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\'Sleeper\' WW1 German Sawback Butcher Bayonet In Frog 1917 A WW1 German pioneers issue sawback butcher bayonet complete with its original brown leather frog. This bayonet has \'Mauser Oberndorf\' maker to ricasso with \'W\' cypher for Prussia to back of blade & \'17\' date. Both of its wooden grips are in good order with pommel catch fully functionable. There is general surface rust age to some metal surfaces which I have left as found. Interestingly the bottom edge of the frog has been fashioned with a tipped curve as was the preference by older serving German soldiers of the period.
\'Winter Uniforms of The German Army \' Book - Werner Palinckz Comprising 448 pages, this illustrated book is the first comprehensive reference work covering winter uniforms used by the German Army, Air Force and Waffen-SS during the period from 1942 to 1945. The book is intended for collectors, historians, model makers and those with an interest in military history. Following the attack on the Soviet Union and the first experiences with the Russian winter in 1941-42, it quickly became clear to the powers that be standard German Army uniform was completely unsuitable for waging war in the east, where temperatures often dropped far below zero. This made it necessary to create a new uniform capable of dealing with the climactic conditions on the Eastern Front. This book describes the creation of the Winteranzug 42 winter uniform, the first of its kind, and the following versions for the army, air force and Waffen-SS later in the war. First the complete winter uniform - balaclava, parka, trousers and mittens - is illustrated schematically in all its details.
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British \'03 Patt Training Bayonet With Mk 2* Land Patt Scabbard Scarce \'03 pattern training bayonet in its Mk2* Land pattern scabbard. Marked to Chapman, Sheffield on ricasso with \'9 04\' issue date to reverse side. N marked to pommel & good clean metal surfaces. Leather supple & in good order. ***Proof of age required*** ***We can now only post to a business addresses not residential ***
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Goerx Tenax Camera
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Rare WW2 German MP44 Pouch Rare & late war MKb42 produced assault rifle magazine pouch this a right side example. Textbook example featuring typical late war features such as construction from tan canvas with red stripe & grey LUX marked web straps to each compartment. All tabs present with ersatz tan prestoff to sides of each compartments closure flap. Stamped ink markings to rear on both web belt loops , both fully readable . These include the assault rifle designation \'MKb42\' with waffenamt , makers code & date \'JWa 43\' . Lightly used with some staining & overall a very rare pouch .
Rare WW2 German Pioneer Officers Visor Cap By Carl Kuhlmann A stunning German Pioneer officers visor cap to the rare maker Carl Kuhlmann. Kuhlmann worked under licence for the highly regarded cap retailer Peter Kupper whose high quality standards were evident on every one of its contracted caps this piece being no exception. Made of a fine high quality black piped doeskin wool both front insignia are of the early \'leichtmetall\' & still tight to the cap. The lesser seen oxide green underside to peak & sweatband as well as a velvet insert running around the circumference of the cap between the sweatband & the body accentuates the fine workmanship that could be purchased by an officer at his own expense . The ornately patterned front section of the green sweatband incorporates a cleverly designed system \'Stirndruckfrei\' which reduced pressure on the forehead when worn & was again only found at the higher priced end of private purchase caps. The celluoloid dimaond bares the name \' Carl Kuhlmann ,Holzminden \' & \'Stirndruckfrei Deutches Reichspatent\' . I have closely examined this cap & can find only a couple of very very minor surface only tracks upon very close inspection. Fabulous high quaity piece .
The Awards Of The Heer - Volume 1 An excellent work on the subject of German army awards & a must for advanced & beginner collectors alike.
The Awards Of The Heer - Volume 2
The Awards Of The Luftwaffe - Scapini An invaluable overview of the decorations a member of the Luftwaffe could receive between 1935 and 1945. In the usual format of the “The Awards of-Series” by B&D Publishing, history, regulations, award criteria, manufacturers, and documents are listed, supported by contemporary photos. The book will be an important tool for the novice as well as the advanced collector. For the first time, every Luftwaffe decoration has been documented, supported by the original decrees as outlined in the Luftwaffenverordnungsblätter, correcting and clarifying some of the misinterpretations found in earlier literature. This book gives a solid referance source for the decorations of the Luftwaffe branch of National-Socialist Germany
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WW1 British 1917 SMLE Bayonet & \'08 Webbing Frog A 1907 pattern SMLE bayonet coming in its WW1 issue 1908 pattern webbing frog. Bayonet is made by Wilkinson with only one issue date of what appears to be October 1917 to ricasso. Webbing frog has ink markings to rear with helve strap removed as was done by some artillery units. Overall very good condition. ***We can now only post to a business addresses not residential *** Uk Sales only *** Proof of age required ***
WW1 British No.23 Mills Bomb 1916 A WW1 British No.23 Mills bomb with brass scrw cap to bottom with 1916 date. **** Inert & Free from explosive*** UK Mainland Post only .
WW1 German Ersatz Bayonet With a good proportion of its green paint remaining to scabbard this WW1 German Ersatz bayonet has all steel hilt & scabbard . Good bright blade & working pommel catch. *** Proof of age required *** ***We can now only post to a business addresses not residential ***
WW1 German Ersatz Bayonet Regimentally Marked To An Ersatz Landwehr Regiment WW1 German ersatz bayonet with regimental marking \'E.L.84. for an Ersatz Landwehr Regiment . All steel construction with working pommel catch & a good amount of its original green paint remaining to scabbard. *** Proof of age required *** ***We can now only post to a business addresses not residential ***
WW1 German Trench Knife With Regimental Markings WW1 German Trench Knife with regimental markings to hilt. Good blade & wood grip with much original finish remaining to black painted sheath. Pop stud minus from retaining strap.
WW2 British \'40 Pattern Battledress Blouse 1944 A \'40 pattern British battledress blouse with clothign label still intact & giving 1944 date. All original buttons intact with both collar hooks still present. Owners name of \'David ROLFE\' handwritten onto inside pocket & label. A decent size 9 I can only find a couple of tiny pin prick moth holes .
