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(RARE) WW2 EREL FIBRE WEHRMACHT PARADE HELMET A good used example of the lightweight fibre parade helmet, helmet shows some distortion to the body, and has a small split to rear (see images). Helmet appears to have had the national shield removed period, but still retains over 60% of the eagle decal. Interior liner is in very good condition displaying the double \"EREL\" trademarks. Helmet also retains its original leather chinstrap if somewhat a little fragile. Overall a nice example of a very rare helmet, priced to sell.
10th LANARKSHIRE (GLASGOW HIGHLAND) RIFLE VOLUNTEERS Victorian OR's glengarry badge 1880-87 Die-stamped white metal example. Star of the Order of the Thistle bearing crowned oval motto (Lacessit), St Andrew thistle sprays, Sphinx & four part flanking scroll "Glasgow highlanders 10th LRV.
15th (LIVERPOOL) LANCASHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS Victorian shako plate circa 1860. Die-stamped white metal example. Strung bugle with "15" between the cords. Raised in Liverpool 10th January 1860 became 4th VB the King's (Liverpool regiment) in 1888.
16TH QUEENS ROYAL LANCERS O/r's cap plate 1905-14 , die stamped brass triangular flute. Plate bearing Royal arms set on crossed lances with fennons. 16 Honours upto South Africa 1900-02 "Relief of Kimberley". Two screw posts to reverse.
1914/18 HONOUR CROSS A very nice court mounted Hindenburg Cross with swords for front line veterans.
1936 BERLIN OLYMPIC GAMES CAR BADGE Excellent condition, coloured enamel 7 x 7.5 cm
1936 OLYMPIC PARTICIPANT BADGE. Enamel front, badge is in good used condition, still showing vivid colours, no damage to the enamel. Measures just under 2 inches in circumference . Maker marked "H Osang" Dresden. ..
1938 DATED MESSENGERS STEEL HELMET AND CARRIER. Black painted outer shell with white "M" to front and rear of helmet. with traces of an earlier transfer. Black treated linen liner with early pattern oval rubber crown pad. The frame with maker dated 1938. Sprung webbing chinstrap complete with a khaki drill helmet carrier/shoulderstrap.
1st (BLACKBURN) VB EAST LANCASHIRE Regt.v VICTORIAN OR's HELMET PLATE Circa 1889-1901. Crowned star, laurel sprays and circlet "East Lancashire 1st volr. Battn" Sphinx resting on a tablet inscribed "Egypt" to voided centre, three loops to reverse.
1st CITY OF LONDON VOLUNTEER RIFLE BRIGADE Victorian Officers shako plate circa 1859-1901 Blackened silver plate & brass crowned star overlaid with oak sprays,sword & sceptre, enclosing a central shield bearing the Royal arms & strap "London Rifle Brigade" below the strap a scroll "Ich Dien" over a City shield.
1ST CLASS WAR MERIT CROSS WITH SWORDS In its case. Medal is in good condition, showing some age patina, rear of cross has no1 stamped onto pin. Maker Deschler & Sohn.
1st LANARKSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEER CORPS Victorian OR's helmet plate circa 1881-1901. Blackened brass example, Crowned Maltese cross, Lions between the arms bearing circlet "First Lanarkshire R.V.C. with strung bugle to voided centre. Formed 1859 became 5th Bn Cameronians in 1908.
1st LANARKSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEER CORPS Victorian O/R's helmet plate circa 1888-1901. Blackened brass example. Crowned Maltese cross, lions between the arms,bearing circlet "First Lanarkshire RVC" with strung bugle to voided centre. Formed 1859 became 5th Bn Cameronians in 1908.
1st ROYAL LANARK MILITIA Victorian glengarry badge circa 1868-81. Die-stamped white metal example. Crowned thistle star resting on scroll inscribed "1st Royal Lanark Militia". Originally raised at Hamilton in 1796 redesigned"Royal" in 1802 and gained "1st" on 5th December 1854.
1st VB THE QUEEN\'S (ROYAL WEST SURREY Rgt) Victorian OR's helmet plate, circa 1883-1901. Blackened brass example, crowned star, laurel sprays and applied circlet inscribed "West Surrey 1st Volunteer Batt" paschal lamb to voided centre. Three loops to reverse.
1ST WEST YORKS YEOMANRY CAVALRY 1871 PATTERN TROOPERS HELMET A silver plated example of the pattern adopted in 1876, complete with frontal plate featuring crowned rose sprays enclosing a beaded star brass unit, title and central plated rose,with rose side ornamentation and chin strap,red horse hair plume with top rose finial and correct plume holder.
25 yr long service medal
2nd (BERWICKSHIRE) VB KING\'S OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS Victorian OR'S helmet plate Circa 1887-1901 Crowned star, laurel sprays, applied glenggary style badge' scroll beneath inscribed "2nd Volunteer Battn' HQ at Duns.
2nd VB PWO WEST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT. Victorian O/R's glengarry badge circa 1887-96. Die-stamped white metal example. Crowned circlet "West Yorkshire 2nd VOLR. BATTN" . White horse to voided centre,three loops to reverse. HQ at Bradford.
30th (CAMBRIDGESHIRE) REGIMENT OF FOOT OR's quilted pattern shako plate circa 1861-69. Die-stamped brass example. Crowned star bearing garter, the seeded centre pierced with stencilled numerals.
3rd (MILITIA) Bn QUEENS ROYAL WEST SURREY Regt. Victorian OR's helmet plate, circa 1881-1901. Crowned star, laurel sprays and circlet inscribed "West Surrey" brass paschal lamb to voided centre.
3rd reich post cards x 2
4th VB QUEEN\'S ROYAL WEST SURREY REGIMENT Victorian OR's helmet plate circa 1883-1901. Blackened brass example. Crowned Maltese cross,lions between the arms bearing circlet "Royal West Surrey 4th Volr Battn" paschal lamb on "Queens" tablet to voided centre. Raised 13th March at Lambeth as 19th Surrey RVC.
5 CLOTH POLICE CAP EAGLES Five machine woven Polizei cap eagles cut from a roll. Eagles are in mint condition, and obviously un-issued.
50 PANZER ASSAULT BADGE A well used example with a lot of it's finish gone. This is a multi-construction example, with no makers markings to the reverse. I've photographed the medal to the best of my ability,but if you have an interest and would like further photographs please contact us.
54th (WEST NORFOLK) REGIMENT OF FOOT. Victorian Officers last pattern shako plate circa 1869-78 Rich gilt example, crowned laurel sprays, the Garter; the seeded centre pierced with stencilled "54".
59th (2nd NOTTINGHAMSHIRE) REGIMENT OF FOOT. Victorian OR's Quilted pattern shako plate circa 1861-69. Die-stamped brass example. Crowned star bearing Garter, the seeded centre pierced with stencilled numerals.
5th (NORTHUMBERLAND) (FUSILIERS) REGIMENT OF FOOT. Victorian OR's Glengarry badge circa 1874-81. Die-stamped brass example. Flaming grenade, the ball bearing strap "Quo Fata Vocant" stencilled voided 5 to centre.
5th ADMIN BN. KENT RIFLE VOLUNTEERS Edwardian Officers pouch belt plate circa 1901-08 Silvered example, laurel sprays surmounted by a crown resting on a blank tablet, Maltese cross with three rays between each arm, diamond lozenge mounted with the white horse of Kent on "Invicta" scroll. HQ at Cranbrook.
75 GENERAL ASSAULT BADGE Textbook example in good used condition, with around 20% of its gilt finish remaining, maker marked JFS. A very prestigious badge awarded for 75 days continuous fighting. Rare badge at a realistic price. ON HOLD JB.
A EXTREMELY RARE MINIATURE EXAMPLE Of a RAD Leaders dagger (Reichsarbeitsdienst). This is an exact copy in miniature made by the firm of "Alcoso" Solingen. Dagger is in overall good condition.
ADOLF HITLER GIVING A SPEECH. Nice portrait shot of the Fuhrer giving a speech and saluting .Nice propaganda picture from the studio of Heinrich Hoffmann. Size 18 x 24cm.
ADOLF HITLER LINEN NAPKIN. Linen napkin measuring approximately 11" x 11" featuring a hand embroidered Reich eagle flanked by the letters "AH". At the other end of the napkin there has been a skillfully executed embroidery of a flower. This is typically the result of a Wife,Sweetheart or Mother of the soldier who brought it home as a souvenir. Nice piece with a small association to the Fuhrer...
ADOLF HITLER PORCELAIN PLAQUE Rare porcelain plaque produced by the "Porzellanfabriken Lorenz Hutschenreuther" AG Selb". Plaque is signed by the celebrated artist "Karl Tutter".And was probably produced around 1933. Plaque measures 12x10.5 cm and is in very good condition, no damage. This plaque was discovered recently when a pond in the town
ADOLF HITLER SEATED PORTRAIT The Fuhrer caught in a very relaxing pose. Another superb image from the Hoffmann studios in Munich. size 18 x 24cm.
ALLACH VASE Small SS Allach vase, in good condition, no damage. with the underglazed green entwined runes. Model number 502. 11.5 cm circumference.
ALLGEMEINE SS BRASSARD In good used condition, tiny little damage, see images. Still retains its cloth RZM label.Textbook multi construction example.
ALLGEMEINE SS BRASSARD In very good condition, probably unissued, but shows some storage staining to the white circle. brassard is full length and has'nt been joined up. No labels and a couple of very tiny moth nips (see images). Overall a very nice example, that are getting very hard to find nowadays..
ALLGEMEINE SS KRATCHEN This visorless cap was introduced in 1933 and saw a very limited use between 1933-35. And was phased out with the introduction of the black field cap. Kratchen is in good used condition with no damage.
ALLGEMEINE SS SERVICE OVERCOAT Textbook example, badged up to a SS-Unterscharfuhrer, serving in the eight company Thirty seventh foot regiment (Linz). Overcoat is in very good condition. With no damage.coat still retains all its SS marked buttons. Single shoulderboard with its RZM label, nice pair matching collar patches. Old campaigner's chevron,blue piped cufftitle with embroidered 8. Textbook multi-constructed Brassard in very nice condition ,strong colours 3 tiny moth nips. Coat is semi lined in heavy black rayon, unfortunately the RZM label is missing from the inside pocket, but still see remains of it. All buttons are SS-RZM marked. Overall nice original piece.. Belt buckle and cross strap for display purposes only..
ALLGEMEINE SS UNIFORM A textbook example of an Allgemeine SS uniform belonging to a senior NCO (Oberscharfuhrer). Tunic is in superb condition, and was worn by a member of staff on the "SS Rasse und Siedlungshauptamt". Insignia consists of sewn in shoulderboard, pair of black and silver piped collar patches, right side collar patch is blank (denoting service in one of the main offices) left side collar patch display's two pips showing his rank. Left arm has woolen multi constructed brassard, above Odel rune sleeve diamond, denoting service in "RuS". Below sleeve diamond is a seven strand blank RZM cuffband denoting staff member in the Rasse und Siedlungshauptamt. Interior has large white 52 (size stamp) and the standard SS-RZM "Rock" (tunic) label to the inner breast pocket. All buttons and belt hooks are SS-RZM marked. Again trousers are textbook example with tiny repaired damage to the front, interior also display's the SS-RZM label. Overall a very nice rare uniform. Belt,cross strap and awards are for display purposes only.
AMERICAN VIETNAM HELMET AND CAMO COVER Very nice Vietnam veterans helmet liner and helmet cover. Which appears to have always been together, helmet is a swivel bale example so is possibly a WW2 or Korean example, (I don't want to take cover off to see which end the seam is, in case I can't get cover back on properly).Overall helmet etc is in good used condition with some staining to cover.
AMERICAN WW2 SECRET HANDBOOK OF UNIFORMS & INSIGNIA. Worn by American military personnel. Detailing comprehensive, pictorial guide of uniforms, headgear and insignia issued to German, Japanese, Italian, French, Dutch together with other nationalities. Produced by Naval intelligence.
ARMBAND VICHY FRANCE Brassard des fils et filles des Croix de Feux.
ARMY DUST GOGGLES WWII German Army goggles: unissued.
army generals breeches
ATTRACTIVE RESERVIST\'S STEIN To reservist "Joseph Augstl" serving in the 16th inf regiment "Grokherzog Ferdinand von Toscana" 3rd kompanie Landshut from 1904-06.
AUSTRIAN HJ SHORTS A textbook example
AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN INFANTRY OFFICER\'S TUNIC. Tailor made of dark-blue wool with lime green wool collar, cuffs and piping. It features the, hand embroidered bullion rank of a Hauptmann on the collar, complete with its original silver buttons.
BAVARIAN WW1 5 PLACE MEDAL BAR Nice group consisting of the 1914 Iron Cross, Baverian military merit cross 2nd class with swords. Honor cross of WW1, PrinzRegent Luitpold medal in bronze, and Military Long service award for 9yrs...
BAYERISCHES RESERVIST\'S STEIN To "Georg Punz" serving with "Koniglich Bayerisches 1 Pionier Battalion 2 kompanie Ingolstadt. from 1900-02. Unusual lid, very decorative..
BDM DOCUMENT GROUPING To Irmgard Sauermann serving in the BDM Untergau 184 Kiel. Grouping consists of BDM membership ID-card, issued on 09/05/1936 with original photo. Deutsche Jugendbuhne in der NS-Kulturgemeinde-Jugendgruppe, ID-card issued 01/10/1935 with original photo. Arbeitsbuch work book and DAF membership booklet. Certificate to "Berufswettkampf aller schaffenden Deutschen" issued in April 1936. five period time documents and one post-war "Lehrbrief" booklet.
BDM PROFICIENCY BADGE. Instituted in 1936 this award comes in two grades Silver and Bronze. The grades being determined by the age of the recipient. This is the Bronze version, and is fully maker marked with its issue numbers, nice used piece.
BDM WHITE LINEN SHORT DRESS AND SHORTS White linen dress and elasticated shorts as worn by the BDM (Faith and Beauty) front of dress displays the HJ/BDM Cloth diamond shaped patch. This is the first linen dress etc we\'ve come across, obviously they\'re quite rare. This example has no markings or labels and does\'nt appear to have had.
BDM WIMPOLE (PENNANT) Bund Deutscher Madel, pennant in good used condition,pennant is double sided and of multi-construction, displaying the HJ/BDM diamond on one side and the thur rune (Thor) on the reverse side. size 41cm x 73cm. Nice piece..
BEDFORDSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS. VICTORIAN OR\'s HELMET PLATE Circa 1880-87 Crowned star, laurel sprays, strap inscribed "Bedfordshire Rifles" voided centre, a shield charged with coroneted eagle bearing castle on its chest. Redesigtnated 3rd VB Bedfordshire regiment on Fri 1st July 1881.
BLACK HERMANN GORING DIV OVERSEAS CAP In good used condition, no damage, insignia has been factory applied. Interior has a grey cotton lining,displaying RB number, date 1944 and size 55. textbook example of a rarely seen Panzer related cap.
BLACK HJ SHIRT A unusual traditional shirt in black, five button front with two pleated breast pockets with buttoned flaps , and five metal belt hooks around bottom of shirt. Insignia consists of standard area patch in black and yellow (Nord Nordmark) cloth proficiency badge sewn onto left breast pocket. And the standard HJ Brassard on left arm. Overall a very attractive piece. Belt buckle and cross strap not included. for display purposes only.
BLACK WATCH OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH , SILVERED PRE-WAR EXAMPLE Plain quoit with engraved decoration mounted with heavy thistle wreath. To the centre St Andrew and the Cross. Reverse with stout pin and impressed "34".
BLACK WOUND BADGE AND DOCUMENT To a Obergefreiter serving in 2./Pz.Jag.Abt.248. Document is in good all round condition,badge has some rubbing to the black but overall in good condition.
BOER WAR ARMY MEDICAL SERVICE ARMBAND In white cotton, red felt cross machine sewn to centre of band, three mother of pearl buttons, vertically sewn in place coupled with being stamped in black ink;-\"ARMY MEDICAL SERVICE\" on the left end, three complimenting, vertical reinforced button holes on the right. Measuring 340 mm x 73 mm
BOXED BRITAIN\'S 9402 STATE OPEN ROAD LANDAU Complete and strung in, with traces still in unopened envelope. Comes in very good condition, with presentation box which, is also in very good condition.
BOXED BRITAINS 9770 CENTURION TANK Complete with aerials, shows minor wear with some loss of paint; akin to use and age. Box slightly worn without insert.
BOXED PRUSSIAN EPAULETTES 73rd Field Artillery Regt. for a Hauptmann. Complete with box. However, box shows heavy wear, the bottom has become detached.
BOXED TippCo FUHRERWAGEN Circa 1930\'s 7 cm series, Electric headlights,black and silver lithographed bodywork, rubber tyres. With Elastolin seated Hitler in party uniform, three seated SS men. Comes complete with key and box. Unfortunately box has some damage. Overall fabulous piece.
BRITISH WWII SOLDIER\'S \"HOUSEWIFE\" KIT Cotton enveloped pouch containing khaki cloth repair patch, darning wool, bakelite thimble, card of linen thread, packet of 5 needles, 6 battledress buttons and 6 shirt buttons.
BRITISH 1888 PAT MARK I 2ND TYPE Lee Metford Bayonet. Blade stamped with crowned VR WILKINSON LONDON, issue stamp 9'91 and various inspector marks, leather scabbard and frog with maker's stamp.
BRITISH 1907 PATTERN WWI BAYONET With various issue stamps to the forte of the blade; complete with scabbard.
BRITISH ENFIELD BAYONET Housed in its brass mounted leather scabbard, Bayonet has a steel triangular blade, overall length 54cms, blade 43cms.
BRITISH No 4 BAYONET With the cruciform blade . Maker was the "Singer Manufacturing Co" at their Clydebank Scottish plant. The number 4 spiked bayonet was a lighter,handier substitute for the 1907 bayonet. Approved in November 1939.
BRITISH SOCKET BAYONET Enfield socket bayonet, housed in its brass mounted leather scabbard, steel triangular blade, various stampings to the blade. Overall length 64.5cms blade 55.5 cms.
BRITISH UNION OF FASCISTS LAPEL BADGE, I think this is the final pattern membership badge displaying the crown with the button-hole fitting. overall badge is in good used condition. maker marked "J.R Gaunt & sons London".
BRITISH WOMEN\'S LAND ARMY; FOUR YEAR ARMBAND Fine red cloth armband with green embroidered crown over 'WLA' and 4 years service diamonds. Button fastening. Accompanied with two half year service triangles.
BRITISH WWII BATTLE DRESS BLOUSE Royal Army Ordnance Corps 24th Independent Brigade Group. Being a Canadian made battle dress blouse with printed R.A.O.C. shoulder titles and embroidered formation sign for the 24th Independent Brigade. Canadian stamped.
