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The following items can be found on the British Bobby for original Police Uniforms & Acces website ,
with full descriptions, photographs and prices.
british Transport police helmet badged white foam lining
BOBBY HELMET WITH OBSOLETE CAMBRIDGESHIRE BADGE old yellow foam liner with chin strap
Prison officers cap with crown badges unused ranking officers cap
rubber cosh 15 and a half inch rubber coverd cosh with hole for wrist strap
10 Essex cap badges YOU GET 10
10 inch CID Cosh / rare inside pocket job
10x chrome police tunic buttons 10 chrome tunic buttons with Queens crown
14 1/2 inch police dark wood trunchion 1950 ish
15 inch hardwood police cosh Rosewood 15 inch cosh
15 inch hardwood police cosh heavy cosh
15 inch police cosh with leather wrist strap 15 inch mens 1970 cosh
15 inch police trunchion with leather wrist strap from storage
16 inch police trunchion stock no 4 mahogany
16 inch Truncheon 16 inch turned wood truncheon had a life good display / theater
1950 Nylon long waterproof rain coat and 2 pairs trousers with loops for rank
1950/60 police trousers zip fly
1950/70 Police trousers zip fly heavy duty uniform trousers
1960 FIREMANS AXE Vintage fire mans axe
1990 paper weight Bedfordshire police 150 the anniversary on 1990 10.5 by 7 cm
2 Dragon collar badges unused from storage you get 2
2 pairs quick fit hand cuffs with key working grade 1 each with a key
2 x wood police trunchion 1950 no wrist strap you get 2 14 and a half inch goes to point went in trousers pocket
2 x Metropolitan police cadet polo shirts short sleeve
2 x police community support officer patches 1 x 19 by 4.5 cm 1 x 12 by 4.5 cm
2 x police neck id clips police blue for id cards
20 large police tunic buttons chrome
20 small police tunic buttons chrome
26 inch lave turned mounted police cosh heavy baton
2x WPC clip on crevats new you get 2
3 large USA police shoulder badges 13 by 9 cm
3 pairs chevrons 3 pairs chevrons for shirts /jackets
3 pip police shoulder loops complete
3 police whistle /id langyards18 inch 3x lange yards
3 x police / traffic wardens lenth banding 1 police 1 traffic warden 1 spo
30 inch police leather belt new old stock 30 inch
3x police patches branch officer Herefordshire a/commandant
4 pairs Royal Air Force Field Police shirt loops you get 4 pairs 3 by 5.5 cm new
4 X Police neck langyards clip on neck
5 x West Midlands warant badges Dealers lot x5 enamel badges
8x Liverpool City police buttons 8x Liverpool city police buttons
Airforce Wings NZ
Alcyon Hand cuffs in case vintage heavy duty made in Spain
Alexandra police shirt 39.1/2 chest long sleeve
ambulance medical technicial techniciam coveralls 12 inch leg zips all badges
Army Guards trousers button fly high waist newish
Army Guards trousers Blue W.0.1. 1957 button fly high waist
Army Guards trousers Guards trousers heavy wool mix high waist button fly
Army Jacket
Army Jacket Belguim army jacket will make to look usa with button change
Army Jerkin
ASP sidebreak baton scabbard unused asp side break tactical baton holder
Avon and Somerset police helmet with riot strap
Avon and Somerset helmet plate rear screw fitting
badged traffic cops cap Essex and Southend on Sea
Balistic / stab vest with police on rear
Balistic / stab vest with all panalls
Balistic / stab vest white ideal door man /femail
Balistic / stab vest yellow with all panalls
Bamboo swager stick inspector / commander
Batton key for handcuffs new
Bedfordshire police torch/lamp marked Forester Forester equipment
Berlin police helmet Berlin police helmet
Birmingham Constabulary WW1 truncheon 1916/19 Stamped BAC 1003 AND SC1080
Birmingham Special Constabulary truntion Austen motors 1926 Longbridge very rare 15 inch great details
Black clip on tie Black clip on tie mens new
Black mess jacket for kilt wool
Black police combat / duty trousers 2 front zip pockets and fly 2 rear and 2 front pockets 2 leg pockets with pen holders on outside
Black police equipment vest Mint police Equipment vest
Black prison trousers heavy prison officers dress trousers
Body Armour Cover Chest: 36 Inches
Bristol constabulary 187 cap or helmet badge looks cut down with 2 rear loops
Bristol fire mans trousers Bristol fire mans trousers
British army /Scottish tammy Army wool tammy /shanta
British army black GSMK 6A combat helmet Compleate army black combat helmet
British army green kevlar combat helmet combat helmet GSMK6
British army kaki cap dont cry for me sergeant major 57 cm unused
British Army Leg Hoster Velcro Straps & Plastic Clips
British army officers dress shirt and tie fawn long sleeve
British Essex Police Inspectors Raincoat Size: Chest: 46 inches Sleeve: 19 inches Length: 45 inches
British Firemans axe GR Stamped GR British fireman's axe Pree 1952
British Police WPC Bowler & Northumbria Badge Size: 57cm
British Police WPC Bowler Size: 51cm
BRITISH POLICE BODY ARMOUR Body armour 2008 with all fillers
British Police Cap Size: 57cm
British police duty arm band with poppers to fit 43 cm
British police fleece British Police fleece with tapes front and back and rank loops 40 inch chest 20 under arm 26 long
British police handcuffs with case and key
British police helmet with Surrey Special plate British police helmet with Surrey Special plate with soft liner and riot strap
British police inspectors mess jacket Good looking mess jacket with collar dogs and shoulder pips .buttons
British Police Protective Vest Ballistic and Edge Weapon Protection with fillers
British police sergeants tunic with collar badges /chevrons 44 inch chest 19 under arm
British police trunchion 14 and a half inch made to go in pocket of trousers as point with leather strap