WW2 British MkIII \'Turtle\' Helmet 1943 An early issue British MkIII helmet that has a 1943 dated liner. This helmet is still in its original wartime khaki green paint to inside & out having never been repainted . The shell is a BMB ( Briggs Motor Bodies) manufacture this evident by the joined rim. Liner marked \'CCL\' with clear 1943 date. Liner screw is from the earlier MkII this being an example of one of the earliest MkIII issues where troops were ordered to swap out the liners from their existing MkII helmets for the new MkIII. As issued to troops for the D-Day Landings & hard to find \'43 dated with original khaki green wartime paint.
WW2 German \'Deutsch Wehrmacht\' Armband
WW2 German \'Gebirgsjager\' ( Mountain Troops ) Gloves 1942 Matching pair in good condition with maker & 1942 date.
WW2 German \'SS Totenkopf\' Decorated Messtin 1939 Interesting M31 messtin that has the engraving to top of lid \'SS HK\' with a deaths head drawn next to it. Still in remains of its green paint the lid is marked \'ESB41\' & bottom half \'AW39\'.
WW2 German 1KG Incendiary Bomb ***Inert & as such totally Free From Explosive *** WW2 German 1KG incendiary bomb in its \'as found\' state with some drop distortion to fins & bottom partially screwed as deactivated by the ARP in wartime. Screw cap is solid but may be worked free if desired , I have left as it came to me. *** UK Sales Only ***
WW2 German 7 X 56 Panzer Binoculars Case Black prestoff leather case for the 7 X 56 binoculars , often associated with Panzer crew use . Case has sprung loaded fastening catch marked \'frn\' & dated \'42\' with both carry strap brackets still intact to sides. Spare lens compartment to lid of case ( empty) .
WW2 German Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf 1930 Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf, 1930 edition published by the official publishers for the NSDAP. Blue hard board covers with gilt tooled early pattern NSDAP eagle and swastika to the front with gilt tooled title to the spine. Complete with the image of Hitler to the inside which is loose. A little bit of fraying to spine & general wear.
WW2 German Apple Green Double Decal M35 Police Helmet An M35 double decal combat police helmet in apple green in very nice field worn condition. This helmets epitomises the German combat police of WW2 with national shield to one side & Police decal to the other. Both decals are striking in their originality with fine age crazing to each & a good proportion remaining of each. Shell is in its factory apple green paint with maker mark & size \'Q66\' for the firm Quist. Lot number appears to be \'2841\'. An ink stamped mark of \'59\' to underside of rear rim. Pins are undisturbed & matching with signs of heavy combat wear. Interior shows a well worn liner with aluminium liner band & early square chinstrap brackets. Original tightening string intact.
WW2 German Army /Waffen SS M42 Helmet A recently European surfaced German M42 raw edge helmet in slate grey as issued to Army /Waffen SS combat troops from 1942 onwards. Careful examination of this helmets liner band ascertains a date of 1944 & its late manufacture with no decal. Factory finished in rough slate grey paint there is evidence of wartime service with ships & scuffs to the exterior & wear to the liner. All three of the liner pins are original to it & undisturbed. Liner is of late manufacture with its rear section wartime constructed from a seperate piece of leather to save on materials. There are tears to the leather in places please see images. Tightening lace present. Chinstrap has an unpainted steel buckle & is well worn so it is difficult to discern markings to its pointed end.
WW2 German Army Aluminium Belt & Buckle Marked Infantry Regiment 55
WW2 German Army Belt & Buckle Green painted steel army buckle with a near mint condition RB numbered black belt leather. Buckle is untabbed with belt leather having grey painted steel hook end & \'100\' size marking to end.
WW2 German Army Belt & Buckle
WW2 German Army Belt & Buckle - Overhoff 1941
WW2 German Army Belt & Buckle 1941 A leather tabbed green painted steel army belt buckle from the firm JC Maedicke,Berlin with date 1941. A very nice original piece with some loss of paint to face & age patina.
WW2 German Army Dagger , Hangers & Knot- E.Pack & Sohn WW2 German Army Dagger , Hangers & Knot - E.Pack & Sohn A very nice straight from the woodwork army officers dagger by a more unusual maker. EP&S. Ernst Pack made a variety of the daggers across the board, but their trademark on an army dagger does not appear very often. Its also the very desirable LARGER trademark with the oval center piece showing the man wielding the hammer and the \'Siegfried Waffen\' lettering above and below. Orange grip in good order with original tied knot still present showing fraying throughout. Nickel plated fittings, crossguard etc are good. Scabbard very good with no dents having a natural age patina where it has been stored in a cupboard for many years. There is a very nice set of green velvet backed hangers. These are a very nice set again showing light wear & darkened age patina. The blade is in very good condition, with crossgrain polish elsewhere discernible upon close inspection.
WW2 German Army Double Decal Helmet An army double decal helmet that has received a post 1940 overpaint in dark grey. Dated 1939 on the liner band this \'NS66\' manufacturer & size marked helmet has a reinforced aluminium liner with all three liner pins totally original to the helmet. As per 1940 orders the tricolour shield has been covered by a light brushing over but is still partially visible underneath the paint. The army decal has been painted around & remains largely intact. Decal is a textbook NS decal totally correct for this helmet. To the interior can be seen the first early factory green paint to dome with underside of rim brush painted in the later dark grey having slightly touched the aluminium band in places. The maker & size \'NS66\' are clearly visible as is the lot number to rear \'E200\'. Liner in good order & tightening string totally intact.
WW2 German Army HBT Tunic 1943 Four pocket Army HBT tunic with original machine sewn collar patches & bevo breast eagle. Following the style of the early M42/M43 issues of tunic with scalloped pocket flaps & non pleated pockets there are faint traces of markings to inside of front fly with a depot stamp of \'P43\' . Both collar insignia & breast eagle are originally machine stitched & of the midwar pattern. Partially lined in correct grey rayon there are three equipment hook holes to each side.