BRITISH WWII BATTLE DRESS BLOUSE Kings own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 1947 pattern. White on green embroidered K.O.Y.L.I shoulder titles and green on white rank chevrons. Above the breast pocket is medal ribbons for 1939-45 star, Burma star, Defence medal and 1939-45 War medal; 1949 dated.
BRITISH WWII BATTLE DRESS BLOUSE Control commission Germany 1940 pattern with matching shoulder titles "British Police" and embroidered Control Commission Germany formation s ign. Lower sleeve with warrant officer's rank badge. 1945 dated size label to the interior.
BRITISH WWII WAR OFFICE SHELL DRESSING Un-issued Army Medical Department War Shell Dressing still contained within outer cover. Dated September 1944, makers Southalls Ltd (Birmingham).
BROWN COTTON/RAYON SHIRT. As worn by NAPOLA students. This is an issued example with some damage/repair to the back of the collar. Rest of shirt is in good used condition. Lower front of shirt has a feint stamp,which shows NPEA ,cant make out the rest of stamp. But shirt is definitely a Napola issue.
CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY VOLUNTEER RIFLE CORPS Victorian helmet plate post 1878. Crowned star, mounted with the arms of Cambridge university surmounted by a "CUR" cypher.
CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) DRESS SHAKO. VICTORIAN Black cloth body with blackened patent leather peak. Blackened brass strung bugle shako badge with green twistcord boss. Blackened brass star. Two part black horse hair plume, Leather sweatband, unfortunately chincord is broken, otherwise cap is in good used condition.
CASED FUHRER PLAQUE Officially recognised NSDAP Non-Political award; presented to middle Ranking Political and State Officials, in recognition of special achievement (Hitler Quotation). The prerequisite for Doing is the Will and Courage of Truthfulness. Inscriptions: The first Plaque produced from a live sitting which, the Leader and National Leadership have found to be very good. Sculptor; Heinrich Moshage. Maker; Adolf Trumaf Hannover (Licensed sole seller).
CHAINED SS DAGGER WITH KNOT This a type 2 1936 chained dagger, in good used condition. The grip is solid with one tiny tiny scratch to the rear (hardly noticeable).The eagle and SS roundel are both in superb condition, as is the solid nickle crossguards. The pommel nut is in pristine condition, showing no signs of ever being removed. The scabbard is the painted type but in one section over the years someone has tried to clean some of the paint off leaving part of the scabbard appearing anodised (see images). The chains and scabbard fitting shows a great age patina, possibly never been cleaned. The blade is in good used condition just showing some runner marks along the length of the blade, with no makers marks (as expected). Overall a good used original dagger priced to sell.
CLOTH INSIGNIA OF THE SS By John R Angolia & Stan Cook. This is an exceptionally good book for the SS Collector, very informative , images of some very rare SS insignia. A must book for your library. This is a 1st edition copy in mint un-used condition.
COMMEMORATIVE POSTCARD \"And you have won\" commemorative postcard depicting 9th November. Card has been used but is still in very nice condition.
D.V.L. (DEUTSCHER LUFTSPORTVERBAND) INSIGNIA Cloth sports vest patch, metal cap badge, and small metal lapel pin. Both metal badges are maker marked, and in good used condition. DVL was an early organisation set up by the Nazi party in 1933 for the training of military pilots. Chairman. H Goring, vice-chairman E.Rohm.
DAK DUST GOOGLES WWII German Army Africa Korps dust goggles: unissued.
DARK BLUE HITLERJUGEND WINTER TUNIC tunic belonging to a scharfuhrer serving in Bann 773. Insignia consists of a machine applied brassard, also a machined \"Sud Franken\" triangle, shoulderboards are the slip-on variety. And alongside the bann numbers and metal pips, the have the red stripes, for HJ personnel doing war service work. Tunic has no moth, and is in good all round condition.
DDAC BRASSARD Der Deutsche Automobil Club brassard worn by DDAC Personnel.Black wool band with the DDAC cloth badge. Brassard appears to be unissued, and in good used condition.
DEUTSCHE AFRIKA KORPS BREAST EAGLE Tunic removed example in extremely good condition,light blue eagle on a tan backing, these breast eagle are getting quite hard to find nowadays.
DEUTSCHE AFRIKA KORPS FROG Webbing bayonet frog as used by Wehrmacht troops serving in Africa. Frog is in overall good condition with some age staining.
DEUTSCHE AFRIKA KORPS M43 CAP A textbook example in good used condition. Insignia has been factory applied and has a dark blue soutache indicating a \"medic\".Interior is a little grubby and is sized at 56 and dated 1940. It has a makers stamp which unfortunately has become ineligible. Nice example priced to sell.
DEUTSCHE AFRIKA KORPS OFFICERS M43 CAP A textbook example of a Signal officers M43 in good used condition. All insignia as per regulation has been factory applied. Interior is badly stained but one can still make out maker and size (see images). overall a nice used example of a rare M43 cap. Consignment
DEUTSCHE JUGEND MARCHING BOOTS Completely unissued pair of DJ marching boots, made by "Frommler" boots are a size 28 and constructed in black leather with leather soles held together by wooden pegs. Superb example of childrens marching boots.
DEUTSCHE JUGEND SHIRT Completely unissued with the paper RZM Label still attached. And still has part of its original wrapping paper. Shirt is the pullover variety with four button frontage and two pleated breast pockets with flaps. shirt has the unique football buttons with HJ and DJ on.
DEUTSCHE JUGEND WINTER SHIRT. Dark blue woolen pullover shirt with four button front and two buttoned breast pockets. Insignia consists of sew-in numbered shoulderboard left arm has town/city triangular patch (Sudost Salzburg), along with the circular rune patch in red and white (Oberbann 1).On the right sleeve there's a handsewn marine-HJ Rottenfuhrers circular patch ??. Tunic still retains its very faded RZM issue label. Overall nice little DJ tunic. Basically identical to the HJ winter shirt.. Belt and buckle not included in this sale
DEUTSCHE REICHSBAHN BUCKLE Aluminium buckle for member of Bahnpolizei / Bahnschutz. Buckle is in very good condition with no maker marks to the buckle, but still retaining its leather tab, maker marked and dated 1939.
DEUTSCHES KREUZ IN GOLD (CLOTH) Nice example on Heer backing, award appears to be unissued. Awarded to members of Wehrmacht/SS.
DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE, THE HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE NAZI PARTY AND THE \"GERMANY AWAKE\"STANDARDS By ulric of England and Otto Spronk. Title says it all, its a very good informative reference book with some superb images.Book is in near mint condition, with some fading to lower spine.
DICK RUFT DIE SS "The SS calls you", rare copy of this SS recruitment booklet, damage to front page but rest of book is in good used condition. Booklet contains 95 pages extolling the virtues of the Waffen SS. Last page in book is a form for enrolling into SS. Piece of SS history.
DJ LAGER FLAG Deutsche Jugend lager (camp) flag, heavy duty flag double sided and multi constructed, Flag has some staining which is noticeable to the white sig runes on both sides. It would appear that originally this flag was ripped from the flag pole tearing the metal rings from the flag, fortunately flag is undamaged,and quite a rare one to find. size 50ins x 60ins
DLV COLLAR TAB Deutscher Luftsport for Pilots gruppe Hochland.
DRUM AND PIPE BAND OF THE SCOTS GUARDS Britains hollowcast soldiers. Band of the Royal Scots guards in original ROAN box. Seven mounted band figures of the Scots greys in a very good to excellent condition, box good one corner of lid split. set # 9312
DVL COLLAR TAB WITH PIP Deutscher Luftsport for pilots gruppe Hochland.
EARLY HERMANN GORING PORTRAIT POSTCARD 1935 Postcard in unissued condition showing Goring in all his glory with fur collared overcoat.
EARLY IMPERIAL STEIN To "Josef Haberstock" serving in Schweres Reiter-Rgt "Erzhezog Rudolf von Osterreich" 5 Eskadron Landshut. from 1895-1898. Nice used condition, no damage.
EARLY IMPERIAL STEIN To Reservist's "Alois Mendl" serving in 2nd Infanterie "Kron Prinz" 12th Kompanie Munchen (Munich). From 1899-1901. Very nice stein in good condition.
EARLY N.S.F.K. RECRUITING POSTER. In nice condition. An early example of a recruiting poster, dated 1935, This poster came in various sizes and also postcard size. this poster measures 60cms x 42cms.
EARLY NAZI UNIFORM POSTER. EXTREMELY RARE A very rare SA-SS Uniform chart, dated 1933. Poster is in very good condition and still retains all its colour. Measurements are 22 ins x 17 ins. Nice piece for the serious SA or SS collector.
EAST KENT RIFLES. VICTORIAN OR\'s HELMET PLATE Circa 1878-83 Blackened brass example, Crowned Maltese cross, lions between arms, bearing circlet "East Kent Rifles", white horse of Kent on "Invicta" scroll to voided centre. Three loops to reverse.
EDWARDIAN OFFICERS BLUE CLOTH HELMET By Guthrie & Valentine . Complete with gilt metal front peak edge, rear spine,cross piece,spike & rose bosses supporting a velvet backed chin chain. Gilt regimental plate to the front. circa 1901-11 KING'S LIVERPOOL REGIMENT. Helmet in overall good condition.
ELASTOLIN SA MARCHING BAND WW2 era , ten assorted musicians, in good used condition. Scarce..
ELASTOLIN WW2 SA FIGURES. SA marching figures, 10 marching and one figure saluting. All in overall good condition.
ENAMEL SIGN FOR THE REICHSBAHN Large sign which measures 40cm x 60cm. Sign is in overall good condition with some very minor damage to front and edges (see images). Sign translates to \"STATE RAILWAYS GOODS TRAFFIC, RECEPTION AND ISSUE OF GOODS\" Colours are still very vibrant \"orange and blue\". Very nice display piece.. some flashing occurred when taking images, please contact us if you would like better images..
ERASED ROHM SA DAGGER in good used condition , all nickle fittings anodised scabbard with brown leather strap. Maker marked EP&S Solingen.Blade still displays full \"Alles fur Deutschland\" logo, but Rohm dedication has been fully erased along with part of the makers logo.
EVA BRAUN NAPKIN Eva Braun napkin measures; 47cm x 48 cm from her personal service set. Ivory colour linen fabric with floral and Greek key design, adorned with hand stitched monogram 'EB' in butterfly/clover pattern.
EXTREMELY RARE GREY BDM BLOUSE Unissued in mint condition, still retaining its cardboard RZM control label. (identical example shown on page 96 \"The HJ\" vol 1 by J.R Angolia)). Blouse has open neck, short sleeves, two breast pockets and a four button front. Overall a very nice piece that could do with ironing..
EXTREMELY RARE POLIZEI BRASSARD \"ENGLISH\" A superb example of a probe (proof) brassard for a English translator, which appears to be made for the German Olympic's .Brassard is beautifully constructed in green wool with Russian braid edges , silver bullion embroidery is perfectly executed, interior is lined in a green silk/rayon lining material, and brassard has 6 pop/studs for easy removal.Brassard still retains its proof label from the "Thiele |& Steinert A-G Company in Berlin.
EXTREMELY RARE SS FUNERAL BANNER. First time we've seen or owned a Funeral banner from a Higher SS and Police leader. From Oberabschnitt Nordsee. Unfortunately as we can't date the Funeral banner it could have been sent by one of three HSSPF. SS-Gruppenfuhrer Hans Prutzmann. March 37-April 41 SS-Gruppenfuhrer Richard Querner. April 41- April 43 SS-Gruppenfuhrer Georg von Bassewitz-Behr April 43-May 45. Banner is constructed from black artificial silk with silver bullion tassels. Printing on banner is done in silver, but unfortunately the silver has darkened down over the years and in not so prominent in places (see images). But overall still a very nice rare piece .
FALLSCHIRMJAGER HELMET Late war helmet,with the M38 liner, and the late war slot bolts. Helmet is in overall good condition, Leather chinstrap is still in good condition with the \"Prym 4\" button snap. Liner is also in good used condition although the synthetic rubber padding has gone hard over time. Helmet is marked up \"Kopfweite Gr 58 and Stahlhelm Gr68\".And RB Nr 0/0250/0201 \". Rb No indicates Karl Heisler Berlin. Overall a good used condition example,priced to sell.
FAMILY CHRONIK (BOXED) In absolute mint condition, still in its original box of issue, and still displaying the address it was posted to. One can only imagine where this Chronik has been for the last eighty years..
FAMILY GROUPING ,FIVE MEMBERS OF ONE FAMILY Grouping consists of Wehrpass to Heinz Klett serving in the 8th SS Panzergrenadier-Regiment "Deutschland". Issued on 10th September 1941.Killed in action on 17th July 1943 on the Eastern front. Campaign list from 20/03/42 until 16/07/42 including period death notice. Wehrpass to Wilhelm Klett junior serving with 9th Artillery-Regiment 198. Issued on 4th February 1937 awards include East medal and 1939 Iron cross 2nd class. Campaign list from 11/11/39 until 04/12/43. Also killed in action on 04/12/43 on the eastern front. Buried in the Heldenfriedhof on the Krim (Crimea). WW1 Military pass, workbook and Wehrpass to Wilhelm Klett senior. Awards Honor cross of WW1 and 1939 war merit cross 2nd class. Both awarded on 12/04/44. Furthermore the Third Reich work books to Hilda and Dieter Klett.
FEMALE RAD/WJ BROOCH A commemorative brooch for a Frauenarbeitsdienst member. Brooch is pin backed in a copper coloured metal.
FINNISH PUKO KNIFE Traditional knife, that was bought by Wehrmacht troops as souvenirs of there service. Knife is in its original leather scabbard with brass fittings. Knife is 7ins in length with a polished wood and brass handle.
FINNISH PUKO KNIFE Engraved blade "made in finland" with scrolled detail. Wooden handle complete with leather scabbard with metal detailing.
FIRE POLICE BAYONET AND FROG In good used condition, some surface rust to the scabbard, frog still in good order, blade is in overall good condition, maker marked \"eco Solingen\".
FLIEGERBLUSE FOR FELDWEBEL IN HERMANN GORING DIVISION. A very desirable fliegerbluse to a sergeant serving in the Hermann Goring division. Fliegerbluse is a mid-war pattern with shiny silk/rayon lining. Collar is piped in white cord piping with silver NCO tress. White collar patches are machine applied. Shoulderboards are the slip-on variety with white waffenfarbe.Breast eagle has been factory applied. Cufftitle again has been machine applied. Except for two small patches of moth tracking this is a very nice textbook tunic. VISOR CAP AND BELT NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SALE.
FRENCH 1915 DATED ARMBAND. Khaki (brown) armband with P.T.T. embroidered to the centre in red.Interior has ink stamps and has date stamp 1915. Black metal buckle is stamped Paris. Armband is in very good used condition.
FRENCH ARTILLERY NCO\'S UNIFORM. POSSIBLY EARLY WW1 A true grouping found many years ago in a flea market. Grouping consists of Tunic,Trousers,Kepi leather leggings and spurs. Overall condition is good ,some moth tracking on tunic and a few tiny holes. This group would look good on a full body manniquin.
FRENCH MACHINE GUN SECTION ARMBAND Lightweight armband in the national colours of France. The centre has a bullion embroidered machine gun insignia. Press studs to the reverse.
FRENCH REQUISITIONS ARMBAND Coarse white cotton cloth brassard with a metal shield to the centre with "REQUISITIONS MILITAIRES"
FRENCH WIRELESS OPERATOR\'S ARMBAND White over red arm brassard with bullion wireless operator's insignia to the front. Three clips of cloth hook fixings, blue cloth backing to the reverse.
FRENCH WIRELESS OPERATOR\'S ARMBAND Armband in the National colours of France, with bullion embroidered wireless operator's insignia to the centre. Metal clip fitting to the end.
FRENCH WW1 ARMBAND Maroon cloth example,with bullion embroidered French horn and fused grenade. Cuffband is in good used condition.
FRENCH WW1 DRIVERS ARMBAND Divided green and white cloth with circular blue cloth patch; with red embroidered wheel. Armband is in very good used condition.
FRENCH WW1 TRENCH MORTAR ARMBAND Blue and Red armband,with a black trench mortar shell picked out in gold wire to the centre. Armband is in good used condition.
FRW LEGION NORWEGEN PATCH the badge of St Olaf\'s cross was worn by all ranks who were members of \"Nasional Samling\", this is the Other ranks version in grey thread on a black background. Patch appears to be tunic removed, and is in good used condition.
GAULEITERS UNIFORM AND CAP In near mint condition, this is the second pattern side cap, displaying the early cap insignia, triangular patch in wine red with silver NSKK eagle. Interior is lined in black silk/rayon material and still retains its cloth RZM label. Size 58/59.
GENERAL ASSAULT BADGE In good all round condition, and still retaining most of its finish. Un-maker marked example. Sensibly priced.
GENERALLEUTNANT \"WILLIFRANK\" OCHSNER. A fine quality Generalleutnant\'s tunic, named to \"Ochsner. Standard pattern tunic dark green collar, five button front four pleated pockets with buttoned flaps, french cuffs and gilt buttons, All insignia is in gold bullion embroidery. Ochsner was a holder of the knightscross and German Cross in Gold. He Commanded the 31st Infantry division, and surrendered to the Red army during operation \"Bagration\". In 1947 he was sentenced to 25 years for war crimes in the soviet union and released in 1955. He died on the 5th December 1990 (aged 91). Awards on tunic for display only..
GENUINE RZM ISSUE SS TIE A very clean example, no damage still retaining it SS-RZM label. These ties were used by the SS from the early days of the Allgemeine SS right through to the Waffen SS. Very hard to find a genuine one with label nowadays..
GENUINE WAFFEN SS JERRYCAN in good used condition, possibly been repainted since the war. This is a genuine \"Sandrik\" war time original with the correct air intake pipe in the neck of the can (see images) and the sturdier welding around the handle. Overall jerrycan is in fairly good condition with a few little dents here and there as one would expect.
GERMAN HORSEMAN\'S BADGE IN GILT. This example is for wear in the lapel, and s fully maker marked and still retaining its original pin. Gilt version was given for outstanding achievements in the field of equestrian sport....
GERMAN POLICE BUCKLE AND METAL CAP EAGLE Late war examples of the O/R's belt buckle and visor cap eagle, both items are devoid of any markings, (quite common late war), and both items are in good used condition.
GERMAN WOMAN\'S LABOUR SERVICE BROOCH Worn at the neck on the blouse, constructed from a copper coloured metal, these brooches were issued and numbered 4025.
GERMAN WW1 MEDAL BAR AND DOCUMENT GROUP To Oberleutnant der Reserve Dr Hans Merk. This group consists of a very extensive biography with many original documents. Medal group includes . Bremen Hanseatic cross, with 1916 certificate. 1914-18 Honor cross with 1935 certificate. Bulgarian medal with 1937 certificate. Austrian War medal with swords with 1937 certificate. Hungarian War medal with 1936 certificate and letter. This grouping also includes the original commisioning document as Leutnant, various legal appointment certificates (as Dr in Law etc). The historian who wrote the biography included an extensive history of his combat experiences.