British police wool cap Kent 59cm British police wool cap with Kent badge
British Royal Band Jacket Chest: 38 Inches Sleeve: 17 Inches
British Traffic warden tunic British traffic wardens jacket all buttons have Queens crown 36 on shoulder 40 inch chest 17 under arm 33 inch long
British Transport Police badges helmet plate and cap badge
British transport police coat badge plastic for rear
British Transport Police helmet with all fittings minty
British Transport Police night helmet black badge 57 cm
brown thin commanders swagger / pointing stick silver plate top
BTP cap badge 2 rear loops to mount
BTP Cap with yellow top rare top removable
BTP constabulary Helmet with white foam lining
Californer police jacket nice reproduction fancy dress theatre
California police dept jacket new old stock zip front
Cambridge police tunic / jacket badged for export / film / theater / actor
Canadian army cap Canadian army mountain troops hat
Canadian Royal Mounted police dress uniform in as new condition
Cheshire cap badge chrome
Chief Inspectors Police cap unused no badge
chubb handcuffs IX70 NO KEY very collectable
City of London duty band blank 40 cm lenth
City of London police WPC bowler WPC hat with new band
City of London police WPC bowler with new band
City of London wool c1950 police cap with correct badge 58 cm leather chin strap and sweat band
City off London dutty band popper fixing 1950/60
civil defence arm band
Civil Nuclear constabulary helmet rose top mint 62 cm
Civil Nuclear constabulary helmet mint 61 cm rare badge
Civil Nuclear constabulary helmet 57 cm with riot strap
Civil Nuclear Constabulary helmet plate unused from storage 3 rear double spikes
Civil Nuclear Constabulary round cloth badge new from storage 9 cm
Civil Nuclear police helmet 580 cm mint rare
Civil Nuclear police helmet New badge on very used helmet tiny nick see photo grubby inside 58cm
Collar Badges 1x Pair of Dog Badges
Compton WW2 police helmet with leather riot strap sweat inner band
Comunity surport police officer cap wet weather with chin strap
cubb hand cuffs no key good display no key
Danish police hat badge Denmark police hat badge
Derbyshire police helmet with plate new old stock Hobsons helmet with used badge
Devon and Cornwall helmet and collar badge on shield Wooden shield with Devon and Cornwall helmet plate and collar badge
Devon and Cornwall police cap and badge Devon and Cornwall cap and badge
Devon and Cornwall police helmet MINT 58 CM
Dorset police brass desk weight 1856-1981 Dorset police brass desk weight
dorset police cap badge officers with 2 rear loops to mount
Double brested blazer Karntz regent st London smart black blazer
Durham police car drivers coat 40 inch chest 18 under arm 38 long Durham buttons
Durham police driving coat fancy smith Z cars 1970
Durham police trench coat Wool police trench coat Durham
Durham police tunic 1950/60 no belt on this type 270 on shoulder Durham on buttons
East Sussex wool night cape wool with fittings
English leather fire fighter helmet used in air port old school
ER mens tunic prison full set chrome buttons
ER Tronchion 15 inch no wrist strap
Essex badge set helmet plate / cap badge / jumper badge
Essex cap badge with rear slider
Essex Community Surport Officer police cap with chin strap
Essex helmet plate 3 rear spikes to mount new old stock
Essex Inspector police helmet tiny scuff on side of top
Essex Inspectors cap and badge Vintage 1990 cap with chin strap
Essex polce officer cap chrome and blue badge wool
Essex Police Cloth badge 10cm x 9cm
Essex police cap 58 cm blue badge
Essex police cap unused 59 cm
Essex police cap badge rear slider to mount
Essex police cap badge 2 rear loops to mount
Essex police helmet looks unused with older type lining
Essex police helmet and cap special offer one of each 57 cm
Essex police helmet LOT A older type cork lined 58 cm lot a
Essex police inspectors cap with badge
Essex police inspectors coat and cap Rain coat with pips and marked buttons with cap and badge
Essex tie new marked 1840 - 1990 vintage
Essex traffic cop cap with chrome badge
Essex wet weather police cap with metal badge
Essex XXL police helmet
ex Metropolitan police handcuffs with key
ex police body armour / stab vest with fillers and raidio docs
ex police leather belt quality wide leather unused buckles may differ
ex police leather belt quality leather unused
Expermental police horse ridding helmet rare never used
Falmouth docks police helmet mint with all fittings
Falmouth docks police patch Falmouth docks police patch/badge
femail / male leather belt Quality belts
femail / male leather belt new police leather belt
Femail army jacket with buttons and collar dogs
femail double 2 blue police shirt new old stock
Femail police shirts open neck new in wrapper short sleeve
Femail police WPC tunic WPC Police jacket
Femail traffic waldens tunic all fittings
Fife Constabulary Police Constabulary Cloth badge 9cm x 9cm
Fife Constabulary Police Constabulary Cloth badge 9cm x 8cm
For the little copper hat and hand cuffs cap approx. 50 cm
French Kepi navy 56/7 cm
French Magerstrates court gown with red trim and wool scarf / hat film /fancy dress
French Magistrats cloak with garnish
French police kepi aprox 55 cm
Frontier police stable belt 41 inch
Gaberdean police horse rider long coat Horse riders long coat with Staffordshire kings crown buttons
German police cap officers with badge
German police cap Albert Kempf new condition
Glamorgan badge on WPC bowler Kings crown badge on hat
Gloucesershire WW2 police great coat Gloestershire ww2 police great coat
Gloustershire police helmet tidy complete rose top
