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"Hitler's Head" Fund-Raising Tinny The famous "Hitler's Head" fund raising tinny. Image of Hitler's head surrounded by the words "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer" Pressed brass, with pin.
'Aircraft of the Aces' Northrop B-2 A die cast metal 'Aircraft of the Aces' US Northrop B-2 in 1:280 scale. Minus its stand
.303 Ball Cartridge A British .303 Ball Cartridge. Inert. For Lee Enfield rifle and Bren Gun. Post-war dates.
.303 Ball Cartridge - Softpoint A .303 ball cartridge with a softpoint bullet. Various post-war dates
.303 Brass Cases - Dunkirk Pick-Ups British .303 spent brass cases recovered from the Dunkirk evacuation beach at De Panne. Various dates between 1928 and 1938. Kynoch and Royal Laboratories, Woolwich makers stamps. The consistent hard cap strikes suggest these were Bren-fired. Price is for each case.
.38 Special Cartridge Nickel-cased inert cartridge for the US .38 Special pistol. Made by Smith & Wesson
1/6th Scale DiD Figure - BEF Guards Officer A mint condition unopened 1/6th scale figure - "John Colman" British Expeditionary Force Guards officer, 1940. Complete with dress and combat uniforms. Includes Vickers .303 machine gun, full uniforms and a variety of weapons and equipment - all perfectly modelled.
1/6th Scale Did Figure - SS Panzer Officer A mint condition unopened 1/6th scale figure - "Tim Becker" SS Panzer Abteilung with two uniforms - combat uniform with M43 cap and camo tank crew with field cap, plus greatcoat. Includes full uniforms and a variety of weapons and equipment including MP40 and Luger - all perfectly modelled.
16th SS Panzer Grenadiers Cuff Title A full length cuff title for the 16th SS Panzer Grenadiers (RFSS). Sewn-over ends. Unissued condition
1855 Lancaster 'Sappers and Miners' Volunteer Bayonet - Chelsea Pensioner The rare cut-down version of the 1855 Lancaster Martini bayonet known as the "sappers and miners" bayonet, issued to a Chelsea Pensioner of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. Normally issued to engineers and medics. This good condition bayonet, complete with scabbard, is stamped as a volunteer issue, and bushed. It has an Enfield inspection mark (D), Edward VII stamp and re-issue date of 1903. Pommel is stamped with V, and also B Company, Royal Hospital (RH). Funnelled blade in good condition, with a few small dinks in the edge
1907 Enfield WW1 Bayonet with Scabbard A superb condition 1907 Enfield bayonet for the .303 SMLE rifle. Complete with scabbard. Good condition blade maker stamped Wilkinson of Pall Mall. GR and 1907 stamps on blade along with issue date of May 1918. Extensively WD marked. Scabbard in good condition
1914 Shoulder Title - The Buffs 1914 pattern brass shoulder title for the Royal East Kent Regiment - The Buffs. 18mm high lettering. With clips
1914-18 British War Medal Bar Medal ribbon bar for the 1914-18 British War Medal
1916 On War Service Badge The less common 1916 triangular On War Service badge. Brass badge stamped with mkaer's name - Gaunt - and serial number on the back. Rear fastenings removed.
1930s Balda Box Camera - Hitler Youth Issue A 1931 pattern Balda Poka box camera in carrying case. Hitler Youth issue. Camera in good condition, with HJ diamond insignia to the rear, full maker's marks and carrying handle. These cameras were made at the Balda-Werk factory in Dresden, and issued to Hitler Youth units for the purpose of taking propaganda photographs. A very rare item
1934 Labour Day Badge A 1934 Labour Day badge in good condition. Pressed copper alloy. No rear clip
1934 Labour Day Badge A 1934 Tag der Arbeit (Labour Day) tinny for 1934. Good condition, with clip
1934 Winter Relief Fund-Raising Badge A clean example of the 1934 "Auf Warts Aus Eigerner Kraft" WHW winter relief fund raising badge. Pressed aluminium with enamelled images. With clip
1935 Labour Day Badge The less common 1935 Labour Day Badge, maker marked by Lugenscheid. In relic condition. No pin.
1935 Labour Day Badge A 1935 Arbeitstag (Labour Day) badge by Ferdinand Wagner. Maker marked. Nice condition, although rear clip has been removed and the badge looks as if it was stuck to a display board at some point
1935 Labour Day Badge A 1935 Tag der Arbeit (Labour Day) badge by EF Weidmann of Frankfurt. Nicely maker stamped, with clip.
1936 Berlin Olympic Stadium Postcard An original postcard carrying an aerial phoograph of the 1936 Berlin Olympic stadium
1936 Berlin Olympics Archery Bronze Figure A bronze archery figure from the 1936 Berlin Olympic games. Five-inch bronze archer is mounted on a marble plinth, bearing a plaque reading "XI.Olympiade , Berlin 1936" These figures were given to participants and supporters in Olympic disciplines, and were also sold as NSDAP fund-raisers..
1936 Berlin Olympics Marksman Figure A bronze marksman figure in uniform from the 1936 Berlin Olympic games. Five-inch bronze marksman is mounted on a marble plinth, bearing a plaque reading "XI.Olympiade , Berlin 1936" These figures were given to participants and supporters in Olympic disciplines, and were also sold as NSDAP fund-raisers..
1936 Labour Day Badge A 1936 Labour Day badge by Schul of Berlin. Maker marked. Some marks and pitting on face. No clip.
1937 Labour Day Badge A 1937 Labour Day badge in zinc alloy. With clip. Maker marked by Hermann Bauer
1937 Pattern Web Utility Pouches A pair of British army 1937 pattern web utility pouches, dated 1941. Press stud fastenings. Maker marked. One is stamped "Junior Cadet Corps".
1937 Reichs Party Day Badge A 1937 Reich's Party day badge. Some tarnishing around eagle and swastika, otherwise good condition. With clip. Maker marked by G Brehmer of Markneukirchen
1937 Webbing Ammunition Pouches A pair of British Army 1937 pattern webbing ammunition pouches. Green webbing with no visible markings. Each of the twin pouches was designed to carry two five-round clips of .303 ammunition, but because of their small carrying capacity most regular units preferred the larger utility pouches and these were more commonly used by Home Guard units. Complete with all buckles.
1937 Webbing Bayonet Frog A 1937 pattern British webbing bayonet frog for the Enfield spike bayonet. Complete
1938 Labour Day Badge A 1938 Labour Day badge by Ziemer und Sohne. Good condition, maker marked, with clip
1939 Iron Cross 1st Class - 1957 Issue A 1957 issue Iron Cross 1st Class with oak leaves replacing the swastika. 1939 date. Domed construction with screwback and retaining disc.
1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class A WW2 1939 Iron Cross Second Class. Good condition with good black core. Sewn-in original ribbon. Unstamped.
1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class with Original Issue Packet A WW2 1939 Iron Cross with original ribbon and packet of issue. Fine condition with unblemished paint on core and bright surround. Blue issue packet in good condition with maker's name on the reverse.
1939 Iron Cross Bar A 1939 bar for an EKII Iron Cross. Some wear to high points. With pin. Maker marked on the reverse FSCW (Florian Schwarer of Vienna)
1939 War Merit Cross without Swords A 1939 War Merit Cross without swords as awarded to civilians. Excellent condition with original colouration. With ribbon
1939-45 Defence Medal A fine condition 1939-45 British Defence Medal awarded for non-operational military service and some civilian services during WW2. Complete with ribbon
1939-45 Defence Medal A fine condition British 1939-45 Defence Medal awarded for non-operational military service and some civilian service. Medal has original ribbon which is faded with age in some areas, particularly where medal has been mounted.
1939-45 India Service Medal A British 1939-45 extra fine condition India Service Medal, with ribbon
1939-45 Star A British 1939-45 Star. Fine condition. With ribbon. The 1939-45 Star was awarded for military service in WWII. Constituted in 1943.
1939-45 Star A fine condition 1939-45 Star with original ribbon. This medal was awarded for a minimum of six months service in the armed forces or Merchant Navy during WW2
1939-45 War Medal A British 1939-45 War Medal, awarded to all full time personnel in the armed forces and Merchant Navy. Fine condition with original ribbon
1939-45 War Medal A British 1939-45 War Medal, awarded to all who served in the armed forces and Merchant Navy. Fine condition. With ribbon
1939-45 War Medal A British 1939-49 War Medal, awarded to all full-time members of the armed forces and Merchant Navy. Extra fine condition. With ribbon
1st Life Guards Cap Badge A brass cap badge for the 1st Life Guards. With Kings Crown and George V cypher. With clips
1st Pattern Arbeitsbuch - Berlin 1936 A 1st Pattern Arbeitsbuch to Linov Hendel, a shopworker from Berlin. Issued in 1936. Extensively stamped
1st Pattern Arbeitsbuch - Osram Worker A 1st pattern good condition arbeitsbuch to a Gerbhard Braun, a worker at the Osram electrics factory in Berlin. Issued in 1935. Extensively stamped up till 1944.
1st Pattern Arbeitsbuch - Siemens 1935 A 1st pattern Arbeitsbuch to a Frintzig Becker, a worker at the Siemens factory in Berlin who went on to work as a night watchman. Issued in 1935. Fully stamped.
24th London Regiment Cap Badge Brass cap badge for the 24th London Regiment (The Queens Own). 1924 pattern. With slide.
24th London Regiment Cap Badge - Copper A cap badge for the 24th London Regiment - The Queens Own in copper. 1924 pattern. With slide
25 Year Faithful Service Medal in Box A fine condition NSDAP 25 year Faithful Service medal in original presentation box. Medal complete with original ribbon. Presentation box has makers label intact
3 x 1 Pfennig Coins - Kurland Dig-ups Three 1 pfennig coins - dated 1942, with eagle and swastika visible. These coins were dug up from the Kurland pocket battlefield in Latvia. Price is for all three.
3 x 10 pfennig coins - Kurland Dig-Ups Three 10 pfennig coins - dated 1940, 1941 and 1942, with eagle and swastika visible. These coins were dug up from the Kurland pocket battlefield in Latvia. Price is for all three.
3 x French WW1 Postcards Three French First Wold War black and white postcards showing scenes from the Western Front
30mm Aden Shell Case A brass shell case for a 30mm Aden practice round. Radway Green manufactured. Various 70s dates. These rounds are used in British armoured fighting vehicles.
30mm Aden Shell Case A 1972 dated British 30mm Aden brass shell case with one small dent to case. Radway Green makers mark. These were for AFV-mounted canon.
4 x 10 Pfennig Coins - Kurland Dig-Ups Four 10 pfennig coins - dated 1941 and 1942, with eagle and swastika visible. These coins were dug up from the Kurland pocket battlefield in Latvia. Price is for all four.
40 Year Faithful Service Medal - Denazified. A denazified 40 Year Gold Faithful Service medal, with swastika filed from the middle. No ribbon
40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Shell Case - 50s A British 40mm Bofors 364 L70 Mk1 anti-aircraft brass shell case. WD marked and dated 1953
5 x .303 Cartridge Cases in Enfield Clip Five .303 brass cartridge cases in an Enfield rifle stripper clip. Various makers. Post war dates
5 x British WW1 Postcards Five British WW1 postcards depicting the Western Front theatre of war. Two in colour.
5 x French WW1 Postcards Five French WW1 postcards depicting elements of French forces and scenes from the Western Front. All good condition
5 x French WW1 Postcards Five different French WW1 postcards depicting service personnel and incidents on he Western Front. Good condition
5 x Wehrmacht WW2 Photographs Five original German WW2 photographs of groups of Wehrmacht soldiers in uniform, including on a troop train. Two the same. Believed to have been taken in Germany.
5 x.303 Brass Cases in Clip - WW2 Five .303 fired brass cases in Enfield stripper clip. WW2 dates.
7.92mm Mauser Cartridge A Mauser 7.92mm cartridge, dated 1945. Brass case with nickel bullet.
A Pair of General Service Buttons - WW2 A pair of WW2 General Service buttons by Firmin, Kings Crown
Adjutant Generals Corps Shoulder Strap British Army slip-on shoulder strap for the Adjutant General's Corps. Camouflage pattern.
Africa Star A fine condition Africa Star with ribbon.
Africa Star A fine condition Africa Star campaign medal with original full-length ribbon. The Africa Star was instituted in 1943 for military service in North Africa.
Africa Star - Named A South African issue Africa Star with recipients name on the reverse. Fine condition medal with original ribbon named to 241778 D.J. Du Toit
Air Training Corps Lapel Badge A brass and enamel Air Training Corps lapel badge. Good condition apart from slight chip to the enamel. Date not known, but probably 1940s-50s.
Arbeitsbuch - Dusseldorf Shop Worker A first pattern Arbeitsbuch for a hardware/ceramics store worker. Issued in Dusseldorf in 1935 to a Margret Vander who worked in Judenberg, Styria. Extensively stamped
Arbeitsbuch - Metal Worker 1st pattern arbeitsbuch to a Ludwig Hieronis, a metal worker in Leipzig and Magdeburg. Fully swastika stamped and authorised from 1936 - 1940.
Arbeitsbuch - Stuttgart Research Scientist A second pattern Arbeitsbuch to an Eric Gebhardt, a research scientist at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Metal Research, Stuttgart. Issued in 1938. Extensively stamped.
Arbeitsbuch - War Wounded Worker A 1st pattern Arbeitsbuch to Aigard Gaumuror of Saarbrucken, disabled after a war wound. Issued in 1935 and stamped up to 1939. Good condition
Arbeitsbuch and Permit - Miner, 1940 A 1st pattern Arbeitsbuch to Herr August Metzler, a miner in Zweibrucken, fully stamped from 1936 to 1940, plus an additional work permit, dated December 1940.
Arbeitskarte and Two Passes An arbeitskarte and two work passes issued by allied occupation authorities in Germany, 1947
Argentinian M1 Combat Helmet - Falklands A complete Argentinian Army M1 combat helmet - a bring-back from the Falklands War. M1 helmet is complete with all webbing and neckstrap, with straps for airborne chin cup. Leaf pattern camouflage cover, with camouflage net over that. This helmet has known provenance and was taken from a prisoner at Stanley airport by a member of 40 Commando.
Army 7th Corps Sleeve Patch 1944 pattern sleeve patch for US Army 7th Corps
Army Carpenter Trade Badge A British Army 1937 pattern trade badge for a carpenter and joiner. Good condition
Army Catering Corps Beret Badge Staybright beret badge for the Army Catering Corps. Queens crown. Made by Dowler, Birmingham.
Army Cyclists Corps Shoulder Flash A WW1 brass shoulder flash for the Army Cyclists Corps. 18mm high lettering. With all clips
Army Drivers Sleeve Star - Guards The large pattern British Army cloth sleeve star for a driver in a Guards regiment
Army Electricians Trade Patch British Army sleeve trade patch for an electrician
Army Farriers Trade Badge Cloth sleeve trade badge for a farrier in the British Army.
Army Issue Needles Pack of German army issue needles in original packaging
Army M40 Combat Helmet A German army M40 combat helmet in dark field grey. No visible decals. Shell is manufactured by Quist and size stamped Q66. Serial number stamp JM401. Original tan hide liner. No chinstrap but chinstrap bales present.
Army M40 SD Combat Helmet A German Army M40 single decal combat helmet. Shell has an aged patina. This helmet was recovered from barn storage in the St Mary's district of Jersey and shell condition is consistent with damp storage. Eagle and swastika decal is about 20 per cent present. Original liner in place, along with original chinstrap. Small size - probably 62. No visible stampings. A good, honest German combat helmet.
Army M40 Winter Camo Combat Helmet A large size German Army M40 combat helmet in winter camouflage. Discoloured white paint applied over a field grey shell. Shell is a large size 66. Original liner and chinstrap with one chinstrap rivet missing. Inner shell is stamped with maker and size stamp NS66 (Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke). The shell also has a Quist stamp DN64, but this more likely to be a patent stamp as the shell is definitely a size 66.
Army PT Instructor Badge A British Army sleeve badge for a physical training instructor. Good condition
Army Sidecap Roundel Large roundel for army feldmutze (sidecap). On silk. Uncut
Army Staff Sergeant's Shoulder Strap A British Army staff sergeant's slip-on shoulder strap. Queens crown. European camo.
