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1809 Surgeon 18th Royal Irish reg campain wrighting box W.Carver in need light restoration brass inlay and flush handles 18 cm tall by 50.5 cm by 27 cm may been at Waterloo
1907 baynet a/f blade great rest needs help 55 cm
1950 US Air force parker chest 46 inch under arm 18 lenth 31 split hood made Sears full blanket lining
1959 pattern British Denison jump smock great condition size 4 chest 41 inch height 5 foot 8 inch
1960 German WW2 medal set 1960 repro with Knights cross in nice box
2 bren gun magizens in pouch in good order 1942 on pouch
2 london police cap wpc badges with rear loops to mound
2 Royal Marine badges one cloth one brass
2 USA Airforce badges new old stock one is 5cm one 8 cm
2 x chrome chevrons 4 by 3 cm
2 x Prison officers cap badges 4 by 3.5 cm chrome
20 x chrome buttons Queen crown 2.5 cm
22 Cheshire regiment cap badge 4 by 5.5
22 Cheshire regiment cap badge 6.5 by 6.5
3rd Reich army woven breast eagke 12 by 5.5 cm
3rd Reich D.R.L. sports bronze
3rd Reich de nazi red cross badge over painted 3.5 cm
3rd Reich medal full size
3rd Reich pair mounted medals 1939 and 1st oct 1938
3rd Reich Russia 1941/42 medal Frozen flech
3rd Reich sur treue dienjle full size with ribbon
3rd Reich Waffen SS cloth Eeagle nice WW2 condition 7 cm wide
4 Vietnam badges /patches cloth
4 WW2 medals in wall frme Merchant navy STO S.Diamond
50 Star US flag good order
6th Wiakato regt cap badge 3.5 by 4 cm
7 British army sports medals 1938 / 40 blue box boxing ATS1940 bantam A.T.Hall .r. red box Bramley v Didcot 1938 5 not marked
8 Army and Navy patches
African knife 31 cm all leather case and handle
Airforce cap maybe Russion 54 cm ideal lad
American Military Sword Size: 77cm ( Length of blade )
American USA Navy Peaked Cap Size: 55cm Colour: White Berkshire De Luxe
American USA Stars & Stripes Flag Size: 34 inch x 75 inch
American USA Stars & Stripes Silky Flag Size: 46 inches x 62 inches (approx) Annin & Co N.Y Flag Makers
amy cap badge 4 by 5 cm
Amy dress jacket 36 inch chest 20 under arm
Argyll and Sutherland 6 by 8 cm
Army butchers knife boar war Historic army in field butchers knife
army cap badge Kings crown 4 by 4 cm
Army cap badge 5 by 6 cm
army cap badge 5 by 3.5 cm
army cap badge Kings crown 4.5 by 3 cm
army cap badge 4 by 5 cm
Army Education Copps cap badge 4.5 by 5
Army Ordanance Corps4 by 3 cm 4 by 3 cm
Army WW2 badge with slider 5 by 4.5 cm
Assaye cap badge 5.5 by 5 cm Kings crown with pip back
Avon and Somerset police helmet badge 12 by 9 cm with single rear screw to mount
Bandsman pith helmet in used condition with badge and chain
Belguim army jacket with buttons and badges 38 inch chest 18 under arm 31 long
Berkshire police helmet badge chrome 7 by 5.5 cm
Berlin post war German police helmet 56cm badge and plume
Blunderbus gun wall hanger or repair needs lock and wire binding 88 cm long
Boer War Military Metal & Leather Telescope W.I.WHITAKER S.Y.ANGELA FROM W.P.STANDISH Ross London: No 27232 Size 62CM (closed) 78cm (fully extended)
bowie knife in case 25 cm
brass army badge 74 6 by 5.5 cm
brass handle childs short sword Victorian good steel blade soft case end chap loose NEEDS TIDY
Brass letter opener post war Berlin 17 cm long bought home by troops
brass VW BADGE 2 BY 3 CM Kings crown pin back
Brigadear cap badge 2 by 1.5 cm
