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10 x AK47 7.62mm Rounds (Inert) A group of 10 x AK47 assault rifle rounds. The rounds are inert 7.62 x 39mm steel cased. Good collectors group. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
1934 German Worker Day Tinnie Pin Badge A German 1934 Tag Der Arbeit (Workers Day) pin badge. Introduced in 1933, the NSDAP declared May 1st the ‘Day of National Work’ as an official state holiday to celebrate labourers and the working classes. The labour day event ran from 1933 up until the outbreak of war in 1939. The badge has a pin fastening to the rear. 3.5cm diameter.
1953 Royal Canadian Army Cadets Battle Blouse A vintage 1953 dated RCAC (Royal Canadian Army Cadets) battle dress jacket. The jacket was from a cadet of the ‘British Columbia Regiment Canada’ as indicated with the two cloth shoulder badges. Each of the sleeves has the red cloth maple leaf RCAC badge. The jacket is made by ‘Bonds Clothes Shops’ and is labelled ‘Blouse, Battledress RCAC’ and is a size 25 dated 1953. The jacket is in very good condition.
19th Century Campaign Shaving Pot With Mirror A very nice British 19th century round sycamore shaving pot with an inset circular mirror inside the lid. The container has a decorated top and would have housed a small ceramic dish. These were popular with officers during campaigns. Circa 1860. Very nice patina. The pot stands at 5 cm tall with an 11.5 cm diameter.
20mm M51A2 Dummy Round (Inert) An inert 20mm M15A2 dummy round as used by the Cobra gunship. The round has a black painted jacket and a blue projectile head. Overall length is 17cm. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Belt of 50 5.56mm Bullets (Inert) A good belt of 50 linked 5.56mm inert rounds. As used in the Minimi / SAW. The belt measures 61cm long by 6cm tall and weighs 500 grams. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
British 2” Mortar Illumination Round (Inert) A vintage British 2” Illumination mortar round (inert). The round is dated for 1979 and measures 24cm long by 5cm wide. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
British 30mm ADEN Cannon Round A British 30 x 110mm ADEN cannon round. The round is an unfired practice round with a blue band around the projectile. The extractor groove is stamped ‘30mm RG 84’, which identifies the round to have been made at the Royal Ordnance Factory at Radway Green in 1984. The Royal Small Arms Factory ADEN is a 30 mm revolver cannon used on many military aircraft, particularly those of the British Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm. Examples of aircraft fitted with the armament are the Hawker Hunter and the Sea Harrier. Overall length is 20 cm and weighing 650 grams. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
ChineseType 2 AKM Bayonet A Chinese bayonet for use with the semi automatic 7.62 mm AKM assault rifle. Essentially these were a copy of the Russian 6X4 (AKM Type 2) bayonet, except that the sawback and wire cutter features have been removed. This example has a black plastic grip and scabbard body. This example also has the chromed steel belt hanger provided on the earlier models. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Cold War British Radiation Dose Rate Meter Trainer No 1 A vintage British Cold War radiation dosimeter. The meter is made by Epsylon and was in service with the military and Civil Defence from the 1950’s up until the early 1980’s. The dosimeter is broad arrow marked along with: Meter Dose Rate Portable Trainer No1 6665-110010 Serial No. 3713 This device is almost identical to the standard meter (Meter Survey Radiac No 2) but was intended for training purposes.It is around 10,000 times more sensitive than the standard unit to allow it to detect tiny gamma radioactive sources on training exercises for the armed forces, emergency services and civil defence staff. The meter requires 4 x 30V batteries to operate. The meter comes complete with its original webbing carry case with shoulder strap. The case is broad arrow marked and dated for 1967. Uncased the meter measures 28 cm long by 11 cm wide and 18 cm tall. Very interesting piece of Cold War history.
Devonshire Regiment 1930 Silver Hallmarked Company Cricket Medal A fantastic solid silver Devonshire regiment ‘company cricket winners’ medal, dated 1930. The hallmarks are for London 1929 by Pinchers of London. The medal bears the Devonshire regiments badge on the front and the inscription ‘winners company cricket 1930’ on the rear. The medal shows its age with scuffs, nicks and general age. The diameter is 32mm and weighs 16.82 grams. A fantastic piece of history
East German AK47 Bayonet A good example of an early East German AK47 bayonet. Unlike the Russian AK47 bayonet, the East German version has no drainage hole in the scabbard. The cross guard is marked ‘H5210’. Blade length 20 cm and overall length 31 cm. Good complete example. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
French M45 ‘Jeanne d\' Arc’ Helmet A French M45 helmet. The M45 helmet was the last of the Adrian type helmets used by the French military. Designed in 1945 and issued a year later in 1946 until 1951. The helmet had a limited production span and an estimated 30,000 were made. About two thirds of the run went to the Air Force and were painted dark blue with black front bumper, and a third to the army, which were finished in khaki-brown with a brown bumper. The M45 came in two sizes marked: P (Petit) or 1 for small and G (Grand) or 2 for large. This example is dark blue indicating Air Force designation and is complete with original liner and chin strap. Size ‘P’. The helmet is dated for 1950 and manufactured by ‘Franck’. A very nice complete collectors piece.
German 1936 NSDAP ‘Freiheit Und Brot’ Campaign Badge A 1936 German NSDAP political campaign badge. The pressed metal badge is stamped: ’29 Marz 1936, Freiheit Und Brot’ (Freedom and Bread), which was the slogan the Nazi Party had used during its rise to power. The badge is secured by a pin to the rear. 28 mm diameter.
