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HORN HILTED DUI CHIRA KUKRI & SCABBARD Good old Horn Hilted Kukri Of Dui Chira (Double fullered Blade) form Blade approx. 12" from tip to bolster Brass banded horn hilt approx. 4.5" long Contained in its original scabbard Wooden construction with a leather covering No provision at all for Chakmak or Karda. As per photo's blade needs a clean Light age "rusting",but no damage at all Quality item -not a tourist piece
14th ARMY DIV SIGN Good Quality 14th Army Div Sign. White embroidered insignia on Red felt. Padded & backed with "Airtex" type material. Looks to have originally had 3 x pop stud fixings to the reverse-now removed but threads still present. Small moth nip just above the "v" - hardly noticeable. Otherwise very good condition.
1871 DATED FRENCH CHASSEPOT BAYONET French 1866 Chassepot bayonet Ribbed Brass grip Swept forward quillion Manufacturer details to the blade back edge "Mre Nat le-de Chat 8bre 1871" Defence National Government beginning of the 3rd Republic Chatelleraut Arsenal October 1871 With correct steel scabbard with bar fixing Slight damage to scabbard-Poss shrapnel ? All metal work with an even patina Good example of a Franco Prussian war era bayonet REDUCED FROM £85 - £75
1876 PATT MARTINI HENRY SOCKET BAYONET & SCABBARD Good clean 1876 Martini Henry Socket Bayonet Almost all the original blue to the socket Blade with WD / Inspectors Markings MK11 Scabbard in good condition All stitching tight -No breaks or damage to the leather Both top & bottom mounts with WD Markings Sold out of service stamp to the socket & frog stud Totally original "Sleeper" Some minor rust marks on the socket elbow Would grace any collection Nice as it has No Foreign markings
1907 PATT SMLE BAYONET & SCABBARD (CHAPMAN) 1917 Nice 1907 SMLE Bayonet by Chapman Good clean blade date stamped 8-17 (August 1917) With the "C" out of Chapman missing Reads as "HAPMAN" this is a stamping error not polished out All external metalwork with good amount of original blue finish Grips in good condition some minor digs / dings But nothing that wouldn't steam out if required Pommel has cancelled regimental marking E.S over R561 (East Surrey Regiment) Good condition steel mounted leather Scabbard (Tear drop frog stud) With a 1919 / 1925 patt bayonet frog (Brass press stud to frog to hold in place on web equipment) Nice clean collectable bayonet
1908 PATTERN WEBBING BELT 1908 Pattern web belt Complete with rear buckles / tabs Stamped up with a Broad Arrow / M.E & CO 1918 Approx. 53" from end to end (Fully opened up) Blanco'd green at some point Good clean belt in usable condition
1914 DATED CASED "GALANTRY AWARD" -CHARLES BURLINGTON Unusual cased 1914 "Gallantry Award" Polished Copper plaque Just over 2.75" x2.75" in size Engraved- "Awarded to Charles Burlington for Gallantry 1914" Also with the name - "Dorothea Florence" With engraved initials etc. (As per photo) I am assuming that "Dorothea Florence" Had the plaque engraved & awarded . I've not been able to trace either name- As such have no idea what Mr Burlington did, To have been awarded such an item. Was it an early Wartime act ? Or possibly an act of a "Gallant Gentleman" Towards a "Lady in Distress" I don't think the box is "Original" But is obviously of the period, (Possibly for a Fob Watch as it's 1.25" deep) A "One Off " item Excellent research project Worthy of proper research
1914 DATED WHITBREAD BREWERY GREEN GLASS BEER BOTTLE 1914 Dated Beer Bottle In extremely good condition No cracks chips etc Got to be Rare !!
1915 DATED 1ST PATT 98/05 BAYONET + SCABBARD & FROG 1st Pattern "Butcher" Bayonet Blade by "ERFURT" with Crown W15 on the spine Two piece wooden grips -Without a flash guard Cross Guard with "High Ears" 2nd Pattern steel scabbard With original Black leather frog (Torn at the frog stud loop) All external metalwork painted black This appears to be done some considerable time ago With it showing age wear etc. The blade has a dull finish, With "Finger Print" patination & couple of minor edge nicks Could no doubt be cleaned but I tend to leave as I find All in all a good looking bayonet In good collectable condition
1916 DATED SCOPE VICKERS LTD - W OTTWAY & CO LTD Good clean 1916 dated brass scope Adjustable focus graduated +5 - -5 Both lenses intact without damage (Could do with a clean though) Manufacturers details stamped onto body - "VICKERS LTD" "W.OTTWAY & CO LTD" "EALING" "No 694" "1916" "1216" Interesting item of WW1 Militaria In good collectable condition
1917 DATED AMERICAN BOOK AIRCRAFT OF ALL NATIONS Unusual 1917 dated US Publication- "AIRCRAFT OF ALL NATIONS Printed by "C.S HAMMOND & COMPANY" of New York Soft Coloured Front cover Dozens of "Blue & White" photo's inside, Planes, Airships, Anti-Aircraft guns Combat Shots, Ariel Trench Photo's the list goes on Some minor wear to the covers But an "Amazing Survivor" For a book almost 100 years old It's in Excellent Condition !
1917 DATED GERMAN 84/98 BAYONET & SCABBARD 1917 Dated 84/98 Bayonet & Scabbard Double maker marked blade "GOTTLIEB HAMMESFAHR SOLINGEN FOCHE" To one side With a somewhat feint "BAYARD" with mounted knight To the other (Indicating a Belgian made blade) Spine with Prussian Crown W & 17 Conditions not brilliant But a fair example With Dark Patina to ALL of the metal work Blade Scabbard etc. Flash Guard to top of the grips dented Scabbard slightly mis -sharpened to one edge (Dented but not split) One Grip with what appears to be a burn mark Blade slightly shortened (No doubt in its working life) Button working fine will fit a rifle. A good representation of a used WW1 K98 Condition reflects the price But I don't think that you'll be disappointed with it PLEASE NOTE IF YOU WANT A MINT SHINEY K98 DON'T BUY THIS ONE ITS NOT WHAT YOU WANT
1917 NAMED & DATED QUEENS RGT CIGARETTE SLIP CASE Unusual WW1 silver plated cigarette case With expanding sides Approx 3.25" x 3" "Closed" Expanding to 3.5" x 3" "Open" A simple slide mechanism, That allows a packet of cigarettes to be held firmly in place With top & bottom open so the packet can be pushed up. Back stamped with Patent number 368033 Engine turned decoration to both front & back Named to the following- "A BLACKWELL QUEENS REGT 1917" No research done Collectable item in VGC
1918 DATED LEATHER 455 WEBLEY HOLSTER Leather holster for the Sam Browne rig. Faintly marked 1918 under the flap On the top edge of the leather "Body" You can see the date in the "Right Light" But I could not get a photograph of it. Some Cracking / Crazing to the leather But it's totally stable-Supple & usable A good display item in reasonable condition Could no doubt be improved with - Elbow Grease & Copious amounts of leather dressing !
1933 GAU MUNCHEN COMMEMORATIVE BADGE Scarce Original 1933 Gau Munich Badge Awarded to participants of the "Beer Hall Putsch" Of 1923 by the Munich "Gau" of the NSDAP Circular Wreath with an inset 1933 dated Swastika And Inscription "UN IHR HABT DOCH GESIEGT " (And yet you have Conquered) Maker marked to rear - "DESCHLER U SOHN MUNCHEN" With a Small Brooch pin fitting. Part of a Small German collection Acquired via German Old Peoples Home !!
1933 OST HANNOVER GAUTAG / 1933 EAST HANNOVER DAY BADGE Very Scarce early "Day or Rally badge" Made of pressed brass / copper With high relief Hanoverian Horse & central Swastika Original pin fixing to the rear Some minor age staining / Verdigris But nothing I would not expect on an item of this age This badge was eventually raised to "Party Status" Being an early Nazi Decoration The latter version being of solid construction with a wide pin Very Collectable Scarce badge Direct veterans family purchase Priced to sell -This is no doubt the cheapest on the web !
1934 BAYR OSTMARK 25/02/1934 "OATH DAY" BADGE Original 1934 Gau Bayr Ostmark Badge Depicting a raised hand over the Swastika With the motto "TREVESCHWVR 25/02/1934" "GAU BAYR .OSTMARK" (This was the date a Million Nazi Officials gathered around Germany in various Rally's to Swear an oath to Adolf Hitler) White metal -(Steel ??) Partial hollow stamped construction Maker marked to rear - "R WACHTLER & LANGE MITTWEIDA SA." Part of a Small German collection Acquired via German Old Peoples Home !!
1934 NUREMBERG RALLY DAY BADGE Original 1934 Nuremberg Rally Badge "REICHSPARTEITAG 1934" Depicting a Germanic Knight Sword in hand & Swastika embellished shield Sold White Metal (Steel ??) construction Maker marked to rear- "L.CHR.LAUER. NURNBERG-BERLIN" With original rear pin fixing. Part of a Small German collection Acquired via German Old Peoples Home !!
1935 REICHSPARTEITAG BADGE Original 1935 Party Day Badge Depicting a German Eagle over 3 x "Busts" SA Trooper in Kepi another in a Steel Helmet With Central bust of Adolf Hitler With the motto "REICHSPARTEITAG 1935" Bronzed Finish solid back Maker marked to rear - "LN 1790 " "LAUER NURNBERG." Part of a Small German collection Acquired via German Old Peoples Home !!
1938 DATED UN-USED ARP SHELL DRESSING Good Condition unused ARP Shell Dressing Dated Nov 1938 Complete with both cotton "ties"
1939 DATED UN-USED ARP SHELL DRESSING Good Condition unused ARP Shell Dressing Dated Feb 1939 Complete with both cotton "ties"...
1940 DATED ARP WARDENS HELMET Unusual WW2 ARP Warden's Helmet Originally an Army helmet That's been re-painted Black over the original Khaki As per photo the shell is dated January 1940 The Oil Skin / Rexine liner appears un marked / dated The White "W" for Warden is very unusual It has been painted on material - Which in turn has been glued to the helmet. This appears totally Original not a "Later Addition" With Original military pattern chin strap Good clean condition With general wear commensurate with age Nothing to detract at all from the item
1941 DATED LUFTWAFFE BELT & BUCKLE Good 1941 dated "Heavyweight" Brown leather belt, Size 95 with inner leather keeper tab Indistinct maker / issue marks "lgb" (?) With un-marked steel Luftwaffe Buckle Front of which has been polished The rear retains some original painted finish Still a very nice looking buckle With good detail to the central motif Large size belt in good collectable condition
1942 DATED P37 WEBBING BAYONET FROG P37 Webbing frog for the 1907 SMLE Bayonet Back stamped "CQ1942" Good original useable frog Green Blanco'd finish
1943 DATED FIRST FIELD DRESSING -MILITARY Good Condition unused "First Field Dressing" Dated Jan / June 1943 Some slight "Rust Marks" to the back
1944 DATED BRITISH "FUR" COLD WEATHER CAP 1944 Dated Cold Weather Cap Heavily quilted liner with makers label "H & B HOFFMAN & SONS LTD LONDON" Size 6 3/4 Fold down fur "Ear / neck flaps" Appears almost Mint Excellent display item
3 X WW2 NAZI "TINNIES" Group of 3 x "Tinnies" All with pins & makers markings to the rear Condition as per photo's
3 X WW2 WHW PLASTIC REGIMENTAL FLAG PIN BADGES Lot of 3 x WHW Flag pin badges 2 X depicting Herman Goering's personal standard 1 x Yellow Swallow Tail Cavalry standard All with original pins and makers details to the reverse Came in as a lot of 3 will be sold the same
4 X 1915 DATED WOODEN "COASTERS" (FLEA MARKET FIND) Set of 4 wooden coaster's All dated 1915 Appear to be made from the tops of Cotton or Ribbon Reels Almost 4" across with a metal centre & edge The wooden part has numerous markings Not all very distinct But I can make out "--------------- BOBBIN Co LTD BLACKBURN" All have a separate date stamp of 1915 The back of each top has been covered in green felt So it can be used as a coaster. All are worn with some signs of age / wear & tear Knocks bangs etc. But honest items & very unusual Picked up this August in France (Flea Market) Unusual WW1 Memorabilia that can still be used !!
5 X BOER WAR CELLULIOD PICTURE PIN BADGES 5 X Boer War patriotic pin badges 2 X Boer Commanders (Piet Joubert & Paul Kruger) 3 X British Officers (Sir Ian Hamilton Sir Stewart White & ?) All with Original rear pin fixings, Came in as a lot as such being sold as one not individually Good cheap Boer War collectables
ARAB ISRALI WAR RE-ISSUE A/H 1895 MANNLICHER BAYONET Unusual Austro Hungarian 1895 Mannlicher Bayonet Heavily blued blade with original markings ground off Only marking is an "F" cut into the pommel by the push stud All external metal work including scabbard again blued Frog stud without any A/H markings (Removed ?) In a British 1937 patt frog. A little research showed - During the Arab Israli conflict (1956 onwards) Numerous "Surplus" Bayonets and Rifles were re finished Having all markings removed -re blued etc. Then sold to both sides This in my opinion is one of them Its a good clean bayonet at a fair price If it had Hebrew or Egyptian marking on it The price would have been significantly more !!
ARMY 2 X PIECE ALUMINIUM BELT BUCKLE Good Original Army Aluminium Belt Buckle Lightweight "Parade" version Front Roundel being held on by 4 x tabs No makers marks, Minor surface marking to the rear of the buckle (Also appears to have "Candle Wax" on the reverse !) Will come off no problem Nice addition to any collection
ARMY STEEL BELT BUCKLE Good Original Army Belt Buckle All steel Combat type No makers marks, Retaining approx. 90% Original Green painted finish Some minor surface rusting / oxidisation Nice addition to any collection
ATS CAP BADGE (PLASTIC) Kings Crown "Plastic" ATS cap badge Maker marked to slider "JR & L LTD B'HAM"
AUSTRIAN 1898 SIGNUM MEMORIAE MEDAL Bronze Imperial Austrian Medal One side with the head of the Emperor - The reverse with a rectangular plaque inscribed- SIGNUM MEMORIAE (Token of Remembrance) Within a Laurel & Oak leaf wreath Dated "MDCCCXLV111-MDCCCXCV111" (1848-1898) Issued to all members Austro Hungarian forces On 31 October 1898 Commemorating 50 years of the Emperors reign On Red & White triangular ribbon. Good clean medal- See photo's for condition
BATTLE DAMAGED 1940 DATED BRITISH STEEL HELMET 1940 Dated (3/1940) British steel helmet With most of it's original Brown painted finish Inner shell with some surface rust Chin strap is missing - Though 1 x "End Loop" is still attached to the strap bracket Original oil cloth liner That appears to have taken the "Brunt" of the impact One liner mount has detached from the head band, Another has snapped -part of which is missing, As are the rubber "Buffers" on the site of the damage. One Finger is also missing The liner is marked - 7 TTC 11/1940 (Teddy Toy Company Dagenham) As can be seen the Crown has a fairly large "Dent" Whatever hit it did it with some considerable force. This appears period "Battle Damage" The dent being "Mirrored" in the damage to the liner. Good looking display item
BOER WAR ABSENT MINDED BEGGAR PRINTED HANKIE Boer War Vintage Printed Handkerchief "THE ABSENT MINDED BEGGAR" Approx 16.75" x 17.5" in size Single sided printing Queen Victoria,Lord Roberts Map of South Africa ,OFS,Natal etc Along with musical score & words. Some foxing -minor age related stains (May possibly wash out) Has been folded for many years -needs an iron ! Nothing to detract from the item Good Collectable condition
BOER WAR GENTLEMAN IN KHARKI TRIVETT Brass Boer War Iron trivet Depicting the ever popular "GENTLEMAN IN KHARKI" Couple of small knocks - But nothing to detract from the item
BORDER REGIMENT CAP BADGE Kings Crown White Metal Border Regiment cap badge. Original Red felt to centre with locking device on slider.