British 1007 army bayonet 23 inch in leather case all good
British Amy Coldstream Guards Peaked Cap Size: 53cm
British Army Bandsman Jacket Size Chest: 40 inch Inside arm: 17.5 inch Length: 31 inch
British Army Car penant /flag 32 by 15 cm ex army surplus new old stock
British army gortex bivy bag grade 1 80 inch long 32 inch wide at top
British army gortex MTP hat lined cold weather trappers hat medium
British Army Gurkha kukari parade new with skinning knifes
British army machete broad arrow and 1993 in correct case with shoulder strap or goes on belt
British Army Military Flag Size: 48 inches x 70 inches (approx)
British Army Military Flag Size: 44 inch x 71 inch
British army MTP Smocks with hood all sizes windproof grade 1
British army officers sam brown belt all brass fittings and shoulder strap 34 inch but can go 38 with new holes
British army ospray body armour with neck and arms no plates
British Army pelican hard trunk on wheels 77 by 58m 49 deep
British army red snake belt 34 cm new
British Army torch right angle
british army warm soft sleeping bag grade 1
British Army Welsh Guards Peaked Cap Size: 58cm
British Gas Mask Complete with box
British leather sword note Size: 44cm Colour: Brown
British Military Large Union Flag Size: 67 inches x 142 inches ROYAL NAVY
British Military Union Flag Size: 43 inches x 90 inches
British Navy Officers WhitePeak Cap Naval Officers Cap Size: 55.5cm Colour: white
British Ospray mtp body armour compleat with plates and pouches
British police stab vest over 50 in stock at shop
British RAF Cranwell Royal Air Force Flag Size: 92cm x 129cm
British Royal Marines Tropical Uniform Chest: 42 inch Sleeve: 21 inch Waist: 36 inch Inside leg: 28 inch
British Tank Regiment Trophy Size: 14 inches diameter Presented to Captain RV Ockenden On the occasion of marriage April 13th 1963
British Transport police helmet plate 10 BY 12 CM new old stock
British Transport police helmet plate 12 buy 8.5 cm
Britsih Army Red Sash Size: 33 inches long
Bushmans Friends Sheffield knife George Butler bone handle
Cambradgeshire police cap badge
Cap badge 5.5 by 5.5 cm Kings crown
Cherry pickers trousers Hussars size 85 cm leg 96 cm waist 112 seat not issued
Chindits wood cased sword in wood case 29 inch long in case
Civil Defence cloth badges 4 cloth badge beret one is 6.5 by 8 cm
Cleavland police helmet plate 12 by 8.5 cm chrome
Coldstream guards cap with badge single brass on peak we have 55 cm 56 cm 57 cm
Colman event shelter pro 4.5 by 4.5 m unused
Corps of Commissionaires badge 6 by 7.5 cm Kings crown
Corps of Commissionaires badges chrome cap badge 4 cm with pair collar dogs
Corps of Commissionaires badges Helmet badge 8 by 6.5 cm with cap badge
Cowes Golf Club Flag Size: 34 inch x 47 inch
Cylon Flag Size: 32 inch x 48 inch
DLI cap badge Kings crown with bras slider 5 cm tall
Dorset and Bournmouth police cap badge 5 by 3 cm
Dorset police cap badge 3.5 by 5cm
Duke of Conought own 3.5 by 3.5 cm
English Civil War canon ball 3 1/2 inch
Essex police cap badge chrome 4 by 5 cm
Essex police cap badge 5 by 4 cm chrome
Essex police cap badge 5 buy 4 cm
Essex police Inspectors cap and badge in used condition
Essex traffic cops cap 57 cm
Ex SS Belt remolded Berlin 1964 BGS Berlin 1964 105 34 inch waist max
Female Metropolitan Police Tunic size chest: 37 inch arm: 17 inch length: 26 inch