Greater Manchester police WPC bowler with riot strap
Greater Manchester Police Helmet Plate
greater manchester police cap badge officer red top large with slider
greater manchester police cap with badge red and blue enamel
Greater Manchester police helmet 60 cm mint
Greater Manchester police helmet badge 7 by 11 cm with 3 rear spikes
Hampshire badged night helmet Tidy Hampshire badged night helmet
Hampshire police helmet plate Hampshire police helmet plate/badge 10 by 12 cm
Hampshire wool fire mans tunic Hampshire wool fire mans vintage tunic nice marked chrome buttons
Hardwood police trunchion with crown and CP and 16 stock no 4
Harley -Davidson leather cap Genuin cap
Hartfordshire police helmet rose top great condition 57 cm
Heavy chrome and enamelled Civil Nuclear badge 1st generation heavy chrome 12 by 10 cm with 2 rear spikes unused
Heavy twill police tunic 42 inch chest 17 under arm 36 long older type with Queens crown buttons
Heavy twill police tunic button to neck WW2 Queens crown buttons but change to Kings with button to neck make into WW2
Heddlu police patch cloth
helmet and cap badge Civil Nuclear Constabulary one time offer 10 sets at this price unused in wrappers you get 1 helmet plate and 1 cap badge with rear fittings
Helmet plate Thames Valley Chrome Thames Valley helmet plate with 3 double rear spikes to fit or mount to plaque
Hertfordshire badge on band WPC badge on band
HI VISS police equipment vest / carrier large mint with pouches an slides
Hi viss Yellow police baceball cap UK made
Hiatt 1970 hand cuffs with baton key British made 1970 hand cuffs with baton key marked 712
Hiatt hand cuffs with damaged key Chrome hand cuffs
Hiatte 1960 handcuffs with key with key good order
Hiatts 1960 hand cuffs Heavy chrome British made Hiatts hand cuffs with key grade 1
Hiatts 1970 handcuffs Hiatt 1970 British made chrome handcuffs
Hiatts hand cuffs With key made in England Hiatts chrome cuffs mint
high ranking police officers breast badge 13.5 by 5 cm velcrow with backing to sew on uniform
hihaat hand cuffs in original leather case 1960/70 with key
Humberside police helmet bell top 57 cm chrome badge older type
Humberside police helmet inside vert poor but looks the part
Inspectors rain coat badged full lenth
Jacket Chest: 40 Inches Sleeve: 16 Inches
job lot 10 Essex helmet badges all good with 3 rear spikes to fit helmet
Job lot Sussex police helmet badges you get 10 with rear fixings 9.5 by 12 cm
Just in ex police stab vest over head with Velcro side straps with all protective panels small /medium /large /XL
Kent costabulary police helmet plate Kent police helmet plate with single rear screw to mount
Kent police helmet with cork liner
Kent police helmet night plate with 3 rear loops to fix
Kent police helmet with night badge with all fittings
Kent police suppers cap mint with correct badge
Kilt jacket and waistcoat Military mess usable
lady chirchill open neck blue police shirt new old stock
Lancashire police helmet with plate looks unused
Lancashire Police tunic with belt Lancashire marked buttons on tunic with all buttons
Large Mounted Police Garberdine Police Coat
Large selection of ex police boots high ankle grade 1 shop open fri sat 9 to 3
Leather jerkin military full zip
Leeds city police helmet Old cork lined police helmet grade 2 with Leeds city badge riot strap and leather chin strap good display / theatre / film work
Leeds city police helmet plate rear loops x2
Leicestershire Constabulary Police Cloth badge 9cm x 9cm
Leiestershire police patch police badge
Lignam Vitae police cosh Lignam vitae police cosh hardest wood
Liverpool Police Constabulary Tunic Jacket Size: Chest: 36 inch Sleeve: 19 inch Length: 31inch
Long police wpc skirt heavy wool mix winter skirt
Lothian & Borders Police Cloth badge 10cm x 10cm
Lothian and Borders police cloth badge
M.O.D.Guard service cap wet weather with badge
Male police uniform bundle helmet badges will differ and chrome tunic trousers
Male police uniform bundle with cap cap / trousers / tunic trousers may need taken up
MCA Constabulary Kings crown 2 rear loops
mens chirchill blue shirt open neck short sleve
Mens open neck shirts new in wrapper
mens open neck white police shirt new old stock
Mens Police Sergeant Jacket Chevrons on Shoulders
Mens Police Sergeant Jacket Chevrons on Shoulders
Mens Police uniform bundles with helmet tunic trousers and badged helmet
Mens police wood trunchion from storage miners strike
Mercia police helmet plate no rear screw
Merseyside badged jumper mint blue wool pullover badged Merseyside police
Merseyside badged police constable cap clean wool cap with chin strap
Mersyside Police helmet plate 3 rear loops
Metropolitan police WPC hat WPC bowler hat low profile with Metropolitan Police Community Support Officer
Metropolitan 2 pip epaulettes / pair shoulder boards new
Metropolitan gaberdeen night cape 1980 ish leather neck straps in good order
Metropolitan medalion in box on helmet plates
Metropolitan metropolitan special constabulary badge Kings crown
Metropolitan police cap 58 cm blue badge
Metropolitan police cap and wpc bowler badge 2 rear loops to fix
Metropolitan police Community officer chrome badge and chin strap
Metropolitan police helmet tiny scratch on blue 57 cm helmet mint with its chin straps
METROPOLITAN POLICE HELMET Metropolitan police helmet
Metropolitan police helmet and badge Tidy Metropolitan helmet with chrome badge complete with soft liner and riot strap
Metropolitan police helmet badge blue enamel 3 rear spikes to mount
Metropolitan police helmet with enamel badge Rare Met helmet with chrome and enamel badge with riot strape
