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08 Web Ammunition Pouches. Right hand side unblancoed ammunition pouches. Well used and grubby condition through field usage. Stamps to the rear strap R broad arrow and possibly M E co. ? All studs and straps functioning. Undated as far as I can see.
15th Scottish Divisional Signal Officers Balmoral. Very rare item of WW2 headgear being the type authorised for wear by divisional troops within the 15th Scottish division namely the balmoral bonnet for Officers and TOS for other ranks. Officers wire bullion hand embroidered badge applied. Khaki silk edged with bow. Black artificial silk lining. Private purchase no maker Some small areas of damage to the right side. Toorie intact. In thirty years plus only the second original example I've owned.
16th Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers Crossbelt Plate. A 16th Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers Crossbelt Plate, worn c 1873 - 1880 became the 2nd Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers in 1880 and the 2nd Volunteer Battalion Scottish Rifles in 1887.
1899 Boer War Bandolier. A good used example of a British leather bandolier dated 1899 by W Beckworth & son C&M 1899. Stamped under cartridge flap 8 H A 440. Usual condition for leather of this age a bit dry but not frail. Some service wear knocks and damages. I haven't cleaned it and have left it as found. Most bandolier of this period that are encountered are dated 1900 or 1901 the 1899 examples being that bit thinner on the ground.
1908 Pattern British Cavalry Sword. A WW1 1908 Pattern British Cavalry Sword dated November 1915, in lovely condition apart from two dings in the scabbard, several markings on scabbard and the blade, getting hard to find these swords now. I have left this as POA as postage would need to be calculated after packaging, ** Over 18 U.K. Sales Only ** Price for the sword is £550 + postage.Anyone interested, I can be contacted at
1915 Dated Sam Browne Pistol Holster. An early dated Sam Browne holster stamped on reverse John Pound & Co 1915. A well used holster some scuffing to the top flap, might clean up nicely with some brown polish. But overall no damage. Name written inside flap Lieut W.M.Todd.
1916 dated Scottish Pipers Dirk. A good example of a WW1 era Pipers Dirk. Mounted in white metal and dated on the blade '16. Kings Crown pommel and white metal studded bog oak wood handle. Some studs removed or lost through use to the rear of the handle. Leather covered scabbard with thistle mounts. Some age cracks to the handle but still nice and solid. Several areas of staining near the end of the blade. Overall a good used WW1 vintage dirk. Over 18s only.
1916 Hallmarked Seaforth Highlanders Officers Badge. A nice example of a Seaforth Highlanders Officers 3 Piece badge, hallmarks for Edinburgh 1916, Date Letter L. Maker Henry Tatton.
1933 Nuremberg Day Badge. NSDAP Reichsparteitag Nuremberg 1933 Day Badge. Heavy solid one piece construction great detail as is usual with these early badges. Original pin but period re soldered most likely due to the weight of the badge being to much for the original pin. Heavy for a day badge weighing in at 34 grams. I've seen several other original examples with similar repairs. Briefly worn as an honour badge later relegated to tradition status.
1940 dated RAF service dress jacket. A nice condition untouched four pocket service dress jacket and belt. Corporals chevrons to both sleeves. Labelled and dated 1940. Named to airman " Richardson?" A good Battle of Britain period example.
19th Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers Officers WBC An Early 19th Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers Officers Waistbelt dating from 1860s, became the 5th Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteer Corps in 1880, 1887 renamed 1st Volunteer Battalion Highland Light Infantry, 1908 Became 5th (City of Glasgow) Battalion H.L.I.
1st Aberdeenshire Local Militia Button A nice unpolished Georgian Period Aberdeenshire Local Militia button disbanded in worn c1809 - 1816. no maker mark lug present.
1st Aberdeenshire R.V. Glengarry Badge. In white metal, a beautifully struck badge, according to Bloomers book Badges of The Highland and Lowland Regiments worn by the 1st Aberdeenshire R.V from 1880 to 1884.
1st Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers Officers Waistbelt Clasp. Officers Waistbelt Clasp to the 1st Lanark Rifle Volunteers, 1881 linked to parent Regiment the Cameronians Scottish Rifles, 1908 became the 5th Battalion Scottish Rifles.
1st Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers OR\'s Helmet Plate Good condition ORs plate with original backing material.
1st Pattern Fairbairn Sykes Knife and Scabbard. A good used example of a first pattern FS fighting knife. Both logos intact if a little obscured with light pitting some areas of light pitting both sides of the blade. I'm sure the blade could be improved upon but I haven't touched it save to give it a rub with a cloth. Scabbard complete both "wings" attached, working Newey stud and bottom chape intact. The rear of the chape has four distinct lines cut into the chape I leave this to you to decide wether deliberate or incidental.
1st pattern Fairbairn Sykes Knife. Good example of a 1st pattern Fairbairn Sykes Commando fighting knife. The knife overall is in good used order with both logos clearly visible to the riccaso. There is a slight wobble/ bend to the tip of the blade and a very small loss to the point. The blade has most definitely been sharpened undoubtedly by the original owner at a time when these were simply useful tools. Crossguaurd and handle nice and clean with typical Wilkinson vice marks to the pommel. The 1st pattern scabbard is also clean and in good order. The Newey stud working well. Both wings have been removed.
1st Pattern FS Commando fighting knife. A good used example the blade shortened and reprofiled at some stage in its working life. Wilkinson etch still readable and reasonably clear. The FS logo is obscured by wear and pitting. Otherwise solid and tight. Scabbard fits the knife well and is of later type having elastic (now absent) rather than the leather strap with Newey stud. I have encountered this combination previously. Certainly not mint but priced accordingly with better examples now to be found at £1500 plus. Many 1st patterns seem to be found in very good to mint condition having most likely never been used in field situations, this example has certainly seen service reflected in its present condition. Surface marks and pitting to the blade. Over 18s only.
1st Regiment of Foot The Royal Regiment Button A pre 1881 1st Royal Regiment of Foot Royal Scots Other Ranks Tunic button. DIffers from the post 1881 button, has title The Royal Regt rather than The Royal Scots. Parkyn dates the button worn from 1860 to 1881, shank present, Maker marked Smith & Wright, Birmingham. Size: approx 24mm Ref: (Military) Shoulder-Belt Plates and Buttons by Major H.G. Parkyn. Page 72
1st V.B. Gordon Highlanders Waistbelt Clasp. A Waistbelt Clasp in white metal to the 1st Volunteer Battalion Gordon Highlanders. Worn by the Volunteer Battalions 1887 - 1908. In excellent condition, showing no damge.
21st Royal Scots Fusiliers Officers Button 1830-55. A scarce early 21st Royal Scots Officers Fusiliers Coatee Button, Parkyn dates this button worn from 1830 to 1855. maker marked Jennens & Co London. Retains about 95% of its gilt finish. Size 22 mm Ref: (Military) Shoulder-Belt Plates and Buttons by Major H.G. Parkyn. Page 136.
21st Royal Scots Fusiliers Officers Button. A mint 21st R.S.F. Officers Tunic Button. Retains 100% of its Gilt, scalloped edge, maker mark Firmin & Sons, London. Parkyn dates this button from 1855 to 1881. Size 1" (25mm) Ref: (Military) Shoulder-Belt Plates and Buttons by Major H.G. Parkyn. Page 135.
24th Regiment of Foot Officers Belt. A rare complete 24th Regiment of Foot Officers Belt worn between 1855 and 1881 This is of the type worn by officers of the Regiment at Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift during the Anglo-Zulu War. Soft high quality Buff Leather, still supple, No name, but in lovely condition. (see photographs)
26th Regiment of Foot Officers Button. Another fine Officers Tunic button to the 26th Cameronian Regiment. 100% gilt remaining, shank present and maker marked Firmin & Sons Ld, London. Parkyn dates the button worn between 1855 to 1881. Size 1" (25mm) Ref: (Military) Shoulder-Belt Plates and Buttons by Major H.G. Parkyn. Page 150.
2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) Georgian Coatee Button.. A Georgian 2nd Dragoons Troopers Coatee button. The button appears to be earth dug, but still retains slight traces of gilt to the edges and reverse, shank is not present, reverse maker marked Nutting, Covent Garden. Parkyn dates the button worn prior to 1810. Size: 11/16" (17.4mm) Ref: (Military) Shoulder-Belt Plates and Buttons by Major H.G. Parkyn. Page 25
2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) Georgian Pewter Plate. A pewter plate probably from the Officers Mess. The plate bears the GR cypher of George III at the top and the motif 2D within a spray of thistles and crown at the bottom. I am unfamiliar with pewter touch marks, to the bottom of the plate markings indicate it was made in London.
2nd Perthshire Rifle Volunteers Officers Glengarry Badge. The only genuine one i have ever seen. 2nd Admin Battalion (Perthshire Highland) Rifle Volunteers Officers Glengarry Badge. Beautifully made, shows Hallmarks for Birmingham, with Young Head Victoria, Maker marked T B W for T.B.Wilkins Ltd, date letter is indistinct, worn by Officers 1874 - 1880 (see photo). Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 73.
2nd Royal Lanarkshire Militia Button A button to the 2nd Royal Lanark Militia, worn 1854 to 1881, later the 3rd/4th Militia Battalion of the Scottish Rifles in 1881. A nice button with very slight rubbing to the high points.Maker Jennens & Co, London. Size: 18mm
2nd V.B. H.L.I. Volunteer Officers Helmet Plate. A rare Pre-1902 Highland Light Infantry Volunteer Officers Helmet Plate for the Blue Cloth Home Service Helmet.Imperial Crown and Proper Blank Scroll. The Shoulder Belt Plate and Wasitbelt Clasp this came with are listed seperately. Worn 1887 - 1901 Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 55.
2nd Volunteer Battalion Scottish Rifles Crossbelt Plate, Whistle, Boss & Chain. A very scarce whistle and crossbelt plate to the 2nd VB Scottish Rifles, worn 1887 to 1908 when they became the 6th Battalion Scottish Rifles. This was purchased nearly 40 years ago from the Estate of Major R. Gray of Blantyre, along with the large Portrait Photograph shown with him wearing his crossbelt, this Photograph and Frame can be purchased seperately for £135. Postage would need to be calculated. as it is a large heavy portrait photograph and frame approx size 26.5" x 23.5" or preferably picked up in person from Glasgow.
3 WW2 German Armbands. These armbands were the property of a Scottish rifles soldier who souvenired them at some point in 1945. I purchased his effects which included the SA dagger previously listed along with several awards and party badges no rarities amongst them sadly. The whole, including his glengarry AB64 and other small items were contained in a German leather map case. The price for the three together is £130 or separately at £50 each.
31st Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers Waistbelt Clasp. An officers waistbelt to the 31st Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteer Corps, worn from 1869 to 1880 when the battalion were retitled the 8th Lanarkshire (Blythswood Rifles) Volunteers. Formed originally in 1860 as the 4th Battalion Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers, then retitled in 1869 the 31st (Blythswood Rifles) Volunteers, they became the 7th Battalion Highland Light Infantry Territorial Force in 1908.
42nd Highland Regiment (Black Watch) Officers Badge. A Pre 1881 Officers badge to the 42nd Royal Highlanders, (The Black Watch), Correct multi-piece construction, strips for cleaning, but hasn't been cleaned in a long time. The fakes are a one piece badge sold on you know what auction site...possibly silver, oval opening to the reverse to allow stripping for cleaning.. A nice genuine badge Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 66
42nd Regiment of Foot Feather Bonnet Badge. An Other Ranks 42nd (Highland) Regiment Line Company Feather Bonnet badge to the 42nd Black Watch. WIth extended brass lugs to pass through the feather bonnet, headband and rosette. c1850 Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 65.
42nd The Royal Highland Regt (The Black Watch) Button. A nice 1840 - 1871 other ranks tunic button to the Black Watch, these are not that easy to find now, I have only had one in the last 8 years. Maker marked Firmin Ld, London & Birmingham. Became the 1st Battalion The Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) on amalgamation with the 73rd Stirlingshire Regt in 1881
4th Cameronians 1916 Presentation Silver Quaich. Presented to the Officers of the 4th Cameronians by Captain A.E.Speer. Presentation inscription and date 28.4.16. Chester Hallmarks. date letter polished, made by George Nathan & Ridley Hayes who worked between 1895 and 1915. Captain Alfred Ernest Speer died during WW1.
4th Lanarkshire Rifle Vols Officers Button
4th V.B. Black Watch Officers Badge. A beautifully struck Officers Glengarry Badge in Silver or Silver Plate, came with the 4th Volunteer Battalion Shoulderbelt Plate previiously listed, No hallmarks or markings visible on the badge..
4th Volunteer Black Watch. SBP. Lovely uncleaned Shoulder Belt Plate to the 4th Volounteer Battalion the Black Watch. Clear makers mark of Anderson & sons George st Edinburgh. Complete and undamaged, double headed eagle,of Perth, on seeded background.
5 Issues of the Covenanter Magazine 5 Issues of the Covenater, The Regimental Journal of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Issues, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005. Various topics.
5 Issues of the Covenanter Magazine 5 Issues of the Covenater, The Regimental Journal of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Issues, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1997. Various topics.