ARP Fire Guard Armband A cloth armband for an Air Raid Precautions Fire Guard warden. Gold lettering on dark blue armband. Good condition
ARP First Aiders MkII Brodie Helmet A MkII Brodie helmet for an ARP first aider. Black helmet has "FA LPR" to the front. The LPR is probably a street or station designation. Shell is dated 1939. Original size 71/4 TTC liner is dated 1940. With original part-elasticated web chinstrap
ARP Gas Mask in Tin Container An ARP-issue medium sized civilian pattern gas mask in its original ARP container. Mask is complete with filter and all straps and is maker-stamped Avon, and dated 1939. There is a small crack in the perspex visor. Black painted tin has original carrying string and is marked with user's name - Mr W. Kendall of Dagenham, Essex.
ARP Hooded Bicycle Lamp An ARP issue hooded bicycle lamp. Black painted lamp has an angles shield over the bulb. Made and maker-marked by Lucas of Birmingham. Missing battery cover, otherwise complete.
ARP Steel Locker Box An Air Raid Precautions steel locker box. Complete. Box is 11" x 7" x 7.5" deep. Painted black, with red stripe to top and rear, and ARP lettering to the front. Two fixing catches and a carrying handle. A great WW2 Home Front item.
Artillery Leutnants Shoulder Straps - Pair A pair of WW2 slip-on shoulder straps for a Heer artillery leutnant.Silver wire on red waffenfarbe. Good condition with some staining to the cloth but no mothing.
Artillery NCO's Sleeve Badge Cloth sleeve badge for a British army artillery NCO. Good condition
Atlantic Star Miniature with Aircrew Europe Bar A post-war issue miniature Atlantic Star with an Aircrew Europe clasp.
ATS Cap Badge - KC A brass cap badge for the Auxiliary Territorial Service. Kings Crown. With slide to the rear soldered into position.
Austrian M16 Helmet Shell with DRK Decal A WW1 Austrian M16 Berndorfer helmet shell with a good Nazi era Deutsche Red Cross eagle, swastika and red cross decal. Arrow-bottomed decal is 90 per cent present. Good overall grey paint on the shell, which has distinctive irregular rivet holes and salt shaker vents. An unusual helmet.
Austrian WW1 Steyr M1895 Bayonet An Austrian-made WW1 Steyr Mannlicher M1895 bayonet. Wooden grips, with 30cm good condition blade. Some age pitting to hilt and upper blade. Blade maker stamped CSZM. In black painted scabbard stamped with serial 216. A late pattern example with muzzle ring removed for fitting to the German Karibiner 98 rifle.
Battlefield Relics - Army Breadbag Buttons A pair of German army breadbag buttons. These were dig-ups from near Arromanches in Northern France
Belgian Medical Corps M15 Adrian Helmet A 1926 pattern Belgian Army Medical Corps Adrian Helmet. Shell has good green paint inside and out, with a medic's shield and cross badge to the front. One small dent to crown. Original liner and chinstrap.
Belgian WW2 M15 Helmet A WW2 Belgian Army M15 Adrian-style steel helmet. Good condition green-painted helmet has Belgian national lion insignia to the front. Black leather liner - unmarked but approximately size 55. Original black leather chinstrap.
Berlin Rathaus Day Badge Bakelite badge in relic condition for Berlin Town Hall day. No pin
Blue Division Medal The German Blue Division medal, awarded to Spanish volunteers fighting in Russia. Fine Condition. No ribbon
Bomb Disposal Patch - Subdued A subdued black-on-green British Army trade patch for bomb disposal.
Bomber Command Sew-On Medal Ribbon A sew-on medal ribbon for the 1985-constituted Bomber Command medal
Book - Islands in Danger The 1965 paperback edition of Alan and Mary Seaton Wood's excellent account of the German occupation of the Channel Islands. With photographs.
Book - "Belsen to Buckingham Palace" Paul Oppenheimer's book about the evacuation of Jews from Nazi Germany - paperback
Book - "Camouflage Uniforms of the German Wehrmacht" The definitive guide to German camouflage uniforms and equipment of WW2 by acknowledged expert Werner Palinckx. Published by Schiffer Military History. Published in 2002, this indispensable book has 280 pages and 580 original black and white and colour photographs.
Book - "Steel Inferno" - SS Panzer Corps in Normandy Michael Reynolds' excellent book "Steel Inferno" charting the SS Panzer Corps in Normandy in 1944. A 314-page work with many original photographs.
Book - Bridge On The River Kwai Pierre Boulle's magnificent book that inspired one of the great war films. This is the sought-after 1969 Fontana paperback edition
Book - German Army Uniforms and Insignia 1933-45 Brian L Davis's comprehensive hardback reference book covering uniforms and insignia of the German Army throughout the Nazi period and WWII. A 1998 Brockhampton Press edition of a book originally published in 1972. Extensively illustrated.
Book - In Search of the Trojan War Michael Wood's excellent exploration of the Trojan Wars. Hardback
Book - Invasion by John Peddie John Peddie's detailed account of the Roman conquest of Britain. Hardback.
Book - Okinawa 1945 Simon Foster's excellent and detailed account of this important Pacific conflict. Paperback, with maps and many photographs.
Book - Orders, Medals and Decorations of Britain and Europe A comprehensive guide to British and European medals with detailed descriptions and colour plates. Published by Blandford in 1967. Written by Paul Hieronymussen. Some damage to dust jacket but book is in good condition
Book - SS The Blood-Soaked Soil Gordon Williamson's chronicle of the battles of the Waffen SS entitled "SS - The Blood-Soaked Soil". A 192-page story of the elite Waffen SS from birth and blitzkrieg to surrender, detailing all units and their battles. Lots of photographs and illustrations. Published by Brown Books
Book - The Home Front Peter Doyle and Paul Evans' book "The Home Front - British Wartime Memorabilia 1939-45". An invaluable reference book - extensively illustrated - recording all forms of wartime home front collectables and memorabilia. Published by The Crowood Press in 2007.
Book - The Virgin Soldiers The 1974 Pan paperback edition of Leslie Thomas's 1966 novel about conscripted soldiers serving in Malaya
Book - War in the Fallklands The Falklands campaign in pictures. Excellent book compiled by the Sunday Express
Brass Army Officers Rank Pips Brass army general service rank pips. Price is for each.
British 1st Artillery Sleeve Patch British 1st Artillery Brigade sleeve patch - Gulf War issue. Ram on red background.
British 30mm Rarden Shell Case A British 30mm Rarden AFV brass shell case. Radway Green stamped. Dated 1980.
British 40mm Bofors Shell Case - WW2 A British 40mm Bofors 305 No2 anti-tank brass shell case. War Department marked and dated 1939.
British 40mm Bofors VAEL Anti-Aircraft Shell Case A British 40mm Bofors 364 L70 Mk1 VAEL (Vickers Armstrong) anti-aircraft brass shell case. Dated 1954.
British 7.62mm Ammunition Box A British wooden ammunition box for 350 7.62mm ball L2A2 cartridges in Mk3 clips (for SLR) and Mk5 bandoliers. Dated 1969
British Army 1963 pat. L/Corporal's Stripe Single British Army 1963 pattern Lance Corporal's stripe for best BD
British Army 2nd Division Patches Two non-matching WW2 tropical uniform shoulder patches for the British Army 2nd Division. Although similar, these patches are a slightly different shape, and so will have come from two uniforms, possibly worn by the same soldier. The 2nd Division fought extensively in India and Burma during WW2
British Army Corporals Shoulder Strap - Gulf A single Gulf camo shoulder strap for a corporal in the British Army
British Army Drivers Sleeve Star Cloth sleeve star for a driver in the British Army. Unissued condition
British Army Group A Tradesmans Badge A British Army cloth sleeve badge for a Group A tradesman. Good condition
British Army Majors Crown A staybright Queens Crown shoulder rank badge for a British Army major.
British Army No 1 Field Telephone Set A complete British WW2 No1 field telephone set. "L" designation 1937 pattern. Steel case with carrying strap swivels and folding handle. Instructions on inner lid. Receiver and cord intact, along with battery terminals. With jack sockets for extra handsets and internal battery compartment.
British Army S10 Respirator - Complete A complete British Army S10 respirator in European camouflage case. Two filters, one in original foil wrapping. Includes NATO decontamination powder in DPM pouch. Dated 2002.
British Army Sergeants Stripe - Large A single 1963 pattern British Army sergeants stripe - large size for combat smock or greatcoat.
British Army Sergeants Stripes - Dress British Army dress uniform sergeants stripes - gold on black
British Army Sgts Stripes - Dress British army sergeant's dress uniform stripes for light infantry and rifles. Black and gilt on dark green
British Army Thermos Flask - WW2 A 1944-dated early Thermos flask produced for the British Army. Flask is complete and working with pyrex glass inner, cork stopper and carrying handle. Detailed instructions for hot and cold contents on the outside of the green hammered-finish flask. Base is maker-marked Thermos, war department stamped and dated 1944. These rare flasks were issued to some army units, and also to ARP stations.
British Army Trade Badge - German Speaker A British Army cloth sleeve badge for a German speaker. Good condition
British Army Webbing Leg Restraint A 1937 pattern webbing British Army leg restraint strap. Dated 1939. Extensively marked "Leg restraint strap CSPEP" with army and RAF equipment reference numbers. A rarely seen piece of 1937 pattern webbing.
British Despatch Riders Helmet - 1945 A British motorcycle despatch rider's steel helmet. Good condition shell with cork grit finish. All-leather laced skull flaps and nice condition original liner. Large forehead pad intact. Maker marked by Birmingham Motor Bodies (BMB) and dated 1945. Size 7 1/4.
British Forces "Victory" lighter A brass-cased British forces issue "Victory" cigarette lighter produced to mark VE Day. Plain brass case. Base is inscribed "Victory, May 1945" with registration number and Made in England inscription
British L21A1 Baton Round The British 37mm L21A1 anti-riot baton round. Complete with rubber projectile. Deactivated. Fully marked
British MkII Cromwell Helmet - 1940 A nice example of the British Cromwell helmet complete with original liner and original part-elasticated chinstrap. These low-cost rimless helmets were made from pressed fibre with a reinforcing piece riveted onto the crown. They were issued to civil and emergency services. Liner is size 7 and is made by Vero. Dated 1940.
British SA80 Bayonet Frog - Camo Full cover British Army issue frog for the SA80 bayonet. European camouflage. With all straps and clips. Made by Remploy. Dated 1994.
British WW1 Trench Rattle A small pattern British first world war trench rattle. Good condition and in full working order. No visible stamps.
British WW1 Trench Strop A British WW1 issue trench strop for sharpening razors. These leather and metal strops were originally developed for civilian use, but smaller versions were adopted by soldiers for use in the trenches.
Brodie MkII Helmet - Battlefield Communications Training A British army Brodie MKII combat helmet from the Battlefield Communications Training school in Bedfordhsire. Khaki shell inside and out with some stackmarks. BCT stencil to front. Shell stamped BMB 1941. Original TTC 1940 liner, with part elasticated chinstrap
Brodie MkII Helmet - Food Distribution A Brodie MkII helmet for an ARP or WVS food warden. White-painted shell has "FOOD" stencilled on the front in black lettering. Shell has discolouration and rust-spotting consistent with its age. Inner shell is black and dated 1940 with an F2 serial stamp. Original size 7 liner is held in place with a replacement liner bolt. Liner stamped BMB (British Motor Bodies) and dated1940. Original chinstrap. A very unusual helmet.
Brodie Plasfort First Aid Party Helmet A patented Plasfort bakelite Brodie helmet for a First Aid Party member. Black helmet has white FAP to front. Helmet stamped with makers name and patent mark. Original liner with size 7 1/4 stamp. Part chinstrap remaining. These helmets were commercially produced during WW2 for private purchase, although many were later adopted by civil authorities.
Bronze DRL Sports Badge - Numbered A nice condition bronze DRL Sports Badge. All detail clear including the swastika. Maker stamped on the rear by Wernstein Jena. DRGM stamped and numbered 35269.
Bulgarian Army Luftschutz M36 Helmet A German-made M36 Luftschutz "gladiator" helmet as issued to the Bulgarian Army. Units of the Bulgarian Army, particularly air defence and non-front line units - were issued with German M36 helmets. This good example is painted green inside and out with an offset Bulgarian decal. Two-piece construction shell has an RLB (Reichsluftschutzund) stamp and a 1938 date. Original liner with some damage to tongues, and chinstrap. An unusual and scarce helmet.
Bundeswehr Mountain Troops M43 Cap An M43 birgemutze as issued to mountain troops of the West German army. The same as a WW2 M43 cap but made from cotton rather than wool and with a larger peak. Mountain troops edelweiss insignia on right side of cap. No insignia to front. Size 56
Burma Star A fine condition Burma Star campaign medal. With ribbon.
Cameron Highlanders Glengarry Badge 1880 A white metal example of the 1880 Cameron Highlanders glengarry badge. With clips
Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Glengarry Badge A white metal 1914 pattern Glengarry badge for the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). With clips.
Casualty Station Leaders Helmet A MkII Brodie helmet for an ambulance casualty station leader. Black military pattern helmet has CS to the front with twin rank pips. Original liner is maker stamped JC&S. Part elasticated chinstrap
Civil Defence Corps Armband - QC A Civil Defence Corps Welfare cloth armband. Buckle type. Queens Crown
Civil Defence Welfare Armband - KC A yellow cloth Civil Defence Welfare buckle-on armband. Kings Crown.
Collection of German WW2 Photographs A collection of eight German WW2 army photographs, showing uniformed officers and enlisted men
Collection of Photographs - Luftwaffe Winter Camo A collection of six WW2 German photographs showing Luftwaffe personnel in winter camouflage gear.
Combat Infantry 1st Grade Sleeve Badge A dress sleeve badge for a British Army 1st grade combat infantryman, silver gilt on blue. Good condition
Combat Infantrymans Sleeve Badge British Army combat infantrymans sleeve badge. Gulf pattern. Green bayonet on maize background.
Corporals Stripe - 1963 Pattern A British Army single 1963 pattern corporals stripe. Good condition
Cosford Aerospace Museum Guide Fascinating 64-page fully colour illustrated guide to all of the exhibits at the Aerospace Museum at RAF Cosford, near Telford. Includes The Warplane Collection, The Missile Collection, The R&D Aircraft Collection and the Transport Aircraft Collection
DAF Arbeitsbuch - Hardback A hardback arbeitsbuch for a member of the Deutsches Arbeitsfront (DAF) Nazi work organisation. The book was issued in 1938 to Jonum Kohlinger, an agricultural worker. Extensively stamped.
DAF Arbeitskarte - 1935 A DAF arbeitskarte work permit for a foreign worker. With DAF insignia, fully stamped and dated 1935.
DAF Members Stickpin A members stickpin for the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF). White metal swastika in cog. Long turned pin
Danish M23 Helmet A good condition large Danish M23 helmet. White painted outer shell has a red diamond insignia, indicating this may have been worn by a doctor in the Danish civil defence police. Inner shell is black. Hanging slot in rear of shell. No size markings but seems to be a size 58. Nine-tongue liner with cloth crown pad and black leather chinstrap. Acceptance label inside shell, along with wearer's initials - "JJ".
Day Badge for Leipzig Spring Festival 1938 A German day badge produced for the Leipzig Spring Festival of 1938. An unusual day badge of ceramic and bakelite construction. With clip
Day Badge For North West Gau Rally Day badge for the 1935 north west Gau rally. Swastika on grey metal shield. With clip. Much paint remaining. Maker marked (MA)
DDR APC Drivers Badge Sleeve badge for an armoured personnel carrier driver's qualification in the former East German Army
DDR Army Officers Cap Badge An officer's cap badge with laurels from the former East German Army
DDR Army Sgt Major's Sleeve Patch A camouflage smock sleeve patch for a sergeant major in the former East German army
DDR Infantry Officers Dress Collar Patch A German DDR army officers dress collar patch with white waffenfarbe for infantry.
