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"Golden Sun" WHW Fund-Raising Badge - No.2 A rare "Golden Sun" WHW Nazi winter relief fund raising badge. No.2 in a series launched in Koblenz in 1940. Maker marked by H. Lersch
'Aircraft of the Aces' Northrop B-2 A die cast metal 'Aircraft of the Aces' US Northrop B-2 in 1:280 scale. Minus its stand
.38 Special Cartridge Nickel-cased inert cartridge for the US .38 Special pistol. Made by Smith & Wesson
10 x German Coins - Eastern Front Dog-Ups 10 WW2 German coins in 5, 10 and 50 Pfennig denominations, some with a 1941 date, dug up from near Liepajes on the Eastern Front, now in Latvia.
10 x Original Photographs - German Troops in Action Ten original WW2 photographs of German troops in action. The photographs are printed on thin white photographic paper. Damage to the back of the pictures indicates they were removed from an album. A fascinating record of German forces at war.
11th Hussars Shoulder Flashes - Pair A pair of brass shoulder flashes for the 11th Hussars (Prince Alberts Own). With clips
12th Royal Lancers Shoulder Flash A WW2 brass shoulder flash for the 12th Prince of Wales Royal Lancers. With clips
151 2-inch Mortar Fuse A relic condition 151 fuse for a British 2-inch mortar bomb. Stamped "No 151". Battlefield dig-up from Northern France.
16/5th Lancers Shoulder Flashes A pair of WW2 brass shoulder flashes for the 16/5th Queens Royal Lancers. With clips.
17th/21st Lancers Shoulder Flashes A pair of brass shoulder flashes for the 17th/21st Lancers. 1936 pattern. With fixing clips
1855 Lancaster \"Sappers and Miners\" Volunteer Bayonet - Chelsea Pensioner The rare cut-down version of the 1855 Lancaster Martini bayonet known as the "sappers and miners" bayonet, issued to a Chelsea Pensioner of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. Normally issued to engineers and medics. This good condition bayonet, complete with scabbard, is stamped as a volunteer issue, and bushed. It has an Enfield inspection mark (D), Edward VII stamp and re-issue date of 1903. Pommel is stamped with V, and also B Company, Royal Hospital (RH). Funnelled blade in good condition, with a few small dinks in the edge
1914-18 British War Medal Bar Medal ribbon bar for the 1914-18 British War Medal
1915 On War Service Badge A 1915 brass On War Service lapel badge, complete with clip. Maker marked by Woolley & Co of Birmingham, with serial number 16565.
1934 Winter Relief Fund-Raising Badge A clean example of the 1934 \"Auf Warts Aus Eigerner Kraft\" WHW winter relief fund raising badge. Pressed aluminium with enamelled images. With clip
1935 Labour Day Badge The less common 1935 Labour Day Badge, maker marked by Lugenscheid. In relic condition. No pin.
1935 Labour Day Badge A 1935 Tag der Arbeit (Labour Day) badge by EF Weidmann of Frankfurt. Nicely maker stamped, with clip.
1936 Berlin Olympic Stadium Postcard An original postcard carrying an aerial phoograph of the 1936 Berlin Olympic stadium
1936 Labour Day Badge A 1936 Labour Day badge by Schul of Berlin. Maker marked. Some marks and pitting on face. No clip.
1936 Labour Day Badge A 1936 Tag der Arbeit Labour Day badge. Maker marked by K. Pfohl of Pforzheim. With clip
1936-37 Hamburg Party Badge A 1936-37 Hamburg NSDAP fund-raising party badge in heavy white metal. Maker marked by Carl Wild of Hamburg. With clip.
1937 Labour Day Badge A good condition 1937 NSDAP Labour Day badge, 1937. With clip. Maker marked by K. Frank of Nuremburg.
1937 Labour Day Badge A 1937 Labour Day badge in zinc alloy. With clip. Maker marked by Hermann Bauer
1937 Nurnberg Rally Poster A poster for a 1937 Reichs party day Nurnberg rally. Image of the rally stadium with an eagle and swastika, printed on heavy brown parchment paper.
1937 Webbing .303 Ammunition Pouches A pair of British Army 1937 pattern webbing ammunition pouches for .303 clips. Green webbing with no visible markings. Each of the twin pouches was designed to carry two five-round clips of .303 ammunition, but because of their small carrying capacity most regular units preferred the larger utility pouches and these were more commonly used by Home Guard units. Complete with all buckles.
1938 Anchluss Medal - Framed An original framed 1938 Anschluss Medal marking the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany. Medal and ribbon have been professionally mounted in a wooden gilt frame, with the name of the recipient - Hauptman Fiesler of the 98th Grenadier Regiment, with NSDAP Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer legend. Medal itself has some age tarnishing. Framer's label on the reverse - Carl Holman & Co, Leipzig, dated 1944.
1938 Labour Day Badge A 1938 Labour Day badge by Ziemer und Sohne. Good condition, maker marked, with clip
1939 Iron Cross - Non-Portable Conversion A 1939 Second Class Iron Cross with hanging devices removed, creating a non-portable display medallion. Three-piece construction, with faint traces of where the hanging rings have been removed and filed flat. Magnetic. Slight damage to silvering and the black core on the reverse, but otherwise fine condition.
1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class A 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class. Magnetic. The black iron core has some rust on both sides but detail is clear, otherwise good condition. Replacement ribbon
1939 Iron Cross with Issue Packet A 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class with packet of issue. Fine condition medal with good magnetic black core. Replacement ribbon. Paper issue packet
1939-45 Defence Medal A fine condition 1939-45 Defence Medal. No ribbon. This medal was awarded for non-operational or civilian war service.
1939-45 India Service Medal A British 1939-45 extra fine condition India Service Medal, with ribbon
1939-45 War Medal A British 1939-45 War Medal, awarded to all who served in the armed forces and Merchant Navy. Fine condition. With ribbon
1941 Winter Sports Ticket A ticket and stub for the German International Week of Winter Sports, 1941 in Garmisch. This competition was regarded as an unofficial European Championships, which had been cancelled. Ticket is for the Olympic Stadium.
1:32 Die Cast Model - Erwin Rommel A 1:32 scale die cast model of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel - "The Desert Fox". In original window-front box. Made by Elite Command Collectables.
2 x M38 Gas Mask Strap Clips An M38 German gas mask canister belt clip and a strap loop. Dig-ups from the Eastern Front in what is now Latvia.
2-inch Mortar Bomb Tailfin A tailfin from a British 2-inch mortar. Relic condition dig-up from Northern France. Red paint remaining on fin and base indicating a live high explosive bomb.
24th London Regiment Cap Badge Brass cap badge for the 24th London Regiment (The Queens Own). 1924 pattern. With slide.
25 Year Faithful Service Medal A silver 25 year faithful service medal. Fine condition. With ribbon.
25 Year Faithful Service Medal - Boxed A silver 25 year NSDAP faithful service medal in its original red box, with the lid missing. Medal in fine condition with original ribbon and pin.
2nd Pattern Arbeitsbuch - Baltic Citizen A good condition 2nd pattern Arbeitsbuch to Sevanov Grossberg, originally from the Baltic states. Issued in 1941. Extensively stamped
2nd Pattern Arbeitsbuch - Cement Worker A second pattern arbeitsbuch to a Pauline Geprags, an employee in a cement works. Issued in 1939. Extensively stamped up until 1948.
2nd Pattern Arbeitsbuch - Mint A 2nd pattern Arbeitsbuch in superb condition. Issued to an Olega Grossjeoui from Bettingen on the Swiss-German border. The book is completely clean and has no stamps, indicating it was issued near the end of the war.
2nd Pattern Arbeitsbuch - Wien A 2nd pattern arbeitsbuch, issued to a Heinrich Plicka, and electrician in Wien. Issued in 1939. Swastika stamped.
3 x 1 Pfennig Coins - Kurland Dig-ups Three 1 pfennig coins - dated 1942, with eagle and swastika visible. These coins were dug up from the Kurland pocket battlefield in Latvia. Price is for all three.
3 x 10 pfennig coins - Kurland Dig-Ups Three 10 pfennig coins - dated 1940, 1941 and 1942, with eagle and swastika visible. These coins were dug up from the Kurland pocket battlefield in Latvia. Price is for all three.
3 x Frederick the Great WHW Badges Three WHW winter help fund-raising badges commemorating the 150th anniversary of Frederick the Great. 1786 - 1936. All with clips. Price is for all three
3 x French WW1 Postcards Three French First Wold War black and white postcards showing scenes from the Western Front
3 x WHW Tinnies - Germanic Weapons A set of three WHW Nazi winter help fund-raising tinnies from the 1938 Germanic weapons series. One sword tinny and two different design axes. All with clips
30mm Aden Shell Case A brass shell case for a 30mm Aden practice round. Radway Green manufactured. Various 70s dates. These rounds are used in British armoured fighting vehicles.
40 Year Faithful Service Medal - Denazified. A denazified 40 Year Gold Faithful Service medal, with swastika filed from the middle. No ribbon
5 x .303 Cartridge Cases in Enfield Clip Five .303 brass cartridge cases in an Enfield rifle stripper clip. Various makers. Post war dates
5 x French WW1 Postcards Five French WW1 postcards, depicting soldiers at the front. Includes pictures of artillery, uniformed soldiers and the victory march through Paris in 1918. One card has been written and stamped. Price is for all five.
50th Infantry Division Formation Sign A cloth formation sign sleeve badge for the 50th (Northumberland) Infantry Division. Red on black.
5th Dragoon Guards Shoulder Flash A brass and white metal shoulder flash for the 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards. With clips.
6 x Original Photographs - Waffen SS Six original photographs of Waffen SS troops in action in WW2. The photographs are printed on thin white photographic paper. Damage to the back of the pictures indicates they were removed from an album. A fascinating record of German forces in action.
A Pair of British 151 Mortar Bomb Fuses A pair of relic condition 151 fuses for a British two-inch mortar. Recovered from a WW2 artillery range. Price is for both fuses.
A Pair of General Service Buttons - WW2 A pair of WW2 General Service buttons by Firmin, Kings Crown
Acme City Police Whistle A 1940s era Acme City police whistle. Good condition apart from a small dent in the barrel. In working order
Acme Trench Whistle A good, working example of the famous Acme City trench whistle. Maker marked and stamped Made in England.
Adjutant Generals Corps Shoulder Strap British Army slip-on shoulder strap for the Adjutant General's Corps. Camouflage pattern.
Adolf Hitler Figure - Limited Edition A 1/6th scale limited edition figure of Adolf Hitler. 12 inches high on a named plinth and wooden base. Hand sculpted and hand painted with a very high level of detail. Made by The Collectors Showcase in a limited edition of 500. With LE certificate. Vary rare and collectible.
Adolf Hitler in Berchtesgaden Photograph A postcard-style propaganda photograph of Adolf Hitler with a child at "The Eagle's Nest", Berchtesgaden. Photograph by Hoffman of Munich
Adolf Hitler SS Cuff Title - Copy A high quality reproduction of an Adolf Hitler 2nd pattern cuff title for the 1st SS Panzer Division Liebstandarte. Full length.
Africa Star A fine condition Africa Star with ribbon.
Africa Star A fine condition Africa Star campaign medal with original full-length ribbon. The Africa Star was instituted in 1943 for military service in North Africa.
Air Ministry Observers Watch An Air Ministry issue observer's pocket fob watch. Full working order. British made by Smiths Empire. Stamped with Kings Crown, AM for Air Ministry and serial number 6B/117. Good, clean dial and stem winder. Removable back
Air Training Corps Beret Badge A white metal beret badge for the Air Training Corps. One rear fixing missing.
Air Training Corps Lapel Badge A brass and enamel Air Training Corps lapel badge. Good condition apart from slight chip to the enamel. Date not known, but probably 1940s-50s.
Air Training Corps Lapel Badge A small white metal Air Training Corps lapel badge, with pin. Maker stamped by A.Vigurs of Birmingham
Arbeitsbuch - First Pattern A good condition first pattern Arbeitsbuch to Hermann Schaubock, a colliery worker from Neunkirchen, Saarland. Issued in 1936
Arbeitsbuch - First Pattern with Instructions A 1st pattern Arbeitsbuch to a Paul Furfar, a telephone exchange worker from Biberach on the Danube. Issued in 1935 and discontinued in 1938. Includes a leaflet giving instructions to employers.
Army 7th Corps Sleeve Patch 1944 pattern sleeve patch for US Army 7th Corps
Army Cadet Force Lapel Badge - KC A British Army cadet force lapel badge. Kings Crown. White metal and enamel badge with clip. Maker marked by Fattorini of Birmingham.
Army Carpenter Trade Badge A British Army 1937 pattern trade badge for a carpenter and joiner. Good condition
Army Catering Corps Beret Badge Staybright beret badge for the Army Catering Corps. Queens crown. Made by Dowler, Birmingham.
Army Cavalry Shoulder Straps - Pair A pair of German army cavalry enlisted man's button-in shoulder straps. Dark green wool with yellow waffenfarbe. Good unissued condition
Army Drivers Sleeve Star - Guards The large pattern British Army cloth sleeve star for a driver in a Guards regiment
Army Electricians Trade Patch British Army sleeve trade patch for an electrician
Army Farriers Trade Badge Cloth sleeve trade badge for a farrier in the British Army.
Army Fellowship Lapel Badge A pin-mounted lapel badge for the Army Fellowship, worn on civilian dress by workers and employees of the German Army. Wide-winged eagle and swastika on laurels, with long fixing pin.
Army Issue Needles Pack of German army issue needles in original packaging
Army M35 SD Combat Helmet An army M35 single decal helmet. Green painted shell inside and out with screw-in vents. Normal age wear and some pitting. Decal is present but detail has been scratched out - probably as an act of denazification. Original liner intact, with a split seam. No chinstrap. Shell stamped with serial number 3235. No visible maker or size mark but appears to be a size 64.
Army M40 Combat Helmet A German army M40 helmet with no decals. Field grey paint inside out with good, clean patina. Lot number T769 stamped on inner skirt. No visible size or maker stamp. Original dark hide liner appears to be a size 54. Black and tan chinstrap is stamped with a 1939 date and an illegible makers stamp.
Army M40 SD Combat Helmet An army single decal M40 combat helmet. Shell has a dark brown patina with some small flecks of green paint, suggesting it may have been stripped at some point. Single decal has some rust bleed-through but is otherwise intact. No visible size or maker marks but appears to be a size 64 shell. Batch number 6193 can just be made out on the inner skirt. Dark hide liner. No chinstrap
Army M43 Cap A Heer M43 cap. Good condition in green wool. Twin marbled buttons retaining ear flaps. Trapezoid eagle and swastika badge. Cloth liner with a size 58 stamp. Single vent each side.
Army Officers Dagger A Heer officers dagger, complete with hangers and portapee. Overall fair condition dagger with orange bakelite hilt. Some tarnishing to the eagle and swastika crosspiece and blade. Maker-marked on the blade by Tiger of Solingen. Silver wire portapee, with fraying to the portapee straps. Gold and silver wire hangers with all buckles and fittings present. Scabbard has some age tarnishing.
Army PT Instructor Badge A British Army sleeve badge for a physical training instructor. Good condition
ARP Badge - Hallmarked - No Clip A hallmarked silver lapel badge for the Air Raid Precautions organisation. Good condition, but missing rear clip.
ARP Cap Badge An ARP (Air Raid Precautions) badge for a cap or lapel. Nickel. With pin.
ARP Gas Mask in Tin Container An ARP-issue medium sized civilian pattern gas mask in its original ARP container. Mask is complete with filter and all straps and is maker-stamped Avon, and dated 1939. There is a small crack in the perspex visor. Black painted tin has original carrying string and is marked with user's name - Mr W. Kendall of Dagenham, Essex.
ARP Lapel Badge - Hallmarked Silver An Air Raid Precautions lapel badge in hallmarked sterling silver. With clip.
ARP Recruitment Form A volunteer recruitment application form for membership of the WW2 Air Raid Precautions. The form gives joining guideline for the ARP in the London Borough of Ealing, including return postal address and list of duties.
ARP WVS Hat Badge A silvered white metal and red enamel hat badge for the Women's Voluntary Service Air Raid Precautions service. Maker marked by HP Sale of Birmingham. With pin. An unusual Home Front item.
ARP Zuckerman Fire Guard Helmet - Boots An Air Raid Precautions Zuckerman steel helmet with a Boots the Chemist logo to the front. Green painted inside and out with Boots stylised logo in white on a black oval. FG lettering for Fire Guard in white. A dent in the crown to the front, otherwise good condition. Size-marked medium, with maker's logo and a 1941 date. Size 7 liner. No chinstrap.
Artillery Leutnant's Shoulder Straps A pair of sew-in shoulder straps for an army artillery leutnant. Silver tresse on red waffenfarbe. With fixing tabs. Good condition.
Artillery NCO's Sleeve Badge Cloth sleeve badge for a British army artillery NCO. Good condition
Assorted Eastern Front Dig-Ups A collection of dig-ups form near Saldus on the Eastern Front - now part of Latvia. Includes radio parts and a medicine bottle.
Atlantic Star Miniature with Aircrew Europe Bar A post-war issue miniature Atlantic Star with an Aircrew Europe clasp.
Australian 43rd Infantry Badge A slouch hat badge for the Australian 43rd Infantry Regiment, also known as the Hindmarsh Regiment. The regiment was raised in 1916, and later merged into the Royal South Australian Regiment. Brass badge with clips and retaining slide.
Australian Commonwealth Forces Cap Badge A 1942 pattern copper alloy cap badge for the Australian Commonwealth Military Forces. Kings crown. With clips.
Austrian Red Cross Merit Medal - Bronze A WW1 Austro-Hungarian Honour Decoration of the Red Cross in bronze class. This ladies medal with a bow ribbon was awarded for merit, constituted from 1864 to 1914. Bronze with enamelled detail to red cross and laurels. Fine condition
Austrian Red Cross Merit Medal - Gilt A WW1 Austro-Hungarian Honour Decoration of the Red Cross in gilt class. This ladies medal with a bow ribbon was awarded for merit, constituted from 1864 to 1914. Gilt with enamelled detail to red cross and laurels. Fine condition
Auxiliary Fire Service Lapel Badge - Silver A large (3cm high) sterling silver lapel badge for the Auxiliary Fire Service. Red enamel on silver. KC. Rear is marked Sterling with serial number 156605 stamped onto buttonhole clip.
Baden WW1 Veterans Badge A WW1 Grand Duchy of Baden veterans badge. Die-stamped gilt-washed bronze badge with Duchy of Baden ribbons attached. With clip
Bandsman's Sleeve Badge A 1926 pattern British Army bandsman's sleeve badge. Brass, with lugs
Bandsman's Sleeve Badge A 1914 pattern British army bandsman's sleeve badge in copper. With green cloth backing and pin. Some verdigree discolouration
Bandsmans Brass Sleeve Badge A 1926 pattern British Army brass sleeve badge for a bandsman. With green cloth backing and cotter pin.
Bastogne Satirical Plaque A roughly-cast grey metal hexagonal plaque marking the battle of Bastogne with satirical comment. Dated December 1944.The plaque shows a US soldier with the Stars and Stripes and a German solider surrendering. The Legend says "Nuts" and "Bastogne" A rare and unique item.
Battlefield Relics - Army Breadbag Buttons A pair of German army breadbag buttons. These were dig-ups from near Arromanches in Northern France
Beaded M42 Luftschutz Helmet A nice example of the beaded M42 helmet issued to Luftschutz and Police personnel. Grey painted shell inside and out with an eight-tongue hide liner. Light scuffing to shell, otherwise good finish. No chinstrap. Stamped with batch number 4369 with an hkp62 maker and size stamp.
Belgian Refugees Fund Certificate - 1914 A large ornate certificate awarded to a Sunday School in the parish of St.Ouen, Jersey, for contributions to the refugee fund supporting Belgian refugees fleeing from German forces pouring into their country. Dated November 1914.
Belgian WW1 Combatants War Medal A Belgian armed forces 1914-18 war medal, awarded to conscripted combatants. Fine condition medal has EDB maker's mark and ribbon.
Berlin Rathaus Day Badge Bakelite badge in relic condition for Berlin Town Hall day. No pin
Black Wound Badge - Spanish Civil War A black (third class) wound badge from the Spanish Civil War. This is the same design as a WW1 wound badge, but with a swastika on the helmet. Good paint on front and back. With pin.
Bomb Disposal Patch - Subdued A subdued black-on-green British Army trade patch for bomb disposal.
Bomber Command Sew-On Medal Ribbon A sew-on medal ribbon for the 1985-constituted Bomber Command medal
Book "A Chilling Tale of Propaganda" Hardback book - "Adolf Hitler - A Chilling Tale of Propaganda", presenting Hitler as represented by Josef Goebbels. Fully illustrated 133 pages. Includes Goebbels' original 1936 diatribe. Published in 1999. Small tear in dust jacket.
Book - Islands in Danger The 1965 paperback edition of Alan and Mary Seaton Wood's excellent account of the German occupation of the Channel Islands. With photographs.
Book - "Belsen to Buckingham Palace" - Signed Paul Oppenheimer's book about the evacuation of Jews from Nazi Germany - paperback. Signed by the author.
Book - "Hitler's Teenage Warriors" James Wilson's book chronicling the actions of the 12th SS Panzer Division - Hitler Jugend, focusing on the life of Karl Heinz Decker - one of the few surviving members of that division. With unseen photographs. Paperback.
Book - Bridge On The River Kwai Pierre Boulle's magnificent book that inspired one of the great war films. This is the sought-after 1969 Fontana paperback edition
Book - In Search of the Trojan War Michael Wood's excellent exploration of the Trojan Wars. Hardback
Book - Invasion by John Peddie John Peddie's detailed account of the Roman conquest of Britain. Hardback.
Book - Orders, Medals and Decorations of Britain and Europe A comprehensive guide to British and European medals with detailed descriptions and colour plates. Published by Blandford in 1967. Written by Paul Hieronymussen. Some damage to dust jacket but book is in good condition
Book - The Home Front Peter Doyle and Paul Evans' book "The Home Front - British Wartime Memorabilia 1939-45". An invaluable reference book - extensively illustrated - recording all forms of wartime home front collectables and memorabilia. Published by The Crowood Press in 2007.
Book - The Virgin Soldiers The 1974 Pan paperback edition of Leslie Thomas's 1966 novel about conscripted soldiers serving in Malaya
Book - War in the Fallklands The Falklands campaign in pictures. Excellent book compiled by the Sunday Express
Book - \"The Path to Leadership\" A first edition of Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery of Alamein's book "The Path to Leadership". Dated 1961. Slight wear to dust jacket, otherwise good condition.
Border Guard Long Service Award - Museum Copy A good museum copy of the Zollgrenschutze customs and border guard long service award. No ribbon
Brass Army Officers Rank Pips Brass army general service rank pips. Price is for each.
Brass British Army Majors Crown A single brass British Army major's shoulder crown - Kings Crown, horizontal lugs with backing plate and pin.
British 1st Artillery Sleeve Patch British 1st Artillery Brigade sleeve patch - Gulf War issue. Ram on red background.
British 2 inch Mortar Bomb Tailfin A tailfin from a British two-inch mortar bomb in semi-relic condition. Artillery range pick-up. Remains of red paint to indicate a live high explosive bomb on one fin.
British Army 1963 pat. L/Corporal's Stripe Single British Army 1963 pattern Lance Corporal's stripe for best BD
British Army 2nd Division Patches Two non-matching WW2 tropical uniform shoulder patches for the British Army 2nd Division. Although similar, these patches are a slightly different shape, and so will have come from two uniforms, possibly worn by the same soldier. The 2nd Division fought extensively in India and Burma during WW2
British Army Baton Round A British Army L60A2 37mm rubber baton round. Black, hardened rubber with a plastic covered head and a hard plastic base.