Firmin Yorkshire Regiment cap badge 5 by 3.5 iron with slider
Fleet Air Arm Poster Size: 30 inches x 20 inches
for crown and counntry blazer badge 10 cm 1939 to 1960
French bayonet Yataghan 28 inch in steel scabard
French chip /side hat 60 cm
French Police Kepi Hat Black & Red moth nips 55cm
Frenchnavy hat 56cm Marin Nationale
Gas Mask & Metal Case French WW2 Size: 30cm x 12cm
Gas mask in bag WW2 British Army loft find
Gas Mask Respirator & Box Avon 2-38 WW2
German chip bag hat 58 cm good maker
German hunting / trench stileto G Felix Solingen 27 cm
German hunting dirk 9 inch in case dear and adenvale decal handle and case minty blade needs help
German hunting knife 12 inch in case clean sharp blade
German peek cap 55cm post war
German police cap 56 cm mint
German police cap 57cm untidy inside
German WW1 Butchers bayonet good wooden grips blade as been sharpend at end see photo 18 inch no case
Glider Pilot Regiment 4 by 4.5 Kings crown with brass slider
GMC Cyprus S/122716 SJT LR Martindale RASC
GMP Traffic Warden cap badge 5 by 4.5 cm
goretex jackets used and new
GSM Malaya 2761188 ach a Lumley RAF
GSM Northern Ireland 24577331 PTE K.J.Reagan
GSM Palestine1945-48 SJT LR Martindale RASC
Gurkha Cookery WW2 17 inch shed find needs help survice rust
Gurkha knife village chieftern in wood case 27 cm case with 5 tools
Gwent police helmet plate chrome 8.5 by 12 cm
Hampshire cap badge 4 by 4 cm with brass
Hampshire Yeomanry Carabiniers Kings crown3.5 by 4 cm
Hauraki cap badge 5 by 4.5
Haynes Memorial Golf Club Trophy In memory of JS Haynes MBE who died in the helicopter crash 1994 SAS Size: 13 inches Silver plate
HAZARA 1888 Medal 2nd Bt Seaford Hilanders
Hermann Goring cuff title 18 inch 2WW real deal
Hertfordshire 5 by3 cm
Hertfordshire cap badge
Hong Kong Flag Size: 180cm x 120cm
Horce army cap badge 4 by 4 cm
Humberside police traffic cops cap 56cm
Ibberson 1998 military Bowsons deck knife 23 cm long in case
Imperial German pouch badge 4 rear fixing loops 8 by 12 cm
Imperial service 4.5 Kings crown pin back
Japanese officer map case as photo leather needs polish 9 by 11 inch
Jerry cans
Kings crown army badge 5 by 3.5 cmwith brass rear slider
Lancashire police capbadge 5 by 3 cm
Lancaster WW2 bomb sight sighting head develapead by RAF made in USA by AC Spark plug div GMC USA mounted in front of aircraft connected to computer
Larncers cap badge cast 5 by 4 cm
Leeds City police cap badge 5 by 4 cm chrome
Leicestershier and Rutland police cap badge 4 by 5 cm
Leicestershire police cap badge 5 by 4 cm chrome
Liectershire police cap badge chrome 3 by 5 cm
Light wieght Hi Vis grade 1 ex police
Lightwaight sleeping bag British army jungle
Lion on crown 4 by 4.5 cm
M.T.P. body flak covers body armour E C B A flak vest cover size 180 / 104 new British army
Manchester City police helmet badge chrome 10.5 by 8 cm
MANU FORTI cap badge 4.5 by 4
Marine Commando cap badge 4 by 5 cm
Metropolitan police cap badge 5 by 4 cm chrome
Metropolitan Police Gabardine Cape Size Chest: 58 inch Length: 37 inch
Metropolitan Police Jacket female size chest: 34 inch arm: 18 inch length: 31 inch huggins of bristol
Metropolitan police patch 10 by 5 cm
Micky Mouse WW2 childs gass mask with box and pappers
Middlesex cap badge
Middlesex reg cap badge 5 by 4 cm
Military Regulation marked field glasses 13 cm out in leather officers case
