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Confidential 17th Aeronautical Exhibition Paris 1946 A.D.I. Tech. Paper no.18 Dec 1946. Aircraft and engine technical data. The British tech.department of the Air Ministry snooping on the French Jet development potential such as the VG70 and the S.O.6000. Outer cover a bit grubby. Price includes U.K. postage.
' ONLY HITLER ' 1932 Poster Original 1932 National Socialist campaign poster, from Hamburg district. This poster was acquired by a then young B.A.O.R. Private from the Tank Regiment in 1947/8. It was rolled up at the bottom, when new, to fit the glazed advertising display. It measures 20" x 28" approx. Posted in a tube, special delivery included.
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1480X Complete 1480X British Experimental Aircraft with amendments lists [Air Staff]
16th March 1940 Official Press Release Photograph Keystone press agency 10" x 8" Iconic early war photograph of RAF Air Gunners on the way to their machines. This date was the first day of British casualties during the war. There are intended crop marks from the newspaper in pencil. If there was ever a ' what became of them , photograph this is it.
1811-12 Napolionic Invasion Fundraising Lottery Ticket & Flyers Advertising flyers and lottery ticket for the year 1811/12 sold to raise money to defend against an expected Napolionic invasion. This Dover Kent ticket holder purchased a ticket then shared the cost between family and friends. The lottery was later stopped as being ' immoral '. Both flyers and the ticket are in very good condition considering their age.
1909 Blackpool Aviation Week Programme The official programme souvenir of the Blackpool Aviation Week is in bad condition. This was the first aviation event in Great Britain run from October the 18th to 23rd 1909 by Blackpool Corporation. The spine is two thirds split but the two cord staples are in place. The last three pages after page 16 have been ripped out and are missing, there are minor folds, splits and losses. All the most relevant pages are intact with adverts etc., this is a piece of British aviation history, priced according to its condition.
1917 Used Tank Regiment Christmas Greeting Card 'Christmas Greetings' card from The Tank Regiment 1917 from crewman W.C. Patterson. One sided card in creased stained condition. Price includes U.K. postage.
1922 Les Raids des Avions Breguet Official booklet Price 2 Francs, Vuillemin, Le Caire, Dakar etc., Coupe Michelin Aviation Polonaise. Good used condition, staples rusty. 21 pages 140mm x 220mm Free U.K. postage
1924 Light Aeroplane Trials Lympne Kent Data chart from the Sept/Oct 1924 Lympne Aeroplane trials. These trials were initiated by the Air Ministry, this document came from the Royal Aero Club archive.
1929 Register of Civilian Aircraft A Register of Civilian Aircraft compiled by R.L.Preston 1929, with a letter to the said Colonel R.L.Preston of the Royal Aero Club from the Air League of the British Empire 1954.
1932 Mussolini 10th Anniversary Air Force Medallion...Rare Mussolini accepting the standard, a bronze medallion. ' Decennale. Della. Fondazione. Della. R. Aeronavtica. Italiana.' Mussolini came to power in 1922 and this bronze medal commemorates his 10th Air Force anniversary. Designed by Morbiducci. See Dix Noonan & Webb for a similar example. See my item 50097 which came from the same source. Price includes U.K. postage. Payment by bank transfer only.
1935 Blueprint BAC Ltd ' Drone ' Aircraft Original 1935 blueprint, showing specifications, for the BAC Ltd ' Drone ' Aircraft. Bristol Aeroplane Company. Various stains and minor losses, non detrimental. 26" x 39" approx. possibly for sales literature
1942 RAF Medmenham ' The Lynx ' Newspaper September 1942 issued to Lancaster Hut this station newspaper consists of 18 packed pages. The contributions, articles and anecdotes relate to all the major personalities at Medmenham at this date. The newspaper is in good used condition, the front cover has pulled away from one of the three staples. Photograph four is the back cover.
1943 Ordnance Factory Chorley ...Gracie Fields Pass Original ENSA Pass signed by Gracie Fields for the Royal Ordnance Factory Chorley 18th August 1943. This pass should have been surrendered for security reasons. But would you have given it back ? Price includes U.K. postage.
