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1916 Xmas Card - 17th Infantry Brigade . 1916 Christmas Greeting card from the 17th Infantry Brigade. This used card is in good condition with just a small section missing from the inner insert (see photo). Pencil dedication - from George to Jim +Daisy+Baby +All at home.
1918 Royal Flying Corps Silk Postcard. World War One embroidered silk postcard - R.F.C (Royal Flying Corps) written in pencil on reverse - A card from France from your loving brother Albert to Violet December 3rd 1918. Card is in sound condition with some decolourisation and shows signs of removal from album.
1940 / 50s Vintage Women\'s Sunglasses. . Women\'s vintage 1940 / 50s sunglasses. In excellent condition being new / old stock. Size not marked but they would appear to be small to medium. Complete with its original paper cover.
1943 RAF \"Tee Emm\" Personally Signed By Five Pilots. March 1943 edition of the RAF training magazine \"Tee Emm\" which has been personally signed on the front cover by Ken Wilkinson 19 Squadron, Terry Clark DFC, Tony Pickering 501 Squadron, Tom Neil DFC. AFC 249 Squadron, Terrence Kane 234 Squadron. The ink signatures remain bright and clear.
1945 Dated British Army Dispatch Riders Helmet. . 1945 dated British Army Dispatch Riders Helmet. The helmet is in very good original unissued condition with just some slight scratches from storage. The date is stamped on the inner leather headband 1945 also the size 7.1/4 and the manufactures initials \"BMB\" (British Motor Bodies). The inner leather work, straps etc are in excellent condition, overall and excellent example.
8th USAAF - Weekly Air Intelligence Digest - January 16th 1943. . 8th USAAF Weekly Air Intelligence Digest (Vol.2 No3. copy no 306) Week ending January 16th 1943. Issued by headquarters, Eighth Air Force, and VIII Bomber, Fighter, Composite, Air Support, and Air Force Service commands. 22 page card cover booklet with a few illustrations in good used condition with some foxing. Contents include - Targets of the week, Photos from the Russian front, Runaway German balloons examined, FW-190 ace German fighter, The sinking U.S Aircraft Carrier \"Wasp\" etc. Ink stamp to front cover - Asst Chief Of Staff, A-2, HQ VIII Air Force Service Command A.P.O 633 U.S Army.
A.M Pamphlet 138 - Aircraft Icing. \"Aircraft Icing\" Some thoughts for pilots in S.F.T.Ss, A.F.Us, O.T.Us and Squadrons. Issued by the Department of the Air Member for Training Air Ministry. A.M Pamphlet 138 - October 1942. 10 page training booklet in good condition with some age wear.
A.M Pamphlet 165 - Oxygen Sense - 1944 Air Ministry Pamphlet 165 - 1st Edition - January 1944, entitled "Oxygen Sense". 20 page card cover illustrated booklet, in very good clean sound condition. Details the use of oxygen equipment for aircrews.
A.R.P - Practical Guide. A.R.P - A concise, fully illustrated and practical guide for the householder and air raid warden by S. Evelyn Thomas. 96 page booklet with black and white and colour illustrations in very good clean sound condition with just some slight foxing.
A.R.P Canteen. . Rare A.R.P workers aluminium canteen and webbing carrier. Canteen has \"A.R.P\" marked to the top and manufacture marking stamped to base - H.B.S Ltd. The canteen is in good used condition with some small dents and scratches. (see photos) Webbing carrier is in good sound used condition.
A.R.P Handbook - No.14. The Fire Guards Handbook. . Air Raid Precautions Handbook No.14 (1st Edition) - The Fire Guards Handbook. Small style handbook published 1942, 46 pages with black & white illustrations. The handbook is in very good clean condition with issue ink stamp to front cover - A.R.P Office, Elm Street, Whitefield.
A.R.P Handbook N0.6 - A.R.P In Factories and Business Premises. . Air Raid precautions Handbook No.6 (1st edition) - Air Raid Precautions In Factories and Business Premises. 70 page handbook published in 1938 in sound but fairly well used condition with some rust bleed from the staples. No.6 is one of the harder to find ARP handbooks these days.
A.R.P Memorandum No.11 - Gas Detection & Identification Service . Air Raid Precautions Memorandum No.11 (1st edition) Gas Detection and Identification Service. Issued by the Ministry of Home Security 1939. 12 page booklet in sound used condition with some page decolourisation.
A.R.P Memorandum No.13. . Air Raid Precautions Memorandum No.13 - Inspection and Repair of Respirators and Oilskin Clothing - 2nd edition. 18 page illustrated booklet issued by the Ministry of Home Security 1940. The booklet is in good used condition with some rust bleed from staples.
A.R.P Sealing Tape. . Butterfly Brand - Specially Prepared Air Raid Precaution Sealing Tape - 70 feet x 4 inch. Used for sealing cracks and openings round windows and doors or in floors, walls and ceilings. The 4 inch high tin container is in good condition with some age wear, retains both of its original paper label and all or most of the original sealing tape.
A.R.P Structural Brick Shelters. . A.R.P Structural Brick Shelters for the protection of personnel - Designed to meet Home Office A.R.P Standards. Published by Clay products technical bureau of Great Britain, London. A technically detailed booklet giving working details, quantities and costings for various types of brick shelters. 48 page booklet in very good sound condition with some foxing to front cover the remaining pages in clean condition.
A.R.P Whistle - J. Hudson & Co A.R.P Whistle maker marked A.R.P J. Hudson & Co Barr St Hockley Birmingham. The whistle is in good working condition with some service wear.
A.R.P Women\'s Voluntary Services Lapel Badge. A.R.P Woman's Voluntary Services pinback chrome and enamel lapel badge. First pattern badge issued pre 1939. Badge in good condition with some light scratches to chrome finish.
A.T.S Greetings / Best Wishes Card. A.T.S Greetings / Best Wishes Card produced by Gale & Polden Ltd. The card is in good used condition with embossed ATS crest to front and photograph of Her Majesty The Queen (Commandant in Chief) to centre.