BOXED 1904-05 RUSSO-JAPANESE -WAR MEDAL Gilt metal Japanese war medal. Issued or the 1904-05 War against Imperial Russia. Original Silk ribbon with "Hook & Eye " suspension. In Velvet lined titled wooden box. Difficult to find a better one !! RESERVED
BOXED 1941 DATED LUCAS ELECTRIC LAMP No.1 Mint Lucas Electric Lamp No.1 Dated 1941 with Broad Arrow marking All original green painted finish With moveable "Black out " hood Carry handle & Belt hook In it's Original Lucas Box Good Collectable item In Unused -Mint Condition
BOXED MINIATURE WW2 RAF MEDAL GROUP + BONE WINGS Original Boxed WW2 Miniature RAF Medal Group Consisting of - 39/45 & Burma Stars+ War & Defence Medals Also a well carved set of RAF Wings Made of either Bone or possibly Ivory Blue card box with a name and address on the back Found as seen at a S/East London boot fair (Add on the back -Plumstead London SE18)
BOXED WW2 KENT SPECIAL CONSTABULARY MEDAL PAIR WW2 Defence Medal and Bronze Special Constabulary pair (Both with original ribbons) Along with Enamel Kent Special Constabulary Lapel Badge Special Constabulary LSGC Box both named to "HERBERT H. GRIFFITHS" Box also marked 1169 KENT (CR10 in Pencil) Box has been repaired with white (Masking ?) tape Had this pair 10-12 years always intended researching it, But never did ! Good project in giood collectable condition
BOXED WW2 WAR MEDAL WITH ISSUE SLIPS WW2 British War medal - In named Box of issue- Complete with 2 x paper slips 1 x Award slip 1 x Medal Office doc refusing a Defence Medal application Interesting paperwork -Possibly reasearchable
BRITISH 1853 SCOCKET BAYONET & SCABBARD Good clean 1853 socket bayonet Complete with Brass mounted leather scabbard All stitching intact & sound Both top & Bottom mounts WD Marked As id the Bayonet Blade Blade has some scratches marks etc - But all commensurate with age Nothing to detract from the overall appearance of the item Good looking bayonet In nice collectable condition
BRITISH 1940 PATT CAVALRY WATER BOTTLE / CARRIER Scarce 37/40 Patt Cavalry water bottle & carrier Stamped "MECO 1941" Never been blancoe'd in exceptional condition Only fault is one half of the strap popper is missing Looks like it may never have been fitted properly It's not pulled through or damaged the webbing Complete with felt covered water bottle
BRITISH NO.4 MK11 BAYONET IN MK11 SCABBARD & FROG MK11 Spike Bayonet Socket maker marked LB one side (Long Branch) In MK 11 parallel sided Steel scabbard (Alloy mouth piece) Scabbard fitted in a 1941 dated 39 patt webbing frog Good clean collectable condition
BRITISH NO.4 MK11 BAYONET IN VICTORY PLASTICS SCABBARD MK11 Spike Bayonet Socket maker marked LB one side (Partial stamping) (Long Branch) In Victory Plastics scabbard Scabbard fitted with purpose made webbing frog Good clean collectable condition
BRONZE Q/C ROYAL ARTILLERY OFFICERS CAP BADGE Good quality Q/C RA Officers Cap Badge Bronze finished-With "Moving Wheel" Rear Blade fixings Nice badge
BRONZE ROYAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS CAP BADGE Bronze Officers Kings Crown R.E cap badge. George 6th Cypher -Double Blade back
BROWN LEATHER OVER JERKIN Brown Leather WW2 Jerkin No Makers label present (Possibly none ever put in as no sign of one at all) Guess Size No.2 Height 5ft 7in - 5ft 10ins Breast 37 to 43 ins (Similar in size to the others I've listed) Blanket lining no Stamps at all All x 4 Original buttons No major tears or repairs- Just a couple of small catches on the leather But a worn item with a nice Chestnut colour Fine looking example displays very well In no way minty -If that's what you want buy a repro ! Has been folded and smells of moth balls Otherwise a Good honest collectable item.
BROWN WW2 LEATHER JERKIN SMS 1941 Light Brown Leather WW2 Jerkin Different to the others listed Firstly it has 7 x detachable buttons (Only x 2 present) Has never been lined with blanket material The only makers markings are as follows Black ink - SMS 1941 2 (Both sides) (Have also just noticed a small "Q Broad Arrow 21") Possibly Australian ? -Q-Queensland ? Has been folded and smells of moth balls Some staining to the leather Otherwise a Good honest collectable item.
CASED BRITISH 1944 DATED FOLDING SAW KIT Cased WW2 Folding Saw Complete with all its handles extra tool Blade etc. Designed to be either a one or two man saw Blade marked & dated 1944 As is the canvas pouch Unusual bit of kit Good for vehicle display or reenactments etc.
CASED WW2 JAPANES ORDER OF THE RISING SUN 8TH CLASS Vintage Japanese "Order of the Rising Sun" (8th Class) Silver Medal mounted on it's Original silk ribbon With rear "Hook & Eye suspension In original velvet lined Black Lacquered Box Small chip to the lacquer on the lid Medal has "Toned Down" with age Good looking collectable medal
CIVIL DEFENCE AFS FIREMANS AXE AND BELT CARRIER Wooden Hilted "AFS" hand axe Complete with Black Webbing belt carrier Head is stamped- "LONDON AFS 17148" Also appears to be a mans Service number on the hilt "263654" (Numbers are a little indistinct ) Webbing Carrier complete with Belt loops & Straps Patent Button attached - Stating "Made under Licence" Good Original Axe & Carrier Axe has been left in "Un-cleaned" condition Metal work with "Rust Patina" Would easily clean off with minimal effort. Wooden hilt in good clean condition
CZECH VZ24 BAYONET & SCABBARD Good clean Czeck VZ24 Bayonet Blued metalwork with full muzzle ring Two piece wooden grips in VGC Blade with markings as sown Scabbard with markings to the frog stud (Again as shown) Good cheap collectable bayonet
DE-ACT WW2 GERMAN FLARE PISTOL (1939 DATED) 1939 Dated German Flare Pistol. Marked with the German Eagle & Swastika Blackened Metal work & Black / Brown chequered Bakelite Grips.Can be Broken,Cocked & Dry Fired, With Home Office Certificate of De-activation. PLEASE NOTE UK SALES ONLY
EARLY INDIAN PESH-KABZ DAGGER Old Quality Indian Dagger of Pesh-Kabz form Heavy "T Backed Recurving Blade Almost 10" long & 2" wide at the hilt 4.5" hilt made of either "Bone or Ivory" ( I Suspect it's bone) Good looking "Tactile" knife In good "Collectable Condition"
EARLY SPANISH VENDETTA / PUNAL DAGGER / KNIFE 19th Century Spanish Dagger of Punal form In need of some restoration (Project I bought & never got round to doing ! ) Blade approx. 8.25" long (Missing the very tip) With line engraved decoration to one side Bulbous wooden grip With some original Silver wire inlay (1 1/2 "Lines") (Most is now missing but easily replaced) Front "Collar" mount present - But has come apart on the join. End cap missing -As per photo I've left "As Is" not got round to restoring it myself A fairly easy job that would greatly improve- Both the look & value of the item
EARLY TEAR DROP SHAPED RAF OFFICERS CAP BADGE Excellent condition pre WW2 RAF Officers Cap Badge on "Tear Drop " Black Cloth backing. High relief Bullion wire Crown & lower wreath- Large Gilt Metal Eagle. Original Paper Backing-With additional "Popper Studs" added for removal from the cap -Normally associated with "Tropical Kit"
ENAMELLED 1914 ON WAR SERVICE BADGE Gilt metal & Blue Enamel 1914 "ON WAR SERVICE" badge. Maker marked to rear (W.J DINGLEY B'HAM) Very small chip to enamel (By the 1 on 1914)
ENAMELLED 1915 ON WAR SERVICE BADGE Gilt metal & Blue / White Enamel 1915 "ON WAR SERVICE" badge. Maker marked & numbered to rear (J.R GAUNT LONDON)
FINNISH PUKKO KNIFE & SCABBARD - NAMED BLADE Good Quality Finnish Pukko knife With "Curley Birch" hilt / handle & Crowned lion transfer. Single edged blade just under 4.5" long With makers name etc. to one side (Unfortunately I've no idea what it say's !!) Contained in its original embossed leather scabbard Blade has been sharpened at some point Leaving 2 x very minor edge "chips"-Hardly noticeable Could easily be re-sharpened and removed Nice quality knife with some age Good collectable condition
FREE STATE DANZIG COPPER ASHTRAY Pressed Copper Ashtray With embossed crest of "Free State Danzig" Front has been cleaned. Back with Original dark patina.
FRENCH 1859 ITALIAN WAR MEDAL 1859 Italian Campaign Medal For the Franco Austrian war (Italian war of Independence) France allied itself to Italy / Sardinia Against the Austrian Empire Bust of Napoleon III to one side The other has the names of 6 Major Battles Good clean Medal With a length of Original Ribbon
FRENCH 1874 GRAS BAYONET & SCABBARD MATCHING No.s Exceptional French 1874 Gras Bayonet Along with its scabbard both with matching No.s Scabbard with almost 100% original blue Brass has toned down with a nice dark patina Wooden grips in excellent condition Blade with almost 100% factory polish Spine marked by the Tulle Arsenal & dated 1877 No pitting no damage one of the best 1874's I've ever seen Make an excellent addition to any collection Admittedly not cheap but it's a "Cracker" !! REDUCED FROM £125 - £95
FRENCH INFANTRY OFFICERS NECK GORGET 1830-1848 Unusual French Officers Gorget Gilded brass body with attached white metal Gallic Rooster With original brass suspension buttons still attached Worn during the reign of Louis Phillip 1 (The July Monarchy 1830-1848) 100% genuine item In good collectable condition Not often seen in the UK (One of a small collection recently purchased)
FRENCH ST HELENA MEDAL 1792-1815 French Napoleonic Wars Campaign Medal Instituted in 1857 by Napoleon III For service between 1792-1815 Crowned "Chocolate Bronze" Medal Bust of Napoleon I to one side The other with - "Campaigns 1792-1815" "To His Companions in Glory His Last Thought" "St Helena 5 May 1821" With length of Original Ribbon
GENERAL SERVICE BADGE (PLASTIC) Kings Crown "Plastic" General Service Corps badge. Double Blade rear fixing- maker marked "A.STANLEY & SONS WALSALL"
GENUINE WW1 PENNY PIECES VARIOUS DATES Small lot of WW1 Copper Pennies All with some wear commensurate with age But all with readable dates etc Ideal for living history Small gifts etc. I will try to supply the date year requested Otherwise a random coin will be sent
GERMAN M42 HELMET SHELL & LINER BAND Good Solid M42 Helmet shell & partial liner. Untouched helmet shell lightly rust pitted all over -No paint finish at all just a nice even brown patina. Partial makers mark visible on rear skirt (513 ?) Steel liner band still in place with what remains of the leather liner & under felt. Condition is as per photo's -Far from a relic. Could easily be re-lined -Re finished etc.Good display item.
GERMAN M44 GLADIATOR TYPE CIVIL DEFENCE HELMET Good example of a German M44 "Gladiator" pattern helmet> One piece steel stamping -with makers code -"RL239/25" to rear skirt (Thale) Nine Finger leather liner (Ink stamped 57) & Crown pad. 5 x leather "Tab's" for attaching rear neck protector. Leather chinstrap has some age cracking but is still solid & complete.One helmet strap bale has been replaced with some sort of wire.Helmet has been re painted at some point -Satin Black as original-This appears to be of age not a modern re-paint-Possible post war use ?? Good looking helmet .
GERMAN OFFICERS "LETTER OPENER" SWORD Miniature Lion's Head "Letter Opener" Sword Cast Alloy Hilt / Knuckle Bow Plated 6.5" Blade O/A length 7.45" (Approx) Typical 1920's Souvenir piece Hilt has a dark grey finish Blade has some minor plating loss Good collectable item See pics for condition
GERMAN SPORTS BADGE RECORD BOOK Nice Original Record Book For the German Sports Badge With entries from 1934-1940 Owners photo stamped - "Gymnasium Heidelberg" Some minor creases -Edge damage etc But a Good Collectable item
GILT METAL Q/C ROYAL ARTILLERY OFFICERS CAP BADGE Excellent quality Q/C RA Officers Cap Badge Fire Gilt finished-With "Moving Wheel" Rear Loop fixings Difficult to improve on
GOOD 18TH CENTURY INDIAN BULOVA FIGHTING AXE Very nice Bulova Fighting axe Approx. 36.5" long With an 8" double crescent shaped head (Decorated with punch markings to both sides) Shaft appears to be hardwood of some sort Top end with metal banding etc. The bottom with a metal end cap and stylised spike A very nice axe- Displays well but is also good in the hand Well balanced and no doubt deadly .
HALLMARKED SILVER ARP BADGE Excellent quality H/M Silver ARP Badge Half moon fixing to rear
HAND MADE WW2 POLISH EAGLE WOODEN PLAQUE Unusual -If not "One Off" wooden plaque Approx 5.5" x 6" in size Made of 3 x pieces of wood The central piece being a highly detailed depiction, Of a Crowned Polish Eagle As worn / used by the Free Polish forces in the UK The rear has a carved dedication- "TO OUR FRIENDS - FROM FELEK & ROMEK 26-2-43" With a short period suspension chain. No doubt made by Polish Servicemen Possibly billeted with a family ? Cracking display item -If only it could talk !!
HEAVYWEIGHT "VICTORIAN" COTTON WORK / STABLE JACKET Very large & somewhat "Grubby" Victorian / Edwardian white cotton working jacket Unusual -It has 3 x pockets 1x Breast & 2 x lower 5x Brass buttons to the front (Victorian GS) 2x Victorian GS Buttons on the epaulet's Stand up collar with "Badge Marks" One lower arm shows the imprint of a "Kings Crown" As can be seen in the photo's This is Large possibly an "Over Jacket" Or Working Tunic of some sort Can't find any issue stamps at all. It's somewhat grubby round the Collar ,Cuffs & Pockets Victorian Buttons appear original ? As already stated it's had collar badges & a sleeve "Crown" Long since removed - Leaving "Holes" where the lugs went through the material Good condition -Could possibly go with a light clean !
