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A KITCHEN LADLE, of the SS GERMANIA REGIMENT. A KITCHEN LADLE, Marked to the reverse SS Germania used in their kitchens. GERMANIA - The 5th SS Panzer Division \"Wiking\" (German: 5. SS-Panzerdivision „Wiking“). Excellent, and very serviceable condition. A rare item indeed.
A PAIR OF JEWISH STARS. Two stars of David, these were printed on large rolls by the thousand. Two of these rolls were brought back to England, one of the rolls is in the IWM at lambeth London, it stands in the entrance as you go into the Holocaust exhibition. The second roll was cut up and sold in different size pieces, its all been sold now. So these items will become hard to find in the future. These stars are 100% genuine pieces of history. Post and Packing is included in the price
A QUALITY LONDON MADE PISTOL. This gun was made by John Blissett. A gun maker located in Fleet street London, England between 1840-1877. In 1877, a partnership was formed with Tomes & Co. gun makers, and name was changed to Blissett Sons and Tomes. The union was dissolved in 1883. Blissett guns were known for very good quality. The bore is quite large measuring at 9/16th's. the ramrod is complete and fully working, cock and half cock work very well, there is no damage to the nipple. all in all an excellent gun. This one has very fine detailed engraving, and is in excellent serviceable condition.
A STAINLESS STEEL ROSSI REVOLVER .38sp. ROSSI REVOLVER .38 sp. De-activated. This is a nice little stainless steel Rossi Calibre .38 Special, 5 shot Revolver, it is an exact copy of the model 36 by Smith & Wesson. Made by the ROSSI gun company Brazil, this gun was deactivated on the 5th of May 1999. Comes complete with the deactivation certificate. so no licence needed. The gun is in excellent condition, dry fires, chamber turns each time. Only for sale within the U.K. Thank you.
A SWORD HANGER FOR THE SS or the NSKK, DRESS SWORD. A black leather sword hanger with chrome fitters, could of been used by ether SS or NSKK units, although this one has no stamp makings on the leather, when this one came in it was attached to an SS sword, unfortunately the SS sword was badly damaged so this hanger was remove from it. The leather is in good condition and the hanger is serviceable.
AFFORDABLE LUFTWAFFE 2nd PATTERN DAGGER, WITH ORIGINAL KNOT. This is a decent and affordable Luftwaffe dagger, for those wanting an example, but not spending top money for a mint example. This one has its original knot which looks as though it has been on the dagger for ever. Orange celluloid grip with brass twisted wire, small crack in the handle at the top to one side, It's been done a very long time ago. Nice grey alloy fittings. Scabbard has a very very slight dent on the reverse, but is so slight you can hardly see it, but has lost some of the original grey on the edges of the anodised plating leaving the steel showing in parts looks fine though. Blade is a polished steel variety. The blade is in excellent condition with no maker mark. The blade is very bright and clean. Dagger looks very good overall and is priced accordingly.
ALLGEMEINE SS ARMBAND. An Allgemeine SS armband, complete with its two black SS / RZM, labels sewn to the inside. there are no moth holes or nips but as you can see in the photos there is some fraying of the white roundel where it has been worn, this armband was used on a uniform, you can see a small amount of black stitching where the armband was attached to the sleeve. All in All very good condition.
AN SS DESK BLOTTER. AN SS DESK BLOTTER. A rare and unusual item seldom found this SS writing blotter, for an administrative personnel. It works buy turning the wooden knob on top to loosen the base so one can change the paper. Makes you wonder how many SS hands it went through. Excellent condition.
ARMY OFFICERS DRESS DAGGER BY EICKHORN. This is an German Army Officers dagger in great condition, the orange handle is in mint condition, the cross guard eagle swastika and handle fittings are very good with a nice patina finish, the blade is excellent and still retains most of the cross grained finish etched with the Eickhorn logo to the obverse recasso. The scabbard is straight and only has one small ding in the bottom near the point on the reverse side. Overall the dagger is in excellent condition and would make for a wonderful display piece, or just being part of any collection.
ARTILLERY PIECE - MODEL / TOY. This is a very interesting piece, An artillery gun, made by a clockmaker / engineer I would say looking at the cogwheels used in it's construction, it is extremely well made, and it shoots. it's color is light green and mid green, the front armoured plate is made of brass. It's just a great little thing, I,ve seen anything like it before. condition very good, and it shoots by way of a spring that is pulled back. Size 11, long by 5, inches high or's by 12 cm's approximately. Circa, 1914, 1918.
BRITISH P 1827 Model ROYAL NAVY OFFICERS SWORD BY WILKINSON. A P1827 Royal Navy Officers sword. The 79cm straight blade has a narrow single fuller on both sides with a flat spine tapering to a false edge and a spear point. The blade is etched with a Georgian crown and the Royal Navy fouled anchor motif between fouled oak leaves and acorns. The obverse of the blade is etched with the Kings crown, amidst fouled oak boughs. The blade is clean and bright with only a few very small areas of tarnish near to the point of the blade. The ricasso is marked with the company name this sword was sold through, J.R. Gaunt & son Ltd, late Edward Thurkle. London & Birmingham. To the obverse of the ricasso bears am etched Wilkinson proof mark. The spine is stamped with wilkinson's order number " 15332 " this early number shows that the sword is an early type,the number can also establish who the sword was made for. The blade is firm in the hilt. The solid half basket hilt is made of brass and remains in excellent condition. The bow of the guard bears the Georgian crown and fouled anchor of the Royal Navy. The inner folding guard is in perfect working order and mates nicely with the pin on the scabbard. The front of the guard has two holes through which in this case still has the original gold bullion knot attached. The mane of the highly detailed lion head pommel forms the back strap and the "D" guard extends from below the lions mouth. The attention to detail is excellent. The ray skin grip is also of the highest quality and in very good condition. The twisted copper wire wrap is in excellent condition. The brass mounted black leather scabbard is original to the sword and is in great condition. The sword sheaths and draws very well and is held firmly. This sword and scabbard is also lucky enough to still retain its original leather protective case. You will have to add post and packing to this item please email for a price, let us know where you are and we will get back to you with a keen shipping cost. Thank you.