GERMAN WW2 25 YEAR FAITHFUL SERVICE MEDAL (BOXED) In good used condition, box in very good condition . Medal appears un-issued with some slight staining to the left arm of medal. Overall nice genuine period piece.
GERMAN WW2 40 YEAR FAITHFUL SERVICE MEDAL CASED. Very nice near mint example, case has no damage just some scuffing. Medal and Ribbon are in superb condition, very hard to better. Textbook example.
GOLD NSDAP PARTY BADGE Small lapel example, in good used condition (slight crack to the swastika). This badge was originally sold by "Helmut Weitze" in 2014. Comes with original receipt .
HEADGEAR OF HITLER\'S GERMANY VOL 3 A Bender book by Wilhelm PBR Saris and Jill Halcomb Smith with Otto Spronk. Vol 3 covers headwear used by Hitler, NSDAP, Political leaders, NS-Frauenschaft. DAF & SA. A very good book for headwear collectors with many colour images. Book is in superb condition.
HEAVY DUTY UNDERSLUNG LORRY WITH SEARCHLIGHT AND DRIVER Boxed Britains mechanical transport and Air Force equipment, underslung lorry with searchlight. Rubber tyres and driver. Original paintwork very good condition. Box in good used condition, some wear and one corner repaired.
HEER GENERALLEUTNANT GREATCOAT. (NAMED). Greatcoat belonging to Generalleutnant Hermann Hoth. this is his early greatcoat dated 1939 when he was a Generalleutnant, and commanding the XV Army Corps during the invasion of Poland and France. He was awarded the Knights Cross in October 1939 as commanding General of XV Army Corps. (He went on to become a GeneralOberst and Knights Cross Oakleaves and Swords winner). Greatcoat is in well used condition showing some small mothing to the front (see images) , also some mothing to the inside of the green collar, but when coat is displayed on mannequin you would\'nt notice , again see images. Coat shows some original staining and field wear. A real character piece. CAP IS NOT IN THIS SALE !!!
HERMANN GORING DIV NCO\'S VISOR CAP A late war example, in good used condition, no damage or moth, metal insignia , white piped (Hermann Goring div). Interior sweatband shows some wear. Celluoid diamond is still intact. approx size 57. Cap still retains a nice jaunty shape.
HERMANN GORING FAMILY PORTRAIT POSTCARD Portrait postcard of Hermann Goring his 2nd wife Emmy Sonnenmann and Daughter Edda.
HITLER JUGEND BRASSARD In unissued and totally mint condition. Colours very bright and brassard still retains its RZM issue label. Hard to better.
HITLER JUGEND BROWN SHIRT In very nice condition, shirt is in-marked but has the distinguishing HJ/DJ marked buttons, and is a very generous size. Standard pattern shirt, pullover style three button frontage, two pleated breast pockets with buttoned flaps. NIce item in near mint condition .
HITLER YOUTH FLAK HELPER\'S M43 CAP Single button front, machine embroidered HJ Diamond dated: 1944. Maker marked: Berolina size stamped 54 SN
HITLER YOUTH LEADERS LANYARD Green woven cord lanyard for a Scharfuhrer.
HITLER YOUTH LEADERS LANYARD Green and White woven cord for a Gefolgschaftsfuhrer.
HITLERJUGEND-NSFK GROUPING To Gunther Luther, serving in the HJ and the NSFK. Born on 03/12/1929 . Grouping consists of Luther's HJ "Dienstkarte with original attached photo, issued on 1st March 1944 "Kreigsfreiwilliger der Hitler Jugend" (War volunteer of the Hitler youth) stamped. NSFK "Flug-buch" flight book issued on 10th November 1944 by NSFK sturm 10/50 with original photo, four entries from 1944. Document for medical examination on suitability for pre-military aviation training, dated 2nd February 1945. Wehrpass issued on 7th April 1945 by Wehrbezirkskommando Gottingen. Original attached photograph. Pages 1-6 with entries. Luther was 16 years old. Scharnhorst-schule Dresden "Urlaubsheft" holiday booklet, issued 8th July 1944. period time book "Kreigsflugzeuge" illustrated. Furthermore eight post-war documents including a BRD passport extensively filled in.
HJ PATCH FOR FLAK HELPERS Blue machine embroidery on a black triangular woolen base. Condition very good.
HJ / DJ TRUMPET/BUGLE BANNER (AUSTRIAN) Very unusual HJ banner , comes from the region of Lower Styria-Upper Carniola. Banner is double sided and of multi-construction. One side has a tag sewn on with the unit no (35). Including fringe banner is approx 29 cm x 27 cm. Banner is in very good condition.
HJ 1938 KREISSIEGER National Trade Competition Badge. Bronzed tombak, undamaged with a crack-free enamel finish. Condition is uncleaned, with a dark patina and retains its original hinge and pin. Made by Gustav Brehmer.
HJ ARMBAND Sold to Tony
HJ CLOTH INSIGNIA Large HJ sleeve diamond and small HJ cap diamond both in exceptionally good condition.
HJ FIRE/ FLAK HELPERS HELMET Coned lightweight helmet, black painted exterior with aluminium cone attached, helmet has two HJ decals attached, displaying around 85% of the decals.. Interior of helmet shows un-painted factory finished undercoat and standard civilian style liner complete with chinstrap. Scarce helmet. Consignment.
HJ GROUPING To Kurt Gaumer,, consisting of his members ID card, his HJ ausweis, and his HJ Fuhrer ausweis all documents are very well filled in, and have uniform photographs of Gaumer. Nice little group, in good used condition.
HJ LEADER DOCUMENT GROUPING This is a super,super group to Walter Krey. Consisting of sixteen period-time documents, including his HJ service ausweis, various id-cards award booklets. Award booklet wearing his Wehrmacht uniform. Reichs sports badge in silver booklet and many more (see images). Certainly worth a little more research, again a very nice grouping. SN
HJ REICHSPARTEITAG AUSWEIS. A 1935 Ausweis for a young HJ trooper to attend the Reichsparteitag. Ausweis is in superb condition as is the portrait photograph of the young trooper.
HJ SHOULDERBOARDS Flieger shoulderboards Bann 91 "Oldenburg" part of Nordsee HJ. Number 1 on the buttons states that the wearer was a Striefendienst member. Unfortunately due to storage/sunlight etc the piping on one board has faded to a lighter blue.
HJ u DJ LEATHER BANDOLIER very seldom seen, small brown leather bandolier as used by members of the Deutsche Jugend and Hitler Jugend. Bandolier is completely unmarked , and in good used condition, leather still very supple.Would look superb on display manniquin to a HJ/DJ standarbearer..
HJ \"BLUT UND EHRE ! KNIFE A very nice used example of a HJ knife made by the distinguished firm of \"Robert Klass\" Solingen. knife shows some minor damage to the HJ diamond and some rubbing to the top of the grip, but the blade has a great example of the HJ motto..
HJ.u DJ SPORTSHEMD (SPORTS SHIRT/VEST) Rare example of the 2nd pattern sports shirt for boys. Shirt is in overall good condition, no damage just needs a good ironing, but does have some storage staining. bottom hem of shirt has a somewhat faded RZM control label. Nice piece. size 4.
HJ/BDM BLACK SCARF AND TOGGLE In nice condition, triangular black cotton scarf, with supple brown leather toggle, both pieces in very good condition. SN.
HLINKA GUARD BRASSARD Circa 1940. Rare example of the Slovakian Guard's brassard, it appears to be locally made, and certainly been extended in length. Insignia is composed of three strips forming a red cotton cross, on a white cotton circle on a steel blue cotton base. Slovakian Guard was basically Slovakia's answer to the SS.
HLINKA GUARD BRASSARD Circa 1942 Rare example of the last pattern armband worn by the Hlinka Guard. Armband consists of a white cotton base with independent bands of Red,Blue & White cotton sewn to the outer side. To the inner side of the armband is a stamping from the "Bratislava local headquarters". Extremely rare example. Seldom seen.
HOFFMANN PORTRAIT OF GORING IN HIS REICHSMARSCHALL\'S UNIFORM Unissued and in near mint condition, superb portrait of Goring holding his Reichsmarschall\'s baton.
HOME FRONT ,SENIOR WARDENS STEEL HELMET WITH HALF GAS CAPE. Helmet has a white painted finish with a stencilled "W" to the front and rear of helmet with a single rank diamond above the W. Helmet brim fitted with half gas cape cover. Liner is dated 1940, with webbing chinstrap.
HOME FRONT 1939 DATED POLICE SERGEANTS STEEL HELMET Dark blue painted outer shell with two white painted bands and at the front "POLICE". Black treated linen liner with early rubber cruciform crown pad. Maker marked and dated 1939. Sprung webbing chinstrap. Good used condition.
HOME FRONT 1939 DATED POLICE STEEL HELMET Black painted outer shell with white painted "Police" to the front. Inner rear rim painted L.A.C.P. Black, treated linen liner with early pattern. oval crown pad. Frame maker marked and dated 1939, sprung webbing chinstrap.
HOME FRONT AMBULANCE DRIVERS STEEL HELMET. Black painted steel helmet with a white stencilled "A" To the front and rear of helmet. Complete with its original1939 dated liner, and webbing chinstrap.
ICELANDIC NATIONAL SOCIALIST BANNER. Founded in 1934 "Flokkur pjodernissinna" was a minor fascist party before and during the second world war. the party dissolved in 1944. Their Headquarters were in "Reykjavik". They ran along similar lines to the NSDAP anti-semitic, anti-communism, ultranationalism etc. banner is double sided and multi-constructed, in Icelandic colours and has a very nice makers stamp. size 65cm x 55cm. Banner still retains metal hanging clips.
IMPERIAL GERMAN PRUSSIAN REGT. SHOULDER STRAP (single) Uniform removed Regt. 2 enlisted Man/NCO in Jager zu pferde.
IMPERIAL GERMAN PRUSSIAN SHOULDER STRAP (SINGLE) Enlisted Man/NCO uniform removed Pioneer Regt. 71
IMPERIAL GERMAN PRUSSIAN SHOULDER STRAP (single) Enlisted Man/NCO uniform removed infantry Regt. 5
IRON CROSS 1ST CLASS Textbook example in good used condition some age staining to back of medal.. Medal is maker marked L/11 which I believe is "Wilhelm Deumer" Ludenscheid.
IRON CROSS 1ST CLASS AND CITATION. In well used condition the award document has been folded which has left a stain across the award , medal has a maker mark on the pin, but again is in well used condition. Priced to sell.
JAPANESE OFFICERS VISOR CAP A very nice example of a WW2 Japanese Officers visor cap, complete in its original box of issue. Cap is in good overall condition, constructed from lightweight khaki cotton , with red piping to the crown a red cotton sweatband with gilt five pointed star. Interior is lined in cotton with makers initials. overall a nice example.
JAPANESE SOLDIERS LIGHTWEIGHT COTTON TROUSERS Trousers are made of lightweight khaki cotton and are complete with all their original tie straps. Trousers are in very good condition with a couple of tiny marks to the rear.. (maker marked). IMAGES TO FOLLOW.
JAPANESE WW2 EQUIPTMENT OF A SOLDIER IN THE NAVAL INFANTRY Consisting of a heavy duty Naval kit bag, containing helmet with painted yellow anchor to the front, forage cap with cloth (yellow anchor) badge . 4 pocket olive green tunic with matching shorts and belt. White short sleeve tunic (un-issued). Canvas leggings,white canvas military back pack. Brown leather belt with 3 cartridge pouches. A very nice period photograph album with approx 100 photographs. A pair of sandals,issue water bottle. And a very attractive cloth bag which appears to be Naval issue, containing a small metal saucer depicting battleship.
KAVALLERIE DIVISIONEN der WAFFEN SS A comprehensive book of photographs showing the history of the Waffen SS cavalry divisions, this is a large volume with 223 pages, both in English and German text. book is complete with its dustcover and is in good used condition.
KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS Adjutant's cap badge post 1901. Unmarked silver example, small version of the regular Officers Glengarry badge. As per an Officers Glengarry badge but about half the size, for wear on the peaked forage cap worn by the adjutant, the only officer of the Regiment to wear on.
KING\'S ROYAL RIFLE CORPS Victorian OR's helmet plate circa 1883-93. Blackened brass example Maltese cross, surmounted by a Crown on "Celer Et Audax" tablet bearing circlet "The King's Royal Rifle Corps", strung bugle to voided centre. The arms of the cross bearing honours "Tel-El-Kebir".
KLEINEN LUFTSCHUTZ-HAUSAPOTHEKE Small home first aid kit, in fairly good condition, and I'm sure nearly complete. Kit is housed in its original cardboard box, and is full of bandages eye patches, leather finger protectors , mixing cup and many more pieces. Surprising how most of this kit has managed to stay together all these years.
Knights cross postcards
KREIGSMARINE CAR PENNANT AND METAL POST Very nice example of Kreigsmarine Officers car pennant complete with its metal post. Pennant is textbook example in very good condition. Metal post shows no damage with all original fixings. Height approx 15 inches.
KREIGSMARINE M35 DOUBLE DECAL HELMET A well used example priced to sell, helmet retains most of its paintwork, with about 50% of decals remaining (see images). Liner is intact with some damage, helmet still retains chinstrap. This is quite a large size helmet approx a 58/59 liner.
KREIGSMARINE METAL TRADE/SPECIALIST INSIGNIA. For a NCO Boatswain, constructed on dark blue wool patch with gilded bronze anchor with interwined rope insignia. Good used condition with remains of adhesive to the back, where its probably been removed from a display board.
KREIGSMARINE METAL/CLOTH TRADE PATCH To an NCO's Signals specialist,constructed on dark blue wool, with gilded bronze anchor with crossed flag poles with red /white embroidered flags. Overall patch is in very good condition save for a little nip out of the edge (see images).
KREIGSMARINE NCO\'S TRADE PATCH Trade patch for "machine mate". Constructed on dark blue wool with gilded bronze anchor with circular cog insignia.
KREIGSMARINE NCO\'S TRADE PATCH Artillery officer, dark blue wool construction with gilded metal anchor with crossed bolts insignia.
KREIGSMARINE OFFICERS CAR PENNANT. Textbook example, double sided pennant measuring 30cm x 22cm in very good condition, no moth or damage. Pennant still retains it metal attachment clips.
KREIGSMARINE POSTER Wartime poster loosely depicting Naval flags, caps, helmets rank insignia and trade badges. Colour poster measures 47cm x 30cm. Poster is in very good condition, no damage and colours are bright.
KREIGSMARINE SIGNALS SPECIALIST TRADE PATCH Signalobermaat, constructed on dark blue wool, with gilded bronze anchor with crossed flag poles, red and white embroidered flags over a chevron.
KREIGSMARINE \"DONALD DUCK\" CAP Other ranks, white topped example displaying the one piece metal insignia,interior appears to have lost the leather sweatband over the years. Cap shows no major damage but shows some heavy staining.Cap tally \"Kreigsmarine\" is still in good condition but would look far better with an ironing. Interior is maker marked \"Aug Geiger\" Kiel and size stamped 54.
KREISLEITUNG METAL CAR PENNANT In good used condition, pennant is double sided and complete with metal fittings for attaching to car post. Lower metal fitting displays RZM and makers number. Pennant measures approx 280 cm x 280 cm. Overall finish is very good with some rubbing to edges etc (see images).
KRIEGSMARINE GROUPING Parade tunic named to Lein with white trousers. Includes white and blue shirts (no breast eagles) and Dickie. Two different trade/rank badges applied to tunic and blue shirt
KRIEGSMARINE OFFICERS DAGGER A nice condition example, by Eickhorn, this example has the fouled anchor blade, grip has no damage and still retains its gilt wire, and is wrapped in its original portepee. Scabbard is the standard pattern with lightning bolts, and is in overall very good used condition.. Dagger comes complete with its hangers. Overall a nice textbook example.
KRIM SHIELD ON WEHRMACHT BACKING A tunic removed example, still retaining the majority of its paper backing. Front of shield still retains its field grey backing andis in good used condition.
LARGE ENAMEL SIGN FOR TOWN MAYOR. Measuring 40cm x 60cm. Sign is in overall good used condition, colours still bright although some minor damage to the edges, and one tiny bit of damage to the red enamel background below right wing of eagle. (see images). OF NOTE. when taking images interior lighting bounced off enamel causing some distortion to pictures , please contact us if you would like better images..
LARGE NSDAP BUILDING BANNER In very good used condition, banner is double sided and of multi-construction. This banner is of a rayon/cotton construction and measures 47ins x 171ins No damage just some storage staining.
LARGE NSDAP PENNANT Very nice example, double sided and of multi-construction, colours still good,and no damage. Ideal size for a display. Pennant still retains hanging hooks. size 28in x 23in. Nice piece..
LARGE NSDAP WALL HANGING (WIMPEL) PENNANT In fabulous condition. This is a single sided multi constructed item, with vibrant colours , base of pennant has small metal disc attached to red woolen tassle for weighing pennant down. This a really nice hanging pennant. size 65cm x 96cm.
LARGE RESERVIST\'S STEIN To Infanterist Ertl, serving with 8 Infanterie regiment Grossherzog Friedrich II von Baden 10 Kompanie metz from 1912-14. Very nice conditioned stein.
LEGION CONDOR WOOD AND METAL CAMPAIGN PLAQUE Wooden plaque measuring 11ins x 8ins commemorating the Legion Condor service between 1936-38. The white metal framework on plaque measures 8ins x 6ins, and displays scroll "Legion Condor" with what appears geschwarder numbers.Beneath is a raised early Luftwaffe eagle, and beneath that is a raised outline of Spain with a canon over imposed, and beneath that is anoth scroll showing the dates.Plaque displays artists name. Nice piece which I imagine is quite rare.
LINEOL 8,8 cm FLAK GUN AND CREW 7cm series flak gun and three loading crew. All in very good condition, with original camouflage finish. Lineol model number 1230.
LINEOL ALLGEMEINE SS FIGURES Eight SS figures six marching and two marching and saluting. rare, and in overall good condition.
LINEOL Circa 1938 MOTORCYCLE & MOUNTED MACHINE GUN 7cm series. motorcycle and side car with mounted machine gun, complete with rider with rifle.
LINEOL Circa 1938 MOTORCYCLE & SIDECAR 7cm series. Officer in sidecar, and a mounted figure with rifle. In good all round condition.
LINEOL WW2 BUNKER WITH FOUR MARCHING GERMAN LINEOL SOLDIERS Unique childrens command bunker, originally bunker had a battery operated light in the officers room.Bunker is in very good condition for its age and still retains its colours.