Aerial Dropped Propaganda Leaflet - \"Sternenbanner\" 1943. Aerial dropped propaganda leaflet produced by the Office of War Information in London for the USAAF entitled "Sternenbanner" dated 15th November 1943 ref no USG.14. 4 page leaflet in good sound used condition with a little staining and has been folded.
Air Ministry / R.A.F Mirror. . Air Ministry wood framed, wall hanging mirror measures approx 33 x 23 cm. The mirror is dated 1951 and maker marked Newton Ltd. The mirror is in good condition with some age wear to the wooden frame varnish finish. Although this example is 1950s dated it is identical to a wartime example in our own collection.
Air Ministry Private Flying Licence 1938 - 1948 Air Ministry - Certificate of Competency and Licence to Fly Private Flying Machines. Issued to E. McCulloch of Glasgow covering the period 1939 to 1948 to fly all types of landplanes. The hard cover licence is in good condition.
Air Ministry Weekly Intelligence Summary 28th July 1945. Marked \"Secret\" Air Ministry Weekly Intelligence Summary, issued by Air Ministry A.C.A.S - No. 308, 28th July 1945. Contents include - The War Against Japan, Japan And The Japanese Air Force, Technical Intelligence and Germany and The German Air Force. 64 page card cover booklet illustrated with black and white photographs and diagrams in very good condition.
Air Raid Precautions Handbook No.4 Air Raid Precautions Handbook No.4 (1st edition) \"Decontamination Of Materials\" Issued by the Home Office (A.R.P Department) published 1938 by H.M.S.O. Small style hardback handbook in good used condition , 70 pages with some handwritten training notes to rear cover.
Air Raid Warden Sign. . Air Raid Warden sign measures approx 23x3cm in good condition with some age wear & slight damage. The cast sign has chrome finish with blue painted background.
Air Training Corps Recruitment Booklet 1950s Recruitment Booklet for the ATC (Air Training Corps). The 20 page booklet illustrated with black and white photographs is in good condition but has rust staining from the staples.
Aircraft Of The Royal Air Force - Cigarette Cards Complete set of cigarette cards issued 1938 by John Players & Sons - Aircraft Of The Royal Air Force. Cards are mounted in their original collectors album, the 50 cards retain good colour and condition, the album has some signs of wear and rust bleed from the staples.
ATA - Boston and Havoc Aircraft Ground Handling Notes. . Air Publication 6032 - Ground Handling Notes (Prepared for use of Air Transport Auxiliary) for Boston and Havoc Aircraft (DB-7 Variants). Approx 30 pages with technical illustrations and in very good sound condition dated 1944.
Avro Lancaster - Flight Engineer\'s Notes. . Avro Lancaster Mk. I & III Flight Engineers Notes - Published by A.V Roe & Co Ltd Manchester March 1944. The card cover handbook is in sound used condition with foldout illustrations.
Birmingham - Salutes The Soldier Badge. Birmingham Salutes The Soldier, celluloid and tin pinback badge (25mm dia). In very good clean condition with just some very slight rust bleed. see photos.
Bournemouth - Ration Book Holder . Bournemouth - Ration books holder. A leather ration book cover / holder with \"Bournemouth\" town crest to front. Measures approx 16 x 12 cm is in good sound used condition with age wear.
Carshalton - Civil Defence Area Title. . Carshalton - Civil Defence Area Title, embroidered yellow lettering on black cloth background in good condition with signs of being removed from uniform. Measures approx. - 9x4cm.
Chivers On Essential Work Badge. . Chivers On Essential Work Badge. Chrome and enamel button hole fixing badge for Chivers Jam for factory workers on national service. The 20mm dia badge is in excellent condition, numbered to reverse 298 and maker marked Thomas Fattorini Birmingham.
Churchill - Save For Victory Money Box. . Churchill - Save For Victory Money Box. Churchill bust approx. 12 cm in green, papier mache / plaster construction with slot in back of the head for money and inscribed save for victory. In good condition with some lose of green colour, and removal cap at base missing, as always. A rare survivor in this condition.
Citizens In War And After by Stephen Spender. Citizens in War and After by Stephen Spender published 1945 by George G Harrap & Co Ltd. 112 page hardback book (no dust jacket) with 48 colour photographs. A look at all aspects of Civil Defence during the war.
City of Salisbury Civilian Respirator Case. A civilian gas mask case and box issued by the City of Salisbury. The private purchase leatherette carrying case is in good used condition with service wear to the strap. The card box has instruction label issued by Salisbury council fixed to the top of the box with details of the owner. Note - no respirator is supplied due H&S issues.
Civil Air Guard Interest Documents. . Two documents with Civil Air Guard interest, a letter dated March 1939 from Airwork Flying Club, Heston Airport to Mr Stamford of British Airways Ltd about his application to enrol in the Civil Air Guard, also an application form for Civil Air Guard personal accident Insurance. The Civil Air Guard (C.A.G) was established by the UK government in July 1938 to encourage and subsidise pilot training as the prospect of war loomed. The training was undertaken by civilian flying clubs.
Civil Defence Arm Band. Civil Defence armband this pattern was introduced in 1940 and issued to all members who had not been issued with a uniform. Yellow printed lettering on blue cloth background. This example is in good condition with some creasing due to storage.
Civil Defence Local A.R.P Instructors Badge Small oval embroidered badge L.A.R.P (Local A.R.P) badge being a unofficial instructors qualification badge.
Civil Defence Printed Report and Control Shoulder Title Printed Civil Defence shoulder title - Report and Control. In excellent unissued condition.
Civil Defence Reserve Beret Badge Civil Defence Reserve small printed badge in excellent unissued condition.
County Of Kincardine A.R.P Booklet. . County Of Kincardine - Air Raid Precautions - Warden Service Booklet. 32 page card cover booklet issued 1939 by the County ARP Officer as a reminder for wardens who had taken the gas training course. The booklet is in good sound used condition with some rusting of the staples.
Cromer Auxiliary Fire Service Training Certificate. . Cromer Urban District Council, Auxiliary Fire Service. Auxiliary fireman card certificate for completion of training dated 16th November 1940. Measures approx.26x21cm. Condition is well used, with some age staining, has been folded.