BRUNSVIGA MODEL 13ZK ARTILLERY CALCULATOR. This is the German Brunsviga calculator as used by the british artillery during the 2nd world war, these machines were made in German circa 1937, then sold and sent all over the world, made by Brunsviga - Maschinenwerke, Gimme, Natalis & Co.Ag. Once the war had started, these machines were so good our artillery used them to work out the distances to drop shells on the enemy. Condition excellent, fully working order.
CHILDS TOY, FIELD GUN. A Child's toy Howitzer artillery piece, Circa WW2. Grey in colour with black hard rubber tyres. Size 16 long by 7,inches high. Played with but good condition. Postage within the U.K. added to price will be £5.00.
DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE. LAPEL BADGE. This is a small Nazi, lapel or button hole badge. Black swastika on white background with the words around the edge,DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE. When translated means GERMANY AWAKE. Marked to reverse with RZM circle and RZM number of M1 / 73. excellent condition. Price includes postage.
DUTCH SS ARM PATCH. This is an arm patch worn by Netherlands who joined and became members of the WAFFEN SS. Very very good condition. Price includes posting to the U.K.or Europe.
ENGLISH, PERCUSSION POCKET PISTOL. Victorian era English Pocket pistol, nice functioning condition, twist off cannon barrel, made by French and buckingham, black power proof marks to under side of the barrel, bore size 7/16s. The safety slide bar behind the hammer has been removed for sum reason. Other than that, it's all in very good working order. Sorry but U.K. buyers only please.
ENGLISH, PERCUSSION POCKET PISTOL. Victorian era English Pocket pistol, nice functioning condition, twist off cannon barrel, made by HARTILL, LIVERPOOL. black power proof marks to under side of the barrel, bore size 12mm. The safety slide bar behind the hammer works very well when half cocked. Condition excellent and in very good working order.
EXTREMELY INTERESTING ITEMS. EXTREMELY INTERESTING ITEMS HERE. A collection of items belonging to an Oberscharfuhrer of the 1st SS Panzer Division, Leibstandarte. Recovered from TARCHAMPS east of Bastogne. Which was held from the 17th to 25th of December 1944. The items we have are as follows : from left to right. 1, A cover plate from a watch with an inscription, the plate looks to been Silver plated in it time. 2, One half of an allow dog tag. 3, His 9mm luger pistol with magazine. 4, The items to the right of the photo going downwards, "of which there are 4" are all from the lower part of a German stick grenade, the white round item is the ceramic arming toggle, the last item being the turn off cap of the grenade. 5, Two jacket belt support hooks. 6, A rank collar patch. 7, To the left of the photo going downwards are item's "Nine in number" various buttons along with three coins. 8, A piece of fabric which is part of his SS pea pattern camouflage smock. 9, A shaving razor. 10, A folk with missing prongs. 11, Bottle opener. 12, Tube of Nivea cream. A very interesting lot indeed. Shipping is for sending with in the U.K. if overseas please email us for shipping cost, and please check with your customs that these items will not be stopped, The risk will be your responsibility so please check. Thank you.
FRIENDSHIP COINS S.A.S. FRIENDSHIP COINS. SAS. These S.A.S. SIGNALS coins or tokens are exchanged when members of one regiment work alongside another regiment. So known as Friendship coins, this one is from 63 ( SAS ) signal Squadron ( R ) , and has dates shown 1967 – 2007. To give you an idea of size these coins are 5 CM’s across, the finish is a bronze colour. Condition very good. Price includes post and packet to anywhere within the U.K.
FRIENDSHIP COINS. SAS. FRIENDSHIP COINS. SAS. These S.A.S. SIGNALS coins or tokens are exchanged when members of one regiment work alongside another regiment. So known as Friendship coins, this one is from 264 SAS, signal Squadron. This one has a small dent in one side, but does not distract. To give you an idea of size these coins are 5 CM’s across, the finish is a silver colour. Condition very good. The price includes post and packet to anywhere in the U.K.
GERMAN BOOT KNIFE. A WW2 German boot / fighting knife, the clips on the back that hold the knife in place are there and are working,the scabbard has its original black finish, just with a few tiny scruffs and scrapes. The wooden handle is near mint with no damage, just dirty, the blade is marked with its waffenamt and number 5, the blade shows signs of sharpening near to the tip. this knife has definitely been used. All in All a very very nice knife in great condition. PLEASE Remember YOU must provide proof of age to purchase any of our edged weapons.
GERMAN DIPLOMATIC OFFICERS DAGGER. ( SPANISH ) This is the Spanish made version of the German Diplomatic Officers dagger of WW2, these Spanish type were made circa 1975 to 1980 and have become collectable in there own right. A period German one of these would cost you between 4,000 to 5,000 pounds, so the Spanish type would certainly fill a hole in your collection very well. This is one of the rarer types of Nazi dagger, and it is in very good condition, the silver finish to the hilt and the scabbard have turned to a very nice matching grey patina, because of its age, the blade is in excellent condition, it even has a German trade name lightly etched onto the recasso which says Holler-Berlin. The condition of this dagger is excellent, it really does look good and no where near as expensive as a period German one.
