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BOER WAR -AFRICA GENERAL SERVICE AND WW1 GROUP OF FIVE TO STOAKLEY-MIDDLESEX REGIMENT POST OFFICE RIFLES AND TANK CORPS South Africa Medal,no clasp,named to: 6769 PTE W STOAKLEY MIDD'X REGT. African General Service Medal, clasps: SOMALILAND 1902-04/JIDBALLI Named to: 6769 PTE W STOAKLEY MIDDLESEX REGT. British War and Victory Medal, these named to: 375219 PTE W A STOAKLEY 8-LOND R. Imperial Service Medal,(George VI) Named to: WILLIAM ALEXANDER STOAKLEY. Enlisted with the Middlesex Regiment in 1900.Served in St Helena guarding prisoners of War,then saw service in the Somaliland and Jidballi campaigns with the mounted Infantry.He was discharged in 1912,and then joined the Post Office as a Post Office Porter (London Gazette 03/09/1912.He rejoined the Army in 1917,and served with the 8th London Regiment, and16th London Regiment, before transferring to the Tank Corps.See his entry in the National Roll of The Great War, where he is listed as STOAKLEY W.A.TANK CORPS.This states that he took a prominent part in the second battle of the Somme,and the retreat and advance of 1918. A very interesting, unusual group,only 33 African General Service Medals awarded to the 2nd Middlesex Regiment,with Somaliland 1902-04clasp,and only 23 with Somaliland and Jidballi clasps. Medals about good very fine, edge bruise on A.G.S-on original small lengths of ribbon-also comes with original ribbon bar for the Q.S.A./A.G.S. Comes with copied papers,medal rolls,entry in National Roll of The Great War,etc.
MILITARY GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP BARROSA-SERJT TILL- ROYAL ARTILLERY Military General Service Medal,clasp BARROSA Named to: W.TILL, SERJT R.ARTY Medal is extremely fine,small edge bruise and scratch on edge. Confirmed on roll.Ex Gendinings,1909 and 1952. William Till was born in the parish of Maddershall,Stafford.A potter by trade. Served in the 82nd Foot 1794-1795,35th Foot 1795-1796 and the Royal Artillery 1798-1817,serving for a total of 21 years,169 days. Sold with copied papers.
1853 SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TO HALLS RIFLE BRIGADE-DIED IN THE CRIMEA 1853 South Africa Medal,named to: WM HALLS 1ST BN.RIFLE BDE. Medal good very fine-several e/nicks. William Halls confirmed on the Medal roll for South Africa 1850-53 He was also was awarded the Crimea Medal, clasp Inkerman. He died in service on 18th February 1853.
1914 STAR TO BASSINGTON ROYAL FLYING CORPS JOINED 1913 AND PICTURED AND LISTED IN " A CONTEMPTIBLE LITTLE FLYING CORPS" 1914 Star, named to: 983 2/AM C.E.BASSINGTON.R.F.C. Charles Edward Brassington(note Bassington on Medal) was born in 1890,in St Leonards,Stafford.He was a direct entrant into the Royal Flying Corps,in December 1913, and earned the 1914 Star serving with 5 Squadron,as AM/2 .he was promoted to Acting Corporal Clerk, 1 February, 1918.Was Corporal Clerk in April 1918 muster roll.Awarded Royal Aero club Aviators certificate no 4260 on 17th February 1917 as Corporal.He is listed in "A Contemptible little Flying Corps",where his details are listed, along with a photo of Brassington,and he is also pictured on a group photo,under entrant 979. He was transferred to the reserve on 24/05/1919. Nice original Royal Flying Corps entrant,worthy of further research. Medal about good very fine,on small piece of ribbon as purchased.
1914 STAR TO BOOTH ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY- KILLED SERVING AS AN OBSERVER WITH THE ROYAL FLYING CORPS 1914 Star, named to: 60717 BMBR.L.BOOTH R.F.A. Medal good extremely fine, in box of issue,with original ribbon,registered envelope,and original "casualty" Record Office receipt.Registered envelope addressed to: Mrs J Booth,20,Green Lane,Featherstone,Pontefract. Sergeant Leonard Booth, 60717, 23rd Squadron.,Royal Flying Corps who was killed in action on 24th January aged 27.The Son of Elizabeth Booth,of Ackton,Featherstone, Pontefract;husband of Dorothy Booth,of 20,Green Lane,Featherstone,Pontefract,Yorks.He was born at Methley,Yorks,and enlisted at Wakefield.He is buried at the Beauval Communal Cemetery.Leonard Booth attested for the Royal Artillery in 1910.He served in India and at home,and arrived in France on 16/08/1914.He was serving with the 7th Anti-Aircraft Battery when he was attached to the Royal Flying Corps. According to correspondence that I found on The Great War forum,Sjt Leonard Booth was killed in an accident whilst flying as the observer in FE2b 4970 on 24th January 1917. Medal is extremely fine or better, with original full-length silk ribbon.
1914 STAR TO CAPTAIN MEEKE-MIDDLESEX REGT-A MILITARY CROSS WINNER WITH THE ROYAL MUNSTER FUSILIERS WHO WAS KILLED IN ACTION ON 1ST JULY 1916 1914 Star, named to: 2 LIEUT W.S.MEEKE MIDD\'X R Medal about good very fine, on original full length silk ribbon. William Stanley Meeke Born Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire Captain William Stanley Meeke 2nd Bn., Middlesex Regt was killed in action on 1st July 1916 The son of the late Joseph and Mary Meeke of Sheffield .He is buried at the Ovillers Military Cemetery. To France 30/09/1914, attached Ox and Bucks Mentioned in despatches London Gazette 23/06/1915 M.C. London Gazette 23 June 1915 Awarded the Military Cross Lieutenant W.S. Meeke 5th Battalion (attached 2nd Battalion) Royal Munster Fusiliers. Killed in action first day of the Somme Note: at 7.30 am on1st July 1916 some 650 Officers and men of the 2nd Middlesex Regt went over the top between Ollivers and La Boiselle in their fateful attack up Mash Valley towards Ollivers.22 of the 23 Officers who attacked became casualties and only 50 other ranks survived to answer the next roll call. Comes with much copied research London Gazettes, M.I.C etc. A good \"First day of the Somme\" officers casualty Medal.
1914 STAR TO MC GLONE-ROYAL ENGINEERS-LATER SERVED WITH THE ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS 1914 Star, named to: 396093 SAPR:D.MC GLONE R.E. Served with Divisional Signal Co., and 3 Railway Co., Royal Engineers. Later served as 28727 Royal Irish Fusiliers. Arrived in France on 10/11/1914. Comes with copied M.I.C.
1914 STAR TRIO AND IMPERIAL SERVICE MEDAL-TO JOHN WILLIAM WOODS ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY-ENTITLED TO CLASP 1914 Star trio, named to: 59376 DVR: J. W. WOODS. R.F.A.( R.A. on pair) Imperial Service Medal (George VI) named to: JOHN WILLIAM WOODS Arrived in France on 16/08/1914 entitled to clasp and roses. Served 25th Brigade
1914 STAR TRIO TO HUNT-ROYAL ARMY SERVICE CORPS 1914 Star trio, named to: M1-07821 PTE.W.T.HUNT .A.S.C.(MI-7821 on pair) Medals very fine or better, on original silk ribbons, as worn. Arrived in France on 2/11/1914 M.I.C. states ASC/1 B.M.T.L.D. (Motor Transport Division? The \"0\" prefix on the star may relate to Supplies Comes with copied M.I.C.
1914 STAR TRIO WITH ORIGINAL CLASP AND L.S.G.C.TO COLMAN 11 HUSSARS-WITH PHOTO AND ORIGINAL PAPERS 1914 Star Trio with original clasp,named to: 6034 L SJT A.V. COLEMAN 11/HRS (Colman on pair) Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (George V) Named to: 534950 SQ Q.M.SJT. A.V.COLMAN 11 HRS. Medals about good very fine,on wearing bar as worn,clasp loose. Also comes with an original 11th Hussars postcard photo of Colman, His original ribbon bar An Aldershot Command Athletic Association bronze Medal,named to SERGEANT A COLMAN 11TH HUSSARS. An 11th Hussars Till we meet again postcard, His original Regular Army Certificate of Service book, Military History sheet, and very full statement of services sheet. Alfred Victor Colman was born in 1886,in Cobholm, Great Yarmouth,and joined the 11h Hussars in 1906,at Dublin,trade given as a Butcher. He served at Home until 1914, and arrived in France on 15/08/1914 He was wounded (G.S.W.Left hand ) on 27/02/1915. He later served in Egypt and India.He was discharged in 1927,time expired. A very complete and original group. For Son's Medal, see item no: 52012 in Single Medals 1901-on
1914 STAR TRIO-HUNTER NORFOLK REGIMENT 1914 Star Trio. Named to: 3-7775 PTE.C.HUNTER 1/NORF:R. Arrived in France 22/09/1914 Later transferred to the Essex Regt. Discharged due to sickness,26/06/1916.Entitled to SWB 80672 Medals about good very fine,on short lengths of original silk ribbons
1914 STAR-MAJOR- LATER BRIGADIER GENERAL GARNIER NORTON CARTWRIGHT C.M.G., D.S.O.- MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES FOUR TIMES. 1914 Star named to: MAJOR G.N.CARTWRIGHT R.F.A. Brigadier General Garnier Norton Cartwright, was born on 07 May 1868,the Son of R.N.Cartwright,of Ixworth Abbey,Suffolk.He joined the Royal Artillery on 17th Feb 1888; became Lieutenant 17th Feb., 1891; Captain 1 July,1898,and Major 9 Dec. 1903.Major Cartwright served in the European War from 1914; became Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Oct.1914; Served with the 55th Battery Royal Field Artillery.He was temporary Brigadier General ,Royal Artillery 1st Division,B.E.F.British Armies in France,from 15th October 1915, to 19th October, 1917.He married Isabel,daughter of the late T.J.Masters of Llannelly Hall,Llantrisant. He died in 1924 and is buried at Ixworth, Suffolk.There is a memorial tablet at St.Mary's church, Ixworth, Suffolk. D.S.O.: London Gazette: 18/02/1915 "For services in connection with operations in the field" C.M.G.:London Gazette; 04/06/1917 M.I.D.: London Gazette: 17/02/1915 M.I.D.: London Gazette : 01/01/1916 M.I.D.: London Gazette: 15/06/1916 M.I.D.: London Gazette: 15/05/1917 Arrived in France 23/08/1914, entitled to clasp,British War and Victory Medals would have been named: BRIG GEN according to his M.I.C. Medal about good very fine Miniatures have appeared on the market, which included an I.G.S.,1897 Jubilee,1903 Delhi Durbar.
1914/15 AND BRITISH WAR MEDALS TO ROSE-1/4TH BATTALION NORFOLK REGT-DIED OF WOUNDS ON 05/12/1915 AT GALLIPOLI 1914/15 Star, British War Medal, named to: 2041 PTE.P.ROSE.NORF.R. Medals about good very fine. 2041 Pte. Percy Rose 1/4th Battalion Norfolk Regt., died of wounds on 5th December, 1915. The Son of Arthur and Mary Anne Rose, of 4, Station Road, Lingwood, Norfolk. He was born at South Burlingham, Norfolk and enlisted at Acle, Norfolk He arrived in Gallipoli on 06/08/1915 along with the 1/5th Norfolks
1914/15 STAR AND BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO CAWTHORNE-ARMY VETERINARY CORPS 1914/15 Star, and British War Medal, named to: SE-13062 PTE J CAWTHORNE A.V.C.(SGT on BWM) Medals about good very fine, mounted on card for display. Arrived in France on 11/12/1915. Comes with copied M.I.C.
1914/15 STAR AND BRITISH WAR MEDAL-TO HARWOOD-ARMY SERVICE CORPS 1914/15 Star, ad British War Medal, named to: 18288 PTE.G.H.HARWOOD.A.S.C. Medals very fine, on original tatty ribbons. Arrived in Gallipoli 07/11/1915
1914/15 STAR AND VICTORY MEDAL TO 2 LIEUT ROBINSON-SUFFOLK YEOMANRY AND MACHINE GUN CORPS-DIED OF WOUNDS ON 12/11/1918-FROM CHESTERTON CAMBRIDGE 1914/15 Star, named to: 3222 PTE E.ROBINSON SUFF YEO. Victory Medal, named to: 2-LIEUT.R.E.ROBINSON. Medals good very fine. Second Lieutenant Robert Ernest Robinson 46 Bn., Machine Gun Corps died of wounds on 12th November, 1918 aged 29. The Son of Robert and Elizabeth Robinson of 11, Kimberley Road, Chesterton Cambridge. He is buried at Tourgeville Military Cemetery. Robert Ernest Robinson was born in Chesterton, Cambridge in late 1889.He enlisted as a private with the Suffolk Yeomanry and served in Egypt from October 1915, latterly transferring to the Machine Gun Corps, and commissioned on 17th September, 1917.He was wounded and gassed on 28th September 1918. admitted 73 General Hospital Gunshot wound left leg (thigh) leg amputated and septicaemia. Died the day after the cessation of hostilities. Comes with much copied research
1914/15 STAR AND VICTORY MEDAL-MITCHELL-WELSH REGIMENT-ENTITLED TO A SILVER DISCHARGE BADGE 1914/15 Star and Victory Medal. Named to: 14343 PTE.W.MITCHELL WELSH R. Medals about good very fine, mounted on card for display. Arrived in France on 18/07/1915 Discharged 02/08/1916-entitled to Discharge badge Reported wounded 11/11/1915 Comes with copied M.I.C., etc.
1914/15 STAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO HUBBLE-11TH LONDON REGIMENT 1914/15 Star and Victory Medals, named to: 3349 PTE.A.E.HUBBLE 11-LOND.R.(Finsbury Rifles) Star is very polished, about fair to fine. Arrived in Egypt 10/08/1915. Comes with copied M.I.C., which shows later service as 451147 London Regt.
1914/15 STAR TO ALLEN- NORFOLK REGIMENT-DIED ON 12TH AUGUST 1915-ONE OF THE \"VANISHED BATTALION\" 1/5TH NORFOLK\'S 1914/5 Star, named to: 1136 PTE G.ALLEN NORF R. Medal very fine or better, a little marked to reverse. 1136 Pte. George Allen 1st/5th Bn., Norfolk Regt died on 12th August 1915 The Son of James and Sarah Allen, of Edgefield Road, Saxthorpe who died on 12th August, 1915.He was born and enlisted at Aylsham, Norfolk and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial. One of the 142 other ranks of the 1/5th Norfolk Regt who were killed on the 12th August 1915-known as the \"Vanished Battalion\" Much speculation surrounded the \"disappearance \" of the Norfolk men. Various eyewitness stating that they went into a wood and were never seen again, and that they \"disappeared \" into a cloud and were never seen again. This was all proved to be a myth as recounted in \"All the King\'s Men\" by Nigel McCrery. The 1/5th Norfolk\'s had basically advanced too far and found themselves behind Turkish Lines and surrounded. Scarce and sought after
1914/15 STAR TRIO AND BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE-TO GROCOTT- 4TH BATTALION MIDDLESEX REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION ON 29TH SEPTEMBER 1915 1914/15 Star trio, named to: S-7093 PTE.B.GROCOTT.MIDDX.R. Bronze Memorial Plaque named to: BERT GROCOTT. Medals about good very fine on original full length silk ribbons, the plaque has been cleaned, otherwise in very good clean condition. Bert Grocott, SR/7093 4th Bn., Middlesex Regt was killed in action on 29th September 1915,aged 20. The Son of Mrs A Wood (formerly Grocott) of 9,Garfield rd., Ponders End, Middlesex, and the late Mr T.Grocott. He is commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate ) Memorial
1914/15 STAR TRIO AND CAPE BADGE-TO SISTER GIBBS-QUEEN ALEXANRA\'S IMPERIAL MILITARY NURSING SERVICE RESERVE 1914/15 Star trio,named to: SISTER M.S.GIBBS,Q.A.I.M.N.S.R.(SISTER M.S.GIBBS on pair) Together with a Q.A.I.M.N.S.R.Cape badge, Medals about extremely fine,mounted on wearing bar as worn. Margaret Sussanah Gibbs was born on July 23rd, 1881 at Antingham Hall, Norfolk.She was educated at The Elms, North Walsham. Norfolk,worked at Great Yarmouth 1902-1905.She was a practitioner in her 1st Year, a Staff Nurse,a Theatre Nurse, and Theatre Sister.She worked in private nursing from 1905-1913. Joined Q.A.I.M.S.R. in 1913 and joined Army Service 16/09/1915. She worked as a Surgical Theatre Sister on Officers Wards (56 casualty clearing stataion) She was given two weeks sick leave at Boulogne in 1917 to recover from a septic wound of the left forearm. In 1919 She was granted leave to look after her sick father,who lived at "Glenrock" Wyndham Park, East Runton, Cromer, and resined her appointent, which was accepted.She died in Norfolk in 1969 Full set of papers available online, where there are more details regarding the service of Sister Gibbs
1914/15 STAR TRIO AND GREEK MILITARY CROSS MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES GROUP OF FOUR TO CAPTAIN VYVYAN ARMY SERVICE CORPS 1914/15 Star trio,M.I.D.emblem on Victory Medal. 1914/15 Star named to: 2 LIEUT A.O'D C VYVYAN A.S.C. British War and Victory Medals,name to: CAPTA.O'D.C. YVYAN. Greek Military Cross,un-named. Captain Albert O'Donnell Colley Vyvyan was mentioned in Despatches on 03/06/1919. Greek Military Cross 3rd Class London Gazette: 03/10/1919. Arrived in Salonica on 26/11/1915.Served with the 595 Mounted Transport Coy. He lived at "Chislehurst,Woodland Road,Weston-Super-Mare. Medals about extremely fine,on original full length ribbons,the Greek Cross on stitched ribbon, as worn. For miniature group see item no: 51452
1914/15 STAR TRIO NAMED TO: BETTS-ARMY VETERINARY CORPS 1914/15 Star trio, named to: SE-4417 PTE.W.BETTS. A.V.C (SJT on pair) Medals extremely fine, on original silk stitched ribbons Arrived in the Balkans on 19/07/1915
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO 2 LIEUT GREEN -ARMY SERVICE CORPS 1914/15 Star trio, named to: M2-033459 SJT A G GREEN A S C (Star) 2 LIEUT A G GREEN A S C (Pair) Medals extremely fine, on full length original silk ribbons. Appear to be late issues, although nothing on M.I.C to indicate this
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO BANTING 7TH LONDON REGT-DISCHARGED DUE TO WOUNDS IN 1915-DIED IN FEBRUARY 1918 BURIED ON HAMMERSMITH OLD CEMETERY 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 2764 PTE.L.F.BANTING 7-LOND R,(Bantin on pair) Medals about good very fine, on original silk ribbons. Private 2764 L.F.Banting 7th London Regiment died on 19th February 1917 He is buried at Hammersmith Old Cemetery. Leo Frederick Banting joined the 7th London Regiment in September 1914.He was discharged 27th August 1915, and received the silver discharge badge. Papers available online.
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO BEACHER-ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT-SERVED GALLIPOLI 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 4-2698 PTE.W.J.BEACHER R.SUSS:R. Medals very fine or better on modern ribbons Arrived in the Balkans on 06/09/1915 Also served with the Sussex Regt as 6529 and 241430 Entitled to the SWB no B241262 (wounds) enlisted 09/11/1914
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO BRADLEY-LOYAL NORTH LANCS REGT-LATER SERVICE WITH THE MONMOUTHSHIRE REGT 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 12656 PTE P BRADLEY L.N.L.R. Medals about good very fine, on modern ribbons Arrived in France on 25/09/1915 He saw further service with the Monmouthshire Regt as 228378
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO HARDWICK-SUFFOLK REGIMENT 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 10026 PTE.J.HARDWICK.SUFF.R. Medals about good very fine,on modern and original silk ribbons. Joseph Hardwick Arrived in France on 16/11/1915. He later saw service with the Royal Sussex Regt as no: S/36236
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO HAYWARD ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 85015 DVR.F.E.HAYWARD R.F.A.(R.A. on pair. medals about good very fine, on varying lengths of original ribbons. Comes with copied M.I.C. which shows him as arrived in France on 09/04/1915.
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO LIEUT BRYAN ROYAL NAVAL RESERVES-SERVED ON ARMED YACHT'S "VAGRANT" AND "EILEEN" -AND IN COMMAND OF A GROUP OF NET DRIFTERS AT TARANTO 1914/15 Star trio, named to: LIEUT F.BRYAN R.N.R. Medals about extremely fine. on original silk ribbons.Also comes with Medal box for the1914/15 Star, named : LIEUT F Bryan R.N.R.(A/F) Sub Lieut Frank Bryan was appointed to the Armed Yacht "Vagrant" on the 24/03/1915 until the 24/03/1916.The" Vagrant" was a hired yacht, armed with a six and a 12 pounder, which may have served as a wireless operated A/P Group Leader, in special yacht squadrons at home or in the Mediterranean. He was appointed Lieutenant on 27/04/1916,and appointed to the armed yacht "Eileen" on 04/05/1916."The Eillen" was a hired yacht bulit in 1910,armed with 2 x 12 pounders, which may have served as a wireless equipped A/P Group leader in special yacht squadrons at home and in the Medirerranean. On the 18/09/1916 he applied for command of Trawlers,and following a navigation course,on 17/03/1917 was sent to H.M.S.Queen, the depot ship which had been sent to the Adriatic to support the barrage at Otranto.He was put in charge of a group of net drifters,and armed trawlers.He was demobilised on 19/06/1919
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO MAJOR PHILLIPS-ARMY SERVICE CORPS-A BRIDGE AND RAILWAY BUILDER-ENGINEER AND TREASURE HUNTER! 1914/15 Star trio,named to: LIEUT H.L.PHILLIPS.A.S.C (Star) MAJOR H.L.PHILLIPS (Pair) Medals about good very fine, mounted on pin for wearing Served WW1 in the Mechanical Transport Section A.S.C. His working life was spent building Railways,Docks, Bridges and as a General Engineer in India, working for Burn & Co.Calcutta.and was also at one time held a Government post as chief Engineer of the Port of Rangoon.His retirement was spent building Model Railway Engines,and Traction Engines,and as a Treasure Hunter! He was appointed leader of of the Sakamvaya Expedition to South America do discover a £12m treasure said to have been hidden in the Andes by the Jesuits 200 years ago.A company was formed,with a capital of £45,000 and a party of 21 members set off with the requisite machinery for excavation pumping and rock crushing. After many arduous months work in the Andes the expedition had to be abandoned mainly because of heavy rain setting in.and partly because the Bolivian Government did not approve of the venture! Very little was found-a little gold, jewellery and pottery-insufficient to resume exploration. On another occasion Major Phillips was a member of an expedition which set out from Southwick in a converted Brixham trawler,the VIGILANT,to search for buried treasure on Cocos Island off the Pacific coast of Panama.Much hard work came to nothing though,as the Costa Rican Government stepped in and confiscated the expeditions plant and machinery, and announced they were turning the Island into a penal settlement.Major Phillips commented: "One way of thoroughly searching the small Island for Treasure". Comes with several newspaper cuttings of Major Phillips, one has members of the Expedition sitting on the yard arm of the Vigilant,and several others show Phillips with a Steam Engine he had built,another from the English Mechanic and World of Science, dated 1906, shows Phillips in Burma with a photo of himself with his Children? in a Steam Car he had built himself.Another cutting from the Model Engineer and Electrician dated 1904 is signed by him as Mechanical Superintendent of the Port of Rangoon.Another cutting has Phillips riding on a Steam Train built by himself.Also comes with a history of Burns and Co A wonderful Archive to an interesting man-worthy of further research.
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO ROBERTS-WITH DANISH SLESVIG 1920 MEDAL-TO H.M.S.CARYSFORT 1914/15 Star Trio, named TO: J 12499 F ROBERTS SIG.R.N. Denmark,Christian the Tenth,Slesvig 1920 Medal-named to: J124** *OBERTS LDG SIGr H.M.S. CARYSFORT, (the letters indicated by the stars contact worn) Medals about very fine,mounted on pin as worn, ribbons fragmented. Also comes with a silver,or nickel silver rifle,named to: F ROBERTS LDG SIG OCT 1922.the reverse side reads: BLAKA MATI with some oriental marks.This may have been part of a desk display, as it looks as though it was attached to something (A/F) Frank Roberts joined the Royal Navy in 1911-He served on numerous Ships and Shore Establishments including: IMPREGNABLE/BRITANNIA/BRAMBLE HAMPSHIRE/EUROPA/CAESAR/CARYSFORT/MERLIN VINDICTIVE In 1920 H.M.S. Carysfort was sent to Slesvig in Denmark. along with H.M.S Sesame,Seawolf and H.M,Tug St Anne, along with the 1st Battalion Sherwood Foresters and other British units to basically keep peace and ensure a fair and free election during the 1920 plebiscite (Referendum) to determine if Slesvig wanted to be part of Germany or Denmark. The Medal is rare,bur seldom encountered named in a group.
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO SYMONS-A JUTLAND CASUALTY-SERVING ON H.M.S.INDEFATIGABLE 1914/15 Star trio, named to: K17351 S.J.SYMONS STO1,R.N. Medals about good very fine, on original full length silk ribbons,( metal on reverse of star a little discoloured.) Skoker 1st Class Stephen James Symons H.M.S. "Indefatigable" was killed in action on 31st May 1916. Son of William and Winifred Symons,of 11,Bath St.,Plymouth.He is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial. Stephen James Symons was born in Plymouth in 1894.He served on H.M.S.Indefatigable from December 1914.
1914/15 STAR TRIO WITH L.S.G.C.MEDAL TO HARRIS- H.M.S. LEANDER-ROYAL NAVY 1914/15 Star Trio,named to: 184234 A.T.HARRIS A.B. R.N. Royal Navy and Long Service Medal,named to: 184234 A.T.HARRIS.A.B. H.M.S.LEANDER. Medals good very fine/extremely fine. Albert Thomas Harris was born Paddington, London on 17th February 1880.He enlisted in the Royal Navy on 17th Septeber, 1898.He served on numerous Ships and shore establishments,the whole of his WW1 service was aboard H.M.S. LEANDER,a" torpedo boat destoyer" depot ship at Scapa Flow. Medal traced 28/03/1913
1914/15 STAR TRIO-LUCAS FIREMAN-MERCANTILE FLEET AUXILIARY 1914/15 Star trio, named to: W.LUCAS FMN.,M.F.A Medals are extremely fine,with original box for the 1914/15 Star(A/F)-no ribbons. William Lucas on the Medal roll as serving on "Ellida"-A hired Yacht. Sold with copied Medal Roll.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-PLAQUE TO EVANS SOUTH WALES BORDERERS-SERVED AT TSINGTAO-WOUNDED AT GALLIPOLI-KILLED IN ACTION ON 8TH FEBRUARY 1918 1914 /15 Star trio, named to: 9649 L.CPL.A.R.EVANS S.WALES BORD: (CPL on pair) Bronze Memorial Plaque-ALFRED ROBERT EVANS Medals and plaque about good very fine, medals on full length, original silk ribbons. Glue residue on reverse of plaque-probably removed from a frame. 9649 Corporal Alfred Robert Evans 2nd Btn., South Wales Borderers was killed in action on 8th February 1918.The Son of Mrs A .E. Evans, of 165,New Church Road., Camberwell, London. He was born in Camberwell, and enlisted in London. He is commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial Alfred Robert Evans was born in 1889 and enlisted in the South Wales Borderers on 5th September, 1907.His Medal Index card sates Theatre of War served as (5H) Asiatic. This would indicate that he served at Tsingtao-He is also on the online roll for men who served with "B" company at Tsingtao. He then served at Gallipoli, being wounded on 6th June, 1915 (2nd battle of Krithia), before being killed in action in 1918 A very scarce group. Sold with research
1914/15 STAR TRIO-TO COLE- MOTOR MACHINE GUN SERVICE 1914/15 Star trio Star named : 15431 PTE.E.J.COLE M.M.G.SERV British War and Victory Medals, named to: 2771 PTE.E.J.COLE.M.M.G.S. -R.A- Medals extremely fine, on original silk full-length ribbons. Arrived in France on 24/12/1914 Medals confirmed on roll as serving with M.M.G.S. On both rolls listed as serving as 15431 Norfolk Regiment, but this has been crossed out. Comes with original boxes and registered letter addressed to: Mr E.J. Cole 39, Arundel Road, Newtown, Great Yarmouth. Scarce
1914/15 STAR TRIO-TO DAVIDSON- BORDER REGIMENT 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 12705 PTE.T.DAVIDSON BORD R. Medals about good very fine, on orginal silk ribbons. Arrived in France 14/07/1915. Comes with M.I.C.,which also shows later service with the Labour Corps.Also comes with copied Medal rolls. .
1914/15 STAR TRIO-TO HORREX-SUFFOLK REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION ON 28TH APRIL 1917 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 13826 PTE.G.HORREX.SUFF.R. Medals about good very fine, on original silk ribbons 13826 pte. George Horrex 7th Btn., Suffolk Regiment was killed in action on 28th April 1917, aged 32. The Husband of Kate Lee (formerly Horrex) of 34, Handford Cut,Ipswich. He was born and enlisted at Felsham, Suffolk. He is commemorated on the Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais, France. He arrived in France on 30/08/1915 Sold with copied M.I.C., entry from War Diary on the relevant dates, etc.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-TO WALPOLE-EAST SURREY REGIMENT AND EAST KENT REGIMENT-TWO MEDAL INDEX CARDS 1914 15 Star trio 1914/15 Star, this named to: 2904 PTE.A,WALPOLE E,SURR.R. British War and Victory Medals, named to: 2904 PTE A.WALPOLE.E,KENT.R.(both with correctly impressed naming) on original siilk ribbons Medals about extremely fine, on original silk ribbons. Comes with two medal index cards, which shows him as also serving as 33871 with Gloucester Regt. Very unusual incidence of change of Regiment being stamped with the same number. Comes with copied Medal index cards.
1914/15 STAR-AND BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO WILSON-NORFOLK REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION 12TH AUGUST 1915-5TH NORFOLK REGT-VANISHED BATTALION 1914 15 Star, named to: 2752 L.CPL-W.J.WILSON NORF.R. British War Medal, named: 2752 PTE.W.J.WILSON.NORF.R. Medals about good very fine. 2752 Lance Corporal William John Wilson 1/5th Bn., Norfolk Regiment was killed in action on 12th August 1915.The Son of Robert and Rose Anna, of \"Westacre2 High House Farm, Castleacre, King\'s Lynn. He enlisted at East Dereham and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial.One of the 142 other ranks of the 1/5th Norfolk Regt who were killed on the 12th August 1915-known as the \"Vanished Battalion\" Much speculation surrounded the \"disappearance \" of the Norfolk men. Various eyewitness stating that they went into a wood and were never seen again, and that they \"disappeared \" into a cloud and were never seen again. This was all proven to be a myth as recounted in \"All the King\'s Men\" by Nigel McCrery. The 1/5th Norfolk\'s had basically advanced too far and found themselves behind Turkish Lines and surrounded. Wilson is listed in \"All the King\'s Men\" a copy of the entry is included with medals. Scarce and sought after
1914/15 STAR-ROYAL NAVY LONG SERVICE MEDAL-TO P.O. WILLIAM NEWELL H.M.S BACCHANTE 1914/15 Star, named to: 178424 W.NEWELL P.O.,R.N. Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, named to: 178424 WILLIAM NEWELL.P.O. 1 CL., H.M.S.BACCHANTE. Medals good very fine. William Newell was born in East Dereham, Norfolk in 1878.He joined the Royal Navy on 17th February 1894 Medal traced 19/04/1911 From 29th October 1915 to 18th July 1916 he served on H.M.S Acteon (TB 7) Torpedo boat 7 Pensioned 25/03/1919
1914/15 STAR-SURGEON COMMANDER BARFORD-ROYAL NAVY-THE YOUNGEST SURGEON COMMANDER AT THE END OF WW1 1914/15 Star, named to: ST SURG J.L.BARFORD R.N.(Staff Surgeon,executive rank of Commander) James Leslie Barford was born on 25/01/1885. He qualified as M.R.C.S.,L.R.C.P.,in 1905,and immediately entered the Royal Navy,in which he served until 1919.Main Royal Navy papers not found, he was attached to the a Lt.Surgeon,and was serving at Mudros repairs base.At the end of the war, Barford was the youngest Commander Surgeon in the service..Upon leaving the Royal Navy, he joined the Merchant Navy,serving with P and O line,and travelling to most parts of the world.Later he became interested in mental health,and worked at Hospitals in Lincoln,and Ipswich.During the Second World War he was medical officer to the the Surrey County Council Civil Defence organisation,to which he devoted characteristic enthusiasm and ingenuity in planning and first aid.In 1946 he spent nine months in the Antartic,with the first post-war Whaling expedition to leave this country,as medical officer to S.S.Southern Venturer,and carried out much research into the collection, and large scale maunufacture of glandular products.On his return, his desire for adventure reasserted itself, and he joined the the Post Office Telegraph dept as medical officer on H.M.Telegraph Ship Alert, and later on H.M.T.S.Monarch. He died on 29/11/1950.A full Obituary can be found in the British Medical Journal, Medal about good very fine, a few areas of staining. Interesting recipient, and worthy of further research.
1914/15 STAR-TO ALLEN- SUFFOLK REGIMENT 1914/15 Star,named to: 17489 PTE.T.ALLEN.SUFF.R. Medal about very fine. Later service with the Machine Gun Corps,and entitled to trhe SWB no B141455
1914/15 STAR-TO CHESSER-ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT 1914/15 Star, named to: G-5639 PTE.A.CHESSER.R.W.KENT.R. Medal about good very fine, on original silk ribbon. G/5639 Pte. Alfred Chesser, 8th Bn., Royal West Kent Regiment was killed in action on 8th June,1916. The Son of Mr W. and Mrs E. Chesser. of 126,Fairbridge Road, Upper Holloway, London. He was born at Hampstead, London and enlisted at Worthing.He is buried at the Dranoutre Military Cemetery.
