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ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS SUN HELMET Super example of an 1899 pattern Wolseley helmet attributed to an officer in the Argylls. This came with other uniform items straight from the family home. The other items date to the Boer War and are available in my other listings. The helmet could possibly be 1920's /1930's as it has foil inside which was more common on later helmets . Condition is very good for it's age with only some splits to the leather trim out the leading edge. , 8 fold puggaree is good and most of the foil lining is present. Makers details to the leather and red silk sweatband is present but indistinct. Leather chin strap complete but dry. Very nice Bronze officers collar mounted on black cotton with Regimental yellow felt trim to left side. Collar is the "Tail Up" type used during the Victorian period. Superb piece and extremely rare to find something to the Argylls from this period . Great look.
( PRE ) WW1 - SLADE WALLACE - LEATHER BAYONET FROG VARIANT Believed to be for a thinner belt issued to some Territorials and also possibly foreign units. Stout leather which has been whitened at some point. For slimmer belt, approx. 1 inch , inch and a quarter. V.G.C.
(QUEENS OWN) CAMERON HIGHLANDERS. - CAR MASCOT/ BUMPER BADGE Very rare item. Circa 1950'S . Car bumper mascot / car badge. Made by Beulah. Cap badge device in relief over Regimental colours. Domed clear glass /acrylic . Chrome good. Looks like it's had light use only. No stone chips or damage. Heavy and substantial, good quality piece. The only one of these I've ever come across to the Camerons. V.G.C.
1 / 2 LOTHIAN AND BORDERS HORSE PIPE MAJORS SILVER BADGE Usually these were in nickel silver , this one tests as Sterling quality so likely for P/M or P/Sgt ? Good condition with no rubbing and uncleaned but will come up nicely if desired. Scarce. V.G.C.
10 BY 80 ZEISS WAR SHIP BINOCULARS - FASLANE Extremely rare war ship binoculars taken from a German ship scrapped at Metal Industries Faslane in 1945. These stunning 80º elevation, 10 x 80 Kriegsmarine mkd. binoculars were made by Carl Zeiss Jena. The prototype was developed around 1938, and were considered a Sonderkonstruktion, or special construction, by Zeis. Used in conjunction with the ships guns for targeting aircraft and surface targets. All control knobs , handles etc. original and in good working order. Clear lenses. Retaining their original grey finish which has salt wear indicating the ship did not sit in port during the war. When you consider how few German surface ships were left at the end of the war you can work out the rarity of these optics. Absolute State of the Art at the time. P.O.A.
13TH OF FOOT ( SOMERSET ) VICTORIAN O/R\'S BRASS CAP BADGE. Scarce badge in die struck brass .KK 438. Worn circa 1874-1881. North/South loops to the reverse. Old polish residue. VGC.
16TH QUEENS LANCERS WW1 CAP BADGE - FIRMIN Good officer quality maker mkd. example. Bi - metal. 6 piece construction. Nicely toned. \"Firmin - London\" to slider. Very well detailed. V.G.C.
17TH OF FOOT - LEICESTER - LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Scarce button from the Victorian era. Numbered and with QVC. Maker mkd. for Stillwell London. V.G.C.
1871 PTN PRUSSIAN GRENADIER PICKLEHAUBE Stout leather shellaced skull with correct pebbled leather back peak. Correct single cockade with hook on chin scales. Brass fittings. Silk liner with leather sweat band. These in excellent condition for with light service wear. V.G.C.
1895 HALLMARKED ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS SILVER BADGE - KIRKWOODS. This is the Rolls Royce of Argyll badges. I showed this to the 1st Btn. Pipe Major many years ago and he thought it was the nicest badge to the Argylls he had ever seen ! Kirkwoods at their best, Edinburgh silver with H/M's for 1895. This one still unusually with it's 4 lugs intact, north and south were normally removed. Kirkwoods tablet to rear. The detail is the simply the best, there's a song in there !! Near Mint
1903 DTD. ATHOLL HLDRS.SILVER/ IVORY SKEAN DHU - ROBB OF BALLATER A virtually one off piece and no ivory Issues as it's named and dated on the back " E.R.I - 1903" This is in excellent condition with broad full ivory handle c/w all it's studs. Profusely hall marked to all but the top mount, has " W.R. " "Robb Ballater" and Edinburgh silver marks for 1903.Also mkd. "BLTR" Hand engraved Celtic pattern mounts. There are many collectors of Robb items because of their high quality. They were granted a Royal Warrant in the late 19th century. Good scabbard leather. Blade has a camel motif which was used by Inverness silversmiths so has possibly come from one of them, Ferguson & Mc Bean ? Attributed to the Atholl Highlanders this is an outstanding top end piece, unfortunately with price to match but I suppose as a decent vintage Infantry of the Line example now costing £600/£700, it's a great investment.
1910 - BLACK WATCH ASSOCIATION LAPEL BADGE - GAUNT Super example of the 1910 introduced wartime type of Black Watch members / ex members lapel badge. Outside oval with " The Black Watch Association " this in blue enamel on brass. The centre is gilded with white enamel. Overlong pin on the back which is correct for the period. No damage. Mkd. on the back for J.R.Gaunt London. V.G.C.
1913 H/M ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS DIRK C/W ORIG. BOX Good example by Brookes of Edinburgh . Edinburgh hallmarks for 1913. All parts are individually stamped. Acid etched Regimental blade. All stones matching and no breaks or damage to the bog oak handle and knife and fork. Scabbard mounts standing in high relief. These with no rubbing or damage. Scabbard leather good.All handle studs present. Spring triggers on knife and fork working well. Comes with it's original Brookes leather covered silk lined case. Part of a collection of Argyll officer items just in from the family home.Name of officer and copy photograph of him in uniform to buyer. On hold for T until 23rd Nov.
1917 DATED WW1 MARCHING COMPASS WITH LEATHER POUCH - Very good example. Both compass and case dated 1917. Compass by \" S. Mordan & Co. \"Verners Pattern V111.W.D. arrow. Good working condition. Owner’s name W. GAYNE inscribed at the rear. Leather case in great shape. made by \" French & Son Ltd. - London \"and with WD arrow. V.G.C.
1920\'S / 30\'S ANTI SEMITIC BEER STEIN A very rare German beer stein with strong anti semitic connotations mirroring the view that helped Hitler come to power. This is being sold as a historically important piece and in no way mirrors our beliefs and for the record, the last one I had went to Israel to a big collection there. Approx. size 20.5 cm/8 inches from top to bottom of the stein. 11.2 cm diameter at the bottom. This stein is 100% \" One Look \"original . The scenes on the stein show pretty very much every negative quality of the Jews, including the saying \"Trau keinem Fuchs...\" (Trust No Fox...). Some of the scenes depict the following: A German farmer together with three Jews holding documents, as they cheat him out of his land with the saying \"Kauft nicht bei Juden\" (Don\'t buy from Jews). A Jew presenting an invoice to a laborer, together with a saying that translates to something like, \"The handicraft brings only a small salary while the Jew Cohn cashes in the big profit\" A sleeping Aryan (Michel) is laying under a tree while two Jews are robbing him while he sleeps. Another scene is calling to drive the Jews out of Germany to Israel with \"Michel\" the Aryan showing the Jews the way out of Germany while swinging a club. \"Deutsches Haus / Juden haben keinen Zutritt\" (German House / No Access For Jews) is written under another scene where the Jews are being forced to leave The retailer of the stein is Joh. Korzilius, a company that is still in business today.The manufacturer was Deumler & Beiden. There are two dates on the stein, 1893 and 1910. 1893 being the year in which the anti-Semitic party had a huge success in the Reichstag election and 1910 was the year in which the \"Deutschvoel-kischer Studentenverband\" was founded, a very antisemitic right wing party. One of the founders, Wilhelm Kube, was later leader of the Prussian wing of the NSDAP and during the war was in charge of the \"Jewish Question\" in Weissruthien (Russia). Similar steins were auctioned off at Christie\'s in New York, Christe\'s in Amsterdam, Habsburg Feldman in Geneva and Sotheby\'s in Tel Aviv between 1988 and 2001 for several thousand dollars each. Condition is excellent with no chips, damage or repairs. It comes with a lifelong guarantee of authenticity.
1936 - HESSEN, NASSAU, DARMSTADT - LEATHER Super 1936 Day Badge. Large oval. Details and eagle and swastika embossed into leather. Stitched trim. Excellent condition.
1937 BRITISH GAS MASK C/W BOX & OUTER CARRIER BOX Early respirator , civilian issue. C/w card box of issue and rare outer carry bag with shoulder strap. Carry bag is in a grey cotton with a WW1 style \" Football \" button. Old candle wax spots to top, no doubt during the Black out. Nicely marked up. Some perishing to the rubber edges but a total sleeper straight out a loft in Glasgow. V.G.C.
1940 BRITISH ARMY JACK KNIFE Nice clean one . Sheffield maker and 1940 date. Blades retaining their polished finish with no rust or darkening. Nice grips. Copper loop. V.G.C.
1940 DATED BRITISH WW2 BINO CASE Good maker mkd and dated example. Never had side buckle fixings for shoulder strap. Owners initials inside. V.G.C.
1940 DATED BRITISH ARMY JACK KNIFE British army issue jack knife. 1940 date and W.D. arrow. Made in Sheffield England stamped. No springing. Uncleaned. This type had no lanyard ring. Scarcer than the marlin spike version. Different type of blade being slimmer, some slight sharpening. V.G.C.
1940 DTD. WW2 BRITISH TAN WEBBING COMPASS POUCH - ATTRIBUTED Good \" Been There \" web pouch for the marching compass. This came from a Westeren Desert officers estate ( name to buyer ). Seems to have had white ? blanco or possibly just sun bleached. Nicely maker mkd and 1940 dated. Certainly saw the sun this one ! Owner got an M.I.D. during his service V.G.C.
1941 DTD WW2 BRITISH TRENCH TOOL & CARRIER Transitional model between WW1 and WW2. This one has never had the loops forn the helve. Blacki painted head with Maker \" Chilling \" and 1941 date.W.D. arrow. Shaft is good as is the helve carrier. V.G.C.
1941 WW2 ENFIELD BREECH COVER BY ALBERT GILL- 1941 DTD. Original WWII dated Lee Enfield breech cover for the SMLE rifle. Maker marked Albert Gill and dated 1941 with W.D.arrow. The cover was designed to protect the moving parts from bad weather or dirt getting into the moving parts of the rifle. Scarce. V.G.C.
1942 BRITISH AIRBORNE PARA DENISON SMOCK 1st PATTERN - WAREINGS Rare 1st pattern combat worn Denison smock as worn at Arnhem. This is the sought after WAREINGS made one. Large size ( See Label). Good original working half zip by LIGHTNING and still with it's original long cloth puller. "NEWEY" studs. Elasticated cuffs with some wear and tear as you expect from an original. Some fading and a 1 inch tear to back ( See photo). Monkey tail removed as is usual on a 1st pattern as they could'nt be fixed up at the back which was rectified on the 2nd pattern. If you want a good "Been There, Done the Biz" combat worn example this is for you however if you want mint, unissued, pass.
1942 DATED WW2 STRETCHER SLING Possibly Canadian made. Dated 1942.
1942 DTD. AIRBORNE DENISON SMOCK - P. FRANKENSTEIN Good "Been There" large size Denison smock by rare maker P. Frankenstein. Good condition overall. Half zip. Good wool storm cuffs. Nice clear label with 42 date and shows sizes to suit 5'9" to 5' 11", 40 to 42 inch chest. Couple of tears here and there as you expect with a combat worn one. Monkey tail removed. lightning zip still with it's cloth puller. Newey studs.
1942 SMALL ARMS TRAINING RIFLE PAMPHLET NO. 3 Rifle pamphlet No.3 . 1942 dtd.. Soldiers name in pen to cover. Nice soldier used rather than minty ex stores.
1942 WW2 MEDICS SIDE PACK - 1942 DTD. Infantry medics side pack. Maker mkd. and dated inside. Canvas integral shoulder strap. \"Shell Dressings\" stencil is clear but has at some point been partially blacked out and \"General Purpose\". added. This is period done and not the 1st I\'ve had like this . Rare. V.G.C.
1943 DTD. BRITISH AIRBORNE HELMET - LEATHER STRAPS Good "Been There" combat example with early leather straps. Scrim net original with hessian strips and some tears. Original untouched condition. G & S 1943. to inside. Top pad present. Now rare and the prices keep getting higher.
1944 DATED BRITISH PARATROOPERS HELMET Nice camo large size para /airborne helmet. BMB ( Briggs Motor Bodies ) and 1944 date, nice and clear , not like most that magically have the the date obscured in an otherwise good sweatband !! Khaki jump straps. Cheap helmet. V.G.C.
1944 DTD. BRITISH PARA / SAS CAMO OVER TROUSERS- A.RAVEN Original WWII British Army SAS Denison Windproof Camouflaged Over Trousers. Mint un-issued condition, and still retaining their distinct camouflage pattern. Base colour of pink with overlying brushstrokes of pale green, plum, and dark brown. Thick brown cotton drawstring at the waist. Single button closure to left thigh pocket. Excellent clear label with , \"Size No. 1,\". Maker mkd. for, \"A. Raven & Co. Ltd,\", sizings and are broad arrow marked and dated \"1944\" . Rare.
1944 DTD. BRITISH PARA HELMET - BMB -VERY LARGE SIZE Very clean condition and c/w camo net and scrim. Good huge size 8. Shell retaining almost all it's drab paint finish. Net good. Good liner, top pad etc. The khaki 2nd pattern straps good but with one field repair to one end, ( see pics ). Clearly stamped to liner " BMB ( Briggs Motor Bodies ), 1944 and (size) 8. Rubber good and still supple. Dirty and dusty inside, spiders webs etc. just the way I like to find them. 100% combat original in a scarce large size.
1944 WW2 BRITISH GREEN KHAKI GAITERS Nice pair of wartime webbing gaiters. Blancoed. Marked up inside. V.G.C.
1945 DATED WW2 CIVIL DEFENCE CORPS BERET Very nice condition beret . Made by Beret Industries in a large size approx 57 with clear 1945 date. Blue wool body with no moth or damage. Leather trim. Draw string. Civil Defence original to it Kings Crown badge. Hard to better this one.
1949 AUSTRALIAN VETERANS LAPEL BADGE Numbered veterans badge and specifically to the 49th Btn. which was in the main formed from Gallipoli vets. 4 colour enamel with no damage. I've had this badge before but never to a specific regiment. V.G.C. The 49th Battalion was an infantry unit of the Australian Army. Raised as part of the Australian Imperial Force during the First World War, the battalion fought along the Western Front between mid-1916 and late 1918, before being disbanded in early 1919.
1950\'S RAF - ST. CHRISTOPHER CAR MASCOT Striking piece. Chromed brass / enamel. Well detailed. Fitted to a Desmo bumper bracket. Rare
1970\'S PATTERN SCOTTISH TAM O SHANTER - NORTHERN IRELAND Good well used bonnet from the N.I. period. Small stitching repair to leading edge towards the back. Has the classic shape from that period where the squaddies would press up each side.
19TH LOTHIAN & BORDERS HORSE ARMOURED CAR COY BARRACKS SIGN - 1922 Amazing One Off and super rare. Circa 1922 when L & B were changing from horses to armour. This sign is from their barracks frontage. Hand carved wood Royal Crest with brass plaque below with unit designation. Condition is A.1 . and just a super super piece the like of which just never turns up anymore. V.G.C.
1st ABERDEEN RIFLE VOLUNTEERS OFFICER\'S POUCH BELT BADGE. Good example of an officers pouch badge in blackened brass. 3 screw posts to the rear. Retains almost all the original finish. V.G.C.
1ST FIFESHIRE ARTILLERY VICTORIAN - VOLUNTEER HELMET PLATE Cheapest out there ! Nice o/r's HP. QVC . As per Regular HP. but with added " 1st Fifeshire Artillery Volunteers " 3 lugs. Nice toning. No rubbing or damage. Rare. V.G.C.
1ST MIDLOTHIAN COAST VOLUNTEER ARTILLERY HELMET PLATE. Good example of this scarce helmet plate. White metal o/r\'s. 3 lugs. One lug lost the tip of the loop QVC crown. Age toned as found. Will clean up nicely if desired. Some polishing to the bottom scroll. Worn circa 1878-88. Royal Arms with short scroll below reading, \"First\" over the gun. Below a long scroll with, \'Midlothian Coast Artillery Vols\'. Formed at Leith on the 16th of October 1859 Good example of this scarce helmet plate. White metal o/r\'s. 3 lugs. QVC crown. Age toned as found . Will clean up nicely if desired. Some polishing to the bottom scroll. Worn circa 1878-88. Royal Arms with short scroll below reading, \"First\" over the gun. Below a long scroll with, \'Midlothian Coast Artillery Vols\'. Formed at Leith on the 16th of October 1859 All 3 lugs are present although one has split at the end. Good example at a great price.
1ST MIDLOTHIAN RIFLE VOLUNTEERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Scarce die struck bronze retaining all it's finish. 2 screw posts to rear. Worn 1863-85. V.G.C.
1st PATTERN FAIBAIRN SYKES - MINT Rare first pattern Wilkinson Sword made Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife. As nice as they come this one. No damage or shortening. Nice clear etching. This one comes with a 2nd pattern scabbard which was how it was issued. Due to this the price is reduced. You will be hard pressed to find one as clean as this.
1ST PATTERN FAIRBAIRN SYKES FIGHTING KNIFE Good "Been There" combat example of the rare 1st pattern FS Fighting knife. Correct S guard as found only on first patterns. Full length blade, this with good point but has been honed during it's working life. Nickel plated knurled handle with most of the original silver colour absent but otherwise good. Etched panels to both sides nice and clear 1st type scabbard with nickel chape. Top part period removed, leather nice and supple. This one is a good original which did'nt sit out the war and is being offered at half the price of a top condition example. From an English vets house clearance 12 years ago and given to the removal man and bought from his wife by me so new to the market.
1ST RENFREW V.B. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS 1889 LONDON SILVER PLAID BROOCH Beautiful officers plaid brooch to the 1st Volunteer Btn. of the A & S.H. This unit saw action in the Boer War.. High quality, 5 piece construction with all parts in high relief. These individually rivetted on with flush dome top rivets. Lovely correct over long pin which has been shaped to go through the plaid easier. . B & P ( Brent & Parker ) marked . H/M\'s for London 1889. High quality for officer. No rubbing or damage. The pictures say it all. Special piece which I\'ve had in my personal collection for over 20 years. You just don\'t find them like this anymore. Rare. V.G.C.
1ST V.B NORFOLK RGT + NORFOLK RGT. ASSOCIATION BADGES 2 nice condition enamel mufti badges relating to the Norfolk Rgt. One with " 1st V.B. Norfolk Reg. Veteran ". Maker mkd. to rear Vaughtons Bhm. the other one is for " The Royal Norfolk Regiment - Association ". This one made by J.R. Gaunt. Both have buttonhole fixings 2 nice examples in the same blue and red enamel on brass and from the same source. Bargain price ! V.G.C.
1ST VOLUNTEER BTN. - LINCOLNSHIRE - VICTORIAN HELMET PLATE Nice w/m, o/r's HP. Nice toning. 3 lugs to back. Scarce. V.G.C.
2 X CHINESE COMMUNIST MEDALS - 1943 & 1947 - HERO AWARD 2 x medals . One says it's the Hero Award ( 1943 ) for the North East Union Army , presumably against the Japanese. The 1947 medal is translated as Hero of the People Award for Guerilla Fighting in the East area.
21ST ARMY GROUP PRINTED FORMATION SIGN PAIR - REMOVED FROM UNIFORM Good condition, matching pair. Printed. Colours bright. Removed from uniform V.G.C.
21ST LANCERS SHOULDER( SKULL ) BRASS BUTTON Hard to find brass shoulder button on it's screw fixing. Skull & crossbones in relief. V.G.C.
22ND DRAGOONS CAP BADGE Near mint example with silvered finish. Nicely detailed. Cast.
2ND ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. DRUMMERS SWORD - 1856 1856 Pattern sword attributed to the 2nd Vol. btn A & S.H. so still in use after 1881. Brass handle for drummers. Good blade with acid etched maker details. Excellent leather/brass scabbard. Etched to back of top scabbard mount " 7/94 V. 2 A & S.H. - 8" Extremely Rare. V.G.C.
2nd LIFE GUARDS CAP BADGE Good WW2 example with slider. Nice patina and condition.
2ND PATTERN FAIRBAIRN SYKES COMMANDO FIGHTING KNIFE - ETCHED PANELS Good example of this very rare and iconic Fighting knife from WW2. Brass handle. Etched panels to both sides of the ricasso. Nice clean full length blade.Good point. No scabbard. V.G.C.
3 X SOLDIERS WHO DIED IN THE GREAT WAR -1914-19 GORDONS, KOSB & ROYAL SCOTS 3 nice condition hard back copies for these three fine Scottish Regiments. Good price , V.G.C.
36th Ulster Y.C.V. OFFICERS BRONZE CAP BADGE An exceedingly rare cap badge which was "Badge of the Year"a few years ago at Britains top military auctioneers, making the most money of any British cap badge that year. 2 piece bronze. Flat back. Blades good. On it's original green felt backing patch. Almost all finish remaining. Excellent condition and one of only a handful known to exist.
3RD (RENFREW) ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Nice Volunteer Btn. pipers plaid brooch. Nickel silver. Good detail. Original correct overlong pin and hook. Based in Greenock. A contingent saw service in the Boer War. Rare V.G.C.
3RD CARABINIERS CAP BADGE Good example on slider. Well detailed, die struck. Age toned. V.G.C.
3RD REICH 1935 1.MÄRZ SAAR DAY BADGE A striking 2-piece tinny. Clear detail with nice age toning. Scarce.
3RD REICH DRA SPORTS BADGE BRONZE GRADE Nice example of this 1913-34 award. Good detail. Maker marked to rear.
3RD REICH GERMAN WOMENS LABOR SERVICE BADGE Deutscher Frauenarbeitsdienst Arbeitsmaid badge. Pre 1938 version. Silver grade with some finish remaining. Numbered to the back. Rare. V.G.C.
3RD V.B. - H.L.I (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) 1903 SILVER SHOOTING MEDAL 1896 Birmingham silver. Reg. marked . Nicely inscribed . Obverse with silver / rose gold shield on a ornate silver ckplate with suspension ring for watch chain or similar. This flanked by a rifle each side. V.G.C.
3rd VOLUNTEER BTN. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. PLAID BROOCH Nice heavy nickel silver Victorian plaid brooch. Domed back. All original. Stout pin. As per Regular Btn. brooch but with added scroll . 3rd is one of the scarcer ones. V.G.C.
4 / 5TH SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Nice white metal die struck example. Sutherland wildcat to centre with motto "Sans Peur" (without fear) on seeded ground. No rubbing or damage with very nice sharo detail. V.G.C.
4 BAR QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL - ARGYLL& SUTHERLAND HLDRS. A Queen’s South Africa Medal 1899-1902, 4 Clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1902, awarded to, 8741 Private S. Mc Gregor Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, who saw service during the Boer War on operations in the Cape. Number ties it to a Volunteer soldier so possibly 3rd/ 4th Btn ? C/w original ribbon
4TH BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE Good o/r's cap badge with nice unrubbed detail. W/M.
4TH DONSIDE - GORDON HIGHLANDERS SAND CAST BADGE - GREAT PRICE Cheapest out there ! Good classic example in nickel silver. Cock O the North to centre. Circlet with " 4th Donside Hlnd. VOL . Bn. GORDON HIGHrs. - Watch Detail is good. No rubbing. Nicely shaped to bonnet. Uncleaned with nice age patina. V.G.C.
4TH DONSIDE (GORDON HIGHLANDERS) CAST SILVER BADGE Cast unmarked silver possibly for an officer. Flat brass loops as is fairly common on these badges. Slight polishing to the wing and tail of the Cock of the North. Substantial badge.
4TH DONSIDE HIGHLAND VOLUNTEER BTN. (GORDON HLDRS.) CAP BADGE Good cast brass example. Slight polishing to the high points. Flat lugs. V.G.C.
4TH DONSIDE HIGHLAND VOLUNTEER BTN. (GORDON HLDRS.) CAP BADGE Cock O the North cap badge. Looks like cast then silver plated with nice dark age toning. Wire loop type lugs. Nicely detailed on this one. V.G.C.
4TH DONSIDE HIGHLAND VOLUNTEER BTN. (GORDON HLDRS.) SILVER CAP BADGE Good officers example in unmarked cast silver. Slight polishing to the Cock of the North's wing. Flat lugs. V.G.C.
4TH DONSIDE VOLUNTEERS - GORDON HIGHLANDERS SAND CAST BADGE Sand cast cap badge. Cock O the North to centre. Uncleaned. Sharper than usual detail on this one. V.G.C.
4TH V.B. ARGYLL& SUTHERLAND HLDRS. TERRITORIAL OFFICERS WAIST BELT PLATE Very rare buckle in near mint condition. As per Territorial standard officers but the with the addition of a scroll to the bottom with " 4TH VOLUNTEER BATT. ". Only ever had two of these in 40 years of collecting so I'm thinning out my collection and letting this one go.
4TH V.B. CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) CAP BADGE Extremely rare badge and the real deal, not ebay fake. Well struck in w/m with sharp die struck detail. As per Regular badge but with \"4 V“ between the thistle tops. V.G.C.