Hellfire Corner Wood Sign An interesting hand painted wooden sign with the words ‘Hellfire Corner’ in grey on a black background. The wooden sign has some age with signs of old woodworm and some dilapidation present. There are 4 rusty nail holes, one in each corner, indicating that it was once fixed somewhere. The name Hellfire Corner has been used in several conflicts from the First World War in the Ypres salient to WW2 in Dover, Kent. Determining the age of the sign is impossible. So it is being sold as a ‘curio’ item. The sign measures 49 cm long by 21.5 cm tall and 2.5 cm thick. A very interesting display piece.
Hungarian Cold War 76M Gas Mask Size 2 This is an issued 76M Hungarian civil defense gas mask from the 1970's. Designed for civilians and civil defense members to work in chemical and nuclear contaminated areas, this mask can be considered as a typical Cold War-era radioactive fallout gas mask. Made from green tent canvas with rubber and has a sheep-velour face sealing. The straps are made from elasticated canvas. The mask comes with a 70M filter.
M1 Garand Clip 8 x .30-06 An M1 Garand clip of 8 x .30-06 deactivated rounds as used in the U.S M1 Garand rifle. Great display or re-enactors item. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Mosin Nagant Leather Ammo Pouch 1962 A very good condition Mosin–Nagant 7.62mm leather ammo pouch. The pouch is in full working condition and has seen very little use. The inside of the pouch is marked ‘OTK8 62’ dating it to 1962.
Original Large WW2 Framed Photograph With Signed Letter US Navy Rear Admiral Cochrane & Vice Admiral Dorling Royal Navy A very nice large WW2 framed black and white photograph with attached signed letter from E. L. Cochrane, Rear Admiral US Navy. The large original black and white photograph shows an embarkation port in Tunisia from which the attack on Sicily started. The photograph is an aerial shot showing the capacity of the LST (Landing Ship, Tank). The photograph has a border with a simple black wooden frame. On the reverse of the framed photograph is a signed letter from E. L. Cochrane, Rear Admiral US Navy. The letter is to Vice Admiral J. W. S. Dorling, Royal Navy and is dated 29 November 1943. Please see pictures for the letters content, it appears to be a gift between the 2 allied Naval commanders. The picture measures 64.5 cm wide by 54.5 cm tall. A very unusual and interesting piece.
Polish RG-42 Grenade A vintage Polish RG-42 Training hand grenade. The RG-42 is a Russian design first introduced in 1942 as an emergency measure to replace the over complicated RGD-33. Unlike the RGD-33, the RG-42's components were simple to produce and assemble. Only the fuse required specialized manufacture and the parts could be easily assembled by hand by cottage labour. The grenade contained about 200 grams of explosive charge (TNT) in a cylindrical stamped-metal can. It used the 3.2 to 4 second UZRGM fuse, The grenade has a white band around the body indicating its a training example. The top of the grenades body is stamped ‘TRENINGOWY’ which translates to ‘Training’ in Polish. The detachable UZRGM fuse is stamped ‘CWICZ’ which translates to ‘exercise’ in Polish. Good collectors piece. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Pre War Nazi German DDAC Stickpin A pre war German DDAC stickpin. The enamel pin is in good condition and the reverse is patent marked ‘Ges Gech’ along with a makers mark. The DDAC ‘Der Deutsche Automobil-Club’ (The German Automobile Club), was created in September 1933 by NSKK Korpsführer Adolf Hühnlein, an organization similar to the American Automobile Association. 6.2 cm tall.
Pre War NSDAP Hitler Election Pin Badge An original NSDAP election slogan lapel pin badge. The pressed metal badge reads: Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer The badge is secured by a single pin. Small rust spots and in good condition. 28 mm diameter.
Pre WW2 Hitler Youth ‘Metallarbeiter‘ Magazines x 10 A very interesting group of 10 pre WW2 Hitler Youth Metallarbeiter (Metal Worker) magazines. The magazines are all dated from 1934 and 1935. The black and white publications were printed in Berlin and are full of photos and propaganda of the time, all aimed at the Hitler Youth. The group consists of editions: 21 July 1934 18 August 1934 24 November 1934 1 June 1935 8 June 1935 15 June 1935 29 June 1935 20 July 1935 3 August 1935 14 September 1935 All magazines are individually sleeved and are in good condition with age related browning to the paper. Each magazine measures 24 cm tall by 16.5 cm wide. Very nice glimpse into prewar German youth.
Pre WW2 Nazi Propaganda Magazine A pre war nazi propaganda magazine. The magazine is titled ‘Volksgemeinichaft, Wehrgemeinichaft’ which translates into ‘National Community, Military Community’. The magazine has colour front and rear covers with the contents in black and white. The publication is 48 pages in length with military ranks explained along with a multitude of propaganda National Socialist photos. The magazine is in good condition with staples present and only light wear to the spine. 20.5 cm wide by 29 cm tall. A good surviving example.
Rasse Und Seele 1937 Edition An original Third Reich 1937 edition of ‘Rasse und Seele’ (Race and Soul). The book was in print from 1933 until the end of the war and is considered one of the most important publications of its time on Nazi Germany race studies. Written by German Eugenicist Dr. Ludwig Ferdinand Clauß, the book was part of the German education system. The 191 page hardback book contains a multitude of black and white photos. The book measures 17.5 cm wide and 24 cm tall.
Royal Warwickshire Regiment Swagger Stick A Royal Warwickshire Regiment swagger stick. The stick is rattan cane with a nickel plated ball finial with the Warwickshire Regiment badge with a kings crown. The ball finial is dented in a few places. The cane is solid and has its original nickel ferrule also. A good piece. The stick measures 70 cm long.