1914/15 STAR-TO FOX-NORFOLK REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE SOMME 01/07/1916 1914/15 Star, named to: 13101 CPL.A.FOX.NORF.R. Medal about good very fine, on original full-length ribbon. 13101 Corporal Afred Fox, 8th Bn., Norfolk Regiment was killed in action on 01/07/1916 (The first day of the battle of the Somme) The Son of Mr and Mrs W. Fox, of 10b Ames Street Norwich. He was born at Trowse, Norwich and enlisted at Norwich.He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial Alfred Fox was born in 1895, he attested for the Norfolk Regiment in September 1914, trade given as Grocers Assistant. He is listed on the Trowse War Memorial in Trowse Church. Unusually papers available online. Also comes with a copied photograph from the Imperial War Museum\'s website
1914/15 STAR-TO REEBY DEVON REGIMENT 1914/15 Star, named to: 3678 PTE.W.REEBY DEVON R. Obverse very polished, therefore about fair Naming clear Arrived in Egypt 05/09/1915
A FINE AND SCARCE MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR TO HALLS- ROYAL INNISKILLING FUSILIERS 1914/15 Star Trio,Star named: 17935 C.Q.M.SJT.F.L.HALLS. R.INNIS. FUS. British War and Victory Medals named to: 17935 C.SJT.F.HALLS R.INNIS.FUS..Meritorious Service Medal,(George V) named to: 17935 C.Q.M.SJT. F.L.HALLS 8/ R.INNIS FUS. M.S.M.London Gazette 18/01/1919 (Dover) Medals about good very fine or better. Comes with Soldiers small book,third and second class Education certificates,whilst serving with the 2/Suffolk Regiment,discharge certificate,and a superb photograph of Halls on his wedding day,with his wife, Alice. Francis Lancelot Halls was born in 1887 in the parish of St.Johns,March,Cambridgeshire.He enlisted at March,Cmbridgeshire on the 16th March,1903 into the Suffolk Regiment,aged 15 years 5 months as a boy soldier,sometime transferring to The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.His discharge certificate also states service with the Military Foot Police.He arrived in the Balkans on 11/07/1915.He was discharged on 2nd October,1920.Also comes with copied M.I.C.,London Gazette,etc.
A FINE BRITISH EMPIRE/LONG SERVICE GROUP OF SIX TO BOURKE-42-ROYAL MARINE COMMANDO-FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICES IN SOUTH EAST ASIA British Empire Medal (George VI) Named to: A/ S M EDWARD BOURKE R/M PO/X31 1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star, Burma Star with PACIFIC clasp,1939/45 War Medal and Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, to: PO.X.31.E.BOURKE.SGT.R.M. Medals about very fine and better, the B.E.M. has contact wear, and the naming is engraved on a pre-prepared ground and struck on a thinner than usual flan, as is sometimes seen on B.E.M's of the period. B.E.M. London Gazette 11th June 1946:The King has been graciously pleased to award the British Empire Medal(Military Division) to the undermentioned for distinguished services in the Far East: Colour Sergeant (Acting Sergeant Major) Edward Bourke R.M.;PO/X31 Served with 42 Royal Marine Commando. He was awarded his Long Service Medal in 1941.
A RARE CASUALTY PAIR TO SIDNEY THORP HALL-70 FIELD SECURITY POLICE-INTELLIGENCE CORPS-DIED WHEN THE S S ANSELM WAS SUNK ON 5TH JULY-1941 Defence and War Medals in box of issue, with original box and casualty slip.The box is named to: Mr. C. Thorp Hall, White House, Alpington Nr Norwich. (Sidney's Medals is written in pen on the box) Lance Corporal Sidney Thorp Hall 10350258 70, Field Security Police, Intelligence Corps, died on 5th July 1941 when the SS Anselm was torpedoed by the U96 (Kaptt Heinrich Lehman-Willenbrock) Chaplain Cecil Pugh was awarded the George Cross posthumously for trying to rescue men trapped below deck. The U Boat was attacked and damaged by depth charge's from the accompanying Corvettes and had to break off her attack and return to St.Nazaire. In Waddington Lincolnshire, there is a memorial Field and Hall presented by Sidney's brothers, Charles and Derek Thorp Hall in memory of their brother, who was 33 yeas old when he died.
A SCARCE DOUBLE CASUALTY QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TO JONES-DRISCOLL'S SCOUTS-DANGEROUSLY WOUNDED NEAR KLERKSDORP 1901-ALSO WOUNDED SERVING WITH THE COMMANDER IN CHIEFS BODYGUARD AT REITZ Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL.Named to: 295 tpr:E.L.JONES DRISCOLL'S SCTS. Medal about very fine,with one small e/nick Dangerously wounded near Klerksdorp 7th July 1901. Attestation papers dated 02/06/1901 distinctive marks shown as "Bullet Marks left arm and chest" His papers show previous service with The Commander in Chiefs Bodyguard,and was also wounded whilst serving with this unt at Reitz on 03/01/01 Sold with copied Attestation and Discharge cert's-Cape Colony clasp not confirmed.
A SCARCE MALABAR GROUP OF FOUR TO TROOPER MORAN 2ND DRAGOON GUARDS (BAYS) 1914/15 Star trio, named to: GS-20246 PTE.T.MORAN.2-D GDS. India General Service Medal(1908) clasp MALABAR Named to: 391069 TPR.T.MORAN.THE BAYS. Medals about good very fine, once lacquered, most of which has been removed. On modern ribbons. Comes with copied M.I.C. .etc A scarce group-only one squadron of the Bays entitled to clasp.
A SCARCE MERITORIOUS SERVICE/LONG SERVICE PAIR-TO WARRANT OFFICER/PETTY OFFICER AIRCREWMAN DODGSON-ROYAL NAVY Meritorious Service Medal (Elizabeth II) named to: WO (ACMN) D.P.HODSON DO52528Q RN (Warrant Officer Aircrewman) Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Elizabeth II) with long service clasp not attached to medal. This named to: DO 52528Q D.P.HODGSON PO ACMN (Petty Officer Aircrewman) H M S DAEDALUS Medals about good very fine on pin as worn. R N impressed over a small area of erasure (MSM) Also comes with two ribbon bars, one with long service rosette. Probably serving on Helicopters. A very scarce pair
ABYSSINIA MEDAL-TO COLEMAN-3RD DRAGOON GUARDS Abyssinia Medal 1869 Named to: 181 CORPL.P.COLEMAN 3RD DRAGN.GDS. Medal about very fine, on original stitched ribbon. Confirmed on roll.(Peter Coleman)
AFGHANISTAN LONG SERVICE GROUP OF THREE TO HUMPHREY-9TH LANCERS Afghanistan Medal 1878-79-80 clasp: KANDAHAR Named to: 1992 PTE. W .HUMPHREY 9TH LANCERS Kabul to Kandahar Star, named to: 1992 PRIVATE W HUMPHREY 9TH LANCERS. Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria small reverse letters) named to: 1992 S.Q.M.SGT.W.A.HUMPHREY.9/LANCERS (engraved naming) Medals fine to very fine, the first pitted from contact with star, edge pitted, but all naming details readable-medals confirmed on papers William Arthur Humphrey was born in the Parish of Brockham, Reigate, Surrey in 1859.He attested for the 9th Lancers on 25th February 1879.He was awarded his Long Service Medal in 1897 and discharged on 3rd August 1904. A very good set of papers available online.
AFGHANISTAN MEDAL-ROYAL GIBRALTAR REGT-RARE ON THE MARKET Afganistan Medal, clasp AFGHANISTAN Named to: PTE.B SPENCER R. GIBRALTAR GR/8884 Medal is extremely fine,court mounted on pin for wearing. There is an image available of Pte.Brett Spencer after receiving his Medal from the Governor of Gibraltar. Please note: very fiew members of the Gibraltar Regt.Received the O.S.M.,and as such is rare on the market.
AFGHANISTAN-L.S.G.C. BANDMASTER -BLANE-RIFLE BRIGADE TRANSFERRED TO THE SUFFOLK REGIMENT Afghanistan Medal 1877-78-89 Clasp: ALI MUSJID Named to: 2447 PTE J G BLANE 4TH RIFLE BDE Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Victoria small letter) 2470 SERGT J G BLANE SUFF R(Engraved naming) Medals about very fine, Afghan Medal has slight contact wear. James George Blane was born in Northampton, and enlisted in the Rifle Brigade in 1872 aged 14 years, 7 Months.Appointed Bandsman 1878, He transferred to the Suffolk Regiment, and was discharged in 1908, and was then living at 49 Will Road Cambridge.He was re-engaged for home service in WW1.He is mentioned in the History of the 4th Btn Suffolk Regiment,as Bandmaster Blane when the Colours of the 4th Btn were placed in thre Cathedral at Ely. He is also listed in the 1911 census as Army Pensioner Bandmaster.L.S.G.C. Medal awarded 01/04/1891 (Depot) A real Long-Service Group!
AIR CREW EUROPE CASUALTY GROUP OF FOUR TO SERGEANT ARTHUR WILTON RAGAN -A REAR GUNNER FLYING WITH 115 SQUADRON ON WELLINGTONS -KILLED IN ACTION ON 17/05/1942 1939/45 Star, Aircrew Europe Star, Defence and War Medals. Medals about extremely fine. Comes with original casualty medals slip, named to: SERGEANT A.W.RAGAN and medal box addressed to: Mrs.H.RAGAN, 17,Lennox Road,Worthing Sussex. 931128 Arthur Wilton Ragan 115 Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve,was killed in action on 18th May 1942.The son of John William RAGAN and of Sarah Henrietta Ragan, of Worthing Sussex.He is commemorated on the Runnymede memorial. Arthur Wilton Ragan was born on 1921 in Dewsbury Yorkshire.He enlisted in the Royal Air Force at Uxbridge beween September, 1939 and June 1940 and war appointed as a class F Reservist. Between March and May,1942 Sergean T Ragan has been identified as being involved in raids on Essen;Le Harvre;Cologne;Hamburg(abandoned) Hamburg;Rostock; Dunkirk (port airscrew damaged and rear turret unserviceable) Gennevilliers and Ostende. Ragan was flying with 115 Squadron in Wellington MK111 AX-3644 with a crew of which he was rear-gunner,in Gardening Operations in the North Sea.Took off 22.34 from Marham, Norfolk. At 1.38 a,am,on 18th May 1942,an aircraft was seen going down, out of control,at position 55N O6E and evidence suggests it may have been X3644. 115 Squadron records: 11 Aircraft took off between 2229 and 2242 hours to attack Boulogne target GARDENING and BOULOGNE.The 10 aircraft on GARDENING operations successfully located the target and dropped their vegetables in the allotted position from heights ranging from 600-700 feet.Two aircraft reported observing air combats off PELWORN at 0050 hours.also another aircraft reported having seen an aircraft crash and burst into flames off PELLWORN at 0045 hours.The height of the combat was 3/4000 ft. A/C AX3644 (Captain Sgt Butterworth ) failed to return from operations. Comes with copied research,and a C.D.
AIR CREW EUROPE CASUALTY GROUP TO FLYING OFFICER DEREK NORMAN ARMITAGE-454 SQN RAFVR-KILLED IN ACTION ON 30TH DECEMBER 1943 1939/45 Star,Aircew Europe Star,Africa Star and 1939/45 War Medal. Medals about extremely fine. Comes with casualty medal slip named to: Flying Officer D.N.Armitage. Medal box of issue, named to: N.Armitage, Esq.26,Nether Hall Avenue,Huddersfield. Flying Officer Derek Norman Armitage 454 Sqdn., Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve was killed in action on 30th December 1943.He is commemorated on the Alemein Memorial, Egypt. Derek Norman Armitage was born in Hudderfileld in 1923.he had already served on operations over Europe when he was posted tp 454 Squadron on 3rd November, 1943. 454 squadron operated anti-shipping and ant-submarine patrols,He was the Navigator on a Balimore IV FA559 which was lost with all its crew of four over the Aegean Sea on 30th December, 1943. He is also listed on the Manchester University Memorial.
AIR CREW EUROPE STAR Aircrew Europe Star Star about extremely fine
AIR CREW EUROPE STAR GROUP TO NUTTALL A NAVIGATOR WITH 10 SQUADRON-WHOSE HALIFAX WAS SHOT DOWN OVER THE NORTH SEA ON 23 JUNE 1943 BY THE GERMAN ACE NIGHT FIGHTER PILOT BRUNO EIKMEIR 1939/45 Star,Aircrew Europe Star,and 1939/45 War Medal. Comes with casualty medal slip,and additional slip with 1600601 SGT NUTTALL. Also comes with the bottom section of the Air Ministry box,and a copied photo of his grave,and a photo of Halifax Bomber BB324 ZA-X( Nuttals aircraft on the night he died) Medals about extremely fine. Segeant Navigator FrederIck Thomas Nuttall 1600601,10 Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve died on 23rd June 1943,aged 20. The Son of Sidney A.H.and Ellen Nuttall of North End,Portsmouth.He is buried in Amsterdam New Eastern Cemetery. Handley Page Halifax Mk11 BB324 ZA-X 10 Squadron (Piloted by Pilot Sergeant R.M.Pinkerton) ,took off from R.A.F.Melbourne on 22nd June 1943,on a mission to Mulheim.On the return journey,she was shot down at 2.36 on 23rd June by Night Fighter Pilot Oberfeldwebel Bruno Eikmier of the 2./NJG 1,flying a Bf 110 g-4 from Gilze-Rijen airfield.Bruno Eikmier was a German Ace,who shot down 6 aircraft, before he was himself killed in action on 04/09/1943. All seven occupants of the aircraft were killed,the body of Navigator Sgt Nuttall being washed up near Zandvoort on 10th August 1943. The Handley Page Halifax mk11 BB324 ZA-X is a much photographed aircraft-several images can be found on the internet,the copied image included with the group has a caption Handley Page Halifax BB324 ZA-X on a mission to Mulheim 23/06/1943. An interesting lot, worthy of furher research.
AIR-CREW EUROPE STAR-ORGINAL-ON ORIGINAL RIBBON Air-Crew Europe Star. An original Star, on original ribbon. Star about extremely fine.
AN EARLY LONG SERVICE MEDAL TO WILLIAM DIGBY-SCHOOLMASTER- 54TH FOOT-ENLISTED AT 10 YEARS OF AGE! Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria Large letter Reverse) Named to:SCHOOLMASTER SERGEANT WILLIAM DIGBY 54TH REGIMENT. Medal about good very fine, ribbon bar replaced by a watch chain bar. Born 1817 Huddersfield, Yorkshire,attested for the 54th Foot at Madras on 30th May 1826. Under age 30/05/1826-31/12 1828 Boy 1 January 1829-29/051831 Private 30/05/1831-31/03/1832 Drummer 1/10/1832-31/03/1836 Pte.01/04/1836-29/02/1840 Cpl 01/031840-31/01/1841 S/Master Sergeant 01/02/1841-01/08/1855. He served East Indies for 6 years/Gibraltar/Malta/West Indies and North America. He enlisted at Headquarters by Authority of the Commander in Chief,India,30th May 1826 and served in Captain Barboulds company. His Father William Digby is on the Waterloo Medal roll for the 54th foot,and died in service on the 3rd November, 1826,so he may have been "taken into care " by the Regiment and enlisted under age..He was discharged on 21st August 1855 with Rheumatism. Comes with large size copied papers,the attestation papers being hand-written Ex Glendinings 1993.An interesting and scarce Medal worthy of further research
AN INTRIGUING SIX BATTLE CLASP QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL TO INGRAM COLDSTREAM GUARDS-MORTALLY WOUNDED AT MARGERSFONTEIN Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: BELMONT/MODDER RIVER/PAARDEBURG/JOHANNESBURG/DIAMOND HILL/BELFAST. Named to: 1094 PTE W INGRAM CLDSTM GDS. Medal is good extremely fine. 1094 Private W Ingram Coldstream Guards was wounded at Magersfontein on 11 December 1899,and noted on Medal Roll as dying of wounds on the 14th December 1899. Only entitled to the first two clasps,however the Medal looks as issued. Interestingly, Forces War records notes that all clasps were issued, but only entitled to Belmont and Modder River.
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL (VICTORIA) TO ROYAL ARTILLERY Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria small letter reverse)) Named to:D I RETHO RL ARTY (Impressed naming, but part looks renamed) Medal about very fine Good space filler
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL TO MUSICIAN ROBINS WELSH GUARDS-PREVIOUSLY SERVED WITH THE TANK CORPS Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (George VI) clasp REGULAR ARMY Named to: 310538 MUSICIAN B.ROBBINS.W.G. Bernard Robbins was born in 1908 at St.Pancras, London and was adopted into the foundling Hospital, Guildford St.,W.C.1. He attested as a scholar aged 14 on 20/11/1922 and was transferred to the Tank Corps on 18/12/1931.He was discharged on 19/11/1934 immediately re-enlisting in the Welsh Guards the day after. Scarce
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-(VICTORIA)-TO HARRIS-ROYAL WEST SURREY REGT Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria small letter reverse) Named to: 884.SERGT.E.HARRIS.R.W.SURR:R. Medal about good very fine with nice toning. Edward Harris was born in Christchurch, London Surrey in 1846.He attested for the 2nd Regiment on 25th November 1864. He served at home and in India. On the 1871 Worldwide index he was serving at Belgaum, India Discharge papers available online.
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-TO RADCLIFFE-ROYAL SIGNALS Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (GEORGE VI) clasp: REGULAR ARMY.Named to: 833031 S.Q.M.S. M.RADCLIFFE.R.SIGS. Medal about good very fine. Maurice Radcliffe joined the Royal Artillery in 1933, before transferring to the Royal Signals.
ARMY LONG SERVICE MEDAL(VICTORIA) AND M.S.M. PAIR TO DEDDEN-GORDON HIGHLANDERS Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Victoria) Named to: 1581. SERGT.J.DEDDEN.GORD: HIGHRS Meritorious Service Medal (George V) named to: SJT.J.DEDDEN.GORD. HIGHRS Medals about good very fine, and toned. For Sons group see item no: 52758 Joseph Dedden was born in St Mary\'s Popular, London in 1849.He attested for the 75th Foot on 23rd August, 1867. He served in Gibraltar, China, Singapore and South Africa. He was awarded his Long Service Medal in 1886. He was discharged in 1893. M.S.M. a pension award For sons group see item no:
ARMY OF INDIA MEDAL-MAHEIDPOOR -GUNNER JOHN O'BRYAN ARTILLERY Army Of India Medal,clasp MAHEIDPOOR Named to: GUNNER JOHN O'BRYAN ARTY.(Correct impressed naming. Extremely fine and nicely toned,edge bruise, and a few vertical lines on edge. Confirmed on roll, only 75 Maheidpoor clasps issued
ARTIC DISCOVERIES MEDAL 1818-1855 Artic Discoveries Medal 1816-1855 Medal about good very fine, but brooch mounts very neatly removed from reverse, at one o\'clock and seven o\'clock, toned and still an attractive item. un-named as issued. Awarded to all officers and men engaged in expeditions to the polar regions 1818-1855 including those involved in the search for the ill-fated Sir John Franklin Expedition.
ASHANTI MEDAL TO BRIDGER-23 ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS Ashanti Medal, no clasp. Named to: 2199 PTE.T.BRIDGER 2BN.23 R.W.FUS: 1873-4. Medal about good very fine, suspension a little slack, e/nick. Medal confirmed on roll On the 1871 worldwide index as being at Chatham.
AUSTRALIAN CASUALTY MEDALS-BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS -WITH MOTHERS AND WIDOWS MEMORIAL SILK TO WALLER -16TH BATTALION A.I.F.KILLED IN ACTION POLYGON WOOD 25TH SEPTEMBER 1917 British War and Victory Medal,named to: 7327 A-L-CPLA.WALLER 16 BN.A.I.F. Mothers and Widows memorial silk with one star,numbered 32460.(One star denoted the loss one one Son) Medals extremely fine,silk in good condition. 7327 Pte.Arthur Waller 16th Btn.A.I.F.was killed in action on 25th September,1917 aged 29 The Son of Anthony and Hepzeba Waller,husband of Maria Waller,of Reeve St., Osborne,Western Australia.a Native of Norwich,England. He is commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) memorial. Arther Waller was born in Norwich, England in 1888.He trained as an Artist,before emigrating to Australia at the age of 21.He worked as a Farmer,and lived at Newcarnie, Western Australia. He enlisted on the 27th October, 1916.He embarked from Freemantle Western Australia, on HMAT A28 Miltiades on 29th January 1917.He marched out to Btn on 28/07/1917,and was taken on strength on 27/07/1917.Sdly he was killed in action on 25th September 1917 at Polygon Wood.Comes with c0mplete set of service records fom the Australian Archives.
BALTIC MEDAL Baltic Medal, un-named as issued to the Royal Navy. Medal about good very fine, suspension a little loose.
BELGIUM-FOR THE SOLDIERS CHILD MEDAL-1914 Belgium-Albert and Elisabeth "For the Soldiers child" Medal.1914 Bronze, 31 mm about good very fine.
BELGIUM-LEOPOLD11 1865-1905 MEDAL Belgium Leopold II 1865-1905 Medal Gilt bronze, about very fine.
BIRMINGHAM PAL\'S MILITARY CROSS CROSS GROUP OF FOUR TO LIEUT HARRY LESLIE HIGGINS-PLAYED FIRST CLASS COUNTY CRICKET FOR WORCESTERSHIRE-AND RUGBY FOR THE OLD EDWARDIANS Military Cross (George V) unnamed as issued 1914/15 Star trio, named to: to 2 LIEUT H.L.HIGGINS R.WAR.R. (2nd Lieut on pair) Medals about good very fine, on original shortened stitched ribbons M.C. London Gazette 25th November 1916 Temp 2nd Lieutenant Harry Leslie Higgins. For conspicuous gallantry in action. \"He went forward under very heavy fire to ascertain the situation. Later, on three occasions he carried most valuable reconnaissances. He was severley wounded\" He was serving with Platoon no V \"B\" Company 14th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment when he won his M.C.-see The Birmingham City Battalions Book of Honour. From Birmingham Daily Post August 7,1916 \"Second Lieutenant H.L. Higgins of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, whose home is at Bournville, has been dangerously wounded on active service and is now lying in hospital in France. His parents have been sent for to see him, and the latest report is that although his injuries are serious, there is hope of his recovery. A few years ago Second Lieutenant Higgins was well known as an Old Edwardian footballer\" Higgins was also a first class Cricketer who played 98 matches in the 1920\'s He also played in a \"Players v Gentlemen\" game in 1922. He scored a total of 3,437 runs for Worcestershire, also playing in a Worcestershire v West Indies match on 29th August 1923. Higgins died on 19th September, 1979 Sold with research, copied photos, etc. and much more information about Higgins cricketing career can be found online. Also a report from a Rugby game that Higgins played whilst in the Army, praising his skills as an outside- half A good Birmingham Pal\'s M.C. group to a first class cricketer, and Rugby player
BOER WAR AND WW1 M.S.M.GROUP TO HAMBLING NORFOLK REGIMENT AND FARRIER SJT ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY-ALSO COMES WITH A 1914 STAR TO A SIBLING IN THE NORFOLK REGIMENT Queens South Africa Medal,second type, calsps: RELIEF OF KIMBERLEY/PAADEBERG/JOHANNESBURG. Kings South Africa Medal,clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902.These named to: 4600 PTE R HAMBLING NORFOLK REGT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 27 SJT R HAMBLING R..A. Meritorious Service Medal, (George V) Named to: 876641 FAR: R.HAMBLING R.F.A. Medals about very fine and better, some contact wear. Robert Hambling was born in Norwich in 1877.He was serving in the 3rd Btn Norfolk Regiment,along with 4 of his Brothers!-who all went on to join the Norfolk Regiment proper,Robert enlisting on 9th June 1896, his adress given as 9, Dog Yard, Oak St.Norwich.Having served in South Africa he was back home by 1903 when he married Edith Francis Northfield in Norwich.In 1911 he was living at 88, Wodehoiuse Street, Norwich and was a postman. He re-enlisted into the 3rd East Anglian Brigade Royal Field Artillery (TF) on 3rd November 1915 with the low no of 27 as a Sergeant, later attaing the rank of Farrier Sergeant.He was later numbered as 876641.He was discharged on 30th April, 1919. M.S.M:London Gazette 17th June,1918. Comes with some copied papers(full set available online), and many census returns, including his siblings, etc. Also comes with his brothers 1914 Star, named to: 6919 PTE A. HAMBLING 1/NORF R. About very fine, on modern ribbon Arrived in France on 22/08/1914-entitled to the Aug-Nov clasp. He attested in the Norfolk Regt in 1904-a full set of papers are available online.
BOER WAR D.C.M. GROUP OF 6-TO LINDFIELD-WOUNDED AT TALANA HILL AND TWICE MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES Distinguished Conduct Medal (Victoria) (59729 B.QR:-MR:-SERJT: G.J.LINFIELD.R.F.A.) Queens South Africa Medal, (3rd type reverse), clasps: TALANA/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 15927 (B: Q: MR: SJT: G.J.LINDFIELD 69TH BTY.R.F.A.)1914/15 Star (59727 B.S.MJR.G.LINDFIELD R.F.A.)British War and Victory Medals,(59727 W.O.CL.2.G.LINDFIELD.R.A.) Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Edward VII) (59727 C.S.MAJ.G.J.LINDFIELD.R.G.A.) Medals about good very fine, and mounted on felt board for display. Born in Chelsea, London, and was aged 14 years and 9 months when he attested for service with the British Army at Devonport on 8th January 1887, joining as a Boy (No.59727) the Depot of the Western Division of the Royal Artillery. Having then attained adult age and remustered as a Driver on 13th June 1890, on that date he transferred to the Field Artillery for service with the 52nd Field Battery. Appointed Acting Bombardier on 8th June 1891, he then had the misfortune to be run over by a waggon and injured his right knee whilst on duty on 8th August 1891. Lindfield was promoted to Bombardier on 20th April 1892, and then promoted to Corporal on 13th May 1894 followed by Sergeant on 24th August 1896, he was then posted to the 69th Field Battery on 30th April 1897 and posted with this battery to South Africa on 13th May 1897. Having re-engaged to complete 21 years service on 31st January 1899, Linfield was out in South Africa on the outbreak of the Boer War. Linfield was present as a Sergeant with the 69th Field Battery at the Battle of Talana on 20th October 1899, when his battery was one of three present. Linfield is confirmed as having been wounded in action, having been hit in the right arm and breast on 20th October 1899, evidence of the exposed position to which his battery came under, and it is most probable that he was hit by shrapnel from the Boer artillery. The 69th Battery had three casualties at Talana, shown as Dundee on the casualty roll, the other two were fatalities. Linfield who due to his wounds, may not have taken part in his battery’s engagement at Lombard’s Kop on 30th October 1899, when, along with the 21st Battery, they were sent to support General French and gave most valuable service. It would appear that despite not being sent home, he was still not present with his battery when it fought at Laing’s Nek on 2nd to 9th June 1900, as he is noted as having been ‘released’ on 6th June 1900 at Waterval, and it must be assumed that he had been at some stage captured by the Boers. However Linfield was then present on operations in the Orange Free State and Transvaal, where the battery distinguished itself in Amersfoort, and was recognised for its efforts in Lord Robert’s Despatch of 10th October 1900. Meanwhile Linfield was promoted to Battery Quartermaster Sergeant on 9th November 1900. It is believed to be for the operations in the Transvaal from 9th November 1900 and March 1901, that Linfield was Mentioned in Despatches by Earl Roberts in his Despatch of 2nd April 1901, the continuance part of the Despatch dated 4th September 1901, as published in the London Gazette for 10th September 1901, and his award of the Distinguished Conduct Medal was published in the London Gazette for 27th September 1901, both awards being for his services with the 69th Field Battery. Linfield was one of three men of the 69th Battery to be awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal in the London Gazette for 10th September 1901. In all seven Distinguished Conduct Medal’s were gained by men of the 69th Field Battery during the Boer War. Linfield had been appointed a Battery Quartermaster Sergeant with the 67th Field Battery on 29th June 1901, and he had officially transferred to the 67th Battery on 13th July 1901. Linfield had previously fought alongside the 67th Field Battery at Talana. Linfield then remained on service out in South Africa on operations in the Transvaal through to 1st November 1901 when he was posted to India. It was for his services during the latter stages of the Boer War, when serving as a Battery Quartermaster Sergeant with the 67th Field Battery, that Linfield was then Mentioned in Despatches for a second time during the war, this time by Lord Kitchener in his final Despatch of 23rd June 1902, as published in the London Gazette on 29th July 1902. Linfield was one of three men of his battery to be Mention in Despatches in this gazette, a period when the 67th Battery was chiefly employed on the Zululand border, and all three men showed good work in that final quarter of 1901. As mentioned, Linfield had sailed with the 67th Field Battery out to India on 1st November 1901, and having been on home leave in 1903, had married Emma Sutton at Folkestone, Kent on 13th January 1903. Linfield was eventually posted home on 29th January 1905, having been attached to the 9th Lancashire Royal Garrison Artillery Volunteers since 7th September 1904. Awarded the Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal in Army Orders No.189 of 1905 on 1st October 1905. Linfield was then appointed Acting Sergeant Major on 1st June 1906 whilst with the 9th Lancashire Royal Garrison Artillery Volunteers, and extended his service beyond 21 years on 7th February 1908, being then transferred to the 3rd East Lancashire Royal Field Artillery Brigade on 1st April 1908 as an Acting Sergeant Major. Linfield was still in this position on the outbreak of the Great War, and having embarked from the United Kingdom on 9th September 1914, then saw service out in Egypt from 5th November 1914 with the 1st/3rd East Lancashire Royal Field Artillery Brigade, where he was promoted to Warrant Officer 2nd Class on 29th January 1915. Posted home to the Depot on 21st November 1916, Linfield was discharged on 1st December 1916, having seen a remarkable 29 years and 297 days service. Linfield latterly lived in Bolton, Lancashire, where he died on 16th August 1932. Biographical details courtesy of Find My Past. Sold with London Gazettes, Medal rolls, etc. etc. mostly laminated
BOER WAR PAIR TO GODDARD-ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS Queens South Africa Medal (2nd type reverse) clasps; CAPE COLONY King\'s South Africa Medal, clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902. Named to: 12912 PTE.E.A.GODDARD.R.A.M.C. Medals extremely fine, on original stitched ribbons, mounted on wearing pin. Ernest Alfred Goddard was born in Leicester in 1877 He attested for the Royal Army Medical Corps on 1st January 1900, and was discharged 11/04/1902.
BOER WAR PAIR TO SIR EDMUND BEECROFT FRANCIS HEATHCOTE LACON- BARONET 12TH LANCERS Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE Named to: LIEUT SIR E.B. LACON BART.12TH RL LANCERS( naming impressed) King\'s South Africa Medal, clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 (naming engraved) Named to: LT.SIR E.B.F.H. LACON BT 12/LCRS Medals very fine, contact wear, edge bruise on Q.S.A. large e/bruise on K.S.A. Lt. 4th (Militia) Btn., Norfolk Regt 1898-9 Served in the South Africa War 1901-2 with the 12th Lancers operations in the Transvaal,, April to July 1901, and in Cape Colony July 1901 to 31st May 1902 (Queen\'s Medal with three clasps, King\'s medal with two clasps. He was admitted to the Russian/Dutch hospital suffering from enteric fever, along with three other officers on 12th May, two of whom subsequently died. Hart\'s Army List 1909-Captain, Westmoreland and Cumberland Yeomanry Sir Edmund Beecroft Francis Heathcote Lacon 5th Baronet of Ormesby, Norfolk. created 1818. Eldest Son of Thomas Beecroft Usher Lacon, Esq., who died 1899,by Florence Dunbar, daughter of of the late R.G. Banks, Esq; born 1878, succeeded his uncle Sir Thomas Broughton Knowles Lacon, 4th Baronet, in 1899 Lacon got into severe financial trouble after unwise investments, securing his interests against the Ormesby Estate, and guarantees given to brother officers whilst in the Army. He went to British Columbia in 1909 and was tragically killed in a car accident, when his car went over a bank on 28th September 1911, just a few months after marrying his wife. Sold with old copied research, ie War Services, Walfords County Families, Burke\'s Peerage, Hart\'s Army Lists, \"Kelly\'s\" The12th Lancers Journal, where there is a blurred photo of Lacon and Times Obitiary
BOER WAR PAIR TO STEVENS-WILTSHIRE REGIMENT Queens South Africa Medal (third type reverse) clasps: CAPE COLONY/TRANSVAAL/WITTBERGEN Kings South Africa Medal, clasps; SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 Named to: 1781 PTE,C STEVENS 2ND WILTS: REGT. (WILTSHIRE REGT on K.S.A.) Medals good very fine.(Clasps confirmed on roll) Charles Stevens was born at West Cholderton, Wiltshire and attested for the Wiltshire Regiment on the 1st March 1887 at Devizes having previous Service with the Hants Militia. Having served in South Africa, he was transferred to the reserve in 1903 A good set of papers available online
BOER WAR PAIR TO TAYLOR-ROYAL SCOTS Queens South Africa Medal (first type reverse) clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/BELFAST King\'s South Africa Medal, clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902. Named to: 6551 PTE.E.TAYLOR ROYAL SCOTS(RL SCOTS on K.S.A.) Medals very fine or better, a little contact wear. Medals and clasps confirmed on rolls. Ernest Taylor was born at St. Margaret\'s Leicester and attested for the Royal Scots on 5th September, 1898.Ppers available online
BOER WAR WW1-LONG SERVICE GROUP OF SIX TO REGIMENTAL QUARTER MASTER SERJEANT BRIGHTWELL NORFOLK REGI-LATER CAMBRIDGE REGIMENT.MENT Queens South Africa Medal (ghost dates) clasps: CAPE COLONY/ PAARDEBERG/JOHANNESBERG. King's South Africa Medal,clasps: SOUTH 1901 /SOUTH AFRICA 1902 These named to: 4737 PTE W BRIGHTWELL NORFOLK REGT. 1914 Star and (original) clasp trio to: 4737 C.Q.M.SJT W BRIGHTWELL 1/NORF REGT(Star) 4737 C.SJT. on pair. Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (George V) named to: 4737 C.Q.M.SJT. NORF: REGT. Medals very fine to extremely fine, contact wear on first two,several e/nicks on Q.S.A. Walter Augustus Critoph was born in 1880 in Great Yarmouth,the Son of Mary Hannah Critoph.He took the name Brightwell when Hannah married John Brightwell in in 1885.Walter joined the 4th Militia Btn., Norfolk Regiment in 1897,later transferring to the 2nd Btn.He served in South Africa,qualifying for the Queens and King's South Africa Medals.He was severely reprimanded in 1902 on the march to Delhi for not not complying with an order, and neglect of duty.He was posted to the 1st Btn., in 1912 nd promoted to colour Sergeant in in 1913.He served WW1 arriving in France 14th August, 1914.He was appointed Regimental Sergeant Major 2nd Btn.n Cambridge Regiment in August 1918, and was discharged in 1920,retiring as Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant,Army of Occupation.Group comes with a huge archive of copied papers,including Attestation papers,census returns, photo of Brightwell from the Great Yarmouth Mercury souvenir album,etc etc. Scarce Group
BOER WAR YORKSHIRE IMPERIAL YEOMANRY MEDAL-TO E ENGLAND Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry Medal-3rd Battalion 1900-1901 Medal named to: 1953 E ENGLAND About good very fine, on original ribbon and pin for wearing. Entitled to a 3 clasp Q.S.A. with clasps for Cape Colony Orange Free State and Transvaal.