Dance Ticket - R.A.F Station, Halfpenny Green. 1944 dance ticket for sgt's mess dance held at R.A.F station Halfpenny Green on Friday 20th October 1944. In good clean used condition. RAF Halfpenny Green near the village of Bobbington South Staffordshire was a training station from 1943 to its closure in 1956, currently Wolverhampton Airport.
Dig For Victory Leaflet No.1 - Grow For Winter as well as Summer. Dig For Victory Leaflet No.1 - Grow for Winter as well as Summer - issued by the Ministry Of Agriculture. Fold out leaflet with with coloured plan to centre to have vegetables all year round. Leaflet is in good used condition with some general creasing.
Dig For Victory Leaflet No.18. Dig For Victory Leaflet No.18 - Better Fruit - Disease Control In Private Gardens. 6 page foldout leaflet issued 1942. In good used condition with some damage to edges.
Document Group Leeds A.R.P - Auxiliary Fire Brigade 1939 - 1941. Group of six documents to Mr S Wood of Leeds from the Auxiliary Fire Brigade and Leeds Police Air Raid Wardens Department. He seems very undecided as to what wartime career he wanted. Served as a full time air raid warden from 1939, but resigned 16th March 1940 - reasons unknown. Joined Leeds City AFS 3rd February 1941 but resigned only 2 month later 27th April 1941 only to be then conscripted for military service - grade 4, aged 38.
Ealing - Fire Guard Appointment Card. . Fire Guard appointment card issued by the Borough Of Ealing Civil Defence Services. The card is in good clean used condition with some age wear, named to Mrs F.D Yates of Ealing with issue date 19th February 1942.
Emergency Flying Ration Mk II. . Emergency Flying Ration Mk II tin (no contents) Stores ref 27P/7. The tin is in good used condition with some rusting mainly on the lid, detailed instruction are printed on the base and lid.
Essex Air Raid Warden Enamel Sign. . Essex Air Raid Warden enamel sign measures approx 23x7cm, the sign is in good clean condition with some slight rusting and age wear (see photos).
Essex Air Raid Warden Identification Card. . County of Essex Air Raid Precautions wardens identity / appointment card. Issued 23rd January 1939 to Mr Joshua Smith of Gt Chesterford. The small card is in good sound used condition.
Evacuee House Account Book - West Byfleet . Interesting and a rare survivor is this account book for Norfolk House and its evacuees dated September 1st 1939. Norfolk House - West Byfleet, Surrey which I believe is some type of hostel for evacuee families and appears to be run by a Mrs Barraclough who kept this account book and list all income and outgoings for a number of families upto 1943. The book is in good sound condition, clearly written with just expected age wear.
Exeter\'s War Weapons Week - Feb 15-22 1941. Exeter\'s War Weapons Week February 15th to 22nd 1941, celluloid and tin pinback button badge approx 3cm dia in excellent clean condition.
German N.S.F.K Flugbuch (Flight Log) . German Third Reich period N.S.F.K (National Socialist Flying Corps) Flugbuch (Flight Log) issued 1939. Glider flights recorded 1939 to 1940. Log is in good used condition with uniform photograph and all correct stamps and signatures.
Gloster Javelin Sales / Information Brochure. 1950 / 1960s Gloster Javelin sales / information brochure published by Gloster Aircraft Company Limited, Gloucester England. 8 page illustrated booklet in very good clean condition.
H.G Northwich Battalion Insignia. . Home Guard Northwich (Cheshire) Battalion insignia. The printed badge is in good condition has been removed from uniform. The badge is believed to have H.G connection see page 46 of Jon Mills H.G book \"In The Space Of A Single Day\"
Hampshire Civil Defence Shoulder Title. Embroidered yellow lettering on blue background Hampshire Civil Defence shoulder title. In good used condition with evidence of removal from tunic.
Hampstead Civil Defence Service Certificate. . Borough of Hampstead Civil Defence - certificate given to Edith Josephy in recognition of duty performed in the Civil Defence of Hampstead as a member of the Report & Control service from 4/9/39 to 5/6/44. Paper certificate is in good used condition with just some slight staining and measures approx 32x21cm.
Hints For The Home Guard by Lieut-Colonel Fitzwilliams Hints For The Home Guard - Training and duties, including the methods of defeating an armed man. By Lieut - Colonel, D.C.L Fitzwilliams,C.M.G. Published by Hutchinson & Co Ltd. 64 page card cover booklet in good sound condition with some foxing.
History Of The 44th London Battalion Home Guard. . A History Of The 44th London (London Transport) Battalion Of The Home Guard 1940 - 1946. Published June 1948 this scarce Home Guard history is in excellent condition with just some age wear and rust bleed from the staples. 36 page card cover booklet with illustration.
Home Guard Instruction No 64 - Notes On Summer Training 1944. Home Guard Instruction No.64 - Notes on summer training,1944 and revised range courses with amendments. 48 page booklet in good sound clean condition with slight staining around the staples. Contents include - Part 1 - Introduction. Part 2 The aims of summer training 1944. Part 3 Range Courses. Appendices.
Home Guard Instruction No.51 - Part IV Home Guard Defence. Home Guard Instruction No.51, Battlecraft and Battle Drill for the Home Guard - Part IV The Organization of Home Guard Defence. Card cover H.G training booklet 114 pages with illustration in good used condition with some damage to cover around staples.
Home Guard Instruction No51 - Part II Battle Drill Home Guard Instruction No 51 - Battlecraft and Battle Drill For The Home Guard - Part II - Battle Drill. 48 page card cover booklet issued September 1942. The booklet is in overall very good condition.
How To get Help After Air Raid Damage Leaflet. . Small leaflet (approx 17x10cm) entitled - How To Get Help After Air Raid Damage. Two sided leaflet giving details of Food and Rest Centres, Injury Allowances, Compensation, Pensions, Damaged Houses and Rehousing and Billeting - Help and Information about these is given at Information Centres. The leaflet is in good condition.
How To Keep well In Wartime - Booklet. How To Keep Well In Wartime - Issued for the Ministry Of Health by the Ministry Of Information. 24 page booklet published in 1943 in well used condition with some damage to front cover (see photos). Contents include - Get enough sleep, keep mind and body active, fight disease with hygiene etc.