5th /15th Scottish Para Pipers Plaid Brooch. A rare pipers plaid brooch to 5th Scottish Parachute Battallion WW2 or just post war to 15th Scottish Para T A. One fold over retaining pin detached (see image) from the kings crown badge. Scalloped nickel silver quoit engraved with thistles. The brass pin is an easy fix but I have left it as found. Part of a large airborne collection recently purchased.
5th Royal Scots Volunteer Battalion Baskethilt. A lovely Baskethilt to the 5th VB Royal Scots in an original brown leather covered field service scabbard with its correct white metal frog. Blade is lovely condition, some rust spots about 2" from the tip of the blade. Been in my personal collection for a long time. Became the 7th Battalion Royal Scots in 1908, dating it to pre 1908 The monogram HR or RH is etched into the blade just above the ricasso, so could be traceable. Maker J. Stewart & Son, 88 George Street Edinburgh. I have left this as POA as postage would need to be calculated after packaging, Price for the sword is £1025 + postage.Anyone interested, I can be contacted at
5th Volunteer Battalion. H.L.I. Plaid Brooch. A scarce 5th Volunteer Battalion (Highland Light Infantry) Glasgow Highlanders Plaid Brooch, Worn by Pipers etc. The Glasgow Highlanders based their uniform on the Black Watch, and although a battalion of the H.L.I. they never wore the Mackenzie Tartan of the H.L.I. The Plaid Brooch is identical to the Black Watch Plaid Brooch, but officially impressed with 5th V.B. H.L.I. to the reverse.
5th Volunteer Black Watch Plaid Brooch Nice clean plaid brooch with strong working pin.
6 Issues of the Covenanter Magazine 6 Issues of the Covenater, The Regimental Journal of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Issues, Dec 1966, June 1967, September 1967, Dec 1967, 1987. 1989 Various Regimental topics leading up to the 1968.
6th Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers Officers Helmet Plate. A White Metal Helmet Plate to the 6th Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers. Worn on the Home Service Pattern Helmet between 1880 to 1887, when they were renamed the 2nd Volunteer Battalion Highland Light Infantry. A further name change in 1908 saw them renamed the 6th (City of Glasgow) Battalion of the Highland Light Infantry.
71st Officers Button
71st Other Ranks Button
72nd Regt of Foot The Duke of Albany\'s Officers Button. An officer button of the 72nd Regiment of Foot (The Duke of Albany's), later the Seaforth Highlanders. The button is excellent condition retaining 100% of its gilt finish, with some very minor knocks to the left side of the inner circlet (see photo). Maker mark Jennens & Co, London. Parkyn dates the button 1830 to 1881 Size 1" (25mm) Ref: (Military) Shoulder-Belt Plates and Buttons by Major H.G. Parkyn. Page 290.
73rd (Perthshire) Regiment of Foot Officers Waistbelt. A fine scarce officers waistbelt in buff leather to the 73rd (Perthshire) Regiment of Foot. The Regiments name changed in 1862 from the 73rd Regiment of Foot to the 73rd (Perthshire) Regiment of Foot, dating the belt worn between 1862 to 1881, after which they became the 2nd Battalion Black Watch. Male and Female clasps both stamped with number 1 Ref: Officers Waist Belt Clasps 1855 - 1902 by Leila B. Ryan. Page 21
74 th Regt of Foot Officers Button
74th Highland Light Infantry Waistbelt Clasp. A fine officers waistbelt clasp of the 74th Highland Regiment of Foot, worn 1860s to 1881. Roman numerals XXXIV denoting 74th Regiment with battle honour Assaye.
74th Highland Regt of Foot Officers Button. Worn by officers of the Regiment 1840 - 1881. Maker marked Firmin & Sons 3 Strand, London. Retains 98% of its gilt finish. Became the 2nd Battalion Highland Light Infantry in 1881.
74th Regt of Foot Collar Badges. Nice matched pair with brass lugs.
74th Regt of Foot Officers Shako Badge. Officers shako badge of the 74th Pin backed
75th Stirlingshire Regiment Officers Button. Worn by officers of the Stirlingshire Regiment. Parkyn dates the button worn 1830 - 1855, slight rubbing to the thistles and crown, but retains 95% of its gilt. Maker marked Firmin & Sons, London. Became the 1st Battalion Gordon Highlanders in 1881.
78th Highland Regt, The Rosshire Buffs Officers Button. Worn by Officers of the Regiment, Parkyn gives no dates other than to say the early design Officers buttons from 1820 were in Gilt with open backs inscribed Assaye and Maida above the Elephant and Crown. Later changed to read Assaye Maida and Java. above the crown the Regiment became the 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders in 1881. Button is Pre 1881.
78th Seaforths Feather Bonnet Badge. A genuine honest 78th Rosshire Buffs Other Ranks Feather Bonnet Badge. The real thing, not the junk peddled on a well known auction site as genuine. Bears the correct long lugs as this is a Feather Bonnet Badge, not a glengarry badge. Note the early spelling of "Cuidich 'n Rhi" making this the rarer early version. The motto was changed to "Cuidich 'n Righ" in April 1869. Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 77.
79th Cameron Highlanders Georgian Shoulderbelt Plate. A very rare Georgian Shoulderbelt Plate to the 79th Cameron Highlanders, Parkyn mentions this very Shoulderbelt Plate in his book, it belonged to George Pompa. superb condition retaining all it's gilt. Been in my collection for nearly 45 years.
79th Queens Own Cameron Highlanders Offficers Button. Worn by Officers of the Regiment between 1855 - 1881. about 95% Gilt remains, became the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders in 1881. Maker marked C. Smith & Sons, 5 New Burlington St, London.
7th Battalion Tank Corps Officers Wolseley Helmet A scarce circa WW1 Officers Pith Helmet to the 7th Tank Corps. excellent condition, Service wear only, with no breaks to the cork or damage, original chinstrap, with 7th Battalion Pugaree Flash. Maker name J&G Ross, High Street Exeter.
90th Foot Glengarry Badge. Glengarry badge to the 90th Regiment of Foot, The Perthshire Light Infantry. Of correct Brass construction, has rubbing to high points, but genuine and the correct smaller size, unlike the fakes that are peddled as the real thing on a well known auction site. (See comparison photo beside a fake one.).
90th Perthshire Light Infantry Shoulderbelt Plate. A scarce early 19th Century other ranks Shoulderbelt Plate for an other rank of the 90th Regiment of Foot, The Perthshire Light Infantry, (later the 2nd Battalion Scottish Rifles in 1881). Parkyn dates this Shoulderbelt Plate to between 1830 -1845. I've never seen another one. Ref: (Military) Shoulder-Belt Plates and Buttons by Major H.G. Parkyn. Page 150.
90th Perthshire Regiment of Foot Button. A scarce 90th Regt of Foot button. Parkyn dates the button worn for a short time pre 1855 Maker marked Firmin & Sons London. The 90th became the 2nd Battalion Scottish Rifles in 1881. size: approx 25mm Ref: (Military) Shoulder-Belt Plates and Buttons by Major H.G. Parkyn. Page 151
90th Perthshire Regiment of Foot Collar Badges. A fine matched set of 90th Perthshire Light Infantry Collar badges, Pre 1881, Photograph 3 shows Sir Evelyn Wood 90th Perthshire Light Infantry wearing the collars.
90th Perthshire Regt Other Ranks Button. An other ranks tunic button of the 90th Perthshire Light Infantry, very nice condition, no damage or wear, Birmingham Maker, Makers name obscured. Parkyn dates the button worn between 1850 - 1881, when the amalgamated with the 26th Cameronian Regt to become the 2nd Battalion Scottish Rifles.
90th Regiment of British Militia Button 1854-55. A very scarce button to the 90th Regiment of British Militia, in existence for 1 year only, 1854-1855, became Highland Borderers Light Infantry Militia in1855 and the 3rd Militia Battalion, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders in 1881. Maker marked P&S Firmin 153 Strand. Size: 22 mm
90th Regiment of Foot Perthshire Light Infantry Waist Belt Clasp. A very scarce other ranks 90th Regiment of Foot, (The Perthsire Light Infantry) Waistbelt Clasp, in mint uncleaned condition. Became the 2nd Battalion Scottish Rifles after 1881.
90th Regiment of Foot The Perthshire Light Infantry ShoulderBelt Plate. An officers shoulderbelt plate to the 90th Regiment of Foot, The Perthshire Light Infantry, later the 2nd Battalion Scottish Rifles in 1881. Parkyn dates the Shoulderbelt Plate to 1830 - 1845. Ref: (Military) Shoulder-Belt Plates and Buttons by Major H.G. Parkyn. Page 152
90th Regiment of Foot The Perthshire Light Infantry Waist Belt Clasp. An officers waistbelt clasp to the 90th Regiment of foot, worn 1855 to 1881, became the 2nd Battalion Scottish Rifles in 1881. Ref: Officers Waistbelt Clasps 1855 - 1902 by Leila B. Ryan. Page 25.
91st Argyllshire Highlanders Mess Dress Button. A Victorian Officers 91st Argyllshire Regiment Mess Dress button, no makers marks, shank is present. worn pre-1881. Approx Size 1" (25mm)
91st Argyllshire Highlanders Officers Button. A mint 91st Argyllshire Highlanders Button retaining 100% of it's gilt finish. Maker stamped Jennens & Co London. Parkyn dates the button 1863 - 1881 Size 1" (25mm) Ref: (Military) Shoulder-Belt Plates and Buttons by Major H.G. Parkyn. Page 314.
91st Argyllshire Highlanders Sergeants Shako Badge. A mint Victorian Shako badge for a Sergeant in the 91st Argyllshire Highlanders, later the 1st Battalion The Argyll & Sutherland HIghlanders. Worn between 1864 - 1881.
91st Argyllshire Regt Other Ranks Button. An other ranks tunic button of the 91st Argyllshire Regt. lovely condition, no damage, closed back, Birmingham maker, but maker name obscured, shank present. Became 1st Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders in 1881. Parkyn dates the button from 1855 to 1881.
92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Regt. Officers Button. Worn by Officers of the Regiment between 1840 - 1881. Maker marked Jennens & Co London. Became 2nd Battalion Gordon Highlanders on amalgamation with the 75th Stirlingshire Regiment in 1881. No rubbing to high points but lost most of its Gilt.
92nd (Gordon Highlands) Regiment Waistbelt Clasp. An Officers waistbelt clasp of the 92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Regiment. This style of clasp was worn from the early 1860s to 1881.
93rd Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Dirk. Unmarked silver Officers dirk to the 93rd highlanders Silver thistle motifs throughout. Silver studs on the cross hatched bog oak handle. Matching Cairngorms to the dirk bi knife and fork. Typical foliage and thistle motifs to the blade. 93 within thistles. Scalloped edge numbered 7345. Maker marked Wilkinson Pall Mall London. Proved disc marked H W. Good opportunity for research. Scabbard in good order one bash to the bottom chape looks like it's been dropped at some point forgivable given its age of pre 1881. Always hard to source these early numbered dirks.
93rd Highlanders Cigar Box. A very well made Victorian period regimental cigar box. Either for personal use or part of regimental mess. The box is made from copper and silvered to the interior. The lid displays a 93rd Sutherland Highlanders badge surrounded by thistles in unmarked silver. To the left, hand engraved, Balaklava and to the right Lucknow. Heavy solid old box that would no doubt look much better with a polish.
93rd Sutherland Highlanders Waistbelt Clasp. A fine example of a 93rd Highlanders waistbelt clasp dating from the mid 19th century. Worn from Crimea through to 1881. Worn by Officers and NCO's.
99th Lanarkshire Regiment Officers Button. Worn by Officers of the Regiment 1855 - 1874. remained a Scottish Regiment until the 1881 Cardwell Reforms, when it was amalgamated with the 62nd foot to become The Duke of Edinburghs Wiltshire Regt.
9th Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers O.R.s Helmet Plate. A 9th L.R.V. Other Ranks Helmet plate for the Blue Cloth Home Service Helmet. White metal with Q.V.C., worn between 1880 - 1904.
A Cameronian Officer (Privately Published Memoir) This is a privately published Memoir of Lieut. James Burnett Lawson 2nd Scottish Rifles, Privately published by his father, James Burnett Lawson in 1921. Detailing his sons memoirs of his time during WW1 with the 2nd Scottish Rifles. A fascinating privately published account of life as a Scottish Rifles Officer in WW1. 253 pages. Size is seven inches by four and threequarter inches. (7" x 4.3/4") (17.80cm) x (12.65cm)
A&SH Officers Badger Head Sporran. Old badger head sporran late Victorian / WW1 era. In good service worn condition. Usual small area of wear to the snout. Good head and features , with leather artificial tongue and teeth. One tassel detached but present an easy fix. Red morocco leather to rear. Purse button missing. Named to the rear and looks like 7th A&SH. Overall a good example.
A&SH Officers Feather Bonnet and Storage Tin. A good used example of an Officers feather bonnet. Likely early twentieth century. Possibly Victorian period. Several names on the tin and one on a paper label on the inside of the leather band. Argyll red and white dice with blue velvet edge. Large white officers hackle secured to whale baleen shaft. Five ostrich feather tails. Cloth liner damaged in parts revealing the wire metal framework. Maker marked to the interior. Fitted with an other ranks,long lugged, feather bonnet badge with black silk backing. Chin strap missing one button remaining. A good used example purchased directly from the museum in Stirling castle. Priced to reflect condition. £630. Marked as POA as postage will have to be calculated once destination is established.
