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17th Foot Liecestershire Regiment Musicians Badge Brass Two Lugs .Has Polish Wear. Circa 1850s
1906 Natal Rebellion medal Silver Metal. Swivel mount.Good Condition Medal Named To TPR:W. ASHBY,NATAL CARBINEERS.
1st Dumbartonshire Vol Rifle Corp Hat,Cap Badge White Metal Two Loop Lugs. Good Condition 1887-1908
1st Machine Gun Squadron Collar Badges. South African Army Brass Metal All Lugs Present.Good condition 1931-1936 25mm x 20mm
1st Volunteer Battalion Wiltshire Regiment Officers Silver Cap Badge Un marked Silver, With Firmin Tablet,Three Piece Badge. circa 1881-1908 43mm x 43mm
2nd South Middlesex Rifle Volunteers Helmet Badge Blackened Brass, Three Loop Lugs.Good Condition With Light Wear To High Points. Some Fade to The Black Finish. 1878-1901 92mm x 65mm
6th Dragoon Guards Carabiniers Cap Badge Bi Metal Two Darkly Toned Loop Lugs Good Condition. Pre 1902
6th Dragoon Guards Carabiniers Collar Badges. Victorian Bi Metal Good Condition.. Pre 1901
7TH BATTALION(WEST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT) LEEDS RIFLES Brass Metal With Three Loops Good Condition. 1908-1936
Bethunes Mounted Infantry Slouch Hat Title boer war Brass metal Two simple Wire type Lugs. Good Condition. 37mm x 15mm
Boer War Era Queenstown Rifles Vol,s Slouch Hat Badge Silvered White Metal. Two Lugs Pre 1902
Boer War New Zealand Contingent. large Slouch Hat Badge. Brass Metal Two Loop Lugs. Badge Measures 71mm x 33mm
Bombay Light Horse Cap Badge Silver Plated White Metal.Two Loops. With Black Felt Backing .Pre 1947
Bronze ww1 War Medal.Army Bearer Corp.(India) Bronze Meatal. Good condition, Impressed On The Rim to 126 HARDIAL MURLI A.B.C.
Bronze ww1 War Medal.Kings African Rifles. Dresser Bronze Metal .Good Condition. Impressed On Rim D38 DRESSER SAULOS MKANDAWIRE 1/K A R
Canada CEF 3rd Infantry Works Company Collar Badge Bronzed Brass Two Loop Lugs. Good Condition. 35mm x 25mm ww1 era
Canada CEF 4th Infantry Works Company Collar Badge Bronzed Brass Two Loop Lugs Good condition. ww1 era 35mm x 25mm
Canadian 14th Princess Of Wales Own Rifles(militia)Helmet Plate Silver Plated Brass Three Lugs .Good Condition. Circa 1887-1907. Also Used As Belt & Sabretach Badge.
Canadian 57th Battalion, Peterborough Rangers Glen Garry Badge Brass Metal. Two Loop Lugs.Very Good Condition. Circa 1879-1901. 60mm x 47mm
Cape Police District Two(griqualand west)Collar Badges Victorian Crowns. Good Condition.pre 1902.originally Silver Plate, Now Only Present to the Reverse sides
Cape Police District Two(griqualand west)Shoulder Title Brass. Two Loops. 1890s-1920s. Owen ref 1820 35mm x 24 mm
Cape Police District Two(griqualand west)Slouch Hat Badge Victorian Crown White Metal, Good Condition. Pre 1902
Cape Police District Two(griqualand west)Slouch Hat Badge White Metal. Two Loop Lugs. post 1902 owen 1832
Cape Town Highlanders Glengarry White Metal With Two loop Lugs Pre 1902
Cape Town University Artillery Section Cap Badge Gilt Brass Two Screw Lugs.Blue Black & White Enamels. 1963-1970s
Central South African Railways Volunteers Cap Badge White Metal. Two Loops. Very Good Condition.1902-1906.