BOER WAR/1914 STAR TRIO GROUP OF FIVE TO OGILVIE-ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS Queens South Africa Medal( Ghost dates) calsps: CAPE COLONY/TUGELA HEIGHTS/ORANGE FREE STATE/REL OF LADYSMITH/TRANSVAAL Kings South Africa Medal,clasps; SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902. NAmed to: 5542 PTE A OGILVIE 2 R SCOTS FUS. 1914 Star trio, named to: 12755 PTE A OGILVIE R SCO FUS ( 2/R Sco Fus on star) Medals very fine and better Angus Ogilvie was born in Angus, Dundee, Scotland in 1879.He attested for the Royal Highlanders in August 1897,and transferred to the Royal Scots Fusiliers.He was discharged in 1909,and served for another term of over four years,being finally discharged in April 1914 He then attested for the Royal Scots Fusiliers(Special Reserve) on 27th August, 1914.He arrived in France on the 6/10/1914, and is entitled to the clasp.He later served in the Labour Corps. In 1917 whilst on escort duties, he went absent without leave whilst escorting prisoners to Barlinnie detention Centre-at Glasgow Central StaTion he asked permission to go to the Lavatory, and apparently dissapeared -later hitting his head whilst falling down the steps of a Tramcar,and ending up in Hospital! He was discharged in 1919.Copy papers available online
BRASS TOKEN/MEDALLET- REVIEW OF THE EASTERN COUNTIES VOLUNTEERS-GREAT YARMOUTH 1862 Brass Token/Medalet In Commemoration of the Review of the Eastern Counties Volunteers. At Great Yarmouth 19th June 1862. 22 mm holed for wearing on watch chain
BRITISH EMPIRE GROUP OF FIVE TO SKIPPER GREENGRASS-SKIPPER MOTOR FISHING VESSEL \"WINSTON\" British Empire Medal,(Civil) named to: JERMYN T GREENGRASS 1914/15 Star trio,named to: WSA1801 J.T.GREENGRASS SKR.,R.N.R (naming engraved on B.E.M.) 1939/45 War Medal, un-named as issued. Medals very fine and better, mounted on felt pad. London Gazette: 24th June,1946: Jermyn Thomas Greengrass, Skipper,Motor Fishing Vessel "Winston" Jermyn Thomas Greengrass was born in Lowestoft, Suffolk in 1882. He was enrolled on 12/07/1915, and served in H M D "Placeo" "Kingfisher" and "White Oak" For WW2 as well as being awarded the B.E.M., he is on the roll for the 1939/45 War Medal.
BRITISH EMPIRE MEDAL-MISS CLAIRE MARY BEATRICE BRIDCUTT British Empire Medal (EIIR) Named to: MISS CLAIRE MARY BEATRICE BRIDCUTT in Ladies box of issue. Medal Extremely fine,box in good order London Gazette 31st December 1990: Miss Claire Mary Beatrice Bridcutt,Personal Assistant to the Chairman and General Manager,Lancashire Family Practitioner Committee.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS AND BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE -TO OLIVER GEORGE LOCK-SOUTH WALES BORDERERS-COMES WITH A WONDERFUL ARCHIVE OF LETTERS,ETC British War and Victory Medal,Bronze Memorial Plaque to OLIVER GEORGE LOCK Medals named to: 27270 PTE O.G.LOCK S WALES BORD. Medals and Plaque are just about mint. Oliver George Lock, 27270 10th Bn., South Wales Borderers died of wounds on 29th August 1917,aged 20.The Son of George and Mary Jane Lock,of 7,Berw Road.,Llwynpia( Rhondda) Glam.Native of Tony-y-Pandy Glam.He was born and enlisted at Toypandy and lived at Llwynpia, Glam. He is buried at Dozinghem Military Cemetery. Also comes with the original medal box of issue with original silk ribbons,medal envelopes and registered letter The Kings letter, plaque envelope and original plaque postal envelope-this addressed to: Mr G Lock,7 berw Rd Glam. His original National Registration card,which gives his occupation as a hairdresser.with its original envelope. A photo of Lock in civilian dress, by Holburn of Bristol. The receipt letter for the British War and Victory Medals. Two silk postcards sent by George to his Brother,and a postcard "To my Soldier Son" A letter from George to his Sister,on Soldiers Christian Association letterhead. A letter to his Mother from his commanding Officer-Captain C H Morgan,offering his deepest sympathy, the original letter with censor stamp. A letter to his Mother from Rev W J Haward Chaplain, offering his deepest sympathies,and explaining that he was hit in the stomach by an enemy bullet on the 28th August ,and that he was conveyed by stretcher to the first aid post and on to hospital,where he died of wounds of 31st August. A letter of sympathy from Sister Baurier, of 61 Casualty Clearing Station,explaining how he was admitted with a severe wound,in his abdomen,and that he died the next day,and was buried at Dozingham Cemetery,and that he had good attention and every comfort and did not suffer much. A photo of his grave and a card from the Director of War Graves Registration. A letter From the War Office informing Mrs Lock where her Son was buried, and the original Army Form b104-82 informing the Family that Pte Lock had died at 61 Casualty Clearing Station,on the 29th August 1917, and had died of Wounds. A very poignant and original lot Note the same address as the next lot 51827
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO 2 LIEUT G.B.H. BAKER-ROYAL AIR FORCE-A PILOT WITH 14 SQUADRON British War and Victory Medals, named to: 2 LIEUT G.B.H.BAKER R.A.F. Medals extremely fine. Gerald Byron Henry Baker was born on 10/12/1893 Served with the Norfolk Yeomanry as 320093, and landed in Gallipoli on 08/10/1915.(ent to star) Joined the Royal Air Force on 13/04/1918-his occupation is given as a bank Clerk with Barclays bank, Lombard Street, London. Trained as a pilot. After training school was posted to 14 Squadron (Palestine Brigade|) on 23/08/1918 Flight Cadet G.B.H.Baker commissioned 2 Lieut 27/06/1918 Flown since joining: DH 6,Avis and Sopwith Pup. Transferred to the unemployed list 09/04/1919 His Father was living at: \"Oakdene\" Surrey Road, Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich. Comes with copied R.A.F. officers papers
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO ARBON SUFFOLK REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 3657 PTE.F.ARBON SUFFOLK REGT. Medals about good very fine, mounted on pin for wearing. Later served as 241170 Suffolk Regiment
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO BOND-SUFFOLK REGIMENT British War an d Victory Medals named to: 201841 PTE,R.C.BOND SUFF R. Medals about extremely fine.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO BUDD-13TH LONDON REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 484891 PTE.H.BUDD 13-LOND R Medals very fine or better, on original if somewhat tatty full length ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO CAPTAIN GRANT-ROYAL AIR FORCE-MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES-DANGEROUSLY WOUNDED IN A MOTOR ACCIDENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: CAPT.R.H,.GRANT R.A.F. Medals very fine or better. London Gazette 31/12/1918 Mentioned in despatches Captain R.H.Grant R.A.F. Richard Henry Grant was born on January 18th 1884. A Chartered Accountant, He was Managing Director of Companies in the Motor Trade. He served in the Royal Flying Corps as an Engineering Officer (Tech) He was seriously injured in a Motor Accident on 30/07/1918 in France and was evacuated to England on 21/08/1918. He was declared unfit for any duty 19/11/1918 He relinquished his commission on 24/01/1919 on account of ill health, but was allowed to keep his rank
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO COLLETT -SUFFOLK REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 402967 PTE,W,L,COLLETT.SUFF.R. Medals about very fine or better
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO COOPER-ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY-DIED IN A RAILWAY ACCIDENT ON 14TH FEBRUARY 1917 British War and Victory Medals, named to: 38171 DVR D.COOPER.R.A. Medals about good very fine, on original but tatty full-length silk ribbons 38171 Driver Thomas Cooper 17th., Div. Ammunition Column Royal Field Artillery died of accidental injuries on 14th February 1917. Thomas Cooper was born at Clerkenwell, and enlisted at Holburn.He is buried at Bois-Guillaume Communal Cemetery. Comes with research which states that Cooper was killed in a Railway accident that happened on 13th February 1917-the train was at a level crossing at Epinay when it was hit by trucks from a supply train-a coupling broke and 36 trucks crashed into the leave train behind it. Two first class and one first class carriage were completely destroyed. Lt E. Greenfield and 26 men were killed,54 men were badly injured, most of the injured put onto a hospital train that had been standing nearby. Personel from the 7th and 15th Hospital trains that arrived shortly afterwards, helped in the rescue of men trapped in the wreckage-three men pinned under the wreckage were released after 5 hours. Major E.S. Smith, the Railway transport officer at nearby Serqueux took command of the scene and billeting arrangements for most of the 23 Officers and 1151 on board, were found in the nearby villages. The bodies of the dead were taken by road to the 8th General Hospital at Rouen. Sold with further research and a photo of his grave.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO COOPER-SUFFOLK REGT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 265334 PTE.A.J.COOPER.SUFF.R. Medals about good very fine,on original silk ribbons Also entitled to a SWB no: 220768 (wounds) Comes with M.I.C.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO DIXON-ROYAL NAVY British War and Victory Medals, named to: M17180 J.T.DIXON.ACT.E.R.A.4. R.N. Medals very fine or better. John Thomas Dixon, born Darlington, 1892. Served H.M.S.Vivid/OsirisII/Haslar (Hospital Ship) Invalided in 1917 Comes with copied papers
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO FOWLES-SUFFOLK REGIMENT-DIED OF WOUNDS ON 7TH MAY 1917 British War and Victory Medals, named to: 27373 PTE.A.J.S.POWLES SUFF R. Medals about very fine or better, BWM has a few e/nicks.On original full length silk ribbons. 27373 Pte.A.J.S.Powles,12th Bn., Suffolk. Regiment, died of wounds on 7th May 1917, aged 25.The Son of Frank and Louise S.H.Fowles,of 149,Isledon Road,Finsbury Park, London.Born and enlisted ar Hollway, London. He is buried at LA CHAPELETTE BRITISH AND INDIAN CEMETERY,PERONNE.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO HARVEY-SUFFOLK REGT- WOUNDED IN FIVE PLACES British War and Victory Medals, named to: 26468 PTE.W.C.HARVEY SUFF.R. Medals about very fine, on short pieces of original ribbon. William Charles Harvey was born at Oulton, Lowestoft, in 1896.He attested for the Suffolk Regiment on 28/11/1915.He was wounded in the back, right leg, and right hand on 11th March, 1917(G/S/W) and slightly wounded in the head and left hand on 29/09/1917.Later transferred to the Labour Corps. Full set of papers available online
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO HENSHAW- ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS British War and Victory Medals, named to: 73302 SJT.C.E.HENSHAW R.A.M.C. Medals extremely fine, on original full-length silk ribbons.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO HICKS SUFFOLK REGT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 631253 PTE.P.W.HICKS SUFF.R. Medals about very fine, on original stitched tatty ribbons. Later saw service with the Labour Corps
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO JACKSON-SUFFOLK REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 57528 PTE.N.JACKSON.SUFF.R. Medals about good very fine,BWM dark toned.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO MAYO-SUFFOLK REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 53353 PTE.H.J.MAYO-SUFF.R. Medals about good very fine.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO MOORE-SUFFOLK REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 28755 PTE.E.J.MOORE SUFF.R. Medals about good very fine,on original ribbons. Later saw service with the Royal Army Medical Corps.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO NEWMAN- ROYAL NAVY British War and Victory Medals, named to: J62625 B.NEWMAN.A.B.R.N. Medals about very fine or better. Bertram Newman was born in Salisbury in 1888 and joined the Royal Navy on 23rd November, 1916.He had previously served as Y8265 in the R.N.V.R. He served on H.M.S.Dido and H.M.S Nimrod,
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO NOBES-ROYAL FUSILIERS-LATER SERVICE WITH THE NORTHAMPTON REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 62533 PTE J NOBES R.FUS. Medals are mint, with their original full-length silk ribbons, and original slip stating that the Medals are engraved with the details of the unit in which first served, etc. Comes with Medal index card, which also shows service with the Northampton Regiment and the Royal Engineers.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO OSBORNE-SUFFOLK REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 40710 PTE.R.H.OSBORNE. SUFF R. Medals about good very fine
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO PALMER-QUEEN\'S REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 33118 PTE.W.PALMER THE QUEEN'S R. Meddals about good very fine, on original silk ribbons Later saw service with the Labour Corps.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO PLUMB-SUFFOLK REGIMENT-LATER SAW SERVICE WITH THE ROYAL IRISH REGIMENT-FROM WEST WICKHAM CAMBRIDGESHIRE British War and Victory Medals,named to: 40263 PTE.A.PLUMB SUFF R. Medals about extremely fine. Later saw service with the Royal Irish Regiment. Arthur Plumb was born in Great Thurlow, Suffolk in 1898.He joined the Suffolk Regiment at Ely on 27/05/1915, having previously served with the Suffolk Yeomany. He served in Salonika, Palestine and France. He was discharged 26/03/1919 Discharge papers available oniline
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO RICE-SUFFOLK REGT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 5196 PTE.E.A.RICE.SUFF.R. Medals about good very fine. Later saw service with the Suffolk Regt as no: 202007
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO ROLFE-SUFFOLK REGIMENT-WOUNDED 1916 British War and Victory Medals,named to: 4183 PTE.W.ROLFE SUFF R. Medals bout good very fine. Later service as 83183 Labour Corps Lived at Kings Lynn,listed as wounded on 23/08/1916. Comes with Medal Index card
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO TAYLOR-16TH LONDON REGT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 5952 PTE.H.W.TAYLOR 16-LOND R. Medals extremely fine, on short lengths of original ribbon.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO TRIPP-R.A.F. British War and Victory Medals, named to: 81543 1.A.M. M.TRIPP R.A.F. Montague Tripp joined the Royal Flying Corps on 15/05/1917, trade given as Carpenter.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO VERNON DEVON REGT-BORN IN RHODE ISLAND U.S.A. British War and Victory Medals,named to: 53119 PTE.H,.V.A.VERNON.DEVON R. Medals about very fine or better, Victory Medal stained/ Horace Vincent Adolph Vernon was born in Rhode Island, U.S.A.on 3rd July,1897 He enlisted in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment on the 20th November, 1915, later served with the 1st Labour Battalion (Devon Regt), before joining the Labour Corps. Copy papers available online.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS WITH DEFENCE MEDAL-MACAULEY-BORDER REGIMENT REPORTED MISSING 22/05/1918 Brotish War and Victory Medals, named to: 34258 PTE,T,MACAULAY BORD R Defence Medal. Medals about very fine and better, the Victory Medal a little blackened to reverse.On original ribbons-group as purchased Reported missing (or wounded 22/05/1918)
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS WITH LONG SERVICE MEDAL TO GRANT-20TH HUSSARS AND CORPS OF MILITARY POLICE-ALSO SERVED WITH THE TANK CORPS British War and Victory Medals, named to: 9867 PTE.E.GRANT.20-HRS Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (George V) clasp: REGULAR ARMY-named to: 536768 PTE.E GRANT C OF M.P. Medals about very fine to extremely fine, B.W.M. has contact wear from Star. Arrived in France 16/08/1914-entitled to a 1914 Star. His name also appears on the Royal Tank Corps Enlistment records, showing that Edward Grant was born in 1894,in Allensford, Durham., his Tank Corps no given as 536768,previous service with the 20th and 15th Hussars. He enlisted on16th April, 1913.He transferred to the Tank Corp in 1919 and the M.M.P. on 21/05/1921 Comes with copied M.I.C. and attestation record sheet.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS,DEFENCE MEDAL TO COATES-NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS British War and Victory Medal,named to; 35257 PTE.J.W.COATES.NORTH'D FUS. Defence Medal-group as purchased,on original full-length original silk ribbons. Medal index card shows further service with the T.R.Btn.,and the Royal Engineers,(WR 347896)-Sold with copied research.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-2-LIEUT EDWARD JOSEPH PYKE-ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY PREVIOUSLY SERVED WITH THE ARTISTS RIFLES.LATER IN LIFE BECAME KNOWN AS THE FOREMOST EXPERT ON WAX MODELLING- AND AN AUTHOR British War and Victory Medal. Named to: 2-LIEUT E.J.PYKE. Edward Joseph Pyke was born in 1898,and joined the 28th London Regt (Artists Rifles) on 1/06/1916,his occupation given as student,having previously served in the OTC Wellington.He was commisioned into the R.F.A.on 20/02/1918. On the 21/10/1918,he was blown off his horse by a shell, which hospitalised him,and wounded his horse.He was admitted to the Red Cross hospital at Rouen. Edward Joseph Pyke continued his education, reading Engineering,and gaining an M.A. He then worked as an apprentice at Metro Vick in Trafford Park,and as an Engineer on the Cableship Silverfray,before becoming chief technical officer,and head of the estates the Royal Institute for the blind in 1925, where he remained until his retirement in 1963. He then began to research Wax Sculptures,His interest in the subject stemmed from inheriting his Fathers collection of wax sculptures in 1953. In 1973 the Oxford University Press published his research in "A biographical History Of Wax Modellers".He updated this work in 1981, and 1986,with three supplements, which he published privately.These publictions included details of work held in private and public collections worldwide. He donated a collection of Wax Models to the Victoria and Albert Museum,which also holds his records and papers. Comes with Officers papers,which includes his attestation papers for the Artists Rifles,plus his pension records, which mainly concern his claim for a pension following the incident where he was blown up by a shell. The imperial War Museum also hold a photo of Pyke,copy included. Medals about extremely fine. Interesting reipient.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-ANDREWS-MIDDLESEX REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: G-24010 PTE O W ANDREWS MIDD'X R Medals about good very fine,on short pieces of original silk ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-HAIGH-NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS British War and Victory Medals, named to: 46596 PTE,F,HAIGH.NORTH'D FUS. Medals about extremely fine. Reported as wounded, 20/05/1918
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-HUBBARD 2-LIEUT SUFFOLK REGIMENT KILLED IN ACTION 17/02/1917 British War and Victory Medals Named to: 2-LIEUT A.HUBBARD Second Lieutenant Alfred Hubbard 8th Btn., Suffolk Regiment,was killed in action on 17/02/1917. He is buried at the Regina Trench Cemetery,Grandcourt. Sold with copied research including account of the action in which he was killed-See Friend of the Suffolk Regiment."Operation Legacy" Entitled to a 1914/15 as 3756 Pte. Honourable Artillery Company. He was commissioned into the Suffolk Regiment on 31/07/1916. Medals about extremely fine,BWM toned,on original silk ribbons.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-LT COL KENNETH HARVEY PRESTON-15 SIKHS COMMANDED 1ST MYSORE INFANTRY 1942-CAPTURED AT SINGAPORE-MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES British War and Victory Medals, named to: CAPT K PRESTON. M.I.C. states: I.A.R.O. see K.H.Preston K.H.Preston-served with 15th Sikhs-issued by Govt of India-also entitled to Star-arrived in Egypt 28/09/1915.Later served with 45 Sikhs.Kenneth Harvey Preston was born in 1891. Also served Afghanistan and Mohmand,and later served with the A.F.I.and the I.S.F. In WW2 he was part of the 9th Infantry Division,sent to Malaya, and commanded the 1st Mysore Infantry (Indian States Forces) 8th Infantry Brigade-later amalgamated with the 11th Infantry Division.The 11th Indian Division surrendered to the Japanese at Singapore,15th February 1942. Comes with copied M.I.C's.London Gazettes,Japanese Prisoner of War record which shows that he suffered a Hernia,and contacted Beri-Beri,and spent one Month in Hospital.He was mentioned in despatches 19/12/1946. Medals about good very fine, on original stitched ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-RUNAGLE-RIFLE BRIGADE British War and Victory Medals, named to: S-18322 PTE.S.G.RUNAGLE-RIFLE BRIGADE. Medals about good very fine. M.I.C states re-issued 15/11/1921 as incorrectly engraved. These look like the re-issue with correct naming. Comes with copied M.I.C and medal rolls
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-T0 GIBBON EAST SURREY REGIMENT-LATER SERVICE IN 23RD LONDON REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 25758 CPL.T.J.GIBBON.E.SURR.R. Medals about good very fine, on short pieces of original ribbon. Later saw service as 6718450 23rd London Regiment. List of promotions, etc are available for him on "Find My Past"
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO 2 LIEUT JOHN HERBERT ILLINGWORTH RADCLIFFE-WEST RIDING REGIMENT-PLAYED FOOTBALL FOR STALYBRIDGE CELTIC-AND LATER MAYOR OF STALYBRIDGE British War and Victory Medals, named to: 2 LIEUT J.H.I RADCLIFFE John Herbert Illingworth Radcliffe was born in 1885. He was commissioned into the West Riding Regiment on 27th March,1917.(Formerely Manchester Univerity O.T.C.) He arrived in France on 15/04/1917.Medals addressed to: Special Surgical Military Hospital,Grangethorpe, Manchester. He was appointed Mayor of Stalybridge in 1944. In his earlier years, he had played football for the well-known Amateur and proffesional Team of Stalybridge Celtic
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO ARMSHEAD-ROYAL AIR FORCE British War and Victory Medals, named to: 138274 PTE.2-J.O.ARMSHEAD.R.A.F. Medals very fine or better, on original ribbons, mounted on card for display. James Orton Armshead was born in 1880.He enlisted in 1915.R.A.F.papers available online.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO BULLETT-SUFFOLK YEOMANRY British War and Victory Medals,named to: 2150 PTE.J,BULLETT SUFF YEO. Medals very fine or better, on original ribbons, and mounted on bar for wearing. Later served as 320224 Suufolk Regiment.Comes with copied M.IC.,etc.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO CARTER-SUFFOLK REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 43435 PTE.T.T,CARTER.SUFF.R. Medals about very fine, on original ribbons. Thomas T.Carter, from Lowestoft.Reported wounded on 23/05/1918.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO DEDDEN-HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 203696 PTE.R.B.DEDDEN. HAMPS R, Medals about very fine, suspension loose on British War Medal. Later service with the Labour Corps. Only one other Dedden in the Medal Index Card Reuben Bertrand Dedden was born in 1895 at Kilkenny, Gloucestershire. He attested for the King's Royal Rifle Corps on 1st September, 1914.and discharged 5/10/1914 as unfit. Papers do not survive for his service with the Hampshire Regiment. For Fathers group see item no: 52763
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO EDWARDS-KING\'S OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY British War and Victory Medals, named to: 204489 PTE.E.EDWARDS.K.O.Y.L.I. Medals about good very fine. Some \"burnt\" papers available online
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO HARLING-ROYAL AIR FORCE British War and Victory Medals,named to: 39568 1 A.M. A.W.HARLING R.A.F. Medals about extremely fine, on small pieces of original ribbon. Arthur William Harling was born in Snape, Suffolk in 1895,He joined the Royal Flying Corps on 25th July 1916.He had previously served with the 6th Suffolk Regt., from the 29/09/1914 to 24/07/1916. Served in France 02/07/1917 then to Egypt 03/07/1919 until 11/03/1919.Seerved with 4, 214 and 216 (Port Said) Squadrons. Discharged from Netley Hospital Physically unfit on 14/05/1921. Papers available online
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO HASLER EAST SURREY REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 39820 PTE,H,Y,HASLER.E.SURR,R, Medals about good bery fine,on original silk ribbons. Later saw service with the Labour Corps.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO JOHNSON-YORKSHIRE REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 34574 PTE.B.JOHNSON. YORK.R. Medals about good very fine. Papers available online.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO KNIGHT-THE QUEENS REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 54312 PTE.T.F.KNIGHT THE QUEEN'S. Medals about good very fine, mounted on card for display. Later saw service with the Labour Corps. Comes with copied M.I.C., medal rolls, etc.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO LAWRENCE-BRITISH COMMITTE-FRENCH RED CROSS British War and Victory Medals. Named to: F. S. LAWRENCE Medals about good very fine-medals with safety pins attached to ribbons. British Committee French Red Cross-Frederick Lawrence-Driver Confirmed on roll. Scarce pair Comes with copy of medal roll.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO LIEUT G.B FOSTER-SERVED WEST YORKS REGT British War and Victory Medals. Named to: LIEUT.G.B.FOSTER. Medals good very fine, or wearing bar. George Brian Foster, served with 2/5th West Yorks Arriving in France on 05/01/1917 Address on M.I.C. given as Fairlight, Babbacombe , South Devon.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO OAKE ROYAL ENGINEERS-LATER ART MASTER AT KINGS LYNN GRAMMAR SCHOOL-KNOWN ARTIST,DESIGNER AND SCULPTOR British War and Victory Medals,named to: 171913 CPL H W OAKE R E Medals about extremely fine,sold with three fine photos of Oake,tro in uniform,and a newspaper,the Lynn New and County Press,dated December 8th 1931-The front page reporting on a visit from Prince Henry to unveil a memorial to Sir William John Lancaster-a Benefactor of the School.The Bronze Memorial Plaque was designed and sculpted by Oake,who was the Art Master at the Grammar School.The newspaper report goes on to describe in great detail the Bronze Plaque Herbert Walter Oake(1881-1939) was born in Bedington,Cheshire in 1881,and Educated at Edinburgh College of Art.He served as a despatch rider during the Great War,completing a number of war scenes.His art became particularly popular Scotland post-war,and was displayed a number of times at the Royal Scottish Academy,1922-31 and once at the Royal Academy.As Art master at King Edward's Grammar School, King's Lynn,He designed the Memorial to Sir William Lancaster, donor of the School. interesting lot-worthy of further research
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO ROBINSON-LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 17612 PTE.A.E.ROBINSON.LINC R. Medals about good very fine, the BWM toned. Comes with copied M.I.C which shows service with the 1/5th Lincolnshire Regiment.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO STAPLES-HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 44463 PTE.J.C.STAPLES..HAMPS.R. Medals about good very fine, on original silk ribbons.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO STAPLES-HAMPSHIRE REGT British War and Victory Medals. Named to: 444563 PTE J.C.STAPLES HAMPS R. Medals very fine or better, on original stitched ribbons. Also served as G44627 Middlesex Regt attached 1/19th London Regt Entitled to the Silver discharge badge: B175660 (wounds)
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO TALBOT-NORTH STAFFS REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 65180 PTE.T.TALBOT N.STAFF.R. Medals very fine and better, on old and new ribbons.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO WALTON- LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS British War and Victory Medals. Named to: 242749 PTE.J.WALTON LAN.FUS. Medals about good very fine, on original ribbons.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TOWNSHEND-RIFLE BRIGADE British War and Victory Medals, named to: B-200135 PTE.H.TOWNSHEND.RIF.BRIG. Medals about extremely fine, on short pieces of ribbon.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-WILLIAM RUSHWORTH HANSON-SERVED NORTH RUSSIA AND CEYLON PLANTERS RIFLE CORPS British War and Victory Medals, named to: 2-LIEUT W.R.HANSON. Medals extremely fine, on original silk ribbons William Rushworth Hanson was born at Wakefield, in 1887.He was educated at Halifax Technical College.He commenced a 5-year apprenticeship with Merrs Woodhouse and Mitchell, Ltd.,at Brighouse Yorks,makers of stationary steam engines,He then went to the United States in order to study American methods of production,and took charge of a section of the fitting and erecting shops of the Providence Engineering Engineering Works,Rhode Island. In 1912 he was appointed assistant engineer to the the Columbo Commercial Company,Ceylon, and was employed in the the design of Steel and reinforced concrete structures, bridges and aerial ropeways, and on the installation of Gas and and oil engines and tea and rubber machinery.At some point he enlisted with the Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps.He came to London to enlist with the R.A.S.C.He later became commanding officer of the mechanical transport section of the North Russian Expeditionary Force at Archangel and held the rank of Captain.He was also appointed Officer commanding the first Russian Automobile Division in Archangel. In 1919 he returned to Ceylon,rejoining the Columbo Commercial Company and was appointed manager of the engineering works at Badulla in the province of Uva.Following the death of his Father, he returned home to take charge of Charles Hanson and Son,to manage the Family business with his brother.He died in 1935 Information extracted from Grace's Guide. M.I.C States N Russia 15/06/18.Address given as Columbo Commercial Ltd.,Badulla Ceylon Hanson also received the Ceylon Volunteer Service Medal, which has appeared on the market,and served as 2660 Rifleman with "D" Coy Badulla detachment of the CRPC (Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps Very interesting pair,worthy of further research.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO ASHLEY- ROYAL AIR FORCE British War Medal, named to: 26719 PTE.1. H.W.ASHLEY.R.A.F. Medal very fine or better. William Henry Ashley was born in 1886 and enlisted 19/04/1916.Lived at Wimbledon
BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO AUSIN NORFOLK REGT-A MILITARY MEDAL WINNER British War Medal, named to: 202129 PTE.W.H.AUSIN.NORF R. Medal very fine, suspension a little loose. Entitled to the Military Medal London Gazette 23 July 1919 202129 Pte Austin. W.H. (Norwich) Battle of the Sambre Comes with copied research
BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO BANNISTER-SUFFOLK REGIMENT-WOUNDED British War Medal, named to: 23740 PTE.G.F.BANNISTER. SUFF.R. Medal about very fine. From Newmarket. Wounded 03/11/1916 and 11/08/1918.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO MAYHEW-SUFFOLK REGIMENT British War Medal, named to: 23505 PTE.C.MAYHEW.SUFF.R. Medal about good very fine. Charles Mayhew, from Coddenham. Suffolk, listed as wounded 03/11/1916.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO SJT IRONSIDE -A DCM WINNER WHO DIED OF WOUNDS ON 19/11/1914-DCM AWARDED FOR 23RD AUGUST 1914-LISTED IN DE-RUVIGNYS ROLL OF HONOUR British War Medal, named to: 32255 SJT.R.S.IRONSIDE.R.A. 32255 Serjeant Robert Stewart Ironside 120th Battery Royal Field Artillery died of wounds on 9th November 1914 aged 31.The Son of Hannah Coon (formerly Ironside) of Hunworth, Melton Constable, Norfolk, and the late William Stewart Ironside. Native of Aberdeen. He was born at Sheffield and enlisted at Newcastle-on Tyne. DCM-formerly 9604 Northumberland Fusiliers DCM London Gazette 11th November 1914 3225 Serjeant R.S. Ironside 120th battery R.F.A. \"Although wounded at St Ghislain on 23rd August. he continued to act as No 1 of his sub-section under heavy gun and rifle fire, and for subsequent valuable work.\" A very early award of the DCM for WW1 Listed in de-Ruvigny\'s roll of honour, with a photo of him. Sold with copied research
BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO SMITH-SUFFOLK REGIMENT-GASSED British War Medal, named to: 17914 PTE.J.SMITH SUFF R. Medal about very fine, toned. John Smith Lived at Risby, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, he was discharged due to the effects of being gassed. Discharge papers available online.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-TO 2nd LIEUT. A.P.FLETCHER- ROYAL ENGINEERS 175TH TUNELLING COMPANY-KILLED IN ACTION 1ST OCTOBER 1915 AT HILL 60 British War Medal, named to: 2 LIEUT A.P.FLETCHER. Medal about very fine. 2 Lieut A.P.Fletcher was killed in action on 1st October, 1915.He is buried at Larch Wood (Railway Cutting) Cemetery. He was killed when the Germans exploded a mine under the junction of trenches 39 and 40 at Hill 60.One other Officer and one other man died at the same time.(175th tunelling company War diary refers) Medals claimed by her sister, Ruth Fletcher, and probably worn by her.He was also entitled to a 1914/15 Star, which was issued by South African Record Office. A scrace casualty to a Tunelling Officer.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-TO GRIFFIN-IRISH GUARDS-DIED OF WOUNDS ON 8TH OCTOBER 1918 British War Medal, named to: 10031 PTE.P.GRIFFIN.IR.GDS. Medal about good very fine, with a couple of e/nicks. Private Patrick Green 10031 1st.Bn.,Irish Guards died of wounds on 8th October 1918 aged 21. The Son of Daniel and Mary Griffin. Born in Donegal, County Donegal, enlisted in Glasgow. He is commemorated on the Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension. Comes with typed research that states that Griffin was a Spirits Salesman, and that he was wounded on three occasions: 25th September,1916,9th October 1917 and 27th September, 1918. Medical records available online
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-TO LYON 1/5TH NORFOLK REGT-\"VANISHED BATTALION\"-DIED 12TH AUGUST 1915 British War Medal, named to: 1969 PTE.E.LYON.NORF.R. Medal extremely fine. 1969 Pte.E.Lyon,1/5th Bn., Norfolk Regt died on the 12th August 1915.The Son of Edmund Thomas and Edith Annie Lyon, of 10, Windsor Row, Windsor Rd., King\'s Lynn. He was born at South Lynn, and enlisted at King\'s Lynn, Norfolk. He is commemorated on the Helles Memorial .One of the 142 other ranks of the 1/5th Norfolk Regt who were killed on the 12th August 1915-known as the \"Vanished Battalion\" Much speculation surrounded the \"disappearance \" of the Norfolk men. Various eyewitness stating that they went into a wood and were never seen again, and that they \"disappeared \" into a cloud and were never seen again. This was all proven to be a myth as recounted in \"All the King\'s Men\" by Nigel McCrery. The 1/5th Norfolk\'s had basically advanced too far and found themselves behind Turkish Lines and surrounded. \"All the King\'s Men\" shows Lyon\'s number as 1960 but this is a misprint, as The CWGC and \"Soldiers Died\" lists him as 1969. Scarce and sought after
BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE TO EVAN LUCIE- SMITH-ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE REGIMENT--SON OF THE POST-MASTER GENERAL OF JAMAICA-KILLED IN ACTION 25TH SEPTEMBER 1915 Bronze Memorial Plaque. named to; EVAN LUCIE-SMITH. Lieutenant Euan Lucie-Smith 1st Bn., Royal Warwickshire Regiment,was killed in action on 25th April,1915 aged 25. The Son of John Barkly Lucie-Smith (Post-Master General of Jamiaca) and Katie Lucie-Smith, of Kingston,Jamaica.Born at St.Andrew Jamaica.He is commemorated on the Ploegstreet Memorial The following in an extract from "Jamaica's part in the Great War" Euan Lucie-Smith Second Lieutenant, 1st Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment, younger son of the late John Barclay Lucie-Smith,Postmaster for Jamaica,was born in Kingston in 1889 and educated at Berkhamstead,England.He served in the Jamica Artillery Militia until the outbreak of war, when he obtained a commission as Second Lieutenent in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in December, 1914,and trained at the Isle of Wight.He went to France and was reported missing in April 1915 and has since been reported killed at Ypres, on April 25, 1915. Application for Medals sent c/o Colonial Secretariat Kingston, Jamaica. Sold with copied research including a photo of Lucie-Smith taken from "Jamaica's part in the Great War" Plaque about good very fine *Postscript* Euan Lucie Smith is now recognised as the first Black Officer commissioned into the British Army, and the first black Officer kiiled in action. I sold the plaque from my web-site in August 2020, the purchaser having researched Lucie -Smith, and put the Plaque into Dix Noonan Webb's Auction on 14/11/2020, where it hammered at £8,500,total of £10,540 with premium (A world record price for a single bronze memorial plaque) It was purchased by the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers museum, Warwickshire.
BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE-BASIL SECOND LIEUTENANT BASIL LIDDON KIMBER-LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT Bronze Memorial Plaque Named to: BASIL LIDDON KIMBER Second Lieutenant Basil Liddon Kimber 7th B., Lincolnshire Regiment.Killed in action on 10 July 1916. The Son of Frederick Thomas and Fanny Kimber,of 48,St.Thomas' Road,Brentwood Essex.He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. Extract from the BBENTWOODIAN ; as follows: "Basil Liddon Kimber was born May 16th 1894. Died July 10th School 1905. B.L.Kimber was one of the few survivors of the London Rifle Brigade after the second battle of Ypres.He was invalided home, suffering from shock,but returned with a Commission in the 6th Lincoln.He was killed by a bursting shell on July 10th in the great advance." Arrived in France on 04/11/1914 served as 9249 Lance Corporal with the 5th Londons..He was commissioned on the 21/07/1915.He is entitled to a 1914 Star trio. Plaque is about extremely fine
BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE-SECOND LIEUTENANT JOSEPH PETT 2/4TH OX AND BUCKS LIGHT INFANTRY KILLED IN ACTION ON 21 MARCH 1918 Bronze Memorial Plaque,named to: JOSEPH PETT. Second Lieutenant Joseph Pett,2nd/4th Bn., Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry was killed in action on 21st March, 1918. The Son of Fanny Elizabeth Pett,of 108,Portway,West Ham,London.He is commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial. Joseph Pett was born on 22nd February 1890. He attended Winchester Training College,and enlisted on in the Middlesex Regiment 17th September, 1914.He arrived in Egypt 01/09/1915.He was wounded in France "gunshot wound to the chest" on 27th June, 1916 He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant into the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry on 24th September, 1917.He was killed in action in the German offensive at the battle of St Quentin on 21st March 1918,his body was never recovered. A full account of his life and Military career,can be found online at "Winchester Traning College-a roll call of the Fallen,edited by Dee Sayers. Plaque is about good very fine
BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE-TO THOMAS NOAD ROYAL AIR FORCE-KILLED IN ACTION 10/06/1918 DURING LOW STRAFING-HIS AIRCRAFT REPORTED AS FALLING IN PIECES Bronze Memorial Plaque, named to: THOMAS NOAD Plaque about good very fine-a unique name on the CWGC. Lieutenant Thomas Noad,27th Squadron, Royal Air Force,was killed on the 10th June, 1918. He is buried at the Verberie French Cemetery. Thomas Noad was born on 08/09/1896 and enlisted in the 14th London Regiment. before transferring to the Royal Flying Corps as a probationer Pilot 29/05/1917.He was commsioned as a 2nd Lt on 29/05/1917.He was serving with 28 T/S on the 26/06/1917 when he was injured after his DH4 crashed into a field after switching from service to main tank.On the 30/01/1918 whilst serving with 27th Squadron he suffered a forced landing after he got lost in thick mist on a photografhic test.On the 17/02/1918 his DH 4 colided with a DH4 of 255 Squadron on landing at Marquain after a bombing raid, but on this occasion he was uninjured. He met his end on the 10/06/1918 along with his Navigator, F/Sgt Sterling-his DH4 (A7677) reported by the French as falling in pieces near Gournay during low strafing. Worthy of further reasearch. Sold with copied service papers,M.I.C. etc.
BTITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO MOORE-ROYAL NAVY British War and Victoryb Medals, named to: J.65970J.MOORE.A.B.R.N. Medals about good very fine. Walter James Moore was born in Bristol in 1898. He served WW1 on Conqueror (August 1917-15th April 1918) and Sepoy. Comes with copied papers
BURMA AND AFRICA LONG SERVICE GROUP OF THREE TO TAYLOR-HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT India General Service Medal(1854) clasps: BURMA 1889-92 and BURMA 1887-89. Named to; 450 PTE.F.TAYLOR 1ST.BN.HAMPS.R. Africa General Service Medal, clasps; SOMALILAND 1902-1904 and JIDBALLI. Named to: 450 PTE.F.TAYLOR 1ST.HAMP.REGT. Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Q.V.small letter reverse) impressed naming This named to: 450 PTE.F.TAYLOR HAMPSHIRE REGT.] Medals very fine or a better, a few light contact marks. Mounted on velvet pad for display Frederick Taylor was born in Hampshire around 1863.He attested for the Hampshire Regiment in 1882,Trade given as a labourer-he had the third finger of his Right hand amputated through injury. All Medals and clasps confirmed on papers. He was discharged in 1907. Comes with copied papers. A scarce group.
BURMA STAR GROUP OF FOUR WITH PAPERS, ETC-AND BURMA STAR ASSOCIATION BADGE 1939/45 Star, Burma Star, Defence and War Medals Medals about extremely fine. Sold with a Burma star Association Lapel badge, with Burma Star Association membership card and slip, named to W.Griffin. numbered G1623.77 Royal Air Forces Association badge and membership card, named to: Mr W.A.J. Griffin 49, Portree St.,Poplar dated 1968.Transport and General Worker\'s union membership card and a letter, explaining his dire financial circumstances, having served in India and Burma and wishing he had stayed serving in the R.A.F. For Fathers group see item no:53422 Group and ephemera as purchased.
BWM/VICTORY MEDAL-OAKEY(M.B.E.)-R.N.V.R-TRAINED AS A PILOT IN THE R.N.A.S. British War and Victory Medals named to: LIEUT W.H.OAKEY R.N.V.R.(also entitled to a 1914/15 Star) Wesley Howard Oakey was born in 1891.Previously a student at the School of Shipping. He entered the R.N.A.S.on 13/06/1915 as a temporary Flight Sub-Lieutenant,as a trainee Pilot.His papers,under remarks column states that: "Has been rather nervous, but now looks like becoming a good pilot".Too much imagination.25 hour in the air.Flown Cauldron,Fairman,Bleriot,Sopwith and Curtiss.As an Officer good,knows how to handle men. A fair pilot,Most experienced and reliable stores officer, in which duties he has been most useful. A timid Pilot, but an exceptionally good officer.Very capable,and takes charge of men. I entirley cocur with this officers application to transfer to the stores officer.He will never become a pilot as he lacks nerve,confidence and judgement in the air-it is only a matter of luck that that he has not allready had a bad accident.In addition to his flight duties he has been doing duty as a stores officer,in which capacity he has shown extraordinary knwledge and zeal.The work appeals to him,and he has a complete knowledge of the procedure of keeping Naval and Air Service stores.He has been of the very greatest value to me in running this sation,being the best and and most hardworking Officer I have got.He can take charge of men;they like him and work for him.I recommend him to be transferreed as a Lieutenant in the R.N.V.R. Served at Eastchurch and Westgate. Transferred R.A.F. On his R.A.F. papers he is listed as F/LIEUT Technical aero Rigging.Transferred to Reserve 17/09/1926 Relinquished commission 12/09/1930.Upon discharge,his address is given as: "Eversley" Highweek, Newton Abbot, Devon. Awarded M.B.E. (Military division) London Gazette:01/01/1923. Medals about good very fine,comes with copied papers.
BWM/VICTORY MEDALS TO LIEUT IAN DRUMMOND CLAUGHTON 11TH CAMBRIDGESHIRE BTN., SUFFOLK REGT-THEIR FIRST OFFICER TO BE DIE IN ACTION British War and Victory Medals,named to; LIEUT I.D.CLAUGHTON Entry in De-Ruvigny: Lieut Ian Drummond Claughton 11th Bn., Suffolk Regt.,was killed in action on 02/03/1916.The Son of Henry and Emily Claughton of Fornham St.Martin,Suffolk.B.A (Kings College Cambridge).He is buried at Brewery Orchard Cemetery,Bois-Grenier. Ian Drummond Claughton was born 04/10/1890-the 3rd Son of Henry William Claughton of University College,Oxford, and Thornham St.Martin,Bury St.Edmunds,Suffolk.H.M.Inspector of Schools(1874-1913) by his wife Emily, daughter of Captain R.H.H.Kightley,7th Royal Fusiliers.and godson of Bishop Piers Claughton,Archdeacon of London, and Chaplain General of the Forces.Educated at Repton School,and Kings College Cambridge(B.A.1912) He obtained all the School prizes at Repton for English Literature,History,etc.On taking his degree in the Historical Tripos,the college granted him a further exhibition for Research work; he possessed great ability and was very widely read.He was gazetted a 2nd Lieut in the 11th Cambridgeshire Battalion,Suffolk Regt 9th September 1914; promoted Lieut June 1915 went to France early in January 1916.Killed in action 2 March near Bois Grenier.His Colonel wrote: "He was absolutely fearless and died a noble death" He is listed on the Fornham St Martin War Memorial. He was the first "Cambridge Kitchener" Officer casualty Medals are extremely fine, removed from a frame,and mounted on a green baize backed board.
C.M.G AWARDED TO MAJOR CLARENCE ROY TURNER-AUSTRALIAN FIELD ARTILLERY AND GOLD COAST RAILWAYS- COMES WITH A SUPERB ARCHIVE OF PHOTOS AND ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS C.M.G.neck badge in original Garrrard box of issue,extremely fine. London Gazette 12th June 1947:Major Clarence Turner,lately General Manager of the Gold Coast Railway. Comes with two original photos of Major Turner,in his uniform as an officer in the Australian Field Artillery,and another in Colonial Service dress, wearing his Medals. Major Clarence Roy Turner was born on 4th September, 1891 In Adelaide,Australia,and was educated at the Brompton School and the Adelaide School of Minies,and when enlisting was living at 40,Leah Street,Forestville,South Australia.He enlisted as a Lieutenant on 1st November 1914,in the 34th Battery Australian Field Artillery.Served Gallipoli,participated as an ordnance officer in battle of Lone Pine. He was wounded, and mentioned in despatches, 11/07/1919 He was discharged in 1919 Comes with original documents as follows: Large parchment; Australian Imperial Force record of service,detailing his record of service.Another letter from Australian Imperial Force,additionally mentioning that Major Turner was appointed permanent president of all courts martial at A.I.F. Headqurters, London, until his discharge. A certificate from the Commonwealth of Australia for the A.I.F. Discharge badge. A parchment certificate from the South Australian Govt Railways to state that he had served an apprenticeship in fitting and turning. A letter of thanks from the London Underground for volunteering,and a Motormans certificate from the London Electric Railway. A memoranda of agreement from the Great Southern Railway of Spain Railway Company dated 1919,employing Turner as the Railways Superintendant's Assistant at Agulilas, Spain,and a letter from the same company dated 1921, detailing his service, and thanking him for his employment (this torn in half). A certificate from the above stating that his employment had been terminated due to reduced traffic. A letter/reference from the Commonwealth of Australia,Military adviser, dated January 1922 staiting that Turner was looking for employment in the Colonial Service. A letter from the Commonwealth of Australia stating that Turner is leaving the service of the High Commisioner,where he worked a superviser of the Australian Graves Services and War Gratuity and Estates Dept. The original warrant in original envelope for the C.M.G. signed by George VI: Major Clarence Roy Turner,lately General Manager of the Gold Coast Railway.and a letter of enclusure from the Chancery. Congratulatory letter from The Chancery,The Colonial Office,and the Institute Of Mechanical Egineers congratulating Turner on being awarded the C.M.G. A map of the Gold Coast. Major Clarence Roy Turner, C.M.G died on January 9th 1957 A superb lot, worthy of fiurther research
CABUL 1842 MEDAL TO EZEKIEL WILLIAMSON 9TH REGT Cabul 1842 Medal, named to: NO 229 PT.EZEKIEL WILLIAMSON 9TH REGT. Medal about good very fine,on original clip and split-ring suspension.# Ezekiel Williamson was born in the parish of Trinity,Coventry in 1806 He enlisted in the 9th Regiment on 4th December 1823, underage. He served in The West Indies and Mauritius,and the East Indies.He served for 21 years,205 days,and was discharged on 26th June 1846,suffering from general debility and a constitution worn out by service and climate.He married Catherine Buckley on 15th February 1837 in Chinsurah,Bengal. Comes with copied papers,marriage details, etc.
CABUL MEDAL-TO F TINGEY-9TH RGT-LATER WOUNDED AT FEROZESHUHUR Cabul Medal 1842. Correctly named toL F TINGEY.9TH.REGT. No 1344. Medal about very fine,on later suspension,e/nick, on later replacement suspension bar, which is a little loose. Frederick Tingey was recruited into the 9th Dept in Liverpool, 11th May,1838 and joined the battalion fron England 8th February 1839.He served in the Cabul campaign(medal) and the Sutlej campaign 1845/6.He was entitled to a Sutlej Medal for Moodkee, clasps Ferozeshuhur and Sobraon, being wounded at Ferozeshuhur.He embarked for England and probable discharge on 16th January,1847. His papers have not survived, but comes with copied muster rolls, etc.
CABUL, SUTLEJ LONG SERVICE GROUP OF THREE TO SWEETING 9TH REGIMENT Cabul Medal 1842,Named to: NO 484 PTE.SAML SWEETING H.M.\'S 9TH REGT (egraved in the correct regimental style) Sutlej Medal for Moodkee, clasps: FEROZESHUHUR/SOBRAON.Named to: SAMUEL SWEETING 9TH REGT. Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Large lettering reverse) named to: SAML SWEETING PT.SAMUEL SWEETING 9TH REG FOOT 1850 Medals fine to very fine, Cabul medal has replacement wide silver scroll suspension, Sutlej Medal has heavy edge contact wear, the Long Service Medal is early clip with replacement nickel suspension and silver bar. All on original stitched ribbons as worn. Samuel Sweeting was born at West Hatch,Taunton, Somerset around 1809.He attested in the 9th Foot 20th December,1826 stating he was 17 years old and a labourer.He was posted to India in 1835,later serving in the Cabul campaign, then served through the Sutlej campaign of 1846, returning home on 26rth March 1847.He was discharged/invalided in Dublin 17th April 1850. Comes with copied papers, etc and old descriptive labels originally tied to the medals. A scarce original group.
CABUL/SUTLEJ PAIR TO BARLEY-WOUNDED AT FEROZESHUHUR Cabul Medal,1842 un-named. Sutlej Medal for Moodkee, clasp FEROZESHUHUR named to HINTON BARLEY 9TH REGT. Medals about very fine or better, unusual replacement suspension on Cabul Medal, edge bruise on Sutlej Medal. Hinton Barley was born in Whitchurch, Hampshire in 1813. He enlisted in the 9th Regiment in Winchester in 1835.Nearly all of his service was spent in the East Indies, from 22nd October 1835 until 20th April, 1847.He served with the 9th Regiment during the campaign in Afghanistan in 1842, and at the battles of Moodkee and Feozeshuhur, where he received a a wound to the hand, which prevented him from using his arm,thus ending his army service.He was discharged on 11th May 1847 Comes with old copied papers, and a hand-written history of his service.
CADET FORCES MEDAL-TO LT MARKS ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE Cadet Forces Medal (QE II DEI GRA) named to: LT(SCC) G.MARKS.RNR. Medal about good very fine
CAMPAIGN AND LONG SERVICE PAIR TO BOLDY-PETTY OFFICER WEAPONS ENGINEERING MECHANIC Campaign Service Medal, clasp: MALAY PENINSULA Named to: 063465 M.BOLDY.R.E.M.E 1.R.N. Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, named to: POWEM (R) M.BOLDY D063465H R.N. Medals about extremely fine ,on original ribbons and pins. Also comes with the original box for the Long Service Medal.
CAMPAIGN PAIR TO BRIG SURGEON LT COLONEL ANDREW-6TH FOOT AND 12 FOOT Indian General Service Medal (1854) calsp: NORTHWEST FRONTIER Named to: AT SURGN G ANDREW H.M.'S 1ST BN. 6TH REGT. Afghanistan Medal, no clasp, named to: SURGN MAJ. G ANDREWS 1/12TH REGT. Medals about good very fine, slight contact wear. Sold with what is believed to be a copy photo of Andrew George Andrew was born 1840 at Gateshead. Acting Surgeon Staff 31/03/1865 6th Foot 10/07/1866 Staff 22/06/1870 Surgeon Major 31 March 1877 B.S Lieut Col 12/02/1891 Retired pay 24/04/1895 MA Kings College,1860 M B 1864 Died 19/10/1899 ( Medical Officers in The British Army 1660-1960 p455 Vol 1) Sold with copied Army lists, etc
CAMPAIGN PAIR TO BYRNE-19TH REGT( YORKSHIRE) AND NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS Indian General Service Medal (1854) clasp: NORTHWEST FRONTIER named to: 1608 P. BYRNE. 1ST. BN.H M'S 19TH REGT. Afghanistan Medal 1878-79-80 Medal, named to: 2213 PTE. P.BYRNE 1/5TH FUS RS. Both correctly named. Patrick Byrne attested for the 19th Regiment aged 19 in 1863. He was born at St, Andrews, Ireland.Has a very colourful service record of ten pages.Spent time in the cells..His Medical record shows a long list of ailments,and diseases treated,including "wound to chest". Transferred to the 1/5th Fusiliers in 1871, and discharged in 1885. Makes a good read! Medals are about good very fine,edge bruise on I.G.S. Comes with copied service papers, medal rolls etc.
CAMPAIGN SERVICE MEDAL CLASP BORNEO-TO BOND-ROYAL MARINES Campaign Service Medal, clasp: BORNEO Named to: RM27562 A.J.BOND MNE RM Medal extremely fine.
CAMPAIGN SERVICE MEDAL NORTHERN IRELAND-TO CARTER-GREEN HOWARDS Campaign Service Medal, clasp: NORTHERN IRELAND. Named to: 24759675 PTE C I CARTER GREEN HOWARDS Medal extremely fine, dark toned, on original pin as worn.
CANADIAN FORCES DECORATION TO LEADING SEAMAN NIPPARD Canadian Forces Decoration (Elizabeth II) named to: LDG.SMN.W.H.NIPPARD Decoration extremely fine
CHINA/ASHANTEE LONG SERVICE GROUP OF THREE TO PONTING-ARMY HOSPITAL CORPS 2nd China Medal, no clasp, named to: WALTER PONTING ARMY HOSPITAL CORPS. Impressed naming. Ashantee Medal, no clasp, named to: 153 2ND CORPL.W.PONTING A,H.C. 1873-4 Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, (Victoria small letter reverse) named to: 153 2ND CORPL.W.PONTIN A.H.CORPS impressed naming. Medals very fine to good very fine, with attractive matching tone. The China Medal has a few e/nicks/bruises. A very scarce medal combination/group. Walter Ponting was born in Marlborough, Wiltshire in 1830.He attested for the Medical Staff Corps in 1855, later being transferred to the Army Hospital Corps. His discharge papers state that he served in Malta for 2 years and 135 days and in China for 2 Years and 10 months. He was discharged in 1878 after over 22 years service. He is confirmed on the China and Ashantee Medal rolls, The China Medal roll states that he was on the Hospital ship in the Pei-Ho at the Taku Forts assault. The Medal roll is annotated along with a number of other men on the roll who may have been entitled to the The Taku Forts clasp. However, the China Medal looks entirely as issued.
CIVIL DEFENCE LONG SERVICE MEDAL Civil Defence Long Service Medal. British version extremely fine, on original pin for wearing
CIVIL DEFENCE LONG SERVICE MEDAL-IN ROYAL MINT BOX OF ISSUE-NAMED TO BETTS Civil Defence Long Service Medal (British issue) in Royal Mint box of issue. Medal extremely fine, wording on case a little rubbed. Named to: FM.E.BETTS (Engraved naming)
CRIMEA MEDA; CLASP ALMA-TO DENIS RYAN 77TH REGT Crimea Medal, clasp: ALMA named to: D.RYAN 77TH REGT.(Regimentally impressed naming) Medal very fine, toned on silver suspension bar. Confirmed on roll (no 2377)-also entitled to an INKERMAN clasp.
CRIMEA MEDAL CLASP SEBASTOPOL-AS ISSUED TO THE ROYAL NAVY Crimea Medal, clasp SEBASTAPOL-clasp loose on ribbon, unnamed as issued Medal very fine and toned with a little contact wear
CRIMEA MEDAL UNNAMED AS ISSUED Crimea Medal, no clasp unnamed as issued Medal very fine, with some contact wear.
CRIMEA MEDAL-CHARLES GILBERT-72ND REGT-KILLED IN ACTION BEFORE SEBASTOPOL-08/07/1855 Crimea Medal,clasp SEBASTOPOL,named to: C GILBERT 72ND REGT.( Officially impressed naming) Medal about good very fine. Charles Gilbert 72nd Regt was killed in action before Sebastopol on 08/07/1855.
CRIMEA MEDAL-CLASP SEBASTOPOL-TO SCRAGG-RIFLE BRIGADE Crimea Medal, clasp : SEBASTOPOL Named to: PTE.W.SCRAGG 1ST BN.R.BDE (engraved naming) clasp loose on ribbon Medal about very fine, contact wear to PTE and BDE on naming. Confirmed on roll, 3834 William Scragg. Comes with copied medal roll, and muster, which shows Scragg at Scutari.
CRIMEA MEDAL-SEBASTOPOL CLASP LOOSE ON RIBBON-AS ISSUED TO THE ROYAL NAVY Crimea Medal, clasp SEBASTOPOL (loose on ribbon) As issued to the Royal Navy Very fine or better, a couple of edge bruises and a little contact wear.
DEFENCE OF KIMBERLEY AND KIMBERLEY STAR PAIR TO BORNER-23RD COMPANY WESTERN DIVISION ROYAL GARRISON ARTILLERY Queens South Africa Medal, clasp: DEFENCE OF KIMBERLEY Named to: 91597 GNR H.R. BORNER. 23rd W.D. R.G.A. Kimberley Star "A" hallmark. Henry Richard Borner was born in 1873 at St Georges London.He attested for the Royal Artillery in 1892,trade given as bootbaker. Medal and clasp confirmed on papers. Medals are about good very fine,slight twist on suspension of Q.S.A. Medals have matching colour and toning,so look to be an "original" pair. Comes with copied attestation papers. Several photos are available on various internet sites which show the 23rd Company in action at Kimberley-some firing the "pom-poms" Scarce pair to a British unit
DEFENCE OF KIMBERLEY AND WW1 GROUP OF THREE TO ROBB-KIMBERLEY TOWN GUARD AND SOUTH AFRICAN INFANTRY Queens South Africa Medal, clasp: DEFENCE OF KIMBERLEY,Named to: PTE G.ROBB KIMBERLEY TOWN GUARD. British War Medal,named to: PTE G ROBB, 1ST S.A.I BGDE. Victory Medal, named to: PTE.G.ROBB. 8TH S.A.I. Medals about extremely fine Q.S.A.Confirmed on roll.
DEMOCATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO MEDAL Democratic Rebublic of Congo Medal. About very fine,on original ribbon
DEMOCATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO-MEDAL OF MERIT FOR AGRICULTURE Democratic Republic of Congo-Medal for Merit in Agriculture. Struck in bronze. Extremely fine, on ribbon.
DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT MEDAL AND EFFICIENCY MEDAL TO JONES 18TH LONDON REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION ON 15/03/1916 Distinguished Condauct Medal (George V) Named to : 207 SJT: F JONES.18/LOND: REGT.T.F. Territorial Force Efficiency Medal (George V) Named to: 207 SJT: F.JONES 18/LOND REGT. Medals extremely fine. D.C.M.London Gazette 14th January 1916 Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal 207 Serjeant F.Jones 18th (County of London) battalion,The London Regiment (London Irish Rifles T.F.) Citation published on the London Gazette 11th March. 1916: "For conspicuous gallantry.When the signalling Officer was killed, he took command of the signallers and established communications by wire at great personal risk.He was constantly in the open repairing the wire under heavy fire." He was killed in action on 15th March, 1916. The History of the London Irish by Lt.Major, London Irish refers: Casuaties in the Souchez sector "The first spell of duty on the new front was light in caualties, but in the first 24 hours,the Btn suffered the loss of Sgt Jones, the signaller Sergt who was killed by a minenwerfer which exploded just outside the signalling dugout at BHQ situated at Souchez Quarry, and which also wounded 2 others of the signalling section" Sergeant Frederick Jones was born in Aston,South East London.He is buried at the Arras Memorial,Pas de Calais, France. He is also entitled to a 1915 Star trio, which is known and has appeared on the market. Comes with a small photo of Jones, annotated on reverse, and a copied image of Sgt Jones with his signalling section.also copied medal rolls, London Gazette details,etc., etc. Rare on the market
DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR TO HODGSON-6TH NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS Distinguished Conduct Medal,George V, named to: 265393 A CPL J HODGSON.6/NORTH'D FUS : 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 2367 PTE. J.HODGSON NORTH'D FUS (CPL on pair) Medals about good very fine, on pin for wearing. D.C.M.London Gazette 3rd September,1918.265393 A/Cpl. J.Hodgson,North'd Fus (Benwell) For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty,When ammunition was running short he succeeded in bringing up a fresh supply at a very critical time.The rest of his party were casualties. Arrived in France 20/04/1915.
DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT MEDAL-BURTON 2/ NORFOLK REGIMENT-DIED AS A PRISONER OF WAR Distinguished Conduct Medal (George V) Named to: 8076 PTE A BURTON 2/NORF R Medal about good very fine. 8076 Private Albert Burton,D.C.M. 2nd Battalion Norfolk Regiment,died on 12th June,1916 He was wounded in the Persian Gulf on 14th December 1915,and died of disease,possibly at Mosul, Mesopotamia,during the march into captivity at Anatolia, Turkey.He is buried in the Baghdad North Gate Cemetery. D.C.M.London Gazette 12th December 1917(S.Woodford).-No citation. Pte.Burton was born at Forrest Gate, West Ham, London in 1891. Note: several D.C.M.'s Awarded to the Norfolk Regiment on this date have no citations.
DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT MEDAL-MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES GROUP OF FOUR TO REGIMENTAL SERGEANT MAJOR EMBLING ROYAL BERKSHIRE REGIMENT-ALSO ENTITLED TO A RUSSIAN CROSS OF ST GEORGE Distinguished Conduct Medal (George V) Named to: 5443 C.S.MJR R.EMBLING R.BERKS R 1914 Star with original clasp,named to: 5443 C.S.MJR E EMBLING.2/R.BERKS R. British War and Victory Medals, named to: 5443 A W O.CL1 R.EMBLING R.BERKS R.(Victory Medal with M.I.D.emblem). Medals about good very fine overall,slight e/bruise to D.C.M.mounted on pin for wearing.(His other two Medals were probably mounted on a seperate wearing bar) Distinguished Conduct Medal London Gazette: 11th March 1916: 5443 Company Sergeant Major R Embling 2nd Bn., R Berks R. "For consistent good work since his battalion arrived at the front.He has set a fine example" Russia,Cross of the Order Of St George (4th class) London Gazette 24th August 1915. Mentioned in despatches: London Gazette 22 June 1915. Richard Embling was born in Farringdon,Berks in 1878,and joined the Royal Berkshire Regiment in 1898.He was a prominent Sportsman,and was a member of the Football,Hockey and Bayonet fighting teams.He landed in France on 6th November,1914,and apart from his decorations, was also awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.He was discharged in 1920, and died in 1959 in Croydon. A full set of pension records are available online,and several images of him are also available online-see the Royal Berkshire regiments online page,"The Wardrobe" A superb Regimental Sergeant Majors D.C.M.entitled to Russia Cross of St George group.
DISTINGUISHED SERVICE CROSS(GEORGE V) IN ORIGINAL BOX WITH PRIVATE MEDAL FOR VALOUR AWARDEDTO CAPTAIN THOMAS HENRY CLATWORTHY MERCHANT NAVY Distinguished Service Cross(George V) in original box of issue. Hallmarks for London 1917-18. Cross about extremely fine,and lightly toned. Ribbon a little rubbed,on original wearing pin, Original Garrards case,lining a little worn. Sold with a private Lifesaving Medal? with top clasp: FOR VALOUR. Obverse has SS ANDORINHA DEC 24TH 1913. Reverse has the inscription: "FROM THE CRITICAL QUARTETTE" TO CAPTAIN CLATWORTHY.(hallmarked Birmingham 1912-13) 32mm dia. On attrractive yellow and red ribbon-presumably the colours of the Yeoward Line,marked with the letter YB. Captain Thomas Henry Clatworthy was born in 1878 at Bridgewater Somerset.He received his second Mates certificate in 1900,his Mates certificate in 1903,and his Masters certificate in 1905. In October 1912 he was the Master of the S.S.Andorihna (Yeoward Line) bound for the Canaries.It maybe that during this voyage the event occured That let to Captain Clatworthy being awarded the private Lifesaving Medal from the Critical quartette that was presented in 1913. He received a commendation(M.I.D) in the London Gazette,dated 17/11/1917,and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, London Gazette 22/02/1918."in recognition of zeal and devotion to duty shown in carrying on the trade of the country during the War. Also entitled to a Mercantile Marine War Medal and British War Medal. Interesting pair-purchased together.Sold with copied research.,and a small bronze Amateur Gymnastics Association Medal warded to: M.J.Clatworthy Championship of England 1928 Standard.
DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL GROUP OF THREE TO PEGDEN-\"IVY GREEN\"-AUXILIARY PATROL-1918 Distinguished Service Medal (GeorgeV) Named to: DA14543.F.G.PEGDEN, DK.HD.R.N.R.\"IVY GREEN\" AUX PATROL. 1918. British War and Victory Medals, named to: 145453 D.A. F.G.PEGDEN.D.H .R.N.R. Medals about as issued, on original ribbons, as removed from a frame. Frederick Gordon Pegden was born in Folkstone, Kent in 1888.Enrolled in the R N R 7th February 1917 Distinguished Service Medal London Gazette 5/10/1018:For services in the Auxiliary Patrol and Minesweeping between 1st January and 30th June 1918 Presented by Captain of patrols, Swansea 17/12/1918 comes with copied London Gazette, medal roll, etc.
DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL TO VINCENT-CHIEF YEOMAN OF SIGNALS-H.M.S. PENELOPE 1916-17 Distinguished Service Medal (George V) named to: 190964 C.H. VINCENT YEO. SIGS H.M.S.PENELOPE 1916-7 Medal is extremely fine and nicely toned. D.S.M. London Gazette 11th August 1917. Charles Henry Vincent was born in Norwich, Norfolk,on 16th September, 1880,and worked as a shoe finisher before entering the Royal Navy in 1897.His Naval trade was a Signaller He served on numerous Ships and Shore establishments,and at the sart of WW1 was serving on H.M.S. King Edward VII, and was aboard her when she hit a German Naval Mine off the coast of Scotland.The whole crew were evacuated safely, before she sank following attempts to keep her afloat.His next Ship was H.M.S.Penelope on which he served from 16th September 1916 until the end of hostilities.In June 1917, she was involved in the shelling of Ostend.Whilst aboard, Vincent was promoted to Chief Yeoman Of Signals.On the 26th March 1919 he joined Prince George,and on the 22nd October 1919, he joined Hecla from whom he was shore pensioned on 13th October 1920.
DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL-TO CHAPMAN-ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE \"SNOWDROP\"AUXILLIARY PATROL 1918 Distinguished Service Medal(George V) Named to: ES 4441 C.H.CHAPMAN.ENGn R.N.R. \"SNOWDROP\" AUX PATROL 1918. Medal about good very fine/extremely fine London Gazette 20th September,1918 The following awards have been approved for services in the Auxiliary Patrol, Minesweeping and Coastal Motor Boats, between 1st January and 30th June,1918. Charles Harrison Chapman, RNR,ON 4441 ES. Recommendation; Admty 24th July 1918. Charles Harrison Chapman was born in Grimsby on 21/08/1879, He was enrolled on 20/12/1915,and address given as166 Bells Road, Gorleston, Suffolk. He received a hurts certificate on 13/05/1919 when he was scolded on both legs following a burst pipe. Comes with copied papers and London Gazette.
DISTINGUISHED SERVICE ORDER (D.S.O.) GEORGE V Distinguished Service Order ( D.S.O.) George V Centres a little loose,with copy top bar Otherwise about good very fine. enamel work in good condition.
EGYPT 1882 GROUP OF FIVE TO PAYMASTER COMMANDER MAXWELL ROYAL NAVY Egypt Medal, dated 1882,clasp; ALEXANDRIA 11TH JULY Named to: J.MAXWELL ASS PAYR R.N.H.M.S. "ALEXANDRA" 1914/15 Star trio,named to: FT PAYR J MAXWELL R.N.(Victory erased) Khedives Star dated 1882. The "X" on Maxwell has been corrected from the "N" (Manwell) A little contact wear on Egypt Medal, otherwise about very fine and better,sometime lacqured, court mounted for display. James Maxwell was born in Cornwood,Paignton Devon in around 1861.He hoined the Royal Navy in 1877 as an Assistant Clerk. He served on numerous Ships and Shore establishments including: Royal Edelaide/Victor Emmanuel/Charybdis/Adelaide/Temeraire/Bittern Alexandra (Egypt campaign) Repulse/Express/Royal Adelaide/Minotaur/Northumberland/Hearty/Duncan/Wildfire/Archer/Wallaroo/Duke of Wellington III/ Illustrius-He was advanced to Clerk/Ass Paymaster/Payamster/Staff Paymaster and finally Fleet Paymaster.Retired Paymaster Commander 01/04/1919. Comes with Naval Officers papers,service history,Medal rolls, etc.
EGYPT AND INDIA CAMPAIGN GROUP OF THREE TO DRUMMER HARRIS-KINGS OWN SCOTS BORDERERS Egypt Medal undated, claps: GEMAIZAH 1888 named to: 1332 DRUMR W.HARRIS 2/K.O.S.BORD. India General Service Medal(1895) clasp: RELIEF OF CHITRAL 1895 Named to: 1332 LNCE CORPL W.HARRIS 2ND.K.O.SCO. BO. Khedives Star, undated. Medals about very fine, contact wear from star to first two, naming a little worn on I.G.S from impact with star. Medals confirmed on roll, copies supplied with group.