Metropolitan police horse brass x 2 rare quality met mounted police horse brasses
Metropolitan Police vollenteer cadet shirt and trousers ideal theater
Metropolitan Traffic Warden cap wool mint
Metropolitan Traffic Warden cap suppers wool cap with removable plastic white top
Mid Anglia Constabulary Police Helmet Plate
Ministary of defence cap badge chrome with slider to mound
Ministry of Defence guard service tunic for export /film/theater
Mint police duty / court helmet single hole for badge or drill if need 3 we have 57 /59 / 62 cm tell with order
MOD Police rain coat shoulder boards chrome on
Motercycle police uniform Police uniform wirh motor cyclist trousers
Mounted police baton with wrist strap
Naval Blazer Badge 707 We Gladius Dormiat
Naval Overcoat Wool Chest: 42Inches Sleeve: 18 Inches Length: 48 Inches
Naval Rain coat grade 1 Chest: 42 Inches Sleeve: 17 Inches Length: 44 Inches
Naval Rank Slides Pair of RNR Slides
Naval Rank Slides Pair or RNR Slides
Naval Rank Slides Pair of RNR Slides
Naval Rank Slides
Naval Rank Slides
Naval Rank Slides
Naval Shirt Chest: 38 Inches Sleeve: 17 Inches
Naval Tropical Officers Uniform
Navy Blazer Badge WECOME UNSEEN
Navy Blazer Badge ROQUAL
Navy Blazer Badge
Navy Blazer Badge NOTTINGHAM
Navy Blazer Badge HECLA
Navy Blazer Badge HEGATE
Navy Blazer Badge SOUTHAMPTON
Navy Blazer Badge LOWESTOFT
Navy Blazer Badge
Navy Blazer Badge HERALD
Navy Blazer Badge 750
Navy Blazer Badge
Navy Blazer Badge RENOWN
Navy Blazer Badge RNA
Navy Blazer Badge
Navy Blazer Badge
Navy Blazer Badge
Navy Blazer Badge
navy officer cap Ridermann soft cotton /nylon
New Hobson british police helmet badged Avon and Somerset badge on new helmet old stock 2001
New Hobson british police helmet badged Bedfordshire Chrome badge on unused helmet
New Hobson british police helmet badged Mercia new old stock chrome badge Mercia
New Northern Ireland police pullovers green ribbed lined radio loops pen pockets on each arm
New police equipment vest New police equipment vest pouch top left name pouch right top 5 more pouch 2 larch pouches rear large clear pouch for name
New stable belt army belt new
Norfolk police cap badge 2 rear loops to mount
North Wales police helmet plate with rear loops
North Yorkshire police helmet with chin strap and chrome badge
Northamptonshire polic helmet tidy helmets with chin strap
Northamptonshire police cap badge 2 rear spikes to mount
Northamptonshire police helmey mint with all fittings
Northern Ireland police cap rare green cap
Northern Ireland police tunic as new with buttons dark green
Northern Irland police water proof pulover/jumper unused
Northumberland police helmet with plate 57 cm old school badge and all outher fittings
Northumbria badged police helmet wide chrome band police helmet
Northumbria police cap badge chrome with 2 rear loops
Northumbria police cap badge with 2 rear loops to mount
Northumbria police helmet all fittings
Northumbria police helmet 58 CM mint with soft liner and chin strap
Northumbria police helmet mint with all fittings
Northumbria police helmet 57 cm mint condition riot and chin straps
Northumbria police patch 13.5 by 6 cm
Northumbria police wool cap 1950/60
Northumbria wool badged police cap wool police cap
Northumbria WPC HAT with chin strap
old cork and satin lined police helmet stock no 6 old bobby helmet satin and cork lined
old cosh wooden cosh
Old police helmet Mrcia cork lined small ideal display
pair 3 pip rank boards inspector loops
pair blue shoulder loops 469 button on loops
Pair leg restraints in pouch pouch gos on belt
Pair Metropolitan police horse badges pair Metropolitan police horse badges
pair metropolitan police horse brass mounted police horse brass one on leather
Pair police chrome chevrons Pair police chrome chevrons
Pair police Commanders shoulder epaulets 2 FOLD LOOPS 4 PIPS 2 CROWN TO MAKE UP
pair police sergants chevrons new old stock raised wire on cloth
Pair UKPS officers shoulder ranks open up double with button for officers shirt / jacket
paramedic coveralls 10 inch ankle zips all badges
PCSO CYCLIST HELMET vintage helmet
Pith helmet repainted pith helmet
Plastic firemans jacket ideal film /theatre or use plastic fire mans jacket
plastic police hi vis patches 2 x large 20 by 6 cm and 2 small 12 by 4 cm mint
Plastick rear coat badge Tameside patroller
Plastick rear coat badge communitty support officer Cleveland police
Police Mac Chest: 40 Inches Sleeve:18 Inches Length: 28 Inches
Police Tunic chrome crown button
Police / Prison Warden black trousers Police / Prison Warden tunic trousers
Police /army cosh ref 4 Hardwood cosh
Police /Bobby helmet Leeds City Police helmet with riot and chin strap soft liner grade 1 with Leeds City chrome badge
Police /Bobby helmet Northumbria From police surplus unissued helmet we put Northumbria badge on
Police bandsman jacket stadtkapelle zweibrucken 46 inch chest under arm 17 31 long
Police bandsman trousers wide wavy stripe down leg wool wide bottoms
Police base ball cap Cotton police base ball cap on plastic liner fit all
Police baton and quickfitt cuffs cuffs working with key one month offer 67 cm baton real from police
Police blue coat loops with chrome 496 no
Police bomber /bum frezer jacket with blue/white check bands front and rear full front zip velcrow front and rear for badges 2 zipped front pockets
Police bundle femail tunic trousers bowler real from police storage
Police bundle mens helmet no badge tunic with Queens crown buttons trousers long night stick tell us size on order
Police cap chrome badge and chin strap
Police cap badge Essex Community Support with rear slide to mount