A&SH Officers kilt with panel. Very good condition superior Officers quality woolen kilt in government tartan. Officers embroidered panel applied. Interior cream wool to the waist band waist 32"/34 ". Difficult to date likely pre war or wartime as per regulations. No damage light wear.
A&SH Officers regimental dress waistcoat. Beautifully made Officers mess dress waistcoat hand finished to a very high standard. Four small sized regimental buttons original and intact. Adjustable cloth strap and two prong buckle to the rear. 36" 38" chest.
Ammo Pouch Dated 1919. An unblancoed left hand side ammunition pouch dated 1919. All studs etc in place and functioning Odd storage mark but uncleaned as found condition
Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Balmoral bonnet. WW2 A&SH Officers balmoral bonnet. Maker W Jardine Ltd Edinburgh. There is a name hand written to the label but I can't make it out. Original government tartan rectangle nicely hand applied with a heavy cast Argyll badge in place. An area of moth track above the tartan patch. Size 7 approximately. Overall a nice clean used example.
Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Officers Dress Collars. A beautiful matched pair of Victorian full dress collar badges for an officer in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, In silver with a gilt overlay, 100% of the gilt remains.
Argyllshire Highlanders Pipers Crossbelt Mid Victorian pipers cross belt in grained leather with unmarked silver / heavy silver plated fittings. Uncleaned original condition Crossbelt has provision for a sword. Most likely 1860s/70s period. Boars head thistles and back plate secured with square nuts and bolts.
ATS coloured side cap. A good lightly used ATS coloured side cap manufactured in wool fur felt material. ATS brass badge has been stitched in place avoiding making a hole for the slider. Moth free but dusty.
Ayrshire Home Guard Battledress Blouse. Size number 7 1940 stamp dated. Early unlined collar example. Hand applied home guard, 3 , Ayr titles. Excellent worn condition one tiny nip below left pocket hardly noticeable. Two brass dish buttons, original but reapplied using black thread. A genuine and now rare example.
Binoculars and Case to the 79th Cameron Highlanders. A nice old pair of Binoculars and Case attributed to Lieut. August de Segur McKerrell 79th Regt. and dating to pre 1881. Externally case and binoculars are in good condition, however the binoculars do not focus, and would need serviced, so offered for sale purely as a Military Collectable. Commissioned into the 79th Cameron Highlanders in 1877. Lieut Augustus de Segur McKerrell CB attained the rank of Lieut Colonel commanding the Cameron Highlanders and rose to the rank of Brigadier General. He died in 1916 at Dundee. Note: Photograph of McKerrell not Included in Sale.
Black watch battledress blouse. Near mint condition 46 ptn BD blouse. 1947 dated size number 8. No moth or damage. Original regimental tartan and Berlin cloth patches machine applied. Nicely pleated back. Scare enough jkt to find but rarely encountered badged.
Black Watch Officers Feather Bonnet Badge. Worn by the Officers and members of the Pipe Band. This example is in dead gilt and would have belonged to an Officer. Extended lugs to go through Rosette and Feather Bonnet headband. Retains about 95% of it's Gilt. some slight rubbing to a couple of high points, but a lovely badge. Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 67.
Boer War 2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers, Ulster Covenant Signatory Group. A 5 Bar Boer War Medal and group of emhemera to a soldier in the 2nd Btn. Royal Scots Fusiliers. The Bars are from the top, Transvaal Relief of Ladysmith Orange Free State Tugela Heights Cape Colony. Medal correctly Impressed Pte A. Gilmour, 2: R.Sco.Fus, unfortunately no ribbon with it. someone who obviously saw a lot of action in the Boer War. This is exactly as i bought the group, all inside the old shortbread tin. Amongst the group are two rare Ulster Covenant documents both signed by Alexander Gibson, one on "Ulster Day" September 1912, the other in March 1914. as well as these, are his soldiers "The Small Book", Discharge Document, a Mounted Infantry Proficiency Certificate stamped 1903 an 04, Unit Registry Card and several certificates relating to his education and family. A nice group of items to a Boer War veteran.
Boer War Scots Guards Officers Binoculars & Case. Scots Guards Officers brown leather binocular case with Scots Guards star (badge) affixed to the front. White metal mounts. Bottom stud missing. Boer War period but perhaps used earlier, a rare piece of officer field equipment of the late Victorian period. Usual French binoculars of the period. Silk interior lining damaged through age and usage. Part of a Scots Guards Collection recently purchased
By Air To Battle. HMSO publication. 1945 edition. A good decent copy of this well known book.
Cameronian Scottish Rifles Lance Corporal Portrait Postcard. A find detailed postcard showing a Lance Corporal of the Scottish Rifles in Khaki Drill tunic with Wolseley Helmet. Wearing what looks like a Lewis Gunner Proficiency Badge on his left cuff with good conduct stripes. Mint condition, postally unused.
Cameronians Scottish Rifles Pouch Belt Badge A fine cast solid Slver Officers Pouch Belt Badge to the Scottish Rifles, Birmingham Hallmarks for Bent & Parker 1920, even the washers are hallmarked. A top quality badge, seldom seen for sale seperately from the pouch.
Douglas Rifle Volunteers Officers Waistbelt. A very rare Victorian waistbelt of the Douglas Rifle Volunteers. The belt stitching is loose on the female clasp side and needs restitched (see photo). The Clasp has had a Silver Wash at one time, but most of this is gone. But find me another one! Raised in 1860 this belt dates from that period. Known as the 94th Douglas Volunteers, they amalgamated in 1880 and became the 9th Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers and subsequently the 8th (Lanark) Battalion of the H.L.I. in 1908.
Dumbartonshire R.V. Waistbelt Clasp Good officers example.
Dumbartonshire Rifle Volunteers 1887 Photograph. A companion cabinet size photograph and mount that came with the other Dumbarton R.V. photograph. Showing Private J.B.Jardine carrying his Martini-Henry Rifle. Winner presumably of Captain Stewarts Prize for Juniors.Some staining to the mount bottom right corner but photograph is not affected. Some writing in pencil to reverse stating Captain Stewarts Prize 1887.
Eastwood and Cathcart Rifles / Later 3rd VB A&SH. Extremely rare other ranks brass waistbelt clasp to the Eastwood and Cathcart rifles circa 1860. Prince of wales feathers to the centre. The Eastwood and Cathcart company of the Renfrewshire Volunteer Rifle Corps was raised in January 1860 with its headquarters in Cogan street. Further companies were raised in Thornlienank, Barrhead, Neilston and Hurlet and in April 1860 the 3rd Ad btn Renfrew rifle volunteer corps was organised made up of seven companies. In 1880 the regiment became the 3rd Renfrew rifle volunteer corps. Further changes were to take place in 1887 when the btn became known as 3rd ( Renfrewshire) volunteer btn (princess Louise's ) Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. The only one of its type I have ever encountered to this very small unit.
Erich Topp Signature. A good combination of perhaps the the two best known images of Erich Topp ,post war signed. Excellent condition no bends marks or damage. Comes with COA from Chaucer collectibles
Extra Images See Victorian Royal Renfrew Militia Dirk
Extra Images Extra Images. see WW1 Group Of Three Durham Light Infantry Officers Caps.
Extra Images see Royal Scots Uniform Group
Extra Images see Imperial German Ersatz Picklehaube.
Extra Images. see HLI service dress tunic
Extra Images. see WW2 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders P.O.W. Group.
Extra Images. See Boer War 2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers, Ulster Covenant Signatory Group.
Extra Images. Extra Images. see 93rd Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Dirk.
Extra Images. see WW1 Highland Light Infantry Officers Cuff Rank Tunic
Extra Images. See WW1 3rd Scottish Rifles Ephemera Group
Extra Images. See WW1 Period 3rd Seaforth Highlanders Feather Bonnet.
Extra Images. See Pipe Majors Uniform Listing.
Extra Images. See WW1 NCO's 02 Tunic
Extra Images. see Scottish Rifles Militia Officers Uniform Group
Extra Images. see WW1 Wolseley Pith Helmet
Extra Images. see WW1 period Seaforth Highlanders Officers Dirk
Extra Images. Extra Images. See 1st pattern Fairbairn Sykes knife.
Fife & Forfar Light Horse Helmet. An 1871 Pattern Troopers Helmet to the Fife & Forfar Light Horse. Only worn between 1896 to 1901. One or Two light knocks to the rear of the skull at the top (shown in photo 8) not a dent, looks like the edge of something has knocked against it, but they are covered by the white horsehair plume, otherwise this is in mint condition.
Fifth Black Watch Photograph. Pre WW1 group photograph of members of the fifth Black Watch. Lots of good detail badges insignia and uniform variations. Local photographer Menzies of Perth.
Fourth Btn KOSB 1939/45 History. As you would expect full of useful information. Well detailed and an easy read. This one comes with its original dust cover, compliments slip and cardboard packaging as delivered to Pte W Caldwell in 1946.
Free Norwegian Officers Cap Badge. Solid silver hallmarked 1943 J R Gaunt and sons Officers cap badge. Monogram of king Haakon the seventh surmounted by the Norwegian crown. Both lugs intact ,heavy, uncleaned badge.
Georgian 71st Other Ranks Pewter Button. An early Georgian cast Pewter other ranks button of the 71st Highland Regiment. Crude makers mark to rear possibly I.M. or W.T. not the best condition, but a scarce button none the less. The shank is present. Size slightly over 1/2" (12.7mm)
Georgian Breadalbane Volunteers Officers Button. A superb Officers Coatee button of the Breadalbane Volunteers, most likely a cuff button, beautifully made, retains about 80% of its original gilt finish.Shank present. The button dates from the founding of the Breadalbane Volunteers in 1799 after disbandment of the Breadalbane Fencibles in the late 1790s, the button has a very slight edge knock and tiny crack to the edge. Find me another one!. Size: 1/2" (12.7mm)
Georgian ORs 2nd Queens Royal Regt Pewter Button. A scarce other ranks pewter button of the 2nd Regt of Foot. According to Parkyn worn for a very short time around 1800. Has lost some detail but find another, faint maker back marked Nutting & Son, Covent Garden. Shank is present. 20mm. Earth dug.
Georgian Perth Highland Fencible Regiment Button. Officers button of the Perth Highland Fencible Regiment, earth dug in Limerick, Ireland in the 1970s. The Regiment were formed in 1794 and disbanded in 1802, primarily to police Ireland. The button has had a silver wash at one time, much of which still remains, some loss to surface detail and edge, shank is present. (see photograph). Size is just short of 3/4" (19mm)
Georgian Pewter 74th Regiment of Foot Other Ranks Button. An early open back Pewter 74th Regiment of Foot button, pitted condition. Parkyn dates this worn up to 1820. Maker mark looks like Firmin, but hard to distinguish, Shank present. Size: 20 mm Ref: (Military) Shoulder-Belt Plates and Buttons by Major H.G. Parkyn. Page 286
German K98 Bayonet Frog. A good combat used K98 bayonet frog with securing strap. Sometimes referred to as the cavalry frog. Supple leather all stitching and rivets intact.
German Pilot\'s \'Cowl\' Flying Helmet A WW1 period flying helmet in typical German Style, with hanging loop at top, no damage or tears, but scuffed and worn, no makers marks i can see, nearly all the stud poppers still close, a scarce early pilots cowl flying helmet.
German Police M43 Cap. Police M43 Cap manufactured in police green wool. One piece Bevo insignia machine stitched to front. Maker marked and dated 1944 Wien size 56. Good clean cap displaying all the features of a genuine M43 cap.
German WW2 Flieger Blouse. A near mint Luftwaffe flight section Flieger blouse to an NCO. LBA issue and size stamps to the interior. Slip on epaulettes Medal ribbon pinned to breast as found. Shirt and tie not included. NB At broadsword antiques we offer for sale items as we find them and will not add or remove insignia etc to improve them. However we have on this occasion after it was pointed out by a long time collector of Luftwaffe uniform and insignia. We have sourced an identical gull that was missing from each collar tab. It was the central gull. It was also noticed that two pips had been removed we have restored them also. New images have been added to the site in addition to the ones originally taken. We have not enhanced the tunic in our opinion but have sympathetically restored it we hope you will agree.
German WW2 M40 Tunic. M40 tunic in excellent condition Nco tresse to collar and pink piped Panzer Epaulettes Loops for three awards. Mouse grey collars. Various theatre or museum stamps to the interior. Iron Cross ribbon stitched to buttonhole. Very clean original condition with light service wear. Helmet, Belt and Shirt not included in sale.
German WW2 M43 Cap. Good original m43 cap excellent nap of cloth no moth one small cut / damage to the rear fold down section. Lined in light brown cotton wich shows honest signs of wear. One piece trapezoid bevo insignia beautifully hand applied. Two grey metal pebbled buttons intact.
Glasgow Highlanders Lapel Badge. Glasgow Highlanders,9th Btn HLI. Pin back lapel badge. Toned uncleaned condition. WW1 period.