SMLE No1 Mk3 1907 Pattern Bayonet Stand A resin model of a WW1 era Lee Enfield muzzle for the 1907 pattern bayonet. The hand painted resin stand is 18 cm high. Missing front sling mount. Great for displaying your WW1 Enfield bayonet.
Soviet AKM Rifle Grenade (Inert) A vintage Soviet Hungarian rifle fired grenade. The grenade is marked ‘GYAKORLO’ which is Hungarian for ‘practice’, along with ‘1-77-33’. The projectile measures 40 cm long and weighs just over 600 grams. Superb collectors or display piece. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Soviet F1 ‘Limonka’ Hand Grenade (Inert) An inert Soviet F1 fragmentation grenade. The Soviet F1 hand grenade is an anti-personnel fragmentation grenade. It is based on the French F1 grenade and contains a 60-gram explosive charge of TNT. Due to the grenades shape it was nicknamed ‘Limonka’ (lemon) by the soviet soldiers. The F1 was introduced during World War II and subsequently redesigned post-war. It has a steel exterior that is notched to facilitate fragmentation upon detonation. The inert black grenade is complete with screw in fuse assembly with fly off lever and ring pull. Very nice collectors piece. Would also look great on a desk or as a paper weight. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Swiss M57 Bayonet A Swiss SIG Stgw (Sturmgewehr) 57 assault rifle bayonet. These were manufactured from 1957 to 1983 by Wenger, the same people who produce Swiss army knives. The ricasso is serial numbered ‘167629’. Comes with scabbard. Blade length is 24 cm and overall length is 37 cm. A good example. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
US M1 Helmet & Camouflage Cover A good US M1 helmet and camouflage cover. The liner and camo cover are both dated for 1978. The rear seam helmet has a heat number of 849 clearly visible. The chin strap has a popper button fastening. A good complete M1 helmet.
Very Large Vintage Soviet Russian Naval Ensign Flag A very large vintage Russian naval ensign flag. The large cotton flag is panel stitched and shows the Soviet star and Hammer and Sickle with a blue base. The flag appears to be the mid century Soviet ensign design. The flag measures 13 feet wide and 9 feet tall. The hoist of the flag is marked ‘USSR’ and ‘12 BDS’. The huge flag has no holes and is in very good condition for age. Very large and uncommon flag. Stunning display piece. Please email for further photos.
Victorian Metropolitan Police Truncheon A beautifully turned Victorian Metropolitan Police truncheon. The truncheon has 2 stamps showing a Victorian queens crown above the letters ‘MP’ for Metropolitan Police. The owners name ‘T Pittam’ has been scratched onto the main body of the truncheon just above the ring turned grip. The truncheon has a fantastic patina and measures 18” in length.
Victorian Painted Police Truncheon A very nice mid Victorian short police truncheon. The truncheon has lost some of its original paint but the Victorian queens crown is still visible on a black background. The turned oak truncheon measures 26 cm long and has a string wrist loop present. Lovely patina to the wood.
Vietnam Era US Military Pith / Sun Helmet A 1960’s original issue US military Sun Helmet. The khaki helmet is in very good condition with no marks or damage. The adjustable liner and chinstrap are both present. The inside of the helmet is stamped: 22 HELMET SUN DSA 100-4036 8415-161-4788 The helmet was manufactured in the mid 1960’s. A very nice display or usable piece of militaria.
Vintage 1977 British Military Martindale No2 Golok A vintage 1977 dated British military No2 Golok or machete by ‘Martindale of Birmingham’. The Golok was the standard British forces tool for jungle warfare and training. The vintage Golok is marked ‘Martindale, Birmingham, Made In England’ along with its etched crocodile ‘Registered’ logo. The other side of the blade is marked with a broad arrow and the date 1977 with a stores ref: 20 / 9242. The Golok comes with its original sheath which is leather covered. The Golok handle is also leather wrapped and has a good solid lanyard. The leather and stitching is of good quality. The item shows age but still holds a keen edge and is very usable today. Overall length 47 cm and blade length 33 cm. Sheathed weight 740 grams. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Vintage British MOD Military Survival / Utility Knife with Leather Sheath A British MOD Utility or Survival Knife. The vintage knife has a thick bowie style blade double edged with two piece wooden grips secured by three copper rivets. One side of the grips has a military broad arrow stamp. The blade still retains a very good edge. The scabbard is made of tan leather which is secured with a stud loop. The Blade length is just under 7”and the overall length is 12”. The knife weighs in at just over 500g. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
Vintage German Military Kerosene Lantern A post war West German kerosene lamp. The lamp is made of sheet metal and contains a small kerosene lamp which can be removed to fill and light. Once lit the lantern can be used as a regular lantern, blackout lantern, or signal lantern. The lamp can also be used as a route guide lamp by adding the included directional arrow stencils.The glass chimney is missing. The lantern measures 25 cm tall. An interesting piece of Cold War militaria.
Vintage Soviet Army Belt and Buckle A vintage Soviet army belt with buckle. The belt is a late Soviet item made in 1990, just one year before the collapse of the Soviet Union. The belt is constructed of a webbing material with a faux leather coating to the outside. The buckle shows the traditional hammer and sickle inset in a star. The metal buckle is a dull matt green colour. The belt is fully adjustable with its maximum size being 42”. A well made and fully usable late Soviet era belt.
Vintage Soviet Cold War M50 Helmet An original vintage Cold War Soviet helmet. This is a Hungarian version of a Soviet WW2 Ssh40 helmet which is nearly identical to Russian helmets by the rivet placement and use of a cloth pad lining. The helmet has its original cloth pad lining and its original leather chinstrap. A good Soviet Cold War helmet.
