.
Forces fund lapel badge. Tin lapel badge for the fighting forces comforts fund Australia 1941.
Foresters. Scarce wartime printed title, removed from tunic.
Foresters. Single embroidered shoulder title, two small rust stains to the front.
Formation sign. Rare printed patch for the 80th Division.
Formation sign. facing pair of printed patches for GHQ Middle East land forces, removed from tunic
Formation sign. Printed wartime patch for the 6th AA Division.
France and Germany Star. Star in near mint condition with original ribbon.
France. Parachute Instructors badge.
France. High Altitude low opening paratroopers badge.
France. High altitude low opening paratroopers badge, this example has less enamel stars, perhaps a lower grade.
France. Parachute Instructors brevet badge.
France. Paratroopers breast badge, Paris maker on the reverse.
Frankfurt. National Farming day 1936, alloy badge.
Frauenschaft Rally Badge. Scarce paper badge with pin, dated 1st September 1935, not many of these could have survived.
Frederick August Cross. Imperial award for the state of Oldenburg for meritorious service in WW1, near mint with retailer packet.
French collar patch. Embroidered WW1/ early WW2 velvet type collar patch.
French day. Tin lapel badge for French Day 1917, very good condition.
Front Soldier Association. White metal pin badge, organisation was only in existence from 1934 to 1935 when it was absorbed into the Stanhelm, excellent condition.
Front Soldiers day. White metal badge dated 1935 for Berlin Sud, very good condition.
Fuhrerschein. German driving license dated 1935, wax paper type complete with photo and stamps for Saarbruchen including swastika's, good clean condition.
G.H.Q. Middle East Land Forces. Matching pair of embroidered shoulder badges, removed from tunic.
Gau tag. Plastic badge for Gau NSDAP day1939, fully marked on the reverse.
Gauparteitag. Brass tinny for Arbeit and Friede in Hessen - Nassau 1933, nice tinny.
Gautag Hessen-Nassau. Alloy rally badge dated 1936, maker marked and in excellent condition.
Gefreiters Chevron. Early type on dark green backing, good condition.
General Assault Badge Zinc solid type in very good condition and excellent detail.
General Assault Badge Late war solid zinc type in very good condition and detail.
General Service Corp. Victorian o/r brass button.
General Service Corp. Single mint printed slip on shoulder title.
General Service Medal Canal Zone. 4013610 Jnr Tech W.S.WIilson R.A.F, mounted as worn.
German Army Song Book. WW2 pocket book with impressive cover,
German Army Song Book. Pocket size book with impressive cover, text only inside.
German Bullet Brooch. A silver patriotic brooch in the style of a bullet with oak leaf decoration and dated 1914, 1916.
German Horse riders badge. Bronze grade in excellent condition and maker marked CHR LAUER on the reverse.
German Hunting Association. Members stick pin in very good condition.
German Medal Bar. Bar for six medals, Iron cross 2nd class 1914 and 1939 bar, Hanseatic cross, Cross of Honour with swords. Silesian Eagle order, Faithful service cross for 25 years and the West Wall medal, very nice with the 1939 mini bar.
German Medal Bar. Three ribbon bar being, War Merit Cross 2nd class with swords, four year Army/Navy service medal and the scarce Memel medal, very good condition.
German Medal Bar. Four ribbon bar being, 1939 Iron Cross, War Merit Cross 2nd class with swords, Russian Front medal and West Wall medal, complete with backing cloth, near mint.
German Photograph. Large press like photo of Mountain troopers and pack horse.
German Photograph. Group of six different post card size photos from the Adolf Hitler series, unused.
German Photograph. Large press like photo of German troops in the snow.
German Photograph. Group of six small size photos from the Deutchland Ewacht series, unused.
German Photograph. Portrait photo of a German soldier wearing his combat decorations, dated 1944 on the reverse.
German Photograph. Large size photo of German Troops guarding American POW's, marked on the back and looks like a press photo.
German Photograph. Large press like photo of German Troops guarding British POW's.
German Photograph. Large press type photo of a General and his men.
German Photograph. Large press type photo of some soldiers in action.
German Photographs. Group of six different postcard size photos from the Deutchland Ewacht series, unused.
German Postage stamps. A group of 18 Hitler head stamps overprinted with UKRAINE, all different values and mint.
German Postage stamps. A group of 12 mint stamps for use in occupied Bohemia.
German poster. A3 size poster with a quote from Friedrich The Great, produced by the Nazi party and dated 1940, excellent condition.
German Ribbon Bar. Three ribbon bar being,War Merit Cross 2nd class, Cross of Honour with swords and the Luftschutz medal, near mint.
German School Teachers Association. A now rare silver and enamel members badge in excellent condition but a little tarnished that could be cleaned if desired, maker marked.
German Shooting Association. Rare bevo sleeve / breast badge for Gau Westfalen.
German Shooting Association. Silver and enamel membership stickpin in excellent condition with no damage, maker marked to the reverse.
German Toy Soldiers. A group of six soldiers probably part of a larger set comprising of four musicians, a conductor and Officer, all in very good connpdition and marked ELASTOLIN.
German workers day. Metal badge for workers day in Stuttgard 1933.
Germany. Basic army embroidered wing.
Germany. Foreign student embroidered wing.
GHQ India. Red and blue patch with embroidered bullion star.
Gibraltar Garrison. Embroidered formation sign for the Anti Aircraft section, near mint.
Gibralter Garrison. Embroidered patch with a couple of moth holes.
Glamorgan Yeomanry. Bi- Metal O/R cap badge.
Gloucester Reg. Mint condition badge.
Gloucester Regiment. White metal cap badge for the 3rd Volunteer Battalion, excellent condition.
Gold Wound Badge. Imperial type in mint condition, stick pin.
Gold Wound Badge. 1939 issue in well used condition, about 50% of the gilt remains, getting hard to find gold class awards.
Gordon Highlanders Volunteer Battalion. Large white metal badge for the 6th Battalion 1884-1908, the front of the badge has been engraved very nicely with the designation, very good detail and quality, could be for NCO.
Great Britain. Matching pair of R.A.F. embroidered titles, as worn when training overseas.
Grenadier Guards. Victorian silver o/r button, high points a little worn.
Group of related documents. This is a group of seven items to Gertrud Stemann, these are her work book dated from 1935 to 1943, DLRG membership card including photo and subscription card both dated 1940,DRL sports book including photo and bronze grade certificate dated 1938, student card dated 1939, race book tracing her family back to the 1700's to prove her German purity and some type of Police certificate which is franked and dated 1943, interesting group worth further research.
Group of related documents. Two documents from the Nazi period but related to a mans service in WW1, the man is Dr Julius Ludwig a Reserve Leutnant, one document gives details of WW1 service including awards earned, EK 1 and 2 and a service cross of some kind, also a certificate for the wound badge in black, both documents are dated 1936 and contained in an addressed envelope, nice unusual group worth further research.
Group of related documents. A group of generic documents sent to the family of a soldier killed in Russia 1943, for security reasons no Division details are given or the mans name just a condolence certificate from the Division and a printed image of the Divisions cemetery which I suspect to be made up to give comfort to his relatives, contained in its postal tube with remains of the label which is still readable.
Gurkha Engineers. Embroidered example.
Gurkha Engineers. Single embroidered title in excellent condition.
H.L.I. All brass o/R WW1 economy strike cap badge.
H.M. Prisons. Gilt Kings crown example.
Hampshire 2nd Rifle Volunteers. Officers/senior NCO cap badge, very nice striking with Victorian Crown.
Hampshire Reg. WW2 Plastic issue with both blades.
Hampshire Regiment. Single Officers bronze collar badge, large size as used on the high collar.
Hand Workers Day. Metal badge for a Rally in SAAR.
Hannover District BAOR. Machine flat woven badge.
Hannover NSDAP Party Day. Bronze metal day badge for party day in Hannover 1934.
Hants Carabiniers Territorials. Brass shoulder title.
Hants County Division. Embroidered formation sign, near mint.
Health Inspector. Kings crown bronze badge in excellent condition, probably Indian Army.
Hermann Goring Division. o/r cuff title with embroidered script, good condition with a few pulled threads, cut from uniform.
High Seas Fleet. A getting rare early brass example with all gilt complete, fully marked on the reverse Adolf Bock Schwerin Berlin with all the correct flaws on the characters, nice broad pin and quality hinge, excellent detail and condition.
Highland Division. Attached to K.D. Shoulder strap, embroidered.
Highland Light Infantry. White metal plaid brooch, two piece construction with stout pin, Kings crown.
Hitler Hate Club. Brass lapel badge showing Hitlers head on the body of a snake being attacked by a Lion, probably pre or very early WW2, very good condition and marked "protected design".
Hitler Postcard. Unused picture postcard of Hitler giving a speach.
Hitler Postcard. Coloured propaganda franked in 1938.
Hitler Youth belt buckle. Plated steel type in very good condition.
Hitler Youth Competitors Badge. Brass badge that was given to all competitors of the 1934 H.J and D.A.F. trade competition, maker marked and in excellent condition, often mistaken for a rally badge.
Hitler Youth Photo. Formal photo of a H.J. youth with all badges and insignia on show, dated 1940 on the reverse.
Hitler Youth sleeve badge. Small embroidered badge 150mmx18mm, as worn by a Field Sports Attendant at large HJ sporting events.
Hitler Youth Sports badge. Bronze class rune in excellent condition, RZM marked to the reverse and stamped B instead of issue numbered.
Hitler Youth Tinny. Pressed card badge with pin fitting for an H.J. sports competition 1939, near mint.
Hitler Youth Trade badge. Embroidered sleeve badge as worn by regular HJ motor staff, very good condition, scarce.
Hitler Youth work card. Coloured pamphlet showing how to make a skittles type game, unusual.
Hitler Youth. Matching pair of tan shoulder straps for HJ transport, chain stitched numbers and in excellent condition.
Holland. Embroidered wing.
Home Counties East District. Embroidered example removed from tunic.
Home Guard. Printed shoulder badges for Kent.
Home Guard. Shoulder badges for Middlesex 10 coy printed example.
Home Guard. Matching pair of embroidered Home Guard titles, mint.
Home Guard. A two piece sleeve badge for the London Home guard, removed from an album and in good condition.
Home Guard. Home guard members enamel lapel badge , no damage.
Home Guard. Single printed Home Guard shoulder title, very good condition.
Home Guard. Printed two piece sleeve badge for the Middlesex Home Guard, sewn together and in very good condition.
Honourable Artillery Company. Matching pair of embroidered titles.
Honourable Artillery Company. Enamel and silver marked badge.
ID bracelet. WW1 item for L.A.GOODBY PO WTR DMX68927, stamped silver on the reverse.
Imperial Shooting Award. Silver fob dated 1898 with the Kaisers crown, very good quality item with the regimental number - 4/140 - engraved on the back.
Imperial citation. A4 size citation for the Prussian War helpers medal, dated 17th April 1918, very good condition.
Imperial citation. The citation was awarded in Berlin 1929 for a war service medal in WW1, fully filled in and stamped, a couple of the folds have become splits but not bad,
Imperial citation. Certificate dated 1917 for the award of the Iron Cross 2nd class, complete with Regimental stamp, good condition.
Imperial citation. Citation dated 1925 for a Prussian war service medal earned during WW1, awarded via the Old comrades association, very good condition.
Imperial German Badge. Some kind of commemorative badge for the Artillery, the badge shows soldier with Picklehelbe behind a field gun with the logo VEREIN EHEMAL ARTILLERISTEN SEESEN H, white metal and two piece construction, unusual.
Imperial German commemorative badge. Silver badge for the war veterans of the town of Borkener, dated 1868.
Imperial German Group. A miniature group of six awards including long service and war service medals and the Kaiser centenary medal, presented on a chain as worn on the mess dress,
Imperial German Group. Court mounted group comprising of 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class, 1870/71 Medal,Kaiser Centenary Medal,Friedrich August Medal and the 15 Year Long Service Cross.
Imperial German Group. Court mounted trio being, Iron Cross 2nd Class, nine year service medal for Saxony and the Cross of Honour with swords, clean group.