I.C.I Long Service Certificate 1944. . A 25 year I.C.I long service award certificate issued 3rd November 1944. The thick paper certificate measures approx 32 x 47 cm has been folded and has some age wear and staining and some small repaired damage to the folds. On reverse addition label reads - Owing to the National Emergency the usual awards cannot at present be made. It is hoped when victory has been achieved that the practice will be resumed. In that case the recipient of this certificate should apply for the appropriate award.
Kent Civil Defence Service Certificate. County of Kent Civil Defence issue certificate to Mr S.P Collins of 5 Well Street Loose for services rendered as a member of Civil defence Service from 1st May 1944 to 2nd May 1945. The thick paper certificate measures approx 18x25cm and is in good clean condition, has been folded.
Laughs With The Home Guard. "Laughs With the Home Guard" complied by S.Evelyn Thomas and published by George G. Harrap & Co Ltd. The booklet is in good sound used condition, having 48 pages of wartime home front humour with cartoons by Giles, Fougasse and Sillince.
Lend A Hand On The Land - Volunteer Badge. Lend A Hand On The Land - Volunteer Agricultural Camp pin back badge. The tin and celluloid badge measures approx 3 cm dia and is in good condition.
Lend to Defend - Defence Bonds Poster. Lend To Defend the Right To be Free - Buy Defence Bonds poster (approx. 51 x 38 cm) issued by The National Savings Committee Ref VFP 4. Original poster retains good colour, has been folded.
Luftwaffe Aerial Photograph - R.A.F Hemswell. . Early Luftwaffe aerial photograph of R.A.F Hemswell Lincolnshire dated October 1940. The paper document measures approx 34x30cm is in good used condition has been folded with some staining.
Major Henry G Ford Copperplate & Photograph. . Major Henry G Ford Royal Air Force, unusual item being a Harrods Ltd, Copperplate Printers & Co London, copper plate for printing business / visiting cards - Major Henry G Ford, Royal Aero Club, Piccadilly. W1. plus postcard size photograph of Ford in his RAF uniform.
Miniature Enamel A.R.P Badge. Miniature enamel A.R.P service badge. Blue and red enamel with button hole fixing. These small badges were commercially produced due to the standard badge being disliked due to their large size. Badge is in good condition with just some slight imperfection (not damage) to the lower section of blue enamel see photos.
Ministry of Food - Ration Book Supplement - 1941 Ministry of Food - Ration Book Supplement - "This is a spare book you will be told when to use it" Issued by the Gosport food office July 1941. The small book is in used condition with issue stamps with some staining and general wear.
Ministry Of Home Security - Chart Of War Gases. "Chart Of War Gases" Foldout card chart issued by the Ministry of Home Security in 1943. Five page chart giving details of the type and effects of gases, measures approx 10 x17 cm (unopened) in good used condition.
National Fire Service - Drill Handbook. National Fire Service - Drill Handbook issued to W V Thorpe based at station 23.B2.Z. The 32 page booklet is in good used condition.
National Registration Identity Card & Holder . National Registration Identity Card and Holder. Identity card issued May 1943 to Mrs Allen of Whitefield in excellent clean condition. The I.D card is held in a card holder issued with compliments of the Universal Winding Co and is in good used condition.
National Service Daily Sketch War Fund Badge. National Service - Daily Sketch War Fund - Chrome and enamel pinback lapel badge. Maker marked to reverse Thomas Fattorini Birmingham the badge is in excellent condition.
National Service Home Front Lapel Badge. \"National Service Home Front\" lapel badge pinback fixing and maker marked. The enamel is in good condition and the badge is numbered 820.
Navy League Comforts Supply - Lapel Badge Navy League - Comforts Supply lapel badge, the blue and white enamel is in good used condition with no enamel damage, pin fixing and maker marked.
North-West (London) Frontier, 23rd Middlesex Battalion Home Guard. . Scarce Home Guard publication - North - West (London) Frontier No.6 Company - 23rd Middlesex Battalion - A Souvenir of Home Guard Training, Duties, and Other Activities during the World War of 1939 - 45. Card cover booklet of 76 pages, published 1946 in good clean used condition with some rust bleed from the staples.
October 1941 - \"Luftpost\" Aerial Dropped Leaflet. Wartime R.A.F aerial dropped leaflet "Luftpost" No.22 14th October 1941. These leaflets were dropped on German civilians by the R.A.F as a propaganda news paper. In good clean condition.
Osborne Ivorex Battle of Britain Desk Calendar . Battle of Britain horseshoe desk calendar produced by the Kent ceramic makers \"Osborne Ivorex Plaque\". The calendar stands appox 12cm is in good condition with just one small chip at the top of the left hand horseshoe and has incomplete date cards. Maker marked to base. Produced wartime after the Battle of Britain it has the famous Churchill\'s quote \"Never in the field of human conflict was so muchowed by so many to so few\"
Our Blitz - \"Red Sky Over Manchester\" Our Blitz - a record of the German bombing attacks on the Manchester area December 22 & 23 1940. Produced towards the end of the war by the Daily Dispatch and Evening Chronicle. Soft cover approx 40 pages fully illustrated with black and white photos. In well used condition with some damaged to pages, however still sound and readable condition of this scarce publication.
R.A.F 1950s Recruitment Booklet. \"Highway For Youth In The Royal Air Force\" 1950s recruitment booklet for the RAF aircraft / administrative apprentice scheme at the apprentice school RAF Halton. Illustrated with black and white photographs, 24 pages with some slight wear and staining.
R.A.F Air Officers Commanding Staff Car Pennant . Scarce wartime Royal Air Force Air Officers Commanding staff car pennant. The pennant measures approx. 30x14cm is of multi piece construction, R.A.F blue cloth background with a sewn on R.A.F roundel overlaid with a astral crown. Condition is good with some age wear decolourisation and staining and small area of damage. (see photo)
R.A.F Aircraft First Aid Outfit Bag. . WWII Royal Air Force First Aid Outfit Bag for Aircraft. The canvas bag measures approx 23 x 23 cm is in good unissued condition would have been carried in fighter, bomber & transport aircraft, top flap is A.M marked, dated 1941 and maker marked - H.E Curtis Ltd. Bag only no contents.