Vintage Soviet Military Ushanka Hat With Badge A very nice vintage Soviet army ‘ushanka’ hat. The heavy padded ushanka comes with its original Soviet enamel red star badge. The centre of the badge has the hammer and sickle. The hat is dated to 1990 and is made of a heavy woolen exterior with a cellular padded inside. The outside of the flaps are made with a faux fur. The ushanka hat is designed to be worn with either the flaps tied up, or in extreme cold weather with the ear and neck flaps pulled down. A well made item. The hat is a size 58. A very nice Soviet Cold War era item and a superb display piece.
Vintage Soviet Union Parade Belt and Buckle 1988 A vintage Soviet era white parade belt. The belt is white with a vinyl outer finish and secured with a brass buckle showing the Soviet hammer and sickle in a star. The belt is dated to 1988 and is in very good condition. The belt measures 44” and can be extended by a couple of inches or reduced easily with the adjusters on the inside of the buckle and loop. A nice late Soviet era piece.
Vintage West German Air Force / Luftwaffe Peaked Cap A very tidy vintage west German Air Force / Luftwaffe peaked cap with metal badge. Size 55 and in very good condition.
WW1 British No24 Mk1 Rifle Grenade 1917 (Inert) A WW1 British No 24 Mk1 rifle grenade. The rifle grenade is marked ‘G.I.L No24’ and is date stamped for 1917. Complete with rod, pin and fuse cap. Semi relic. Both the fuse cap and rod unscrew with good clean threads. Overall length 39 cm. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW1 British Officers Whistle 1915 An original WW1 whistle by Hudson & Co, Birmingham. The whistle is dated for 1915 and is still very loud. Very nice patina. 8 cm long. A very good untouched example.
WW1 French Citron Foug Grenade Trench Club A very interesting WW1 trench or raiding club made from a French Citron Foug grenade. This type of raiding club was often used by troops from both sides in trench warfare and carried by members of raiding parties. Mostly improvised, these clubs sported barbs, spikes, weighted grenades and cogs to strike a disabling blow to an enemy. This example has a wooden 3 cm diameter shaft inserted into the body of a French Citron grenade. The wooden shaft measures 23.5 cm long. Overall length is 33 cm. Fantastic patina. A good solid untouched example.
WW1 French Lebel 1886 Bayonet Known affectionately as “Rosalie” to French troops, the M1886 was the French mainstay during WWI and many were still in service at the Fall of France in 1940. The Lebel also saw extensive use worldwide by native troops in the French colonies. The M1886 introduced the distinctive cruciform blade This is an earlier example with its long blade, quillion, and raised round press stud. The quillion is stamped ‘90545’ with a fully working press stud. The 52 cm cruciform blade is in good condition with no nicks or damage. The scabbard is stamped ‘3394’ and is in good order with no dents. A nice example of an early M1886 Lebel bayonet. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW1 German Deer Foot Trench Knife Solingen A WW1 German deer foot trench knife or ‘kampfmesser’. The ricasso still has the ‘Solingen’ mark partially visible Along with some very faint makers marks. The knife still has a very sharp edge with no nicks or chips with light blackening of the blade. The cross guard still has its original felt band. These early Solingen hunting knives were very popular with German and Austrian soldiers during WW1. The leather scabbard is complete with no holes. The blade measures 4.5” long and the overall knife length is 9.25”. A very good example. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW1 German Granatenwerfer Mortar Round (Inert) A WW1 German Granatenwerfer mortar round. The inert mortar round is complete with its original nose fuse and tail fins. These large rounds were fired from the portable "Granatenwerfer 16", which was introduced in 1916. The Granatenwerfer 16 was a German grenade thrower which bridged the gap between hand-thrown grenades and the light mortar. Granatenwerfer translates in English to ‘Grenade Launcher’. The round measures 28 cm long by 11 cm at its widest point. 1.6 kg in weight. A good example. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW1 Lee Enfield Mk4 Oil Bottle A WW1 Lee Enfield Mk4 brass oil bottle. The oil bottle was manufactured by ‘J.J.B.’ for J & J Bent of Birmingham. JJB manufactured Enfield oil bottles for the duration of the war from 1914 to 1918. This is the earlier JJB bottle with a box around the makers name, later in the war a simplified version without the box was produced. The bottle has a good clear broad arrow stamp and is complete with leather washer and spoon.
WW1 Middlesex Regiment Cap Badge A very nice original WW1 Middlesex Regiment cap badge. Great patina. The Middlesex Regiment was one of the principal home counties based regiments with a long tradition. They inherited their nickname, the “Die-hards”, from the 57th Regiment of Foot (West Middlesex), which later became the 1st Battalion, Middlesex Regiment. The 57th gained the name during the Peninsular War when, at the Battle of Albuera on 16 May 1811 their commander Colonel Inglis had his horse shot from under him, severely wounded and outnumbered by the French he called to his men “Die hard, 57th. Die hard!” "Albuhera" was the principal battle honour on the Middlesex Regiment's colours.
WW1 Pattern 1913 Sword Bayonet By Remington A very nice WW1 1913 pattern bayonet made by Remington in the US for the British army. The bayonet was made in April 1917 and is in very good condition with a fully working release catch. The blade is in excellent condition with no chips or nicks. The blade measures 16.75” and the overall length is 21.5”. The ricasso has the broad arrow stamp along with a crown inspector mark with number and the letter ‘A’ for America. The wood grips each have 2 horizontal grooves cut midway in their length and are in very good condition. The leather scabbard is a MK2 and has a tear drop frog stud and stapled finial and throat. The finial and throat piece are both stamped ‘RE’ for Remington. The leather is in very good condition for its age with no holes or loose stitching. A very good example. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW1 Royal Artillery Cap Badge A nice original WW1 Royal Artillery cap badge with slide attachment. The badge shows a kings crown above a wheeled artillery piece. OR’s non rotating wheel. In 1916 an unpierced ‘economy’ version was introduced. The unpopular economy erosion was replaced in 1917 with a wire strengthener to the crown. Good original WW1 badge.