GERMAN ENGRAVED SILVER BEAKER A German engraved silver beaker, commemorating an attack / combat that took place in July 1943. and is personalised to a Major. The translation reads. Commemoration of the attack on the Kuzsket front arch in July 1943. Major D, Keimpet. A very interesting item, there is a mark on the bottom which says WMF, which is likely the maker mark. Condition very very good.
GERMAN MAUSER PISTOL, M-1934. RELIC. This is a relic, Mauser pistol, found in the KURLAND POCKET AREA of Latvia in the positions of the German 16th and the 18th armies. We have written a brief history of the battles that took place in the Kurland pocket, which you can see under our write up for the P38 pistol we have for sale. This pistol has the remains of its magazine in place. The price of this gun includes the postage by Special delivery to any where in the U,K. Buyers outside of the U,K. please email for shipping cost, also please check your local Laws to make sure you are able to receive this Item.
GERMAN NAVEL E,BOAT BADGE. GERMAN NAVEL E,BOAT BADGE. A WW2, German Navel E,boat combat badge, maker marked to reverse to the firm of SCHWERIN BERLIN 68. Pin and hinge in perfect working order, the badge shows signs of wear to the high points on the E,boat also to it’s gold finish surround. A very impressive badge in great condition.
GERMAN NAZI SUPPORTERS LAPEL PIN. German Nazi supporters, Swastika lapel pin. Marked to reverse with RZM circle and number M1/4, enamel finish to the front in excellent condition. Posting in the U.K. is included.
GERMAN WALTHER, P38 PISTOL, RELIC. This is a relic P38 9mm pistol, found in the KURLAND POCKET AREA of Latvia in the positions of the German 16th and the 18th armies. Here is a brief history of the battles that took place in the Kurland pocket. In the middle of October 1944, about 500,000 soldiers -- 32 German divisions and the 20,000 men of the Latvian Nineteenth Division of the Waffen–SS -- were cut off from the rest of the German army and encircled. To the east and the south was the Soviet army, to the north and the west -- the Baltic Sea. The Latvians called it Kurzemes katls, the Kurland kettle; the Germans called it Festung Kurland, Fortress Kurland. For the Nineteenth Division Kurland was truly the last stand. They took part in six major battles between October 12, 1944, and April 3, 1945. Together with the German army units they on the whole held the front line, keeping the Bolsheviks out of Kurland, until May 8, 1945, when Germany capitulated. These soldiers remained undefeated until the final moments of the war, im Felde unbesiegt, as the Germans say. In one of the last battles, Captain Miervaldis Adamsons' company in a single 24-hour period repelled seven attacks by the Russians, and after the battle the bodies of 400 fallen Soviet soldiers could be counted in front of the Latvians' unconquered positions. The Soviet High Command asked the commanders of the First and Second Baltic Fronts to take forceful action in Kurland, in order to drive the enemy from the northern sector of the Baltic Sea and free their units for more important positions on the Soviet-German front. The first attempt occurred on October 16, 1944, but was stopped in the area around Tukums. The next Soviet offensive took place on October 27, but met with strong resistance from the outset and did not result in any gains. November 20 saw another offensive, but the Germans and Latvians stabilized their defensive line, utilizing favorable geographic features. Equally unsuccessful were the final attempts of the First and Second Baltic Front Armies to liquidate the German Army Group "Kurland" in December of 1944 and February and April of 1945. Soviet documents show that Stalin threw division after division into the Kurland inferno, disregarding the appallingly high losses. According to German estimates , the Soviet army lost 320,000 soldiers -- including those fallen, wounded, and taken prisoner -- and 2388 tanks, 659 planes, 900 cannons, and 1440 machine-guns. This pistol has been surface cleaned and is ready for display. The price of this gun includes the postage by Special delivery to any where in the U,K. Buyers outside of the U,K. please email for shipping cost, also please check your local Laws to make sure you are able to receive this Item.
GERMAN WW1 STEEL HELMET. German helmet from WW1, shell only, no liner or chin strap, semi relic pitted finish throughout, but structurally sound throughout. The helmet has been treated with a paint, so the helmet does not give off the rusty marks when handling, it looks impressive and is ready for display. Thank you.
GERMAN WW2 HIGH SEAS FLEET BADGE. High seas fleet badge, maker marked to reverse with FEC.ADOLF BOCK, AUSF.SCHWERIN BERLIN. Some natural wear to the badges high points, other than that the pin hinge and hook are in perfect working order. Condition very very good.
HITLER YOUTH KNIFE, ( RZM ). A HITLER YOUTH Knife, with RZM mark on the blade, the rzm double circles with the number M7/72 which is for the firm of Karl Rob,Kaldenbach. Solingen, Grafrath. The blade shows signs of light sharpening, but still has its full original shape. The scabbard has the original black paint finish, with scuff marks here and there, the leather strap has had a repair to the back which is period and professionally done, the nickel plating in part has worn off particularly around the pommel wear it has had the most use. This knife was definitely issued and used by one of the HJ members. All in all very good all round condition.
HITLER YOUTH LEADERS BADGE. A gold Hitler youth leaders badge, marked to reserve with RZM circle, makers mark for the firm of C.poellath, Schrobenhausen. The badge also has the number of the person this was awarded too,the number being 3681, so with research its possible to find out who originally owned it. Condition complete with no damage, Excellent.
IRON CROSS 1st CLASS. An Iron Cross 1st class, magnetic centre, the silver frame has a nice patina to it, the pin and hinge work well, and on the pin to the reverse the number 65 stamped onto the surface, the cross is in used but very good condition.
IRON CROSS 2nd CLASS. A nice Iron Cross 2nd Class with ribbon, there's a nice patina to the silver frame, no maker mark to suspension ring, a good all around German WW2 medal. Great condition.