HITLER YOUTH EAGLE DRUM HANGER Original Cast Brass / Bronze HJ Drum Hanger With Black leather belt loop Good condition With associated age wear
HMSO-BOMBER COMMAND Air Ministry account of Bomber Command's offensive against the Axis September 1939-July 1941. Good used condition Please note this may or may not have- "An odd loose or creased page"
HOME FRONT V FOR VICTORY ENAMEL LAPEL BADGE Blue Enamel & Gilt Metal patriotic lapel badge. Half moon rear fixing. Good clean condition
HUNGARIAN M1935 BAYONET & SCABBARD Scarce WW2 issue Hungarian bayonet For the 1935 patt Mannlicher Service rifle As can be seen it's in solid "Semi Relic" condition Being picked up last year at a Flea Market in Brittany France Some medium pitting to the muzzle ring & cross guard Wooden grip has split Push stud is free moving with a good spring return Hungarian Crest & weapon numbers are clearly stamped Blade in good condition - Dark in colour but not pitted Scabbard is good with minimal pitting No holes damage etc. with original frog stud Could be improved on no end If a new grip was made & fitted & pitting polished out You'd have a good example of a scarce bayonet
IMPERIAL GERMAN -BAVARIAN 1874 KRIEGERBUND BADGE Unusual Franco Prussian War Bavarian Veterans Badge 1874 dated Shield shaped badge- With a Bavarian lion & Stamped- "BAYER KRIEGERBUND" With Blue & White silk ribbons attached Printed with- "REICHENSWAND" & "VET SOLDATEN VEREIN" Original pin back fixing Maker Marked-" DESCHLER & SOHN MUNCHEN" Good collectable badge In very good condition
IMPERIAL GERMAN -PRE WW1 MOUNTED MEDAL GROUP Scarce Pre WW1 Medal Grouping Comprising of- Bavarian 1866 Austro Prussian War Cross Franco-Prussian 1870/71 War Medal Swing Mounted on a trapezoid pin back bar. Good Scarce combination to a Bavarian Soldier. Who would have fought with the Austrians against the Prussians in 1866, Then alongside the Prussians in 1870/71 against the French. 1897 Wilhelm 1 Centenary Medal
IMPERIAL GERMAN ERSATZ SAWBACK BAYONET & SCABBARD Scarce all steel WW1 Ersatz Butcher Saw Back Bayonet Good clean Saw Backed blade with proof mark to spine Ribbed pressed steel hilt With swept forward cross guard and 3/4 muzzle ring Working push button / fixing With Scarce 2 part Ersatz scabbard with applied top mount Similar to a leather & Steel scabbard Condition as per photo's Some sight pitting to the hilt (Old) Scabbard has some minor dents It has also slightly opened towards the tip (But nothing to detract from this item) Both scabbard and bayonet have been black painted This appears to be old paint Curiously the remains of red paint can also be seen on both Under the Black paint This could be stripped off and re-painted But I'd rather leave as is. Scarce bayonet in good collectable condition
IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVAL CAP TALLY Full length Japanese cap tally Approx 39.5" long (1 x meter) With gold printed Japanese Characters Swallow tail each end with gold anchor Unusual item in very good (If not folded) condition
ITALIAN COLONIAL FASCIST MEDAL FOR ETHIOPIA Unusual Bronze Italian Fascist Medal. Front showing the head of a colonial Soldier ,with an Ethiopian "Native" (Wearing a head dress) & Fascist Axe Behind, Reverse shows a Fascist Standard ,Weapons & the title for Ethiopia & Italy .
ITALIAN ONB "ASTRAKHAN" HAT / FEZ Very Unusual "Astrakhan" type hat or fez With attached Gilt "ONB" Badge With elasticated "Chin Strap" Raylon (Possibly nylon) type lining With a small hook on one top (Towards the back) Possibly for attaching a "Tassel " ?? Stored flat for years a very small size Would only fit a child ONB -Italian Fascist Youth organisation OPERA NAZIONALE BALILLA Operated from 1926-1937 For both Boys & Gils between 8-14 years old No idea at all on this one - No makers marks possibly Private purchase ??
LARGE WW1 GERMAN 21CM ARTILLERY SHELL CASE WW1 Imperial German Brass Shell case For the 21cm Howitzer 2 X Cases on offer - Head stamps of both are shown Both dated 1918 (FEB & MARCH) Impressive looking case Good collectable condition Due to weight restrictions UK POSTAGE ONLY Please contact for postage cost's - Collection possible North Kent area
LARGE WW1 PATRIOTIC CELLULOID FLAG PIN Unusual WW1 Patriotic Flag pin, Actual pin is approx 5.5cm tall. With attached Celluloid "Flag" depicting the WW1 Allies, Great Britain, France, Belgium & Imperial Russia
LEE ENFIELD No.9 MK1 BAYONET+SCABBARD & FROG No.9 MK1 Bowie Bladed Bayonet Socket markings indicate manufactured by Enfield in 1955 Various other stamps Broad Arrows etc. Standard Steel Scabbard Fitted in a 1907 Bayonet frog dated 1945 Some paint loss to hilt Otherwise a good clean collectable bayonet
LEE ENFIELS No.4 MK11 PIG STICKER BAYONET No.4 MK11 Pig Sticker Bayonet & Scabbard Good clean condition
LUFTWAFFE 2 X PIECE ALUMINIUM BELT BUCKLE Good Original Luftwaffe Aluminium Belt Buckle Lightweight "Parade" version Front Roundel being held on by 4 x tabs No makers marks, Only "Fault" is a slight dent to the center of the Eagle Nice addition to any collection
MATCHED PAIR WW2 "HG" HOME GUARD SLIP ON SHOULDERS Good Original pair Black on Green -HG Shoulder titles Some very slight moth to the face of both of them Not at all noticeable Part of a small lot to one HG member Recently purchased Nice Collectable condition
MINIATURE AFS LAPEL BADGE Excellent quality AFS Lapel Badge Approx 2cm x 1.2cm in size Half moon rear fixing Maker marked -"KENART"
MINIATURE ARP BUTTON HOLE BADGE Excellent quality ARP Lapel Badge Approx 2cm x 1.2cm in size Half moon rear fixing Appears to be un-marked Silver
NAMED / DATED WW2 RA OFFICERS TUNIC / CAP ETC. 82ND WEST AFRICAN DIV Unusual Wartime named & dated RA Officers tunic Complete with Side Cap, Sam Browne Belt & Cross Strap, Un-dated white metal whistle on lanyard 4 X Pocket tunic-Shoulder rank of Captain Complete with all buttons -Both Collar Badges etc. 82nd West African "Div Sign"-on each arm Large embroidered / padded badges Approx 2" x 2.5" in size With attached medal ribbons- 39/45 & Burma Stars,War & Defence Medals Named & Dated tailors label to inside pocket (BERNARD WETHERILL LTD CONDUIT ST W1) To " 40154 W.F MALLENDER-31-10-42" Private Purchase Officers Side Cap (GIEVES & Co OLD BOND STREET) With Bronzed GS Buttons (No Cap Badge fitted) With heavy duty Sam Browne Belt & Cross Strap In my own collection for at least 10 years Exactly how I obtained it- Worthy of full research (Didn't get round to it !) Only "Faults"- A Couple of small moth holes to the side cap One Div sign has a small "Nip" to the black edging No hole in the badge just a break to the "Chain Stitch" One epaulette has become partially unstitched Small edge section where side cap has been pushed through Over all a very nice looking lot Displays well -Excellent investment potential
NAMED VIETNAM WAR PERIOD 101ST AIRBORNE DRES TUNIC Four Pocket US Dress tunic Badged to the 101st Airborne Named and dated inside- "CPL G.T BUSE VIETNAM 1969" Second label inside the pocket again shows- "55LD CPL G.T BUSE SAIGON 1969" Tunic has medal ribbons attached via clutch back fixings Unit Citation - South Vietnam Gallantry cross Long Service Good Conduct Medal Vietnam Service Medal with 2 x Silver Stars (Indicating participation in 10 campaign periods) South Vietnamese Campaign Medal National Defence Medal Airborne Infantry Oval Pocket patch (509th ?) Appears to be missing a C.I.B award (Pin Holes visible above the LSGC) Jump wing also missing (Pin Holes visible on oval backing) Both US Collar Discs missing clutch back fixings A Cracking looking display item Possibly traceable with the name dates etc on the label
NAMED WW1 BRITISH HOLSTER + SAM BROWNE BELT WW1 Period Sam Brown belt & attached holster Un-dated / Un-marked Belt & Cross strap In good used condition With attached leather holster Marked under the "Flap" "CAPT HANHAM 25TH F.AMB" Holster minus "End Plug" Rear "Suspension loop" secured by 2 x Wire fixings Otherwise all stitching tight & secure Both belt & Holster could do with "A Feed" Good research project (Possibly an Australian ??)
NAMED WW2 DEFENCE MEDAL -CAPTAIN L MITCHELL WW2 Defence medal Named "Boot's" style- "CAPTAIN L MITCHELL" Totally un researched Could make an interesting project- Home Guard ? Regular Army who knows !
NAMED WW2 RAF MEDAL GROUP WW2 RAF Medal Grouping Consisting of -39/45,Africe & Italy Stars & War Medal All Privately named to - "F/LT NORMAN NEWPORT 107961" Mounted on Card- Un researched- Excellent investment potential
NAMED WW2 STAFF OFFICERS TUNIC POSS P.O.W ?? Very "Tired" Staff Officers tunic Been heavily repaired- Pocket Darned,Elbow Patched Sleeves lengthened Inner lining patched in places But all done very well -Possibly by a tailor Rank Pips & Medal Ribbons are missing There is a faint & grubby name label Sown into the collar -As per picture It appears to read- "COL J.W OWEN RASC" A little digging shows There was a COL J.W OWEN taken POW POW Roll shows him as "General List" Can't confirm it's the same man - But looks likely - Why would a Colonel have such a "Tatty Uniform ??" If it is the same chap he was an Old POW John Wortley Owen Born 03/04/1888 Died 26/11/1951 Served in France Egypt & Palestine Entitled to Mons Star + MID A.D of S&T BEF11/03/40-22/5/40 Rank of Acting Col 16/03/40-6/6/45 I can't see any other Wartime service Again making me think that both men are one & the same Needs proper research - If I'm correct a very scarce tunic No doubt worn & repaired in a POW Camp ! Please note this is Old -Scruffy -Worn Not in any way mint or "Fault Free" Please remember this if purchasing !!
NAPOLEONIC WARS DUTCH NAVAL CUTLASS Early Dutch Naval Cutlass Circa 1790-95 Brass hilted side arm-Wire bound shark skin grip With "Dog's Head " pommel & 2 x bar hilt- Back edge of grip with numerous markings. Slightly curved single edged blade approx. 21" long- No makers marks or armoury markings at all. Blade has age darkened -with a fairly even patina - Some small areas of old rusting With original leather scabbard-with brass top mount . Unfortunately missing it's frog stud and chape- Identical item found on a US dealers site Stated that this style of cutlass was- "From a well known group, produced under the pressure of war, A variation of which incorporates an A within the guard for Amsterdam." Unusual cutlass in good condition for its age Blade could possibly be cleaned If another chape was fitted to the Scabbard You'd have a cracking piece of Napoleonic kit REDUCED FROM £275 - £225
NAZI PARTY REICHSPARTAG DAY BADGE 1936 1936 Dated Nazi party day badge These were purchased at the yearly rallies held at Nuremburg Good quality badge -Maker marked to the rear "G.BREHMER MARKNEUKIRCHEN" With Original pin fitting
NO.4 MK11 BAYONET & SCABBARD / FROG ..INDIAN ARMY ISSUE MK11 Spike Bayonet Socket maker marked BEC N96 one side (Baird Engineering Company Belfast ) With a Crowned IG-Indian Army inspection mark In MK 11 parallel sided Steel scabbard (Alloy mouth piece) Scabbard fitted in a 39 patt spike bayonet webbing frog Good clean collectable condition (Indian Spike Bayonets are scarce most Indian troops being issued with the SMLE Rifle and used 1907 Sword bayonets or the Indian versions of them)
NO.4 MK11 BAYONET ..LONG BRANCH -1940 DATED FROG MK11 Spike Bayonet Socket maker marked LB one side (Long Branch ) In MK 1 Steel scabbard (Alloy mouth piece) Scabbard fitted in a 1940 dated 39 patt webbing frog Good clean collectable condition
NO.4 MK11 BAYONET IN MK111 PLASTIC SCABBARD & FROG PSK... MK11* Spike Bayonet Socket maker marked P.S.K one side (Prince Smith & Stells of Keighley) SNA (Don't know this one) on the other In MK 111 parallel sided plastic scabbard (Alloy mouth piece) Scabbard fitted in a 39 patt webbing frog Good clean collectable condition
NO.4 MK11 BAYONET MK111 PLASTIC SCABBARD & FROG ... MK11 Spike Bayonet Socket maker marked N67 one side (Singer Manufacturing) 85z (Don't know this one) on the other Spike with screw driver type tip (Pictured) In MK 111 parallel sided plastic scabbard (Alloy mouth piece) Scabbard fitted in a 39 patt webbing frog Good clean collectable condition
No.4 MK11 SPIKE BAYONET + SCABBARD & FROG Good clean No.4 MK11 Spike Bayonet With Scabbard (Still full of grease) Complete with Scarce Correct spike frog Frog dated 1952 to the back - But identical to a wartime produced item
NOTTS & DERBY CAP BADGE Kings Crown Bi-Metal Notts & Derby cap badge Bi-Metal with slider back
NUMBERED WW2 AFS BUTTON HOLE BADGE Excellent quality AFS Badge Red Enamel & white metal (Appears to be un-marked Silver) Numbered half moon rear fixing (59275)
NUMBERED WW2 SOVIET "MEDAL OF BATTLE MERIT " Good Original Soviet medal on its original mounting bar Soviet Medal for Battle Merit Numbered 667865 to the rear Some of the red enamel is missing from the front "CCCP" But to be honest you don't notice this - Unless you look under a glass Possibly researchable through the serial number Nice medal in good honest collectable condition.
OLD ORIGINAL TUAREG TELEK ARM DAGGER Good looking Tuareg "Telek" dagger 4.75" decorated Brass Cruciform type hilt 8" Double edged blade- Some minor rust / sharpening marks etc. to blade But over all a nice looking knife Contained in it's Original Brown leather Scabbard With original hilt retaining strap & arm loop Difficult to age exactly but NOT a Tourist item I'd put it around the 1880-1900 period. Good collectable item In good collectable condition
ORIGINAL BRASS SA BELT BUCKLE Good early 2 x piece SA Buckle Brass body with separately applied central roundel Double pronged steel roller fitting to the rear Good honest item In un cleaned condition Direct Veteran's family purchase
ORIGINAL CASED WW1 GERMAN BINOCULARS Scarce WW1 German 1908 patt binoculars Complete in their Original Ersatz case Binoculars have almost 100% original painted finish Original eye piece protector & leather neck strap Ersatz case with original instructions to the lid (Resin impregnated rigid cloth or hessian) Retaining both belt loops & suspension buckle Only "Fault" one side closing strap is torn Otherwise almost mint condition Very collectable WW1 item
ORIGINAL WW1 MINIATURE "1914 MONS TRIO" Original 1914 "Mons Trio" Good quality Miniature medals With original "Silk Ribbons" On swing mounting bar
ORIGINAL WW1 MINIATURE MEDAL "PAIR" Original WW1 War & Victory Medal Pair Good quality Miniature medals With original "Silk Ribbons" On swing mounting bar
PAIR KINGS CROWN RAF SQUADRON LEADERS DRESS EPAULETTES Good Clean pair RAF Dress Epaulettes No makes markings Slip on Leather backed type With Brass Button eyelets Excellent display item
PAIR 11TH ARMOURED BRIGADE DIV SIGNS Matched Pair of Uniform Removed Printed Felt- 11th Armoured Brigade Div Signs
PAIR EAST YORKSHIRE RGT OFFICERS COLLAR BADGES Excellent quality Gilt Metal East Yorkshire Rgt Officers Collar badges. Multi Piece construction with separate central device. Maker marked to rear -"J.R GAUNT LONDON"
PAIR KINGS CROWN RAF FLIGHT LT DRESS EPAULETTES Good Clean pair RAF Dress Epaulettes Manufactured by "GIEVES" With original laces to the rear Odd Minor Moth nip- Nothing to detract from the item 1925 marked to the back (Date ??)
PAIR OF BRITISH KD DESERT / TROPICAL SHORTS Pair Size 5 ? KD Shorts Complete with all Buttons & Buckles Double wrap round "Belt" Label very Faded / Grubby Ink WD Stamp (L 327) No idea if Wartime or Just Post War Good clean undamaged pair of Shorts
PAIR OF WOODEN SOUVENIR CLOGS HOLLAND 1944 Small very well made pair of Dutch "Liberation Clogs" Approx 5.5" long hand carved & decorated with- Windmills & trees & a painted inscription, "Souvenir Holland 3 Nov 1944" The date could be a reference to "Operation Switchback" A Canadian Operation to destroy the "Breskens Pocket" In the South of the the Schelt Estury Unusual little items in good collectable condition
PAIR OF WW1 / WW2 BRITISH CLOTH PUTTEES Matched pair of WW1 / WW2 cloth puttees As can be seen from photo's Both are WD Stamped-Maker Marked & Dated Unfortunately both the Makers details & Dates Are somewhat rubbed / distorted- My guess is - "E.H TANKARD & CO LTD" 19 ?? I'd have a guess that the Puttees are WW2 Vintage Excellent display items.