Imperial German medal. Centenary medal for the Hannover Infantry Regiment 77 1813 to 1913, no ribbon but I do not think it ever had one.
Imperial German Military Pass. Small book to man who joined the Army in 1892, lots of entries but that old style of writing is difficult to read, good winter project to decipher!
Imperial German watch chain. Gilt chain with coloured picture of a German Officer in a locket.
Imperial Group. Court mounted group of four medals, being Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914, Cross of honour with swords, Hungarian war service Medal and the Schaumberg-Lippe war service cross.
Imperial Photo. Small photo of a Soldier taken in Kasel.
Imperial Postcard. Patriotic card with slogan and flags, dated 1915.
Imperial Shoulder Straps. Matching pair of sew in boards for the 5th Hessian Infantry Regiment 168, post 1872.
Imperial Soldier Photo. Large photo of Soldier in parade uniform and Sword C1902.
Imperial Yeomanry (4th) Embroidered pagri badge in excellent condition.
Indian Air Formation Signals. Printed shoulder badge removed from tunic, good condition with a few rust stains.
Indian Armoured Corps. Cast brass O/R cap badge for the 45th Cavalry.
Indian Army Ordnance Corp. Brass o/r cap badge.
Indian Army Parachute Regiment. White metal cast cap badge, very good quality and detail, could be for a senior NCO or Officer.
Indian Army. Single brass title for the 64 Pioneers.
Indian Army. Single brass title for the Mahrattali Light Infantry.
Indian General service medal. Awarded to 161307 Gnr A.J.Richards R.G.A. complete with Aanghanistan NWF 1919 bar, complete with copy MIC and IGS conformation.
Indian Overseas Service. Bronze pin back cap badge in excellent condition, Kings crown.
Indian Pioneers. Victorian white metal pagri badge, good but tarnished condition.
Infantry Assault Badge Silver class solid made badge with cast in hinge and catch, maker marked 4, item in excellent condition.
Infantry Assault Badge Silver example nearly down to grey metal, the retaining hook has closed up and unable to take the pin, this could be put right if you are very careful.
Infantry Assault Badge Silver example in excellent condition complete with its paper packet which is in good condition and tissue paper wrap, packets hard to find.
Infantry Assault Badge Late war zinc example, silver solid back type marked with the logo for Fritz Zimmerman.
Infantry Mounted Officers. Pair of white metal bridle badges,excellent detail with Victorian crown, unusual.
Informal Photo, Photo of three men one civilian, one Army and one Luftwaffe NCO wearing his awards.
Innes Court and City Yeomanry. Mint condition badge.
Inniskilling Dragoon Guards. Very nice sterling silver veterans badge, button hole fitting with separately attached bronze Soldier.
Inns Of Court OTC. Bronzed badge with loops.
Inns Of Court. Inns of court sweetheart brooch in silver mark Ludlow and sterling to the reverse.
Innsbruck. Metal badge for NSDAP day 1940.
Instruction pamphlet. A rare pamphlet for the 10.5cm field gun, dated 16.3.43 it folds out to show diagrams of various Russian tanks and one British and highlights what parts of the tank to aim at and what type of ammunition to use, I have never seen one of these before, good but well used condition.
Intelligence Corp. Single brass shoulder title.
Irish Guards Colour Badge. High quality large size bullion sleeve badge as worn by Warrant Officers 2nd class, lovely workmanship and detail to the badge, near mint with Kings crown.
Irish Guards. Large Boer War brass collar badge.
Irish Hussars. Queens Own Irish Hussars.
Iron Cross 1st class 1914. Convex type that seems to have a silver back, but no markings, good but well used example.
Iron Cross 1st class 1914. Award in good but tarnished condition, the ring is stamped 800 and G, probably for Godet, attached to the ribbon is a prinzen 1939 bar to the Iron Cross which is good condition, the ribbon is a little short as it was probably cut from a ribbon bar, nice set.
Iron Cross 1st class 1914. Very nice example which looks as if it is made of silver but no marks, the cross is made by K.O. and retains nearly all it black finish, the award is complete with its case of issue, also in very good condition.
Iron Cross 1st class 1914. Nice award in good condition this example being convex.
Iron Cross 1st class 1939. Nice used cross in very good condition, non maker marked.
Iron Cross 1st class 1939. A nice sleeper in good condition with just age to the award, maker marked L/11 and complete with box of issue which is in good condition.
Iron Cross 1st class. This example is the 1914 Imperial type but made during the Third Reich period for those who had lost their original issue, exactly the same as the Nazi type but with Imperial centre, award in excellent condition.
Iron Cross 1st class. 1939 issue in excellent condition with most of the black finish intact, non maker marked example that is slightly convex.
Iron Cross 1st class. This is a Nazi produced 1914 cross for those who had lost their original and made in the same way as there 1939 cousins, this is one of the best examples I have owned with most of the frosting intact on the beading, maker marked 26 on the pin.
Iron Cross 2nd Class. 1939 issue, good condition with a piece of the black finish missing from the reverse.
Iron Cross 2nd Class. 1914 issue in very good used condition, mounted in bow form which could have been awarded to a Women, complete with pin fitting.
Iron Cross 2nd Class. Imperial version, high quality item maker marked K.O. on the ring, the frame looks as it is made of silver but not marked, nice cross.
Iron Cross 2nd Class. 1914 issue in good used condition, court mounted with pin fitting.
Iron Cross 2nd Class. 1939 issue this being the rare variant with the curly 3, cross in very good condition, hard to find.
Iron Cross 2nd Class. 1939 issue in good condition but the swastika has lost some of its black finish, marked 128 on the ring.
Iron Cross 2nd Class. 1939 issue in near mint condition, complete with ribbon tissue wrap and very scarce packet of issue which is marked Friedrich Orth Wien.
Italian Fascist badge. WW2 enamel lapel badge for the G.M.L.
Italian Observers Badge. Small enamel and white metal lapel badge for an Italian Airforce Observer.
Jager Arm Badge. Scarce bevo weave arm badge as worn by Jager Divisions and battalions.
K O S B. Silver O/R badge on backing cloth.
K.D.F. Metal badge for Rheinpfalz.
K.D.F. Alloy badge for Hessen Nassau, the strength through joy organisation was headed by Dr Robert Ley.
K.D.F. Metal stickpin for the Gau Hessen strength through joy programme.
K.D.F. Cover. Envelope with pictorial K D F frank.
K.S.L.I. Matching pair of slip on titles.
K.S.L.I. Matching pair of brass titles.
Kaiser Marine. Gilt metal badge, no fixings perhaps sewn on piece of Patriotic Jewelry.
Kaiser Message Card. Unused half postcard size card, with gold embossed monogram.
Karachi Corps Auxiliary Force. Scarce cast cap badge, probably for an Officer or NCO.
KDF Pin. Metal stick pin badge for the KDF Summerfest 1934.
Kennkarte. German I.D. Card to a woman dated 1941
Kent Reserves. WW1 Lapel badge for the Kent Reserves Veteran, maker marked to reverse.
Kenya Police. All brass o/r cap badge,Kings crown and in very good condition.
Kenya Regiment. All brass o/r cap badge.
King Edwards Horse. Large o/r cap badge in very good condition, slider.
Kings Irish Hussars. 8th kings Royal Irish Hussars o/r bimetal cap badge.
Kings Own Malta Regiment. Matching pair of brass titles.
Kings Own Malta Regiment. Bi metal o/r cap badge, very good condition and Kings crown.
Kings Royal Rifle Corp Kings Royal Rifle Corp sweetheart in Gilt and enamel.
Kings Royal Rifle Corps. WW2 plastic economy badge in excellent condition and backing cloth.
Kings Shropshire Light Infantry. Bi-metal o/r cap badge.
Kitchen Goes To War. Wartime recipe book dated 1940 with contributions from famous people of the time.
Knights Cross Winners. Four small cigarette cards with pictures of Luftwaffe KC winners, Nowotny, Graf, Gollob and Marseille.
Knitters badge. Enamel badge for Royal Navy garment knitters,maker marked Thomas Fattorini Birmingham.
Kreigsmarine Breast Eagle. Nice bullion wire Officers version in very good condition.
Kreigsmarine Chevron. Chevron for a Obermatrose, unused.
Kreigsmarine I,D. Disc. Small disc in pitted condition, stamped KREIGSMARINE 9828/43K, priced accordingly.
Kreigsmarine I.D. disc. Disc named to Johannes Raske N 8429/40T, item in two halves and glued to a piece of card that could easily be removed, also included is his temporary registration document dated 1946 and issued by the Military Government, this has been printed on a 1944 dated German map of Paris.
Kreigsmarine Official. Nice quality sew in shoulder strap.
Kreigsmarine Pea Jacket. Nice condition jacket with only a few minor moth nips, not mint but in excellent condition for its age, complete with all buttons, the insignia is for an Obermatrose in the junior staff personnel of the Naval Commander in chief, also the jacket has the ribbon for the Iron Cross 2nd class in the buttonhole, the jacket is devoid of any marking that I could find, hard to find.
Kreigsmarine Plaque. Small bronze plaque, 40mm x60mm, showing a German soldier wearing a WW1 helmet, the reverse has been engraved with the following, Frankreich Abschitt Kuste Nord Nov 1940, Fur Den 4 Platz im Uffz Vierkampf, nice unusual item.
Krim shield. Award in very good condition on Luftwaffe backing, complete with backing plate, the item has the traits of being made by Deumer.
KSLI. Slip on title.
Kukri Brooch. Metal pin badge with a removable blade, good quality.
Kyber Rifles. Matching set of cast white metal/low grade silver cap and collars, nice detail and condition.
Labour Corp. Single brass shoulder title,
Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers. White metal O/R Glengarry cap badge, very good condition.
Lanarkshire Yeomanry. Brass shoulder title.
Lancashire and Border District. Matching pair of Wartime printed patches.
Lancashire Brigade. Embroidered arm badge in excellent condition, removed from tunic.
Lancastrian Brigade Patch Lancastrian brigade embroidered patch.
Lancers Reserve Regiment. Victorian Boer War O/R helmet plate as worn on the foreign service helmet, good condition with long lugs.
Leading Aircraftsman. Single wartime printed example
Leeds Special Constabulary. Brass and enamel lapel badge showing Leeds coat of arms and dated 1914, no damage.
Leicestershire Regiment. Indian made bi metal cap badge, very good but tarnished condition complete with blades.
Leicestershire Regiment. WW2 plastic economy cap badge, slight distortion- not bad- with both blades.
Leicestershire Yeomanry. Officers silver badge, no hallmark, small size for the side cap, excellent quality.
Light Dragoons. Other ranks example in silver, gilt and enamel, mint.
Light Infantry. Bullion sleeve/cap badge on green baching complete with two bullion A.C.F. shoulder titles in gilt, mint set.
Light Infantry. Officers silver bullion embroidered cap badge on green backing.
Lincolnshire Home Guard. Printed Lincoln imp arm badge in good condition, scarce..
Lincolnshire Special Constabulary. WW1 era enamel lapel badge, no damage with maker mark Fattorini Bradford.
Linconshire Regiment. Silver and Tortoise shell sweetheart badge hallmarked 1915/16, no damage.
Linconshire Regiment. Embroidered badge probably part of a set to collect and make a cushion cover.
Linconshire Regiment. Large Officers brass cap badge, two piece construction with blades, excellent condition.
Linconshire Regiment. Officers quality silver, gilt and enamel side cap badge, long lugs and in excellent condition.
Lincs Yeomanry. O/R brass badge.
Lippe Alloy badge for NSDAP day 1933.
Liverpool Scottish. Large other ranks cap badge in white metal, nice quality with brooch pin.
Liverpool Scottish. White metal O/R pouch/cross belt badge, screw bolt and nut fittings with maker tablet to the centre, J.R. Gaunt London.
London ARP Badge. Early embroidered overall badge, very good condition.
London District. Embroidered formation sign, removed from tunic.
London O.T.C. Matching pair of University College School London OTC metal titles, complete with backing plate.
London O.T.C. Mint badge maker marked on the slider.