ITALIAN YOUTH ORGANIZATION (GIL) DAGGER. WW2. Used by leaders of the Italian youth Organization – Gloventu Italiana, delLittorio, (GIL). Dagger is 11 inches long and has a metal scabbard, some had leather scabbards. The blade is 6 1/4 inches nickel plated with a 4 1/4 inches leading edge and a 3 inch trailing edge. No makers mark. The blade is not sharp. The youth leaders daggers were non regulation but basically had the configuration presented here with a gilded brass pommel, ferrule, and cross guard with a painted wood grip. There were three colours of wood grips. Black for the Youth Air Cadets, White for leaders, and Green for Alpine cadets. The youth Navy cadets had a dagger with a lions head for a pommel. This one is in used but very good condition.
JODHPUR CITY VOLUNTEER CORPS. This has on one side Jodhpur City Volunteer Corps and on the other side it says, auspicious wedding, Princess Jodhpur, April 22nd, 1950. It has a brass handle and originally would of had a leather scabbard, which unfortunately it does not have now. Condition very good. Overseas customers only please, for export only, this is not for sale with the U.K. please email us for shipping.
KRIEGSMARINE DAGGER LETTER OPENER. KRIEGSMARINE LETTER OPENER. A WW2 Kriegsmarine officers dress dagger, period conversion to a desk letter opener. This is for the German dagger collector who has every thing. This letter opener has been adapted from an original period dagger, which is why I think its so unique. There is a small piece of damage to the back top of the white handle, also a small fine crack top front, please see photos for these details. The brass twist wire is in tact and in good condition. All in all very good condition, and such a unique dagger. Proof of age must be provided within the U.K.
LUFTWAFFE GENERALS BREAST EAGLE. A Luftwaffe Generals breast eagle in gold. Maker marked to the reverse with A, for the Assmann company. Hinge,pin and hook catch all in good working order. Size is 8 cm's by 4 cm's with very nice detail. Post included within the U.K.
LUFTWAFFE OFFICERS DRESS DAGGER. 2ND,PATTERN. Luftwaffe officers dress dagger. A very nice all rounder with the nice dark orange handle, where the handle meets the cross guard ring there is the tiniest piece of the orange handle missing back and front, ( I don't think this distracts from the daggers appearance). The pommel and cross guard are in great condition. The blade is excellent is and with no makers mark, the scabbard is nice and straight with no dents or dings, its does have a nice darkish grey patina. All in all a very nice dagger in excellent condition.
LUFTWAFFE STEEL BELT BUCKLE. A Luftwaffe steel belt buckle, none of its original grey paint finish to the front, it looks like it was carefully removed. To reverse you can see by the photos there is about 70 % of the original paint left. All in all condition good, a serviceable buckle. Price includes post ant packing to anywhere in the U.K. Just email us for shipping elsewhere. Thank you.
M56, YUGOSLAVIAN BAYONET. This is the M56 Yugoslav Bayonet for the S.M.G. The condition is unissued, so therefore excellent. Post and packing is included in the price to mainland UK only. Proof of age must be provided U.K. sales only.
MILLS GRENADE, CUT AWAY VERSION, ( INERT ) Known as the MILLS bomb, this one is the cut away type, used for training purposes. A very interesting piece, dated 1943 on the base plate. excellent condition.
MINIATURE 2nd PATTERN LUFTWAFFE DAGGER. Miniature 2nd. Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger - 25.5cm ( 10, inches) in length, with aluminum fitting, with white grip, twisted wire wrapped which has lost its attachment just to the rear and next to the cross guard, blade is bright and shiny, unmarked, in mint condition; with patinated steel scabbard, without any dents; high quality miniature all in all excellent condition.
MINIATURE SS OFFICER\'S DAGGER. This is the chained model 1936 SS officer’s dagger with type two chain and scabbard. Talk about gems! This is as pretty as a picture with the SS motto actually etched into the blade. It measures 7 1/4 inches long in its scabbard without company marks on the blade as it’s supposed to be. The detail is so great that when you put magnification to the chain links you can practically count teeth on the skull’s jaws. In excellent brand new condition.
N.S.K.K. 1933 MODEL DRESS DAGGER. Dress dagger for the NSKK this is the 1933 model. The cross guards are nickel as are all the fittings, The handle is a nice medium to light brown colour with no splits or chips, just the odd light mark as one would expect from normal wear over the years. The SA roundel and eagle inserts fit very nicely and are in great condition, the handle and cross guards fit together very nicely, the scabbard is nice and straight with no dents or dings and retains all of its original black paint finish. There is the slightest mark to the front on the scabbard chape which is hardly noticeable, the bottom ball has no damage. The blade is in excellent condition, with its runners scabbard makes as one would get from usual use, it just has the odd grey make here and there. the darkening in the letters of the SA motto makes it stand out very well. The blade is maker marked to the firm of SPALTENEDER – MUNCHEM –. Which is a number 8 on the McSarr S.A.rarity rating list. Overall the dagger is in excellent condition, on closing the dagger it gives that satisfying sound as the dagger meets the scabbard. The price includes post and pack and sending S.D. to anywhere in the U.K. If this item is purchased by someone within the U.K. Proof of age must be provided.
N.S.K.K. 1933 MODEL DRESS DAGGER. A COUPLE MORE PHOTO's OF OUR N.S.K.K. DAGGER WE HAVE FOR SALE CODE NUMBER 50046. THANK YOU.... Proof of age must be provided for all U.K. Knife sales
NAZI BUNTING FLAGS. Nazi bunting flags,7 in all joined up on their original string, these came from the basement on the town hall in Linz Austria. Size is 21 cm's by 12.5, or 8,1/4 long by 5,inches wide. Nazi paper bunting or paper waving flags are these days quite hard to find. Condition very very good.