4TH/ 7TH WHITE SHOULDER TITLE White metal. Cast Scarce. V.G.C.
51ST HIGHLAND DIVISION 8TH ARMY DESERT SHOULDER INSIGNIA - ARGYLLS/BLACK WATCH A cracker straight out the house in Raploch Stirling from the grandson. Shoulder slip over . Sun bleached and dirty. HD and a piece of Regimental tartan. Worn by both Black Watch and Argylls. Very rare
51ST HIGHLAND DIVISION GLENGARRY BADGE O/r\'s \" Crucified Moose \". Good condition. 3 lugs. Circa 1980\'s. scarce V.G.C.
51ST HIGHLAND DIVISION OFFICERS BONNET BADGE In unissued condition and retaining the silver wash on the stag which normally polishes off very quickly. Silver frosted finish. As new. Rare like this. Mint
5TH BTN. SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS COLONEL'S BADGE The rarest of the Feather cap badges. 4 feathers for Colonel or C.O. Of the pattern locally made in Beauly and the like. Silver plated nickel . Some finish loss and polishing to high points. You are unlikely to find another of these.
5TH DRAGOONS - SGT\'S SLEEVE BADGE Unmarked silver sgt\'s sleeve badge. Similar to Scots Greys back badge but with ribs showing . Approx 3 inches by 1 and 3 quarters. Great condition, no rubbing or damage. Scarce
5TH ROYAL SCOTS - OFFICERS CAP BADGE - MARSHALL AITKEN Beautiful and scarce badge. Marshall & Aitken Edinburgh and Registration number to back as it should have.
5TH ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS COLLAR BADGE - MAKER MKD. Nice officers bi metal collar by Anderson of Edinburgh . Nickel silver star with gilded brass. 2 piece construction. One lug a bit bent but scarce piece. V.G.C.
5TH ROYAL SCOTS PRE 1902 OFFICERS COLLAR BADGE Very rare. Officers collar badge to the 5th RS. Same design as the cap badge. Only one I've ever had , cap badges are fairly common but not collars. V.G.C.
5TH V.B. H.L.I. ( GLASGOW HLDRS. )( HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) - PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Real rarity here. Circa 1881. Heavy cast nickel silver in a style similar to the Black Watch to who they were affiliated.. Stamped to the back \" 5th V.B. - H.L.I. \". Original hook, hinge and needle pin which is slightly over long which is correct for the period. Age toning with no rubbing or damage. Pipers. V.G.C. This from the late Eric Galloway well respected Scottish dealer
5TH V.B. H.L.I. GLASGOW HLDRS. CAP BADGE Scarce Victorian cap badge. Nicely toned w/m. As per Black Watch pattern but with 5TH V.B. - H.L.I. scrolls. V.G.C.
5TH VOL. BTN. ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE Superb looking example with solid domed out centre. No rubbing or damage. Beautiful age toning. V.G.C.
5TH VOLUNTEER BTN ( LEITH ) ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE Super example of this rare badge. Non voided centre which has been domed out. Lovely age patina. No rubbing or dmage. Slightly thicker than usual white metal. Old polish residue to back. V.G.C.
71ST HIGHLANDERS (H.L.I.) EDINBURGH HALLMARKED SILVER CROSS BELT BADGE Rare pipers cross belt badge for the Highland Light Infantry Nicely mkd. up on the back \"Regimental Property - 1st HLI \". I\'ve come across this before with genuine HLI pipers pieces. No rubbing or damage. Heavy cast silver . Screw posts. Measures 2 and a half inches. Silver Edinburgh hallmarks with “W” for 1927.
75TH REGIMENT OF FOOT - THE STIRLINGSHIRE REGT. (GORDONS) BELL TOP SHAKO OFFICERS BADGE Extremely rare badge circa 1840. Not even in K & K this one. Circa 1840 for wear on the bell top shako. Beautiful piece , the only issue being the original loop fixings are absent from the back although it's easy to see where they've been. Die struck gilded brass star with silver star mounted in relief. On top of that in separately applied pieces are the Battle Honours , India and Seringapatam and in Roman numerals " LXXV " (75).Also a beautiful gilded tiger. This is a piece I personally have never encountered before and don't expect to see another and therefore it's priced to reflect the rarity.. Replacing the loops if so desired is an easy fix. Astounding piece !!
78TH (ROSS-SHIRE BUFFS) SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS BADGE Very nice clean example. Sharp detail. No rubbing or damage. Scarce. V.G.C.
78th HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH Lovely untouched example just bought back from a customer. Silver parts on brass quoit. No rubbing or damage. Correct overlong vertical pin. Rare
78TH OF FOOT - ROSS SHIRE BUFFS ( SEAFORTH HLDRS. ) CAP BADGE Pre 1868 large pattern in heavy die stamped brass example. No rubbing or damage. Age patina and some verdigris on the badge. Sharp detail. Retains it's gilt finish. V.G.C.
79TH - QUEENS OWN CAMERON HLDRS. BRASS / ENAMEL BADGE - GAUNT Lovely thing and of the high quality one associates with J.R.GAUNT. Fretted centre with " 79 ".Original robust pin and hook. Blue enamel undamaged. V.G.C.
7TH ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - OFFICERS 1887 EDINBURGH SILVER H/M CAP BADGE Extremely rare, only the 2nd time I've ever seen one of these. Beautifully made, most likely by Ebbutts. Marshall of Edinburgh jewellers tablet to back. 7th VolunteerBtn, scroll to bottom. Condition is excellent and beautifully fretted. Edinburgh silver hallmarked for 1887.
7th ARGYLLS SILVER H/M OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH - MARSHALL Beautiful and very rare. Edinburgh silver with hall marks for 1887.Raised Jewellers tablet with " MARSHALL & SONS 87 GEORGE ST. EDINBURGH " As per Regular Battalion but with added scroll with " VII VOLUNTEER BATTN". Correct over long pin for period. Excellent condition
7th ARGYLLS WW1 RAW EDGE BRODIE c/w COVER - ATTRIBUTED Awesome helmet ! This ticks all the boxes. One of the first helmets with the light green paint. 1st type oil cloth tongue liner with again, 1st type buckle chinstrap. The original to helmet sacking cover is named to Alan Bain as is the helmet. Both helmet and cover have 4 horizontal blue stripes, this being for 7th Argylls. Expensive but if you want the kind of helmet that is rarely available , dig deep.
7TH CONVERTED TO 1ST BATT. ROYAL HIGHLANDERS SHOULDER TITLE WW1 shoulder title with the legs of the \" T \" officially clipped to form \" 1 \" for a soldier who has moved from a Territorial Btn. to the 1st Btn. I\'ve had these before and also to different Regiments , i.e. Cameronians. 3 lugs. Good condition. Scarce
7TH V.B - A & S.H. - DOLLAR ACADEMY ( INSTITUTE) - CADET CORPS OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE Extremely rare officers example in unmarked cast silver. DA were administered by the 7th Argylls. Very fine detail. Dollar Academy ( Institution ) circa 1908 . I\'ve occasionally had the w/m o/r\'s version but never an officers one. Dark age patina but will come up wonderfully with a silver cloth if desired. No rubbing or damage. Silver lugs . V.G.C.
7TH V.B. ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE Great condition. Die struck w/m. V.G.C. Scarce
7TH V.B. ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE - 1898 - 1908 Good example. No rubbing or damage. From old Royal Scots collection. Scroll reads , " 7th V.B. The Royal Scots ". Die struck. V.G.C.
7TH V.B. ROYAL SCOTS COLLAR DOG - RARE Super rare 7th V.B. Royal Scots collar badge. W/M. Nicely struck. Scroll with " 7th V.B. The Royal Scots ". Only one I've ever had. V.G.C.
7TH VOLUNTEER BATTALION, THE ROYAL SCOTS (LOTHIAN REGIMENT), O/R\'S GLENGARRY BADGE C.1903-1908 Rare cap badge. Age toned. 5th & 6th turn up but this is earlier. Circa 1903 to 1908 only. Die struck. Nice domed centre.
8TH INFANTRY DIVISION PATCH PAIR - REMOVED FROM UNIFORM- ATTRIBUTED Very good used condition. Removed from the uniform.
91ST - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - OFFICERS SILVER PLAID BROOCH - MARSHALL Truly a thing of Beauty ! Extremely rare 91st of Foot officers silver plaid brooch. Hand etched thistle pattern and lettering with Battle Honours and XCI - ARGYLLSHIRE. Large Cairngorm to centre. The back with original stout pin and makers Trade Mark and " Marshall & Sons - 87 George St. Edinr. ". Probably the nicest plaid brooch I've ever owned and early 91st items are few and far between. Price is not for the faint hearted but is a top shelf item you are unlikely to find for sale anywhere.
91ST “XCI” ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS LARGE FLAT TUNIC BUTTON Nicely toned brass button. Raised lettering. Maker marked Brook & Son Edinburgh to rear. Rare
91ST 93RD ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS ENAMEL BADGE Rare enamel badge in great condition.
91ST ARGYLLSHIRE HLDRS. OFFICERS GLENGARRY BADGE- 1872 - 1881 Rare badge. 5 piece construction. Unmarked silver. Star of the Order of the Thistle with gilt crown, cypher and Boars head. Oval with " XCI - Princess Louise's Argyllshire Highlanders " Original sale ticket and auction catalogue from 2001 comes with the sale. Beautiful piece.
91st HIGHLANDERS ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) OFFICERS REGENCY SHAKO BADGE A very rare 91st Argyllshire Regt. of Foot Georgian Officer's Regency pattern shako plate in un marked silver. The Regency shako was in use from 1816 to 1829. This is a beautiful example in near mint condition and just purchased from an old collection, more items from which I will be listing soon. Domed silver ball shaped back plate with "PENINSULA - XCI (91st) - ARGYLLSHIRE". Beautiful !!
91st HIGHLANDERS (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) SERGEANTS PLAID BROOCH Very rare item. Hand etched with "XCI" and thistles. To the rear " SGT 24". Stamped Marshall & sons ? George Street Edinburgh. Original stout oversize pin. Not cheap but try finding another
91ST HLDRS ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND ) XCI REGENCY SHAKO CAP BADGE Another from a recently purchased Argyll collection. Circa 1815 to 1829. 5 piece construction. Age toned. Old polish residue. Burnished copper with silver scrolls and XCI. May have originally have been black as the rear finish is such. All fixing pins present and with north and south lugs. O/r's example, exactly the same in detail as the silver version with the exact same thin round pins for attaching the silver parts. Large QVC separately applied. Extremely rare. V.G.C. International shipping is high due to the value of the item can only be shipped with the courier.
91ST HLDRS OFFICERS SHAKO BADGE Exceedingly rare badge as worn on the shako. Officer pattern, gilded with inlaid blue enamel.Silver numerals. Slight damage to the bottom of the enamel , otherwise A.1.
91ST HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) OFFICERS BADGE Rare and beautiful. Unmarked silver and gilt. Circa 1864. For wear on the glengarry. Original sale particulars come with this badge.
91st HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) OFFICERS SHAKO BADGE Exceedingly rare officers example as per K & K 178 A. For wear on the last shako so circa 1869 to 1878 only. Silver numerals on mesh backing. Blue enamel to strap with " ARGYLLSHIRE HIGHLANDERS". Some enamel loss. Retains it's gilding. 2 lugs to rear.
91ST OF FOOT (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) SHAKO BADGE An exceedingly rare badge unless you want a copy. The real deal ! Brass Star of the Thistle. Ne Me Impune motto on circlet with "91" within. Behind the numerals correct fine wire mesh. No rubbing . Nice badge. 10 years since I last had one of these for sale. V.G.C.
91ST/93RD ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BANDSMAN\'S DRAPE Simply beautiful. Circa 1949 when the Battalion was stationed in Hong Kong. Chinese silk back cloth with beautiful hand stitched green silk thread embroidery in relief. This is the only one I've seen of these as no doubt when back in the UK they would have been issued the traditional type and also being silk they would not have survived for long.. Hong Kong tailors details to back. Formerly the property of the late Major Alistair " Dinky" Howman MBE. V.G.C.
92ND OF FOOT (GORDON HIGHLANDERS) VICTORIAN BRASS SPORRAN BADGE Early rare 92nd sporran badge. Solid sheet brass. Sphinx, 92nd and 2 thistle sprays , all in relief. Stout brass lugs to the back. Grear condition with no damage.
92ND OF FOOT (GORDON HIGHLANDERS) VICTORIAN PIPERS CAP BADGE Nice toned example of a 92nd pipers badge . Very sharp detailed die struck with very precise fretting..Silvered metal. Left as it came to me but will clean up nicely if desired. Circa 1868 - 81. Rare V.G.C.
93RD HIGHLANDERS - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND TUNIC - 1869 Extremely rare o/r\'s tunic to the 93rd ( Argyllshire Highlanders ) in madder or\" brick\" red. In use from when the 93rd returned from India until 1871 when scarlet was introduced. Soft melton cloth .Gauntlet cuffs. All hand stitched. Embroidered \"93\" to shoulders. Blanket lining. Large size for the period. Full complement of it\'s original \" 93 \" maker mkd. buttons brass buttons. No moth. Large size for the period. Lovely condition . I don\'t believe there is another of these for sale anywhere especially in this condition.A steal at this price !! On Hold for B
93RD HIGHLANDERS (A & S.H.) OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE - FRASERS EDINBURGH Superb early officers SBP made by Forsyths of Edinburgh. Single Battle Honour so very rare as the ones that occasionally turn up tend to be later with the Balaklava scroll as well. Private purchase. Nice etched border with thistle at each corner. V.G.C.
93rd HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS FEATHER BONNET BADGE 1837 Very rare officers feather bonnet badge circa 1830\'s to mid 1840\'s so very rare badge. Condition very good and has been converted at the back to a belt buckle, possibly detracts a bit but this is a very rare item priced down because of the alteration. Try finding another.
93RD HIGHLANDERS WAIST BELT PLATE A pre 1881 WBP to the 93rd Argyllshire Highlanders (later 2nd BTN A & S.H.). Nice detail. Brass belt plate mounted with regimental device of XCIII (93rd) to centre with strap \"Sutherland Highlanders \" with St. Andrew to bottom. All inside thistle spray surmounted by Queen Victoria crown. Rare. VGC
93rd HLDRS ( A & S.H.) OFFICERS PRE TERRITORIAL GLENGARRY BADGE Very rare cap badge in unmarked silver circa 1874 to 1881. Lovely sharp detail and period converted from lugs to stout old style pin and hook. This of a similar shape to the Argylls badge. V.G.C.
93RD HLDRS ( A & S.H.) OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Excellent example of this very rare S.B.P. Silver furniture on brass backing plate. Hooks and studs to rear good. "One Look" 100% original. I'll let the pictures do the talking
93RD HLDRS (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.) OFFICERS SILVER PLAID BROOCH Beautiful example in unmarked silver. This is the larger size one. Domed back, hollow construction. Quoit with very sharp detailed thistle spray to outer part, this in high relief. Strap with Sutherland Highlanders and inner ring of thistles. Nicely named to the named " D. E ." ? The 2nd letter is in old style script and may possibly be L. Original stout pin and catch. No rubbing or damage and of particularly good quality.
93rd HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND ) - OFFICERS CAST SILVER 2 SCROLL CAP BADGE Cast unmarked silver officers cap badge. Silver lugs. 2 scrolls ,Cape of Good Hope and Balaklava. Rare V.G.C.
93rd HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND ) SMALL SIZE TUNIC BUTTON This a smaller size and a lot scarcer than than the standard size. Possibly from the white shell jacket? Maker mkd. to rear. V.G.C.
93RD HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) SILVER OFFICERS BADGE Rare Crimea period officers badge ( KK566). Die struck from sheet silver. 2 piece construction with a solid centre and separately applied silver " 93 ". Circa 1837 / 1856 . Back tarnished, One Look original.
93RD HLDRS. (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) - OFFICERS P/M REGIMENTAL DIRK Beautiful and extremey rare all original officers dirk. Mounts all in unmarked silver. Acid etched blade with " 93rd Sutherland Highlanders " and Battle Honours, "Cape of Good Hope, Alma,Balaklava, Sevastopol, Lucknow." Marked for Henry Wilkinson Pall Mall, London. Clipped back blade with good point, some areas of darkening . Acid etching nice and clear. Matching stones to all 3 pieces. Sprung triggers on knife and fork both good. No old breaks or damage. Nice tight fit between dirk and scabbard . Top scabbard mount with "93" in relief. Bog oak studded handles . Beautiful exceedingly rare piece. Fresh to the market. V.G.C.
93RD OF FOOT ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS FEATHER BONNET BADGE Good genuine One Look original of this much faked badge. 2 Battle Honours. Well detailed. Long original lugs for feather bonnet. Old lead re affixed which is very common on original examples. Old polish residue to front and mainly to the back. V.G.C.
9TH Btn. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.DUMBARTONSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS VICTORIAN LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Rare button for the front of the tunic. Silvered finish with Dumbarton Coat of Arms of Elephant and Howdah with Latin motto. To the back is a laurel spray and Victorian crown. This is the 1st with this as usually it\'s blank or has a specific maker. Became the 9th Argylls. V.G.C.
9TH ( QUEENS ROYAL) LANCERS EDWARDIAN CHAPSKA HELMET PLATE Post 1902 9th (Queens Royal) Lancers Helmet Plate, being an other ranks brass example with Royal Arms and arms of Queen Adelaide, battle honours for the Boer War, Queen Adelaide cipher and regimental scroll. Plate has two screw post fittings on the reverse Battle Honours up to the Boer War. Scarce. V.G.C.
9TH (SCOTTISH) ROYAL VETERANS BTN. PEWTER BUTTON - 1805 - 1814 (9th) Royal Veterans Battalion&8203; extremely rare pewter button. In the condition most pewter buttons are found in. Description: 9 below thistle with \'Royal Veteran Battalion\' below surmounted by crown . Maker details to back. &65279; The 9th Royal Veteran Battalion was formed at Edinburgh in April 1805.Initially serving at Edinburgh Castle and later a company each on Orkney and the Shetland Isles. Veteran Battalions were formed from men no longer fit for active service and did in the main, admin duties. Eight companies were disbanded in 1814 and the remaining two companies were merged into the 3rd Royal Veteran Battalion in 1815. &8203;&8203;&8203; &8203; &8203;Category:&8203;&8203; Regular Troops; &8203; &8203;Flat 15mm; &8203; &8203;Date&8203;: 1805-1815 &8203;
9TH LANCERS BOSS Gilded boss from headgear or similar. Fretted for a plume or similar. Rear fixings all present. V.G.C.
ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY O.T.C. CAP BADGE Extremely difficult to obtain badge as it's a small unit. Anodised. V.G.C.
ADOLF HITLER BRIDGE KOBLENZ ENAMEL SIGN - LARGE A real rarity straight out the weeds from the son of a Koblenz local whose father picked this up at the end of the war. The Europa Bridge in Koblenz was formerly the Adolf Hitler bridge during the Nazi period. A.H. street signs occasionally turn up as most towns had such a street. There were only a handful of bridges named after him and to have one directly attributed to a specific bridge enhances the sign further. Good as found condition, it's dirty, bullet holed and bomb damaged as you would expect from an item from a bridge that was destroyed by allied bombing . Measures approx. 49 and a half inches by 13 inches. Historically very important piece and should really be in a museum.
AFRIKA KORPS CUFF TITLE VARIANT A rare unofficial variant captured in the desert by a member of the RAF Regiment. Full length. Black felt with white embroidered "AFRIKA", officer pattern with white trim.
AFRIKA KORPS CUFF TITLE VARIANT - COMBAT WORN Rare variant of the Afrika with Palms cuff title awarded for 6 months service with the DAK. This one in a faded green back cloth with bullion palms and " AFRIKA ". Full length , removed from uniform. American vet bring back. Found in his photo album. Stunning combat worn example. V.G.C.
AFRIKA KORPS FINGER RING - NIELLO / SILVER Very good example of a Tunis made Niello ring . Good size . These were better quality . Niello was a black mix, usually of sulphur, copper, silver, and lead, which was then used as an inlay. This has been used to surround the typical palm tree and Swastika with DAK 1941. Stamped to inside with a well detailed shield , a bit like a Coat of Arms ? Arab scenes to shanks. Scarce. V.G.C. and hard to come by these days.
AFRIKA KORPS M35 DOUBLE DECAL CAMO GERMAN HELMET Stunning original combat helmet in dark tan overpaint as used in Tunisia. Both army and national decals visible under the paint. Good original size 57 liner with original drawstring. Double banded aluminum liner band. Alloy buckle with 1939 DTD and maker marked "OOHIELLE - COBURG"? chinstrap. Owner's name "Alias Wahl" ? applied to the liner. Apple green paint under camo. Beautiful and real DAK camo.
AFS CUPER FIFE ID BRACELET & NUMBERED BADGE - CUPAR - FIFE Rare early 2 related items for the Auxiliary Fire Service I.D bracelet with " A.F.S.. - 28 - Fife County Counci ". To the rear " CUPAR ". Original wrist chain. C/w WW2 Auxiliary Fire Service first issue AFS officially numbered badge A scarce original early wartime first issue . No enamel damage', the reverse impressed and with official issue number '195879'. Buttonhole fitting. Nice Scottish piece. V.G.C.
AIR LEAGUE ENAMEL BADGE Established in 1909 to further British aviation. Birmingham Medal Co. to back. Brass base with gilded eagle over light blue enamel globe. Outer ring in dark blue enamel with text "AIR LEAGUE IN COELO IMPERIUM". Fine example
AIRBORNE PARA - TICKET FOR Exceedingly rare ticket given to Arnhem veterans to see the Premiere of this film. Made in aluminium from actual gliders that carried the Airborne division to Arnhem. Excellent condition and original
AMERICAN ARMY WW2 SHOULDER PATCHES - 4 Nice original Removed from Uniform group of items. V.G.C.
AMERICAN KEVLAR \"FRITZ\" HELMET Iconic pattern American kevlar helmet known as the "Fritz" helmet due to it's similarity in shape to the German WW2 stahlhelm. Great condition. Woodland camo cover and helmet band with luminous cats eyes. Smalish size to suit around 55/56.Every aspect of this helmet is in great shape .
AMERICAN M1 VIETNAM HELMET - TWILL COVER Good One Look original and all dates to the Vietnam period. ‘67 dated liner. This one has the scarce twill Mitchell cover. The paint stamp on this is unclear but twill cover ties it to the correct period. Chin strap buckle has the correct Anchor stamping . Liner has soldiers name \" Martin \" written on the leather. Helmet band has the correct text applied. Good Been There \" musty smell. V.G.C.
AMERICAN M51 COMBAT JKT. LINER - LARGE - VIETNAM Scarce button in liner for the American M51 field jacket worn in Korea and Vietnam. OD nylon shell with white terry wool weave lining. Stamping to the outside collar with Large chest 41”- 45” and 1957 date. Clean. Jackets are fairly easy to find but not these issue liners. V.G.C.
AMERICAN M65 COMBAT JKT. - COLD WEATHER QUILTED LINER Liner only. Nice condition, quilted olive nylon. Genuine period issue. Worn inside the M65 field jacket in cold conditions. Inside label absent. V.G.C.
AMERICAN NAZI LEAGUE MEMBERS LAPEL BADGE Extremely rare enamel lapel badge. Nicely mkd. up to the back " Apollo Jewellery Brkln. N.Y. Mint condition with no enamel damage.
AMERICAN VIETNAM WAR HELMET A very good example dating from the war era. Mitchell cover dated 1969. Liner with 1971 date. Chin strap clip with impressed anchor which is correct for the period. No issues, as nice as they come and straight out of America last week. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS / CLAN CAMPBELL CAR MASCOT Huge car mascot in heavy chromed cast metal. Argyllshire Boars Head with the motto used by the Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs. \" NE OBLIVISCARIS\". Excellent condition. Comes with fixing screws.