police cap badged bedford wool with chin strap and chrome badge
Police cap badged Cheshire Police cap with chin strap badged Cheshire
Police cap Nottinghamshire County with chrome badge
POLICE CAP WE PUT A SUSSEX BADGE ON Wool police cap grade 1 with Sussex badge with chin strap
Police cap/WPC bowler badge Suffolk Blue and chrome Suffolk badge
Police chief Inspectors leather brief case Nice leather brief case rear compartment 4 inside 1 zipped with keys AM on outside
Police clip on tie Police clip on tie new
police clothing bundle hi viss jacket may differ in style cargo trousers with leather belt cap no badge
Police collar badges pair police collar dogs with good rear fixings
Police collar badges pair police collar dogs
Police collar dogs Pair collar dogs chrome
Police collar dogs police collar dogs
Police Comander tunic badges chrome badges all rear fittings ok
police commanders patch 13.5 by 5.5 cm
Police commanders uniform and cap with all badges / long service medal ribbon very rare cap 59cm
Police community support officer 58 cm
Police constable tunic / jacket with chrome Queens crown buttons please tell us size on order
Police constables cap with Essex badge with chin strap wet weather
police cycle helmet XXL with chin strap
Police Cyclist Jacket Chest: 50 Inches Sleeve: 17 Inches
Police cyclist helmet police on each side and top
Police cyclist helmet Large black police cyclist helmet
Police cyclist helmet / CYCLIST HELMET
Police drop leg glock pistol holster with all fittings
Police duty helmet West Midlands 57 cm latest badge with all fittings
Police duty helmet West Yorkshire 58 cm with all fittings mint with latest badge
Police equipment vest new equipment vest 2 rear pockets 4 on front
Police equipment vest police equipment vest
Police equipment vest new 48 inch chest
Police helmet grade 2 police helmet lot 24
Police helmet stock 2 and 3 police helmets no chin strap or badges with hard liners
Police helmet with Cambridgeshire badge Police helmet with Cambridgeshire badge
Police helmet badged Avon and Somerset Tidy police helmet with chin strap badged to Avon and Somerset
Police helmet badged Bedfordshire Night Tidy police helmet with Bedfordshire night badge
Police helmet badged to Humberside police helmet with Humberside badge soft liner and chin strap
Police helmet badged to West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police helmet with soft liner and chin strap badged West Yorkshire Metropolitan police
Police helmet badged Warwickshire new unused hobson
Police helmet BTP clean usable helmet with soft liner and chin strap in shop
Police helmet Derbyshire with chin strap Hobsons
Police helmet Essex all fittings correct
Police helmet Essex constabulary mint to unused with soft liner and chin and riot strap 58cm and 60 cm
Police helmet Northumbria 58 cm chrome badge soft liner and riot strap mint
Police helmet plate chrome with single rear screw fitting to mount
Police helmet plate Cambridgeshire Police chrome helmet badge with 3 fixing lugs
police helmet plate Dorset rear screw to mount
Police helmet plate Essex with 3 double spikes to mount
Police helmet South Wales wide chrome band
Police helmet West Mercia with riot strap
Police helmet West Midlands Police Helmet with riot and chin strap hard liner with West Midlands badge
Police helmet West Midlands blue enamel badge with all fittings
Police helmet with badge Essex 57 cm with soft liner and riot strap
Police helmet with chrome Northumbria badge Police helmet from mod salvage with chrome badge Northumbria from private collection
Police helmet with Greater Manchester badge 57 cm with soft liner and riot strap
Police helmet with Sussex badge Police helmet grade 2 with Sussex badge
Police helmet with U.K.A.E.A. plate rare badge on mint helmet 58 cm with chin straps
Police hi vis hat unused med to large
Police hi viss long unused
Police hi viss equipment vest with radio docs and pouches
police hi viss jacket chrome 506
Police hi.viss comunity surport officer Blue and yellow zip front
police inspectors cap tidy wet weather cap
Police Inspectors cap 60 cm mint
police inspectors helmet West Midlands mint looks unused desk jockey 60 cm soft lining and chin strap
Police inspectors jacket Tidy police inspectors tunic
Police inspectors long rain coat / macingtosh Essex buttons with 2 pips 50 inch chest 19 under arm 46 long
Police Inspectors Tunic Lanashire Rose Buttons Size: Chest: 40 inch Sleeve: 20 inch Length: 32 inch
Police Inspectors wool cap Tidy wool British police inspectors cap
Police Jacket
police juty belt police duty belt
police leather trousers belt chrome buckle
Police Leg Holster Velcro Strap
Police leg restraint belt Restraint emergencey leg belt in pouch
Police long leather riot gloves Police long leather riot gloves grade 1
police motor cycle gloves size 7
police motor cycle gloves heavy duty size 7 vintage thick
Police motor cycle helmet with removable viser
Police night cape chrome fitting
Police night cape concealed buttons chrome neck catch
Police night wool cape XL with chrome neck catch 36 inch long
Police Officers blue cap badge Somerset and Barth
police old school leather raidio case with shoulder strap
Police old school trousers old school trousers
Police Overcoat
Police PC Cap Shower proof police pc cap
Police plastic coat badge good for framing
Police plastic coat badge Community support officer
Police plastic coat badge
police plastic coat patches used from high vis coat
Police point duty gloves all white leather size 7 1/2
police quick fit hand cuffs working order with key
Police rain coat made in Scotland 44 inch chest 22 under arm 38 long
POLICE SAFTY HELMET Police saftey helmet removable stickers