NAZI D.A.F. - DEUTSCHE ARBEITSFRONT CERTIFICATE. This is an award a certificate of honor or in German EHRENURKUNDE, as you will see on the award. presented to Mr, PHILIPP GLAFER, on the 1st of May 1940, no doubt for his effort in working with and producing the gas ZYKLON B. Used in the concentration camps. GLAFER was one of the bosses of the company, I.G.Farben which produced the gas. This recognition for his work also came with a cased none portable award which was also presented to the firm of I.G. FARBEN - INDUSTRIE. After some research I found that GLAFER had indeed carried on with his projects working at the newly built I.G. FARBEN chemical plant in the U.S.A. situated at General Aniline, Lindon, New Jersey. I think what we have here is a very macabre, but also a very interesting and important piece of history. Excellent condition.
NAZI GERMANY, ANTI-SEMITIC 1000 MARK, REICHSBANKNOTE. ANTI-SEMITIC 1000 Mark Reichsbanknote. Anti Jewish slogan printed on the reverse side. See photo's for detail.
NAZI PARTY CANDLE HOLDERS. These are cups, but not for drinking from there would have held a round candle at its base, so when lite the light would shine through the red to show off the swastika, they were placed on tables at nazi party functions and beer halls then lit, they are made from a type of celluloid so eventually they would melt down with the candle. excellent condition, quite an unusual find. being sold in sets of four.
NAZI PENNANT /FLAG. WW2. NAZI PENNANT / FLAG. This one is ideal for display, it has a printed black swastika on a white roundel, so a two piece contraction. It’s size is 56 cm’s long by 35 cm’s wide, ( 22 x 13,1/2 ) inches. There is one tiny hole ( really small ) in the black swastika on one side, other than that, it`s in great condition.
NAZI SWASTIKA PLACE SETTING MATS. A pair of German WW2 table mats for the disconcerting Nazi couple. Size of mats 12 inches square with printed black swastika on white roundel. Very rare to find items, excellent condition.
NAZI TABLE FLAG. This is a small but very well made table flag, it would of hung from a chrome flag stand, these would have been displayed on all the tables at a meeting hall or a N.S.D.A.P. dinner. The flag size is 22.5 cm's tall by 18 cm's wide, hanging on a nice red and white cord, it would have looked very impressive. This one is for the ( area ) of Gau Sachsen. Each area would of had it's own flag marked with the Gau. Very good condition.
NAZI, WW2, WOUND BADGE IN SILVER. NAZI, WW2, WOUND BADGE IN SILVER. A Silver wound badge, marked to the reverse L/40 in a circle.
NICKEL SILVER EAGLE DEVICE for the 1933 DAGGER Nickel silver eagle and swastika device for the handle of the 1933 model dress dagger, used by SA, NSKK, and the SS. Marked to the reverse with RZM in circle and code number of M1/8. This one is the early nickel type. Its rare to find these devices with the fixing prongs on the reverse still in tact. Postage is included in the price.
PEN-Y-FAN BADGE 2011, Pen-y-Fan cloth badge for the year 2011. Size eight Cm's across. This is for those who know what this is, and should you need one, its here. Great condition never been used. Post included within the U.K.
PERCUSSION POCKET PISTOL. Victorian era Pocket pistol, nice functioning condition, twist off cannon barrel, black power proof marks to under side of the barrel, bore size 10,cm's across the barrel. This little pistol is in excellent condition with a nice strong spring, it's perfectly serviceable, excellent working order. No license required.
POLICE COMBAT HELMET WITH DOUBLE DECALS. POLICE COMBAT DOUBLE DECAL HELMET. An early green Double Decal Police combat helmet. ET66, 37 liner, 38 chin strap. The paintwork is exactly the same colour inside and out, and excerpt for the period chin strap repair this helmet as not been messed with, its the same now as it would have been at the end of the war, I have not seen one as good. The decals are in very good condition, the chin strap has had a repair, ( that is done very well, see photos ) These helmets are really sought after as they are the next best thing to a SS D/D helmet, and of course a lot less money. I was going to do quite a large write up on this helmet, but I feel it would be much better to let the photo’s do the talking. Condition I would say is exceptionally good. Please see the pictures provided. This one really is worth a look. Please email us for shipping and insurance cost, thank you.
ROBBINS OF DUDLEY, WORLD WAR ONE. This is a Robbins of Dudley Trench aid, They were private purchase items, more often than not bought by officers and carried between 1914 and 1918. This one is just one of a number of designs made by Robbins. it has the makers mark on the side of the grip please see photos for the detail. The size is 24.5 cm's long overall with a blade of 14,cm's, the scabbard is in very good condition. It seems to me this item has been hidden away, and has not seen the light of day for many many years. Interesting and rear item, a good one from the collectors.
ROSS BAYONET from WORLD WAR 1. Ross bayonet from world war 1 The Ross bayonet for the canadian Ross rifle used in WW1. This is 1907 pattern, stamped into the handle Ross Rifle Co, Quebec. Condition excellent, perfectly serviceable. Proof of age must be provided within the U.K.
S.A. 1933 MODEL DRESS DAGGER, WITH PERSONALISED INSCRIPTION. S.A. 1933 DAGGER, WITH PERSONALISED INSCRIPTION. Dress dagger for the S.A. members this is the 1933 model. This is a nice early dagger with nickel cross guards and scabbard fittings. The handle fits very nicely into the cross guards top and bottom, on the back of the handle where the wood meets the short cross guard there are tiny small chips, this does not distract from this daggers great appearance, the brown handle colour matches very well with the scabbard colour. The SA roundel and eagle inserts fit very nicely and are in great condition, the scabbard is nice and straight with no dents or dings and retains all of its original period brown paint finish, just with the slightest of scuff marks through wear. The chape has no damage to the ball, the four small screws are present. It has the area marking stamped on the the back of the lower cross guard in this case it’s Nm. The blade is in very nice condition, just showing signs of the retaining bars inside the scabbard, and of course the SA motto is nice and clear, on the reverse of the blade we have the makers mark is for the firm of W.K.C. SOLINGEN. we also have an etched inscription that says Die Treue ist das Mart der Ehre, which when translated means Loyalty is the Mark of Honour. The firm of W.K.C. is number 4 on the McSarr S.A. rarity rating list. Over all the dagger is in excellent condition.