1944 Handley Page 64 Sales Brochure Handley Page 64 Civil Air Transport aircraft brochure from March 1944. Powered by four Bristol Hercules engines. The split pin fixings have rusted badly and the front and back covers are stained. The inner leaves are in excellent condition. Price includes U.K. postage This is the home of the Halifax bomber.
1960's CND Radical Youth Donovan Cap Original early 1960's Scottish Tartan 'Ban The Bomb' cap with badges. The badges include Easter 1964 & 1965 the last of the Aldermaston marches.
1962 Douglas Bader 23 Sqn.Reunion Dinner Autographs Belonging to Air Marshal Sir Richard Atcherley is this 1962 RAF Coltishall reunion and dinner signed menu. The rear cover has the Air Marshals speaking notes on 1st War, 2nd War and toasts. The signatures include Douglas Bader who was with 23Sqn when he crashed losing his legs, Wing Commander D.B. Wills, the Air Marshal himself, plus an additional 50+ important 23 Squadron Association members.
1967 Hotel De La Plage Signs Battle of Britain Film Lufflotte 11 H.Q. Original blueprint for the 1969 Spitfire Productions Film ' Battle of Britain '. Showing the design, colour scheme and specification for the signs used at the Luftflotte11 Hotel De La Plage Wissant . There are creases, minor rips and some age stains. The plan measures 50" x 30" approx. Postage in secure tube by special delivery to the U.K. included.
23 Squadron Front Cover Photograph
2nd Patt. Wilkinson Additional photros
3rd Pattern Commando Knife Maj. D.P.Earlam R.A. William Rodgers 3rd Pattern Commando Knife inscribed to Major D.P.Earlam R.A. 437052 Lt. Colonel Dec 76 Retired in 1986. In it's original scabbard the blade is undamaged other than slight staining. The chape has come apart slightly otherwise in very good condition. Sale to 18+ and U.K. only. Free postage
9th USAAF Blast V1 Site June 1944 US Official Photograph from Associated Press of bomb damage inflicted by the 9th Air-Force on a V1 Site June 1944. Skis and assembly buildings highlighted in white. 9" x 9" approx. in fair condition free U.K. postage
A history of the Lothian and Border Police by T.W.Archibald This is a scarce book on the history of the Lothian and border Police. ISBN 0951611909. Slight discolouration to the edges and spine. The dust jacket is fully intact and the internal pages are excellent. Originally priced at 20 and produced in the late 1980's or early 1990's this book 12" x 9" approx. is a must. This price includes U.K. postage and is 175 plus cheaper than Amazon Books.
A.I.2 [G] Report May 1946 OKA BAKA Suicide Aircraft Official report by Wing Commander W.R.Acott on the Japanese piloted jet sucide aircraft in May 1946, this air launched jet was responsible for many American casualties.
ADI TECH Paper March 1947 Confidential Helicopters Confidential Review of British, French, American and Russian helicopters. An in depth look at design and production by all the main players, in this Cold War era. U.K. postage included. Rest of the world please await postage cost.
Air Pub.2453 1942/5 Airborne Forces Manual This is I believe a complete Air Publication 2453 Vol. 1 Including conversion of bomber aircraft for paratroop operations, Whitley Wellington Halifax and Lancasters etc.positions equipment drop containers etc. Towing of glider-borne forces and equipment for Hotspur and Horsa with towing equipment on tugs.
Air Vice Marshal D.F.W. Atcherley Medals Two commemorative medals belonging to the RAF legend Air Vice Marshal David Francis William Atcherley. A 1941 silver Londonderry Challenge Cup Medal and a 1930 Royal Tournament bronze medal. Both in un-cleaned original condition.
Australian Leads Spitfire Wing June 1943 Original press release photograph of the first Australian to lead a Spitfire Wing. ' The Saint ' Wing Commander J.R.Ratten. Photograph in excellent used condition, free U.K. postage.