British Army Corporals Shoulder Strap - Gulf A single Gulf camo shoulder strap for a corporal in the British Army
British Army Cricket Medal - Italian Occupation A British Army bronze cricket championship medal for occupying forces in Udine, Italy. Dated 1946 and awarded to RE Evans, 3 Wireless Squadron, Royal Signals. In a Milan manufactured case which is split along the spine.
British Army Drivers Sleeve Star Cloth sleeve star for a driver in the British Army. Unissued condition
British Army Football Medal - Derna A British Army football tournament silver medal for a 1948 competition in the occupied territories of Derna, now Libya. The medal depicts the Sphinx and pyramids.
British Army Group A Tradesmans Badge A British Army cloth sleeve badge for a Group A tradesman. Good condition
British Army Major's Crown A brass British Army major's shoulder crown. KC. Vertical lugs with backing plate and pin
British Army Major's Crown - Copper A copper British Army Major's shoulder crown - king's crown - with backing plate and pin.
British Army Major's Crown - KC A brass British Army major's shoulder crown - Kings Crown - with horizontal lugs
British Army Majors Crown A staybright Queens Crown shoulder rank badge for a British Army major.
British Army Majors Crown with Backing Plate A British Army WW2 KC major's shoulder crown with ladder backing plate and pin
British Army Sergeants Stripe - Large A single 1963 pattern British Army sergeants stripe - large size for combat smock or greatcoat.
British Army Sergeants Stripes - Dress British Army dress uniform sergeants stripes - gold on black
British Army Webbing Leg Restraint A 1937 pattern webbing British Army leg restraint strap. Dated 1939. Extensively marked "Leg restraint strap CSPEP" with army and RAF equipment reference numbers. A rarely seen piece of 1937 pattern webbing.
British Army WOII Brass Sleeve Badge A brass sleeve badge for a British Army Warrant Officer 2nd Class - usually a company sergeant major. Kings Crown. With clips.
British Army WW1 Button Stick A brass British Army WW1 button stick. Stamped with a 1917 date, a patent number and a WHB maker's mark.
British Baton Round Case A grey steel case for the British L60A2 riot control baton round. Fired case. Base stamped 2041.
British Four Medal Ribbon Bar A mounted British four-medal ribbon bar with clip. Consists of 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star with North Africa rosette and Burma Star.
British Legion Lapel Badges - Pair A pair of slightly different British Legion brass and enamel lapel badges. One is maker marked by Gaunt of London, the other by A Harris of Glasgow. Both with serial numbers. Price is for both badges.
British SA80 Bayonet Frog - Camo Full cover British Army issue frog for the SA80 bayonet. European camouflage. With all straps and clips. Made by Remploy. Dated 1994.
British Staff Officers Belt Buckle A British Army 1937 pattern general service senior staff officer's two-piece belt buckle. Brass buckle with white metal lion and Kings Crown insignia. Good condition
British WW1 18pdr Shell Fuse A heavy British WW1 No85 timer and percussion fuse for an 18pdr shrapnel shell. US-made and maker marked BSC. Stamped No85 with lot number 1229
British WW1 Webley Holster A British leather WW1 holster for the Webley .455 service revolver. Stiffened brown leather holster with brass clip fastening and brass belt clip. Some cracking to the leather but otherwise good condition
Brodie Helmet Shrapnel Visor - with helmet An extremely rare experimental shrapnel visor for the Brodie MkII helmet. Steel visor with a gauze inner lining and eye slits. Sprung arms to attach to helmet rim. These visors were developed between the wars,but were unpopular with wearers so never went into volume production. Visor is attached to a British army helmet with green paint inside and out. Small stress crack near central dome bolt. Liner attached with no visible date, size or makers mark but appears to be a size 7. No chinstrap.
Brodie MkII Helmet - Royal Navy Beachmaster A Royal Navy Brodie MkII beach master helmet. Green painted shell has a Royal Navy red on blue anchor to the front, with a white beach party stripe around the crown. Brown inner shell. Stamped HBM YRII and dated 1939. Original liner. No visible size but appears to be a 6 1/2. Elasticated web chinstrap. Royal Navy beach party personnel acted as beach marshals for the landing beaches in Italy and France.
Bronze Horsemans Badge Stickpin A stickpin version of the Nazi Bronze Horseman's Badge. Badge is ges-gesch stamped and maker marked S.H.&L. (Sohni, Heuback and Co of Oberstein). Long turned pin.
Bronze Luftwaffe Drivers Badge A bronze-grade sleeve badge for a driver in the Luftwaffe. Pressed late-war metal badge has a cloth backing - which has some mothing - and a compressed card backing plate. All clips intact.
Bronze Reichnahrstand Medal - Cased A large bronze Reichnahrstand medallion in its original presentation box. This 6cm diameter medal was awarded at the Reichnahrstand festival in Frankfurt in 1936 for tobacco distribution. Case has the RNS stamp and its Blut und Boden (blood and soil) motto. The hinge at the back of the case has failed but has been repaired. The RNB was the Reich's agricultural and food supply organisation
Bundeswehr M63 Gebirgsjager Gaiters A pair of Bundeswehr M63 parade gaiters for Gebirgsjager alpine troops. Black wool spat-style gaiters with footstraps. Stud and elasticated fastenings.
Bundeswehr M63 Officers Gaiters A pair of Bundeswehr M63 spat-style officers parade gaiters. Grey wool with Prym stud fasteners. Foot-straps have been removed.
Bundeswehr Mountain Troops M43 Cap An M43 birgemutze as issued to mountain troops of the West German army. The same as a WW2 M43 cap but made from cotton rather than wool and with a larger peak. Mountain troops edelweiss insignia on right side of cap. No insignia to front. Size 56
Burma Star A fine condition Burma Star campaign medal. With ribbon.
Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Glengarry Badge A white metal 1914 pattern Glengarry badge for the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). With clips.
Canadian Forces Administration Service Badge A large brass and enamel hat badge for he Canadian Forces Administration Service. With slide. Maker marked by William Scully
Channel Islands Book \"Never to be Forgotten\" A signed book recording deaths during the German occupation of the Channel Islands. Written and signed by Joe Miere and extensively illustrated, it details islanders, foreign slave workers and other victims of the occupation. Published in the Channel Islands in 2004
Civil Defence Armband - KC A British Civil Defence Welfare armband. Kings Crown. Buckle fastening. War Department stamped, with Lewis Falk makers mark and 1954 date
Close Combat Clasp - Museum Copy A good museum copy of the German army bronze Close Combat clasp. With pin. Ideal for re-enactors
Combat Infantry 1st Grade Sleeve Badge A dress sleeve badge for a British Army 1st grade combat infantryman, silver gilt on blue. Good condition
Combat Infantrymans Sleeve Badge British Army combat infantrymans sleeve badge. Gulf pattern. Green bayonet on maize background.
Corporals Stripe - 1963 Pattern A British Army single 1963 pattern corporals stripe. Good condition
Cosford Aerospace Museum Guide Fascinating 64-page fully colour illustrated guide to all of the exhibits at the Aerospace Museum at RAF Cosford, near Telford. Includes The Warplane Collection, The Missile Collection, The R&D Aircraft Collection and the Transport Aircraft Collection
Cross of Honour with Citation A WW1 Cross of Honour without swords (for non-combatants) with original citation and ribbon. Fine condition medal awarded to Obersteuersekretar (senior administrator) Hans Koch of Bremen in 1935. The Cross of Honour was instituted in 1934 and awarded to combatants and non-combatants who served in the 1914-18 war. It was the first decoration to be awarded by the Third Reich.
Czech M52 Helmet Liner A liner and chinstrap assembly for the Czechoslovakian M52 helmet. Eight perforated tongues. With leather chinstrap. Size 56. Wearer's name on inner tongues. Fits German M35/40/42 helmets for restorers/re-enactors.
Czech VZ24 Bayonet An M1936 bayonet for the Czech VZ24 carbine - the main WW2 Czech bayonet, which was extensively used by the Wehrmacht for the Kar98 rifle. Wooden grips which have normal age wear. Good condition 30cm blued blade. Serial 7938 stamped on top of pommel. Black scabbard has most paint remaining.
DAF Arbeitsbuch - Hardback A hardback Deutsches Arbeitsfront (DAF) work book to a Kurt Welter, a metal worker. Fully stamped and dated from 1937 to 1942.
DAF Arbeitsbuch - Hardback A hardback Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF) arbeitsbuch to a Frank Hinrif of Essen. Issued in 1942. Extensively stamped from 1942 to 1945
DAF Arbeitskarte - 1935 A DAF arbeitskarte work permit for a foreign worker. With DAF insignia, fully stamped and dated 1935.
DAF Day Badge - Breslau 1933 A pressed copper alloy day badge for the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF) Breslau party day, July 1933. With long lapel pin.
DAF KDF Museum Programme and Tickets DAF "Strength through Joy" (KDF) museum visit tickets (three in all) and programme for a cultural visit to Munich organised by Gau Baden KDF, 1937
DAF KDF Travel Tickets Two blue travel tickets issued by the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF) KDF (Strength Through Joy) organisation which organised events and trips promoting the Nazi ideology. Issued by Bfurzheim DAF KDF for travel from Baden to Munich.
DAF Lapel Badge A white metal lapel badge for the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF) work organisation. Swastika in cog. Short pin
Daily Express War Map - 1940 A map of the warring nations in Europe, produced by the Daily Express newspaper in 1940. Includes relative strengths of the fighting nations. Good condition apart from some staining to the front.
DAK Beer Krug A Deutsche Afrika Korps ceramic beer krug. Shield to the front with dates 1941-43 with palm tree and Maltese cross insignia. Maker marked on the base by Ulmer Keramik. Decorated handle.
Danzig Luftschutz Lapel Badge An enamel lapel badge for the Danzig division of the German Luftschutz air defence organisation. RLB insignia with swastika on blue and white enamel. No rear clip. Ges.gesch marked and maker marked by K. Wurster, Markneukirchen,
Day Badge for Leipzig Spring Festival 1938 A German day badge produced for the Leipzig Spring Festival of 1938. An unusual day badge of ceramic and bakelite construction. With clip
Day Badge For North West Gau Rally Day badge for the 1935 north west Gau rally. Swastika on grey metal shield. With clip. Most paint remaining. Maker marked (MA)
DDR APC Drivers Badge Sleeve badge for an armoured personnel carrier driver's qualification in the former East German Army
DDR Army Officers Cap Badge An officer's cap badge with laurels from the former East German Army
DDR Army Sgt Major's Sleeve Patch A camouflage smock sleeve patch for a sergeant major in the former East German army
DDR Dress Cap Laurels Walking out dress cap laurels for the former East German DDR army. Complete with all clips.
DDR Infantry Officers Dress Collar Patch A German DDR army officers dress collar patch with white waffenfarbe for infantry.
DDR NVA Reservists National Medal A East German (DDR) NVA Reservists National Service medal. Complete with medal ribbon, clip and presentation case. Depicts head of a soldier in a distinctive East German helmet.
DDR Senior Sergeant's Sleeve Badge Cloth sleeve patch for a senior sergeant (hauptfeldwebel) in the former East German Army. Worn on camo smock
Der Schulungsbrief - Number 3 Issue number three of Der Schulungsbrief - the official magazine of the NSDAP. 38 page A4-sized magazine is dated 1939, and focuses on German forces - army, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine.
Der Schulungsbrief - Number 5 Issue number five of Der Schulungsbrief - the official magazine of the NSDAP. 22 page A4-sized magazine is dated 1940, and focuses on the invasions of European countries by German forces and the planned invasion of England.
Der Schulungsbrief - Numbers 7/8/9 Combined issues numbers seven, eight and nine of Der Schulungsbrief - the official magazine of the NSDAP. 32 page A4-sized magazine is dated 1940, and focuses on the role of women in the Nazi party and in German forces. Tape repair to spine.
Der Stalhelm Badge, 1930 A white metal and enamel lapel badge for the Der Stalhelm war veterans organisation, dated 1930. Screwback badge with screw intact, but no retaining disk. Good enamel.
Der Stalhelm Veterans Badge A Der Stalhelm veterans association badge in the shape of a helmet. Ges Gesch marked. With clip
Deutsche Luftsport Fund-raising Badge. A Deutsche Luftsport pre-Luftwaffe fund-raising badge. Glider in a circle. Some rust spots. With clip
Deutsche Reichpost Account Book A Deutsche Reichpost savings account book. Multiple pages bound with red card. Account in the name of Gertrude Delf and issued in April 1944. Extensively stamped.
Deutsche Reichpost ID Card A Deutsche Reichpost identity card. Red card bearing identity number and an eagle and swastika
Die Cast Eurofighter An 'Aircraft of the Aces' die cast EFA2000 Eurofighter. 1:121 Scale
Die cast F-86 Sabre An 'Aircraft of the Aces' die cast model of the US F-86F Sabre jet in 1:150 scale
Die Cast Mirage 2000 An 'Aircraft of the Aces' die cast Mirage 2000 French fighter in 1:120 scale.
Die Cast Mirage IIIC An 'Aircraft of the Aces' Die Cast Mirage IIIC French jet fighter in 1:120 scale
Die Cast Model: Lord Louis Mountbatten A 1:32 scale die cast model of Lord Louis Mountbatten in Royal Navy summer uniform, from the Corgi Forward March series. One of a limited edition of 1500, with certificate. Complete with all packaging and box.
Die Cast Republic F84 An 'Aircraft of the Aces' die cast model of the Republic F84 long range ground attack aircraft. 1:100 scale
Die Cast US F18 Hornet An 'Aircraft of the Aces' die cast model of the US F18 Hornet jet. 1:145 scale
Dig for Victory Post Card A litho copy of a Dig for Victory post card
DLRG Membership Pin A stickpin lapel badge for membership of the DLRG - the Third Reich lifesaving organisation. Ges-gesch marked and stamped 22. Long turned pin.
DLRG Pin Badge A pin badge award from the Grundschein branch of the German DLRG, Nazi Party lifesaving organisation. Copper badge with long turned pin. Ges-gesch marked and stamped with a number 12.
DLRG-DRK Lapel Badge A DLRG German lifesaving organisation lapel merit badge, awarded by the Bavarian branch of the Deutsches Red Cross (DRK). Pressed metal badge with clip.
DLV Vehicle Pennant A triangular vehicle pennant for the Deutscher Luftfahrt Verbund pre-Luftwaffe flying organisation. Blue pennant with dark blue and white trim and DLV insignia. Double sided, with hanging fittings. A rare item
Dresden Peoples Day Badge A tinny produced for Dresden Peoples' Day. Pressed metal badge with clip. Maker marked on reverse by Hermann Aurich. April 14 and 15. No year indicated.
DRK 35-Year Service Ribbon A Deutsche Red Cross (DRK) medal ribbon for 35 years service. Gold with red bar. With clip
DRK 40 Year Service Stickpin A Deutsche Red Cross (DRK) long service honour award stickpin for 40 years service. Gilt and red and white enamel award on long turned stickpin.
DRK 40-year Service Lapel Badge A Deutsche Red Cross (DRK) gold lapel badge for 40 years of service. Gold cross with a red central jewel and white metal garland. With clip. In its own perspex box.
DRK 50 Year Service Medal Ribbon Bar A medal ribbon bar for 50 years service in the Deutsches Red Cross (DRK). Gold ribbon with two red vertical stripes. With clip
DRK Armband A cloth armband for the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DRK) German Red Cross. Made from heavy buff-coloured cloth with printed DRK insignia, red cross and swastika.
DRK Belt Buckle A belt buckle for a member of the Deutsches Red Cross (DRK). Marbled patina buckle bearing DRK insignia with swastika, eagle and cross. Age tarnished, otherwise good condition.
DRK Field Hospital Flag A Deutsches Red Cross (DRK) field hospital flag. Red cross on a 51cm square white flag. DRK marked and maker marked by Flaggengabrik Apfelstedt & Homung of Hamburg. Dated 1944.
DRK Lapel Badge - Red and White A red and white enamel lapel badge for the DRK - Deutsches Red Cross. With pin. White metal.
DRK Lapel Cross A Deutsche Red Cross (DRK) lapel badge in the shape of a cross. Red stippled cross on a white background. Maker marked by Deschler & Sohn of Munich. With clip.
DRK Membership Card A membership card for the Deutsche Red Cross (DRK) issued to a Robert Hirschmann of Oberdorf. The card confirms him as a member of the Rottweil DRK branch in Wurtenburg. 1939,1940 and 1941 dates
DRK Meritorious Service Bow A Deutsche Red Cross (DRK) female personnel meritorious service ribbon bow. Red and white bow with miniature metal DRK insignia
DRK Ointment Pot A white ceramic Deutsche Red Cross (DRK) ointment pot. No lid, and one small chip in the rim. Maker marked EBEE. Carries a DRK insignia of eagle, red cross and swastika. Dated 1943
DRK Orderly\'s Sidecap A cloth side-cap for an orderly in the Deutsches Red Cross (DRK). Blue-grey cloth cap is size-marked 53. Grey silk lining and a grey and white orderly's DRK badge. Illegible maker's stamp.
DRK Propaganda Booklet - Struggle at Sea A miniature 18-page propaganda booklet to raise funds for the German Red Cross. Entitled "Struggle at Sea" it includes pictures of Hitler on Kriegsmarine ships. Dated 1939-40.
DRK Propaganda Booklet - Struggle in France A miniature 18-page propaganda booklet to raise funds for the German Red Cross. Entitled "Struggle in France" it includes pictures of Hitler in France. Dated 1940.
DRL Sports Badge The DRL Sports Badge in bronze. Good condition but some wear to high points. Straight pin. Maker marked by Wernstein.
DRL Sports Badge A 1939 pattern DRL sports badge. Stylised DRL insignia with swastika beneath. Straight pin. Nicely marked on the reverse with DRGM mark, serial number 35269 and Hensler of Pforzheim makers mark.
DRL Sports Badge - Denazified A denazified version of the DRL Sports Badge in bronze, with the swastika at the bottom filed away. Otherwise very good condition. Maker marked by Wernstein. Straight pin.
DRL Sports Badge Miniature A miniature lapel version of the bronze DRL Sports Badge. Wear to swastika. Maker marked by Wernstein. With pin
DRL Sports Badge Stickpin A brass DRL Sports Badge stickpin maker-marked by Wernstein. Very long turned pin
DRL Stickpin A stickpin version of the DRL Sports Badge. Some wear to face. Long turned pin
DSC Ribbon Bar A British WW2 pin-on ribbon bar consisting of a Distinguished Service Cross (for gallantry), a 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star with North Africa 1941-43 clasp, Italy Star and British War Medal 1939-45 with Mentioned in Despatches bar.
DSV Lapel Badge A lapel badge for the Nazi DSV shooting association. Gilt and enamel badge with DSV insignia and swastika. Long turned pin. A rare badge.
Duke of Edinburgh's Regiment Officers Collars A pair of officer's collar dogs for the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment. White metal insignia on red felt backing.
Durham Light Infantry Cap Badge - WW2 A WW2 Durham Light Infantry cap badge in white metal. Kings Crown. With cap slide.
East Surrey Regt Officers Sleeve Buttons Four tunic sleeve buttons for an officer in the East Surrey Regt. Kings Crown, staybright buttons by Firmin of London
East Sussex Regt Sidecap A WW2 army sidecap for the East Sussex Regiment. Khaki serge cap with an East Sussex regiment Kings Crown beret badge sewn into position. Twin brass regimental buttons to the front. Stamped size 7, along with a War Department crow's foot mark. Illegible makers mark.
Eastern Front Medal A 1941-42 Eastern Front medal. Medal has dulled with age, with no silvering remaining. No ribbon.
Entry Ticket to Puttlingen Festival 1935 A cardboard entry badge to the Puttlingen Music Festival, 1935. Puttlingen is near Saarbrucken, and its annual festival was used as an NSDAP fund raiser.
Envelope with Large Hitler Stamp A letter envelope with a large Adolf Hitler stamp. Letter addressed to Dusseldorf, and stamped with a Berlin postmark, a single rune and a 1942 date.
Federal German Army Fatigues Cap A camouflaged peaked fatigues cap for the Federal German army. Woodland camouflage patterned cap with GDR roundel to the front. Twin vent holes on crown and ridged stitching on peak. No size mark but appears to be a 56. Small split in canvas.
Federal German Cap Cockade A gilt, red and black cap cockade for the Federal German (GDR) armed forces. With clips
Feld Polizei Badge - Pinback A cast alloy Feld Polizei eagle and swastika badge. White metal badge has a war badge-style pinback. Slightly indented reverse and needle pin. These badges were more commonly worn by border police or plain clothes units.
Feldgendarmerie Lapel Badge 1942 An NSDAP Police lapel badge, dated 1942. Dull grey metal badge has G5 stamp to the reverse. With clip.
Feldgendarmerie Shoulder Straps - Pair A non-matching pair of Feldgendarmerie field police button-in enlisted man's shoulder straps. Blue serge straps with orange waffenfarbe. The blue has faded to a grey colour on one strap.
Feldpolizei 8-Year Service Medal A police loyalty medal for eight years service. Silver medal with blue ribbon. Fine condition
Festung Breslau Dig-Ups - Poland Dig-ups from the German Festung Breslau fortress near Wroclaw, Poland. Pocket watch with remains of face, and part of a German Army belt buckle with patina clearly visible.
Field Police EM/NCO Cap Eagle Field police enlisted man/NCO's one-piece aluminium cap eagle. Maker marked CTD (C Dinsel of Berlin). One clip missing
Field Police Lapel Badge A field police fund-raising lapel badge. Grey metal badge with police insignia and a 1942 date. Stamped P17 on the reverse. With clip
First Day Cover - Battle of Britain Pilot A First Day Cover to commemorate Jeffrey Kindersley Quill OBE, a Battle of Britain pilot with 65 Squadron RAF. He was also a test pilot in charge of Spitfire production test flying. The first day cover was flown in a Jaguar GR1 in a low-level test flight to and from RAF Abingdon in 1979.
First Day Cover - Bomber Command Pilot A Royal Mail first day cover commemorating RNZAF and RAF Bomber Command pilot Ron Gellatly OBE who served in Italy and North Africa and was later chief test pilot for Westland Helicopters. The cover was flown in a Beaver AL1 from St Helier, Jersey to the Army Air Corps HQ in Middle Wallop in 1979.
First Day Cover - Spitfire Test Pilot A Royal Mail first day cover commemorating Alex Henshaw MBE, a successful air racer and chief test pilot at the Vickers factory in Castle Bromwich. He tested more Spitfires than any other pilot. The first day cover was flown from RAF Cosford and back in Goodyear Airship Europa in May 1980, following Henshaw's Spitfire test route.
First Day Cover - USAF Ace and Record Breaker A first day cover commemorating USAF Brigadier General Chuck Yeager who distinguished himself in aerial combat over France before being shot down in 1944. He was picked up by the French Underground and escaped over the Pyrenees carrying a wounded comrade. He became the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound in a Bell X-1 in 1947. The first day cover was flown from the Paris Air Show in 1983 at Le Bourget to RAF Northolt in an Andover Mk2.
First Gulf War Medal Miniature A British 1st Gulf War medal miniature, 2003. With ribbon
Five German Army Field Pack Loops - Dig-ups Five strap loops from a German Army field pack. Dig-ups from Normandy
Five German Army NCO/Officer Pictures A set of five WW2 German wartime photographs of the same man in uniform, firstly as an NCO and then as an officer. Price is for all five photographs.
Flak Service Badge A lapel badge for personnel operating anti-aircraft flak batteries. these were worn on civilian clothes to show the wearer was in war service. Eagle over helmet and sword, with clip
Four Die-Cast Metal Luftwaffe Aces A set of four hand-painted die cast metal models of Luftwaffe aces by Oryon Collectables of Milan. Exquisitely detailed 1/35 models depict Major Werner Molders, General Lt. Adolf Galland, Hauptman Hans Marseille and Major Heinz Bar. In original packaging and box.