ARGYLL SUTHERLAND HLDRS. TERRITORIAL EX SCROLL CAP BADGE Well this is a genuine ex Territorial cap badge now without scroll . Tangs are present on the back for attaching the Volunteer scroll. I surmise this guy went Regular and removed the scroll. As we all know, genuine scroll badges are very rare, ( outside evilbay ) which has a plethora of them albeit they are all fake. Nice wee anomoly for the Argylls collector. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDER PIPERS SPORRAN Super rare Argylls pipers sporran. circa WW2. Grey full horsehair with 3 black tassles with thistle motif tops. cream leather purse back. Heavy chrome cantle with 3 piece Regimental insignia. This with a small area of finish loss where it's come into contact with the pipers waistbelt. Super rare and exclusively worn by Argylls pipers only. Period piece not an '80's one produced for the Btn. by Dalman
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS - OFFICERS SILVER PRINCESS LOUISE CYPHER SPORRAN BADGE Rare sporran badge worn briefly from the end of WW2 to Palestine campaign. Frosted silver with silver lugs. Stamped “P” ( Gaunt ) to rear. Very well made and detailed. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS - VICTORIAN PIPERS CROSS BELT BADGE Tail piece from a pipers cross belt. Early example in heavy cast metal. 3 screw posts to back. Nice detail in high relief. Scarce. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS ANODISED COLLAR PAIR Anodised sets becoming hard to obtain now. Matched facing pair. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BADGER HEAD SPORRAN Nice example of an Officer / SNCO\'s Argylls badger head sporran. Good large mask with integral pocket. 6 gilt topped tassles with thistle design in relief. These nicely set up. Red leather back with brown leather trim. This bought by me from the officer when thr Argylls became no more and just bought back from a customer. Scarce. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS CAR MASCOT / BUMPER BADGE Well detailed as new car mascot. Regimental colours overlaid with cap badge type device. Single screw on post. Fixings screws come with the sale although not shown in the photos. Mint
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS CAST SILVER SWEETHEART BROOCH This is a beautiful piece from my personal collection. Larger size . Cast silver. Stamped "Sterling Silver". Circa the Great War. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS CHROMED - DAY SPORRAN BADGE STICK PIN This was a short lived variant . As per standard sporran badge but cast metal in heavy chrome finish. Stick pin instead of lugs for easy piercing of the the leather day sporran. Really good looking stout piece with stout needle pin to rear. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS EDINBURGH SILVER SKEAN DHU High quality. Edinburgh silver hallmarks for 1923, also with acid etched Regimental blade. Beautiful silver work with no rubbing or damage. Both scabbard mounts with 1923 Edinburgh silver marks “S”and \"Brooke & Son , 67 George St. Edinburgh\" retailer details. Foiled citrine to top. Clipped back blade with acid etched Argylls device to both sides and Brookes details. This cost extra hence most blades are plain. Leather covered wood scabbard. Bog oak handle with large silver studs and Regimental device. This is an exceptional example. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS LARGE FLAT BUTTON Likely for wear on Mess Dress. Gilded finish with raised detail. Maker marked PITT & Co. 51 MADDOX ST LONDON W. to rear. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS MOP LAPEL BADGE Good condition and very substantial Argylls lapel badge. Heavy chrome and enamel with Argylls device. Mounted on white Mother of Pearl. Stout pin & hook to back. Mint
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS / PIPE MAJOR BI-METAL COLLAR PAIR None nicer than these. Worn only on Number 1 Dress. Bi metal as worn only by officers , Pipe Major and Drum Major. Nice and heavy . Gilded parts separately applied. No loss of finish. Matched pair. Single post fixing to rear. Higher price due to condition and quality. Rare. Mint
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS PICTORIAL LARGE MATCHBOOK Interesting and rare item. Colour image of the Argylls Drum Major to the front and a history of the Argylls on the back. 12 inches long. Couple of creases otherwise VGC,
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS PIPE MAJORS CROSS BELT BADGE Rare item. Worn only by the Pipe Major. Larger with extra scroll with motto, pipers wore boars head only. Silver plated . Mint unissued condition.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS PIPERS CROSS BELT BUCKLE Worn by pipers only. Cross belt buckle. Heavy chrome finish. “MADE IN GT BRITAIN” stamped to rear. Rare. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS PIPERS PLAID Argyll pipers plaid. Now exceedingly hard to come by. Nicely stitched in. 100% heavy wool. Length approximately 300 cm including fringes. There are two small damages, see last photo. Plaid only, other items are for display purpose and not included.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SGT. BADGE - GAUNT TABLET Very nice Great War example with fully fretted centre as found on Sergeants badges from the period. J.R. Gaunt London brass tablet to the back. Very nice badge with some light polishing to the high points.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS STICK PIN Nice plated stick pin / sporran badge. Same size as a sporran badge but made with stick pin fitting. Approximately 47 mm H x 22 mm W. Mint
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS VOLUNTEER BTN. PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Nice and rare Volunteer Btn. plaid brooch in nickel silver. Early style domed back with hollow construction. Original pin and hook. Below the \" Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders\" on the front there is a blank scroll as found only on Territorial examples. Sometimes this was etched with the Btn no., sometimes left blank. Very nice piece this which I\'ve owned for many years. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS VOLUNTEERS PIPERS BLANK SCROLL PLAID BROOCH Give away price on this as I have to whittle down the numbers I\'ve collected. Nice and rare Volunteer Btn. plaid brooch in nickel silver. Early style domed back with hollow construction. Original pin and hook. Below the \" Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders\" on the front there is a blank scroll as found only on Territorial examples. Sometimes this was etched with the Btn no., sometimes left blank. Very nice piece this which I\'ve owned for many years. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS WW1 BRASS ECONOMY BADGE Genuine brass economy badge. Die struck. Not your usual crude sand cast fake from India. Scarce. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS WW1 OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Nice pair of Argylls officers collars from the Great War. Cast. Age toned. Matching pair. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS- OFFICERS FEATHER BONNET BADGE - 1915 BIRMINGHAM- HALLMARKED SILVER - B & P Early Great War Argylls officers badge. Heavy cast silver . Some polishing to high points. B & P ( Brent & Parker ) stamped to back Lugs a bit crudely affixed but are original to it . Birmingham hallmarks for 1915 . Slightly curved to fit round the hackle of the feather bonnet. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS - OFFICERS SILVER / FRETTED CAP BADGE Beautifully fully fretted officers example . Silver hallmarked and TE. Cast silver. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS - RENFREWSHIRE RIFLE VOLS SMALL TUNIC BUTTON Rare button to the Renfrew Rifle Volunteers. They later became the 3rd A& S.H.and saw service in the Boer War as well as WW1. Prince of Wales feathers. Old lead loop repair to rear.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS -VICTORIAN - .PIPERS BOARS HEAD CROSS BELT BADGE Victorian era . Has had it\'s lugs replaced a long time ago which would be normal through a lot of use.Old lead solder. Early nickel silver ones like this are very hard to find. Great detail. Scarce. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS ADJUTANT SIZE SILVER H/M BADGE An officer pattern badge I had commissioned over 20 years ago by Bickertons manufacturing jewellers. Two thirds size pin back cast silver with hallmarks. Mint condition.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS OFFICERS VICTORIAN BRONZE TAIL UP COLLAR PAIR Tail up cat for the Victorian period. Nice facing pair. For wear on officers Service Dress. Scarce. V.G.C..
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS VICTORIAN REGIMENTAL DIRK WITH REGIMENTAL BLADE An exquisite piece from my own collection which I am now unfortunately down sizing. Maker mkd. " SANDILANDS & SON, CONDUIT ST W.". This to the beautiful acid etched blade which has to one side the Argyllshire Boars head and " NE OBLIVSCARIS" and to the other side the Sutherland Wildcat and " SANS PEUR". Clipped back stout blade. Unmarked silver fittings. These are superbly detailed and without damage or rubbing. Matching foiled citrines to all 3 parts and the external knife and fork have no damage or repairs. Leather bound scabbard good.Knife and fork have some silver studs missing otherwise this dirk is near perfect and certainly the best ever to pass through my hands.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - 1ST RENFREW V.B.-SGTS. BADGE - NICKEL SILVER Please do not confuse this with the 100's of fake examples in the market place , this is the Real Deal. Ex Hugh King collection a few years ago when it 1st came on the market. Sgt's example with fully fretted centre. Die struck nickel silver, this will give any doubters piece of mind as no fakes were made of nickel which went out of use long before the fakes appeared in the '80's. Also known as " German Silver " (800 silver content ), this one has it's correct yellowish ageing unique to nickel. Correct tangs attaching the scroll which reads, " 1st Renfrew V.B.". Bottom of the badge nicely fashioned to form a snug fit with the scroll. Scroll seeded with nice sharp raised lettering. Lovely fretting to the centre. These are incredibily rare badges in the genuine form and this one is a " One Looker " from a famous old collection. Reluctant sale from my own collection. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - BULLION BLAZER BADGE Nice vintage blazer badge circa 1950's. Formerly belonged to a D Day vet, ( name to buyer ) V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - MATCHBOX LESNEY LTD. ED. BADGE Scarce badge, part of a limited edition series of around 8 different mini cap badges made by Matchbox in 1978. Unopened and still with the booklet on the Argylls which came with it. Top of the header card absent. Unusual piece and a must for the Argylls collector. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - OFFICERS - 1910 SILVER H/M CAP BADGE Super example in die struck silver with hallmarks for "J & C - ( Jennens ) Birmingham 1910". Nicely fretted centre. No rubbing or damage. "Tail Up " cat associated with the Victorian and pre Great War period. Excellent condition.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - OFFICERS VICTORIAN SILVER/ GILT COLLAR BADGE Very good quality example in cast unmarked silver with separately applied Wild Cat and Boar's Head. The cat is correct Tail Up for the Victorian period. V.G.C. Scarce
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. 1ST ADMIN. BTN. PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Pipers Victorian period plaid brooch solely used by 1st Admin btn. Clackmannan and Kinross rifle volunteers. Circa 1874 - 1887. Possibly cast silver . Very well detailed St. Andrew and thistles. Original over long pin. Considering the size of the unit they can not have had many pipers and I've never seen one of these for sale before. Excellent condition.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. 1ST RENFREW V.B. PIPERS SILVER PLAID BROOCH Nice Victorian Argylls Volunteer Btn. pipers plaid brooch. Un marked hollow silver. Front retains it\'s silver frosting. As per a Regular brooch but with an added scroll below \" 1st Renfrew V.B. \". Domed back with gas holes. Correct overlong stout pin for the period. Scratched to the back \" P B \". and \" 1450 \". V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ARMY ISSUE LEATHER DAY SPORRAN Issue example with army contract number inside. Stout brown leather. Argylls original to it, sporran badge, never had another, no extra holes. C/w issue brown leather strap. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. BELT PLATE DEVICE 2 piece Regimental device as per the belt plate centre but with bolts. Polished white metal on brass back plate. Fine detail. Use unknown, possibly from a display piece. Early as later they were one piece construction. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. CAP BADGE ON ORIGINAL TARTAN PATCH As worn on the Tam O Shanter. Fretted centre badge. Nice age toning. C/w original to it tartan patch which I believe to be WW2 not Great War. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. CHROME & ENAMEL TIE PIN... Mint piece. Very attractive. Was also produced...
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. DUMBARTONSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS - MATCHING COLLAR PAIR Matching pair of these rare collars to the DRV before they became the 9th Argylls. W/m with matching toning back and front to both so have always been together. Dumbarton motto and Coat of Arms of Elephant and Howdah. Nicely struck, no rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. EMBROIDERED BLAZER BADGE Very nice vintage example in embroidered bullion wire. Removed from blazer. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. EMBROIDERED SILK SCARF I believe this to be a souvenir from the Battalions time in Hong Kong. Beautifully hand embroidered multicoloured Cap Badge device on a Chinese silk scarf with Hong Kong and date. Rare piece. Scarf has subtle pattern of Pagodas, bridges, people with lanterns etc. Fringed ends. Often carved boxes, tables and other items were available for troops to buy from local craftsmen. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS BI - METAL COLLAR DOG PAIR Beautiful example of these scarce collars. Worn by officers, Drum & Pipe Major only. Mint condition and retaining all gilded finish. Single post fitting. None nicer ! Slightly more than the normal £135 these do in the market place but well worth the extra.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS BOER WAR SLOUCH HAT Amazing condition for age. Large size 7 (paper size label present ).Nice high shape for the period. Leather chin strap good. Argyll officers Victorian Tail Up bronze collar on a red linen patch to the left side.7 fold puggarree.No wear to felt and not faded. No sweat band otherwise as mint as they come. Attributed to 4th Argylls ( Stirling Militia ) who served there.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS EDINBURGH SILVER H/M DIRK- BROOKS 1899 Superb late 19th Century example. Edinburgh silver hall marked for 1899. Retailed by Brook & Son with their tablet to the top scabbard mount. Beautiful matched stones. Well detailed silver mounts, each with a complete set of hallmarks. Acid etched Regimental blade in superb condition. Silver h/m examples in this condition rarely turn up now so if you want a top end early example I would consider this one.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH- UNMARKED SILVER Very good Victorian officers example in unmarked silver. Hollow silver with small holes in the back for releasing the gas during the manufacturing process. Tail up cat for Victorian period. Well detailed. I\'ve left as is with it\'s dark patina but will clean up nicely if desired. Good original stout pin to reverse.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS SILVER PLAID BROOCH Victorian period brooch in unmarked hollow silver. Domed back. Correct over long pin. Gas escape hole. Nice detail. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER /GILT COLLAR - GAUNT P Lovely single collar circa WW1. Retains most silvered finish and all gilt. Nice rivetted Boars Head and Wild Cat. Marked J.R.Gaunt. London and a large " P". V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER H/M DIRK Beautiful example by " BROOK &SON - GEORGE ST. - EDINBURGH". Edinburgh silver hallmarks for 1923. Beautiful detail to scabbard fittings, all standing out in high relief. Each section matching and all hallmarked. All matching stones. Beautiful acid etched Regimental blade. No issues on this one, none of the usual breaks, repairs, replaced stones etc. as is usual with an old dirk. This one has survived as a 100% original. Priced fairly for a top example.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER H/M OFFICERS BADGE -1898 & MAKER MKD. Beautiful piece in die struck silver with very sharp detail. Birmingham silver for 1898. Even has silver hallmarked lugs this beauty. Maker mkd. "J & CO" (Jennens). No rubbing or damage. Don't find them like this for sale in the market place. From my Argylls collection which I'm slowly (and reluctantly) letting go. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER STATUE - ATTRIBUTED Beautiful large statue of an Argylls officer. Presentation plaque to front. Hallmarked for 1924. Soldier was a 1st War veteran who served with the Regiment until the late 1920's. Statue itself is beautiful with some slight polishing to high points. Stands inc. base, over 16 inches high. Copy photograph of the soldier in uniform comes with it. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SPORRAN BADGE. MAKER MKD. L.B.&B Unusual to get a maker mkd. example. Mint condition
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. STIRLING MILITIA ( FALKIRK COY. )VOLUNTEERS WAIST BELT BUCKLE Super rare. Or's brass belt buckle. Bears town motto " Touch Ain Touch Awe ". Clansman to the centre in relief. Rococco pattern ends. Later became 7th Argylls. Circa 1860. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW1 GOLD SWEETHEART BROOCH Beautiful. Rose gold on Sterling Silver with hand engraved detail. In the style of the Argylls cap badge. Rare pattern from the Great War. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW2 HELMET - WESTERN DESERT , ITALY Superb combat helmet. SA model issued in North Africa, this one later overpainted in a thick textured geen as used in the Italian Campaign. We\'ve had examples like this previously but a long time ago. Nicely painted Argylls dicing to one side. Rare helmet. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.VICTORIAN TERRITORIAL OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Excellent condition silvered shoulder belt plate for Territorial officers. "Tail Up " cat for the Victorian period. No damage or rubbing. All rear fixings good. As nice as they come. Uncleaned as found with would come up wonderfully if desired. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND OF CANADA POST'52 CAP BADGE - SCULLY Heavy, chromed cap badge. Slider. Mkd. "William Scully" to rear. No rubbing or damage. Exactly as per WW1/WW2 but with Queens Crown. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLANDER HIGHLANDERS TERRITORIAL OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Rare silver plated example for Territorial battalions. Excellent sharp detail 4 piece construction on silver plated backing plate. Some of the original plating has been polished off below the bottom scroll. All rear fixings good and c/w the original fixing pins. No Battle Honours on wreath surrounds as per Victorian Territorial units. Very nice. VGC
ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS VICTORIAN OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Nice cast matching pir of bronze collars for wear on the officers Service Dress. Tail Up for Victorian period. Retaining all the bronze finish. Mint
ARGYLL& SUTHERLAND WW1 THRUM BONNET - RARE Very rare variant on the Tam O shanter. Wool knitted body. Good size 57 approx. C/w original Argylls badge and patch. VGC
ARGYLLSHIRE HIGHLAND RIFLE VOLS. GLENGARRY ( 5TH V.B.-8TH ARGYLLS ) Extremely rare glengarry c/w it's original silver plated badge. As per early Argylls example with shallow shape and leather trim. This one with shortened silk tails which may have been a Regimental affectation. Glengarry is in excellent shape especially considering it dates from around the 1880's.2 moth nips to diced band. Badge is silver plated either copper or brass with silvered lugs.As per Argylls but strap reads " 1st Argyllshire Rifle Volunteers ". Size approx. 56. Clean waxed cotton interior. Supple leather trim. This scarce badge is worth £125 on it's own. One of a number of items I'm listing to this unit who became the 5th V.B. Btn. A & S.H. and later still the 8th Btn. A & S.H.
ARGYLLSHIRE HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND ) PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Good example of this scarce pipers brooch. Large imposing plaid brooch as worn by pipers with the Argyllshire Rifle Volunteers. . Hollow silver plated domed quoit. Centre raised on arms and bearing a Victorian crown over a bugle and this surmounted by the Argyll Boars Head. All rear pin and hook fixings original. The Argyllshire Hldrs became the 8th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Hldrs. in 1881. Rare. V.G.C.
ARMY DRUM MAJORS PRACTICE MACE ( GORDON HLDRS ). A rare One Off piece being a practice mace used by the Gordon Hldrs. Drummie in the 1970's although the mace may well be older. Oak shaft and solid oak shaped and weighted head with gilded copper top finial. 2 piece, top slightly loose on it's screw in fitting, otherwise good and also usable ! Height 135 cm approximately. Giveaway price !! V.G.C.
ARMY ORDNANCE CORPS. CAP BADGE - BUTTONS LTD. B/HAM Maker mkd.. Nicely toned bi - metal . Maker mkd. to slider. V.G.C.
ARMY SEWING KIT - 1950’S Army issue " Houswife kit. Dated for early 1950's. Soldiers details period applied. Some contents. V.G.C.
ARTILLERY BUSBY PLUME HOLDER Nice piece from the Victorian era. Well detailed w/m.Slider never re affixed. V.G.C.
ARYSHIRE EARL OF CARRICKS OWN YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Nice age toned example with slider. V.G.C.
AUSTRALIAN - 5TH BTN. VICTORIA SCOTTISH CAP BADGE Rare item. Struck in nickel silver. Scottish lion on Nemo Me Impune Laccessit motto. Uncleaned with nice age toning. Will clean up a treat if desired. V.G.C.
AYRSHIRE YEOMANRY - EARL OF CARRICKS OWN CAP BADGE Very good example of this now scarce badge. Copper tone to finish. Die struck with fine detail. Slider V.G.C.
BADEN WW1 PICKLEHAUBE AND COVER - JR112 Great War picklehaube. 1905 dtd. and Regiment mkd. to rear skirt. Toned brass fittings.Rear spine with slider. Skull good with no distortion. Approx size 54/55. No extra holes for helmet plate. Liner good. Good chin strap. Original cockades. Cover exceptional with all clips. Remains of leather inside spike part of cover, this rotted but good indication of authenticity. painted numerals to front. Rarely found now in this condition.
BATTLE DAMAGED LUFTWAFFE M40 FIELD DIVISION GERMANHELMET Field division helmet with green camo overpaint. Inside with original Luftwaffe blue paint.Good eagle decal. Liner present and in good shape with relevant tearing where the bullet has passed through. Original draw string. Cut chin strap with early aluminium buckle. Bullet has pierced the shell and impacted on the opposite side causing a crack. Owners finger prints to crown where he has touched it while paint was still wet. Very evocative piece. Quist 64 shell.
BATTLE DAMAGED M42 COMBAT HELMET Good complete battle field pick up combat helmet. Small calibre bullet strikes which have come from the inside and have impacted on the shell with resulting outward dents, most likely from a pistol. Corresponding holes to liner. Also another bullet strike to the outside below the right air vent. Evidence of blood in the liner. Liner leather good, full length chinstrap.Owners name in Gothic script to rear apron "Reimer". Large size 66. Codes partly obscured by name. Superb " Been There" helmet
BATTLE OF KURSK M40 GERMAN ARMY SINGLE DECAL - COMPLETE / BATTLE DAMAGED Stunning "Been There" in the extreme combat helmet. This one found a few years ago in the Kursk area. Bunker found condition. Shell retaining most of it's paint. Good decal. 64 size shell, maker not visible. Bullet hole to right side. Liner complete but dry and frayed at edges and with the usual a/f seam stitching. Long end of the chin strap present. These helmets now rarely found. Holding till the end of November for a customer who's on holiday.
BLACK WATCH HORSE HAIR SPORRAN Now scarce. Good example from the '80's by the excellent maker Nichol of Bankfoot. White Horsehair body with black horsehair ( not later nylon ) tassles. Chrome cantle. Tan purse back with press stud fitting. Patent insert with Black Watch sporran badge. C/w white buff leather sporran belt ( not plastic ). V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH - 5TH VOL. BTN.( PERTH HIGHLAND VOLUNTEERS) - BELT & BUCKLE Very rare leather waist belt and brass buckle set to the 3rd. Perthshire Volunteers. Buckle in brass and in perfect condition. Outer seeded strap with \"Perth Highland Volunteers” in relief. To the Centre a raised thistle on a seeded ground. Both male and female parts with \"70\" stamp so a matched set. Belt leather in fantastic condition for age and double stamped to the inside \"5 V.B.R.H.\".Also double stamped \" 188 \". The leather tang which goes behind the buckle has further stampings to the leather with what looks like , \" Simplex Roundfit Patent \" ? Also with the makers details\" R & I .P. London \" . Large size for period, at least 35\" inch waist. V.G.C. The title Perth Highland Volunteers was conferred upon the various R.V.\' s in 1873. In 1887 they became the 5th R.V.B.W. After the outbreak of WW1 the Battalion became the Highland Cyclist Brigade.
BLACK WATCH - 73RD ( PERTHSHIRE ) OF FOOT BONNET BADGE - 1874 / 78 Very rare badge. 1874 to 1848 only. KK 537. Brass die struck. Nice age toning to front and back retaining the original finish as this one was removed from a board. Sharp strike. V.G.C. Bargain price as the cheapest I've seen for sale elsewhere is £235
BLACK WATCH - BW - MATCHED PAIR - BRASS SHOULDER TITLES. As nice as they come. Hex lugs. Scarce V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH - OFFICERS VICTORIAN HELMET PLATE FOR SUN HELMET - KIRKWOODS This is a very rare badge being the type worn on the white helmet. Circa 1881 to 1914. ( K & K 256 ). Superb example by KIRKWOODS of Edinburgh and with their jeweller tablet to rear. 4 lugs, these in silver, unusually all 4 are present. Long scrolls. 3 piece construction. This is a larger badge than the post Victorian examples. Some polishing to high points and \"Jimmy\". Still with original long cotter pins, these rounded for the shape of the cloth helmet this has been worn on. A very rare, attractive high quality piece by Scotlands top maker .
BLACK WATCH - PERTH HIGHLAND RIFLE VOLUNTEERS OFFICERS SILVER GLENGARRY BADGE Nice silver version of the Perthshire R.V. cap badge. Unmarked silver with silver lugs. Nicely fretted centre. QVC . officers examples are scarce. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH - POST \'52 OFFICERS BADGE Very good 1950\'s example retaining it\'s silver frosting and gilding . 3 piece construction. Good quality . V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH / RRS OFFICERS / SNCO\'S KILT C/W ROSETTES Genuine issue kilt for the Black Watch / Royal Rgt. of Scotland. Has the original to it rosettes only worn by officers and senior ranks. Sizes on label 176/92/108. To fit 33.5” to 36.2” waist. 26” in length. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH / SEAFORTHS . VICTORIA CROSS WINNERS HIGHLAND BROADSWORD Historically important. Beautiful and extremely rare attributed sword to John Mc Kenzie V.C. Acid etched Black Watch blade in top condition with no rust or blackening. Fishskin bound handle, steel basket, original red " Wig " all in good condition. Basket insert good but with some blue trim loss and one small area of loss to the red exterior. John Mc Kenzie was approx the 12th Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross . He won it at Dompoassi in the Ashanti War (now Ghana). One of only 2 recipients of the V.C. in that war. V.G.C. As this is a high ticket item I would consider a part exchange for good items ( british or German headgear/ dirk sgian dhus ). Considering a good dirk now will cost you £4000/ 4500 the price is realistic for such a unique item. Copy of Wilkinson record comes with the sale. John Henry Mackenzie, awarded a DCM as a Corporal with the Seaforth Highlanders, recommended for a VC as a Sergeant with the Seaforth Highlanders from an action on 09 June 1900. Commissioned as a 2nd Lt with the Black Watch on 29 Nov 1900, the sword dates to late 1900 (from the Harvey's generic Wilkinson lists) so would have been his commissioning dress/undress sword, was awarded a VC in April 1901 at St James Palace. Transferred to the Royal Scots in 1904 and served on loan to an African Army unit. Promoted to Major and died in action, WW1 in 1915 at Festubert commanding the Bedfordshire Regiment.