WW1 Signals Brass Sleeve Badge An original WW1 brass Signals proficiency badge. The crossed flag badge was worn on the sleeve of the uniform on completion of signals training. The badge is complete with its back plate and pins. Good original piece. 5 cm tall by 5 cm wide.
WW1 US M1917 Browning Ammo Box A very good WW1 M1917 Browning .30 cal Machine Gun ammo box. The Browning M1917 is a belt fed and water cooled heavy machine gun used by American forces in WW1 and WW2. This WW1 version is a good early example with its original leather carry handle, the later M1917A1 had a webbing carry handle. The 250 round ammo box has two machined slots and slanted front corner for mounting directly to the tripod mount. The press release opening catch works perfectly. The inside still retains the three stenciled bullet diagrams on the floor of the box to remind the packer which way the bullet heads must point when inserting a loaded belt. The box measures 32.5 cm long by 11.5 cm deep and 20.5 cm tall. The box weighs a touch under 2.5 kgs. A very nice early example. PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR FURTHER PICTURES
WW2 1944 / 1945 Map Of Hamburg An original WW2 British map of Hamburg, Germany. The second edition 1:12500 British and Allied map was made in 1944 and then Photolithographed by the War Office in 1945. The map shows current damage to buildings and roads along with strategic targets, main post office, telegraph construction depot, Hermann Goring Barracks etc. The map has been well used with folded edges and corners with small rips and a hole (see picture). The map will be shipped folded. Approximately 108 cm tall by 86 cm wide. Would look superb framed.
WW2 American Shovel / Entrenching Tool in Pouch 1945 A very nice original WW2 US army shovel in pouch. The shovel is date marked ‘US AMES 1945’. The pouch and shovel are in good used condition. A great collectors piece.
WW2 Army Signal School (India) 1940 - 41 Photograph An original WW2 Army Signal School (India) photograph. The large card framed photograph is marked ‘4th British Qualifying Course 1940 - 41’ The black and white photograph shows the attendees of the Signal course outside their training building. The photograph is mounted on its original blue / grey card backing. The card backing has age related marks and slight damage to the upper right corner. This would benefit from being framed. A fantastic snapshot of a wartime training intake in the early war years. The actual photograph measures 28 cm wide by 19.5 cm tall. The photograph on it’s backing measures 45 cm wide by 35 cm tall. PLEASE EMAIL FOR NON UK SHIPPING PRICES
WW2 ‘German Army In Pictures’ British Officers Booklets 1941 A very good pair of original WW2 ‘The German Army In Pictures’ and ‘More Pictures Of The German Army’ booklets. Both are dated January 1941 and November 1941 respectively. The pamphlets are in very good condition with no rips and light rusting of the staples. The purpose of these booklets was to give all ranks an idea of what a German soldier would look like. Illustrations include uniforms (field service dress, armoured fighting troops, parachute troops), motor-cyclists, armoured cars, tanks, small arms, anti-tank and infantry support weapons, artillery. The first book has 33 illustrated pages and the second has 48. A great pair of original WW2 military booklets.
WW2 Brass Ashtray HM Dockyard Simons Town A WW2 solid brass ashtray. The ashtray is cast brass and depicting the H.M. Dockyard at Simon’s Town in South Africa. The ashtray shows the war years 1939 - 1945. These were made briefly after the war to raise money for injured sailors. The ashtray has a diameter of 12cm and weighs a hefty 740 grams. Nice patina. An interesting item.
WW2 British Bakelite Private Purchase Helmet 1941 A WW2 Civil Defence / private purchase bakelite helmet. Complete with liner and chinstrap. Liner is a size 7 1/4 and manufactured by ‘AG & Co’ for A.Garstin & Co Ltd. Dated 1941. Good overall condition.
WW2 British Commando Snowshoes 1943 A fantastic pair of WW2 British military snowshoes. The bentwood, webbing and rope snowshoes are in good condition. The snowshoes were manufactured by ‘Goodearl Bros Ltd’ of Birmingham England. Both shoes have a broad arrow stamp along with ‘W’ on the inside of the wood frames. The webbing securing straps also have a broad arrow and are dated for 1943 along with the maker ‘M Bros’. The shoes are complete and in very good condition. Each shoe measures 46 cm long by 23.5 cm wide.
WW2 British Jerry Can 1943 A WW2 British 1943 dated 20 litre Jerry can. The can is stamped with a broad arrow and ‘WD’ for war department and the year ‘1943’ along with the makers mark ‘F&L’ (Fisher & Ludlow Ltd of Birmingham). The Jerry can has a fully working lid with original its seal. The can is untested for leaks, so sold as a display or re-enactment piece. It has been repainted at some point. The can has some bumps and small dents as to be expected with its age. A good mid war piece. *****For non uk residents please contact for shipping costs*****
WW2 British Officers Map Case Dated 1944 A good original WW2 late war economy British army map case dated 1944. The beige case is manufactured by ‘W&G Ltd’ (Waring & Gillow) and shows a broad arrow stamp. The sides of the case are made of a different colour and thinner webbing material. The press studs have been factory relocated to a third of the way up the celluloid map window, presumably for ease of reading on the move. The bottom right corner of the celluloid screen has a small crack. The map case is complete with its original removeable neck strap.