Avro RFC Propeller 1917 Apprenice Piece additional photos
AVRO RFC Propeller Apprentice / Trench Art Ink Stand WW1 ink stand made from a propeller with AVRO Manchester decal and RFC decal poss.1916/17. I was told that it came from the AVRO building in Chadderton near Oldham mid 1960's. Peg jointed made from mahogany the curves and irregularities are that of the propeller. Possibly an apprentice piece or trench art ? U.K. postage included overseas await postage cost BACS payment only. 29cm x 23cm x 8cm
AVRO Tudor 11 Brochure Nov 1946 AVRO Transcontinental Transport sales and specification brochure for the Tudor 11 printed Nov.46 In good used condition with a few grubby marks and the odd stain.
B.D.M. V.D.A. Postcard 1934 Volksbund fur das Deutschum in Ausland VDA responsible for racial work beyond the frontiers, postcard in reasonable condition, rubbed corners and sticking points to rear and blank area on the front.
Battle of Britain 1969 Film Poster and original He.111 photographs This B of B film poster is in fair condition, it has tape marks on three corners and one corner missing. There are creases and minor rips. There are nine photographs of Heinkels dropping bombs for the Thames estuary scene, with the cockney boys, which was filmed over the Med. The photographs were taken by my friend J.B. who was in the second lead Heinkel, these were his set . I do not know how many other copies exist possibly none.
Battlefield German WW2 Wristwatch...3/RTR Battlefield acquired German wrist watch with a later presentation engraving. SYNTAKT Z PRESENTED TO M.Q.M.S. BRYANT FROM SGT'S MESS 3/RTR 20/5/47 In working order, is un-cleaned and needs replacement strap. New strap included.
BDM Kennkarte BDM 1940 Kennkarte in very good original condition.
Berlin Volkssturm M35 Helmet This M35 Volkssturm helmet is a souvenir brought back by Captain Firminger R.A. Control Commission Berlin. Captain Firminger became Deputy Director of the British Frontier Service. [Original Secret Cold War files to come ] The helmet is an EF66, run number 5193. The vent grommets are missing, there is only one rivet, no chin strap and the leather is in bad condition. Still it's a piece of history. The helmet spent its life in a damp prefab garage.
Blitz Period City of London Mayoral Silver Tray Nov. 1940 City of London Coat of Arms Mayoral silver tray dated 9th November 1940. Sir George Henry Wilkinson was Mayor from 1940/41. Alexander Trentham his Sheriff was killed in an air raid one month later in December 1940. Card tray made by Henry Atkins of Sheffield, 210mm diameter 12ozs plus, on four scroll feet. Two light dings at 3 and 4 o'clock plus usual surface scratches. My photographs don't show the quality and definition of the engraving.
Bomb Hits London Cinema Jan. 1944 Original press photograph of the bomb damage to a London Cinema January 1944. This was the Davies Theatre in Croydon, the censor could not include this info. This photo measures 8.5" x 6.5", the image is in fair condition, free U.K. postage, the reverse has old water stains. Central Press release.
British Colonial Singapore Guard Regiment Badge Genuine circa 1960's cap badge, locally enlisted personnel from the Royal Military Police Singapore in 1955 became the Singapore Guard Regiment. Jan 1964 to Aug 1966 sole defence of Kuching Airfield and other RAF bases in Malaysia. Free U.K. postage
Cigarette Box of Tinnies etc. Art Deco cigarette tin with tinnies etc plus 1938 banking ?paperwork belonging to a Mr August Heinrichs. This tin was found under the floorboards of a Berlin [British Sector] flat. One badge has pin off, shutzenfest doll has chipped foot otherwise condition o.k.
DAK Deutsches Africa Korp Membership Pin Original DAK North Africa membership enamel pin. Condition very good. Price includes U.K. postage.
Decoration High Command Hitler Youth for Distinguished Foreigners Rare Hitler Youth award for distinguished visitors. Instituted 1941 only awarded to deserving non Germans. Controversial award some sources saying it does not exist. This came into my Fathers collection 1967/8. Do your own research. Pick up only after viewing. BACS or cash after viewing.