Gordon Highlanders Glengarry Badge Hallmarked 1894. An Officers or Sergeants Glengarry Badge with "close coupled" antlers, close coupling of the antlers is usually associated with Pipers or Sergeants. This is Maker Marked J&Co Birmingham, with Anchor and a nice early Date Letter U for 1894. Getting harder to find Glengarry Badges hallmarked this early.
Gordon Highlanders Officers Waistbelt Clasp Good officers WBC most likely WW1 or between wars manufacture.
Gordon Highlanders Officers Waistbelt Clasp. A good used example of a Gordon Highlanders Officers Waistbelt Clasp, two piece fitting, front badge removes for cleaning. Worn by the Regiment from 1881 until the 1990s Difficult to date these precisely but this looks like an nice early 20th century example. Possibly WW1
Gordon Highlanders Volunteer Officers Waistbelt Clasp. A lovely heavy silver plate Gordon Highlanders Officers Waistbelt Clasp to a Volunteer Battalion. Worn from 1881 through to 1908. In 1908 the Volunteer system was replaced by the Territorial Force, Volunteer Battalions became became Terrirorial Battalions of their parent Regiment.
Group of four court mounted medals Group of four mounted medals comprising WW1 EK2 1914/18 service cross with swords Saxon twelve year service medal and a third Reich police twenty five year service medal. Mounted as worn
H.L.I. Volunteer Officers Green Cloth Home Service Helmet. A nice Victorian Officers Home Service Helmet to a Volounteer Battalion of the Hightland Light Infantry. White metal fittings with Volounteer Officers Helmet Plate and blank scroll. In mint condition, no mothing or damage to the exterior. The interior in similar very clean condition. A truly lovely helmet the only small minus is the presence of two slightly off small holes East and West where the Helmet Plate sits. Possibly an error of judgement when applying the plate initially or the plate has been damaged and had a similar replacement or another plate has been applied.
H.L.I. Volunteer or Militia Officers Shako. A very nice condition Shako to the Highland Light Infantry, with only service wear. No name i can find. No mothing or major damage, some rubbing to the edge of the leather peak and light crazing. about 2" of the silk lining has come adrift from the leather headband inside. Retains it's proper Dark Green Ball Tuft, with Turks Head Knot with white metal thistle applied to the boss. Makers name L. Silberston, 2 Regent St London. Kings Crown Badge, . Probably just Pre WW1
Hallmarked South Wales Borderers Officers cap Badge Very good condition with minimal wear. JR Gaunt made and hallmarked for Birmingham. Date letter used 1917 and 1942 without change My feeling given long lugs to the back indicates most likely 1917 period manufacture.
Hallmarked Victorian Cameron Highlanders Officers Plaid Brooch. A mint condition Officers silver Plaid Brooch of the Cameron Highlanders, Hallmarks for Edinburgh 1897, Maker marked to reverse R.B.Kirkwood Edinburgh.
Herman Goering Panzer Side Cap. Mint condition Herman Goering Panzer Side Cap. Black wool body with beautifully hand stitched insignia Blue artificial herringbone weave silk lining. Insignia, cap and interior are all mint condition looks like this has been taken from a storage depot perhaps? Whatever the reason it's clearly never been worn.
Highland Light Infantry Pipers Plaid Brooch. Pipers Plaid Brooch to the H.L.I., Kings Crown, Marked up 28 MB (Military Band). With a stout old pin to reverse side.
Highland Light Infantry Short Spats 1938. Pre war dated H.L.I. white gaiter/ spats, worn with the trews. Maker marked, GAITERS HLI SIZE 3 GREENGATE & IRWELL, RUBBER CO LTD 1938. All buttons complete no damage just usual service wear.
Highland Light Infantry WW1 Glengarry. An H.L.I. WW1 Glengarry, Correct Leather edging to bottom, some slight scuffing and cracking to leather, no mothing, complete with badge and silk rosette. Tails removed. Size 6.3/4.
History of the 15th Scottish Division 1939-1945. First Edition, Printed by H.G. Martin 1948. A massive volume containing 381 pages, filled with maps, diagrams, and photos of the 15th Scottish Division during WW2. The Dust Jacket present but poor condition Main Book itself is in good condition, some slight marks to interior and pages no foxing, some slight wear to the edges of the hardback cover, but as a reference, it's unrivalled for information. One currently on Abe Books in similar condition for £95.00
HLI Officers / Nco Glengarry. Rifle green glengarry with imperial crowned HLI multi piece badge on its silk backing. All original to it. Tails intact and full length. Rifle green/black toorie. Clear impression where the badge has sat for many years. Difficult to date any time from WW1 to the 1930's. Approximately size 7.
HLI Officers or NCO\'s badge. Multi piece Highland Light Infantry Officers/ NCO's badge. Nice toned uncleaned condition.
HLI Service Dress Tunic. Privately tailored khaki service dress tunic to an nco in the highland light infantry. Two piece shoulder insignia, sergeants chevrons, blank scroll white metal (volounteer ) collar badges, marksmans worsted sleeve badge above two long service good conduct stripes and a single wound stripe with its backing plate set of regimental buttons, four overseas service stripes and WW1 trio pin on medal bar complete the tunic. The buttons down the front are removable for ease of cleaning and held in place with split brass rings. The belt hooks have removed from the rear of the tunic at some point. The tunic is lined in khaki silk which has some period repairs in places. Overall in good order and clearly worn often as this mans best tunic interestingly he has gone to the expense of having a jacket tailor made for himself rather than modify an issue example I think indicating a long serving nco. The tunic would date I'd say from 1919 / 1922 period no date or tailors details.
Hutcheson Grammar School Cadet Corps Postcard 1914. An old postcard of a bandsman from Hutcheson Grammar School Cadet Corps, a very unusual postcard, I have never heard of this Cadet Corps, but uniform obviously based on the Scottish Rifles. Drum bears the H.G.S. Letters and Scottish Rifles Crest. Dirty, but no creases.
Imperial German Ersatz Picklehaube. Grey fitted Guards Picklehaube, all metalwork matching finish. The skull is of leather whilst the front and rear visors are of Ersatz compressed fibre which has stood the test of time remarkably well. Original leather chinstrap and cockades. Guards helmet plate of two piece construction. Clear evidence of the plate having been on the helmet a long time. No extra holes. Leather liner intact
Kings Crown Royal Marines Helmet Plate. Kings Crown RM officers Helmet Plate. Multi-piece construction lovely condition, no damage to Enamel
Kings Own Light Infantry Officers Waistbelt Clasp. Pre 1897 Victorian waitsbelt clasp to the Kings Own Light Infantry, in 1897 the Regimental title was changed to the The King’s Own (Yorkshire Light Infantry). A scroll to the bottom with the motto Cede Nullis (Yield to none). High points to centre clasp show some rubbing, so priced accordingly.
Kings Own Scottish Borderers Pipers Button. A mint victorian crown K.O.S.B. pipers button, worn between 1881 and 1902, shank present, another scarce button to find. Maker marked Jennens & Co London. Size 28 mm (tip to bottom.)
KOSB lot WW2. 52nd Lowland Division. A collection of medals and personal effects to Sgt Fox 52nd Lowland Mountain Division. Medal box of issue and slip containing 39/45 star France and Germany defence and victory medals. Sgt Foxs id tags on chain. Pair of sergeants chevrons two 52nd Lowland embroidered shields one embroidered mountain tab and medal ribbon bar all as removed from the battledress. His glengarry and badge. Three 5 franc notes Two German notes 1 mark and 1/2 mark. Another 5 franc note dated 1943. A copy of the borderers in battle. Non fraternisation pamphlet. An English hymnal and a gazetteer of the British isles. Last but not least 52nd Lowland post war activities (old comrades type) booklet.
Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers Crossbelt Whistle & Plate. These crossbelt fittings were used by several Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteer Corps. Heavy Silver Chain, with Inkerman Whistle and Lion Head Boss, complete with Crossbelt Plate, showing the Royal Coat of Arms of Scotland. Worn 1887 - 1908
Large Portrait Photograph of a 2nd Lt Scottish Rifles Officer. A stunning quality large photograph with mount of a 2nd Lieut in the Scottish Rifles. Lovely very crisp detail, Officers name unknown, as is the date, I would suspect WW1 to interwar period probably 1930s. Edinburgh Photographer. Approx size: Photograph 8" x 6" (20cm x 15cm) Mount Size 12.75" x 9.50" (32cm x 24cm)
Large Portrait Photograph of a Captain in the Scottish Rifles. A large detailed mounted photograph by Vandyk, London. Named on the reverse as Captain Hogg, 2nd Btn Scottish Rifles. dated 14/6/31. In very nice condition no tears or damage to photograph. Approx size: Mount: 10.1/2" x 7.3/4" (27 cm) x (19 cm wide) Photograph: 9" x 6.1/4" (23 cm) x (16 cm)
Late 1950s - Early 60s Army Recruiting Poster. A late1950s - 60s recruiting poster for the Regular Army, came with the two Cameronians Posters from the Recruiting Office in Hamilton 1962. Would look nice framed beside one of the Scottish Rifles Posters. One only... SIze Approx : 20" x 30"
Late 1950s - Early 60s Scottish Rifles Recruiting Poster. I have two of these, once they are gone thats it, both in similar condition, no rips or damage. Would look great framed. Came from Hamilton Recruiting Office in 1962 along with the other Regular Army Recruiting Poster also listed. How many of these survive.. Note: this sale is for one only. SIze Approx : 20" x 30"
Late 1950s - Early 60s Scottish Rifles Recruiting Poster. I had two this is the last one, very similar condition to previous one sold, no rips or damage. Note: colour is white/cream the same colour as previous one, this photograph is a bit darker SIze Approx : 20" x 30"
Lieut\'s WW2 Slip on\'s Clean, matched pair of shoulder rank / embroidered title slip on's to the Buffs, The Royal East Kent Regt. Hand embroidered pips and Buffs title. Used either North Africa , Italy or the Far East Battalions of this Regt having seen much active service in these campaigns.
London Scottish Officers Mess Dress. London Scottish Officers Mess Dress. Bespoke made, In immaculate condition apart from a tiny moth nip on the rear, slight wear on the braiding of one of the cuffs (shown in photo) and a tiny moth hole high on one trouser leg. Named to Captain G.R.P. Macpherson. Have been unable to trace him in the Army Lists, so I am unnsure of the Era... possibly WW2 or 1950s. Made by Herbert Chappell Ltd Gresham St London, who ceased trading at that address in 1963. Chest: 38 -39" Waist: 32 - 33" Inside Leg: 32"
Lord Derby Arm Band. Good clean unused condition as issued both metal buttons intact but never sewn in place. One small moth nip ( see photo). Good clear stamp to the rear.
Luftwaffe 1st Pattern Dagger. In original uncleaned condition showing genuine signs of wear contemporary with the use of the dagger. Please see images. The blade marked Paul Weyersberg is in great condition no nicks bends or losses to the tip. All tight and matching colour and patination throughout. Over 18s only.
Luftwaffe Flak NCO\'s Cap. Nice clean Luftwaffe Flak Cap. Mint green artificial silk lining complete celluloid diamond with makers details and paper insert with nco's rank and name. An old repair to the stitching of the sweatband which is also torn in one place. Size 56/57 approx. Good saddle shape, worn but in good order.
Luftwaffe Flight NCO\'s Cap. A near mint example of a Luftwaffe NCO's Flight/Para Cap by Pekuro. Typical Pekuro Velvet and Leather combination sweat band. Mint Green artificial silk lining with celluloid diamond intact. Some light service wear, clearly someone's best cap which came in with the tunic, which is listed seperately. One small nip to the crown see image. All insignia tight to the cap and matching. Size 56/57. A very clean cap.
Luftwaffe M43 Cap. Luftwaffe M43 cap with original one piece insignia dated 1944. Typical late war construction with blue/grey artificial silk liner. Numbered and dated 1944 size 56. The cap shows signs of wear but is in good clean condition no moth or damage. Insignia machine sewn during manufacture.
Luftwaffe NCO\'s Signals Cap. Good honest used example of an NCO's Signals Cap. Original eagle wreath and chinstrap. Size 56 stamped under the celluloid diamond. Some wear to the interior and sweat band. Some moth nibbles to the piping and a barely discernible small damage to the crown. Nice original worn condition.
Luftwaffe NCO\'s Tunic. Lovely four pocket Luftwaffe flight/ para nco tunic. Early droop tail eagle hand stitched Collar tabs with four gulls three match the top fourth gull added later most likely as a promotion same on either side. Loops for a medal ribbon or flight bar and two awards the central award having been moved upwards on the pocket at some time Indications of award to loops to the right breast pocket. Loops for an award below right pocket. Spanish cross perhaps? Original tailors label to the neck and interior right hand pocket. The original owners name in blue ink over written by another name and details Obfeld Nock 1936. Please (see images). Possibility of the first owner KIA or wounded? One moth nip to cuff on right sleeve. *Cap Not Included* for sale separately.
Luftwaffe Officers Brocade Belt. Early droop tail eagle non maker marked variety. Nicely toned and uncleaned good gilding remaining on the eagle. Belt soft and supple. One small area of loss to the Luftwaffe blue wool near the keeper ( see image). A good early set with no major issues.
Miniature medal group. MC and trio coronation and TD decoration in their original fitted velvet lined case.