WW2 Browning M1917 Heavy Machine Gun Booklet An original 1942 dated M1917 Browning Heavy Machine Gun booklet printed in Aldershot, England by Gale & Polden Ltd. The booklet is written with the needs of both students and instructors in mind, and is designed so that it can be referred to directly while the gun is at the reader's side. Illustrated with photographs the booklet has chapters on field stripping, stoppages, tripod mounting etc. Overall very good condition with light browning of the paper and some rust to the staples. The booklet measures 19 cm tall by 12.5 cm wide. A good original example.
WW2 Canadian Bren Gun Magazine A WW2 Canadian Bren gun magazine. The 30 round .303 magazine is marked ‘JI’ for John Inglis of Canada. The magazine is fully working with plenty of spring tension. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 Canadian Leather Jerkin A WW2 Canadian manufactured Leather Jerkin. The leather jerkin was originally introduced in the British army during WW1 and was popular with the troops, its usage continued through out WW2. The Canadian manufactured leather jerkins are made in multi panel construction and are better quality compared to the British leather jerkins. These leather jerkins were worn by the infantry and armoured troops. The jerkin is in good condition with no holes and all original buttons present. The jerkins label is worn but the Canadian broad arrow along with the date 1943 are just visible. Medium size.
WW2 Devon & Cornwall Fortress Royal Engineers Print Plate A very interesting metal print block / plate showing the reverse badge of the Devon & Cornwall Fortress Royal Engineers with a George VI crown. At the turn of the century both Devon and Cornwall had volunteer units of Royal Engineers. Their roles helped to defend the coastal towns of Cornwall and Devon respectively. In the 1920’s both counties volunteer units amalgamated to form the Devonshire and Cornwall (Fortress) Engineers (D&C (F) RE). At the outbreak of WW2 Company HQ was moved to the D&C (F) RE HQ at Mutley Barracks in Plymouth where the units role was a searchlight and AA (anti aircraft) one. In late 1939 the unit was redesignated 482nd (Devon & Cornwall) Searchlight Company, RE. During 1940, all of the RE's AA units were transferred to the Royal Artillery (RA). The following month, the opening of the Battle of Britain saw the start of day and night air raids on Plymouth and the searchlights were frequently in action. A very interesting and short lived unit starting from the late 1920’s until late 1939. The metal plate measures 3.2 cm tall by 3.1 cm wide and 0.7 cm deep. On one side of the die there are stamps of ‘26’ and a lion on its hind legs with a flag. The piece weighs 99.9 grams.
WW2 German 5 cm Mortar Round (Inert) A WW2 German 5 cm mortar round for the Granatwerfer 36. The mortar round still retains much of its original red paint and is dated for 1939. The 8 fin tail round is maker marked ‘33 CDL 39’ and comes with its original bakelite ‘WGR ZT’ fuse dated for 1943. Overall length 22 cm. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 German Druck Zunder 35 Mine Fuse WW2 German Druck Zunder 35 fuse. This fuse was used on a variety of German mines and several improvised mines and demolition charges. Semi relic condition and date stamped for 1944. Great collectors or display piece. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 German Grosse Gewehr Panzergranate 40 A WW2 German Grosse Gewehr Panzergranate 40. The Grosse Gewehr Panzergranate was launched from a standard 98K service rifle by a blank cartridge. The Grosse Gewehr-Panzergranate was an anti-armor weapon like its predecessor the Gewehr-Panzergranate but it was larger, had better penetration, and better range. It’s also known as the Model 40. Introduced in 1942 this weapon could penetrate 70mm of armour due to its shaped charge HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) design. This example is complete with the fuse assembly and the hollow charge cone and completely dissembles. The hollow charge cone is made of thin steel. The pre rifled launching spigot is made of bakelite and is reinforced by a steel ring where it attaches to the grenade. The creep spring fuse assembly is complete and all threads are very good. There is pitting but the grenade is a solid and complete example. Overall length is 18 cm. Superb display piece. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 German Leather Medics (Sanitater) Case A WW2 German Medics (Sanitäter) case. These were worn in pairs and were used to carry dressings, torniquets, scissors etc by combat medics, doctors and litter bearers. The hard leather case is secured by 2 hook and eye tabs and is fastened to a belt with 2 loops at the rear. The lid corner is stamped with the Nazi eagle and maker code ‘WaA101’. The inside of the case lid still retains its paper contents list. The item measures 20 cm wide by 11 cm deep and 12 cm tall.
WW2 German Luftwaffe Large Porcelain Coffee Pot An original WW2 German Luftwaffe porcelain coffee pot. The large white lidded pot is marked on the base with the Luftwaffe eagle and swastika along with the letters ‘F.I. U.V.’ for Flieger Unterkunfts Verpflegung (Pilot Accommodation Catering). The piece is made by ‘Bauscher Weiden’ and dated 1939. The item is in overall very good condition with no chips or cracks. The internal rim where the lid sits is nibbled on one side. Please email me for further photos. The coffee pot stands at 26 cm tall and is 25 cm at its widest part. A large rare surviving piece. #### PLEASE EMAIL FOR SHIPPING COSTS ####
WW2 German MG15 Saddle Drum Magazine 1941 A WW2 German MG15 75 round saddle drum magazine dated 1941. During WW2 the MG15 was used in nearly all Luftwaffe aircraft with a flexible-mount defensive position. The 75 rounds of ammunition was evenly distributed in each side of the magazine. Ammunition was fed by a spring forced spiral double-drum containing 75 rounds total (not 150 as is often mistakenly claimed). This combined with a firing rate of 1000+ rpm means it could empty the magazine in 4.5 seconds. The iconic magazine has matching serial numbers and is in working order. The outer casing has some light pitting, small holes and the black paint has worn off in places. All of the original plate screws and washers are present. The magazine is stamped ‘wa41’ (Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Abteilung Lampenfabrik, Leipzig 1941) and ‘D-T15 Nr 843c20, Fd46300’. A very well built piece of wartime German engineering. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 German Ostfrontmedaille East Front Medal With Envelope A WW2 German Ostfrontmedaille (East Front Medal) complete with original envelope of issue with maker's stamp. The zinc alloy medal is maker marked on the ring ‘3’ for Wilhelm Deumer of Ludenscheld. The Ostfrontmedaille was awarded to soldiers serving on the Russian front from 15th November 1941 to 15th April 1942, although the medal continued to be issued until September 1944. The East Front Medal was often refered to as the"Frozen Meat Medal". Very good original piece.