Ministary of defence police cap badge 4 by 5 cm
Ministary police helmet plate Chrome and enamel 10 by 12 cm
MTP British amy smock with hood grade 1 up to 48 inch chest
Navy beret with badge 56cm Compton and Webb
Navy Petty officers badge 8.5 cm bullion /padded
Nazi gass mask no filter
Nazi leather stamp / hot iron 45 cm branding iron
New British military divers knife Novill 32 cm
new comanwelth arm formation badges chart 95 by 55 cm
New zealand B.W.Baker survival knife 18 cm blade 31 in case
North Stafford cap badge 5.5 by 4 cm
North Yorkshire helmet plate 12 by 8.5 chrome
Northamptonshire cap badge 4.5 by 4.5
Norway hunting knife 32 cm hunting knife in case
Norway wooden skis for display 7 cm wide 190 and 210 cm long
Norwigen sea captains stileto blade marked with high life and crown this was hiss midship mans blade 26.5 cm
Nottinghamshire Combined police cap badge chrome 4 by 5 cm
Officers fly swot 57 cm African
Old black powder pistol real deal lock brocken but all there with ram rod 13 inches long
Old British Military Union Flag Size: 45 inches x 87 inches
pair trench art decorated shells 14 1/2 inch tall by 4 inch opening
Peter Ustinov we were only human book hard back 1961 full of cartoons/ caricktures 13 by 20cm
Pewter tankard Home Guard 1941 shooting prize Liet H.E.Pearce
PGA Flag Size: 74 inch x 35 inch Supplied by Carters of Reading
Police bace ball cap 100 % cotton used one size fit all
police cap badge 3 buy 4 cm
Police helmet badge Dorset with rear fitting
Police helmet badge Essex with rear fitting 10 by 12 cm
Police Helmet badge Falmouth Docks 9 BY 12 cm with rear loops
Police helmet badge Glouestershire 10 by 12 cm
Police helmet badge Kent 12 by 9 with rear loops to fit
Police helmet badge Kent black paint worn 12 by 10 cm
Police helmet badge Langcashire with rear fitting 10 by 12 cm
Police helmet badge Surrey with rear fitting
Police helmet plate / badge South Wales chrome with rear fittings 12 by 10 cm
police helmet plate Cleveland with rear fitting 10 by 12 cm
Police Helmet plate Essex 12 by 9 with rear spikes to mount
Police helmet plate metropolitan 12 by 10 cm with rear fitting
police helmet plate Royal Gibralter with rear fitting
police helmet plate South Wales 12 by 10 cm with all rear fitting
Police helmet plate West Midland 10 by 12 cm with all rear fitting
Police hi viss baseball cap one size fit all
Police Riot Helmet good order 62 cm
Police Tunic size chest: 38 inch arm:18 inch length: 31 inch huggins of bristol
Port of Tilbury London police helmet badge 12 by 9 cm
Port of Tilbury London police helmet plate 10 by 15 cm with rear fitting heavy chrome
post war German badges
post war german badges job lot
Post War German Gas Mask & Metal Case Size: 29cm x 13cm
Presantation tankard cpt GWA Pearce REME 1958 Pint pot silver plate
Princess of Wales cap badge 3 by 4.5 cast
Princess of Wales Own cap badge 4.5 by 4 cm
Quality repro perple hart medal gold plated 8 cm drop with pin to ware
R.W.A.F.F. cap badge bar is 5 cm
RAF bandsman cap 55cm
RAF Map case with shoulder strap 28 by 24 cm
RAF Map case new old stock 24 by 28 cm
RAF Medical arm band 36 cm by 8 cm popper fitting
RAF Officer Royal Air Force Beret Size: 59cm Colour: Navy blue
RAF Officers cap badge with 2 loops to mount 5 by 5 cm
RAF Wings badge O 8CM repro
RAF Wings badge QM new 9 cm repro
RAF Wings badge RO 8 CM repro