Police skirts Duhurst police skirts new vintage
Police special wpc bowler Blue band police WPC bowler from there surplus sales
Police stab vest cover bullet and stab vest cover
Police stab vest new cover 48 inch max waist Stab vest new cover reclaimed panels
Police Supentendants cap Tidy police Supper cap
Police traffic cops cap wool police cap with removable cotton white top rare
police traffic cops cap with essex badge grade 1 traffic cops cap with Essex badge
Police training batton hard plastic
Police Trousers
Police trousers male / femail new from storage zip fly
Police trunchion ebany 15 inch hard wood
Police tunic with chrome buttons
Police tunic / dress jacket when a officer looked smart not issued to day
Police tunic 395 Queens crown buttons with collar badges
Police tunic 703 with collar badges and Queens crown buttons
Police tunic Welch 1950 ish heavy twill with chrome welch buttons
Police tunic with belt 721 Huggins of Bristol 1970 ish
Police tunick XL 3158 MOD /Police tunick xl 46 inch chest 18 under arm 35 inch long Queens Crown ER buttons
Police uniform jacket police jacket 36 inch chest 17 under arm
Police uniform trousers go with tunic tell us size with order
Police vintage skirt new old stock duhurst
Police water proof cyclist trousers elastic waist grade 1
Police waterproof canvas leggins buttons on ankle zip side
police wet / cap police polyester wet look cap
Police wet weather cap badge Devon with chin strap and chrome badge
Police wet weather coat with epaulettes
police wet weather cyclist trousers with bottom leg zip to go over boot
Police wool cap badged Essex Tidy police wool black cap with chin strap badged Essex
Police wool cap Essex clean wool cap with chin strap
Police wool cap with South Wales badge with chin strap
Police wool flece radio and shoulder rank loops
Police wool Inspectors cap Police wool inspectors cap with chin strap
Polish police cap with badge and chin strap
Post War Royal Navy hat Royal Navy Post war vinal pork pie hat
Pree war trunchion solid hard wood
Prison cap with chrome badge
Prison officers black clip on tie New Police/Prison officers black clip on tie
Prison officers black leather belt Black leather prison officers belt
Process report and accident book in leather pouch vintage old school
Quick fit British police hand cuffs mint cuffs with key
Quick fit hand cuffs with key hand cuffs
Quick fit hand cuffs with key in grade 1 plus we have bought job lot you get 1 pair with key
Quick fit handcuffs with key special deal grade 1 you cannot get cheaper
quiff hand cuffs with key and police trunnion working with key baton 15 inch one off offer
R.A.E.C. Army mess dress mess dress
R.A.F.P. new wool arm band New Royal Air Force police arm band
R.U.C. Police baseball cap R.U.C. Police baseball cap from surplus disposables grade 1
Raf Hat 55cm
Raf Hat 54cm
Raf Raincoat Chest: 39 Inches Height: 74 Inches
RAF bandsman cap FEMAIL clean ready to use
RAF Officers Comadors cap mint
RAF Police Snowdrop cap RAF new police cap
RAF Warrent officers cap RAF Warrant officers cap Queens crown
Raf Wings Reproduction
RAF Woman band hat New RAF Band officers hat
Raincoat Chest: 44 Inches Sleeve: 17 Inches Length: 42 Inches
Rare police Commanders yellow riot helmet never seen a riot
Rare police helmet Civil Nuclear Constabulary mint with chin straps and soft liner
Rare police helmet U.K.A.E.A. MINT 58 CM with soft liner and chin straps
Red cross brazard Hampshire
red army snake belt new guards snake belt
red sash army / unused red sash
Rose top for helmet 3 rear spikes 7 cm across bottom band not included
ROYAL AIR FORCE cap Badge RAF cap badge outher ranks
Royal Air Force cap with chin strap new unissued
Royal Air Force cap femail warant officer WW.2 type
Royal Air Force police cap snowdrop
Royal Air Force Police wool arm band RAFP ARM BAND
Royal Air Force woman bands busby with brass chin strap
Royal Airforce with RAF Badge Womens Hat
Royal artilary dress cap Royal artilary dress cap
Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioners Uniform coat 36 inch chest 16 under arm 42 long with chevrons
Royal Marine tropicle jacket with RM shoulder titles
Royal Marines Band Jacket Chest: Inches Sleeve: Inches
Royal Navy Hat 50cm
ROYAL NAVY CAP WITH OFFICERS BADGE Royal Navy officer cap vinal with new bullion badge 56/59/cm
Royal Navy Officer Women's Hat
Royal navy Officers cap Royal navy officers cap with bullion Queens crown new badge
Royal navy pork pie hat with HMS removable tally in box
Royal Navy Pork Pie Hat H.M.S
Royal Ulster Constabuary hat RUC polester hat with side buttons and chin strap 56cm size 7
Ruber long police long coat lined could be point duty /
RUC Police cap Irish unused 58cm
S10 gas mask from police fire arms with new filter
Scottish cloak jacket to go with kilt great looking all buttons and fittings correct
Scottish Police WPC Bowler & Badge Size: 57cm
Scottish police cap waterproof
Scottish police cap approx 55 cm
Scottish police high ranking cap Kings crown badge
Scottish prison cap water proof cap with chrome badge
Scottish prison cap and badge wool police /prison cap with badge
Scottish prison officers jacket Mint Scottish prison officers tunic
Scottish prison wet weather cap Scottish prison wet weather cap
Scottish sporran go with kilt
Scottish truncion 230 Holborn field stamped on end best we can read with old eyes
Scottish wet weather cap and white top Tidy wet weather police / prison cap with removable traffic top
Scottish wrapround jacket for kilt 10 front buttons go with military kilt
Sergeant police tunic mint
Set rare police badges U.K.A.E.A. Helmet plate / breast badge and 2 collar badges all new old stock