Four German Coins - Battlefield Dig-Ups Four German 10 pfennig coins dug up from the Kurland battlefield. 1941 and 1942 dates. Price is for all four
Four Silver Dress Buttons Four silver kings crown dress tunic buttons. Three tunic front buttons and one shoulder strap button.
France and Germany Star A fine condition France and Germany Star campaign medal, with original ribbon
France and Germany Star A British France and Germany campaign star. Fine condition, with ribbon.
Freedom and Bread Tinny 1936 A pressed brass "Freedom and Bread" fund-raising tinny. March 1936. With fixing pin
French 1st Army Collars A good condition pair of French 1st Army collar tabs. Red lettering on dark blue.
French Indo-Chinese Jump Star A brass parachute jump star for airborne and commando forces in French Indo-China (now Vietnam). With clip
French M15 Adrian Fire Police Helmet - Alsace A French WW1 M1915 Adrian steel helmet for a military fireman for Francelhoff in Alsace. Minus its liner but with chinstrap bales intact. Large grenade badge to front with Sapeurs, Pompiers de Francelhoff legend to front. Remains of chrome plating on helmet
French M26 Defense Passive Helmet An M26 French Adrian helmet for the Defense Passive civil defence units. Green painted shell is identical to the army pattern apart from the Defense Passive DP badge to the front. Large size with original liner. Chinstrap is present but has broken.
French WW1 37mm Shell Case A brass shell case for a French WW1 37mm Hotchkiss 1-pounder. Twin bands around the casing. No other marks.
French WW1 Field Postcard A First World War French field postcard depicting the Camp de Mailly army camp.
French WW1 M15 Helmet - Artillery A nice condition French First World War M15 Adrian helmet for artillery. Shell is in good condition - two-piece construction - horizon blue paint inside and out. RF crossed cannon and grenade artillery insignia in pressed metal to the front. Small rust patches to the rear of the crown and on the underside of the skirt. Original good-condition liner and chinstrap. Small hole punched in front skirt for wall hanging. Small size.
Gebirgsjager Sleeve Badge A sleeve badge for a gebirgsjager mountain troops unit, depicting an edelweiss on a dark green background. Some mothing around the edge, and to the right of the flower.
Gefreiters Bars for Camo Smock A pair of straight bar gefreiters stripes for wearing on camouflage smock or overjacket. Unissued condition
General Assault Badge A General Assault badge in silver. Good detailing, with most silvering remaining. With needle pin. Maker marked by Frank & Reif of Stuttgart.
General Service Brass Cap Badge A 1914 pattern brass General Service cap badge. Kings crown. With fixing lugs
General Service Buttons - Five Different Five different WW1 and WW2 General Service buttons. All Kings Crown. One bakelite, one plain, one by Gaunt of London, one by Smith & Wright of Birmingham, and a Gaunt tunic cuff button
George V Imperial Service Medal - Cased A cased George V Imperial Service Medal in fine condition. Medal awarded to a Thomas Lubton-Knight. Complete with original ribbon and clip, the medal is in a felt and silk lined presentation case. The Imperial Service Medal was awarded for faithful service in the Civil Service or long service for a minimum of 25 years..
German Army Belt Buckle - Eastern Front Dig-up A relic condition German Army belt buckle dug up from Saldus on the Eastern Front - now part of Latvia. Extensively rusted but solid. Centre badge missing.
German Army Cap Eagle A white metal German Heer cap eagle. Slightly curved construction. Two pins to the rear on a swivel fixing. Good condition.
German Army Eastern Front Dig-Ups An assortment of dig-ups from Latvia. Includes a decontamination powder container dated 1939 and numerous radio parts including casing, and control knobs. Casing is maker marked by Loescher and Helit and has a DRGM WW2 Reich patent stamp.
German Army Engineer's Service Lapel Badge A die-struck service lapel badge for a Pionier (engineer) in the Wehrmacht. Good condition, with pin. These badges were designed to be worn on civilian dress to confirm service to the war effort.
German Army Field Ration Pack - repro A reproduction German Army/SS field ration pack. Boxed pack includes tinned meat, tomato soup, two breads, coffee, sugar, milk, saccharin and chocolate. All edible within use-by dates. A great item for re-enactors.
German Army Officers Cap Eagle A late war German army officer's cap eagle in zinc alloy. Two clips intact but one wing clip is missing.
German Army Sand Goggles A pair of German army sand/dust goggles in original packaging. Four-piece tinted goggles with elasticated field green cloth strap. With original tissue wrapping and compressed card packet which is stamped by Berlin maker BWZ
German Cavalry Horse Bridle Shank - Dig-Up A dig-up from the Eastern Front. A leather and steel cavalry horse bridle shank dug up from Saldus, which is now in Latvia.
German DDR canteen A German DDR water bottle, identical in design to a WW2 canteen. Wool covered, which has been mothed. All straps present. Aluminium cup with retaining strap and screw top. Dated 1958. With carrying strap
German Gas Mask Case Parts - Kurland Dig-Ups A German gasmask case belt hook and strap loop, with some field grey paint remaining. These items are dig ups from the site of the Kurland battle, now in Latvia
German Infantry Signallers Trade Badge A German infantry signaller's sleeve badge. White blitz on a field green background. Good condition
German Issue NATO Waterproof Ammo Carrier A West German issue NATO pattern heat-sealed plastic waterproof ammo carrier for 7.62mm ammunition
German Jaeger Division Sleeve Patch A cloth sleeve patch for a WW2 German army jaeger division. 1942 pattern. Slight mothing
German Map Case A German army WW2 leather map case. Complete with all loops and buckles including twin belt loops. Large folding flap and pencil holders. User's name - Przywecki - written inside.
German POW Censored Letter A censored letter to Munich from a German prisoner of war. Has US military censor\'s stamps. Dated 1946
German Range-Finder Dig-Ups Dig-ups from the Eastern Front in what is now Latvia. An artillery rangefinder and base.
German Skin Ointment Tubes x 3. Three small tubes of German army zinc skin ointment plus a tin. Dig-ups from the Eastern Front in what is now Latvia.
German Soldiers Skin Cream - Dig-Up A tin of German soldier's skin cream in semi-relic condition. This tin was a dig-up from the German WW2 fortress of Festung Breslau near Wroclaw in Poland
German Underground Hospital - Nine Postcards Nine postcards from a 1979 series from the German Underground Hospital on the Channel Island of Jersey. A variety of views including the hospital entrance, the officer's mess, the Cap Verd entrance and the rest room. Price is for all nine postcards
German War Disabled Lapel Badge Large lapel badge for the Nazi German War Disabled Veterans Association (NSKOV), with stickpin. Maker marked 'H6'
German WW1 Cigarette Card Album - Complete A German WW1 cigarette card album Der Welt Krieg - produced at the end of WW1, chronicling the war from 1914 to 18. All cigarette cards in place in a 270-page good condition album
German WW1 Family Photograph - EK1 Holders A German WW1 studio photograph of a family, including a uniformed officer and an NCO - both with Iron Crosses - and a nurse.
German WW1 Sweetheart Brooch A German First World War sweetheart brooch. Colour picture of a soldier wearing a covered pickelhaube mounted in a gilt frame. With clip. Reverse is maker stamped GD.
German WW2 Photograph - Transitional Helmet A rare German WW2 original portrait photograph showing an army private wearing an M18 transitional helmet
German WW2 Portrait Photograph - Oberleutnant A small German WW2 portrait picture of an army oberleutnant. WW1 Iron Cross recipient
German WW2 Tunic Buttons - Dig-Ups Eight German army WW2 tunic buttons and one epaulette button. All dig-ups from various locations in France and Poland. One stamped HV1939, another FS1942.
German WW2 Zeltbahn Pegs and Poles A German WW2 zeltbahn set of tent pegs and poles. Three wooden poles with alloy fittings and three aluminium pegs. In canvas carrying case with two buttons and leather strap loops. Case is dated 1934 and maker marked JF Glaris. Possibly Swiss-made
Gloucester, Berks and Wiltshire Regiment Cap Badge A heavy bi-metal cap badge for the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment. Egypt honour on Maltese Cross. With cap slide
Gloucestershire Regiment Beret Badge An 1896 pattern white metal badge for the Gloucestershire Regiment - with beret slide
Gold Mothers Cross A gold Mothers Cross in fine condition apart from a small enamel fault just below the swastika. December 1938 date on the reverse with Adolf Hitler signature. With original ribbon.
Gold SA Sports Badge Miniature A miniature gold SA sports badge on a long, turned stickpin. Badge is stamped SA Sp HSD2 on the reverse. Good condition though somewhat tarnished. Pin is slightly bent.
Gold, Silver and Bronze DRL Miniatures A trio of DRL sports badge miniatures mounted on a single clip. Gold, silver and bronze badges all maker marked by Wernstein.
Golden SA Sports Badge A nice example of the less frequently found Golden SA Sports Badge. Gilt plated Type 3 1939 design. Extensively marked including a Fedler makers mark. With pin
Gottingen Lenzing Day Badge 1934 Tinny produced for Gottingen Lenzing party day, 1934. With clip.
Graduation Dish - Spandau NPEI A pewter graduation dish awarded by the Spandau National Political Educational Institute. With inscription in German around the edge and a 1936 date. Maker stamped by Roders S4H. The NPEI network were boarding schools established by the Nazi Party in 1934 for political education, and spawned senior figures in the party, the SS and the police.
Graf Zeppelin Silver Medal A silver medal struck in 1938 to mark the launch of the LZ130 Graf Zeppelin airship. The medal also commemorates the 100th anniversary of of the birth of Ferdinand Graf Zeppelin (1838 - 1917)
Green Howards WOII Sleeve Badge A Warrant Officer 2nd class sleeve badge for the Green Howards. Black on green.
Grenadiers Sleeve Patch A single British Army Grenadiers sleeve patch. Good condition
Group B Tradesman's Badge A British Army sleeve badge for a Group B tradesman. Good condition
Group B Tradesmans Badge - Large Large pattern sleeve badge for a British Army Group B tradesman. Good condition
Guards Sergeants Stripes - Mess Dress Small single shoulder stripe for a British Army Guards regiment mess dress jacket. Gold on Red.
Gurkha Engineers Shoulder Flash Dark blue on red shoulder flash for the Gurkha Engineers.
Hamburg Agricultural Day Tinny Large oval dark metal tinny for Hamburg Agricultural Day. With clip
Hampshire Regiment Cap Badge - WW2 A bi-metal cap badge for the Hampshire Regiment. WW2. With cap slide
Heer 12 Year Service Medal A German Army 12 year service medal. Late war in light alloy. No ribbon.
Heer Belt and Buckle A German army full-length leather belt with buckle. Belt has all clips present. Die-stamped pebbled early pattern buckle with incorporated catch. Braised on eagle badge with Gott Mit Uns inscription. Swastika has been hammered out - possibly a deliberate denazification.
Heer Belt and Buckle - 85cm A WW2 German army belt and buckle. Black hard leather 85cm belt. Pressed aluminium buckle with Gott Mit Uns inscription around eagle and swastika. Pebbled finish to buckle with some age wear to high points. Stitching fastening the adjustment strap to the main belt has failed, but is held in place by the buckle.
Heer M37 Gaiters - Pair A pair of German army M37 gaiters. Cloth with leather strengtheners. Black leather straps. 1941 dated.
Heer Officers Dagger Slip A cloth slip for an army officers dagger. Soft green velvet cloth slip with an eagle and swastika on the flap, which is closed with black laces. These were usually private commissions used for the storage and protection of daggers. Dagger not included
Heer Photograph Album A German army (Heer) photograph album to a member of a Munich-based infantry unit. Large leather bound album has a metal eagle and swastika mounted on the front, with the words (translated) My Service in silver blocking. The album contains 144 pictures of the owner in military operations in and around Munich from 1937. It includes pictures of military units, senior officers and the owner\'s family and holidays.
Herefordshire Regiment Cap Badge A bi-metal cap badge for the Herefordshire Regiment, with slide.
Hermann Goering EMs Cuff Title A Luftwaffe Hermann Goering regiment enlisted man's cuff title. Machine embroidered white on blue wool, folded around a double thickness white lining cloth. Cut to length at 35cm.
High Denomination Hitler Stamps x 12 A set of 12 high denomination Deutsches Reich postage stamps featuring Adolf Hitler\'s head.
History of WW2 First Day Covers A complete set of 56 Post Office First Day Covers from the History of WW2 series. All covers are stamped from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, with dates between 1989 and 1994. All of the covers are mounted in a ;specially produced leatherette album
Hitler Reichskanzler Medal A silver table medal to mark Adolf Hitler's rise to Reichs Chancellor in March 1933. Fine condition medal featuring Hitler's head on one side and crossed swastika and national flags on the reverse.
Hitler Youth Armband A Hitler Youth armband in black cloth. Hitler Youth diamond insignia printed in the centre. Buff cloth inner armband
Hitler Youth Bread Bag A buff cloth bread bag embossed with a Hitler Youth diamond. Good condition bag with all black leather loops, fasteners and straps present. Maker marked on inner flap by Bauleltung Saest and dated 1942
Hitler Youth Bugle A brass bugle with Hitler Youth insignia. Triple-wrapped brass bugle, which has some damage and cracks in the metalwork, with detachable mouthpiece. Hitler Youth logo stamped into the top of the instrument. A very rare item.
Hitler Youth Flag A medium sized Hitler Youth flag - 95cm by 60cm. Hitler Youth insignia sewn onto red and white flag. Complete with flagpole fittings. Double-sided. RZM marked with Hitler Youth acceptance stamp and maker code M4/99. Standarte mark Berlin 1938.
Hitler Youth Jugendfest Badge - 1935 A pressed aluminium day badge to mark the Hitler Youth Jugendfest rally in 1935. No rear clip
Hitler Youth Jugendfest Tinny - 1936 A tinny for the 1936 Hitler Youth Jugendfest. Pressed copper badge. Rear fastenings removed
Hitler Youth Junior Leaders Cap A Hitler Youth junior leaders crusher cap. Black serge cap with a black felt band. Leather chinstrap held with marbled buttons. Early pattern white metal eagle and swastika. Wire cockade with Hitler Youth pebbled diamond badge in the centre. Silk-lined with leather sweatband. Maker and size marks worn away but appears to be a size 56.
Hitler Youth Leaders M43 Cap A Hitler Youth leaders M43 cap. Black wool cap has silver leader's waffenfarbe around the crown. Hitler Youth triangle badge to the front. Leather sweatband and black silk lining. Flaps held by twin marbled buttons. The stiffening board inside the peak has split. There is a metal gebirgsjager edelweiss badge on the left side of the cap, indicating that the wearer may have trained with, or been attached to, a mountain troops unit.
Hitler Youth Leaders Proficiency Award A Hitler Youth leader's Golden Proficiency sports award. Large badge in gilt-covered tombac and black enamel. RZM stamped. Maker marked M1/101 for Gustav Brehmer of Mark Neukirchen. B stamped on reverse and on reverse of arrow. Wide clip.
Hitler Youth Leaders Visor Cap A good condition visor cap for a Hitler Youth leader. Tan serge cap with black velvet band, gold tresse and gold cap cords. Gilt and enamel Hitler Youth diamond to the front, with stippled patina. 1938 gilt civil eagle. Gloss black compressed peak with grey inner. Grey leather sweatband is worn at the front. Silk lining. Maker marked by Robert Lubstein of Berlin. Size 57.
Hitler Youth Marksmans Award - Gold A Hitler Youth gold meisterschutze marksman's award. HJ diamond with crossed rifles and target in a gold wreath. RZM marked and maker marked M1/63 by Steinhauer & Locke of Ludenscheid. With clip
Hitler Youth Pennant A large triangular Hitler Youth house or window pennant. 39cms deep. Hitler Youth diamond insignia sewn onto on a red and white cotton flag. Doubled-over seam for hanging string. Plain red reverse.
Hitler Youth Rally Badge 1937 A Hitler Youth jugendfest rally badge, 1937. Pressed white metal. With clip
Hitler Youth Sidecap A good condition Hitler Youth sidecap in tan coloured canvas with orange waffenfarbe piping. Stitched-in RZM and makers paper label inside with a 1935 registration date. Leather sweatband. Hitler Youth enamel diamond to the front, with pebbled patina. Badge is RZM marked and maker stamped M1/102 - Frank & Rief of Stuttgart.
Hitler Youth Standard A large, fringed Hitler Youth standard. Large swastika sewn onto red and white HJ diamond. 45 cms square standard is fringed with white thread on three sides. Four securing tabs on the fourth edge. A numeric "II" on the lower arm of the swastika and bottom right of the flag with illegible script, presumably referencing the HJ standarte.
Hitler Youth Stickpin - Bavaria 1933 A stickpin in pressed brass marking Bavarian Hitler Youth day, 1933. Swastika and Bavarian state shield. Short pin.
Hitlers Head Tinny A pressed brass fund-raising tinny bearing Hitlers head and the inscription Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer. With pin
Hitler\'s Head Stamps - Set of 12. A set of 12 Deutsches Reich postage stamps bearing Adolf Hitler\'s head. Various denominations.
Home Front Gas Mask - Boxed A civilian issue gas mask in its original box - complete. The mask is in good condition, dated 1939 and maker marked. Full instructions for use are printed on the box lid, which also bears the owner's name - a Mrs Hartland of Edgecombe, Jersey.
HQ Rhine Area Sleeve Shield An uncut British Army HQ Rhine Area sleeve shield, uncut, on khaki tan background
HQ Staff Sleeve Badge Army headquarters staff sleeve badge. Queens crown.
Hudson Trench Whistle A Hudson "Metropolitan" trench whistle. Good condition whistle in full working order. Maker marked by J. Hudson of Hockley, Birmingham.
Imperial German Order of Merit Cockade An Imperial German WW1 Karl Friedrich of Baden Order of Merit dress uniform cockade. With pin
Imperial War Museum Guide Detailed full colour 48 page guide to the Imperial War Museum in London. With the history of the two World Wars in pictures, with photographs of exhibits and galleries.
Infantry Assault Badge A nice condition tombac construction Infantry Assault badge. Clearly defined badge with needle pin. Dated 1941. Maker marked SHuC - Sohni, Heubach & Co of Oberstein
Infantry Assault Badge A good condition late war infantry assault badge in zinc alloy. With needle pin. Repair to hasp.
Infantry Assault Badge - Silver A silver grade Infantry Assault Badge. Most silvering remains. Needle pin with a hasp that has been re-soldered into position. No makers mark.
Infantry Assault Badge - Silver A silver Infantry Assault badge. Zinc alloy badge has good detail with little wear. Plain-backed. Needle pin, with repair to lower retaining hasp.
Infantry Assault Stickpin - 1957 A 1957 re-issue Infantry Assault Badge stickpin. Same as the WW2 issue version but without the eagle and swastika. Long turned pin
Iron Cross Lapel Bow A 1939 2nd Class Iron Cross ribbon lapel bow. Lapel button is RZM marked and maker marked by DBMjm
Iron Cross-Embossed Photograph Album A WW2 German military photograph album embossed with a 1939 Iron Cross. Pictures have been removed. Wehrmacht photograph album embossed on spine in silver, with national coloured string tassels. Made by Kurt Muller of Berlin
Italian 9th Heavy Artillery Badge A large (5.5cm diameter) cap badge for the Italian 9th Heavy Artillery - the Artigliera Pesante. White metal badge shows a straight flame over crossed barrels. With clip.
Italy Star A fine condition Italy Star British campaign medal, instituted in 1945 for service in the Italian campaign between 1943 and 1945. Full length original ribbon
Italy Star A fine condition Italy Star campaign star with original ribbon
Japanese Army Veterans Medal A miniature silver medal awarded to Japanese Army veterans. Medal attached to hanging device and clip. Shows a garland device with Japanese characters.
Japanese Marines Type 90 Combat Helmet A Type 90 Japanese helmet for marine landing forces. Olive green shell with four vent holes to crown. Yellow anchor painted over insignia slot. Late war leather liner and leather chinstrap. Liner is wired into position.
Japanese Navy Helmet A WW2 Japanese Navy Type 90 steel helmet minus its liner. Metal naval badge to the front. Helmet appears to have the remains of a green and yellow camouflage pattern. Paint is 60 per cent present with some areas worn back to bare metal. Inner chinstrap fixing points present.
Japanese Navy Veterans Medal A Japanese Navy veteran's miniature medal. Small silver medal depicting an anchor, the Imperial Japanese star and Japanese characters. With hanging loop and fixing clip.
Japanese Officers Cap A Japanese army officers cap. Green wool cap with red band and red piping around crown. Brass Imperial star to the front. Black leather chinstrap is present and broken but can be repaired. Black silk lining which is partially detached. Black leather sweatband. Small cotton label inside and paper labels with Japanese characters. No size marked but seems to be a 54.
Japanese Order of the Red Cross Medal A Japanese Order of the Red Cross merit medal in fine condition. With original ribbon, and fixing loops to the reverse of the ribbon. Instituted in 1888, this is a pre-1941 silver version of the medal.
Japanese Type 90 Police Helmet - WW2 A 1942-dated Imperial Japanese Police steel helmet. Military-pattern Type 90 helmet has Imperial police insignia to the front. Dark brown patina shell has date inside and Japanese characters around inner rim. Original cloth liner with cloth chinstrap. Overall good condition with slight pin-rusting on shell surface.
Jewish Ceremonial Bowls - Pair A pair of small brass and cloisonne enamel bowls, often carried by Jewish US and British servicemen while on active service. Each 6cm diameter bowl depicts a Menorah candlestick and the word Jerusalem. Price is for both
Judicial Officers Belt Buckle A gilt first-pattern belt buckle for an NSDAP judicial officer in the German penal administration. High quality buckle depicting an eagle clutching a sword and arrows, with swastika. Gilt finish with pebbled patina. Belt fixing to the rear.
K98 Parade Bayonet - Short A short pattern Mauser K98 parade bayonet by Eickhorn. 20cm excellent condition silvered blade stamped Carl Eickhorn, Solingen. Hatched black hilt with all moving parts and silver furniture. Leather blade stop. Good condition scabbard with most black paint remaining.
K98 Parade Bayonet Blade A nickel-plated blade for a Mauser K98 parade bayonet. 19.5 cm fullered blade with fixing bar. Maker marked by Puma of Solingen.
K98 Staghorn Parade Bayonet - DSV A Mauser K98 parade bayonet with staghorn grips, commissioned by a member of the Deutscher Schutzen Verband German shooting organisation. DSV swastika badge is inlaid into the grips. Long pattern with 25cm blade which is in excellent silvered condition with an Eikhorn of Solingen makers mark. Scabbard with good condition black paint. Good chromed furniture, with all moving parts working.
Kaiser Wilhelm Centenary Medal A heavy gold medal produced in 1897 to mark the centenary of the birth of Kaiser Wilhelm I in 1797. Medal has image of Kaiser Wilhelm in pickelhaube on the obverse, and dates and inscription with Prussian coat of arms on the reverse.
KDF Oktoberfest Badge A rare pressed gilt metal badge for the Oktoberfest, organised by the DAF (Deutsches Arbeitsfront) KDF "Strength through Joy" movement. KDF swasika and insignia on a depiction of an Oktoberfest beer seller. Clip to the reverse.
KDF Skiing Competition Flyer and Ticket A flyer and ticket for a winter skiing competition in Stuttgart organised by the Deutsche Arbeitsfront KDF ("Strength through Joy") organisation. March 1939.
Kennkarte ID Card - 1943 A kennkarte identification card made from tear-resistant grey leinen (similar to oilcloth), Card is issued to a Maria Bambach of Saarbrucken. The card was issued in 1943 by authorities in Saabrucken. It is swastika-stamped, with holder's fingerprints and photograph. Some swastikas have been scribbled out, presumably as an attempt at denazification.