BLACK WATCH CAR BADGE/MASCOT - J.R.GAUNT BIRMINGHAM Rare piece dating from the 1950\'s. WW1 type cap badge with scrolls over undamaged green , red & blue enamel. Maker mkd. for J.R.Gaunt so excellent quality. Undamaged/ pitted chrome. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH OFFICERS /P.M. SGIAN DHU - ANDERSONS Beautiful and now rare piece. This is an exceptional example with gilded fittings circa the Great War or earlier. Worn by officers and also Pipe Major & Drum Major as well as Band Master. Nicely set citrine in the pommel. Beautifully hand carved bog oak handle with large studs, thistle mount and well detailed early type St. Andrew in relief. Clipped back steel blade. Scabbard is Morocco leather covered wood fitted with gilded mounts. The top one has Anderson of Edinburgh details to back. A long time since I\'ve had one of these especially in all original condition. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH OFFICERS SGIAN DHU - WW1 - MAKER MKD. - ATTRIBUTED Lovely untouched example from the son of a WW2 officer. He bought it from a fellow officer at the outbreak of warso I\'m dating it to around the Great War. Studded bog oak handle with gilded fittings and gilt St. Andrew. Very nice foiled citrine to the top Original leather on wood scabbard. Top mount with \" J.Stewart & Son, 18 George Street , Edinburgh \". Clipped back steel blade , slight surface rust but no pitting or darkening. Now extremely difficult to find. Officers name to buyer only. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH SILVER FROSTED ON SILVER SPORRAN BADGE FIRMIN Beautiful maker mkd. example. Great detail. Silver noth and south lugs. Retaining most of it's original silver frosting. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH SNCO\'S KILT WITH ROSETTES - RBT. GORDON Good size genuine issue kilt by the best of the army contract tailors, Robert Gordon of Glasgow. Good healthy size for someone with expanding girth , around 36 inches, see label. I reckon this kilt is circa 1980\'s and is in good wearable condition. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH TAM O SHANTER Inter war / WW2 Tam O Shanter bonnet. Quilted single stitch tan cotton lining. Old style large red hackle. Approx. size 56. Khaki wool touree. couple of tiny bits of moth tracking to the nape of the cloth and a tiny nick like it\'s been caught on something.. Great looking TOS. V.G.C.
BOER WAR - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS CAP BADGE - ATTRIBUTED High quality . Heavy cast silver plate. 4 lugs. Fully fretted thistles and centre. Dedication on the back reads , \" From Bullick to Martin \". Tail Up cat for the Victorian period. This is a beautiful and striking badge that I would normally keep. V.G.C.
BOER WAR - 1899 BIRMINGHAM SILVER FOB /PENDANT Nice patriotic piece with Kitchener one side and Lord Roberts on the other. Images are good and the silver frame bears the silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1899. Lovely , likely watch fob. V.G.C.
BOER WAR - 2ND VB A & SH 1901 BIRMINGHAM SILVER & GILT FOB Beautiful and very rare 2nd Volunteer Btn. A & S.H. shield shaped fob / pendant. Never seen another of these and it's been in my collection for many years. Approximately 38 mm H (excluding ring) x 25 mm W. V.G.C.
BOER WAR - 9TH H.L.I. OFFICERS SILVER HALLMARKED PRESENTATION WALKING OUT STICK - NAMED Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1902 and named to \" Cpt. Stewart - 9th H.L.I.\". Top has a slight bend in it but not with the usual amount of dents and over polishing. Nice polished shaft. Original brass tip. Boer War examples are rare especially attributed and hallmarked. V.G.C.
BOER WAR - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS OFFICERS TUNIC & BREECHES This one just just reeks of combat on the Vleld. Good size for the period. Marked inside \" L \" but it\'s a medium by todays standards being approx. a 38\" chest. Classic Boer War KD tunic with the bullet loops above the breast pockets. A & S.H. brass buttons. Pips for a Captain. Still has the white shirt collar attached. No moth or damage. Owners initials to inside of collar. Breeches with moth damage to front but are part of the original uniform. Please note this sale is tunic and breeches . Hat not for sale . I just bought this uniform back from a customer, it was listed previously on my site. Great original item that I jumped at the chance of buying back. Low price. Rare. V.G.C.
BOER WAR - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS- SILVER HALLMARKED BOER WAR SWEETHEART BROOCH Silver hallmarks for London 1902. Lucky horseshoe as they tended to use for that war. Argylls device within. 2 piece construction. Scarce . V.G.C.
BOER WAR - BLACK WATCH SERGEANTS H/M SILVER TOP PRESENTATION DRILL CANE Truly a thing of outstanding beauty ! Presented to a Boer War vet with a 7 bar QSA. Very ornate with Black Watch device and a dedication to the recipient on top. Silver hallmarks for 1902. Beautiful age toning to shaft and 2 piece tip. Georgeous. V.G.C.
BOER WAR - BRITISH OFFICERS SPORTSMANS KNIFE Quality example of the multi tool sportsmans knife favoured by British officers in the Boer War. Maker blade " Smith & Son - Scarboro ". Classic shape and this is the rarer smaller size. Handle measures 2 and a half inches long approx. Blades have been well used and shortened. Corkscrew good, stone removing tool for horses hooves also good. Retains the lanyard ring to top. Smooth nickel handle plates good. Priced to sell.
BOER WAR - KINGS COLONIALS - AUSTRALASIAN CAP BADGE Super One Look original. Late Boer War period slouch hat badge for C Squadron, 4th County of London (aka \"King\'s Colonials\") Imperial Yeomanry. Very well detailed die struck bronze. Nice age patina . No rubbing or damage and is a \" Been There \" example. The \"Kings\' Colonials\" were formed in 1901 when volunteers were needed from the British Empire to fight in the Boer War. Kangaroo in high relief with lower strap with \" AUSTRALASIAN \", the term used to refer to the squadron\'s joint force of Australians and New Zealanders. V.G.C.
BOER WAR - SHUREYS ILLUSTRATED WAR MAGAZINE - 1900 Rare publication dealing with Britain's military involvement around the globe but especially the Boer War. Complete but not mint but some pics would look great framed. No.38 and front illustration is dtd. 1900 so I presume that's also the date for the magazine.
BOER WAR / WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS RARE BOOK COVER INSIGNIA BADGE X 2 Unusual pieces being similar to oversized collar dogs. Tail up cat for the Victorian era. Heavy chrome finish. Taken from an ex Officers Mess book cover. Over 2 x 1 inches in size. Very rare, likely One Off pieces. Want an item to the Argylls no one has , these are it. V.G.C.
BOER WAR / WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - OFFICERS -ZEISS BINOCULARS WITH TAN TROPICAL COVERED CASE. DUNDEE MAKER From my personal collection of Argylls items. Likely used in Salonika or Middle East or possibly Boer War. Binoculars are in great condition. Good original neck strap. Original leather case has a khaki drill cover . Maker is \" Lennie & Thomson - Dundee \" Officers initials incised into front \" E.L.J.S. \" Case is also named to \" J.L.Scott - A & S Hrs. \". Case and shoulder strap are in great condition. Rare. V.G.C.
BOER WAR ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS POCKET KNIFE Rare multi bladed high end pocket knife which belonged to Stirling Militia ( 4th Argylls ) officer A.Parker Smith. Edinburgh maker. I am sure he is researchable.
BOER WAR MOUNTED TROOPS - LEATHER SWORD FROG Lovely piece. Stout leather and considerably larger than a regular frog. Maker mkd. to back ( indistinct ). Scarce. V.G.C.
BOER WAR OFFICERS SILVER CAMERON HIGHLANDERS - PAGRI BADGE Nice pre scroll pin back officers badge for wear on the slouch hat or sun helmet pagri. Some polishing to high points. Original pin back, not conversion and smaller than standard size specifically for the slouch or pagri. Marked \" Sterling \" ( silver ) to back . Rare V.G.C.
BOYS SCOUTS 1978 B/HAM SILVER \" WITH THANKS\" BADGE Nice bar badge . Well detailed. No rubbing or damage. Silver hallmarks to the back for 1978 Birmingham. v.g.c.
BRIGADIER 9 COMMANDO / ARGYLLS - ATTRIBUTED BROADSWORD Beautiful piece attributed to Ronnie Tod. Argylls Regimental blade. Good condition. Initials to blade. Wilkinson mkd. with their unique number , 60203. TOD, Ronald John Frederick (Brig) Known as: Ronnie Rank: Brigadier Unit/Base: 6 Independent Company 11 Independent Company 9 Commando Regiment/Corps: Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Service number: 32187 Honours & Awards: Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) Distinguished Service Order Bar to the Distinguished Service Order Born: Friday, November 3, 1905 Died : Saturday, April 5, 1975 Operations: Operation Collar Operation Ambassador Operation Roast Commissioned into the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders in 1925. Served in No 6 Independent Company and was Officer Commanding No 11 Independent Company in 1940 and later took command of No 9 Commando in 1942. Awarded DSO, and later a Bar to the DSO, each for "gallant and distinguished services in Italy " whilst commanding No 9 Commando in 1944. Promoted Brigadier and Officer Commanding 2 Commando Brigade, in 1945 he was awarded a CBE for "gallant and distinguished services in Italy." Commando Association Newsletter 61 of 1975. "We are saddened by the death on 5th April last of Brigadier Ronald John Froderick Tod CBE, DSO & Bar, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, a Vice President of the Association and one of the first Commanding Officers of the Independent Companies from which Army Commandos were developed. Lt.Colonel Michael Allen (9 Commando) writes: Ronnie Tod, as he was universally and affectionately known, rose spontaneously during the Second World War to the occasion for which he had been trained as a regular soldier, and throughout his wartime commands of No. 6 Independent Company, No. 9 Commando and ultimately 2nd Commando Brigade, he operated as a talented, intrepid, and adventurous professional. He instinctively recognised the right job to be done, acknowledged the supreme significance of the men with whom he had to see to the doing of it, and then commanded, cared for, and directed them accordingly. Those men remained under his command with unswerving resolution and loyalty for so long as they were fit and able. Ronnie Tod was daunted by nothing except concern for his men, and at all times was inspired by an implacable determination that together they would achieve the object of whatever task or exercise was set them. He will happily have joined those whose names are inscribed in the Cornmando Roll of Honour Book which rests in St. George's Chapel, Westminster Abbey and we recall that the final completion of this Book of Remembrance was only made possible by his generosity. We have lost another comrade without the like of whom the Army Commandos would never have gained their place in the history of the British Army". Early life and career Tod was born on 3 November 1905.[1] On graduation from Royal Military College, Sandhurst he was commissioned into the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders as a second lieutenant on 29 January 1925.[2] On 14 December 1932 (now a lieutenant) he was seconded for service with the Colonial Office,[3] joining 4th Battalion, Nigeria Regiment, Royal West African Frontier Force.[1] He was promoted captain on 6 June 1935,[4] and took command of one of the battalion's companies.[1] His secondment ended on 1 August 1938,[5] and he returned to the UK, taking up regimental duties with 1st Battalion, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders in early 1939.[1] Second World War[edit] In March 1940, following the outbreak of the Second World War, Tod volunteered to join the Independent Companies being raised for the Norwegian Campaign. He was promoted to acting major on 2 April and became Officer Commanding No. 6 Independent Company on 25 April.[1] He held that post until June when he was tasked with raising No. 11 Independent Company.[nb 1] As commander of this company, he led them on two "commando" raids shortly afterwards, one to Boulogne in France known as Operation Collar, and Operation Ambassador, which was a raid on the German occupied Guernsey.[6][7] These were the first two such raids carried out by British commandos during the war.[8] Just before the second of these raids he was confirmed as a temporary major on 2 July 1940.[1] Later, on 20 January 1942 Tod was promoted to acting lieutenant colonel,[1] his majority was made substantive on 29 January,[9] and his acting rank was made temporary on 20 April.[1] Later in the year he took command of No. 9 Commando.[1][10] In late 1943 No. 9 Commando was detailed to take part in the Italian Campaign. Tod was later commended for his leadership during a raid across the river Garigliano on 29/30 December 1943 and during Operation Shingle, the Allied amphibious attack on Anzio on 22 January 1944. In the follow-up to the landings, the commando was ordered to take two hills to the north of Monte Ornito on the night of 23/24 February 1944.[11] For his leadership during the attack, Tod was awarded the Distinguished Service Order on 29 June 1944.[12] The recommendation for the award describes the events of the night. The commando left its start lines at 19:30, and at about 21:30 came under heavy mortar and machine gun fire. Tod undertook a personal reconnaissance, and the ensuing attack captured a German pill box and 23 men. The commando resumed its journey towards its objective, but immediately came under heavy artillery and mortar fire which continued to build in intensity as they approached the main objective, "Point 803". As Tod gave orders for the main attack to begin, four out of five troop leaders, the intelligence officer, and the regimental sergeant major were all killed or wounded by the shelling. Tod retained control, ordering the leading troop to make the attack, supported by two other troops, while the remaining two troops were to take up covering positions to the south, where they would hopefully be out of the majority of the shelling. At this point, Tod himself was wounded in both arms and both legs, but still managed to order his adjutant forward to take command of the attack. Tod then lost consciousness for about ten minutes, but after coming round, began to oversee the evacuation of the wounded. The troops detailed to attack the objective managed to attain it, but were taking heavy casualties, so Tod ordered a retreat to defensive positions on the southern slope of Mount Ornito. Tod was among the last group to fall back, and had to be supported by the adjutant as they made their way back. He remained in command until 10:30 the following morning when his brigade commander ordered him to seek medical attention. According to the recommendation he "undoubtedly saved a critical situation and had a very steadying influence on his unit".[11] Another officer, George Davy, later described how that morning Tod was far more concerned about the injuries to his RSM than he was by his own wounds.[13] Just under a month later, on 19 March 1944, the commando was ordered to carry out a diversionary attack on a dry valley in the Campo di Carne area, and for his leadership on this occasion Tod was awarded a Bar to his DSO on 20 July 1944.[14][15] Again the recommendation for the award describes events. The commando's attack began at 02:00, they entered the valley and began to clear it, but it soon became apparent that the defending force was considerably larger than anticipated. Later intelligence showed that they had been facing a whole German battalion. Realising that further progress along the valley would be impossible, Tod ordered his men to take up defensive positions. They held these until the following evening, despite being under fire from three sides, and one particularly strong counterattack by the Germans. Tod was painfully wounded in the early afternoon, but continued to lead from the front. During the German counterattack, German grenades were exploding in his command position. With nightfall, the commando withdrew, bringing in all their wounded. The recommendation especially mentions Tod's "complete disregard for his own personal safety", and his "outstanding display of coolness, courage and leadership at a time when such qualities were most urgently required."[15] Tod then served in the Greek islands with Foxforce in the summer of 1944,[16] when 9 Commando was made part of 2nd Special Service Brigade under the command of Land Forces Adriatic, led by George Davy.[13] Davy ordered the commando to Kythera, ready for a move to the Peloponnese in anticipation of the German withdrawal from Greece. Here, British forces were being sucked into the emerging Greek Civil War, and often found themselves between opposing communist and anti-communist Greek forces. They managed to defuse many of these potential conflicts, saving many lives in the process. Finally they were ordered to take two islands off Piraeus in order to provide security for Royal Navy minesweepers operating in the area in preparation for the arrival of larger British force under Ronald Scobie. Orders that they were not to enter Athens itself did not reach them, and Tod ensured that the airfield and various strategic points in Athens were under British control prior to Scobie's arrival. Tod was awarded the freedom of the city by Archbishop Damaskinos of Athens,[13] and Davy credited him as "one of the two British officers who kept Greece on the free side of the Iron Curtain".[13] Tod was then promoted to acting colonel, and appointed brigadier in command of the 2nd Special Service Brigade on 18 October 1944.[17] With them he returned to Italy to lead them in the Spring 1945 offensive and until the end of the war.[1][18] For this, and in particular the capture of Comacchio, he was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire on 20 September 1945.[19][20] Retirement[edit] On 7 August 1948 Tod retired with the rank of honorary brigadier.[1][21] He remained in the reserve of officers until 3 November 1955.[22] He died on 5 April 1975.[1] ^ No. 11 Independent Company was raised on 14 June from volunteers for commando service and members from the recently disbanded No. 9 Independent Company.
BRITISH 1888 PATTERN. SLADE-WALLACE BUFF WAIST BELT & BUCKLE - ROYAL SCOTS Boer War era. Beautiful condition for age and came with the Royal Scots Sgts. uniform I\'m advertising. Whitened buff leather. Silvered buckle , possibly for senior ranks. As nice as I\'ve seen. Medium size. Scarce.
BRITISH 1943 DTD. CLOTH BANDOLIER Good example for the Lee Enfield . 303. Excellent condition. Paint stamp with 1943 date.
BRITISH 2ND PATTERN COMMANDO DAGGER - B2 Very good example from vets wife. Full length blade with good point. " B 2 " mkd. to crossguard. Original scabbard with tangs and loop removed and top part a bit dry. Nice knurled handle.
BRITISH AIRBORNE PARA BERET - 1944 - BERET INDUSTRIES An exceptional beret, one of 2 bought from an Arnhem vets widow. Lettering is faint but BERET INDUSTRIES and 1944 can be made out. To further confirm the date, the paint stamp is "M" which confirms it as 1944. good size 7 approx. Leather trim, silk draw string. This one does not have the loose single thread running round the circumference but instead has double stitching which is correct for Beret Industries examples. No evidence of having a badge fitted. Exceptional condition, no moth damage or faded colour. Beautiful inside and out. Rarely found in this condition.
BRITISH ARMY - DRILL SGT.S PACE STICK Good quality and circa 1970. I see inferior copies now but this a nice original formerly belonging to a Regular Argylls Drill Sergeant. V.G.C. Due to the length of the item. We don’t post outside U.K.
BRITISH ARMY - INFANTRY TRAINING 1914 - WW1 MANUAL Good example of this now scarce book. Official issue to officers and SNCO\'s. Covers all aspects of soldiering and not just infantry. Priced to sell. A \" Steal \" in fact, none cheaper ! V.G.C.
BRITISH ARMY - IRISH DRUMMERS BADGE WITH BACKING Nice brass example. This one from a Royal Ulster drummer. Mounted as worn on heavy dark felt. V.G.C.
BRITISH ARMY EMERGENCY RESERVE (AER)LAPEL BADGE Nice silvered example. Button hole fixing. V.G.C.
BRITISH M TYPE 1955 DTD. OXYGEN MASK & FLYING HELMET Scarce Cold War oxygen mask and inner helmet. Small rubber lozenge to the wearers left side with 1955 date and other details. Some perishing, hose broken. Has what I believe is the ejector seat coupling on the bottom of the hose ? Marked \" OD / 1525 \" and WD arrow. The cloth inner helmet for wear with the bone dome is a large size and in good condition. Label with \" 22C/1732 -Size 4 - KX/R/267/65 and WD arrow.
BRITISH MARK 1 COMPASS IN BOX - 1941 - T & G First introduced in 1941. Bakelite casing. Luminescent needle. All the markings are in white, as are the sight reference lines on the housing. Maker mkd on base for T & G. W.D. arrow. Original card box of issue. V.G.C.
BRITISH MK.2 STEN GUN LOADING TOOL Good example. Retains most of it\'s black painted finish. Stamped with \" MK.2 \" and \" STEN \". V.G.C.
BRITISH MKVIII GOGGLES - BOXED - 1941 Nice set of Mk. v111\'s in their box of issue . C/w spare lenses and red plastic box for the anti dimming cloth. Cloth with clear text and 1941 date. Good head strap. Further spare partial lense. Lenses are good. V.G.C.
BRITISH PARA BERET - 1943 - KANGOL - AIRBORNE As nice as you are likely to find. Just bought along with another from an Arnhem vets widow. Very clear KANGOL WEAR LTD, WD arrow and 1943 date. The paint stamp has WD and the letter N which indicates again 1943. Size is 7 and 1 eighth. This one has the correct loose single stitch running round the circumference, this often missing even on genuine examples. No holes for badge so possibly not even worn. No moth or damage and as near mint as you will find. Leather trim, silk draw string. Bright original colour, no fading. Exceptional
BRITISH RAF PILOTS C - TYPE FLYING HELMET & MK.8 GOGGLES - LARGE SIZE Good straight from the family helmet and goggles set. Helmet is in good condition with most of the chromed leather finish good. One small area of finish loss where the goggles have been sitting . Small point as the leather is nice and supple. All wiring present and good. Receivers with markings"10/ 13466" and WD arrow and " Ref No. 10A / 13466 " and AM crown. Inside good and with servicemans name and part number, Elastic in chin strap good. Large size approx. 57/58. Goggles with faint ink stamp to inside of bridge leather. Retaining most of the RAF blue / grey paint. Small crack on the right hand lens .Good strap . V.G.C.
BRITISH UNION OF FASCISTS BELT AND BUCKLE Very rare belt and buckle set. Buckle with Fascist symbol. Heavy broad leather belt with stamping impressed to leather "ACKMAN.L.G.Co 1934 GUARANTEED ALL HIDE" Super condition. I've seen the buckles before but never a complete belt. V.G.C..
BRITISH VICTORIAN MEDICAL STAFF CORPS SHAKO BADGE Rare cap badge circa 1893. Gilded brass. 8 point star with superimposed laurel wreath. Fretted central cross . Replacement red felt behind. QVC crown . 3 part scroll to bottom with " Medical Staff Corps ". K &K 1008. V.G.C.
BRITISH VIRTIS COMBAT HELMET - BATLSKIN COBRA Much sought after and virtually unobtainable unless you want to pay £450 to £600 on evilbay. Current issue in small numbers to British army Regulars. This is a good hardly worn size small with it\'s issue elasticated cover. Very light helmet , I can see why they are popular. Rough texture tan exterior. Original label inside One only . Don\'t ask me me questions about it because I know nothing about them so see the pics, that is what you are buying. Priced for a quick sale. V.G.C.
BRITISH WW2 - 3RD PATTERN COMMANDO DAGGER - POMMEL NO.1 & RODGERS MKD. Very good clean example. Retains most of the painted finish to the handle. Pommel has \" 1 \" which I believe was on the Maybury of London made handles ? Cross guard double stamped with Rodgers Sheffield and Made in Sheffield , the latter might not be quite right as it\'s indistinct ? Nice blade with good point. Scabbard good and the elastic has an amount of elasticity left. V.G.C.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS - PIPERS - LARGE CROSS BELT BADGE Same size as a plaid brooch but with screw post fixings to the back. For pipers cross belt. Nickel silver. Nice detail thistle border. Battle Honours and sphinx to centre. V.G.C. Rare
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS CAR MASCOT - GAUNT Nice old Gaunt made Cameron Highlanders car mascot. Nice sharp detail central device with coloured stripes behind, the paint on these possibly touched up at some point. Defo been on the car and not in the display cabinet . Rare piece before the acrylic versions came in in the \'60\'s. Steal at this price !!!
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS GLENGARRY/CAP BADGE I don\'t list or buy many of these but the detail on this one is outstanding. Very sharp features and high forehead. Thistle detail outstanding. Silver plated, not a Jocks example , likely for an NCO. v.g.c.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS TERRITORIAL OFFICERS DIRK BELT Beautiful officers dirk belt. Silver thistle motif brocade. Substantial silver plated oval buckle with gilded Cameron device to centre. Black Morocco leather backing. Small size, around 30 inch waist. Rare. V.G.C.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS WW1 NAMED PLAID BROOCH Nice attributable piece. Nickel silver . Nicely fretted. The back makes this one. Engraved " No. 1 " to top with a number 4 hand applied next to it. To the bottom engraving with " SERGTS MESS - DEPOT - CAMERON HDR's " Rare with markings. Period replaced pin. V.G.C.
CAMERON HLDRS. INSCRIBED PLAID BROOCH Very nice detail plaid brooch in nickel silver. What makes this one is the inscription on the back. \"Sergts. Mess, Depot, Cameron Hldrs\" Also, \"N (number ) 2. A further hand mkd. \"4\". Pin replaced period although it would be easy to have a more substantial pin fitted because of the hinge arrangement if desired. Super piece.
CAMERON HLDRS. OFFICERS VICTORIAN PLAID BROOCH Superb high quality silvered example with extra fretting as per officers pattern. This one has excellent detail to the thistle wreath which also has very high relief. Original stout pin and hook to the back. I\'ve left uncleaned and as found, will polish up beautifully if desired. 100% original as usual. V.G.C.
CAMERON HLDRS. PIPERS TUNIC BUTTONS x 6 Six early Camerons pipers No.1 tunic buttons. Close match and all came from an old mothed tunic. Larger size for the front. Good detail. Possibly also used by the Royal Scots ? Scarce. V.G.C.
CAMERONANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) PIPERS CAP BADGE Nice condition, no rubbing or damage. Correct 3 lugs to rear. V.G.C.
CAMERONIAN (SCOTTISH RIFLES) SGT. CAP BADGE Very nice example.Large size as worn by sgt's and officers. Nickel silver. Uncleaned and nicely toned. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS - SCOTTISH RIFLES CAP BADGE Very good w/m badge circa WW1. Nice age toning. Sharp detail. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) BLACKENED COLLAR DOG Nice single rear post example retaining almost all it's original blackened finish. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) OFFICERS POUCH BADGE Bi metal. Die struck. Seperately applied Silver star. 3 lugs. Dark age toning. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) SILVER / SP - COLLAR DOG Lovely piece retaining it's frosted silver finish. Silver plated lugs. Not sure if it's silver or plate so priced as plate. Scarce V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) VOLUNTEER OFFICERS POUCH BADGE Lovely example of a post 1901 die stamped silver plated pouch badge as worn by Volunteer Battalions. Very well detailed. Three lugs to the reverse. VGC.
CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) 4 LARGE BLACK BUTTONS 2 Kings crown & 2 Queens crown. correct blackened finish. Seem to be made of horn ? V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) VICTORIAN OFFICERS CAP BADGE Retaining almost all it\'s original blackened finish. Base metal is brass. Scarce officers badge. Circa 1881. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS SHOULDER TITLE Blackened brass and retaining most finish. Early hex lugs. V.G.C.
CANADIAN - MOUNT ALLISON OTC CAP BADGE Good early bronze example retaining all it's finish. Well struck. Mint.
CANADIAN( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) CALGARY HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Calgary Hldrs. wartime cap badge. Kings crown. Affiliated to the Argylls. Great condition.