PAIR OF WW2 RAC MAJORS TROPICAL SIP ON EPAULETTS Nice clean pair of tropical slip on epaulettes Both with a yellow backed cloth crown (Major Royal Armoured Corps)
PAIR P/ PURCHASE RAF 1936 PATT FLYING BOOTS Pair of Private Purchase RAF Flying boots 1936 pattern - Sheep skin lined -With roller buckle knee straps Remains of unreadable label in one boot So but no makers / size details But would estimate an 8 or possibly a size 9 Heavy "Commando" type soles These appear to be period - With plenty of wear to them. (As per photo's) Nice pair of boots for a display Would clean up / take a polish very well
PAIR WW1 PERIOD AUSTRO HUNGARIAN SWORD HILT CANDLE STICKS Nice matched pair of Sword Hilt candlesticks Possibly either Austro Hungarian or Bavarian in origin Hilts / Blades have been painted black Fixed to large circular "Bronze / Brass " bases With decorative candle mounts attached to the blades Nice looking unusual items in Good Collectable condition
PAIR WW2 AUSTRALIAN COLLAR BADGES -43RD HINDMARSH REGIMENT Matched pair of Black Painted Australian Collar badges 43rd Battalion Hindmarsh Regiment (Victoria) As worn between 1930 & 1942 Complete with rear loop fixings In very good collectable condition
PAIR WW2 AUSTRALIAN PUTTEES DATED 1943 Original WW2 Australian puttees Dated 1943 & marked with the Broad arrow & Double D May have the odd moth "Nip" But good honest original items
PAIR WW2 CATERING CORPS ARM OF SERVICE FELT FLASHES Pair of WW2 ACC branch of service flashes Grey / Yellow joined felt strips Obtained from a now closed - Military outfitters in Woolwich -SE London (Along with dozens of other original ww2 insignia items) Good clean collectable condition
PAIR WW2 CIVIL DEFENCE ARP WARDENS SHOULDER TITLES Original WW2 matched pair of WARDEN shoulder titles
PAIR WW2 CIVIL DEFENCE RESCUE SHOULDER TITLES Original WW2 Pair of Civil Defence "RESCUE" shoulder titles
PAIR WW2 EASTERN COMMAND DIV SIGNS Pair of uniform removed, Printed cotton Eastern Command Div signs
PAIR WW2 INDIAN ARMY ORDNANCE CORPS LT COL SLIP ON SHOULDERS Genuine WW2 Period IOAC Lt Col's slip on Shoulder titles / epaulette's Appear to be manufactured locally or "In the Field" As can be seen the epaulette's are faded / worn No doubt from being worn in a hot tropical climate Only real "Fault" one cloth "Pip" Has become partially unstitched- Still held in place by the remaining stitches Displays very well Good Genuine Collectable items
PAIR WW2 QUEENS REGIMENT SHOULDER TITLES Original WW2 Pair of Khaki "QUEENS" Regiment shoulder titles
PAIR WW2 REME ARM OF SERVICE FELT FLASHES Pair of WW2 REME branch of service flashes Blue / Yellow / Red joined felt strips Obtained from a now closed - Military outfitters in Woolwich -SE London (Along with dozens of other original ww2 insignia items) Good clean collectable condition
PEWTER TANKARD NAMED TO CSM 2ND BATT ROYAL WEST KENT'S Half pint Pewter tankard With badge of - "2nd Bn THE QUEENS OWN ROYAL WEST KENT REGT" Engraved with the following- "C.S.M A.HENNESSEY 12.2.21" Glass bottomed tankard Manufactures / retailer marked to the underside- "PHILLIPS ALDERSHOT" No major dings dents or damage General surface scratches etc. Quick internet search shows- Still with the RWK's in May 1940 (R.S.M 5th Bn) Good clean item worthy of further research.
PHOTO PORTRAIT -WW1 AUSTRALIAN SOLDIER Good quality Black & White Photo Of an Australian WW1 "Digger" On white card mount By Lafeyette of London (Slight separation to one edge) Inscribed to the back in ink- "Joan,finances at the present won't run to frame -Sorry !"
POST WAR BRITISH MAJOR GENERALS MESS DRESS JACKET Guards Officers "Mess Dress" Excellent quality Scarlet tunic Quilted "Satin" lining Numerous loops for medals / decorations "Dress" Coldstream Guards lapel badges Tailors label in the pocket named to- "MAJ GEN W.A.G BURNS AUG 59" A quick "Google" shows a highly decorated soldier Who served in - WW2, Palestine, London District HQ- Finally ending up as - Major General commanding the Household Brigade Born in 1911-Died 1997 Excellent example of Officers Mess dress To one of the highest ranking officers in the British army. Excellent investment potential
POST WAR COMMUNIST RUSSIAN WAL FLAG Large Double sided "Patriotic" Soviet Flag Lennin & Marx one side Soviet "Globe / Hammer & Sickle" to the other As well as various "Slogans" Printed on Red synthetic silk With Yellow tassel fringes 3 x "Hanging Loops" (One partially unstitched) Becoming more difficult to find- A Good Original Cold War example
PRE WW1 BULGARIAN BRAVERY CROSS 3RD CLASS Bulgarian Bravery Cross 3rd Class (With Swords) Original Pre WW1 1879 Issue (The latter WW1 Issue is dated 1915 on the reverse) Issued to "Low Rank Soldiers" For - "Exceptional Actions in the face of Remarkable Danger" Mounted on Original Blue / Grey ribbon This is the Bulgarian equivalent to a German "Iron Cross" Good Clean medal
PRINTED COTTON LDV ARM BAND Printed Khaki L.D.V Armband Made of lightweight cotton Just over 2.5" wide With some minor damage (As shown) To the top edge & rear (See pics for detail)
PRIVATE PURCHASE WILLIAM RODGERS "COMMANDO KNIFE" William Rodgers "Commando" type knife Chunky Stag horn grip with leather spacers And large aluminium pommel. (Hilt approx. 4..5" long) Thin Shaped Brass Cross guard 5.5" Double edged "Commando" type blade (Very tip of the blade rounded off) With - "WILLIAM RODGERS - I CUT MY WAY" On one side - "MADE IN SHEFFIELD ENGLAND" On the other Complete with leather scabbard (Hilt retaining strap fastener has pulled through the leather) Been used a recent garage find Like all Rodgers knives collectable in its own right Good honest knife in fair collectable condition
RELIC WW2 GERMAN StG44 -MP44 MAGAZINE Unusual WW2 Relic German StG44 - MP44 Magazine Picked up at a French Flea market in 2016 (Vannes Brittany) No internals at all just the outer shell Rusted but stable !
RELIC WW2 VICKERS K MACHINE GUN MAGAZINE Unusual WW2 Relic Vickers K Drum mag As used by the RAF & SAS on armoured jeeps Picked up in a French Flea market in 2016 (Vannes Brittany ) Stable but very rusty !
ROYAL ARTILLERY CAP BADGE Brass Kings Crown Royal Artillery Cap Badge, Non moving wheel & slider back.
ROYAL CORPS OF SIGNALS CAP BADGE Bi -Metal Kings Crown Royal Signals cap badge Slider back
ROYAL ENGINEERS CAP BADGE Kings Crown Darkened Brass R.E cap badge. George 6th Cypher -Slider back Slightly "Bent" into shape no doubt by it's original wearer !
ROYAL ENGINEERS CAP BADGE Kings Crown Bi- Metal R.E cap badge. George 6th Cypher -Slider back
ROYAL FUSILIERS OFFICERS KD SIDE CAP Excellent quality Officers Side Cap With Bronze Royal Fusiliers Cap Badge & GS Buttons Silk ? lined with a Velvet sweat band No moth or damage
SCARCE WW1 BELGIAN YSER CROSS & DOCUMENT Original WW1 Belgian Yser Cross Heavy Bronze & Enamel Cross Belgian Lion & YSER to one side With a Naked Male figure & the dates- 17-31 Oct 1914 to the other. Original ribbon & pin mount Complete with its issue document As per photo's- The Doc is somewhat creased But not torn or damaged The recipients details are clearly written So research is a distinct possibility Rare WW1 Belgian grouping Never seen the doc before !
SET OF 12 WW2 POLISH BUTTONS 12 WW2 Olive Green Polish buttons Plastic body with metal shanks All with the Crowned Polish Eagle No makers marks / details to the rear Genuine WW2 buttons Almost mint condition (Possibly never issued)
SILVER GRADE NAZI MOTHERS CROSS 2nd Class Silver & Enamel "Mothers Cross" Awarded by the German State to "Eligible Mothers" Between 1938-1945-for having 6 - 7 Children (An amazingly long criteria / set of conditions applied) Good overall condition- Some minor wear to the back (As per photo) Complete with length of "Neck Ribbon"
SPANISH CIVIL WAR "FASCIST ALLIANCE" BADGE Brass Spanish Civil War pin badge Showing the painted flags of the Fascist Alliance Falange,Spain,Portugal,Germany,Italy & Carlist Approx -2.75" long with a rear pin back fixing Very well made period item Not a modern "Souvenir" Unusual & not seen before
STAG HORN HILTED SHEATH KNIFE & SCABBARD Old Stag Horn hilted sheath knife Almost a "Fat Boy" type grip Very large and rounded- But fits in the hand very well Unmarked 4.75" single edged blade Thin brass cross guard- The lower one slightly longer than the upper Protecting the lower finger Shaped Alloy pommel With Red/Black coloured spacers In an old leather Scabbard With push stud hilt retaining strap Sheath clearly for another knife But they have been together a very long time Recently came with a WW2 RAF Navigators lot Who trained in Canada-Served Europe & Far East Also had some Post War service Wartime ?? Don't know Possibly 1950's Would clean up very well Good looking usable knife
SUDANESE / DERVISH - MAHDIST SPEAR HEAD (1) Antique Sudanese Spear head- Of typical broad "Leaf" type design O/A Length including the short socket is 14.5" Blade approx. 3.5" at its widest point Double edged blade is hand made with basic line decoration With a large central ridge Some minor edge damage pitting etc. All commensurate with age One of three spear heads recently obtained, From a long standing collector of ethnic weaponry Unusual item(s) not often seen on the collectors market.
SUDANESE / DERVISH - MAHDIST SPEAR HEAD (2) Antique Sudanese Spear head- Slightly smaller than the previous one offered O/A Length including the short socket is 14 " Blade approx. 2.5" at its widest point Double edged blade is hand made with basic line decoration With a large central ridge Some minor edge damage pitting etc. All commensurate with age One of three spear heads recently obtained, From a long standing collector of ethnic weaponry Unusual item(s) not often seen on the collectors market.
SUDANESE / DERVISH - MAHDIST SPEAR HEAD (3) Antique Sudanese Spear head- Of an elongated "Leaf" type design O/A Length including the short socket is 13.25" Blade approx. 1.75" at its widest point Blade is hand made with basic line decoration With a large central ridge Some minor edge damage pitting etc. All commensurate with age One of three spear heads recently obtained, From a long standing collector of ethnic weaponry Unusual item(s) not often seen on the collectors market.
SUFFOLK REGIMENT CAP BADGE Kings Crown Suffolk Regiment cap badge Heavy weight Bi-Metal badge slider back (Highlights slightly "Rubbed" but an excellent quality badge)
TURKISH / ARAB JAMBIA DAGGER CARVED GRIP HEJAZ 1916 Old Turkish / Arab Jambia dagger Somewhat crude in construction Heavily curved blade Approx 10" long With makers or armoury markings to one side Dark wooden grip With carved decoration / Inscription "HEJAZ 1916" Pommel top & Scabbard Covered in thin sheet brass Decorated in geometric designs Wooden grip has a small crack in it- A pin has been placed in the collar mount splitting the hilt Nothing of real worth It does not in any way weaken the hilt Still strong & solid with no movement Honest item crude in construction but original Picked up via a local house clearance HEJAZ 1916- Appears to refer to the WW1 Turkish Railway ? Or possibly the WW1 Arab Revolt (Lawrence of Arabia fame !!)
UNCUT PAIR WW2 ROYAL ARTILLERY ARM OF SERVICE FLASHES Uncut pair of WW2 RA branch of service flashes Blue / Red embroidered cotton on felt Obtained from a now closed - Military outfitters in Woolwich -SE London (Along with dozens of other original ww2 insignia items) Good clean collectable condition Price is for 1 x Pair (2 X Flashes)
UNUSUAL 1853 PATT CAVALRY SWORD & SCABBARD Interesting 1853 Patt Cavalry Sabre All Iron / Steel construction Standard 3 bar hilt, Compressed leather grips etc. But totally devoid from ANY markings No proof ,bending or acceptance marks No trace at all of a WD Broad Arrow Complete with double ring heavy steel scabbard This is marked " 5L - 309 " Sword & scabbard appear to have always "Been together" Both having the same dark patina (Light / medium surface rust) No major pitting or damage- Just an even colouration, slightly rough to the touch There MAY be markings on the sword guard I honestly can't see any even under a glass,so doubt it The lack of markings are a quandary Is this an Export Sword Thousands were sold to the Confederacy in the US Civil War Or one that slipped proofing etc. in the UK I'm assuming the "5L"scabbard markings Relate to the 5th Lancers But I could be wrong ! Any info welcome Good sword in used -Been there condition A wipe over with a polishing / oil cloth brings it up a treat. UK postage only -Unless own courier is arranged REDUCED FROM £495 -£395
UNUSUAL INDONESIAN ? HORN HILTED DAGGER Unusual little knife - To be honest I'm not too sure where it's from Possibly Indian Sub Continent -Or Indonesia I can't find one similar anywhere to compare it. Elongated Carved Green Horn (Rat Tail) Hilt (Approx.7" Long) with "White Metal" decoration 5.5" blade Engraved with a Temple ? & Buddha ? Contained in a hardwood scabbard With white metal decoration and "Cut out" section This displays the Buddha's face when sheathed In very good condition- Any info welcome !!