RAF Wings badge S 8 CM repro
reg 5 brass cap badge
Repro US axe for jeep 14 by 8 cm with markings
Roal Canadian Engingeers cap badge 4.5 by 5 cm Kings crown
Royal Aiforce Police arm band buckle fitting 20 by 8 cm
Royal Air Force Bandsman Jacket Central Band Size Chest: 36 inch Inside arm: 18.5 inch
Royal Air Force Police arm band 20 by 9 cm popper fitting
Royal Air Force Woman band busby in mint condition 56cm from military surplus
Royal Aire Force cap tidy with badge
Royal army service corps badges Kings crown WW2 plastic 4 by 4 cm
Royal Artilary beret badge rare beret badge 5 by 2 cm
Royal artilary officers jacket Kings crown
Royal Berkshire cap badge 4 by 4 cm
Royal Devon Yeomaniray cap badge 4 by 2 cm
Royal Engineerers cap badge Kings crown 4.5 by 4 cm
Royal Flying Corp hand mirow most likely made in there work shop in France for sweat heart / wife / nice badge on back markings on front 38 by 20 cm
Royal Hampshires cap badge Kings crown 4 by 5 cm
Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioners Uniform coat Size Chest: 38 inch Arm: 19 inch Length: 37 inch
Royal Marine Light Infantry cap badge 4 by 4 cm
royal medical corps blazer badge bullion
Royal Medical corps cap badge WW2 3 BUY 4 CM
royal medical corps cap badge kings crown WW2
Royal Rhodesia Regt cap badge Kings crown 3.5 by 5 cm
Royal Signals cap badge Kings crown 4 .5 by 2.5 cm 2 piece
Royal Signals cap badge Queens crown
Royal warent badge 5 by 5 cm
Royal Warwickshire 5 by 4 cm
Runwayside Conring TM Made in USA Runway Lamp Size: 65cm x 45cm
Russion small police cap 54 cm ideal lad
Scotish Glengarry army hat badge removed size 3 - 12 inch
Scotish tammy badge ASSAYE
Scotish tammy badge BY DAND
Scottish army badge 5 by 5 cm
Sea Cadet Corps cap badge enamel badge with 2 rear loops
Set 4 Gloucestershire badges
Ships Bronze Plaque 1914 Wooden base Size: 10 inches x 8 inches Heavy
Short rifle baynet 11 inches wooden handle
skean-dhu Sheffield Great Britain
slm baynet in dress case 28 cm
small Gurhka Kukri no case sl
small leather pistol holster with magizene pouch 15 by 19 cm
Small navy flag go on back boat on flag staff 30 by 74 cm
small police cap 54cm
Small Russion army cap 52cm
Small Staffordshire police helmet badge 8 by 4.5 cm 2 rear loops to fix
Sottish Skean -Dhu sock knife Sheffield Gt Britain 7 inch
South Wales police helmet plate 12 by 8.5 cm
Staffordshire County and Stoke on Trent 5 by 4 cm chrome
Sukar knife in polished wood case 45 cm good order
Surrey police Helmet plate Chrome 8.5 buy 12 cm
Sussex police helmet plate 8.5 buy 12 cm chrome
Sweden officer police cap 56cm
tank rg blazer badge
The Border Reg cap badge on shield Kings crown 8 by 9.5 cm
The Queens Own Hussars 5 by 3 cm
The Royal Hussars cap badge 5 by 4 cm
The Suffolk reg cap badge Kings crown 4.5 by 4 cm
The Suffolk reg cap badge Queens crown 4 by 4.5 cm
The Territorial N.C.O. Board with compass and ruler r 30 by 22 cm
The Wiltshire regiment 4 by 4 cm
Trophy /medal 5 cm in box
Trophy Presented to SGT. P.I Crawford for Oustanding Service Silver Plate Size: 13cm (height) x 25cm (diameter)
Typhoon diving knife 23 cm Taylors eye witness diving knife no case
Union Flag Size: 36 inches x 65 inches
United States army Recruters badge 5.5 by 5 cm brass
US Aire Force cadet bum freezer 40 / 42/ 46/ inch chest
US Aire Force tunic with buttons 38 inch chest