Kennkarte ID Card - Saarbrucken A kennkarte identification card made from tear-resistant grey leinen (similar to oilcloth), Card is issued to a Willhelm Pallmann of Friedrichstal, The card was issued in January 1939 by authorities in Saabrucken. It is swastika-stamped, with holder's fingerprint. No photograph
King Edward VII Medal The King Edward VII silver medal awarded for excellence in public service. Instituted in 1910. This example was awarded by London County Council to a Mr H Harris for attendance and service. With fixing clip.
Kings Own Scottish Borderers Collar Dogs - Pair A pair of staybright collar dogs for the Kings Own Scottish Borderers. With securing clips and backing plates.
Kings Royal Rifle Corps Cap Badge A subdued cap badge for the Kings Royal Rifle Corps. Black painted over brass. Kings Crown. With beret clip. Maker marked by Lambourne of Birmingham
Kriegsmarine Afrika Badge A cloth badge for Kriegsmarine units serving in the North African campaign. Shield badge in yellow and white depicting the Kriegsmarine Maltese cross, a palm tree and an E-Boat. This is not an officially issued badge so it was probably produced after the war for campaign veterans.
Kriegsmarine Cap Tally A full-length Kriegsmarine cap tally - gold thread on black silk. Slight fraying at one end, otherwise good condition.
Kriegsmarine Coffee Pot and Spoons A small Kriegsmarine officers mess coffee pot with five silver spoons. The pot has a gilt KM eagle and swastika attached to the outside. Stamped with silver mark S5 on base and inner lid. Each of the five silver spoons is hallmarked and stamped Argenta and German silver grade 989.
Kriegsmarine Inkpot - Prinz Eugen A heavy brass inkpot from the Kriegsmarine cruiser Prinz Eugen. 6cm diameter pot with hinged lid which opens to reveal a penstand. Anchor on the top of the lid. Engraved \"Prinz Eugen, 1.6.41 Brest\". The Prinz Eugen docked in Brest for engine repairs after involvement in the battle between the Bismarck and HMS Hood in which Hood was sunk. The inkpot belonged to Kreigsmarine seaman 2nd class, S. Brinkmann, with written provenance.
Kriegsmarine Marines Stickpin A gilt Kriegsmarine marine's stickpin. Anchor and waves motif on a long turned pin
Kriegsmarine NCO School Cap Tally A full-length cap tally for the Kriegsmarine Marines 2nd NCO School. Gilt wire thread on black silk tally. Good condition
Kriegsmarine Ratings Tellermutze - Nordland A WW2 Kriegsmarine rating's cap, or tellermutze. Blue serge cap has a tally for Nordland, which was a gunnery training ship scuttled off Norway in 1945. Cockade and gilt Kriegsmarine eagle to the front. Two silk ribbons to the rear. Silk lining, which is worn, and a leather sweatband. Stamped with size 56.
Kriegsmarine Stopwatch A Kriegsmarine stopwatch in full working order. These were used by U-Boat and ship crews to time torpedoes. This example is made by Mars and comes in a steel protective case. Reverse of the case is marked Mars 23. Case inlaid with red cloth. The watch itself has an eagle and swastika stamp on the reverse, and the letter M.
Kriegsmarine U-Boat Badge A nice example of the WW2 Kriegsmarine U-Boat War Badge awarded to U-Boat crews for two or more patrols. Gilt-washed zinc badge with wide pin. Maker marked by Schwerin of Berlin, with serial number 68 on the reverse.
Kriegsmarine Winter Fur Hat A leather and fur Kriegsmarine winter hat. High quality stitched leather hat with brown fur edges and ear protectors, and a quilted black silk lining. Pressed gold Kriegsmarine eagle to the front which is curved to match the contours of the hat. The overall quality suggests it was for an officer or private commission. Makers lapel inside the cap for Carl Isken Uniformmutzenfabrik of Koln, and a 1943 date. No size mark but appears to be a 56.
Kurland Cuff Title A Kurland cuff title, worn by personnel who served in the Kurland pocket - now Latvia - or were wounded. Awarded in 1945. High quality machine embroidered title is 42cm long with sewn-together ends. Depicts the Teutonic knights shield and the city coat of arms of Mitau.
Kurpfalz Veterans Day Badge 1936 A veterans day badge for the Kurpfalz Kyfhauser organisation Winter Help fund-raising day, 1936. Pressed white metal with clip. Swastika and Kyfhauser insignia.
Kyffhauser Veterans Loyal Service Medal A Kyffhauser WW1 veterans loyal service medal. Small silver medal with Kyffhauser lighthouse emblem hanging from full-size ribbon bar. With clip.
Kyfhauser Veterans 40 Year Service Pin A Kyfhauser veteran's 40 year service stickpin. Kyfhauser insignia and Iron Cross with silver laurels around the shield badge, and the figure 40 mounted on the top. Enamel shield bears Kyfhauser founding date of 1786.
Kyfhauser Veterans Leaders Cap A nice condition Kyfhauser veterans organisation leaders cap. Black serge cap with a Kyfhauser band depicting the lighthouse insignia and Maltese crosses. Pressed composition peak and black plastic strap. Kyfhauser badge to the front with laurels and 1786 formation date. Blue silk lining with Kyfhausermutze patch. Leather sweatband marked Stirnduckfrei in gold lettering and wearers name - Leo Czira - picked out in pin holes.
Kyfhauser Veterans Medal A gilt medal for veterans of the 1914-18 war, issued by the Nazis for the Kyfhauser veterans organisation. Good condition. No ribbon
Kyfhauser Veterans Medal with Swords. A Kyfhauser WW1 veteran's medal awarded by the Nazi party for WW1 combatants. Fine condition gilt medal with small ribbon attached, which is faded with age, and crossed swords.
Kyfhauser Veterans Stickpin Badge A German Kyfhauser war veterans stickpin. Brass and enamel badge has Kyfhauser insignia and national flag colours. Ges-gesch marked. Long pin
Labour Day Badge 1935 A tag der arbeit Labour Day badge for 1935. With clip. Maker marked by Karl Henzler of Pforzheim.
Labour Day Badge 1935 - Rare Maker A Tag der Arbeit 1935 Labour Day badge by Redo of Saarlouis - a sought-after maker. Good condition, with high-definition and clip and maker mark to the reverse..
Labour Day Badge 1936. A Tag der Arbeit Labour Day badge from 1936. Lightweight alloy badge is in good condition and maker marked by Robert Schenkel of Pforzheim. With clip.
Labour Day Badge 1939 A 1939 Arbeitstag May 1 Labour Day badge. Light alloy badge with clip. Maker marked by Albert Ihne of Ludenscheid
LAH Liebstandarte Sports Vest A sports vest with the insignia of the LAH Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler SS division. Originally white, the singlet-style vest has greyed with age. Liebstandarte LAH and eagle insignia is sewn onto the front
Lance Corporal Subdued Stripe A British Army cloth rank stripe for a Lance Corporal. Subdued combat uniform version - black on green
Lance Corporals Dress Stripe A British Army lance corporal's dress uniform stripe. Gold on buff.
Lance Corporals Dress Stripe British Army lance corporals dress uniform stripe - gold on black
Land Customs Chaplains Cap A Third Reich Land Customs chaplain's cap. Dark blue serge cap with black felt band and chaplain's purple waffenfarbe. Squared-off cockade and laurels with a Land Customs eagle and swastika. Black cords on marbled silver buttons. Size stamped 56 with an illegible maker's mark and the wearers initials AW written on the cloth liner. Leathercloth sweatband.
Lappland Shield A 1945-issued Lappland Shield. White metal shield has some wear to high points. Attached to a field green cloth shield with original paper backing which has some damage around the edges. Maker stamped FAD
Large ARP Warden Door Sign A large, stamped metal alloy door sign for an Air Raid Precautions (ARP) warden. Sign is 34cm in length, with two fixing holes.
Large Collection of 1936 Olympic Postcards A large collection of 108 1936 Berlin Olympics propaganda postcards. They are numbered from number 48 to 175, with some missing. They feature the Olympic stadium, athletes, officials and Nazi Party figures. Some colour and some black and white. A fascinating collection.
Large Hitler Youth Flag A full size Hitler Youth flag measuring 5ft x 2ft 7in. Double sided with sewn-on Hitler Youth diamond swastika. Complete with pole fitting ropes and toggle. Maker stamped M7 and marked Hitler Jugend 27, Berlin. Dated 1941.
Large Womens RAD Sleeve Badge A large Reichs Arbeitsdienst wj(RADwj) female labour organisation uniform sleeve badge. RAD insignia and swastika and XXII numerals for 22nd RADwj Besirk district on green silk background. Worn on the upper left sleeve of tunic or greatcoat.
Leather Dispatch Riders Helmet A British WW2 leather dispatch rider\'s helmet. Constructed from stitched brown leather panels, with a rivetted rim. Leather ear flaps. Eight-tongued leather liner. Dated 1942 and maker marked by JH Ltd.
Lee Enfield Rifle Barrel Clip A steel barrel clip for a Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 rifle. Hinged. Stamped with a proof mark, maker\'s mark and crown
Leipzig Sports Day Tinny, 1935 A day badge produced to mark Leipzig Sports Day, 1935. With clip.
Leutnants Shoulder Strap - Mountain A single button-in shoulder strap for a leutnant in a gebirgjaeger mountain troops division. Silver tresse with alpine green backing and waffenfarbe
Lewis Gunners Sleeve Patch A British Army sleeve trade badge for a Lewis gunner. Good unissued condition.
Liberation of Brussels Cigarette Case A silver cigarette case produced to mark the liberation of Brussels in September 1944. Hinged case, with elastic retaining strap, is engraved with a detailed map of Belgium, indicating WW1 and WW2 battlefields and inscribed \"Liberation of Brussels, Sept 3 1944\"
Liberation of Jersey Commemorative Plaque A commemorative plaque produced in 1995 to mark the 50th anniversary of the island's liberation from Nazi Germany. Wooden, hand-painted plaque in original box
Life Guards Shoulder Flash Single shoulder flash for The Life Guards. Blue on red.
Light Infantry Collar Dog White metal staybright Light Infantry collar dog
Light Infantry Lieut. Colonel's Shoulder Straps A pair of shoulder straps for a Lieutenant Colonel in The Light Infantry. Dark green on maize.
Livgardet Officers Pickelhaube A Prussian-made Livgardet M1887 officer's pickelhaube. The Livgardet Swedish Lifeguards were closely allied to the Prussians and mainly made up of Prussian officers and men. This nice condition black pickelhaube has white metal furniture and large Livgardet helmet plate. White metal large officer's removable spike which shows signs of a repair. White metal spine and lobster-tail chinstrap with leather fastenings. Yellow cockade. Multi-tongued black leather liner.
Logistics Corps Sgt's Shoulder Strap A Royal Logistics Corps sergeant's slip-on shoulder strap. European camo
Luftpost Air Mail Letter - 1935 A rare Luftpost "Katapultflug" air mail letter to Hanover. Swastika stamped. Bremen-Southampton-New York overstamp. Dated 1935.
Luftschutz Air Defence Pennant A triangular cloth vehicle or window pennant for the Luftschutz air defence organisation. Early pattern ReichLuftschutzBund insignia on dark blue flag. Double-sided with blue and white trim around the edge. Good condition
Luftschutz Long Service Medal Ribbon A medal ribbon for the Luftschutz long service medal. 32mm wide ribbon folded for attaching to medal
Luftschutz M34 Medics Helmet A Luftschutz air defence lightweight M34 medic's helmet. Normal satin black inner shell, but the outer shell is painted in a sand colour with a large medic's red cross to the front. Paintwork is good, with some scuffing. Original liner with havelock neck-guard tabs and a horsehair crown pad. Leather chinstrap with one end missing.
Luftschutz M36 Flat Brim Helmet A Luftschutz M36 flat brim, single-piece construction gladiator helmet with an unknown decal. A flying B logo is painted on one side of the helmet. This logo features in Ludwig Baer's "History of German Steel Helmets 1916-45" and is thought to be a factory decal. The green painted helmet has salt shaker vents and a hanging hole punched into the brim. Six tongue liner and half chinstrap present. These late war helmets were usually Austrian made and are quite rare.
Luftschutz Merit Medal A 2nd class Luftschutz Medal for meritorious service. 1938 dated medal in silver-washed die-cast metal. With ribbon and clip. Fine condition.
Luftschutz Motorcyclists Helmet A motorcycle helmet for a member of the Luftschutz air defence. Satin black helmet with salt shaker vents has a Luftschutz decal to the front, which is 65 per cent present, with some damage to swastika and one wing. Small dent in crown above rim. Liner and black and tan leather chinstrap. This helmet appears to have been constructed from the dome part of an M36 Luftschutz helmet, with a liner riveted in place. A rare helmet.
Luftschutz Pennant A triangular pennant for the Reich LuftschutzBund (RLB) air defence organisation. Heavy blue cotton double-sided pennant embroidered with early pattern RLB insignia on both sides. 35cm deep, with hanging attachments. Some colour running.
Luftstreitkrafte Mess Tins A set of aluminium mess tins in DDR Luftstreitkrafte blue-grey. Two-part set with leather retaining strap and carrying handle. Maker and date stamped HV67 U.Sch. These later DDR mess tins were virtually identical to the M38 pattern so would be ideal for re-enactors
Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Officers Dagger A Luftwaffe 2nd pattern officers' dagger with portapee. Overall good condition with wire-wrapped hilt and a good condition blade. Maker marked by BR Herder of Solingen. Silver wire portapee which has some fraying to its strap. Some tarnishing to scabbard.
Luftwaffe Airmens Flight Board Tallies - Pair Two small metal tallies used to hang on airfield flight boards to account for flying personnel when out on sorties. Each stamped Fl (fliegerhorst) Hose III, which identifies them as coming from an airfield in the Rhineland. Stamped with personal numbers 203 and 252. Stamped "Horst" on the reverse. Rare and unusual items. Price is for both
Luftwaffe Belt and Buckle A Luftwaffe black leather belt with buckle. 90cm length belt with all metal fittings. Steel buckle with good pebbled patina and some wear to high points. Stamped A&V on the reverse. The words "Bronco Spam" have been scratched into the reverse of the leather - possibly by a wartime souvenir hunter.
Luftwaffe Cap Eagle A Luftwaffe 2nd pattern cap eagle. White metal with two pins on the reverse. Good condition
Luftwaffe DD M18 Transitional Helmet An M18 Transitional double decal Luftwaffe helmet. Shell is painted field grey inside and out. Areas of missing paint indicate a dark green paint layer beneath. Some rust patches to outer shell. Luftwaffe eagle decal is 60 per cent present, with scuffing to the centre. National decal is 70 per cent present, with some rust bleed-through. Original chinstrap rivet holes have been filled in. The helmet is fitted with a 1935 pattern tongued hide liner. Black and tan chinstrap with an illegible makers mark and a 1940 date. No size marks but seems to be a 58
Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager Badge - Damaged A damaged Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager parachutist badge in tombac. Wreath is split at one of the fixing points, causing looseness. No clip or hasp on the reverse. All details clear, though, with a GWL Gebruder Wegerhett makers mark.
Luftwaffe Flak Artillery Badge A Luftwaffe Flak Artillery badge awarded for distinguished service. Grey nickel alloy badge has age wear, and the swastika is missing - possibly a deliberate de-nazification. Metal has surface corrosion. Pin is present but slightly bent.
Luftwaffe Flak Artillery Badge A Luftwaffe flak artillery badge by Walter and Henberg of Gablonz. Badge has been de-nazified with the swastika removed from the eagle's feet. WH stamped. With needle pin
Luftwaffe Flak Artillery Shoulder Straps A pair of shoulder straps for Luftwaffe flak artillery. Sew-in straps with red waffenfarbe
Luftwaffe Flight Shoulder Straps. A pair of enlisted man\'s Luftwaffe Flight shoulder straps. Button-in design in dark blue wool with yellow waffenfarbe. Unissued condition
Luftwaffe Flying Personnel Sleeve Badge A white-on-blue machine woven sleeve badge for Luftwaffe flying personnel. Good, unissued condition.
Luftwaffe Flying Personnel Wings Cloth Luftwaffe sleeve badge for flying personnel. Good condition
Luftwaffe Hermann Goering Eagle A Luftwaffe breast eagle for the Hermann Goering Regiment. White eagle on black background. Unissued condition
Luftwaffe MV Administrators Patch A Luftwaffe Motor Vehicle Administrators trade patch. Good condition, with slight mothing.
Luftwaffe Navigation Handbook A 195-page Luftwaffe issue navigation guide. Dated 1940. A fully illustrated navigation guide for Luftwaffe pilots, published by ES Mittler of Berlin.
Luftwaffe NCO\'s Crusher Cap - Hermann Goering A Luftwaffe NCO's crusher cap for the Hermann Goering regiment. Blue-grey serge cap with black felt band and white waffenfarbe piping. Extensive mothing to crown and upper cap. Metal first pattern (long-legged) Luftwaffe eagle with one clip missing. Metal Luftwaffe roundel and wings. Leather chinstrap and glossy compressed peak. Perforated sweatband with Erel patent stamp in silver. Luftwaffe Erel maker's badge, Berlin. No size mark, but appears to be a 58.
Luftwaffe Obergefreiters Dress Uniform Stripes Luftwaffe obergefreiters stripes for dress uniform. Silver tresse stripes on blue background
Luftwaffe Officers Cap A large example of a Luftwaffe officers cap. Probably a size 60. Made from high quality blue gaberdine, suggesting it may have been a private purchase. Black felt band, with silver waffenfarbe around edges and crown and silver cords. Compressed black peak with green lining. Silver wire 2nd pattern Luftwaffe eagle and embroidered silver wire cockade and wings. Perforated leather sweatband. Maker-badged by Holters-Uniformen of Berlin.
Luftwaffe Photograph Album A leather bound Luftwaffe photograph album with a metal Luftwaffe eagle attached to the front cover. \"Memories of My Service.\" (translated) in silver blocking. The album belonged to a senior Luftwaffe NCO. It contains 77 photographs including the owner\'s wedding, parades, Luftwaffe personnel, aircraft etc
Luftwaffe Pilot/Observers Badge A Luftwaffe pilot/observers badge. Tomac construction with laurels and descending eagle and swastika. Some black paint remaining on eagle. No makers mark. Thin needle pin
Luftwaffe Radio Operator Flying Helmet A late war blue leather flying helmet for a Luftwaffe bomber crew radio operator. High quality leather helmet has a zip-in compartment for a headset. Silk lined. Leather oxygen mask tabs. Maker marked by Striwa. Size 56. Marked with numbers 8415/12 and 121/427
Luftwaffe Rank Pip Silver Luftwaffe rank pip with clips
Luftwaffe Sidecap - Large A large size 60 Luftwaffe EM/NCO's sidecap. Blue serge cap with 2nd pattern Luftwaffe eagle and cockade to the front. Cloth lined. Faint, illegible makers stamp to the inside, along with a size 60 stamp and a 1942 date.
Luftwaffe Signallers Sleeve Badge A Luftwaffe trade badge for a signaller. Grey blitz on a dark blue background. Good condition, with black backing
Luftwaffe Subdued Rank Pips Luftwaffe officer's rank pips with grey subdued paint. No clips. Price is for each.
Luftwaffe Subdued Rank Pips A pair of Luftwaffe officers subdued rank pips, painted grey. With clips
Luftwaffe Training School Honour Ring A silver honour ring for a graduate of the Luftwaffe Training School. Ring features the Luftwaffe eagle and swastika, with a Ju87 Stuka inage on one side and the date 1941 on the other. "Luftwaffe Ausbildung" inscribed around the edge. German silver marked 585.
Luftwaffe/Heer Silver Drivers Badge A silver drivers qualification badge for Luftwaffe or Heer (no cloth backing to indicate which). Good condition with all four clips intact.
Luthertag Day Badge - 1933 A day badge for Luther Day, November 1933. With clip. Alfred Stubbe, Berlin makers stamp on reverse.
M16 Camouflaged Helmet A WW1 M16 steel helmet with green, brown and yellow camouflage paint, with black separating lines. Camouflage pattern has dulled with age but it still clearly present. Inner helmet shell is brown, with some pitting. Quist makers stamp and a size 64 stamp on helmet skirt. M16 leather and horsehair liner. No chinstrap
M16 DD Freikorps Helmet An M16 helmet shell, minus its liner, with a painted national decal on each side, indicating that it was worn by a member of the Freikorps, made up of WW1 veterans who formed militia to oppose the rise of communism between 1919 and 1934, when most were absorbed into the SA. The shell is painted green inside and out, with internal chinstrap bolts present. Red, white and black national decals painted on each side below sniper plate bolts.
M16 Helmet with Blue Max Trench Art A German M16 WW1 helmet with original Blue Max trench art. Helmet shell is missing its liner. Artwork on the mid-grey painted shell features a large Pour Le Merite Blue Max cross to the front on a front-to-back Iron Cross ribbon pattern. A 1916 date is painted on the back of the shell along with illegible Gothic script, and the central core from a Prussian belt buckle is screwed into the crown. Metal is thin on the crown, with some small holes. Maker and size stamped ET66. A unique piece of WW1 history.
M17 Camouflaged Helmet with Browplate A German M17 camouflaged helmet with heavy steel sniper's browplate. Green and brown camouflage pattern clear on outer helmet shell with a dark patina and black separation lines. Dark brown inner shell stamped with maker and size mark ET64 and batch number R1612. Liner ring present but much of the inner leather liner is missing. No chinstrap. Stirmpanzer browplate attached to helmet lugs with black leather securing strap.
M17 Medics Helmet A German WW1 M17 medic's helmet. Green paintwork inside and out, with a medic's red cross to the front on a white background. Some pitting, light rusting and small dents to the crown. No visible size or makers stamps. Steel liner band and leather tongued liner. Some rust around inner shell seam. No chinstrap
M17 Transitional Helmet - DRK An M17 transitional helmet with Deutsche Red Cross (DRK) double decals. Helmet shell has an overall brown patina inside and out. It has the large peak indicative of Austrian manufacture. A clear DRK logo. The national decal has some damage. Large size - probably a 58 or a 60. Nine-tongued 1935 pattern light hide liner with leather chinstrap.
M17 WW1 Helmet with Austrian Artwork A WW1 Austro-Hungarian M17 steel helmet painted with patriotic artwork. Shell is green painted inside and out, with the Austro-Hungarian coat of arms elaborately painted on the front. 1914 and 1918 is painted on each side. Metal liner rim with leather and horsehair liner pads. No size mark but probably a 58. Black and tan leather chinstrap. A rare helmet.
M17/M18 Helmet Liner Pads Two horsehair liner pads from the M17 or M18 WW1 German steel helmet. Price is for both.
M18 Transitional Helmet - Large A large size M18 transitional helmet. Field grey painted helmet has an M1927 black leather and hessian tongued liner. Paint has normal age wear. No chinstrap but chinstrap lugs are present. Manufactured by Quist. Stamped on inner skirt with a Q66 maker and size stamp and serial number E309 on inner crown.
M1895 Pickelhaube Chinstrap - Repro A high quality reproduction of the M1895 pickelhaube chinstrap. Black leather strap with twin adjustment buckles and brass fittings. Ideal for helmet restorers.
M1895 Prussian 33rd Fusiliers Pickelhaube An M1995 mannschaften (em) pickelhaube for the 33rd Fusilier Regiment with rare front plate and Landwehr Cross adornment. Black leather helmet has slight cracking and flaking with age. Brass 1887 pattern spike. Pre-1915 brass fittings. M91 leather chinstrap with twin buckles. National and Prussian side cockades look as if they may have been re-painted. Prussian brass plate has a 33rd Fusiliers front-plate attached, celebrating the fact that the regiment previously formed the bodyguard to the Queen of Sweden. Landwehr Cross in white metal is attached, dated 1813, which was when Pomerania in Eastern Prussia was liberated from Napoleon.