DDR Mosin Nagent Ammo Pouch An East German army 1950 pattern leather and web double ammo pouch. These carried ammunition clips for the DDR's Russian-made Mosin Nagent rifle. With leather belt loops.
DDR NVA Reservists National Medal A East German (DDR) NVA Reservists National Service medal. Complete with medal ribbon, clip and presentation case. Depicts head of a soldier in a distinctive East German helmet.
DDR Senior Sergeant's Sleeve Badge Cloth sleeve patch for a senior sergeant (hauptfeldwebel) in the former East German Army. Worn on camo smock
Der Stalhelm Badge - Stuttgart 1934 A rare badge for the Stuttgart division of the NSDFB Der Stalhelm veterans organisation. Dated 1924-34. Pressed copper shield badge bears a prancing horse, stalhelm and swastika. The badge marks the absorption of the former Freikorps Der Stalhelm organisation into the SA. A very rare badge.
Deutsche Red Cross Nurses Sleeve Badge A triangular sleeve badge for a nurse in the DRK (Deutsche Red Cross) Silver on black badge on silk with eagle and swastika and the inscription "Berlin".
Deutsches Jungvolk Marksmans Badge A marksman's badge for the Deutsches Jungvolk organisation (DJ) White metal and black multi-layered enamelled badge has crossed guns on a disc with a single DJ blitz. RZM marked on the rear with serial M1/66, With clip. The Deutsches Jungvolk was the junior organisation to the Hitler Youth for 10-14 year-olds
Die Cast Eurofighter An 'Aircraft of the Aces' die cast EFA2000 Eurofighter. 1:121 Scale
Die cast F-86 Sabre An 'Aircraft of the Aces' die cast model of the US F-86F Sabre jet in 1:150 scale
Die Cast Mirage 2000 An 'Aircraft of the Aces' die cast Mirage 2000 French fighter in 1:120 scale.
Die Cast Mirage IIIC An 'Aircraft of the Aces' Die Cast Mirage IIIC French jet fighter in 1:120 scale
Die Cast Republic F84 An 'Aircraft of the Aces' die cast model of the Republic F84 long range ground attack aircraft. 1:100 scale
Die Cast US F18 Hornet An 'Aircraft of the Aces' die cast model of the US F18 Hornet jet. 1:145 scale
Die Deutsche Wehrmacht Large Cigarette Card Album A large German cigarette card album entitled "Die Deutsche Wehrmacht" complete with most cards. Owners name and date (1937) written inside. All cards - 184 in all - in the army section are complete, illustrating all branches of the army. 30 cards in the Kriegsmarine section. No cards in the Luftwaffe section. A very rare and fascinating item.
Dig for Victory Post Card A litho copy of a Dig for Victory post card
Dorset Regiment Cap Badge A bi-metal cap badge for the Dorset Regiment. With slide.
DRL Sports Badge A nice DRL Sports Badge in bronze with all detail clear including the swastika. Maker marked by Ferdinand Wagner. Stamped DRGM 35269
DRL Sports Badge The DRL Sports Badge in bronze. Good condition but some wear to high points. Straight pin. Maker marked by Wernstein.
DRL Sports Badge - Cloth A cloth DRL sports badge with swastika. Bronze thread on dark green background. Slight fraying around edges where it has been removed from a uniform, otherwise good condition.
DRL Sports Badge - Denazified A denazified version of the DRL Sports Badge in bronze, with the swastika at the bottom filed away. Otherwise very good condition. Maker marked by Wernstein. Straight pin.
DRL Sports Badge Lapel Pin A brass lapel pin for holders of the DRL Sports Badge. Miniature DRL badge on long turned pin. DRL and ges-gesch markings on the reverse.
DRL Sports Lapel Badge A miniature lapel badge version of the DRL Sports Badge. With swastika. Maker marked by Wernstein. With clip
Duke of Edinburgh's Regiment Shoulder Flash Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment staybright shoulder flash. Rear fastenings removed.
Durham Light Infantry Cap Badge - WW2 A WW2 Durham Light Infantry cap badge in white metal. Kings Crown. With cap slide.
East Surrey Regt Officers Sleeve Buttons Four tunic sleeve buttons for an officer in the East Surrey Regt. Kings Crown, staybright buttons by Firmin of London
Edward VI Commemorative Tunic Button A very rare tunic button produced in 1837 to mark the 300th anniversary of the birth of Edward VI. The button was worn on the tunics of military personnel associated with the Royal Household and Yeoman Warders. One of these unusual silver buttons recently sold on eBay for £130!
Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife - NATO A Fairbairn-Sykes B3 Commando knife. Black post-war NATO issue. Black knurled grip with black blade. Crosspiece is maker marked by J. Nowell & Sons, Sheffield and WD crow's foot stamped. Cross keys mark on hilt. In black leather and metal scabbard.
Feldgendarmerie Lapel Badge 1942 An NSDAP Police lapel badge, dated 1942. Dull grey metal badge has G5 stamp to the reverse. With clip.
Feldgendarmerie Sleeve Badge A German Feldgendarmerie (Field Police) cloth enlisted man's/NCO's sleeve badge in unissued condition. Orange on field green, with black swastika.
Feldpolizei Faithful Service Medal A Feldpolizei police faithful service medal. Nickel medal in fine condition, with hanging loop. No ribbon. Nazi police insignia to front and loyal service to the police inscription to the reverse.
Feldpolizei M42 SD Helmet - Bremen An M42 single decal feldpolizei helmet for Bremen. Green painted shell has the remains of a States of Bremen decal (40%). Shell is stamped with size and maker mark NS64 and serial D377. Complete size 57 liner. No chinstrap. When the Nazis combined all Ordnungpolizei units into the Feldpolizei in 1938, Bremen was the only state allowed to keep its own insignia.
Feldpost Field Postcard, 1942 A German WW2 field postcard, dated 1942. With Iron Cross image. Swastika stamped
Festung Breslau Dig-Ups - Poland Dig-ups from the German Festung Breslau fortress near Wroclaw, Poland. Pocket watch with remains of face, and part of a German Army belt buckle with patina clearly visible.
Fire Police Cap Badge Small pattern fire police EM/NCO cap badge. Two-piece pressed metal, with clips. Good condition
First Gulf War Medal Miniature A British 1st Gulf War medal miniature, 2003. With ribbon
Five German Army Field Pack Loops - Dig-ups Five strap loops from a German Army field pack. Dig-ups from Normandy
Five German Army NCO/Officer Pictures A set of five WW2 German wartime photographs of the same man in uniform, firstly as an NCO and then as an officer. Price is for all five photographs.
Five German WW2 Photographs - Army Five WW2 German photographs depicting army personnel in bridge-building and repair operations
Four NSDAP Police Registration Documents Four NSDAP police-issued registration and change of address documents for a family in Meldebeharde, dated between January and April 1945.
Four Pioneer Corps Officers Sleeve Buttons A set of four WW2 British Army Pioneer Corps officer's sleeve buttons, maker marked by Gaunt. Kings Crown
Four WW2 German Army Photographs A collection of four WW2 photographs of German army personnel in groups
Four x WW2 Pioneer Corps Tunic Buttons Four large brass tunic buttons for an officer in the Pioneer Corps. Made by Gaunt of London. Kings Crown
France and Germany Star A fine condition France and Germany Star campaign medal, with original ribbon
French M1915 Adrian Military Fire Hemet - Alsace A French WW1 M1915 Adrian steel helmet for a military fireman for Francelhoff in Alsace. Minus its liner but with chinstrap bales intact. Large grenade badge to front with Sapeurs, Pompiers de Francelhoff legend to front. Remains of chrome plating on helmet
French M1926 Adrian Helmet - Free French Air Force An M1926 Adrian helmet for the Free French Air Force. Green paint inside and out with gilt FFAF insignia to the front. Original liner intact, as is the original chinstrap. Good overall condition.
French M26 Defense Passive Helmet An M26 French Adrian helmet for the Defense Passive civil defence units. Green painted shell is identical to the army pattern apart from the Defense Passive DP badge to the front. Large size with original liner. Chinstrap is present but has broken.
French M78 Helmet Cover A canvas French M78 sand-coloured cloth helmet cover. With drawstring fastening. Also fits the M1 and M51 helmets.
French WW1 37mm Shell Case A brass shell case for a French WW1 37mm Hotchkiss 1-pounder. Twin bands around the casing. No other marks.
French WW1 F1 Grenade A French 1915 F1 fragmentation hand grenade. Cast iron body is stamped with makers mark - GG. No ignition plug or fuse. UK delivery only due to customs restrictions..
French WW1 Field Postcard A First World War French field postcard depicting the Camp de Mailly army camp.
French WW1 M15 Helmet - Artillery A nice condition French First World War M15 Adrian helmet for artillery. Shell is in good condition - two-piece construction - horizon blue paint inside and out. RF crossed cannon and grenade artillery insignia in pressed metal to the front. Small rust patches to the rear of the crown and on the underside of the skirt. Original good-condition liner and chinstrap. Small hole punched in front skirt for wall hanging. Small size.
Gasmask Dimming Cream - Army Issue A tin of British Army issue gasmask dimming cream. Maker marked by BW&M. Dated 1939. Some rusting to tin
Gefreiters Bars for Camo Smock A pair of straight bar gefreiters stripes for wearing on camouflage smock or overjacket. Unissued condition
General Service Buttons - Five Different Five different WW1 and WW2 General Service buttons. All Kings Crown. One bakelite, one plain, one by Gaunt of London, one by Smith & Wright of Birmingham, and a Gaunt tunic cuff button
General Service Cartouche Insignia - KC A large British Army ceremonial General Service cartouche badge in brass and enamel. Kings crown. No rear fastenings..
German Army Belt Buckle A German army belt buckle in semi-relic condition. Buckle is solid and complete. Surface rusting but all detail is clear, with Gott Mit Uns motto and eagle and swastika. Obverse is rusty but complete with moving strap buckle. Slight corrosion to right hand edge. Buckle recovered from near Wroclaw, Poland
German Army Dog Tag A complete German Army WW2 dog tag for an infantryman in the Ersatz 5th Infantry Battalion. Good condition
German Army Dog Tag - Casualty A German army dog tag, snapped in half for a fatal casualty. This tag is for a soldier in Schutzen Ersatz Batallion 12 - a reservist motorised infantry batallion decimated on the Eastern Front.
German Army Drivers Badge A nice condition German army bronze drivers badge. Complete with field grey cloth sew-on patch and brass backing plate. One clip missing, otherwise good condition
German Army Officers Cap Eagle A late war German army officer's cap eagle in zinc alloy. Two clips intact but one wing clip is missing.
German Army Officers Cap Laurels A set of oak laurels for a German army officer's schirmutze peaked cap. Good condition, with clips intact
German Army Officers Dagger - Orange Hilt A German army officer's ceremonial dagger in nice condition. Orange bakelite hilt. With good condition scabbard, complete with hanger rings. Dagger blade is in superb condition, though the extreme point is very slightly blunted. No makers marks. Crosspiece eagle and ferule decoration remains sharp and clear.
German Army Photographs, WW2, in the Snow Four German Army WW2 photographs (two pairs of identical pictures) showing German army personnel in the snow.
German Army Potato Sack - 1942 An unusual item found in a barn on the Channel Island of Jersey. This is a large hessian potato sack - 4ft by 2.5 ft - split down one side and stamped with a large eagle and swastika. On the other side is stamped a 1942 date and "H.Vpfl"
German Army Winter Fur Hat - 1944 A WW2 German Army winter fur hat. Field green wool hat has ear-flaps with ties and rabbit fur trim. Silk lined. Size 58. Maker marked RBM and dated 1944. Serial number 07120160700. No badge (Badges were not factory-fitted to these hats. They were added, if at all, in service)
German Armyy WW2 Photograph - Officer and NCOs A German army photograph from WW2 showing an officer with an NCO in crusher cap and NCOs and EMs in field caps. Writing on the rear of the picture.
German Death Card - Grenadiers A German death card with photograph to Obergefreiter Arnold Clusserath, a grenadier regiment NCO killed on the Eastern Front. Iron Cross holder.
German Field Photograph - Crimea A German army field photograph of a Russian mortar position, taken near Sebastopol in the Crimea, April 1942. The picture is inscribed on the back, and was taken by Obergefreiter W. Hessler, who has signed it.
German Fire Police NCO Doctor's Complete Uniform and Equipment A German WW2 Fire Police NCO doctor’s complete uniform and equipment with provenance – worn by Dr Hans Reindel. Consists of: Fire Police tunic with NCO’s shoulder boards, collar patches and Werkfeuerwehr (Industrial Fire Police) sleeve patch. All buttons present. 32” chest. Bakelite whistle on silver chain, Eastern Front medal ribbon (he served in Poland), DRL Sports Badge and SA Bronze Sports Badge. Fire Police trousers with all buttons present. 34” waist, 32” inside leg. Pink waffenfarbe stripe. Fire Police sidecap with pink waffenfarbe and single button. Fire Police M34 helmet, aluminium with salt shaker vents, satin black paint, wearer’s name inside, painted medic cross decal, original liner, crown pad and chinstrap. Size 56. Medic’s canvas holdall with straps and carrying handle Medical kit – in leather case, maker marked, with scissors, bakelite compartment bandage box, leather pain strap, doctor’s instruction booklet, notepad with hand-written inventories and incident notes Gas Mask – fully stamped and marked gasmask with filter and spare lenses. Auer Luftschutz-style canister, maker marked and dated 1938. User's name painted on can. Arbeitsbuch – DAF issued arbeitsbuch to Dr Hans Reindel with picture and all stamps Photographs – photograph of wearer in uniform, plus earlier photograph in Field Police uniform dated 1938. Picture of nurses group plus two family pictures. THIS ITEM CAN BE PURCHASED IN INTEREST-FREE INSTALMENTS. EMAIL OR PHONE FOR DETAILS.
German Food Ration Coupons Three sheets of German WW2 food ration coupons. Dated April 1940. Fully stamped
German Gas Mask Case Parts - Kurland Dig-Ups A German gasmask case belt hook and strap loop, with some field grey paint remaining. These items are dig ups from the site of the Kurland battle, now in Latvia
German High Court Officer's Cuff Title A buckle-on cuff title for an officer of the Oberlandesgericht German regional high court. The full-length adjustable cuff title has all buckles intact and bears the words "Oberlandesgericht Celle"
German Infantry Signallers Trade Badge A German infantry signaller's sleeve badge. White blitz on a field green background. Good condition
German Issue NATO Waterproof Ammo Carrier A West German issue NATO pattern heat-sealed plastic waterproof ammo carrier for 7.62mm ammunition
German M18 Freikorps Steel Helmet A German M18 WW1 steel helmet on which has been painted the skull and crossbones insignia of the pre-Nazi Freikorps. Shell originally painted green but has faded with age on the outside. Good paint inside shell. The deterioration of the shell is consistent with the deterioration of the painted insignia, indicating that it was painted a long time ago and is original. Good condition horsehair liner on aluminium band. Original chinstrap is dry with some cracking but is present. Paramilitary Freikorps units appeared in 1918 to fight against the post-WW1 Weimar Republic, and are seen as the pre-cursor to the Nazis.
German Meat Ration Coupons German WW2 meat ration coupons. Six coupons in all on three sheets, dated 1940.
German POW Censored Letter A censored letter to Munich from a German prisoner of war. Has US military censor's stamps. Dated 1946
German POW Work and Travel Permits Work and travel permits for a German POW, issued by the US Military Post in Munich. Fully stamped.
German pre-WW2 Photograph - SA Motorcyclist An original German pre-WW2 photograph of an SA motorcyclist in black uniform
German Propaganda Book - Condor Legion A 1937-produced hardback propaganda book on the exploits of the Condor Legion in the Spanish Civil War. "Kriegsfreiwillager" was published by the Nazi party's national publisher in Leipzig. 150 pages, all in German, with some black and white photographs
German Soap Ration Coupons German ration coupons for soap. Dated 1942. Complete set of 20 ration tokens
German Soldiers Skin Cream - Dig-Up A tin of German soldier's skin cream in semi-relic condition. This tin was a dig-up from the German WW2 fortress of Festung Breslau near Wroclaw in Poland
German War Disabled Lapel Badge Large lapel badge for the Nazi German War Disabled Veterans Association (NSKOV), with stickpin. Maker marked 'H6'
German WW1 Court-Mounted EK2 Trio A German First World War Iron Cross trio. Consists of a 1914-dated Iron Cross 2nd Class, a Prussian Army Cross, constituted in 1866 for conspicuous service, and a Bavarian Military Cross with swords, also constituted in 1866 for military merit. Nicely court mounted with brass hangers and breast pin.