US Army / Air Force observer arm band felt 40 by 9.5 cm new neds sewing on
US Army Ike Jacket Size Chest: 36 inch Inside Arm: 17 inch Length (from neck): 21 inch
US Army Jacket Bum Freezer Size Chest: 46 inch Inside arm: 17.5 inch
US Army tunic 38 and 40 inch chest
US Medal ISAF For peace
US medal Military Achievement on pin to ware for individual army achievement
US Military binoculars 6x30
USA Airborn repro patches eagle 6 buy 6.5 cm
USA army jacket 42 inch chest 21 under arm 30 long
USA Army jacket didgertal 44 inch chest 20 under arm 29 long
USA army short sleve shirt 38 inch chest
USA medal Southwest Asia 1991/1995
USA medal Kosovo
USA medal National defence
USA medal Navy
USA medal Korean
USA medal Army of occupation 1945
USA medal Vietnam
USA mens army Garrison chip bag / side hat size 6 3/4
USA Navy deck / coveralls chest 44 inch 62 long 28 inside leg 19 under arm
USA under body shirt 38 inch shirt
USA WW1 Bugle Bugle craft LI CITY NY US
Vickers sight Cooke V22 made by Vickers intruments England 32 cm long 17 tall 18 wide
Vires Aoouirit Eunoo Kings crown 3 by 4.5 cm
Warwickshire black helmet plate 10 by 12 cm
Warwickshire police helmet plate 12 by 8.5 cm chrome
Welch Guards cap no badge 57cm
West Mercia police helmet plate chrome 12 buy 8.5 cm
West Ridding police helmet 12 buy 8.5 cm
West Sussex police helmet plate chrome 12 by 8.5cm
West Yorkshire police cap badge 5 by 3 cm
West Yorkshire police helmet plate chrome 8.5 buy 12 cm
Wiliam Rodgers stileto / Made in Sheffield England double sided leather grip 26 cm
Wilkinson Dedicated to peace display sword new made by Wilkinson of England hole bladr chrome with Country names marked dedicated to the vision of world peace for the third millennium in batterd box 85cm
Wilkinson survival knife Rare with Queens Warrant
Wool navy cap not British 56cm
WW1 Artilary cap badge 7 by 5 cm gun facing left
WW1 British army field glasses with crows foot good view paint loss but 100 years old in block leather case C61377 R.I.A. OVER THE TOP
WW1 British Army Sword Kings crown Engraved - In the darkest fear, beats the bravest heart Size: 83cm x 2xm ( at top )
WW1 British Officer Leather Gaiters Size: 30 inches long
WW1 German Epaulettes Size: 22cm Colour: Gold and Red
WW1 leather and canvas disatch rider bag . pannars 14 by 12 cm will undo to make 2 bags
WW1 US Bugle buglecraft L1 CITY NY US marked on end 45 cm
WW1discharge poster 14 hussars H47500 SGT William G Bye 14 Hussars
WW2 MEDAL Defence medal
WW2 Army Officer field glasses leather case satin lined 14.5 cm tall 5.5 cm by 12.5 cm opening
WW2 Arnum framed airborne wool patches in frame 21 by 16 inch
WW2 British Royal Navy Flag Red Ensign Size: 33 inches x 71 inches (approx)
WW2 British Royal Navy Flag Red Ensign 33 by 71 cm
WW2 canteen case 1943 British army
WW2 Corps of Commissionares badges helmet plate 6 by 7 cm
WW2 Devon special constable badge 3.5 cm
WW2 Gas mask in bag in found condition
WW2 German dress not 15 inch for knife or sword
WW2 German Miltary Gas Mask Metal section 13cm (diameter) x 4cm
WW2 Gurhka Kukri 44 cm in leather case blade needs clean
WW2 type double periscope -telescope BC-M65 Light instrument - M28 used by US armed forces in Korea and Vietnam in box 54 cm by 25 cm by 27 cm
York and north east Yorkshire police cap badge 5 by 3 cm
Yugoslavian vintage fire helmet new old stock 56/7 cm
Zulu Nobkerry 32 inch