S.A. COLLAR PATCHES. STANDARTENFUHER: A pair of very early S,A, collar patches for the rank of Standartenfuher or Colonel. The oak leaves are of a light metal with silver wash finish, of which on the high points has worn off. These collar patches are in excellent condition and would look great in any collection.
S.A. DAGGER in MINIATURE. Here is another little treasure.A post war made dagger. This is an accurate copy of the brown-shirt SA, dagger with genuine wooden grip, metal scabbard, chromed fittings, and buckled hanger. This one has a very nice silver knot attached. The blade has the etched “Alles für Deutschland” motto. Again, this is just as nice an petite little weapon as you will ever see. It’s accurate to practically the nth degree. Overall length 18.5 cm's or 7,3/8s inches.
S.A. SACHSEN DAY BADGE. A very impressive SA,tinny badge for the Sachsen meeting dated the 25.111.34. Pin to reverse in working order. Excellent condition. Price includes postage to within the U.K. £65.00
S.A. SET OF HIGH LEADERS CHAINS. S.A. SET OF CHAINS FOR THE HIGH LEADER DAGGER. Here is a full set of link chains for the SA High Leaders Dagger, extremely rare to find a set of these. Anyone interested in these should look them up on the internet, you will find the chains had 5 links on one side and 7 on the other. These ones you will see have just been fixed together with a piece of cotton just to show the idea of how the chains would hang. So if anybody has a dagger with no chains for sale please let me know failing that these are for sale. condition very good. The SA High Leader dagger was adopted in 1938 for wear by High Leaders, produced exclusively by the Eickhorn firm, it was modelled after the dagger worn by Victor Lutze. Its been suggested that if a dagger could not be found, with just a little effort these chains could be turned in a beautiful mans bracelet, Which I think would be the only of its kind in the world.
S.O.E DEVICE FOR CONCEALMENT. This is an S.O.E, weapon made especially for concealment about the S.O.E. agents person. Sometimes sown into seams in clothing, hidden inside pencils or pretty much hidden anywhere you could think of. The device was held back and only in an emergence be used as a weapon. The blade section is three sided with three fullers running along each side which are 3,1/8 inches long. The whole thing is 5 inches long, there are still traces of the blueing or protecting coating used to protect the steel. This one is slightly longer than others of this type, which makes this one particularly interesting. Condition excellent.
S.O.E. TIME FUSE. or PENCIL FUSE. A Time fuse know as a pencil fuse of the type used by the SOE, This has a light green colour painted on the end which would indicate the time of the fuse. This is inert and safe. Condition good. Price includes postage to anywhere in the U.K.
SS / SA, DAY BADGE. SS / SA BADGE. Jarrige Wiederkehr des Gautages berlin, which basically means return of the Gau Days Berlin. A nice little day badge, pin to reverse in working order. Excellent condition.
SS ALLGEMEINE ARMBAND for MEMBERS aged 45 and over. SS ARMBAND with grey bands to the top and bottom, instead of the black bands we usually see. This is for members of the Allgemeine SS who were 45 years or older when joining. The armband is multi piece construction, with a bevo weave swastika, it also has its RZM label inside. Condition excellent. The price includes post and packing to anywhere in the U.K. Outside of the U.K. please email for shipping costs. Thank you.
SS COIN, 50 REICHS PFENNIG. An SS 50 Reichs Pfennig coin, dated 1939, this is canteen money as used by and issued to the guards. This coin was found over by the river that runs behind the Dachau concentration camp. Very good condition. Price includes postage to anywhere in the U.K.
SS COMBAT HELMET SINGLE DECAL. A SS single decal, mid period rolled edge helmet, the decal has been somewhat removed, but on close inspection you can clearly see the remains of the runic shield. The helmet is complete with liner and chinstrap, also it has two felt disc which look to be period up inside the crown of the helmet. All original paintwork to both inside and out, which has scuffs and the odd small chip here and there, which of course you would expect, there are numbers stamped into the back skirt of the helmet, the first ones are stamped a bit light so not sure what they say, the lower set are as T4809. I will put up two sets of photos so as to give a good idea of its condition. Condition very good. The price will include Post and packing SD to anywhere in the U.K. Outside of U.K. please email for shipping cost. Thank you.
SS COMBAT HELMET SINGLE DECAL........ SS COMBAT HELMET SINGLE DECAL. Some more photos of the SS hemet we have for sale, Code number 50037. Thank you for looking.
SS GAUTAG MUNCHEN. DAY BADGE. This is an SS GAUTAG MUNCHEN with date 1933. The Deutschland Erwache standard in the centre, this is a very detailed and impressive badge. Pin to reverse in perfect working order. excellent condition.
SS GRUPPE WEST.. DAY BADGE. An SS Gruppe West, Frankfurt, dated 1933, a detailed and impressive badge, pin to reverse in perfect working order. No damage, excellent condition.