LONDON SCOTTISH VOLUNTEERS WAIST BELT CLASP. POST 1875 Die-cast nickle interlockingwith matching numbers to both halves, Circlet inscribed "London Scottish Volunteers", centre bearing lion rampant thistle ends.
LUFTSCHUTZ FAMILY GROUPING Air defense award to Husband and Wife , Josef and Centa Kramer of Munich. Grouping includes two award documents for the 1938 Luftschutz (Air defense medal 2nd class, The 1939 War merit cross 2nd class .The 1939 War merit medal,and two colour certificates for Luftschutz service.
LUFTSCHUTZE HELMET In overall good condition, decal 99% complete. Helmet still retains its original liner and chinstrap andmaker marked to the rear skirt. Overall a good example of the gladiator style helmet.
LUFTSCHUTZE HELMET Fabulous decal, but helmet has some paint damage to the rear, rest of helmet is fine, still retains its liner and chinstrap, and maker and size markings to the inner skirt.
LUFTWAFFE F CLASS (GOLD & DIAMONDS) FIA GLIDING Proficiency award cased pin awarded for the completion of a 300 km redefined flight, gliding 500 km in one flight at 5 km altitude.
LUFTWAFFE 2ND PATTERN DAGGER made by Alcoso, solingen. Dagger is in good used condition , some small cracking to white grip, blade is fine with some small staining, scabbard is fine ,no dents, just showing heavy age patina. Priced to sell.
LUFTWAFFE ADMINISTRATION COLLAR PATCHES. Matching pair collar patches for a Administration official (leutnant). Patches are in near mint condition.
LUFTWAFFE ADMINISTRATION OFFICERS SHOULDERBOARDS Nice matching pair of administrative officials shoulderboards, see the waffenfarbe is Bordeaux Red it would appear these boards are for an officer on the Supreme Reich Court Martial board. Boards appear to have been originally slip-on;s.
LUFTWAFFE ALUMINIUM BELT AND BUCKLE Nice used example, leather belt still supple, maker marked and dated 1939. Buckle is in overall very good condition with minor rubbing to the highlights.Buckle is also maker marked and dated 1939.
LUFTWAFFE CHANNEL SUIT Textbook example in exceptionally good condition. no damage to jacket or trousers, all zips and pop studs are in working condition. Overall probably one of the best examples we've come across in many years of dealing. And sensibly priced to sell..
LUFTWAFFE EASTERN FRONT FUR CAP Superb example of a scarce, winter issue fur (interior) cap, together with fur lined ear flaps; which can be button-tied. Finished in typical 'off ' white leather for flight personnel, complete with discreet pop stud flaps for flight headphones. Cap retains the correct machine-embroidered Luftwaffe Eagle/Swastika coupled with Cocade.
luftwaffe erel generals visor cap
LUFTWAFFE FLIGHT OFFICERS INSIGNIA A very nice set of collar patches and shoulderboards to an "Oberleutnant" in a flight section. Patches and boards seem to be unissued and in super condition.
LUFTWAFFE FLUGBOOK Unissued example in very good condition, no damage.
LUFTWAFFE GENERALS GREATCOAT (ATTRIBUTED) CONTINUED. Wartime history, Menzel became commander of 1./28. Flak regiment in 1936, them commander of 9-Flak-Regiment \"Legion Condor\" in 1938 and Commander of 5. Flak division in 1941. He was promoted to Generalleutnant in Noovember 1942 and retired in November 1943. After seven months service as officer with special duties of the RLM and Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe . Menzel was recalled on 07/08/44 and placed at the disposal of the Luftwaffe until the war\'s end. He acted as Luftschutz (Air defence) liaison to the Reichsgruppe of Industry in the West. Aug 44-May 45. He was captured by US Troops on 05/05/45 and released 4 months later. He died on 30/12/1969, in Munich.
LUFTWAFFE GENERALS GREATCOAT. ( ATTRIBUTED.) A very fine example of a Luftwaffe Generalleutnant\'s greatcoat belonging to \"Kurt Menzel\". Which came straight out of the Menzel estate in 2015. Coat is made from high quality blue/grey doeskin wool with white lapels,twelve gilt pebbled buttons to the front and two gilt buttons on the rear waist belt. And four gilt buttons on the rear vent closure. Insignia consists of gold bullion hand embroidered collar patches with gold bullion and aluminium shoulderboards with the large silver rank pip on each board, which are secured with screw post gilt buttons. Interior has a blue/grey rayon lining with tailors label at the neck and a name label in the inside pocket. Named to Oberst Menzel in 1939, Menzel became a Generalleutnant in 1942. It appears that Menzel must have ordered this coat when still an Oberst, knowing he was going to be promoted to a Generalmajor. There is some minor mothing (tiny moth hole on each collar patch. And some moth tracking and small holes at bottom of coat, otherwise a beautiful display piece.
luftwaffe generals visor cap
luftwaffe leather flying jacket
LUFTWAFFE M40 SINGLE DECAL HELMET Nice example, which appears to have had a camo finish at one stage although colours are very subdued. Helmet displays around 85|% of its decal.Interior is in a good used condition with no damage just some rubbing around the edges. Liner has a name written inside in ink and displays size number 57. helmet is marked on the inner skirt Q64..Unfortunately chin strap has long gone..
LUFTWAFFE MUSICIANS SWALLOW\'S NEST A probe example for a Luftwaffe Spielleute (drum and fife musician) serving in the air force flak branch. Swallow\'s nest\'s are in superb unissued condition.
LUFTWAFFE NCO\'S FLIEGERBLUSE Tunic of a Fallschirmjager Obergefreiter . Tunic has yellow piped slip-on NCO's shoulderboards. Collar is piped in silver NCO's tresse with matching yellow obergefreiter collar patches. Right breast displays standard Luftwaffe breast eagle, while left breast displays cloth paratroopers patch.Lower left arm shows the "Kreta" cufftitle. This is a very tidy tunic with two tiny holes under the arm .(see images). Belt and buckle are for display only.
LUFTWAFFE NCO\'S SHOULDERBOARDS For a "Oberfeldwebel" serving in Flight/Paratroop section. Boards are the slip-on variety with yellow waffenfarbe and in superb unissued condition.
LUFTWAFFE O/R\'S BUCKLE A nicely used aluminium example,still retaining its leather tab, dated 1938. Buckle is maker marked S.H.u.Co.
LUFTWAFFE O/R\'S M43 CAP textbook late war example of a Luftwaffe O/R;s M43 cap.No damage, liner size stamped 57.
LUFTWAFFE OFFICERS COLLAR PATCHES Nice matching set to a "Leutnant" serving in a Signals/communication section. nice clean set.
LUFTWAFFE OFFICERS DRESS DAGGER A clean late war example, with orange grip all wire still intact, no damage or dents. Clean un-maker marked blade. Overall a clean textbook example.
LUFTWAFFE PARADE BAYONET WITH FROG AND KNOT Engraved blade showing the party eagle and Luftwaffe eagle wording on blade \"Fur Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit\",reverse of blade is maker marked P.S. Solingen. Brown leather frog is in overall good condition, with some stitching at the side coming undone. Overall bayonet frog and knot are all in good used condition.
LUFTWAFFE PROMOTION DOCUMENT Promotion document promoting Oberleutnant Kurt Koplow to Oberst. Dated 1942 with facsimile Adolf Hitler and Herman Goring signatures. In its original gilt eagled outer folder..
LUFTWAFFE/SS PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM Small period family album consisting of 80 photographs of family and family members. It appears that one member of the family served in the Allgemeine SS whilst another was in the Luftwaffe. Also photogragh of Waffen SS men. Overall a pretty little period album, priced to sell.
m35 single decal helmet
M42 COMBAT HELMET Wartime helmet that has been repainted (period), helmet is a good entry level piece, with a good used liner, unfortunately no chin strap. Ideal for reinactors or to put under a helmet cover.
MARINE HJ INSIGNIA Senior Radio-Telegrapher's badge, for wear on the winter uniform, red embroidery on navy blue patch.
MARINE HJ INSIGNIA Oval patch for HJ coxswain, unissued patch for wear on the winter uniform, patch still retains its RZM label.
MARKIN ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN AA gun with two Lineol German figures and a stack of shells.
MINIATURE JAPANESE KATANA Finely made example of a miniature Japanese Katana (long sword). Condition is very good, overall length 8".
MINIATURE SWORD An extremely nice example of Kaiser Wilhelm honour sword, with its gilt sword knot. This is a very nice miniature , and was possibly one of a small batch made by the factory as gifts/examples. measures 31cms long.
MINIATURE US MARINE OFFICERS MAMELUKE SWORD This is a miniature example of a United States Marine Corps Officers Mameluke and is approximately 10" in length. Sword features a double engraved blade and retains its original sword knot. Nice collectors piece.
MINISTRY OF OCCUPIED EASTERN TERRITORIES LEADERS VISOR CAP. A very attractive high form shape. With a light brown body and a chocolate coloured central band . With diplomatic service insignia in gold on a brown backing.Gold finished cap cords with gold coloured side buttons, Interior has a brown leather sweatband with celluoid diamond maker marked Rekord with eagle over globe emblem, some staining to interior (see images).
MOTHERS CROSS (GOLD) MEDAL,CITATION AND PHOTOGRAPH Citation, Cross and photograph of Marie Jastram wearing her Mothers cross in Gold. Citation,cross and photograph all in good order.
mother\'s cross gold
N.S.B. DISC AND ORIGINAL COVER. Very good condition 78 disc with its original cover. Side (1) sung by the NSB Black and Red wind blows now. Side (2) Margariet . by Piet Heines & J A. Van Kersbergen.
NAMED JAPANESE SOLDIER\'S HOKOBUKURO (SERVICE RECORD BAG) Khaki tan cotton bag with black printing, contents consist of linen covered Gun-Tai-Te-Cho (Soldier's book), complete in its slip case. Two cabinet photos of the soldier. Pair of shoulder rank insignia for a senior private. Brass 32 collar numerals. Cased China incident medal, casualty next of kin medal, another medal and Japanese army coin.
NAPOLEONIC SURGEONS WOODEN CASE Of surgical instruments in a beautiful wooden case which unfortunately has been damaged over the years. Case is lined in a light red velvet,with cut-outs for various surgical instruments, again unfortunately some of the instruments have gone missing over the years, but among the remaining instruments is a bone saw for small amputations various black handled cutting knives some forceps, various needles for sutures. Rare piece of medical kit...
NAT. SOZ. FRAUENSCHAFT MEMBERSHIP BADGE National Socialist Woman\'s League badge to a staff member at Orts level. Very clean badge no damage. Maker marked RZM 1/13.
NATAL ROYAL REGIMENT CAP BADGE Circa 1902-13 Die-stamped brass crowned Maltese cross, white metal central title circlet bearing Royal arms over two Wildebeests.
NATAL ROYAL RIFLES BOER WAR GLENGARRY BADGE Circa 1899-1902. Die-stamped white metal example. Crowned title circlet, Royal arms, two wilderbeests and scroll "Defence" to voided centre.
NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMAN STUDENTS LEAGUE KETTLE DRUM SKIRT. An extremely rare kettle drum skirt for the Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund. Skirt is in very good condition and all ties are complete,each individual panel is multi-constructed and bordered in gold bullion tassels.Backing cloth appears to be a cotton/rayon. this is an extremely nice item and would look good as a wall hanging...
NAZI ANTI-SEMITIC POSTCARD 1937 Nov-used 5pf airmail postal stationary card commemorating the great political show in the library of the German museum Munich inscribed "The Eternal Jew". Card has a special Munich postmark on the reverse. A poignant card. Pristine condition.
NAZI DDAC CHINA JUG Very quirky china jug (Der Deutsche Automobil club) advertising a Gau meeting in Bernburg 1938. Jug is in superb condition, no damage, and displays the DDAC on one side the town coat of arms on the other side, and the venue details to the front. Height of jug 5 inches.
NAZI FAMILY ALBUM AND STAMMBUCH und AHNENPASS Bit of social history, photo album from one family who's male members are serving in various services in the Third Reich, "Wehrmacht, Waffen SS, Luftwaffe, and the Reichsbahn, many uniform photographs, and some family, military weddings etc. There are 212 photgraphs , album is full so many loose photos include. Plus a partially filled Stammbuch/Ahnenpass.
NAZI FIRE POLICE HELMET Lightweight double decal fire police helmet, still retaining its black leather neck guard. Decals are in relatively good condition, the police decal is 100% the party decal again is 100% complete but a little rubbed. Interior is complete but in well used condition. Overall a fair example.
NAZI MG 13 MAGAZINES two MG13 magazines, both magazines are waffenampt stamped and dated 1938. Both magazines are in good used condition. Might sell individually.
NAZI PATRIOTIC POSTCARD \"NURNBERG 1935\". Used postcard, but still in very nice condition.
NAZI PHOTO FRAME WITH PICTURE OF SD OFFICER. Very attractive red leather covered period photo frame displaying metal Swastika flag to the top. Interestingly the photograph inside appears to be a very happy informal image of an SD-SIPO Officer. Frame stands 6 inches high..
NORFOLK YEOMANRY OFFICERS MESS UNIFORM A fine example of stable pattern jacket, in blue cloth-yellow collar, pointed cuffs edged with Regimental wave pattern gold lace. Gilt studs to front. Plaited chain shoulderboards. Embroidered rank badges-white metal Edward 7th collar badges. Companion white cloth waistcoat upright collar gilt studs to front.
NSDAP EINSATZSTURM DER NSDAP ARMBAND Light weight white cotton armband with black NSDAP eagle above "Einsatzsturm der NSDAP, (Special Operations) scarce.
NSDAP KREISLEITUNG COLLAR PATCH Single collar patch to a Arbeitsleiter (works director) at Kreis level. Collar patch has a dark brown velvet backing, with white cord piping around the edge. with a gilded eagle and single pip to the front. A very nice near mint example.
NSDAP KREISLEITUNG COLLAR PATCH Very attractive collar patch for a Abschnittsleiter (section leader) at Kreis level. Collar patch is constructed from dark brown velvet, piped in white cord displaying a gilded metal eagle and a gilded metal oakleaf. Condition wise Mint..
NSDAP 15 YEAR LONG SERVICE CROSS & RIBBON. A very nice example in good condition, in silver and blue enamel. Silver still very bright ,blue enamel in superb condition with no chips. (cond extremely good).
NSDAP 1938 PARTYBOOK Membership booklet to : Waldemar Prox issued by : NSDAP Ortsgruppe Hannover on 15. 12. 1938 member 601452
NSDAP DOCUMENT GROUPING: WWI VETERAN Attributed to WWI veteran Schumann from Leipzig. Includes his membership booklet, with original photo issued on; 1st November 1935. Stamps from 1935 to 1944 inclusive: Four Reichsparteitag stamps from 1935 to 1938. Wehrpass issued on 21st August 1943, original applied photo. (No awards) His WWI service from 3rd January 1919 is noted on page 12. Third Reich NSKOV membership ID card with original applied photo. Third Reich ID card of his wife; Irene Schumann issued on 14th November 1939 also, with original photo. Finally, a document issued by NSDAP Ortsgruppe Meerane dated 18th April 1936.
NSDAP FENDER VEHICLE PENNANT Double sided cloth pennant on metal framework measuring 29cms x 29cms. Pennant is in overall good condition, with some rubbing to the cloth in places,colours are still vibrant .Pennant is of multi-construction, and has RZM number stamped into metal framework. Rare piece to find nowadays.
NSDAP GAU LEVEL POLITICAL LEADERS COLLAR PATCHES To a Einsatzleiter (detachment leader) at Gauleitung level. Patches are constructed in red velvet with crimson red piping, with gilded metal eagles and pips. Reverse of one patch displays RZM makers label. Collar patches are in superb condition.
NSDAP ORTSGRUPPE COLLAR PATCHES A matching pair of collar patches for a Gemeinschaftsleiter (community leader) at Ortsgruppe level. Collar patches are constructed from brown velvet backing cloth, piped in light blue with gilded eagle and four gilded pips, unfortunately several pips have tarnished lightly. Rear of patch displays RZM issue label. Nice scarce examples.
NSDAP PARTEI BOOK This is the official report on the "PARTEITAG Der FREIHEIT 1935" Published by "Central Publishing of the NSDAP". "Franz Eher Nachfolger Munich (1936)". The rally which lasted from the 10th-16th September 1935 in Nuremberg is notorious in history for the promulgation of the so called "Nuremberg blood laws" when a special sitting of the Reichstag (during the rally) enacted these laws.(The full text of these laws are printed within pages 265-266). Which removed citizenship of the Jews and introduced discriminatory legislation against them. The text of Hitler's speeches and many of the Nazi leaders are printed within.There is a photo section towards the end of the book containing 40 plus images from the Rally. Book is in Mint condition...
NSDAP PARTY BOOK TO WW1 FIGHTER ACE. Rare grouping to a WW1 fighter ace "Leutnant Max Leppin of Fl Abt 234. Group consists of his NSDAP Membership book 1935 pattern. Uniform photograph, party member from1933. payment stamps in book from 1936,37,38,39,40. Reichs party day stamps for 1935-39. photo on Airfield walking with Hitler, and I think Sepp Dietrich. War service record, with fighter squadron 24. Awarded. Iron cross 1st class Iron cross 2nd class. pilots badge, Honour goblet for flier in airwar 2/11/18..Baltic cross 28/02/1920 Also served in the Freikorps Iron Division. Its quite rare to find a Party book to someone you can research.
NSDAP PARTY BRASSARD Multi-piece constructed brassard, red cotton/rayon body with circular white sphere, and black applied swastika. Nice textbook example in good used condition.
NSDAP PENNANT Double sided pennant in very good condition, no damage, still retaining loops for hanging. This is a multi-constructed piece and measures 18ins x 13ins.
NSDAP PODIUM DRAPE Textbook example in near mint condition, some stitching has come undone (easily remedied ) and some very small age discoloration see images. drape still retains its small metal fixing rings, and is single sided and multi construction piece,colours are still very vibrant, bottom of drape still retains its woolen fringe and metal weights. Overall a really nice podium drape. size 78cm x 88cm.
NSDAP POLITICAL LEADER COLLAR PATCHES Gauleitung level collar patches for a Ober-einsatzleiter (senior detachment leader). Near mint collar patches, in red velvet piped in dark red .Gilded metal eagle and pips with golden yellow tresse across each collar patch. RZM label attached to rear of patch.
NSDAP POLITICAL LEADERS BRASSARD Tunic removed example of a Ortsgruppenleiter's brassard. Brassard has some age staining and a few nicks here and there, but overall a nice used example.
NSDAP REICHS LEVEL COLLAR PATCH Single patch to a Arbeitsleiter (work director) at Reichsleitung level. Red velvet patch edged crimson red piping, with a metal gilded eagle and gilded metal pip. Collar patch is in very good condition and still retains its RZM label.