German WW1 Family Photograph - EK1 Holders A German WW1 studio photograph of a family, including a uniformed officer and an NCO - both with Iron Crosses - and a nurse.
German WW1 Foraging Canister A nice example of a German WW1-vintage "Botanisiertrommel" designed to be slung over the shoulder (strap missing on this example) for foraging for the war effort. In particular people were encouraged to collect fruit stones and similar for use in oil mills. The canister is green, with two compartments - one large, one small - with strap loops. Often these were decorated by the owners, but not in this case. A rare and collectible "home front" item.
German WW1 M17 Combat Helmet A German WW1 M17 army steel helmet. Overall gunmetal grey patina inside and out. Faint stack mark. Original horse-hair liner with a steel retaining band. No chinstrap but chinstrap bales are present.
German WW1 M17 Helmet A German WW1 M17 steel helmet. Dark brown patina inside and out, with normal age wear. Original hide and horsehair liner on aluminium liner band. Late pattern original cloth chinstrap. No visible stampings but would seem to be a size 58.
German WW1 M17 Helmet - Camouflaged A German WW1 M17 camouflaged steel helmet. Good condition shell is painted in green, yellow and brown camouflage pattern with black separation lines. Inner shell is dark green. Light pin-rusting on inner crown, otherwise good condition. Original liner with aluminium liner band. Original tan leather chinstrap
German WW1 Ribbon Bar A German WW1 double ribbon bar consisting of an EK2 Iron Cross ribbon and a combatant's Cross of Honour with swords. On metal mount with pin.
German WW1 Sweetheart Brooch A German First World War sweetheart brooch. Colour picture of a soldier wearing a covered pickelhaube mounted in a gilt frame. With clip. Reverse is maker stamped GD.
German WW1 Trench Art Brooch A German WW1 trench art brooch made from a brass shell fragment fashioned into a general's collar tab with oak leaves on brass. It is engraved "Erinnerung and den Weltkrieg 1914 - 16" With pin.
German WW2 Bezard Compass A German WW2 model of the famous Bezard compass in leather carrying case. Manufactured in Stuttgart by George Lufft. Fully marked. Bezard compasses were used by German and Austrian forces through both wars. This example is 1940s manufacture.
German WW2 Bread Ration Coupons Two German WW2 bread ration coupons, stamped and dated 1940.
German WW2 Clothing Donation Certificate In 1941 the German authorities were running short of fabrics and yarns for military uniforms. They launched a public appeal - the Reichs-Spinnstoff Sammlung - for donations of clothing and materials which could be spun into uniforms. Those making donations were given a certificate. This an original such certificate, in good condition. A rare item
German WW2 Death Card - Grenadiers Death card with uniformed photograph to Gefreiter Luitpold Greber, grenadier regiment, killed on the Eastern Front, June 1, 1944
German WW2 Food Ration Coupon A single German WW2 food ration coupon. Dated 1940
German WW2 Medal Ribbon Bar Medal ribbon bar for War Merit Cross and Cross of Honour with Swords. With clip
German WW2 Mountain Troops Sleeve Badge - Silk A sleeve badge for German Army mountain troops - edelweiss on green background. On silk, uncut.
German WW2 Photograph - Paris Occupation A small German WW2 photograph of three army NCOs under the Eiffel Tower. An iconic image
German WW2 Photograph - Transitional Helmet A rare German WW2 original portrait photograph showing an army private wearing an M18 transitional helmet
German WW2 Photographs - Army Mechanics Three German WW2 photographs - two the same - of German army mechanics at work. Location unknown.
German WW2 Photographs - Army Parades A collection of five small German WW2 photographs showing army parades and marching bands.
German WW2 Photographs - Cavalry A set of three German WW2 photographs showing German army personnel including cavalry. Soldiers are wearing sidecaps and show K98 bayonets.
German WW2 Portrait Photograph - Oberleutnant A small German WW2 portrait picture of an army oberleutnant. WW1 Iron Cross recipient
Gloucestershire Regiment Beret Badge An 1896 pattern white metal badge for the Gloucestershire Regiment - with beret slide
Golden Sun WHW Fund-Raising Badge - No.1 A rare "Golden Sun" WHW Nazi winter relief fund raising badge. No.1 in a series launched in Koblenz in 1940. Maker marked by H. Lersch
Gottingen Lenzing Day Badge 1934 Tinny produced for Gottingen Lenzing party day, 1934. With clip.
Green Howards WOII Sleeve Badge A Warrant Officer 2nd class sleeve badge for the Green Howards. Black on green.
Grenadiers Sleeve Patch A single British Army Grenadiers sleeve patch. Good condition
Group B Tradesman's Badge A British Army sleeve badge for a Group B tradesman. Good condition
Group B Tradesmans Badge - Large Large pattern sleeve badge for a British Army Group B tradesman. Good condition
Guards Sergeants Stripes - Mess Dress Small single shoulder stripe for a British Army Guards regiment mess dress jacket. Gold on Red.
Gurkha Engineers Shoulder Flash Dark blue on red shoulder flash for the Gurkha Engineers.
Hamburg Agricultural Day Tinny Large oval dark metal tinny for Hamburg Agricultural Day. With clip
Heer Infantry NCOs Crusher Cap A nice condition German army crusher cap to an NCO in the 17th Infantry Regiment. Green with darker green band and white waffenfarbe. Black leather strap. Original eagle and swastika badge and cockade all intact. Slight mothing to waffenfarbe and inner sweat band, but otherwise good condition. Wearers name (Schott) and 17th Infantry Regiment inscribed inside. Makers patch missing, but silk lining intact, although it is pulling away from stitching at the sides.
Heer Officer's Cap Cockade A WW2 German army officer's cap cockade. Two-piece construction. Good condition with all clips present
Herefordshire Regiment Cap Badge A bi-metal cap badge for the Herefordshire Regiment, with slide.
Hitler Youth Belt - Complete A complete Hitler Youth uniform belt. Good condition pressed aluminium buckle. Black leather belt with aluminium clip. Belt has wearer's name written in pen. Not clear but appears to be W Maser Hiben.
Hitler Youth Belt Buckle A good condition complete 1944-dated Hitler Youth belt buckle in pressed alloy. Stamped on the reverse RZM4/44
Hitler Youth Jugendfest Tinny - 1936 A tinny for the 1936 Hitler Youth Jugendfest. Pressed copper badge. Rear fastenings removed
Hitler Youth Jugendfest Tinny 1937 A Hitler Youth Jugendfest day badge from 1937. With clip. Pressed nickel alloy.
Hitler Youth Merit Badge A small silver Hitler Youth merit badge, with clip. Swastika and arrow insignia. Rear of badge is RZM stamped, with M1/34 serial.
Hitler Youth Sleeve Badge A good condition Hitler Youth sleeve diamond on silk. Uncut but fold lines present where it has been attached to a uniform. Ges-Gesch marked.
Hitler Youth Sports Proficiency Badge A cloth Hitler Youth sew-on Sports Proficiency badge. Finely woven on silk. Good condition.
Home Guard Leather Gaiters - Pair A pair of Home Guard issue gaiters in dark brown stiff leather. Twin straps with brass buckles on each gaiter - all intact. No markings.
HQ Rhine Area Sleeve Badge A sleeve badge for the British Army HQ Rhine area. Good condition.
HQ Rhine Area Sleeve Shield An uncut British Army HQ Rhine Area sleeve shield, uncut, on khaki tan background
HQ Staff Sleeve Badge Army headquarters staff sleeve badge. Queens crown.
Hungarian M35 Combat Helmet A WW2 Hungarian M35 steel combat helmet. These helmets were modelled almost exactly on the German M35 but with a simplified liner system. Field green helmet has rolled rim and screw-in vents. Steel hanging loop riveted to rear of helmet. Six-tongue leather liner is riveted direct to shell. Large size - probably 56 or 58. Black leather chinstrap. Maker and size mark stamped into inner skirt GY64 (Gyori Vaggonra)
Hungarian S10 Gas Mask A Hungarian S10 model gas mask. The canvas mask is complete with all straps and buckles and has a figure 1 stamped on the canvas. The filter is stamped with serial numbers 01 13 83, with 78 stamped on base. The S10 was roughly based on the German M17 gas mask, and was used throughout both wars until the metal parts were replaced with plastic for the M67 mask
Imperial German Order of Merit Cockade An Imperial German WW1 Karl Friedrich of Baden Order of Merit dress uniform cockade. With pin
Imperial War Museum Guide Detailed full colour 48 page guide to the Imperial War Museum in London. With the history of the two World Wars in pictures, with photographs of exhibits and galleries.
Infantry Assault Badge A good condition late war infantry assault badge in zinc alloy. With needle pin. Repair to hasp.
Infantry Assault Stickpin - 1957 A 1957 re-issue Infantry Assault Badge stickpin. Same as the WW2 issue version but without the eagle and swastika. Long turned pin
Irish Army Vickers Steel Helmet A 1927 Irish Army Vickers steel helmet, based on the German M16 design. Original hide liner with leather liner band and original chinstrap. Badge clip to the front of the shell, with reinforced rivets around the shell. Inner shell stamped H2930 107 27. Size L. Liner band maker stamped T. Smith & Co, Dublin, 1927. Most of these distinctive helmets were destroyed and buried, but a fairly small number were redeployed for civil defence use and painted white. This is one of those helmets. White paint inside and out has some chips and normal age wear.
Irish Army Vickers Steel Helmet A 1927 Irish Army Vickers steel helmet, based on the German M16 design. Original hide liner with leather liner band and original chinstrap. Badge clip to the front of the shell, with reinforced rivets around the shell. Inner shell stamped H2930 107 27. Size L. Liner band maker stamped T. Smith & Co, Dublin, 1927. Most of these distinctive helmets were destroyed and buried, but a fairly small number were redeployed for civil defence use and painted white. This is one of those helmets. White paint inside and out has some chips and normal age wear.
Iron Cross Lapel Bow A 1939 2nd Class Iron Cross ribbon lapel bow. Lapel button is RZM marked and maker marked by DBMjm
Italy Star A fine condition Italy Star British campaign medal, instituted in 1945 for service in the Italian campaign between 1943 and 1945. Full length original ribbon
Italy Star A fine condition Italy Star campaign star with original ribbon
Italy Star A fine condition Italy Star campaign medal, complete with ribbon.
Japanese Air Force Firemans Helmet A rare and unusual Japanese helmet for a fireman in the air force. Fibre helmet is covered in heavy anti-flash cloth which also forms a neck havelock and buttons under the chin. A metal band holds this in place. The top is decorated with an Imperial Japanese cherry blossom device. Air force badge of propeller on blossom to the front.
Japanese Order of the Red Cross Medal A Japanese Order of the Red Cross merit medal in fine condition. With original ribbon, and fixing loops to the reverse of the ribbon. Instituted in 1888, this is a pre-1941 silver version of the medal.
Japanese Superior Private's Badge WW2 cloth sleeve badge for a Japanese Army superior private. Three gold stars on red.
Jena Garrison WHW Badge, 1938-39 A rare WHW fund-raising badge produced to mark the achievements of the Jena Garrison in 1938-39. Jena, in the east of Germany, saw anti-Nazi resistance from left wing and communist groups. Pressed anodised copper badge has the words Standart Jena 1938-39 and a helmeted soldier. With clip.
K98 Mauser Bayonet - WKC A late pattern Mauser K98 bayonet by sought-after maker WKC. Ridged wooden hilt.. WKC maker stamp on blade. Lower rivet on handle is missing but hilt is stable. Some light pitting to hilt and rifle attachment is fixed. Good, part-blued blade. Scabbard has normal age wear. No visible serial stamp on blade or scabbard.
Kaiser Wilhelm Centenary Medal A heavy gold medal produced in 1897 to mark the centenary of the birth of Kaiser Wilhelm I in 1797. Medal has image of Kaiser Wilhelm in pickelhaube on the obverse, and dates and inscription with Prussian coat of arms on the reverse.
Kaiser Wilhelm War Service Cross- Half-size A half size printzen example of the rare Kaiser Wilhelm War Service Cross. 1914 dated. Single side, with plain back. No ribbon
Kings Own Scottish Borderers Collar Dogs - Pair A pair of staybright collar dogs for the Kings Own Scottish Borderers. With securing clips and backing plates.
Korea Medal Ribbon and Citation Ribbon and citation for a United Nations Korea Service Medal. Medal ribbon is attached to citation letter from the War Office, Droitwich. Medal recipient is a J. Whitney of County Durham. Dated September 1959.
Kriegsmarine Bevo Breast Eagle A Kriegsmarine bevo winter uniform breast eagle. Gold on dark blue wool. Slight damage to backing
Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Breast Eagle A bevo Kriegsmarine coastal artillery breast eagle. Gold on green. Some damage to right wing
Kriegsmarine Engine Mechanics Badge A trade badge for an engine mechanic in the Kriegsmarine. Gold on blue winter uniform version. Good condition.
Kriegsmarine Hymn Book A 100-page Kriegsmarine (German Navy) hymn book. Complete and in good condition. Dated 1941.
Kyffhauser Veterans Loyal Service Medal A Kyffhauser WW1 veterans loyal service medal. Small silver medal with Kyffhauser lighthouse emblem hanging from full-size ribbon bar. With clip.
Labour Day Badge 1935 A tag der arbeit Labour Day badge for 1935. With clip. Maker marked by Karl Henzler of Pforzheim.
Lancashire Fusiliers Cap Badge A 1914 pattern bi-metal cap badge for the Lancashire Fusiliers. With slide.
Lance Corporals Dress Stripe A British Army lance corporal's dress uniform stripe. Gold on buff.
Lance Corporals Dress Stripe British Army lance corporals dress uniform stripe - gold on black
Large WW2 Photograph - Luftwaffe Pilot/Observer A large WW2 photograph of a Luftwaffe feldwebel wearing a pilot/observer badge. Photograph is 13cm x 17cm.
Leipzig Reichfest Tinny - 1935 A day badge produced to mark the Leipzig Reichsfest in 1935. Badge depicts JS Bach. With clip
Leipzig Sports Day Tinny, 1935 A day badge produced to mark Leipzig Sports Day, 1935. With clip.
Len Deighton's Blitzkrieg Len Deighton's detailed account of the German Blitzkrieg campaign. With lots of previously unpublished photographs.
Lewis Gunners Trade Badge A British Army sleeve trade badge for a Lewis gunner.
Life Guards Shoulder Flash Single shoulder flash for The Life Guards. Blue on red.
Light Infantry Collar Dog White metal staybright Light Infantry collar dog
Light Infantry Lieut. Colonel's Shoulder Straps A pair of shoulder straps for a Lieutenant Colonel in The Light Infantry. Dark green on maize.
Logistics Corps Sgt's Shoulder Strap A Royal Logistics Corps sergeant's slip-on shoulder strap. European camo
Luftpost Air Mail Letter - 1935 A rare Luftpost "Katapultflug" air mail letter to Hanover. Swastika stamped. Bremen-Southampton-New York overstamp. Dated 1935.
Luftschutz Air Defence Factory Helmet - Auto Union A rare Luftschutz M38 gladiator-style helmet for the Auto Union factory (now Audi). Two piece construction helmet is painted black inside and out, with the Auto Union logo to the front. 10-tongue leather liner has extra comfort padding added. No chinstrap, and one chinstrap bale is missing. The Auto Union factory was in Chemnitz in Saxony and produced Junkers aircraft engines as well as armoured vehicle chassis including the Sd-Kfz222.
Luftschutz M36 Factory Helmet - Henschel An M36 "gladiator" Luftschutz air defence helmet for the Henschel aircraft factory in Kassel. Black two-piece construction helmet has white Henschel logo to the front. Remains of unknown decals on each side but scratched out - possibly fire police decals. Liner intact, but some damage to leather tongues. Leather chinstrap. Complete Luftschutz acceptance label on inner skirt. Size 55. Stamped RLB (Reichs Luftschutzbund) and dated 1939.