MVSN Dagger/Knife. A well used and personalised MVSN dagger. Initials A C hand carved to both sides of the wooden handle. Good honest example which has not been cleaned.
NSKOV Pole Banner Top. Nice early heavy construction by top maker Otto Gahr. Well polished over the years with some silver plate finish remaining in the recesses. The majority of the black and red to the cross and disc behind the swastika also mainly intact. Double hole fixing. Looks to have been twisted to remove it from its pole at the time it was souvenired as is evidenced by some slight distortion to the bottom oak leaves left and right. Nice original piece by the maker famous for the Erwache standard tops.
Officers 42nd Regt of Foot The Black Watch Button. a pre 1881 42nd Regiment of foot button to the Black Watch, Maker Firmin & Sons London, has lost it's gilt finish, unpolished condition. Shank present. Size: 25mm
Officers 42nd Regt of Foot The Black Watch Button. Pre 1881 button to the 42nd Regiment the Black Watch, mint condition retains all it's gilt finish, maker Stephen Simpson, Preston. Size: 20mm
Officers Blue Cloth Helmet. Blue Cloth Officers Helmet to the East Yorkshire Regiment named to E. Holtby. Made by Hobsons &sons London. Original badge as fitted no extra holes.Multi piece construction. No moth. Good percentage of original gilding remaining. Size approximately 7 .71/4.
Original Seaforths WW2 Portrait Postcard Photograph. Seaforth Highlanders Lieutenant in Service Dress, HD patch to sleeve. Fine array of medal ribbons. Good image of the Officers Balmoral. A little creased to the right hand corner. Always difficult to find period photographs showing Divisional Signs.
Pair of 1st Lowland RFA Shoulder Titles. A nice pair of WW1 Shoulder Titles to a Territorial Scottish RFA unit. Made in Brass,
Pair of Lowland RFA WW1 Shoulder Titles. A matched pair of white metal Territorial Lowland Royal Field Artillery Shoulder Titles. One lug missing from each title. Priced accordingly.
Pair of WW1 Camerons Shoulder Titles. A nice matched pair of WW1 Cameron Highlanders Shoulder Titles.
Pair of WW1 Lothian & Borders Shoulder Titles. A nice matched pair of World War One L&B shoulder titles in brass, a scarce shoulder title to find.
Pair Victorian 79th Cameron Highlanders Buttons. Two half inch (12.5mm) 79th Regiment of Foot Epaulette Buttons. Pre-1881, both made by Firmin & Sons, London.
Parachute Regiment HQ Metal Wall Plaque. Large metal Parachute Regiment Plaque, Kings Crown badge with two recesses top and bottom to affix to a wall. An ordinary beret badge is shown for comparison only, not included in sale. 20" inches length height 12 3/4" inches
Parachute Regiment HQ Metal Wall Plaque. This is the second one of a pair, the other previously sold. Kings Crown, cast white metal with recesses top and bottom to affix to a barracks wall ot gate post. WW2 period pre 1953. 20" inches length height 12 3/4" inches
Perthsihre Volunteers Framed Photograph A nice untouched framed photograph showing 3 members of the Perthshire Rifle Vols. They have Snider Rifles, I would date this c1870s, gilt original frame, showing some gilt loss. Small size. Thanks to M.Previzier for identifying this photo for me. Size Approx: 21.5cm (8.1/2") x 17.5cm (6.3/4")
Polish Adrian helmet. WW1 period Adrian helmet dark olive khaki painted. Polish eagle in silver grey paint hand stencil applied. Original chinstrap. The liner is present but in worn condition with part of the corrugated aluminium band missing. Horizon blue wool backing to the leather liner two tongues detached Original owners name scratched into the paint on the underside back peak. An original helmet from the fall of France or perhaps from Narvik and the subsequent withdrawal from Norway.
Polish Armoured Brigade Officers Beret. Dusty and dirty as found some dried paint here and there which I'm sure can easily be removed. I decided not to clean or brush it but rather leave that to whoever owns it. 1945 dated code letter Z. Size 7 1/8. Bullion lieutenants badge nicely hand sewn. Some age and oxidisation to the silver bullion. This sits well in the central forward position as Polish personell would wear or equally pulled over the left eye as worn by British troops.
Polish \"Plastic\" Eagle Cap Badge. Original WW2 polish plastic cap badge. Made by A Stanley and Sons Walsall. Good detail although slightly warped. Both blades strong and intact.
Political Leaders Belt Buckle. Good Political Leaders Belt Buckle, the majority of the gold gilding intact. Some slight rubbing to high points Clear RZM marked to obverse.
Portrait Photograph of a WW1 Argyll & Sutherland Highlander Officer. A large size portrait photograph in a mount. Probably a photograph taken after his commission, nice detail. Shows a 2nd Lieut in the A&SH. The tunic has a cuff rank and would date the photograph to early in WW1. No names or dates on the photograph Approx size: Mount Size: 11.3/4" x 6.1/4" (30 cm x 15.5cm) Photograph Size: 10.3/4" x 5" (27.5cm x 12.5cm)
Portrait Photograph of Thomas Coke 4th Earl of Leicester, Scots Guards. A fine detailed portrait photograph of Captain Thomas Coke, Scots Guards, 4th Earl of Leicester. signed at the bottom and dated 1906. Coke was promoted captain on the 14th March 1906, The photographers are one of the top London photographers of the time, Elliot & Fry, The photograph detail is excellent. Size: approx 18cm x 12.4cm ( 7" x 4.3/4)
QEII Crown Royal Marines Helmet Plate. QE11 R.M. Officers Helmet Plate. Beautifully made, gilt in mint condition.
Queens Own Lowland Yeomanry Officers Cap. An Officers Peak Cap to the Queens Own Lowland Yeomanry, made by William Jardine & Sons Edinburgh. Formed in 1956 and disbanded in 1975.
Queens Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry Cabinet Card. A fine Cabinet Card showing a Troop Sergeant in the Queens Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry dating from around the 1870s, superb condition, Glasgow Photographer. Size Approx 16.5cm x 10.5cm(4" x 6.1/2")
R.A.F. Battledress Blouse 1944 Dated. War service dress blouse size number 3, 1944 dated. Lovely clean but used flight sergeants bd. Padded wings hand applied, machine sewn albatross and hand sewn sergeant stripes. Brass crown with fibre disc backing plates. Both shoulder strap buttons have been removed and the epaulettes hand sewn in place. I believe a fairly common practice amongst operational flying crews. No moth or damages some light wear to interior cotton lining. A fine genuine example of flight sergeants kit.
R.A.F. Other Ranks Side Cap. Over the years I've had dozens of these caps but never one as well used as this. It lives up to the nickname" Brylcream boys " the interior of the cap shows heavy use of this or similar product,hair oil and has left a heavy residue. The cap is in good overall condition and the badge has been well polished. Perhaps someone's lucky cap given the superstition nature of flight crews? My description doesn't do justice a proper service worn war souvenir.
R.S.F. Pipers Badge. A guaranteed original Royal Scots Fusilier Pipers Badge. Dirty and uncleaned as found.
RAF Full Dress Bullion Pilots Wings. A mint set of bullion RAF officers pilots wings.
Ration Tin. Large size chocolate and boiled sweets ration tin from type D compo ration. Great condition with most original finish intact the odd bash but a really nice example. No rust or paint losses to the exterior.
Renfrew Rifle Volunteers Officers or NCO\'s Waistbelt Clasp. Worn by Officers of the 2nd and 3rd Renfrew Rifle Volunteers 1874 -1887. The name Renfrewshire Rifle Volunteers within circlet, to centre Prince of Wales Feathers. Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 117.
Renfrewshire RFA Brass Shoulder Title. A single WW1 Territorial RFA Renfrewshire Brass Shoulder title all three lugs intact.
Royal Artillery SD Cap Dated 1944. Nice condition other ranks service dress cap badged to the royal artillery. J Compton sons & Webb ltd London 1944. Broad arrow and M stamped. Lovely condition no moth or damage to the exterior. One small tear to the green underside of the peak. Complete with chinstrap.
Royal Highlanders Victoria OR\'s Glengarry Badge An Other Ranks QVC Glengarry Badge to the Black Watch in White Metal, lugs intact to the rear
Royal North British Dragoons Button. A scarce Officers button to the Royal North British Dragoons (later the Royal Scots Greys). Stamped Jennens & Co London. Retains 100% of its Gilt finish.Parkyn dates this button worn 1835 -1881. Size 7/8" (22.2mm) Ref: (Military) Shoulder-Belt Plates and Buttons by Major H.G. Parkyn. Page 25.
Royal Scots Battledress and Tam O\' Shanter. Battledress jacket, trousers and Tam O' Shanter to a private soldier in the Royal Scots, Army number 7162. All three items in this group have the same army number applied. Jacket is dated 1945 and size 16. Tartan patch of hunting Stuart Tartan to both sleeves. Trousers are 1943 dated and size 16. Tam o Shanter is size 7 and dated 1943. Royal Scots badge and Tartan backing intact. All three uniform items are of Canadian manufacture Lovely clean condition most likely a demob outfit worn home then hung in the wardrobe. Shirt and tie not included.
Royal Scots Fusiliers NCO\'s Scarlett Tunic. Officers quality high ranking NCO's Scarlett Tunic, early 1900s. Gold wire embroidered RSF and Flaming Bomb, now toned by age. Officers quality gold gilt general service Kings Crown buttons all matching and intact. Thirty in all. Super clean condition no moth Cream lining intact with some areas of wear consumate with age. No signs of sleeve badges or appointments or rank.
Royal Scots fusiliers Officers dress belt Brocade waist belt backed in red Morocco leather gold bullion thistles and foliage. Saint Andrew on the cross on seeded background pins to the rear. Both sliders intact. Some areas of stitching loss,which is usual with these belts, but not severe. Difficult to date exactly but most likely early 20th century.
Royal Scots Officers Forage Cap Badge 1872-1881. A very nice Forage Cap badge for an Officer in the Royal Scots. Worn by the Regiment between 1872 - 1881.These badges are also worn with Blue Enamel centre. Tests as .925 Silver but no Hallmark, so listed as white metal and gilt. Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 3.
Royal Scots Tunic. A Victorian other ranks tunic to the 8th volounteer battalion the Royal Scots. Dark blue tunic with red piping to the front edge red cuffs and collar and red piping to the epaulettes. Grass green Austrian knot and grass green letters and number to the epaulettes. Matching buttons throughout. Two period repairs to the left shoulder. Odd moth nip but overall in good order. Original tailors label, partly detached William Millar West Calder. Some loose stitching to left hand side interior. Please Note: Waistbelt for display purpose only not included in sale.
Royal Scots Uniform Group. The group consists of a Doublet, Kilmarnock Bonnet, Trews and Belt. These all came together, the Trews and Doublet are named to 9661 Private Edward Pearson. The Bonnet dated 1904. Pearson joined the Royal Scots on the 9th of August 1906 and died in Palestine during WW1 of wounds on the 6th of November 1917. The Trews are superb condition for WW1 period, one very small moth nip under the crutch, The Doublet is of the Foreign Service Style with no liner to keep cooler and is dated 1909. Has a few small moth nips, nothing major, and minus its Collar Badges, but again in superb condition. I have tried to take photographs of any mothing. The Bonnet is missing it's badge and shows moth tracking to the top and some nips on the dicing, leather edging is sound but scuffed. (see photographs). A copy of Pearsons Service record is included.
S.A. Dagger by Haenel. Nickel mounted SA dagger by Haenel Suhl with triple hanger. Untouched and uncleaned tight fit throughout. Lots of information regarding this sought after dagger available on the web. Purchased with a small collection of souvenirs from the estate of a Glasgow member of the Cameronians, Scottish Rifles.
SA Dagger Blade by Kober. Nicely marked SA dagger blade by a rare maker. Sadly it does have an area of staining/damage.See images.
SA Dagger by Anton Wingen. Good clean dagger double marked RZM and logo of Anton Wingen. Nickle mounts and anodised scabbard. Blade in excellent condition no dings or loss to the tip. Wooden handle likewise no chips or cracks lovely rosewood colour. Double hanger.
SAS Beret. J Compton, sons & Webb ltd 1955 dated. Size 6/ 7/8. Leather edged. Hand embroidered bullion badge. Hand sewn. Mint condition no moth or damage. Extremely difficult to find original issued SAS headgear of any period. Externally identical to WW2 examples.
Scots Guards Cape Clasp Fastener. Matched pair four lugs intact complete with original chain.
Scots Guards Pipers Badge. A nice Scots Guards Pipers Badge in a dead gilt silvered finish. 2 lugs to the rear are intact.
Scottish Cadets Officers badge. Very good example of this badge with most original silver and gold gilt intact. Three lugs to the rear.
Scottish Cadets Other Ranks Glengarry Badge White metal example of an other ranks glengarry badge. Three original lugs to the rear.
Scottish Rifles Button Never seen this style of Scottish Rifles button before, i am presuming mid 20th Century to 1968 as Pitt & Co, worked at Maddox St 1895-1973. Size 20 mm
Scottish Rifles Feather Plume, Holder & Tin. A nice Scottish Rifles Black feather Plume for the Shako, complete with storage tin and holder, super hard to find. One only.