London Rifle Brigade. Sterling silver pendant with a thin gold front to the badge.
London Rifle Brigade. White metal o/r cap badge.
London Scottish Volunteers. White metal O/R cap badge, issued during Victoria's reign with the crown being removed and replaced with a Kings crown which is separately attached, this done after Victoria,s Death.
London Scottish. White metal badge with brooch pin.
London Scottish. Silver and enamel brooch, maker marked and stamped silver on the reverse, no enamel damage.
London Scottish. Officers multi piece construction cap badge, very high quality item with a 3D type appearance, the badge is held together by three screw posts, maker marked and stamped 935 silver.
London Scottish. Sterling silver pin brooch in excellent condition, marked sterling.
Lord Strathconas Horse. Gilt Canadian badge Kings Crown.
Lothian and Berwickshire Imperial Yeomanry. Brass o/r cap in excellent condition.
Lothian and Border Horse. Brass o/r cap badge.
Lothian and Border Horse. Matching pair of o/R brass badge.
Lothian and Border Horse. Matching pair of brass o/r collar badges.
Luftschuts Breast badge. A now scarce bevo embroidered wing in very good condition, item has been glued in an album at some time as there are remains of paper on the reverse, which could be soaked off.
Luftwaffe 25 Year Long Service Cross. Scarce award in good used condition, made of steel with the finish a little faded, complete with metal droop tail eagle emblem attached to the ribbon.
Luftwaffe belt buckle. Alloy o/r buckle in very good condition, separately attached centre piece, excellent detail.
Luftwaffe Breast Eagle. Officers bullion eagle in excellent condition,very high quality item removed from tunic.
Luftwaffe Breast Eagle. Embroidered eagle for the Luft Bau, these where construction units working on airfields, unused.
Luftwaffe Bronze Bomber Clasp. A nice early brass example in near mint condition, complete with its scarce box of issue which is in excellent condition, no damage to the box and logo on the lid still clear, very nice set, the box looks a lighter blue in the picture than it should be, but this just the light when the picture was taken.
Luftwaffe cap eagle. Alloy type with both pins.
Luftwaffe cap eagle. Embroidered cloth o/r cap eagle in excellent condition.
Luftwaffe cap wreath . Officers silver bullion cap wreath and cockade, good used condition.
Luftwaffe Collar Patch. Single patch for a Leutnant in Aircrew or Parachute arm, good quality.
Luftwaffe Collar Patch. Single collar patch for a Flak Oberfeldwebel, nice early doe skin example.
Luftwaffe Collar Patch. Matching pair of Captains collar patches, doeskin backing in red for Flak, nice pair.
Luftwaffe Collar Patch. Matching pair of a Flak Leutnants collar patched, nice quality ans removed from tunic, good used condition.
Luftwaffe Flak Badge. Slim zinc type with excellent detail, no finish left on the front of the award but mostly intact on the reverse, non maker marked but the fittings have all the hallmarks of an JFS award.
Luftwaffe Flak Badge. Later war zinc example in excellent condition, very good detail with no maker mark but the award has the characteristics of being made by Friedrich Linden Ludenscheid (FLL).
Luftwaffe Flight bar. This example is the gold grade which has nearly all gone but still visible in places on the front and back,maker marked C.E.Juncker on the reverse, the award has the addition of the sun burst hanger for three hundred additional missions, item in good condition despite the loss of gilt, hard to find in any condition.
Luftwaffe Four Year Service Medal. Court mounted medal in very good condition, magnetic medal complete with pin and droop tailed eagle attached to the ribbon.
Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge. Late war one piece construction award with the hinge and clip being cast into the badge, item in good condition with most of the silver finish gone but paint to the cloud and lightning bolt still intact, good detail.
Luftwaffe Log Book. A private purchase pilots log book, unused condition complete with all pages, cover is in near mint condition with a little foxing to the inside cover.
Luftwaffe Oberstleutnant. Single Collar for Flak.
Luftwaffe photo. Wehrpass/Soldbuch size photo of a Luftwaffe man.
Luftwaffe pilots Badge. Cloth non padded type on black backing as worn on the leather jacket, used condition.
Luftwaffe Radio/Airgunners Badge. Mid war zinc type with cut out top arm to the swastika, very good detail but most of the finish has gone, marked A for Assmann.
Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Clasp Bronze class made from zinc with all bronze finish intact, broad pin and riveted eagles head, maker marked BSW in a clover leaf.
Luftwaffe Shoulder Strap. Single sew in Unterofficer strap piped yellow for flight or paratrooper, very good condition.
Luftwaffe Sleeve Badge. An Gefreiter's sleeve chevron in very good condition.
Luftwaffe Trade Badge. Embroidered sleeve badge for a qualified Radio Instructor, removed from tunic.
Lufwaffe Major. Multi-piece Arm rank patch for a Major, as worn on the aircrew overalls.
Machine Gun Corp. Single brass collar badge that has been converted to pin back, probably used as a sweetheart brooch, nice quality
Manchester Regiment 2nd Battalion. Officers small size side cap badge, high quality item with Kings crown and blades.
Manchester Regiment 2nd Battalion. Unusual badge of very good quality that looks as if it is made of silver but I cannot find any marks, large size 60mm by 50mm and quite heavy. The fittings on the reverse are two posts with holes drilled for a split pin, Victorian crown and no makers mark, I cannot find this badge in any book or on the Internet, I think this could be a mess servants turban badge but this is just a hunch, any info would be gratefully received,
Marlborough College OTC. Matching pair of brass shoulder titles.
Matchbox cover. Metal vesta case with the cap badge of the Artists Rifles printed on the front.
May Day. Alloy badge for 1 Mai 1936.
McMasters University O.T.C. Canada. Scarce large white metal cap badge in excellent condition.
Mechanical Transport. Army embroidered sleeve badge, removed from tunic.
Medal Ribbon Bar. Imperial and Nazi medal bar with, Iron Cross 2nd Class, War Merit Cross 2nd class, Hamburg Cross, Cross of Honour with swords and the 25 year Faithful service cross, complete with backing.
Medal Ribbon Bar. Imperial and Nazi medal bar being, Iron Cross 2nd Class, Cross of Honour with Swords and the Olympic Games medal, complete with backing.
Medal Ribbon Bar. Nazi ribbon bar being, Iron Cross 2nd , Luftwaffe Long Service medal with metal emblem attached, plus entry into Austria and Sudatenland, complete with backing.
Medics Sleeve Badge. Wartime printed badge probably Royal Navy.
Memorial Card. Card for an Army Grenadier who died in a Russian P.O.W. camp in August 1945.
Merchant Navy. A continuous certificate of Discharge book, entries from 1938 to 1942 with ships he served on, complete with photo.
Mercian Brigade. Modern silver and gilt metal badge, mint.
Metal Title Aldenham OTC School metal title.
Metal Title. Royal Indian Army service corp, metal title.
Middlesex Home guard. Two piece MX 13 wartime printed badges.
Middlesex Regiment. Near matching pair of Officers silvered collar badges.
Middlesex Regiment. Single slip on embroidered title.
Middlesex Regiment. Officers bronze cap badge.
Middlesex Regiment. Officers bronze badge with lugs
Middlesex VAD. War service enamel badge for duties performed during the Great War, scarce badge.
Military Academy Woolwich. R.M.A. Woolwich Officers cap badge, rich gilt finish with two blades to the reverse.
Military Cross Group. A group of seven medals to Lt-Col E.R.W.Bullen R.A. 124 H.B. comprising M.C. won 19/7/17, war and victory medal - named Lt E.R.W. Bullen, WW2 defence and war medals, G.S.M. 1918 with Palestine clasp and the Efficiency Decoration with Territorial bar, unnamed and dated 1947, he won the M.C. for extinguishing a fire at a munitions dump that had been ignited during very heavy shelling of his Battery position in Ypres, the group comes with 20+pages of research and copies of the London Gazette, mounted as worn.
Military Govermant. Slip on title for a civilian Officer, probably part of CCG, embroidered.
Military purse. Small leather purse in the style of an army peaked cap with printed R.A. cap badge to the front.
Minesweepers Badge. Near mint example of very high quality, all finish remaining and would be difficult to upgrade.
Minesweepers Badge. Zinc example with broad pin and maker marked R.K.,gilt on the front of the badge faded.
Minesweepers Badge. Zinc type with needle pin, most finish intact, maker marked R.S. in the correct angular form.
Minesweepers Badge. An early to mid war example in near mint condition, 95% finish intact and broad vertical pin, the award is not marked but has the hallmarks of a abadge made by Juncker, lovely award.
Mini Propaganda Book. Small book with pictures and text about Hitler and his people.
Mini Propaganda Book. This is the story of Hitlers War in Holland.
Ministry of Civil Aviation. White metal cap badge for the M.C.A. Constabulery, numbered and WD arrow to the reverse, Kings crown, scarce.
Ministry of Supply. Embroidered badge for Military Personnel.
Mothers Cross. Bronze class in near mint condition with no damage and full length of ribbon, complete with paper packet of issue which is maker marked Jacob Bengel, the packet is in very good but creased condition.
Mothers Cross. Bronze class in very good condition with no damage, complete with long ribbon.
Mothers Cross. Silver version in very good condition with no damage and full length ribbon.
Mothers Cross. Gold class in near mint condition with full length ribbon, complete with case of issue which is in excellent condition and maker marked Oohs @ Bonn Hanau, rare maker.
Motor Transport. Civil defence embroidered badge.
Musicians Sleeve badge. Large bullion type with Queen's crown, un-issued.
N F S. Printed NFS39 badge.
N.A.A.F.I. Single bronze collar badge, Kings crown.
N.A.A.F.I. Bronze cap badge with number to the reverse, Kings Crown., a little polished to the highlights.
N.R.S.L. Rally Badge. Metal and enamel badge for a ski competition in Neustadt Felfberg Swarzwald in 1938, unusual and in excellent condition with a little plating loss to the front, but not bad.
N.S.D.A.P. Kreistag. Brass tinny for Kreistag in Bad Sachsa 2nd Juli 1933, near mint.
N.S.K.O.V. Pair. An 1938 dated membership receipt for Northeim, comes with membership badge , early quality type with makers mark.
Narvik Shield. Scarce Naval version in gilt on Navy backing, zinc made shield with around 95% of the finish remaining, complete with paper backing, nice award.
Natal Mounted Rifles. Cast brass o/r cap badge, Kings crown with three lugs, very good condition.
National Emergency medallion. Mint condition award given to those who volunteered to help with vital services during the 1926 general strike, complete with box and letter to W. Facer Esq thanking him, he worked for the L.M.S,R at Euston Station, nice to be able to tie up an unnamed award with an individual.
National Motor Volunteers. WW1 brass title, loops.
National Motor Volunteers. White metal Officers cap badge, maker marked J. Gaunt London, excellent condition with blades.
Naval Action Ration Tin. Tin only and in very good condition.
Naval Dockyard Police. Rare Victorian cap badge in white metal, excellent condition.
Navigators Brevet. Padded type with pop fittings.
Nazi Party letter heads. A number of sheets of headed writing paper from Gau Berlin, all unused, price each 8.
Nazi Postage Stamps. Ten stamps overprinted with eagle and Swastika and General Government.
New Zealand shoulder title. Single title on KD backing, near mint.
Niederwald. Metal badge for a 50 year event.
No2 Commando. Matching pair of printed shoulder titles, removed from tunic, used condition.
Non Combatant Corp. Single brass shoulder title.
Non Military Personnel. Padded and embroidered cap badge as worn by civilians with specific skills e.g. scientists, medical, engineers, who where involved in D Day worn on the head dress to prevent being treated as spies if captured, scarce.
Norfolk Regiment Shoulder Patch Norfolk shoulder patch, probably worn by the cadet force.
Norfolk Regiment. Matching pair of white metal titles.
Norfolk Regiment. Embroidery kit for making a Norfolk Regiment cap badge, probably used on a cushion/handkerchief, complete with transfer and instruction.
Norfolk Volunteers. Scarce bi-metal o/r cap badge.
North Africa Theater of Operations. Embroidered example.