Luftschutz M36 Gas Mask in Canister A Luftschutz M36 gas mask in a superb condition canister which has almost all green paint remaining, along with belt strap and belt hook and part of upper strap. Lens compartment has spare lenses and two spare lens retaining rings. Gas mask is superbly marked with paper issue docket remaining on filter, which is waffen stamped and dated 1937. Lenses dated 1936. Wearers name "Fischer" on mask and canister.
Luftschutz M38 "Gladiator" Helmet A Luftschutz air defence M38 "gladiator" helmet. Good dark blue paint inside and out. Three-piece construction shell with a complete Luftschutz decal to the front. Part of maker's label still present inside rear skirt. RLB (Reichs Luftschutzbund) stamped and dated 1938. Liner tongues intact with a replacement securing lace. Padded cloth compartments inside tongues for extra comfort. Canvas chinstrap which is detached at one end, with one chinstrap loop missing. Size 55.
Luftschutz-badged Czech M29 Parade Helmet A Czechoslovakian M29 parade helmet which has been badged by German occupation forces as a Luftschutz air defence helmet. Satin black helmet with metal comb and good Luftschutz decal to front. Original M29 liner and leather chinstrap. A rare helmet.
Luftwaffe Airmans Flight Board Tallies - Pair Two small metal tallies used to hang on airfield flight boards to account for flying personnel when out on sorties. Each stamped Fl (fliegerhorst) Hose III, which identify them as coming from an airfield in the Rhineland. Stamped with personal numbers 203 and 252. Stamped "Horst" on the reverse. Rare and unusual items. Price is for both
Luftwaffe Bread Bag A Luftwaffe issue bread bag in blue canvas. With straps, buttons and loops. Gauze field repair to flap, otherwise good condition
Luftwaffe Breast Eagle A bevo Luftwaffe NCO/EM's cloth breast eagle. 2nd pattern white eagle and swastika on blue-grey background. Good condition
Luftwaffe Fighter Oxygen Flow Meter An oxygen flow meter from the cockpit of a Luftwaffe WW2 fighter. This type of meter was fitted to the Me109 and Me262, the FW190 and some Heinkel 111s. Part number and fluger number indicate this was from an aircraft based at Lubeck. Glass is separate, but could be inserted.
Luftwaffe Fighter Oxygen Gauge An oxygen gauge from the cockpit of a Luftwaffe WW2 fighter. This type of gauge was fitted to the Me109 and Me262, the FW190 and some Heinkel 111s. The gauge was contained in a metal pod with the oxygen flow meter (see 11757). Part number stamped on rear of gauge. Glass intact.
Luftwaffe Flak Artillery Collar Patches A pair of collar patches for an oberleutnant in the Luftwaffe Flak Artillery. Silver braid on red backing. Good condition
Luftwaffe Flying Personnel Sleeve Badge A white-on-blue machine woven sleeve badge for Luftwaffe flying personnel. Good, unissued condition.
Luftwaffe Flying Personnel Wings Cloth Luftwaffe sleeve badge for flying personnel. Good condition
Luftwaffe Fund-Raising Tinny A Luftwaffe fund-raising tinny in the shape of an aircraft. A Hermann Goering quote is featured across the wings. With clip
Luftwaffe M35 DD Helmet - with Impact Damage A Luftwaffe M35 double decal steel helmet with severe impact or shrapnel damage to the crown.. This helmet, which was recovered from Northern France, has a pitted patina in semi-relic condition. However it is solid and stable with 50 per cent of eagle and national decals present. Original small size (probably 54) liner is in place and intact. No chinstrap.
Luftwaffe M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet A good condition original M38 Luftwaffe fallschirmjager parachutists helmet, minus its liner. Known provenance. Good dark blue paint inside and out with some light rust spotting, particularly around rim. Good second pattern Luftwaffe decal with some rust bleeding through on left wing. Eisenhuttenwerke maker and size stamp - ET71 - inside rim with correct spacing. CKL71 3892 stamped into rear rim. This helmet was recovered from a house clearance of a military veteran in Norfolk. THIS ITEM CAN BE PAID FOR WITH INTEREST FREE INSTALMENTS. EMAIL OR PHONE FOR DETAILS.
Luftwaffe M40 SD Combat Helmet A Luftwaffe M40 single decal combat helmet, minus its liner. Good condition dark grey shell has an Eisenhuttenwerke ET makers stamp and size 64 mark. Second pattern Luftwaffe decal is faded but complete.
Luftwaffe MG34/42 Ammunition Box A steel Luftwaffe ammunition box for the MG34/42 machine gun. This box, recovered from Jersey, has all catches and carrying handles present. Painted Luftwaffe blue/grey it is stamped "I Gruppe" and "10" on the hinged lid.
Luftwaffe MV Administrators Patch A Luftwaffe Motor Vehicle Administrators trade patch. Good condition, with slight mothing.
Luftwaffe Obergefreiters Dress Uniform Stripes Luftwaffe obergefreiters stripes for dress uniform. Silver tresse stripes on blue background
Luftwaffe Private 1st Class (Oberschutze) Sleeve Star Sew-on sleeve star. Grey on blue background
Luftwaffe Radio Operators Sleeve Badge A sleeve badge for a Luftwaffe grade B radio operator. Good unissued condition
Luftwaffe Rank Pip Silver Luftwaffe rank pip with clips
Luftwaffe Subdued Rank Pips Luftwaffe officer's rank pips with grey subdued paint. No clips. Price is for each.
Luftwaffe Subdued Rank Pips A pair of Luftwaffe officers subdued rank pips, painted grey. With clips
Luthertag Day Badge, 1933 A day badge for Luther Day, 1933. With clip. Alfred Stubbe makers stamp on reverse.
M31 Fire Police Helmet - Steel An early pattern fire police/Luftschutz M31 helmet made of heavy steel. M18 transitional pattern rim. Salt shaker vents. Small dent to crown. No decals. Original liner with havelock tags. Original black leather chinstrap. These helmets are rare and pre-dated the lightweight M34 style fire police helmet ,and were usually commercially produced.
M34 DD Fire Police Helmet A good example of an M34 double decal lightweight fire police helmet. Aluminium shell with good satin black paint inside and out. Salt shaker vents. Eagle decal is 90 per cent, national decal is 70 per cent present. Original liner, complete with leather havelock tabs and crown pad. Fitting holes for optional comb have been correctly plugged. Size 58. Wearers name is painted inside (K.Scho) Maker stamped DRP of Thale. Chinstrap- which is ges-gesch stamped - looks like a later replacement.
M34 DD Fire Police Helmet with Havelock An M34 double decal Nazi fire police helmet, complete with neck havelock. Good satin black paint inside and out. Salt shaker vents. Neck havelock is still attached to the original good condition liner. Original chinstrap. Police decal is 40 per cent. National swastika decal 30 per cent. Size 56. Makers mark is too faint to read but is present. Wearers initials - WBH - on crown. It is extremely rare to see one of these helmets with the neck havelock still attached.
M34 Junkers Fire Police Helmet An M34 Fire Police helmet for the Junkers aircraft factory Werkfeuerwehr (industrial fire police). Satin Black helmet has the Junkers logo to the front. Original tan hide liner with soft leather crown pad fitted. Havelock tags intact. Original chinstrap is detached at one end and has been repaired. Wearers name inside which looks like H. Menecke. Comes with a copy of a 1944-dated Junkers factory invoice for training and training equipment.
M35/40/42 Helmet Liner and Chinstrap A complete liner for German M35/40/42 helmets. Eight perforated tongues on an aluminium ring. Size 54. Black leather riveted chinstrap. This is a late war liner manufactured in factories in Czechoslovakia using a simplified liner system. Ideal for helmet restorers or re-enactors
M35/M40/M42 Helmet Liner Band An original aluminium liner band for a German M35/M40/M42 helmet. With chinstrap bales. Extensively marked including serial number, maker's stamp - RBNr - and 1944 date.
M35/M40/M42 Replacement Chinstrap A replacement reproduction chinstrap for the M35, M40 or M42 helmet in correct black and tan leather with all buckles and rivets.
M40 DD Afrika Korps Helmet - Restored A large size refurbished M40 DD combat helmet in DAK livery. Sand coloured shell has DAK and national decals. Shell has an original Quist manufacturers and size stamp Q66. Serial number stamp T1462. Replacement size 59 liner and chinstrap. Perfect for re-enactors or as a display piece.
M42 SD Hitler Youth Helmet - Restored An original unusually small size M42 combat helmet which has been restored as a Hitler Youth helmet. Size 60 shell is field green inside and out with a single HJ decal. Shell is stamped with Eisenhuttenwerke maker and size mark ET60, and serial number 2338. Fitted with an original size 52 liner and a replacement chinstrap. Ideal for re-enactors or as a display piece.
M43 Ski Cap Button & Lace Set Set of two marbled flap buttons and a closing lace for the M43 ski cap.
Manchester Regiment Beret Badge A brass 1949 pattern beret badge for The Manchester Regiment. With slide.
Mauser K98 Cleaning Kit - Complete A Mauser K98 rifle cleaning kit, complete, with tin. Tin is painted green and stamped with maker's mark RG34 and serial 1005-12-120-1141-1/57. Kit contains lint cleaning cloth, chain pull-through, barrel brush, breech brush and bakelite oil bottle.
Mauser K98 Stripper Clip - Dig-up A Mauser K98 7.92mm rifle stripper clip. In semi-relic condition, this was dug up from Festung Breslau (Breslau Fortress) near Wroclaw in Poland
Mauser M1898 WW1 "Butcher" Bayonet An excellent condition Mauser M1898 WW1 "butcher" bayonet with scabbard and frog. Very good Solingen blade stamped Gottleib Hammesfahe Solingen Foche, and stamped with Imperial cypher and 1916 date. Ridged wooden hilt in good condition. Silver steel good condition scabbard and black leather frog
Medical Corps Hauptman Shoulder Board A single sew-in shoulder board for a Hauptman (captain) in the German medical corps. Rank pips and caduceus insignia on silver wire, mounted on medical corps cornflower blue waffenfarbe. Good condition.
Mein Kampf 1939 Part Work - Part 10 In 1939 publishers Hutchinson produced an 18-part illustrated part work of a James Vincent Murphy English translation of Mein Kampf. The issue was authorised by the Third Reich, and royalties were donated to the British Red Cross. Publication ceased in 1942. This is Part 10 of this rare translation. In good condition.
Mein Kampf 1939 Part Work - Part 8 In 1939 publishers Hutchinson produced an 18-part illustrated part work of a James Vincent Murphy English translation of Mein Kampf. The issue was authorised by the Third Reich, and royalties were donated to the British Red Cross. Publication ceased in 1942. This is Part 8 of this rare translation. In good condition.
Mein Kampf 1939 Part Work - Part 9 In 1939 publishers Hutchinson produced an 18-part illustrated part work of a James Vincent Murphy English translation of Mein Kampf. The issue was authorised by the Third Reich, and royalties were donated to the British Red Cross. Publication ceased in 1942. This is Part 9 of this rare translation. In good condition.
Merchant Navy Document Collection WW1 - WW2 A fascinating collection of Merchant Navy documents to First Mate David Ramsay of South Shields, documenting his MN career from apprenticeship to his WW2 convoy duties. Includes his First Mate certificate from 1916, his indenture documents from 1908, his leather-bound Continuous Certificate of Discharge charting his ship postings and duties, his service certificates and press announcement of his appointments.
MG42 40-Round Cartridge Belt - WW2 A 40-round machine gun belt for the MG42 German machine gun. All cartridges are the same and 1945 dated, all in sprung MG42 links. Cartridges have nickel bullets..
MG42 Machine Gun Belt A 50-link belt for the German WW2 MG42 7.92mm machine gun.
Middlesex Regiment Cap Badge - WW1 A 1914 pattern bi-metal cap badge for the Middlesex Regiment. With slide
Mills Grenade Base Plug - 1940 The screw-in base plug for a Mills No36M Mk1 grenade. Maker marked PDC and dated 1940.
Mills Grenade Base Plug - 1942 The screw-in base plug for a Mills No36M Mk1 grenade. Maker marked SRO and dated 1942.
Mk II Brodie RAF Fire Crew Helmet, 1943. A WW2 MkII Brodie Royal Air Force fireman's helmet in bright red paint. Inside is painted white. Shell has a BMB manufacturers stamp and is dated 1943. Original BMB size 7 liner. Late war webbing chinstrap.
Mk6 Army Helmet with Scrim Netting A complete NATO Mk6 Kevlar army helmet with double scrim netting and camouflage band. Complete with all chinstraps. Wearer's name "Park A." inside the helmet.
MkII Brodie ARP Factory Helmet A MkII Brodie military pattern ARP factory fire-watchers helmet for R.K.Co. Shell is painted black inside and out, with a small stack mark. Figure 20 stencil-painted on inner rim, which is maker-stamped BMB (Briggs Motor Bodies) with serial number E62. Dated 1941. Original size 7 liner also dated 1941. Original part-elasticated chinstrap. RK Co was a boot, shoe and leather goods company based in the East Midlands.
MkII Brodie ARP Factory Helmet - H&D A MkII Brodie civilian pattern ARP factory fire-watchers helmet for H&D. Shell is painted green inside and out, with a brownish age patina to the outside. H&D stencil to the front. Shell is dated 1940. Original size 7 liner also dated 1940. Maker marked CCL (Christie & Co Ltd). Original part-elasticated chinstrap. H&D was a quarrying company in Sussex.
MkII Brodie ARP Shadow Factory Helmet A military pattern MkII Brodie helmet for the shadow factory of Siebe Gorman & Co of London. Good interior and exterior paint with Siebe Gorman gold block decal to the front. Original 1940-dated liner and part-elasticated chinstrap. 1938 date on chinstrap bales. Siebe Gorman, based in Lambeth, manufactured diving equipment for military use. The factory was extensively bombed during the blitz and the company moved to Chessington, Surrey in 1941.
Mortar Man's Trade Badge British army cloth sleeve badge for a Mortar man. Good condition
Mothers Cross in Silver A Nazi Mothers Cross in Silver, with full-length original ribbon. Inscription on the back with Hitler signature and December 1938 date. Normal age wear to enamel, otherwise good condition. The silver Mothers Cross was awarded for providing six or seven children for the Reich.
Munich NSDAP Fund-Raising Pendant A Nazi party fund-raising glass pendant for the Munich NSDAP. An image of the Munich NSDAP headquarters, with eagle and swastika, is depicted in the glass. With hanging loop. A very unusual and rare item
Nazi 25 Year Faithful Service Medal A Nazi 25 year Faithful Service medal in silver with black and gilt swastika. Some age wear, otherwise good condition. No ribbon.
Nazi Families Union Lapel Pin A rare lapel pin for the RDK or Reichsbund der Kinderreichen - the Nazi party association for large families, which the regime actively encouraged. Good condition silver badge with long turned pin.
Nazi Fire Police Document Collection, 1931-39 Five Nazi Fire Police documents with various dates from 1931 to 1939. With extensive Fire Police logos and stamps. One letter has a "Heil Hitler" salutation.
Nazi Fire Police Officers Schirmmutze A Nazi fire police schirmmutze officers peaked cap. Blue wool crown with red piping and a black felt band. Silver cap cords. Fire police insignia to the front with national cockade. Compressed polished fibre peak. Overall good condition. Size 55. Maker marked by Leopold Appert, Saar.
Nazi Fire Police Officers Sidearm with Frog A Nazi fire police officer's sidearm complete with scabbard and belt frog. Based on the K98 parade bayonet but without the moving parts. Crosspiece with double quillion. Cross-hatched grips, plated hilt and plated, good-condition blade. No maker's marks which may have been smoothed off with wear. Scabbard is stamped PW565. Black leather K98 frog.
Nazi Kyfhauser Veterans Stickpin A Nazi German Kyfhauser veterans' organisation stickpin. Gold and enamel shield has swastika and Kyfhauser insignia. Ges-gesch stamped on the back, with serial number 12. Long turned pin.