UNUSUAL WW2 (?) HOME GUARD LEATHER GAITERS Brown Leather "Home Guard" gaiters Appear to be 1939/40 patt leather equipment Grained leather with double strap / buckle fittings Broad Arrow stamped with "33" Can't be 1933 ??- as far as I can see, This pattern of leather equipment was not in use then Any info greatly appreciated !! Good Supple leather A couple of period repairs to straps (Re Sown) Good looking display items
UNUSUAL WW2 INDIAN FIGHTING KNIFE & SCABBARD Horn hilted Indian Fighting Knife with Knuckle Bow Large recurved blade approx. 11" long Stamped "MILITARY SUPPLY SYNDICATE" Thin (But functional) white metal knuckle bow Well made horn grip with White metal banding Contained in a leather covered wooden scabbard With Metal tip. Scabbard slightly "A/F" - Has a partial split along one edge but still "Holds Firm" No movement still a solid scabbard Belt loop to the rear A/F & torn But a very unusual yet functional weapon Also have a Kukri from the same veterans effects Also marked "MILITARY SUPPLY SYNDICATE" Appears to have been manufactured by smaller firms And or businesses to "Plug a Gap" in military orders This is not a Post War fantasy item - It's as seen -A quality fighting knife from WW2 Period PLEASE NOTE UK POSTAGE ONLY
VICTORIAN BRASS "DOOR STOP" GENERAL GORDON Heavy loaded Brass Door Stop. Approx 11.75" tall Showing a "British Officer" mounted on a Camel Wearing a Pith Helmet, Neck Order, Shoulder Sash ,Sword etc And holding Binoculars Thought to be a Victorian representation of- Major General Charles Gordon Killed Khartoum Sudan 26th January 1885 After his death may "Patriotic" items were produced To commemorate his Life, Death & Service to the Crown. As per photo's - Hollow backed with a "Lead " infill. Good Collectable item
VICTORIAN KENT RIFLE VOLUNTEERS OFFICERS SWORD Victorian Officers sword & Scabbard Blade lightly etched with - Crown VR & Strung Bugle Horn one side "KENT RIFLE VOLUNTEERS " to the other Unusually the hilt is that of a 1821 Patt Artillery Sword Wire wrapped sharkskin grip in excellent condition Hilt & Scabbard have some light pitting With and a deep black / brown finish Appears to have been used at some point- 2 x distinct "Cut Marks" to the hilt With a similar "Slice" mark to the blade neat the ricasso With some very small edge nicks to the blade its self Quite an unusual item - Mid Victorian volunteer units were raised from 1859 onwards To counter the possibility of war with France Officers would purchase there own weapons & equipment Not always standard with that of Army regulations Hence the marriage of an Artillery Officers Sword hilt With the blade of a Rifle Volunteer unit An interesting sword in good collectable condition REDUCED FROM £375 - £295
VICTORIAN KRRC FIELD OFFICERS HORSE'S THROAT PLUME Very unusual item of KRRC Field Officers Horse furniture Large Red & Black died Horse Hair "Tail" Attached to a heavy "White Metal" flaming Grenade Suspended from a leather strap Which was worn suspended around the horses neck The Throat Plume is shown on a period print That is included in this sale Very unusual item not often seen Would frame / display very well indeed.
VINTAGE "BUSHMANS FRIEND" SHEATH KNIFE Good Quality Vintage Sheath Knife With Leather Scabbard Approx 9" long With a 5" "Clip Point" blade Marked as per photo's "BUSHMANS FRIEND" "MALEHAM & YEOMANS SHEFFIELD" Two piece "Rose Wood" grips With Brass escutcheon & screw bolts (Marked "WARRANTED SUPERIOR") Excellent quality leather scabbard With "Pancake flapper" type bely loop This is heavily stamped with makers details Trade mark etc etc All in all a nice quality knife Slight discolouration to the blade tip (As per photo) Not too sure on the age - 1920/30's ?? No doubt researchable from the manufactures details
VINTAGE ETHIOPIAN / DERVISH SHOTEL SWORD & SCABBARD Unusual Ethiopian / Dervish "Shotel" Evil looking Sword in original hide scabbard Sickle shaped double edged blade Approx 27" "Across" (Hilt to Blade Tip) Almost 2" Wide at the Centre point Shaped one piece wooden grip (Slight Damage -Old) With a Geometrically decorated metal "Pommel Top" Hard hand sown hide scabbard With a reinforced end tip- Genuine vintage item -not a tourist piece Purchased with the Shield also listed
VINTAGE SOMALI / ETHIOPIAN DERVISH HIDE SHIELD- Good Vintage "DERVISH" shield or "Buckler" Approx 14.5" across Front with intricate Punch Work patterns With large Circular "Boss" Rear has a sturdy Hide Hand Grip Remains of coloured ink decoration To the Back Central area. Some Minor distortion But a very nice example of this type of Shield Purchased with the Shotel -Also listed
VINTAGE THROWING KNIFE & SCABBARD Very good quality Throwing knife Exact age / country of origin unknown Though thought to be British - Possibly 1950's manufacture Well balanced knife- 7.25" O/A Length With very thin "Pressed Leather" grips Totally devoid of any markings - Nothing at all -"Sterile" item Contained in a slightly later (?) Leather scabbard- Some loss to edge stitching- But held firmly together by it's rivets Retaining strap slightly shortened But all in all a nice quality item
VINTAGE WALLASEY BOROUGH POLICE WOODEN TRUNCHEON 16" Turned Wood Police Truncheon Marked "W.B.P" General age wear & a central "Crack" Nothing to worry about Truncheon is still solid -no movement at all (Possibly caused by Central Heating) Internet research shows WBP stands for- Wallasey Borough Police The force existed from 1913-1967 Good Collectable item Identifiable to one particular force.
WAR MERIT CROSS 2ND CLASS & WINTER WAR MEDAL Picked up together -So sold together, War Merit Cross 2nd Class (With Swords) Winter War Medal & Tunic Ribbon Bar Good honest medals- Original ribbons-Condition as per photo's Direct purchase from deceased Veteran's family (5th Batt Royal West Kent's -Served Italy ) Good collectable medals
WARTIME N.S.C WORKS POLICE CLOTH BADGE Unusual & Unidentified "N.S.C WORKS POLICE" padded cloth badge. Black & Yellow in typical wartime Civil Defence colours. Oval felt badge approx. 7cm across .Yellow cotton embroidered wording .Heavily padded on a cotton backing. Either worn on Denim type overall's or possibly on a peaked cap. Good Clean Unusual Badge
WARWICKSHIRE HOME GUARD ROCKET BATTERY ASH TRAY Brass Ashtray with very unusual badge attached Red & Black enamel badge of the- 231/108 WARWICKSHIRE HOME GUARD ROCKET AA BATTERY RA 1943-44 Never seen one like it before Badge could possibly be removed - Assume it's soft soldered on Nice bit of HG / Home Front memorabilia
WEBBING LEE ENFIELD RIFLE SLING Un-dated Webbing Rifle sling As used on SMLE / No.4 Rifles Green blanco'd finish -With no visible markings (Possibly something under the Blanco ??) Complete with Brass end clips Good cheap & usable item !
WW1 (?) ROYAL ARTILLERY OFFICERS SIDE CAP Un-marked RA Officers Coloured Side Cap Listed as WW1 due to size As in it's quite "Slim" (4" high) Later Side Caps tend to be "Taller" Bronze Officers side badge Kings Crown front buttons Internal "Velvet " liner band No makers or date markings at all. No holes or moth damage- Good item in excellent collectors condition
WW1 / WW11 ITALIAN CROSS BELT INSIGNIA VICTOR EMMANUEL 111 Impressive Italian white metal cross belt insignia Comprising of a large cast Crowned Eagle With the Cross of Savoy on it's chest Connected by 2 x "Chains" to Arrow "Prickers" (Purely ornamental these were originally used to clear the vents on percussion / flintlock weapons) The Prickers are slotted into the back of a White metal shield With a gilt metal Cypher of Victor Emmanuel 111 attached Rear of both Eagle and shield have attachment tabs For fitting to the Cross belt. This could have been either worn during WW1 or WW2 (Victor Emmanuel reigned from 1900-1946) Good collectable condition and not often seen
WW1 / WW2 "FRENCH" FIGHTING KNIFE Unusual hand made fighting knife 6.25" "Leaf" shaped double edged blade 5.25" Two piece shaped wooden grips Held by 3x copper rivets Very well balanced knife- Sits well in the hand Listed as "French" as obtained in France ! Good looking "One Off" item
WW1 / WW2 DEVONSHIRE REGIMENT CAP BADGE Good Original Bi -metal Devonshire Regiment cap badge Rear slider fixing In good collectable condition
WW1 / WW2 QUEENS REGIMENT CAP BADGE & SHOULDER TITLES Good Original Queens Regiment Cap Badge With matching pair of Brass Shoulder titles
WW1 /WW11 BRITISH "BULLS EYE" SIGNAL TORCH British WW1 Period all steel signal torch Large Bulls Eye lens With sliding Red / Green coloured filters On /Off rocker switch to the top No markings on case what so ever Rear leather belt loop with additional button fixing (Grained P14 type Leather ) Original black painted finish Some minor surface rusting,but nothing deep no holes etc All internals look clean just needs a battery This pattern were used in both WW1 & WW11 But the large "Bulls Eye" lens Leads me to believe this is a WW1 example
WW1 1914 DATED KEW GARDENS FIRE BRIGADE UNIFORM JACKET Scarce WW1 "Home Front" fire brigade tunic, Made of heavy black material, piped in red Two button down breast pockets 5 x General Service buttons to the front (Two on the back -As per photo's) Stand up collar with embroidered "FB" insignia Internal label marked - "KEW FIRE BRIGADE" Height -5-9"- 5-10" Breast 36-37 Waist 31-32 ARTHUR MILLER With a WD "Broad Arrow" & 1914 Also the Ink initials M.G have been added (Possibly belonging to the original owner) Royal Botanical Gardens Kew Had it's own Fire Brigade Formed in 1882 & stood down in the 1920's When it was taken over by Richmond Fire Brigade The GS Buttons are original to the tunic-not a later addition I'm assuming as it was a "Royal Park" War Dept marked uniforms were issued to its members I can't find another anywhere The Brigade appears to have been very small, May not have numbered more than 15-20 men (At any given time) Again a "Educated Guess" The Kew "Royal Botanic Gardens Constabulary" Had a compliment of approx. 17 men I'm assuming it would have been a similar number . Tunic is in Excellent O/A condition Only Fault's I can find are- Label is "Grubby" (But readable) Small circular "Burn hole" to one arm (Approx 5mm across) If "M.G" are the owners initials it may be researchable. A scarce WW1 uniform tunic That appeals to both the "Military & Fire Brigade" collector
WW1 1914/18 TRIO -PTE T YOUNG NORTH'D FUSILIERS Original WW1 Trio Named to - 10680 PTE. T. YOUNG NORTH'D FUS. 14/18 Star & War Medal with Original Silk Ribbons Totally un-researched Good collectable Trio Regiment with an Excellent Fighting record
WW1 1915 ON WAR SERVICE BADGE Brass 1915 dated "WAR SERVICE" badge. Numbered reverse & maker marked (JR GAUNT LONDON)
WW1 2ND PATT BUTCHER BAYONET & SCABBARD 1916 1916 Dated 1898/05 "Butcher Bayonet" 2nd Patt with flash guard (Dented) Original grooved dark wooden grips. Good Clean maker marked blade- "WEYERSBERG KIRSCHBAUM & CIE SOLINGEN" All external metal work pitted This also matches the Scabbard- Indicating both items have always been "Together" Far from a Relic- No Rust or Holes anywhere- Just an even lightly "Pitted" surface. Still a Good looking item !
WW1 AIF ANZAC RETURNED FROM ACTIVE SERVICE BADGE WW1 Anzac Returned from Active Service Badge Australian Imperial Forces Issued by the Department of Defence Rear numbered -"224480" Manufactured by "Stokes & Son Melbourne" With original double loop rear fixing & pin Good quality badge- Numbered on reverse so possibly researchable Good investment potential
WW1 BRITISH "MARY TIN" CHRISTMAS 1914 WW1 "Mary Tin" Issued to the Troops - Christmas 1914 As can be seen some wear to the Gilding But a Good honest example Far from mint - Has a nice "Been there" look to it . Hinge is good - Very small split to rear R-Hand corner
WW1 BRITISH 18LB "GAS ALARM" SHELL CASE Totally Original Untouched 1915 dated 18LB Shell case With it's Shell case "Carry Clip / Percussion Cap Protector" Case has had a internal metal loop fitted With a "Rope & Clapper" attached "Carry Clip" with a simple wire suspension loop. Case & clip have an even "Brown" patina Have been together for many years Part of my own "Collection" I obtained this at least 20 years ago in Belgium Good looking "Un Messed with-Gas Warning shell"
WW1 BRITISH BATTYE FRAGMENTATION GRENADE WW1 Battye Grenade Improvised "Stop Gap" Grenade Produced in France circa 1915 Cast cylindrical body In pretty good condition Some minor pitting-Nothing of any real worth The unusual part is- The Original Wooden Fuse block These are hardly ever encountered Grenade bodies are fairly common Because they are wooden the fuse blocks - Don't survive I obtained this one some years ago , In the Bethune area of Northern France One of a "Box" that had been found The Fuse plugs were stored "Up side Down" In the grenade it's self- Over the years the wood has swollen / shrunk Making it impossible to fit the plug "The right way round" Still with remains of the simple ignition "Wick" Totally Inert & free from any explosive material Unusual Grenade Good Collectable Condition UK POSTAGE ONLY
WW1 BRITISH MEDAL PAIR ASC CASUALTY IRAQ 1918 WW1 British War & Victory Medals Named to - "S4-144104 PTE H.G HIGHWAY A.S.C" Both in excellent condition On long lengths of original silk ribbon Part of a small collection recently purchased Basic research done-(CWGC) Pte Harold Charles S4/144104, No.1 lines of Communication Coy ASC Died of Typhus 15th May 1918 Remembered Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery Please note photo illustration is a "Stock" photo
WW1 BRITISH MEDAL PAIR MIDD'SEX RGT WW1 British War & Victory Medals Named to - "G-23356 PTE E.J CORPE MIDD'X R." Both in good (If not a little grubby)condition On original silk ribbons Part of a small collection recently purchased No research done-But "Sticky label" on "Plastic Wallet"- "ENT. PAIR ONLY" Please note photo illustration is a "Stock" photo
WW1 BRITISH OFFICERS P / PURCHASE MAP CASE Private Purchase Canvas map case Folds into itself (3 Sections) Leather closure tabs (With poppers) Leather shoulder strap Internally heavy plastic ? map protector marked into squares No makers marks at all When I obtained this it contained a 1915 dated Belgian map Leather strap showing its age - But still fully intact without any damage Good clean collectable condition
WW1 BRITISH PRIVATE PURCHASE "PORTUGUESE" PATTERN HELMET Unusual "Portuguese" pattern "Fluted" steel helmet. Almost identical to the standard Portuguese M16 pattern helmet. Except the ventilation holes on the side of the helmet are not "Re enforced" as the Portuguese ones are. Also the rims not completely flat when stood on a surface-Slightly shaped -Not bent as it's the same on both sides. The colour is as per photo's, with the inside rim having an almost "Gloss" finish "Mustard" colour. Holes all around the "Bowl" for a sow in liner the same as the Portuguese used. In my opinion it's a British Private Purchase Helmet -Very similar to the Portuguese M16-These could be seen worn in the Front Line up until their wearing was banned in 1917 due to the lack of "Ballistic Protection" I can't find another like it anywhere on the net. No doubt some-one will correct me ! Unusual Helmet in Good Collectable Condition
WW1 BRITISH SOLDIERS LEATHER CRIBBAGE BOARD One off Leather Cribbage board WW1 Period - Stamped with the owners Regiment & Number- 40735 RFA Approx size 13.5" x 3.5" & 0.25" thick No doubt made to be carried in a pack Taking up less space & weighing less than a wooden one Researchable item in good used condition If only it could talk !