SS JULLEUCHTER 1940s Original German Allach Yule Candle Holder SS JULLEUCHTER - YULE Candle Stick Holder. Julleuchter was the term for a type of lantern used in the "Julfest" during the German Third Reich. The SS Leadership saw the SS Julleuchter as a replacement article for Christian occasions and to celebrate holidays and days that were of importance in the SS belief as well as important dates in NSDAP history such as Hitler's birthday. The SS-Julleuchter was considered both an award and trophy of the German Schutzstaffel that was presented to members of the SS from approximately 1936 until 1944 as a service decoration. Manufactured by the Allach porcelain company, the SS Julleuchter was presented to any SS member who participated in a Julfest. The item is made of plain ceramic earthenware and decorated with a heart and the Nordic rune on all four sides. At the top of the candle holder is a recess for fixing the candle. One yule candle (aka Julkerze) can be placed inside, in the inner part of the candlestick. On the bottom is the SS Allach factory mark pressed into the clay before firing. The height of the Julleuchter is 8-3/4" and it is 4-1/4" x 4-1/4" at the base. It is in excellent used condition with mild traces of use and age.
SS MANS DAGGER 1933 MODEL. SS. DAGGER 1933 PATTERN. Mans SS dress dagger, This one is in exceptional condition, it is an early type with all nickel fittings and trade mark to the firm of RICHARD HERDER, SOLINGEN. The cross guards are a superb fit with the black ebony handle, The SS roundel and nickel eagle and swastika are firmly in place and have not been tapered with, the handle has no damage at all, it’s one of the best I have ever seen. The scabbard is excellent, it’s nice and straight with no dents, not even tiny ones, the nickel fittings have no damage at all and dent free, the anodised or blued finish is great. Again the blade is great with it’s SS motto still nice and crisp, and of course the makers trade mark to the reverse, the blade just shows slight runner marks from being retained, if anything I would say the brass runners inside are slightly weak to what we usually find in scabbards, this would be easily adjusted if you so wished, having said that the dagger will not fall out of it’s scabbard not even when held upside down and encouraged to come out, so the runners are only slightly weak, this is the only thing different about this dagger. Condition excellent plus plus and so on. This is one terrific SS dagger.
SS MANS DAGGER BY RICHARD HERDER. SOME MORE PICTURES OF OUR SS DAGGER. ....................CODE NUMBER 50076..........................
SS OFFICERS DAGGER, TYPE 2 CHAIN. WE ARE GLAD TO SAY, WE HAVE THIS DAGGER UP FOR SALE AGAIN. The customer who purchased this dagger a couple of months ago, has traded it back in for an SS officers Degan. So we have it for sale at a reduced price... SS OFFICERS CHAINED DAGGER, TYPE 2 CHAIN, WITH KNOT. SS chained dagger, this dagger came out and was issued in 1936, the wooden handle is ebony and fits very nicely into the nickel cross guards top and bottom, the bottom cross guard Has the number I for area coding stamped into the reverse, the SS runic button is in place and has never been messed with, the nickel national eagle and swastika is firmly in place and again never been messed with, there is a chip to the handle on the right hand side as you look at it, it’s a small chip but none the less it is missing please see photos for this detail. The blade is in good condition with no damage, it has the SS motto to the front and is unmarked to the reverse ( no trade mark ). The scabbard has an anodised or blued finish of which it shows wear, there are some scratches to the front in the section between the throat fitting and the central swastika band. To the reverse of the scabbard there are scratches to the lower section, which looks like somebody tried to scratch their name but its unclear what it might say. The chape and it’s ball is as it should be with no damage or dents, the chains have seen wear, they are complete with the SS acceptance mark to the reverse, the soldering on the back of some of the links has come away, but the chain is complete and functions as it should, their is a belt loop attached to the clip, the dagger also has a period SS silver knot fitted, which is not original to the dagger, having said that with its knot and belt loop it really finishes the dagger off nicely. This dagger has seen a lot of use and is a little tried, but saying that it is all original and has no parts missing. Used condition but complete, taking the wear and usage into account the price is reflected as such. Price £ 3250.00.
SS SUPPORTS PIN LAPEL BADGE. SS SUPPORTS PIN LAPEL BADGE. This is an SS supports lapel badge. Swastika and SS runes to the centre, with the initials F M to ether side. F,M. is FORDERNDES MITGLIED DER SS. The pin was given to patrons of the SS who paid a set monthly amount to the SS. The patrons did not have to be Nazi party members to participate in sponsoring the SS. The badge shows signs of prolonged wear, but that is not to bad, there is an L number on the back along with GES, GESCH and makers name, please see the photos for this detail. Condition very very good.
SS WEDDING PRESENTATION BOX,with a copy of ADOLF HITLER\'S MEIN KAMPF. SS Wedding Presentation box with a copy of Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf. This beautifully made Oak SS Wedding presentation box, would have been given to the SS man on his wedding day. Historically the copy the of Mein Kampf would of had a white cover and a white book sleeve to protect it. With this box we still have an original copy of Mein Kampf book but with a dark blue cover and sleeve. The inside of the book on the first page there is the reciprocants name and his SS rank which looks to be SS UNTERSCHARFUHER,or Corporal. The SS mans name is also entered on the last page of the book. These entries can be seem in the pictures provided. The book itself is in excellent condition as is the Oak box inside and out, with no damage to either.
SS,FLEMISH LAPEL BADGE. SS, Flemish lapel button hole badge for sponsoring members, for the Allgemeine - SS Vlaanderen. A civilian person wearing this badge would show everybody that they wholeheartedly supported the Allgemeine SS. The bade is maker marker to the firm of L.ZOLL, also with the letters ANTW. Condition excellent.