NFS MkII Brodie Helmet - Stevenage A National Fire Service Brodie MkII helmet for the Stevenage division. Good green paint inside and out with a previous AFS designation visible under the paint. NFS insignia clear along with the rarer Stevenage division number 12. Shell has serial number CC8325 stamped into inner rim along with a 1939 date and maker mark EC&Co Ltd (E. Camelinat of Birmingham). Original liner marked with size 6 1/2, Vero maker mark and 1939 date. Original chinstrap.
No4 Commando Shoulder Flash British No4 Commando single shoulder flash, red on black
North Staffords Cap Badge North Staffordshire regiment bi-metal cap badge. With beret slide.
Northamptonshire Regiment Beret Badge A bi-metal beret badge for the Northamptonshire Regiment. Domed construction. With beret slide.
NSDAP Identity Card, 1940 An NSDAP Special Identity Card for a construction worker. Swastika stamped and dated 1940.
NSDAP Identity Card, 1941 An NSDAP special identity card for a worker in Lothringen. Dated 1941 and stamped
NSDAP Lapel Pin A bakelite Nazi party lapel pin. Eagle and swastika on silver circular badge, approximately the size of a £1 coin. Pin intact
NSDAP Legitimisation Card, 1934 An NSDAP legitimisation card for a citizen of Saarbruchen, with photograph and extensive police stamps. Dated 1934.
NSDAP Military Pass An NSDAP Special Military Pass, issued by post and dated April 1943. Swastika stamped.
NSDAP Party Armband An NSDAP swastika armband. Machine embroidered political or SA pattern armband on fine cotton. Very good condition
NSDAP Photograph - Early SS Stormtrooper An NSDAP photograph of a stormtrooper in black early SS uniform, with SA/SS style kepi and SS belt buckle. Signed on rear - Ernst Goeth
NSDAP Political Cap Eagle A Nazi party political cap eagle and swastika badge. Zinc alloy eagle is RZM marked and stamped with M1/49 serial number. Clips on wing tips missing but lower clip present.
NSDAP Training Report Card - 1939 An offcial NSDAP training report card for a worker in the Saar region. Dated from 1936 to 1939. Swastika stamped
NSKK Motor Sport Badge A good condition NSKK Motor Sport badge for third class often called "iron" class. Nickel silver alloy construction, with some of the surface coating worn. Plain back with a thick needle pin. Maker stamped RKS and also stamped 809. The NSKK was formed in 1931 and was the Nazi party's motor corps. Badges were awarded for success in motor sports events.
NSKOV Disabled Veterans Badge A Nazi NSKOV disabled veterans association badge in nickel alloy. Sword, swastika and oak leaves to the front. Rear is stamped G2. With stickpin.
NSKOV Disabled War Veterans Badge A German WW2 NSKOV disabled war veterans badge. With clip. Stamped W3 on reverse. Good condition.
NSKOV Veterans Association Lapel Badge A small white metal lapel badge for the NSKOV Nazi veterans' association. Swastika and cross on sword and laurels. Munich maker stamp on the reverse, and Ges-gesch mark. With clip
NSKOV War Veterans Badge An NSKOV Nazi disabled war veterans badge. Complete with clip. Rear is stamped W10
NSRL Sports Vest Insignia A circular NSRL (NSDAP sports association) sports vest badge. Bronze eagle with swastika on black background, sewn onto a circle of vest. Good condition
NSRL Sports Vest Insignia - Uncut An uncut example of the NSRL (NSDAP sports association) sports vest badge. Bronze eagle with swastika on black background, on silk. Good condition, some discolouration to the front.
Observer Corps Lapel Badge A blue enamel and white metal lapel badge for a member of the WW2 Observer Corps. With clip. Maker marked by Phillips of Aldershot. Carries OC's "Forewarned is Fore-armed" motto.
October 1st 1938 Sudetanland Table Medal A table medal marking the Oct 1, 1938 annexation of the Sudetanland. Identical in size and design to the Sudetanland medal but without fixings for the hanging loop. An unusual item.
Officers Cap Cords - Alpine Officer's cap cords for army alpine troops, in green braid
Original "Old Bill" WW1 Postcards. Five Different Five different original First World War postcards from the "Old Bill series. Good condition. Some written, some blank. Extremely collectable. Price is for all five.
Original WW1 "Old Bill" Postcards - Five Different Five different original First World War postcards from the "Old Bill series. Good condition. Some written, some blank. Extremely collectable. Price is for all five. This group includes the famous "shell hole" cartoon.
Oxfordshire Light Infantry Cap Badge An 1896 pattern brass cap badge for the 52nd Regiment, Oxfordshire Light Infantry. With clips
Pair of 1937 Pattern L-Straps - 1943 A pair of 1937 pattern British Army L-straps for the small pack. Stamped with serial number and 1943 date. With all loops and buckles.
Pair of 1937 Pattern L-Straps, 1940 A pair of 1937 pattern British army webbing L-straps for the small pack. With all clips. Dated 1940
Pair of Air Raid Wardens Shoulder Titles A pair of ARP air raid wardens shoulder titles. Gold on black. Good condition
Pair of Artillery Shoulder Straps A pair of slip-on shoulder straps for an enlisted man in the German army artillery. Silk-lined tabs. Good condition.
Pair of East Surrey Regiment Epaulette Buttons A pair of epaulette buttons from an East Surrey Regiment dress tunic. Staybright. QC,
Pair of George VI Tunic Buttons A pair of slightly different British Army officers large brass tunic buttons with George VI cypher. Kings Crown
Pair of German Army Tunic Buttons - Kurland A pair of marbled German army tunic buttons dug up from the Kurland battlefield in Latvia. One is dated 1942
Pair of Grenadiers Sleeve Badges A pair of British Army cloth grenadiers sleeve badges. Good condition
Pair of Light Infantry Collar Dogs - WM A pair of small staybright white metal collar dogs for the Light Infantry
Pair of Light Infantry Shoulder Straps. A pair of Light Infantry shoulder straps in unissued condition. Light Infantry insignia on European green background
Pair of Royal Artillery Collars A pair of staybright anodised Royal Artillery collar dogs
Pair of Royal Artillery Collars - Small A pair of small pattern anodised Royal Artillery collar dogs
Pair of Royal Signals Shoulder Titles A pair of 1926 pattern brass shoulder titles for the Royal Signals. Good condition
Pair of Russian Armed Forces Medals - Court Mounted A court-mounted pair of Soviet armed forces medals with citations. Includes 60-year Anniversary of the Armed Forces medal and the Russian Arctic Convoy medal 1941-45. Fine condition
Pair of Russian Army Collar Dogs A pair of collar dogs for an officer in the Russian Army. Good condition with clips.
Pair of US Armored Corps Collars - Brass Pair of brass collar dogs for an officer in the US Armored Corps combat infantry. With clips
Pair of US Armored Corps Collars - Subdued Pair of subdued collar dogs for an officer in the US Armored Corps. With clips.
Pair US Army Missile Unit Collars A pair of anodised collar dogs for officers of the US Army missile unit. On original Meyer card of issue. With clips
Panzer Assault Badge A bronze Panzer Assault badge, missing its rear fastening, hence price. Good condition with strong detailing. Flat-backed. No makers marks.
Panzer Korps Majors Shoulder Board A single sew-in shoulder board for a major in the Panzer Korps. Silver tresse on pink waffenfarbe backing. Good condition with no mothing
Paris Theatre Ticket for German Soldiers A theatre ticket for the German soldiers theatre in Avenue Montaigne, Champs Elysees, Paris for occupation forces.The ticket was issued to DAF personel, and is for a performance of a Franz Lehar operetta by a Vienna theatre company. Map on rear. A rare and unusual item
Paris Theatre Ticket for Occupying German Soldiers A theatre ticket for the German soldiers theatre in Avenue de Wagram, Arc de Triomphe, Paris for occupation forces. The ticket was issued to DAF personnel, and is for a performance by an Essen ballet company. Map on rear. A rare and unusual item
Photograph of Army Oberleutnant Original photograph of a German Army oberleutnant in uniform. Dated May 1940. Measures 8cm by 6cm
Photograph of WW1 German Soldier A studio photograph of a WW1 German infantryman in feldmutze.
Pistol Storage Holster A pistol holster made of a very soft cloth, most likely used for protection and storage of the weapon, rather than a holster to carry it around. Fine stitching and single button closure. Provenance unknown, but almost certainly French from the early 20th century.
Police Enlisted Man's Cap Eagle Field police enlisted man's one-piece aluminium cap eagle. Maker marked (CTD). One clip missing
Police Long Service Medal Police long service medal in nickel. With hanging ring. No ribbon
Polish M26 Adrian Helmet A Polish Army WW2 M26 Adrian Helmet. Good green paint inside and out, with original liner and chinstrap. Small dent to crown. Polish badge to the front. These rare helmets were issued by the French to four Polish divisions exiled in France in 1939 and 1940.
Popski's Private Army Beret Badge A brass beret badge for Popski's Private Army - officially No1 Demolition Squadron established in Cairo in 1942 by Major Vladimir Peniakoff (Popski) to attack Rommel's fuel supplies. Brass badge is complete with beret slide and maker marked J. Gaunt of London
PPK Pistol Shoulder Holster Securing Strap Leather securinging strap for early pattern PPK pistol shoulder holster
Prince Consort's Own Cap Badge A white metal cap badge for the Prince Consort's Own regiment. Kings crown, with slide.
Prussian 93rd Infantry Officers Pickelhaube A very well looked after pickelhaube for an officer in the Prussian 93rd Infantry, Dukedom of Anhalt. Highly polished shell with all brass fittings present. Silver secondary Anhalt plate attached to Prussian eagle, which is a later type with closed-in crown. Detachable tall spike with four officers stars at base. Brass scales on leather chinstrap. Slight tarnishing on five scales. National kockade fine, but green Anhalt kockade has lost most of its colour with age. All internal bolts and washers intact. Liner in good condition, with normal wear.
Prussian Pickelhaube Plate An M1897 Prussian pickelhaube plate. Brass, with all clips present. Right hand claw is missing, otherwise good condition.
Purnell's History of the First World War Volume One of the Purnell's 1968-9 part-work "History of the First World War", fully bound. Good condition.
Queens Own Cameron Highlanders Glengarry Badge A 1914 pattern glengarry badge for the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders. White metal. With clips.
RAD Enamel Stickpin A Reichs Arbeitsdienst (RAD) labour service enamel stickpin. Very good condition. Long turned pin. Ges-gesch and maker marked (P&L) to the rear.
RAD Marching Songs Book A paperback 200-page book of words and music for RAD (Reichs Arbeitsdienst) marching songs. Cover picture is of an RAD column. Dated 1939. Published by the NSDAP's publishers in Leipzig.
Radio Technicians Sleeve Badge A sleeve badge for a radio technician in the British Army. Good condition
RAF Aircraftsman Slip-on Epaulette A slip-on epaulette badge for an RAF Aircraftsman
RAF Aircraftsmans Sleeve Badge A WW2 sleeve badge in wool for a senior Royal Air Force aircraftsman. Good condition
RAF Cap Badge - Staybright A staybright cap badge for the Royal Air Force. Queens Crown. With clips
RAF Corporal Slip-On Epaulette Slip on epaulette badge for RAF corporal
RAF Junior Technician Badge A sleeve trade badge for a junior Royal Air Force technician. Good condition.
RAF Medical Officers Cap Badge Cap badge for an RAF Medical Corps officer. Brass, Kings crown.
RAF Musician's Sleeve Badge A sleeve badge for a Royal Air Force musician. Good condition.
RAF Sweetheart Brooch A brass and enamel Royal Air Force sweetheart brooch, bearing RAF inscription and wings. Kings crown. With clip
RAF Sweetheart Brooch An unusual WW2 Royal Air Force sweetheart brooch. A miniature brass RAF eagle and Kings Crown set in a perspex heart.With clip. These brooches were made using aircraft canopy perspex.
RAF Tunic Button - KC A brass Royal Air Force tunic button by Buttons Ltd of Birmingham. Kings Crown
RAF WW2 Victory Shield An unusual wooden WW2 Royal Air Force victory shield for No 2 School Of Technical Training, based in India. The unit's UK base was RAF Cosford in Shropshire.
RAOC Cap Badge A Royal Army Ordnance Corps 1920 pattern cap badge in copper alloy. Kings Crown, with slide.
RAOC Collar Dog, 1955 Pattern A Royal Army Ordnance Corps staybright collar dog with brass backing plate and clip. 1955 pattern.
RAOC Shoulder Title - WW1 A WW1 Royal Army Ordnance Corps brass shoulder title. 18mm high lettering. With backing plate
Rare WW1 Lower Austrian Choir Medal A rare medal from WW1 awarded to German service personnel from Lower Austria for excellence in patriotic singing and participating in service choirs. No ribbon.
RASC Beret Badge A copper alloy beret badge for the Royal Army Service Corps. Kings crown. With slide
RASC Brass Shoulder Flash A single Royal Army Service Corps brass shoulder flash. 1926 pattern.
RASC WW1 Brass Shoulder Flash A WW1 Royal Army Service Corps brass shoulder title. 16mm lettering. Complete with original red cloth backing.
Reference Book - Badges and Insignia of World War II An invaluable 363-page reference book illustrating and detailing badges and insignia of all fighting nations of the Second World War. More than 2,500 colour illustrations. By Guido Rosignoli, published by Peerage Books 1976.
Reference Book - Badges of the British Army 1820-1960 Frederick Wilkinson's indispensable reference book - "Badges of the British Army 1820-1960. Fully illustrated with referenced photographs. This is the 1978 third edition of the 1968 original. Good condition with protective cover. Includes a price guide which is obviously out of date, but useful for identifying high value badges.
Reichsbahn Officers Cap Cords A set of cap cords for an officer in the Deutsches Reichsbahn - the Reich's railway service. Black and gold.
REME Cap Badge - 1943 Pattern A 1943 pattern brass cap badge for the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Kings Crown. With slide.
RFA Engineers Badge - WW2 A WW2 Royal Fleet Auxiliary engineer officers sleeve badge. Some mothing between stripes.
Ribbon Bar - Aircrew Europe A three-medal ribbon bar including the Aircrew Europe Star with a "Mentioned in Despatches" rosette. Also includes the 1939-45 Star and 1939-45 Defence Medal
RN Petty Officers Sleeve Badge A WW2 Royal Navy Petty Officer's sleeve badge. Kings crown. Some mothing
RNAS Presentation Piece An interesting Royal Naval Air Service presentation piece. On a wooden base, the plinth is in the shape of a propeller tip, with a hammered brass cover with three picture windows. In the first is a RNAS petty officer photograph. Below that is a Sopwith Camel and below that is the RNAS cap badge. Each window has a rear access door with securing clips.
Royal Army Nursing Corps Shoulder Strap A slip-on shoulder strap for an officer in Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps.
Royal Army Pay Corps Cap Badge A bi-metal cap badge for the Royal Army Pay Corps. Kings Crown. With slide. Wear to high points.
Royal Army Service Corps Tunic Button RASC staybright tunic button. Queens crown. Price is for each
Royal Artillery Brodie MkII Parade Helmet A Royal Artillery Brodie MkII steel helmet. Unusually this has a Royal Artillery brass badge attached to the front, indicating that it was for parade purposes. Shell has an aged patina and is maker stamped JSS. Aluminium rim around shell looks as if it could be a later replacement, probably in service. Bright steel chinstrap bales are both dated 1939. Original size 7 liner and part-elasticated chinstrap.
Royal Artillery Collar Dog A single staybright Royal Artillery collar dog
Royal Artillery Shoulder Flashes Pair of staybright Royal Artillery shoulder flashes. with clips
Royal Artillery Tunic Buttons Staybright tunic buttons for a Royal Artillery dress jacket. Price is for each
Royal Berkshire Regiment Beret Badge A brass beret badge for the Royal Berkshire Regiment, with slide.
Royal Corps of Transport Shoulder Flash Staybright shoulder flash for the Royal Corps of Transport attached to a green web epaullette slide.