North Auckland Regiment. Set of cap badge and collars to the North Auckland Regiment, items in very good condition.
North Highland District. Printed badge with signs of attachment.
North Middlesex Regiment. White metal Victorian cross belt plate, excellent condition complete with back plate.
North Midlands District. Embroidered badge.
North Somerset and Bristol Yeomanry. Cap badge in mint condition.
North Somerset Yeomanry. Mint condition badge.
North Staffordshire Regiment. Bi metal o/r helmet plate, Kings crown.
Northants Regiment. Embroidered pair of shoulder titles in good condition.
Northants Regiment. WW1 all brass economy strike cap badge for o/rs.
Northants Regiment. Pair of WW1 medals being 1914/15 star and victory medal to 10805 Pte D. Jackson Northants Regiment, complete with ribbons.
Northants Regiment. Silver marked and enamel bar brooch.
Northants Regiment. Bi metal o/r cap badge, Victorian long key example, excellent condition.
Northants Regiment. Anodised cap badge, mint.
Northants Regiment. Early horseshoe shaped title in brass, two lugs.
Northern Command. Printed wartime badge.
Northern Command. Printed formation sign.
Notts and Derby Regiment. Superb matching pair of Officers collar badges in silver, gilt and enamel.
Notts and Derby. Gilt and enamel pin back badge.
NSB Plaque. Small red plastic plaque that was probably fixed to a door or filing cabinet or similar, unusual item I have never seen before.
NSDAP Day. Plastic day badge for Party day in Oberdonau 1939.
NSDAP. Kreigtag 1938 alloy badge.
NSDAP. Postcard. Franked in Nurnberg 1937 shows S.S. men with standards.
NSKK Cap Eagle. Early nickle silver type in very good condition, complete with both pins and fully marked to the reverse.
NSKOV cap badge. Alloy badge with painted centre, excellent condition with three pins.
NSKOV. Metal badge for front soldiers day Herne 1933.
NSKOV. Alloy rally badge for Berlin 1937.
NSKOV. National day 18th Juni 1939, alloy badge.
NSKOV. Metal badge for NSKOV day in Ulm 1934.
Nurnburg Party day Picture postcard of the stadium, unused.
Obituary card. Card to an Army Obergefreiter who was killed in Russia 27/12/43.
Obituary card. Card to a Luftwaffe Flak Gunner, killed 22/5/40 in St Quenin Northern France, this man was also a member of the S.S. who may have been transfered .
Obituary card. Card to a soldier who was holder of the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class, killed in Russia December 1941.
Obituary card. Card to an Infantry man who died of wounds 29/10/41 aged 22.
Obituary card. Card tp Obergefreiter Josef Altman, an Army man and holder of the Iron cross 2nd class, Infantry assault badge, wound badge and Russain front medal, killed in Russia 31/5/43.
Obituary card. Card to Sanitatsgefreiter Josef Luger holder of the Iron Cross 2nd class. killed 15/9/43.
Obituary card. Card to a Soldier holder if the Iron cross 2nd class and Russian front medal,killed at kursk 1942.
Obituary card. Card to an Obergefreiter in a Grenadier Regiment killed in Russia 1943, awarded Iron Cross 2nd class, Wound badge and Russian Front medal.
Obituary card. Card to a Feldwebel in a Anti Tank Regiment, killed in the East 18/1/43.
Obituary card. Card to a Soldier in a Grenadier Regiment killed in the East 15/9/43.
Obituary card. Card to a Panzer Grenadier who won the Panzer assault badge, died of wounds 9/11/42.
Officers Light Infantry cap badge. Victorian cap badge silver hallmarked for 1898/99, lovely badge in excellent condition.
Officers Shoulder Strap. Single Victorian bullion strap to the Robin Hood Rifles, excellent condition with one pip and silver button.
Old Comrades 25 Year. A silver and enamel 25 year membership badge for the Old Comrades Association.
Old Comrades Association. Membership emblem as sewn to the armband, uncut.
Old Comrades Membership Book. Subscription book from Nevwied, dated 1936, full of payment stamps.
Old Comrades shooting badge. Bronze grade in stickpin form.
Old Comrades. Metal badge celebrating 50 years of the organisation, dated 1938.
Old Comrades. Centre piece of the peaked cap wreath, painted type with both pins.
Old Comrades. Alloy and enamel pin on breast eagle, marked 2.Ges.Gesch on the reverse.
Oldenburg. Metal badge for Gau tag 1937.
Olympics Stick Pin. Unusual silver pin showing the Olympics bell with an eagle and swastika, maker marked on the pin base
On War Service. Variation badge being triangular instead of oval, pin fitting and issue numbered.
On War Service. Mint gilt and enamel old comrades badge for the Womens branch.
Order of the Silesian eagle First class example in silver and gun metal, excellent condition.
Orkney and Shetland Defences. Matching pair of embroidered badges, very good condition removed from tunic.
Ost Hannover. Metal badge for Mother and child day, dated 1934.
Oxford University OTC. All brass cap badge with very good detail and in excellent condition.
Oxfordshire National Reserve. Button hole badge.
P.O.W. I.D.Tag. Zinc tag as issued to Allied prisoners, this one stamped STALADXV11A with serial number 1285.
P.O.W. Letters. Two WW2 letters from a man in the Royal Fusiliers to his wife from Stalag 17.
P.O.W. Regiment of Yorkshire. Mint badge on slider.
P.O.W. Yorkshire. Matching pair of embroidered titles.
P.O.W.Trenchart. Aluminium matchbox cover probably made from a mess tin, beautifully engraved with the Gordon Highlanders cap badge on one side and a Warrant Officers crown on the other, along the edge is a dedication - N.S. from M. P.O.W. camp Tarsqa Xmas 1943, very nice item.
P.W.O. Yorkshire. Embroidered title.
Pacific Forces. Embroidered example.
Pair of Army Wehrpass. A pair of Wehrpass to a Father and Son, the Fathers book is dated 15/10/38,he served in Poland and won the Iron cross 2nd class 28/9/39, the sons book is dated 25/6/41 and has quite a few entries, needs further research,
Pair of S.A. Collar Patches. Pair of patches to a Sturmmann in the Pioneer Gruppen Staff , high quality metal numbers on doe skin, no moth.
PAK Crew Postcard Postcard showing a PAK crew in action.
Pakistan. Air force parachute jump instructor.
Pakistan. Parachute riggers wing.
Pakistan. Air force parachute jump instructor dress wing.
Pakistan. Para Commando dress wing.
Pakistan. Para commando riggers wing.
Panzer Assault Badge. Bronze solid type in excellent condition, slightly dished reverse with most of the finish intact, non maker marked but the fittings suggest it was made by Steinhauer and Luck, nice award.
Panzer Assault Badge. Silver grade made from zinc, semi hollow type, excellent condition and detail.
Panzer Assault Badge. Zinc solid type maker marked for Hermann Wernstein, very good detail but with no finish remaining, a good used example.
Panzer rank chevron. Obergefreiter chevron, a little moth and removed from tunic.
Paper Rally Badge. 75 years of German Gymnastics.
Paper Tickets. WW1 donation / raffle tickets to raise money for the war effort.
Parachute Regiment. Printed wartime Indian example, attached to a piece of backing cloth, good condition with a slight stain to Pegasus wing.
Parachute Regiment. Anodised example in mint condition.
Parachute scarf. Silk neck scarf made from a piece of WW2 American parachute,
paratrooper badge. Very scarce miniature stick pin with most of the finish intact, item comes with LDO sales card.
Patriotic Jewelry. Silver propeller shaped bar with an enameled Iron cross in the center.
Patriotic Jewelry. WW1 German brooch with stylized bullet and oak leaf in the centre, with the dates 1914 and 1916 either side of the leaf, looks silver but no marks.
Patriotic Jewelry. WW1 German gilt brooch with enameled national colours and the dates 1914 and 1915 either side of the flag.
Pembroke Yeomanry. Bi metal o/r cap badge in exclent condition.
Perth Regiment Canada. Rare Officers bullion cap badge, very high quality embroidery with Kings crown.
Petty Officers Cap Badge. Embroidered example.
Petty Officers Cap Badge. Embroidered cap badge with stiffener.
Photograph. Snapshot photo of a Panzer man wearing his marksmans lanyard.
Physical Training Corp. Mint condition badge.
Physical Training Instructor. RAF Instructors badge.
Pictorial certificate. Awarded for donations made toward the war effort, given on Hitlers birthday.
Pictorial postcard. Unused card showing Hitler breaking the ground for the first Km1000 of Autobahn, reverse plain.
Picture postcard. Army Private with early side cap.
Picture postcard. Card of an Army Unteroffizer in full uniform with Infantry Assault badge.
Picture postcard. Portrait card of a Mountain trooper, unused condition.
Picture postcard. Army signaler in dress uniform with DRL badge and bayonet.
Picture postcard. Army soldier wearing M43 tunic and medal ribbons, unused.
Picture postcard. Army NCO wearing full uniform, numbered shoulder straps and sword, unused.
Picture postcard. Photo card of German soldiers in parade uniform, unused.
Picture postcard. Photo card of an Imperial German soldier.
Picture postcard. Card showing Soldiers in full uniform and steel helmets, unused.
Picture postcard. Postcard of an Army General, I cannot read the name, unused.
Picture postcard. Postcard showing soldiers in action, unused.
Picture postcard. Postcard showing a Zeppelin over New York, unused.
Picture postcard. Coloured postcard showing two Me110 in flight, unused.
Picture postcard. Postcard of a German Soldier in Dress uniform, dated 1939, unused.
Picture postcard. Postcard of a German Soldier showing numbered shoulder straps, unused.
Pilot/Observers Badge. Rare late war type being of very good detail, virtually all the silver finish to the eagle is intact but all the gilt finish on the wreath has gone except for the hinge and catch and minute traces on the wreath, fine manufacture and still a nice award, probably made by IMME.
Pin Cushion. Small wallet size needle/pin cushion with the embroidered badge of the Army Veterinary Corps, good condition with a little colour run.
Pin of Merit in the Aircraft Industry. A rare silver and enamel stickpin marked Ges Gesch for recognition of outstanding work in the Aircraft Industry, no enamel damage.
Plastic Rally Badge. Armed forces day, suspended by a piece of cotton ---now missing.
Pocket watch. Half Hunter type engraved to Colonel Blair 4th Imperial Yeomanry, item in working order and comes with some research about the Colonel who was Aide de Camp to King George V from 1914 - 1920.
Poland. Flat woven title, mint condition.
Police 18 Year Long Service Cross. Miniature version in near mint condition,as worn on the dress chain.
Police 25 year Cross. Cross in near mint condition complete with seperatly attached emblem to the ribbon.
Police 8 Year Long Service Medal Early plated example in excellent condition but slightly tarnished.
Police Belt Buckle. All steel o/r belt buckle, good condition and a little polished to the front.
Police Cap Badge. Second pattern in totally mint condition.
Police Cap Badge. Combination Bevo cap badge in uncut condition.
Police pin. Alloy badge as worn on the civilian dress.
Polish 2nd Corp. Small white metal badge with screw back fitting, probably lapel badge.
Polish 3rd Corpathian Division. Small enamel badge with screw back fitting, probably lapel badge.
Polish Cap Badge. Embroidered badge on navy blue backing, some stitching a little pulled.
Polish Cap Badge. Embroidered badge on navy blue backing.
Polish pilots lapel pin. Small stickpin of the Polish Pilots badge, unusual item.
Political Leaders cap cockade. Metal badge fully marked on the reverse.
Portrait photograph. Small portrait photo of an Army Officer, dated 1944.
Portrait photograph. Small portrait photo of a Mountain trooper and insignia.
Portrait Postcard. Postcard of an Army Private wearing the 1st type marksmans lanyard.
Post card. Portrait photo postcard of an Army Private.
Postcard. 25years of the Leipzig stamp fair.
Postcard. Picture postcard of Grossadmiral Raeder, unused.
Postcard. Coloured card for German culture day in Munich, item has been sent
Postcard. WW2 postcard of an army NCO in combat gear, unused.