Scottish Rifles Glengarry NCO glengarry with sgts name to the interior. Large size eco badge. Most likely late WW2 or just post.
Scottish Rifles Militia Officers Uniform Group. A fantastic uniform group belonging to an Officer of the 8th Scottish Rifles. Doublet and helmet named to Lt. A.S.L. Young and dated 1911. Whistle Boss and crossbelt hallmarked B&P with anchor and 1910 date letter. No names or initials i can find on the breeches, which are top quality and in mint condition. The boots are in good condition, just some normal service wear, although they are a little stiff from storage. No extra holes behind the helmet plate, (see photo), a real sleeper group. A.S.L. Young fought in WW1 with the 8th Btn Scottish Rifles and reached the rank of Major and survived the war.
Scottish Rifles Officers Glengarry Badge A fine Scottish Rifles Officers Glengarry Badge in Silver, no hallmarks, very light rubbing to some high points, but a fabulous looking badge. A nice quality retailers plate affixed to the rear. Hobson & Sons 13 & 5 Lexington St, London.W
Scottish Rifles Officers Pugaree Badge. A private purchase officers badge in bronze, originally would have been blackened, but has toned down to a pleasing deep reddish bronze colour. worn on the Wolseley Helmet and Colonial Pattern Foreign Service Helmet (see photo 3). Makers plate to the reverse Anderson, Military Outfitters, Edinburgh.
Scottish Rifles Officers Sword. A fine Scottish Rifles Sword and Sword bag named to Major J.M.H.Scott. Made by Wilkinson. Lovely condition overall. Retains its original chamois leather storage bag, and leather scabbard. George VI crest etched on the blade, reverse side is etched The Cameronians. Blade is overall very nice condition, with some spider rust and staining near the tip. Strap is broken but easily repairable (see photo) **Over 18 and U.K. Sales Only**
Scottish Rifles Pipers Button. A pipers button to the Scottish Rifles, Worn 1881 to 1968, Maker marked Firmin, London, superior quality to the later cast ones made in the 1950s, probably early part of the 20th century. Shank present. Size 30 mm (tip to bottom)
Scottish Rifles Whistle & Boss A fine Scottish Rifles Officers Whistle and Boss for the crossbelt, Hallmarked Birmingham J&Co 1909. (see photograph)
Scottish Rifles Wolseley Helmet A lovely condition Wolseley helmet to the Cameronians, the helmet strap is dated 1917, but i suspect this is just post WW1 when the 2nd battalion were in Mesopotamia and the North West Frontier. In practically unissued condition apart from some sweat staining to the headband and some spotting to the interior, but otherwise mint condition. No damage to cork.
Seaforth Highlanders Officers Glengarry Badge. A nice Victorian 3 Piece Officers Glengarry Badge, no hallmarks, so listed as White Metal. Used on both the Feather Bonnet and Glengarry,
Seaforth Highlanders Waistbelt Clasp. An officers waistbelt clasp to the Seaforth Highlanders. Makers stamp R.B.Kirkwood, Edinburgh, correct Tulloch Ard (the high hill or knoll) scroll at bottom for Officers.
Silver Hallmarked Parachute Regiment Lapel Badge. Silver hallmarked Queens Crown Parachute Regiment lapel badge. Pin and catch complete and strong.
SS mans dagger. SS man dagger by Robert Klass. Small sized kissing crane logo. Blade well polished but no damage. Numeral 3 to rear lower cross guard. Scabbard most likely a re paint The whole dagger has been kept in polish by a previous owner so not sleepy as some may prefer but an honest dagger none the less Sensibly priced.
Strathcona’s Horse Boer War Hat Badge. A Boer War hat badge to Strathcona's Horse, these were made on board ship on the way to South Africa. Worn on the Lemon Squeezer Hat or Slouch Hat. Strathcona's Horse were a Canadian mounted Infantry Regiment.
The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Neck stock An early 20th century neck stock/cravat of the Cameronians. Hand embroidered badge in bullion threads. A bit mothy but not fragile. Clearly for officer use. I have never encountered one of these items previously but have seen similar in wear pre and during WW1.
The Cameronians Scottish Rifles 300 years of Service 1689 - 1989 The Cameronians Scottish Rifles 300 years of Service 1689 - 1989 by Brian Leishman approx. 120 pages of photographs, some cracking photographs, very nice condition.
The Cameronians Scottish Rifles Waistbelt Clasp. A kings Crown Officers Waistbelt Clasp to the Scottish Rifles, Bears the Kings Crown so Post 1902, came with the Crossbelt Plate listed above, again possibly silver, but listing as white metal as no hallmarks.
The Cameronians Scottish Rifles Wall Panel. Originally part of the old Scottish Rifles Officers mess in the Hamilton Barracks, when the barracks were demolished, the panel was was salvaged and made into a corner table for the Colonels Office, where it stood for years, it was later given to the Scottish Rifles Museum, I acquired it from a former employee of the Museum who was given it when leaving. The panel has a large crack running across at the back, but the panel is very stable, with no movement, would look very nice made back into a corner table. Size: 13" x 13" (33cm x 33cm)
The Commando Association Car Badge. Commando association car badge by renamel London. In good used condition complete with bolt fixings.
Third Lanark ORs Glengarry Badge A Victorian Other Ranks Glengarry to the 3rd Lanark R.V. A very nice original badge from my own collection, slight scuffing to the high points on the number 3, otherwise mint condition and 100% genuine.
Third Reich podium drape. Mint condition party flag/drape. Original hanging rings and makers label intact.
Third Reich Water Police Cap Eagle. Lovely condition good strong gold colour uncleaned and toned. Both pins strong and intact. Maker marked Hermann Aurich.
Two WW1 era \"Hate Belts\" Two so called hate belts containing a large amount of original shoulder titles, badges, and buttons to various British and canadian regiments. Strap broken on both belts. Ideal for someone looking to start a WW1 badge collection.
Unwin & Rodgers Combination Pistol. Twin bladed combination pistol by Unwin & Rodgers. Buffalo horn chequered slab sided grips octagonal barrel,marked NON XLL proof marked and Unwin& Rodgers Patentees Sheffield. Spear point blade etched Self Protector. Clip point blade unmarked. Action in working order, folding trigger has to be brought down manually. Overall clean and tight.
Victorian 26th Cameronian Regiment of Foot Lithograph. A Victorian lithographic print showing the late Marquis of Dalhousie, Colonel of the 26th Cameronian Regiment from 1813-1838 on a backing piece of paperboard. Print Size: 8" x 6.3/4" (20cm x 16cm)
Victorian 4th (Donside Battn) Gordon Highlanders Doublet A nice victorian 4th Gordon Highlanders (Donside) Doublet, some slight moth tracking but doesnt really affect how this scarce Doublet displays.
Victorian 78th Highlanders Pay & Service Book. An early 78th Highlanders Service Book to 1760 Donald Tolmie, enlisted at Aberdeen 1868. Service in Nova Scotia during the Fenian Raids. several other pages filled in with details.
Victorian Black Watch Volunteer Officers Dress Waistbelt. A Volunteer Officers Waistbelt worn by Volunteer Battalions of the Black Watch from 1887 until 1908. Clasp in Frosted Silver finish, Front badge removes for cleaning. Belt with Silver Bullion embroidery. Beautiful condition. Adjusts via strap on the inside of the belt. Made By Wm Anderson & Sons, 14 George Street, Edinburgh. This one bears the Victorian Crown so Pre-1902.
Victorian Breadalbane Volunteers Other Ranks Button. A domed other ranks button to the Breadalbane Volunteers, worn around the 1840 -50 period, the shank is present, maker marked to the reverse Smith, Kemp and Wright, Birmingham. a slight dent to the right hand side (see photo). Size: approx 22mm
Victorian British Officers Sword Belt. A Victorian British Officers Sword Belt in brown leather, Gilt waistbelt clasp Queen Victoria Cypher & Crown.
Victorian Cameron Highlanders Collar Badges. In White metal, showing Victorian Crown, worn 1881 to 1902
Victorian Cameronians Scottish Rifles Waistbelt Clasp. An officers Waistbelt Clasp to theScottish Rifles bearing the Guelphic Crown dating it to between 1881 and 1902. The Guelphic Crown was replaced by the Kings Crown on Queen Victorias death in 1901. Possibly Silver, but no hallmarks so sold as white metal.
Victorian Colour Sergeants Sleeve Badge. Hand embroidered on dark blue backing. No signs of it ever having been on a tunic. Most likely artillery or engineers. Mixture of wool, velvet , silk and wire thread.
Victorian Dirk. Unmarked Silver mounted Victorian Dirk. In lovely condition no cracks,chips or replacements to the Cairngorms. No splits or chips to the hardwood handle. Leather covered wooden scabbard with unmarked Silver mounts which are beautifully engraved. The blade is also very fine but does have blemishes near the tip. Blade length is 12" inches. Overall length of the Dirk in scabbard is a touch off 19"inches. Matching Knife and Fork. No makers marks visible but an obviously high quality item.
Victorian Edinburgh Militia Officer’s Button Victorian Edinburgh Militia Officer’s silver plated Coatee button by Jennens & Co, London.Shank Slight loss to the silver plate on the high points otherwise in VGC. Worn between 1855 - 1881 Size: Approx. 22 mm.
Victorian H.L.I. Pay & Service Book. A nice leather backed Service book to 3203 Private John Donald, Highland Light Infantry. Enlisted Jan 1889, book is folded as is common with all Pay and Service books, several pages filled in.
Victorian Highland Light Infantry Officers Full Dress Belt. A Victorian Officers Dress belt to the H.L.I. brocade and leather in good condition, some very slight leather shrinkage. Maker Wm Anderson & Sons 14 George St,Edinburgh.
Victorian Lanarkshire Yeomanry Officers Helmet A rare Officers helmet to the Lanarkshire Yeomanry. Somewhat resembling a police helmet with gilt metal band instead of the more usual cloth. Two gilt Lanarkshire eagles left and right, Officers silver and gold gilt helmet plate. Gilded chain spike etc throughout. Original lining intact. Some moth here and there but overall in good untouched condition. The only complete example of this rare helmet that I've owned.
Victorian Military Gurkha Kukri A nice military kukri dating from the late 19th Century to WW1 period, superior quality copper riveted sheath, most likely for an Officer, nice cross hatching to sheath, typical military brown leather mounts with attachment straps to sheath, fits Sam Brown Belt.
Victorian NCO\'s Crossbelt. A nice late Victorian NCO's Crossbelt in fine White Buff Leather, 2 sword slings present. in VGC. Note: Doublet for display purpose only, not included in sale.
Victorian Royal Renfrew Militia Dirk A nice mid Victorian dirk to the Royal Renfrew Militia, dating from 1860-1870 period. Became the 4th Militia Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders in 1881. In unmarked Silver, made by Mackay Cunningham & Co. Edinburgh, blade etched Renfrew Militia. Bog Oak handle with silver studs, the Cairngorms have darkened from clear to a pleasing amber colour over the years.
Victorian Royal Renfrew Militia Dirk. A nice mid Victorian dirk to the Royal Renfrew Militia, dating from 1860-1870 period. Became the 4th Militia Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders in 1881. In unmarked Silver, made by Makay Cunningham & Co. Edinburgh, blade etched Renfrew Militia. Bog Oak handle with silver studs, the Cairngorms have darkened from clear to a pleasing amber colour over the years.
Victorian Royal Scots Officers Dress Waistbelt & Tin. An RS Officers belt in it's original Tin. The Belt itself is in lovely condition but shows slight signs of wear consumate with age. Nice quality Gold Bullion with Red Leather backing. Tin shows signs of wear and tear, but is sound, the red velvet liner coming loose. Makers name on Tin, C. Smith, 12 Piccadilly, London. Scarce to still find these together.
Victorian Scottish Rifles Waistbelt Clasp Nicely toned Officers WBC to the Scottish Rifles. Left uncleaned.
Victorian Spear Point Knife. Victorian self defence / hunting knife. Rococo engraved nickel silver pommel and cross guard. Finely chequered horn handle slab grips. Polished single edge spear point blade. Some old surface marks to blade both sides. Nickel mounted heavy duty leather scabbard. Top chape hand engraved G Puckle. Bottom chape sadly missing. Belt loop intact. Very solid robust knife of the Victorian period. Over 18s only.
Vimy Ridge Trench Art Ring. I really have no idea what this, other than a souvenir from Vimy. 2" diameter, in white metal. Possibly a Napkin Ring, who knows.
WW1 Highland Light Infantry Officers Cuff Rank Tunic. A nice field worn cuff rank tunic for a Captain in the H.L.I. Some wear and tear consumate with age and service use. (see photographs) collar badges are original to the tunic with no extra holes in the tunic where others have been removed. All in all, a very nice example of a Scottish cutaway cuff rank to the H.L.I. Of particular interest is the metal hook and stitched eye arrangement to enable closure of the neck. There has been speculation as to wether this was to conceal the shirt and tie still worn by officers at the front, or to tuck the gas hood into may be another possibility may be simply protection against the elements. In any event not an addition you would observe outwith the front line. Chest Size: slightly over 37" (94cm) Note: Sam Browne Belt for display purposes, NOT included in sale.
