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The following items can be found on the Bordon Military & Police Collectables website ,
with full descriptions, photographs and prices.
1950 US Air force parker chest 46 inch under arm 18 lenth 31 split hood made Sears full blanket lining
19th Century Middle Eastern Flintlock Pistol 49 cm long with metal mounts
2 x brass handle bayonets loft find need a wipe over 27 1/2 inch
2 x chrome chevrons 4 by 3 cm
American USA Stars & Stripes Flag Size: 34 inch x 75 inch
Amy dress jacket 36 inch chest 20 under arm
Blunderbus gun wall hanger or repair needs lock and wire binding 88 cm long
bosons deck knife 1993 j adams 21 cm
Brass letter opener post war Berlin 17 cm long bought home by troops
British army Mashety in correct case 1993 not copy
British Army Military Flag Size: 48 inches x 70 inches (approx)
British Army Military Flag Size: 44 inch x 71 inch
British army ospray body armour with neck and arms no plates
British Army pelican hard trunk on wheels 77 by 58m 49 deep
British Military Large Union Flag Size: 67 inches x 142 inches ROYAL NAVY
British Military Union Flag Size: 43 inches x 90 inches
British RAF Cranwell Royal Air Force Flag Size: 92cm x 129cm
British Tank Regiment Trophy Size: 14 inches diameter Presented to Captain RV Ockenden On the occasion of marriage April 13th 1963
Britsih Army Red Sash Size: 33 inches long
Bulgarian steel helmet WW2 no chin strap
Cowes Golf Club Flag Size: 34 inch x 47 inch
Cylon Flag Size: 32 inch x 48 inch
Enfield bayonet in case 12 1/2 inch in case
English Civil War canon ball 3 1/2 inch
Essex police cap badge chrome 4 by 5 cm
Essex police cap badge 5 buy 4 cm
Essex police Inspectors cap and badge in used condition
Fleet Air Arm Poster Size: 30 inches x 20 inches
French bayonet Yataghan 28 inch in steel scabard
French neadle been cut short 48 cm in case
German 1936 tin box 9 by 5 cm 2.5 deep
German aluminum shoulder badge nice badge
German arm steel badge DEMJANSK good quality
German army ski hat no idea age well made wool with cotton lining 57 cm
German cuff band no idea regiment
German hunting / trench stileto G Felix Solingen 27 cm
German hunting dirk 9 inch in case dear and adenvale decal handle and case minty blade needs help
German hunting knife 12 inch in case clean sharp blade
German navy flag Quality copy good display film /theatre 36 by 58 inch cotton
German WW1 Butchers bayonet good wooden grips blade as been sharpend at end see photo 18 inch no case
GMC Cyprus S/122716 SJT LR Martindale RASC
Goebbels Die Zeit Ohne Beispiel Goebbels diaries in German 595 pages 1943 hard back
GSM Malaya 2761188 ach a Lumley RAF
GSM Northern Ireland 24577331 PTE K.J.Reagan
GSM Palestine1945-48 SJT LR Martindale RASC
Gurkha Cookery WW2 17 inch shed find needs help survice rust
Haynes Memorial Golf Club Trophy In memory of JS Haynes MBE who died in the helicopter crash 1994 SAS Size: 13 inches Silver plate
HAZARA 1888 Medal 2nd Bt Seaford Hilanders
Hong Kong Flag Size: 180cm x 120cm
Humberside police traffic cops cap 56cm
Imperial German pouch badge 4 rear fixing loops 8 by 12 cm
Indian Victorian bowie knife slight rust on blade
Kilgorin sword of darkness designed by kit ray stainless steel retail £200 88 cm long
Kit Ray Molotoch sword the slayer sword seial no KR0013 Stainless steel
Ministary of defence police cap badge 4 by 5 cm
Nazi side hat wool could be post war a good 58 cm
Nazi side hat army could be post war 57 cm
New British military divers knife Novill 32 cm
new comanwelth arm formation badges chart 95 by 55 cm
Norway hunting knife 32 cm hunting knife in case
Norwegian hunting /fishing knife 27 cm
Norwigen sea captains stileto blade marked with high life and crown this was hiss midship mans blade 26.5 cm
Old British Military Union Flag Size: 45 inches x 87 inches
Perchion police hanger Victorian good steel blade soft case end chap loose NEEDS TIDY
PGA Flag Size: 74 inch x 35 inch Supplied by Carters of Reading
Police helmet badge Essex with rear fitting 10 by 12 cm
Police Helmet plate Essex 12 by 9 with rear spikes to mount
Post War German Gas Mask & Metal Case Size: 29cm x 13cm
RAF Map case with shoulder strap 28 by 24 cm
RAF Map case new old stock 24 by 28 cm
RAF Wings badge O 8CM repro
RAF Wings badge QM new 9 cm repro
RAF Wings badge RO 8 CM repro
RAF Wings badge S 8 CM repro
Reichsfuhrer-ss cuff band no idea age silver bullion type
Royal Air Force Bandsman Jacket Central Band Size Chest: 36 inch Inside arm: 18.5 inch
Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioners Uniform coat Size Chest: 38 inch Arm: 19 inch Length: 37 inch
Ships Bronze Plaque 1914 Wooden base Size: 10 inches x 8 inches Heavy
Short rifle baynet 11 inches wooden handle
skean-dhu Sheffield Great Britain
SL 80 British army bayonet wire cutter type 34 cm in case
slm baynet in dress case 28 cm
Sottish Skean -Dhu sock knife Sheffield Gt Britain 7 inch
SS Nazi cap 57 cm a good post war hat
The Goebbels Diaries 1948 Louis P.L.Lochner hard back 566 pages in English
Trench art shell coal scutle JUN 1917 SIZE 12 CM LONG 9 ACROSS BASE
Trophy Presented to SGT. P.I Crawford for Oustanding Service Silver Plate Size: 13cm (height) x 25cm (diameter)
Union Flag Size: 36 inches x 65 inches
US Aire Force cadet bum freezer 40 / 42/ 46/ inch chest
US Aire Force tunic with buttons 38 inch chest
US Army Jacket Bum Freezer Size Chest: 46 inch Inside arm: 17.5 inch
US Army tunic 38 and 40 inch chest
US medal Military Achievement on pin to ware for individual army achievement
Wiliam Rodgers stileto / Made in Sheffield England double sided leather grip 26 cm
WW1 British Officer Leather Gaiters Size: 30 inches long
WW1 leather and canvas disatch rider bag . pannars 14 by 12 cm will undo to make 2 bags
WW1 US Bugle buglecraft L1 CITY NY US marked on end 45 cm
WW2 Arnum framed airborne wool patches in frame 21 by 16 inch
WW2 British Royal Navy Flag Red Ensign Size: 33 inches x 71 inches (approx)
WW2 canteen case 1943 British army
WW2 Civy gas mask in box for display do no use
WW2 German dress not 15 inch for knife or sword
WW2 Gurhka Kukri 42 cm with 2 small knifes no case
Zulu Nobkerry 32 inch