WW2 German SD-1 Cluster Bomblet (Inert) A WW2 German SD-1 cluster bomb. The SD-1 or Splitterbombe was the world's first tactical cluster bomb. The 1 kg bomblets were loaded into canisters, each canister was packed with a number of individual bomblets. The canisters were shaped like a standard high-explosive bomb and could therefore be carried in quantity by a regular bomber aircraft, or on racks under the wings. Fitted with a timed fuse, the canister would detonate above the ground, spreading its contents over a reasonably wide area and creating more damage than would be possible with a standard higher explosive content single bomb. The bomb is complete with an original alloy AZ73 nose fuse. The fuse is maker marked ‘cma’. Tail fin and tail fin ring are all complete with no bends or damage. Very nice patina. The bomblet stands at 17 cm tall and weighs 600 grams. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 German Winterhilfswerk (WHW) Badge A German Nazi party Winterhilfswerk badge. From 1933 until 1945 the Nazi Party ran a winter charity which held an annual fund drive. Its slogan was: "None shall starve or freeze" Those who contributed received a variety of small items in return, such as this one, which were often part of a collectible series. These in turn encouraged further donations in order to collect the complete series. The plastic badge is marked to the reverse: OBERMÖLLERN, KR. WEISSENFELS GOLDBRAKTEAT UM 600, THÜRINGISCH This badge is from the 1941 appeal. The badge has a 3 cm diameter and is in very good condition with original pin fastening to the rear.
WW2 German Winterhilfswerk (WHW) Badge A German Nazi party Winterhilfswerk badge. From 1933 until 1945 the Nazi Party ran a winter charity which held an annual fund drive. Its slogan was: "None shall starve or freeze" Those who contributed received a variety of small items in return, such as this one, which were often part of a collectible series. These in turn encouraged further donations in order to collect the complete series. The plastic badge is marked to the reverse: KLETHEN KREIS STADE, LANGOBARDISCH UM 500 The badge has a 3 cm diameter and is in very good condition with original pin fastening to the rear.
WW2 Goodall Overboard Survival Suit 1943 An interesting WW2 US Navy / Merchant Navy overboard survival suit. The navy blue one piece suit is made by the ‘Goodall Rubber Company’ of Trenton, N.J., USA. The suit covers the whole body except the face and was designed to be worn over a fully clothed sailor. Model number: 76NC US Coast Guard approved and dated 1943. The suit is in good condition with no holes and is still flexible. A rare surviving example. A superb display piece.
WW2 Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend) Knife An original Hitler Youth knife with nickel plated pommel and cross guard. The ricasso is marked ‘RZM’ and ‘M7 / 5’ for Carl Julius Krebs, Solingen. The bakelite chequered grips are complete and the inset enamel HJ diamond is present and undamaged. The Single edge blade is not damaged and has its original leather hilt washer. The magnetic black metal scabbard is in good condition with internal leather frog. The leather retention strap with press stud fastener is missing. Blade length 5.5”. A very good original display piece. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 Lee Enfield No4 Mk3 Bayonet With Mk2 Scabbard A WW2 Lee Enfield No4 Mk3 bayonet. The No4 Mk3 was the final and crudest of the No4 spike bayonets. The socket is fabricated by welding together seven sheet steel stampings, eliminating the socket forging process altogether. A total 196,200 were produced by Joseph Lucas Ltd of Birmingham. The top of the socket is marked ‘158’ along with a broad arrow stamp. The bayonet comes with a very uncommon Mk2 scabbard manufactured by the Franco-British Electrical Company. The scabbard has a Mk1 mouthpiece dated 1942. The Mk2 scabbard was experimental and had a small 25000 production run. The base of the scabbard is marked ‘S191’. S191 was Franco-British Electrical's dispersal code. An uncommon example. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 Ointment Anti Gas No2 Tin A WW2 tin of Anti-Gas Ointment No 2 in un-used condition and dated August 1940. All 8 of the tubes are present with the original cardboard packaging. These were intended for use on skin contaminated by Mustard Gas. Like most Mustard Gas antidotes of the era, it relies upon a strong alkaline content to neutralize the gas residue. Ointment Anti-Gas No 2 consisted of a mixture of Chloramine-T and vanishing cream. A good complete example.
WW2 RAF Pilots Microphone Throat Low Level No.2 ZA 13935 An early WW2 RAF pilots throat mic. The mic comes in its original box marked ‘Microphone Throat Low Level No.2 ZA 13935’. This was the earlier model that preceded the No.2 Mk2. The throat mic is in good condition with the central link between the mics stamped ‘MTL No2 ZA 13935. The mic set attaches to the flying helmet via a Bakelite 2 holed plug. Shortly before the plug terminal there is a popper button to attach the wire securely to the flying helmet. The elastic strap is in excellent working order and the leather throat mic pads are both in very good condition. The right hand pad outer is slightly darkened, possibly with age. Very nice to have an early boxed model.