WW2 German Army Infantry NCOs M43 Field Blouse A German infantry NCOs M43 combat tunic with white piped shoulder boards & ink stamp to the uniform maker \'E.REITZ\' based in German occupied Belgium. The M43 model of tunic was an economical simplification of those before it with a new six button closure required due to the lesser quality wool used in its construction. None of the pockets have central pleats with only early M43 tunics having pointed flaps as seen here. Collar litzen are of the universal pattern & are WW2 original stitched to the tunic with thread matching that of the NCO tresse so collar applied upon his promotion. Breast eagle is Bevo grey on green & although not factory machine stitched it is neatly hand applied & most likely a wartime replacement according to the mans preference. Medal loops have been applied above the left breast pocket with loops for two combat awards on the pocket. The rayon lining is indicative of midwar manufacture with dice style size markings & the manufacturer stamp for \'E.REITZ\' of Antwerp , Belgium. All three of its pressed paper collar buttons are intact to hold the collar liner with all four of its belt hook web equipment tabs still present. In overall excellent condition & coming complete with shoulderboards there is some hardly noticeable moth repair to right lower sleeve with several tiny pinprick holes to lower right pocket , please see images.
WW2 German Army M31 Breadbag Early issue German breadbag in green with aluminium fittings. No holes but one D ring minus from rear.
WW2 German Army M35 Helmet
WW2 German Army M35 Reissue Combat Helmet An M35 double decal combat helmet repainted in 1940 specification rough textured paint over both decals & with its original chinstrap still fitted. Another helmet that recently manifested itself after years of forgotten storage it is offered as it came to me uncleaned & uninterfered with straight from the war. It would appear that it was refinished fairly late in the war or after the end of decal usage in 1943 as both decals are painted over . The underside of the helmet shell remains in its original M35 smooth paint. There is some age to the helmets underside & a small part of the leather liner which is dark stained & decayed. Chinstrap remains intact & interesting to note that the soldier has trimmed it slightly on its long section & shortened the pointed end to suit his own fit . This is not uncommon & totally period done as can be seen from a minimal inspection. Overall a sleepy untouched combat helmet typical of the NW Europe fighting.
WW2 German Army Officers Brocade Belt & Buckle A German army officers full dress brocade belt & buckle in very good condition. Introduced in 1937 it is of silver ribbed brocade with two horizontal green stripes running its full length. Buckle is of white metal with finely detailed Wehrmachts-Adler surrounded by oakleaf wreath. The entire belt is backed in green felt to prevent rubbing & slipping. Condition is very good with some wear overall & to reverse side some small moth nips in places to felt & a small rust stain none of which is visible on the outside display side. Interesting piece & a souvenir of the German occupation of Europe.
WW2 German Brown K98 Pouch 1943 Midwar rivetted brown K98 pouch , maker marked & 1943 dated to reverse. All compartments complete with original spacers for two clips of 5 7.92mm rounds.
WW2 German Camouflage Gas Mask Canister & M38 Gas Mask A German Gas mask & canister which has been three colour camouflage overpainted typical of the NW Europe fighting. Originally issued in its factory green paint the canister has been handbrush overpainted in a matt khaki green with dabs of the typical forest green & reddish brown applied ad hoc over it. To the spare lense compartment is the maker & date \'ebu42\' with one packet of spare lenses inside. Both long & short carrying straps are totally original to the tin & were found in situ. Gas mask is of the black rubberised M38 model with \'38\' date to snout . The Fe42 filter has an intact eagle & swastika marking with \'42\' date & \'fcc\' maker code. A part of the front pull strap has come away due to age but still a rare camouflage item & 100% original from the W Europe fighting.
WW2 German Cut Away Training S-Mine In Ordnance Tan Camouflage
WW2 German DAK Bayonet In Green Frog An untouched German Afrikakorps green webbing K98 bayonet frog with bayonet both offered as found & untouched since the end of WW2. Webbing K98 frog is in the distinctive tropical early green colour this indicating its use with the DAK , later issues being in tan after the initial Afrikakorps period. Bayonet has the maker mark to ricasso \'41asw\' & black bakelite grips. Waffenampt markings can be seen to pommel & ball of scabbard. A sleepy bringback set offered uncleaned & fresh to the market . ***We can now only post to a business addresses not residential ***
WW2 German Double Decal M35 Luftwaffe Helmet An untouched German M35 double decal Luftwaffe helmet complete with its original chinstrap. Helmet displays a good amount of its Luftwaffe blue paint to exterior of shell with tricolour national shield largely intact & second pattern Luftwaffe eagle also present . A helmet that exudes combat action it has scuffs & chips to the entirety of its outer surface. All three of its liner pins are original to the helmet with traces of the Luftwaffe blue paint on each. Underside of shell rim gives us the maker & size mark \'Q64\' for Quist with lot number 768 . The aluminium liner band is reinforced as per 1939 regulations with the date of 1939 being visible on the band when closely inspected. Helmet liner shows wear with light traces of a name having at one time been present . Two very discreetly applied leather patches have been collector applied to the underside of the liner to reinforce the leather where it had weakened through age , these are only visible if the liner is lifted & serve to preserve the leather very well. Finally , the chinstrap is an early example with aluminium buckle & is known to have been on the helmet since it was first acquired some years ago.
WW2 German Dust Goggles In Packet Dust goggles as issued to drivers etc but used by those in dusty conditions who could obtain them.
WW2 German Field Division Smock
WW2 German Folding Entrenching Tool & Carrier A WW2 German folding entrenching tool & prestoff carrier introduced as of 1938. These replaced the more traditional straight entrenching tool although both were seen in use throughout WW2. Tool has brown bakelite tightening nut to neck with maker code \'ekz\' & eagle & swastika waffenamt marking to reverse side. Carrier is of black prestoff & leather with very faint traces of now illegible markings to bottom pointed edge . The pull over securing strap has had a piece of strengthening tape collector applied to its reverse where the crease coming over the edge of the tool has weakened the leather over the years. Perfectly fine for a belt equipment display .