Ceylon Mounted Rifles Horse Furniture Badge White Metal, Three Flat Type Lugs.Overlaid P.O.W.s Feathers. Makers Tablet Hobson & Sons 1.3&5 Lexington St. London W. Diameter 65mm
CinC,s Body Guard Boer War Colonial Unit Brass Two Period Wire Type Lugs. Good Condition Issued January 1900-July 1901 Commander in Chiefs Body Guard. (Lord Roberts)
City Of London Police Helmet Plate Blackened Brass. Two Partly Nipped Lugs. Has Some Service Wear. Anodised B & Numerals. 116mm wide x 100mm circa Late 1970s-1980s
Derbyshire Regiment Victorian Cap Badge Bi Metal Two Dark Toned Lugs,Partly Nipped. Overall Condition Good, Pre 1902
Early South African Air Force Shoulder Title Brass Metal Two Loop Lugs. Good Condition 1922-1926.
Edwardian Cape Rural Police Helmet Plate ERVII White Metal Three Piece construction. Three Loops Good condition Some Service Wear 1902-1911
Federation Of Malaya Vols Reconnaisance Corp Cap Badge Brass Metal With Slider 1953-1958 Renfrew 822
Gold Coast Volunteers O.S.D. Collar Badges Bronze/Bronzed opposed Matching Pair.All Lugs Present. Condition is Very Good. Worn From 1902-1927
Hampshire Regiment Cap Badge Gaunt A Four Piece Constructed Badge. With Red Blue & Green Enamel.All Enamel Intact.Stamped JR Gaunt London.And A Large S. Gilt Voided Circlet & crown Good Condition. Nice Example
Imperial Yeomenry Hospital Officers Silver Cap Badge Badge in Good Condition. Stamped Silver, To The Back.Three Lugs Present. Boer War Raised Unit
Kaffrarian Rifles Glengarry Cap Badge Blackened Brass. Two loops. Light Wear To High points 1902-1914
Natal Carbineers Officers S/P helmet Plate White Silver Plated Metal.Similar to Owen 354 But a Little Smaller. 70mm x 69mm wide two White Metal Lugs .Top Lug Missing. Pre 1902
Natal Carbineers Victorian Slouch/Smasher Hat Badge White Metal three Lugs. owen Ref 360 43mm x 46mm wide Light Wear .Good Condition Pre 1902
Natal Field Artillery Cap Badge K/C Brass Metal With Two Loop Lugs. Top Lug Removed. Attached Second Wheel. circa 1902-1954
Natal Government Railways Cap Badge Rare White Metal Two Lugs Good Condition Circa 1901 1910 60 mm x 53mm owen ref 506
Natal Mounted Rifles Pouch/belt Badge White Metal Three Screw Posts. Good Condition Pre 1902. owen ref 437. 69mm wide x 65mm
Natal Mounted Rifles Pouch/belt Badge Blackened Brass Three Screw posts. Good Condition. Pre 1902. Owen ref 438 69mm wide x 65mm
Natal Mounted Rifles Rare NCOs Arm Badge White Metal Three Loops. Die Cast Very Good condition.1902-1913
Natal Volunteer Cavalry Pouch Badge Die Cast Brass Metal Good Condition.Three Screw Lugs With Nuts . Circa 1870s 76mm x 59mm
Northern District Mounted Rifles Slouch Hat Badge White Metal Good Condition. Kings Crown. Edwardian.Three Loops. 1902-1913. NATAL REGION.
Orange River Colony Police Rare Shoulder Title Brass Metal With Two Wire Type Lugs.very Good Condition Pre 1902 50mm x17mm
P.O.W,s South Lancashire Regiment Officers Silver & Gilt Collar Badges Silver/Silver Plate & gilt Three Piece Badges, All Lugs Intact. circa 1881-1920. worn by Warrant Officers. Both Stamped S On The Back Of The Feathers
Permanent Force Sam Brown Officers Buckle Badge Gilt Brass Very Good Condition, Two Lugs, Scarce
Permanent Forces Of The Empire Beyond The Seas Medal Silver. Good Worn Condition. Replacement Ribbon. L.S.G.C. Medal, Named To NO 1118 Sjt C.A. VAN ASWEGAN 2ND BTY S.A.F.A.