Sion Body armour cover Police body armour cover
Small high rank police cap tiny ideak on book case
Small police femail equipment vest and hat WPC bowler and vest
Small police helmet Cleaveland with riot strap mint ideal book case or lad
Small police riot helmet complete
Small Scottish police cap wet weather
Small supertenders cap ideal book case New 47 cm good display
South African police baceball cap sewn on badge
south wales police helmet mint older badge 60 cm
South Wales police helmet mint with all fittings
South Wales police helmet 57 cm mint
South Wales Police Helmet and badge Wales helmet and badge
South Yorkshire badge from horse blanket 17 by 17 cm bullion embroidered
Southampton police helmet and badge Rare bell top helmet with Southampton badge
Stab Vest Stab vest new cover old panals max 50 inch waist
Stab vest no plates badged for theater
Staffordshire badged helmet old type white foam liner
Staffordshire Police Cloth badge 10cm x 9cm
Staffordshire police helmet tidy helmet
Staffordshire police tunic with buttons and collar badges
Superintendent cap badged Greater Manchester wool great condition
Superintendent police cap West Midlands nice wool cap
Surrey Constabulary police helmet with plate Surry police helmet with badge
Surrey constabulary badge on new hobson helmet new old stock Hobsons helmet with chrome Surry badge
Surrey police capbadge chrome with slider
Surrey police helmet badge with single screw fitting
Surrey police Inspectors cap mint with chrome badge
Surrey police Inspectors helmet 59 cm mint to unused condition
Surrey Special Constabulart / police helmet mint with all fittings
Surry police helmet 57 cm mint gold crown on badge
Sussex constable tunic with badges CP688
Sussex police bear key ring quality made in Channel
Sussex police cap wool cap chrome badge
Sussex police helmet plate chrome old school 11 by 9 cm 3 rear spikes
Sussex police helmet with plate old school chrome badge with all fittings 57 cm
Sussex Police Inspectors Tunic Size: Chest: 40 inch Sleeve: 17 inch Length: 31 inch
Sussex police sergants tunic with chevrons
Sussex sergant police tunic with collar badges and chevrons with CK199 on shoulders
Sussex supers police cap high ranking police officers cap
Sweedish police officers cap 56cm tidy
THAMES VALLEY HELMET PLATE WITH SHIELD Thames Valley police helmet with obsolete badge
Thams Valley helmet plate blue and green enamel single rear screw to fit
Traffic Wardens jacket Badged with Kings crown buttons Traffic jackets 40 inch chest 16 under arm 30 long
Traffic Waldens crevat / tie new clip on
Traffic warden cap black wool with band
Traffic Warden hat band and coat badge to frame or
Traffic wardens cap Traffic wardens cap with band
Trauma Vest Chest: Adjusts
U.K.A.E. Constabulary helmet and cap badge unused from storage heavy chrome with fittings helmet badge 10 by 12 cm cap badge 4.5 by 5.5 cm
U.K.A.E.A. Cap badge chrome and enamel 4 by 5 cm
U.K.A.E.A. Constabulary helmet 57 CM Mint condition with rare badge chin and riot straps
U.K.A.E.A. Constabulary helmet With all fittings 60 and 57cm mint
U.K.A.E.A. Constabulary helmet rose top mint 57 cm
U.K.A.E.A. Constabulary helmet plate heavy chrome unused from storage single screw rear fitting
U.K.A.E.A. Constabulary helmet with plate looks unused desk jockey 58 cm with all fittings
U.K.A.E.A. police bell patch unused 10 by 9.5 cm
unused 1950 police trunchion / cosh 15 inch with leather wrist strap
Unused Essex police helmet cork and satin lined with chin strap badged to Essex police never used time warp
unused Essex police helmets desk jockey 57 cm and 59
Unused London fire mans wool tunic Old school wool fire mans tunic badged London Brigade
Unused Northumbria police helmet new old stock hobsons helmet
Unused Northumbria police tunic / jacket 40 inch chest 16 under arm with marked buttons collar badges and award badge on arm
Unused Northumbria police wool cap 57 cm unused officers spare cap
Unused police helmet badged Essex unused hobson helmet with enamel Essex plate
Unused West Yorkshire police helmet 57 cm all complete including enamel badge desk jockey
US Air Force dress trousers to go with tunics
US air force tunic with buttons from storage
US Aire Force cadet jacket bum freezer
US Army dress jacket Goodwood Revival with buttons and badges
US cadet bum frezer jacket full zip
US Coast Guard Jacket Chest: 36 Inches Sleeve: 17 Inches
US Marine Jacket Chest: 38 Inches Sleeve: 18 Inches
US Police Uniform
USA Afganastan army jacket DIGITAL 2004 Pat
USA Army Jacket Chest: 42 Inches Sleeve: 18 Inches
USA H.S.I. London Homeland and Security Investigations Attache London
USA Jacket Vietnam Chest: 38 Inches Sleeve: 19 Inches
USA Macintosh Raincoat
USA police cap soft cap with badge
Victorian decorated trunchion good decorated cosh
Victorian trunchion C18 VR nicely painted
Vintage fire brigade coat may need a clean
Vintage fire mans tunic high collar needs dry clean
Vintage motercycle police helmet Compton cork lined leather sweat band
Vintage police ridding briches button fly and 3 on ankle wide black stripe on leg mint police ridding britches
W.P.C Pathfinder bowler hat with Hartfordshire badge New small W.P.C hat badged Hertfordshire
Warwickshire police helmet with chin strap and badge
WE HAVE 40 STAB VESTS AT SHOP Yellow , black , yellow. at shop Thursday fri sat
webbing police duty belt for equipment ie pouches
West Mercia Cromwell police helmet older type in good order with wide band
West Mercia police helmet unused 59 cm
west midlands police Helmet new Hobson helmet
West Midlands cap badge rear slider to fit