Postcard. Image of a Bomber Pilot.
Postcard. Coloured comic card.
Postcard. WW2 card of an Army private.
Postcard. Coloured card showing Artillery team, sold to raise funds for the NSKOV.
Postcard. Picture postcard of Infantrymen pushing a light anti tank gun, unused.
Postcard. Coloured card of Artillery in action, sold to raise funds for the N.S.K.O.V. unused.
Postwar Autograph. Reprint wartime photo with original signature of Ernst Kruse.
Potsdam badge. Silver example for the first Reich Youth day in 1932 of which around 100,000 attended, the badge later became a semi official Party award.
POW Postcard. Card dated 1918 from a German prisoner in a French camp, fully franked.
Prague Bar. Bar only in stickpin form.
Prahran Regiment. All black O/R cap badge with Kings Crown.
Prince Alfreds Guard. Brass horseshoe shaped shoulder title, South African Regiment that served in the Boer War.
Princess Louise Fusiliers. Bi metal o/r cap badge in excellent condition.
Prinzen bar to the Iron cross 2nd class. Rare Prinzen example in excellent condition with both pins intact as is most of the frosted finish, very crisp detail.
Proficiency Badge. Metal gunners sleeve badge and back plate, Australian Army.
Proficiency Badge. Metal marksmans sleeve badge and back plate, Australian Army.
Propaganda badge. Metal badge for work, rights and bread, crossed sword and hammer for the German worker.
Propaganda Card. Postcard dated 1938.
Propaganda leaflet. Leaflet dropped on German troops showing Hitler admiring a model of the VW Beetle and two German soldiers laying dead around there vehicle in 1942, scarce item.
Propaganda postcard. Card sold to raise funds for the WHW, used as a first day cover with pictorial hand stamps dated 1941 with GeneralGouvernement postage stamp.
Propaganda postcard. Unused card showing S.S. men with Party standards.
Propaganda/ advertising leaflet. Printed A4 size item advertising the Chicken Palace near Toronto, in the centre it shows a comic trial with Hitler as a chicken being found guilty and sentenced to fry, unusual.
Prussian Firemans badge. Imperial gilt pin back badge for long service, complete with its original box of issue, near mint.
Punjab Regiment. Pair of matching metal shoulder titles with backing cloth.
Queen Mary's Auxillery Army corp. Brass O/R cap badge, WW1 raised unit.
Queens own Yeomanry, Mercian. Officers bullion cap badge in mint condition, Queens crown.
Queens Own Yorkshire Yeomanry. Matching pair of white metal collar badges.
Queens Owns Oxfordshire Hussars. Matching pair of white metal o/r shoulder titles, near mint.
Queens Regiment. Single British war medal to 16260 Pte William H. Frost, this man also served with the Labour Corp and Royal Engineers, the medal comes with his I.D. tag, R.E. and Queens cap badges, WW2 Defence medal probably for Home Guard or Civil Defence duties and a print out from find my past concerning the man, items has came from the family.
Queens Regiment. Large cloth pagri badge, excellent condition.
Queens Regiment. Dress silver and enamel cap badge, current issue, mint.
Queens Regiment. Single slip on embroidered title, used condition.
Queens Regiment. WW1 pair to 48370 Pte A. Brown , good condition with original ribbons.
Queens Regiment. Scarce large size two piece embroidered pagri badge in excellent condition.
Queens Rifle volunteer Brigade. Scarce Officers cap badge, two lugs and stamped SILVER on the reverse.
Queens Royal Irish Hussars. Bi metal o/r cap badge in near mint condition, current issue.
Queens South Africa Medal. Awarded to 33451 Gnr F. Edwards 73rd Battery R.F.A. complete with 2 bars, Relief of Ladysmith and Tugela Heights, medal in very good condition with a few edge knocks but not bad.
Queens. The Queens enamel and silver sweetheart brooch, marked silver on the bar.
R.A.A.F. Single untrimmed embroidered title.
R.A.C. Badge. Embroidery kit for making a RAC cap badge, probably for use on a cushion/Handkerchief, complete with transfers and instructions.
R.A.C.D. Bronze Queens crown cap badge, Christian version.
R.A.D. Pair of documents to the same man, one his R.A.D. Volunteer service card and the other his work book.
R.A.D. Collar Patch. Scarce bullion on doe skin patch for an Arbeits Fuhrer, Officer rank, good used condition.
R.A.D. Long Service Medal. Light weight alloy medal for 12 years service, excellent quality and condition.
R.A.D. Membership Card. Card in good used condition complete with photo and subscription stamps and filled in.
R.A.D. Overcoat. A now scarce o/r overcoat in excellent condition with only a few small moth holes, complete with all alloy buttons, collar patches and armband, inside is an ink stamp with various codes etc, also included is a paper label with the original owners details, Arbeitsmann Willheim Dicke 6/323, nice item and very clean.
R.A.D. Service Certificate. Impressive large document - 480mm x350mm, the man was in Arbeitsgau XXXI (W) Koln and was attached to Arbeitsdienstabt 5/319, dated 31 Marz 1939. The item is made from quality paper and comes with its original postal carton with address label, lovely item and complete.
R.A.D. Sleeve Badge. Bevo sleeve badge for the staff of the R.A.D. school Bezirke, mint uncut.
R.A.F. Embroidered ground gunner sleeve badge.
R.A.F. "trench art". Eagle cut and detailed from a piece of aircraft perspex.
R.A.F. Badge. Gilt cap/sleeve badge for master aircrew, Queens crown and in excellent condition.
R.A.F. Blazer badge. Bullion type, Queens crown.
R.A.F. Button Pin. Printed on tin, the emblem for 616 Squadron.
R.A.F. Button pin. Printed on tin, the emblem for 79th Squadron.
R.A.F. cap badge. Warrant officers all metal cap badge, good used condition with Kings crown.
R.A.F. cap badge. Wartime economy plastic cap badge, excellent condition with makers mark and both blades.
R.A.F. Chaplains insignia. Near matching pair of Chaplains collar/stole badges, very good condition with blades.
R.A.F. Crusifix. Carved wooden and coloured crusifix showing Belgium flag, - P.O.W.?
R.A.F. Flight Lieutenant. Single great coat shoulder strap, Kings Crown.
R.A.F. NCO's Cap Badge. All gilt metal badge in near mint condition, Kings Crown.
R.A.F. Observers Brevet. Flat embroidered example, WW2 type.
R.A.F. Officers cap badge. Kings crown Officers side cap badge, complete with screw post and back plate.
R.A.F. Pilots Wings. Padded type in very good condition, Kings crown, removed from tunic.
R.A.F. Regiment. Pair of Embroidered titles.
R.A.F. Stereoscope. Air Ministry stereoscope as used by intelligence personnel working in aerial reconnaissance photographic interpretation, collapsible and contained in its canvas wallet,, item in very good condition with a little staining to the wallet.
R.A.F. Stickpin. Eagle seems to have been cut from a button, trench art or POW?
R.A.F. VTR Matching pair of titles.
R.A.P.C. Single wartime printed title in used condition.
R.A.P.C. Officers embroidered cap badge, bullion type removed from cap, Queens Crown.
R.C.A.F. Brass o/r cap badge.
R.C.A.M.C. All brass Kings crown o/r cap badge.
R.C.A.P.C. All brass badge.
R.D.B.Members Badge. Enameled membership badge for the Association of Large German Family's, badge shows an eagle with a brood of chicks at its feet, scarce badge with no damage.
R.E. Depot. Rare embroidered patch which has been attacked by the dreaded moth,which is no longer present, also with the patch is an R.E. embroidered title and service stripes, single R.E. metal title and the mans ribbon bar.
R.E.M.E. Silver marked and enamel brooch on jewellers box pad.
R.E.M.E. Queens crown Officers cap badge, high quality, mint.
R.E.M.E. Single mint printed slip on shoulder title.
R.F.C/ R.N.A.C.Sweetheart brooch. Nice quality brooch which is maker marked and stamped silver.
R.J.A. sports badge. Silver pin back badge for the state youth athletics league, this example for Female members, maker marked.
R.J.A. Stickpin. White metal award for boys of the Reichs sports association, fully marked to the reverse.
R.L.B. cap badge. Brass 1st type with silver finish gone from the front, mostly intact on the reverse.
R.L.B. Lapel pin. Officers 1st pattern silver and enamel stick pin, high quality item with no enamel damage and fully marked to the reverse.
R.L.B. Subscription Card. Comes with some stamps and the mans details.
R.M.A. Sandhurst. Mint condition badge.
R.M.A. Sandhurst. Officers quality cap badge, excellent condition with a small amount of tarnish, King George VI crown and cypher.
R.M.L.I. All brass badge with brooch pin.
R.N. Chief Petty Officer. Kings crown bullion sleeve badge.
R.N. Transport. Beautiful example of the officers cap badge.
R.W.A.F.F. Slip on embroidered strap for a Major.
RAC Training Brigade Patch RAC training brigade embroidered patch. Has a hole to one corner.
RAD Cap Badge. Rare bullion wire example as worn by Officers on the so called Robin Hood cap, very good condition with glue marks on the reverse where it was stuck in an album.
RAD Dog Tag. Zinc made in used condition, stamped M6 RAD 5/16/555.
RAEC. Queens crown officers 2nd pattern cap and collar badge.
RAF Button Badge. Tin badge with printed 152 squadron emblem.
RAF Button Badge. Tin badge with printed 610 squadron emblem.
RAF Master Aircrew Badge. Embroidered badge with metal eagle, Queens Crown.
RAF Navigatiors Brevet Embroidered flat type RAF navigators brevet. With a little moth damage under the wing.
RAF Observers badge. Carved bone sweetheart type brooch, probably madr in India or the Far East.
RAF Photo. Mounted photo of a group of RAF men, Kings crown to the badge.
RAF Pilots wings. Queens crown version still attached to a piece of uniform with OBE ribbon bar.
RAF Wing. Pilots bullion embroidered dress wing.
RAF. Silver and Enamel badge.
Rally Badge Metal and embroidered bagde for Gau Tag SUD Hannover dated 1938.
Rally Badge. 1936 metal badge for Bergedorfer Heimatwoche, shows Imperial soldier in a sentry box.
Rally Badge. Unusual two piece leather stick pin for the DAF in Hessen 1934.
Rally Badge. Metal badge dated 1933 for 700 years of Galzweder
Rams Head. Brass badge possibly South African.
Ration cards. Three Potato ration cards dated 1943.
Reconnaissance corps Brass o/r cap badge.
Red Cross Collar Patches. Matching pair of collar patches, doe skin material with enamel emblems attached.
Reichmarks. Five RM1000 bank notes, dated 1922.
Reichsbahn Photos. Small group of postcards and pictures all related to the Reichsbahn.
Reichsbahn Promotion Document. Large impressive document notification of promotion in the State Railways, stamped in Augsburg and dated 1945, good but folded condition.
Reichsbahn sleeve badge. Mint unfolded bevo type for WVD Brussel.
Reichsbahn. Cuff band for Wehrmacht- Verkehsdirektion Brussel, item has a number of small holes where various insignia was attached as some have left an imprint on the cloth. Probably part of a soldiers war souvenir, item still in very good condition, holes hardly noticeable.
REME Sweetheart pendant. Glass tear drop pendant with REME badge on one side and photo of soldier on the other, Kings crown, complete with chain.
Rhine Army Training centre. Embroidered formation sign.
Rhodesia. Brass o/R cap badge.
Ribbon Bar. Double bar for 1914 Iron cross and Cross of Honour with swords.
Rifle Brigade. Small size side cap badge in white metal for other ranks.
Rifle Brigade. White metal O/R badge with green cloth backing.
Rifle Brigade. Embroidered title in excellent condition, removed from tunic.
Rifle Brigade. Small side hat o/r cap badge.
Rifle Brigade. Officers white metal cap badge, excellent detail and quality, marked J.R.Gaunt London on the reverse, Kings crown.
Royal Engineers. WW2 plastic cap badge with both blades and maker marked.
Royal Anglians. 2nd battalion pair of collars.