WW2 German Folding Entrenching Tool & Carrier 1943 Scarce WW2 German folding entrenching tool with black prestoff carrier & 1943 dated tool. A classic item of WW2 German combat equipment the reddish brown bakelite screw nut of the shovel is in excellent working order with three letter code & date \'GCG43\' to head. A good proportion of its original factory blackening remains to metal parts. The black prestoff cover is in field used condition with very faint markings to fastening strap of what appear to be \'gxo4*\' Rear belt loop is pulled through where stud meets leather. A good field used example , perfect for display & indicative of these essential kit items which were well used by combat troops in action.
WW2 German Hitler Youth Belt Buckle A one piece early construction aluminium Hitler Youth belt buckle. Buckle has the RZM code M4/24 for the firm Friedrich Linden Ludenscheid FLL. A used WW2 piece in good condition.
WW2 German Hitler Youth Flak Helper Cap 1944 Nice originally badged cap worn by members of the Hitler Youth who were helping out on flak batteries defending the Reich in the latter stages of WW2 . In Luftwaffe blue grey wool it is single buttoned & can be pulled down to provide cold weather protection as required. The BEVO diamond HJ insignia to the front is original to the cap having never been off since applied at the factory. Underside of cap shows grey quilted rayon lining RB number , size 58 & date of \'44. A very nice cap & one that has clearly seen service with the Hitler Youth defending the German Reich during allied air attack.
WW2 German Hitler Youth Sports Vest Eagle Bevo construction Hitler Jugend Sports Vest emblem also worn by the BDM as an arm badge. Good condition.
WW2 German Iron Cross First Class & Case -Maker Numbered 20 , Zimmermann Very nice example of the Iron cross first class in original case of issue. This fabulous piece displays a burnished and frosted frame with all black paintwork remaining to the iron core . Pin stamped with the number 20 for maker C.F.Zimmermann, Pforzheim . Case in excellent order with outline & fading to interior where cross has sat for many years & displayed open.
WW2 German Iron Cross First Class 1939 Very nice condition EK1 with much paint remaining & an apparently unmarked example.
WW2 German Jager/Gebirgsjager Officer Side Cap An officers private purchase sidecap with light green piping for Jager ( Light Infantry) or Gebirgsjager ( Mountain ) troops . Cap is manufactured from high quality tricot wool with neatly tailor sewn silver wired national insignia & bullion embroidered cockade to front. Silver wire rank piping to front scallop. Waffenwarbe is professionally stitched through the bottom edge stitch line of the cap. Interior lined in quality grey silk with partial eatherette lining to forehead area for extra comfort. Very nice condition with no moth just some age splitting to leather .
WW2 German K98 Bayonet - Matching Numbers A matching numbered K98 bayonet & scabbard with matching numbers. Both maker coded to \'cof\' for the firm Carl Eickhorn wit the year \'43\'. Matching serial number of \'6654\' to both.
WW2 German K98 Bayonet Frog 1942 Black leather K98 bayonet frog maker marked & dated to \' Fried.Schafer Ulm/Do 1942\' .
WW2 German K98 Bayonet In Ersatz Blue Paper Cloth A \'37 dated German K98 bayonet made by Carl Eickhorn & still in its latewar ersatz blue nettlecloth frog. This blue frog is an example of the myriad of ersatz material variants that can be found this piece made of a nettle/paper cloth material which was also much German utilised during the first world war by German troops. Bayonet is non matching with wood grips & \'37 date to back of blade. Smal dent to bottom end of scabbard.
WW2 German K98 Cartridge Pouch Pair Black pebbled leather in excellent condition one pouch marked with Rb Number the other with an RF Number , both used by the wehrmacht under the coding system for manufacturers.
WW2 German K98 Cartridge Pouch Pair 1940/41 A pair of K98 cartridge pouches with rivetted fittings to rear & respective 1940/41 dates. Both in black pebbled leather with all fittings firm . Two of the individual segments retain their dividers. One of the securing straps is pulled through on one side however visually perfect for display.
WW2 German K98 Pouch 1943
WW2 German Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Cap With Nametag A stunning early Coastal Artillery sidecap with originally stitched insignia & N coded Naval nametag to interior. This quite stunning piece has standard other ranks bevo woven gold on dark green cap eagle with dark green cockade & yellow soutache of the Coastal Artillery. To interior is a blue satin lining with stitched in N prefixed ( NordSee ) nametag which may lend itself to further research. Above this can be faintly seen tracesof a manufacturers ink stamp .
WW2 German Kriegsmarine Dagger & Original Knot German Kriegsmarine dagger coming complete with original knot. Made by the firm \'Eickhorn\' with iconic squirrel logo it has a good undamaged wirebound cream grip & much of its original gilt finish remaining to pommel , hilt & scabbard. Blade good with nice crisp anchor & dolphin etching that has remained intact. Scabbard retains alot of its original finish with the inevitable small dent on one side but otherwise good . Knot frayed but original. ***We can now only post to a business addresses not residential ***
WW2 German Kriegsmarine/Kustenartillerie Marked Belt Buckle WW2 German painted steel buckle in green grey paint that has a Kriegsmarine marking to its leather tab for Coastal Artillery or Naval troops. Overall in good used condition with fine \' GOTT MITT UNS\' detailing remaining to high points there is a three letter maker mark \'JFS\' to buckles rear edge . Leather tab is totally original with maker \'J.Feix & Sohne\' with date 1942. The Naval marking consists of an \'M\' for Marine surmounted by eagle & swastika .
WW2 German Luftwaffe \'Bringback Souvenir\' Insignia Grouping
WW2 German Luftwaffe \'Trinkwasser\' Canister In Tan Camouflage Luftwaffe water container to hold 5 litres with Flug markings to bottom & stencilling to each side. Handle intact.
WW2 German Luftwaffe Brown Equipment Strap 1939 Brown leather luftwaffe equipment strap with early aluminium buckle & maker mark for \'C.Korn\' with date 1939.
WW2 German Luftwaffe Brown Equipment Strap Marked To A \'Flieger Schule\' Equipment strap in brown leather of the luftwaffe with marking to a \'Flieger Schule\' ( Flying School ). Leather still supple , faint markings to pointed end but obscured by wear on the leather.