R.A.F Airman in Flying Kit - Postcard. Good clear photograph / postcard of early war airman in flying suit, 36 pattern flying boots, Mk111 goggles etc.
R.A.F Apprentice Ordinary Airman\'s Peaked Cap . 1950s R.A.F Apprentice Ordinary Airman\'s Peaked Cap. An excellent example of a 1950s ordinary airman\'s peaked cap with apprenticeship cap band. Marked on the inner headband is Size 7, Stores ref 22F/1068, maker J.Collett Ltd and dated 1953. The cap is in very good condition with slight age wear, the red and green apprentice headband is in good bright condition .
R.A.F Button Stick. Brass Royal Air Force issue button cleaning stick, in good used condition AM Air Ministry stamped with stores reference - B147101/40/CI (B).
R.A.F Christmas Card. . Wartime Royal Air Force Christmas card, good quality card with embossed RAF crest to front. Good condition with some foxing.
R.A.F Civilian Workers Identity Card - 1942 Royal Air Force identity card for civilians employed by the Air Ministry or The Ministry of Aircraft Production at Royal Air Force Stations and Establishments - issued to J.L Grant - June 1942 employed as groundsman at RAF Upwood. In good condition with ID photograph.
R.A.F Cuff Links Pair of Royal Air Force cuff links, these being an uncommon pattern which we have not seen before. They are in good, uncleaned condition.
R.A.F Pocket Book 1937. . Royal Air Force Pocket Book 1937 - promulgated for the information and guidance of all concerned, Air Publication 1081. Hardback with press stud front cover fixing pocket book with 320 pages in good sound condition. It states - the reference book is to be used when operating away from their headquarters when the official manuals may not be available.
R.A.F Signaller \"Half Wing\" Brevet. Wartime R.A.F Signaller "Half Wing" Brevet a good used flat example with service wear and shows signs of removal from uniform.
R.A.F Sweetheart Powder Compact. . Small (approx 5cm dia) wartime ladies Royal Air Force sweetheart powder compact. Chrome case with celluloid RAF crest in good clean used condition retains its original powder.
R.A.F War Service Chevrons, Sealed Pattern. Royal Air Force War Service Chevron sealed pattern, the badge is fixed to RAF working pattern card (A.M Form 1206) and also to clothing inspection division which has wax seal and dated October 1943. All are in good condition.
R.A.F.A Wings Appeal Collection Tin. . Scarce Royal Air Forces Association \"Wings Appeal\" collection tin. The tin retains its original paper label which has some slight damage and staining, some dents to the tin and is missing its removeable (to empty money) bottom lid, but has its original string carrying handle. However these tins are hard to find and makes an excellent display item.
R.O.C Magazine Bound Volume 1941 - 1942. . Scarce bound volume of The Journal Of The Royal Observer Corps Club from September 1941 to December 1942. The magazines are fully illustrated and in excellent condition.
R101 Memorium Card & Newspaper. . R101 Memorium Card - In Sacred Memory of the Officers, Crew and Passengers of the Airship R.101 which crashed in France on October 5th 1930, with the loss of 48 lives. Card is in well used condition with a small section of damage to rear see photo. Original edition of the Daily Herald - Monday October 13th 1930 with headlines R101 Nation Awaits The Truth.
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force Pilot\'s Wings . Wartime Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) pilots wings, a excellent quality pair of original wartime period unissued flat type wings.
RAF Navigators Log - Operation 31/10/1942 - 37 Squadron R.A.F navigators log form 441 for operation against M.T Target west of Alamein on the 31/10/42. The log sheet completed in pencil by navigator Sgt Baxter flying in Wellington BB478 of 37 Squadron RAF based at Abu Sueir Egypt. The single sheet is in good condition, clear and readably give details of the route etc taken. Wellington BB478 (Z) crew - Captain - Sgt Sheppard. Navigator -Sgt Baxter. Wireless Operator - P/O Lamont. Rear Gunner - Sgt White.
Royal Air Force Cigarette Case. Royal Air Force cigarette case chrome plated case with laminated R.A.F Kings Crown crest inlaid to front. Retains elastic cigarette retainer and is in overall very good condition. Stamped on the inner edge of the case - Made in England. A good unusual pattern RAF cigarette case.
Royal Air Force Cufflinks. A good quality pair of Royal Air Force Kings Crown enamel cufflinks, they are in good condition with some service wear.
Royal Air Force Flight Map - England Eastern Counties (N) Royal Air Force Edition - Flight Map, England Eastern Counties (North) 1938 edition. Linen backed paper map with card covers in well used grubby sound condition.
Royal Air Force Identity Card. Royal Air Force (Form 1250) All Ranks Identity Card issued January 1941 at RAF Station Blackpool to AC2 Reginal Garland. Shows service up to October 1945 with his final station being servicing wing RAF Rivenhall. The card with photograph is in good sound used condition.
Royal Air Force Journal - Victory in Europe Number. Royal Air Force Journal - Victory in Europe Number. 40 page illustrated magazine in good condition with rust bleed from staples.
Royal Air Force Malaya Identity Pass. Royal Air Force Malaya pass issued to Cpl N.H Horton 27/11/1941 for entry into RAF Seletar. good condition with clear photograph.
Royal Air Force Warrant Officer Rank Insignia. Wartime Royal Air Force Warrant Officer sleeve rank badge. In good clean used condition shows signs of removal from uniform.
Royal Artillery Gun - W.Britain Model . No.1201 - Britain\'s Royal Artillery Gun. The model is in good condition with just small area of paint damage / rust see photos. The gun comes with its original box which has some damage is in working order, it is missing its shells.
Second Army Thanksgiving Service Booklet . Small 16 page booklet for the Second Army order of service - Thanksgiving Service on conclusion of the campaign in North West Europe - 6th June 1944 to 5th May 1945. Booklet is in good sound used condition.
Section Of WWI Avro Propeller. . Small section (approx 21cm) of a world war one Avro wooden propeller. The propeller retains its original \"Avro\" A.V Roe & Co Ltd. Manchester - Eng. manufactures transfer. The section of propeller is in good uncleaned (see photo) the transfer retains good colour with just some slight areas of damage. A good display item.