Royal Armoured Corp. WW2 plastic economy cap badge, maker marked with both lugs, badge is slightly bowed.
Royal Armoured Corp. WW2 plastic economy cap badge, item in very good condition with both blades and marked A. Stanley and sons Walsall.
Royal Armoured Corp. Kings crown Officers white metal cap badge, very good quality,
Royal Army Catering Corp. Scarce Officers embroidered cap badge, very good condition with Queens crown.
Royal Army Chaplains Dept. Kings crown first type set of cap and collars, very good condition.
Royal Army Chaplains Dept. Matching pair of dress collars, silver and gilt with enamel centres, Kings crown.
Royal Army Chaplains Dept. Matching pair of silver, gilt and enamel collar badges with Queens crown, lovely set.
Royal Army Dental Corps. Queens crown Officers cap badge, excellent condition, one of the smallest corps in the Army.
Royal Army Education Corps. Matching pair of Officers OSD collar badges.
Royal Army Ordnance Corp. Lovely matching pair of Officers gilt and enamel collar badges, no damage and Kings crown.
Royal Army Pay Corp, Officers bi metal cap badge in very good condition with riveted on banner, Kings crown with most gilt remaining.
Royal Army Service Corp. Silver bar brooch hallmarked 1918/19 with a gold front to the badge, excellent condition.
Royal Artillery Officer Group. Group of six medals to Captain J.C. Worley, for service in WW2 and Malaya, the GSM comes with its box of issue complete with Officers name, group in very good condition.
Royal Artillery Spotter. Embroidered class 1 sleeve badge.
Royal Artillery Territorials. Brass O/R cap badge with blank scroll, Kings crown.
Royal Artillery Volunteers. Silver fur cap badge in excellent condition and detail, Queen Victoria's crown, complete with slider.
Royal Artillery. Brass cap badge,Territorial version.
Royal Artillery. Officers Gilt side hat badge, Kings Crown.
Royal Artillery. Embroidered bullion sleeve badge as worn by a master gunner.
Royal Artillery. Officers bronze O.S.D. cap badge,two piece construction with both lugs, Queens crown.
Royal Artillery. Officers bronze cap badge, near mint condition, Kings crown.
Royal Berkshire Regiment. Set of eight quality Officers dress buttons.
Royal Canadian Army Dental Corp. O/R cap badge, Kings Crown.
Royal Canadian Army Service Corp. Wartime printed example in good but a little faded condition.
Royal Canadian Artillery Regiment. Embroidered formation sign in good used condition.
Royal Canadian Mountain Rangers. O/R cap badge, Kings Crown.
Royal Company of Archers. Beautiful gilt bonnet badge, rich gilt finish to the front with polished highlights, excellent quality and condition.
Royal Engineers Volunteers. Victorian white metal helmet/cap badge, four lugs to the reverse, excellent condition.
Royal Engineers. Officers bi-metal cap badge, two part construction being riveted together, Qu eens crown and near mint condition.
Royal Engineers. Wartime plastic version.
Royal Engineers. A scarce embroidered shoulder badge for the 2nd Port Task Force Engineers, mint.
Royal Fusiliers. Matching pair of embroidered titles.
Royal Fusiliers. Matching pair of embroidered slip on title.
Royal Fusiliers. Large Victorian Officers fur cap grenade badge, two screw post fittings and blue enamel backing to the centre, small silver Hanover horse mounted at the base, lovely item
Royal Garrison Regiment. Scarce brass title.
Royal Gibraltar Regiment. Mint condition.
Royal Gloucester Hussars. Gilt and enamel brooch.
Royal Green Jackets. White metal O/R cap badge, mint condition Queens crown, present issue.
Royal Hamilton Light Infantry. Bi metal o/r cap badge, Kings crown and in very good condition.
Royal Hampshire. Embroidered title.
Royal Horse Guards. Queens crown Officers embroidered bullion cap badge, removed from cap.
Royal Hussars. Officers silver and gilt cap badge,three piece construction, excellent condition.
Royal Indian Army Service Corp. Officers two piece silver cap badge, marked Gaunt etc to the reverse, Kings crown and very good quality.
Royal Lancaster 1st volunteer Battalion. Helmet plate in white metal for o/r, Victorian crown.
Royal Leicestershire Regiment. Matching pair of embroidered titles, near mint.
Royal Malta Artillery. Other ranks bi metal cap badge in excellent condition, Kings crown.
Royal Malta Militia. Bi metal o/r Shako badge, Kings crown with three lugs and in very good condition.
Royal Marine Band. Bullion wire on green backing.
Royal Marine Commando. Matching pair of older embroidered shoulder titles, removed from tunic, no moth.
Royal Marine Sweetheart Brooch Kings Crown sterling silver and enamel Royal Marine sweetheart brooch, with attached bow section incorporating pin.
Royal Marines Band. Gilt bandsman badge in excellent condition, most of the finish is remaining, probably used by an NCO.
Royal Marines Colour Sergeant. Bullion wire Queens crown embroidered sleeve badge, near mint.
Royal Marines dance card. Unusual item for Ladies to record who she is to dance with during a formal event, dated 1926 complete with pencil.
Royal Marines. Cashes Silk shoulder strip.
Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry. Current issue metal and enamel cap badge, mint condition.
Royal Military College. Officer Cadet helmet plate, gilded metal with blue and red enamel centre, excellent condition with no damage, Queen Victoria's crown worn between 1881 and 1901.
Royal Navy Reserve. Matching pair of embroidered shoulder titles, excellent condition.
Royal Navy. Gold Bullion example of the officers cap badge, King Crown.
Royal Navy. Silver and enamel bar brooch.
Royal Navy. Silver and enamel bar brooch.
Royal Navy. Silver marked and enamel brooch on jewellers box pad.
Royal Navy. Petty Officers bullion sleeve badge.
Royal Navy. Officers wartime economy all metal cap badge, lovely item in near mint condition.
Royal New Zealand Artillery. Single embroidered title.
Royal Norfolk. Embroidered title.
Royal Red Cross Group. Awarded to Sister Marion Brooksopp, Territorial Nursing Service, embarked on the Hospital ship Oxfordshire seeing service in support of the Gallipoli Campaign, she later served at the 31st General Hospital in Port Said from April 1916, later transferred to the 45th Stationary Hospital in January 1918, she then saw service in Solonika with the 41st General Hospital from May 1918. She was awarded the A.R.R.C. in the London Gazette 31/7/19, very nice group that comes with research.
Royal Scots Fusiliers. O/R cap badge, Kings Crown.
Royal Scots. Mint condition badge.
Royal Signals. Officers bronze badge with both lugs, Kings crown.
Royal Signals. Matching pair of embroidered sleeve badges, near mint.
Royal Sussex Regiment. Embroidered slip on shoulder title.
Royal Sussex. Studio Portrait with Pagri helmet dated 1923.
Royal Tank Regiment. Officers cap badge, plated and good quality, Kings crown.
Royal Tank Regiment. Officers example in excellent condition, Queens crown.
Royal Tank Regiment. Queens crown Officers embroidered bullion cap badge, good condition removed from beret.
Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Matching pair of embroidered slip on shoulder titles.
Royal West African Frontier Force. Small brass o/r cap badge, stamped Dowller Birmingham on the reverse.
Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry. Brass O/R title.
S.A. Armband. Two piece band showing the S.A. sports badge, I think these where worn by umpires or stewards at sports competitions, item in excellent condition with makers mark inside in ink.
S.A. collar patches. Matching pair of patches to an Scharfuhrer in district Warthe or Oberrhein, removed from tunic and no moth.
S.A. Marine Cap Wreath. Final type for the peaked cap, same as army wreath marked RZM M1/47 -rare.
S.A. Parade. Pictorial card unused shows SA men with flags and daggers.
S.A. sports badge. Silver example, maker marked to the reverse
S.A. sports badge. Bronze 12mm miniature stickpin in mint condition.
S.E. Command. Printed wartime badge.
S.E.A.C. Single embroidered title.
S.S. Picture. Studio photo of an S.S. soldier.
S.S. Sports vest emblem. Embroidered badge in very good condition, about the size of a beer mat, rare item.
S.S.Document. A document that I think goes with the Soldbuch, this is for the bronze close combat clasp, awarded to SS Oberscharfuhrer Albert Quack, dated 1944 and gives details of the days combat that was needed to qualify for the award, the document is signed by an SS Obersturmfuhrer, rare document.
S.S.Nurenberg Cap Tally. Full length with machine woven title and flag, part of the Nord-Deutscher Lloyd line operating in Bremen, very fine material and very scarce.
SA Sports Badge. Miniature version in bronze on its L.D.O. sales card.
SA Sports Badge. Early bronze example being maker marked and issue numbered, good condition.
Saarland Urkunde. An A4 size impressive citation to a man who did work for the Reich in the Saarland in 1938, item in good condition with a small tare at the bottom.
Sargents stripes. Single wartime printed example with metal crown attached.
Satirical Item. A pink needle work case? with expertly painted image of Hitler hanging from the Siegfried Line and Crows carrying Swastika's , signed by the artist, unusual item in excellent quality and condition
School of Artillery. Scarce pair of embroidered shoulder badges as used by the B.A.O.R. near mint condition.
Scots Greys Bandsman. Small - 30mm high - brass cap badge, scarce.
Scots Guards. Bi metal with enamel centre Officers/Warrant Officers cap badge in excellent condition.
Scots Guards. O/R cap badge with backing.
Scots Guards. Bullion embroidered colours sleeve badge as worn by Warrant Officers, Queens crown, good used condition.
Scottish Horse. Silver badge with brooch pin.
Scottish Rifles. White metal o/r helmet plate for the 5th Volunteer Battalion , item in excellent condition.
Service stripes. A strip of ten red stripes on white, embroidered type.
SHAFE. American made wartime shoulder badge.
Sherwood Ranger Yeomanry, Mint badge with makers name on the slider.
Shooting Medal. Small medal about the size of a 2p coin, Kings crown unissued,
Shooting Medal. Pair of boxed shooting medals to a C.Richardson, one dated 1959/60, mint condition.
Shooting Medal. A 1941 dated Swiss shooting medal, complete with pin fitting, near mint.
Shoulder Strap. SS Shoulder strap for the rank of Mann to Haupschfuhrer, introducted in 1934 the item still retains its original RZM SS control label Rare.
Silver close combat clasp. Good example with most finish remaining, maker marked PEEKHAUS BERLIN etc on the reverse, the swastika is slightly distorted probably during manufacture and slipped past Q.C., at first I thought someone has tried to de-nazify the clasp but when viewed though a loop you can see the original finish is still applied to the swastika, priced to reflect this imperfection.
Silver Panzer Assault Badge. Hollow back type in very good condition, none maker marked but attributed to the maker Hyman and Co.
Silver Wound Badge. Early plated type maker marked 13, in case of issue.
Silver Wound Badge. WW1 issue wound badge in very good condition, issue number 162408.
Silver Wound Badge. 1939 issue being made from zinc most of the silver finish is intact, the award is marked 100 on the base of the clip.
Skinners Horse. Small size Officers silver and gilded cap badge,two piece construction with Kings crown, top quality item.
Social welfare medal. Unissued example complete with scarce maker marked packet of issue.
Social welfare. Metal and embroidered tinny connected with the NSDAP Social Welfare movement as illustrated by the insignia on the tinny.
Somaliland Scouts. Matching pair of O/R white metal collar badge.
Somerset Rifles. White metal crossbelt/pouch badge for the 1st Battalion, Victorian crown with screw posts and fittings.
Somersetshire Light Infantry. Victorian Officers helmet plate, beautiful badge in excellent condition with what looks like a silver centre badge and banner.
Somersetshire Light Infantry. Officers bronze O.S.D. cap badge with both lugs.
Soo Rifles, 51st Overseas Regiment. All bronze badge in very good condition, slider.
South African Artillery. Bi lingual bronze cap badge, movable wheel and Kings crown, good condition.
South African Forestry. Set of bronze bi lingual collars and shoulder titles.
South African Infantry. Metal bi-lingual shoulder title for the 1st Infantry, maker marked on the reverse.