NSDAP REICH\'S LEVEL COLLAR PATCHES Lovely matching pair of collar patches to a Abschnittsleiter (section leader) at Reichleitung level. Collar patches are in red velvet piped in golden yellow cord. With gilded metal eagles and oakleaves. Rear of collar patch displays RZM issue label. Stunning pair of patches ...
NSDAP WALL PENNANT This appears to be an early pennant displaying the upright swastika. Colours are fine (no fading), no damage, this is a multi-constructed pennant,and still retains original metal rings, and makers mark. Pennant is single sided and measures 20in x 16in.
NSDAP WOOLEN BRASSARD In extremely good condition, multi construction brassard , wool base, still retains good colours. 38cms long, no damage,priced to sell.
NSFK FLIGHT LOG BOOK Issued to Robert Riepl, 20th May 1944 with original attached NSFK Sturm 1/112. includes entries about his flights from 21st May 1944.
NSFK LAPEL PIN Scarce lapel pin in bronze metal, marked on back of pin (Ges gesch) pin still intact, nice attractive item
NSFK O/R\'s KEPI In very nice condition,blue/grey woollen body with yellow piping,front has single button with white metal eagle. Interior has a black lining with a brown leather sweatband. size stamped 56. Overall a nice kepi with one tiny (pinhead) moth nip to yellow piping.
NSFK O/R\'S BERET (DIENSTMUTZE) A textbook example of the early NSFK beret, this is an almost identical beret to the one shown on page 377 in Angolia/Littlejohn NSKK-NSFK book. this is a blue/grey wool beret piped in yellow around the crown with a short wing political style eagle in white on a blue-grey backing. Berlin maker. Beret is in overall very good condition, with a very tiny bit of mothing.
NSFK PLAQUE CASED AWARD Certificate of issue 1939 Rhon-Segelflug-Wettbewerb 1939 original gold finish. Maker marked: Brehmer Markneu kirchan with matching case of issu: blue velvet inlay silk lining.
NSFK RADIO OPERATOR\'S PATCH The NSFK Radio operators badge was instituted in 1941 and worn by those who passed a radio proficiency test, as well as a written physics exam. They also had to experience level B glider flying proficiency. Insignia is in the shape of a downward pointing triangle on a blue/grey backing, it features a black B (borderfunker) on white inside a black circle with white wings and four diagonal lightning bolts. Badge is in very good condition with tiny stain to the front. (rare).
NSFK TINNIES X 3 Three scarce NSFK Tinnies: - a) Frankfurt dated 1939 b) Rhone-segelflug-wettbewerb dated 1938 SOLD c) Gruppe 8 Mitte-grossflugtag SOLD All pins in nice condition with pins retained and still insitu. (available individually @ £85 each)
NSFK \"Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps\" SHIRT Unissued brown shirt to a NSFK Anwarter (candidate). Shirt is the pullover style with a three button frontage two pleated breast pockets with flaps turn back cuffs. Insignia has been factory applied, sew-in shoulderboard, blank collar patches, and NSFK breast eagle. Nice early piece. In outstanding condition.
NSKK MAN\'S UNIFORM COMPLETE. Very nice grouping to a NSKK Scharfuhrer ,consisting of 1st patt crash helmet,traditional brown shirt, black breeches, black leather belt with NSKK buckle, and black leather cross strap. Brown shirt still retains its RZM label and is badged to a Scharfuhrer from Motorsturm 5 Motorstandarte 92 (Innsbruck). Breeches are in very nice condition unfortunately the Rzm label has been unpicked but the stitching outline is still very obvious. Crash helmet is still in very nice condition and leather is still very supple, and Rzm label is still intact. Overall a very nice textbook grouping.
NSKK BUGLE Rare example of a NSKK bugle with the emblem embossed in the bell. This bugle is identical to the one shown in Angolia & Littlejohn's NSKK NSFK Book. Unfortunately this bugle has had a hard life and has suffered some dents,but would still be a nice item to add to a serious NSKK collection. Bugle is also RZM Maker marked. On Hold. I.C.
NSKK CHAINED DAGGER by \"Robert Klass\". This chained NSKK is a textbook example, maker marked RZM M7/37 blade exhibits moderate use and fits tightly into scabbard.Grip is in overall very nice condition with no major imperfections. Black scabbard retains about 98% of original paint with no dents. Chain hanger is maker marked showing some age patina but no damage .Overall dagger in its original state and in fine condition..
NSKK HIGH RANKING COLLAR TAB Displaying a metal letter ' K ' denoting Kontrolle; Motor Gruppe Hessen.
NSKK MANN\'S DAGGER In overall good condition,nickle fittings painted scabbard, wooden grip still in good condition, blade in overall good condition, some minor marks. Rare maker. C.Linder Solingen,Merscheid.
NSKK O/R\'S SIDE CAP In near mint condition, this is the 2nd pattern side cap, displaying the earlier cap insignia. Triangular wine red patch with a woven silver NSKK eagle.Interior is lined in a black silk/rayon material, and still retains its cloth RZM label. size approx 58/59.
NSKK PATCHES TO A STURNMANN IN KONTROLLE Motor Gruppe Hessen, K for control.
NSKOV ALUMINIUM BANNER TOP Attractive looking aluminium banner top for the NSKOV Banner top is in good used condition with some rubbing etc. Top has been (post-war) mounted onto a wooden base for display purposes. height of top 14.5 inches.
NSKOV ENAMEL SIGN. Emailschild fur Nationalsozialistische Kriegsoferversorgung (NSKOV) Enamel sign for the National-Socialist War Casualties support Organisation. Enamel on steel measures 23cm x 34cm.
NSKOV HITLER PRESENTATION POSTCARD. A card to old comrades, reading, \"Dear comrades I would like to thank you for the many visits to our meetings in the year 1935, and the comradeship you showed, as a result I would like to thank you very much, and may I give you this as a sign of thanks. This picture of our leader and Chancellor Adolf Hitler\". Card is a little creased, but not damaged.
NSRKB VETERAN ORGANIZATION 1938-45 ARMBAND Mitglieter. The armband is made of dark-blue wool with machine-woven NSRKB insignia applied.
NUREMBURG EAGLE DESK ORNAMENT Heavy bronze desk eagle, standing over 7 inches high with a marble base. Eagle is in overall good condition showing age patina. Very attractive piece.
NURNBERG DIE STADT DER REICHSPARTEITAG POSTCARD Card has been used but still in very nice condition. Rare postcard.
NURNBERG REICHSPARTEITAG 1935 In mint, unissued condition.
NURNBERG REICHSPARTEITAG 1936 Postcard used condition with punch marks where its been in a folder.
OFFICERS BUSBY 11TH PRINCE ALBERTS OWN HUSSARS Victorian, Officers busby in good used condition comes complete with storage bag and travelling busby tin, also storage tin for the plume, and Regimental gold cap lines.
OFFICERS QUILTED SHAKO 2ND LANCASHIRE VOLUNTEERS 1861-1869 Victorian Officers quilted shako for the 2nd Lancashire volunteers circa 1861-69. Shako is in a good used condition with no damage, good London maker. And comes complete with its metal storage tin.
olympic medal
ORDNUNGSPOLIZEI M43 FIELD CAP A textbook example in very good condition, cap has a factory applied machine woven cap eagle with a two button front. Cap has all the correct bias material, put in on construction, and has a gray cotton/rayon lining. Overall this is a very nice example of a M43 service cap.
ORTSLEITUNG METAL CAR PENNANT In exceptionally good condition, pennant is double sided, and comes complete with metal fittings, fittings have the RZM makers number. Pennant measures approx 280cm x 280cms. A nice display item for the serious Political leader collector. On hold RW.
PAINTED SS BUCKLE Early nickle \"Overhoff & Cie\" buckle, which appears to have been painted in an olive drab for use by troops in the Waffen SS. Overall this buckle is in very good condition, but appears to have been dug up, hence the inside fittings to attach to the belt leather has rotted out.. Buckle is covered in verdigris. Which could be cleaned off buckle.
PAIR NAT SOZ. FRAUENSCHAFT BADGES. Two membership badges for the NS Frauenschaft the small version, in very good condition RZM 1/13 marked. And the larger version also in very good condition, marked "ges gesch".
PARTY OFFICIALS CAR PENNANT Desirable bakerlite car pennant in very good used condition, pennant measures 31cm x 21cm. Has one gouge in the red background, which doesn't really detract from the pennant (see images). Party pennants are getting extremely hard to find nowadays. Priced to sell.
PARTY PENNANT IN PROTECTIVE LEATHER/CELLULOID COVER Nice piece in good used condition, no damage to the celluoid cover, pennant is a multi constructed piece piped in white, so probably used at Kreis level. Pennant measures 33cms long and 22cms wide. A very desirable piece.
POLICE GENERALS SERVICE TUNIC Textbook example in good used condition. This appears to be a Officers issued service tunic.Insignia consists of Generalmajor sew-in shoulderboards with police green waffenfarbe.Collar patches are the gold on green army pattern which was used until February 1942.Left arm displays a superb gilt police arm eagle.Interior of tunic is stamped up PO and dated 1940.Overall a very nice looking tunic.. Insignia for display purposes only.
POLICE KETTLE DRUM SKIRT A superb example of a six panel kettle drum skirt , each panel measures 34cm x 30cm inc tassles. Skirt is constructed with a silky cotton outer and cotton /rayon inner panels.Three panels are beautifully embroidered in silver bullion with the police eagle,and the other three are finely embroidered with "Shutzepolizei Duisburg". All panels are edged in silver bullion tress. Skirt is in near mint condition. A super item..
POLICE OFFICERS BROCADE BELT & BUCKLE Super example in near mint condition, buckle is un- marked, whilst belt still retains its SS-RZM label. Interior of belt is lined in dark green velvet.
POLICE SHAKO AND BOX Transitional police shako with all black body, these were used in the Weimar republic , and were basically in use from 1918-33, when the wool bodied shako's came into use, although the black shako's were used in many major cities well into the Third Reich period, some as late as 1940. This shako is in very good condition and comes with the standard Third Reich police eagle..Shako comes with its box.
POLITICAL LEADERS BELT AND BUCKLE In very nice condition, leather still very supple. Belt still retains its leather slides. Belt, buckle & keeper are all fully RZM marked. Good piece.
POLITICAL LEADERS BRASSARD Armband for Kreis Leiter eines Hauptamtes. Armband has been tunic removed, and displays several tiny moth nips,(see images). Overall a nice used textbook example.
POLITICAL LEADERS BRASSARD In mint unissued condition, armband for Ortsgruppenleiter. Armband still retains its RZM label and is full length, also displaying the yellow stencil inside showing which way up it was to be worn. This is a very nice example, sensibly priced to sell.
POLITICAL LEADERS CAP ( ORTS LEVEL) Textbook example of a blue piped Political leaders visor cap. Cap is in overall good condition, with some storage staining to the exterior crown and interior lining. Interior still retains celluoid diamond leather sweatband and RZM label. Overall a nice shaped cap in nice condition,with one tiny bit of damage to edge of cap (see images).
POLITICAL LEADERS COLLAR PATCHES Third pattern collar patches (1936-1938) Blue piped for Ostgruppe level to a "Hauptstellenleiter" (main department leader). Collar patches are in superb condition, probably unissued, and still retaining RZM issue label.
POLITICAL LEADERS STANDARTE BEARERS GORGET The Political leaders flag bearers gorget was introduced in 1939.Stamped out of alloy with a bronze wash. The gorget is half moon shaped and measures 9\" wide and 4.5\" tall. The backside of the gorget has a green wool backing. Chain is complete and full length and stamped RZM M1/128. Overall a nice used gorget in good condition.
POLITICAL LEADERS UNIFORM A textbook example of a Political Leaders uniform, this particular uniform belonged to a Ober-Abschnittleiter (Senior section leader) the highest rank at Ortsgruppe level. Again the brassard is for a Ortsgruppenleiter (local group leader) again the highest rank at Orts level. Tunic is in overall good used condition with no damage. Breeches are in good condition with some very small moth damage around the crotch. Uniform comes complete with standard issue belt on brown leather strap. ON HOLD RW. VISOR CAP IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SALE. for display purposes only.
POLITICAL LEADERS WHITE SUMMER VISOR CAP (ORTS LEVEL). Textbook example,with removable top, interior has celluoid panel and the standard RZM label under the sweatband. Cap is blue piped for Orts level, and is in overall good condition.
POLITICAL LEADER\'S CLOTH EAGLE A scarce example of a machine woven eagle that was worn by Political Leaders on their sports kit. Eagle in in mint un-issued condition..
POLIZEI ALUMINIUM BUCKLE Stone mint un-issued aluminium buckle. Textbook example, no makers markings.
PORCELAIN DISH SS-REICH A very stylized pocelain dish depicting a Knights cross and ribbon..Dish is in very good condition, no damage and colours are still vibrant. Dish measures approx 12 inches by seven inches and is nearly 1 inch and a half deep. Nice kitsch piece of Nazi porcelain..Maker marked to rear SS-Reich.
POSTCARD PORTRAIT OF REICHSMINISTER DR JOSEPH GOEBBELS Unissed postcard in very nice condition, showing nice portrait shot of Goebbels
POSTCARD REICHSPARTEITAG Third Reich Early NSDAP colour postcard.
POSTSCHUTZ (POSTAL PROTECTION) LEADERS DAGGER WITH CHAINS. A textbook example in very good condition, made by Paul Weyersberg & Co. Nice blade just needs dried up oil wiping off, Scabbard and chains also in great condition. Scarce dagger...
PRINCE ALFRED\'S GUARD. BOER WAR SLOUCH HAT BADGE. Die-stamped white metal example. Within sprays of oak and laurels, his Royal arms resting on "AEA" title scroll below. Two loops to reverse as well as loose ring.
PROMOTION DOCUMENT FOR GENERAL-LEUTNANT MAX MOHR A Luftwaffe Generals promotion document. Promoting General-Leutnant Max Mohr to General der Flieger. Document has facsimile signatures of Hitler and Goring. And comes in Beautifully leather bound folder constructed by "Frieda Thiesch" who was the sole manufacture of the Knights cross folders. Overall folder is in very nice condition.
PROTECTORATE BOHEMIA & MORAVIA Civil defence Red Cross armband circa 1943, armband is constructed in white cotton, with a large red cross above the designated "CPO", screen printed in red ink, with slovakian issue stamp in blue ink.
PROTECTORATE OF BOHEMIA AND MORAVIA. A police helper brassard. white cotton four pointed star on the front, bearing the city of Brno police stamp in red ink. The armband itself is constructed in cobalt ble cotton.
PRUSSIAN 143rd INFANTRY OFFICER\'S WAFFENROCK Tailor made of high-quality Prussian blue melton wool. Complete with Leutnant's epaulettes which display the guilded 143 , Strassburg tailor's label with the name of the officer, original Tombac buttons included.
PRUSSIAN BANJO BOARD EPAULETTES For a Hauptmann in the 22nd field artillery regiment, boards show sign of wear and has some moth damage to the underneath.
PRUSSIAN EPAULETTES (BANJO BOARDS) 39th Infantry epaulettes for a leutnant and come complete with all components.
PRUSSIAN GRENADIER REGT. NR. 11 EPAULETTES. The Banjo Boards are for the rank of Leutnant and are complete with all components. They show moderate wear from age and use, with a few small moth nips on the back side. Overall condition is very good.
PRUSSIAN GRENADIER REGT. NR. 12 EPAULETTES The Banjo Boards are for the rank of Leutnant and are made of red wool with a tombac crescent and silver brocade litzen. Each board features a gilded numeral 12.
PRUSSIAN PAIR EPAULETTES (BANJO BOARDS) Cica 1890 matched pair medical Prussian Army Atrz (medical doctor) banjo boards with the rank of Hauptmann. Retaining all components; show light wear.
QUEEN MARY\'S CHRISTMAS TIN A Christmas gift: issued to serving soldiers in WWI Tin box comes without contents.
QUEEN VICTORIA: TUNIC OF VOLUNTEER AIDE-DE-CAMP Tunic of Volunteer Aide-de-Camp to Queen Victoria. A fine, rare and important example of scarlet melton cloth with white piped Royal Blue facings to the cuff and collar. To each breast and skirt are eight silver embroidered oak-leaf scrolls with frog-drop loops, five positioned above the waist; the top five to the left side retain a silver mounted button (those on the skirt have none) The frog-drop loops are repeated on the collar and cuffs. Twisted silver cord epaulette to left shoulder. Some moth damage present: - (please refer to images).
QUEENS OWN WORCESTER YEOMANRY OFFICER\'S HELMET. A fine, rare example of the pattern introduced to the regiment in 1850 until 1871 following the introduction of the busby. The skull, neck and front peak of boiled black enamelled leather; edged with silver plated comb, surmounted by a scarlet inside, white horse hair plume with a gilt rose head boss. Helmet plate of gilded metal, laurel wreath surrounding title circlet inscribed 'Queens Own Regiment' surmounted by Lion and Unicorn. Applied gilt VR cypher, two part scroll along the base of the wreath inscribed Worcestershire Yeomanry, lion head bosses, cotton lining.
QUEENS ROYAL WEST SURREY REGT. VICTORIAN OR\'s HELMET PLATE CIRCA 1881-1901 Brass example,crowned star, laurel sprays and detachable circlet inscribed "West Surrey" white metal paschal lamb to voided centre. Three loops to reverse.
RAD FEMALE/YOUTH (RAD/WJ) MILITARY SERVICE BROOCH Very attractive brooch in zinc/alloy ,pin back in good used condition . scarce..
RARE 10 YEAR SS SA ANNIVERSARY GAU BERLIN DAY BADGE extremely rare and attractive day badge for SA and SS troops attending the 10th anniversary of Gau Berlin. Badge in in superb condition.some age patina but no damage..
RARE HIAG TRACING SERVICE FILE (Hiag suchdienst papier) HIAG Mutual aid association of former Waffen SS members. Tracing service file for SS-Schutze Heinz Abels. Born 11th Sept 1926 in Kaiserwerth, Abels served with the 22nd SS Volunteer cavalry Div Maria Theresia. Lat known contact was on 10th Feb 1945 in the Prague area.
RARE HITLERJUGEND COMMEMORATIVE BADGE Rare 10 year anniversary badge for Munich, worn by members of the Hitler Jugend, Badge is a solid back quite heavy example, in good condition, no damage, just some age patina.
REICH CHANCELLOR ADOLF HITLER PORTRAIT From the studio of Heinrich Hoffmann/ Large propaganda picture for an office. Size 18 x 24cm Rear of photo shows hoffmann stamp.
REICHSARBEITSDIENST CAP BADGE. Mint condition, unissued. machine embroidered from the "Bevo" factory.
REICHSLEITER METAL CAR PENNANT Textbook example of a Reichsleitung's car pennant, measuring 280cm x 280cm. Pennant is in overall good condition ,with the early Gothic letters, instead of the later block letters. Pennant is RZM stamped. A rare desirable pennant at a sensible price.