Deutschland Erwacht 1933 Cigarette photograph book. All good Germans were encouraged to collect a full set of photographs to stick in the book. Germany awake to your destiny. Outer box shot. Front and back cover plus spine solid but dirty and scuffed. Various stains and a few loose leaves, the end rally pull out has stains and fold rips. The good news is that the original photographs and texts are in great condition. This was a Lancashire Fusiliers WW2 bring back. Price includes U.K. postage.
DLV Stuttgart 25th Commemorative Medal 1911-1936 DLV Medal in excellent original condition
Dornier Do X Liberated from Bibliothek Losohalle Bremen a 1931 stiff backed Dornier Dox book of 72 pages. I cannot find another copy anywhere. The back inside cover looks as though there was an addition at some stage. Price includes U.K. postage.
EK2 Iron Cross Second Class Nazi Era For sale is this EK2 in original uncleaned condition. The box is the one it came with from a house clearance. The house occupant was with the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry and a dentist. Price includes U.K. postage, rest of the world await postage cost. The suspension ring impressed number looks to be the top part of number 24.
F.Kormis Bronze Plaque HDA Redditch Factory 1939 F.Kormis 1897-1986 a bronze plaque to commemorate the opening of the HDA Redditch factory. Opening by Sir Kingsley Wood, Secretary of State for Air, August 1939. Sir Kingsley Wood doubled the size of the RAF. HDA High Duty Alloys made components for the Supermarine Spitfire and other aircraft. 165mm x 215mm
Fahrten und Fluge gegen England 1941 1941 book in good used condition. Photo's include Luftwaffe bombing India Docks, Purfleet, Swansea etc., etc. Photo shows H.M.S Courageous. Text in German
Gautag 1936 Badge Pressed metal day badge :- Gautag 1936 Hildesheim Sud Hannover Braunschweig 12/14 June 1936 in good order.
German Long Service Awards Class 1 & 2 18 & 25 Years Service Dienstauszeichnung 1 & 2 Klasse fur Dienstjahre 18 & 25, march1936--1940. Both medals in a good used condition on one ribbon, un cleaned, second class has slight oxidation. They are a veteran bring back.
Goring's Primary Dining Car Sonderzug Asien Serving Dishes Three serving Dishes from Reichmarshal Goring's Special Train dining car. Manufactured by Bruckmann with specific reference numbers for each Sonderzug carriage within the Third Reich. This 10241 number is allocated to Asien's primary dining car on Goring's train. These items were brought back as a souvenir by one of Field Marshal Montgomery's staff. They are silver plated and in well used condition. They have spent their life in an attic before being on show at a private museum. Weight combined 2.7kg. They have never been cleaned since their last journey Carinhall to Berchtesgaden April 1945. Pick up after viewing only Manchester, and now can be posted to Canterbury Kent for pickup and viewing.
Goring's Sonderzug ASIEN Train Deutsche Reichsbahn Add. photos This current group of serving dishes were brought back into the U.K. in Field Marshal Mongomery's Humber boot by a member of his staff. Documents available to read and copy. Additional photographs by email.
Guardsman F.Ellender 17th Coy. Grenadier Guards POW STALAG XV111A Guardsman F.Ellender was a prisoner of war in three German pow camps. His two British Army dog tags have the addition of his last Stalag XV11A tag. Also included are his medals, December 1940 squad photograph, mounted cap badge and shoulder titles. This is a story worth research. Price includes U.K. postage. Price includes U.K. Postage.
Hamburg Burns July 1943 Original Press Photograph of the 8th USAAF bombing U-Boat pens in Hamburg docks. 8" x 6" slight losses creases and stains, free U.K. postage
Hammer Rommel's Supply Line July 1942 Two Sequential original Press photographs of U.S. Boston Bombers flown by the RAF attacking Rommel's supply lines. No:- 2 Shows the bomb-aimer. free U.K. postage
Handwritten Family Log of Emigration to New Zealand aboard The Hydaspes A1 Clipper 1872 Log of passenger family aboard The Hydaspes A1 Iron Clipper 2,093 tons out of East India Dock bound for Port Chalmers, Otago New Zealand . June 21st. 1872 40+ pages hand written by Mr W. Christmass travelling with his family wife Annie, daughter Annie sons Willy and John plus baby. See Otago newspaper reports Sept. 1872 for manifest etc.