M1895 Prussian Pickelhaube - Copy PRICE REDUCTION: A good quality reproduction of an M1895 Prussian enlisted mans pickelhaube. Prussian badge to the front and all brass fittings, with accurate liner. Aged black leather finish. Chinstrap and state and national cockades are missing. Ideal for re-enactors
M34 Fire Police Helmet A light alloy M34 fire police helmet with a red-painted shell. NSDAP and fire police eagle and swastika decals have been painted over - possibly a deliberate act of denazification. Salt shaker vents. Some paint splashes on the shell. Maker stamped by Edel. Six-tongued leather liner with one liner bolt missing. No chinstrap
M35 Waffenrock NCOsTunic - Artillery A German army Waffenrock M35 dress tunic to an obergefreiter in the artillery. Field green gabardine tunic is styled on the Imperial German tunic and has no external pockets. The Waffenrock dress tunic was replaced in early 1940 with a more conventional tunic. This example has shoulder straps with red waffenfarbe for artillery, and obergefreiters stripes in silver tresse. Cloth and silver wire breast eagle. Stand up felt collar and red-trimmed artillery collar tabs. Some evidence of a badge removed from the left upper arm. Tunic is fastened with eight marbled buttons and horizontal buttonholes. Buttons have a WO12 marking and a 1937 date. Three cape buttons under the collar. Green cloth lining which is extensively marked. Square patch cut out from lining - possibly where wearers name used to be. Internal pocket
M35/40/42 Helmet Liner Rings Metal liner rings for a German M35/40/42 helmet. Outer ring has chinstrap bales intact. Aluminium inner ring. No visible markings or size but appears to be a 64.
M35/M40/M42 Replacement Chinstrap A replacement reproduction chinstrap for the M35, M40 or M42 helmet in correct black and tan leather with all buckles and rivets.
M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet - Bullet Hole An M38 Fallschirmjager parachutists helmet with a bullet hole. Minus its liner. Shell has an overall brown patina inside and out with surface rust, but is stable. No visible markings on inner rim which is rusted. There is a bullet hole on the right hand side, with a nick to the left rim which could have been done by the same bullet. From the angle of entry it is unlikely it was being worn at the time. More likely it was being used for target practice.
M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet Chinstraps A chinstrap set for the M38 Fallschirmjager parachutists helmet. Single-sided grey leather straps with all loops and fastenings intact. Some rusting on metal fasteners, otherwise good condition
M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet Straps - Reproduction A complete set of reproduction M38 Fallschirmjager parachute helmet straps. Black and tan leather with all buckles and loops. Ideal for helmet restorations.
M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet Tool A bolt handling tool for the M38 Fallschirmjager parachutists helmet. Steel schroubenschlussel holds the distinctive bolts in position when the liner is removed or tightened. Wrapped in waxed paper and boxed. Box is maker marked by Eisenhuttenwerke of Thale and dated 1938.
M38 Fallschirmjager SD Helmet Shell An M38 Fallschirmjager single decal steel helmet minus its liner. Shell is dark green inside and out with overall light surface rusting. First pattern "long-legged" Luftwaffe decal is 70 per cent present with some pin-rust bleed through. Eisenhuttenwerke maker and size stamp ET71 on inner skirt. Illegible serial number stamp on rear inner skirt. This helmet was a barn find from the Channel Island of Jersey in the 1980s and has been in a collection ever since.
M38 Gas Mask Canister A German Army M38 gas mask canister (without mask). Remains of field green paint visible inside and out despite extensive surface rust. Spare lens container is present, though the lid is missing. Spring opening clip operational. An illegible stamp on the base.
M38 Gas Mask Canister An M38 German army gas mask canister. Green painted inside and out Sprung catch in working order. Inner lens compartment missing. Makers mark D stamped on base
M38 Gas Mask Canister - Camo An M38 gas mask canister in Normandy camouflage pattern. Working sprung catch. Lens compartment intact. Stamped with a letter D on the base. No straps
M38 Gas Mask Canister - Normandy Camo An M38 WW2 gas mask canister painted in green and brown Normandy camouflage. Brown anti-rust paint inside. Moving parts working and all straps present. Lid missing from spare lens compartment.
M38 Gas Mask in Canister A German M38 gas mask in its distinctive ribbed canister. Mask, filter and lenses are dated 1942. Filter stamped FE. Canister has elasticated spring catch and all straps, with one strap fitting missing. Lens compartment lid missing
M38 Infantry Sidecap An M38 Heer infantry overseas service sidecap. Field green wool with white waffenfarbe. Cloth lining. Eagle and swastika insignia on silk. A size 61 stamp and maker marked by Erens Macher of Braunsweig.
M38/55 Fallschirmjager Helmet with Camo Cover An M38/55 Fallschirmjager paratrooper helmet minus its liner. Fitted with autumn woodland camouflage cover, Dark grey shell with black discolouration. WW2-design M38 para helmets were reinforced with a rear-seamed aluminium band around the rim and issued to West German para units from 1955 onwards. This is one of those helmets.
M40 Combat Helmet - Camo An M40 combat helmet minus its liner. Shell is painted in a black and dark tan camouflage pattern. Outer shell has age pitting. Inner shell is dark grey. No discernible shell stampings. Size appears to be a 64.
M40 DD Combat Helmet A German M40 double decal steel helmet Field green paint with some age wear and light surface rust. Swastika decal is 80 per cent present. Nation decal is only 10 per cent present. Eisenhuttenwerke size and maker stamp ET64. Batch number 616 stamp. Tan hide liner with some damage to tongues. No chinstrap
M40 DD Steel Combat Helmet An M40 army combat helmet with faint remains of swastika and national decals. Grey patina inside and out. Inner shell stamped with Eisenhuttenwerke make and size stamp ET64 with lot number 1060. Dark hide tongued liner. No chinstrap.
M40 Helmet with Panzer Artwork An M40 combat helmet, minus its liner, with impressive Panzer Lehr and St Lo artwork. The artwork, on a camo background, depicts a Panther tank with the legend "Saint-Lo" above. On the inner shell are the words Panzer Lehr, which was the 130th Panzer Division - an elite unit to combat allied advances after D-Day. No visible stampings on the shell. An impressive display piece
M40 SD Army Helmet An M40 single decal army helmet. Field green paint inside and out. Decal is 90 per cent present, with some scuffing on the left wing. Helmet is maker stamped hkp (Stanwerke) with size 64 and batch number 12230. Tan hide liner. Chinstrap bales present but no chinstrap.
M40 SD Camo Helmet with Bullet Hole A single decal M40 army helmet with a bullet hole to the front. Helmet is in semi-relic condition with surface rust and some pitting. Remains of green and brown camouflage pattern. Single decal clear. Bullet has penetrated the shell front left, gone through the aluminium liner ring and through the hide liner. Liner leather is badly deteriorated. No chinstrap. No discernible stampings.
M40 SD Combat Helmet A German M40 single decal helmet. The decal itself has gone but the decal site is still clearly visible. Field green shell inside and out, with normal age wear. One rivet head is damaged. Inner helmet is stamped with Eisenhuttenwerke make and size stamp ET64, and batch number 5010. Hide liner is intact. Black and tan leather chinstrap has an illegible makers stamp
M42 Luftwaffe Camo Helmet An M42 steel helmet in Italian theatre camouflage. Green, tan and brown camo pattern. Stack mark to rear of the crown. Good 90 per cent second pattern Luftwaffe decal. Eisenhuttenwerke make and size stamp hk062. Eight-tongued leather liner which shows some wear. Narrow black and tan chinstrap.
M42 Lufwaffe/HJ SD Camo Helmet An M42 helmet in green and brown forest pattern camouflage, with a 2nd pattern Luftwaffe decal and a Hitler Youth decal. Grey inner shell. Small size, with an hKp 62 stamp on inner shell with batch number 2855. Dark brown hide liner. Black and brown chinstrap. Although there was no official Hitler Youth helmet decal it wasn\'t unusual for HJ members to add their own decal to uniforms and equipment. It\'s probable the wearer was an HJ member attached or training with a Luftwaffe unit.
M42 NSKK Helmet An M42 helmet for the NSKK - the Nazi Motor Corps. Shell is in a distinctive tan paint colour, which has been overpainted in service on a grey shell. Large NSKK painted logo to the front. Grey inner shell. Eisenhuttenwerke maker and size stamp ckl64. Batch number is a light stamping and difficult to read but appears to be 1334. Hide size 56 liner fitted. No chinstrap. A rare helmet
M43 Ski Cap Button & Lace Set Set of two marbled flap buttons and a closing lace for the M43 ski cap.
Machine Gun Corps - Canada - Cap Badge A cap badge in subdued copper for the Machine Gun Corps, Canada. Kings Crown. Three fixing lugs. Maker marked by JR Gaunt of London.
Machine Gun Corps - New Zealand - Cap Badge A 1916 pattern brass cap badge for the New Zealand Machine Gun Corps. KC. One fixing lug missing
Machine Gun Corps Christmas Menu A 1918 Christmas menu for Canadian troops serving in the Machine Gun Corps in Britain. A fascinating read for what would have been a celebratory Christmas meal at the end of the war.
Machine Gun Corps WW1 Christmas Greeting A WW1 1918 Christmas greeting card for the Machine Gun Corps from Commander in Chief, King George V. Extensively illustrated card is also from the MGC General Officer Commanding at the Machine Gun Training Centre, Grantham.
Malaysian Federation Regiment Cap Badge A Malaysian Federation Regiment cap badge. Brass with clips. The regiment was raised as part of the British Army in 1933, and reformed in 1952.
Mauser 98k Carbine Bayonet - Matching Numbers A Mauser 98k carbine bayonet, with matching numbers on bayonet and scabbard. The bayonet, also known as the M48 German contract bayonet, has wooden grips and a superb condition blued blade. Serial number 20091 is stamped on the crosspiece, with the same number stamped on the scabbard's frog clip. Overall excellent condition.
Mauser K98 Ammo Pouches - Relic A set of Mauser K98 ammunition pouches in semi-relic condition. Dig-up from Northern France. Two pouches intact, while the third pouch is missing its top and strap. Other straps present. Marbled black leather. Belt loops and fastenings present.
Mauser K98 Stripper Clip - Dig-up A Mauser K98 7.92mm rifle stripper clip. In semi-relic condition, this was dug up from Festung Breslau (Breslau Fortress) near Wroclaw in Poland
Mein Kampf 1939 Part Work - Part 10 In 1939 publishers Hutchinson produced an 18-part illustrated part work of a James Vincent Murphy English translation of Mein Kampf. The issue was authorised by the Third Reich, and royalties were donated to the British Red Cross. Publication ceased in 1942. This is Part 10 of this rare translation. In good condition.
Mein Kampf 1939 Part Work - Part 8 In 1939 publishers Hutchinson produced an 18-part illustrated part work of a James Vincent Murphy English translation of Mein Kampf. The issue was authorised by the Third Reich, and royalties were donated to the British Red Cross. Publication ceased in 1942. This is Part 8 of this rare translation. In good condition.
Mein Kampf 1939 Part Work - Part 9 In 1939 publishers Hutchinson produced an 18-part illustrated part work of a James Vincent Murphy English translation of Mein Kampf. The issue was authorised by the Third Reich, and royalties were donated to the British Red Cross. Publication ceased in 1942. This is Part 9 of this rare translation. In good condition.
MG42 Machine Gun Belt A 50-link belt for the German WW2 MG42 7.92mm machine gun.
Middlesex Regiment Cap Badge - WW1 A 1914 pattern bi-metal cap badge for the Middlesex Regiment. With slide
Middlesex Yeomanry Cap Badge A cap badge for the Middlesex Yeomanry. Bi-metal badge with beret slide. Queens Crown
Mills Bomb Base Plug - 1940 The screw-in base plug from a 36M MkI Mills bomb. WD marked with makers stamp JH12. Dated 1940.
Mills Bomb Base Plug - 1941 A screw-in base plug for a Mills bomb 36M Mk1. Maker marked R&ML. Dated 1941
Mills Bomb Base Plug - 1944 A screw-in base plug for a Mills 36M Mk1 grenade. ORB makers mark. Dated 1944.
Mills Bomb Base Plug - Kynoch A screw-in base plug for a Mills 36M Mk1 grenade. Kynoch makers mark. Dated 1942.
Miniature Nazi Hunting Association Badge A miniature (16mm deep) lapel badge for a member of the Nazi hunting association (Deutsches Jaegerschaft). Ges-Gesch marked. No pin.
MkI Brodie Helmet A British WW1 MkI Brodie helmet, minus its liner. Rimless steel shell has khaki green paint inside and out. Age wear and small dents to the crown. No liner, but remains of liner felt around inner central bolt. Leather chinstrap present
MKII Brodie ARP Helmet - Downing Street A MkII Brodie Air Raid Precautions/fire watcher steel helmet from a Downing Street unit. Black paint inside and out with normal age wear. Downing Street 6 in white lettering to the front. Shell is maker stamped BMB and dated 1939. Size 7 original liner also stamped BMB and dated 1939. Part-elasticated chinstrap. A rare helmet.
MkII Brodie Helmet - ARP Warden - School A Brodie MKII helmet for an Air Raid Precautions warden attached to a school. Green painted military grade shell has a wide white band with "W" front and back and the school badge - a blue and white quartile shield - either side. Believed to be Palmers Green High School for Girls in Windmill Hill, London, which was established in 1905. Black inner shell with some rust to inner crown. Faint BMB makers mark and 1939 date. Original liner with crosspiece and part-elasticated chinstrap.
MkII Brodie Helmet - BBC A MkII Brodie helmet for the BBC. Black shell inside and out with 632 M - BBC stencilled on the front in white. Probably issued to ARP and fire watcher units based on BBC premises. Shell dated 1940. Maker marked liner by TTC with a 1940 date and a 6 3/4 size. With chinstrap
MkII Brodie Helmet - GPO A MkII Brodie GPO (General Post Office) helmet. Black painted helmet has GPO stencilled to the front in white. Brown painted inner shell. Good overall condition. Shell dated 1939, with "63" painted on inner rim. Size 71/4 liner dated 1938 and maker marked by JCS & W Ltd. Part-elasticated chinstrap
MkII Brodie Helmet - NAAFI A WW2 MkII Brodie steel helmet for NAAFI (Navy, Army and Air Force Institute). This helmet was probably worn by NAAFI personnel on an army or air force base. The helmet has extensive age wear but the original green paint finish can be seen. Shell has a BMB makers mark and a single NAAFI decal. Original liner, crosspiece crown pad and part-elasticated chinstrap intact.
MkII Brodie Helmet - PBM A Home Front MkII Brodie helmet with a PBM painted decal to the front. Black paint inside and out, with paint worn off the helmet rim. Shell stamped RO Co and dated 1939. PBM insignia is red on a white circular background. PBM could stand for Patient Blood Management - an arm of the Ambulance service responsible for getting blood to victims of air raids. Alternatively it could be a factory logo. Vero-made size 7 liner with a 1939 date. No chinstrap.
MkII Brodie Helmet - Royal Navy Gunner A British Brodie MkII helmet for a seaman gunner. Navy blue paint inside and out. Stencilled cannon and star to the front in white. Shell has a JSS manufacturers stamp and a 1940 date. Small dent to the front of the crown. Size 7 liner maker marked by TTC and dated 1940. Part-elasticated chinstrap.
MkII Pineapple Grenade - Dummy A dummy US MkII pineapple grenade. 3D printed in lightweight resin. With fuse, lever and pin. A nice display item
MOD Combined Services Guard Badge A Ministry of Defence combined services Guard Service cap badge. White metal badge is maker marked TKS. Queens Crown, with clips and cotter pin.
Mortar Man's Trade Badge British army cloth sleeve badge for a Mortar man. Good condition
Mothers Cross - Silver A fine condition silver grade Mothers Cross. Slight age tarnishing to white metal. Enamelling is excellent apart from a small speck on the lower arm. December 1938 date and Adolf Hitler signature on reverse. With ribbon
Munchener Beobachter Nazi Newspaper A Munchener Beobachter (Munich Observer) newspaper for the Munich branch of the the Nazi party. Dated July 1937. Eight-page broadsheet newspaper.
Munich NSDAP Fund-Raising Pendant A Nazi party fund-raising glass pendant for the Munich NSDAP. An image of the Munich NSDAP headquarters, with eagle and swastika, is depicted in the glass. With hanging loop. A very unusual and rare item
National Military Winter Sports Day Badge. A large pressed white metal day badge to mark the German national military winter sports event in Oberursel-Taunus. Pressed image of village and swastika. With long pin.
National Service Medal - RAF A British National Service Medal to 2328543 Leading Aircraftsman W. Edwards of the Royal Air Force. With numbered certificate 118389. The medal was awarded to National Servicemen between 1939 and 1960
Navy and Army Magazine - 1896 A copy of the British Navy and Army magazine from May 1, 1896. Includes photographs and information regarding the armed forces of the time and their campaigns. Cover picture is Admiral, Earl of Clanwilliam, KCB KCMG. Good condition for age (the magazine, not the Admiral!).
Navy and Army Magazine - 1896 - 2 A good condition copy of the British Navy and Army magazine from May 29, 1896. Includes photographs and information regarding the armed forces of the time and their campaigns. Cover picture is Vice Admiral Sir John Arbuthnott-Fisher KCB.
Nazi DLRG Stickpin A rare stickpin for the Nazi DLRG (German Lifeguard Association). Long turned pin. Ges-gesch marked on reverse, along with serial number.
Nazi Families Union Lapel Pin A rare lapel pin for the RDK or Reichsbund der Kinderreichen - the Nazi party association for large families, which the regime actively encouraged. Good condition silver badge with long turned pin.
Nazi Fire Police Document Collection, 1931-39 Five Nazi Fire Police documents with various dates from 1931 to 1939. With extensive Fire Police logos and stamps. One letter has a "Heil Hitler" salutation.
Nazi Kyfhauser Veterans Stickpin A Nazi German Kyfhauser veterans' organisation stickpin. Gold and enamel shield has swastika and Kyfhauser insignia. Ges-gesch stamped on the back, with serial number 12. Long turned pin.
Nazi Party Loyalty Pendant A small triangular pendant produced in the early days of the NSDAP. Copper pendant with enamelled swastika on national colours. Some enamel damage. With hanging ring
Nazi Peoples Welfare Stickpin A lapel stickpin for an NSV - National Socialist People's Welfare - member. Brass NSV badge on long turned pin. Ges-gesch marked.
Nazi Political Cap Eagle A Nazi political eagle and swastika cap badge in white metal. 1938 pattern, RZM stamped. All three clips intact
Nazi Propaganda Concert - Programme and Tickets A programme and two tickets for a DAF propaganda concert and play in Stuttgart. Tickets are discounted for servicemen.
Nazi TeNo Armband An armband for TeNo - the Third Reich\'s technical organisation. TeNo insignia and swastika embroidered onto a heavy buff cloth armband.
Nazi Veterans Association Receipts Two receipts for subscriptions for the Kyfhauser Nazi Veterans Association. Stamped
Nazi Veterans Association Train Ticket A 2nd class train ticket for a Nazi veterans association excursion to Munich
Nazi Veterans Cap Badge A cap badge for the Kyfhauser Nazi veterans association. Pressed brass alloy and enamel badge with swastika and Kyfhauser insignia. Two clips to the reverse
Nazi Volkischer Beobachter Newspaper A copy of the official Nazi Party newspaper - Volkischer Beobachter (People's Observer) from July 1937. A 12-page broadsheet newspaper with several pictures of Adolf Hitler.
Nazi Volksschule Report Card A rare report card for a pupil at a Nazi Volksschule "People's School". A4 report is swastika stamped. Issued to a Toni Klees of Bildstock and dated 1942
Nazi WHW Freedom and Bread Tinny A pressed wm alloy Nazi winter relief tinny stamped "Freedom and Bread" and dated March 1936. With pin
Nieder-Rodenbach Advent Stickpin A white metal and enamel stickpin for the Nieder-Rodenbach advent festival, 1954. Long turned pin.
Nordhausen Veterans Day Bookmark A small silk souvenir bookmark produced to mark Kyffhauser Veterans Day in the central German city of Nordhausen. Woven maroon cotton on blue silk. No date, but probably 1930s. Nordhausen was the centre of the German WW2 arms industry and was almost completely destroyed by the RAF in 1945.
Norfolk Regiment Cap Badge A brass and white metal cap badge for The Norfolk Regiment. 1926 pattern. With cap slide.
Northamptonshire Regiment Beret Badge A bi-metal beret badge for the Northamptonshire Regiment. Domed construction. With beret slide.
NSBO Labour Day Badge 1933 A 1933 May 1 Labour Day badge for the NSBO - the Nazi labour organisation. Pressed white metal badge with clip.
NSDAP 10 Year Service Medal - Museum Copy A museum copy of the Nazi Party 10-year service medal in bronze. Ideal for Living History participants or to complete collections. No ribbon.
NSDAP 1935 Mothers Day Medallion A small Bakelite medallion produced to mark the Nazi Party's Mothers' Day in 1935. Stamped with a number 1 on the reverse.
NSDAP 1935 Mothers Day Medallion A small Bakelite medallion produced to mark the Nazi Party's Mothers' Day in 1935. Darker in colour than 13144. Stamped with a number 4 on the reverse.
NSDAP 25 Year Faithful Service Medal A Nazi Party silver 25-year faithful service medal. Mint condition medal with original ribbon and fixing pin. All black enamelling on swastika present.
NSDAP Bomb Damage Inspector\'s Badge A rare badge for an NSDAP bomb damage inspector for the town of Stettin (now in Poland). Heavy metal badge, which has age discolouration, with clip. The town of Stettin was almost completely destroyed by bombing in 1945.
NSDAP Identity Card, 1940 An NSDAP Special Identity Card for a construction worker. Swastika stamped and dated 1940.
NSDAP Identity Card, 1941 An NSDAP special identity card for a worker in Lothringen. Dated 1941 and stamped
NSDAP Lapel Pin A bakelite Nazi party lapel pin. Eagle and swastika on silver circular badge, approximately the size of a £1 coin. Pin intact
NSDAP Military Pass An NSDAP Special Military Pass, issued by post and dated April 1943. Swastika stamped.
NSDAP Photograph - Early SS Stormtrooper An NSDAP photograph of a stormtrooper in black early SS uniform, with SA/SS style kepi and SS belt buckle. Signed on rear - Ernst Goeth
NSDAP Political Cap Eagle A Nazi party political cap eagle and swastika badge. Zinc alloy eagle is RZM marked and stamped with M1/49 serial number. Clips on wing tips missing but lower clip present.
NSFK Flying Event Badge A rare white metal badge for the NSFK - the Nazi Fliegerkorps flying association. The solid cast badge in semi-relic condition commemorates a flying event in 1939. NSFK insignia and date. No rear clips
NSFK Rally Vehicle Badge A round aluminium vehicle badge for the NSFK (Nazi flyers' corps) rally in Kassel in 1938. Red and silver badge is 8cm in diameter and bears the NSFK "flying man" symbol and swastika. Dated August 1938. The badge has two holes for attaching to a vehicle. Many of the pilots of the Luftwaffe learned to fly in the NSFK - this is a rare item.
NSKK Marksmans Award A large cloth and metal NSKK (the Nazi motoring organisation) Master Marksman badge awarded by the NSKK Oberdonau group. 7.5cm x 6cm pressed alloy badge on a black cloth background and aluminium backing plate with fixing clip. Dated 1943.