WW2 German Luftwaffe Dagger , Hangers & Knot A Luftwaffe dagger made by the firm Alcoso , Solingen coming with hangers & knot . Good honest dagger with attractive wirebound deep orange grips bearing no cracks or other damage. Good crisp detailing to high points of the pommel & hilt with mountings firm . Maker Alcoso with scales logo to blade. Knot in situ to grip with Luftwaffe hangers having undamaged fully spring loaded clips. There is loss of finish to blade & also to scabbard. ***We can now only post to a business addresses not residential ***
WW2 German Luftwaffe Field Division Smock An iconic Normandy camouflage garment the Luftwaffe Field Division smock in splinter camouflage & with its original machine stitched breast eagle. This fantastic piece has all of it five blue glass buttons still present to front fastening with three smaller blue glass buttons for collar fastening & one on each of its lower pockets. Both cuffs have button fastening two to left cuff & one to right. The luftwaffe breast eagle is green herringbone backed , correct for this smock , & has been tightly machine stitched on this having come away in places. Interior lining intact & has buttons & tabs for shoulder boards. Overall a good field worn smock that would look excellent on a Luftwaffe ground troops mannequin.
WW2 German Luftwaffe Grouping Of Insignia A small grouping of Luftwaffe insignia brought back by a veteran comprising: A collar tab in yellow for a senior corporal of the paratroopers or aircrew Three trade patches , various.
WW2 German Luftwaffe KFS Set 1941 Rare Luftwaffe marked KFS set marked \'TWS\' 1941.
WW2 German Luftwaffe M43 Cap 1944 A very nice & originally trapezoid badged Luftwaffe M43 field cap as worn by combat & ground personnel of the Luftwaffe from 1943 onwards. In the very typical late war shoddy blue wool mix the cap still has its blue/grey artificial silk lining & also the reinforcement strips to inner edges of the upper front scallop as is seen on many original examples. The rayon shoulder strap loops to each side are also present. The blue trapezoid insignia is originally applied to the cap & has never been off. As is common on later caps this has been machine stitched through its grey rayon lining. A close examination of the matching stitching confirms no evidence of previous applications . Both of its pebble dished fastening buttons are still originally stitched to the cap & undisturbed. Interior lining bears the ink marked RB Number , size 57 & date 1944. Overall very nice Luftwaffe M43 cap.
WW2 German Luftwaffe Marked NCOs Parade Bayonet With LBA Marked Brown Flak Regt Marked Frog Long version of the German NCOs bayonet with brown leather 1935 dated Luftwaffe Flak regiment marked frog. Bayonet has maker mark to Robert Klaas, Solingen with a very high proportion of its bright metal plating remaining. Leather washer to hilt intact & pommel catch operational. Maker mark to frog reads \' Bottcher & Renner , Nurnberg \' with date 1935. A first regimental mark was erased & a second applied of which is legible in part \' II/Flak .
WW2 German Luftwaffe Officers \'Double Erel\' Visor Cap A high quality private purchase Luftwaffe officer peaked cap made by the prestigious German cap firm of the period \'Robert Lubstein\' who used the trademark \'Erel\'. \'Erel\' marked to sweatshield & headband signifying a high quality piece & therefore a \' Double Erel\', cap is constructed of a fine doeskin wool with aluminium silver piping around crown for officer rank & bullion insignia to front . Officer chin cord intact. Interior is lined in blue satin with celluloid sweatshield & leather headband marked \' Erel Stirnsdiutz \' with \'DRP angem\' beneath this ( Deutsche Reichs Patent ). In excellent condition this cap shows moderate wear with no moth holes or damage.
WW2 German Luftwaffe Souvenir Bringback Cut Off Cap Eagle & Cockade Souvenired by a British soldier a cut off Lufwaffe eagle & cockade from an M43 field cap. Nicely machine stitched example .
WW2 German Luger Holster 1936 An untouched WW2 example of the German luger holster in excellent condition. Maker marked to \'WILH.BRAND,Heidelberg\' with eagle & swastika waffenamt marking & date 1936. Original wartime stitched belt loops remain to rear these still firm . Many luger holsters were used by post war armies with markings erased & belt loops replaced.
WW2 German Luger Loading Tool Luger loading tool with waffenamt eagle & swastika marking .
WW2 German M31 Messtin With Soldier Name & Artwork Early matched 1938 issue aluminium M31 messtin with soldiers name \' Walter Gumm \' engraved to front & a decorative pattern to back & also to top of lid. Msrked on lid \'RFI 38\' with matching mark to side of body. Steel wire handle intact.
WW2 German M31 Zeltbahn 1939 German M31 zeltbahn with early manufacturers mark & 1939 date. Overall good example with strong colours & all buttons present to both sides . Button closure also present to opening slit. Only a couple of buttons present to lower straight edge with a few wear holes in places.Grommets missing from lower middle edge but present to each corner.
WW2 German M34 Infantry ORs Sidecap WW2 German other ranks issue ORs M34 sidecap with white piping for infantry. This is an early issue as denoted by the more pointed skirt corners to each side , these became less pronounced as the war went on. Zig zag stitched to front is the standard silver on dark green backed eagle with matching cockade. The white soutache denoting infantry is correctly stitched down its length then correctly turned in at the bottom row of stitching. Interior lining is of grey cotton twill with textbook segmented ventilation grommets & what appears to be a name scribbled to one side. Overall in very good used condition with wear to nap of cloth overall & some minor moth tracks to one side in places.
WW2 German M35 Double Decal Army Helmet An M35 double decal \'SE\' helmet with 1939 dated aluminium liner band & original chinstrap. Helmet is finished in the early smooth textured apple green factory paint with national tricolour & army decal both largely intact. Fitted with a textbook ET decal it is well recorded that the SE manufacturer used mostly the ET style decal with slightly darker detail lines & noticeable \'dimple\' to right talon. Tricolour shield remain good with double edging to bottom portion & fine age crazing to its surface. All three liner pins undisturbed. Underside of shell has maker & size \'SE64\' with lot number \'4209\' . Chinstrap has aluminium buckle . Overall condition is untouched & uncleaned with the surface of the outer shell showing some fine pitting in a couple of places.