South African Service Corps. Brass o/r bi lingual set of cap and collar badges, good condition.
South East Asia Command. Embroidered example probably American manufacture.
South Eastern Command. Printed badge removed from tunic.
South Lancashire Regiment. Bi metal o/r example.
South Notts Hussars. white metal badge.
South Staffordshire Regiment. Other ranks helmet plate in excellent condition, Kings crown.
South Wales district. Embroidered patch in near mint condition.
Southern Command. Matching pair of printed formation badges, good used condition removed from tunic.
Southern Indian Army. Printed shoulder badge removed from tunic.
Spanish wound badge. Black grade made of brass, well used condition, scarce award.
Special Constable. Metropolitan Special constable enamel and silver lapel badge.
Special Constable. Pair of white metal with Kings Crown.
Special Services Section. White metal cap/sleeve badge, WW1 organisation that was mobilised during a National emergency similar to the Territorials.
Sports Certificate. Hitler Youth award document in excellent condition.
Sports Day. Alloy badge for workers sports day in the SAAR 1938, fully marked on reverse.
Sports Documents. Group of six documents to the same man, two when he was in the H.J,dating from 1938 to 1942, included is a pin on victors laurel leaf, niece set in very good condition.
Sports membership card. Subscription card for a sports festival, dated 1935/35 and comes with a postcard of some men playing football with DAF sports shirts.
SS Document. Unused Furniture requision form for SS Officers or Barracks, A4 size.
SS Man Postcard Postcard depicting a SS man on the front.
SS. Postcard. Propaganda postcard proclaiming the struggle for freedom dated 1941.
St Lawrence O.T.C. All brass cap badge.
St Lucia Police Force. Kings crown white metal cap badge.
Staffordshire Yeomanry. Almost matching pair of Officers bronze collar badges.
Staffordshire Regiment. White metal pagri type badge, high quality with excellent detail, Victorian crown.
Staffordshire Regiment. Officers embroidered bullion cap badge, mint.
Stanhelm Traditions Badge. Silver and enamel award for 1931, maker marked to the reverse and stamped 935 for the silver content, no damage.
Stick Pin. RJA Youth sports badge for male version maker marked to the reverse.
Stowe School O.T.C. Brass title with four loops.
Strength Through Joy Postcard. Card shows the K.D.F ship Monte Olivia, complete with a stick pin souvenir from the ship dated 1934.
Strength Through Joy Token. A rare RM5 savings token as issued by the Kraft Durch Freude organisation towards the purchase of a VW Beetle car, unusual.
Studio Picture. Victorian photo of a British soldier, complete with photographer's details.
Stuttgart. Metal badge for NSDAP day 1934.
Subscription Card. Possibly for disabled servicemen.
Sudanese Defence Force. Locally made cast white metal cap badge, good condition with crude pin.
Sudatenland medal and Prague bar. Mint set with the ribbon in the Austrian wrap style, unusual.
Sudatenland medal and Prague bar. Medal and bar in excellent condition with pin fitting, complete with box of issue which is in very good condition.
Suffolk Regiment. Other ranks non voided bi metal cap badge, excellent condition with - I think- is the retailers name along the slider, Suttle Cambridge.
Suffolk Regiment. Queen Victoria solid silver Officers cap badge, hallmarked for 1894/95 and makers logo, very nice badge.
Suffolk Regiment. Pair of embroidered slip on titles on K.D. Cloth.
Suffolk Regiment. Bi metal o/r example.
Suffolk Regiment. Single embroidered slip on KD shoulder title, near mint.
Suffolk Regiment. Bi-metal o/r cap badge, Kings crown.
Suffolk Regiment. Tortoise shell and silver sweetheart badge, hallmarked Birmingham 1916/17, no damage.
Suffolk Regiment. Silver and enamel sweetheart brooch, cap badge superimposed on a wishbone, stamped silver on the reverse, nice.
Suffolk Regiment. Sterling silver sweetheart brooch, marked to the reverse with a slither of gold to the front of the badge, complete with safety chain.
Supreme Allied Command S.E.Asia. American made embroidered shoulder badge, excellent condition.
Sweetheart Locket. Heart shaped locket with a coloured picture of an WW2 German Officer.
Sweetheart Pendant. Round silver pendant with colour picture of an Army NCO and his wife. NCO showing Iron Cross First Class.
Tank Corps. All brass o/r cap badge, very good condition.
Tayforth University OTC. Attached to backing cloth.
TENO Membership Pin. Enamel stickpin with stamped serial number on the reverse, no damage.
Territorial Efficiency Medal. King George VI example to 1464366 CFN R. Hornsey R.E.M.E. good but tarnished condition.
The Bays. W.O. white metal sleeve badge, Kings crown.
The Buffs. WW2 economy plastic cap badge with both lugs, maker marked Stanley, no distortion.
The Buffs. Officers silvered dress cap badge, nice badge.
The Life Guards. Officers bronze cap badge with blades, Kings crown.
The Rifles. Officers cap badge in mint condition, Queens crown.
The Welsh. Bi metal o/r cap badge, two lugs worn up to 1908, excellent condition.
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Three Rivers Regiment. 12th Canadian Armoured Regiment. Bi--metal o/R cap badge.
Toy Flag. Small tin flag as used with toy soldiers, this one for the war flag.
Toy Soldiers. Group of four Elastolin made soldiers in good condition.
Toy Soldiers. Set of three Elostolin soldiers.
Transvaal Infantry. 8th Transvaal Scottish Infantry bronzed o/r cap badge.
Transvaal Light Infantry. Boer War badge with enamel centre, pagri pin on reverse.
Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force. Queens crown gilt cap badge in condition.
Tripolitania District line of communication. Printed formation sign, good used condition with five small holes around the edge, stitch holes or pin holes?
Trouser button. Complete sales card of buttons, two different sizes.
U Boat Badge. Stick pin miniature being around 15mm in size, excellent detail and condition, getting harder to find.
U, Boat Close Combat Clasp. Rare award made from zinc, very good detail and fully marked on the reverse with all the correct letter styles and flaws, sadly the award has had the pin snapped off at some point, the pin is still attached to the hinge where around 15mm of the pin is still remaining, this award would normally sell for around 700 if undamaged, priced to reflect this.
U. Boat Badge. Late war zinc example maker marked F.O for Frederic Orth. good detail with horizontal pin associated with this maker, the gilt finish has faded but is still a nice award.
U.S. Army Forces Pacific Ocean. Embroidered war time raw edged sleeve badge, mint.
U.S.Trade Badge. Embroidered war time raw edged sleeve badge for a weather specialist U.S.A.A.C, mint.
U.S.Trade Badge. Embroidered sleeve badge for an engineer specialist U.S.A.A.C, mint.
United Provinces Area. Embroidered Indian formation sign, the badge had a pin fitting at some point but this is now missing, slightly padded.
University of London OTC. Brass Kings crown cap badge.
USAAC Embroidered WW2 raw edged example.
USAAC 1st Air Force. Embroidered WW2 raw edged example.
USAAC 4th Air Force. Embroidered example, mint,
USAAC 6th Air Force. Embroidered WW2 raw edged example.
USAAC 7th Air Force. Embroidered example.
USAAC 8th Air Force. Embroidered WW2 raw edged example.
USAAC Armament specialist. Embroidered wartime raw edged example.
USAAC Cadets. Embroiderd WW2 raw edged example.
USAAC Engineering specialist. Embroidered WW2 raw edged example.
USAAC Mediterranean Allied Air Force. Embroidered WW2 raw edged example
USAAC Note Paper. Coloured images of U.S. aircraft.
USAAC Photography specialist. Embroidered example.
USAAC Weather specialist. Embroidered WW2 raw edged example.
V Force Cap Badge. Small brass/bronze cap badge, good condition and detail complete with the usual wide stubby slider which this badge usually has, rare.
V.D.A. Tin and enamel badge dated 1933/4.
VDA. Metal propaganda badge for the VDA.
Victorian Photo. A portrait photo of a British Soldier taken in Malta
Victorian Royal Engineers buttons. Set of six other ranks brass buttons.
Victory V. Enamel buttonhole badge showing the victory V and its Morse code emblem.
Victory V. Meta land enamel lapel badge showing the victory V and its morse code dots and dash above, no damage.
Viet-nam. Instructors embroidered wing.
Volunteer aid detachment, mobile. Embroidered jacket/overall badge in mint condition, Kings crown.
Volunteer Cross. Small stamped metal cross for a WW1 War worker/ Volunteer, probably for a woman.
Volunteer Defence Corp. Machine woven sleeve badge, this was the Australian Home Guard, item in excellent condition.
Volunteer Training Corp. Khaki wool armband with red Kings crown, worn early in WW1 by Kitcheners Army, stamped inside by the Army council etc and with low number ( 6 ), very good condition with a couple of moth grazes, complete with both buttons.
W.D. Police. Matching pair of white metal collar badges.
W.H.W. Plastic badge for Gau Hessen 1937.
W.R.A.C. Officers silver and gilt cap badge, Kings crown.
W.V.S.Badge. Chrome and enamel badge with logo for the forces, issue numbered and maker marked.
Walking Stick Badge. Nazi era badge for Reserve artillery in the Ruh, WW1 style helmet but the eagle decal is visible, unusual and in good condition.
War Officer. Matching pair with wire embroidered cannons, probably for an officer.
War Ammunition Volunteer. Brass lapel badge with makers mark and issue number to the reverse, WW1 era.
War Department Constabulary. White metal o/r cap badge, Kings crown and in excellent condition.
War Economy Labels. 15 labels used to save paper.
War Merit Cross. First class example with swords, later zinc made type with 65 on the pin for klein and Quenzer, this is also found printed on the underside of the lid of the box, the award is in very good condition with the case in good condition and no damage, the case could be improved by applying boot polish if desired, but best left as it is, nice to get an actual matching set.
War Merit Medal. Early brass type.
War Merit Medal. War merit medal in near mint condition complete with packet of issue which has the makers details on the reverse,
War Office. Matching pair of embroidered shoulder badges, mint condition with Queens crown.
War Savings Book Mark. Book mark savings advert from WW1, very unusual item in that it has a swastika incorporated into the design, 170mm by 65mm, slight crease at the bottom.
War Service Badge. 1914 gilt and enamel on war service badge lapel badge with issue number.
War Veterans day. Metal badge for Veterans day in Kassel 1935.
Wartime Pamphlet. Dated 1941 and shows the German Army in pictures, complete with 33 pages, restricted publication and stamped 26th London Home Guard on the cover, very good condition.
Wartime Womens magazine. Dated 1944 with the usual features found in Womens magazines but also contains a double page feature on air raid precautions, good condition.
Warwickshire Regiment. Officers gilt, silver and enamel brooch badge, I think this was worn on the slouch hat with a rossete, very good quality item Boer war period.
Warwickshire Regiment. Sweetheart brooch made from an Officers dress collar badge, excellent condition.
Warwickshire Regiment. Officers cast silver pagri badge, stout pin and Victorian crown.
Warwickshire Rifle Volunteers. Small white metal pouch badge, Victorian crown, good quality.
Warwickshire Volunteer Regiment. Warwickshire Volunteer Regiment o/r brass cap badge, three lugs to reverse and marked Gaunt London.
Warwickshire Yeomanry. Matching pair of O/R collar badges, good condition.
Watch fob prize. A silver gilt watch fob awarded to Gnr Larks, City of London Artillery Regiment for RMT Repository 1903, dedication on the reverse and cap badge on the front, Birmingham hallmark for 1903/04, nice.
Water Police Sleeve Badge. Machine woven sleeve badge in very good condition, uncut but with a small hole on the excess cloth, scarce.
Wedding Marshals Badge. Prince Alfred Duke of Edinburgh 1874 Wedding marshals badge, single flat loop to the reverse with a makers mark.
Wehpass. Army version in really clean condition, very few entries ans stamped Wehrbezirks-Kommando Stuttgart I and dated 1936, complete with photo of man in civilian clothes.