WW2 RAF Side Cap 1945 A WW2 RAF OR’s (other ranks) side cap. The woollen side cap is dated for 1945 and has its original brass cap badge and buttons. The cap is a size 7 1/8 and the inside is broad arrow marked along with the makers name. Excellent condition with no holes or damage.
WW2 RASC Royal Army Service Corps Sweetheart Brooch A WW2 Royal Army Service Corps enamel sweetheart brooch. The brass brooch has enamel to its front and is secured with a pin fastening. The badge has a 2.7 cm diameter.
WW2 Royal Navy ‘Bravo’ Signalling Flag A fantastic large WW2 period Royal Navy signalling flag indicating ‘Bravo’. The flag was also used to indicate ‘I am taking in, or discharging, or carrying dangerous goods.‘ The flag is panel stitched and complete with it’s rope and bronze Inglefield clips. Very faint broad arrow stamp on the hoist. The flag has a couple of small holes and age related marks but is in overall good condition for its age. A great display piece. The flag measures 48” long by 36” tall.
WW2 Royal Navy ‘Speed’ Signalling Flag A very nice large WW2 Royal Navy signalling flag indicating ‘Speed’. The flag is panel stitched and has its original rope and bronze Inglefield clips. The hoist is stamped F537 and has the broad arrow mark. The flag has no holes and some light marks as expected with its age. A nice collectors piece. The flag measures 60” long by 45” tall.
WW2 Russian POMZ Tripwire Mine A WW2 Russian POMZ tripwire mine. The POMZ mines are Soviet made stake mounted anti-personnel fragmentation mine. The mines consist of a small TNT explosive charge inside a hollow cylindrical-cast iron fragmentation sleeve. The sleeve has large fragments cast into the outside and is mounted on a stake. The mine is normally armed with a tripwire fuse. The tripwire can be set to detonate via both pressure or pressure release. The piece measures 15” long and weighs in at 1.5 kgs. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 Russian PPSH41 Drum Magazine A Russian WW2 PPSH41 71 round drum magazine. The 7.62 x 25mm magazine is in good working condition with some stamps still visible. Inert bullet for display purposes only. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 Spitfire / Hurricane 20mm Round Lighter An interesting WW2 British 20 x 110mm round converted into a table lighter. The top half of the 20mm round comes apart to reveal a trench art style lighter. The lighter is fully working. The round is set on a brass circular base with a 7 cm diameter. Overall height 19 cm. An interesting item.
WW2 Spot Them In The Air Booklet A fantastic original WW2 booklet from the Daily Mirror newspaper. The small 32 page booklet has 27 drawings and descriptions of British and German aircraft and is in excellent condition. The item measures 14 cm long by 10 cm tall.
WW2 U.S. Thompson SMG 20 Round Magazine by Seymour An original WW2 American .45 Thompson sub machine gun 20 round magazine. Manufactured by ‘Seymour’. The magazine is stamped ‘THE SEYMOUR PRODUCTS CO. SEYMOUR CONN.’ Fantastic original example. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 U.S. Thompson SMG 30 Round Magazine by Seymour An original WW2 American .45 Thompson sub machine gun 30 round magazine. Manufactured by ‘Seymour’. The magazine is stamped: ‘THE SEYMOUR PRODUCTS CO. SEYMOUR CONN.’ Fantastic original example. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 US BAR .30 - 06 Magazine A WW2 US BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) 20 round magazine. The .30 - 06 calibre magazine is unopened and still in its original paper factory wrapping. *****UK SHIPPING ONLY*****
WW2 US Navy Bausch & Lomb 7 x 50 Binoculars A pair of WW2 US Navy 7 x 50 binoculars made by Bausch & Lomb. The binoculars are dated 1941. The binoculars are marked: US Navy BU Ships Mark 1 Mod 2 No 81477 1941 Bausch & Lomb, Opt Co, Rochester, NY, USA The binoculars have seen a lot of use with the exterior looking worn and rubbed in places but the optics are very good. Both eyepieces focus freely and the eye space adjustment works perfectly. Still very usable. No neck strap or case. The binoculars stand at 19 cm tall and weigh 1.1 kgs. A good pair of early US Navy wartime binoculars.
WW2 US Red Cross Playing Cards 1942 A pack of WW2 American Red Cross playing cards. The cards themselves are ‘Torpedo’ branded with an over stamp reading ‘Gift of the American Red Cross’ on one side. The reverse of the pack reads ‘For use of U.S. Government Permit No.1 Oct. 20 1942’. The full pack of original blue backed cards are present along with Joker, Bridge and Poker instructions and an order info card for rules. The box is in good condition with a small corner rip. Packs of these cards were sent to American POWs (Prisoners Of War) overseas through Red Cross parcels. A good complete pack.
WW2 US Veterans Garrison Cap with Ruptured Duck Badge WW2 US Veterans garrison cap with Ruptured Duck Patch. More formally called the Honourable Service Lapel Patch, the "Ruptured Duck" was given to those members of the U.S. military who were honorably discharged during WWII. Size is 6 3/4. Very good condition.
WW2 Vickers 250 Round Ammunition Belt 1942 A WW2 Vickers .303 machine gun 250 round green tab ammunition belt. The fabric belt is dated for October 1942 and manufactured by ‘T.F.&S. Ltd’. Good wartime piece.
WW2 Vickers 250 Round Ammunition Belt 1942 A WW2 Vickers .303 machine gun 250 round ammunition belt. The fabric belt is dated for May 1942. Good wartime piece.
WW2 Vickers 250 Round Ammunition Belt 1943 A WW2 Vickers .303 machine gun 250 round green tab ammunition belt. The fabric belt is dated for July 1943 and manufactured by ‘T.F.&S. Ltd’. Good wartime piece.