Pretoria Highlanders 1st Battalion Tam O Shanter Badge Nickel Plated Brass Metal. Two Flat Lugs.1940-1943 owen 685
Queens South Africa Medal. Warrens Mounted Infantry Silver. Three Clasps(Correct Rivets) .Good Condition. Court Mounted For Display. officially impressed naming to 134 tpr F.WANNENBURGH. WARRENS M.I.
Queenstown High School Cadet Corp Rare Cap Badge Reinforced White Metal. Two loops. Good condition. post 1902.
Queenstown Rifle Volunteers Cap Badge White Metal. Lugs Intact. Worn 1902-1913 Measures 54mm x 34mm
Rand Light Infantry Shoulder Title Sheet Brass metal ,Two Wire Type Lugs Good Condition
Rare Orange Free State Artillery Slouch Hat Badge Gilt Brass Two loops. Pre 1900. Condition Very Good except for top right Flag pole & laurel leaf, are unattached.
Rare Queenstown Rifle Volunteers Helmet Plate White Metal .Two Loops, 1902-1913 Good Condition ,Light Wear Three piece Construction 80mm x 64mm
Royal Dublin Fusiliers Cap Badge Bi Metal With Three Loop Lugs.And Five Sweat holes. Lugs Partly Nipped circa 1898-1921
Royal Irish Rifles Victorian Cap Badge Blacked Brass. Lugs Present. Light Wear To high Points. Pre 1901
SADF Sarel Cilliers Regiment Cap Badge Gilt Brass Metal Two Loop Lugs, Vedry Good Condition 1954-1960
Scarce Border Mounted Rifles Slouch Hat Badge Black/Bronzed Metal. Two Loop Lugs.Plus Top Attachments Ring. Good Condition Owen ref 478 61mm x 49mm 1894-1902
South Africa Grey Highschool Cadet Corp Cap Badge Brass Metal Two Lugs. Good Condition. Owen Ref 2811. 58mm x 52mm. ww1 era
South Africa Medals x5 Kruger S.A.artillery Medals In Good Condition.Original Ribbons. All Officially Impressed To 329949 j. kruger.. Unmounted but Held Together With Stitching..Some Service Records .Showing Rank AS Gunner S.A. Artillery & These Medals The Full Entitlement.
South Africa Police SAP Helmet Badge Brass Metal Good Condition,Three Loop Lugs.102mm x 85mm. owen 1900 1926-1931
South Africa Signal Service Royal Engineers Shoulder Title Brass Metal Two lugs.JR GAUNT. LONDON Good Condition. 1916-1918. France
SOUTH AFRICAN CONSTABULARYSLOUCH HAT BADGE White Metal Lugs Intact. 1902-1913.Good Condition 68mm x 58mm
South African Heavy Artillery Rare OSD Cap Badge Gaunt Tablet Bronze/Bronzed .Two Blades. Very Good Condition. With Only Slight Wear .With A Gaunt Tablet 1915-1919
Southern Nigerian Regiment West Africa Frontier Force Shoulder Title Brass Metal, Two Lugs, Good Condition.1906-1913 Renfrew 291
Sudan Defence Force Silver Officers Cap Badge Silver Metal Single Screw Lug. Local/Theatre Cast. Has A Hallmark left From The Doner Badge.pre 1956.Good Quality Casting.
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Transkei Special Forces Cap/Beret Badge Bi Metal. Two Screw Lugs. Good Condition.