Set Of 5 Civil Defence Public Information Leaflets. . Set of five Civil Defence public information leaflets issued 1939. 1) Some things you should know if war should come. 2) Masking Your Windows. 3) Evacuation Why and How? 4) Your Food In War-Time. 5) Fire Precautions In War Time. Leaflets are in sound used condition with some age discolouration.
Small Group of Civil Defence / Home Guard Documents - Hainault / Ilford. Small Civil Defence / Home Guard document grouping to F.J.A Cook of Hainault, Ilford Essex. Contents include - 1. Home Guard Certificate of Enrolment card (approx 11x8cm) 52nd Essex Battalion D.Company Home Guard 9th October 1942. 2. 1943 dated National Registration Identity Card. 3. Home Guard Instruction booklet No54 1942 - Drill. 4. National Service Acts, 1939 to 1941 Grade Card dated November 1942. 5. Borough of Ilford Civil Defence Duties Enrolment Notice Card. Dated December 1941 and signed by Chief Warden. 6. National Service (Armed Forces) Act Registration Card. 7. His post war Medical Card, National Insurance contribution record card, Blood transfusion card. All items in good used condition.
Small Group Of Photographs - 1930s - 83 Squadron . Small group of 12 privately taken photographs mainly of 83 Squadron RAF during the mid 1930s taken at either RAF Turnhouse or Scampton. The photographs measure approx 9 x 6 cm are in fairly well used condition and most have handwritten notes on the back. Content mainly Hawker Hind.
Soldiers Sailors & Airmens Families Association Armband. . Scarce wartime Soldiers Sailors & Airmens Families Association \"S.S.&.A.F.A\" armband. Embroidered lettering and Kings Crown SSAFA badge on blue felt armband. In good condition with one small moth hole (see photo) and retains good colour.
The Airman Sept 1921 - RAF Manston Journal . \"The Airman\" Monthly Journal of the R.A.F Manston - September 1921 edition. 20 page magazine style publication with illustration, articles on the base and squadrons. Magazine is in sound, good fairly well used condition.
The Fourth Arm Of Defence - War Savings Leaflet. . War Savings Leaflet entitled "The Fourth Arm Of Defence" Reference number W.F.L.8 issued by the National Savings Committee. The single side leaflet is in very good condition. The leaflet details the way the war will be won by the power of money and goes on to describe the way the money can be lent 1. National Savings certs, 3. Defence Bonds and Post Office Savings Bank.
The Home Guard Encyclopedia. . The Home Guard Encyclopedia By Andrew G. Elliot (2nd Edition) Published by Thorsons Publishers Ltd. 126 page paperback style publication in good used condition with some foxing. The book contents include sections on exercises, unarmed combat, leadership, camouflage etc.
The Journal of the Royal Observer Corps Club - 1942 The Journal of the Royal Observer Corps Club - Volume 1, Number 11, August 1942. 30 page magazine which was issued to R O C personnel only, illustrated with black and white photographs. In good clean condition with some rust bleed from staples.
The King & Queen With Their People. The King And Queen With Their People, published 1941 by John Murray, London. The book was sold to raise money for war charities. 40 page hardback book illustrated with black and white photographs. In used sound condition with some foxing.
The Monthly Air Force List - November 1928. . Scarce original Royal Air Force \"Monthly Air Force List\" for November 1928. Printed and published by the H.M.S.O list details of officers serving in the R.A.F. The paper cover booklet is in good sound condition for its age with some damage to the spine see photographs.
The Planesman - March - April 1925 The Planesman - Official Organ of No. 7 Group, Royal Air Force. Volume III, No 3 March - April 1925 edition. Approx 40 page illustrated magazine in good clean sound condition. During 1925 No 7 Group consisted mainly of airfields in Southern England.
The Royal Air Force In Pictures. The Royal Air Force In Pictures (including aircraft of the fleet air arm) prepared by Major Oliver Stewart, published 1942 by Country Life Ltd. Hardback book with dust jacket (dust cover has some damage) in good clean sound condition approx 112 pages fully illustrated with black and white photograph, plus a number of pages of period advertisements.
The Royal Air Force Quarterly - July 1932. The Royal Air Force Quarterly - Volume 3, Number 3, July 1932, published by Gale & Polden. In good clean sound condition approx 120 page with illustrations full of interesting period advertisements and articles.
The Royal Family In Wartime. The Royal Family In Wartime - The illustrated story of the activities of the Royal Family in the service of people and empire. Published 1945 by Odhams Press London. 128 page hardback book with dust jacket (some slight damage to jacket) fully illustrated with black and white photographs. In good condition.
Torquay Warship Week 1942 - Badge. Torquay Warship Week - 7th to 14th March 1942. Tin and card pin back badge approx 3 cm dia. In good condition.
Truro Home Guard Christmas Card. . 10th Cornwall (Truro) Battalion Home Guard Christmas Card. The small card is in good unused condition with some foxing.
U.S.O Wartime Serviceman\'s \"Send Message Home\" Record. . WWII United Service Organization (USO) \"Record To Home\". 78rpm record (approx dia 17cm), the USO had kiosks in some locations that allowed soldiers to record voice messages onto records that could then be sent home to their family or their sweetheart. The record is in good unrecorded condition. The USO was founded in 1941 at the request of President Roosevelt to provide morale and recreation services to U.S uniformed military personnel.
U.S.O Camp Show Photographs. . Four small (12x10cm) original official photographs of a U.S.O camp show which I believed were taken at Mount Farm Bedfordshire. The photos show Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Francis Langford during the show. The photos are in good used condition with some age wear.
Victory Certificate For School Children . Today We Celebrate Victory Certificate, 1946. Certificate issued to British school children by King George VI commemorating the Allied victory in the Second World War, dated 8th June 1946. On the reverse is a list of important war dates. Certificate measures 27x17cm and is in good condition for its age.
W.V.S Area Title - Cheshire. . W.V.S Area Title for Cheshire, a good used example with signs of being removed from uniform. Embroidered lettering on a felt backing worn on the lower sleeve.