Herman Knoller 1940 German Belt Buckle ...Falaise Souvenir brought back by City of London Yeomanry The Sharpshooters from Falaise. Owners details for buyer only. Completely untouched from battlefield. Slight rust, sweaty and tactile. Price includes U.K. postage ~ Rest of the World await postage cost.
HJ Hitler Youth Pennant HJ pennant. Markings on aluminium centre bracket N 9 SS3315. The SS is type face not runic. Two printed sections of material stitched together. Slight pulls.The lower tie is undone as it was when brought back as a WW2 souvenir. Pennant 8" x 6" approx. U.K. postage included Rest of the World await cost.
Intl. Organisation of War Service Opponents Badge This badge is in good condition, is un-cleaned and measures 25mm approx. It looks to have a bronzed finish which has either oxidised or needs cleaning.
Kings Royal Rifles Busby 20C. This busby has a leather sweatband and patent leather chin strap connected by hooks inside. There is a square tape over the badge internal fitting which I have not removed. The sweatband has small scuffs, cracks and stains. The fur is a man made material. This is a well worn example that still looks great. I have not cleaned this busby. Price includes U.K. postage.
Legion Condor Kampf um Spanien 1939 Copyright by Gerhard Stalling fair used condition. Text in German
LSSAH 1944 SS Diary Killed after Falaise This diary was given to the museum by the soldier of the Lancs. Regt. who acquired it. Pages from 3rd Aug 1944 to Sept 10th have been torn out but include directions to Manchester University Ardwick, written by Lancs. Regt. soldier on Sept When I received the diary I photocopied some of the pages and numbered them, photo 10 shows number 27 which is my reference. Lots of the pages have entries family tel.nos. SS sub district H.Q. Dresden etc.,etc. The earliest Caen entry is Freitag 7 Juli 1944. This diary needs extensive research.
Luftflotte 11 additional photographs
Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Dress Dagger with Hangers Excellent used condition, hangers and damaged portopee original to the dagger. Unmarked manufacturer. This is the lighter of the three colour variants. The portapee was cut by the daughter of the Manchester Regiment Corporal who liberated it. Sold only to the U.K. 18+ after verified proof of age. Postage included.
Luftwaffe Flak Artillery War Badge Souvenier Flak Kampfabzeichen Der Luftwaffe souvenier of the campaign in Germany 1945. Original badge on an oxidized aluminium plate. Possibly put together for the following occupation troops. Don't know it's origin before the museum. Price includes U.K. postage.
M71 1864 Prussian Sidearm Faschinenmesser A Prussian sidearm in excellent condition, all brass handle and matching number scabbard. U.K. and over 18's sales only, proof of age required. Price includes postage.
Merchant Navy Medal Boxed Merchant Navy Medal in excellent condition, with miniature.
N.S.F.K. 1939 Day Badge NSFK Grossflugtag badge, produced by EF Weidmann Frankfurt for the 29th/30th July 1939. 2 x 1.5" approx. staining and discolouration to the front....uncleaned
Naval Boarding Short Sword Early sword in distressed condition, found in a roof space this week mid February 2020. The chape is bent which caused the split in the leather scabbard. The brass on the scabbard is black, the leather is split and broken into two pieces. The leather and wire on the hilt is damaged. There is a break on the loop guard at the top of the 'A'. This is a great sword in lousy condition that is worth restoration. Price includes postage. U.K. sales and over 18's only. Proof of age required, any info. on pattern would be welcome.
Newest Spitfire Is Still The Best Original Press photograph of the latest Spitfire, being fitted with 20mm cannon. 8" x 6" in excellent used condition free U.K. postage
Original 1967 Battle of Britain Film Script Precis Battle of Britain film script precis Sept 1967, in excellent used condition. This script belonged to my friend who was historical adviser on the film crew, in Britain and Spain.