Royal Fusiliers Shoulder Flash White on red single shoulder flash for the Royal Fusiliers
Royal Hampshire Regiment Cap Badge A bi-metal cap badge for the Royal Hampshire Regiment. 1946 pattern. With slide.
Royal Logistics Corps Sleeve Badge A sleeve badge for the British army Royal Logistics Corps, queens crown.
Royal Marines Brass Shoulder Title A WW2 pattern Royal Marines brass shoulder title.
Royal Marines Ceremonial Pith Helmet A nice example of the iconic Royal Marines ceremonial/bandsman's white pith helmet. Large brass Royal Marines QC helmet plate and brass RM "globe" top device. Brass-linked chinstrap. Size 7. Stamped with serial number 73738 and 1981 date.
Royal Marines No 1 Walking Out Cap An excellent condition Royal Marines No 1 dress walking out cap. White top with red band. Staybright Royal Marines qc badge to front, and Royal Marines strap buttons. Size 7 1/8 Maker marked by Tower.
Royal Marines Territorial Service Cap Badge A brass cap badge for the Royal Marines Territorial Service. With clips
Royal Military Academy Cap Badge Brass cap badge for the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. Kings crown. With clip.
Royal Military Police Cap Badge Brass cap badge for the Royal Military Police. Queens crown. With slide.
Royal Navy Flight Deck Helmet A Royal Navy flight deck crewman's helmet. Size 2, complete with all straps.
Royal Navy Junior Ratings Beret A Royal Navy junior ratings' beret, with bi-metal RN badge. Size 57. Good condition.
Royal Pioneers Beret Badge Staybright white metal beret badge for the Royal Pioneers. Queens Crown
Royal Signals Cap Badge A Royal Signals bi-metal brass and white metal cap badge, with backing plate and clip
Royal Signals Cap Badge - WW2 Brass and white metal cap badge for the Royal Signals. WW2. No rear clip
Royal Ulster Constabulary Lapel Badge Small, gold lapel badge for the former Royal Ulster Constabulary. With pin.
Royal Ulster Rifles Beret Badge A 1922 pattern white metal example of the Royal Ulster Rifles cap badge. Kings crown. With slide, maker marked by Gaunt of London
Royal West Kent Cap Badge A 1936 pattern cap badge for the Royal West Kent regt. White metal, with slide. This is the "Dad's Army" cap badge.
Russian Armed Forces Merit Badge A Russian Federation armed forces merit badge. Enamel and white metal badge with clip. Maker stamped
Russian Army Merit Badge Small Russian Army merit badge in the shape of a flag. Brass, with clip
Russian Front Medal - Denazified A denazified version of the 1941-42 Russian Front "frozen meat" medal. The swastika has been filed flat. No ribbon.
Russian Front Medal with Original Ribbon A 1941-42 Russian Front medal with its original ribbon. Good condition with normal age wear.
Russian SS30 Fire Service Helmet A steel Russian SS30 fire service helmet. Stylised helmet is painted green inside and out with a green comb. Steel Soviet fire service badge attached to the front. Original black liner and black leather chinstrap. No visible stampings. These striking helmets were worn throughout the 1930s and 40s and even into the 50s.
Russian SSH39 Helmet WW2 Russian 1939 rimmed Ssh39 helmet. Liner has been replaced with an eight-tongue hide M53 Czech liner and leather chinstrap. Satin black parade finish.Slight scuffing to shell and to rim. At the end of the war and through the Cold War many Russian Ssh39 and Ssh40 helmets were converted for use by the Czech military.
Russian SSH40 Combat Helmet - 1943 A Russian SSH40 army helmet with red star decal to the front. Green shell inside and out with leather liner and webbing chinstrap. Inner shell stamped with a 718 serial number, P-2 makers mark and 1943 date.
Russian SSH45 Fire Helmet An impressive Russian brass fire service helmet with comb. Fire service emblem of pickaxe and hose nozzle on Communist star insignia. Liner is missing. Havelock fitment holes in shell. This helmet is a 1930s pattern adapted after the war. They were also used by the Bulgarian fire service. A rare helmet
Russian Veteran of Labour Medal A Soviet Russian Veteran of Labour medal complete with mounted ribbon and presentation citation booklet. Extra fine condition.
SA -Army War Games Day Badge A rare 1939 day badge to mark joint SA-Army war games. Bakelite construction, with clip. Maker marked Walgo Kierspe. RZM stamped with serial M9/20
SA Leaders Brownshirt - Horst Wessel A tunic-style brownshirt for an SA leader. Heavy cotton medium-sized shirt with cork covered buttons. Collar patch for Gruppe 32 Standarte 5 (Horst Wessel) unit. Red and white tresse around collars. Single leader's shoulder strap. Good condition with no mothing.
SA80 Rifle Magazine A British SA80 rifle Type 1 magazine for the 5.56mm round. Metal construction. Maker marked by Radway Green (RG)
Saar Foresters Membership Card A membership card for the Saar Foresters organisation, dated 1939. With swastika
Saar Re-Unification Badge 1935 A nice example of the iconic Saar Re-Unification badge issued when the Saar region was annexed by Nazi Germany. White metal Saar map on brass swastika, with March 1, 1935 date. Maker marked by Deschler of Munich
Set of Three German Helmet Liner Pins A set of three liner pins for the German M35/40/42 helmet. One has some dents in the head, others in good unpainted condition.
Signallers Brass Sleeve Badge - WW1 British WW1 brass sleeve badge for a signaller. With clips.
Signallers Trade Badge - Small A small pattern British Army trade badge for a signaller. Good condition
Signals Senior NCOs Sleeve Patch A British Army sleeve badge for a Royal Signals senior NCO. Mercury on khaki
Silver ARP Lapel Badge A hallmarked silver Air Raid Precautions lapel badge. Nice condition. Hallmarks identify the badge as being made by Joseph Cutler in Birmingham.
Silver Wound Badge - 1957 A 1957 version of the silver wound badge, awarded as a substitute for the Nazi version with swastika. Solid construction, with pin. Very good condition
Single German Helmet Liner Washer A single original German helmet liner washer, so you can replace that missing or broken washer from your M35, M40 or M42 helmet.
Six Photographs - Luftwaffe Work Party A group of six small photographs depicting a Luftwaffe work party involved in tree-felling and fencing
Small Silver ARP Lapel Badge A small silver and enamel Air Raid Precautions lapel badge. With clip. Excellent condition
Snipers Qualification Badge British Army snipers qualification badge in cloth. Good condition.
Somerset Light Infantry Beret Badge A white metal 1898 pattern beret badge for the Somerset Light Infantry. With slide, maker marked by Gaunt of London
Somerset Light Infantry Cap Badge A white metal 1898 pattern Somerset Light Infantry cap badge, with clips
South African Artillery Group Cap Badge A small brass cap badge for the South African Artillery Group. With clips
South Hanover SA Day Badge 1935 A white metal tinny for the 1935 South Hanover SA brownshirts day. With clip
South Lancs Volunteers Cap Badge - bi-metal A bi-metal WW1 cap badge for the South Lancashire Prince of Wales Volunteers. 1914 pattern. With clips.
South Lancs Volunteers Cap Badge - Brass A brass version of the 1914 pattern South Lancashire Prince of Wales Volunteers cap badge. With clips
Soviet Armed Forces Medal Medal to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Soviet armed forces, 1918 - 1988. Mounted with ribbon and clip and citation booklet.
SS Members Lapel Badge A circular SS members' lapel badge. Enamel on a white metal badge. White runes edged with silver on a black background. With clip. No visible makers marks
SS Postcard - Field Kitchen An SS postcard showing a Waffen SS soldier at a field kitchen
Staff Sergeant's Stripe Patch - Large A large British army staff sergeant's rank patch - Queens crown. Subdued.
Staff Sergeant's Stripe Patch - Small Small pattern stripe patch for a staff sergeant in the British Army. Subdued. Queens Crown.
Staff Sergeants Crown Dress uniform crown for a British Army staff sergeant. Blue on red. Queens crown
Staffordshire Regiment Cap Badge. Bi-metal beret badge for The Staffordshire Regiment which followed the merger of the South Staffordshire Regiment with the North Staffords. With beret slide
State of Bavaria Officers Pickelhaube Plate A State of Bavaria officers pickelhaube plate in brass. No rear fastenings. The crown on the Imperial lion has been snipped off. This was often done deliberately at the end of WW1 to mark the authority of the Weimar Republic
State Trumpeter's Sleeve Badge A brass sleeve badge for a British cavalry regiment state trumpeter. Queens crown. With clips
Stuttgart Sports Day Badge 1933 Tinny for Stuttgart sports day, 1933, with clip
Sub-machine Gun Marksmans Badge A British Army trade badge for a sub-machine gun marksman. Good condition.
Subdued Officers Rank Pips Subdued active service officers rank pips. Price is for each.
Sudetanland Medal with Original Ribbon A fine condition October 1, 1938 medal for the annexation of the Sudetanland. Original ribbon with sewn-over ends.
Swiss-German 1937 WHW Tinny A 1937 WHW Winter Help day badge for the Swiss-German community. Moulded brass, with clip. Extensively inscribed on the back. Maker marked by Versuchs Werkstatten.
Syrian Arab Army Medal A mint example of the Syrian Arab Army Medal constituted for army personnel in the 1960s to mark the rise of the Ba'ath party to power. With ribbon and clip. Mounted in a perspex display box.
Tank Destruction Badge A sew-on Tank Destruction badge in good condition. Tank has verdegree corrosion where the copper in the alloy has oxidised, but is solid. Clips intact.
The Buffs Cap Badge - WW1 A WW1 1914 pattern brass cap badge for the Royal East Kent Regiment, known as "The Buffs". With cap slide.
The Middlesex Regiment Beret Badge A bi-metal beret badge for The Middlesex Regiment. With slide.
The Queens Regiment Cap Badge A cap badge for The Queens Regiment in heavy copper alloy Three clips to the rear
Three German Food Ration Coupons Three German WW2 general ration coupons for food. Swastika stamped and dated 1940
Three German WW2 Meat Ration Coupons Three NSDAP issue German WW2 meat ration coupons, all dated May 1940
Three German WW2 RAD Photographs A collection of three German WW2 photographs all depicting RAD personnel in uniform.
Ticket for Ludwigshaven NSDAP Festival, 1939 An entry ticket for the People's Colonial Festival, an NSDAP event held in Hindenburg Park, Ludwigshaven in August 1939. An unusual item, with Reich war department insignia and swastika.
Tinny for Tatenruhm Day 1938 Pressed brass day badge for Tatenruhm Memorial Day, July 1938. With clip
Trench Art - French 75mm Shellcase A nice example of WW1 trench art. This French 75mm howitzer shell is engraved with a country scene of a haycart and a cockerel. It is dated 1917. Marks on the base are 75DEC ABS129 and 14R.
Trench Art - French 75mm Shellcase A WW1 French 75mm howitzer shell case which has been extensively hammered and engraved with a holly tree pattern. 1917-dated shell is stamped "75DEC MGM124L" A further stamp - "17 USA" suggests the shell may have been supplied to American forces fighting in France.
Trier Sports Day Badge 1933 The distinctive tinny for the 1933 Trier Sports Day. With clip. Ges-Gesch marked
Turkish Liyakat Bravery Medal - 1915 A Turkish WW1 Liyakat Bravery Medal with a 1915 clasp. Silver medal is complete with its original ribbon and pin. It is wired into a blue presentation box which may not be original but displays the medal well. The Liyakat medal was constituted by the Ottoman Empire in 1890 for acts of bravery, courage or loyalty.
Two British 1939-45 War Medals A pair of British 1939-45 War Medals. Fine condition, both with ribbons
Two German ID Tags - Kurland Two German army ID tags for casualties. No discernable markings. These tags are dig-ups from the Kurland pocket, now in Latvia.
Two German ID Tags - Kurland Dig-ups Two more German casualty ID tags, dug up from the Kurland pocket battle area, now part of Latvia. No discernable stampings.
Two German Tunic Buttons - Kurland Two marbled German army tunic buttons. These are dig-ups from the site of the battle in the Kurland pocket, now in Latvia. One button has remains of a makers mark
Two NSRL Sports Certificates - Hitler Youth Two NSRL (Nazi Party Sports Association) sports certificates for a Hitler Youth member. Awarded at the Autumn Games, September 1940 in Gotha. One is for the 1000m and one for the 400m, awarded to a Werner Weinhold of the HJ.
Two WW1 German Field Postcards A pair of identical WW1 German field postcards showing a group of eight infantrymen in feldmutze. Dated 1917.
Two WW1 German Soldier Feldpost Photographs Two posed studio feldpost photographs of German WW1 soldiers in feldmutze. Both Iron Cross recipents. One is a private posing with his mother, the other shows an infantry feldwebel of Korps Bruck Train 21, dated 1915.
US 3rd Army Patch - WW2 United States 3rd Army cloth sleeve patch, WW2.
US 503rd Airborne Lapel Badge Brass and enamel lapel badge for the 503rd Airborne. With clips
US Air Force Door Plaque A heavy brass door plaque for the USAF officer training corps. With fixing holes.
US Airborne Garrison Cap A US Airborne garrison cap. Brown with light blue piping for overseas service. With early war parachute infantry badge. Size 7.
US Army M1 Helmet Inner Shell - WW2 A pre-1943 US Army M1 helmet inner liner. Green paint, which is flaking in some areas. Insignia hole. Full leather and web liner, with neckstrap.
US Army M1910 Canteen with Cover A US Army M1910 water bottle canteen with cup, in padded thermal cover. Some small dents in canteen. With belt clip.
US Army Overseas Service Stripes Two WW2 United States Army overseas service stripes. Silk on web backing
US Army Overseas Service Stripes - Fatigues A pair of US Army overseas service stripes for fatigues. Yellow bars on brown neoprene.
US Army Pte 1st Class Stripes - Pair A pair of US Army private 1st class sleeve stripes. Good condition
US Army Quartermasters Collar Dog A brass US Army quartermaster's collar dog. Both clips intact
US Army Specialist Grade 4 Patches A pair of sleeve patches for a US Army Specialist Grade 4. Good condition.
US Army Warrant Officers Forage Cap Vietnam period US Army overseas service Warrant Officers forage cap. Dark green with silver and black piping and warrant officer's metal badge. Size 7 1/4 . Excellent condition.
US Army WW2 Lieutentant's Combat Helmet A WW2 US Army combat helmet for a lieutenant. Good condition, olive green front-seamed (pre-1943 manufacture) shell. White rank stripe to the rear of shell. Faint traces of rank insignia to front. Inner liner is a later replacement but of the correct pattern with web strapping and insignia fixing hole. Swivel bales. With chinstrap and original web neck strap.
US Army WW2 Triple Set A boxed set of three diecast vehicles produced in 1991 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the entry of America into the Second World War. Set, by Lledo, fully boxed. Consists of US Army Medical Surgical panel van, 4x2 Quartermasters Cargo Truck and 2.5 ton engineers 4x2 wrecker truck.
US Brave Rifles Sleeve Patch Cloth sleeve badge for the US Army 3rd Rifle Division - The Brave Rifles.
US British War Relief Society Lapel Badge A brass and enamel lapel badge for the US-based British War Relief Society. Screwback fastening. The BWRS raised funds in the US to support Britain in the early years of the Second World War.
US M1 Carbine Magazine Pouch A single pouch for M1 carbine magazines. Green canvas pouch has "US" stencilled on the front, and webbing belt straps to the rear. Illegible makers stamps on inner flap.
US M1 Helmet Camouflage Cover Woodland pattern camouflage cover for the US M1 helmet. With foliage slits. Fully marked with maker, designation and serial number
US M1 WW2 Helmet A Pre-1943 US M1 combat helmet. The cork-grit finished shell has rust deterioration on the crown with some small holes. The aluminium front-seamed helmet band remains in good condition. Fixed chinstrap bales. Grey inner liner with insignia hole. Leather and web liner is stamped 40-07-02 332, and wearer marked C. Steten. No chinstrap or neckstrap
US M36 Pineapple Grenade - Lighter Souvenir A US M36 pineapple grenade body converted to a cigarette lighter. Cast grenade body has Japanese-made lighter unit attached to the top with push-button mechanism and lever. Body is maker stamped PGC with patent number 14210.