W.V.S Housewives Service Window Card W.V.S Housewives Service window card measures approx 19x19cm printed by Fosh & Cross Ltd in September 1940. Card is in good condition with some staining. The card would have been placed in windows of W.V.S members who were trained in Civil Defence.
War Cookery Leaflet Number 17 - \"Jam Making\". Ministry of Food, War Cookery Leaflet Number 17 - Jam Making. Leaflet in good used condition and dated September 1945.
Warden\'s Report Form. A.R.P./M.I. Wartime Warden\'s Report Form (Form of report to report centres) A.R.P./M.I. The remaining 3 forms from a pad in good unused condition.
Warship Week - Savings Leaflet. Small leaflet (approx. 13 x 19 cm) issued by the National Savings Committee - Ref W.F.L 49. "Don't miss the boat - The Navy's here, Its Warship week, The signal is save" The leaflet is in very good condition with just a small ink stain (see photos)
Wartime Building Bulletin No.13. . Department of Scientific and Industrial Research - Building Research - Wartime Building BulletinNo.13. The Fire Protection Of Structural Steelwork. 8 page detailed bulletin in good condition published by H.M.S.O - 1941.
Wartime CC41 Women\'s Stockings . Wartime CC41 women\'s stockings by \"Britannia\" Smart Reliable Hosiery. The stockings are in new condition, retains there original paper label with washing instructions and are clearly marked with the utility CC41.
Wartime Churchill / Roosevelt \"For Democracy\" Plate. Churchill / Roosevelt "For Democracy" decorative plate measures approx 22cm diameter produced by James Kent Ltd Longton 1941 - 1945 promoting the connection between the two leaders after the signing of the Atlantic Charter in 1941. The plate is typical of wartime quality ceramic production is in used sound condition. A good piece of wartime produced Churchilliana.
Wartime Civil Air Guard - Pilots Wings Lapel Badge. Civil Air Guard pilots wings lapel badge with button hole fixing, circa 1939 chromium plated example, with blue enamel 'CAG' initials to the centre, the reverse has maker's details 'W.O.Lewis (Badges) Ltd Birmingham'. Very good possible unissued condition, Aprrox Width 41mm.
Wartime Comic Postcard - \"My Boy\'s A Winner\" Wartime comic postcard - \"My Boy\'s A Winner\". Published by Photochrom Ltd London, No3 in the ecclusive celesque series. In good used condition with 25th October 1944 Norwich post mark.
Wartime Elastoplast Bandage Tin. . Wartime Elastoplast - Elastic Adhesive Bandage tin with some remaining original contents. Measures approx. height 9cm by 7cm diameter. The tin is in good used condition and clearly marked - \"War Time Container\"
Wartime Home Front Post Card - Combined Operations. Wartime home front postcard - \"Combined Operations\" No 10 B in the Tucks Post Card series \"Oilette\" dated August 1943. Card is in good used condition.
Wartime Home Front Postcard - A Spot Of Leave Cheerio! Wartime home front postcard \"A Spot Of Leave, Cheerio\" number 6 in the Celesque Series. Card is in good used condition and post marked February 1942.
Wartime Patriotic Flag. . Wartime patriotic flag / bunting, single sided, four panels featuring Union Jack, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Merchant Navy. Measures approx 40 x 26 inches is in good condition, retains good colour. Makes an ideal backdrop for a home front display.
Wartime R.A.F Baggage Parties Armband. . Scarce wartime R.A.F sealed / standard pattern armlet for \"Baggage, Parties\". Dated 14th November 1941. The white linen armband is in good condition with black felt letter \"B\" to centre and button fixing and retains its wax A.I.D seal.
Wartime RAF Service and Release Book - RAF Police. Royal Air Force service and release book covers the period July 1941 to November 1945, issued to Cpl D.A Wells who served with the RAF Police. Book is in good sound clean condition with some rust bleed from the staples.
Wartime \"Roll Out The Barrel\" Tankard. . Wartime \"Roll Out The Barrel\" tankard produced by Wade Heath & Co Burslem Circa 1941.The earthenware tankard with soldier modelled handle and the caption \"Roll Out The Barrel\" from the popular wartime song. The tankard is in good undamaged used condition.
Womens Land Army Playing Cards. . \"Womens Land Army\" Benevolent Fund playing cards. A complete set plus one Joker. The cards are in good fairly well used condition. Note cards only no box.
Women\'s Institute \"Fruit Preservation\" Button Badge. Wartime Women\'s Institute \"Fruit Preservation\" badge. This tin and celluloid button badge measures approx 22mm in diameter with pin fixing and is in good used condition with just some slight rust bleed.
WW1 Naval Airship Postcard. WW1 postcard of the New Naval Airship \"The Baby\" photograph produced by F. Scovell & Co Aldershot. Post marked Aldershot 3rd September 1916. Postcard is in very good clean condition with small damage to lower right hand corner.
WW1 Shaving Mirror - Queen\'s West Surrey Regiment. . Scarce World War One shaving mirror given to men of the Queen\'s West Surrey Regiment as a \"Good Luck\" gift from the Merchant Taylors School Club Christmas 1915. The steel chrome mirror has some age wear and the chrome finish has dulled slightly would improve with cleaning. The leather cover has some age wear and staining see photographs.
WW2 B.R.C.S - A.R.P Reserve Armband. . WW2 British Red Cross Society - A.R.P Reserve Armband. Red embroidered lettering on a green heavy canvas type material and secured by a brass buckle. The armband is in good clean condition.
WW2 National Registration Identity Card. National Registration Identity Card. Early issue pre - 1943 buff coloured card. Issued in 1942, Marksfield Leicestershire, with the later additional address label 1944.
WW2 R.A.F. Aerial Dropped Propaganda Leaflet. 1941 World War Two Royal Air Force aerial dropped propaganda leaflet - "Luftpost" 26th August 1941, single sheet leaflet dropped by air on German civilians by the R.A.F. In good sound condition with some staining.
WW2 RAF Aerial Propaganda Leaflet - April 1944 World War Two Royal Air Force aerial dropped propaganda leaflet - Le Courrier De L'Air - French language propaganda newspaper. 13th April 1944 edition. Leaflet is in good clean sound condition.