Original A.D.I. [K] Report 373 General Adolf Galland 1945 This original document by the British A.D.I [K] & U.S. Air Interrogation was produced on August 15th 1945. It is a complete de-brief of Galland's history and participation in WW2. This actual copy was given by Adolf Galland to John Blake when both were acting as advisers to the Spitfire Productions ' Battle of Britain ' film in Spain during 1969. The document measures 13" x 8" has 80 pages approx. is stained and wrinkled from when it got damp years ago. All pages are 100% readable.
Original oblong Nazi Flag 900mm x 750mm Original WW2 German oblong flag. One sided and stitched on the circle and the black is printed. Souvenir brought back by Kent Sharpshooters. A well made flag in stained condition from northern Germany January 1945. A few small holes and many stains. Price includes U.K. postage.
Original Press Photograph Reuter 1947 ' Flight Of Fancy ' press photograph of Windmill- Girls dashing down to Sussex July 1947 10" x 8" in good condition free U.K. postage
Pair WW2 2nd Pattern Wilkinson Sword F.S. Commando Knives Two WW2 second pattern Commando fighting knives belonging to the same soldier. Both with one Wilkinson etched panel, the rear of one has Made In England the other is blank. Brass knurled grip and complete with original scabbards. The elastic support on both are complete but slack, one scabbard has a half of one wing missing. Both blades have been reground sharp by an amateur. Both are un-cleaned. Free postage, sales to 18+ U.K. residents only, payment by BACS only.
R.A.F. Attack Docks Den Helder Holland Jan 1943 Original Press Photograph of bombs falling towards Den Helder Docks January 1943. Attacking R.A.F. Ventura nose below right. Photograph in good condition. 8" x 6" including border free U.K. postage
RAF Navigators Log Book Form 441 Mar. 1944 This Bomber Command Navigators Log Book is in a well used condition, but complete. It contains a batch of wartime blank internal RAF forms. The 18 different forms include Forms 1640 Equipment Stock Form, 2856 Aircraft clearance etc., etc.
Regimental Plate East Kent Yeomanary Pre 1833 A very rare and early East Kent Yeomanry, Officers Mess, regimental plate made by Spode 1805/33. The centre of the reserve shows a circular strap enclosing a St.Edward's Crown over White Horse of Kent over Invicta. There are no cracks just background crazing and underglaze staining to reverse edge. [see photo]
SA Car Pennant This pennant is in good un-cleaned condition, it measures 32cm x 19cm. It has two slight pulls on one side only...see photo. The lanyard edge is triple stitched. There are no lanyard fixing points. This was for a high ranking officer of the military branch of the Sturmabteilungen. This is a Vet. bring back
Schuma Ukranian Badges Insignia of Ukranian raised Shutzmanshaf Battalion 1942 / 45. Anti- Partisan
Serving Dish from Goring's Train ASIEN Deutsche Reichsbahn Large serving dish weighing 800 grams from Goring's primary dining car number 10241. The base reads B for Bruckmann followed by a Locomotive followed by number 241. See James A. Yannis Amazon books. This was brought back by a member of Field Marshal Montgomery's Staff. Viewing and Pick up Manchester only.....more Special Train items to come including Fuhrersonderzug.
Spitfire Productions 1966 'Battle of Britain' Me 109E Blueprint Original blueprint from the 1969 Spitfire Productions film ' Battle of Britain ' showing the camouflage and markings of the Messerschmitt 109E. Measures 35" x 30" approx.
Spitfire Productions 1967 ' Battle of Britain ' Luftflotte 11 Blueprint Original blueprint for the 1969 Spitfire production film ' Battle of Britain ' showing the design, colour scheme and specifications for the Luftflotte 11 Sign over the entrance at Wissant Luftwaffe Base H.Q. There are creases, minor rips and some stains, the plan measures 52" x 30".
Spitfire Productions 1967 ' Battle of Britain ' Luftflotte 11 Blueprint Original blueprint for the 1969 Spitfire Production film ' Battle of Britain ' showing the design, colour scheme and specifications for the Luftflotte 11 sign over the entrance at the Wissant Luftwaffe base H.Q. There are creases minor rips [top left] and some age stains. The plan measures 52" x 30" Payment by BACS only. Postage in secure tube special delivery next day included in price.[ U.K. Only ]
Sqn Ldr. R Stanford Tuck's Hurricane -- Glass Image Aquired from Sqn. Ldr R. Stanford Tuck's sisters house clearance Nr. Ash Kent. Probably made in the 1970's
SS F.M. Stick Pin SS Forderndes Mitglied pin badge. SS Supporting Member Badge, to demonstrate allegiance. Text translates' Thanks to the SS for true help in this time of struggle.' The pin is bent.