REICHSMARSCHAL HERMANN GORING PORTRAIT Superb Portrait of Goring, from the studio of Heinrich Hoffmann.Reverse of photograph has studio stamp. size 24 x 30cm..
REINHARD HEYDRICH\'S BLACK FORMAL TOP HAT Attributed to Heydrich when he was a SS-Brigadefuhrer in 1933. Heydrich maintained this rank for a year or so, before going on to become a SS-Obergruppenfuhrer, head of the RSHA , and Deputy Reich-Protector of Bohemia and Moravia. Heydrich also chaired the infamous Wannsee conference. The formal black top hat measures 5.75 in tall and 12 in front to back along the brim. Exterior is constructed from black silk, with a black moire ribbon hat band. interior is lined in white silk moire. The inside crown of the hat bears the makers name "L Schwartz" also Heydrich's monogram RH and a smaller unidentified monogram, the lining has been re-stitched with some loose threads remaining from the sweatband which unfortunately has long gone. Rare piece from one of the Third Reich most infamous personalities.
RELIC CONDITION WEHRMACHT NCO\'S VISOR CAP Turned up in recent years in an attic in Austria. Condition is quite bad and mothy, but certainly an early original un-touched visor cap
RESERVIST\'S STEIN Reservist's stein to "Eichner" serving in Koniglich Bayerisches 3 Chevaulegers. Regiment Herzog Karl Theodor 3 Eskadron Dieuze 1901-1904. Stein in very good used condition.
RESERVIST\'S STEIN To Reservist "Diehl" serving with 18th Bayerisches Infantry Regiment "Prince Ludwig Ferdinand" 5th Kompanie Landau. from 1900-02.
RESERVIST\'S STEIN. To Gefreiten "Jacob Voit" serving with 7 Feld Artillere Regiment "Prinz Regent Luitpold 5 (f) Batt. Munchen. From 1902-04. Nice clean piece.
RLB BRASSARD Unnisued late war example.This is the 2nd pattern Reichsluftschutzbund (National air defence league). Brassard is a machine woven example, and measures 42cms.
RON PLATT MINIATURE FIREARMS (fixed action) Model selection available:- a) Martini Henry rifle, c. 1875 8" overall b) Winchester underlever carbine, c. 1894 5 3/4" overall. c) Thompson Machine gun, 5 1/4" overall. d) Colt Bisley single action revolver, c. 1900 3" overall. e) Smith & Weston British Service Revolver, c. 1917 3" overall. f) Webley Service revolver, 2 1/2" overall. g) Webley Fosbery c. 1901 2 1/4" overall. h) German P08 Luger automatic pistol, 2 1/4" overall. i) Browning MK I Hi-Power automatic pistol, c. 1940, 2" overall. j) Beretta Italian Model automatic pistol, c.1934, 1 5/8" overall. k) Colt Thuer Model Derringer, c. 1870-1910, 2 1/4" overall. l) Belgium single shot target pistol, c. 1900, 3 1/2" overall. m) Tranter type pistol with tip down barrel, 3 1/4" overall. Ron Platt: an inveterate modeller since 1937 (retired 1997) models made with comparative materials to the original: steel, wood, plastic etc., crafted with hand tools; files, lathe etc., and a Spark Eroder. Materials sourced for the making and design of models taken from detailed drawings/photographs from various publications at the Imperial War Museum and Regimental Museums. Coupled with photographs taken of respective firearms in Redoubt Museum, Eastbourne and Tank Museum, Bovingdon.
ROYAL GLOUCESTERSHIRE HUSSAR OFFICERS SABRETACHE. Victorian Officers sabretache of the larger variety, the edge of the sabretache is surrounded by gold lace with interwined roses within the lace pattern, with heavy bullion gothic crown followed by scroll work below with number 1 to the centre with the scroll work of the Royal Gloucestershire hussars. To the inner edge of the lace is a red border, and dark blue backing cloth for the centre panel. Sabretache is complete with itsinner pouch and three suspension rings. Circa 1845-50.
ROYAL IRISH LANCERS HELMET PLATE Victorian O/r's Lance cap plate, 5th Royal Irish Lancer's circa 1858-85. Scarce die stamped brass triangular fluted plate bearing the Royal arms over the maid of Erin harp. Battle honours to Malplaquet. Raised in 1858 and adopted the honours of the old 5th Royal Irish dragoons (disbanded 1799).
SA Y-STRAPS Light brown leather straps maker marked with silver coloured metal fittings also maker marked. Straps in very good condition. A rare thing to find these days.
SA PAIR COLLAR TABS 4th Sturm / L gruppe Hochland. ' L ' denoting staff.
SA AUSWEIS & SMALL PROMOTION DOCUMENT In near mint condition, ausweis is the oilcloth variety with the photograph riveted in.Promo document is small paper variety that was probably made to stick into a ausweis or membership book. Ausweis is issued to SA Scharfuhrer Josef Kerscher serving with Sturm 6-jagerstandarte 2 "Hermann Kreibel" Gruppe Hochland. Nice piece.
SA CAR PENNANT WITH METAL POST A multi-constructed SA Pennant in good used condition with no damage still retaining its paper RZM label. Pennant is attached to correct metal (nickel finish) pole. Overall a nice piece.
SA COLLAR PATCH RECOGNITION SIGN FOR THE RZM. Professionally framed with glass both sides so you can hang it either side. Nice condition.
SA HOCHLAND PATCHES TO A STURNMANN Special units were given the Honour Title 'List' to commemorate the unit which Hitler had served during WWI. The WWI unit; the Bavarian 16th. Reserve Inf. Reg. was later given the name 'List' after its commander. Units authorized to wear these patches were stationed in Munich. 2nd Sturm / 16th Standart.
SA KEPI Textbook example thats in fair used condition. Kepi is from Gruppe Hessen, (navy blue top & aluminium button). Interior still retains its RZM label, and is unlined with a ersatz leather sweatband. Of interest it appears the owner had writ his SA membership on the sweatband , also interior appears to have several large numbers stamped inside , quite possibly museum stampings. Overall a nice unmessed with Kepi.
SA MARCHING/GARRISON FLAG Rare example of a SA Marching/Garrison flag. Flag is double sided and multi constructed, and belonged to a SA gruppe just outside the Hamburg area. Flag is in good used condition, but unfortunately where its been ripped of its pole all the metal rings are missing. Size 122cms x 132cms.
SA RESERVE BRASSARD In good used condition, showing some age staining,and getting hard to find nowadays.This example has been tunic/shirt removed..
SA SCHUTZEN REGIMENT With the prefix ' S ' embroidered green 3rd Sturm / S21 Standart gruppe Hochland.
SA WEHRMANNSCHAFT ARMBAND Formed in 1939 , this armband was worn by the military training defence group of the SA. Armband is in very good condition ,and still has the remains of a paper RZM label.
SA/SS STANDARDBEARERS GORGET Textbook example of standardbearers gorget complete with chain. Gorget is in overall very good condition, showing some age patina. Overall a nice piece.
SCHUMA POLICE OVERSEAS CAP Scarce example of a schuma side cap, cap is a textbook German schutzpolizei O/R\'s side cap with a factory applied Schutzmannschaft cap badge. And as in Germany the green piping denotes \"Schutzpolizei. It was quite common after 1943 for Schutzmannschaft personnel to wear German police uniforms. Members of the Schuma battalions was extensively used in Anti-Partisan warfare in the Ukraine and Belorussia. Cap is in fine condition with no damage, interior has a KOLN makers stamp and size stamp.
SCHUTZPOLIZEI OFFICERS SHAKO WITH PLUME A nice used example made by Erel, Shako is in overall good condition with some light mothing to the rear and some minor damage to the Police eagle, which is not really noticeable.Plume has discoloured over the years but still looks attractive on the shako. This is not the best Officers shako on the market but price reflects the small amount of damage I mentioned, please view images..
SCHUTZPOLIZEI SWORD KNOT Black leather strap with red and silver embroidered decorations, with a green and silver wire ball. Knot is in unissued and superb condition.
SCHUTZSPOLIZEI OFFICERS BANDOLIER AND CARTOUCHE A nice example of a Police officers Cartouche and Bandolier. Cartouche is constructed in black leather with a metal police eagle to the front. Bandolier is made in silver braid, on a police green woolen backing.This example is in good used condition with some minor damage to the leather buttonholes on the bandolier.
SHUPO ARM EAGLE A mint un-issued machine woven example, as worn on the lightweight summer issue tunics.
SHUTZPOLIZEI NCO\'S/O/R\'S PARADE BANDOLIER & CARTOUCHE In good used condition, bandolier is constructed in silver brocade with a green velvet backing. with a polished aluminium buckle and end cap. Cartouche is constructed from black leather and has a metal police eagle to the front. Cartouche is in overall good condition except for a small split to the top rear seam (see images). Cartouche is fully maker marked and date stamped 1938. Overall a rare piece of Police equipment that looks superb on a uniformed mannequin with all the other accoutrements..
SIEBE GORMAN DIVING KNIFE Black ribbed bake-lite handle, length 13 inches, complete with brass scabbard.
SILVER INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE Textbook example in good used condition, un-maker marked, priced to sell.
SILVER PRESENTATION BUGLE Small military style bugle measuring 180mm, with gold cord tassle. Overall good used condition.
Small Allach Vase
SMALL HAKENKREUZFLAGGE . Ideal size to display 75cm x 58cm, double sided sewn-on motifs, good colour, couple small holes (see images) ideal size flag to frame.
Smile rifle
SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT VICTORIAN OFFICERS HELMET PLATE Circa 1901-1914 Gilt example, crowned star mounted with laurel sprays and garter. Black velvet centre bearing in silver, sphinx resting on EGYPT mounted on the base of sprays a silver scroll "The South Staffordshire Regiment.
SOVIET UNION MIG PILOT\'S HELMET & PRESSURE SUIT A complete unissued helmet set for a MIG pilot; Helmet, Oxygen Mask, Container and pamphlet etc., including a MIG's pilot's pressure suit in nearly unworn condition.
SOVIET UNION PILOT\'S HELMET SHZ78 (1984) Original boxed Soviet Union flight helmet SHZ78 marked; size 56, dated 1984. Inclusive of spare parts.
SPANISH FALANGE OFFICERS UNIFORM & BERET Rare example of a Spanish fascists uniform circa 1937 this is a four pocket tunic in a black lightweight wool. With brass coloured buttons bearing the falange insignia, interior of tunic is lined in black rayon . Tailors label is from a Alicante tailor. Also a Falange belt, black leather strap and die stamped silvered buckle bearing the falange insignia. Red beret with a Madrid maker ,and detatchable sleeve brassard. This is a super little grouping to a wartime fascist organisation that people know very little about.
SS ALLACH COLORED VASE Small porcelain vase in very good condition , 11.5 cm, model number 502. Underside displays the entwined runes and factory name.
SS ALLACH PORCELAIN MODEL 41. The lying Fawn (Liegender Rehkitz) . This is one of the larger animal models. By Prof Theodor Karner. Fawn is in superb condition, no damage. Lovely looking piece.
SS ALLACH PORCELAIN MODEL 87 White porcelain candelabra, by Karl Diebitsch ,height 12.7 cm .Candelabra has no damage or chips , but some of the porcelain filler has come loose (see images) which does not detract from the item and could be replaced by a restorer very easily. the underside displays the green embossed runes in octagon and artist's signature. Nice piece
ss lah untersturmfuhrers service tunic
ss m35 double decal helmet
SS MANNS DAGGER A very nice example of the 1933 pattern dagger. Nickle fittings, painted scabbard ,all fittings are nice and tight wood grip fits nicely, this is an above average example with one little dent in the scabbard and a little bit of lifting to the nickle on the lower scabbard fitting (see images).
SS MANN\'S SHOULDERBOARDS \"GEBIRGSJAGER\" Textbook examples ,slip-on boards with grey underside and black top silk piped in light green waffenfarbe. Boards are in near mint condition.
SS NCO\'S SWORD KNOT A Textbook example in very good condition. Black and white cotton strap, with SS runes and a black and white ball. SS sword portepee's are getting hard to come by nowadays .
SS OBERSCHUTZE PIP mint unissued condition.
SS OFFCERS BELT AND BUCKLE (DAMAGED) Zinc type buckle produced by the firm of "Emil Juttner" Ludenscheid. Buckle has been damaged at some time and glued together see images. Comes complete with Officers belt leather. Entry level belt and buckle, at less than half price of what one would pay for a nice clean example. This set would do well to finish off a combat manniquin.
SS ROCK (TUNIC) A Textbook example of SS Officer\'s tunic, made by a Berlin tailor. Tunic is in very nice used condition, with no damage. Unfortunately all insignia has been long removed. But a very affordable example for a collector who has\'nt got thousands to spend on a completed example. Tunic has the open neck with four buttons to the front . Two pleated breast pockets with buttoned and scalloped flaps. Two lower breast pockets again with buttoned scalloped flaps. Political cut back with rear belt ramps. Overall a very nice and affordable example of a rare tunic. Belt and Buckle for display purposes only.
SS SONGBOOK 3rd EDITION. Scarce example of the SS Liederbuch. Book is in good used condition, no damage. All pages complete 176. Nice example at a realistic price. We've seen these sell for over $400.
SS STANDARTE 42 BAND ON 78 DISC. SS Band playing "Raise the flag"(Die Fahne Hoch) on side (1). Side (2) is "Markische Heide". Conductor, Alexander Heinz Flessburg. This is an original period recording on the famous "GLORIA" Label and comes complete with original dust cover.
SS STURMBANNFUHRER\'S SERVICE TUNIC A well used textbook example of the 1936 pattern SS Tunic . Tunic is badged up to a SS-Sturmbannfuhrer serving in the main office on the staff of the RF-SS..Insignia consists of sew in shoulderboards with the rank of SS-Sturmbannfuhrer with light grey waffenfarbe for Stab der RF-SS, waffenfarbe changed to dark grey in 1942. Collar patches consist of 4 pips on rank patch with other patch blank. Right arm displays old campaigners chevron. Unfortunately the bullion arm eagle has been removed from the left arm. It appears it was possibly removed by the family as all labels have been removed from tunic.This is a very very large size tunic, would\'ve been worn by a huge guy. Of interest above the lower left pocket is a small tailored opening (see images) which I assume was for chained dagger or SS sword. Overall tunic has no damage except some wear on inner cuffs. Rare SS pattern tunic..
SS SWORD/BAYONET KNOT Not sure whether this knot was used on the candidates sword or on the parade bayonet. It was also mentioned that it could be a 1st pattern Officers knot. But certainly attributed to the SS. Overall a nice piece in nice condition.
SS WHITE METAL BEER STEIN Very attractive bier stein displaying the Bayreuth coat of Arms, with a hand engraved dedication to SS-Standartenfuhrer Erich Buchmann, which was given to him by Officers from SS- Standarte 41, where he was Commander from May 36-Oct 37. From Oct37-May45 Buchmann commanded the 1st SS-Standarte Munchen and was attached to the Brown house security guarding top Nazi officials. Of interest Buchmann was awarded the much coveted Golden military merit cross WW1. Stein is just over 6 inches high, circumference 11.5ins and except for a few little dents is in good usable condition. Underside of stein displays makers mark (bayreuth company).
SS-OBERSTURMBANNFUHRER PAUL ZAPP\'S SERVICE TUNIC Paul Johannes Zapp, born 18th April 1904 in Hersfeld died 4th February 1999 in Bad Arolsen. SS number 107180, joined the NSDAP 1st May 1937. Pre-war ZAPP was private secretary to the Tubingen Indologist Wilhelm Hauer. Reich manager of the neo-pagan \"German Faith Movement\". Under Hauer\'s influence Zapp left the church and joined the SS-SD in 1934. He owed his employment in the SD to his acquaintance with \"Werner Best\", one of the leading ideologues and organisers of the SS-SD. In 1936 he moved to the Berlin SD main office. 1937-8 Zapp acted as an instructor at the SD school in Bernau near Berlin, and was busy with ideological training of SD personnel until the beginning of the war. With the beginning of hostilities against the Soviet Union,Zapp took over command of Einsatzkommando 11a, within Einsatzgruppe D led by the infamous SS Gruppenfuhrer Otto Ohlendorf. Zapp served in Southern Ukraine, Crimea and into the Caucasus. And from June 1941-July 1942 was responsible for the mass murder of many thousands of Ukrainian civililians. After his service in the East he was assigned to the RSHA SD Southeast. 1942-1945 I.d.S ,( Chief Inspector) Dresden Security police (Gestapo). Zapp was tried for Mass Murder in January 1970 an was accused of the murder of 13000 Jews in Russia and was sentenced to life inprisonment. Tunic is a textbook SS pattern, open neck, four button front (all buttons SS marked) two breast pockets with pleats and buttoned flaps, and two lower slash pockets with buttoned flaps. Sleeves have turn back cuffs. Insignia consists of matching sew-in Obersturmbannfuhrer\'s (toxic green)piped shoulderboards. blank right hand collar patch. With left hand collar patch showing four rank pips and one bar. left sleeve displays Officers bullion arm eagle, Officers piped SD diamond, and blank (departmental) cufftitle. Tunic is in fair used condition with some storage staining, and some minor damage to one cuff (see images) and a couple of tiny moth nips. Which really does\'nt detract from the rarity of this tunic..
Stallhelm badge Sold tony £100
Sten gun
STRUWWELHITLER A NAZI STORYBOOK by Robert and Philip Spence, parody satire, published by the Daily Sketch and Sunday Graphic Ltd. To help the War relief fund, which supplied wireless sets games and clothing to our fighting services. And clothing bedding, boots and food to air raid victims.
SUPERIOR QUALITY NSDAP WALL DRAPE. A superb NSDAP wall drape, these drapes were used in Embassies and very important meeting places where the Fuhrer or high ranking officials would hold court. Drape is one sided, and constructed from a high quality flag cloth, with gilt(gold) borders, gilt (gold) circle of oakleaves and a large gilt (gold) central swastika. Size approx 45ins x 40ins. Condition is very good, if somewhat a little grubby (storage).
TENO BRASSARD Unissued brassard for Technishe Nothilfe, this appears to be a late war example, machine woven emblem on a thin rayon /cotton based backing. Brassard measures 40cms long.
TENO LEADERS VISOR CAP (EREL) An absolutely superb example of a high leaders visor cap, belonging to Technische Nothilfe Organisation. Cap is made by the esteemed company of Erel and still retains part of its paper label. Cap is also marked to the Teno organisation. A rare and stunning visor cap...
THE LUSITANIA (GERMAN) MEDAL Nice boxed example in very good condition, not much else to say, images does the talking.
THIRD REICH CUSTOMS AIGUILLETTE A seldom seen example of Aiguillettes worn by Third Reich customs officials. Aiguillettes are in very good condition. Sensibly priced to sell.