STEN MkV. STEN MkV DEACTIVATED. A Sten Mk 5 deactivated Sub Machine Gun, Calibre 9 x 19mm. Manufacturer Elkington & Co. Comes complete with deact cert, which is the EU type. Deactivation work 23 May 2019. Great condition. Please allow £20.00 for postage, and only for sale to persons within the U.K. £580.00
SWASTIKA SILVER RING. A Swastika ring made of silver, with two decorative bands around the outside, it is hallmarked with a silver content number of 825. Quite a small size, 18mm across the inside measurement. it has a very nice patina to its colour. The ring shows signs of having been worn, but is in very good condition.
THE PRINZ EUGEN SWORD / SABRE. THE PRINZ EUGEN SWORD / SABRE. This is an Eickhorn Field Marshal series Prinz Eugen sword, ( sabre ) this model was used early on by some Officers of the Allgemeine SS, along with the Waffen SS before the 1936 Degan was available. It is the only sword within the Third Reich to depict an eagle and swastika twice, the main one being on the front of the swords cross guard The other being on top of the Pommel, interesting features. The sword is maker marked to the firm of Eickhorn Solingen.. The blade length is 33,1/2 inches long, overall length being 38,1/4 inches long, the blade still retains it’s original leather washer the blade is in superb condition. The scabbard retains 98% of the original paint finish, with a few scuffs from being worn. Overall excellent plus condition.
THE SS WEDDING PRESENTATION BOX BELOW. Here are some more photos of the SS wedding Oak box below. Thank you.
THE TANNEN HANDGONNE or HAND CANNON. This is a Victorian copy of the well known 14th century Tannenberg handgonne. This one was cast around 1840, and is of bronze. The original handgonne as is was called was developed somewhere between 1400 and 1410, it would of had a wooden shaft fitted to the spike at the rear, making a type of stock as we would call it today. Postage on this piece will be by Special Delivery if you are within the U.K. If you are elsewhere by Parcel Force. The idea of the lower piece of bronze pointing downwards was so when it was going to be fired it could be used to hook over something like maybe a stone wall of a piece of timber ( part of your defences,) this would help with the recoil. Once the gun had fired, if you were in a close quarter situation the gun could be used a mace. This piece was test fired using black powder and shot down at the Bisley ranges some years ago which proofed to be successful. An interesting item in very good condition.
THIRD REICH NAVAL OFFICERS DAGGER 1938 MODEL by EICKHORN. A nice looking dagger, also very affordable, with white grip, the grip has a crack to the right hand side from the crossguard which runs upward about 1 1/4 inches there is also a couple of very tiny chip missing from where the hilt starts. excellent detail to eagle pommel with some gilt still remaining. The blade is in excellent condition and is double etched with the anchor design to both sides. made by EICKHORN Solingen. Lightning bolt scabbard is in good condition with no dents or dings. A nice looking dagger. Condition all in all very good, because of the damage to the handle, this is reflected in the price. An affordable naval dagger, in which the white handle could always be replaced at a later date.
TRENCH ART CRUCIFIX, A RELIGIOUS PIECE OF WW1. A very well made trench art Crucifix. The top and arms of the cross are made of copper jacketed bullet heads. The base and centre of the cross are made of bullet/rounds, the Christ figure is of brass as is the badge above. The badge is for the town of VERDUN with the city's shield in the centre. Excellent condition. Size is 19 cm’s tall.
TRENCH ART, AT IT’S FINEST. This is a beautifully executed fine piece of engineering, it is a 37 mm cannon shell head, converted into a cigar cutter. It has plunger on top which when pushed down The cutter will trim the end of you cigar, mounted on a brass circular base which is fitted to a mahogany beautifully turned base. The whole thing is stunning, the shell twists off from its base so that the trimmers from the cigars can be emptied. The shell head has never been fired, there are no rifling marks on the copper bands. Very serviceable and in excellent condition.
VERTICAL HANGER for the 1933 MODEL DAGGER. A black vertical hanger for the SS or NSKK 1933 model dagger. This one has no marks at all not even on the back of the clip, the lower loop may have been replaced, we are not sure, either way its a cheap black hanger to display your SS mans of your NSKK mans dagger in. Condition very good.
WAFFEN-SS SPORT-SHIRT EMBLEM. SS SPORT SHIRT EMBLEM. This is an attractive and scarcely encountered sports vest badge, size approx. 9.5 cm’s across It was sewn on to the front of the white P.T. vest. No damage at all. Condition excellent.
WW1 ARTIST RIFLES CAP BADGE. A WW1, cap badge to the Artist Rifles, with the two heads of the Greek gods of war MARS and MINERVE. The badge is in excellent and very serviceable.
WW1 FRENCH HAND GRENADE. A World War one French Grenade, model type F1. Pineapple hand grenade. This one has markings on its side AT8, and on the side of its collar AEM. This grenade is of course ( INERT ), excellent condition. This is quite a rare item. U.K. mainland Only please.
WW1, BRITISH BAYONET. A WW1, British bayonet of the first world war period. It's the 1907 model made by Sanderson, comes complete with it's scabbard. Very good serviceable condition. U.K. Proof of age must be provided on UK sales.
WW1, IRON CROSS, MINIATURE. A WW1, Iron cross in miniature, it would of had a piece of material going through the top bar, This item would of been a fob for a watch or keychain. A dainty little thing, with detail, you can get an idea of its size in the photo's. post included in the price.
WW2. GERMAN STICK GRENADE. GERMAN STICK GRENADE from WW2. This one is particularly interesting in as much as it has an extra steel casing wrapped around the head so as to cause more shrapnel damage on detonation. It also has the device attached which can be used to set up and make it into a booby trap. So all in all quite a rare item. Condition very good, and of course this ITEM IS INERT, AND QUITE SAFE.
WW2. NAZI S.A. BUGLE. S.A, Bugle depicting the S.A. eagle and Swastika. The Bugle still has its original nickel mouth piece attached. It is in very good condition with no dents or dings. And should you be wondering it blows very well.