NSKK Motorcycle Helmet A nice example of the iconic Nazi motoring organisation - the NSSK - motorcycle helmet. Fashioned black hard leather with a large shaped white metal NSKK insignia with eagle and swastika to the front. Three vent holes each side of the central ridge. Black leather neck protector and black leather ear flaps with vents. Large size 59 stamped on nine-tongued tan hide liner. Leather crown pad.
NSKK Orienteering Rally Plate A participant's vehicle plate for an NSKK (Nazi Motor Corps) orienteering rally, 1937. The cross country rally was organised by NSKK Motor-Standard 78. Black and silver plate is 7cm in diameter with two fixing holes.
NSKK Saar Rally Plate A metal NSKK (Nazi motor corps) and DDAC (German automotive club) vehicle plate for a rally in the Saar region in 1934. 6cm by 8.5cm with three fixing holes. The rally was to celebrate Saar reunification and was called the Saar Treue Faharte - the Saar Loyalty Trail.
NSKK Vehicle Plate 1937 An NSKK (Reich motoring organisation) vehicle plate from 1937 for the Nordmark Brigade autumn vehicle testing event. 86mm x 68mm. Markings indicate the event was held at the Adolf Hubinlein motor school in October 1937. Two fixing holes.
NSKOV Disabled Veterans Badge A Nazi NSKOV disabled veterans association badge in nickel alloy. Sword, swastika and oak leaves to the front. Rear is stamped G2. With stickpin.
NSKOV Disabled War Veterans Badge A German WW2 NSKOV disabled war veterans badge. With clip. Stamped W3 on reverse. Good condition.
NSKOV Veterans Association Lapel Badge A small white metal lapel badge for the NSKOV Nazi veterans' association. Swastika and cross on sword and laurels. Munich maker stamp on the reverse, and Ges-gesch mark. With clip
NSKOV Veterans Badge A grey metal badge for the Nazi NSKOV veterans association. With pin. Stamped H2 on the reverse
NSRL Sports Vest Badge A circular sports vest badge for the NSRL (Nazi Party Sports Association) Bronze eagle and swastika on black silk background. The badge is sewn onto a circle of vest.
NSRL Sports Vest Insignia - Uncut An uncut example of the NSRL (NSDAP sports association) sports vest badge. Bronze eagle with swastika on black background, on silk. Good condition, some discolouration to the front.
NSV Nazi Peoples Welfare Stickpin An NSV National Socialist People's Welfare members stickpin. Nickel badge with black background. RZM and Ges-Gesch marked, with serial number 35. Long turned pin.
Officers Cap Cords - Alpine German officer's cap cords for army alpine troops, in green braid
Order of the Rising Sun - Cased A Japanese Order of the Rising Sun medal - 8th Grade - in its original box. Medal has original ribbon and uniform clip and is in fine condition. Lacquered inscribed box is fully lined, with clip intact.
Original Photograph - Joseph Goebbels A rare and original photograph of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels in uniform, with an SS/SA trooper. Photographer's stamp on the reverse.
Original Photograph - Luftwaffe Pilot An original WW2 photograph of a Luftwaffe obergefreiter pilot in uniform, wearing crusher cap, and with an EKII 2nd class Iron Cross ribbon
Original WW2 Photograph - Army EM An original WW2 photograph of an army enlisted man in uniform. He is wearing an M36 tunic and sidecap. Dated 1943 on the reverse and signed by the subject
Original WW2 Photograph - Army EM An original WW2 photograph of a Wehrmacht enlisted man wearing an M36 tunic and sidecap.
Original WW2 Photograph - Army Gefreiter An original WW2 photograph of a German Army gefreiter (lance-corporal) wearing a crusher cap. Message on the reverse and a 1942 date.
Original WW2 Photograph - Army NCO An original studio-posed WW2 photograph of a German Army NCO in an M1935 waffenrock tunic. Picture credited to Benne Ripp of Homburg-Saar.
Original WW2 Photograph - Army NCO An original WW2 photograph of a German Army NCO in crusher cap and greatcoat
Original WW2 Photograph - EKII Holder An original WW2 photograph of an army obergefreiter in crusher cap. He has ribbons for an Iron Cross 2nd class and an Eastern Front medal, and a black wound badge
Original WW2 Photograph - EM in Uniform An original small photograph of a German army enlisted man in uniform. He is wearing an M36 tunic, sidecap and jackboots. Signed on the reverse by Rolf and dated 1943.
Original WW2 Photograph - Luftwaffe Airman An original WW2 studio portrait photograph of a Luftwaffe airman wearing a sidecap and tunic, but unusually no shirt. Dated 1940.
Original WW2 Photograph - Sentry An original WW2 German photograph of a sentry wearing a greatcoat and sidecap, in a swastika marked sentry box.
Pair of 1937 Pattern L-Straps - 1943 A pair of 1937 pattern British Army L-straps for the small pack. Stamped with serial number and 1943 date. With all loops and buckles.
Pair of 1937 Pattern L-Straps, 1940 A pair of 1937 pattern British army webbing L-straps for the small pack. With all clips. Dated 1940
Pair of East Surrey Regiment Epaulette Buttons A pair of epaulette buttons from an East Surrey Regiment dress tunic. Staybright. QC,
Pair of Grenadiers Sleeve Badges A pair of British Army cloth grenadiers sleeve badges. Good condition
Pair of Light Infantry Collar Dogs - WM A pair of small staybright white metal collar dogs for the Light Infantry
Pair of Royal Artillery Collars A pair of staybright anodised Royal Artillery collar dogs
Pair of Royal Artillery Collars - Small A pair of small pattern anodised Royal Artillery collar dogs
Pair of Russian Armed Forces Medals - Court Mounted A court-mounted pair of Soviet armed forces medals with citations. Includes 60-year Anniversary of the Armed Forces medal and the Russian Arctic Convoy medal 1941-45. Fine condition
Pair of Russian Army Collar Dogs A pair of collar dogs for an officer in the Russian Army. Good condition with clips.
Pair of US Armored Corps Collars - Brass Pair of brass collar dogs for an officer in the US Armored Corps combat infantry. With gripper clips
Pair US Army Missile Unit Collars A pair of anodised collar dogs for officers of the US Army missile unit. On original Meyer card of issue. With clips
Pakistan EME Cap Badge A bi-metal staybright cap badge for the Pakistan Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Maker marked by JR Gaunt of Birmingham. With clips and cotter pin.
Panzer Korps M38 Sidecap An M38 Panzer Korps EM/NCO sidecap. Black wool cap has some discolouration, otherwise good condition. White on black eagle to the front, with pink waffenfarbe chevron and national roundel. Single vent on each side of the cap. Black cloth lining, with no visible size or makers mark.
Panzer Korps Majors Shoulder Board A single sew-in shoulder board for a major in the Panzer Korps. Silver tresse on pink waffenfarbe backing. Good condition with no mothing
Panzer Reconnaissance Majors Shoulder Straps A pair of sew-in shoulder straps for a major in the Panzer Reconnaissance Korps. Silver major's tresse on yellow waffenfarbe. Good condition
Parachute Regiment Cap Badge A white metal beret badge for the Parachute Regiment. QC. With clips and cotter pin
Peddinghaus Centenery Tinny 1939 A tinny produced to mark the 100th anniversary, in 1939, of German industrial company Peddinghaus - a major supplier to the Luftwaffe. Badge has clip intact and is maker marked by Paulmann of Ludenscheid.
Pistol Storage Holster A pistol holster made of a very soft cloth, most likely used for protection and storage of the weapon, rather than a holster to carry it around. Fine stitching and single button closure. Provenance unknown, but almost certainly French from the early 20th century.
Police Lapel Badge 1942 An NSDAP police lapel badge, dated 1942. Stamped G5 on the reverse. With clip
Police M36 Flat-Brim Helmet A field police M36 gladiator-style flat-brim helmet. Black paint inside and out, with field police eagle and swastika insignia to the front with a gold patina. Single-piece construction with two salt shaker vents each side. Austrian manufacture. Eight-tongue hide liner and leather chinstrap.
Polish Armed Forces Medal A Polish Armed Forces medal, complete with original ribbon. Gilt medal with enamel Polish eagle, awarded for five years service.
Polish Cross of Merit - Bronze A bronze 3rd class Polish Cross of Merit. Fine condition. With original ribbon. Instituted in 1923 for services to the state.
Polish Cross of Merit - Silver A silver 2nd class Polish Cross of Merit. Enamelled and silver Polish cross. Plain reverse. Laurel-decorated hanging ring. Original ribbon. This medal was initiated in 1923 for services to the state. Fine condition.
Polish National Defence Gold Medal A fine condition Polish National Defence gold medal with ribbon. Medal instituted in 1966
Porcelain WHW Figure - Kriegsmarine Officer A porcelain WHW Nazi winter relief fund-raising figure of a Kriegsmarine officer in dress coat. Hand painted. With lapel clip
PPK Pistol Shoulder Holster Securing Strap Leather securing strap for early pattern PPK pistol shoulder holster
Press Cuttings - D-Day + 4 Pages cut from the Daily Mirror, June 10 1944, four days after D-Day. Four pages cut into a circle - possibly to line something. Stories include fighting in Cherbourg and actions by partisans. A fascinating glimpse of life immediately after the Allied invasion
Prince Consort's Own Cap Badge A white metal cap badge for the Prince Consort's Own regiment. Kings crown, with slide.
Propaganda Booklet - Struggle in the East A miniature 17-page WHW propaganda booklet, entitled "Struggle in the East" Includes pictures of combat and of Hitler. Unusually this booklet has a hanging loop.
Propaganda Photograph - Hitler in Uniform A postcard-style propaganda photograph of Adolf Hitler in uniform, pictured with three children. Dated August 1938. Stamped with a Munich swastika postmark.
Prussian Cavalry Helmet - Reproduction PRICE REDUCTION: A high quality reproduction of a 1915 pattern lobster-tail Prussian cavalry helmet. Polished full-size metal helmet with chrome and brass fittings and brass Prussian front-plate. Surface of the helmet has some small pin rust patches, otherwise good condition. Prussian and national cockades on each side. Fish-scale chinstrap. Crown fitting for spike or cockade. Black leather liner and black leather lining to lobster-tail. A magnificent display item.
Prussian Cavalry Helmet - Reproduction PRICE REDUCTION: A high quality reproduction of a 1915 pattern lobster-tail Prussian cavalry helmet. Polished full-size metal helmet with chrome and brass fittings and brass Prussian front-plate. Fish-scale chinstrap with leather securing strap. Crown fitting for spike or cockade. Black leather liner and black leather lining to lobster-tail. A magnificent display item.
Prussian WW1 Belt Buckle A brass WW1 Prussian belt buckle. Two-piece construction with Prussian crown and Gott Mit Uns inscription. With all moving parts.
Purnell's History of the First World War Volume One of the Purnell's 1968-9 part-work "History of the First World War", fully bound. Good condition.
Queen Victoria Chocolate Tin - Boer War A chocolate gift tin sent to British and colonial troops fighting in the 2nd Boer War by Queen Victoria, New Year 1900. Red, blue and silver tin (no contents) is embossed with Queen Victoria picture and cypher, with the inscription "I wish you Happy New Year".
Queen Victoria Jubilee Medal An 1897 Queen Victoria Jubilee Medal struck for Jubilee commemorations in Dartford. With fixing pin
Queens Own Cameron Highlanders Glengarry Badge A 1914 pattern glengarry badge for the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders. White metal. With clips.
Queens Own Hussars Shoulder Title A staybright shoulder title for the Queens Own Hussars. One fastening clip missing
Queens Royal Lancers Collars A pair of collar dogs for the Queens Royal Lancers. White metal, with clips. Queens crown
RAD Brooch - Large A large oval brooch for female units of the Reichs Arbeitsdienst (RAD). Gunmetal grey brooch depicting a swastika and RAD insignia in a surround. Some age discolouration. Plain backed, with pin
RAD Enamel Stickpin A Reichs Arbeitsdienst (RAD) labour service enamel stickpin. Very good condition. Long turned pin. Ges-gesch and maker marked (P&L) to the rear.
RAD Officers Hat Badge A hat badge for an officer in the Reichs Arbeitsdeinst (RAD). Enamel and grey metal. Rear fastenings missing. Maker stamped with an A for Assmann & Sohne.
RAD Officers Hat Badge A large size RAD (Reichs Arbeitsdienst) officer's hat badge with clips. Most red and black enamelling present. Ges-gesch marked and maker marked F&B. Dated 1038.
RAD Womens Service Badge An iron-grade badge for a member of the womens section of the ReichsArbeitsDienst (RAD). Solid grey metal with pin.
Radio Technicians Sleeve Badge A sleeve badge for a radio technician in the British Army. Good condition
RAF Aircraftsmans Sleeve Badge A WW2 sleeve badge in wool for a senior Royal Air Force aircraftsman. Good condition
RAF Cap Badge - Staybright A staybright cap badge for the Royal Air Force. Queens Crown. With clips
RAF Corporal Slip-On Epaulette Slip on epaulette badge for RAF corporal
RAF Musician's Sleeve Badge A sleeve badge for a Royal Air Force musician. Good condition.
RAF Police Armband A red and dark blue armband for the Royal Air Force Police. Wool armband has RAFP on a red stripe. Black silk lining. Buckle fastening. Wearer marked by BJ Conroy
RAF Shield - 44 Squadron A wooden Royal Air Force shield for 44 Squadron. Queens crown. 44 Squadron was a heavy bomber squadron which had the third highest casualty rate in Bomber Command. Stationed at Spilsby in Lincolnshire, the squadron was equipped with Handley Page Hampdens and Lancasters. Disbanded in 1957 they were reformed in 1960 as a V-Bomber squadron. Makers label on the reverse.
RAF Shield - 64 Squadron A Royal Air Force wooden shield for 64 Squadron. Queens Crown. The squadron was based at RAF Martlesham Heath in Suffolk and served in Egypt and Ethiopia before returning to the UK as fighter defence for Scapa Flow and the Scottish east coast. Equipped with Spitfires from 1940 and later with P51 Mustangs.
RAF Shield - 85 Squadron A wooden Royal Air Force shield for 85 squadron. Queens Crown. Based at RAF Debden in Essex. 85 squadron played a major part in the Battle of Britain, accounting for 90 enemy aircraft in 11 days. Later in the war the squadron was active in intercepting V1 flying bombs.
RAF Sidecap - KC A blue serge Royal Air Force sidecap with a Kings Crown brass RAF badge. Twin RAF buttons to the front. Side flaps with hook and eye fastenings. War Department crows foot stamp inside with serial number 535.
RAF Silver Sweetheart Brooch A sterling silver Royal Air Force brooch which could be worn as a brooch or a tieclip. Small RAF wings and kings crown on a long clip. Sterling silver marked.
RAF Sweetheart Brooch - Gilt A gilt Kings Crown RAF sweetheart brooch. Green, blue and red enamelling, with gilt wings. With pin
RAF Sweetheart Brooch - KC A Royal Air Force sweetheart brooch with Kings Crown. Blue and red enamel RAF insignia and crown on white metal and sky blue enamel wings. With pin
RAF Sweetheart Brooch - QC A white metal and enamel Royal Air Force sweetheart brooch. Queens Crown. With pin
RAF Sweetheart Pendant An elaborate Royal Air Force sweetheart pendant made from cockpit perspex. Diamond and cross on a silver chain, with inlaid RAF eagle insignia and a kings crown, with two blue mounted jewels. A unique item.
RAF Sweetheart Powder Compact A Royal Air Force sweetheart gift of a silver powder compact. White metal casing with Kings Crown RAF crest on a mother of pearl lid. Mirror inside lid with a powder dispenser. Hatched base. Maker marked by Stratnoid of England.
RAF Tunic Button - KC A brass Royal Air Force tunic button by Buttons Ltd of Birmingham. Kings Crown
RAF Tunic Button - WW2 A brass Royal Air Force tunic button maker marked by Gaunt of London. Kings Crown
RAOC Cap Badge A Royal Army Ordnance Corps 1920 pattern cap badge in copper alloy. Kings Crown, with slide.
RAOC Collar Dog, 1955 Pattern A Royal Army Ordnance Corps staybright collar dog with brass backing plate and clip. 1955 pattern.
Rare Adolf Hitler Loyalty Brooch A rare Adolf Hitler photograph brooch. Ornate bronze brooch has twin inset photograph frames. In one is a picture of Adolf Hitler, and in the other is an early pattern swastika and national colours. The Prussian crown is picked out on the apex of the brooch, which has a long turned lapel pin.
Rare WW1 Lower Austrian Choir Medal A rare medal from WW1 awarded to German service personnel from Lower Austria for excellence in patriotic singing and participating in service choirs. No ribbon.
RASC WW1 Brass Shoulder Flash A WW1 Royal Army Service Corps brass shoulder title. 16mm lettering. Complete with original red cloth backing.
Reference Book - Badges and Insignia of World War II An invaluable 363-page reference book illustrating and detailing badges and insignia of all fighting nations of the Second World War. More than 2,500 colour illustrations. By Guido Rosignoli, published by Peerage Books 1976.
Reichnahrstand Medallion 1936 - Boxed. A large silver Reichnahrstand medallion in its original presentation box. This 6cm diameter medal was awarded at the Reichnahrstand festival in Frankfurt in 1936 for tobacco distribution. Case has the RNS stamp and its Blut und Boden (blood and soil) motto. The hinge at the back of the case has failed but has been repaired. The RNB was the Reich's agricultural and food supply organisation
Reichs KolonialBund Bookmark A bookmark for the Reichs KolonialBund (RKB) - the Nazi league of German colonies. Single sided with RKB logo and a "Fight with Us" legend.
ReichsKriegerbund Breast Eagle A large white metal breast eagle for the ReichsKriegerbund RKB veterans' organisation. Slightly curved construction with enamelled Maltese cross above the swastika . Ges-Gesch marked on the reverse with an '8' maker's serial code.
Reichsnahrstand Gold Medal 1935 A cased gold medal for the Reichsnahrstand, Nazi agricultural organisation. The medal was awarded for food production in the Koln district, and is dated 1935. 4cm diameter, with hanging loop. In its original embossed case, which has a repair to the hinge.
Reichsparty Day Poster An original poster for Reichsparty day in Nurnberg. Printed on heavy brown parchment paper, featuring a Hitler Youth leader with standard.
Reichstag Election Registration Card - 1938 A registration card for the 1938 election to the Reichstag, for a voter in Saarbrucken. With original issue envelope. A rare item.
Reichstag Fund Raising Tinny A brass alloy fund-raising tinny sold to visitors to the Reichstag in Berlin. With pin
REME Cap Badge - QC A staybright cap badge for the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Queens Crown. Maker marked by Gaunt of Birmingham. Slide shortened
RFA Engineers Badge - WW2 A WW2 Royal Fleet Auxiliary engineer officers sleeve badge. Some mothing between stripes.
RMI Gilt Medal Spang A gilt and blue enamel Royal Masonic Institute boys' branch medal bar, issued in 1970. With fixing clips
RN Nuclear Submariners Badge A Royal Navy breast badge for submarine crew on nuclear deterrent patrol submarines. White metal badge with pin-lock rear fastenings and maker stamp SSBN
RN Submariners Badge A Royal Navy submariner's qualification badge. Brass Queens Crown badge has pin locks on the reverse.
Royal Army Nursing Corps Shoulder Strap A slip-on shoulder strap for an officer in Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps.
Royal Army Pay Corps Cap Badge A bi-metal cap badge for the Royal Army Pay Corps. Kings Crown. With slide. Wear to high points.
Royal Army Service Corps Cap Badge - KC A Royal Army Service Corps cap badge in copper. Kings Crown. With cap slide.
Royal Army Service Corps Tunic Button RASC staybright tunic button. Queens crown. Price is for each
Royal Artillery Cap Badge - KC A WW2 Royal Artillery cap badge in brass. Kings Crown. With cap slide. Some wear to high points.
Royal Artillery Collar Dog A single staybright Royal Artillery collar dog
Royal Artillery Shoulder Flashes Pair of staybright Royal Artillery shoulder flashes. with clips
Royal Artillery Sweetheart Brooch A Royal Artillery sweetheart brooch in sterling silver, with enamelled detail. Kings crown. Stamped D&Co. Hallmarked with anchor and lion indicating a Birmingham maker. Missing rear pin.
Royal Artillery Tunic Buttons Staybright tunic buttons for a Royal Artillery dress jacket. Price is for each
Royal Berkshire Regiment Beret Badge A brass beret badge for the Royal Berkshire Regiment, with slide.
Royal Corps of Transport Cap Badge A Royal Corps of Transport staybright cap badge. Manufactured by Gaunt. Queens Crown. Rear slide snapped
Royal Corps of Transport Shoulder Flash Staybright shoulder flash for the Royal Corps of Transport attached to a green web epaullette slide.
Royal Engineers Association Badge A Royal Engineers Association lapel badge. Gilt and enamel badge with Queens Crown. Maker marked by Gaunt of London
Royal Engineers Mess Dress Tunic Button A brass tunic button from a Royal Marines officer's mess dress. Maker marked by Firmin of London. QC
Royal Fusiliers Shoulder Flash White on red single shoulder flash for the Royal Fusiliers
Royal Hampshire Regiment Cap Badge A bi-metal cap badge for the Royal Hampshire Regiment. 1946 pattern. With slide.
Royal Life-Saving Society Badge A water safety badge awarded by the Royal Life Saving Society. Gilt and enamel badge with clip
Royal Lifesaving Society Medal A Royal Lifesaving Society bronze medal. Presented to an R. Hamby and dated 1976
Royal Logistics Corps Sleeve Badge A sleeve badge for the British army Royal Logistics Corps, queens crown.
Royal Marines Association Lapel Badge A gilt, white metal and enamel lapel badge for the Royal Marines Association. Kings crown. Stamped with serial number 37878.
Royal Marines Cap Badge A staybright cap badge for the Royal Marines. Rear fastenings removed. Queens crown.
Royal Marines Territorial Service Cap Badge A brass cap badge for the Royal Marines Territorial Service. With clips
Royal Military Police Cap Badge Brass cap badge for the Royal Military Police. Queens crown. With slide.
Royal Miltary Academy Sandhurst Cap Badge A brass cap badge for the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. Pre-1953 Kings Crown. With cap clip
Royal Navy "Privilege" Shipboard Envelopes A pack of 29 WW2 Royal Navy "privilege" shipboard letter envelopes. These envelopes allowed ship's personnel to write letters home which would not be opened by the shipboard censor.
Royal Navy Ship-board Letter Envelopes A pack of 10 WW2 Royal Navy issue envelopes for personal letters from personnel on board ships.
Royal Navy WW1 Silk Handkerchief A Royal Navy WW1 commemorative silk handkerchief. White handkerchief, 17 inches square, carries insignia and details of 40 ships of the line. A fascinating original WW1 souvenir.
Royal Norfolk Regiment Association Badge A lapel badge for the Royal Norfolk Regiment Association. Gilt badge with black and red enamel regimental badge decoration. Maker marked by JR Gaunt of London
Royal Pioneers Beret Badge Staybright white metal beret badge for the Royal Pioneers. Queens Crown
Royal Regiment of Scotland Glengarry A Glengarry for the Royal Regiment of Scotland. Tartan band with twin silk tails and white cockade. Two-piece regimental cap badge. Black cloth lining.
Royal Scots Greys Shoulder Flash A 1926 pattern brass shoulder flash for the Royal Scots Greys. With clips
Royal Tank Corps Beret A beret for a soldier in the Royal Tank Corps. Black beret is maker marked by Gieves and Hawkes of Savile Row. With a white metal Queens Crown Royal Tank Corps badge.
Royal Warwickshire Cap Badge A brass and wm cap badge for the Royal Warwickshire regiment. With beret slide.