THIRD REICH 4 PLACE MEDAL GROUP TO A WW1 VETERAN Beautifully mounted group consisting of 1914 Iron Cross,2nd class Honor Cross of WW1, Faithful service award for 25yrs and 40 years.
THIRD REICH ARMY ADMINISTRATION ARMBAND Grey/green cotton brassard with "Heeres-Verwaltung" (Army administration) embroidered in black Gothic lettering. Brassard in near mint condition.
THIRD REICH CHILDRENS BOARD GAME Childrens board game by Hausser Spiele. Complete in its box two boards and appears to be for two to four players. Overall good used condition.
THIRD REICH CZECH FORCED LABOURER\'S ARMBAND (Tschechen Arbeitseinsatz Armband). Constructed of white cotton, the exterior bearing a black ink inscription of "TSCHECHEN ARBEITSEINSATZ" ("CZECH LABOUR SERVICE")
THIRD REICH DAF BRASSARD. Deutsche Arbeitsfront brassard, red cotton band, bearing white circular patch with applied black cogwheel and swastika, faded stamp to reverse. Brassard is of multi-construction and good used condition.
THIRD REICH DAF BRASSARD. Deutsche Arbeitsfront factory troops (guards) brassard constructed of black cotton, bearing a dyed white inscription of "WERKSCHAR" flanked by DAF logos. Rare band in good used condition.
THIRD REICH DAF COGWHEEL STICKPIN German labour front stickpin with characteristic twist to pin, excellent condition.
THIRD REICH GAME, BY HAUSER. Complete game similar to draughts called "Propeller Frei". Game is in its original box, and is in overall good used condition. Hauser games were very popular in Third Reich Germany.
THIRD REICH HUNTING TARGET Target has a 43 cm circumference and constructed from wood and features two NSDAP flags oakleaves and a poor old Elk. Target has numerous small caliber bullet holes. Quirky piece of Third Reich memorabilia ..
THIRD REICH LUFTWAFFE DAGGER HANGERS hangers for the Officers dress dagger, hangers are in well used condition with a small amount of damage to one hanger (see images). Hangers marked DRGM.
THIRD REICH MINING ASSOCIATION HIGHER OFFICERS PARADE HAT. A very attractive piece with black and white feathers , a cylindrical shape hat with a superb metal cap eagle. Cap is in overall good condition although the sweatband inside has come partially away from the cap. Cap is named to "L Bischoff".
THIRD REICH NSFK STICK PIN Comes complete with characteristic twist to pin and swastika present. Overall in excellent condition.
THIRD REICH NSKK STICKPIN Features an NSKK Eagle coupled with characteristic twist to pin. Superb condition.
THIRD REICH NSKOV STICKPIN Pin to commemorate the seriously wounded and front line fighters during WWI. The National Socialist War Victim's Care: a social welfare organisation est., 1934. Complete with characteristic twist to pin. Excellent condition.
THIRD REICH NURSES DOGTAGS ETC. Interesting group to a volunteer nurse in the German red cross (DRK). Consisting of arm-triangle for "Schaumburg county" unfortunately its de-nazified. Red cross armband (woven motif). Small metal/enamel lapel badge. And Dogtags for volunteer nurse in military district 10 her number 167, of note is the Red cross symbols on her dogtag.
THIRD REICH PATRIOTIC SWASTIKA STICKPIN Complete and in excellent condition.
THIRD REICH PROPAGANDA NSDAP CIGARETTE CARD ALBUM. Germany awakened, fight & victory of the NSDAP. Circa 1933, Deutschland Erwacht: Rare version with full picture of Ernst Rohm and a panoramic picture at the end. Designed by SS Obersturmfuhrer; Felix Albrecht, published by Heinrich of Munich, printed by Wilfred Bade of Berlin. Complete with 225 cards.
THIRD REICH PROTECTORATE OF BOHEMIA & MORAVIA POLICE ARMBAND (Wasserstrassensschuts Armband) Constructed of light green rayon, the obverse bearing a white ink inscription of "WASSERSTRASSENSCHUTZ" ("WATERWAY PROTECTION") above an inscription in Czech., stamped with an inland water administration insignia.
THIRD REICH RED CROSS OFFICERS UNIFORM Very high quality tunic and trousers, that has seen very little wear in fact both items are in near mint condition. Collar patches have been professionally applied, this pattern tunic never had shoulderboards. Interior of tunic and trousers have no issue markings except the size markings 52.. Nice example..
THIRD REICH RLB STICKPIN The Reichsluftschutzbund (National Air Raid Protection League) Excellent condition with characteristic twist to pin.
THIRD REICH SHARPSHOOTERS TARGET Wooden construction with a 63 cm circumference , featuring two NSDAP flags oalleaves and an olive branch and a Grouse. Target has numerous small caliber bullet holes.. QUIRKY !!!
THIRD REICH SUPPORTERS BADGE "Deutschland Erwache" 1933. 23mm badge, RZM and Ges Gesch marked. Nice condition.
THIRD REICH SUPPORTERS BADGE "Adolf Hitler 1933", 23mm badge RZM Ges Gesch marked, badge in nice condition.
THIRD REICH VETERAN\'S LEAGUE STICKPIN Complete and in excellent condition; silver in colour decorated with black iron cross and swastika. (Ges Gesch marked to the back) correct pin (with twist detail in situ) nice piece.
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THREE PLACE MEDAL BAR WW1 VETERAN To a Bavarian veteran, medal bar consists of 1914 Iron Cross 2nd class. Bavarian military merit cross 3rd class with swords, and Honor cross of WW1.
THREE VERY INTERESTING LUFTWAFFE PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS. Over 300 photographs an original \"AFRIKA\" Cufftitle, tropical Luftwaffe breast eagle and tropical Medical personnel sleeve patch. Inside vol 2 is his citation for the \"AFRIKA\" Armelband and two extremely rare Afrika Korps postage stamps. Also included in the albums is a RAD sleeve patch, his military hospital dienstausweis, and his DRGL grundschein and cloth badge (LIFESAVERS PASS ).Overall a nice grouping to one man.
totenkopf collar patch on collar
TROPICAL SS M43 CAP In good sound condition, unfortunately insignia is long removed. Berolina is a well known maker of M43 caps. Still a rare cap to find..
UN-ISSUED MEDICAL CUFF INSIGNIA For the parade tunic, 4 cuff bars in silver bullion wire pebbled buttons on a blue cloth backing (medical). Showing how they are constructed, condition, excellent.
UNFINISHED MEDICAL OFFICERS COLLAR PATCHES un-finished Officers collar patches for the Parade tunic, silver bullion on a dark blue background (medical). collar patches are in superb condition, and a nice example to show how collar patches are constructed.
UNIFORMS ORGANISATION, & HISTORY LEIBSTANDARTE SS ADOLF HITLER VOL 1 By Stan Cook and R James Bender. A superb book on the LSSAH, very informative, full of interesting information. Book is in superb condition, tiny tiny mark on top edge of front cover.
UNIQUE MANICURE SET BELONGING TO LORD HAW HAW\'S WIFE Unique set in a stylized brown leather case. Given as a wedding present to Margaret Joyce on her wedding to William Joyce senior BUF officer and after he moved to Germany nicknamed (Lord Haw haw). Dedication on front of box reads \" Margaret Joyce best wishes on your wedding day, 13th February 1937 with love from Hastings and John. Hastings being Mrs Hastings Bonora and her Husband John, both BUF members, who gave a small cocktail party to celebrate the wedding. The interior of the box has a complete set of manicure tools and a beautiful mirror attached to the interior of the lid. Margaret Joyce did do some radio work for the Nazi\'s but on a far lesser scale to her husband and was not prosecuted after the war. And drunk herself to death in later years.. Box measures 26cm x 19cm x 5cm.
UNIQUE PRIVATE PURCHASED SS PENCIL. 900 marked silver pencil,beautifully engraved in a typical Art Decor style pattern with SS runes over black enamel to the top. Pencil is maker marked on the pocket clip. IMAGES TO FOLLOW.
UNIQUE \"ALPAKA\" DISH/TRAY NAMED TO SS-OBERSTURMBANNFUHRER HELMUT KAMPFE. Located very recently at a small antiques fair in Essex. Dish has a circumference of 28cm and is just under 3 cm deep. The outer edge has a raised oakleaf pattern border, above a intricate filigree pattern border. The dish itself is engraved and dedicated to SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Helmut Kampfe who was a Knights Cross, and German Cross in Gold winner. Kampfe was CO of the 3rd Bn ,4th SS-Pz Gren.Rgt \"Der Fuhrer\" SS-Pz Division \"Das Reich\". On June 9th 1944 Kampfe was kidnapped and murdered by French partisans, which triggered reprisal action against the nearby village of \"Oradour-sur-Glane.. Dish/Tray hasn\'t been cleaned for many years and shows a lot of storage patina, condition seems fine. The maker Johann Wagner & Sohn was a well established Berlin silversmiths and Jewellers.
UNIQUE, EVA BRAUN EVENING BAG. Chance to own a piece of Third Reich history , an evening bag belonging to Eva Braun Adolf Hitler's mistress later his wife. This bag turned up a year or so ago in one of Europe's major auction house's, along with many other items belonging to Eva Braun. These were part of the collection of many suitcases found by an American officer down near Berchtesgaden. Bag is in well used condition with label inside saying "made in France" also on the inside you have the EB, butterfly pattern above what appeared to be "Dior" but has been totally obliterated .(see images). .Comes with guarantee to its originality..
UNISSUED POLITICAL LEADERS BROWN SHIRT Rare example of a political leaders brown shirt, still retaining its paper RZM label. Shirt is a light brown cotton/rayon pullover example with a four button front double cuffs and a detachable collar. Shirt is in a near mint condition.
US M1942 GARRAND BAYONET & SCABBARD The bayonet comes with its original scabbard marked with the flaming bomb proof sign. The bayonet is marked "A.F.H.U.S." and also marked with the flaming bomb proof sign.
US WWI M-1910 CARTRIDGE BELT Made of tan canvas and dated "11 - 18" Complete with its original pistol magazine pouch, dated Oct 18.
US WWII ARMY CARTRIDGE BELT RIG Dated 1918 M-1910 belt with M-1936 suspender set coupled with a 1940 dated first aid kit.
VDA MEMBER\'S ARMBAND Volksbund fur das Deutschtum im Ausland... (The National League for the furthering of Germanism abroad) Constructed of blue cotton, the exterior bearing a white stylised inscription of "V.D.A." for Verein fur Deutschen im Ausland (Association of Germans abroad), flanked on each side by a mobile swastika.
VERY EARLY NSDAP TRUMPET BANNER Very early NSDAP trumpet banner-Coburg Era -circa 1922-28. A multi-piece hand sewn quality banner showing some light wear. Obverse and reverse features seperately hand sewn non-mobile Swastika's. All four brass hangers are intact and showing some wear. size 51cms x 37cms. This banner is from a private military collection Thies LLC. And is a very rare example.
VERY RARE FEMALE PRISONERS BLOUSE. Typical grey and blue striped cotton material,a very shapeless and roughly put together garment.Blouse is a pullover example with a three button frontage. Left breast displays prisoners number and black triangle denoting, \"Anti-social,prisoners, vagrants, and prostitutes. I believe these blouses were worn in the German prison system and also the female Concentration camp system. An item from the Third Reich\'s darkest history.
VICHY POLICE ARMBAND UNDER GERMAN OCCUPATION Service Des Gardes des Voles et des Communicatiuons. Service of Guards of the Highways and Commnication. Made from linen. The centre comes with the machine embroidered emblem with attached buckle.
VICTORIAN LORD LIEUTENANTS UNIFORM & COCKED HAT. A very attractive and rare pattern tunic belonging to Lord Lieutenant. Consisting of Scarlet coatee with beautiful silver bullion collar and cuffs, black trousers with silver embroidered piping. And Cocked hat with plume, which looks stunning. Plume comes with its carrying tin. This is a rare pattern worn after 1889. Please e-mail us if you would like further images.
VICTORIAN OFFICERS DRESS POUCH For the 4th Lancashire Artillery Volunteers, bearing Royal arms flanked by Oakleaf and Laurel sprays in Silver embroidery. 4th padded crimson velvet scroll over silvered metal gun with revolving wheel resting above. "LANCASHIRE VOLUNTEER ARTILLERY".
VICTORIAN OFFICER\'S FULL DRESS SABRETACHE 3rd (King\'s own) Hussars. Crimson Morocco lined scarlet cloth face edged with 1 3/4 inch regimental pattern, gold lace with central crimson silk line: richly embroidered with a large bullion crown, VR cypher and laurel sprays with blue padded silk Garter, with silver White Horse of Hanover on scarlett centre, over tri-part scroll inscribed \"NEC ASPER TERRENT\" with red Morocco pocket bearing three \'D\' rings. Complete with silk lined crimson Morocco foul weather cover.
VICTORIAN POLICE CONSTABLE\'S DECORATED TRUNCHEON Turned 17 inches in length, wooden truncheon, decorated with a 'VR' Cypher coupled with a large Royal Coat of Arms.
VICTORIAN SCOTTISH POLICE CONSTABLE TRUNCHEON Long turned example painted black background, decorated with Crowned 'VR' Cypher and Boar's head representing: Argyllshire constabulary.
VOLKSSTURM ARMBAND used condition, with small repair. Textbook printed example that you don't see around to often..
WAFFEN SS BLACK PANZER M43 CAP Textbook example of the late war produced M43 cap. These caps were of inferior quality and made from one piece of material . With the underside of the peak showing its cardboard construction with plastic instead of metal buttons many of these caps was found in the Dachau clothes bins. This particular example has a factory applied bevo trapezoid. Very nice example. ON HOLD RW.
WAFFEN SS VOLUNTEERS SLEEVE BADGE For Croatian volunteers serving in the Waffen SS . A very nice unissued example..
WAFFEN SS ARMOURED CREW TROUSERS (BLACK) Textbook trousers in good used condition, waistband has integral belt with metal buckles on the waist for adjusting the fit. two front slant pockets ,closing with two buttoned flaps.small little ticket pocket with small circular metal (key) ring directly above. Rear of trousers has a single button flapped rear pocket. with small reinforcement gusset.Legs are cut straight but taper at the bottom with a single button and ties for fastening. some colour fading to parts but overall condition is good.
WAFFEN SS ARMOURED CREW\'S TUNIC A late war issued stug wrapover , To a SS-Mann ,tunic is constructed from rough inferior wool, as was used late war, insignia consists of Red piped Manns shoulderboards with single tress slip-on denoting NCO candidate. Collar patches are the machine embroidered variety factory applied. Arm eagle is a wartime pattern that has also been factory applied during construction of tunic.Interior of tunic is semi lined in grey cotton rayon material, unfortunately any size stamps etc have long gone, overall nice example of a rare pattern tunic. (Belt and Buckle not included , for display purposes only). CONSIGNMENT.
WAFFEN SS CLOTH VOLUNTEERS SLEEVE BADGE For Italian volunteers, serving in the SS. Badge is machine embroidered and in unissued condition.
WAFFEN SS DOT PATTERN COMBAT TUNIC Textbook example that has had some field/factory repairs, overall condition of tunic is good with one large repair to left arm ( just below de-nazified arm eagle).There is also what appears to be a field repair to the lower left pocket . Due to the repairs tunic has been priced accordingly , to sell..
WAFFEN SS DOT PATTERN TUNIC AND TROUSERS Textbook HBT suit in good used condition, colours still bright ,no damage to jacket, one small field repair to inside leg of trousers.Both tunic and trousers have the Betr Ra issue stamps. Belt and buckle not included in this sale.
WAFFEN SS ENGRAVED PARADE BAYONET Original example of Army parade bayonet with a beautifully engraved blade , dedicated t a SS soldier\'s service time in the SS. Bayonet is made by the illustrious firm of F.W.Holler of Solingen.. Blade is in superb condition, but outside shows some genuine wear and tear. Scabbard has some paint missing but no damage. Overall nice original piece.
WAFFEN SS GENERAL\'S VISOR CAP Textbook example in very nice used condition. Cap is constructed from a fine worsted material with silver piping to the crown, and above and below the black velvet cap band. Cap also displays a silver bullion cap cord and what appears to be matching insignia. Interior still retains its celluoid diamond in the crown, and is lined in green artificial silk, with a light brown leather sweatband. Overall this is a very nice example of a Waffen SS Generals visor cap. Approx size 57/58.
WAFFEN SS IST PATTERN CAMOUFLAGE SMOCK M38/40 plane tree pattern camouflage smock,constructed of a waterproof cotton duck fabric. The exterior is dyed in a classic platanenmuster summer pattern. The interior features an analogeous pattern for autumn conditions. Vertical slit to the front which retains a period drawstring, elasticated cuffs, and elasticated waist.
WAFFEN SS O/R\'S ALUMINIUM BUCKLE A very well worn example, or a de-nazified example, possibly a bit of both. Buckle is maker marked 822/38. Ideal entry level piece, and very inexpensive for an original SS buckle.
WAFFEN SS OAKLEAF PATTERN SMOCK A near mint example of the German oakleaf pattern reversible smock known as the pink or red version. The smock is well made showing period professional stitching. Reversible pockets are constructed from HBT this smock is a textbook example of the second pattern smock. The origin of these smocks is unclear, a small batch turned up in the early eighties, all the outer smocks has rodent damage and some were rotted but the inner smocks were fine. Some theorise they were constructed in the Czech republic under SS contract. But whatever the story is these smocks were far to good, pattern and construction wise to be post war copies. Belt and buckle for display purposes only.
WAFFEN SS OAKLEAF PATTERN ZELTBAHN In very nice condition.One tiny repair, zeltbahn still retains all its metal buttons and rope ties, colours are still very vivid.Overall a very nice example of these very desirable Waffen SS Camouflage shelter quarters. This is the nicest SS Zeltbahn we\'ve seen for a very long time, so please note the price, unfortunately on this item we will not take offers, these zeltbahns are getting almost impossible to find. We located a swatch of original material, which will come with the zeltbahn.
WAFFEN SS OBERFUHRER COLLAR PATCHES Tunic removed but still in very good condition, one patch still retains its RZM label. This rank is quite unique as its the first rank (senior colonel) that was worn with a Waffen SS Generals cap and silver grey lapels on the greatcoat.