WW1 /WW2 Black Watch 1907 Bayonet. Regimentally marked 1907 bayonet and scabbard to the T 4/5th BW. Number 386 below. Very rare post 1916 regimentally marked 07 bayonet. 1/5 th Angus and Dundee btn merged with the 1/4th City of Dundee btn 15th March 1916 to form the 4/5th btn Black Watch. Bayonet has been refurbished and issued post WW1 the last date on the blade being 1938 just in time for the next World War possibly carried at the fall of France and evacuated with the 4th btn at Dunkirk. Good clean order throughout. Sale to over 18s only.
WW1 3rd Scottish Rifles Ephemera Group A nice group of 3rd Scottish Rifles letters, silk postcards, humorous postcards, a small lapel ww1 fund raising flag, documents and postcard portrait of i presume Snape as a private, which is creased down one side. One letter mentions Acting Sgt Snape and another Sgt being cleared of court martial proceedings and he will be awarded his full back pay. An interesting lot.
WW1 48th Highlanders 134th Battalion. CEF Glengarry. A mint example of an Other Ranks Khaki Glengarry of the 134th (48th Highlanders) Battalion, CEF. Makers name Ansley Dineen Hat and Fur Co Ltd, Toronto. Dated 1916. size 7.1/8, has a small Prayer card tucked inside the leather edging (photo shown).
WW1 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Sweetheart Brooch A full size A&SH sweetheart brooch, worn by wives and sweethearts to show support for their men folk overseas. I've seen a couple of these in different colours of enamel, Been suggested to me it was for different battalions, i think just more likely down to individual choice by the wearer. In gilding metal, complete with pin fastening to the rear.
WW1 Bavarian Officers Picklehaube. A good Bavarian Officers Picklehaube of WW1 or earlier vintage. Usual surface crazing in places and some shrinkage to the crown. Gilded plate held by metal washers and nut. Officers chin scales and cockade. Fluted Spike and cruciform base affixed by three metal stars. Leather and cream silk liner. Good solid helmet named in ink to the interior. Screw off spike to allow the wearing of the Trichter.
WW1 Black Watch Officers Glengarry. Good clean officers glengarry tails removed. Multi piece Officers badge, I can see a makers placque to the back of the badge but I haven't removed the badge as it's a tight fit to the cap. Broad silk ribbon edging around the base of the glengarry typical of WW1 period. Complete with red toorie. No signs of any other badge ever having been worn. Approximately size 7.
WW1 Black Watch Officers Glengarry. BW Officers glengarry by R W Forsyth Glasgow. Blue body with red wool toorie black silk edging and tails. Two piece black silk badge backing. Silver and gilt Officers badge no hallmark that I can see. Normally I'd remove the badge to show an image of the rear but this ones tight to the cap and may damage the black silk lining. Small area of wear to the silk edging at the front which I don't think detracts in the slightest.
WW1 British Officers KD Breeches, 1917 dated. A pair of Officers KD Breeches named and dated. To the inside seam, Maker label Junior Army & Navy Stores Ltd, 15 Regent St. S.W. the name i can't make out, but they are clearly dated 21/07/1917. I don't come across these to often now with a WW1 date. A bit dirty and an old 1" repair to the inside of the leg (shown in photograph 5).
WW1 British Troops Pocket Knife. WW1 British soldiers pocketknife. Maker Joseph Rodgers 6 Norfolk St Sheffield with the Royal GR stamp, and Trade mark Star & Cross.
WW1 Cameron Highlanders Officers Levee Dress Sporran. A magnificent, and impossible to find in this condition Sporran by the well known military outfitters Wm Anderson & sons ltd. Glasgow & Edinburgh. Over the years I've had two or three of these sporrans but never one in this condition. Sporran is entirely original throughout with very little (if any ) wear.
WW1 Canadian 48th Highlanders CEF Glengarry. A nice WW1 Canadian Other Ranks Glengarry of the 15th Canadian Battalion 48th Highlanders. Correct leather edging for WW1 Glengarries, no mothing, the tails removed.
WW1 Fife & Forfar Yeomanry Officers Cap Badge. A WW1 Officers SD cap badge, stamped Sterling Silver on reverse slider. Approx size is 1"
WW1 Gordon Highlanders NCO\'s Glengarry Badge. An Gordon Highlanders NCO's Glengarry badge in white metal, came with other WW1 Gordons Militaria, two lug fitting.
WW1 Group Of Three Durham Light Infantry Officers Caps. Three World War One Officers caps to Durham Light Infantry. One khaki trench cap with bronzed general service buttons and DLI bronze Officers cap badge. A bit misshapen from storage but this could be easily rectified. Great condition no moth. Typical WW1 construction. Another khaki Officers stiff peak cap with DLI buttons red staff officers band bullion badge. Made by Thomas Mathew & co 69 George street Edinburgh. Again great condition some moth tracking to the scarlet band but nothing severe. The last cap is the full dress cap with DLI black horn buttons and woven central cap boss. Again slightly misshapen from storage and the usual congealing of the patent peak. Three initials to the interior SRM the only clue to the original owner. All three caps are of the same size and period. A good collection of caps to the DLI illustrating various dress.
WW1 Infantry Regt \"Von Grolman\" German Cap. A mint condition cap to a Gefreiter (Corporal) in the 10th Company, 18th (1st Posen) Infantry Regt "Von Grolman". Named to Herman Kurzhals, who also was a Volunteer Fireman prior to the war in 1897, complete with both Kokarden. Makers name F.Vorbach, Erfurt.
WW1 Iron cross cased. Imperial EK2 cased with recipients initials on the lid. With half of his id tag giving personal details and unit. A good research project with information readily obtainable online. Lt Rudolph Bollenbach field artillery regt 28. The date on the lid 2.5.17 most likely the date of death or when Lt Bollenbach was awarded his iron cross.
WW1 K.I.A. Gordon Highlanders Pipe Majors Uniform. A very hard to find uniform group to a K.I.A. Pipe Major. The group consists of his White Drill Jacket, Khaki 1902 Tunic, Glengarry with 1916 Hallmarked Badge, WW1 Kilt, Diced Hose and tabs. Remains of paper label on Kilt, some mothing to underside flap and some other small moth nips to Kilt and Tunic. The Tunic correctly WW1 WD marked, and faint Gor stamp on pocket. One of the nicest groups i have come across in a long time. Extensive research included in sale. ( Please See Photographs) Name: Pipe Major Thomas Henderson K.I.A. Ecoust, Noreuil, France. 1917 PLEASE NOTE: The Pipe Majors Sporran, 08 Belt, and Gas Mask PH Bag are for DISPLAY PURPOSES only and NOT included with the Uniform Group.
WW1 Khaki OSD Cap. Nice stiff type Officers WW1 cap to the North Stafford regiment. Bronzed cap badge. Thin brown leather chinstrap. The cap is the hinged variety this is now defective. Wm Anderson & sons size labelled 7 1/8th. Lightly worn to the exterior ,signs of wear and possibly mud stains to the leather sweatband.
WW1 Liverpool Scottish Glengarry. A nice honest example of a WW1 glengarry to the Liverpool Scottish. Original badge and tails. A hard glengarry to find for this Battalion of the Kings Liverpool Regiment. Some small moth nips to the dicing on one side (see photo),
WW1 Medal Group and later A.R.P. items. WW1 pair to Robert Green RAF accompanied by his ARP badges and defence medal from WW2. Silver male ARP badge 1938 hallmarked. Local ARP civil defence instructors badge. Local anti gas instructors badge. Gold ARP instructors school badge national level. Local fire guard instructors badge. National level instructors badge gold. Along with his WW1 miniatures.
WW1 Memorial Plaque to the Black Watch. Memorial plaque and scroll to Cpl John Kelly 9th btn royal highlanders with condolence letter from the palace card cover for the death plaque and cardboard postal tube addressed to his father Mr John Kelly 43 Clydesdale Rows Wishaw. John Kelly died Tuesday 31st July 1917. Service no S/3946. He is commemorated on the Menin Gate.
WW1 NCO\'s 02 Tunic. Nice original paper labelled tunic dated 1917. The tunic has been extensively tailored to suit the owner. Collar, cuffs and top breast pocket flaps. Unusually he has five blue overseas service chevrons indicating active service in one of the side show conflicts at the end of hostilities on the western front. The odd moth nip and an area of loss to the bottom right hand side please see photos. Nice original tunic no collars shoulder titles have been worn but the tunic came with a trench cap to the army veterinary corps also dated 1917.
WW1 Officers cuff rank. Removed from uniform item. The main portion of a captains cuff rank on khaki wool, chevron lace, and three hand embroidered pips. Single
WW1 pair of A&SH Collar Badges. A nice matched pair of Argylls & Sutherland Highlanders Collar dogs. Possibly in silver, no hallmark, so selling as white metal, nicely patinated, probably early 20th century.
WW1 Period 3rd Seaforth Highlanders Feather Bonnet. A fine 5 talied Feather Bonnet and storage tin belonging to Lt.Robert Addison-Smith. Commissioned into the 3rd Seaforth Highlanders on 14th March 1908. Last information found mentions him still with the 3rd Battalion Seaforths in 1912. Nice two piece badge possibly silver or heavy silver plate, with maker mark R&HB Kirkwood, 66 & 68 Thistle St, Edninb. Price for the Feather Bonnet is £975 I've listed as P.O.A. as this would be quite a heavy item when packaged, postage overseas would need to be calculated before shipping.
WW1 Period 52nd Lowland Division Patch 52nd (Lowland) Division WW1 cloth formation sign. A good example.Removed from uniform, bottom right corner slight loss of material. (see photo)
WW1 Period Black Watch Officers Glangarry Badge. WW1 period multi-piece construction Black Watch Officers Glengarry Badge. Very good condition sharp detail and minimum wear.
WW1 Period German Folding Knife. Lots of photographic images available of this type of weapon being carried in the trenches WW1 by various personnel including individuals of machine gun units. Leather multi piece scabbard some loose stitches to the leather belt loop. Stag horn grips. Plated metal mounts and plated button release. Blade in great condition and strong and tight throughout.
WW1 period Gordon highlanders kilt. Kilt in near perfect condition remains of a large portion of its original paper label however its barely legible to the right hand side of it it may give the month and year ? 1916/18 ? The label has been marked with a previous owners initials the full name also appears twice on the blanket backing to the waist Harold Steven (?) Leather straps and buckles added as these kilts were not issued with them. Lovely old kilt and undoubtedly of WW1 vintage. Good strong colours and undamaged.
WW1 Period Royal Scots Officers Glengarry Badge. Two piece constructed Royal Scots Officers badge. Green glass/ enamel behind the thistle intact. Maker marked Marshal & Aitken Edinburgh.
WW1 period Seaforth Highlanders Officers Dirk. George the Fifth Seaforth Highlanders Dirk by S.J Pillin 31 Gerrard St London. Good honest Dirk showing service wear to the Cairngorms (see images). Blade engraved with usual Thistles, Crown Regimental Motto and Crest. GR Cypher. Blade clean no pitting or damage. Bog Oak Hardwood handle studded and carved with crossed Swords, Feather Bonnet and Thistle to the rear. Very good percentage of original gilding remaining With its original Belt Strap Hanger. Matching knife and fork. Good original tight Dirk with no replaced parts.
WW1 Princess Mary Bullet Pencil for the \"Christmas Tin 1914\". These are getting so hard to find, originally included with the Princess Mary Christmas Tin sent to the troops in 1914, many tins are now missing them. This one still has it's original Card holder, which must be about as scarce as the actual pencil.. no dents or damage This is a silver bullet headed example not one of the silvered type.
WW1 R.A.M.C. Red Cross Brassard (Armband) In good condition, a Red Cross R.A.M.C. Brassard. Some marks and a bit of mothing to the Red Cross, otherwise in good condition, shows a faded Army Medical Service stamp to the opposite side. Photograph not included in sale.
WW1 RFA Territorial Brass Shoulder Title. Territorial Ayrshire Royal Field Artillery shoulder title. Excellent condition with no damage or repairs.
WW1 RFA Territorial Brass Shoulder Title. Territorial Lowland Royal Field Artillery shoulder title. Excellent condition with no damage or repairs.
WW1 Robbins of Dudley. Robbins of Dudley trench knife,push dagger. Original example of this iconic trench warfare weapon. Scabbard in good condition usual wear on the retaining strap. Impressed makers mark to the base of the handle. Over 18s only.
WW1 Royal Scots Fusiliers Officers OSD Collar Badges. A matched pair of RSF Officers Bronze Service Dress Collar Badges, nice condition very slight service wear, getting scarce to find now.
WW1 Royal Scots Officers OSD Collar Badges. A matched pair of Officers Service Dress Collar Badges in Bronze, some slight service wear to high points otherwise perfect..
WW1 Scots Guards OSD Khaki Cap. Only the second one of these i have ever seen. An Officers Khaki Service Dress Cap to Captain H.L. Kemble of the Scots Guards. Severly wounded in WW1 in 1917 he was invalided out of the Guards. Made by Cater & Co Pall Mall London, very nice condition, no mothing, inside shows normal service wear, a 3" section of thread on the sweatband has come loose, but does not detract from this fine cap in my opinion.
