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DIE RITTERKRRUZTRAGER DE LUFTWAFFE 1 The absolute must have book in both English and German of every RK winner who served in the Luftwaffe as a fighter pilot. Short bio's for each person, and although well out of print, it is still a sort after book and with all pages intact.
DIE RITTERKRRUZTRAGER DE LUFTWAFFE 2 Second and last addition and absolute must have book in both English and German of every RK winner who served in the Luftwaffe as a Stuka and ground attack pilot. Short bio's for each person and although well out of print it is still a very sort after reference book with all the pages intact.
FLOTTENCHEF ADMIRAL LUJENS CARD The last captain and went down with the Bismarck.
HAUPTMANN HANS MARSEILLLE The 'Star of Afrika' and was credited with shooting down more allied planes than any other Luftwaffe pilot. Bailed-out in N. Africa and killed when he hit his tail-plane.
LEUTNANT KURT WOLFF - SANKE CARD 523 A member of the Flying Circus and he always wore his lucky-charm night cap in battle, except the day he rushed to engage the enemy and forgot to put it on, and on that day he was subsequently shot down and killed. In excellent condition.
LEUTNANT WARNER VOSS - SANKE CARD 506 A member of the Flying Circus and achieved 48 victories. Once landed his plane in no-mans land to dismount the machine-gun from his downed opponents aircraft to take back to his squadron, to enable him to confirm that victory. Known to wear his best uniform during every combat flight, just in case he was shot-down and taken prisoner and entertained in Paris by his RFC opponents. Finally shot-down during an intense dog-fight while taking-on 7 RFC planes alone and managing to fend them off for ten minutes, but was eventually killed. In excellent condition.
LOTHER FREIHERR VON RICHTHOFEN - ROTHENBERG CARD 3000 A member of the Flying Circus and achieved 40 victories in relatively short period of time, and therefore was deemed by some as far more capable than his famous older brother. Killed in a plane crash after the war in 1922. In excellent condition
OBERLEUTNANT RUDOLF BERTHOLD - SANKE CARD 423 Refused to leave the front and insisted on flying while badly injured and achieved 44 victories by the end of the war. Was strangled by his own Blue Max by German Communists in 1920. In excellent condition.
ON THE FIELD OF HONOUR 1 A classic and must have for any RK collector or reader of the award winners, for the swords, diamonds, and golden diamonds. Reasonably priced as a good 2nd hand book, and first addition and signed by the author.
ON THE FIELD OF HONOUR 2 The second and last addition and a classic and must have for any RK collector or reader of all the award winners for the oak leaves. Reasonably priced as a good 2nd hand book, and first addition and signed by the author.
RITTERMEISTER MANFRED FRHR. VON RICHTHOFEN - SANKE CARD 503 This is the holy grail of all the German WW1 PLM winners sanke cards and it is seldom found on collector websites nowadays, and usually fetches around USD$150. In excellent condition.
RITTMEISTER MANFRED FRHR. VON RICHTHOFEN - SANKE CARD 532 The famed Red Baron, Rittmeister Manfred Frhr. von Richthofen, leading German WW1 ace with 80 confirmed victories. This sanke card is probably the next most sort-after of the Baron, following sanke number 503. In excellent condition.
THE ARMED FORCES OF WORLD WAR 2 A nice comprehensive book on all the armed forces and their uniform and rank structures in WW2. Good condition.
WW1 GERMAN BAVARIAN OFFICERS AVIATORS TUNIC & TROUSERS A superb Bavarian officers 1910 pattern tunic and matching trousers for a lieutenant in the German Army Air Service. Tailored fine gaberdine grey material with Swedish cuffs, silver buttons and double matt silver litzen to the collar on patches of black velvet with poppy-red edging. Correct Bavarian threaded matching shoulder boards, each with propellers, however, one propeller is missing a wing and the other is broken-off but still intact. Does have areas of light mothing and then especially to the lower right-hand front bottom skirt. On the left-side there are 3 Loops for a ribbon bar and then 6 loops to house 3 awards with rubbing evidence to the fabric to show that they have been used. Matching trousers with leather shoe fasteners at the bottom. The tailors name is visible on the trouser buttons as well as to the top rear on the pants, being 'Isidor Bach Munich' who was then a well known premium out-fitter and tailor of WW1 officers uniforms. This aviators uniform was found in a house clearance in Denmark about 10 years ago. (Badges in some of the photo's not included).
WW1 GERMAN IRON CROSS 1ST CLASS A nice convex type early quality EK1 with no makers mark. Excellent silver and 99% of the black gloss paint is intact and with a good secure working pin.
WW1 IMPERIAL GERMAN FLAG WITH PHOTOGRAPH A large size Imperial German State flag with an original period photograph showing it being captured by the men of an engineer regiment at the Hotel de Ville, Douai, France on September 16 1918. The flag has been carefully cut from the pole shown in the photo, and is otherwise it is in very good worn condition after over 100 years and has lots of character.
WW1 PRUSSIAN FLAG 2.5M X 1.5M This huge Prussian battle flag is of fine printed composition on traditional flag cloth. The flag bearing the design of Iron Cross to the corner, and the Imperial eagle to the centre. The flag with its heavy duty stitched reinforcing section at one end. To the upper staff area, the flag attachment. The main rope to the lower section. The flag with the stamped ink 'Kaiserliche Kriegsflg 1,5 x 2,5’ marking to the reinforcement. The flag showing some general wear and use overall. Some holes to the field (the holes ranging from 1cm approx to the largest approximately 3cm). The printed colours remaining fresh & vibrant. An inked name is visible to the base of the central roundel. Possibly inked by the person taking the flag as a souvenir. This came from a large naval collection and haven’t been on the market for over fifty years. The size of this flag is of the type carried on Capital shipping i.e. major battleships, or U-boats. Particularly rare to the market. The design of the flag is of the 1903 – 1919 pattern, and typical of those carried during the First World War.