EGYPT LONG SERVICE GROUP OF THREE TO PASSMORE ROYAL MARINES Egypt Medal, clasp: TEL-EL-KEBIR named to: G.PASSMORE.PTE.R.M. Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria narrow suspension) named to: GEO.PASSMORE PTE.7TH CO.R.M.L.I. (engraved naming) Khedives Star, dated 1882 Medals about very fine Egypt Medal confirmed on roll-7th Co Royal Marines. George Passmore, borm Umacott, Bideford Devon. Attested at Torrington, joined in 1863 aged 18 (Attestation and discharge records)
EGYPT LONG SERVICE GROUP OF THREE TO- PEERSFIELD ROBERTS- ROYAL MARINES Egypt Medal,undated, named to: P.ROBERTS PTE.R.M.L.I (Impressed naming) Khedives Star dated 1884-86 un-named.Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,named to: PEERSFIELD ROBERTS PRIVATE 40TH Co.R.M.L.I.(Impressed naming) Peersfield Roberts was born on 12th August,1852,at Warburton,Sussex.He enlisted in the Royal Marines on 11th August,1870. He served on various Ships and Shore bases including: CHATHAM,HECTOR,DUNCAN,etc. He sailed with Royal Marine Battalion for Egypt,on 10th February,1884,and was invalided from "Remittive" Fever-? on the 13th August 1884 on the Mediterranean Station,He then sailed for England on 17th August, and arrived back at Chatham on 30 August. He qualified for the Royal Navy Long Service Medal,which was received on 30 September 1880.His Egypt Medal and Star are confirmed on his papers, and on the Medal Roll, where he is listed as Piersfield Roberts. Medal are about good very fine,one or two contact marks from the star on Egypt and L.S. Medal, but much better than the average Egypt Group which has come into contact with the star.
EGYPT MEDAL TO MAJOR HUBERT RICHARD LOVETT-K.R. RIF CORPS Egypt Medal dated 1882 clasp: TEL-EL-KEBIR Named to: LIEUT H.B.LOVETT 2 BN. K.R.RIF.C Medal about very fine, a little marked on obverse due to contact with star,naming a little worn. Major Hubert Richard Lovett (1854-1908) The following is extracted from Hart's Army List-War services of Field Officers: "Served with the 2nd Btn., 60th Rifles in the Afghan War from From February 1879 to November 1880,and was present at the engagements at Ahmed Khel and Urzu near Ghuznee: accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the march to Candahar, and was present at the battle of Candahar(Medal with two clasps and bronze star) Served in the Marri expedition under Brigadier General McGregor.Served in the Boer War in 1881 in the Natal Field Force.Served with the 3rd Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps in the Egyptian War of 1882,and was present at the action of Kassasin(9th September) and at the battle of Tel-El-Kebir (Medal with clasp, and Khedives Star) Served in the Black Mountain Expedition in 1891 with the 1st Battalion King;s Royal Rifle Corps(Medal with clasp),and in the Miranzai Expedition in 1891 with the same Battalion (clasp) " Cambridge University Library hold a photograph album relating to Lovett's service in India and South Africa,and Three Months in Tibet-a diary written by Lovett whilst on leave in Tibet in 1888. His Afghan and I.G.S. Medals, together with an erased Kabul to Kandahar Star were sold by DNW in 2008.It additionally states that Major Lovett was noted for his cool determined courage and feats of strength.Lovett was credited with rescuing at least one of his men from a swollen river on South Africa, and in taking part with a mixed band of Riflemen and Highlanders in capturing two Egyption field guns. Last seen for sale by Bill Friar Medals 5-6 years ago.
EGYPT MEDAL-CLASP TEL-EL-KEBIR-TO GIBBINGS- ROYAL MARINES Egypt Medal, dated 1882 clasp: TEL-EL-KEBIR Named to: J GIBBINGS PTE.R.M. Medal conformed on roll. Contact wear with star John Gibbings was born on 4th April. 1850.He enlisted in the Royal Marines in October 1869. Comes with copied papers.
EGYPT MEDAL-SUAKIN 1885- TO GRIFFIN-H.M.S.HUMBER Egypt Medal undated, clasp; suakin 1885 Named to: W.GRIFFIN A.B.H.M.S.HUMBER (naming impressed) Medal about very fine or better,nicely toned, with a little contact wear from star. Medal and clasp confirmed on rolls. Walter James Griffin was born in Westminster in 1858. He joined the Royal Navy in 1876. He served on various Ships and shore establishments]He was invalided at Haslar on 17/08/1892 Comes with copied service record and Medal rolls
EGYPT PAIR TO FRASER-GORDON HIGHLANDERS Egypt Medal, undated, clasp: EL-TEB-TAMAAI/THE NILE 18844-85 Named to: 1028 PTE,D.FRASER.1/GORD:HIGH\'RS Khedives Star, dated 1884. Medals very fine or better, the Egypt medal has a little contact wear from star. Clasps confirmed to roll.
EGYPT PAIR-MONK-1/ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT Egypt Meda, undated, clasp: SUAKIN 1884-85,named to: 724 PTE R MONK 1/RL. W.KENT R. Khedives Star, dated 1882 Egypt Medal is slightly pitted due to contact wear with star,the \"K\" of KENT being obliterated on the naming, otherwise about very fine,and on original mounting bar, with medals stitched on. Egypt Medal and clasp confirmed on roll.
FINE BOER WAR/WW1 LONG SERVICE GROUP OF SIX TO PEARSON-KINGS ROYAL RIFLE CORPS-MISSING-TAKEN PRISONER AT FARQUHARS FARM Queens South Africa Medal (3rd type reverse) clasps: CAPE COLONY/TALANA/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL Kings South Africa Medal, clasps SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 1914 Star trio, Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(George V) All named to: PTE. J. PEARSON. K.R.R.C. (Cpl on WWI pair 2/K.R.R.C on Star) Medals fine to good very fine, contact wear on first two-K.S.A. has edge bruises and has been ebrasively cleaned at some time on edge, naming not affected. Staining on Star and Victory medal. Boer War casualty roll states: he was \"missing\" -released at Farquhars FarM 30th October 1899. Find My Past states that he was taken Prisoner of War at at Farquhars Farm, and released on 06/06/1900-this would explain the lack of a \"Defence of Ladysmith\" clasp. John Pearson was born at Everton, Liverpool around 1877.He attested for the King\'s Royal Rifle Corps on the 18th August 1897,having served in the Boer War, he next saw active service during WW1, arriving in France on 22/08/1914.He was wounded 09/04/1916 (gunshot wound to hand) He received his Long Service Medal on 10/01/1918.He later served with the Labour Corps and the 43rd Royal Fusiliers, being discharged on the 26/03/1920 having served 22 years and 221 days. A good set of extensive papers available online. Medals and clasps confirmed on papers and Medal rolls.
FINE CAMPAIGN GROUP OF SIX TO BUSH NORFOLK REGIMENT AND NOTTS AND DERBY REGIMENT India General Service Medal (1854) clasp: BURMA 1887-89. Named to: 1499 PTE B BUSH 2ND BN NORF R Queens South Africa Medal (ghost dates),clasps: CAPE COLONY/PAARDEBERG/JOHANNESBURG. Kings South Africa Medal,clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902. Both named to: 1499 PTE B.BUSH.NORFOLK REGT. 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 7138 PTE B BUSH NOTTS &DERBY R. Benjamin Bush was born in Wortham,near Diss in about 1864.He was serving with the 4th Militia Battalion of the Norfolk Regiment when he attested for the Norfolk Regiment in Great Yarmouth on 6th October,1885 aged 21.Serving in the depot, he went to Gibraltar on 12th December 1885,and in 1886 he was absent from the defaulters roll call,and sent to prison for 3 days with hard labour. After being confined to barracks for eight days for "breaking out of Barracks,and remaining absent, he was sent to India,in 1886.He returned from India in 1890, having qualified for the Burma Medal.He was transferred to the reserve the on 1st August 1894,and gave his address as 6,Goose Lane,Waterloo Road, New Catton. He re-engaged for another 4 years and was recalled for War Service in December 1899.Going to South Africa 4th January 1900,he returned home May 1902, having qualified for his Boer War Medals. The 1911 Census shows Benjamin living at 32, Auckland Place,Chesterfield as a Widower and working at the Ironworks .On the outbreak of WW1, Benjamin enlisted in the Sherwood Foresters in Derby 9th September 1914.He was posted to Salonika on 12th November 1915,where he served with the H.Q.staff,Salonica Expeditionary Force.Benjamin returned home in September 1916 before being discharged due to no longer being fit for war service 9th May, 1917,and he was awarded the Silver War Badge, no. 174762.Benjamin Bush passed away in Chesterfield in 1948. Comes with a massive file of research,copied service papers, census returns,etc.etc.(please note- too bulky to send abroad) An interesting recipient, and a scarce group.
FINE GROUP OF 10 TO WARRANT OFFICER WILLS-ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT AND ROYAL SIGNALS-A RECIPIENT OF A GSM CLASP IRAQ-RARE TO THE ROYAL WEST KENTS-MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES 1920 1914/15 Star trio (M.I.D.emblem on victory medal) Named to: L9567 L.CPL.A.G.WILLS R.W.KENT.R.(SGT on pair) General Serice Medal, clasp IRAQ Named to: L13486 SJT.A.G.WILLS R.W.KENT.R. India General Service Medal,clasps: AFGHANISTAN NWF 1919/WAZIRISTAN 1919-21/WAZIRISTAN 1921-24.Named to: 6345626 SJT.A.G.WILLS R,SIGNAL.(not entitled to the AFGHANISTAN N.W.F.1919 clasp) Defence and War Medals. 1935 Jubilee Medal, 1937 Coronation Medal,Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, named to: 6335626W.O.CLII A.G.WILLS.R.SIGNALS. Medals very fine to extremely fine, as purchased. Mentioned in despatches 12th January, 1920. WILLS,128 SJT A.G., I.U.L. All Regimental nos. confirmed on M.I.C. Medals and clasps confirmed on rolls, supplied with group. Arrived in Mesopotamia August 1915 Just a few Officers and odd men of the Royal West Kents entitled to G.S.M.clasp IRAQ.Roll states Wills along with three other men were serving with 33rd divisional signals, now "B" divisional signals A rare group
FINE GROUP OF EIGHT TO MAJOR SHARP ROYAL ARMOURED CORPS 1939/45 Star,Africa Star with clasp 8TH ARMY,Italy Star,France and Germany Star,Defence and War Medals,General Service Medal,clasp: PALESTINE 1945-48,named to: CAPT L.A.G. SHARP R.A.C.,Territorial Efficiency Medal,(George VI) clasp TERRITORIAL,named to: LT L.A.G.SHARP R.A.C. Medals very fine to good very fine,mounted on wearing bar as worn Served WW2 Royal Armoured Corps,LT Temporary Captain London Gazette 20/03/1947 Transferred Royal Army Service Corps (Major London Gazette 25th May 1956,22 March 1960 Copies of Gazette entries included.
FINE GROUP OF ELEVEN TO STAFF SERGT NEVILL ROYAL ARTILLERY AND ARMY PAY CORPS-WOUNDED WESTERN DESERT 1942 1939/45 Star/Italy Star,clasp: 8TH ARMY,Italy Star,France and Germany Star,Defence and War Medals,Korea Medal,United Nations Korea,Africa General Service Medal,clasp KENYA,Campaign Service Medal, clasp:SOUTH ARABIA,and Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,clasp REGULAR ARMY. 1438844 W.O.CL.2 H E NEVILLE R.A. on Kore Medal,22961606 SGT H E NEVILL R.A.P.C. on A.G.S. Medal,S/SGT R.A.P.C.on C.S.M.and SGT on L.S.G.C.Medal. Medals about good very fine, mounted as worn. A fine group of eleven. Sgt H.E Nevill was wounded in the Western Desert serving with 1/2 LIGHT A/A Regt.on 24/10/1942 For miniature group see item no: 51808
FINE GROUP OF NINE TO LT COL BEEVOR O..B.E-TERRITORIAL DECORATION WITH FOUR CONFIRMED CLASPS O.B.E.(Civil) Order of St John (serving brothers badge) British War Medal Victory Medal with M.I.D.France and Germany Star, Defence and War Medals,1953 Coronation Medal,Territorial Decoration, dated 1942 with first,second, third and forth award clasps.British War and Victory Medals named to: LT C.T.A.BEEVOR World War 2 Medals,and Decoration named to: LT.COL.C.T.A..BEEVOR. M.I.D.London Gazette : 04/07/1919 Beevor Lt.C.T.A.,C/52nd Bde O.B.E. London Gazette: 1st January 1957;Lieutenant Colonel Cecil Thomas Ashworth Beevor,T.D.,D.L.,Chairman,Association of Drainage Authorities. Territorial Decoration, London Gazette 24/02/1942.Major. C.T.A. Beevor (36367) 3x Clasps: London Gazette 03rd November 1950 Lt Col.C.T.A.Beevor 4th Clasp: London Gazette 01/12/1953 Royal Regiment of Artillery LT-Col C.T.A.Beevor T.D.(36367) Retired. Order of St John 14/01/1964 Officer (Brother) Lieut Colonel Cecil Thomas Ashworth Beevor,O.B.E.,D.L. Comes with a 6 x pages of A 4 typed sheets of Lt Col Beevors' experiences and recollections of the Great War.A few excerpts listed below; A classical Scholar at Repton, he joined the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, and passed out in February 1916,and joined the 53rd Field Artillery France.Mentions in detail 1st July 1916,and "Maintaining communications in the line by "dodging from shell hole to shell hole" over 1000 yards of open land and,being occasionally sniped at and mending the breaks in the wire caused by German shell-fire.Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. 1917 "all this led up to the battle of Arras on the 12th April 1917.It was while looking for a suitable spot for observation,near a building marked on the map as "Pont de Jour" that I got wounded by a bullet in the neck.When I got back to the Battery position the M.O.sent me to a Casualty Clearing Station and from there I was sent to a Hospital at Wimeroux,put on a Ship back to England,and woke at Manchester. 1918; "We came into action again on the Thelus Ridge,to the North of Arras,and just t the right of the Canadians at Vimy ridge.In fact I remember spending quite a lot of time with the Canadian Battalion at their headquarters ........"I was able to take a Gun gun forward of the Thelus Ridge and do some sniping at any movement I saw in the German lines or at night shoot up a crossroads area in their rear where there was was a possibility of of their transport bringing up supplies. At this this time I was able to get from a heavy Battery nearby some new fuses for our H E shells which were far more instantaneous than the old No.40 fuse,screw in the new fuse and have a shell which would burst as soon as it touched down,without burying itself in the earth.It became a much more effective weapon" A fascinating record of an Artillery Officers' experiences in WW1-a good read. Cecil Thomas Ashworth was born in 1898 and died in 1989,the year after he wrote his reminiscences of WW I In his Civil life he was a Solicitor,and deputy borough coroner and clerk to the Great Yarmouth Parish Church Estate & Muckfleet Drainage Commissioners,Acle drainage board and and Solicitor to the the Abbey Building Society. a scarce O.B.E, Order of St John T,D with 4 clasp group see item no;51556 for his miniature group
FINE GROUP OF SEVEN TO DONNELLY COLOUR SERGEANT/QURTERMASTER SERGEANT ROYAL MARINES 1939/45 Star,Atlantice Star,Burma Star,1939/45 War Medal,Naval General Service Medal,(Elizabeth II) clasp: CYPRUS,named to: CH/X 3620 G DONNELLY CLR SGT R.M. Campaign Service Medal, clasp: BORNEO,named to: CH/X 3620 G.DONNELLY Q.M.S. R.M. Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,(Elizabeth II) This named to: CH/X3620 G.DONNELLY SGT R.M. Medals overall very fine and better,with some contact wear,have been sometime lacquered,whaich has partly worn off.Mounted on wearing bar, as worn Fine group to the Royal Marines
FINE SOUTH AFRICA CHINA LONG SERVICE GROUP TO JAMES BUNDAY H.M.S.TERRIBLE Queens South Africa Medal,no clasp,named to: J BUNDAY P.O.1ST CL.H.M.S.TERRIBLE. China 1900 Medal, no clasp, named to: J BUNDAYP.O.1 CL.H.M.S.TERRIBLE British War Medal,named to: 110829 J.BUNDAY P.O.R.N. Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Victoria) Named to: JAS. BUNDAY. LDG SEAN.H.M.S. BOSCOWEN. Medals average about good vert fine,and toned. James Bunday was born in Dibden,Hampshire 16th October, 1864. He joined the Royal Navy on 7th January 1880.He served on numerous Ships and Shore establishments, including: TRIMCOMALEE/BOSCAWEN/INPREGNABLE/NORTHAMPTON/EXCELLENT/DUKE OF WEELINGTONCROCODILE/REDPOLE/V EMMANUEL/ALACRITY/ENCHANTRESS and CORDELIA,before joining H.M.S TERRIBLE on 24th October 1898,and travelling to South Africa and then China,and qualified for those Medals.He joined the Royal Fleet Reserve in Portsmouth,16th January 1902. He was recalled for WW1 service,and served in H.M.S Victory and Research,for which he qualified for the British War Medal only. He was invalided with Rheumatism on 12/02/1918,His Long Service Medal was awarded 13/03/1893. Sold with large copied service record
FRANCE-MEDAL OF HONOUR -RAILWAYS-AWARDED TO ALPHONSE BRYCHE 1929 France Medal of honour for the Railways. AwArded to: GEORGES BRYCHE 1934. Silvered bronze,about very fine, no ribbon. Awarded for for Long Service and exceptional acts of courage or devotion on the Railways.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP CYPRUS-TO FUSILIER KANE-LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS General Service Medal (QUEII) clasp: CYPRUS named to: 23361466 FUS.M.KANE.L.F. Medal very fine or better, on original pin as issued.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP MALAYA- TO ROBERTS- ROYAL ENGINEERS General Service Medal (Elizabeth II) clasp: MALAYA Named to: 23470245 SPR.G.ROBERTS.R.E. Medal about very fine
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP MALAYA-TO BIRCH-WEST YORKSHIRE REGT General Service Medal (GEORGE VI) clasp: MALAYA. Named to: 22559644 PTE.J.H.BIRCH.W.YORKS.R. Medal very fine or better, toned, with one edge bruise, on original wearing pin.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP MALAYA-TO INGHAM-ROYAL ARMY SERVICE CORPS General Service Medal (Elizabeth II) clasp: MALAYA Named to: T/21183101 SGT.R.J.G.INGHAM R.A.S.C. Medal very fine or better.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP PALESTINE 1945-48 TO LT JAMES McMEEKIN YOUNG McCOLM General Service Medal, clasp: PALESTINE 1945-48 named to: LT.J..Mc M.Y. McCOLM.R.A.M.C. London Gazette, 30th September, 1947. R.A.M.C.non Medical Section James McMeekin-Young McColm (380992) to be 2nd Lieutenant. Medal about very fine or better, with a few e/nicks
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP PALESTINE-ELKIN R.A.S.C. General Service Medal(GEORGE VI) clasp PALESTINE Named to: T/865412 DVR W ELKIN R.A.S.C. Medal about good very fine,very small correction to "E" on name. Served with the 58th.Co.R.A.S.C.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP PALESTINE-HALL ESSEX REGIMENT General Service Medal (1918-62) George VI,clasp: PALESTINE Named to: 6010723 PTE W HALL,ESSEX.R. Medal about ugood very fine, toned mounted on original pin.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP PALESTINE-HAMPTON ESSEX REGIMENT Genaral Service Medal (1918-62) Georege VI, clasp: PALESTINE Named to: 6011962 PTE.L.HAMPTON.ESSEX R. Medal about good very fine,toned
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP PALESTINE-TO COLMAN 11TH HUSSARS ROYAL ARMOURED CORPS-WHO DIED ON 25TH FEBRUARY 1942-BURIED AT HELIOPOLIS WAR CEMERTERY GenEral Service Medal,clasp: PALESTINE,named to: 55219p PTE A COLMAN 11-H Medal about extremely fine. Alfred George Colman 552190 11th Hussars Royal Armoured Corps, died on 25th February 1942,and is buried in the Heliopolis War Cemetery. For Fathers Medal see item no: 52011 in pairs and groups
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP-SOUTHERN DESERT IRAQ-TO BAILEY R.A.F. General Service Medal,(George V) Clasp: SOUTHERN DESERT IRAQ. Named to: 358777 CPL. L.J.BAILEY R.A.F. Medal about good very fine, with a couple of rim nicks. Leonard Joseph Bailey was born Mile End,Old Town,London in 1898. He served in The Rifle Brigade and K.R.R.C.WW1. Joined the 1924,occupation given as Clerk (Self-Employed) Served Halton, Iraq and Southern Desert Iraq, and Depot Uxbridge.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-MALAYA-TO BATES-ROYAL ARTILLERY General Service Medal ( George VI ) clasp: MALAYA Named to: 1445174 GNR.W.G.BATES.R.A. Medal extremely fine.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-MALAYA-TO GIBBARD- REME General Service Medal (QEII) clasp: MALAYA Named to: 22481067 PTE.G.C.E.GIBBARD.R.E.M.E. Medal about extremely fine
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-MALAYA-TO GUNNER MELLISH ROYAL ARTILLERY General Service Medal (George VI) clasp: MALAYA Named to: 23657413 GNR.R.MELLISH.R.A, Medal extremely fine
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-MALAYA-TO ROBINSON-EAST YORKS REGT General Service Medal(Elizabeth II) clasp: MALAYA Named to: 23006772 PTE.J.ROBINSON.E.YORKS. Medal about good very fine and toned, on original pin for wearing
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-MALAYA-TO SALVAGE-ROYAL ARTILLERY General Service Medal (Elizabeth II ) clasp: MALAYA Named to: 22980946 GNR.J.SALVAGE.R..A. Medal good very fine,toned
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-MALAYA-TO SWEET-SOMERSET LIGHT INFANTRY Campaign Service Medal (George VI), clasp: MALAYA Named to: 22530955 PTE.H.P.SWEET SOM.L.I. Medal extremely fine.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-PALESTINE- TO COLLINS KING\'S OWN REGIMENT General Service Medal, clasp: PALESTINE. Named to: 2022885 PTE.J.COLLINS KING'S OWN R. Medal about good very fine. Confirmed on roll.
GENERAL SERVICE/LONG SERVICE PAIR TO FLETCHER-R.E.M.E. General Service Medal (George VI) clasp: MALAYA Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Elizabeth II) clasp: REGULAR ARMY. Named to: 22523037 CPL.D.FLETCHER.R.E.M.E. (SGT on L.S.G.C.) Medals are about good very fine, mounted on pin for wearing
GORLESTON VOLUNTEER LIFEBOAT LIFESAVING MEDAL-CHRISTEAN OCTOBER 14TH 1903 Gorleston Volunteer Lifeboat Medal Obverse: a depiction of a Norfolk and Suffolk type Lifeboat in full sail in a choppy sea,GORLESTON VOLUNTEER LIFEBOAT in a scroll at the bottom.Un-named as issued Reverse: CHRISTEAN OCT.14TH 1903 within a wreath. Medal 38 mm with top "Lifebelt" suspension bar and on pin for wearing,with a replacement ribbon. The Elizabeth Simpson Lifeboat was called to the aid of the 200 ton Swedish Schooner "Christean" on 14th October 1903.On that Wednesday evening guns were heard from the Cross sands and St Nicholas Light Ships, and Coxswain G.Crisp mustered his crew at the boathouse.A message had already been received at Gorleston to tell the R.N.L.I boat not to put out, as The "John Burch" (The Gt.Yarmouth Lifeboat ) was just leaving Yarmouth beach.Nevertheless,it was decided to launch the volunteer Lifeboat The Elizabeth Simpson, and at 6.30 p.m.the 21 man crew launched the Lifeboat on a half-ebb tide with the wind in the south. The S.S.Burmah of Hull towed out the Elizabteh Simpson to the wreck, which proved to be the three-masted Schooner Christean, a Swedish craft From Fowey to Leith with a cargo of china clay. She lay on Cross Ridge sand in about three to four feet of water,and great difficulty was experienced by the lifeboat in reaching her,grounding three times and taking about three hours to wear down to the doomed ship.Three of the crew of the Christean were drowned before the arrival of the Lifeboat,having taken to the small boat which was swamped. The Elizabeth Simpson sustained much damage in effecting the rescue, but she was able to safely return to harbour bringing in the three survivors of the crew of six.This was indeed a splendid piece of work, and but for the launching of the Elizabeth Simpson the consequences would have been dire as the Yarmouth boat was unable to reach the ship against the the head wind and tide. Comes with a copy of my article "The Gorleston Volunteer Lifeboat Elizabeth Simpson" by Gary Brown,which was published in "The Lifesaving Awards Research Society's Journal" no 36, which also gives a brief history of the boat. Scarce item
GROUP OF EIGHT TO MICKLEBOROUGH-ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE-ENTITLED TO THE D.S.M. 1914/15 Star,British War and Victory Medal,these naemd to: DA 3027 C J MICKLEBOROUGH D.H. R.N.R. 1939/45 Star,Atlantic Star,Defence and War Medals,Royal Naval Reserve Long Service Medal (George V1) named to: 499 E.U. C.J.MICKLEBOROUGH .ENG. R.N.R. Medals about good very fine, mounted swing style for display. Awarded D.S.M. London Gazette 01/01/1943 Charles James Mickleborough was born in California,Ormesby St Margaret, Norfolk in 1896.He served from 13/01/1915 to 07/07/1919 in PARADOX II He was demobilised in 1919,and rejoined the Royal Naval Reserve in 1920 ,asan engineman.His later service record dates from 1928, showing him now living at Cleethorpes,Grimsby.His service record dated from 1938 shows him serving on SKIRMISHER,EUROPA,BOSCOWEN and PARIS until 31/12/1942.H.M.S "Huddersfield Town,03/12/1943..His papers show that he was awarded the D.S.M.London Gazette 01/12/1943,H.M.S. "Huddersfield Town" Apparently Huddersfield Town also picked-up survivors from S.S. Llancarvon 30th May 1943,but this is not mentioned in the London Gazette,being a general citation. Later served SKIRMISHER and EUROPA.Released September 1945. Comes with a whole wad of service sheets,London Gazette,etc.
GROUP OF FIVE TO GRIFFIN-SUFFOLK REGIMENT AND ARMY VETERINARY CORPS India General Service Medal (1854) clasp: HAZARA 1888 Named to:1028 PTE.W.GRIFFIN1ST BN.SUFF R Queens South Africa Medal, clasps; CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL Kings South Africa Medal, clasps SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 Named to:1812 PTE.W.GRIFFIN SUFFOLK REGT British War and Victory Medals, named to: SE-14619 PTE.W.GRIFFIN A.V.C. Medals about very fine, contact wear on first three, mounted court-style for display. Walter Griffin was born in South Hincksey, Oxfordshire around 1865. He attested for the Oxford Light Infantry (1835) on 1st March, 1885.He was transferred to the Suffolk Regt on 1st July 1886 and served in the Hazara campaign in 1888.Passed a Mounted Infantry course in 1891.Served in South Africa qualifying for the Q.SA./K.S.A. Discharged sometime in 1902, he then attested for the Royal Garrison Regiment on 29th April, 1903 (no 726) and then then attested for the Hampshire Regt (7553) on 15th August ,1905, being discharged at his own request on 16th March, 1908. Served with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, being discharged due to sickness on 25 January 1916. His papers erroneously state that he was entitled to an Egypt Medal clasp Suakin-this was later corrected on some of his later papers, showing entitlement crossed out. The K.S.A. shows light pitting, so probably from contact with the Khedives Star, which was probably self awarded along with the Egypt medal.(3 sets of papers) Papers available online. Comes with copied M.I.C., medal and medal rolls. Interesting group
GROUP OF FIVE TO SERGEANT BURTON-DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY KINGS OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY AND ROYAL ARTILLERY British War and Victory Medals, named to: 45803 PTE.C BURTON.DURH.L.I. General Service Medal(George V) clasp: IRAQ Named to: 4682085 PTE.C.BURTON.K.O.Y.L.I 1939/45 Star and 1939/45 War Medal. Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(George V) clasp: REGULAR ARMY named to 4682085 SJT C.BURTON R. Also comes with his two fibre dog tags and WW2 Medal award slip Medals average about very fine, third a little polished Also comes with copied M.I.C and Medal rolls
GROUP OF FOUR TO BREVET COLONEL LIONEL GRANT OLIVER C.M.G. M.I.D.MIDDLESEX REGIMENT Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/JOHANNESBURG Named to: MAJOR L.G.OLIVER MIDDX RGT British War and Victory(M.I.D. emblem) Medals, named to: BT.COL.L.G.OLIVER Medals very fine to extremely fine, e/nicks and bruising on Q.S.A. mounted as worn, on ribbon bar, entitled to 1914/15 star, but perhaps he never received it? Arrived in France on 01/09/1915 War services: S. African War 1899-1902-Adjt.Mtd.Inf. Operations in the Orange Free State, Feb to May 00 including actions at Houtnek, Vet River (5th and 6th May) and Zand River. Operations in the Transvaal, west of Pretoria, July to 29th Nov.1900.Operatons in the Transvaal,30th November,1900 to 31st May,1902. Queens Medal with 3 clasps, Kings Medal with 2 clasps.The War of 1914-1919-Despatches L/G 15/01/1916.CMG. Who Was Who: OLIVER, Col .Lionel Grant, C.M.G.1916: Born 16th August 1858 married 1920 Stella, daughter of W.E.W..Collins ,The Grange, North Runcton.Educated at Trinity Hall,Cambridge: Sandhurst.1st commission 77th Foot, 1879: Adjutant Coorg and Mysore Rifles 1886-92; Captain 1887;1st Middllesex 1892;served with the 7th M.I. in S.A. War;1900-02(Queen\'s Medal, King\'s Medal, clasps) commanded 1st Batt. Middlesex 1908,Commanded 13th Middlesex Regt1914;served European War in France with this Btn.,1 Aug1915-30th March,1916, including battle of Loos(despatches, C.M.G) Commanded 2/5th Northumberland Fusiliers 1916. Address: Summer Hill, Heacham, Norfolk,club: Army and Navy. Died 27th March, 1936. C.M.G. London Gazette 3rd June 1916: Lt.Col and Brevet Colonel Lionel Grant Oliver, Ret.Pay,late comdg.Serv.Bn.,Middlesex Regt. Mentioned in despatches13th June 1916; Oliver Bt.Col. L.G.(ret pay) Comes with copied London Gazettes, etc.
GROUP OF SEVEN TO LIEUTENANT SYKES M.B.E.-ROYAL ENGINEERS M.B.E.(Military) Queens South Africa Medal,clasps :ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/BELMONT. Kings South Africa Medal, clasps: SOUTH AFRICA1901/SOUTH AFRICA1902,Brirtish War and Victory Medals,Defence Medal, and Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(EdwardVII) Corporal on Q.S.A.,Sergt on K.S.A.,W.O.1 on WW1 Pair,Q.M SJT Instructor on L.S.G.C.Medal. Charles Starkey Sykes was born in 1867 in Lincoln.He enlisted in the Lincolnshire Volunteers in 1889,and then enlisted in the Royal Engineers in 1892 He arrived in Salonika on 03/01/1917.He was an Instructor in Engineering.,Retiring as a Captain, 1928 Medals about very fine and better,court mounted,backing a little "tatty". Comes with two original photos of Sykes,original typed and signed record of his service,dated 1927. census returns,etc Nice Group.
GROUP OF SIX TO COLONEL CHARLES RICHARD FOSTER SEYMOUR-HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT AND INDIAN ARMY- A WELL KNOWN RITUAL MAGICIAN AND OCCULTIST-HE ALSO WORKED FOR THE S.I.S. AND S.O.E. IN WW2 Queens South Africa Medal, clasps; CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901.This named to: LIEUT C.R.F.SEYMOUR 2/HAMPS RGT.(engraved naming) 1914/15 Star, named to; CAPT.C.R/F/SEYMOUR 13/RAJPUTS. British War Medal, named to: CAPT C.R.F.SEYMOUR Victory Medal, unnamed, not erased General Service Medal,clasp IRAQ,named to; MAJOR C.R.F.SEYMOUR. India General Service Medal, clasp: WAZIRISTAN 1919-21 Named : MAJ.C.R.F.SEYMOUR 2-6 RAJ RIF. Medals very fine to exremely fine, mounted on pin as worn Charles Richard Foster Seymour was born at Parsontown, Ireland in 1880. Seymour joined the Hampshire Regiment as a Second Lieutenant. A university candidate,he was augmented on 16/02/1900 Lieutenant LG May 29th,1903,Captain L.G. May 14th 1909 (13th Rajputs) His m.i.c.states Major-T/Lt Col. He served in German East Africa at Tanga-and is mentioned in "The soldiers burden" as being in charge of a patrol of the 13th Rajputs, and observing enemy machine gun positions, which was not taken seriously by Brigade headquarters. He relinquished his temporary rank of Lieutenant Col. on ceasing to to hold an appointment as A.A.G.(London Gazette 20th November 1924) Colonel Charles Richard Foster Seymour was a well- known Magician and Occultist,who also wrote several works, including "The diplomatic background of the War" published in 1916 and "The forgotten Mage: the magical lectures of C.R.F.Seymour"later edited by Delores Ashcroft-Novicki in a reprint of his earlier works. "The Old Gods" written between 1936-37 In the 1930's he formed an Association with the well-known occultist and practiser Dion Fortune ( Violet May Firth) also a Doctor and Psychoanylist who devoted her life to study of the occult and had numerous books, articles, and seven novels published in her lifetime.She based a couple of characters in her books on Colonel Seymour. She bought properties in London and Glastonbury,(Violet Mary Firth (1896-1946 is buried at Glastonbury) Michael Howard, in his article "The Occult War Secret Agents,Magicians and Hitler" sets out the links between the Nazi Party and their links with the occult,and especially the activities of Aleister Crowley.He mentions the anti-Nazi activities of Dione Fortune and her "Fraternity of the inner light" which have been published as "The magical Battle of Britain".Dione Fortune had a link by Marriage to Cecil Williams' MI6 recruite,r Major Edward Maltby.Both he and and another MI6 officer,Anthony Daws, belonged to a magical lodge led by Christine Hartley,one of Fortunes' students,until they fell out, and her then magical partner was Charles Richard Foster Seymour.known as "Kim" His article states that Seymour served in the Indian Army and had taken part in covert actions in Iraq during the First World War and worked as a Russian translator.He was employed by the War Office to intercept and study enemy messages.Using his specialist knowledge his job description included investigating links between British and German occult groups.Later Seymour joined the SIS,and during the war he became head of the Dutch section of SOE,which cannot have been much later, as he died suddenly and unexpectedly in 1943. For further reading see "Dancers to the Gods"-"The magical records of Charles Seyour and Christine Hartly 1937-39" by Alan Richardson.Sold with copies of various internet articles and copied London Gazettes, etc. Very interesting group and recipient, worthy of further research. For miniature group see item no: 52203
GROUP OF TEN TO PETTY OFFICER V.B.E.PALMER ROYAL NAVY-A SURVIVOR OF THE FAMOUS ITALIAN HUMAN-TORPEDO ATTACK ON H.M.S.VALIANT IN DECEMBER 1941 1939/45 Star,bar France and Germany;Africa Star;Pacific Star;Italy Star;War Medal 1939-45;Naval General Service Medal 1915-62 one clasp Palestine 1945-48 (Ldg Smn R.N.) number officially corrected;Queens Korea (Ldg Smn R.N.);Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal E.II.R.(Ldg Smn.,H.M.S.Pembroke), ship officially corrected.U.N.Korea,slight contact wear good very fine.Court mounted,a couple of Medals have adhesive tabs stuck to rear of Medals to hold them in place, but could easily removed. Comes with original parchment certificate of service,a well presented folder, with copied photos of the ships he served on,and two copied photos.Ex Spink Circular-1998-for full details of Palmer'career, see Spink Circular catalogue details,picture 3 Nice original lot
GROUP OF THREE TO COLLINS-9TH REGT Sutlej Medal for Mooodkee, clasps: FEROZESHUHUR/SOBRAON Named to: PATRICK COLLINS 9TH REGT About fine, with heavy contact wear.and edge bruising, the A, T, and R of Patrick very worn Crimea Medal, clasp SEBASTOPOL naming erased otherwise good very fine. Turkish Crimea Medal (British issue LA CRIMEA) Named to: 2089 SERGT.P.COLLINS.1ST BN.9TH REGT.(Regimental contemporary naming) about very fine Also entitled to a Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Patrick Collins was born in Tallaght, Dublin in 1825. He enlisted in the 9th Foot on 9th May, 1843, his trade given as labourer. He was present at all three battles the 9th Regt took part in, in the war of the Sutlej in 1846, Moodkee, Ferozeshuhur and Sobraon. Promoted to corporal in 1848, he achieved the rank of sergeant in 1850.He then served with the 9th Foot in the Crimea at the siege of Sebasopol.The recommendation for his Long service Medal was made on 9th August 1861.He was discharged in Limerick on 24th May 1864,having a total service of 21 years and six months. He had served 2 years and six momths in the East Indies, 8 months in Malta,1 Year 8 months in the Crimea,1 year and 6 months in Canada and 1 year in Corfu. He character was desribed as very good, and he was never court martialled,and his name never appeared in the regimental defaulters book. On leaving the Regiment,he was appointed to the permanent staff of the Hereford Militia and gave his intended place of residence as Hereford. Comes with a large file of research,including service papers,census returns,etc.