WW1 BRITISH WIRE CUTTERS WD Stamped British Wire Cutters Approx 19" long - (Tip of "Cuter"- end of wooden grip) Good working condition- No Chips to cutting edge / jaws Metal work has heavy pattination With some surface rusting Makers details (And possible date) are partially visible "----LEAGUE (?) LONDON" Clear Broad Arrow "K" marked x 4 on metalwork 9 " Wooden handles in VCG Single metal lanyard loop to one of them All in all a nice pair of WW1 Period cutters In useable condition
WW1 BRONZE ROYAL FUSILIERS OFFICERS CAP & COLLAR BADGES Matched Bronze RF Officers Badge set Pair of "Lugged Collars" Single Double bladed Cap Badge Good Clean Collectable Condition
WW1 DERBY SCHEME ARMBAND WW1 Khaki Derby Scheme Armband With Applied Red Crown Issue number & Army Council stamp inside Original Grey Metal fixing buttons Very Good Condition- No Holes only some minor "Moth Grazing" (loss of "Flock" )
WW1 FRENCH "CITREON" OR "LEMON GRENADE" Good example of a "Dug " French Citroen Grenade Some corrosion -But no real "Damage" Could be cleaned very well on a "Wire Wheel" Totally inert & free from any explosive material
WW1 FRENCH 1914 PATT "BALL GRENADE" 1914 Patt French Ball Grenade Good clean condition With Brass screw in Fuze Old Black -"Re-paint" at some point Minor rust coming through the painted finish Good collectable item Totally inert & free from any explosive material UK POSTAGE ONLY
WW1 FRENCH ADRIAN PATTERN HELMET WW1 French Adrian Good example a French WW1 Helmet Multi piece construction -With- Original "RF Flaming Grenade " to the front Traces of both "Horizon Blue & Khaki " paint. Minus Liner - With an Old replacement Chinstrap Classic example of a WW1 French Combat Helmet
WW1 FRENCH ARMBAND "REQUISITIONS MILITAIRES" WW1 Period French Brassard / Armband Khaki cotton body with buckle fixing Attached pressed metal badge- "REQUISITIONS MILITAIRES" Indistinct issue stamp to the rear Appears never to have been worn. As the original French Card label is still attached Worn by Military Personnel involved in "Requisition Duties" Horses,Cars,Food in fact anything of use Could be taken for "The War Effort" These do turn up but never in such mint condition Good Collectable WW1 armband
WW1 FRENCH CLOSE COMBAT FIGHTING KNIFE Short wooden handled French fighting knife Shaped wooden grip approx. 5" long Double edged blade approx. 5.75" long Oval cross guard with makers mark (GP in a box) Blade and cross guard at some point plated ? Guard slightly loose (Wobble) Grip with a couple of minor cracks Blade with dark age patina. No scabbard A honest WW1 knife in good collectable condition
WW1 FRENCH WATER BOTTLE Small 1 litre WW1 French Water Bottle Light surface rusting all-over Original Wooden Stopper Original Cork has perished / Snapped Leaving the bottom half still in place Both Strap swivels move freely Good collectable condition Could easily be restored / re-painted
WW1 FRENCH WATER BOTTLE (FLEA MARKET FIND) Semi Relic French Great War Water Bottle With original cloth cover & leather shoulder strap Shoulder Strap is hard and dry -detached as seen Cover is "Grubby" to say the least -with some moth damage Actual bottle appears in solid condition Obvious shrapnel strike -But has not penetrated Without Corks / Stoppers Picked up this August in France (Flea Market) Good example in Semi Relic condition See photo's
WW1 GERMAN / WURTTEMBERG KINGDOM MEDAL PAIR Good Original WW1 German Medal group Consisting of - Wurttemberg Silver Bravery Medal & 14/18 Honour Cross Unusually mounted -As in The Bravery medal is higher than the 14/18 Cross (Why I've no idea at all !) On good padded pin back medal bar Nice clean condition as per photo's
WW1 GERMAN 1908 PATT SERVICE BINOCULARS Original WW1 German Field Service binoculars. Manufactured by "C.P GOERTZ-BERLIN" Almost all original painted finish-Except on eye piece (Slightly chipped) that has been stripped back to the original Bakelite. Optics appear to be sound -Old leather neck strap. Good Collectable condition.
WW1 GERMAN 75MM SHELL CASE Standard German Brass 75 mm shell case Various Markings dates etc All picked up from French flea markets 3 shown but another half a dozen in stock ! PLEASE NOTE I WILL POST AS CHEAP AS POSSIBLE PRICE SHOWN IS APPROXIMATE PRICE ONLY IF IT'S LESS THATS WHAT I WILL CHARGE
WW1 GERMAN M17 EGG GRENADE German M17 Egg Grenade In Good clean condition Clear maker marks to the bottom Minus Fuse Inert & Free from any Explosive Material UK POSTAGE ONLY
WW1 GERMAN MILITARY PASS BOOK (SAXON) Imperial German "MILITARPASS" Made out to a Saxon Soldier- Born in 1876-Who enlisted in Dresden in 1896 Serving both Pre & during WW1 In various Regiments / Units On 25/05/1916 he was awarded the- Friedrich August Medal in Silver All of the entries are in Germanic Script Worthy of proper translation / research Good clean complete condition
WW1 GERMAN OFFICERS LETTER OPENER SWORD & SCABBARD Miniature "Lions Head" letter opener sword Cast alloy hilt / knuckle bow Plated 6" Blade O/A Length approx. 8.5" Complete with Miniature Scabbard Hilt has remains of a "Gold Painted finish" Grip with "Black & Red Painted finish" Simple sheet metal scabbard With "Suspension Rings" & a bottom "Drag" Not the best quality in the world But a good honest item Unusual to find with a scabbard.
WW1 GERMAN WAR AID MERIT CROSS WW1 German War Aid Merit Cross. Very good quality medal .Mounted on a Ribbon bar for the 14/15 Honour Cross
WW1 GRV ROYAL ENGINEERS CAP BADGE Original WW1 Period RE Cap badge With slider back Some minor verdigri (Or polish residue) Good Badge
WW1 IMPERIAL GERMAN -BAVARIAN MEDAL BAR Good Quality pin back ribbon bar. Mounted with 5 ribbons, Including- Bavarian Military Merit Cross,& German Iron Cross
WW1 IMPERIAL GERMAN POM POM SHELL / HEAD Complete Imperial German "Pom Pom" round. Approx. 6.25" tall Solid steel projectile (Unfired-no marks to the Driving band) Brass case marked "MAI 1918" Nice looking item- Totally inert & free from any explosive material UK POSTAGE ONLY
WW1 ITALIAN / AUSTRIAN FIGHTING KNIFE WW1 Austrian / Italian Trench Knife In period Leather Scabbard Light "Salt & Pepper" pitting to blade Cross guard slightly loose Original wooden hilt wrapped in leather (No doubt to give a better grip) leather Scabbard with hilt retaining strap Scabbard a mixture of riveted & sown construction. (Some damage to stitching ) Still a good solid scabbard -could easily be repaired Blade heavily sharpened in it's service life A knife that's "Been there" See pics for condition
WW1 MEDAL RIBBON BAR WITH SWORDS Good Quality pin back ribbon bar. Consisting of - 14/18 German Honour Cross 14/18 Hungarian War Medal 14/18 Bulgarian War Medal All ribbons with attached "Sword's"
WW1 MILLS BOMB "DESK ORNAMENT" Original WW1 "Mills Bomb" Sectioned and mounted on a wooden plinth No internals at all Filler & base plug's still in place The only visible marking is a "K" on the body Grenade was at some time painted blue ? As can be seen on the base plug Possibly used as an ashtray ? Mounted on a wooded base with felt backing. NOTHING EXPLOSIVE AT ALL IN THIS ITEM BUT-UK SALES ONLY
WW1 MK1 BRITISH BRODIE HELMET Cracking condition WW1 Brodie helmet shell Retaining almost all of it's original painted finish Unfortunately the liner is missing- Though it still retains the central "Pad" (Condition is as per photo) And part of its chinstrap Makers marking to the rear brim-"HS 153" (Hadfield Ltd of Sheffield) Correct Steel rim & split rivet chin strap mounts (Rather than the US flat rivet) One of the nicest helmets I've seen in a while If it was restored with a period liner- A very expensive helmet !
WW1 OTTOMAN TURKISH "GALLIPOLI STAR" / IRON CRESCENT White Metal & Enamel Ottoman Turkish 1915 War Medal Otherwise known as the "Gallipoli Star " or "Iron Crescent" Excellent condition Rear in marked "BB&Co" Enamel versions getting harder to find . Cracking .looking medal in excellent collectable condition
WW1 PATRIOTIC PIN BADGE GRV & QUEEN MARY WW1 Period Celluloid & tin pin badge. With a picture of King George 5th & Queen Mary. Slight loss of picture by Queen Marys face - Some minimal rusting to the rear As per photo's Still a nice badge
WW1 PERIOD FRENCH ARTILLERY TUNIC Unusual French Artillery tunic All Black with Red Collar & piped front edge 5 x Large Artillery "Ball Buttons" to the front (French made) Collar with attached Gilt Crossed cannon insignia No other insignia only simple black looped cuff braid No pockets or back flap / decoration Stand up collar with "Hook & Eye fixing" With patent leather backing piece Makers / Retailers label "REGO" un-dated & un-numbered Though listed as WW1 This could be 1920's even 30's I honestly don't know This came with a pair of Black / Blue trousers Again piped in Red & altered at some point Not shown in the pictures -But included in the sale. Good looking uniform Displays well & in VGC
WW1 PERIOD METROPOLITAIN POLICE SPECIAL CONSTABLE BADGE Good clean Bronze badge. Original rear fixing -With makers mark.
WW1 PERIOD PAIR "FOXES" PATT OFFICERS PUTEES Private Purchase "FOXES PATT" Officers puttee's Beige wool -Stamped "MADE IN ENGLAND" With the Brass "FOX" button to each of them Very long with original webbing ties / makers labels With Patent details etc. Some moth "Grazing" with a few minor holes Display very well - Holes not being a problem Good collectable items in vgc
WW1 PERIOD SCARLET ROYAL ENGINEERS BANDSMAN TUNIC Royal Engineers Bandsman's tunic Complete with all buttons (GRV) Black velvet collar / cuffs with gold corded detail Half lined with later added name Remains of paper label still inside (As per photo) Date not readable but of WW1 Period Some minor marks nip's and wear Nothing "Drastic" just honest old age At some point a set of stripes have been removed, Leaving a very feint mark on the arm It also had a pair of flaming grenades on the collars Again the shadow of these is just visible All in all a nice display piece At a very reasonable price !
WW1 PRUSSIAN VETERANS LEAGUE BADGE Excellent quality pin badge Of the Prussian "Kreigerverband" Veterans or Warriors Association Black & White enamelled Shield Containing a large Crowned Gilt Eagle Black & White Silk ribbons With Metal ends & German inscriptions on them. Pin back fixing with makers marks, Impressive looking badge Good Collectable Condition
WW1 TRENCH ART "BOOK" SHAPED BOX Unusual item of WW1 Trench Art A small plated box approx. 2.75" x 3.25" That is shaped & opens like a "Book" With engravings to both front & back "Covers" "WORLD WAR 1914-1919" on one "CALAIS" Crossed Flags & a Crude Iron Cross to the other. Good Condition as per pictures
WW1 US INFANTRY OFFICERS 4 POCKET TUNIC WW1 US Officers tunic. Made of "Padded" light tan cotton material With single gold cuff band to each lower sleeve Full set of Bronze US buttons Officers pin on insignia to the collar "US " & "Crossed Rifles" French ? tailors label to the lining (As per photo) Some minor moth to one lower sleeve Also a Black ink mark to the same area N either detracts from the tunic Good display item in very collectable condition
WW1 US OFFICERS GREAT COAT WITH CUFF BRAID Heavy weight WW1 US Officers Great Coat With stand up collar (As per photo) Early style Cuff braid ( Indicating Rank of 1st Lt) Back with integral belt One front button an old replacement. Otherwise appears to be 100% Original Some minor moth nibbles Mainly in the collar area Lining in the collar area has come unstitched Easy repair -But I tend to leave "As Found" Displays well US WW1 items are becoming more desirable A still affordable -WW1 Investment DUE TO WEIGHT PLEASE CONTACT FOR POSTAGE PRICE
WW1 VOLUNTEER WORKERS WAR BADGE Crowned Brass WW1 "VW" -Volunteer Worker badge. Pin backed ,numbered & maker marked to rear - (J R GAUNT LONDON)
WW1/ WW2 GAS / ALARM RATTLE WW1 / WW2 Gas or Alarm rattle. Purchased in a French Flea Market last year As can be seen the metal pieces are heavily pitted The wooden handle has a fairly large crack / split Though for its obvious faults its solid and still works No markings at all on wood or metal work Not sure if it's WW1 or WW2 Displays well & has a nice feel to it
WW1/WW2 ROYAL MARINE BANDSMANS DRESS TUNIC Excellent quality RM Bandsman's Dress Tunic Complete with all relevant "Buttons & Braid" Remains of a ink / painted issue stamping inside (Only partially readable ) Over all condition is very good- A couple of VERY SMALL marks to the body. Yellow collar cording has become partially detached (In the middle both ends secured) Cracking display item at an affordable price- Would be a -difficult tunic to up grade !!
WW2 FIRE GUARD ARMBAND WW2 Fire Guard armband-Blue cotton body with yellow printed wording-Good used Condition.
WW2 MEDAL / DOCUMENT GROUP -WOUNDED & DISHARGED WW2 AB64 Medal / Document grouping. Arthur Ronald Marchant - From Meopham Kent, who enlisted 09/01/1940- Being Discharged "Ceasing to fulfil army physical requirements" -19/01/1944 Serving with "1st Armoured Divisional Workshop RAOC" Then REME - Seeing Active Service in the Middle East (15/08/41-28/04/43) Then South Africa 29/04/43-10/12/43 Comprising of- 39/45 & Africa Stars & War & Defence Medals AB64 Pay & Service Book. Crossing the Line Certificate (SS Strathmore -Sept 1941) Army Attestation Certificate War Office ID Card for Drivers Egyptian note book (Named Cover -But empty) Various Pension / National Insurance Papers Including Named letter re "Invalided Personnel War Badge" Badge for the above (Wound Badge WW2) Embroidered Egyptian Souvenir "Pyramid " Picture (1941) Wartime Ration Books to both- Arthur Ronald Marchant & Marion Marchant (Wife ??) Good WW2 lot with plenty of research potential, Paperwork a little worn but intact & fully readable. Does not detract at all from this complete grouping.
WW2 (?) OR'S FRENCH NAVAL CAP French "Other Ranks" Naval cap Thought to be of WW2 vintage Black Cotton Felt body Piped in Red Lined "Central Head Section" Detachable Red Pom Pom (Wired on) Black pressed paper / cardboard liner band This has cracked in places but is still firmly attached (As can be seen in the photo's) With "MARINE NATIONALE" cap tally Original white chinstrap still in place. Good collectable item
WW2 (GRV1) BRITISH STAFF OFFICERS "RED TABS" Matched pair of Staff Officer,Colonel ,Brigadiers "Red Tabs" Red satin backed Red felt body With a maroon central "Band" Gilt GRV1 buttons Originally had press stud rear fixings Now only one remains. Good Original Officers tabs. In collectable condition
WW2 -NAZI SHORT DRESS BAYONET & FROG Short pattern WW2 German Dress Bayonet In "As found" condition Some surface rusting to scabbard Leading to loss of some painted finish Pommel / Cross guard now toned to a dull silver colour Push stud fixing long since removed / lost (How I've no idea) Chequered plastic grips in VGC Plated blade also in VGC (Unfortunately no makers mark on the blade) Original brown leather hilt / blade washer still in place Complete with original brown leather frog Again un-marked but in VGC- All stitching intact just a little dry Appears to be mid-late war production Good collectable item Could easily be restored / improved with very little effort
WW2 1943 DATED GERMAN RESERVISTS WEHRPASS German Army Wehrpass To a 53 year old Conscripted Reservist Not a lot of entries inside Has his photo, personal details etc. Call up date to the "Landsturm" (Nov 1943) Good starter level wherpass With some limited potential for reasearch
WW2 1944 DATED LEATHER ATS DRIVERS GLOVES Pair of 1944 dated yellow leather gloves WD Marked size 7 As issued to ATS Drivers Manufactured by- "The Gee Cross Glove Company Ltd" Unissued Condition
WW2 1944 FEMALE NATIONAL FIRE SERVICE SKI CAP 1944 Dated NFS Ski Cap Issued to female members of the service Stiffened Black / Blue cotton piped in Red With turn down sides with central ribbon tie Maker marked & dated inside "J COLLETT LTD, 6 3/4 1944" With internal cloth chinstrap still in place Complete with Original NFS Chromed badge A scarce item of Home Front Headgear In very good collectable condition Only fault I can find is - 4 x VERY SMALL moth nips Nothing at all the detract from the hat
WW2 1945 DATED GENERAL SERVICE BERET Somewhat "Salty" 1945 Dated British GS Beret Size 7 1/2-J COLLET LONDON- Over Stamped "56" in BIG NUMBERS Why I've no idea As can be seen from the pictures- Numerous moth nibbles / small holes A couple of "Darn " patches to the top Complete with a Brass Coldstream Guards cap badge As already said "Salty" If you want a mint pretty looking GS Beret- It's not this one ! Still a good looking example -With a "Been there " look.