WWII British Red Cross Medal Group. . WWII British Red Cross Society medal group named to Mrs F.B Whittles. The group of five medals issued are for Anti Gas Training includes award certificate issued June 1939, Proficiency in Nursing, Red Cross First Aid, 3 year service and For Merit. All medals are in excellent condition, numbered and named.
WWII P.O.W. Paperwork Grouping. . Interesting WWII prisoner of war grouping to 2125589 Driver Harry Ainscough, Royal Engineers who took part in the Western Desert Campaign and was taken prisoner on the 5th June 1942. He served in Egypt from April 1941 to June 1942 before being captured he was initially interned in a Italian POW camp before being transferred to M-Stammlager IV D camp near Leipzig Germany to the end of the war. The group consists of the following - Twenty Eight POW letters / postcards from Ainscough to his wife covering the period January 1944 to January 1945 while in Stammlarger IV D camp. Eight copies of The Prisoner of War Journal including the final issue July 1945. \"Your Finest Hour 1939 - 1945\" Small illustrated booklet given to ex POWs. 1940 and 1942 Empire Day certificates. Number of letters and statement concerning pension appeal dated 1960s - the appeal statement gives details of his military service. A small number of leaflets etc see photo. All items in good condition with some age wear. A good grouping which would make a good research project.
\" With The R.A.F\" . \" With the R.A.F\" by Noel Monks. Wartime publication by Raphael Tuck with their colourful period artwork to the front cover. Small 48 page booklet in good overall used condition with only slight age wear. Aimed at the younger reader as a recruitment tool for the R.A.F.
\"A. I. D - On H.M Service\" Lapel Badge. Aeronautical Inspectorate Department. (A.I.D) brass and enamel lapel badge with button hole fixing and individual numbered 841 to reverse. Formed in WW I the purpose of the " AID " was to inspect and report on the construction of aircraft for military service. The badge is in good used uncleaned condition.
\"Air Raids\" Booklet. Air Raids (Completely Re-Written 1941) What you must know - What you must do! Issued by the Ministry of Home Security in 1941 this 64 page booklet was re-written in 1941 and is in good sound used condition.
\"Civil Defence Rescue Training\" Booklet Scarce 1941 booklet - Civil Defence Rescue Training - October 1941 edition published by the City Press , Chester. 20 page booklet illustrated with black and white line drawings is in good sound condition with foxing.
\"Douglas\" Combined Protractor & Parallel Rule. Air Ministry (Stores Ref No 6B/47) \"Douglas\" Combined Protractor & Parallel Rule. For use by the aircrew navigator it retains its original card cover with instructions both items are in very good condition.
\"Evidence in Camera\" August 1943 Edition. . \"Evidence in Camera\" Issued by Air Ministry. Volume 4 Number 5, August 2nd 1943. 24 page card cover booklet in good used condition. These were weekly published booklets issued by the air ministry showing aerial target photographs of recently attacked targets by the RAF for use in Officers mess and station reference libraries..
\"Hitler Passed This Way\" "Hitler Passed This Way" 170 Pictures From The London Evening News. Softcover booklet approx 100 illustrated pages showing the effects of five years of war on London. Produced just post war and is in good sound condition.
\"Knights of the Air\" Illustrated and Told by Roland Davies. Wartime \"Knights of the Air\" booklet one of the Valentines \"Chummy\" books series. 20 page soft cover books illustrated and told by Roland Davies. Excellent colour illustration the overall condition is very good with some slight foxing and small amount of damage to the edge of one page.
\"Mercury\" Magazine Of R.A.F Debden. . \"Mercury\" Magazine of R.A.F Debden, Volume one, Number one July 1948. Small 16 page card cover booklet in good used condition. First edition of the station magazine featuring humour, sport and news from around the station.
\"Ourselves In Wartime\" \"Ourselves In Wartime\" An illustrated survey of the home front in the second world war. Published 1944/45? by Odhams Press Ltd. Hardback with dust cover (some damage to dust cover) 256 pages fully illustrated with black and white photographs, book is in very good clean condition. Dedication to 1st page (see photo)
\"Save Water\" Information Wall Hanging Information Card. . Small (approx 21x13cm) wall hanging information card issued by the Metropolitan Water Board on how to \"Save Water\" in wartime. The card is in good clean condition.
\"Squirt\" A.F.S Journal . \"Squirt\" The Official Journal Of The Birmingham & Dudley Auxiliary Fire Service. Volume.2. Number.4. February 1941. 40 page illustrated booklet in good sound condition.
\"State Express\" Cigarettes 1939 - 1945. . \"State Express\" Cigarettes 1939 - 1945 The Story Of War Service By The House Of State Express. 32 page large (approx 29 x 21 cm) card cover book illustrated with wonderful quality coloured pictures. The book is in good used condition with some wear to the gold coloured front cover. Produced just post war the book tells the story of how State Express served the fighting forces around the world and civilians during the blitz bombing.
\"Target For Tonight\" The book of the famous film - Target For Tonight, The record in text and pictures of a RAF bombing raid on Germany. Adapted by Paul Holt and published by Hutchinson & Co. The 32 page wartime booklet is in good sound condition.
\"Target\" RAF Review Of Current Affairs. "Target" R.A.F Review Of Current Affairs & Topics. No. 22 dated 7th November 1944. Small 16 page booklet in clean condition, front cover is detached due to rust bleed from staples. Contents include - Dumbarton Oaks, News Rooms, Balkan Air War etc.
\"TEE EMM\" Number 12 - March 1942. Royal Air Force March 1942 edition of the monthly humorous training magazine \"Tee Emm\" Number 12 featuring \"Pilot Officer Prune\". In good used condition having 24 pages with illustrations small in stain to lower edge/ .
\"The Billet\" June 1942. Magazine For Coalville And District Men With H.M Forces. . \"The Billet\" A news magazine for Coalville and District men with H.M Forces. June 1942. Profits went to the Coalville Comforts Fund. 4 page paper in very good condition.
\"War Savings\" Poster \"Going Great Guns For Victory\" War Saving poster (approx. 51 x 38 cm) reference number W.F.P 355 issued by the National Savings Committee entitled Going \"Great Guns\" For Victory. The original poster retains good colour with just some slight damage to edges.