WW2 German M35 Panzer Tunic - Regt Marked To 8KP,II/PZ R.4 Rare early M35 model of field blouse with pink branched collar litzen & shoulder boards for Panzer troops . This is the early partial cotton lining predating the later standard M36 issues , the dice marked size stampings with an apparent date of \'34. The ink stamped Panzer regiment markings are clear these reading \' 8.Kp II/PZ R.4. ( 8th Company , 2nd Battallion Panzer Regiment 4 ). It is interesting to note that the pink piped shoulder boards bare traces of embroidered \' p\' for panzer cyphers these no doubt picked out for reasons of security. Corporal rank chevrons to left sleeve. Overall very good condition with wear to nap of the cloth & a patch repair to each elbow area this most likely wartime repair as clearly a field tunic worn on active service right through WW2. Two small moth nips in the back. Panzer Regiment 4 were part of the 2nd Panzer Division who saw active service in Poland , France , Russia , Normandy, Battle of the Bulge & Germany.
WW2 German M35 Single Decal Reissue Army Helmet WW2 German M35 Single Decal Reissue Army Helmet An excellent M35 army helmet that has been reissued according to 1940 specifications . This helmet by the maker \'NS\' started life as a double decal before the application of rough textured grey paint according to 1940 specifications. Upon close inspection one can see small traces of the national shield under the paint on its right side . To the left side is an excellent army decal which is largely intact & showing service wear commensurate with the whole helmet . It is well documented that \'NS\' made helmets almost exclusively used decals by the firm CA Pocher this appearing to be such an example. Underside of shell displays the faint markings \'NS64\' with lot number to rear present but difficult to read. Helmet has a reinforced aluminium liner band with all three of its pins undisturbed. Tightenting cord intact to liner with no damage tongues. Chinstrap intact.
WW2 German M35 Single Decal Reissue Army Helmet An M35 single decal \'Quist\' made army helmet with smooth textured green paint & original chinstrap. Army decal is of the ET style quite often used in Quist pattern helmets due to temporary supply situations dictating. This helmet has been later reissued with an M40 zinc banded liner not an uncommon ocurrence due to the weakness of the first aluminium issues. All three of the liner rivets are totally original to the helmet having matching green paint. Underside of rim marked \'Q62\' with lot number \'732\'. To the dome of the shell can be seen faint hand written initials of what appears to be \'F.K\' referring to an owner with faint traces of an Obergefreiter name to rear of the liner . Original drawcord intact & grey steel painted chinstrap buckle. Chinstrap is most likely a later replacement.
WW2 German M40 Army Single Decal Camouflage Helmet With Battle Damage A stunning M40 army single decal helmet that at one time had a rubber band around it over which was applied a tan ochre & green camouflage scheme. Showing much heavy wear & a dent to the front left most likely caused during battle this helmet received a tan overpaint on which short green swirls were applied over the top with a brush & the decal slightly subdued with the same green. It is evident that a rubber foliage band was in situ when camouflaged this later removed leaving the shadow around the circumference of the helmet & to the lower part of the decal it was covering. There are many chips & scuffs to the helmet with darkened age patination to the tan paint. Natural rust age bleeding is evident throughout. All three of the liner pins bear matching camouflage paint & are undisturbed. Helmet shell is marked \'Q62\' for the firm Quist . Soldiers name of \'W.Wulff \' to rear rim. Liner band is zinc with a heavily worn leather liner that displays some tears to one area of the leather. Only a small part of the chinstrap remains. Overall a fabulous camouflage helmet with decal .
WW2 German M40 Double Decal Police Helmet An M40 rough grey textured double decal police helmet in very good condition with a high proportion of both decals remaining. Helmet is a midwar produced M40 made by Quist who are known to have continued production of this model well after the Model 42 was introduced. Police decal still retains much of its crisp detail which lacks in late war produced examples. Tricolour shield very good overall . An internal inspection ascertains that the liner is totally original to this size 64 helmet with undisturbed pins & a 1943 dated zinc liner band. All fingers of the liner are intact & undamaged with tightening cord intact.
WW2 German M42 Army/Waffen SS Helmet WW2 German M42 non decalled helmet with 1943 dated liner band & original chinstrap. Finished in the rough textured slate grey of these later produced helmets all three liner pins are undisturbed . Underside of rear rim marked \'HKP\' & \'5520\' . Liner is size marked \'57\' with date 44 to underside visible when carefully lifted. The name \'Wagner\' is handwritten to one side. Chinstrap has grey painted steel buckle with \'RF\' number ( Reichs Firmin ) .
WW2 German M42 Block Camouflage Helmet A stunning WW2 German M42 block camouflage helmet with original liner & chinstrap. Fascinating piece in tan ochre & light green applied as a base it has then had dark brown blocks painted ad hoc over the top. Showing heavy combat wear there are chips & scuffs to its entirety with the interior liner also showing heavy wear commensurate with the exterior. Chinstrap has been trimmed down into a thinner strap by the soldier , sometimes seen according to personal preference or simply only ever worn hooked up over the front lip. I am unable to make out the markings to the shell due to age patina build up.
WW2 German Matching Named Gas Mask Set To A \'Kraftfahrer Obergefreiter Vinke\' An early WW2 German gas mask set which its former owner named on the long gas mask strap ,the filter, the canisters spare lense compartment & its base. Gas mask has a very early rubberised fabric facepiece with date to inside edge of 1937. Both of its fitted eyepieces are dated 1938 with a canvas label stitched on to the long strap which reads \' Kraftfhr. Ogfr. Heinr.Vinke Str.Nr 28634/40E\' ( Driver Senior Corporal Heinrich Vinke Stamroll number... ) . Filter is of the Fe42 model with clear black ink markings / eagle & swastika etc. Gas mask canister is of the earlier short model in its original Wehrmacht dark green paint & pull tab intact to front. Named to spare lens compartment \'H.Vinke\' & also to its base. Both of its carrying straps are totally original to the tin & of early wartime issue pattern.