Royal Yacht Squadron Buttons A set of three Royal Yacht Squadron tunic cuff buttons. Gilt buttons with RYS and an anchor. Maker marked by Buttons Ltd of Birmingham
Russian Armed Forces Merit Badge A Russian Federation armed forces merit badge. Enamel and white metal badge with clip. Maker stamped
Russian Army Merit Badge Small Russian Army merit badge in the shape of a flag. Brass, with clip
Russian Front Medal - Denazified A denazified version of the 1941-42 Russian Front "frozen meat" medal. The swastika has been filed flat. No ribbon.
Russian Rifleman Excellence Badge A WW2 USSR rifleman excellence award. Gilt and enamel badge depicting crossed rifles. Screwback fixing.
Russian SSH39 Helmet - Czech Contract WW2 Russian 1939 rimmed Ssh39 helmet in black finish. Liner has been replaced with an eight-tongue hide M53 Czech liner and leather chinstrap. Satin black finish. Slight scuffing to shell and to rim. Holes drilled in rear shell for protective havelock. At the end of the war and through the Cold War many Russian Ssh39 and Ssh40 helmets were converted for use by the Czech military.
Russian Veteran of Labour Medal A Soviet Russian Veteran of Labour medal complete with mounted ribbon and presentation citation booklet. Extra fine condition.
Russian WW2 Army Belt Buckle A Russian WW2 1940 pattern belt buckle in heavy brass, with Soviet star and hammer and sickle. Brass buckle catch and belt bars.
Russo-Prussian Legion Medal A 100th anniversary medal for the Russo-Prussian Legion (4th Rheinishers) 1812-1912. Gilt medal. No Ribbon. The Russo-Prussian Legion was part of the Prussian 9th Infantry Brigade and fought in the Napoleonic Wars, the Franco-Prussian War and the First World War. A very rare medal.
SA Reserve Stickpin A distinctive stickpin for a member of the SA Reserve. Nickel silver and enamel pin has a swastika in black and white enamel with silver wings. Long turned pin.
SA/SS Buckle Armband An SA/SS buckle-fastening armband. Red wool armband with black braid top and bottom. Single-piece swastika sewn onto stiffened circular white patch, Lined with black cloth and fastened with a steel buckle.
SA/SS Marching Band Bugle A large SA/SS marching band bugle. Brass bugle has an early pattern SA/SS eagle insignia brazed onto the top. Bugle is 44cm in length. Steel ferrules and brass and steel mouthpiece which is maker stamped BTH. Steel tone adjuster.
SA/SS Pilots Badge An early SA/SS leader's pilot's badge. Silver wire on black and white cloth with a 1929 pattern eagle and swastika and chevrons with SA and SS insignia. This extremely rare badge was awarded to SA/SS members who qualified as pilots in pre-Luftwaffe Flieger SA/SS flying schools between 1930 and 1933. It could be worn on headgear, the sleeve or breast.
Saar Annexation Plaque A circular wood and brass plaque to mark the reunification of the Saar region into the Third Reich, 1935. The 15cm diameter plaque has a hanging hook on the reverse. The pressed brass adornment features an eagle and swastika and the initials VS for Volkliste Saar.
Saar Foresters Membership Card A membership card for the Saar Foresters organisation, dated 1939. With swastika
Saar Plebiscite Voting Slip 1935 A League of Nations plebiscite voting slip for the Saar region of Germany. The vote, in 1935, gave the option of administration by the Germans or the French, who administered the region's valuable coal mines after the First World War. More than 90 per cent voted for reunification with Germany. With wax seal. A rare piece of history.
Saar Re-Unification Medal A bronze table medallion to mark the re-unification of the Saar region with Nazi Germany, January 1935. Medal has a map of the Saar on one side, and an image of a miner on the other, representing the region's valuable coal reserves. Maker marked. Medal is in a felt and plastic case which probably isn't original.
Saar Reunification Badge A large version of the badge produced to mark the reunification of the Saarland into Germany in 1935. Plated white metal swastika and regional map. Maker marked by Deschler of Munich. With clip.
Saar WHW Tinny A large pressed gilt tinny for Winter Relief in the Saar region. An impressive tinny featuring an eagle and garlanded swastika. With pin
Saarbrucken Day Badge 1923 A tinny for Saarbrucken Catholic Day, 1923. Pressed metal with long pin
Saarland Veteran's Day Bookmark A small silk bookmark issued to mark Saarland veterans charitable fund-raising day, 1949
Scale Model - Erwin Rommel A one sixth scale limited edition model of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel. This exquisitely detailed model stands around a foot high, and is number 25 of a 500 limited edition. Made from heavy resin and hand painted to a very high standard. Stands on a wooden plinth. With box, LE certificate and protective packaging.
Schalburg Cross - Museum Copy A good museum copy of the ultra-rare Schalburg Cross, which was awarded to Danish forces fighting for the Germans on the Eastern Front or against Danish resistance fighters. White cross with stylised swastika and legend which translates as "Loyalty Our Honour". Ideal for completing collections.
Schutzpolizei Shoulder Strap A single shoulder strap for an officer in the Schutzpolizei. Sew-in strap with green and silver tresse and a green backing
Scout Association Badge - 1930s A brass Scout Association lapel badge from the 1930s. Some tarnishing. With lapel clip. Stamped with serial number RR539338
Seafaring Day Tinny 1935 A nice example of one of the most distinctive day badges - the 1935 Seafaring Day tinny. With clip. Maker marked by W. Annetsburger of Munich
Set of 8 Third Reich Stamps A set of eight Third Reich postage stamps. Varying denominations and designs. Price is for all eight.
Set of Tucks US Postcards A set of eight postcards from Tucks US armed forces postcard series of 1913 - Independence Day" and "Decoration Day". Rare and collectable.
Signal Magazine - June 1943 A very rare copy of Signal - the Nazi propaganda publication - in the French language. This would have been for distribution by Nazi occupying forces in France and Belgium. This issue, from June 1943, focuses on the Wehrmacht's French volunteer fighters. Good condition
Signal Magazine - May 1943 A very rare copy of Signal - the Nazi propaganda publication - in the French language. This would have been for distribution by Nazi occupying forces in France and Belgium. This issue, from May 1943, focuses on the Eastern Front, and US prisoners of war. Cover picture is a Tiger tank. Good condition, though there is a tear in the spine.
Signal Magazine - November 1942 A very rare copy of Signal - the Nazi propaganda publication - in the French language. This would have been for distribution by Nazi occupying forces in France and Belgium. This issue, from November 1942, focuses on the Wehrmacht infantry among other subjects.
Signallers Brass Sleeve Badge - WW1 British WW1 brass sleeve badge for a signaller. With all clips.
Signallers Trade Badge - Small A small pattern British Army trade badge for a signaller. Good condition
Signals Senior NCOs Sleeve Patch A British Army sleeve badge for a Royal Signals senior NCO. Mercury on khaki
Silver Kings Badge A silver Kings Badge lapel badge awarded to wounded British servicemen in WW2. With lapel clip. Inscribed "For Loyal Service"
Silver Wound Badge - 1957 A 1957 version of the silver wound badge, awarded as a substitute for the Nazi version with swastika. Solid construction, with pin. Very good condition
Silver WW2 Wound Badge A silver 2nd class WW2 wound badge. Some corrosion to the back and the right hand edge, otherwise good condition. With needle pin
Silver WW2 Wound Badge A good condition solid construction WW2 silver wound badge. Silver marked 30 on reverse. Needle pin
Silver WW2 Wound Badge A good condition 2nd class WW2 wound badge in silver. Good detailing with slight age blemishing. Solid construction. Needle pin. Stamped 65 on the reverse, for makers Klein und Quenzer of Oberstein.
Snipers Qualification Badge British Army snipers qualification badge in cloth. Good condition.
Soldbuch - Grenadier - 1942 A Soldbuch issued to Grenadier Heinz Halfpap, with photograph. He served in Grenadier Ersatz Battalion 458, and Jager Regiment 136, based in Innsbruck, Austria. Issued in 1942. Swastika stamped. Swastika on the front has been scratched out, and there is some repaired damage to the spine
Soldbuch - Grenadier - 1944 A fair condition Soldbuch to a Grenadier Hermann Stille of Ersatz Battalion 286. Later transferred to Battalion 288. Issued in 1944 and fully stamped
Somerset Light Infantry Beret Badge A white metal 1898 pattern beret badge for the Somerset Light Infantry. With slide, maker marked by Gaunt of London
Somerset Light Infantry Cap Badge A white metal 1898 pattern Somerset Light Infantry cap badge, with clips
Somerset Light Infantry Cap Badge A large (4.5cm) white metal 1898 pattern cap badge for Prince Albert's Somerset Light Infantry. Some age discolouration. With brass cap slide.
South Lancs Volunteers Cap Badge - bi-metal A bi-metal WW1 cap badge for the South Lancashire Prince of Wales Volunteers. 1914 pattern. With clips.
Soviet Armed Forces Medal Medal to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Soviet armed forces, 1918 - 1988. Mounted with ribbon and clip and citation booklet.
Spanish Civil War Medal - 1936 The Spanish Civil War Victoria Medal marking the start of the civil war with the nationalist uprising in July, 1936. Brass medal in fine condition. No ribbon
Spanish Cross in Gold - Museum Copy A good museum copy of the Spanish Cross in Gold with Swords. With clip. Ideal for re-enactors or to complete collections
Spanish M1941 "Bolo" Bayonet A Spanish M1941 "bolo" bayonet, for use with the 8mm Mauser short rifle. Cross-hatched hilt and heavy crosspiece marked with a D. Toledo maker-marked shaped blade. In scabbard with serial stamp 0989. Canvas frog with security strap
SS Beer Krug A glass beer krug with the SS insignia inlaid into the lid. Dimpled glass krug with handle is maker marked with an \"e\" on the base. White metal opening lid has SS runes inlaid into the top in black, white and silver enamel.
SS Lithographic Drawings A set of 12 lithographic copies of large drawings of SS figures, originally commissioned by Heinrich Himmler in the mid-1930s. The copies of these impressive head and shoulder drawings of SS personnel are contained in a black folder with silver embossing. Each drawing is 41cm by 30cm. The original artist commissioned by Himmler was Wolfgang Willrich. They were reprinted by Robert Johnson of McCaysville, USA.
SS M42 DD Parade Helmet PRICE REDUCTION; A satin black SS M42 double-decal parade helmet. Only small remains of decals present. Good black paint inside and out on a large size 68 shell. SS decal is very faint with runes barely visible. The decal has been virtually polished out - possibly as a deliberate act of denazification. The swastika decal has gone apart from some very small remains of red paint, although decal site is clear. Partial serial stamp on inner shell -05. Tan size 60 liner with chinstrap.
SS Tie Clip A gilt tie clip featuring a circular badge of SS runes in laurels.
Staff Sergeant's Sleeve Crown A small staybright sleeve crown for a staff sergeant. Queens crown. With clips.
Staff Sergeant's Stripe Patch - Large A large British army staff sergeant's rank patch - Queens crown. Subdued.
Staff Sergeant's Stripe Patch - Small Small pattern stripe patch for a staff sergeant in the British Army. Subdued. Queens Crown.
Stalag POW Camp Dog Tag A metal dog tag for a prisoner in a Stalag prisoner of war camp. Tag has two holes punched for a neck string, and is stamped with camp identification Stalag I/F and prisoner number 1737. Stalag I/F was a camp in East Prussia built by Polish slave labour in 1941 and used mainly for Russian POWs.
Stalag POW Camp Dog Tag A metal dog tag for a prisoner in a Stalag prisoner of war camp. Tag has two holes punched for a neck string, and is stamped with prisoner number 7680B. Camp identification number is present but illegible after the word Stalag.
Stalhelm Veterans Honour Ring An honour ring for the Stalhelm veterans organisation. Made from copper alloy, featuring helmet, wreath and crossed swords. Gap in the metal to the back of the ring.
State Trumpeter's Sleeve Badge A brass sleeve badge for a British cavalry regiment state trumpeter. Queens crown. With clips
Sub-machine Gun Marksmans Badge A British Army trade badge for a sub-machine gun marksman. Good condition.
Subdued Officers Rank Pips Subdued active service officers rank pips. Price is for each.
Sudetanland Medal 1938 A fine example of the Nazi Sudetanland Medal, struck to mark the accession of the Sudetanland on October 1, 1938. With full-length original ribbon.
Swiss-German 1937 WHW Tinny A 1937 WHW Winter Help day badge for the Swiss-German community. Moulded brass, with clip. Extensively inscribed on the back. Maker marked by Versuchs Werkstatten.
Tank Destroyer Badge - Silver A silver grade sew-on Tank Destroyer badge. Black metal panzer tank on a stiff silver tresse background, with black lines top and bottom. Mounted on a field green cloth backing. This badge was instituted in 1942 and awarded for single-handedly destroying a tank or armoured vehicle.
TeNo M34 Helmet An M34 single decal helmet for the German TeNo technical organisation. Satin black helmet with salt shaker vents either side. Tan leather nine-tongued liner with a 57 size stamp. Black and tan leather chinstrap
Territorial Efficiency Medal - Miniature A silver miniature of the Territorial Efficiency medal awarded to members of the British Territorial armed forces for loyalty and service. Queens Crown medal has ribbon and clip.
The Middlesex Regiment Beret Badge A bi-metal beret badge for The Middlesex Regiment. With slide.
Three Drivers Badges - Digups Three Wehrmacht driver\'s badges, all in relic condition. These badges are dig-ups from the Eastern Front. Price is for all three
Three DRK Nurses Hat Badges Three German Red Cross (DRK) nurses' hat badges. Red and white enamel badges with two clips to the rear. Price is for all three.
Three WHW Day Badges - Road Signs Three WHW fund raising day badges from the 1940 road signs series. Two main street signs and one Embahnstrasse. Some calcification, otherwise good condition, with clips. Stamped H on the reverse. Price is for all three
Tinny for German Hiker Rescue Service A fund-raising tinny for the German hiker and mountaineer rescue service. With pin.
Tinny for Tatenruhm Day 1938 Pressed brass day badge for Tatenruhm Memorial Day, July 1938. With clip
Trench Art - Turkish 47mm Shell Case Trench art on a Turkish 47mm anti-tank brass shell case. Case is engraved with two figures on a magic carpet and a Turkish coffee pot. No base stampings.
Trier Sports Day Badge 1933 The distinctive tinny for the 1933 Trier Sports Day. With clip. Ges-Gesch marked
Tubes of German Army Zinc Ointment - Eastern Front Four tubes of German Army zinc ointment - dig-ups from the Eastern Front
Tucks British Flag Postcard A colour postcard by Tucks from the "British Flag" series of the 1920s. Postcard depicts four mounted troopers from James' 13th Hussars, 1603.
Two German ID Tags - Kurland Two German army ID tags for casualties. No discernable markings. These tags are dig-ups from the Kurland pocket, now in Latvia.
Two German ID Tags - Kurland Dig-ups Two more German casualty ID tags, dug up from the Kurland pocket battle area, now part of Latvia. No discernable stampings.
Two Mauser K98 Stripper Clips - Dig-Ups Two 7.92mm Mauser K98 rifle stripper clips. These are dig-ups from the Eastern Front in what is now Latvia
Two WW1 "Generals" Tea Caddies Two tin WW1 tea caddies with hinged lids. One is slightly larger than the other, with a plain tin interior, while the other has a green painted interior. Both are made by Barclay & Fry and are decorated with Union Jacks and pictures of WW1 British generals, including Major General Baden-Powell, Lord Kitchener, Lord Roberts, General French and General Sir Redvers Butler. Price is for the pair.
Two WW1 Cartoon Postcards Two British WW1 cartoon postcards. Both postcards written and stamped. Dated 1918. Price is for both
Two WW1 German Field Postcards A pair of identical WW1 German field postcards showing a group of eight infantrymen in feldmutze. Dated 1917.
Two WW1 German Soldier Feldpost Photographs Two posed studio feldpost photographs of German WW1 soldiers in feldmutze. Both Iron Cross recipents. One is a private posing with his mother, the other shows an infantry feldwebel of Korps Bruck Train 21, dated 1915.
Two WW2 Photographs - Luftwaffe and RAD Two small original WW2 photographs. One shows a group of four Luftwaffe officers. The other shows a group of RAD girls on bicycles and is dated 1944. Price is for both photographs.
United Nations 25 Year Medal A white metal medal struck to mark the 25th anniversary of the United Nations (1945-1970). Medal has a buttonhole hanging loop attachment.
United Nations Lapel Badge A small white metal and blue enamel United Nations lapel badge. With clip.
US 503rd Airborne Lapel Badge Brass and enamel lapel badge for the 503rd Airborne. With lock-on clips. No chips in enamel.
US Army 'Brave Rifles' Sleeve Patch A WW2 US Army sleeve patch for the 3rd Rifle Corps, known as the "Brave Rifles. Good condition.
US Army Corporals Collar Dog A brass collar dog for a US Army corporal. With two fixing clips to the rear.
US Army M1 Helmet A US Army M1 helmet with liner. Olive green shell is post-1943 pattern with back seam. Swivel bales. Wearers name - Ricard Kihn, and number 23899053 on inner shell. The name HERZOG is painted on the rear of the shell. Webbing olive green inner liner with acceptance stamp - "Liner, helmet, ground troops type 1" and 1943 date. Neckstrap intact but no chinstrap.
US Army M38 Tankers Helmet An M38 US Armoured tanker's helmet. Olive green compressed fibre helmet with leather band and leather-lined neck guard. Leather sweatband and leather and webbing liner. Ear flaps are missing, but a leather airborne-style chinstrap is present. Overall good condition
US Army Overseas Service Stripes - Fatigues A pair of US Army overseas service stripes for fatigues. Yellow bars on brown neoprene.
US Army Pte 1st Class Stripes - Pair A pair of US Army private 1st class sleeve stripes. Good condition
US Army Specialist Collar Dog A brass collar dog for a specialist grade in the US Army. Stamped G23. With pins.
US Army Specialist Collar Dog - Subdued A subdued black collar dog for a US Army specialist. With pins. Stamped L-22 on the reverse.
US Army Specialist Grade 4 Patches A pair of sleeve patches for a US Army Specialist Grade 4. Good condition.
US Army Water Bottle A US Army issue plastic water bottle, complete with screw-on cap and retaining strap. Maker marked by Skilcraft and stamped with serial number IA863. Dated 2003.
US Asia-Pacific Campaign Medal A US Asiatic-Pacific campaign medal awarded for 30-days service between 1941 and 1945. With ribbon and pin. Fine condition.
US Brave Rifles Sleeve Patch Cloth sleeve badge for the US Army 3rd Rifle Division - The Brave Rifles.
US Civil Defense Helmet - Gas A WW2 US Civil Defense helmet for a gas engineer. Red helmet has "Gas" to the front on an orange diamond. Some paint flaking to surface. Green inner shell. Green leather crucifix liner held with a central bolt. Chinstrap bales present but no chinstrap.
US M1 Helmet Cover - Camouflaged A US Army M1 helmet cover in woodland camouflage pattern. With multiple foliage slits. Maker marked.
US Marine Corps Tie Clasp A US Marine Corps full-width tie clasp. Black, subdued metal. Oval USMC badge on sprung clasp
US Rifle Marksmanship Badge A WW2 US rifle marksmanship badge. Target on a cross with Rifle clasp hanging beneath. Stamped "Sterling 1k" on the back. Fixing pin on the reverse.
US Submarine Engineers Badge A US Navy submarine engineers badge. Gilt metal badge depicts two dolphins and a propeller, with long fixing pin to the rear. Stamped with serial number 172010 and KGR makers mark.
USAAF Summer Garrison Cap A WW2 United States Army Air Force summer garrison cap. Light tan cotton with gold and blue piping. Reinforcing strip around inner rim with wearer's initials - PF. No size marking but appears to be a 7.
USAF 20mm Cannon Shell Case A US Air Force 20mm 102/M61 fighter cannon brass shell case. No base markings. Probably 1950s manufacture.
USAF Distinguished Flying Cross Miniature A boxed miniature of the US Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross, awarded for acts of heroism or distinction while in contact with the enemy. Cross complete with ribbon and pin, in original cardboard box of issue.
USAF Flying Suit badge US Air Force flying suit pocket badge. Unissued condition. White on blue neoprene
USAF Good Conduct Medal US Air Force Good Conduct Medal with original ribbon and pin
USAF Pocket Badge Black on olive green neoprene pocket badge for the US Air Force
USAF Private 1st Class Stripe Subdued US Air Force private 1st class rank stripe
USN Petty Officer's Stripe US Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class stripe. Tropical uniform issue - dark blue on white
USSR Air Defence Award A 1935-constituted Soviet air and chemical defence wardens award badge. White metal biplane with white metal and enamel badge on a hanging chain. Screwback. A rare Russian award.
USSR Drivers Excellence Award A WW2 Russian excellence award for a military driver. Gilt and enamel badge with a screwback fixing.
USSR Machine Gunner Excellence Award A Russian WW2 excellence award for a machine gunner. Gilt and enamel. Screwback.
USSR Signaller\'s Excellence Badge A WW2 USSR Excellence badge for a signaller.. Heavy white metal badge with a screwback.
USSR Silver Badge of Honour A WW2 Russian silver Badge of Honour. With ribbon and hanging device. Stamped with issue number 538133. This award was produced for achievements in WW2 weapons production
VAEL Engine Starter Cartridge Case A British brass VAEL FLFC large aircraft engine starter cartridge case. 18 cm high. Date stamped 1954.
Victoria Cross, Navy Issue - Museum Copy Exact museum copy of the Royal Navy issue of the Victoria Cross. As for army but with blue ribbon.
Victory Medal - Army Service Corps A 1914-18 Victory Medal to Pte H. Fynn, Army Service Corps. With ribbon. Fine condition
VM40 Gas Mask - Boxed A complete boxed VM40 Volksgasmaske with filter, inner box compartment and instruction manual. Mask is waffen stamped and dated 1940. Lenses are maker marked and dated 1943. Filter is extensively marked including waffen stamps and 1938 date.. Complete with all straps
Volksturm Veterans Officials Cap A black visor cap for an official in the Volksturm veterans organisation. Black serge cap with brocade band. Brocade-trimmed peak and black cords. Veterans Kyfhauser insignia to the front with laurels. Maker marked inside by Augustus Geiger of Kiel. No size mark but appears to be a 54.
Waffen SS M42 Tarnmutze A Waffen SS M42 tarnmutze camouflaged field cap. Reversible cap with plane tree camouflage on one side and tan blurred woodland pattern on the other. Twin metal vents either side which are rusted. No badges.
Waffen SS Staff Armband A cloth armband for staff and support workers of the Waffen SS, of the type worn by orderlies and security staff. Heavy white cloth armband with black printed lettering.
War Merit Cross - First Class-Boxed A 1939 War Merit Cross, First Class. White metal medal with swords for combatants. Bottle pin intact. In original box of issue. Box is in black leather, hinged and silk lined with a cross on the lid.
War Merit Cross with Issue Packet A War Merit Cross with Swords, for combatants, with its original packet of issue. Brass medal with strong definition, with ribbon. Issue packet has a Frankfurt maker's stamp
War Merit Cross with Swords A 1939 War Merit Cross with Swords for combatants. Brass alloy cross with sharp definition. With ribbon
War Merit Cross with Swords. A 1939 War Merit Cross with swords, awarded to combatants. Late war die-stamped zinc cross, with good patina. With original ribbon
War Merit Medal A 1939 War Merit Medal. No ribbon. Medal has discoloured with age but all details clear.
War Merit Medal 1939 A 1939 War Merit Medal. Fine condition. With ribbon
Warrant Officer 3rd Class Badge - Subdued A sleeve badge for a British Army Warrant Officer 3rd Class - Subdued - black on green. Small pattern.
Warrant Officer II Sleeve Badge Sleeve crown for a British Army warrant officer, 2nd class. Queens crown, padded.