WW1 Scottish Horse Medal Group. A Pair of medals to Private Alexander H. Gardner, 3rd Scottish Horse and Black Watch. with balmoral badge, collars and shoulder titles, and photograph reputed to be of A.H. Gardner on his horse. The photograph i can't verify, but did come with the rest of the items. Both Medals correctly impressed 1237. PTE A.H. Gardner. 3-SCO.H. The Photograph is 11" x 9"
WW1 Scottish Rifles Wolseley Helmet A Wolseley Helmet to the Scottish Rifles. Number inside corrosponds to Sgt J. E. Dunn who served in Salonika with the 11th Scottish Rifles, Service wear only condition, no damage, breaks to cork or mothing, Makers Label E. Day. and Dated 1918. A nice original Wolseley helmet to the Scottish Rifles.
WW1 Tam O\' Shanter to the Kings Own Scottish Borderers. A nice Tam O'Shanter badged and issued to a soldier in the K.O.S.B., correct double row of stitching to liner, double eyelets to rear with original tie, makers label inside, marked Cohen & Goldstein London, Size 7 and dated 1918. In lovely condition, no moth or damage, some creasing due to storage, stamped to inside liner with K.O.S.B. and soldiers number.
WW1 Tank Corps Officers OSD Collar Badges. A matched pair of Officers OSD Collars in Bronze, some light rubbing to a few high spots, but other wise in very good condition
WW1 Tank Corps OR\'s Trench Cap. A nice trench cap picked up locally and numbered inside 144580, i have adjusted the contrast slightly in one of the photos to show the number, which is quite faint but discernible. lovely condition apart from service wear and signs of where it has been folded. no mothing at all, Made by Myers & Co Size 7.3/8 and date. Looks like 1916 or 1918. (see photo) 144580 Wilfred Abbott, Highland Light Infantry, MGC and finally Tank Corps.
WW1 Territorial 5th RSF Shoulder Title. Territorial 5th Royal Scots Fusiliers shoulder title. Excellent condition with no damage or repairs.
WW1 Territorial 4th RSF Shoulder Title. Territorial 4th Royal Scots Fusiliers shoulder title. Excellent condition with no damage or repairs.
WW1 Territorial RFA (City of Glasgow) Shoulder Title. A nice Shoulder Title to the Royal Field Artillery (City of Glasgow) in Brass, all three lugs intact.
WW1 Wolseley Pith Helmet. An officers private purchase Pith Helmet to the Duke of Wellingtons Regiment, Made by Hawkes & Co and named to Lieut. A.E.H. (Alfred Emery Harry) Sayers, who was twice wounded at Gallipoli. A few sections of the leather edging are missing others a bit scuffed, otherwise a sound helmet with no breaking to the cork. Acting Captain 25th Feb 1919 Retired Major 1946 and granted Hon title Lieut Col.
WW1 Woman\'s Army Auxiliary Corps Insignia. Removed from uniform pair of controllers epaulettes of the Woman's Army Auxiliary Corps. Two spare bronze roses by Gaunt and a pair of bronze collar badges also by J R Gaunt London.
WW1 WRAF Embroidered Cap Badge. Original wraf embroidered cap insignia. White/cream embroidered crown and right facing eagle on a padded boss double layer of thread around the base. Heavy cotton backed on a black mohair band.
WW2 4th Division Insignia. Royal Artillery 4th division corporals/ bombardier insignia as removed from the battledress. Comprising pair of rank chevrons pair of divisional patches on a khaki backing, pair of arm of service strips pair of RA embroidered shoulder titles service chevrons and three collar badges worn as GS cap badges one with its original cream celluloid circular backing, most likely picked up in Italy.
WW2 52nd Lowland Printed Divisional Patches. A matched pair of ordinance printed 52nd Lowland divisional patches. Tunic removed. Excellent clean condition.
WW2 A&SH Officers Balmoral Bonnet. Excellent condition but well used Officers balmoral bonnet. Wm Anderson &sons ltd Edinburgh and Glasgow. Sadly no name as this is a very rare example having at some point been worn by an individual of general officer rank. Between the original holes for the cap badge the dark outline of the embroidered general Officers badge is clearly visible. The colour of the bonnet has considerably faded over time enabling the ghost outline of the badge to be clearly visible. Fitted with a piece of heavy buckram inside the cap to protect the wearer from the badge lugs and to act as a stiffener. The balmoral has a rectangle of government tartan and a heavy cast A&SH badge held in place by a cotter pin.
WW2 Adolph Hitler Wall Plaque Originally affixed to a plaque now absent. One of the screw/bolt fixings to the rear now missing. Some loss of plating in areas and the odd scuff and ding. Good example of a kitbag souvenir.
WW2 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders P.O.W. Group. Group of items belonging to Captain (temp Major) Robert Anderson Park (Rab) Caldwell. Group consists of his Battledress, dated 1944, Glengarry, and a large amount of ephemera, more than could be included in the listing, these include approx 36 letters home from Stalag VII A, (see Photographs) The glengarry badge is unfortunately missing, otherwise a very nice group of items. Major Caldwell was captured in Italy in 1944 near Monte Cassino. His capture is mentioned in the book "The Mirror of Monte Cavallara"
WW2 Army or Kriegesmarine Administration Breast Eagle. White metal pin on breast eagle for the summer tunic. Retains most of its original finish a non maker marked example. Good bright finish.
WW2 Beja Battle Badge. Rare original example of the Beja battle badge. 172nd Field Regiment Royal Artillery. Locally produced badge and authorised for wear on the right breast of the battledress jacket. Lots of information available on the web regarding this badge and the action that gave rise to its design and production. Two small moth nips to the right side of the red felt backing.
WW2 BW Plastic Cap Badge. Near mint condition although the badge has been worn as evidenced by the bends in the brass fittings. No bends or warps both fittings present and strong. Harder to find in this condition.
WW2 Cameron Highlanders Badge. A nice example of a WW2 Other Ranks Tam O' Shanter or Glengarry Badge in white metal, with backing Camerons tartan patch.
WW2 Cameronians Scottish Rifles OR\'s Glengarry. A nice SR Glengarry, in good condition, no mothing or damage, but shows service wear, WD markings with date letter P for 1941, tails intact. (see photographs)
WW2 Commando / Royal Marine Green Beret. An unissued or issued and unworn green Commando beret. Kangol wear limited 1945. 7 1/4. WD stamp Z for 1945. Linen tag intact. No badge or signs of any insignia ever having been worn. Good clean condition and no moth or damage. Scuffing /storage to the outside rim of the leather edging. Most likely been sat for years on the leather. Nothing that a careful application of boot black wouldn't mend.
WW2 First Calgary Highlanders Set Salvaged from a badly mothed ww2 tunic, a set of shoulder titles and collars to the First Calgary Highlanders. One Shoulder Title maker marked Birks.
WW2 German Army Officers Dagger Hangers. A well used original set of army dagger hangers. Some fraying (see images). Most of the wear would be concealed if used as part of a uniform display.
WW2 German K98 Bayonet & Frog. Good pre war 37 dated K98 bayonet. Matching numbers, good percentage of original blue finish to blade. Uncleaned condition with its "cavalry style frog". which is dated 1943 and maker marked KVZ. two lower rivets period/field repaired. Over 18s only.
WW2 German Kriegsmarine Side Cap Nice condition KM side cap. Hand applied eagle and unusually a metal cockade rather than a cloth example. White stamped to the interior BAW 53 42 size 57. Used but no damage or moth.
WW2 German Land Customs Dagger. Land customs dagger by Clemen & Jung. Complete with scabbard, hangers and knot. Age toning but no damage or nicks to the blade. Surface wear to the green leather handle commensurate with age the same for the scabbard Hangers in good order clips functioning well straps have been period shortened by the original owner please see image.
WW2 German M35 Helmet Good combat worn example of an M35 single decal helmet having had the national colours removed. Original early chinstrap intact stamped and dated 39/40? Leather liner with lots of good wear hand written owners details Muller number 2 most likely a 2nd person named Muller in the company. On the opposite side a previous owners name has been removed. Liner stamped 58. Liner band Berlin 1939. Good honest helmet.
WW2 German Medical Officers Cap. Nice "jaunty" blue piped medical Officers cap in very good worn condition. No moth or damage. Lovely field worn look to it matching patination to all component parts. Celluloid diamond two thirds intact. Makers name and details mostly worn away but has the look, feel and quality of an Erel cap. Mid war production.
WW2 German War Merit Cross cased. A good cased war merit cross without swords. Maker marked on the pin Karl Gschiermeister Wien. Silver washed with light surface soiling. Silver facsimile badge to the lid usual wear to the edges and corners of the box but still very clean and good order.
WW2 German Water Police Sports Vest Emblem. Good condition sports vest eagle to the water police. It has been pinned to a wall or board at some point using drawing pins. In blue thread on a white/ cream background. Rarer than the standard police eagle that usually appears.
WW2 Lovat Scouts Balmoral Bonnet. Incredibly rare item of Scottish headgear to this famous unit. This is a genuine military issue item not to be confused with the Clan bonnets that usually are offered for sale. The interior is WD stamped letter P for 1941 and is also maker marked and dated 41 within the diamond unfortunately it was too difficult to photograph but can be clearly seen given the right light. Looks like Mackie and co who are also well known for the manufacture of glengarries. The badge has never been off and the white metal cotter pin has rusted to the inside lining of the bonnet. Odd moth nip to the diced band nothing too serious both silk tails present one slightly detached ,an easy fix, toorie intact. Approximately size 7.
WW2 Luftwaffe Boot Knife. A personalised example having the initials F K carved into the handle. Luftwaffe acceptance mark on the blade. Good original paint finish to the scabbard. Some wear and sharpening to the blade but still a good solid example. Over 18s only.
WW2 para wings Wartime wing still attached to potion of battledress.
WW2 Period Parachute Regiment Lapel Badge. WW2 Kings Crown Parachute Regiment lapel badge in heavy silver plate or unmarked silver. Catch and pin in good working order.
WW2 Polish patriotic cards. Original WW2 period Polish patriotic cards. Embossed Polish eagle in silver with patriotic slogans in both Polish and English. Standard post card size. A small quantity available.
WW2 RAF Side Cap. 1945 dated by S&P Harris Glasgow. Size 6 1/2. War economy buttons and badge fitted. Minimal service wear near mint condition no moth or marks. WD stamped letter Z for 1945.
WW2 Royal Air Force Officers Cap. Clean WW2 RAF Officers cap with wartime economy metal badge. Nice clean condition cap by McLaren Glasgow. Original owners name to the leather band "Buchanan". One small moth damage to underside of the cloth covered peak otherwise excellent order.
WW2 Royal Engineers Service Dress Jacket. Warrant officers service dress jacket. Royal Engineers Collars and buttons, buttons affixed with brass rings. Mark above the crown on the right sleeve only possible glue residue. Label gone however WD stamp letter Q gives 1940 date. Good BEF type Jacket possible reissued at some stage or used as a second jacket.
WW2 Royal Marine Commando Insignia. Royal Marines cash tape ,printed combined operations patch, hand cut circular from issue tombstone and a pair of parachute qualification wings. Hand cut from the battledress the original owner has unstitched the wings and then decided I think just to cut the insignia off in one piece rather than unpick them individually. Hand painted RM beret badge most likely for his mother or sweetheart. Good example as worn pre the introduction of the commando dagger patch.
WW2 Scottish Rifles Officers Doublet A pristine doublet to a long service officer in the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). WW2 Ribbons, Kings Crown Buttons, maker name Anderson & Co. Edinburgh. no moth or damage, this officer has been promoted after WW2 to Lieut Colonel. Hard to find a better example.
WW2 Seaforth Highlanders Battledress. Fifth Seaforth Highlanders Battledress Blouse. Embroidered Highland Division patch, Red Infantry strip, with forty second Government Tartan Patch to both sleeves, all machine stitched. Blouse dated 1945 Canadian manufactured. Some service wear and occasional moth nip but otherwise in good order throughout. Infantry Battledress are getting rare to locate now.
WW2 Seaforth Highlanders Lieut\'s slip on. Good condition used example of 2nd Lieut's shoulder slip on to the Seaforth Highlanders. Of Indian type manufacture possibly 1st Battalion, Burma/Kohima.
WW2 Seaforth Highlanders Tam O\' Shanter. Seaforth highlanders Officers TOS. Wm Anderson & sons label, in distinct details Three piece Officers badge on Mackenzie tartan backing. Some moth to the crown please see photographs.
WW2 SS 8 Year Service Medal. Original example in patinated bronze. Bevelled suspension ring and tear drop loop. With original length of blue ribbon. Good 100% guaranteed original item.
WW2 Tam O\' Shanter Bonnet. 1940 dated example by A & J Gelfer Glasgow. Size 7 1/8th. Good used example one area of damage to the top of the bonnet and some loose stitching to one area of the cream / white lining. No badge present but holes for one visible. Scarce early date.
WW2 Tam o\' Shanter. Mint 1940 dated Tam o' Shanter by A&J Gelfer Glasgow. Size stamped 7 and 3/8th Interestingly it's had a few stitches put in at the back to make it slightly smaller by its original owner. Worn once or twice at most. The interior and exterior are like new. Original royal Scots badge affixed with its Scarlett backing also mint.