WW2 German Matching Numbers K98 Bayonet 1940 Matching numbered K98 bayonet in excellent condition with maker mark of \'cof\' for \'Carl Eickhorn\' with date 1940 on back of blade. Serial number 9030 with a high proportion of finish remaining.
WW2 German MG Ammunition Tin 1943 A steel MG tin in its original wartime ordnance grey paint & dated 1943. Marked to ends \'Patr.Kast.41 f .MG\' & maker marked to lid \' bzl 43\' . Red oxide paint visible undernetah its wartime grey paint. Overall good used condition.
WW2 German MG Basket Drum In Tan Camouflage MG basket drum for the MG42 machine gun in tan camouflage paint. Service used & with faint marking to lid \'959\' discernible upon close inspection.
WW2 German MG Tin 1941 A near mint MG ammunition tin in ordnance grey painted aluminium with original leather tabs to handles & side brackets. Clear waffenamt & 1941 date to lid.
WW2 German Mounted Pattern Y Straps As Used By Luftwaffe Ground Troops-RF Numbered Pair of the Mounted pattern of Y straps as used by officers & cavalry troops but also Luftwaffe combat infantry such as Paratroop or Field Division units. They are in excellent condition. Leather still supple so there would be no issue using them on a mannequin. RF ( Reichs Firmin ) number to reverse side.
WW2 German Mounted Pattern Y Straps As Used By Luftwaffe Ground Troops1940 Pair of the Mounted pattern of Y straps as used by officers & cavalry troops but also Luftwaffe combat infantry such as Paratroop or Field Division units. They are maker marked & dated 1940 & in excellent condition. Leather still supple so there would be no issue using them on a mannequin. This pair in black leather & with \'KOLN\' maker & 1940 date.
WW2 German MP38/40 Magazine Pouch 1942 German MP38/40 sub machine gun magazine pouch with waffenamt markings to rear belt loop & date 1942. So many different variations of the MP40 pouch exist & so these are a whole collecting field in their own right. Constructed from green canvas material with brown leather fastening straps & tabs it also a smaller pouch to side for the magazine loading tool. The securing strap with D ring to side is of green rayon webbing typically seen around this perod & onwards. Both belt loops to rear are also in brown leather & importantly both originally stitched . To one can be clearly seen the designation \'MP38u40\' for which these can be used & the other a waffenamt marking with the three letter maker code \'jsd 1942\'. A stunning pouch with all stitching still firm & signs of moderate wear.
WW2 German MP40 Sling
WW2 German Named Kriegsmarine M38 Communications Gas Mask With Kriegsmarine Marked Canister , Cleaning Cloth & Spring Rare & named Kriegsmarine gas mask with communications fitment to side & Kriegsmarine issue markings to interior of facepiece. A Kriegsmarine acceptance stamp can also be seen to the spare lense compartment of the canister. Comes with cleaning cloth & retaining spring . Gas mask facepiece is of green rubberised fabric with 1939 date to inner edge & Kriegsmarine marking to upper. Filter is of the Fe42 model with eagle & swastika markings to face. Gas mask canister retains most of its factory green paint with a Kriegsmarine acceptance stamp inside the spare lense compartment which is 1943 dated. Bottom of canister has a handpainted depot marking . Both long & short straps are original wartime issue & original to the tin with the intriguing name tag for \'Rammer\' sewn to long strap.
WW2 German NCOs Dress Bayonet With Frog A very clean example of the German NCOs\' short Dress bayonet coming complete with patent leather frog. Marked \'Original Eickhorn , Solingen \' & with squirrel logo there is no damage to black bakelite grips & red felt has been mounted to groove. Blade is still bright & good with leather ring washer intact.
WW2 German P38 Pistol 1943 ( Pre EU/UK Deactivation ) ***For sale to customers outside the European Union Only*** This is a 1943 dated totally matching numbered P38 in excellent condition with maker mark & date \'byf43\' for the firm Mauser in 1943. This example retains all of its eagle & swastika waffenamt proof markings and comes with the rarer dark brown bakelite grips. Magazine is a correct wartime example. For Non EU Sales Only but can be re-deactivated to the current EU specification. Please email before making purchase.
WW2 German Pair Motorcylists Gloves 1944 Matching pair in good condition & matching. Both dated 1944.
WW2 German Panzer NCOs Visor Cap A superb other ranks private purchase Panzer NCO cap with matching champagne lining & natural dirt & age wear evidencing its busy combat service. With fine quality grey wool top & dark green cap band the lining shows heavy wear with thumb print to underside of peak & sweat staining to crown. Leather sweatband undamaged. The perforations to forehead area ( Rather than plain ) are provided for ventilation , very much the feature of a privately purchased piece. Dull grey insignia to the front of the cap appears to be original to the cap with some thread around the eagles tail & left wing to hold it in place. Finally this cap sports a wonderful saddle shape with spring removed giving it that panzer worn veteran worn appeal! There is some moth to the wool of this cap , mostly lightly collector repaired to retain its original salty appearance . Please study the images . A rare pink piped cap that has certainly \'been there\' !
WW2 German Panzer Troops M34 Sidecap 1940 A textbook German M34 sidecap with pink soutache for panzer troops. Cap is manufactured from the greener shade wool of early issues with segmented grommets correct for these caps. The pink soutache has been stitched down its length with the ends turned in at the hem as would be expected. Lining is of light cotton twill with \'CLEMENS WAGNER ,BRAUNSCHWEIG\' within oval & date \'APR40\' . Size mark \'56\'. Overall in very good condition with a small patch pin prick sized repair to right side scallop.
WW2 German Police Belt & Buckle 1938 German Police belt & buckle with 1938 dated leather buckle tab. Excellent crisp detailing remaining to buckle face with \'CTD\' ( Dicke ) maker initials to reverse. Belt leather has faint now illegible markings to tab end with , at some point , restitching of the hook end leather most likely period ( See image ). Leather measures 95cm end to end.
WW2 German Police Holster
WW2 German Police Luger Holster 1940 Classic German police luger holster with upwards fastening strap typical of Police issue holsters. Marked to reverse with eagle & swastika waffenamt inpection stamping , three letter maker code & date 1940.