Warrant Officer III Badge - Gulf A British Army Warrant Officer 3rd Class sleeve crown. Gulf pattern. Uncut
Wehrmacht Day Badge 1939 A rare badge for Wehrmacht Day, August 1939. Pressed brass alloy badge depicting a German helmet. With clip
Wehrmacht Drivers Pass A Wehrmacht driver's pass made from leinin durable cloth. User's name illegible. Dated 1939
Wehrmacht Drivers Pass A Wehrmacht driver's pass printed on leinen cloth. Issued to a Wilhelm Schwiderski of 14 Panzer Regiment, 159 battalion. Dated 1940.
Wehrmacht Heer Belt Buckle A Wehrmacht army belt buckle. Aluminium construction with good pebbled patina. With all moving parts. Maker stamped F.RO
Wehrmacht Marksmans Lanyard A Wehrmacht lanyard awarded for shooting prowess. First pattern Grade 1 lanyard with 1936 pattern eagle and swastika shield. Braided silver bullion that has some wear.
Wehrmacht Mess Tray A large gilt Wehrmacht mess tray. 27cm diameter tray with 11cm white metal eagle and swastika. Tray has some tarnishing and age wear.
Wehrmacht Officers Car Pennant A triangular Wehrmacht officer\'s car pennant. Green cloth pennant fitted to a metal frame with fixing brackets. Double sided, with eagle and swastika embroidered in gold. Gold braided edges. Good condition.
Wehrpass - Reservist A good condition Wehrpass to a Josef Wajciechowski, issued in 1940. With photograph. Complete with all entries and stamps. The bearer attended Volkschule and served in the Landwehr and Ersatz Reserve.
Welsh Guards Cap Badge A staybright cap badge for the Welsh Guards. Damage to rear slide, which is maker-marked
West Midlands Fire Service Sweater Badge Large sweater badge for West Midlands Fire Service
West Wall Medal A fine condition West Wall awarded to personnel involved in the construction of Nazi Germany's western defences. With full length ribbon
West Wall Medal A West Wall medal for workers building Nazi Germany's Western defences. Fine condition. No ribbon
West Wall Medal in Packet of Issue A fine condition West Wall medal with its LDO paper packet of issue. With folded ribbon.
Westwall Construction Booklet A souvenir 48-page booklet produced to mark the completion of the Westwall Western defences of the Reich. Booklet is written by Hauptmann Rudolf Kuhn who was the Westwall project commander. Dated 1939. The booklet includes extensive photographs and maps of the construction phases. Printed in Berlin and Munich
Who Dares Wins by Tony Geraghty The definitive story of the SAS by Sunday Times defence correspondent Tony Geraghty.
WHW Badge - Artillery Shell A WHW winter help fund-raising badge from the 1941 weapons series, depicting an artillery shell. Pin missing. Stamped W4 on the reverse.
WHW Badge - Bomb A WHW winter help fund-raising badge from the 1941 weapons series, depicting a bomb. Stamped W2. No pin
WHW Badge - Mortar Bomb A WHW winter help fund-raising badge from the 1941 weapons series, depicting a mortar bomb. Stamped W14. No pin
WHW Badge - Regions of Germany - Saar A WHW winter help Nazi fund raising badge from the Regions of Germany series 1939. Coat of arms of the Saar region on silk in a metal frame. With clip
WHW Badge - Rifle Cartridge A WHW winter help fund-raising badge from the 1941 weapons series, depicting a Mauser rifle cartridge. Stamped H1. With pin
WHW Badge - Rifle Cartridge A WHW winter help fund-raising badge from the 1941 weapons series, depicting a 7.92 Mauser rifle cartridge. Pin missing. Stamped W8
WHW Badge - Stick Grenade A WHW winter help fund-raising badge from the 1941 weapons series, depicting a stick grenade. Pin missing.
WHW Badge - Torpedo A WHW winter help fund-raising badge from the 1941 weapons series, depicting a torpedo. Pin missing. Stamped L1 on the reverse.
WHW Bakelite Flag - General Goering Regiment A bakelite WHW fund-raising flag for the General Goering Regiment. Green flag is stamped We4 on the reverse. With clip.
WHW Bakelite Flag - Nebeltruppe A WHW winter help fund raising bakelite badge from the regimental flags series. This one is for the Nebeltruppe - chemical troops. Stamped SU15 on the reverse. Pin is broken
WHW Bakelite Police Figure A Nazi WHW fund-raising bakelite figure of an Ordnungpolizei officer in shako. Hand painted, with hanging loop.
WHW Book of Marching Songs A miniature book of marching songs and Adolf Hitler quotes sold to raise winter relief funds. Dated 1942-43. With hanging loop.
WHW Ceramic Constellation Figures - Set of 8 A set of eight ceramic figures depicting constellations, produced for the Nazi Party's Winter Relief fund in 1938. They are the Great Bear, Cassiopeia, the Eagle, the Great Dog, the Ship, the Dragon, the Lyre and the Swan. All with clips except the Great Bear. Price is for all eight.
WHW Ceramic Figure - Bowman A Nazi WHW winter relief fund-raising ceramic figure of a bowman. With lapel clip
WHW Fund Raising Badge - Grenzmark A shield shaped Nazi WHW winter relief fundraising badge from a series of provincial coat-of-arms. This one is for Grenzmark in West Prussia. Cloth and black tin construction. With clip
WHW Fund Raising Badge - Owl A Nazi WHW winter help fund-raising badge in the shape of an owl. Zinc alloy with a jewel-mounted eye. Some calcification. With clip.
WHW Fund Raising Badge - Regions of Germany A shield-shaped WHW winter help Nazi fund raising badge from the Regions of Germany series 1939. Coat of arms of the East Prussia region on silk in a metal frame. With clip
WHW Fund Raising Badge - State Series A WHW winter relief fund-raising tinny from the 1940 State badges series. Grey metal shield is stamped Westgerman, 5 Jahrh. With clip
WHW Fund Raising Badge - Viking Shield An NSDAP winter help fund-raising badge in the shape of a circular Viking shield. Maker marked by Altschweuiss on reverse, with part number P13. With clip.
WHW Fund Raising Figure - The Great Dog A ceramic Nazi party WHW winter help fund-raising figure depicting the Great Dog star formation from the 1940 "constellation" series. With hanging loop
WHW Fund Raising Flag - Artillery A bakelite flag badge for artillery units, red painted. Marked with series number WE1 on the obverse, with DRGM - Artillerie. These were sold to raise money for Nazi Winter Relief.
WHW Fund Raising Flag - Flak Artillery A bakelite Winter Relief WHW fund-raising badge from the flag series for Flak Artillery. Serial number SU12. No clip
WHW Fund Raising Glass Schloss Ornament A Nazi winter relief (WHW) miniature glass ornament from the 1939 "Schloss" series. Legend beneath the castle is too small to read. Good condition.
WHW Fund-Raising Badge - "Freedom and Bread" A WHW winter relief fund-raising tinny from March 1936, with the inscription "Freedom and Bread". With lapel pin
WHW Fund-Raising Badge - Eagle A WHW winter relief NSDAP fund-raising badge in the shape of an eagle, with a red jewel mounted in the centre. From a series produced in 1934-35. With clip
WHW Fund-Raising Badge - Roman Sword A WHW winter help fund-raising badge. Roman short sword in grey metal with a red jewel inlay. Stamped 12 on the reverse. With clip
WHW Fund-Raising Badges - Shields Five winter help fund-raising tinnies from the 1939 shields series. Zinc badges with mounted jewels. Includes Norman 1066 and Swedish shields. All maker marked and with clips. Price is for all five badges.
WHW Fund-Raising Figure - Army Officer A bakelite figure of a Wehrmacht officer from a 1940 WHW winter relief series. Silver bakelite with a hole for a hanging loop
WHW Fund-Raising Figure - Luftwaffe A porcelain WHW Nazi winter help fund-raising hand-painted figure of a Luftwaffe officer in summer cap. With lapel clip to the rear. From a 1939 series.
WHW Fund-Raising Flag - General Goring Regiment A bakelite Winter Relief WHW fund-raising badge from the regimental flags series. This one, stamped 11 BA on the reverse, is for the General Goring Regiment. With clip
WHW Fund-Raising Flag - Luftwaffe Intelligence A Bakelite flag for Luftwaffe Intelligence from the flag series. Stamped BA11 on the reverse. Clip intact.
WHW Fund-Raising Pendant - German Uniforms Series A Nazi WHW winter relief fund-raising pendant from the 1939 German military uniforms series. Oblong opaque bakelite pendant depicting a 17th century German swordsman.
WHW Fund-Raising Pin - Stalhelm Badge A WHW winter relief fund-raising pin in the shape of a national stalhelm decal. With pin. No enamelling remaining.
WHW German States Fund-Raising Badge 1940 A WHW winter relief NSDAP fund-raising badge from a German States series issued in 1940. Good patina. Stamped on the reverse Westgerman 5 jahre, With clip
WHW Glass Pendant A Nazi party WHW winter relief fund-raising glass pendant. Image of a fly in plain glass. With hanging loop
WHW Medallion - Prince Eugen A Nazi winter relief WHW fund-raising medallion in clear bakelite. Minus its hanging thread, it depicts a head and shoulders of Prince Eugen who gave his name to one of Germany's most famous cruisers. From a set produced in 1940.
WHW Motherhood Day Badge - Wooden A rare and unusual WHW fund-raising badge for Motherhood Day 1935. The badge is made from turned wood. With metal clip
WHW Porcelain Police Badge A WHW Nazi winter relief porcelain badge, hand painted as a traffic ordnungpolizei officer. Rear clip missing.
WHW Propaganda Booklet - "Hitler and His Buildings" A miniature 32-page propaganda booklet to raise funds for the Nazi Winter Help fund. Entitled "Hitler and his Buildings" it includes pictures of Hitler with Nazi party buildings and infrastructure.
WHW Propaganda Booklet - "Hitler and His People" A miniature 32-page propaganda booklet to raise funds for the Nazi Winter Help fund. Entitled "Hitler and his People" it includes pictures of Hitler in a variety of popular situations.
WHW Propaganda Booklet - "Hitler and the Army" A miniature 33-page propaganda booklet to raise funds for the Nazi Winter Help fund. Entitled "Hitler and the Army" it includes pictures of Hitler with Heer personnel.
WHW Walking Figure A WHW Nazi winter relief bakelite fund-raising badge of a walking figure. With lapel clip
WHW Winter Relief Badge - Saar A Nazi WHW winter relief fund-raising badge for the Saar region. White metal with clip
WHW Winter Relief Tinny A Nazi WHW Winter Relief tinny depicting George and the Dragon. With clip. Inscription reads "Sichert den Seig uber hunger und kalte - Wir Opfern!"
WHW Winter Relief Tinny - George and the Dragon A Nazi WHW Winter Relief tinny depicting George and the Dragon. With clip. Inscription reads "Sichert den Seig uber hunger und kalte - Wir Opfern!" Good condition, with clip.
WHW Winter Relief Tinny, 1933 NSDAP WHW Winter Relief tinny for December 1933, inscribed "Ja" on a pressed brass badge. With pin
Wiltshire Regiment Badge - Victoria Crown A brass cap badge for The Wiltshire Regiment with Queen Victoria crown (pre-1901). Complete with cap slide. High points and the central detail of the badge are age worn. Otherwise good condition
Wing from a German Officers Cap Eagle - Dig-up The wing from a German army officers cap eagle. With clip intact. A dig-up from Festung Breslau fortress near Wroclaw in Poland.
WO11 Dress Sleeve Badge - Brass A brass warrant officer 2nd class dress sleeve badge. Red cloth backing. Queens crown. With clips, brass backing plate and pin
Womens Junior Air Corps Sidecap A green serge sidecap for the British organisation, the Womens Junior Air Corps. Silk lined. Size 7. Wearers name - Cpl Sugden - written inside. Two aluminium buttons to the front. The WJAC was launched by the Ministry of Education in 1942 to teach girls drill, aircraft recognition and basic aviation. These caps rarely come up for sale.
Womens RAD Badge A Reichs Arbeitsdienst (RAD) women's iron grade badge. High definition in solid grey metal. With pin
Wooden DAF Fund Raising Badge An unusual wooden DAF (Deutsches Arbeitsfront) WHW winter relief fund-raising badge. Dated 1934-35. Early pattern eagle and swastika with DAF insignia. Plain-backed. With hanging loop
Worldwide Peace Service Ribbon Bar The ribbon bar for the US Worldwide Peace Service medal. With clips
WVS Civil Defence Badge A white metal and red enamel Women's Voluntary Service Civil Defence hat badge. Kings Crown. Maker marked by Marples & Bradley.
WVS Silver Brooch A Womens Voluntary Service long silver brooch. Silver and red and blue enamel kings crown. With clip
WW1 and WW2 Six Medal Group A six-medal WW1 and WW2 German medal group, court mounted. Includes a WW1 2nd class Iron Cross, a combatants Cross of Honour with Swords, a Nazi-era police 18 years service medal with police insignia on ribbon, a 1938 Sudetanland Medal, a 1914-18 Hungarian Campaign combatants medal and a 1915-18 Bulgarian Campaign combatants medal. Court mounted with blue backing and pin.
WW1 Baden Veterans Award A WW1 Grand Duchy of Baden veterans award. Gilded die-stamped bronze insignia has Grand Duchy of Baden ribbons attached. With clip
WW1 Black Wound Badge A WW1 black third-class wound badge. Straight needle pin. Some black paint has worn off, otherwise good condition
WW1 Black Wound Badge A First World War third class Wound Badge in black. Good condition, with needle pin
WW1 Black Wound Badge A good condition WW1 black wound badge. Most paint remaining. With straight pin.
WW1 Black Wound Badge Stickpin A World War One black wound badge stickpin. High level of detail. On long turned pin
WW1 Brodie MkI Helmet with Artwork A WW1 British Brodie MkI helmet with commemorative artwork to the front. Black painted rimless shell - minus its liner - bears the iconic image of a soldier and battlefield grave with the heading "The Great War" and the inscription "We Will Remember Them 1914-1918" on the helmet rim. Crown decorated with poppies. Inner shell painted black.
WW1 Cigarette Case for Gold Donations A German WW1 cigarette case awarded for donations of gold to help the war effort. 13cm x 9.5cm silvered hinged case. Elasticated cigarette holder inside lid. Iron Cross style insignia to the front. Dated 1914 and inscribed \"Gold Gab Ich Fur Eisen\" (I Gave Gold for Iron). Rare.
WW1 Croix de Guerre with Bronze Star A WW1 Croix de Guerre with a bronze star for \"mentioned in despatches.\" Fine condition medal dated 1914-17. With original ribbon and pin
WW1 Cross of Honour A First World War German Cross of Honour with swords, awarded to combatants. Maker stamped W.R. on the reverse. Fine condition. No ribbon.
WW1 Cross of Honour - Non-combatant The German WW1 Hindenburg Cross of Honour without swords - awarded to non-combatants. Extra fine condition. No ribbon.
WW1 Feldkarte Album A small WW1 album for Feldkarte photographs and postcards. Grey card covers with the Prussian coat of arms and flags on the front. Each page holds one feldkarte. Red, white and black national colours on string tassles.
WW1 Framed Photograph - EK2 Holder A WW1 photograph of a uniformed German Iron Cross-winning infantryman with family. In original wooden frame which has the German national flag colours painted on.
WW1 Framed Photograph - Feldwebel A WW1 photograph of a German feldwebel in uniform with schirmmutze. In original steel frame
WW1 French Croix de Combatantes A WW1 French Croix de Combatantes medal, awarded to combatants giving service to France, 1914. Bronze, fine condition with original ribbon
WW1 German Brunswick Merit Medal Ribbon A ribbon for the German States of Brunswick Cross of Merit medal. Shaped to fit medal
WW1 German Feldpost Card A German WW1 feldpost card, dated 1917. Picture shows eight German infantrymen in feldmutze.
WW1 German Isonzo Veterans Badge A WW1 German badge for veterans of the 1917 Battle of Isonzo. The battle between German and Austro-Hungarian forces against the Italians was a particularly bloody campaign. Isonzo is now in Slovenia. The pressed white metal badge bears the words "World War 1917". With clip
WW1 German Sweetheart Brooch A WW1 German sweetheart brooch. A colour picture of an infantryman in feldmutze in a gilt and jewel frame. Maker stamped GD. With lapel pin.
WW1 Iron Cross 1st Class A nice WW1 Iron Cross 1st class which still has some silvering on the edges and back. Domed construction with bottle pin. Very clear detailing. Stamped L54 for the sought-after maker Scheuerle & Hofeld of Ludenscheid.
WW1 Jaeger Shako - Wurttemburg A WW1 jaeger regiment shako. Made from compressed green rabbit felt with a brass Wurttemburg picklehube plate to the front. 1914 pattern chinstrap with brass fittings. State and national cockades present. Missing the cockade fitted to the top front of the helmet. Leather liner.
WW1 Lancashire Fusiliers Cap Badge A WW1 bi-metal Lancashire Fusiliers 1914 pattern cap badge. With slide. Some wear to high points.
WW1 M17 Helmet A German WW1 M17 steel helmet. Overall brown patina inside and out and generally good condition, with all bolts and fastenings intact. Leather chinstrap riveted to shell. Steel liner band with leather and horsehair pads. Leather retaining lace
WW1 Medal Pair - Royal Fusiliers A WW1 medal pair of British War Medal and Victory Medal to 66188 Private G. Butler of the Royal Fusiliers. With issue document. Frayed ribbon on the Victory Medal, otherwise fine condition.
WW1 Mounted Trio - Miniatures A miniature WW1 "Pip, Squeak and Wilfred" trio of 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal, mounted, with pin. Victory Medal has a Mentioned in Despatches" laurel clasp.
WW1 Pair - Royal Artillery A WW1 pair awarded to Gunner C.E. Pritchard, Royal Artillery. British War Medal 1914-18 and Victory Medal, both in extra fine condition.
WW1 Pair - Royal Engineers A WW1 pair of British War Medal 1914-18 and Victory Medal to Corporal 186404 2 WR Lord, Royal Engineers. Slight tarnishing to gilt on Victory Medal. Original ribbons.
WW1 Postcard - French Biplanes WW1 postcard showing French biplanes protecting an observation balloon, 1914-15
WW1 Postcard - Ypres Cathedral A WW1 postcard showing Ypres Cathedral before and after bombardment
WW1 Prussian Table Medal for Gallantry A First World War table medal awarded for an act of gallantry that saved a life. Prussian eagle, with garlanded inscription to the reverse,
WW1 Veterans Association 40-Year Service Pin A gilt and black enamel stickpin for 40 years service in the WW1 veterans association. 1914 Iron Cross image in a gilt garland. Long pin
WW1 Victory Medal - West Yorks A WW1 1914-19 Victory Medal awarded to a Private W. Way of the West Yorkshire Regiment. Fine condition. No ribbon
WW1/WW2 German EKII Medal Group - Mounted A court-mounted First and Second World War medal group of four. Includes a 1914 Iron Cross second class, a Cross of Honour with swords for combatants, a gold Police 25 year service medal with NSDAP police device embroidered onto ribbon and an 1897 Kaiser Wilhelm Jubilee medal. Mounted with a grey cloth backing and long securing pin.
WW2 Air Force OS Map of SW England A WW2 Royal Air Force aeronautical Ordnance Survey map of South West England. All airfields marked, including Tangmere, along with artillery ranges, bombing ranges and shipping areas. Good condition
WW2 Black Wound Badge A good condition WW2 third class black wound badge. Most paint remaining. With clip. Part of hasp has broken.
WW2 Brass Major's Crown - KC A WW2 British Army major's shoulder crown - Kings Crown. Flat, vertical lugs
WW2 Evacuee Certificates Two certificates issued from Buckingham Palace to thank a Mrs Dunger of Norfolk for taking in an evacuee. One is signed by George VI and is dated 1946. The second is from Queen Elizabeth II. In envelope with Buckingham Palace stamp
WW2 Kyfhauser Veterans Medal A WW2 Kyfhauser Veterans Medal. Bronze medal with gilt finish. Full length original ribbon. Fine condition
WW2 Kyfhauser Veterans Stickpin A lapel stickpin for the WW2 Kyfhauser veterans organisation. Kyfhauser insignia on shield with national colours. Ges-gesch marked. Long turned pin
WW2 Mounted Group of Six A WW2 court mounted group of six medals. Includes a War Merit Cross with Swords, and Eastern Front medal, a Wehrmacht Four Year Service Medal with Luftwaffe spang, a 1938 Anschluss Medal, a 1938 Sudetanland Medal with Prague Burg clasp and a Romanian campaign Loyal Service Cross 3rd class with Swords. Ribbons slightly soiled with age. Court mounted with long pin
WW2 Photograph - Army EM in M43 Cap An original WW2 photograph of a German Army enlisted man wearing an M43 cap. Romantic message on the reverse, and signed "Fritz". Dated June 1944.
WW2 Photograph - German Army NCO Small portrait photograph of a German Army NCO in uniform. Dated 1941
WW2 Photograph - Luftwaffe NCO in Sidecap An original WW2 photograph of a Luftwaffe NCO wearing a sidecap. Dated 1940
WW2 Photograph - March-Past An original German WW2 postcard-style photograph of helmeted German troops in a march-past. Illegible writing on the reverse.
WW2 Photograph - Royal Artilleryman An early war WW2 postcard photograph of a Royal Artillery enlisted man in dress uniform
WW2 Photograph - Searchlight Vehicle A WW2 photograph of a Thorneycroft searchlight truck of 44 Searchlight Regt of the Royal Artillery. Dated on the reverse 1940 and marked Regent Studio, Swindon.
WW2 RAOC Cap Badge A WW2 Royal Army Ordnance cap badge, kings crown, in dull copper finish. No clip
WW2 Silver Wound Badge A WW2 silver grade 2nd class wound badge in semi-relic condition with chips around the edge, damage to silvering and some wear to surface. With needle pin intact
WW2 Six Medal Group - REME Territorials A WW2 six-medal group to Craftsman (REME equivalent to private) RM Dunger of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Consists of 1939-45 Star, Africa Star with 1st Army bar, Italy Star, Defence Medal, 1939-45 War Medal and named Territorial Medal. Mounted on black card for display purposes.
WW2 US Army Web Belt A WW2 US Army enlisted man\'s webbing trouser belt. Subdued metal fittings. Size 40. Dated 1945
WW2 Womens Institute Lapel Badge A WW2 home front Women's Institute lapel badge. Gilt and enamel badge bears the inscription "For Home & Country". With pin. Maker marked by Fattorini & Sons, Birmingham.
WW2 Wound Badge - 3rd Class A WW2 3rd class black wound badge. Most black paint has gone from the front of the badge but black paint remains on the reverse. All details clear. With clip.
Y-Strap Loops - Eastern Front Two metal Y-Strap loops. These are dig-ups from the Eastern Front at Saldus in what is now Latvia.
Yugoslav Partisan Titovka A WW2 field green serge Yugoslav partisan sidecap - a Titovka - also known as a JNA cap, worn by the Yugoslav Partisan Army. Inner label carries a makers mark - ACB - and a 1944 date. Size marked 56.
Zweibrucken Rally Tinny A pressed alloy tinny to mark the Zweibrucken Gaufahrt rally in June 1920. Badge features a single rune, which was adopted by war veterans and the Freikorps. With clip
\"Hitler\'s Thanks\" Table Medallion A heavy white metal "Hitler's Thanks" table medallion. Awarded in 1939 for "services to the people". Hitler's head on one side, and two images of Hitler in uniform on the reverse. Good condition.
\"WW2 German War Booty\" - 4 Volumes Four volumes from the five-volume "World War II German War Booty" books. These extensively illustrated large paperback books detail German souvenirs, uniforms and equipment brought back from the European theatre of war by US, British and Russian troops. Price is for all four 150+ page volumes II, III, IV and V. Compiled by Thomas Johnson and privately published in South Carolina.