STALAG XXB additional photographs
STALAG XXB Camp Theatre Programmes & Photographs POW Signalman John Cowie Army No: 2585337 Prisoner of War No: 16663 carried these programmes through the 65 day death march from Marienburg [ Polish Corridor ] to Halbestadt. Starting 23rd January 1945.The four programmes have censor cut outs but added official stamps. There are prisoner photographs plus football athletics and boxing team photos but by far the best is the street party in Tory Aberdeen on his homecoming.
The Schlesinger African Air Race 1936 Portsmouth to Johannesburg Air Race Official Programme price 6d. Staples rusty which has stained the paper otherwise excellent condition. Including a Royal Aero Club two page flyer. free U.K. postage
Vintage Leathet Aviation Helmet...Pontvert France Leather aviation helmet by Richard Pontvert made in France. This helmet is well used and un-cleaned. The outer press stud covering the audio inlet has pulled away but still intact.
Vintage Mitre Cap pre 1960 Vintage Mitre Cap made by B.J.Simmonds Covent Garden Famous theatrical costumiers 1857 - 1959 In great condition, well stitched with wirework to frontispiece.
Vintage Sterling Silver Aviation Cufflinks Two pairs of Sterling Silver aviation cufflinks , marked sterling silver on the inner arms. 35.00 is the price for each pair, including U.K. postage. They are uncleaned.
Vintage Swastika Badge-Unknown For sale is this badge, I don't know what it represents. It measures 25mm /1" diameter.
Wartime Mayoral Medals Newcastle Under Lyme Ex Mayor & Ex Mayoress boxed silver gilt wartime medals awarded to Alderman J.H. Ramsbotham JP and his wife 1943/4/5. Both have the coat of arms for Newcastle Under Lyme, fully hallmarked silver with gold overlay. The enamels are colourful and bright, both having slight damage through wear. These should be in a local museum. Price included free U.K. postage
Wehrmachts Gefolge Armed Forces Auxilliary Lapel Pin made by:- FEC.O.Placzeck.Berlin AUSF.C.E. Junker.Berlin
WW2 Aluminium PROVOST Vehicle Sign Original Provost vehicle sign, liberated from a Jeep on VE day +1 at 0230 hrs Central London. 23" x 5" un cleaned from that day, slightly chipped. Purchased from man with the screwdriver.
WW2 German Veterans Cap Badge Reichkriegbund Eagle Nazi era veterans cap badge. Ges Gesch 6 to rear. Price includes U.K. postage
WW2 Italian Silver Fascist Ring This ring has internal markings which mean 800 part per 1000 silver and a lozenge mark which contains the silversmiths number, then the fascist symbol and province of manufacture. 14 MI translates to Locatelli Enrico di Guiseppe Via G.Ferrari 16 Milano Italian hallmarking law number 305 introduced the fascist mark in 1934, law number 26 Oct.1944 ordered the removal of the fascist mark, so this ring was made between these two dates. The ring size is R/S and slightly out of line, it is made of silver and gold or gold plate. It is totally original and un cleaned. The Italian family which sold this ring told me the original owner was a member of 1920's 'March on Rome'.
WW2 Regimental LLama Collar This Llama arrived with its regiment ,down in Dover, and was garrisoned at the castle. The collar was sent to the local boot maker [ Greenstreet,s ] to be engraved. The regiment was immediately shipped out to France and the collar not re-united with the llama. The boot makers family think it was a Scottish Regiment and early war.....possibly B.E.F. I cannot confirm this. The collar is very robust, has an 8" diameter on the smallest setting as shown in the photo's . The depth is 3" and has never been cleaned since it was worn. So don't lose your Llama !!!