Transvaal Horse Artillery W/M Cap Badge White Metal Two Loop Lugs. Attached Second Wheel. 1902-1914 very scarce
Tranvaal Scottish Volunteers Shoulder Title Brass.Two Loops. Good Condition 60mm x 28mm circa 1902-1913
Trinidad Police Helmet Plate White Metal Two Lugs. Good Condition .Renfrew 241 pre 1954 82mm x 60mm
Trinidad Volunteers (militia) Helmet Plate Victorian White Metal With Two Lugs. Good Condition 1879-1902 Renfrew 240 78mm x 68mm wide
Uitenhage Rifles Slouch Hat Badge White metal. Good Condition. Two Dark Toned Lugs. 1897-1913. 61mm x 48mm
Victoria College Jersey OTC Cap Badge Brass Metal Two Loop Lugs. Good Condition.
Victorian 18th Hussars Cap Badge Bi Metal With Two Loop Lugs. Overall Good Condition. Lugs pinched
Victorian 1st City Regiment Volunteers Helmet Plate White Metal Three Loop Lugs Good Condition. Two Piece Badge The 1 Being Attached. Measures 132mm x 103mm owen ref 80, 1880-1899
Victorian Cameron Highlanders Cap Badge White Metal Two Loops. pre 1900.Good Condition.
Victorian Duke Of Edinburghs Own Vol,s Rifles ORs Cap Badge White Metal Two Loop Lugs. Good Condition. Pre 1902
Victorian Grenadier guards valise Badge Brass Metal ,Four Loop Lugs. Good Condition. Pre 1902
Victorian Natal Mounted Rifles Helmet Plate White Metal Three Loop Lugs Very Good Condition. owen ref 435. worn Pre 1902 Measures 93mm Wide X 101mm
Victorian Natal Mounted Rifles Slouch Hat Badge Bronze Metal, Two Loop Lugs.Good Condition. owen ref 439 60mm x 49mm 1897-1902125
West Africa Regiment Officers Collar Badges Bronzed Metal ,All Lugs Present. Pre 1925 Light Wear Only, VERY good CONDITION 34MM WIDE X 25MM
ww1 Bronze War Medal. 1st Lahore Labour Corp Bronze Metal. Good Condition. Named To 508 Cooly Sian Gupta. 1 Lahore Labour Cps
ww1 Bronze War Medal. 2nd Lahore Labour Corp Bronze Metal . Good Condition. To 122 Cooly Merajdin 2nd Lahor Labour Cps
ww1 Bronze War Medal. Macedonian Mule Corp Bronze Metal Good Condition To 5645 Muleteer Macedonian Mule C. Attributed To Erotakis Tofi
WW1 SOUTH AFRICA 3rd Inafantry Pair(PAG) Named War & Victory medals Both Named To pte f.c. ingram 3rd S.A.I. Good Condition Original Ribbons, A Couple Of Edge Knocks
ww1 South African 3rd Infantry Officers Collar Badges Die Cast Bronze/Bronzed Metal All Lugs Present. Very Good Condition.1915-1919 Matching Pair
WW2 South Africa Medals Group Of Five Good Condition, Original Ribbons. Stapled To Card. All Officially Impressed To 281442 O.E. HEWETSON. A Couple Of Service History Papers . Showing He Served In The S.A.TECH SERVICE CORP.. These Medals Are The Full Entitlement
WW2 South Africa Medals Group Of Five A.SMITH DURBAN LIGHT INFANTRY Medals Good Condition. To 2238 N.A. SMITH. Orignal Ribbons.All Officially Impressed . Stapled To Card. Some Copies Of Service Records. show These Medals To Be Full Entitlement. Serving With A.Company 1st Royal Durban light Infantry.
Yorkshire Regiment Cap Badge Bi Metal Two Loop Lugs Good Condition. Pre 1902
ZAR Boer Republic Police Helmet Badge Gilt Brass Metal Three Loop Lugs Pre 1901. Good Scarce Example
Zululand Mounted Rifles O.R.s Cap/Slouch Hat Badge Brass Metal Three Loop Lugs. Good Condition. 1904-1913 scarce badge