WAFFEN SS OFFICERS EINHEITSMUTZE A very nice example of a Officers M43 cap made from Confiscated Italian material, with a worsted finish to the exterior and the rough inner side. Interior of cap has the typical half leather sweatband with a silk/Rayon lining. Insignia concists of a silver bullion embroidered cap eagle to the side of the cap , and what appears to be a slightly damaged Skull cut out of a Totenkopf collar patch to the front of the cap. Overall a nice example of a officers M43 cap. Interior is rb numbered and size stamped 55.
waffen ss officers litekwa tunic
WAFFEN SS OFFICERS SERVICE TUNIC To a SS-Untersturmfuhrer serving in a artillery company. Insignia consists of sew-in Officers shoulderboards, piped in red (artillery) Officers quality collar patches (machine applied). left sleeve has a hand embroidered silver bullion sleeve eagle, which has been hand applied, lower left sleeve had a cufftitle which unfortunately has gone missing over the years, but you can see outline of where it was. Interior is fully lined in grey HBT material which was typical to the Waffen SS. CONSIGNMENT
WAFFEN SS OFFICERS SHOULDERBOARD Single sew-in board for a SS-Sturmbannfuhrer (major) serving in a Transport/supply company. Board in good used condition.
WAFFEN SS OFFICERS SHOULDERBOARD Single shoulderboard to a SS-Sturmbannfuhrer der Veteriartruppen (Veterinarian Major). Board in good used condition.
Waffen SS OFFICERS TUNIC (Germania)
WAFFEN SS OFFICERS VISOR CAP Colour piped light brown (Concentration camp) personnel . Cap is in used condition, and unfortunately missing its metal insignia. Interior is badly stained and the celluoid diamond is missing, but there is no apparent damage to the interior. Again the exterior is very grubby but shows no damage, and still retains its Officers chincords. Cap still shows its great shape, and although not the cleanest cap to own probably one of the rarest..
WAFFEN SS SINGLE DECAL M40 COMBAT HELMET nice combat example displaying majority of its runic decal. This is a Quist helmet and stamped Q64.helmet comes complete with its original liner and chinstrap.. Paintwork has some damage and is showing some of its undercoat where the paint as lifted, but it does\'nt detract from the helmet, (its a combat helmet) you\'d expect to see some damage.
WAFFEN SS SINGLE DECAL M42 HELMET Rough combat finished paintwork with period applied ET style decal, helmet is in overall good condition with what appears to be its original liner and chinstrap. Decal is basically 85% complete. Overall a nice example of an SS combat helmet. ON HOLD JP.
WAFFEN SS SLEEVE CHEVRON. Armelwinkel for Sturmann serving in the Waffen SS, chevron in good used condition.
WAFFEN SS SLEEVE CHEVRON. Rank chevron for the tropical uniform, rank of "SS-Sturmann. Chevron is in unissued condition.
WAFFEN SS SLEEVE CHEVRON. Tropical sleeve chevron for a SS-Rottenfuhrer. Chevron is in unissued condition.
WAFFEN SS SLEEVE DIAMOND For former members of the HJ serving in the Waffen SS. Black wool diamond with machine embroidered HJ emblem in silver grey thread. Diamond in good condition.
WAFFEN SS SMOCK (DAMAGED) Here's a chance to get a very inexpensive smock. Unfortunately smock has had a large part of its rear skirt removed. From the front on a mannequin it looks very good. Could possibly be roughly restored if one had an old SS zeltbahn.
WAFFEN SS TROPICAL ARM EAGLE. In un-issued condition, textbook machine woven pattern still retaining it RZM issue label.
WAFFEN SS WEHRPASS issued to SS-Sturmmann Bernhard Kranzmaier, who served in SS-Totenkopf-Wachbataillion Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Between 15/07/44-28/11/44. Very few entries as one would expect this late in the war. Wehrpass is in very good condition .
WAFFEN SS WEHRPASS Wehrpass for SS Sturmann Gotthard Bachmeier who was attached to SS-Totenkopf-Wachbatallion Sachsenhausen. Bachmeier appears to have served in the wachbatallion from August 1944. Wehrpass is in good order, showing no damage.
WAFFEN SS ZELTBAHN Oakleaf pattern zeltbahn in well used condition, colours still pretty good , but has has some field repairs, and several tears to the edges. Certainly original and zeltbahn's are getting very hard to find nowadays.
WANDSWORTH SCOTTISH WW1 GLENGARRY BADGE Die-stamped white metal example. Superimposed on a saltire, a thistle surmounted by a scroll "Wandsworth Scottish". Another below "Ni Mi So A Dhiom" Original stout pin to reverse.
WAR MERIT CROSS WITH SWORDS In its original packet. Unissued condition.
WAR MERIT CROSS. In its original packet, complete with ribbon. unissued condition.
WARTHELAND DAY OF FREEDOM 1940 POSTCARD In unissued condition.
WARTIME GERMAN CAMERA A Voigtlander "Bessa" camera complete with its leather case and its original instruction manual (German text). Camera is in near mint condition, showing minimal wear. These camera's were popular during the Third Reich period, with both civilians and military troops. This particular model still has the camera shop sticker attached..."Photohaus Bach & Rabe Halle, Adolf Hitler ring Handelstr Deitschestr 94.
WATER POLICE BRASSARD A yellow machine embroidered eagle on a blue brassard, "Wasserschutzpolizei Bremerhaven". Brassard is in overall good condition.
WEHRMACHT ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIAL NORWAY BADGE. Nice quality two piece construction, with black white and red enamel background with a separate national eagle riveted in place. serial number 358. Badge is complete with its pin. This was an official badge for Wehrmacht officials in the OKW. And allowed entrance to secure command posts and high-level meetings. Rare badge..
WEHRMACHT ARTILLERY NCO\'S VISOR CAP Textbook example of any early issue visor cap, red piped for Artillery troops. with white metal Eagle and cockade. Cap has the standard issue orange lining and still retains its celluoid diamond and the owners name and company. Cap has a very tiny bit of moth which is mainly covered by the chinstrap. Overall nice early war visor cap.
WEHRMACHT CANTEEN PURCHASED PHOTO ALBUM large size 13ins x 9ins album displaying a superb embossed eagl and swastika to the front and a German helmet and national colours to top left edge. Cover displays a small amount of wear/damage. Insidethe album there are 150 photographs depicting the owners service in the pre-war wehrmacht, some images of military dogs and their handlers.
WEHRMACHT CAVALRY MANS UNIFORM Consisting of his M36 pattern combat tunic, a M40 single decal helmet,leather belt and buckle, ammo pouches, Y straps, zeltbahn with straps. Mess tin water bottle and breadbag, rigid entrenching tool and bayonet in a mounted troops frog.Also gas mask container complete with gas mask and straps. If you have an interest please feel free to ask for further images.
WEHRMACHT CIVILIAN EMPLOYEE\'S ARMBAND Constructed of golden yellow cotton twill. The exterior has a machine woven black Wehrmacht eagle clutching a wreathed mobile swastika. Brassard is in un-issued condition ,with some minor storage staining.
WEHRMACHT COMBAT Y STRAPS. In good used condition, leather is still supple, ideal to finish off a combat mannequin, nice genuine piece, unmarked probably late war period.
WEHRMACHT DAGGER KNOT Completely unissued and in its original packet from the factory. Packet marked "Dolchportepee auf aluminiungefpinst" . and "Heer Kleiderasse Berlin".
WEHRMACHT FELDGENDARMERIE NCO\'S VISOR CAP Textbook example in good used condition, no damage, nice shape, rarely seen cap. Wehrmacht Feldgendarmerie was better known to the troops as (Chain dogs) and instilled fear among troops and civilians alike. Feldgendarmerie worked closely alongside the Einsatzgruppen, in the Eastern territories. Cap is a standard army pattern cap, with 0range waffenfarbe and a brown instead of Green cap band,cap has textbook orange oilcloth lining. Cap has two Tiny moth nips one on the waffenfarbe and one on the side of the cap. Overall this is a very nice cap in above average condition..Approx size 57-58 (RARE)
WEHRMACHT GENERALS M43 SERVICE CAP A rare example of a Generals cap constructed from a very fine quality wool, lined in a grey/green artificial silk. Crown of cap has a gold bullion piping insignia consists of a army trapezoid which has correctly applied.And the standard two (gold/gilt) buttons. The cap interior is devoid of any markings, and there is no leather sweatband , which means this cap was most probably privately tailored.. A very scarce cap ....
WEHRMACHT GILT METAL CAP INSIGNIA. Nice set of General Officers metal cap insignia. Some of the highlights on eagle and the wreath have rubbed slightly otherwise insignia is in very good condition.
WEHRMACHT M35 D/D CAMOUFLAGE HELMET In good used condition, three colour camo, and what appears to be the original liner and chinstrap,although chinstrap somewhat stretched,obviously helmet has been hanging by the chinstrap for some period. Helmet still retains both decals, although both show some wear..Eagle decal showing around 75% and National shield around 70%.. Helmet manufactured by quist and stamped Q62.. Overall a nice example, priced to sell.
WEHRMACHT M40 TAN CAMO COMBAT HELMET Originally a double decal,which had been camo painted all over, unfortunately over the years someone has gone to the trouble of trying to expose both decals, but in the process has more or less destroyed them.But helmet still retains most of its camo paintwork..
WEHRMACHT M42 CAMOUFLAGE HELMET Heavily coated two colour camouflage paintwork,very similar to several helmets shown in "Ian M Meland's" book "German Helmets 1916-1945". Helmet still retains a used but un-damaged liner. Shell is maker marked ET62 unfortunately chin strap is missing. Overall a nice example.
WEHRMACHT MAJORS SHOULDERBOARDS On a dark blue backing (Medical section). Boards are in good condition, probably unissued. Sew-in variety.
WEHRMACHT MARCHING BAND Lineol WW2 70mm figures, 8 figures including Music director, bass drum,side drum, cymbals flute and three brass horns. Plus Officer with sword.
WEHRMACHT MARKSMENS LANYARD 2nd Pattern Grade six marksman's lanyard , (single acorn). Lanyard is in very good condition.
WEHRMACHT OFFICERS BOOTS AND BOOT SLAVE A very nice pair of Officers jackboots,which came from the family complete with HJ breadbag containing metal hooks for pulling boots on, and the most unusual boot slave (for removing boots). This appears to be a travelling example which folds away, slave is maker marked and has DRGM stamping. Very nice grouping.
WEHRMACHT OFFICERS DAGGER Good entry level example, white grip in good condition, all fittings in good overall condition, some traces of green paint in places, dagger would really benefit from a good clean. Blade is a little dull, maker marked \"Alcosa\" Solingen. Priced to sell.
WEHRMACHT OFFICERS LIGHTWEIGHT TUNIC A very \"salty\" example of a medical leutnant\'s service tunic, constructed from a lightweight cotton/rayon material. Tunic has faded to a lighter shade and has some damage especially to lower left arm (see images).But overall an attractive textbook example of a Wehrmacht officers tunic, dark green collar, 5 button front, 4 patch pleated pockets with flaps, and french cuffs. \"belt and buckle not included, for display only\".
WEHRMACHT OFFICERS SHOULDERBOARDS Slip-on shoulderboards to a Major serving in the 9th Artillerie-Regiment, boards are in good used condition.
WEHRMACHT PANZER BREAST EAGLE An un-issued example in mint condition, machine woven, and worn on the black panzer wrapover tunic.
WEHRMACHT PANZER OFFICERS VISOR CAP Textbook example in good used condition, no damage and a lovely jaunty shape, cap insignia is aluminium with silver bullion chincords. Interior of cap shows good honest wear and tare, and still retains its somewhat damaged celluoid trapezoid (see images). Overall a nice example of a panzer officers visor cap. approx size 59.
WEHRMACHT PANZER TROUSERS. A textbook pair of black panzer trousers in mint unissued condition. Trousers are constructed from coarse black wool, with size stamped to inside lining, integral black hbt belt with black metal three prong buckle, small fob pocket with small circular metal key ring. Front slash pockets with single button flaps. Rear of trousers has two horizontal pockets with single button flaps. Legs are tapered with closure button and black ties. These would be a very hard pair of Pz trousers to better. Ideal to complete a mannequin .
wehrmacht pz side cap
WEHRMACHT RUSSIAN FRONT FUR CAP Textbook example of the fur cap worn in the Russian campaigns. Cap is in superb condition and still retains its metal cap eagle to the front. Interior is RB numbered size stamped and dated 1944.
WEHRMACHT TROPICAL CAP EAGLE Unissued cap eagle blue thread on a tan background, as worn by the Deutsche Afrika Korps. mint condition and getting rare to find.
WEHRMACHT WAFFENROCK FOR NCO CANDIDATE \"TRANSPORT\" Textbook example of an issue Waffenrock, 1937 dated, tunic is piped in blue/grey waffenfarbe indicating \"Transport\". with dark green collar and cuffs. Shoulderboards have chain stitched \"9\"s, All insignia appears to be period/factory applied. and has tress loops on shoulderboards indicating this Gefreiter was a NCO candidate. This tunic was originally purchased from \"History Hunter\" in California USA and comes with a certificate of authenticity from that company (see images).
WEHRMACHT/LUFTWAFFE BOOT KNIFE In exceptionally good condition
WEHRMACHT/SS GREY TRICOT SHIRT Textbook example in good used condition, no damage. This color/pattern shirt was much favoured by Panzer troops. Scarce..
WEHRMACHT/SS OFFICERS MAP CASE. Black leather case, still very flexible, in good used condition. Maker and issue marked. These cases don't often turn up these day's, becoming quite scarce.
white krei gsmarine visor cap
WHITE LINEN HJ CAP. Issue linen cap, possibly worn for the olympics or when on a cultural visit to warmer climates. Cap is styled on the M43 pattern, has factory applied HJ diamond, interior is unlined with small grey leather sweatband. Has RZM manufactures label. Cap is in good condition with no damage.
white luftwaffe generals tunic
white luftwaffe generals visor cap
WILLRICH POSTCARD OF A PANZER TANK DRIVER mint unissued card from set produced by \"Wilhelm Willrich\", this card depicting a tank driver.
WOLF-HEINRICH GRAF VON HELLDORFF PORTRAIT Unique grouping from the Hoffman studio,(personal photographer to Adolf Hitler), consisting of glass plate negative with smaller negative and portrait photograph measuring 18cm x 14cm. Graf von Helldorff served as a member of the Reichstag from 1933, and Chief of Ordnungspolizei in Berlin. He was also associated with the anti-nazi resistance,and participated in the 20th July bomb plot. And was hanged in Plotzenee prison 15th August 1944 for hi role in the Bomb plot.
WW1 BRITISH TRENCH PERISCOPE. Periscope is maker marked to R&J Beck Ltd. With a brass body with green paint finish applied. Complete with its original handle. Maker markings and dated (1916). Optics remain quite clear.
WW1 BULGARIAN ARMY VISOR CAP. Visor cap for an NCO serving in the Bulgarian army. Cap is constructed in olive coloured wool with red piping, displaying its original Bulgarian cockade. Visor appears t be a hard compressed cardboard. Lined in cotton with leather sweatband. Small size.
WW1 IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS With its ribbon, and in its case of issue. Both medal and case are in very nice condition.
WW1 RAMC STRETCHER BEARER\'S ARMBAND Constructed in thick white cotton, the initials \"SB\" (Stretcher Bearer) displayed in red felt to the centre of the band, two brass snap cap fasteners.
WW2 U.S.A. SOLDIERS GERMAN LANGUAGE BOOK TM 30-306 Introductory Series; Language guide handed out to American Troops.
WW2 USN TYPE TB-8 FLASHLIGHT Un-issued and housed in its original box, 7" in length, type issued to Marines.
WW2 BRITISH NATIONAL SERVICE OFFICERS HELMET Original NFS decal to front of helmet with a painted red band and district decal number 1 for "Gosforth". Complete withits original maker marked liner and webbing chinstrap.
WW2 JAPANESE BAYONET AND FROG 15.75 blade,20 ins overall length with wooden handle,straight guard.With makers mark on the ricasso. The end of the pommel bears the serial number 66905.Bayonet comes complete with its metal scabbard and its brown leather frog. Overall item is in good used condition.
WW2 JAPANESE PAINTED HELMET A very quirky Japanese helmet from the pacific campaign, painted with \"Popeye punching a Jap soldier on the chin. Helmet is in very good condition and still retains its original liner and chincords. Nice piece of WW2 history.
WW2 SILK JAPANESE FLAG Made of two sided printed silk construction and is approx 25"x 36". It retains its original ties along the hoist edge, and is in very good used condition, with some tiny storage stains.
WW2 US ARMY COMPLETE ENLISTED RIFLEMAN\'S FIELD EQUIPTMENT M1936 straps that are maker marked.M1 rifle Garand ammunition belt also maker marked and dated 1943. US canteen and cover, first aid kit in pouch, this is an excellent matching set, hard to better.
WW2 US ARMY M-1928 BACKPACK Olive canvas material, marked; "US" on the flap, dated 43. Complete with all straps, harness and buckles. No damage, free from holes and tears.
WWI BRITISH AMMUNITION POUCH Brown leather; still supple, with brass stud fastener, ammo pouch in very good condition.
WWI DEATH PLAQUE To commemorate and in Honour of Joseph William Pope. Worthy of further research.
WWI DEATH PLAQUE To commemorate and in Honour of George Linney. Worthy of further research.
WWI FIGHTING KNIFE Possibly British but could be French , brown leather sheaf, wooden handle with brass cross guard, seven inch blade. Overall length 11 inches. Knife in good used condition.
WWII BRITISH HELMET COVER Un-used condition khaki net helmet cover.
WWII GERMAN POLICE MEDAL RIBBON BAR With Gilt Police Eagle Emblem; hand stitched felt or baise rear. Issued for long/faithfull service also, Police 25 year long service. Good condition.
WWII LINEOL PERSONALITY FIGURE ADOLF HITLER Circa., 1930's 7cm series. Walking in Party Uniform with move-able arms.
WWII LINEOL PERSONALITY FIGURE HERMAN GORING Circ., 1930's 7cm series. Herman Goring standng in Luftwaffe Uniform and Overcoat.
WWII BRITISH GAS MASK General Service Respirator MK V Complete with Haversack, Anti Dimming Kit, pack of three Anti Eye shields and original Anti Gas Ointment Tin. Very good condition.
WWII BRITISH ARMY MARK 1 BOXED COMPASS Bakelite Magnetic, Marching compass with instruction leaftlet and box & receipt dated 29/10/41 .
WWII BRITISH ARMY THERMAL UNDERWEAR Dated 1943, Thermal knee length underwear size 4, waist 42" maker N Corah & Sons Ltd.
WWII BRITISH ENTRENCHING TOOL WWII 1937 Pattern Entrenching tool complete with webbing cover: Tool with wooden handle applied in red paint number '7' is in good used condition, together with cover which, is marked E.L Well dated 1944 to the interior.
WWII LINEOL PERSONALITY FIGURE BENITO MUSSOLINI Circa., 1930's 7cm series. Standing in Uniform with movable arm.
WWII LINEOL PERSONALITY FIGURE VON HINDENBURG Circa., 1930's 7 cm series. Standing in Uniform, leaning on a sword.
WWII WINSTON CHURCHILL MATCHBOX COVER Featuring The Prime Minister Mr. Winston Churchill.