WW2 German Police Shako A German police shako this specimen in black leather for that of the town or city police. Made by the well known maker \' Robert Lubstein\' ( EREL,Berlin ) it survives in good condition with signs of moderate Police service & interior leather liner totally intact & still supple. With black patent leather fittings showing only some minor chaffing to edges the chinstrap is totally intact with both of its original lugs present to each side. The Police plate to front remains highly detailed & crisp with removeable cockade firm. Interior of the helmet has a good undamaged \' Hans Romer\' maker motif with an undamaged leather liner complete with leather tie. An excellent example of this iconic German Police shako.
WW2 German Red Bakelite Dienstglas Case 1944 A late war Dienstglas case in \'red\' bakelite with leather belt loops to rear & operational sprung loaded fastening catch to front. Both of its black belt loops to rear are in good order with markigns to pointed end of one \'jhg4\' for the year 1944. Bakelite has carry strap D rings to each side . Upon very close inspection a couple of cracks can be found in the bakelite to front although these have not effected the solidness of the case & appear to be purely cosmetic.
WW2 German Reversible Camouflage Zumpftarn Winter Parka A German reversible to white winter parka in the Zumpftarn soft edged camouflage pattern referred to as \'Marsh 44\' . An item that has seen heavy field wear it is complete with intact hood that retains its tightening cord. All buttons are present to front fly with adjustment tabs & buttons to cuffs also. To the reversed white side this also has all front fly buttons & two pressed card armband identification buttons to each arm. One button minus to pocket. Rayon integral waistbelt present. There are several patch repairs & a part of the top flap of right pocket on cmaouflage side is minus so please look closely at the images.
WW2 German Scho Ko Kola Tin 1939 Scarce Wehrmacht issue Chocolate tin with 1939 date. Marked to reverse \' Wehrmachtspackung\' .
WW2 German Short Wirecutters 1939 - \'H\' Marked For Heer (Army) A 1939 dated pair of the short German wirecutters with maker name , eagle & swastika waffenamp stamp & \'H\' mark for Heer - Army. Good working order & undamaged.
WW2 German Sweater - Italian Wool German used V neck sweater often worn as undergarments with the field service blouse. Made in Italian dark grey wool . There are alot of moth holes however under a mannequin with collar worn open it would compliment very well.
WW2 German Tan Prestoff Straight E Tool Carrier 1944 Rare straight entrenching tool cover in tan prestoff with 1944 date . A piece that has seen much field use it is intact with all stitching firm & shovel shaft securing strap supple. Some faint markings can just about be discerned on the inside of the cover these being the partial initials of a maker code & the number \'4\' for the year 1944.
WW2 German Tent Peg Set Three metal tent pegs , two marked \'S&Q 38\' with third having rope & of a different maker.
WW2 German Training Stick Grenade 1940 1940 dated German stick grenade painted red denoting for training purposes. Marked \'ub\' to handle & \'40brb \'to head . An excellent condition example.
WW2 German Tropical Camouflage S Mine Box 1942 Rare German S mine box in textbook tropical tan camouflage that has an orange hue to the paint & a hint of green spray in places. Designed to hold three anti personnel S Mines this steel box has good clear stencilling to lid denoting for Tropical use these applied over its tan camouflage base colour. The German eagle & swastika can be seen stamped into one side of the tin with date 1942. Its original red oxide paint remains to interior .
WW2 German Waffen-SS Charkov Parka In Italian Camouflage Waffen-SS fur lined \'Charkov\' parka in italian camouflage material as used by SS troops in the 1944-45 period. Stocks of \'Telo Mimetico\' ( Italian camouflage material) were captured in Italy & used in many Waffen -SS German camouflage garments during the late war period this particular type of parka known to have been worn in the last ditch Berlin fighting of 1945. A well used garment with a number of repairs & wear to the material.
WW2 German Waterbottle - All Matching \'CFL43\' Markings A very nice waterbottle having olive green painted steel cup & with , rarely encountered all matching marks of \'CFL43\'. Cup, screw cap strap , felt cover & bottle all marked with \'CFL43\' for the year 1943. It was common for waterbottles to be used wartime in the field with mismatched cups etc so to find one all still together from the factory is rare. Overall condition good with nearly 100% paint remaining to cup & a few moth nips to wool cover in places.
WW2 German Waterbottle 1943/44 Mid to late war German waterbottle with green painted steel cup marked \'SMM44\' & leather waterbottle strap dated 1943. Brown felt body in good order with no unsightly moth.
WW2 German Webbing A Frame 1942 Good used example of the webbing A frame with ink stamped maker & 1942 date. This piece is a pure webbing issue having webbing , rather than leather , steel tipped \'Lux\' straps to hold the zeltbahn . All carbine hooks to each corner are intact with rectangular side loops to secure the greatcoat/blanket as required.
WW2 German Webbing K98 Frog WW2 German tan webbing frog for the K98 bayonet. Leather reinforcement to stud slot side & all stitching firm.
WW2 German Wooden Tent Peg Set 1944 All three marked \'MKB 4\' for the year 1944 as issued for the soldiers zeltbahn set.
WW2 German Y Straps 1942 A very good pair of German equipment Y straps dated 1942. Good grey painted metal fittings soldiers name to reverse side. \'Franz Brehmen Walsrode\' maker mark with clear 1942 date. Light service wear, leather still supple.
WW2 German Y Straps 1942 A pair of 1942 dated Y straps with steel grey painted fittings & maker \'Weipart , Offenbach\' to rear yoke. Overall used condition with one of its pack straps minus.
WW2 German Zeltbahn Rope In the purple coloured twine of wartime issue with bound ends for soldiers zeltbahn kit.
WW2 US M3 Fighting Knife - Utica WW2 US M3 US fighting knife much carried by American paratroopers during the Normandy landings as well as other US combat troops in WW2. Marked to the manufacturer \'UTICA\' on underside of hilt it is in overall very good condition with an undamaged green plastic scabbard & firm grip in good order. Some sharpening to blade . ***We can now only post to a business addresses not residential ***