West Midlands Inspectors helmet 57 cm condition mint to unused
West Midlands obsolete warrant wallet new old stock
West Midlands police helmet mint with all fittings
West Midlands police helmet with liner and chin strap
West Midlands police helmet mint inside
West Midlands police helmet plate blue enamel single screw to mound
West Midlands police Inspectors helmet 59 cm like new desk jockey
West Sussex police badge 2 rear loops to mount
West Yorkshire police cap badge with rear spikes 4 by 5 cm unused
West Yorkshire police Helmet XXL 64 cm with chin and riot straps mint condition
West Yorkshire badged police helmet hobsons old stock helmet
West Yorkshire Metropolitan polic cap supers ER badge
Wet weather police cap Gloeucestershire wet weather cap
Wet weather prison officers caps with side buttons and chin strap
White police helmet shell police helmet shell no fittings
Woman Police Constable Jacket
Woman Police Constable Jacket
Woman Police Constable Jacket
Woman Police Constable 328 Jacket Dragon badges and numbers
Woman Police Constable 4228 Jacket Badge and numbers
Woman Police Constable 855 Jacket Dragon badge and numbers
Woman Police Constable SC Badge Jacket Shoulder Stripes and Badge
Woman traffic cop hat rare mint
Women police trousers New police women grey trousers front zip stretch back
wool cap with Community badge Police cap with badge
Wool high ranking police cap with chin strap
Wool police cap badged to Bedfordshire with chrome badge and chin strap
Wool police Inspectors cap tidy with chin strap
wool prison cap chrome badge
Wool Prison officer cap with chrome badge and chin strap
Wool prison officers jumper black wool prison jumper long sleeve with radio loops
Wool Scottish jacket for kilt Hector Russell
WPC / Femail tunic / jacket not issued to day tell us your bust size
WPC / trafic warden femail police tunic unused with Queens crown buttons
WPC Bowler band and crown badge WPC hat band with crown badge
WPC Bowler band and Essex badge WPC Hat band and Essex badge
WPC Bowler band and Hertfordshire badge WPC hat band and chrome Hertfordshire badge
WPC Bowler band and Leeds City badge WPC hat and Leeds City badge2
WPC Bowler band and Suffolk badge WPC hat band and Suffolk badge
WPC bowler hat single hole to take badge with chin strap C.W.Headress path finder
WPC bowler hat badged badged BTP small with chin strap
WPC bowler hat badged BTP with chin strap and enamel badge
WPC bowler hat badged Devon and Cornwall chrome badge
WPC bowler hat badged Essex WPC Community officers bowler badged Essex
WPC bowler hat badged Essex WPC bowler hat badged Essex with chin strap
WPC bowler hat badged Essex big with chin strap
WPC bowler hat badged Glocestershire police with chin strap
WPC bowler hat badged Metropolitan Community Surpport high profile
WPC bowler hat badged Northumbria WPC hat with Northumbria badge
WPC bowler hat badged Northumbria with chin strap and chrome badge
WPC bowler hat badged Scottish WPC bowler with Scottish badge
WPC bowler hat badged to Hampshre Hampshire WPC hat and badge mint with chin strap
WPC bowler hat blue band no badge
WPC bowler hat with City of London band
WPC bowler with Scottish badge Tidy WPC hat badged Scottish police
WPC Bowler with yelow and black band WPC bowler with yellow and black check band
WPC Columbus Police hat Community badge 55 cm
WPC Femail police tunics unused with Metropolitan buttons
WPC hard bowler WPC hard bowler from mod surplus
WPC hard bowler with Essex badge WPC bowler / hard hat from mod salvage with badge from private collection
WPC hard hat with Leeds city badge
WPC hard hat with Met badge 56 cm hard bowler with met badge
WPC hat badged Hampshire WPC hat with Hampshire badge
WPC hat with British Transport Police badge 54 cm small
WPC hat with Staffordshire green badge WPC bowler 57cm C.W. headdress path finder
WPC Metropolitan special WPC Metropolitan special bowler with riot strap
WPC Police bowler Essex badge on WPC bowler
WPC police bowler / hat Metropolitan great condition with chin strap
WPC police hat badged Essex with riot strap
WPC Police hat West Midlands blue badge and riot strap
WPC police trousers 2 side 2 front pockets new with tags
WPC short skirt Police WPC short skirt
WPC Traffic cop hat Grade 1 Traffic cop hat WPC made buy Christys Parthfinder
wpc traffic hat Make believe WPC traffic hat you get a USA navy hat and uk band looks the part
WPC traffic hat with City of London band old school
WPC Tunic WPC tunic with crown buttons
WPC uniform bundle tunic / hat / trousers big girls
WRNS Womans raincoat wrens womans raincoat
WW2 Derby police helmet good helmet with Kings crown badge and chin strap
WW2 German State Police Uniform Trousers and Jacket Size Chest: 38 inch Inside arm: 17 inch Length: 30 inch Waist: 36 inch Inside leg: 30 inch kammgarn - TREVIRA
WW2 Kent police helmet cork body kings crown night badge soft on peak little nick on peak thay never had chin strap
WW2 Police /Tommy helmet 1940 1940 Police helmet with liner and chin strap
WW2 Police helmet Vintage WW2 helmet 2 panel cover no chin strap
WW2 Police tin helmet WW2 police tin helmet w
WW2 style 1954 femail police jacket and later skirt GR Kings crown buttons chevrons and badges rare lot with later skirt with ER buttons
XL leather metropolitan gloves Metropolitan police leather gloves
XXL.Police safty helmet unused safty helmet
XXXL Ministry defence helmet Ministry of defence enamel badge on XXXL helmet
XXXL Police yellow hi viss over trosers new
XXXL Police yellow over trousers new in wrapper from sussex police quality thick
XXXL WPC / Femail police tunic / jacket DW 489 With chrome buttons and officers no 26 Large