CHANNEL ISLAND TRANSITIONAL CAMO HELMET Another from my personal collection. Correct green with black splotch sprayed camo. ?L64 shell. Pigskin liner with 3 tongue ends detached but present, attached to original drawstring. Owners name "EHRET" applied to apron and liner. Found in Jersey after the war. Rare 2nd line troops helmet.
CHINESE CULTURE REVOLUTION MAO LEADER PIN BADGE Real Deal, out of China circa 1966. Translates as " Vive Chairman Mao ". with his head in relief. Near mint condition. Numbered to back.
COMMAND CONTROL GERMANY - MATCHED PAIR OF FORMATION SIGNS - ATTRIBUTED Good \"Removed from Uniform\" matched pair of embroidered sleeve badges. The officer who wore these was in Berlin at wars end before working at the Nuremburg War Trials. Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs ex 2nd Btn. - Name to buyer
COURT MOUNTED GERMAN WW1 3 MEDAL GROUPING Nicely court mounted 3 medal group comprising, Iron Cross 2nd Class, Hindenburg Cross with Swords for combatants, and Prussian 9 year service medal. All original as worn . Good pin to rear. V.G.C
D.A.K. - AFRIKA KORPS HELMET - LIBYA Bought from a Libyan farmer in the 1960's . Definite correct shade of DAK paint. Pitted but solid after it's year exposed to the sun. Large size M40. Rare to get a DAK battlefield relic.
DESERT RATS - EL ALAMEIN VETS ARMOURED GROUPING An amazing collection of items belonging to Charles A Simmers.Originally from Aberdeen this trooper saw service as a tank man in North Africa, Italy and Germany. During his service he served with different armoured units and there are patches and shoulder slides to them in the group inc. Desert Rat Jerboa, RTR and 4th Indian Brigade shoulder slides.21st Tank Brigade patch mounted on khaki formation sign, RTR cap badge and collar, XRH shoulder title pair, Sharpshooters collar,Alamein vets medal. Also a period photograph of him in uniform in what I suspect is Italy( dated Sept 1943 on back ) and his Soldiers Pay book which is very interesting. All the above in the card ration box it came to me in. Fantastic.
DEUTSCHLANDS ERHEBUNG 1933 SS RELATED PLAQUE Scarce circular plaque, 6\" dia., bears the large motto in relief: \"DEUTSCHLANDS ERHEBUNG 1933\" (\"The Elevation of Germany 1933\"). It\'s a metal version of the classic rear photo shot of the SS troops in their black uniforms at the Nuremburg Rally . Very well detailed in a silvered finish. V.G.C.
DLI ( DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY ) CAP BADGE Exceptionally well detailed with a silvered finish. Slider. Likely WW2. Uncleaned as it came to me from old collection. V.G.C.
DULWICH COLLEGE LONDON OTC CAP BADGE Correct small size bronze cap badge. K & K vOL. 2 - 2544. Excellent condition.
DUMBARTON R.V. ( 9TH ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) VICTORIAN CAP BADGE Nice o/r's example in die struck brass. Good, " One Look " original, I say this as fakes of this badge abound on a well known selling platform ! Good detail. Old polish residue to back. Scarce . V.G.C.
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLS.( 9th A & S.H.)OFFICERS SGIAN DHU - REGIMENTAL BLADE Very striking and super rare Sgian Dhu to the DRV. This one has a beautiful large Regimental device of Elephant and Howdah with Fortitude through Strength motto below. Acid etched blade with \"DRV - VR\" . Silver mounts and great cairngorm to top of bog oak handle. Not cheap but try finding another. 35 years collecting Argylls items and this my first one of these. In 1881 the Dumbarton R.V. became the 9th Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs.
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLUNTEERS ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Very good example of this rare SBP. 6 piece construction. Polished back plate with gilded and silver parts. Top scroll with the town motto. Bottom scroll reads \"DUMBARTONSHIRE VOLUNTEERS\". Gilded cross with raised elephant and howdah. Both this and figure in silver. Studs and hooks to the back. Later became the 9th Argylls. V.G.C.
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLUNTEERS GLENGARRY Rare pre WW1 glengarry to D R V who later became the 9th Argylls. Argyll type dicing but slightly smaller. Leather edging. C/w it\'s original Dumbarton badge. Good size for the period , approx 57. Tails absent V G C
DUMBARTON VOLUNTEERS (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.) CAP BADGE Very nice example. Sharp strike. One lug slightly bent otherwise near mint. V.G.C.
DUMBARTONSHIRE R.V. (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) BELT & BUCKLE Extremely rare and from my personal Argylls collection. White buff leather belt in great order and owners initials applied to the inside. Fit up to 32' waist. Buckle very well detailed with the Elephant and Howdah to centre and to the outside " Dumbartonshire Volunteers ". Very rare and a reluctant (thanks to stupid Scottish government policies ) sale. V.G.C.
DUMBARTONSHIRE RIFLE VOLS. - OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE - ATTRIBUTED Very nice SBP from the home of Cpt. Lochie of Dumbarton who served in WW1. This came many years ago with other items of his inc. his uniform, glengarry etc. I have decided now to let this piece go. Immaculate with no issues. The pictures say it all.
DUNBARTONSHIRE RIFLE VOLS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) LARGE & SMALL BUTTONS Large and small tunic buttons bearing motto and town crest of elephant and howdah. Uncleaned with nice age patina. Large one maker mkd. \" Gardiner & Co. Glasgow \", the other unmarked. V.G.C. DRV later became the 9th Argylls .
EARLY GERMAN RAD (LABOUR SERVICE) MEMBERSHIP BADGE Very good condtion early example. GES. GESCH marked to rear.
EAST LOTHIAN YEOMANRY CAVALRY VICTORIAN OFFICERS HELMET PLATE Very striking 2 piece example of this exceedingly rare 2nd pattern helmet plate. Silver plated beautifully fretted thistle wreath surmounted by crown. The detail on the thistles/leaves is outstanding and with no rubbing or damage. Gilded strap with motto this seperetely applied with 4 thin pins which have possibly been replaced at some point during it\'s working life ? The edge of the helmet plate has scallops to fit round the thistle tops and under the crown. Inside the raised strap is a Star of the Order of the Thistle with \"LACESSIT\" motto. To the centre is a unit cypher. The back has 3 screw posts. Large size, approx 5 \" by 4\" inches. Considering the age,( this unit only existed 1797 to 1888), the H.P. is in very good order . This is the officer pattern the o/r\'s being brass and much less elaborate than this . V.G.C.
EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY O.T.C. BADGE - SLIDER Kings crown . Large size ( 7 cm ). Pre 1952. Scroll with ( T.A. ) version. Slider. Scarce. V.G.C.
EDWARD VIII ROYAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS CAP BADGE Extremely rare badge . Bronze officers. Nice fretting. Usually when Edward the 8th badges turn up they\'re ex stores whereas this one has been worn and with old polish residue to the back. Bronze finish largely polished off but a great detail badge. V.G.C.
FAIRBAIRN SYKES FIGHTING KNIFE - ETCHED PANELS Excellent example of what is often wrongly referred to as the Officers Pattern 2nd Pattern F/S. Very clean. Nickel. Clear etched panels. Full length blade. Leather scabbard with nickel fittings.Elastic stretched. Just about as nice as they come. This model rarer than the 1st Pattern.
FIFE & FORFAR BELT BUCKLE Beautiful example. Silvered finish . Extremely well detailed Thane of Fife. No rubbing or damage . Bolt on centre. V.G.C.
FIFE & FORFAR CAR MASCOT Rare Fife and Forfar Yeomanry car mascot / bumper badge. Post \'52 Regimental device over Regimental colours. Heavy acrylic body. Circa early 1960\'s. V.g.c.
FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Nice toned original on slider.Well detailed.
FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY NCO’S ARMS BADGE Nice example in brass. Good used condition. 2 lugs to rear.
FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY WW2 CAP BADGE Good silvered example. Die struck. Fine detaill. Slider. V.G.C.
FIFE CONSTABULARY BELT BUCKLE Not to be confused with the F & F Yeomanry type. This has short helmet plume and no sword. Silvered finish. Fine detail. Rare V.G.C.
FLAMING BOMB MATCHING PAIR COLLAR BADGES Solid cast brass flaming bombs. Pin back. V.G.C.
FORESTERS OR KINGS BODYGUARD SCOTTISH SASH BADGE - SILVER WIRE THREAD Very ornate piece with 2 gilded Highlanders to the centre. Silver bullion wire. Makers label to rear. Likely a sash badge. V.G.C.
FORFARSHIRE ARTILLERY VOLUNTEERS HELMET PLATE - 1878 - 1900 Excellent example of this scarce helmet plate. Die struck white metal for o/r\'s. Circa 1878-1900. Royal Coat of Arms with short scroll below with, \" First \" over a cannon. Below the cannon a long scroll with \" Forfarshire Artillery Volunteers \". Three loops to reverse. V.G.C. with no rubbing or damage.
GAU ESSEN DAY BADGE - HOFFSTATTER BONN Gilt metal. Still has most of gilded finish. Nicely mkd. to back. Rare. V.G.C.
GENUINE & ORIGINAL WW2 GERMAN NCO’S VISOR CAP WREATH & COCKADE Good early 2 piece example. Pins and loop are present.
GERMAN HELMET M40 LUFTWAFFE FIELD DIVISION SINGLE DECAL- DOCTOR - QUIST 66 Good very heavy helmet retaining most of a field grey overpaint as done by the Field Divsions. Inside retains it's Luftwaffe blue paint. 2nd pattern eagle visible below camo paint. Large size 66 with batch number 248.Single banded liner band. Good liner with all tongue ends good and original drawstring. Soldiers name "Dr. BAHN".Possibly doctors helmet ? Unusual original chin strap with Luftwaffe roller buckle with leather flap behind. This helmet is recorded in the Brian Ice book on helmet lot nos. as leaving the Quist factory as a Single decal Luftwaffe size 66 and prior to 1943 so all ties up correctly. This one is what it's meant to be. Good honest helmet and as it left the factory.
GERMAN M35 SD ARMY HELMET Nice single decal with early shiny paint. NS 64. Original maker mkd. and dtd. chin strap. Owners name to liner. V.G.C.
GERMAN - M35 FORMER DOUBLE DECAL ARMY HELMET - ET60 One Look untouched original. ET 60 Lot no. 3584.Circa 1937. Good smallest size helmet which are now very sought after. This is a former double decal with the State shield still present in part, removed as per the 1940 decal drop order. Field grey finish with toned army decal Sheep skin liner with all tongue ends complete but a bit dry. It has an unbroken early non reinforced Aluminium liner band. Old period lace as a drawstring. Nice use of a goggles strap as a substitute chin strap, this is how the helmet came out the weeds to me so I believe this to be period. Helmet configures nicely with the Brian Ice helmet code book which records it as a double decal Army with single non reinforced aluminium band and with a parade gloss green finish which can still be seen on inspection in the inner apron. One Look original with no issues, great looking helmet. V.G.C.
GERMAN - M40 ARMY SINGLE DECAL - FORMER MEDICS HELMET / TAN CAMO Cracking helmet that's had the thumbs ups on Valhalla as having been a Medics.. American vet bring back. The red cross is clearly visible under the field grey paint going side to side and back to front. Army decal to almost 100%. Tan camo visible in parts under the field grey overpaint. No maker or lot number visible due to the overpaint having extended to the apron. Name " Holz " applied to liner and also rare liner maker stamp. Size 62 shell with a 54 liner. Liner with one tongue a/f otherwise good with all tongue ends intact and original draw string. No chinstrap. Sheepskin on zinc liner system. Rare. V.G.C.
GERMAN 1898 PATTERN MAUSER BAYONET 1st German bayonet of the Great War and used right through. Long slender shape. 1904 dtd. Erfurt maker. regiment mkd. \" b.2 . J \". No flash guard, good wooden ribbed grips. Blade good , some darkening , good point. Sprung button working. No scabbard. Rare. Good price as they are £300 plus with a scabbard for an average condition one. V.G.C.
GERMAN 1927 BONN VETERAN REUNION FESTIVAL DAY BADGE Beautiful piece. Regimental reunion for members of Regiment 160 ( Rhenish ). Sharp detail of Landser in steel helmet holding a banner. Still with it's blue/orange silk ribbons. Die struck brass. V.G.C.
GERMAN 1935 LABOUR DAY BADGE ( TAG DER ARBEIT ). Good large size early Day Badge.4.5 x 3.3 cm. Aluminium. Detail in relief of workers from different professions and eagle. V.G.C
GERMAN 1937 REGENSBURG UNTEROFFIZIERS KORPS DAY BADGE Great looking 1937 Regensburg corporals 1937 day badge. It retains most of its gold colour paint. Original pin to rear.
GERMAN 3 RD REICH DEUTSCHE JUGEND ( DJ ) WHISTLE Signal whistle made from horn and not the issue bakelite. Carved DJ device and brass plate with owners initials. Also maker mkd. Metal lanyard ring. Working. Rare piece. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3 REICH NSDAP AUSTRIAN PARTY BADGE - M1/148 This is a scarce much sought after maker. Austrian made. RZM & M1/148 (Heinr. Ulbrichts Witwe Wien) marked to rear. Forum posted for authenticity as there are some very good copies of this one and genuine. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1933 ARBEIT DAY BADGE NSBO Early brass day badge. Workers party. Retains gilded finish. Die struck sheet brass. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1933 MUNSTER DAY BADGE Homeland and Empire. Early 3rd reich day badge. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1934 BRAUNSCHWEIG NIEDERSACHSEN TAG DAY BADGE Early 3rd Reich 1934 dated lower Saxon day badge.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1934 DIE SAAR DAY BADGE Early die-strike brass tinnie. Good condition. German is the Saar. Roughly translates as , "German Honour is True". Catches the feeling of Germans who believed the Saar region to be always German. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1935 BERLIN DAY BADGE Silver washed and retaining most of the original finish. 2 years into the Nazi period. Detail in high relief with the Brandenburg gate at the top.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1935 DEUTCH JUGENDFEST BADGE Nice silvered day badge. HJ device to centre. original pin. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1935 HESSEN NASSAUGAU TAG DAY BADGE Very good example tinnie made with leather. Nice detail with lovely age toning. Large size approx. 6 cm x 4.5 cm.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1936 SA GRUPPE NORDSEE IN BREMEN DAY BADGE Striking example and with Bremen maker details to back. Nice depiction of Stormtrooper and SA device in relief. Scarce. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1937 GRENZLAND GRONAU TREFFEN STICK PIN Rare. 3rd reich German 1937 Gronau Grenzland Treffen stick pin. Correct knurled pin. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1938 DTD. 5 MARK SILVER COIN Rare date 5 Mark coin in fantastic condition. Mint mark and 1938 date. German Eagle & swastika to obverse. Paul Von Hindenburg head to reverse. Stamped rim “Gemeinnutz geht vor eigennutz”(Public interest goes before self interest). No wear or damage. Pure silver. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1ST MAY 1935 DAY BADGE Early badge badge. Alloy. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 23 REGIMENT 1935 - THE SAAR IS FREE BADGE Cracking looking badge to the 23rd Infantry Regiment. Steel helmet over a shoulder board with " 23 " in relief. To the bottom the slogan " DIE SAAR IST FREI ". Very striking. Rare early piece. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 5 MARK SILVER COIN - 1934 Very early 1934 Five Deutsch mark silver coin. Mint mark and 1934 date. German Eagle & swastika to obverse. Paul Von Hindenburg head to reverse. Stamped rim “Gemeinnutz geht vor eigennutz”(Public interest goes before self interest). Pure silver. Nice age toning. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH ARBEITSBUCH - LEIPZIG Excellent condition work book . Issue stamp for Leipzig 1940.
GERMAN 3RD REICH ARMBAND Large size 3 piece Party armband. Broad width.11.5 cm VGC
GERMAN 3RD REICH BADISCHE-SÄNGERBUNDESFEST KARLSRUHE 1935 Early tinnie for 1935 festival for the singer's association in Karlsruhe. Very good condition with maker stamp to rear.
GERMAN 3RD REICH D.R.K.B. 1936 KYFEHAUSER KURPFALZ DAY BADGE Early 1936 tinnie. Rare, not in the 2 volume tinnie book. Silvered tin with some loss of finish . As found.
GERMAN 3RD REICH DEUTSCHEN SEEFAHRT 1935 DAY BADGE Day badge. Maker mkd. example. Alloy. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE 1936 GAUTREFFEN WESTFALEN-NORD DAY BADGE Scarce Germany Awake Rally badge. Marked to the back for 1936 Gelsenkirchen Rally and maker mkd. Very well detailed. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH FRONTLINE WORKERS 1933 BRESLAU DAY BADGE Early 1933 brass tinnie. Stick pin to rear. Retains it's finish. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH GAU KURHESSEN 1936-37 WHW DAY BADGE scarce early green bakelite day badge. Approximately 4 cm diameter.
GERMAN 3RD REICH HITLER 1933-1934 WINTER HELP THANKS BADGE Scarce gold version. Gold wash over tombak. Nicely maker mkd. to rear. Original pin. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH HITLER THANKS BADGE Nice untouched original. Age toned with some finish loss. Nicely marked up on the back. Now scarce. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH HITLER YOUTH DAF 1935 COMPETITION DAY BADGE Super condition. Die struck brass. Nice age toning. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH HJ PROFICIENCY BADGE Hitler Youth Proficiency Award. In Silver by Karl Wurster, Markneukirchen RZM M1/34.M1/34. Service used but good with nice age patina. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH HORSE RIDERS BADGE - BRONZE AWARD Nice example retaining it\'s age toned bronze finish. Tombak base metal with a bronze finish. Maker marked to the rear, “L. CHR. Lauer Nürnberg Berlin” and to the opposite side “Gesetzlich Geschütz” (protected by law). Barrel hinge with vertical pin and elongated round wire catch, V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH HUNTING ASSOCIATION STICK PIN Nice stick pin with age toning . Sharp detail. Rear has marking \" 8 \". Non knurled pin which has seen some use as it has some bending. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH LEIPZIG 1934 DAY BADGE Very unusual day badge made from porcelain. Nice depiction of a shooter with swaz below his right arm. Held in a brass clip frame. Rare. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH MOTHERS CROSS - BRONZE IN POCKET OF ISSUE Bronze 3rd class example in scarce packet of issue. Piece of original ribbon. No enamel damage. Packet good. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH MOTHERS CROSS GOLD Fair condition. No ribbon.
GERMAN 3RD REICH MOTHERS CROSS GOLD AWARD - BOXED Very nice example retaining it's gilded finish and no enamel damage. Contained in it's original Sieper of Ludenscheid marked box. Box clicks shut but the hinges are a/f. otherwise good. Mutter Cross image to lid.
GERMAN 3RD REICH N.S.G. KRAFT HESSEN NASSAU DAY BADGE Nice maker mkd. alloy day badge. Wiedmann Frankfurt maker mkd. to bsck. Great detail. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NATIONAL SOLDIERS DAY BADGE Nice toned brass. Detail in relief. Good soldier and civvy figures over Swastika. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP 1933 VETERANS DAY BADGE Early large size tinny. Good detail & pin.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP BUTTON HOLE PARTY BADGE Good example with no enamel damage. Forum checked just to be sure. Marked RZM & M1/34 (Karl Wurster) to rear. Scarce button hole version. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP GAU BADEN – 10 JAHRE KAMPF 1925-1935 DAY BADGE Nice early NSDAP day badge in die struck metal. Retains original well detailed finish. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP MEMBER’S BADGE BY RUDOLF REILING - BUTTON HOLE Good honest pre 1939 example. RZM & M1/25 for Rudolf Reiling marked to rear. Scarce button hole fixing to rear.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY BADGE - CARL POELLATH Rare and early used example. Painted version with RZM & maker marked M / 103 for Carl Poellath.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY BADGE - M1 / 34 NSDAP party badge RZM & maker marked M1 / 34 (Karl Wurster-Markneukirchen) to rear. Slight damage to enamel on the ring of left corner. See photo for details.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY MEMBERS BADGE BY CARL POELLATH Nice painted version. One Look original. M1 /103 (Carl Poellath) RZM marked to rear. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH STAHLHELMBUND FRONT FIGHTERS MEMBERSHIP BADGE A Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Frontkämpferbund membership badge. Given to elite members of Der Stahlhelm . This is the last type of this badge to be distributed,. Die struck. Silvered tombac construction with pin that works perfectly. Measures 21mm in diameter and marked " A. GES. GESCH " to the back. V.G.C. Distribution of these badges discontinued with the dissolution of the Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Frontkämpfer-Bund (Stahlhelm) on November 07, 1935 The Stahlhelm, Bund der Frontsoldaten (Steel Helmet, League of Front Soldiers”, also known in short form as Der Stahlhelm) was one of the many paramilitary organizations that arose after the German defeat of World War I. It was part of the “Black Reichswehr” and in the late days of the Weimar Republic operated as the armed branch of the national conservative German National People’s Party (DNVP), placed at party gatherings in the position of armed security guards (Saalschutz).
GERMAN 3RD REICH THE FUHRER LEADS, WE FOLLOW - 1936 SEESEN KREISTAG BADGE Striking 3rd reich compressed cardboard “tinny” with nice details in relief of head depictions of soldiers, veterans and workers with Nazi flag in the background. Excellent condition. Scarce. Large size 48 mm diameter.
GERMAN 81 RGT. WIEDERSENHAM 1928 DAY BADGE Nice Weimar period day badge. Weimar eagle. Depiction of the town in relief. V.G.C.
GERMAN ARMYM40 SINGLE DECAL - ET64 Good untouched, all original M40 with a nicely toned almost 100% army decal. Helmets like this rarely turn up now and this one is an American vet bring back acquired straight from the family. This is not a Kreigsmarine although I've seen toned army's sold as such to enhance the value . ET 64 shell, Lot no. 1162. Configures exactly with the Ice helmet code book which has that lot of helmets as single decal army, Zinc/ sheepskin liner , field grey drab paint so it's as it left the factory. Good percentage of original paint, liner complete but dry, one tongue end a/f. Full length original chin strap dry but good, strap fixing stud absent on the buckle side and held together by a piece of period string so likely it was being worn like this. Good One Look original.
GERMAN BADEN PICKLEHAUBE - BRASS FITTINGS Scarce all original 1895 Pattern picklehaube to the state of Baden. Shellac finish black leather skull with no distortion. Gilded brass fittings with especially nice helmet plate. No cockades. Nice liner with all tongue ends complete. This one has although frail , the original chin strap , almost always a replacement these days. One break behind one of the chin strap fixings and some finish absent but is a rare original. It\'s marked in the rear peak, either a name or Regiment details, Indistinct. Small split on the brass front brim. Smallish size. Good untampered with condition.
GERMAN DAK AFRIKA MEDAL Good One Look example of the medal issued to German and Italion troops serving with the Deutches Afrika Korps. Nice untouched age toned medal and unusually, the ribbon has survived well on this one, usually they are prone to fraying. Scarce. V.G.C. The Italian Made DAK Afrika Medal. Given to the German forces and their Italian counterparts. The medal was issued in both bronze and zinc. This is an earlier bronze example and has it\'s original silk ribbon . The award was banned for medal wear after 1944. A scarce award to find nowadays.
GERMAN DEUTCHES CROSS Nice original, possibly early Deschler. 6 rivets, middle two slightly damaged where wreath has been tightened. North Africa bring back bought from vets daughter.
GERMAN DRIVERS BADGE - BRONZE GRADE Nice age toned example. Good detail. 2 brass blades to rear. V.G.C.
GERMAN FALLSCHIRMJAGER GERMAN HELMET A great example of a late war paratrooper helmet. Field grey paint to almost 100%. Slotted aluminium bolts. Good size 55 RB numbered liner retaining it's bright tan finish. Good condition blue jump straps with flower motif to stud. Sorbo type rubber very good and supple. No makers mark but there is a faint stamping "4305" ? Lovely clean helmet rarely available in this condition. Posted on Wermacht Awards Forum by previous owner.
GERMAN GERBIRSJAGER SUD ( SOUTH ) TIROL (NORTHERN ITALY) BRUNECK DAY BADGE Top marks for detail on this beauty. Mountain Troops Association. Mountain and Edelweiss in relief with the Trooper in short peak ski cap in higher relief giving a superb 3 D effect.
GERMAN HEER M42 CAMO HELMET WITH WIRE - BATTLE DAMAGED - Battle damaged M42 from the battle for France after D Day. Retains most of it's original sawdust camo overpaint and the remains of a white winter camo . Shrapnel strike to the right side just above the ear which has pierced the helmet and no doubt instantly killed the soldier. What is really cool about this one is the improvised wire arrangement for holding foliage. It's possibly the spring from a truck seat or similar, fitted through the air vents and very suitable for holding any camo materials. Definitely original to the helmet with impressions on the shell where the wire has ridden up and down. Found in France. No liner as you would expect with serious damage like this but not a relic, rather a battlefield period pick up. SE 62 shell.Batch no. 2341.