I.G.S.(1854) CLASP JOWAKI/AFGHANISTAN ALI MUSJID PAIR TO DOLEMAN 51ST REGT OF FOOT India General Service Medal (1854) clasp: JOWAKI 1877-78 named to: 157 WILLM..DOLEMAN.51st FOOT Afghanistan 1878-79-80 Medal, clasp ALI MUSJID Named to: 8,Bde/157 PTE.W.E.DOLEMAN 51st REGT Medals very fine or better, with a few e/nicks.
IMPERIAL YEOMANRY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-SJT W.B.YOUNG SURREY IMPERIAL YEOMANRY -ONE OF ONLY 12 ISSUED Imperial Yeomanry Long Service Medal Named to: 226 SJT.W.B.YOUNG.SURREY.IMP.YEO. Medal about good very fine,suspension slightly twisted. Only 12 issued to the Surrey Imperial Yeomany. Young has the distinction to be the last name listed in John Tamplin\'s Medal roll in \"The Imperial Yeomany Long Service and Good Conduct Medal\"
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE (1854) AFGHANISTAN PAIR TO SURGEON MAJOR DONALD ELCUM-MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES FOR BURMA 1887 India General Service Medal (1854) clasps: BURMA 1885-7 /BURMA 1887-89 (this bar stitched on).Named to: SURGEON D.ELCUM I.M.D. Afghanistan Medal 1878-79-80,no clasp, named to: SURGEON :DNLD ELCUM I.M.D. Medals are about extremely fine and toned, small nick on I.G.S.On original stitched ribbons.(Medal and clasps confirmed on roll) Taken from India Medical Service: Elcum Donald. Born 28th May,Guy's L.S.A.1875.m.r.c.s.1876.Surgeon 31st March 1877.S.M.31 March 1889.Retired 1895.Lt Colonel 18th October 1903,promoted for services in connection with the South African War for service outside South Africa.Rejoined for service in War of 1914-1918.Died in London 11 August 1922.Afghanistan 1879-80 Medal.Burma 1886-87 ,Desp. G.C.O. No 434 of 1887.Medal.War of 1914-19 Desp. L.G.22 Jan 1919 and 5 June 1919. The Medical directories have additional information: Donald Elcum, of 41, Montpelior Terrace,Cheltenham,and Luxor,Upper Egypt. Late Superintendant Lunatic Asylum Madras.Inspector of Disps H.H. The Nazim's dominions,and Super.Medical Off.Native Hosp.Luxor. Zillah Surgeon and Superintendent of Jails Berhampore Appointed examiner of Surgical Instruments,India Store depot,April,1908. The 1911 census lists him as:Lieutenant Colonel,H.M.'s Indian Medical Service (retired) and now Inspector of Surgical Instruments to H.M.'s Indian Government,at India Office, Whitehall. Sold with copied documents, much information available on Ancestry
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE -AFGHANISTAN PAIR TO WEBSTER NORFOLK REGIMENT India General Service Medal,clasp: JOWAKI 1877-78.Named to: 30 PTE J WEBSTER 2/9TH FOOT Afghanistan Medal 1878-79-80 Clasp KABUL,Named to: 30 PTE J WEBSTER 2/9TH FOOT. Medals about very fine, a little contact wear. John Webster was born in the parish of St George,London,around 1855.He attested for general service in in Westminster 25th June 1873.Originally given the number of 4678 in The King's Royal Rifle Corps,he transferred to the 2/9th Foot with the Regimental no of 2763,his number later changing to no 30.Posted to India,He spent several spells in the cells before serving in the Jowaki Campaign,and then the Afghan campaign.Returning home,he joined the reserve.He re-enlisted to complete 21 years with the 60th Kings Royal Rifle Corps.He was discharged in 1894 having served 21 years,141 days. Sold with copied service papers,etc,and a synopsis of his career
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL (1854) -TO ETHERINGTON-ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT India General Service Medal (1854) clasp: HAZARA1888 Named to: 1271 PTE.W.ETHERINGTON 2ND BN.,R.SUSS.R. (William Etherington) Medal good very fine, one small e/bruise. Medal and clasp confirmed on roll. copy supplied with medal.
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL (1854) CLASP BURMA 1885-7 -TO TAYLOR COMMISSARIAT DEPT India General Service Medal (1854) clasp: BURMA 1885-7 named to: SERGT A J TAYLOR BL.COMMT DPT. (Bengal Commissariat Dept) Medal good very fine, a couple of tiny e/nicks.
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL (1854) CLASP BURMA 1887-89-TO BLUNDY-HAMPSHIRE REGT-DECEASED ON ROLL India General Service Medal (1854) clasp: BURMA1887-89 Named to: 520 PTE,W,BLUNDY 1ST BN.HAMPS R. Medal very fine or better. Confirmed on roll and listed as \"deceased 18/06/1889
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL (1854) CLASP: BURMA 1885-7-TO COLOUR SERGT DADGE -2ND BTN LIVERPOOL REGT India General Service Medal (1854) clasp: BURMA 1885-7 Named to: 1167 CLR SERGT.J.DADGE 2ND BN.L/POOL R. Medal about very fine. Medal and clasp confirmed on roll-a copy of which supplied with medal.
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL CLASP PERSIA TO CAPTAIN JAMES DENNIS DE VITRE 26TH REGIMENT BOMBAY NATIVE INFANTRY India General Service Medal, clasp: PERSIA Named to:CAPT. J.D.DE VITRE 26TH REGT BOMBAY N.I. Medal about good very fine, and toned. Appointed Ensign May 1835 Appointed Lieutenant 13th November 1839 Captain 25th February 1847 Retired 13th October 1857 Died 8th March 1869 In 1836 he is listed as Deputy Paymaster at Mhow
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL GROUP OF FIVE TO HUGGINS-WOUNDED ON 06/08/1944 NORTHWEST EUROPE- A V.C. ACTION IN WHICH \"BASHER \" BATES WON THE VICTORIA CROSS India General Service Medal (George VI) clasp: NORTHWEST FRONTIER 1936-37 Named to: 5771807 PTE.R.J.HUGGINS.R.NORF.R. 1939/45 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence and War Medals. Group good very fine to extremely fine, on original stitched ribbons as worn-note incorrect ribbons. Comes with copied casualty information. On the 6/08/1944 the Royal Norfolk\'s were attacked by the 10th S.S. Panzer Division at Soudevalle. Sydney Bates of the Norfolk\'s won a posthumous Victoria Cross on this date
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL(1854) TO BROWN- SOMERSET LIGHT INFANTRY India General Service Medal(1854) clasp: BURMA 1885-87.Named to: 490 PTE.E.BROWN 2ND. BN. SOM.L.I. Medal about good very fine, dark toned. Edward Brown was born in 1866, and enlisted on the 28th September, 1883.He embarked for India on H.M.S. Crocodile on 28th February 1885. Confirmed on Medal roll.
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-BURMA 1885-87 AND BURMA 187-89-TO LIEUT-GEORGE CHRISTOPHER McDOWELL BIRDWOOD- BOMBAY LANCERS-LATER LIEUTENANT COLONEL C.B.E. India General Service Medal (1854) calsps: BURMA 1885-87 and BURMA 1887-89.Named to: LIEUT G.C. Mc D BIRDWOOD.1ST BOMBAY LCRS. Medal about good very fine, and cleaned at some time.Born 28th March,1863 at Malligaum,Bombay, India. Commissioned Lieut,North Staffordshire Regiment,9th September 1882,then Staff Corps and st Bombay Lancers,Squadron Officer and Adjutant.1st October 1886,Captain 9th September 1893;Major 10th July 1901.Superintendant of Remount Depot, Hosur.Lieutentant Colonel 31 May 1907.From indian Army Services: Lt Colonel G.C. M'D Birdwood served with the Burmese Expedition in 1885-89 (Medal with two clasps).Served in the campaign on the North West Frontier of India under Sir William Lockhart in 1898 with the Tirah Expeditiony Force as orderley Officer 2nd Division (Mentioned in despatches,Medal with 2 clasps). He was appointed as a Commander of the British Empire,(London Gazette 03 June 1919-Birdwood George Christopher Mc Dowall,Remount Service).An online forum mentions that he was still district remount Ofiicer for Surrey in 1924.Died Wells, Somerset in 1944. Sold with copied London Gazettes,Harts entries etc. For related miniature see item 52313
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP BHOOTAN-TO HOPKINS 80TH REGT-ALSO SERVED INDIAN MUTINY AND RECEIVED A LONG SERVICE MEDAL India General Service Medal, clasp: BHIOOTAN,named to: 3163 G.HOPKINS H.M's 80TH REGT.(impressed naming) Medal about good very fine,with a little contact wear. John Hopkins was born in Balintuber,Castlebar,Mayo in 1834. He atteasted for the 80th Regt in 1853.He was discharged in 1874, having completed 21 years service.He is also entitled the Indian Mutiny Medal, and a Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Full set of discharge papaers available online.
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP JOWAKI-ELLIS 4TH RIFLE BRIGADE India General Service Medal,clasp: JOWAKI 1877-78. Named to: 2081 PTE.WILLM ELLIS 4 BN.RIFLE BDE. Medal extremely fine, with dark glossy tone. Confirmed on roll,also entitled to Afghanistan Medal, clasp ALI MUSJID
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP NAGA HILLS India General Service Medal,clasp: NAGA HILLS Named to: 33458212 SEP.KU NDAN ST BGH SIKH R. Medal about extremely fine
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP PERSIA-TO SERJT NEVILLE- BOMBAY SAPPERS AND MINERS India General Service Medal,(1854) clasp: PERSIA,named to: SERJT.F.NEVILLE BOMBAY SAPPERS AND MINERS.(Impressed naming)) Medal about very fine or better. Listed on the Roll of the Bengal Sappers and Miners,Europeans entitled to the Persian Medal. Frank Neville is shown on the Town Majors list of Europeans serving 1855,and the following information is given: Born Tunbridge, Kent Attested 30 January,1844.Arrived on the Herefordshire, 1846,on unlimited engagement, and in the Public Works Dept.He died in 1864. According to Asplins roll,only 22 Europeans, and 248 Natives of the Bombay Sappers and Miners received the I.G.S. clasp Persia. Sold with copied roll,etc
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-JEMADAR KIRPA RAM 1-2 PUNJAB R India General Serbice Medal (1908) clasp: WAZIRISTAN 1921-24. Named to JEMDR.KIRPA RAM.1-2 PJB R. Medal about good very fine. Possibly also entitled to a Generl Service Medal clasp Iraq
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-WAZIRISTAN 1919-21 -TO SOWAR GHOOLAM MOHD-17TH CAVALRY India General Service Medal (1908) clasp: WAZIRISTAN 1919-21, named to: 2856 SOWAR GHOOLAM MOHD,17 CAVY. Medal about very fine.
INDIA MUTINY MEDAL-CLASP DELHI-TO WILLIAM KILLEEN 1ST BATTALION, 60TH RIFLES-DIED OF SUNSTROKE India Mutiny Medal,clasp: DELHI.Named to: W.KILLEEN 1ST.BN 60TH RIFLES. Medal about extremely fine,a few marks in obverse field. William Killeen died of long-de-soleil (sunstroke) on 12/09/1857. Comes with research by Ivan Mortenson,detailing the movements anf actions of the 60th Rifles up to the death of Killeen,copy Medal roll,etc.
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL GROUP OF THREE TO BOURNE-OX AND BUCKS LIGHT INFANTRY India General Service Medal (1908) clasp: BURMA 1930-32 Named to: 5378841 PTE,J,BOURNE. OXF & BUCKS L.I. Defence Medal, Civil Defence Long Service Medal and Association of Conservative Clubs Distinguished Service Medal, with two five year bars, named to: J.T.BOURNE 1956 (Gilt Metal) Medals very fine and better, the I.G.S has been re-pinned/ re-fixed. I.G.S. Confirmed on roll Group as purchased
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP PERSIA-REILLY-2ND BOMBAY EUROPEAN LIGHT INFANTRY Indian General Service Medal-clasp PERSIA.Named to: J REILLY 2ND BOMBAY EUR.L.I. (Naming correctly impressed) Medal about good very fine .
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-TO CAPTAIN SIMON-17TH DOGRA REGIMENT-DIED IN IRAQ-1942 India General Service Medal,clasp: NORTH WEST FRONTIER 1937-39 Named to: 2-LT R C SIMON 3-17 DOGRA R Medal extremely fine, on modern ribbon. Captain Richard Cleave Simon A1/759 17th Dogra Regiment,who died on 25th June 1942 aged 25. The Son of Lt-Col. P.A.Simon,formerly of the Royal Artillery and Mrs Simon,of Southwold,Suffolk. He is buried at the Basra War Cemetery.
INDIAN MUTINY MEDAL-LUCKNOW AND RELIEF OF LUCKNOW-23RD ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS-ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL TO STONE 12TH FOOT-WOUNDED AT THE ALMA Indian Mutiny Medal, clasps: LUCKNOW/RELIEF OF LUCKNOW. Named to: WM STONE 1ST BN.23RD R.W.FUSRS. Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Victoria small letters),named to: 1843 PTE WILLM STONE 2ND BN.12TH FOOT. William Stone was born in the parish of St Phillip and St.Jacob Without, Bristol,in 1837, and attested for the 23rd Regt. in 1853, aged 16 years.He is also entitled to the Crimea Medal with Alma and Sebastopol clasps,and the Turkish Crimea Medal. He was wounded at the battle of the Alma,in the left shoulder and leg on 20th September 1854.He joined the 12th Foot in 1869,and was discharged in 1875,being unfit for further service. Medals about very fine,or better the Mutiny with contact wear, Comes with copied discharge papers,census returns
INDIAN VOLUNTEER FORCES DECORATION-TO CAPTAIN W.P.R.PRATT-21ST BURMA RAILWAY BN I.D.F Indian Volunteer Forces Decoration.(George V) Named to: CAPTN W.P.R.PRATT 21ST BURMA RLY.BN.IDF Decoration extremely fine, with intact gilding and top suspension bar. Awarded 31st May 1919. Walter Philip Raven Pratt was born 18th May 1879,at Bedfield, Framlingham, Suffolk. He attested for the Norfolk Regiment on January 19th 1900 and served with the 2nd Volunteer Btn in South Africa, receiving the Queens South Africa Medal, and a Borough Of Great Yarmouth Boer War Tribute Medal, his name is also on a commemorative tablet in Great Yarmouth Town Hall. His Fathers address was given as Bedfield Rectory, Framlingham, Suffolk. He was discharged on 18/03/1901.He was gazetted 2nd Lieutenant 4th Btn.,Norfolk Regiment, on 18th May 1901. Pratt joined the India State Railways as District Traffic Supt., Burma Railways in 1902. He died at Bedfied Rectory in 1953. Comes with copy of service from Employees of The East India Company
ITALY-ETHIOPIA CAMPAIGN MEDAL Italy, Ethiopian campaign medal in bronze Good very fine
ITALY-EXPEDITION TO ALBANIA CAMPAIGN MEDAL-TYPE 1 Italy-expedition to Albania campaign medal 1939.Type 1 medal, 33mm Extremely fine.
ITALY-VOLUNTEERS MEDAL 1914-1918 Italy Volunteers Medal, 1914-1918. 33mm good very fine
KOREA AND CYPRUS GROUP OF THREE TO STOCKDALE-ROYAL ULSTER RIFLES AND ROYAL NORFOLK REGT Queens Korea Medal (BRITT:OMN) Named to: 19031385 RFN.T.C.STOCKDALE R.U.R.(small correction on the K and D ) United Nations Medal, unnamed General Service Medal( Queen Eliz II) clasp: CYPRUS Named to: 19031385 PTE.T.C.STOCKDALE, R.NORFOLK Medals very fine and better, mounted on brooch for wearing
KOREA,NAVAL GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL GROUP OF THREE TO ANDREWS- ROYAL NAVY Queens Korea Medal,United Nations Korea Medal,Naval General Service Medal,clasp: NEAR EAST.Named to: P/JX.850595 L.N. ANDREWS A.B.R.N. Medals about good very fine,on pin for wearing,couple of E/Nicks on Korea Medal. Also comes with group of three miniatures,medals ribbon bar,and ribbons as sewn on to a piece of uniform. All mounted on card for display.
LONG SERVICE GROUP OF THREE TO THOMAS BALDRY-INDIAN MEDICAL SERVICES India General Service Medal (1854) clasp:BURMA 1887-89.Named to: ASSTT APOTHECARY T.BALDRY I.M.D.BT India General Service Medal (1897) clasp: PUNJAB FRONTIER 1897--98 Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Edward VII) Named to: 1ST CL.ASSTT SURGEON T.BALDRY.I.S.M.DEPTT. All three medals engraved in their respective correct naming styles. Medals good very fine to extremely fine, mounted on material backed card for display. Thomas Baldry was born in 1863. He is on the Medal roll of the Medical Staff, Indian Medical Officers and Warrant Medical Officers of The Bengal Presidency for the India 1854 medal Burma clasp. Roll additionally states: Cheun Field Force, Fort White. On the Roll of the 1897 India Medal of The Medical Department Punjab Command British Field Hospital, as 1st class assistant Surgeon. British Army lists July 1922, states rank of Lieutenant 01/08/1908 Captain 07/07/1912 Major 21/09/1917. Comes with copied papers A fine Medical Services group, worthy of further research
LONG SERVICE MEDAL AND 1911 CORONATION PAIR-TO MORRISON-ROYAL DUBLIN FUSILIERS Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Edward VII ) 1911 Coronation Medal, un-named First named to: 1986 S MJR J MORRISON RL DUBLIN FUS. Medals extremely fine. Born 1867,St Mary's Cork, Ireland .Attested for the Royal Dublin Fusiliers 23 March 1885.Discharged 16th August 1914.Served for 29 Years, Full set of Attestation and discharge papers available online,which confirm entitlement to Medals. Scarce pair
M B E/LONG SERVICE GROUP OF NINE TO REGIMENTAL SERGEANT-MAJOR SINCLAIR -SOUTH LANCS AND ROYAL ENGINEERS M.B.E Military,1914/15 Star trio,1939/45 Star, Defence and War Medals,1937 Coronation Medal, Efficiency Medal,( George VI IND-IMP) clasp MILITIA. 1914/15 star trio named to: 12960 PTE.E.SINCLAIR.LAN R.(A.SJT on pair) Efficiency Medal named to: 2212940 W.O.CL II E.SINCLAIR R.E. Medals very fine and better, mounted on pin as worn- the M.B.E. attached by a pin. Ernest Sinclair arrived in France on 18/07/1915. He transferred to the Railway operating Division, Royal Engineers. M.B.E. London Gazette 9th July 1940: Warrant Officer Class 1 (Regimental Sergeant Major) Ernest Sinclair Royal Engineers (Supplementary Reserve) Recommendation: No 2 Docks Group R.E. \"This Warrant Officer gave the greatest assistance to the O.C. No.2 Docks Group in forming this new unit, and bringing it to a high state of efficiency in the two camps for training prior to coming to the B.E.F. on 10 September, 1939.He has on all occasions given valuable and distinguished service especially during the period with the B.E.F. I recommend R.S.M. Sinclair for the M.B.E for the valuable and distinguished service set out above.\" Lieut Colonel J.V. Denning. commanding no 2 Docks group. Group also comes with the roll for the 1937 Coronation medal, medal rolls, London Gazette, etc.
M.B.E-CIVIL LADIES ISSUE BADGE IN CASE OF ISSUE Most excellent Order of The British Empire M.B.E. Members 2nd type (Civil) Ladies issue on bow, in Royal Mint box of issue. Order and box in good order.
M.B.E.AND QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TO C.R.B. DRAPER-MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES FOR THE BOER WAR-LATER DISTRICT COMMISSIONER OF NORTHEN RHODESIA Order of The British Empire, Member badge(Civil) hallmarked 1919 by Garrard, mounted on pin, a little cleaned. Queens South Africa Medal,(1st type reverse) clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL Named to; 13507 C.R.B. DRAPER 73RD COY 19TH IMP YEO. Medal about extremely fine, and toned.(Also entitled to the SA 1901 clasp). M.B.E. London Gazette 15th March 1918.Christopher Robert Burroughs Draper,Esq., Magistrate and District Commissioner Northern Rhodesia. From the O.B.E.Handbook: J.P.N. Rhodesia,Magistrate and District Cmmr.N Rhosesia,b 9June 1878 s, of the late Rev W.H.Draper,M.A.(Oxon)Middeleton Rectory,Bicester,Educ: Stubbibgton House,Fareham and H.M.S. "Worcester" War Work: Organising trnsport and food for Military Porters engaged South East Sfrican campaign.Adderess: Livingston, Northern Rhodesia. Christopher Robert Burroughs was born on 9th June,1878 at Bicester,Oxfordshire.He went into the Merchant Navy,and was employed by the N.Z.Shipping Co,and he aso enlisted in the Royal Naval Reserve as a Midshipman.He attested for the Imperial Yeomanry (Paget's Horse) on 10th March, 1900.His Fathers Address given as Rev'd Draper, Middleton Rectory, Bicester,Oxfordshire.He served in South Africa,and was Mentioned in Despatches in Lord Robert's Gazette on September 9th 1901.He was discharged on 24/06/1901. He was then enployed by the British South Africa Company,as an Official.(See "They came to Northern Rhodesia"copy supplied with Medals) By 1916, Draper was the Tangananyika District Commissioner,and was involved in a bitter dispute over the Contracted Carriers employed by the Army,complaining they were employed on "Fixed term contracts", and not until the end of the War-see " War, Mobilisation, and Colonial Crisis" This contributed to unrest after the War. In 1918 there was unrest in Northern Rhodesia following the War and Spanish Flu epidemic.The "Watchtower" was a movement that was the equivalent of "Jehova's witness's" in Northern Africa. It's followers were ant-colonial, and this led to unrest in Northern Rhodesia.Draper had tried to arrest "fanatical prophets and converts", and put in a request for a company of the Northen Rhodesia Police,later asking for 100 men,and a full platoon with a lewis Gun were finally dispatched to Draper.The anticiipated uprising did not happen, and eventually over 100 Watchtower supporters were arrested and taken to Kassama. Draper was mentioned in despatches twice, London Gazette 5th March,1918.:Nyasaland Rhodesia Force, lines of communication,Draper Esq.,C.R.B.,District Commissioner London Gazette 28th January 1919: Draper,Mr.C.R.B.,N Rhod.Administrator. Sold with copied M.I.D.'s and various internet articles about Drapers roll during WW1 and the "Watchtower" incidents. Not entitled to WW1 Medals, although a London Gazette reference can be found, for The Gazette of 07/03/1918, where Draper is listed as Native Commissioner Nyasaland Rhodesia Force. Interesting pair, worthy of further research
M.B.E.GROUP OF FIVE TO SHIPWRIGHT COMMANDER ALFRED CHARLES SMITH Order of the British Empire members badge(Military Division) Queens South Africa Medal,no clasp, this named to; CARP.C.SMITH, R.N. H.M.S. PEARL.(Large impressed naming) 1914/15 Star, named to: CH.CARP.A.C.SMITH. British War and Victory Medals, named to: SHPT.LT.A.C. SMITH.( re-impressed) Medals good very fine to extremely fine,the M.B.E.suspension slightly bent. Alfred Charles Smith was born in Torpoint, Cornwall, on 18th September, 1866. He enlisted in the Royal Navy on 22nd October,1889.He served on numerous Ships and shore establishments,serving on H.M.S.Pearl on the Cape Station,in the Boer War.In WW1 he was serving on H.M.S.Thunderer,and on 07/01/1916 was appointed Brrack Master at Cranwell.For his services there he was awarded the M.B.E.(London Gazette 27th June, 1919: Shipwright Lieutenant Alfred Charles Smith,For valuable services as Barrack Master,Cranwell Air Station.) He was placed on the retired list on 18/09/1921,and was confirmed in the rank of Shipwright Lietenant Commander (Retd) 13th September 1926. He died on 13th May, 1930. Comes with copied Rating's and Officers Naval papers.
M.B.E.GROUP OF NINE TO CHIEF SKIPPER EVERITT BARNARD SMITH-ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE AND MINISTRY OF ARICULTURE AND FISHERIES Group of nine Medals, as purchased from Family M.B.E. (Civil) in Royal mint box of issue. 1914/15 Star trio, named to: W.S.A. 1808 E.B.SMITH.SKR. R.N.R. 1939/45 Star,Atlantic Star,1939/45 War and Defence Medals,1953 Coronation Medal (in box) M.B.E.(London Gazette 01/06/1953) Everitt Barnard Smith Esq.,Skipper of the Fishing Vessel "Sir Lancelot" Everitt Barnard Smith was born in Southwold in 1885.He enlisted in the Royal Naval Reserve on 12/01/1915 and was living at Kessingland,Suffolk. He served in H.M.T "Restart" and then "Goldenchance" and "Hermione" On 26/01/1917 he was "Commander in Charge"Drifter Office".Supernumerary to H.M.T. "Allecto" ? for Special Duty 20/01/1917. Skipper E.B.Smith to be Group Officer of 2nd Division of 2nd ?????? of Drifters from 07/02/1917. Also served on H.D." Pride Of Buckie" "Golden Quest" and "Duchess" Smith was discharged to Reserve in 1923. in the 1940 Navy list, he is listed as Temporary Skipper,and in the 1943 list as Temporary Chief Skipper. He was awarded the M.B.E. in 1953 for his services in the Fishing Vessel "Sir Lancelot" a former Minesweeping Trawler built for the Royal Navy. and owned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Group comes with the following documents: original 1953 Coronation award parchment,to EVERITT BARNARD SMITH 3X letters from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries congratulating Smith on his award of the M.B.E.including one from The Fisheries Secretary Congratulating him on his award,and stating: "There is nobody sailing in our research vessels who better deserves such recognition of long and distinguished service to the fishing fleet. A letter from Kelvin Hughes,Marine Instrument makers congratulating "Captain" E.B.Smith on his award. Comes with further copied research. Medals very fine to extremely fine, all loose and unmounted, as purchased. Interesting lot, worthy of further research.
M.S.M. GROUP OF SEVEN TO ROBERTSON ARMY PAY CORPS 1939/45 Star,Africa Star,8th ARMY clasp,France and Germany Star,Defence and War Medals,Meritorious Service Medal (Elizabeth II Dei Gratia) Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,Elizabeth II with clasp:REGULAR ARMY Last two named to: 851384 W O CL2 J ROBERTSON R.A.P.C. Medals about good very fine and better,mounted on wearing bar. Also entitled to the Sierra Leone Independence Medal, (1961)which was originally mounted at the end of the group,information supplied by the original recipient.
MALAYA AND KOREA GROUP OF THREE TO LEADING TELEGRAPHER SMITH- ROYAL NAVY Naval General Service Medal ( GeorgeVI ), clasp MALAYA Queens Korea Medal, first type (BRITT OMN) United Nations Korea Medal. Named to: C/JX175823 P.SMITH LDG TEL R.N. Medals extremely fine.
MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES,WW1/WW2 LONG SERVICE GROUP OF EIGHT TO TORPEDOEMAN COLEMAN,WITH LOTS OF ORIGINAL PAPERWORK,PARCHMENTS, ETC. British War Medal,Victory Medal,these named to: J.53091 A.C.COLEMAN A.B.R.N. 1939/45 Star,Atlantic Star,Africa Star, Defence and 1939/45 War Medal,with oak leaf.Royal Fleet Reserve,Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (GEORGE V Coinage Head-scarce) named to: J.53091(CH.B.220890) A.C.COLEMAN L.S.R.F.R. First two a little polished,otherwise extremely fine,the WW 2 Medals in box of issue, named to: Mr A.C.Coleman 1,North Terrace,Midsummer Common,Cambridge.Also comes with the Artic emblem badge,in Toye Kenning Spencer box,issued to veterans of the Artic Convoys. Alfred Charles Coleman was born in the parish of St Andrew the Less, Cambridge on 02/11/1900. He enlisted in the Royal Navy on 10/05/1916. He served on numerous Ships and Shore Depots including GANGES/VICTORY/QUEEN ELIZABETH( WW1) VERNON/PEMBROKE/WRESTLER/UNICORN/COLUMBINE/GREENWICH (VIMIERA)/EGMONT/PEMBROKE (ABDUL) ROYAL SOVEREIGN. He served until November 1930 and enlisted in the R.F.R.for 5 years from August 1931.He re-enrolled in the R.F.R.and served continously during WW2 from 31 August 1939 to 12 September 1945. He served on the following Ships during WW2: PEMBROKE/UNICORN II/TYNE/GREENWICH/VINDICTIVE/BALDWIN/NEMESIS. He was mentioned in dispatches,London Gazette: 30/05/1944. Group comes with a large amount of original papers including: His original parchment of service,detailing his full service. Original parchment Torpedo History Sheet,with several entries,from 1920 to 1930. Parchment Gunnery and Torpedo History Sheet, with entry whilst serving on the Queen Elizabeth. His original Trade Certificate-Seaman Torpedo Rating,qualifying as a Leading Torpedo Man. An original letter dated 22/06/1944 on official notepaper, "Dear Coleman,Hearty Congratulations on your well deserved mention in dispatches .I well know the work you and the other Torpedo men put into the job to make it a success.I hope you are going strongly still and continuing to harry the Bosch wherever you can find him.Yo had a good shot at it not long ago. Good Luck. Yours sincerely, Cambell". A Royal Navy Educational test certificate. A letter from the Royal Navy barracks Chatham,thanking him for the service he had rendered to the Royal Navy during two great Wars, signed by the Commodore. War Gratuity and Post War Credit of Wages slip. Order for release from Naval service,giving his address as: North Terrace, Midsummer Common,Cambridge. A release paper from the Registrar Royal Fleet Reserve. An original photo of Coleman, with his two brothers. An issue slip for the Medals,showing entitlement to 7 A scarce original lot to a Torpedo-man
MERCANTILE MARINE MEDAL PAIR-WITH MEMORIAL PLAQUE-TO LEONARD CHARLES HARE-DIED 30TH JULY 1917 WIRELESS OPERATOR \"SHIMOSA\"-A BANK MANAGER WHO WAS SUSPECTED OF ROBBING HIS OWN BANK! British War and Mercantile Marine War Medal,named to: LEONARD C.HARE Bronze Memorial Plaque named to: LEONARD CHARLES HARE. Wireless Operator Leonard Charles Hare "Shimosa" Liverpool,Mercantile Marine, who died on 20 July 1917 Age 50 (Served as Jackson). Son of the late Charles and Maria Hare: husband of Alice Mary Hare of 49,Weymouth St., Portland Place, London.Born at Taunton.He is commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial. The S S "Shimosa" was torpedoed and sunk by the U46 in the Atlantic,3 miles S.W.from Eagle Island,and 3 miles S.W from Erris Head,Co.Mayo,whilst on passage from Le Havre to Montreal in ballast.17 of her crew were lost including the Master. Medals and Plaque extremely fine, or better. Leonard Charles Hare was born in Taunton, in 1859 according to his Mercantile Marine Record, but his birth is recorded as 1856. He worked as a Bank Manager. The New South Wales Police Gazette carried a report that: "A warrant had been issued at Bath, England for the arrest of Leonard Charles Hare,charged with stealing the sum of £75.7s on the 3rd July 1900 Offender is 53 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high,rather stout built,fresh complexion,brown hair and heavy drooping moustache,both of which are turning grey.Offender was manager at Lloyd's Bank,Bath,and the total defalcations amount to several thousand pounds.A reward will be paid for the arrest and conviction of Hare by the directors of Lloyd's Bank,,No 71,Lombard St.,London.Photo filed in Office of Inspector-GeneralI.If located, report to be furnished before arresting" It would appear that Hare was still on the run when he enlisted in the Mercantile Marine, as he enlisted in the name of Jackson,and is not found on the 1911 census. Scarce to the Mercantile Marine, and an interesting story! Worthy of further research. Sold with copied census returns, research etc.
MERCANTILE MARINE WAR MEDAL-H.R.GRIFFITHS AUSTRALIA 753-LATER 1453 AUSTRALIAN ROYAL FLYING CORPS Mercantile Marine War Medal. Named to: H.R.GRIFFITHS AUSTRALIA 753. Harold Roy Griffiths was born in Towerang,Goulburn,New South Wales in 1898. Served for 15 Months R.A.N Transports.Recalled by post master General. Attested for Royal Australian Flying Corps 15/09/1916.Served as Air Mechanic 2/ Wireless Operator.Trade given as Clerk/Wireless Operator He was selected for training as Flying Officer (Observer) 07/09/1918. His Mother is listed as living at 113,Bridge Road,Glebe,New South Wales. His full service record is available online as 1453 Royal Australian Flying Corps(35 pages) Medal good very fine,entitled to British War and Victory Medals for service with R.A.F.C. Scarce Medal, would make a very rare combination-cannot be many men who qualified for the three Medals in the Royal Australian Flying Corps.
MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL (VICTORIA) TO SERJEANT THOMAS BROWN 15TH FOOT Meritorious Service Medal (Victoria) named to: QR.MR.SERJT.THOMAS BROWN.15TH FOOT(York-East Riding Regt) About good very fine. See Ian McInnes: "The annuity MSM -1847-1953" Brown Thomas, The East Yorkshire Rgt (Duke of York's own 15th Foot) Annuity £10 awarded circa 1855.Died 29th August 1897. An early award.
MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR TO MADDAMS-ARMY VETERINARY CORPS Meritorious Service Medal (George V) Named to: SE-2278 A.SJT.C.MADDAMS A.V.C. 1914/15 Star trio, named to: SE 2278 A.SJT.C.MADDAMS. A.V.C (PTE on star) Medals about good very fine, on original ribbons, mounted swing style-as worn. MSM London Gazette 17th June 1918: S.E./2278 A/Sjt C.Maddams A.V.C.(Hornsey) Arrived in France on 06/01/1915. Scarce. Comes with copied London Gazette, M.I.C. Victory Medal has an M.I.D. emblem, but this has not been verified
MILITARY CROSS -GEORGE V-IN ORIGINAL BOX Military Cross( George V) in original case of issue, complete with top wearing pin. Cross extremely fine,toned.Case in good order,few chips and scuff marks.
MILITARY GENERL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP VIMIERA-JOHN BUDGELL 9TH FOOT Military General Service Medal,clasp:VIMIERA,named to: JOHN BUDGELL 9TH FOOT (East Norfolk Regiment) About extremely fine,a couple of edge nicks. Born Yeovil, Somerset,born 1790 enlisted aged 18.Served 1908 to 1814. Only 124 single Vimiera clasps issued. Ex Cheylesmore collection 1930.Hayward 1975,DNW 2014. Sold with folder of research.
MILITARY MEDAL AND 1914/15 STAR TRIO-TO SJT GEORGE DIXON -SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS TERRITORIAL FORCE- WOUNDED-LATER SERVED WITH THE WEST AFRICAN FRONTIER FORCE Miltary Medal (George V) named to: 265426 SJT: G.DIXON1/6 SEA:HDRS: T.F. 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 1724 L.CPL.G.DIXON.SEA: HIGHRS. Medals about good very fine(very slight contact wear on M.M. from star) on original lengths of ribbon. Military Medal London Gazette: 18th June,1917.(probably for Arras). George Dixon was born in 1882. He enlisted in the Seaforth Highlanders on 07/08/1914. He served in France from Ist May 1915 until 25 May 1917, and West Africa (West African Frontier Force) from 24/03/1918 until 10/03/1919.He was wounded (shrapnel wound through right knee) on 14/12/1915. Comes with copied discharge papers, and copy M.I.C which confirms change of number
MILITARY MEDAL AND BAR-TO HARRIS-BEDFORDSHIRE REGT-DIED OF WOUNDS ON 28/10/1918 Military Medal (George V ) with copy second award bar Named to: 25466 PTE.J.HARRIS.2/BEDF.R. Medal about extremely fine. Also with card box of issue (A/F) 25466 Lance Corporal Sidney James Harris, Military Medal and bar, 2nd Bedfordshire Regiment, died of wounds on 28th October, 1918.The Son of James Harris of Green End, Kempston, Beds and the late Mrs Harris. He is buried at Piermont British Cemetery. Military Medal London Gazette 13th March 1919(Kempston) Bar to the Military Medal 13th June, 1919. Comes with copied: London Gazette entries, mentions in War diaries, medal rolls,M.I.C.,etc.,etc.
MILITARY MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR TO GORDON-GORDON HIGHLANDERS Military Medal, named to: S/2384 PTE.A.L.C.CPL. W.GORDON 7/GORD HIGHRS. 1914/15 Star trio, named to: S2384 PTE W.GORDON.GORDON HIGHRS. Medals very fine or better, mounted on pin for wearing. Military Medal London Gazette 11/02/1919: S/2384 Pte.(A/L/C) Gordon,W.7th. Bn.(Upper Cabrach) Arrived in France on the 10/05/1915. M.M. probably for the Battle of Amiens
MILITARY MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR TO MOORES-16TH LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS (SALFORD PALS)) DOUBLE V.C. ACTION-TO MOORES BEING A NATIVE OF SALFORD. Military Medal( George V) 1914/15 Star trio. Military Medal,named to: 11849 PTE.J. MOORES 16/LAN FUS. 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 11849 PTE.J.MOORES LAN.FUS. M.M. London Gazette 23/07/1919 (Salford) "Attack and crossing of Sambre Oise Canal".4th November 1918. 2 Victoria Crosses, 2 X D.S.O's,one D.C.M,12x M.C's and 14x M.M.'s awarded to the 15th/16th Lancashire Fusiliers for this action. Comes with extensive research,including group photo of Moores,photo of this actual Medal group as pictured on page 205 in Michael Stedmans book "The Salford Pals"published by Leo Cooper & Co (1993) .copies of the war diaries,maps and extract from the Lancashire Fusiliers 1914-18,all in a home-made folder. Excellent group for a double V.C. action-among the last V.C.'s of WW1 Medals good very fine,slight contact wear on M.M.
MILITARY MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR TO WHITE-1/6th ROYAL IRISH RIFLES-FROM DUBLIN Military Medal,(George V) named to:3-7859 CPL-A.SJT: W.WHITE 6/R.IR RIF: 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 7859 L.CPL.W WHITE.R.IR.RIF(A SJT on pair) Medals very fine or better,on original but grubby ribbons,and mounted on pin as worn.(Would benefit from being re-mounted) Military Medal,London Gazette 25th June 1918; 3/7859 Cpl (A.Sjt) W.White, R I Rifles (Dublin)-most probably awarded for Egypt. Arrived in the Balkan Theatre,28/08/1915,later service with the Royal Irish Fusiliers.Sold with copied London Gazette details, M.I.C. Scarce group.
MILITARY MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR-TO FRAZER-18TH DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY-DURHAM PALS-LATER COMMISSIONED Military Medal ( George V) Named to: 18-489 L CPL A FRAZER 18/DUR L.I. 1914/15 Star trio 18-489 PTE A FRAZER DUR L.I. (Cpl on pair) Medals about good very fine and better. London Gazette 26th April 1917. Pte Alfred Frazer arrived in France on 22/12/1915 He was commissioned on 31/10/1917 He was discharged on 18/07/1918-entitled to a SWB
MILITARY MEDAL GROUP OF THREE TO ILEY-4TH ROYAL FUSILIERS Military Medal (George V) Named to: 15637 L.CPL C.H.ILEY 4/R.FUS. British War and Victory Medals, these named to; GS-15637 CPL.C.H.ILEY R.FUS. Medals about good very fine. Charles Henry Iley was born in Highbridge, Somerset on 13th May 1896. Military Medal awarded for minor actions fought in May-June-possibly awarded for a trench raid on the night of 29/30 May 1918. Comes with a well written 21 page narrative report by Nigel Marshall extracted from the war diaries of the 4th Bn Royal Fusiliers, which details Iley\'s War service and life Also comes with copied London Gazette for the award of the M.M. 15637 L/C C.H.Iley R.Fus (Bath)
MILITARY MEDAL,BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-WITH GALLANTRY CARD-TO BLATCHFORD,1/ROYAL WARWICKS Military Medal,British War and Victory Medals. MM named to: 40950 PTE.W.F.BLATCHFORD I/R.WAR.R. British War and Victory Medals named to: 40950 CPL.W.F.BLATCHFORD.R.WAR.R. Comes with 4th Division Gallantry card,which reads: "The Major General Commanding 4th Division has received a report of the gallant conduct of 40950 Private W.Blatchford,1st. Bn.Royal Warwick Regt.and he wishes to congratulate him on his fine behavior. dated 4.XI.18 Signed Major General Commanding 4th Division. With original slip of paper Extract from Supplement to the London Gazette dated 23-7-19.Awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field.No.40950 Pte. Blatchford, W.F.1st..Bn. R.War.R.(Bristol). Also comes with miniature medal bar. Medals are extremely fine,card good condition.Also comes with copied London Gazette,M.I.C.War diary entry,census records,etc.
MILITARY MEDAL-1914 STAR AND BAR AND VICTORY MEDAL-TO L/CPL WARD- 2/5TH LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS-LATER W.O.CL 2 Military Medal( George V) Named to: 3692 PTE-L.CPL.J.P.WARD 5/LAN.FUS. 1914 Star with original clasp, named to: 3692 CPL.P.WARD.2/LAN:FUS Victory Medal;, named to: 3692 A.W.O.CL2 .J.P WARD.LAN.FUS. Medals about very fine ,a little contact wear, e/nick to M.M. -court mounted for display Military Medal London Gazette 17/06/1919 3692 Pte(L/C) Ward, J.P. 5th Bn., (T.F.) (Bury) Arrived in France on 19/09/1914 Comes with copied London Gazette, M.I.C.,etc.
MILITIA LONG SERVICE MEDAL-TO CRITTEN-3/NORFOLK REGT- Militia Long Service Medal (Edward VII) Named to: 5021 PTE W T CRITTEN 3/NORFOLK REGT. Medal good very fine and toned, one small e/bruise. Awarded August 1907-confirmed on Tamplin\'s roll. 18 medals awarded to the 3/Norfolk Regt.
MILTARY MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR TO BEECROFT CANADIAN MOTOR MACHINE GUN MOUNTED TRANSPORT Military Medal,named to: 45505 PTE-A.SJT: -A BEECROFT CAN M.M.G.M.T.COY. 1914/15 Star trio named to: 45505 PTE A BEECROFT CAN: M.M.G. BDE. M.M.London Gazette 20/08/1919. Medals about good very fine. Also comes with a fine photo of Beecroft with his Wife. A letter from Buck Palace "The Queen and I wish you God-Speed and a safe return to your homes and loved ones.A grateful Mother Country is proud of of tour spendid services caharacterized by unsurpassed devotion and courage. A letter from the Major-General Adjutant General Canadian Militia: His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to authorize the issue of the 1914-15 Star,which I am directed,by the Honourable the Minister of Militia and Defence to convey to you herewith. A letter dated 11th December 1919, informing Beecroft he has been awarded the Military Medal. A Canadian C.M.G.D silk. A Mahogany box,lined with green baize,with four compartments,each to hold one of the Medals,with a brass plaque let into the top of the box: 45505 SJT A BEECROFT M.M. CANADIAN M.M.G.BDE.M.T.COY Arthur Beecroft was born 24th August 1888 at Stoneham Aspel, Stowmarket.He emigrated sometime to Canada and joined Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade on 19/09/1914.He trade is given as a Chauffeur/Mechanic.He was living in Toronto at the time of his enlistment. 40 pages of his service records are available on the Canadian Government Archives. A super original lot.
MINIATURE TERRITORIAL DECORATION-ELIZABETH II Territorial Decoration (Elizabeth II ) with top bar TERRITORIAL. Mounted on pin as worn
MSM GROUP OF FOUR TO HIGGINS-ROYAL ENGINEERS 1914 Star,named to: 15806 2 CPL H.HIGGINS R.E. Victory Medal named to: 15806 CPL.H.B. R.E. Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(GeorgeV swivelling suspension) named to; 1854447 SJT.H.B.HIGGINS. R.E. Meritorious Service Medal(GeorgeVI) named to: 1854447C.Q.M.SJT H.B.HIGGINS R.E. Served with 127th Company,Royal Engineers,arrived in France on 08/09/1914. Medals very fine to extremely fine,with a little contact wear on WWI and Long Service Medal.(BWM Missing)
NATAL CORONATION MEDAL-1902-LARGER SIZE Natal Coronation Medal,1902 See Medal News 305 A This is the 29mm Medal, and is believed to have been given to local dignitaries. Medal about good very fine, and toned-holed, but no suspension ring or ribbon.,
NAVAL GENERAL SERVICE GROUP OF FOUR TO McMASTER H.M.S. FOX Naval General Service Medal, clasp: PERSIAN GULF 1909-1914 Named to: PLY 15144 PTE .A. MC MASTER R.M.L.I. H.M.S. FOX. 1914/15 Star trio, named to: PLY 15144 PTE. A. MCMASTER R.M.L.I. Alexander Mc Master was born in 1892 in Glasgow.Joined the Royal Marines in 1910.He joined H.M.S.Fox in July 1914 and served in her until 28 October 1915.He then served on H.M.S ".Revenge" from 30 June 1916 until 29 May 1918.He was discharged 16 September 1920. H.M.S Fox was employed for three years in the Persian Gulf,on anti gun-running duties,and Mcmaster would probably have been on "boarding" parties to inspect suspect Ships.At the outbreak of of WW1,H.M.S. Fox was sent to East Africa escorting troop ships,and employed in the search for the "Konisberg". There is an article online that describes all the service of H.M.S.Fox during his time on her. Medals about good very fine, the trio shows evidence of having been "lacquered" at some time, but this does not detract. Mounted on board for display,also comes with copied papers,Medal Rolls,etc.
NAVAL GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL (MALAYA)-TO SHARPIN-ROYAL NAVY-KILLED WHEN HIS MOTOR LAUNCH WAS STRUCK BY A DUTCH AIRCRAFT ON AN EXERCISE Naval General Service Medal (George VI) clasp; MALAYA. Named to: C/JX.409227 T.E.SHARPIN A.B. R.N. Medal about extremely fine, toned with a couple of e/nicks. Thomas E.Sharpin, Able seaman, JX409227 was killed on 5th June 1952 when his Motor Launch HMML 2582 was hit by a Thunderjet from the Netherlands Navy. Sharpin was amongst 15 crew members who were killed when when the Dutch aircraft executing a sham attack during a combined exercise by British, Dutch and Belgian forces, struck the mast of the motor launch and crashed on the deck. The crash occurred in the Marsdiep, between the northern tip of Holland the isle of Texel, two miles off the coast. Both the Thunderjet and the launch burst into flames and soon sank; the Dutch pilot and 15 of the motor launch's crew of 16 were killed. There was only one survivor, Leading Stoker Mechanic W.J.JOHNSON, who was thrown into the water and was able to stay afloat until he was rescued by some fishermen who had seen the accident from the shore and had set out in their boats. The survivor commented: "I was in my bunk in the mess deck, and I felt myself going up in the air and I landed on my back in the water. Then I swam until I was picked up by some men in a fishing boat. I saw the ship on fire in the water, but I did not see any other men in the water" The Dutch Pilot was Adolf (Dolf) Steen,2nd Lieutenant (Pilot Officer) RNAF. Sold with copied National Arboretum Roll Of Honour print-out, and copied research, statement in the House of Commons recorded in Hansard.
NAVAL GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP NAVARINO-JOSEPH MCLEOD-LANDSMAN H.M.S.DARTMOUTH Naval General Service Medal (1848) Named to: JOSEPH MC CLEOD.(Correctly impressed naming) Medal about good very fine,toned,several e/nicks Unique name on roll,served as a Landsman on H.M.S. Dartmouth
NAVAL GROUP 1914/15 STAR TRIO-VICTORIA LONG SERVICE MEDAL-DIED ON H.M.S.VIKNOR JANUARY 1915 ALONG WITH CAPTURED GERMAN SPIES- KING-ARMOURER PENSIONER 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 132458 W KING ARMR .R.N. Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,(Victoria, narrow suspension) named to W.KING ARMOURER H.M.S.TRAFALGAR. Medals extremely fine,trio on original silk full lenghth ribbons. Armourer pensioner William King,132458 H.M.S.Viknor died on 13th January 1915.Commemorated on the Portsmouth Memorial. William King was born at Northfleet,Kent,on13/09/1864. He served on various Ships and Shore establishments, including: Pembroke/Excellent/Tourmaline/Ringarooma/Crescent/Victory/Resolution/Vernon/Trafalgar/Royal Sovereign/Duke of Wellington/Hannibal/Latona/Tamar/Nelson/Cressy and Viknor. In January,1915, H.M.S. Vikonor was ordered to apprehend the SS Bergenfjord which was suspected of carrying German Spies.(British intelligence had been tipped off that persons boarding the ship in New York as neutral citizens,were in fact German Reservists) She was duly apprehended North-East of the Pharoe Islands,and a boarding party searched the ship,and two Stowaways and Six Gemans were found aboard.One of the Ships passenger list was a Mexican, Rosato Spiro, who admitted on close examination to be Baron H.Wedell,a notorious arch-spy of the German Secret Service.Another passenger, listed as a Norwegian,Dr Rasmus Bjomstad was aslo suspect.They were removed to Viknor,and a prize crew put aboard the Norwegian Vessel, which headed for Kirkwall.On the night of 15th January, the Viknor was lost off Tory Island,with the loss of all hands,and the German spies..She was believed to have hit a mine, or sunk in the heavy seas-no distress signal was received.
NAVAL MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL GROUP OF THREE TO WRITER BEABY 1914/15 Star,British War and Victory Medals-Star named M2635 L.G.BEABY,WR2 R.N. Pair named to: M2635 L.G. BEABY 1 WR R.N. Royal Navy Meritorious Service Medal (George V) this named to: M2635 L.G.BEABY 1ST WTR "GREENWICH " SERVICES DURING THE WAR.( London Gazette 11th June 1919) Medals good very fine to extremely fine,court mounted on felt backed pad. George Leonard Beaby was born in Portsmouth in 1892.He joined the Royal Navy 3rd December 1910.His war service included H.M.S.DRYAD,H.M.S.DOLPHIN and H.M.S. GEENWICH. He was invalided from H.M.S.DIDO in1920. Scarce
NAVAL MSM LONG SERVICE GROUP OF FIVE TO LE BRUN- FROM NEWPORT, WALES,FAMILY ORIGINALLY FROM JERSEY 1914/15 Star Trio,named to: 199723 G.J.LE BRUN P.O.TEL.,R.N.(G.T.LE BRUN on Star) Royal Navy Merritorius Service MedaL, named to: 199723 G.J.LE BRUN C.P.O. TEL ROXBURGH 1917-18 Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (George V) Named to: 199723 G.J. LE BRUN P.O.(TEL) H.M.S. ROXBURGH. The award of the Meritorious Service Medal was published in the London Gazette dated 15th Feb 1919 " The following awards have been approved: To receive the Meritorious Service Medal.For Services in Cruisers employed on Escort,Covoy,and Patrol duties during 1917 and 1918 C.P.O.Teleg.George John Le Brun,ON199723 (Ch)" George John Le Brun was born on 27/07/1882 in Newport, Mon. He enlisted in the Royal Navy on 27/07/1900. He served in numerous Ships and on many Shore establishments including: CALEDONIAN/AGINCOURT/PEMBROKE/REPULSE/AUDACIOUS/VENERABLE/MINERVA/VERNON/LORD NELSON/VINDICTIVE/IMPREGNABLE/DIDO/ROXBURGH/ST VINCENT/AFRIKANDER. His WW1 Service was on DIDO(LUCIFER) from 05/08/1914 to 18th July 1915.He joined ROXBURGH on 19th July 1915 and served on her until 10/04/1919.He was shore invalided on 16th March 1920 and received his L.S.G.C. Medal on 13/09/1915. Sold with an original photo of Le Brun in uniform,wearing his L.S.G.C.Medal,and comes with copied papers and research,showing that his Father and Grand-Father were born in St.Helier, Jersey.Le Brun died in Hull in 1960. Medals are about extremely fine,L.S.G.C.heavily impressed,BWM suspension loose,slight staining on star and Victory Medal.reverse of ribbons has paper and glue residue, having previously been stuck down on card for display Scarce group.
NEW ZEALAND MEDAL-DATED 1863-66-LARRY SETCHELL-50TH QUEENS OWN REGIMENT-ALSO SERVED IN AUSTRALIA 1866-69 New Zealand Medal,dated 1863-66, named to: LARRY SETCHELL,50TH QNS OWN RGT.(Royal West Kent) Medal about good very fine, on modern ribbon. Larry Setchell was born in Gamblingay,Cambridgeshire in 1839,and attested for the 22nd Regiment in 1860.He transferred to the 50th foot in 1863. He served in New Zealand from 15th November 1863 to 8th October 1866,and in Australia from 9th October 1866 to 14th June 1869.Home service until July 1882.
O.B.E.MERCANTILE MARINE GROUP OF 8 TO LT COMMANDER MATSON -ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE-HAD A MIRACULOUS ESCAPE WHEN IN COMMAND OF A MINE-SWEEPER DURING WW2 O.B.E.(named to reverse of crown LT. CDR F.A.MATSON R.N.R.) British War and Victory Medals named to: S.LT.F.A.MATSON. Mercantile Marine War Medal, named to: FREDERICK A MATSON. 1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star, Defence and War Medals. Medals about good very fine overall,mounted swing style on wearing bar-as worn. Aso comes with original Mercantile Marine Identity and Service Certificate with photo of Batson,medal box for the 2nd War Medals, named to: Lt Cdr F.A.Matson,O.B.E.,R.N.R.,Fairway,Hull Road, Hedon, Hull. Plus two newspaper cuttings, and copied Board of Trade Masters, Mates and Fishing certificates, Navy lists,copied papers, list of ships served on, London Gazette, etc. Frederick Arthur Matson was born in Bradford in 1894. From 30/03/1916 to 08/03/1918 he was serving with the Royal Indian Marine, then with the Royal Naval Reserve unitl his discharge on 26/06/1919.He was awarded his masters certifcate on 4th October, 1922 and was employed in the inter-war years with the Wilson Line and latterly with the D.P.& L Shipping Company,Hull. Following the outbreak of of the Second World War,Matson wsa commissioned temporary Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Reserve on 15th January 1941, and was subsequently advanced Acting Lieutenant Commander."During the heavy blitz at Hull in 1941,when the enemy was laying mines in the Humber,Lieutenant Commander Matson was in command of a Mine-sweeper.His valuable work made it possible to keep the Hull roads,dock entrances and the New Holland ferry-boat crossing clear of mines.Once he had a miraculous escape from death when his ship was mined during these operations.Blown from the bridge,he dropped on the lower fore-deck,injuring both legs,and fracturing several ribs.He sank with his ship, and was laid unconcious on the deck,but fortunately the cold water revived him, and being an expert swimmer,he managed to to get to the surface and was rescued by his old commander of the Humber Conservancy Board" (original newspaper cutting refers)For his services in the Second World War,Matson was created an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. (London Gazette 2nd June,1943) Another newspaper cutting reporting on his death,on 9th February 1961, states that his health had been affected for many years as a result of war wounds. Interesting group, with a good story
ORDER OF ST JOHN SERVING SISTERS BADGE IN SPINK AND SON CASE Order of St John, Serving Sister\'s breast badge (round type-1948-73 issue) In a quality Spink and Son case Medal and case in good order
PAKISTAN 23RD MARCH 1956 REPUBLIC MEDAL Pakistan, 23rd March, 1956 Republic Medal. With ribbon About very fine or better.
PAKISTAN-AIR FORCE MEDAL Pakistan Air Force Medal. Medal about good very fine, on orginal ? ribbon.
PAKISTAN-REPUBLIC COMM MEDAL Pakistan-Republic Commemorative Medal-1956. Medal about good very fine, on original ribbon.
QUEEN SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL AND 1914/15 STAR TRIO TO LARGE-VOLUNTEER COMPANY NORFOLK REGIMENT Queens South Africa Medal,clasps:CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 Named to: 6853 PTE T LARGE VOL COY NORFOLK REGT. 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 19168 PTE. T LARGE NORF R. Medals about good very fine overall. No papers survive for either 6853 Pte Large or 19168 Pte Large,but vendor believes him to be the same man as 3804 pte Thomas Large,who was born in the parish of Ringstead,near Hunstanton in 1878.He attested for the 3rd Battalion in 1897,but o]purchased his release on 24th February 1899.He then joined the 2nd Volunteer service Company for service in South Africa. In 1911 Thomas was living at Hall Farm cottages,Ringstead ,as a cowman with his wife,Margaret,They had 5 children. Enlisting in the Norfolk Regiment, he served as no 19168,and arrived in France on 19th October 1915.He later saw service with the Essex Regiment,and left the Army on 26th April 1919.Thomas Large died in 1955 aged 76,Sold with copied papers,census returns, etc.etc.
QUEENS AND KHEDIVES SUDAN PAIR TO STANIER-1/NORTH STAFFS REGT-WITH COPIED PHOTO OF HIS COMPANY AND AN ORIGINAL PHOTO OF THE ROYAL REVIEW-1907 Quuens Sudan Medal,named to: 3795 PTE.A.STANIER.1/N/STAFF: R Khedives Sudan Medal, clasp HAFIR, unnamed as issued. Medals about good very fine,and nicely toned on original stitched ribbons,Queens Sudan has a little contact wear. Comes with copied photo of his company, all wearing medals, which look to be the Khedives Sudan Medal.Also comes with an original photo (360x210) of the Royal Review,which reads: 1907 Loffan's Plain,Aldershot,June 12th 1907,Before H.M. The King and H.M.The King of Denmark.1st Bn.The Prince Of Wales (North Staffordshire Regiment) Passing the saluting point. Medals confirmed to roll. As purchased from the Family
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL AND MILITIA LONG SERVICE PAIR TO NORTH 4/BEDFORDS Queens South Africa Medal(ghost dates),clasps: CAPE COLONY/TRANSVAAL Named to: 1137 PTE.J.NORTH BEDFORD REGT. Militia Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Edward VII) named to: 4455 PTE.J.NORTH 4/BEDFORD REGT. (only 6 to regiment) awarded 1905.On faded original ribbon. Medals about very fine or better,Q.S.A has two or three e/nicks. Q.S.A.confirmed to roll, serving with 4th Bedfords (Milita Btn) A very scarce pair.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL AND WW1 PAIR TO FARQUHARSON-82ND IMPERIAL YEOMANRY(SHARPSHOOTERS) AND HERTS YEOMANRY-LATER 2/LIEUT ROYAL AIR FORCE Queens South Africa Medal(3rd type reverse) clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902.Named to: 2220- PTE J.F.FARQUHARSON 82ND IMP YEO. British War and Victory Medals named to: 1748 PTE J.F.FARQUHARSON HERTS.YEO. Medals about good very fine, on original ribbons, the silver Medals toned. John Forbes Faquharson served with the 82nd Company, (Sharpshooters) and is on the medal roll for all five clasps. He later served in WW1 arriving in Egypt on 5th November,1914(ent to Star) He later served in the Labour Corps as 178805,receiving a commission, before transferring to the Royal Air Force-2/Lieut (Tech ) 4th November 1918.He resigned his commission on 10/19/1920
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL TO BLOMFIELD CAPE MEDICAL STAFF CORPS Queens South Africa Medal (2nd type reverse) clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/SOUTH AFRICA 1901/ Named to: PTE.W.J.BLOMFIELD.CAPE.M.S.C. Medal about extremely fine, officially re-impressed naming On the nominal roll served 11/05/00 to 29/04/01
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL TO SHARMAN-NORFOLK REGIMENT-WOUNDED AT KAREE 29TH MARCH 1900-DIED IN 1917 AS A RESULT OF AN ACCIDENT ON THE RIFLE RANGE Queens South Africa Medal (2nd type reverse) clasps; RELIEF OF KIMBERLEY/PARDEBERG Named to: 2234 PTE.J.SHARMAN,NORFOLK REGT. Medal about extremely fine. Private John Joseph Shearman SR10398 "H" Coy.3rd Bn., Norfolk Regiment, of 40,Milton Road, Romford, died on 2nd November, 1917, and is buried in Romford Cemetery. John Joseph Shearman was born in Hornchurch, Essex in 1871.He enlisted in the Norfolk Regiment on 5th July 1888.He served in India and South Africa, where he was slightly wounded at Karee on 29th March,1900.He was invalided to England on 1st May,1900 and was discharged in 1901. He re-enlisted for service in WW1 and died in 1917 aged 46, as the result of an accident on the rifle range at Felixstowe Ferry, Suffolk. Comer with copied service papers, census returns, etc.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL TO STANNARD-108TH COMPANY(GLASGOW) IMPERIAL YEOMANRY-WITH A NAMED SIR WALTER RALEIGH MEDAL IN BOX Queens South Africa Medal (3rd type reverse) clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/GTRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901. Medal is extremely fine and beauitifully toned, on a long length of original ribbon Also comes with a Walter Raleigh bronze Medal, (43 m.m. dia) named to reverse: TOBACCO W.D.C.1921 P.E.STANNARD. This in original box of issue, extremely fine and scarce. Percy Eugene Augustus Stannard was born in Woodbridge Suffolk in1881. He attested for the Imperial Yeomanry on 6th March. 1901.His trade was given as a drapers assistant. He served in South Africa from 25/03/1901-23/11/1901, before being discharged medically unfit. In later life Percy ran a tobacconist's shop in Croydon, from 1912 to the 1940's which now trades as Croydon Motor Spares.He lived at the shop with his Wife and died in 1955. Comes with copied Medal rolls,set of service papers, and details of Family.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL, GURRY, 9TH LANCERS Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE. Named to: 4393 pte.e.gurry 9th Lancers. Verified to Roll. Medal is about good very fine.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-4 CLASPS-CHEALES 7TH CO 4TH IMPERIAL YEOMANRY(LEICESTERSHIRE)-WITH NICE CABINET PHOTO OF CHAELES ON HIS HORSE Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/TRANSVAAL/WITTEBERGEN/SOUTH AFRICA 19019(Last loose on ribbon) Clasps confirmed on roll. Named to: 2130 PTE A CHEALES 7TH COY 4TH IMP.YEO. Sold with a superb cabinet photo by Claron- Pickering of Leicester- Showing Cheales on his mount.Annotated on reverse: Alan Edgar Cheales Lecester Yeomanry. Medal about good very fine,on original ribbon, photo excellent condition.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-CLASP CAPE COLONY-TO COOPER -CAPE TOWN HIGHLANDERS Queens South Africa Medal (3rd type reverse) clasp: CAPE COLONY Named to: 1142 PTE.F.J.COOPER CAPE TOWN HIGHRS: Medal very fine or better, on original ribbon. Confirmed on roll
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-FOUR CLASPS INCLUDING RHODESIA-TO POWELL 67TH COMPANY (SHARPSHOOTERS)-IMPERIAL YEOMANRY Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/RHODESIA/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL Named to: 15539 CPL.A.FOWELL.67TH COY 18TH IMP:YEO.. Medal about good very fine. Clasps confirmed on roll.Also entitled to South Africa 1901 clasp
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-GREENSLADE-25TH CO IMPERIAL YEOMANRY(WEST SOMERSET)-A FARMER FROM BRIDGEWATER IN SOMERSET Queens South Africa Medal,five clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/JOHANNESBURG/DIAMOND HILL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901 Medal named to: 7801 PTE S,E GREENSLADE 25TH CO 7TH IMP YEO. Medal about extremely fine,last clasp fixed by wire.All clasps confirmed on rolls,He was attached to the Privisional Transvaal Constabulary from 19/06/1900 until: 14/10/1900,and is listed on a seperate roll for this. Samuel Greenslade was born in Bridgewater, Somerset, his trade on enlistment given as Farmer-he was discharged in Southa Africa and lived in Pretoria,and worked at the Railway Works as a fitter.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-MASTERS CAPE POLICE Queens South Africa Medal (type 3 reverse) clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE Named to: 2232 PTE.W.MASTERS.CAPE POLICE. Medal about good very fine, suspension bar slightly twisted, and slack. Clasps confirmed on roll. William Edward Masters was born on 7th March, 1880,at Chorlton upon Medlock, Manchester .He attested for the Cape Police on 13th April 1901.At some point, he returned to England, as he is recorded as living at 5, Argyle Street, Lancaster in the 1911 census. He died in 1939. Cape Police Records available online.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-NO CLASP-TO HUGHES H.M.S.FORTE Queens South Africa Medal (3rd type reverse) no clasp Named to: W.HUGHES.A.B. H.M.S.FORTE Medal about good very fine, toned, e/nick. Walter Hughes was born in Enfield, Middlesex. on 5th March. 1884.He joined the Royal Navy on 5th March 1892.He served on various Ships and Shore establishments. He was shore pensioned on 9th February 1904.He joined the Royal Fleet reserve in 1905.and re-enrolled for WW1, but did not see any service. Confirmed on roll (152884 )
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TO BROWNING-ROYAL FUSILIERS Queens South Africa Medal (3rd type reverse) clasps: CAPE COLONY/PRANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 Named to: 4541 SERJT: H BROWNING RL: FUSILIERS. Medal about very fine, toned and on original ribbon and nickel suspension bar with pin. Harry Ernest Browning was born in Holloway, London in 1873.He attested for the Royal Artillery on 28th December 1892.He served in India, Burma and South Africa, being discharged on 29/12/1904. Clasps confirmed on papers, which are available online
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TO GRIFFIN-LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS Queens South Africa Medal (type 3 reverse) clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE Named to: 4643 PTE.J.GRIFFIN LANC: FUS Medal about very fine or better. Confirmed on roll,served with 6th Btn., invalided 21.10 02.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TO HOWEY DUKE OF EDINBURGH\'S OWN VOLUNTEER RIFLES Queens South Africa Medal (3rd type reverse) clasps: CAPE COLONY/SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 Named to: 3088 PTE,W.F.HOWEY.D.E.O.V.R. Medal about good very fine, dark toned on original length of ribbon. Medal and clasps confirmed on rolls.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TO SLOCOMBE ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS. Queens South Africa Medal (3rd type reverse) clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE. Medal about very fine, contact wear from Star? Clasps confirmed on roll James Henry Slocombe was born in Westminster, London in 1863.He attested for the Royal Army Medical Corps on 17th April, 1901.He had previously served with the 7th Dragoon Guards. He was discharged on the 12th September, 1902
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA- SOUTH AFRICAN CONSTABULARY Queens South Africa Medal.Clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL. Named to: 678 3rd.Cl TPR W.S.J.Bond S.A.C Also entitled clasps SA1901 /SA1902. Medal abou GOODt very fine,with ribbon
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA/KINGS SOUTH AFRICA PAIR TO SMITH- LEICESTER REGIMENT Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: TALANA/DEFENCE OF LADYSMITH/LAINGS/ NEK/BELFAST Named to: 4053 PTE.A.SMITH. I: LEIC: REGT Kings South Africa Medal,clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902.Named to: 4053 PTE. A. SMITH. LEICESTER: REGT Medals confirmed on rolls. Medals extremely fine with blue toning, which is a little patchy due to Obverse of the Medals being laquered at some time, which has now worn off. Good clasp combination, and scarce,nice pair of medals.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA/KINGS SOUTH AFRICA-SMITH 9TH LANCERS WOUNDED AT GRASPAN Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: NATAL/BELMONT/RELIEF OF KIMBERLEY/PAARDEBERG. Kings South Africa clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 Both named to: 4186 PTE.T.SMITH 9TH LANCERS(engraved naming on Q.S.A. Wounded at Graspan,25/12/1899. All clasps confirmed to roll, Medals about very fine or better, Q.S.A.has been re-pinned. Scarce clasp combination.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA/WORLD WAR ONE GROUP TO PAYMASTER CAPTAIN GEORGE LUCKHAM Queens South Africa Medal, no clasp, named to; PAY'R C.M.LUCKHAM R.N. H.M.S.PEARL. 1914/15 Star trio, named to: FT PAYR.C.M.LUCKHAM R.N.(Star) PAY.COMMR.C.M.LUCKHAM.R.N. Medals about good very fine, court mounted for wear. Charles Minty Luckham was born in Wareham, Dorset on 23rd September, 1866.The 1871 census records him living at The Farm House, Studland, Wareham, Dorset, where his Father is a Farmer. He was educated privately and at Honiton Grammar School .He entered the Royal Navy as an Assistant Clerk at Duke of Wellington 16th July, 1883.Appointed to H.M.S. Rupert as Clerk on 11th July 1884,he was promoted Assistant Paymaster 23 September 1887.Continuing to serve ashore and afloat, his most notable appointments were H.M.S. Penelope on the Cape, South Africa Station 7th December 1895,promoted Paymaster 19th August 1899,H.M.S.Magnificent. 1st June 1899 as Personal Secretary to the second in command of the Channel Squadron, H.M.S. Pearl. 17th December 1901,Royal Arthur and H.M.S. Euryalus as Personal Secretary to the Commander In Chief Australia,10th November 1902, appointed Victory 1906 for victualling and Meat courses, Victory for leave 24th March.1906, Victory for for study abroad 3rd May,1906.Appointed H.M.S. Terpsichore 10th November 1906,Joining Victory and appointed Fleet Paymaster on 1st March, 1908. Appointed Personal Secretary to the Commander in Chief, Portsmouth Command 23rd March 1908,appointed H.M.S. Hecla 10th May 1910,H.M.S. Topaz 1st May 1912,H.M.S.Dido 29th August 1913,Attentive II 1st January 1914,H.M.S.Hecla 11th May 1914,Dolphin 11th May 1917, and appointed to The Royal Naval College, Isle of Wight 15th January 1920.Promoted Paymaster Captain 1st January 1921,appointed Victory II 21st May 1921,placed on half pay 18th June, 1921 and retired as Paymaster Captain on 12th October 1921.He died at Wyke Regis, Dorset on 26th September 1934, and left a Widow Mary Emmeline. His Son, Cyril Luckham was a well known Film, Television and Stage actor whose most notable rolls were "A Man for all Seasons" "The Guardians" and "The Alphabet Murders ".He was a familiar face on the small screen in the 1960's and 1970's appearing in many Television Shows and plays. Like his Father he had joined the Royal Navy, but had been Invalided out in 1931.He died in 1989. Comes with copied service papers, typed synopsis of his career, etc.