Wehpass. Scarce Kreigsmarine pass issued in 1938, served in the North Sea 1917-1919 in the 2nd Torpedo Boat Division, re-enlisted and worked as a Naval Engineer, complete with his dog tag which is sewn into the back cover, well filled in and in good used condition.
Wehrmacht day Programme. Pamphlet type programme listing events, dated 3/4/43.
Wehrmacht day. Metal badge for armed forces day 1939 in aid of the W.H.W.
Wehrmacht day. Very unusual painted wooden rally badge in the style of an Army Artillery Regimental Flag, item in very good condition.
Wehrmacht license. A scarce canvas type license for a mechanic on military ferry craft, dated 1943 with mans details etc.
Wehrmacht Twelve Year Service Medal. Miniature version in near mint condition, as worn on the dress chain.
Wehrmacht Twenty Five Year Service Cross. Miniature version in near mint condition, as worn on the dress chain.
Welsh Guards. Matching pair of metal titles.
Welsh Guards. Matching Pair of brass titles.
Werkfrauengruppe Sleeve Badge. A quite scarce machine embroidered sleeve band as worn by a group leader, excellent condition and removed from the jacket.
Wessex Brigade. Printed example removed from tunic.
West Indies Regiment. Bronze cap badge in near mint condition, complete with loops.
West Riding District. Printed rm badge in excellent condition, removed from tunic.
West Riding Reg. Matching pair of officers silver and gilt collar badges.
West Riding Reg. Superb matching pair of Officers white metal two piece collar badges, complete with red felt backing and near mint.
West Wall Medal. Niece early brass example complete with packet of issue.
West Wall Medal. Early brass example in near mint condition complete with its paper packet of issue which is maker marked to the revese.
West Yorkshire Regiment. Embroidered badge probably part of a set to collect to make a cushion.
Westminster Dragoons. Matching pair of Officers quality collar badges, maker marked.
WHW. Winter relief fund, metal.
WHW. Metal and embroidered badge for Danzig.
Wiltshire Regiment. Cross belt badge for the 4th Battalion, nice condition with three screw posts and Kings crown.
Wings. Silver and enamel pin badge with logo G.G.C. below a thistle, type unknown, maker marked.
Winnipeg Grenadiers. All brass cap badge in very good condition, loops.
Winnipeg Light Infantry. Brass cap badge with backing, Kings crown.
Winnipeg Rifles. Officers two piece badge with maker Hicks London on the reverse.
Winter Relief Fund. A pictorial certificate, A5 size, awarded to a Woman who has donated wool, furs and other winter comforts to Soldiers in Russia for Christmas 1941, unusual.
Winter Sports N.R.S.L. Metal and enamel badge for a Wehrmacht ski competition in Neustadt- Feldberg Schwarzwald 1938, scarce badge maker marked Schmidhausser Pforzheim.
Winter Sports. Metal badge for the 2nd National winter sport competition.
Womens Home Guard. WW2 plastic economy cap badge with pin fitting, no distortion and marked A. Stanley and Sons Walsall.
Womens Land Army. High quality bar brooch in gilt and enamel, near mint.
Womens Land Army. Brass and enamel pin back badge.
Womens Land Army. Gilt metal and enamel cap/lapel badge, very good condition with no damage.
Womens Land Service. New Zealand type in brass.
Womens Transport Service. Single embroidered buff and plum shoulder title, very good condition removed from tunic.
Womens W.M.C.A. Badge Enamel lapel badge for an auxilary worker, no damage.
Worcester Hussars. Other ranks bi-metal cap badge, kings crown.
Worcester Regiment. Matching pair of Officers metal collar badges.
Worcestershire Regiment. WW1 first type, all brass badge.
Workers Day. Metal badge for Gau Bayr-Ostmark.
Workers Day. Metal gilt badge for workers day, undated and in excellent condition.
Workers Day. Card badge 1st MAI 1933.
Workers Day. Metal stickpin badge for workers day in Frankfurt 1.Mai 1933.
Workers Day. Alloy badge for 1.MAI 1939
Workers Day. Metal badge to give thanks to the German worker 1933.
Workers Day. Alloy tinny for workers day 1935, maker marked and in near mint condition.
Workers Day. Brass tinny for workers day 1934, very good condition.
Wound Stripe. Gilt metal stripe mounted on card and felt.
Wurttemburg Kreigerbund. Nice pin back badge with ribbon for war veterans from the state of Wurttemburg, the badge dates from Imperial times, could be WW1 or earlier, nice makers plaque on the reverse.
WW1 Action Card. Shows large mine exploding.
WW1 Air Combat. Coloured postcard with image of dog fight.
WW1 Airship. Coloured card.
WW1 Iron Cross. Second Class example in excellent condition.
WW1 Royal Artillery. Studio Portrait.
WW1 Trench Scene. Coloured Card of a captured German trench.
WW1 1914/15 Trio. Awarded to 12297 Pte T Hardacre West Riding Regiment, medals in very good condition and complete with cap badge.
WW1 3D Picture. Picture for a 3D viewer of French Soldiers, captioned, no stain on picture just light reflecting.
WW1 3D Picture. Picture for a 3D viewer of British troops on their way to the front, captioned.
WW1 3D Picture. Original WW1 3D picture of British troops and French Artillery.
WW1 3D Picture. Card shows Belgium Infantry shooting from a trench
WW1 3D Picture. Picture of a soldier in a trench in the Dames sector.
WW1 Button badge. Coloured metal badge for Navy Day 1918.
WW1 Button badge. Coloured badge showing a British Major General, his name is nor quite readable, no damage.
WW1 Canadian Soldier. Soldier receiving D.C.M.
WW1 Casualty. A postcard to 3804 Pvt Neil Cunningham B company 11th battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Tyne Cot Memorial, date of death 28/9/18, sent from his brother, also included is a print out from the C.W.G.M. confirming details.
WW1 commemorative medal. Dated 1914 for a Christmas dinner fund to recognition of a Brothers patriotism, sponsored by Mayor .F.C Parker.
WW1 commemorative Plaque. Awarded to 4611 Sgt Edward Ernest Gurney 14th London Scottish, enlisted Haggerston and killed 1st July 1916 France and Flanders, only name match on the War Graves site, complete with card cover which is a little tatty.
WW1 Court Mounted Pair. Iron Cross 2nd Class and Cross of Honour with Swords.
WW1 Feldpostkarte. Unused example.
WW1 Friendship Badge. Coloured tin badge showing the Allies flags.
WW1 German cap cockades. Pair of cockades for the state of Prussia, attached to a card.
WW1 German Navy. Enamel and metal fob in the style of an anchor and life belt, this is for the German Fleet Association.
WW1 German Pin. Patriotic pin showing Iron Cross.
WW1 I.D. Disc. Pair to 54862 BSM A. Whaites Royal Field Artillery,
WW1 Navy Officers cap badge. This embroidered badge was for an Officer in the British Telegraphist service, these men served on all sorts of ships and shipping as a legal requirement after the Titanic disaster until radios were fully taken up , excellent quality and a rare badge.
WW1 Navy wound badge. Stick pin in silver, near mint.
WW1 New Year Card. Comic type for 1917.
WW1 Novety Card. Humerous card of a British Tank
WW1 Pair. Court mounted Bavarian order of Military merit with swords and Iron Cross 2nd Class.
WW1 Pair. Awarded to 21030 Pte F.G.Smith Norfolk Regiment, medals in very good but tarnished condition.
WW1 Pair. Miniature pair being , Iron cross 2nd class and cross of honour with swords,mounted on a ribbon bar with button hole fitting, very good condition.
WW1 Patriotic Jewellry. Gilt and enamel brooch dated 1914 and Got Mit Uns on the Iron Cross, nice quality item.
WW1 Patriotic Jewellry. Silver and enamel pendant, shows Iron Cross and logo GOT MIT UNS.
WW1 Patriotic Jewellry. Metal brooch in the form of a cross with a picture of a German Soldier in the centre.
WW1 photo. Studio portrait of a German Officer.
WW1 Pin. Dated 1914 in the style of a 42cm shell.
WW1 Portrait Card. Shows three wounded Soldiers.
WW1 Postcard. Coloured card with depot frank.
WW1 Postcard. Coloured Card showing two women saying goodbye to a soldier
WW1 Postcard. Coloured card from the Fourth army signal corp, dated 1918.
WW1 Postcard. Cartoon type from the 21st Division, dated 1917.
WW1 Postcard. Coloured patriotic card.
WW1 Postcard. British N.C.O. in the R.A.
WW1 Postcard. Coloured comic type celebrating the end of the war, card has been posted.
WW1 Postcard. Picture postcard showing three Soldiers from different Regiments.
WW1 Postcard. Picture postcard of a R.N."D" class Submarine.
WW1 Postcard. Australian card dated 1918 with small photo of the soldier between the two flags, sent in celebration of the New Year but strangely has a large Swastika above the poem, good condition.
WW1 Postcard. Picture postcard of a group of German Soldiers in Gent, dated 16-11-1916, very good condition.
WW1 Postcard. Picture postcard of the Kaiser presenting an award, very good condition.
WW1 Royal Engineer. Studio Portrait.
WW1 Sailors. Coloured card of a Naval Maxim machine gun crew.
WW1 Soldier. Coloured card.
WW1 Tank Tank racing into battle.
WW1 Territorial. Soldier from Poplar and Stepney rifles T17 London title visible.
WW1 Vesta Case. Brass made case with a German Army belt buckle roundel attached to the front, on the spine is a flower and a ribbon with the inscription Souvenir of France, good condition.
WW1 Wound Badge. Gold Class stick pin example.
WW1 Wound Badge. Black class 15mm stick pin in mint condition.
WW1 Wound Badge. Silver class 15mm stick pin in mint condition.
WW1 Wound Badge. Scarce gold class 15mm stick pin in mint condition.
WW2 I.D. Card. Dated 1940 in Hants.
WW2 Catoons. A collection of 18 watime cartoons and features depicting Hitler and his cronies and other printed items all stuck to pages from a scrapbook, unusual.
WW2 Envelope. Used envelope with patriotic postage stamp .
WW2 German Model. What appears to be a WW2 era balsa wood scale model of a 88mm flak gun, unused with all parts still waiting to assembled! complete with instructions and cardboard box with makers logo, unusual to find after all these years.
WW2 Group. Mounted group of five medals being, 1939/45 star, Africa star and 1942-43 bar, Italy Star, Defence medal and 1939/45 medal, complete with large photo of an R.A.S.C.Officer and wife that came with the medals.
WW2 Navy. Coloured card of a Petty Officer.
WW2 Newspaper. A 1945 edition of The Daily Sketch with the headlines announcing the capture of Arnhem, complete and in good condition.
WW2 Newspaper. Original copy of the Daily Express dated 15/5/1941 with the headlines about Rudolf Hess coming to Britain, complete but folded.
WW2 Newspaper. Original copy of the News Chronicle dated 28/5/1941, with the headlines about the sinking of the Bismark, complete but folded.
WW2 P.O.W. Enamel badge for prisoner of war help fund, no damage with issue number and makers name to the reverse.
WW2 pair. Defence and war medal with box to Major G.S.Harris, medals come with research showing previous service with A.S.C. during WW1, only these medals are available probably for Home Guard duties during WW2
WW2 Polish Cap Badge. Machine woven badge, white on Navy blue, near mint.
WW2 R.A.F.Group. Mounted group of WW2 medals with sleeve insignia and complete with a photograph album, the album has 30+ photos of the man in India and Italy with various aircraft and vehicles plus a few domestic images, group acquired from a house clearance.
WW2 Royal Artilery. Portrait card of an officer.
WW2 Royal Artillary. Dated Aldershot 1940.
WW2 Toy Soldier. Elostolin figure of a German Soldier firing a heavy machine gun, no damage.
Y.M.C.A. Womens auxillary workers enamel badge.
YMCA Flag day. Card badge with logo YWCA serves the troops, very good condition.
Yorks and Lancs Regiment. Bullion blazer badge, good condition but a few pulled threads on the Lion.
Youth Day. Stick pin badge for Jugendtag 1933.
Zeppelin Postcard. To commemorate 25 years of the Leipzig stamp Exhibition in 1936.