GERMAN HELMET M35 KREIGSMARINE DOUBLE DECAL APPLE GREEN Extremely rare M35 double decal Kreigsmarine helmet in early apple green smooth paint. The helmet shell is maker mkd/sized ET66 on the inside apron at wearers left. The original Apple Green paint remains approx. 97% intact. The eagle decal is a text book example of early Kreigsmarine insignia with a deep golden colour and layered construction. It rates at 97%. The split pins are all matching each other and show no signs of tampering. The early aluminium re enforced liner band is maker mkd. and dated 1938. There is an acceptance dome stamp to the inside crown of the helmet that clearly shows the date 1938. The leather of the liner shows the early tanning method and rates excellent condition wise, showing only minor wear and no damage. The chin strap is original to the helmet and is in nice pliable condition. It bears a maker mark and a faint 1939 date. Servicemans name to rear apron in white and evidence of a cloth name tag to the leather. I've encountered these named labels on helmets before. This one has been removed suggesting the helmet had a previous owner. Great looking large helmet that displays nicely and is among the rarest to find in any condition. The National colours decal was given a swipe of paint to cover it as per the ordered decal drop in 1940. At some point it's been uncovered again and a large percentage of the decal is still present. Double decal Navy's are the hardest to find of any arm of service because they were produced in far fewer numbers and this is a very low price for such a rarity, examples I've seen in the market place are £2,500 plus. 100% original. The cheapest genuine apple green double out there.
GERMAN INTER WAR - DER STALHELM BADGE Nice example. Silvered finish with black inset text and EK. Likely plated tombak. Original pin. Stamped to base \"W.D. Ges Gesch\". Note, this one has the Iron Cross which is less common, most having just the \" Der Stahlhelm \" text. GES.GESH marked to bottom. V.G.C.
GERMAN INTER WAR REICHSWEHR PERIOD - RGT. 81 RALLY BADGE Nice Rally badge. Reichswehr eagle to top, town image and to the bottom, a shoulder board with "81 ". Nicely toned. V.G.C.
GERMAN KRIEGSMARINE M40 SD HELMET Excellent helmet straight from an RAF vets daughter. Size ET 66, Code no. 220. Confirmed in the Brian Ice book as correct configuration in every way as when it left the factory. 1940 maker mkd. original chin strap. Good sheepskin liner with zinc band and original draw string. Both liner and apron named to the soldier. Nice almost 100% Gold decal. Total sleeper. WAF posted, no issues. V.G.C.
GERMAN KRIEGSMARINE OBERSTABSGEFREITER TUNIC INSIGNIA WW2 Kreigsmarine Oberstabsgefreiter’s insignia. This is a high quality private purchase example . Forum posted to check authenticity. V.G.C.
GERMAN KYFERHAUSERBUND STICK PIN - MAKER MKD. - GROSSMAN Good example with undamaged enamel. Knurled pin. Number 11 ( Grossmann & Co. Vienna ) and Ges Gesch marked to rear.
GERMAN LUFTSPORT HILFT DEUTSCHLAND ASSOCIATION DAY BADGE Nice example with frosted outer strap retaining it's silvered finish. Orange bakelite centre with metal plane in relief. V.G.C.
GERMAN LUFTWAFFE HERMAN GOERING RGT. TRADE PATCH A Hermann Göring Regiment Flak Artillery Armorer’s Trade Badge, constructed of a Luftwaffe blue-grey wool base, with machine-embroidered, diagonally angled and crossed antique cannon barrels, in silver-grey threads, measuring 49 mm in diameter. V.G.C.
GERMAN M16 DUCK BILL HELMET - BATTLE DAMAGED - BING A very rare front line helmet by the scarce maker G.B.N. ( Gebruder Bing), better known for their top end tin plate toys. This one has sustained battle damage with a shrapnel strike to the rear crown. It also looks like someone has then put 4 pistol rounds into the poor chap as there are outward dents with corresponding holes through the liner. The liner surprisingly is good with all 3 pads and leather band, one pad still with it's cushion and still with it's original draw string. This is the correct size 64, the only size produced by Bing and has the scarce " Duck Bill" front visor found on these models. The shell retains most of it's original field grey paint . The helmet is dusty and dirty, this is how it came to me and that is how all items go out. Superb all original combat vet.
GERMAN M16 MEDICS GERMAN HELMET I'll let this one speak for itself. All original inc. horsehair pads, even has an original undamaged chinstrap. Featured in WW1 German Militaria book a few years ago. Helmets like this are now virtually unobtainable.
GERMAN M35 CONDOR LEGION HELMET Rare Legion Condor German M35. Finished in a smooth brown paint to the shell with a tropical tan paint to the inside of the apron. This is very often the case with LC helmets and I have enclosed pics of other examples with this. Original Luftwaffe blue to the rest of the inside. All original with near absence of markings as is the norm with helmets made for export. Early single banded aluminium liner band. Full length chin strap with aluminium buckle. Ink soldier applied markings to the inside ( see pics ), one of which looks like Pz. Panzer ? I am including a Spanish eagle helmet badge which did not come with the helmet but is an original wartime piece. Great condition and not to be confused with the later Spanish made Elmetto. When the M1935 combat helmet went into production in 1935, units of the German Army (Heer) and Air Force (Luftwaffe) eagerly awaited the finished product. Much to their dissatisfaction, the first shipment of completed helmets did not reach their units until 1936. This delay, in part, was due to a number of large foreign orders that took precedence over the requests of the German Armed Services (Wehrmacht). It is important to note that German firms produced the M1935 helmet for foreign export prior to World War II. The largest of these shipments were sent to the Chinese and Spanish governments. While virtually identical to the German issued M1935, most of the exported helmets did not have the same type of liner systems found in Wehrmacht issued helmets. In addition, the majority of foreign export models were not stamped with production code numbers and maker's marks like those found on original wartime era German combat helmets. There was no standard colour brown used and it is possible the repaints were actually done in the field. When the German Condor Legion arrived in Spain , they had unilaterally painted their Luftwaffe-blue helmets brown.
GERMAN M35 DAK AFRIKA / EURO CAMO LUFTWAFFE HELMET - ARTILLERY UNIT MKD. Great looking combat helmet. This one the tan colour is the Afrika pinkish hue as opposed to European theatre ordnance tan so this guy has served in North Afrika before being transferred to either Italy or France. Then he has simply added some green spray on top of the DAK paint. Great " Been There " example, all original with good combat worn liner and full length maker mkd. and dtd. chin strap.It's definitely ex DAK, I know that pinkish colour so very possible as said before, this guy went to Italy/Sicily or another European theatre . Named and also mkd. up to a Flak/Artillery unit. Good size 66 Quist shell.
GERMAN M35 DOUBLE DECAL ARMY HELMET - NS 68 - COMPLETE Excellent helmet in early war smooth paint. Huge rare size 68. Very good Heer decal. State shield also good to about 85%. This interestingly has had a brush stroke of paint put across it in an effort to hide it as per the decal drop directive of 1940 when these shields were supposed to be removed. Obviously the lazy mans way as opposed to scraping it off. Original 1940 Maker mkd and dated chin strap. Double banded aluminium liner band. Batch no. B 2. Good leather liner which is approx a 57. All original helmet straight from an American vets foot locker and exactly as it came back in 1945. Brian Rices book confirms this helmet to be a double decal Heer of early 1940 manufacture and having a 1940 chin strap. Also they were a direct pre cursor to the M40 pattern B series helmets.
GERMAN M35 DOUBLE DECAL ARMY/ HEER HELMET Top shelf helmet. Rare early helmet in a large size. Early smooth paint to 95%. Excellent Wermacht Adler and State shield. Both are as nice as I've seen. The eagle decal is almost 100% and still very bright. State shield has some nice slight age crazing and is almost 100%. Large Q 66 shell with early lot no. 4500. Confirmed in the Ice book as having left the factory with this exact configuration around late 1937. Nice liner c/w original draw string. Chin strap although original to it is a later 1943 dtd. and maker mkd. example. Not unusual given this is an early helmet. The long end has a tear at the rivet otherwise very good with the steel buckle still retaining it's grey painted finish. All in all an excellent helmet of a quality not often found these days.
GERMAN M35 DOUBLE DECAL LUFTWAFFE HELMET - EARLY DROOP TAIL EAGLE Top shelf helmet. Very early SE 66 shell with lot no. 3345. Retaining almost all it's original smooth paint. Very nice 1st pattern Droop Tail eagle.Very good State shield. Scarce single banded aluminium liner band with hair oil darkened liner, this with it's original draw string. C/w it's period aluminium buckle chin strap. Brass helmet pins with no signs of being messed with. Great all complete original .
GERMAN M35 SE 68 SINGLE DECAL SAWDUST CAMO HELMET SIZE 68 Huge sawdust camo reissue which has been originally a double decal. Nice decal and most of the applied finish present apart from some loss in the crown area, finish remaining to around 90%. Still with it's scarce early issue single banded aluminium liner band, this as usual cracked hence the need for the later double banding. Nice sheepskin liner and still with the original draw string. Original to it aluminium buckle with Berlin maker and 1938 date, this in good supple condition. Cracking helmet and in the sought after very large size. SE 68 and lot no. 3607
GERMAN M35 SINGLE DECAL ARMY HELMET - M35 SNOW CAMO Great looking combat helmet.Large size 66 , possibly 68 shell. NS maker. Reissue helmet and ticks the boxes with the Ice book on helmet criteria on NS reissues. True front line vet this one and with a large percentage of part removed whitewash snow camo. Good decal. I can't make out the lot number due to paint but it looks like 2717. Correct zinc liner band with sheepskin and still with the original drawstring. The liner tongues are all good and pulled together at the top as I would guess it was too big for the soldier ? Good original to it full length steel buckle chin strap with an ink maker mark ( indistinct ). Large percentage of the drab field grey finish remaining and evidence of having had a camo underneath and as stated a fair amount of snow camo overpaint. A helmet that has seen a lot of action.
GERMAN M35 SINGLE DECAL HEER HELMET - ORIGINAL PARADE FINISH - COMPLETE Super helmet and rare to find one with the early smooth dark green paint finish. The silver army decal is in good shape and has toned to a nice golden colour.Size 57 liner with owners initials. NS 64 shell with batch no. 5864. Brian Ice's helmet book confirms this helmet configures exactly as to how it left the factory in late 1937. Both liner and chinstrap are great, the chin strap being maker mkd. and dated 1940. Original draw string. Helmets like this are scarcely encountered, never refinished in field grey or reissued. Letter of authenticity from Bill Shea included
GERMAN M40 ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET - QUIST Extremely nice M40 with beautiful bright decal. Q62 shell retaining almost all the original paint finish.Lot no. 365. Zinc band with pigskin liner. The Ice book on helmet codes confirms this 1st run of helmets, starting in March 1940 with both sheep and pig skin media. Came with no chin strap, I will supply a good copy one with the sale. V.G.C.
GERMAN M40 HELMET - LUFTWAFFE FIELD DIVISION SINGLE DECAL Good combat helmet. Originally Luftwaffe blue, still present on the inside apron. Overpainted in field grey for Field Division. Eagle overpainted but evident under the paint. Size 64 Quist so nice heavy helmet with particularly nice shape. Lot no. T 993 to rear skirt. Sheepskin liner on zinc band. The former with small area of staining likely from a head wound.All tongue ends intact. Luftwaffe brown chin strap in good condition but shortened by soldier. Great looking combat vet and all original.
GERMAN M40 HELMET - ZIMMERIT CAMO - Q64 - T 742 Fantastic , "One Look" combat helmet. Hand applied zimmerit type rough finish. On top of this there is a sand camo to 50%. This helmet saw more than one Theatre of Operations ! Zinc liner band with good thick sheepskin liner with all tongue ends complete and original draw string. Original strap good but with the end of the long section absent. Steel buckle. This helmet dates to 1943 and just prior to the decal drop as there is evidence of having had a single decal. Superb combat vet with a fantastic look and a heavy helmet as Quists tend to be. V.G.C.
GERMAN M40 HELMET ARMY SINGLE DECAL - ET64 Good clean helmet by Thale Iron works. Good decal. Shell retains a large percentage of it's original smooth field grey paint. Some reddish/ ochre paint around the helmet pins would indicate it possibly having had a camo applied at some point during it's working life. Great liner with just a nice amount of service wear. Original draw string present but broken. Batch no. 5491. No chin strap. Priced to sell.
GERMAN M40 HELMET ARMY SINGLE DECAL QUIST 64 - NAMED A superb all complete original combat helmet retaining almost all it's original matt field grey paint. This one is what's called a wartime re issue, i.e. updated with matt paint , re decalled in some instances and issued again. Interestingly, the decal has been applied on top of an earlier one which can just be made out on close inspection. The decal is a stunning looking army which has toned to a golden colour but in my opinion is not a Kreigsmarine. Q64 and batch no. DN 116. Good liner with 3 tongue ends slightly a/f and dark which is usually blood so this guy possibly had a head wound. Original steel buckle chin strap, good but with tip of the long section absent . Owners name " BRAUN FALKO " applied to apron. Fantastic looking helmet.
GERMAN M40 HELMET EF 66 - COMPLETE Exactly as it left the factory, verified in the Brian Rice book on German helmet codes and configurations. Field grey shell retaining most of it's paint. Sheepskin liner . Mkd. and 1940 dtd chin strap. Nice army decal which has toned to a nice gold colour.Large size. Good, clean all original examples like this are now increasingly hard to find.
GERMAN M40 HELMET NORWEGIAN ARMY POST WAR USE Now very collectable in their own right, this is a German M40 helmet re used by the Norwegian army post war. Large SE66 shell with lot no. 5072. The Ice helmet book has this as originally leaving the factory as a single decal Luftwaffe. Good red dyed liner and Norwegian roller buckle chin strap. Norwegian decal to both sides. V.G.C.
GERMAN M40 QUIST ARMY SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET - NAMED Very good example of a Heer single decal. Very good adler with only a small abrasion to top corner of the shield. Retains almost all it's drab field grey paint. Zinc and sheepskin liner system with soldiers name "PISCHKE" in ink. Steel buckle chin strap. Q 62 with lot no. 4768 Very nice clean helmet.
GERMAN M40 SINGLE DECAL ARMY COMBAT HELMET - 1941 DATED CHINSTRAP Good "Been There" combat helmet retaining the majority of it's rough field grey re issue paint. All original "One Looker". Unusually with full length maker marked and 1941 dated steel buckle chin strap. Liner in combat worn condition and with 2 tongue ends a/f. Zinc band with fracture. There is scratched owners details to the inside of the apron but indistinct. EF 64 shell with batch no. 11763. Remains of army decal. Good honest American vet Bring Back that did'nt sit out the war. Now hard to find untouched originals like this.
GERMAN M40 SINGLE DECAL ARMY - ZIMMERIT - NAMED One Look stunner ! This is just how you want to find a helmet. Good army decal . Zimmerit overpaint . Size 64 with a 67 liner. Lot details painted over. Liner good with all tongue ends intact,original draw string present but broken. Named to Utfz. Bruggemon with what looks like a Feldpost number below. Full length chin strap with maker details to the end. One Looker ! V.G.C.
GERMAN M40 SINGLE DECAL SNOW CAMO HELMET - BATTLE DAMAGED Very good Russian Front relic. M40 white snow camo. Single army decal clearly visible. Serious battle damage. Liner band present. Maker, codes etc. not visible.Very solid. On hold till end of May. Great looking piece and a poignant reminder of the savage fighting on the Eastern Front. Found near Leningrad.
GERMAN M42 HEER SINGLE DECAL HELMET - NAMED Perthshire Black Watch soldier bring back and just found in his garage when the family were clearing his house. Mid 1943 ET ckl helmet size 64, lot no. is indistinct but looks like 2781 ? Correct zinc and sheepskin liner system for that period. Liner although in good supple condition has one tongue missing. Named to soldier in ink and another name is part present next to the missing tongue so it would appear to have been issued twice. Original steel buckle chin strap with field repair . Good bright decal. Good percentage of original field grey matt paint. One Look original vet bring back.
GERMAN M42 HELMET - GREEN CAMO - AMERICAN VET BRING BACK "One Look" Combat helmet . Thick, likely hand applied Grass Green camo paint over the field grey. This camo I associate with the period after the crossing of the Rhine when the Germans were fighting on their own soil. ET 64 ckl 3107. Dates to late '44 / 1945. Correct configuration with the Rice code book of zinc band with sheepskin liner and slate grey paint. Liner good although the leather is dry. All tongue ends complete No chinstrap. Superb looking combat vet that did'nt sit out the war. Comes with an old business card from the original vendor. American veteran bring back. V.G.C.
GERMAN M42 LUFTWAFFE SD HELMET Lovely early M42 I sold to a customer 20years ago and just got it back. All complete and with Luftwaffe brown chin strap, full length mkd. and dated. Large size 66. The liner band is from the transition period from M40 to 42 where they were still using M40 components. I've checked this out and it all tallies exactly as it should and the 1st of the M42's could have sheepskin leather as opposed to pig skin that dominated later in the war. Helmets as clean as this are now difficult to obtain and it's a very fair price.
GERMAN M42 LUFTWAFFE SD HELMET - VERY LARGE SIZE 68 - PROVENANCE Superb example which was a vet bring back from Kiel at the end of the war. It was brought back by Douglas Reeman, famous writer of Naval histories who was a that time the skipper of an MTB.On VE day he was in Copenhagen , arriving in Kiel 3 days later. Rare size 68 retaining almost all it's finish and a good decal. Liner good. No chin strap although I have a late war RB numbered strap that would look good on this which I would offer to the buyer for an additional £150. Nice helmet, nice provenance.
GERMAN M42 SINGLE DECAL ARMY HELMET - K.I.A. Not for the squeamish this one. Trophy vet bring back. Size 64 shell. Blood soaked liner and chin strap ends. Chin strap cut. Good decal.
GERMAN MEDAL BAR OF 4 WITH 50 YEARS FAITHFUL SERVICE Nice WW1 vets set. Great War EK2, KVK with swords, 50 Year Faithful Service with metal medal device and a further corn flower blue ribbon. Slightly grubby from use. Nice original pin and hook. V.G.C.
GERMAN MEDAL BAR OF 5 - INC. SPANGE TO THE IRON CROSS Very desirable bar with the 1939 Spange on the WW1 EK ribbon. Inc. KVK with Swords, Russian Front. 5 in total. Original pin. V.G.C.
GERMAN NSDAP PARTY BADGE M1/145 Rare unknown maker. RZM & M1/145 marked to rear. Info on these types on the forums. No enamel damage. V.G.C.
GERMAN OFFICIALS GAU VERDEN CUFF TITLE Excellent condition removed from uniform . Blue with gold lettering. Printed. From a collection of vet bring backs I bought locally 25 years ago. The Nazis set up 43 Gau or districts. The Gau was identical to a Civil Defense region. Similar title featured on page 45 of the Fowler book \" Nazi Regalia \".
GERMAN SILVER SWASTIKA PENDANT Direct vet bring back and one of a number of items just in from the grand daughter. Swastika pendant. Silver V.G.C.
GERMAN SS FLIEGERSTURM LARGE DINNER SPOON Officers mess quality spoon. Early unit for SS / SA / DLV flyers. V.G.C.
GERMAN STALHELM BUTTON Inter War Stahlhelm organisation tunic button. Age toned. V.G.C.
GERMAN VDK RHINELAND-PFALZ DAY BADGE Scarce Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge ( German War Graves Commission) Rhineland-Pfalz day badge
GERMAN VET BRING BACK COLLECTION We want to buy more items like this and top prices paid. Also actively seeking German helmets and Scottish badges and headgear. We pay far better than you will get at auction with their rip off commissions so please get in touch if you have genuine un touched items you are considering moving on.
GERMAN VETERANS STICK PIN Early Kyferhauserbund members stick pin. Nice enamel with no damage. Knurled pin. Ges Gesch mkd. to rear. Veteran bring back. Reduced to very low price V.G.C.
GERMAN WW1 / WW2 - 4 RIBBON MEDAL BAR Nice set. Comprises, WW1 Iron Cross, War Merit Cross with Swords for Combatants, WW2 KVK with swords and Hungarian War Service. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW1 / WW2 RIBBON BAR Nice 3 medal set comprising, WW1 Iron Cross, Wurttenberg Service Medal and WW2 War Merit with Gold Swords. Marked Tz within a circle to rear on metal bar. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW1 & WW2 - 4 MEDAL RIBBON BAR Nice WW1 EK winner who then saw active service in WW2. Nicce untouched original bar . V.G.C.
GERMAN WW1 BLACK WOUND BADGE Black finish is absent. Good sharp strike. Genuine vet bring back. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW1 HINDENBURG WIDOWS CROSS Good scarce example given to mothers of KIA combatants. Also known as the Black Cross or Widows Cross. Given to mothers and widows Marked C.P. to rear. OIriginal ribbon. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW1 M16 HELMET - S.i. 66 Good original helmet by scarce maker "S.i." ( Eisenhutton werks Schlesien ) in Silesia. Size 66 so correct non stepped lugs for this large size. Leather liner band, this has " Breslau 1916 " stamped to the inside. 2 of the 3 liner pads present, no cushions. Liner band good, pads with good leather, not frail but tongue ends a/f and one pad has a tear. Price is fair for a total original but with liner issues.
GERMAN WW1 M17 CAMO HELMET C/W CHINSTRAP - ET66 One Look original German WW1 trench helmet in an interesting 2 tone autumn camo of green and brick red with fine line black separation. The helmet is complete. Chrome leather liner pads in good supple condition and with all tongue ends intact. Horsehair pads are there on 2 of the pads, the third has a piece of leather instead, this would appear to be period and as the rest of the helmet is sleepy so I have no doubts this is how it was worn.Metal liner band as per M17 configuration. Rare original to it chin strap, present and complete and decent for it's age and to get a chinstrap on one of these helmets is extremely rare. Large size ET 66.No stepped lugs as found on the big sizes. Stamped ET66 to apron and there is a crown stamping although it's indistinct. Great front line helmet and not one of the many spurious fake camos out there, this one is the real deal.
GERMAN WW1 UNIT MKD. BUTCHERS BAYONET - CORTS Very clean example by \" J. Corts Sohn Remscheid \". Blade retaining bright original finish with only a little rust spotting and light runner marks near the tip on one side. Small ding half way up on the sharp edge. \" 18 \" and Kaisers crown to spine. Lovely walnut coloured ribbed grips. Cross guard with \" I.R.605 - 2 K - 102 \". Flash guard . Good scabbard with no dents to the ball and nice slick fit with the bayonet. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW1 WW2 ARMY MEDAL BAR 5 Includes, Russian front,2 x Army long service, WW1 EK2, KVK with swords. Lovely condition.
GERMAN WW1/WW2 TRANSITIONAL HELMET COMPLETE I've left this one exactly as it came in, c/w with it's full length mkd. chinstrap. Now most helmets I see have no chin straps because sellers remove them and sell separately for £150/160 pounds on their own. Originally a blue grey this has been overpainted period in correct field grey . This with a percentage of flaking. Excellent M35 pattern, clean, size 56 liner and maker mkd. full length chinstrap. This is the WW1 M18 or Austrian type shell with no strap fixings on the inside of the apron. Mkd. to crown " N.O. " Transitional helmets, i.e. WW1 helmets fitted with WW2 type liners were used inter war during the Nazi period, and wartime they were used primarily by 2nd line troops. Take off the price of the chin strap and this makes it a very cheap helmet.
GERMAN WW2 RAILWAY PROTECTION POLICE BEVO CAP INSIGNIA Scarce cap eagle for the Schutz Polizei. Bevo. Mint unissued condition.
GERMAN WW2 SINGLE DECAL ARMY DAK M40 CAMO HELMET Nice combat helmet brought back by an American serviceman from Tunisia. Remains of distinctive DAK camo to around 40% of the shell. SE 64 with Lot No. 11826. Army decal. Liner complete with tearing along the lower leading edge at one part. Typically real tropical theatre helmets have issues with dryness to the liner. Tongue ends complete complete. No chinstrap. A genuine North Afrika campaign helmet at a fraction of the normal cost and one that did'nt sit out the war.
GERMAN WW2 - 3 RIBBON BAR Nice group. Comprises Russian Front, KVK with Swords and Silesian Eagle. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 - DLV BELT BUCKLE - MKD & DTD. - LBA MKD Very good example. Retains most of it's silvered finish . Pebbled aluminium. Black painted swaz. Leather tang with faint Nurmberg maker details, 1938 date and Luftwaffe LBA stamp. Really good quality buckle in exceptional condition.