US Marine Corps Tie Clasp A US Marine Corps full-width tie clasp. Black, subdued metal. Oval USMC badge on sprung clasp
US Military Merit Medal A US forces Military Merit Medal in gold, with ribbon and clip. Fine condition. US eagle and stars, with "For Military Merit" on the reverse.
US Miniature Medal Pair and Bar - 1st Gulf War A mounted pair of US miniature medals from the 1st Gulf War. 1st Iraq War Medal and War on Terror Expeditionary Force medal, with full size Expeditionary Force bar
US Navy "Talkers" Helmet - Complete A superb example of the sought-after and extremely rare US Navy deck gunners and radioman's helmet, nicknamed the "talkers" helmet. These very large helmets were designed to be worn over radio earphones or ear defenders. This helmet is complete with foam padded liner and original leather chinstrap and chin cup on large metal bales. The shell is in olive green cork grit finish, with "P Gun" stencilled onto the front and back. "USN Mk 2" is stencilled onto the inner rim.
US Navy Medics Helmet - WW2 A WW2 M1 helmet for a US Navy medic. Pre-1943 helmet is front-seamed, with fixed bales. Green painted shell has surface rust inside and out, particularly around the crown. Medic's red cross to the front with USN stencil. White band around lower shell. Inner liner is painted grey, with some paint cracking. Liner has insignia hole and all webbing. Chinstrap bales appear to have been replaced at some point, but this was probably done in service as fixed bales were notorious for breaking. Shell is missing chinstrap and neckstrap. Serial 662C stamped on inner shell. Some small hairline cracks around shell above the rim.
US Navy Postcard and Photograph Collection A large collection of postcards, photographs and documents all to an officer in the US Navy between 1941 and 1948. Consists of 35 photographs, seven postcards and 11 US military comic postcards plus a Guide to Military Service and a gasoline ration card. All to Sean Wittard of 924 Engineers, Naval Aviation. The photographs and postcards trace his service from Bangor, Maine, through Greece and Italy, serving on USS Indianapolis.
US Navy WW2 20mm Anti-Aircraft Shell Case A US Navy 20mm M21A1 anti-aircraft shell case. Dated 1944 and made by NESCO of Milwaukee.
US Purple Heart - Cased A mint condition US Purple Heart military merit medal in its original leatherette presentation case, complete with bar and lapel badge. All complete and in good condition.
US Remington P17 Bayonet - Home Guard issue A nice example of the US Remington P17 bayonet with a War Department acceptance stamp indicating it was issued for use by the British Home Guard. Good condition blade and scabbard. All moving parts working. Remington makers stamp and 7/17 issue date stamp with 1913 model date stamp
US Specialist Grade 5 Patches A pair of US Army Specialist Grade 5 sleeve patches. Good condition
USAF 20mm Cannon Shell Case A US Air Force 20mm 102/M61 fighter cannon brass shell case. No base markings. Probably 1950s manufacture.
USAF Flying Suit badge US Air Force flying suit pocket badge. Unissued condition. White on blue neoprene
USAF Good Conduct Medal US Air Force Good Conduct Medal with original ribbon and pin
USAF Pocket Badge Black on olive green neoprene pocket badge for the US Air Force
USAF Private 1st Class Stripe Subdued US Air Force private 1st class rank stripe
USN Petty Officer's Stripe US Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class stripe. Tropical uniform issue - dark blue on white
USS Bremerton Shoulder Flash US Navy USS Bremerton shoulder flash.
Victoria Cross - Museum Copy Accurate museum copy of a Victoria Cross. With ribbon
Victoria Cross, Navy Issue - Museum Copy Exact museum copy of the Royal Navy issue of the Victoria Cross. As for army but with blue ribbon.
Volksturm Officers Cap Cockade A small cap cockade worn on the band of the "reefer" style cap favoured by officers in the Volksturm veterans organisation. No clips.
Waffen SS Cap Skull A Waffen SS silver on green cap skull. Uncut on silk. End roll with bevo Wuppertal makers mark.
Waffen SS Issue Skin Cream An unused tube of Waffen SS issue Borsalbe boric acid skin cream, used to treat skin disorders in the field, particularly those caused by cold weather. Manufactured in Salzburg. Tube bears SS Packung issue marks.
Waffen SS Latvian Sleeve Shield Bevo woven sleeve shield for Latvian divisions of the Waffen SS (15th and 19th divisions). Good unissued condition.
Waffen SS M42 SD Combat Helmet A Waffen SS single decal M42 raw-edged combat helmet. A fine example of its kind, sourced from Normandy with known provenance. Feldgrun paint inside and out with normal field wear and some light rust speckling. Decal is 60 per cent, with runes clear. Original liner which is dry with age but intact. Original black leather chinstrap. Size 66 shell. Stamped with Eisenhuttenwerke maker/size CKL66 on rear skirt with serial 559. THIS ITEM CAN BE PURCHASED BY INTEREST-FREE INSTALMENTS. EMAIL OR PHONE FOR DETAILS.
Waffen SS M42 SD Helmet A nice single decal Waffen SS M42 (raw edged) steel helmet. Good field green paint inside and out. Light scuffing around crown and inner rim, and light surface rust around vent. Good condition original liner is dry but solid. With chinstrap. Decal 50 per cent, with most of runes worn away, but still clearly visible. Maker and size marked hkp64. Serial stamped 3397. Sourced from Jersey in the Channel Islands.
War Merit Cross 2nd Class A clean 1939 War Merit Cross 2nd class, with ribbon.
War Merit Cross with Swords An early war 2nd Class combatants War Merit Cross with Swords. Bronze alloy construction with sharp definition. Full-length original ribbon.
War Merit Cross with Swords A crisp early combatant's War Merit Cross with swords. Bronze construction with sharply defined stampings. With full-length original ribbon.
War Merit Cross with Swords - Stamped Ring A late war combatant's War Merit Cross in white metal. Good condition. Ring is stamped with makers mark "127" which was Mauritz Hautsch AG. Replacement ribbon.
Warrant Officer 3rd Class Badge - Subdued A sleeve badge for a British Army Warrant Officer 3rd Class - Subdued - black on green. Small pattern.
Warrant Officer II Dress Sleeve Badge A blue on red dress sleeve badge for a British Army Warrant Officer, 2nd Class
Warrant Officer II Sleeve Badge Sleeve crown for a British Army warrant officer, 2nd class. Queens crown, padded.
Warrant Officer III Badge - Gulf A British Army Warrant Officer 3rd Class sleeve crown. Gulf pattern. Uncut
West Midlands Fire Service Sweater Badge Large sweater badge for West Midlands Fire Service
West Wall Medal A fine condition German West Wall medal with full-length original medal. This medal was awarded to service personnel and construction workers involved in the building of Nazi Germany's Western defences.
Westminster Dragoons Shoulder Flash A single shoulder flash for the Westminster Dragoons - a territorial cavalry unit. Gulf pattern.
Who Dares Wins by Tony Geraghty The definitive story of the SAS by Sunday Times defence correspondent Tony Geraghty.
WHW Fund-Raising Pin - Stalhelm Badge A WHW winter relief fund-raising pin in the shape of a national stalhelm decal. With pin. No enamelling remaining.
WHW German States Fund-Raising Badge 1940 A WHW winter relief NSDAP fund-raising badge from a German States series issued in 1940. Good patina. Stamped on the reverse Westgerman 5 jahre, With clip
WHW Glass Pendant A Nazi party WHW winter relief fund-raising glass pendant. Image of a fly in plain glass. With hanging loop
WHW Medallion - Prince Eugen A Nazi winter relief WHW fund-raising medallion in clear bakelite. Minus its hanging thread, it depicts a head and shoulders of Prince Eugen who gave his name to one of Germany's most famous cruisers. From a set produced in 1940.
WHW Winter Relief Tinny A Nazi WHW Winter Relief tinny depicting George and the Dragon. With clip. Inscription reads "Sichert den Seig uber hunger und kalte - Wir Opfern!"
WHW Winter Relief Tinny - Saar A WHW Winter Relief tinny for the Saar region. Undated. With clip.
WHW Winter Relief Tinny, 1933 NSDAP WHW Winter Relief tinny for December 1933, inscribed "Ja" on a pressed brass badge. With pin
WHW Workers Pin Badge 1933-34 A pin badge for an NSDAP WHW winter relief worker. Pressed badge has enamel swastika and flame with 1933-34 date
Wing from a German Officers Cap Eagle - Dig-up The wing from a German army officers cap eagle. With clip intact. A dig-up from Festung Breslau fortress near Wroclaw in Poland.
WO11 Dress Sleeve Badge - Brass A brass warrant officer 2nd class dress sleeve badge. Red cloth backing. Queens crown. With clips, brass backing plate and pin
WO111 Sleeve Crown A sleeve crown for a British Army warrant officer third class. Good condition
Worldwide Peace Service Ribbon Bar The ribbon bar for the US Worldwide Peace Service medal. With clips
WW1 Baden Veterans Award A WW1 Grand Duchy of Baden veterans award. Gilded die-stamped bronze insignia has Grand Duchy of Baden ribbons attached. With clip
WW1 Croix de Guerre with Bronze Star A WW1 Croix de Guerre with a bronze star for "mentioned in despatches." Fine condition medal dated 1914-17. With original ribbon and pin
WW1 Cross of Honour - Non-combatant The German WW1 Hindenburg Cross of Honour without swords - awarded to non-combatants. Extra fine condition. No ribbon.
WW1 Czech Legion M1915 Helmet A First World War M1915 Adrian helmet worn by the Czech Legion on the Western Front. Two-piece construction helmet is dark grey inside and out with the Slovak cross over the Bohemian lion insignia. Comb attached with single rivets. Small rust patches, otherwise very good condition. Original liner and chinstrap. A very rare helmet.
WW1 French Croix de Combatantes A WW1 French Croix de Combatantes medal, awarded to combatants giving service to France, 1914. Bronze, fine condition with original ribbon
WW1 German Feldpost Card A German WW1 feldpost card, dated 1917. Picture shows eight German infantrymen in feldmutze.
WW1 German Trench Tallies Three WW1 German trench tallies, numbered 1, 4 and 426. Recovered from around Messines.
WW1 Iron Cross Lapel Bow A small ribbon lapel bow for a WW1 Iron Cross holder. With maker marked fixing button. Good condition
WW1 Mauser M1898 "Butcher" Bayonet - The Somme A WW1 German Mauser M1898-05 "Butcher" bayonet in semi-relic condition. This bayonet was recovered from Albert on the Somme. Hatched wooden grips are intact, solid and well-preserved. Blade is pitted but sound. Imperial Crown and 1916 date still clearly visible on blade edge. No scabbard
WW1 Medal Pair - Manchester Regiment A WW1 medal pair of 1914-18 British War Medal and Victory Medal to Private 252169 H. Astley, Manchester Regiment. Slight damage to gilding on Victory Medal, otherwise fine condition. Full length original ribbons.
WW1 Officers Private Purchase Helmet - Lancashire Hussars A WW1 fluted officer's private purchase helmet with brass Lancashire Hussars badge attached to the front. Green paint inside and out with wear consistent with age. Original good condition wool cloth and leather liner and leather chinstrap. These helmets were made in Birmingham for private purchase but were found to offer poor shrapnel protection and were banned for front line use by the army. The factory sold the entire production run to the Portuguese Army where it became the M16. An incredibly rare helmet.
WW1 Photograph - RFC Aircraft A rare original WW1 Royal Flying Corps photograph of four Sopwiths lined up with crew. Dated 1916.
WW1 Photograph of German EMs in Feldmutze A WW1 German photograph of eight enlisted men in feldmutze outside a hut.
WW1 Postcard - French Biplanes WW1 postcard showing French biplanes protecting an observation balloon, 1914-15
WW1 Postcard - Ypres Cathedral A WW1 postcard showing Ypres Cathedral before and after bombardment
WW1 Provost Staff Cap Badge A WW1 brass cap badge for Provost Staff. With slide. Kings crown with George V cypher
WW1 Prussian Officers Schirmmutze A WW1 Prussian officers peaked cap (schirmmutze) Prussian blue with red band and imperial roundel badge. Pre-1915 pattern. Silk lined with leather sweatband. No visible makers mark or size, but it appears to be size 56. Some light mothing to band and crown
WW1 Prussian Table Medal for Gallantry A First World War table medal awarded for an act of gallantry that saved a life.
WW1 RASC Ceremonial Shoulder Title The rarer ceremonial dress version of the British army Royal Army Service Corps brass shouder title, in stylised lettering. 1914 pattern. 18mm lettering.
WW1 Royal Engineers Shoulder Title 1914 pattern Royal Engineers single brass shoulder title. 18mm lettering
WW1 Signallers Sleeve Badge A WW1 British Army signallers sleeve badge in brass. Four fixing lugs to the rear.
WW1 Widow's Iron Cross 1st Class A rare WW1 Iron Cross 1st Class widow's brooch. Enamel and gilt Iron Cross with Imperial crown and 1914 date, decorated with gold acorns, oak leaves and laurels. Jeweller made brooch has two "W" marks on the reverse. 3cm across. Good condition with clip. These brooches were unofficially commissioned to be worn by widows of 1st Class EK1 holders
WW2 Black Wound Badge An early war black wound badge. Brass construction with most black paint remaining. Complete with pin.
WW2 Economy Majors Crown A WW2 British army economy major's crown in bakelite. With brass clips. Made by Stanley of Walsall
WW2 Medal Pair - Boxed - RASC A 2nd World War medal pair to Pte W Holliday, Royal Army Service Corps, of Thornaby, Yorkshire. France and Germany Star and 1939-45 War Medal. Each medal has original ribbon with sewn-over ends and paper packet. With box and citation
WW2 Mounted Photograph - Staff Officer A WW2 studio photograph of a British army staff officer from South Shields in uniform. Mounted on board.
WW2 Photograph - German Army NCO Small portrait photograph of a German Army NCO in uniform. Dated 1941
WW2 Photograph - German Army Oberleutnant A posed wartime photograph of a German Army oberleutnant in uniform
WW2 Photograph - Luftwaffe Pilot A WW2 photograph of a Luftwaffe pilot in flying gear. Lined on the reverse
WW2 Photograph - RAF Officer A large WW2 photograph of an RAF staff officer in full dress uniform. Photograph is 7" x 5". Slight damage in one corner. Picture was taken in South Shields.
WW2 Photograph - Royal Artilleryman An early war WW2 postcard photograph of a Royal Artillery enlisted man in dress uniform
WW2 Photograph Album - Iron Cross Holder A WW2 German photograph album for an Iron Cross holder. The album is embossed with a 1939 Iron Cross with swastika on the front cover. Contains around a dozen photographs, including the owner in army uniform with Iron Cross 2nd class and a wound badge. Other pictures show personnel in army and Luftwaffe uniforms
WW2 Photographs - German POWs Five photographs of German POWs in an American POW camp, believed to be in Germany. Pictures show prisoners with their US captors. Prisoners in M43 caps.
WW2 RAF Flt Lieut's Shoulder Boards A pair of large WW2 Royal Air Force Flight Lieutenant's shoulder boards, stiffened for wearing on an RAF greatcoat. Leather backed with leather slip-on straps. Kings crown brass buttons with securing clips.
WW2 RAF Navigators Brevet A WW2 Royal Air Force single wing brevet for a navigator, worn on the uniform above any medal ribbons. Good condition
WW2 RAOC Cap Badge A WW2 Royal Army Ordnance cap badge, kings crown, in dull copper finish. No clip
WW2 Silver Wound Badge with Pin A solid-backed WW2 wound badge in silver. Good condition, with an L/13 stamp to the reverse. Unusually, the recipient has removed the original pin and hasp and replaced it with a long open pin, presumably to allow it to be worn as a lapel badge or moved more easily between uniforms.
Yugoslavian WW1 M15 Adrian Helmet A Yugoslavian WW1 M15 Adrian Helmet. Two-piece construction with Yugoslavian badge to the front. Grey paint inside and out with normal age field wear. French made shell with a Yugoslavian made liner. No chinstrap. These helmets were worn by Yugoslavian units from the First World War up until the German occupation in WW2. A rare helmet