WW2 2ND CLASS IRON CROSS Good multi piece construction 1939 Iron Cross Under a glass you can clearly see the seam On each arm where both halves of the frame are joined Also can see a slight gap in places Between the Iron "Core" and the outer frame Smaller suspension ring has been slightly bent at some point Pushing it up slightly -But still solidly attached No visible makers marks or number codes On original ribbon Nice collectable medal & reasonably priced !
WW2 7TH HUSSARS BATTLE DRESS & TROUSERS Genuine 1943 dated Battle Dress & Trouser set Manufactured in the USA by- "STOUBERS CASTLE CLOTHES" With Philadelphia QM depot label Badged to the 7th Hussars With an un-usual (Faded) Arm Shield Royal Armoured Corps arm of service strips Medal Ribbons to the chest- 39/45,Africa,Burma & Italy Stars + Defence Medal (No War Medal -Defence possibly a period mistake ??) Some Minor Moth nips Nothing to detract from the uniform> A Genuine "Matched BD & Trousers" Not often seen like this on the market
WW2 AFS "STARBURST" BADGE AFS Badge White Metal & Enamel Excellent condition Pin back fixing ,maker marked "H.W. M Ltd"
WW2 AIR DEFENCE CADET CORPS BUTTONS (SET OF) 9 x Scarce Chrome ADDC Buttons 7 x Large -Great Coat or Tunic (22mm) 2 x Small Epaulette (14mm) Scarce Buttons in good condition
WW2 AIR DEFENCE CADET CORPS LAPEL BADGE Scarce WW2 ADDC Chrome and Enamel lapel badge Rear half moon fixing In excellent collectable condition
WW2 AIR DEFENCE CADET CORPS OFFICERS CAP BADGE Very Scarce WW2 Air Defence Corps Officer's cap badge Two piece construction Chrome outer wreath with applied motto & Blue Enamel Bird Original rear loop fixings & split pin ADCC formed in 1938 -absorbed into the ATC in 1941
WW2 ARP MARKED GAS MASK BAG Scarce 1943 dated ARP Gas Mask Bag Canvas construction with Brass buckles Inside is stamped "J.W.T.C 1943" With A.R.P to the front Original Shoulder Strap Good home front display item
WW2 ATS AB64 PAPERS DOCS ETC + EDUCATION CERTS ETC WW2 ATS AB64 Paperwork & Document lot AB64 shows Emma Oldfield enlisted in Huddersfield on 18/06/1943 -being discharged on "Compassionate Grounds" 31/10/1945 At one time serving with "E Company No.3 WSD Group ATS" Various passes tickets, discharge papers etc - With Original ATS Cap Badge Along with a whole bundle of documentation certificates etc that relate to Ms Oldfields pre war education then teaching post at Huddersfield Technical College (Fabric / Dress design) (Became a lecturer at Huddersfield School of Art 1945-1976)
WW2 BELGIAN OFFICERS POW MEDAL GROUP & DOCS Unusual WW2 Belgian Prisoner of War Grouping Consisting of 3 mounted medals - 1940-45 Commemorative War Medal (Swords on Ribbon) Belgian prisoner of war medal Unknown Gilt & Enamel Cross -Swords / Leaves on ribbon With various paperwork items relating to- Artillery Captain Jules Bouckaert Who appears to have been interned at Oflag XV111B (Wolfsberg Austria) Including a large letter from the "Public Works Dept" In relation to his War service / Pow status Interesting lot worthy of proper research.
WW2 BRASS P38 PACIFIC / AUSTRALIA SOUVENIER ASHTRAY Brass ashtray "Map" of Australia Engraved with names of all the Major Towns & Cities' etc As well as Kangaroo & Kookaburra On which is mounted a movable "Arm" With a Brass model of a P38 Lightening attached Plane engraved with - "GOOD LUCK, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH PACIFIC, 1945" Arm possibly re-attached with later screw (As per photo) Impressive looking display item
WW2 BRITISH / POLISH AB64 PAYBOOK Wartime AB64 issued to a Pole Unusual as he appears to have enlisted with a false name Which has been corrected -As per photo's Complete with photo as with most Polish AB64's Cover detached from inner pages A good research project In good / fair condition
WW2 BRITISH AB64 SERVICE DOCS PAPERS ETC AB64 &Service Papers Docs etc to E.W ANKER(Unfortunate but true !!) Ernest Walker Anker enlisted in Aston on 02/10/1940 Serving with the Royal Engineers- AB64 Confirms Africa Star & 8th Army Bar Release Book shows discharged 14/02/1946 With various passes ,doc's ,medal slip etc Gas Proof material AB64 Cover (A/F But complete) Also Post War Drivers Licence in leather cover. Good complete lot worthy of further research
WW2 BRITISH ARMY SERVICE RESPIRATOR & BAG 1941 Dated British Service Respirator In a 1942 dated Khaki respirator bag Complete with pack of "Eye Shields" & "Anti Dim Kit" Cloth covered mask well marked -"AVON 2-6-41 LARGE" Hose in VGC -still supple no damage Red painted Box filter marked " Z3/5/43 ET" Bag Marked "HJ & CO LTD (1)1942" With original Web shoulder strap Only "Damage" is the "Head Harness" has gone hard The Elasticated straps are fine- Just the Central rubber harness has hardened Still a very good example of a Wartime Gasmask In as found / untouched condition Would display very well Obviously not to be worn for any reason at all !
WW2 BRITISH BAKELITE BRODIE HELMET Good untouched Private Purchase Helmet Heavy Black Bakelite shell Rexine / Oil Cloth liner (Size 7) Original Brown Leather chinstrap Good Collectable helmet in VCG
WW2 BRITISH LEATHER OVER JERKIN -WAREINGS 1942 Brown Leather WW2 dated Jerkin Made by WAERINGS of Northampton Ltd Size No.2 Height 5ft 7in - 5ft 10ins Breast 37 to 43 ins Blanket lining with WD ink Stamps 4 x original buttons Has had a period repair to one shoulder A darker piece of leather has been added Sown in- This appears to have been done during its working life Has been folded and smells of moth balls Otherwise a Good clean collectable item
WW2 BRITISH MK1 MARCHING COMPASS & 1940 DATED WEBBING POUCH 1940 Dated webbing pouch my "ME & CO" With both rear fittings to be worn on a belt or attached to the 37 patt Pistol holster. Containing a "MK1 Magnetic Marching Compass" Broad Arrow marked & made by "T.G..Co. LTD" Compass with Folding Lanyard ring. Appear's to be in good working order, Both Pouch & Compass in Excellent Condition
WW2 BRITISH OFFICERS TROPICAL "SHIRT" -WITH BURMA SLIP ON'S British WW2 period lightweight shirt / tunic Khaki Cotton -Possibly Indian made 2 x pleated breast pockets With 3 x button's to the front Fitted with a pair of slip on shoulder boards Embroidered with a Single Crown (Major) & "BURMA" As can be seen in the photo's- One slip on is slightly lighter than the other But came together on the shirt "As is" By all "Intents & Purpose" a matched pair (Local Charity Shop !) Shirt has some minor moth damage / wear & tear Nothing of any great worth- Only bit worth a mention is shown in the pictures No makers labels, markings etc. Approx. size as follows- Chest 40-42" Collar 16" Arm (Arm pit -cuff) 19" Good looking display item In collectable condition
WW2 BULGARIAN ANTI FASCIST PARTISANS BADGE & DOCUMENT Scarce WW2 Bulgarian Document & Award Badge 1949 dated doc & enamelled screw back badge Of the- "Bulgarian Fighters against Fascism & Capitalism" Awarded to "Lubomir Nikolov" Born in 1923 & a Partisan during WW2 Document Photo shows Nikolov in Military Uniform Good clean condition All this sort of material is getting harder to find Becoming collectable in its own right
WW2 BULGARIAN HUSBAND / WIFE PARTISAN MEDAL GROUPING Scarce WW2 Bulgarian Partisan Grouping To both "Husband & Wife" Veska Patolova & Stoian Patolov Comprising of - Red leatherette named "Issue Docs" to the above Dated 1969 & 1975 A pair of "Cased" Bulgarian awards- Partisan Badge of the 1923-44 Anti Fascist Movement Red Enamel Star with central "Silver" plaque Showing 2x "Armed Partisans" Rear Screw Back fixing's The dates 1923 & 1944 refer to_ The first Socialist uprising in Bulgaria (1923) The Second the 1944 Socialist Revolution Nice looking badges -Unusual to find with issue docs Getting harder to find this sort of material At a "Reasonable Price !!"
WW2 CIVIL DEFENCE "HEADQUARTERS" SHOULDER TITLES Pair WW2 Yellow on Black embroidered Civil Defence HEADQUARTERS shoulder titles
WW2 CIVIL DEFENCE / HOME GUARD WATER BOTTLE & CARRIER Unusual British water bottle & carrier Thought to be Home Guard or CD issue Similar in pattern to the HG / ATS webbing cradle & strap But made of a 2" wide lightweight webbing Complete with adjustable shoulder strap This is machine made "All in one" With felt covered water bottle This appears a little odd itself The cover appears to have been up on "Inside out" Seams visible on the bottom & rear Possibly some markings to the cover I can't make them out Interesting variation obviously factory made But no issue markings at all Good collectable item in Very good condition
WW2 CIVIL DEFENCE RANK INSIGNIA Pair WW2 Civil Defence Rank Badge. Double Yellow chevrons on Black backing
WW2 F & G MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE & FISHERIES VICTORY CERTIFICATE Very unusual Framed & Glazed certificate Issued by the- "MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES" As a token of thanks from the British Government To -"E.C TROTTER ESQ" Member of the District sub-committee of the- Surrey County War Agricultural Executive Committee Sent for helping with the increase of farming production During the war Dated 8th May 1945 Gold blocked Ministry seal to the top centre Original Oak Frame approx. 8" x 13.25" in size Very unusual item form my own collection It's the only one I've ever come across In over 25 years of Collecting / Dealing
WW2 FRENCH PROPAGANDA MAGAZINE ORADOUR SUR GLANE Unusual French publication Profusely illustrated A4 size magazine With pictures of the Oradour Sur Glane Massacre Carried out on the 10th June 1944 By Waffen SS Troops Killing 642 Men Women & Children Written in French -But the pictures tell it all Has been folded in the past Some general age related wear Otherwise a very interesting if not sobering item
WW2 FRENCH RESISTANCE COLONEL FABIEN PLAQUE AND BOOK Unusual French WW2 Memorial Plaque & Book Dedicated to "Colonel Fabien" Born Pierre Georges Fabien was a member of the French Communist party Fighting in the Spanish Civil war Later joined the French Resistance (1940) Taking part in a series of killings of German Soldiers Which in return led to the execution of 500 French hostages Actively involved in the Liberation of Paris He organised FFI Troops once it had fallen Being killed by a land mine in Alsace December 1944 (Along with 2 other Communist resistance leaders) Leading to various rumours and conspiracy theories Plaque is made of some sort of grey metal alloy With a ANACR label on the back (National Association of Resistance Veterans) The book is period (Just post war ?) though I can't see a date Full of info and pictures -Unfortunately all in French Interesting lot worthy of some research
WW2 GERMAN ARBEITSBUCH (WORK BOOK) Pre war / wartime German work book Numerous pages of entries Interesting research potential Into the German "Home Front" Good clean un-damaged condition
WW2 GERMAN ARMY BELT & BUCKLE Original WW2 German Army belt & buckle 35" Black / Brown leather belt Marked 105 & ADGB44 (B is a ? see picture) Steel Army Buckle- Clean front With remains of Grey Green paint to the reverse Indistinct makers mark to rear (Got an S in it !) Nice Original Belt in good clean condition
WW2 GERMAN DAF MARKED CHINA PLATE Small white china plate approx. 8.25" across With Green markings to the rear for the DAF Incorporating the Cog wheel & Swastika motif Good clean undamaged condition
WW2 GERMAN DRESS BAYONET SCARCE MAKER Early wartime production Carbine bladed dress bayonet Chequered composite grips held by screw bolts Birds head pommel with working push stud "Eye" Small swept back single quillion cross guard 8" Double maker marked carbine blade "ASCULAP WERKE JETTER & SCHEERER TUTTLINGEN" To one side "APSCULAR" with Crown & entwined Serpent to the other (Company originally made medical blades etc Hence the entwined serpent insignia) Blade showing some scratches / sharpening marks (Minor) Hilt & pommel turning "Grey" Some minor paint loss to scabbard Honest item in good / fair condition Direct vet family purchase
WW2 GERMAN EAGLE SWASTIKA 1939 MARKED CHINA PLATE Small white china plate approx. 9" across With Black Nazi markings to the rear Incorporating the Eagle & Swastika motif Maker marked "H & Co SELB BAVARIA" "HEINRICH 1939" Good clean undamaged condition
WW2 GERMAN FIRE POLICE OFFICERS CAP Original WW2 German Fire Police Officers peaked cap Dark blue body with Carmine piping Central Black Velvet band Edged top & bottom again with Carmine piping Black fiber peak (Brown on the inside) Good quality 2nd pattern Nazi Police cap eagle With Original multi piece cockade Original Officers braided chinstrap (In VGC) Brown liner / leather sweat band Sweat band has had the top tucked back on its self Why I don't know -maybe to give a little more padding ? But this appears to have been done as a period adaptation Liner is marked -"GEORG RIEDER - MUNCHEN " All in all a very tidy looking cap Some very minor faults - 3 X tiny moth nips to the crown Small wear hole to the liner (As can be seen in the photo's) 2 x Small marks to the velvet band Otherwise a cracking example of this type of head gear REDUCED FROM £225 - £195
WW2 GERMAN KUBAN ARM SHIELD Bronzed sheet metal (Magnetic) Kuban Shield Slightly vaulted , With well defined Eagle Swastika etc Missing it's backing plate & arm of service material With 4 x securing tabs to the rear Good Original item. Direct veterans family purchase
WW2 GERMAN N.S.B.O STICK PIN NSBO Stick pin Good clean Stamping -No makers marks. Straight pin Approx 4cm long
WW2 GERMAN POLICE 2ND PATTERN CAP EAGLE Good clean example of a 2nd Patt Police cap eagle Retaining both brass attachment pins Maker marking to the rear of the Swastika "I.D "
WW2 GERMAN POLICE MEDAL BAR Good Quality pin back ribbon bar. Consisting of - WW2 Iron Cross WW2 War Merit Cross WW2 Russian Front Medal Long Service Medal (Attached Police Insignia)
WW2 H/GUARD 1907 BAYONET IN HYBRID US SCABBARD & FROG Very unusual 1907 patt bayonet Standard 1907 by Wilkinson with issue dates for 1926 & 1935 Other side dated '39 (1939) Pommel regimentally marked "3F RE 52" Now the unusual bit ! The Scabbard is NOT for a 1907 patt bayonet It appears to be a US P14/17 scabbard Modified for UK useage Green leather scabbard -Stamped with a J in a diamond " J " For Jewell with standard bottom mount The top mount has had its wire hangers removed With an additional small dark metal frog stud The top mount throat still shows tool marks Where the hanger clip was removed I've tried to show this in one of the pictures Securely fitted into s 1940 dated 1908 patter frog ! By ME .& CO Tried to take it off but don't think it will move I don't want to damage it in any way I'm assuming this was done for the Home Guard Or possibly produced early in WW2 As a stop gap due to losses of equipment after Dunkirk Never seen one before must be scarce Unusual variation in very good collectable condition
WW2 HMSO - TARGET GERMANY U.S Army Air force Official story of VIII Bomber Commands first year over Europe, Good used condition Please note this may or may not have- "An odd loose or creased page"
WW2 HMSO -BOMBER COMMAND CONTINUES Air Ministry account of the rising offensive against Germany July 1941-June 1942 Good used condition Please note this may or may not have- "An odd loose or creased page"
WW2 HMSO -RAF MIDDLE EAST Official Story of Air Operations Feb 1942-Jan 1943 Good used condition Please note this may or may not have- "An odd loose or creased page"
WW2 HMSO -ROOF OVER BRITAIN The story of the A.A Defences 1939-1942- Good used condition Please note this may or may not have- "An odd loose or creased page"
WW2 HMSO SUPREME COMMANDERS REPORT EUROPE JUNE 1944-MAY 1945 Report on Allied Operations in Europe after D-Day Good used condition Please note this may or may not have- "An odd loose or creased page"
WW2 HMSO-COMBINED OPERATIONS Exploits of Combined Operations 1942-1943 Good used condition Please note this may or may not have- "An odd loose or creased page"
WW2 HMSO-THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN Air Ministry Account of "The Great Days 8th August-31st October 1940" Good used condition Please note loose cover & centre page(Staples rusted) This has not affected the rest of the book in any way.