QUEENS SUDAN MEDAL-TO MOSES GEORGE-1/ROYAL WARWICK REGT Queens Sudan Medal, named to: 4101 PTE.M.GEORGE 1/R.WAR.R. Medal about very fine, one small e/bruise. Moses George was born on 1875 at Stratford-On Avon. He attested for the Royal Warwickshire Regiment on 1st November, 1893. He served in Egypt, India and at Home. He was discharged in 1905 having served 12 years. Papers available online, which show entitlement to the Queens Sudan Medal, and the Khedives Sudan Medal, clasps for The Atbara and Khartoum.
QUEENS SUDAN MEDAL-TO ROBINSON-LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT Queens Sudan Medal, named to: 3222 PTE.J.G.ROBINSON.1/LINC R Medal very fine or better, a little contact and edge wear from Khedives Sudan Medal. James George Robinson was born in London, and Attested for the Lincolnshire Regiment on 11/08/1892 Trade given as a musician. Also entitled to The Khedives Sudan Medal, clasp The Atbara. Comes with copied attestation papers, etc. Ex Spink 1996.
QUUENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-HOGGAN-GRAHAMSTOWN TOWN GUARD Queens South Africa Medal (type 3 reverse) no clasp. Named to: 192 PTE.N.HOGGAN.GRAHAMSTOWN T.G. A few e/nicks, otherwise very fine. Confirmed on roll as a no-clasp medal.
RESERVE DECORATION GROUP OF SIX TO COMMANDER OGLE R.N.V.R-ASO COMES WITH WOUND BADGE British War and victory Medals,named to: S.LT.P.A.OGLE R.N.V.R. 1939/45 Star,Defence and War Medals,in box of issue,named to: Commander P.A.Ogle 60,Holland Rd.Kensington London.W14. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Decoration(George V) in box of issue. Silver discharge badge no: R N 39547,WITH safety chain. Percy Alfred Ogle was born in 1897,and enlisted in the London Division R..N.V.R.on 12th July,1916 as no:Z5676. He was commissioned Sub-Lt.on 20th November 1917,then served on H.M.S.Botha with the 10th Destroyer Flotilla in 1918.He suffered temporary paralysis and was hospitalised at the U.S.Naval hospital in Edinburgh 1918.He was made a full Lieut on 20th May 1920,announced in the London Gazette on 01/07/1921.He was then promoted to Lieut Commander (London Gazette 20th May 1928) He was awarded the Royal Naval Volunteer Decoration on (London Gazette 19th March 1937)."His WW2 experience was very enjoyable.As Commander Ogle he spent it in command of a shore based Naval establishment on the island of Trinidad in the West Indies.The Island was then "lend-leased to the Americans.His task was to ensure the safe arrival and departure of oil tankers to and from the Trinidad Oilfields.The problem was German U-Boats,which freely refuelled and refreshed themselves in nearby neutral Venezuela.The protection was from underwater steel netting,to keep the submarines out,and hopefully ensnare them.They kept many out,but only ever caught one,but at that moment everyone was away attending one of the Officer's Weddings.They rushed back on the news, but by the time they had got there,the U-Boat had freed itself.In civilian life,he was an official at The Bank Of England" Medals good very fine,interesting group,worthy of further research.
ROYAL HOUSEHOLD AND ROYAL VICTORIAN MEDAL GROUP OF FIVE TO WILLIAM SHURLEY Royal Victorian Medal (Elizabeth II) in original box of issue, and outer cardboard box. 1935 Jubilee Medal,1937 Coronation Medal, and Royal Household Long and Faithful Service Medal (George VI ) 1928-1948.(Also entitled to a 30 years clasp, and 40 years clasp Named to Shurley William -these three mounted as worn. Elizabeth II Coronation Medal in box of issue. Medals good very fine to extremely fine. Royal Victorian Medal: London Gazette 1st January 1960.William Shurley. William Shurley,Metalsmith,Superintendat's Staff,Windsor Castle.He was awarded the George VI Long and Faithful service medal February 1948, the 30 years clasp 11 Feb 1958, and the 40 years clasp 11 Feb 1968.
ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-TO Mc GLASHAN Royal Naval Reserve Long Service Medal (Edward VII) Named to: C113 J. Mc GLASHAN,SEAN,R.N.R. Medal about extremely fine.
ROYAL NAVY GROUP OF FOUR TO LOVETT-H.M.S.NORFOLK-INVOLVED IN THE SINKING OF THE BISMARK AND THE SCHARNHORST-BORN IN HEREFORDSHIRE 1939/45 Star/Atlantic Star/1939/45 War Medal, Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (George VI) This named to: J113254 G.W.LOVETT.P.O. H.M.S. NORFOLK. Medals very fine to good very fine, a few e/nicks, mounted on pin as worn, this fixed to a felt pad for display. George William Lovett was born in Hay, Herefordshire in 1909. He joined the Royal Navy in September, 1927,Long Service Medal awarded in 1942. Papers available online. In May 1941, H.M.S. Norfolk was involved in the hunt and destruction of the Bismark and in 1943 whilst on convoy duty, she scored three direct hits on the Scharnhorst that was later sunk by the Duke of York and her escorts.
ROYAL NAVY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL(VICTORIA)-TO LONG-ROYAL MARINES PORTSMOUTH Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria) named to: K.LONG, PTE.NO 2538 PORTS.R.M.L.I. Medal about extremely fine. John Kimnel Long was born on 22nd April 1882 at Kingsbridge, Exeter, Devon. His occupation was given as a Market Gardener.He joined the Royal Navy in 1884.He received his L.S.G.C. Medal 29th May 1894.He was accidentally wounded and received a wounds and hurts cert when he wounded his middle finger with a saw! also served WW1, but only entitled to the British War Medal. Comes with A3 size papers, and Medal roll.
ROYAL NAVY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-TO FORD-H.M.S.BERWICK-SERVED WW1 AND WW2 Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (George V coinage head, fixed suspension) Named to: 38155 W.C.FORD A.B. H.M.S. BERWICK Medal about very fine. William Charles Ford was born in 1899 at Poplar, London. Served on numerous Ships and shore establishments, including H.M.S Eagle, an early Aircraft-Carrier. Awarded L.S.G.C. Medal in 1932.Pensioned in 1939, recalled for service in WW2, served on H.M.S. Ferret (Watchman) from 1941 until discharge in 1946 Papers available online
ROYAL NAVY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-TO WOODS- CAPTAINS STEWARD -H M S CLEOPATRA Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria narrow suspension) named to: WM.H.WOODS.CAPS.STEWD.H.M.S.CLEOPATRA (Impressed naming) Medal about good very fine. William Henry Woods was born at Plymouth on 16th January 1849 Sold with copied service papers which shows service from 16th February 1869 as Servant aboard H.M.S. Caledonia and then Captains Servant aboard H.M.S. Northumberland and then Captains Steward. Service from 1873 as no: 69034.Medal traced 23/04/1880. Pension traced 01/03/1893 Scarce. Comes with copied service papers
SCARCE M.B.E. GROUP OF SIX TO CHIEF SKIPPER HOVELLS ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE M.B.E(Military-hallmarks for 1919) 1914 /15 Star,named to: SA 1000 E. W. HOVELLS. 2ND. HND. R. N. R. British War and Victory Medals,named to: SA 1000 E.W. HOVELLS CH.SKR R.N.R.Defence Medal,and Special Constabulary Medal (George VI -IND IMP) with clasp: LONG SERVICE 1948 named to: ERNEST W HOVELLS M.B.E. Medals about good very fine average,mounted on pin, as worn. Ernest William Hovells was born in Hopton, Suffolk in 1878.He joined the Royal Naval Reserve in 1915.He first served as an Engineman in GOLDEN GIFT,and took part in the salvage of S S ANCHORIA and received £85 in salvage money after the war.He was promoted to Skipper in December 1919,and in 1917 was posted to H.M.S. Queen,a depot ship for the drifter fleet.He was promoted to Temporary Chief Skipper in January 1917,and served for a while in the drifter Admirable,which was later sunk in the action of Otranto Straits in May 1917-papers state; "Queen from Admirable in charge net party"-It is not known if Hovells was aboard when she was sunk.He was promoted to Chief Skipper 17/07/1917-serving in Queen from 13-06-1917 to 14-04 1919 . His M.B.E.was listed in the London Gazette 1/01/1919 -Queen- Italy In charge of Net Sec of Boats-Invaluable and Efficient. Scarce only 13 M.B.E's awarded to Drifter Skippers for WW1.
SOUTH AFRICA (ZULU) MEDAL-CLASP 1879-TO SEFETE-HERSCHEL NATIVE CONTINGENT South Africa (Zulu) Medal, clasp 1879 named to: PTE D,SEFETE HERSCHEL NAT CONGT. Medal nearly very fine, a few e/nicks and scratches to left of bust. Confirmed on roll-Dabankula Sefete (listed on roll as no 155) Herschel\'s Native Contingent were engaged in the assault on Moirosi\'s stronghold
SOUTH AFRICA (ZULU) MEDAL-TO WALSH-2-21ST FOOT South Africa Medal 1879, named to: 2323 PTE.P.WALSH 2-21ST FOOT Medal good very fine, confirmed on roll. Patrick Walsh was born at St Mark\'s. Dublin in 1844. He attested for the 2/21st Foot on 12th Feb 1864. His discharge papers state that he was \"bad\" his name appears 32 times in the Regimental defaulters book and he was three times court martialled. he served in Malta, Gibraltar. Nova Scotia, Bermuda and South Africa. He was discharged on 6th November 1879, being unfit for further service. Papers available online
SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL (1877-79)-CLASP-1879-BLACKMORE 3/60TH FOOT South Africa Medal(1877-1879) clasp 1879 Named to: 3235 PTE W.J.BLACKMORE 3/60TH FOOT Correctly engraved to regiment,and confirmed on Medal roll Medal is extremely fine or better on old silver buckle. Comes with copy pay muster-joined the Btn.,in 1874 as 2484 renumbered 3235- embarked for England 13/10/1879. The 3/60th were involved in the action at Gingindlovu 2 April 1879 Copy pay muster supplied with medal.
SOUTH ATLANTIC MEDAL TO LEADING STEWARD CUNNING H M S YARMOUTH South Atlantic Medal, with Rosette,named to: LSTD W CUNNING D4835270 H M S YARMOUTH Medal about extremely fine, a little stained on reverse, on pin for wearing. H.M.S. Yarmouth carried out a variety of tasks during the Falklands War,including Bombardment,antisubmarine patrols,covert operations and escorting merchant ships to and from the landing area.On the 23 May 1982 she intercepted and and engaged the Argentine coaster ARA Monsunen with her 4.5 in guns-the coaster evaded capture by running aground at Seal Cove. At the San Carlos Landings, she provided air defence during the battles of San Carlos for the landing of ships in San Carlos water.On the 25th May she shot down an A4C Skyhawk, with her Sea Cat missile system.On the 13-14th June she she shelled Argentine positions during the battle of Mount Tumbledown.During the War she she fired over 1,000 shells from her main guns,mostly during shore bombardment,and 58 anti-submarine Limbo mortar rounds.. After the surrender of the Falkland Islands she sailed to the Sandwich Islands, where Argentina had established a base in South Thule since 1976.Following a demonstration of the Yarmouth's guns, the ten Argentine military personnel surrendered. Scarce on the market
SOUTH EAST ASIA GROUP OF FIVE TO LT GORDON ALEXANDER JONES-16TH PUNJAB REGIMENT INDIAN ARMY 1939/45 Star,Burma Star,1939/45 War Medal,India Service Medal,1939/45 and General Service Medal, clasp: S.E.ASIA 1945-46 this named to: LT.G.A.JONES 16 PUNJAB R.(impressed naming) Good very fine/extremely fine. Gordon Alexander Jones was born in Simla,Bengal, India,in the 2nd November,1923.He received an emergency commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 1st Battalion 16th Punjab Regiment on the 10th December, 1942 and was promoted to War Substantive Lieutenant on the 9th March 1943.In February 1943, the Battalion was part of the 1st Brigade 23rd Indian Division of the 14th Army,holding the Assam Front.In March 1944 they were involved in the defence of Kohima and in April-May 1944,they were involved in heavy fighting against the Japanese for control of the Ukrrul Road and Iril Valley and around Palel.In mid-July 1944,they were were in pusuit of of retreating Japanese forces along the Tamu Road,and at the end of that month they were sent back to India to recuperate and remained there until August 1945. The 23rd Divsion took part in operation Zipper,the planned invasion of Malaya,which went ahead as an exercise after V J Day.They landed without difficulty at Cape Rachado on the 12th September.They were then posted in the same month to Java to re-occupy former Dutch possessions,free allied prisoners and guard the thousands of P.O.W's The 1st Battalion 16th Punjab Regiment returned to India in November 1946.After partition,in August 1947, it was assigned to Pakistan. Gordon Jones later emigrated to Canada,and he died on the 16th December,1972 in Victoria, British Columbia. Comes with a printed synopsis of his career.
SPECIAL CONSTABULARY MEDAL-GEORGE V-TO WILLIAM CROWE Special Constabulary Medal (George V robed bust) named to: WILLIAM CROWE. Medal about good very fine, no ribbon
SPECIAL CONSTABULARY MEDAL-TO WILIAM LAXTON Special Constabulary Medal(George V Robed bust) Named to: WILLIAM LAXTON Medal about good very fine on orginal ribbon
SUDAN AND DEFENCE OF LADYSMITH GROUP OF FOUR TO ROCKETT-RIFLE BRIGADE Queens Sudan Medal, named to: 4055 PTE W.ROCKETT 2/R BDE. Queens South Africa Medal (3rd type reverse) clasps: DEFENCE OF LADYSMITH/LAINGS NEK/BELFAST. Named to 4055 CPL W.A. ROCKETT RIFLE BRIGADE. Kings South Africa Medal, clasps; SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902.Named to: 4055 CORPL W.ROCKETT RIFLE BRIGADE. Khedives Sudan Medal, no clasp un-named as issued. Medals and clasps confirmed on rolls. William Amos Rockett was born in Enfield, Middlesex in 1873.He attested for the Rifle Brigade on 17th October, 1895. Also entitled to a 1914/15 Star trio (Arrived in France on 03/12/1914) and a SWB. 2 Full set of papers available online ( Attestation and Special Reserve) Died in 1946
SUFFOLK REGIMENT AND ROYAL ANGLIAN REGIMENT GROUP OF FOUR TO THOMPSON General Service Medal (George VI) Clasps: MALAYA/CYPRUS,Campaign Service Medal, clasp: NORTHERN IRELAND,1953 Coronation Medal,Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,clasp: REGULAR ARMY. G.S.M.Named to: 22571647 PTE P.A..THOMPSON SUFFOLK. C.S.M.Named to: 22571647 PTE. P.A.THOMPSON R ANGLIAN L.S.G.C.Named to: 22571647 S.SGT.P.A.THOMPSON R.ANGLIAN. Medal group about very fine and better,slight contact wear on G.S.M. Comes with copied photo of the 1st Batallion Rifle Team,1963 which includes Thompson, and a newspaper cutting showing Thompson,in later years wearing his Medals.Also a copied page from the Suffolk Regimental Gazette 1953,which lists Thompson amongst those who were awarded the 1953 Coronation Medal. A fine "modern" group.
SUTLEJ MEDAL FOR MOODKEE-CLASP FEROZESHUHUR-TO PTE.G.STEADMAN- 9TH REGIMENT-WOUNDED AT FEROZESHUHUR ON 21ST DECEMBER 1845-WHICH RESULTED IN HIM BEING DISCHARGED UNFIT FOR FURTHER SERVICE Sutlej Medal for Moodkee, clasp: FEROZESHUHUR Named to: GEORGE STEADMAN 9TH REGT. Medal very fine or better, contact wear, and edge bruise George Steadman was born at Stowbridge, Staffordshire in 1815.He was a 20 year old single labourer when he enlisted in the 9th Foot on 30th March 1835.He served in Afghanistan, and is entitled to the Kabul Medal, as well as the Sutlej Medal, He was present at the battles of Moodkee and Ferozeshuhur, where he was wounded in the left arm, returning home on the 30th September 1846. His papers state that the bones in his left arm were fractured and deprived him of the use of it so much as to render him unfit for further service. Comes with copied A3 size papers, census return s, etc.
SUTLEJ MEDAL FOR MOODKEE-CLASPS FEROZESHUHUR AND SOBROAN TO MURPHY-9TH REGT Sutlej Medal for MOODKEE,clasps: FEROZESHUHUR and SOBRAON. Named to; JAMES MURPHY. Medal about good very fine. James Murphy was born at St Michael's, Dublin and attested for the Ninth Foot on 11th June, 1841.He served in India and Malta He was discharged on 27th October, 1856. Medal and clasps confirmed on papers. Comes with copied service papers ex Spinks
SUTLEJ MEDAL TO HENRY DUNSTER 9TH REGT-WOUNDED AT MOODKEE-LATER KILLED IN ACTION WITH THE 32ND REGT AT CHINHUT-IN THE DEFENCE OF LUCKNOW Sutlej Medal for Moodkee, clasps: FEROZESHUR/SOBRAON/named to: HENRY DUNSTER 9TH REGT. Medal about very fine, with several e/nicks and graffiti in front of neck. Henry Dunster enlisted in the 9th Foot in September, 1844.Joining the Regiment in India,he served during the Sutlej campaign He was wounded at Moodkee on 18th December 1845. In Meerut on the 1st November,Henry transferred to the 32nd Foot. He served in the Indian Mutiny at Lucknow,and was entitled to an Indian Mutiny Medal, clasp Defence Of Lucknow.He was killed in action at Chinhut 30th June 1857. Comes with various muster rolls,medal rolls, etc.and a brief description of his career
SUTLEJ/PUNJAB PAIR-TO ENOCH EXLEY-53RD FOOT Sutlej Medal for ALIWAL clasp SOBRAON Named to: ENOCH EXLEY 53rd REGT Punjab Medal, clasp GOOJERAT named to: ENOCH EXLEY 53rd FOOT Medals good very fine, contact wear and e/nicks to both medals. On the Worldwide Index of 1851 (January to March) at Rawalpindi, India There is an E Exley listed as Sergeant Major, whose widow was in receipt of a payment from Lord Clive\'s fund (Madras Presidency) in 1855 Sold by Spink Auction no: 22002 hammer price £1,000 (20th July 2022)
SUTLEJ/PUNNIAR STAR PAIR TO FELWICK-WOUNDED AT ALIWAL Sutlej Medal for Moodkee,clasps: FEROZESHUHUR /ALIWAL. Named to: PTE.JAMES FELWICK 50TH REGT. Punniar Star, named to; Private James Felwick 50th Queens Own Regt. This named in running script, with contemporary replacement suspension.Medals Fair to Fine,Sutlej severley pitted and worn,the Star with two blunted points from contact wear. James Felwick was wounded at Aliwal on 21/08/1846
TERRITORIAL DECORATION MINIATURE Territorial Decoration miniature, with top clasp TERRITORIAL, on post 1969 ribbon. Good quality, in nice condition
TERRITORIAL EFFICIECY MEDAL-CLASP INDIA-TO BAINBRIDGE-BENGAL AND NORTHWEST RAILWAY BATTALION-A.F.I.-WITH 1935 JUBILEE MEDAL-CONFIRMED ON ROLL Territorial Efficiency Medal (George v crowned bust) clasp: INDIA. Named to: SJT.J,R,BAIBRIDGE, B.& N.W.RY.BN., A.F.I. 1935 Jubilee Medal Medals about good very fine. John Roland Bainbridge, Sgt A.F.I. Confirmed as on the roll for the 1935 Jubilee Medal.
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY DECORATION GROUP OF FIVE 1939/45 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal,1939/45 War Medal and Territorial Decoration.(Elizabeth II) dated 1965. Medals very fine or better, mounted on pin as worn.
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL PRISONER OF WAR GROUP OF THREE TO GREENACRE- ROYAL NORFOLK REGT-CATURED-FALL OF FRANCE 1939/45 Star,1939/45 War Medal and Territorial Efficiency Medal (George VI) with TERRITORIAL bar Territorial Efficiency Medal named to: 5764049 PTE.C.GREENACRE R.NORFOLK Medals extremely fine. Pte C Greenacre was reported missing on 13/06/1940 later confirmed as a Prisoner Of War, he was held at Stalag 20b (Marienburg)
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL-CLASP AUSTRALIA-AN UN-NAMED SPECIMEN Territorial Efficiency Medal(Elizabeth II) clasp: AUSTRALIA An un-named Royal Mint Specimen Extremely fine.
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL-GEORGE VI-TO BOMBADIER ROBINSON-ROYAL ARTILLERY Territorial Efficiency Medal (George VI) clasp: TERRITORIAL. Named to: 2046699 BMBR.S.ROBINSON R.A. Medal about extremely fine
TERRITORIAL FORCE WAR MEDAL GROUP OF THREE TO BEDWELL-NORFOLK REGIMENT-DIED IN PALESTINE 1917 British War and Victory Medals,Territorial Force War Medal. Named to: 1984 PTE J W BEDWELL NORF R. Medals about good very fine,Territorial Medal has a few stains on reverse of Medal. 200172/1984 Private Joseph Francis Bedwell 1st/4th Battalion Norfolk Regiment,died on 19th April 1917.He was born at Ditchingham, Norfolk,and enlisted at Homersfield,Norfolk.He is commemorated on the Jerusalem Memorial.
TERRITORIAL FORCE WAR MEDAL GROUP OF THREE TO LIEUTENANT COLONEL SYDNEY HAMPDEN WHITE, O.B.E., T.D British War Medal, Territorial Force War Medal,and Territorial Force Decoration (George V) with second award clasp.(makers mark Sebastion Garrard H/M 1919) Medals named to: MAJOR S.H.WHITE (BWM) CAPT S.H.WHITE (TFWM) Medals about very fine and better. Commissioned into the 2nd Middlesex Volunteer Rifle Corps(London Gazette 13/10/1908) Entitled to The British War Medal only and Territorial Force War Medal. Also entitled to an I.G.S clasp AFGHANSTAN NWF1919. Arrived in India November, 1914. London Gazette 6th January 1941: Lt-Col.S.H.White T.D.(51248) at his own request reverts to the rank of Major whilst so employed. Territorial Decoration awarded 6th March, 1923. Also awarded the O.B.E., London Gazette 1st January,1948.Lieutenant-Colonel Sidney Hampden White,T.D.(51248) General List Infantry Territorial Army Reserve of Ofiicers. Comes with copied research, London Gazettes, etc.
THE MOST DISTINGUISHED ORDER OF ST MICHAEL AND ST.GEORGE-(C.M.G.)-COMPANIONS NECK BADGE- The Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St George. (C.M.G.) Companions neck badge. In original Garrard and Co. box. An excellent example with no enamel damage. with original neck and collar ribbons
U.S.A.-MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL U.S.A. Meritorious Service Medal. On ribbon, with crimp brooch
UBU KLEA EGYPT PAIR TO LEONARD ARMY HOSPITAL CORPS-EGYPT MEDAL- PRESENTED BY HER MAJESTY Egypt Medal,dated 1882, clasps: TE-EL-KEBIR-THE NILE 1884-85-ABU KLEA.Named to: 5070 PTE R H LEONARD A H CORPS. Khedives Star,dated 1882,unnamed as issued. Medals about very fine,some contact wear on Egypt Medal from star,suspension twisted. Clasps confirmed on rolls,roll for Egypt Medal,and clasp TEL-EL KEBIR additionally annotated : Presented by Her Majesty 21/11/82
VERY EARLY NAVAL CASUALTY-SLATER-DIED 2 SEPTEMBER 1914 H.M.DRIFTER "EYRIE"-WITH HIS FATHERS 1914/15 STAR-SKIPPER R.N.R.WHO ALSO SERVED ON EYRIE 1914/15 Star trio named to: DA888 W.G.SLATER D.H.R.N.R. 888DA Deckhand William John Slater H.M.Drifter "Eyrie" died on 02/09/1914 aged 18 years- when "Eyrie" hit a mine on the outer dowsing.He was the Son of Gertrude Slater,of 59,Maidstone Road,Lowestoft.He is commemorated on The Chatham Memorial. Six men were drowned when the Eyrie was sunk,out of a crew of eleven.The Eyrie had previously rescued the crew of the "Chr Broburg" which had also been sunken by a mine. Group also comes with his Fathers 1914/15 Star, named to: SA250 A.SLATER R.N.R. He was born in 1872 in Blundeston,Suffolk,and was a 2nd hand aboard the "Eyrie" Promoted to Skipper he served on a number of Trawlers and Drifters.He died on 22/04/22,his Naval Prize Money being sent to his Widow. Medals are extremely fine,on original silk ribbons. Comes with Admiralty letter for the Medals,(AF) Medal boxes(AF) A superb memorial double-photo-frame,with a picture of Slater junior with his Mother and Grandmother,and a photo of his Father rowing a boat.These are in a "daguerrotype" frame,with guilt edges,which opens up,and can stand freely. Also a copied photo of the Eyrie with crew.Copied papers, etc. The Eyrie was the first of the Lowestoft hired fishing fleet to be lost in WWI and as such a very early Naval casualty.
VICTORIA LONG SERVICE MEDAL AND M.S.M. TO BANDMASTER STEBBINGS-ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE REGT Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (small letter reverse) 2275 BANDMR E.STEBBINGS 1ST Bn R.WAR.R. Meritorious Service Medal (George V) BNDMSTR. E.STEBBINGS I R.WAR.R. Medals extremely fine or better. Edward Stebbings was born in Hackney, London around1845. He attested for the 11th Regiment on 30th June 1859 aged 14. He served in the Cape, China and India. Appointed Bandmaster 1st March, 1880 Discharged Bandmaster 1st November 1891 having served for 32 years abd 125 days
VICTORY MEDAL TO CAPTAIN J ROMANES-BORDER REGIMENT-LATER ROYAL FLYING CORPS AND LIEUT COL R.A.F.-A GEOLOGIST Victory Medal, named to: CAPT J.ROMANES Captain James Romanes was born in 1886.He was educated at Edinburgh academy and Christ's college,Cambridge,1905-1909.He was formerley on the Geological staff at Cambridge,and in July 1914 had returned from a two year survey in Peru and Bolivia.He joind the 6th Btn Border Regt. and obtained a commission in September, 1914.He was sent to GallIpoli, arriving on the 08/05/1915.He was married just before He went to Gallipoli, and received a Silver Salver presented by 37 other Officers of the Regiment,17 of whom were killed in action.The Family received a telegram dated 27th August, 1915, announcing that he had been wounded in action.Three days later a missive amended the information and offered Lord Kitcheners' sympathy on the death of Captain Romanes.On the third day of the month a telegram was received from Buckingham Palace, offering the King and Queens sympathies,and obituaries were placed in the Scotsman and The Times.The Family then received a telegram from Romanes to say that he was coming home and had been slightly wounded! In March 1917 he joined the Royal Flying Corps,and took a course in Gunnery.He was mentioned in a press communique L.G 13/03/1918. He was appointed temporary Lt Col (Air Ministry) in May 1918, and transferred to the unemployed list 04/04/1919. Medal about good very fine on original full length silk ribbon.Most of the information has been published by his Grandson Alasdair on the Internet,and more information can be gleaned by reading this article.
VICTORY MEDAL TO HOWARD ESSEX REGIMENT Victory Medal, named to: 22238 PTE.F.A.HOWARD.ESSEX.R. Medal very fine or better, on a faded piece of original ribbon. Arrived in the Balkans 16/09/1915
VICTORY MEDAL TO JEANS-WEST YORKS Victory Medal, named to: 45140 PTE.S.JEANS W.YORK.R. Medal about good very fine on replacement ribbon. Silus Jeans also served with the Royal Sussex Regiment as no: 16869 The Labour Corps as 579328 and the Royal Fusiliers as no: gs-11100 Comes with copied M.I.C.
VOLUNTARY MEDICAL SERVICES MEDAL -TO BERNARD ADDY Voluntary Medical Services Medal, with three extra service bars, named to: BERNARD ADDY Medal about very fine and toned, a little corrosion on the extra service clasps.
VOLUNTEER FORCE LONG SERVICE MEDAL TO BROWN-3RD VOLUNTEER BATTALION LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS Volunteer Force Long Service Medal (Edward VII) Named to: 6841CORPL:W.BROWN. 3RD V.B.LANC: FUS.(impressed naming) Medal about very fine, toned and on original ribbon.
VOLUNTEER FORCE LONG SERVICE MEDAL TO QR MR SGT HOLT-LANC REGT Volunteer Force Long Service Medal (Victoria) Named to: 2 V.B.E.LANC RGT.LANC R.QR.MR.SERGT.J.HOLT. Medal very fine, e/nick suspension loose. Heavy engraved naming
VOLUNTEER FORCE LONG SERVICE MEDAL(VICTORIA REGINA)-UNNAMED AS ISSUED Volunteer Force Long Service Medal (Victoria Regina) Un-named as issued. Medal about extremely fine
VOLUNTEER FORCE LONG SERVICE MEDAL-VICTORIA REGINA-UN-NAMED AS ISSUED Volunteer Force Long Service Medal (Victoria Regina) Un-named as issued Medal good very fine on pin for wearing
WW1 PAIR AIRS-DEVON REGIMENT British War Medal/Victory Medal. Named to: PTE.A.H.AIRS DEVON REGIMENT. Medals good very fine,War Medal toned-on full length original silk ribbons.Copy of M.I.C.supplied, which shows later service with the Labour Corps
WW1/WW2 GROUP OF EIGHT TO 2 LIEUT FRANK WILFRED BROWN ROYAL AIR FORCE-FROM KING-ONTATRIO CANADA British War and Victory Medals, named to: 2.LIEUT.F.W.BROWN R.A.F. 1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, Defence and War Medals. Medals mounted on on original ribbons on wearing bar as worn. Frank Wilfred Brown was born in King, Ontario in 1892.He attested for the Canadian Expeditionary Force as a Cadet on 27th March 1916.He had previously served with the 12th Regiment York Militia. He served as no 779037 127th Bn., C.E.F. and 2nd Canadian Railway Troops. He was returned to England for Pilot Training, and was commissioned temporary 2nd Lieutenant. Unfortunately nothing can be found regarding his WW2 service. Looking at his Medals, he may well have served with the Royal Navy. Full set of Canadian Service records available online.
WW1/WW2 GROUP OF FIVE TO 2 LIEUT ALLAN ROYAL AIR FORCE-SERVED AS FLEET OBSERVER AND PILOT-SERVED WW2 IN S RHODESIAN AIR FORCE British War and Victory Medals, named to: 2.LIEUT .D.A.ALLAN.R.A.F. 1939/45 Star, Defence and War Medals. Medals about good very fine, mounted on card with cloth badge, as purchased. David Andrew Allan was born in Edinburgh in 1899. From Edinburgh University Roll of Honour: Royal High School; First XV and X1. University O.T.C. Infantry May to October 1917,Cadet.Royal Air Force (Naval), Cadet Oct 1917; 2nd Lieut. Sept.1918;Flight Lieut. Nov 1918.H.M.S.Furious, Fleet Observer and Pilot. In WW 2 he was listed as a Pilot Officer (Emergency) Southern Rhodesian Air Force published in London Gazette 9th March 1943. David Andrew Allan (80489) 4th June 1942 Pilot Officer S. Rhodesian Air Force. Worthy of further research.
WW2 CASUALTY GROUP TO GILBERT-COLDSTREAM GUARDS-DIED ON 14TH OCTOBER 1944-BURIED AT OVERLOON CEMETERY HOLLAND 1939/45 Star, France and Germany Star, 1939/45 War and Defence Medals, all in their original cellophane wrapper in box addressed to: Mrs E Bishop? 79, ? Road Small Heath, Birmingham. Casualty slip named to: 2660191 GDSM E.GILBERT. Also comes with an original photo of Gilbert with his Wife, and a group photo of Guardsmen, presumably including Gilbert. 266091 Eric Gilbert 4th Btn., Coldstream Guards died on Saturday 14th October, 1944 aged 29, the Son of Thomas Linsay Gilbert and Minnie Gilbert of Kingstanding,Birmingham; husband of Ellen Gilbert, of Small Heath Birmingham .He is buried at Overloon War Cemetery, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.