WW2 HMSO-THE BATTLE OF FLANDERS Experiences of the BEF September 1939- 3rd June 1940 Good used condition Please note this may or may not have- "An odd loose or creased page"
WW2 HMSO-THE EIGHT ARMY The Eight Army September 1941-January 1943 Good used condition Please note this may or may not have- "An odd loose or creased page"
WW2 HOME FRONT CIVILIAN GAS MASK & CASE Civilian Gas Mask & Carrier Mask in very good condition - No damage to either rubber face mask or plastic eye piece Rubber marked " AVON 3-39 " Original filter head straps etc. Contained in its original Oilskin / Faux leather Carrier Some crazing & dryness to the carrier But I'm sure this could be restored if desired No tears or damage that amounts to anything With an original wartime "Work Card" Issued by "BURROUGHS WELLCOME & CO" (Chemical / Pharmaceutical Company-Dartford Kent) This was along with some Fire Brigade medals (Also listed) Obtained from a house clearance in Dartford Nice display lot In Good collectable condition
WW2 HOME GUARD TRAINING MANUAL (1941) Original April 1941 dated Home Guard Training Manual Covers all topics of training with numerous illustrations A couple of creases to the pages etc, No tears or missing pages In good clean but used condition
WW2 HUNGARIAN COMPASS & POUCH Hungarian Compass and leather pouch WW2 (?) Vintage -Fold out design Green painted front marked "IRANY" Bakelite back marked "41" (1941 ?) Appears to be in "Good working order"
WW2 INDIAN OVERSEAS SERVICE BADGE Bronze pin back badge. Excellent quality approx.4cm across .Issued to Indian troops for overseas service between 03/03/1939 & 02/09/1945.Complete with original rear pin and locking catch.
WW2 JAPANESE FIELD CAP Original WW2 Japanese Soft field cap Khaki / Green cotton cap With lace up rear (Original lace) Leather chin strap held in place by- 2 x small gilt chrysanthemum side buttons Front "Yellow Star" insignia is very worn / grubby Inside is fully lined with a leather head band A good honest cap - Some minor moth nips (Mostly to the peak) Grubby & worn A cracking display item- Iconic WW2 "JAP CAP"
WW2 JAPANESE MITSUBISHI FACTORY WORKERS ID TAG Unusual Brass ID tag & clip. Obtained from the family of an RAF Airman Who was involved in the immediate Post War Occupation of Japan. (BCOF-British Commonwealth Occupation Force) Picked up from Mitsubishi Plane Works in Nagoya. Said to be a "Workers Identity Tag" I don't know there's a Jap Character on it , As well as a Mitsubishi Logo. Unusual item in good collectable condition
WW2 KENT FIRE BRIGADE MEDAL GROUP Medal Grouping Kent Fire Brigade Comprising of - Silver 20yr LSGC National Fire Brigades Association Medal Named to 3831 H.T POTTER Bronze 10yr National Fire Brigades Union Medal Numbered to the rim 5666 WW2 Defence Medal All with original ribbons The above grouping came from the same house clearance, In Dartford Kent As the Civilian Gas Mask & Carrier -Already listed. No research has been done on the recipient. Though I've stated Kent Fire Brigade It's possible he was a member of the Factory Fire Brigade At the Burroughs Wellcome & Co plant in Dartford
WW2 KREIGSMARINE DESTROYERS BADGE Good quality original KM Destroyers badge Good amount of gilt finish to the wreath Contrasts nicely against the metal of the Ship / sea Retaining original rear top hook With broad horizontal fixing pin Unfortunately the retaining hook is missing Again another vet bring back (Same lot) I'm only guessing but hook / pin damage Often occurred when "Souvenir's" were being taken !
WW2 KRIEGSMARINE AUXILIARY CRUISER BADGE Good Genuine two piece badge No makers marks- Most of the Gilt finish has absorbed back into the badge Though still visible on both hook & pin, Single "Rivet" holding the "World" to the badge Eagle clearly defined - As is the rest of the badge Good Collectable condition
WW2 LMS RAILWAY SERVICE "WAR BADGE" WW2 London Midland & Scottish Railway badge Oval Brass badge Blue enamel inset with "RAILWAY SERVICE" (Slight chipping to enamel) Maker marked & numbered to the back With half moon button fixing
WW2 LNER RAILWAY SERVICE "WAR BADGE" WW2 "LNER RAILWAY SERVICE" badge Gilded oval badge with Blue Enamel wording Maker marked & numbered Pin Back reverse Very Good Condition
WW2 LOCAL ARP INSTRUCTOR BADGE Civil Defence L.A.R.P Instructor Badge Enamel in excellent condition Half moon fixing to rear Maker marked-"H.W.M Ltd"
WW2 LUFTWAFFE BELT & BUCKLE Original "Vet Bring Back" belt & buckle Purchased directly off of the son of an Armoured Corps Vet Who "Picked it up " at Monte Cassino -Italy (Along with a Gravity Knife & various Nazi Medals) A somewhat Crusty belt / Buckle The Belt having "Field Repairs" The stitching being replaced by Helmet Liner Pins (German) Maker Marks are now indistinct on the Belt Steel Luftwaffe Buckle in Good Worn Condition (No visible makers marks) Belt Leather is a little "Hard",but still supple - O/All 35" long Good Solid Lufty Combat Belt / Buckle
WW2 MINISTRY OF HEALTH HOSPITAL SERVICE BADGE Ministry of Health Hospital Service badge Enamel in excellent condition Pin back fixing,maker marked "H.M.W"
WW2 NAMED & DATED ROYAL ARTILLERY OFFICERS TROUSERS Pair of "High Back RA Officers trousers By "Hawkes & Co of Savile Row" Named & dated- Capt R.S Mount RA 13/11/39 Button Fly 6 X Rear "Brace Button's" (I x missing -1 x replaced) Some minor moth nibbles-(Nothing of any great worth) Approximate sizes- 30.5" Inside leg 32" High Waist 40" Hip
WW2 NAZI WAR MERIT CROSS -CROAT LEGION ISSUE ? WW2 2nd Class War Merit Cross + Swords Suspended from an oversized Triangular Ribbon Colours are correct but ribbon is larger than usual Possibly Austrian or Croat Legion issued Slight discolouration to part of the WMC (As can be seen in the pics) Over all a good looking medal with unusual Ribbon mount
WW2 PERIOD NO.1 ROYAL ARMOURED CORPS UNIFORM TUNIC Black 4 pocket No.1 Uniform jacket With brass "Mailed Fist" Royal Armoured Corps buttons To the front & all pockets (Curiously the x 4 "Cuff" buttons are plain ) Stand up collar with "White Metal " RAC insignia Single "Plastic coated" 39/45 Star ribbon pinned to the chest No internal pockets, un-named -no labels etc. In good clean condition As per photo's
WW2 PLASFORT BAKELITE HOME GUARD HELMET Unusual WW2 Bakelite Helmet Manufactured by the Plasfort Company (Clearly marked as per photo's) Unusual in that it's Khaki Coloured This appears to be period applied - On both the inner & outer shell surface's (Even the Liner securing screw has been painted) Unmarked Rexine / Oil Cloth liner (Size 7) Original Leather Chin Strap (Detached one side) No damage / real wear apart from the Chin strap (Could be re-attached / repaired with good quality glue) Khaki finish tends to lend itself to a Home Guard Helmet Steel helmets were in short supply In the early stages of WW2 (Especially after Dunkirk) Officers in particular often purchased there own equipment. Good looking helmet in VGC
WW2 PLASTIC FEMALE AUX HOME GUARD BADGE Scarce Circular pin back Home Guard badge Worn by female Auxiliary helpers In good condition With original pin and makers marking to the back
WW2 POLAND CLOTH SHOULDER TITLES Pair WW2 Poland shoulder titles Good collectors condition Original items-Not modern Repro's
WW2 PRIVATE PURCHASE CIVIL DEFENCE HELMET Very unusual Private Purchase Helmet One piece "Spun Steel" bowl with rolled rim / edge And a distinct ridge towards the crown area Liner made of riveted "Sorbo Rubber Pads" Large Crown pad held by a single copper rivet Chin strap (Minus buckle) again riveted to the helmet Approx. 80% Black painted finish remains Liner pads have gone hard & are damaged in places But I've not seen another in 25+ years of collecting / dealing ! Cannot find any reference to it either- Though is reminiscent of Pre War Chinese CD Helmets
WW2 PRIVATE PURCHASE KUKRI & SCABBARD Excellent Quality Private Purchase Kukri Heavy 13" curved blade With 4" wooden grips (Held by 2 x rivets) Black Leather covered wooden Scabbard With integral belt loop A good looking item With obvious age - Some minor chipping to the wooden grip Steel pommel cap with a couple of knocks Blade with some darkening (Patina) But nothing at all to detract from the item. Recently acquired from an elderly lady (In her 90's who found it in the loft !!)
WW2 RAD BROOCH RAD Brooch Depicting a Swastika between Wheat Stalks Original pin fixing No visible makers marks Good clean condition-
WW2 RAF OTHER RANKS SIDE CAP Good Quality OR's RAF Side Cap. Complete with Front Buttons & Cap Badge. No Markings inside -But definite WW2 side cap (Direct purchase from Vets family)
WW2 RAF PTI ARM BADGE Brass RAF PTI arm badge Good original condition Some minor dis-colouration (As per pictures) Original loop back fixings
WW2 RASC 44 MARKED LEATHER JERKIN Brown Leather WW2 Jerkin Makers label present but not readable Guess Size No.2 Height 5ft 7in - 5ft 10ins Breast 37 to 43 ins (Similar in size to the other one listed) Blanket lining with large ink Stamps RASC 44 Also some Brown staining -Poss paint or the leather finish (Not sure what t is -But been there a long time !) Missing its top button No tears or repairs- But a worn item with scuffing to the leather And partial loss of its surface "Chrome" finish Some minor "Bloom" marks - Most of which should clean off / Polish out Saying that its a good worn example In no way minty -If that's what you want buy a repro ! Has been folded and smells of moth balls Otherwise a Good honest collectable item.
WW2 ROYAL YUGOSLAV AIRFORCE BELT / BUCKLE & POUCHES Unusual White Leather Belt & Pouches With Brass Belt Buckle (Crowned flying Eagle) That appears to be of the Royal Yugoslav Air force- Though I'm open to any other suggestions ! Buckle and leather have no makers markings at all But appear to be of some considerable age Ammo pouches are definitely "Mauser" type Though only two pocket rather than three They look almost identical to the standard German type Of both sown & riveted construction The Buckle is also riveted to the belt -So non-detachable Though the leather belt it's self is adjustable The Belt & Buckle are of very good quality I assume a "Dress" item ? I can't see that they are "Re-enactor Copies" Or anything of the like- Good looking set in good collectable condition If I'm correct & it is Royal Yugoslav a very Rare Lot !!
WW2 STUDIO PORTRAIT -DECORATED GERMAN POLICE OFFICER Good condition B & W studio post card Depicting a well decorated Police Officer Who served in WW1- With a Ribbon bar on his chest Wound badge to his chest pocket
WW2 THAILAND EAST ASIAN COMBAT SERVICE (1942) MEDAL WW2 Thai Medal For "East Asian Combat Service 1942" Heavy "silvered" disk Showing a Thai War Elephant one side With inscription on the other "We Fight for Thailand's Honour" With ornate suspension & original ribbon Thailand entered into an alliance with Japan in WW2 Giving Japanese troops free movement across its borders. It also attacked French colonial troops Capturing parts of Cambodia & Laos. Good collectable if not unusual medal
WW2 WAR MARIT CROSS 2ND CLASS WITH SWORDS & PACKET OF ISSUE Good original WW2 KVK 2nd class With original ribbon & packet of issue Paper packet has makers mark to the rear Some creases etc - But nothing to detract from the item Good entry level collectable
WW2 YUGOSLAVIAN PARTIZAN MEDAL & ID CARD GROUPING Unusual Yugoslav Partizans Grouping, Consisting of - 1958 dated "Subnor" Identity Card (Yugoslav Partizans Veterans Association) With embossed Association badge to the cover (Various entries etc. inside Partially translated by the previous owner- This individual was part of the 9th Dalmatian Division From September 1944-January 1946- Being "Active" in Mostar, Livno & the Istrian Coastal areas He was also awarded the National Medal of Merit) 1st type National Medal of Merit-Cyrillic reverse Yugoslav Order of Bravery + Ribbon Bar (Low number to reverse 27091) Small Gilt Metal & Enamel Screw back Subnor badge Rear "Spinner " with Zagreb makers mark Large Boxed White Metal Subnor plaque Approx 6cm Across & double sided Association badge to the front Subnor 1941-1945 JUGOSLAVIA-To the rear In Red leatherette covered box. A scarce find and attributable to an individual Who fought in one of the Bloodiest Partizan conflicts in WW2 Further research may be possible
WW2 ZUCKERMAN PATT SENIOR FIRE GUARDS HELMET WW2 Zuckerman Patt Civil Defence Helmet Period White over paint- With added " Black Band & FG" Denoting a "Senior Fire Guard" Helmet shell dated 1940 Lace in liner maker marked- "C.C&S LTD -Size 7- 1941 The leather head band has been padded- With Wartime newspaper - I've not taken it out -But It could indicate the Area / Region the helmet was used in. Good collectable helmet In VGC
WW2-HMSO-THERE'S FREEDOM IN THE AIR Official story of Allied Air Forces from the Occupied Countries Good used condition Please note this may or may not have- "An odd loose or creased page"
WWI / WW2 ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT CAP BADGE Good Original Bi -metal Royal Sussex Regiment cap badge Rear slider fixing In good collectable condition...
WWI ROYAL NAVY TRIO & LSGC MEDAL GROUP Mounted WW1 Royal Navy medal group of 4 To Writer / Chief Petty Officer W.T TYRELL Who enlisted in Chatham Kent June 1912 Discharged June 1928 Star shows rank of 3 WR - R.N LSGC shows C.P.O W.R - R.N (Hms Pembroke) With photo copy of P.R.O Service paper These came in the box they are shown in. (Masonic Jeweller from Gillingham Kent) Some minor wear commensurate with age But all details still readable -not polished dinged etc. Nice researchable RN LSGC to a Medway Sailor
YORK AND LANCASTER REGT CAP BADGE Bi-Metal York & Lanc's cap badge. Slider back
ZULU SOAP STONE PIPE WITH BEADED DECORATION "Zulu" Pipe Carved soap stone bowl approx. 3" high (Small chip from the bowl rim) Wooden detachable stem With tufted hair /Green & Red beaded decoration Don't think it's really old But has some age Good decorative item Displays well & in nice clean condition