GERMAN WW2 - FALLSCHRIMJAGER ( PARAS ) - SOLDIERS - SUD FRONT PERIOD PRINT Nice period print from likely the Italian / Greek campaigns. 3 Paras, 2 with MG and one with MP and all in tropical uniform with tropical camo painted helmets. MG is also camo painted. In period frame and has never been opened. Out of Germany 20 years ago. Great action , possibly posed propaganda shot and shows paras in a combat situation. Good size 13 x 9 and a half inches. Rare. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 - KRIEGSMARINE BLOCKADE RUNNERS AWARD - PLACZEK / SCHWERIN Nice original retaining most of the finish to the silvered eagle and grey finish to almost 100%. Coke bottle pin. Nicely maker marked to rear. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 - LUFTWAFFE FIELD DIVISION M35 - D/D - CHICKEN WIRE - EF 64 Exceptional combat helmet. M35 Luftwaffe double decal re issue. Original Luftwaffe blue paint under the field grey over paint. Both decals visible under the paint. Early Droop Tail eagle. Faint dome stamp. The short part of the brown chinstrap has a clear " L.B.A. " stamping. EF64 with Lot No. 20355. This configures exactly with the Brian Ice helmet code book . Double banded alu. liner band , d/d Luft , ( both 1st and 2nd pattern eagles ) and recorded as having left the factory in 1938 Full galvanised period chicken wire basket with a couple of small breaks but in overall excellent condition. Good double banded aluminium and good condition sheepskin liner with all tongue ends complete. Square D rings. Soldiers name painted to rear apron , " EICHENAUER ". Original chin strap with aluminium buckle. This has been cut so possibly a casualty , the condition is not the best but the LBA stamp makes up for it.. Dry stored so not a lot of rust between the shell and wire and interaction is less common with galvanised wire, that said, the basket is most definitely original to the helmet which came direct from the vets family 12 years ago and was bought by me from a big shooter on WAF ( name to buyer ). Great " One Look " original combat helmet. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 - NATIONAL SOCIALIST FLUG TAG 1932 LAUEN BADGE Rare very early NSDAP related Air Day rally badge. Die struck toned brass, Features glider and swas over an egle with folded wings. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 1ST CLASS WAR MERIT CROSS WITH SWORDS - CONCAVE Rare concave version of the KVK with Swords for combatants. Coke bottle pin. Nice original concave shape. Retains a good percentage of the original silvered finish. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 6 BY 30 BINOS C/W BAKELITE CASE- BUSCH Made by BUSCH of Rathenow. Graticules. Some specks of dirt to lenses.Original leather neck strap. Black crackling has some loss in the holding area due to use. C/W their original black bakelite case in good condition and still with the belt loops and shoulder strap.Padded top.Maker marks ( see photos). Good " Been There" combat vets.
GERMAN WW2 AFRIKA KORPS - LUFTWAFFE BREAST EAGLE Cracking removed from uniform One Look original. Embroidered. Vet bring back. Now scarce. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 ARMY 4 YEAR SERVICE MOUNTED MEDAL Very nice example of a 4 year service medal. Retains most of it's original silvered finish. Nicely court mounted. Small eagle on the original cornflower blue ribbon. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 ARMY M35 DOUBLE DECAL HELMET- ZIMMERIT CAMO Good example of a very early M35 which left the factory between Autumn and December 1935. Heavy textured period applied zimmerit camo overpaint. Decals exposed. The original early apple green paint is evident in the crown .which Dome stamp. Good supple liner with scarce Braunsweig makers details embossed into the leather and with the original draw string and size 58. Zinc liner band with square aluminium D rings. Large ET66 shell with Lot No. 2441 ? Chin strap full length and maker mkd. but broken / cut in one place, otherwise very good and with aluminium buckle. Army decal near complete but worn back. State shield to 30%. All original combat helmet which but for the decals being uncovered would be £1300 plus. Rare to find such an early helmet which was in the 2nd run to leave Eisenwerke Thale. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 ARMY M40 WHITE WASH CAMO HELMET American vet bring back so likely the Ardenne . Complete helmet with sheepskin liner with soldiers name in ink. Seam is towards the front which is not uncommon and I've had/seen this on many other helmets. Full length chin strap. ET maker, size and lot number indistinct. Smallish size, likely a 62 shell. Sold to me as Kreigsmarine but I believe this to be a toned army decal. Decal in good shape . Good covering of whitewash. Really nice " Been There " combat helmet.
GERMAN WW2 BLACK WOUND BADGE Good One Look original. Black finish on brass. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 BLACK WOUND BADGE - MARKED 32 Clean 2nd type Black Wound Badge by Austrian maker Wilhelm Hobacher ( Wien ). Most of the black finish remaining The Swaz has had the paint removed to make it stand out and give more definition.This has been soldier done . Stamped \" 32 \" on the reverse. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 CASED EK1 (IRON CROSS 1ST CLASS) - GEBR. GODET & CO. Mint cased example. Marked L/50 to rear for Gebr. Godet Co..
GERMAN WW2 CASED EK1 SPANGE - MEYER Beautiful sleeper straight from the vets house via his niece. Cased spange in it's original box. Correct no maker marks for a Meyer. Never seen the light of day since 1945. As nice as they come and still with it's original silver frosting
GERMAN WW2 COASTAL ARTILLERY AWARD Good non maker marked early war example.Very well detailed. Some gilded finish remaining to the laurel wreath and black finish to the water. Well defined features as found on pre zinc types.
GERMAN WW2 DOUBLE DECAL POLIZIE HELMET - Q64 M40 Polizei. combat helmet by Quist. Bordered decal is very good as is the Party shield. Rough field grey paint. Stamped , Q64 and Lot No. DN197. According to the Ice book this helmet left the factory in 1942 with the exact configuration it has now. Full length maker mkd. chin strap ( O.Reich, Lengecell M.A. ?). tear in the leather just below the painted steel buckle. Zinc and sheepskin liner system as per the book. Liner dry with 3 tongue ends at fault. Name and other details in ink to the liner inc. \" Bergmann Karl \". One Look original. From my personal collection. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 DRL BRONZE AWARD Good genuine example and the last of the Awards brought back from the Battle of the Bulge American interpreter Ehud Brenneise. Rare maker Fritz Kohm - Pforzheim. Hook absent. otherwise VGC
GERMAN WW2 EDLEWEISS ON RED BACKING PATCH INSIGNIA Nice piece. Mountain troops edelweiss possibly from a visor cap. Bi metal with a small red felt behind the brass centre. Circular felt behind the silvered part. 2 thin prong fixings to rear. Scarce. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 EK2 - IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS Good untouched EK2 . Uncleaned with nice patina. Sharp detail. Original ribbon. Non mkd. suspension ring. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 EK2 SPANGE Early Bar to the Iron cross in nickel silver. Nicely detailed. 2 out of 4 fixing blades absent to rear otherwise very good condition. The 2nd Class Spange to the Iron Cross 1939 was awarded to servicemen who has received the Iron Cross 2nd Class in WWI and would have earned the 2nd Class Iron Cross in WWII.
GERMAN WW2 FELDGENDARMERIE GORGET A now rare item. Good early war example. Heavy and chunky construction. Retaining most of it's luminous paint and plating to both chain and gorget. Felt at the back has mothing. Strong heavy pins to the rear. Uncleaned and exactly as it came to me along with another late war example. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 FELDGENDARMERIE GORGET - VET BRING BACK Nice Polizei gorget from a collection of items brought back by one of the soldiers present at the liberation of Bergen Belsen . I have a pdf copy of his letter home which makes grim reading ( this comes with the sale ). Uncleaned as it came to me from his son. Radium finish present to almost 100%. Late war card type backing. Uncleaned. Chain good. One Look original with sound provenance and purchased straight from the family. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 GENERAL ASSAULT BADGE - SILVER GRADE Good honest example. Silver grade. Mid War zinc. Very good all original condition. One Looker. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 HITLER YOUTH PROFICIENCY BADGE SILVER GRADE Great example with all its silver finish remaining. RZM & M1/34 ( Karl Wurster, Markneukirchen ) marked to rear. Good pin. Way above normally found condition.
GERMAN WW2 HJ 1935 JUGENDFEST BADGE Good example retainning most of its silver finish.
GERMAN WW2 HJ PROFICIENCY AWARD LAPEL BADGE Scarce miniature version of the Hitler Youth Sports badge. Late war uncleaned example as it came to me. M1 / 63 and RZM mkd. to back. Original pin.
GERMAN WW2 IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS SPANGE - BATTLE OF THE BULGE - VET BRING BACK Direct family purchase . Nice condition 2nd Class Spange of the Iron Cross as awarded to recipients of the EK2 in WW1 who also won the award during WW2. Missing 2 of it\'s 4 prongs otherwise VGC. From the collection of Battle of the Bulge bring backs I purchased from the family of American interpreter Erhud Brenniese who interviewed POW\'s captured in battle, mainly SS men . One Look original with Battle of the Bulge provenance.
GERMAN WW2 K98 STAG HORN GRIPS BAYONET - WKC - VET BRING BACK One of a number of Black Watch vets bring backs . K98 full length version , not shortened. Parade model. Stag horn grips are outstanding on this. Big and chunky. Blade good with some lifting of the finish near the point. Sharply etched knights helmet logo and W.K.C. above. Scabbard with a crease near the bottom but retaining most of it\'s original painted finish.. Leather cushion present. Sprung button working. Eagles head pommel One look original. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 KRIEGSMARINE BREAST EAGLE Another from a British vets bring back group of items ( see pics ). Bought from his son. One look original. Mint condition.
GERMAN WW2 KRIEGSMARINE MINESWEEPER BADGE One from the Battle of the Bulge collection. Zinc, mid war . Retaining much of the original finish. Non maker mkd. Needle pin. v.g.c.
GERMAN WW2 KYFERHAUSERBUND SHOOTING AWARD STICK PIN Bronze grade shooting prize lapel badge retaining almost all it\'s bronze finish. Black enamel central swastika. Well detailed with nice slight age toning. Knurled pin. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE FIGHTER AWARD CLASP I think it’s not on the website.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE FLAK BADGE Very sharply detailed early war example. Non maker mkd. V.G.C. From the Ehud Brenneise collection of bring backs.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE GROUND ASSULT BADGE Can’t find it on old listing??
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE M40 HELMET QUIST 62 Nice all complete Luftwaffe helmet. Retains most blue / grey finish. Q62 , Lot No. T607. Configures exactly as how it left the factory in mid 1940 in the Ice helmet code book, (page 537). Aluminium buckle full length chin strap. Liner good with all tongue ends intact and c/w original draw cord. Decal good but swaz worn off or removed. Any original helmet now is extremely hard to come by and expensive. Indistinct owners details to rear apron. Fair price on this one. One Look original. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE M40 SINGLE DECAL HELMET - Q64 Very clean all original \" One Looker. All complete. Field grey shell with nice toned adler, 2 abrasions to birds left wing. Clean good condition liner. Full length maker mkd. chin strap in excellent condition. Quist size 64 with 6381 lot no. Very nice helmet from my own collection and purchased from a famous helmet collector . Small white round label with a number, if you know, you know. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE M43 CAP - 1944 DTD. A \" One Look \" M43 Luftwaffe Field Cap. Luftwaffe blue/grey wool & rayon blend construction with fold down sides and back panels with a scalloped front with two blue buttons, these retaining their blue paint. Insignia is original to the cap and not stitched through the lining. Visor with an internal cardboard stiffener with raised lip. The interior of the cap is fully lined in grey rayon. Well marked, \" 0/062 ? / 0003 - 1944 - (size ) 56 \" Nice colour difference to the nape of the cloth . Just a nice amount of genuine service wear. Great example. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE VISOR CAP COCKADE & ROUNDEL Mid war zinc cap insignia for Nco and O/r's. One of the 2 rear pins is absent otherwise A1. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE WINTER FUR CAP ( PELZMUTZE ) Good example of the winter fur cap adopted in Russia circa 1942. Scarcer Luftwaffe example. Most of these tend to be a bit rotted out but the skin on this one is in good order. Goatskin with fold down flaps, these with period field repairs/re stitching . Retains the fixing button and stout loop for fastening the flaps on top or under the chin. Original 2 piece Luftwaffe eagle and roundel insignia. Good size, approx 57. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 M35 SINGLE DECAL ARMY HELMET NS62 - NAMED Good honest all complete M35 combat helmet. NS 62 (Nickelwerke Schwerte) with rear apron code D 13 ? making it a 1938 helmet. Good percentage of it's re issue original paint .Toned Army decal with abrasions where it's been rubbing against kit or vehicle. Sheepskin liner. Original chin strap with aluminium buckle, complete but broken. Owners name in blue to left skirt. All original early helmet which are difficult to find these days. Direct family purchase in 2017 from the family of Henry Redding who served with the American National Guard Quartermaster Corps.Part service records included for him.
GERMAN WW2 M40 HEER SD HELMET - QUIST 64 Text book helmet which conforms to exactly as it left the factory. Q64, with lot no. DN80. Quist Big Foot decal, nicely toned with no issues. Good sheepskin liner on zinc band, c/w draw string. Original chin strap present with steel buckle. Short end good, long end with end section absent and tear at the stud end. The liner, decal finish etc. configure exactly as to how it left the factory accordingly to the Brian Ice helmet code book.
GERMAN WW2 M42 ARMY SD HELMET Had this one forum posted and all good. Size 66. Maker unclear but Lot no. is 8451. Good sheepskin liner . Good HJ & K toned army decal. Uncleaned, as found. One Look original. No chin strap.
GERMAN WW2 M42 ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET - K.I.A. Good ET size 64 helmet. Liner rotted out and surface rust to crown. Superb toned army decal to almost 100%. Most field grey paint remaining. Liner band, chin strap ends and a small part of the liner present. CKL 64 - 2249 mkd to rear of Apron. Had this had a good liner this would have been a £750 helmet.
GERMAN WW2 M42 ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET- ET64 - CKL3646 Just bought this one back from a customer who got it a couple of years ago but now needs an urgent roof repair. M42 from ET with the later CKL prefix to the rear skirt. Lot no. 3646. Almost all field grey paint remaining. Good near complete decal although slightly off centre, possibly field applied, toned with a couple of slight abrasions to both wings Pigskin liner on zinc band. Blue dome stamp. Earlier aluminium buckle chin strap with clear maker and 1937 date. Reason for this unknown but it is a good genuine full length strap. Draw string present. Great looking helmet
GERMAN WW2 M42 LUFTWAFFE SINGLE DECAL HELMET Nice untouched original. This is a SE ( Saxon Ironworks ) with the M42 HKL prefix. To the rear rim is, HKL 62, 2068. This ties in exactly with the the Rice book on helmet codes which has this helmet leaving the factory as a size 62, Luftwaffe single decal with zinc band, sheepskin liner with rear apron markings so ticks all the boxes this one. Liner in good condition with all tongue ends complete and with the original drawstring and marked ( size ) 55. Almost all paint remaining. Decal 90% plus complete. No chinstrap. A good One Look original
GERMAN WW2 M42 NORMANDY CAMO HELMET Very striking looking genuine camo M42 in large size 66. 3 colour,Tan/Green/Brick Red spray with most paint remaining. Double stamped to rear apron but maker stamp unclear as is often found on M42's but the size 66 and lot no. 4625 very clear. Soldiers name also hand applied in the rear skirt. This camo referred to as Normandy camo Outline of an army decal under the paint on the left side. Zinc liner band with good hair oil darkened goat skin leather in good shape with all tongue ends present.size 58.No chin strap. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 NSBO STICK PIN Good detail stick pin. Swastika hammer in a clenched fist and cog wheel with "N.S.B.O.” Straight pin not knurled. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 POLIZEI CAP EAGLE - 2ND PATTERN Good chunky early war example. Removed from cap. Both prongs to the back good. Good sharp detail and no rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 POSTCARD Nice colour original of Flak gun and crew. Stuttgart printer. Good condition. Good action depiction.
GERMAN WW2 QUIST M40 ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET - NAMED / FELDPOST NO. Superb looking combat vet. Retains almost all it's field grey finish. Toned Wermacht adler. Name and Feldpost number painted to rear skirt. Liner with service wear and 5 tongue ends a/f. Full length chin strap with faint maker details. Q64 shell, lot number indistinct . This helmet just looks fantastic and is researchable.
GERMAN WW2 REICHSKRIEGERTAG 1937 KASSEL DAY BADGE Still retaining most of its gilded finish. Maker marked "C. POELLATH SCHROBENHAUSEN" to rear.
GERMAN WW2 RURAL POLICE ( SCHUTZPOLIZEI ) SHOULDER BOARD Sew in type Gendarmerie shoulder board for a Wachtmeister. Double outer silvery braid, with interwoven black "V"s, and double inner plain dark brown braid. Orange fine weave back cloth. Removed from a board with some glue and card residue, card easily removed.
GERMAN WW2 SA GRUPPE HANSA 1939 HANOVER DAY BADGE RZM & M9/25 Richard Sieper & Sohne, Lüdenscheid marked to rear. White bakelite with gold finish. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 SA-GRUPPE NIEDERRHEIN 1937 SPORTS BADGE SEW ON SLEEVE TYPE A good original a much copied badge. Measures 7 cm x 5.5 cm approx. Aluminium mounted on felt backing. SA device over a sword. Crossguard of sword with text, "SA Gruppe Niederrhein - 24 - 25 Juli 1939". V.G.C. Rare.
GERMAN WW2 SILVER WOUND BADGE - NON MAKER MKD. Nice untouched example. Age patina. Uncleaned. One Looker. No maker marks. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 SILVER WOUND BADGE - RUDOLF WÄCHTLER & LANGE Very nice text book example with almost all its silver finish remaining. Early tombak. Marked 100 for \"Rudolf Wächtler & Lange\". V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 SONDERFUHRER COLLAR TAB Army Administration officials collar tab. 3rd Regulation type . Military officials ( Wermachtbeampte Auf Kreigsdauer ). Nice condition, green piped. Buckram backing. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 SS BELT & BUCKLE - ASSMANN Superb Assmann mkd. steel buckle on original to it leather belt. Very well detailed and with no rubbing or damage. Leather tang on the keeper side with maker details ( indistinct). Belt in good supple condition. As any SS items now are not for the faint hearted this one was WAF forum posted and got the thumbs up all round. Belt size up to a comfortable 34" waist easily.
GERMAN WW2 SS MANS DAGGER WITH HANGER Nice " Straight out the Weeds " early SS dagger with original to it leather hanger. Nickel fittings, anodised scabbard as found on early examples. Lovely clean blade with nicely etched motto, finish remains clean with no pitting, darkening or lifting. Handle with none of the usual breaks, cracks or repairs. Cross guard mkd " 1 ". Hanger clip with RZM mark and makers code " M5/8 ". Leather very good. Lovely One Look original and hard to come by like this now. Straight from a vets family and fresh to the market
GERMAN WW2 SS SLEEVE EAGLE Nice late war embroidered example. Slight staining to one wing. WAF posted just to be sure and is a genuine example. Scarce. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 SWASTIKA ENAMEL PENDANT Undamaged white enamel face with gilded Swaz and trim. 2cm tall. Suspension loop. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 U BOAT BINOCULARS Lovely set of Zeiss 7x50 U Boat post 1943 rubber armoured binoculars in the correct Ordnance Tan paint. Fixed focus . Focus adjusting screws set into optical housing The right shoulder under the rubber housing is stamped with: 7 x 50, serial number and blc , The German Wartime code for Carl Zeiss, Jena. Lenses are very clear. Rubber is in good shape. Original leather neck strap present but broken at one end. No touching up to the original tan paint. Now exceedingly hard to find in this good usable condition.
GERMAN WW2 U BOAT SOLDBUCH PLUS PHOTOS Rare opportunity to purchase a U Boat crew mans soldbuch. Also included are 2 photos and a card as well as the solbuch wallet the lot came in. Profusion of entries and stamps. Feldpost no. ties it to U 565 which was attacked and damaged then scuttled by the crew. V.G.C. Nice pic of him in uniform in the book as well as a further uniform shot and one of his U Boat. Straight out the weeds from a German Flo Mart in January 2017.
GERMAN WW2 VETERAN 25 YEAR SERVICE STICK PIN Great example stick pin in 2-piece construction. GES GESCH marks on the back. No damage to the enamel.
GERMAN WW2 VISOR CAP EAGLE Nice alloy cap eagle. 3 pins to reverse. Shaped to cap/ V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 WAR MERIT CROSS WITH SWORDS - VET BRING BACK One of a number of veteran bring backs purchased from a local family. War Merit Cross with swords for combatants. early example retaining all finish. Nice condition. Uncleaned. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 WEST WALL MEDAL WITH PACKET Not a dime a dozen anymore. Good example , mint with nice age toning and c/w it\'s packet of issue. Some of the glue has come unstuck along the edges. Packet with text to front and maker mkd to the back for Karl Poellath.
GERMAN WW2 WESTMARK TRIER 1939 STATE DAY BADGE Retaining almost ll it\'s original silver wash. Nicely marked up on the back. V.G.C.
GLASGOW YEOMANRY VICTORIAN FRONT OF BARRACKS BRASS PLAQUE Super rare One Off item. Circa 1898 , this is the plaque from the barracks frontage. Sheet brass. Victorian crown. Large, measuring approx. 115 cm on the longest part included wood. Height approx. 52.5 cm. Mounted on wooden original back board. UK sale only due to the weight & size. V.G.C.
GLEN ALMOND OTC SHOULDER TITLE Good example. Brass 2 lugs. C/W round back plate. V.G.C.
GLOUCESTER RGT. CAP BADGE Sharp detail. Nicely toned. Slider. Shaped to cap. V.G.C.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS - OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE Nice example in unmarked silver. Uncleaned. No rubbing or damage. Really attractive detail. Unusual triangular shaped silver lugs. Letters " B.A. " incised to rear. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS GLENGARRY - WW1 P.O.W. C/W B/HAM SILVER H.M. CAP BADGE- ATTRIBUTE Beautiful officers glengarry with it\'s original to it Birmingham 1914 silver hallmarked badge. The badge has the soldiers name scratched to the back. This was a direct vets family acquisition and the soldier was a veteran of the Boer War and WW1 where he became a P.O.W. at St. Quentin in 1914 at which time he was the Company.Sgt.Major. His full name and copy documents to do with his incarceration and release as well as his military records will be given to the buyer. He also saw service in the run up to WW2. A copy photograph of the soldier in uniform will be supplied to the buyer. Note, this is an officers example and does not have leather trim, not all did. V.G.C.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS SILVER HALLMARKED SKEAN DHU Nice example with silver hallmarks for 1960. Used by officers and Pipe and Drum Major. Bog oak handle. Steel clipped back blade. Leather covered wood scabbard. Lovely stone to the top of the, uniqie to the Gordons pedestal mount. Super condition, looks hardly used V.G.C.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS VINTAGE TIE BY VIYELLA Circa 1950's. Regimental tie for the Gordon Highlanders. Came with the cuff links also for sale. Soft wool mix. V.G.C.
GORDON HLDRS SILK Possibly came with cigarettes back in the day. Nicely detailed, likely cotton. Scarce V.G.C.
GORDON HLDRS. 6TH BANFFSHIRE PAGRI BADGE - PIN BACK Rare period conversion from lugs to pin back for wear with the sun helmet / pagri. Only genuine examples had 3 lugs so always good to check that out. Period pin and hook on old style hinge. Originally 3 lugs. Solid centre. Marquis of Huntly stag on a solid centre with an outer strap bearing Regimental motto , \" By Band \". Rare to find a genuine example especially a conversion.
GORDON HLDRS. CLUB - RARE LAPEL BADGE Rare lapel badge in unmarked cast silver. Gordons device to fretted centre with outer strap with “Gordon Highlandrs Club". Uncleaned with age patina, will clean up nicely if desired. No rubbing or damage. Buttonhole fixing. V.G.C.
GORDON HLDRS. RARE ABERDEEN SILVER OFFICERS CAP BADGE These never turn up. Mkd. to back " ABD " and "SIL". Double stamped. Excellent condition badge.
GORDON SCHOOL O.T.C. CAP BADGE Nicely toned brass cap badge for the Gordon Boys School O.T.C. V.G.C.
H.L.I (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) ANODISED COLLAR PAIR HLI / RHF collar pair. Flaming bomb with HLI in the centre. Single post fixings. Anodised. V.G.C.
H.L.I. - LANARKSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS - VICTORIAN O/R\'S HELMET PLATE- 1881 - 1901 Very nice Ordinary Ranks die struck w/m example. Nicely age toned. LRV central device with QVC. Circa 1881 - 1901. 3 lugs to back. No rubbing or damage. Scarce. V.G.C.
H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) EX 6TH BTN - SCROLL ERASED BADGE These occasionally crop up. Former Volunteer who has moved usually to a Regular Btn. and has erased the 6th Btn. scroll. Text still just visible. Rare. V.G.C.
H.L.I. GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS BUTTONS x 2 One large officers gilded button and a small size o/r's. V.G.C.
H.L.I. OFFICERS KHAKI BALMORAL BONNET - ANDERSON Rare officers khaki balmoral for the Highland Light Infantry. Blank scroll officers badge as worn by 5th, 7th and 8th Btns. This pattern of headgear was introduced in 1915. Khaki serge as per SD type material. Good size 56/57. Anderson label to crown and jewellers tablet to the rear of badge indicating they have always been together. Beautiful !!
H.L.I.(HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) OFFICERS CAP BADGE - JARDINES Top quality turn of the century example . 5 piece construction. Unmarked silver. Gilded parts and the bugle are seperate pieces. Marked to W. Jardine Military Tailors Edinburgh on the back. Light polishing to crown. V.G.C.
HAIL TO THE JEEP - A, WADE WELLS Scarce book dealing with the Jeep's wartime history. Fantastic photos. V.G.C.
HIGHLAND BORDERERS OFFICERS SILVER MOUNTED DIRK - ATTRIBUTED Very rare dirk to the Highland Borderers . Unmarked silver mounts with thistle and bluebells motifs in high relief. These have been seperately applied as opposed to being a one piece casting. Top mount with thistle spray with "90" within. All matching foiled citrines to handle tops. Studded bog oak handle. Beautiful acid etched blade with no darkening or pitting and nice deep etching with " HIGHLAND BORDERERS LIGHT INFANTRY ". Scabbard leather good and no old breaks to the dirk or knife and fork. Spring trigger on the external knife absent. C/w a cabinet photograph of the owner and the original auction room bill of sale attributing it to the Orr Ewing family of Cardross. This small unit who later became part of the Stirling, Clackmannan and Kinross Militia before finally becoming part of the Argylls.
HIGHLAND DIVISION ( HD ) PRINTED PATCH Printed HD patch. Removed from uniform. Colours not washed out . V.G.C.
HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY ( HLI ) WW1 - ENAMEL SWEETHEART BROOCH Red and blue enamel on a silvered brass base. Well detailed. Circa WW1. V.G.C.
HITLER YOUTH KNIFE HANDLE DIAMOND Good genuine example with both blades undamaged. Scarce
HJ (HITLER YOUTH) 1ST JUGENDFEST 1933 DAY BADGE Early tinny in brass. Pin back.
IDF - ISRAELI DEFENCE FORCE - ( EX BRITISH WW2 ) PARATROOPERS HELMET - 6 DAY WAR Extremely rare Airborne helmet as worn by Israeli paras in the 6 Day War. British shell and wartime khaki jump straps. Overpainted in period tan camo. Jewish liner with markings and possible date of 1955 ? Yellow sorbo foam. V.G.C.
IRISH - ULSTER HOME GUARD WW2 MATCHED COLLAR BADGES Nice matched pair of blackened collars. Red card backings and cotter pins included. KC. V.G.C.
IRISH GUARDS CAP STAR Nice die struck brass cap badge. No rubbing or damage. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
ITALIAN WW2 PARATROOPERS RING Rare piece. Ornate shank. Raised detail to face. Pinky size. V.G.C. Re advertised due to non payment
JAPANESE COMBAT HELMET - BATTLE DAMAGED - MANCHURIA This one recovered many years ago in a bunker used by the Kwantung army in their fight against the Russians in 1945. Through and through bullet holes which match perfectly with the damage to the liner. Japanese star to front, liner present but brittle with stitching faults. Bought back from a customer and I personally obtained it straight from the finder.
K.O.S.B. WW1 GLENGARRY As nice as they come with no moth or damage. Large size for the period around 56/57. Leather trim excellent. Full length tails. Interior with "CM 1917". Original to it o/r's cap badge with a piece of red cloth, likely a piece of hose flash behind the voiding. V.G.C.
KENYA POLICE BRASS TUNIC BUTTONS 4 Wartime brass tunic buttons.
KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS ( KOSB ) - IN THEATRE MADE SAND CAST CAP BADGE Scarce In Theatre made sand cast cap badge. These examples were usually locally made in India and the Middle East as well as North Africa. This one is likely from the Middle East where some battalions served with the Egyptian Expeditionary Force in Palestine . Good detail and no rubbing or damage. Very Nice V.G.C.
KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS ( KOSB ) CONVERTED FOR PAGRI - PIN BACK BADGE Nice example for use on sun helmet or slouch hat and likely WW1 . Some polishing to high points. Proper period conversion to pin back. Scarce. V.G.C.
KOREAN WAR - RAF UNIFORM WITH PHOTO - ATTRIBUTED Nice straight out the house uniform to an RAF Serviceman. Lovely condition with badged tunic which includes Marksmans badge to lower sleeve as well as wings and Aircraftsman badge. Tunic and trousers. Waistbelt inc. 1951 dated. Photo of the man with his colleagues. Name to buyer. U.K. buyers will due a partial postage refund. Steaing it off mel at this price !! Very clean. No moth or damage. V.G.C.
KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) EMBROIDERED BLAZER BADGE Old veteran worn example of the bullion blazer badge. Good quality. Removed from jacket.
KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Nice matched bronze collars. For officers on the OSD. V.G.C. Scarce
KOSB SHOULDER TITLE PAIR WITH BACKING PLATES Nice matched pair of shoulder titles. Hex lugs. Brass back plates. Age toned. Uncleaned. V.G.C.
KREIGSMARINE M40 SINGLE DECAL - QUIST 64 Very scarce helmet as Quist did not make many KM's. This one is straight out the vets sons house and is a total Sleeper. Configures exactly as to how it left the factory according to the Rice book on helmet codes. Single decal,sheepskin liner, zinc band and grey green paint. Good dark gold decal and most paint remaining. Double named, once in paint to the apron and another service mans name in ink to the liner. It came without a chin strap although I have added the correct type for the photos. Price is for helmet only. Strap is another £150 if wanted.
LARGE ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS FLAG Barracks flag formerly from the 1st Btn. 2 sided. Detail is great and not faded. C/w toggle and hanging rope so ready to fly from your Man Cave ! Extremely rare. Approx. 185 cm W x 124 cm H. V.G.C.
LEATHER SAM BROWNE SWORD FROG Good wartime example with the stouter straps. Leather and buckles very good. Some loose stitches on the front left top corner.
LEE ENFIELD KHAKI SLING - MARKED Wartime example, not repro, only saying this as most are. Marked but can\'t make it out. Good condition.
LEICESTER REGIMENT MUSICIANS POUCH BADGE Very good example in cast nickel silver. Very well detailed with no rubbing or damage. Long lugs. Uncleaned
LEICESTER YEOMANRY BADGE Well detailed brass. Single post to rear. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH - FEATHER BONNET BADGE Nice example of a w/m cap badge . Good detail, no rubbing or damage. Longer lugs for use on the feather bonnet. V.G.C. with nice age toning.
LONDON FUSILIERS BUSBY BADGE Post 1901 City of London Royal Fusiliers cap grenade. Three and a half inches tall approx. Brass with nice age toning. V.G.C.
LONDON SCOTTISH - OFFICERS CAST SILVER SPORRAN BADGE Beautiful scarce piece. Heavy cast silver and with a silver washed finish. Heavy badge. Silver lugs. V.G.C.
LONDON SCOTTISH CAP BADGE WITH RED FELT BACKING Nice o/r's cap badge and with a piece of period red felt. Condition and detail are very nice. Before anyone makes an assumption, this felt is not a rogue piece from a RS cap badge. Other regiments used red felt to enhance the fretted detail. V.G.C.
LONDON SCOTTISH PAGRI BADGE - BOER WAR - PIN BACK Very nice pin back version for wear on the Sun helmet or slouch hat. Made like this, not a conversion from lugs. Nice domed shape. Stout early type over long pin suggests to me it\'s Boer War , certainly no later than WW1. Scarce V.G.C.
LOTHIAN & BORDERS HORSE BRASS CAP BADGE Age toned brass o/r's cap badge. Slider. No rubbing or damage. Well detailed. V.G.C.
LOTHIAN & BORDERS HORSE CAP BADGE Nice example in toned brass. Slider fixing. V.G.C
LOVAT SCOUTS I.Y. CAP BADGE A brass cap badge for the Lovat Scouts Imperial Yeomanry. Lugs. V.G.C.
LOWLAND REGIMENT CAP BADGE Scarce WW2 for the Lowland Regiment. Die struck w/m. North / south lugs. Slight shaping to the cap. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
LOWLAND REGIMENT CAP BADGE Scarce 2 lug example. Removed from it's original glengarry which only had the corresponding north/south lug holes. Nicely detailed white metal. Usually found with 4 lugs.
LOWLAND REGIMENT WW2 CAP BADGE Nice condition and unusually not with the 4 corner lugs usually found on these. Still pukka badge and with the remains of old polish to the back. Nice age toning to front. Scarce.
LUFTAFFE M40 SINGLE DECAL - COMPLETE - QUIST As nice as they come. Beautiful " One Look" helmet. Rough texture blue grey paint to almost 100%. Lovely toned decal, complete apart from one small nick out the centre of the swastika. Q64 shell,batch no. indistinct. Nice size 56 liner with original draw string. Original to helmet full length steel buckle chin strap marked, DLO 42 to end. Liner band is the scarce double banded aluminium but with steel D rings. If you're looking for a nice untouched helmet straight out the woodwork with no issues this is a good buy.
LUFTWAFFE ALUMINIUM VISOR CAP COCKADE Nice aluminium example with split pins fixing to rear. Good details.
LUFTWAFFE BREAST EAGLE - UNISSUED British vet bring back along with other items( see pics ) bought from the son. Unissued condition.
LUFTWAFFE FLAK FEMALE REPORTING BADGE Scarce Luftwaffe Female Auxiliary Aircraft Reporting Badge (Abzeichen für den Flugmeldedienst). Ges Gesch and maker marked to rear. No. 48027. No enamel damage. Forum posted. V.G.C.
LUFTWAFFE M40 COMBAT HELMET Great looking size 64 in a rough texture blue grey finish. Luftwaffe visible under the paint. Good sheepskin on zinc band liner system with an original lace / draw string. Rare maker stamp embossed into the leather " Schuberth Werke Braunschweig " Has the original chin strap albeit long end is in 2 parts with the tip absent and the short end is missing the buckle. A great looking helmet. V.G.C.
LUFTWAFFE M40 SINGLE DECAL HELMET - COMPLETE Good \"Been There\" helmet. Luftwaffe blue grey shell with decent 2nd pattern decal . Nicely named in Gothic script to rear skirt and also with a different name to liner so has had more than one owner during it\'s working life which in interesting and not unusual. Liner in good combat worn condition with supple leather, all tongue ends intact and zinc band.Rear stitching a/f and wear on the lower edge. Owners name in ink . Full length chin strap dated 1942 with steel buckle, this in commensurate condition to the helmet. Helmet pin washers absent so likely liner has been out at some point. Good combat vet priced to sell.
M16 CAMO STAHLHELM GERMAN HELMET Straight out the loft and in times when most camos out there are fake it's nice to get a 100% original. 3 colour block camo of green /ochre / reddish brown and correctly broken up with finger width black lines. Leather liner band. 3 pads present, one still with it's horsehair cushion. These are still in good condition for their age with 4 tongue ends still intact. Unusually the leather draw string is still present.Strap ends present. Large size with non stepped air vents. Never on the market and straight in from the family.
M35 APPLE GREEN GERMAN HELMET- DECALS REMOVED - CAPTURE CHINSTRAP Large size NS 66 still with it's early pre war shiny apple green paint. Lot no. D30. Ice book confirms this helmet as having left the factory in late 1937 as a double decal Heer. Dome stamp. Evidence of Army decal to left side and state shield to right.. Retains most of it's original paint although there's a recent chip to the forehead area. Aluminium single band with square D rings, this ties in correctly with the helmets configuration when leaving the factory. Leather liner a bit dry with some damaged tongue ends. Interesting use of a captured Brodie helmet chin strap. These of course still being in use in WW2 by armoured crews and 2nd line soldiers. Apron stampings "NS 66 - D30". Owners named scrawled in pencil to apron. Scarce early war helmet in good condition and not re issued with the later drab paint.
M35 ARMY DOUBLE DECAL - VET BRINGBACK Cracking vet bring back supposedly taken from Hitler Youth soldier in 1945. Good toned army decal and State shield visible under the paint. Original liner and chin strap. Smallest size (ET) 60. Original apple green paint to inside. Most likely what is referred to as a reissue helmet. The Rice book has this helmet leaving the factory in early 1939 as an army double decal. Great "Been There" helmet.
M35 ARMY SINGLE DECAL - SAWDUST CAMO GERMAN HELMET Straight out the woodwork " Been There" one look helmet. Grey /green camo with rough textured sawdust finish. Size 66 . Named in rear apron. All original. Photos speak for themselves. Get in quick , helmets like this don't hang around long
M35 ARMY SINGLE DECAL RE ISSUE - WIRE CARRYING LOOPS. Stunning helmet being a M35 Quist 66 re issue, with lot no. 516. which means it left the factory in 1938 most likely as an army double decal. Matt field grey paint. Good decal. Named to skirt and liner. Interestingly this one has soldier made wire hooks for belt suspension. Nicely made with flattened ends which hook into the air vents and come down under the liner band and end in attaching loops. Original full length brown chin strap and excellent liner. Now rare as clean as this. Top shelf helmet.
M35 COMBAT GERMAN HELMET C/W ORIGINAL NET Superb all original combat helmet with an original to it string net. ET 64 shell with batch no. 3660. Nice hair oil darkened liner with all tongue ends intact, one small rodent bite to leather.Double banded liner band with square D rings. Original maker marked. and dated chin strap "M &..kampmann - .ppert..e - 1937". Aluminium buckle. String net in good condition with a few breaks. Very striking helmet and I've checked the factory records and this batch left the factory in 1938.
M35 D/D LUFTWAFFE HELMET - FLAK BTN. - NORMANDY CAMO Stunning all original camo which ticks all the boxes. This one is confirmed in the Brian Ice book on helmet codes as having left the factory in 1939 as a double decal Luft with 2nd eagle and dome stamp. Both decals visible under the camo which is green & maroon spray of the type referred to as a Normandy. I must say in my experience this camo crops up in various theatres.Nice clear dome stamp. Original Luftwaffe blue to inside. Very good original sheep skin liner still with it's drawstring. The helmet is a large size Q66 (QUIST) , lot no. 4622. Maker mkd. original full length chin strap. Double banded liner band , again confirmed in the Rice book. To the rear apron is penned " F.B. 103" ( Flak Btn. 103). This unit was part of Flak Rgt. No. 2 which took part in the invasion of France and later Operation Barbarossa . A superb combat vet which has been forum posted and is confirmed to be as it is supposed to be, a total 'One Looker ". Genuine camo and all components configure exactly as to how it left the factory. No re issue, no " Period liner replacement", etc. This is as genuine as they get with all it's original factory fitted parts all still there and with the addition of an in theatre applied camo. A very hard to come by helmet which could tell a few stories. Just reduced to this very low price for a real camo. 29/2/15
M35 DOUBLE DECAL ARMY APPLE GREEN GERMAN HELMET Good 100% original "One Looker ". Good toned Heer decal and fair State shield. Early Apple Green paint to approx 60%. Some pitting to paint and a couple of areas with surface rust. Good liner with owners initials "H K".Early double banded aluminium liner band with square D rings. Original good condition chin strap with aluminium buckle.Apron stampings ET62 - 39 ? 9. Early war army apple green helmets now scarce and very collectible and with some fetching over £2,000. This is a modest price for a good original.
M35 DOUBLE DECAL ARMY CAMO HELMET One look combat vet. If you want an impeccable " Been There " example this one fits the bill. Army adler exposed and State shield overpainted but visible under the heavy textured field grey paint. This one straight off the battlefield and still with lots of yellow clay that initially I thought was a tan camo. The mud is visible to at least 70% of the shell. Soldiers name in the skirt. Good liner and full length mkd. and dtd. chin strap. 64 shell, 57 liner. Great helmet that could tell plenty stories I'm sure
M35 DOUBLE DECAL HEER COMBAT GERMAN HELMET - COMPLETE Good "One Look" barn find original which has started out as a Luftwaffe helmet . Both decals approx 50% complete. Heer decal has been applied over the original Luft eagle and with close inspection, one wing tip of the eagle is still visible. Early smooth paint in Luftwaffe blue. Liner good with a few little tears but tongue ends complete and retains the original draw string. Double banded alumium liner band with square D rings. Shortened aluminium buckle chinstrap.Splotch of orange has has dripped on to the shell at some point but could be easily removed if required. ET64 shell with Batch no. 3797. This helmet is recorded in the Brian Rice book as having left the factory in 1938 as a Luftwaffe double decal. Very reasonably priced with some M35 doubles being priced at £2,000 plus elsewhere
M35 DOUBLE DECAL HELMET - SE 66 - VERY EARLY 073 CODE Nice very early re issue double decal in a large size. 2nd pattern eagle. Batch no.073. This helmet left the factory in 1935 as a double decal with 2nd pattern eagle according the book on helmet codes. Very good sheep skin liner, zinc band. Liner size 58. Dark blue/ slate grey colour.
M35 DOUBLE DECAL LUFTWAFFE C/W REMAINS OF CAMO NET -TWICE NAMED Great all complete helmet. SE 64 shell. Good 2nd pattern Eagle decal. State shield painted over but visible under the paint. Obscured as per the 1940 decal drop directive. Retaining most of original paint and has the original split pins with no signs of tampering.. Double named so issued twice. Original to it aluminium buckle chin strap which is still full length and maker mkd. and dated 1939. The liner is in really good condition , size 56 and of the type using the early pre war tanning process. Named to " SCHROFF ". Early double banded aluminium liner band with square D rings.Original draw string to crown. Nicely painted name in rear skirt, "Wm. Hellmers ". Fitted to the helmet is a thin strand camo net. The vendor stated it was there in poor shape to the outside when he got the helmet, now only the inside section remains but would suggest this has been a combat helmet as it is original to the helmet. This helmet was originally purchased from an American veteran of the C.I.C. ( Criminal Investigation Corps ). It was taken to an American gun show along with his other bring backs and sold to an American dealer. Fantastic 100% original and nice with the remains of the net.
M35 DOUBLE DECAL LUFTWAFFE GERMAN HELMET Straight from the vets family. Text book helmet. Early type eagle. Double named, once to skirt and the other to liner. Also unit markd and large stencilled 5 to crown next to the dome stamp. Maked and dated brown chin strap. Double banded liner. ET 62 in block script. Batch no. 4192. Brian Rice's helmet code book confirms this helmet left the factory in 1939 as a double decal Luft, block script, double banded liner and was a size 62, so nothing changed on this "One Look" helmet. Not cheap but you can have peace of mind with this sleeper.
M35 DOUBLE DECAL NORMANDY CAMO -ET66 - COMPLETE If ever you wanted one good real camo this is it. Outstanding helmet in 3 colour Normandy camo of tan / red / green. All complete and straight out the weeds as the Americans say. I've left it as found with it's mouldy sweat stained liner, which incidentally comes off without damaging or darkening the liner. What can I say, just to be sure I ran this by all the big shooters and no one has any issues as to it's originality, always a concern these days when buying a camo. Total " One Looker ".
M35 DOUBLE DECAL SE64 GERMAN HELMET COMPLETE - M35 helmet with one of the best Army decals I've seen in a long time. Almost 100%, nicely toned to a nice golden colour but this is not a Kreigsmarine. Remains of state shield, partially scraped off as per the decal drop directive of 1940. Early smooth paint but has the remains of a green camo overpaint. Early single banded liner band with square D rings. Liner good but with some rodent nips to two tongues. This is not very noticeable. Nice original numbered chin strap. Good complete helmet offered very cheap for a double decal.
M35 GERMAN ARMY DOUBLE DECAL HELMET - EF 68 - COMPLETE Straight out the woodwork from vets family. Huge size EF 68 with lot no. 20407. Size 61 marked to liner. Shell has the early smooth paint which is scarce as most helmets of this vintage were re issued with matt paint. Very good army eagle and state shield also good with the crazing I like to see on genuine examples. Liner good with all tongue ends complete although a little dry and with some wear to lower edge.Soldiers initials applied in ink. Different colour to helmet pins which is not uncommon, pins the early type with markings. Double banded aluminium liner band with square D rings.This nice and tight and has never been removed. This helmet came without a chin strap, I have shown it here with an appropriate strap which is not included in the price. One Look original and scarce is this huge size.
M35 GERMAN ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET - Q 66 Good straight out the woodwork combat vet in a large size. This is how I like them, dirty, dusty and likely hasn't seen the light of day since 1945. Early smooth paint. Full length maker mkd. chin strap. Liner with all tongue ends good and c/w the original draw string. Good Toned army decal. Large size Quist 66. Untampered with One Looker.
M35 GERMAN DAK CAMO - ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET Stunning unusual Afrika Korps camo in an unusual 3 tone colour scheme. This helmet came straight from a house where the womans husband had served in North Africa with the RAF. All over tan camo in a heavy brush stroked finish , over this has been applied a blue and green geometric pattern similar to British tanks in the Western Desert and also these colours were used by the Luftwaffe. Nice army decal. Size 62. No chin strap. Good liner.
M35 KREIGSMARINE GERMAN HELMET Super example in correct shade of field grey for navy. Nice decal. Original liner very tight to pins. Named to rear. Remains of one strap end. Bit rusty in crown as if it has had some moisture inside at some time. Otherwise V.G.C. possibly coastal artillery. The Rice book on German helmet codes confirms this left the factory as a Kreigsmarine single decal.
M35 LUFTWAFFE FORMER DOUBLE DECAL - Q 66 Good large size helmet in it's original smooth Luftwaffe blue paint. Helmet retains almost all it's finish. Eagle decal good . One wing tip and an abrasion to the tail the only faults on this one. Clear evidence of where the state Shield was. Lot number unclear. Double banded aluminium liner band with square D Rings and stout sheepskin leather with all tongue ends complete.. Non original blue cloth chin strap. Never seen anything like this so don't know if t's wartime or post war addition . Jury's out ? Great looking original in non re - issue original paint. Heavy helmet as you find with Quists which are my personal favourite German helmet. V.G.C.
M35 SINGLE DECAL ARMY BATTLEFIELD BUNKER FOUND - BATTLE DAMAGED Good solid bunker recovered helmet still with almost all it's original paint. Army decal to left side. Concussion/blast crack to crown. Double banded aluminium liner band with square D rings. All helmet pins present. Eastern Front found.
M35 SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET - DAK- ATTRIBUTED - FLAK UNIT Vet bring back from Tunisia. Quist 64 shell M35 re- issue type helmet. Lot no. 992. Good army decal. All complete and original. This one is named and has a Feldpost no. to the liner. This number attributes it to a Heer Flak ( M.G.) Btn , 2 Komp. Flak. Btn. 612. This unit was subordinated to the Afrika Korps in 1941 and were wiped out in Tunis in 1943. Full length chin strap, good liner, still with it's draw string. Barn found condition . Proper " Been There" helmet from the North African campaign. Tied 100% to them rather than surmised due to camo colour.
M35 SS DOUBLE DECAL SAND CAMO RE ISSUE Stunning looking 100% original camo.M35 re issue. Green overpaint with rough sand finish. Pig skin liner with soldiers name applied in ink. Full length chin strap. ET64, batch no. indistinct, B.L. initials to crown. To the left side under the paint can be seen the red of a party shield strongly suggesting this has been an SS helmet. Very striking combat helmet that has been posted for opinions and all good. Buy with confidence.
M35 TROPICAL CAMO GERMAN HELMET DAK - TUNISIA Great example of a tropical camo found in the cellar of a house in Medina Italy. Brownish tan overpaint usually associated with Tunisia in the latter stages of the North African campaign. The tropical paint has been applied over an earlier white winter camo suggesting this soldier has seen action in another theatre most likely Russia. The brown paint is also sun bleached in parts so it is likely this man has been in action for a prolonged period of time in a very hot climate before being shipped to Italy. Large heavy Q66 shell, with batch no. ..77. Outline of decal shield to left side. Some light pitting to inside apron. Good condition liner with all tongue ends intact and original draw string (broken). Owners name applied in ink "BROOG" ? Double banded liner band. Very good supple full length original chin strap with indistinct maker details and 1941 date. Fine "One Look" combat helmet that could tell a few stories.
M40 ARMY SINGLE DECAL - K.I.A. - FRANCE 1944 Superb looking attributable helmet taken as a vet pick up in Calais by a Canadian soldier. All original NS64 D series helmet with good army decal with some slight surface abrasions. Most field grey finish present to shell. Named in rear skirt and also in the liner. Liner complete and very good with honest service wear comensurate with the rest of the helmet. One helmet pin a period replacement ? Full length maker mkd and 1940 dtd. chin strap. Maker looks like "....LRINGHAUS & CO - ..L...HEIM". Unteroffizier H.Poppe, born Munster 1924, died Calais 1944. Buried Bourdon Cemetary. Brian Rice book confirms this helmet left the factory in early 1940 as a Army single decal. Superb "One Look" helmet and attributable.
M40 ARMY SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET A total original I just got from the loft of a house in Wales. ET 64 shell. Owners initials "A.P." scratched to apron and white "27". Good liner. Maker marked and dated chinstrap "GTO -1943". Good decal. Dome stamp in crown. At least 50% of original field grey paint.
M40 ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET WITH ORIGINAL CHICKEN WIRE Lovely combat helmet, SE64 with lot no. 869. This was WAF posted and got a unanimious thumbs up. Great condition all round. Photos tell all.
M40 BATTLE DAMAGED SINGLE DECAL ARMY HELMET Good solid battle field recovered helmet found in Hungary. Retains a large percentage of original smooth paint finish. Army decal to around 50%. Liner present but detached. A bit shrunken but with holes, which correspond with the two entry holes on the shell as well as the strike on the rear apron. Original liner band. Good Eastern Front relic.
M40 DOUBLE DECAL POLIZEI HELMET QUIST 64 Polizei division quist size 64 shell combat helmet. Bordered police decal in really good condition and Nazi shield also good with a couple of abrasions. Field grey shell to almost 100%. Liner with some tongue ends at fault and has dark dry sections that suggest to me a head wound ? Full length maker mkd. chin strap with steel buckle good but with a partial tear just below the buckle. Lot no. DN 197 confirmed in the Rice helmet code book as having left the factory in 1942. Great helmet !
M40 GERMAN WW2 ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET Good One Look combat helmet. NS 64. Lot no. looks like 6858 ? Inside with original smooth paint and outside with a rough zimmerit type drab field grey. Army decal to 90%. Liner dry and with tongue ends detached but still present , attached to the original draw string. Chin strap ends only. 100% original.
M40 KREIGSMARINE SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET - QUIST 66 Fine all original Quist 66, skirt no. DN121. Good field grey smooth paint, 95% remaining. Subdued gold Kreigsmarine eagle. Liner has seen heavy use and is part frayed ar lower edge.One tongue end detached but still tied to draw cord. Rare full length brown Navy chin strap with small size roller. This chin strap on it's own is worth over £200 and rarely come up for sale. Quist shape and heavy weight, great looking helmet and has to be the cheapest genuine Kreigsmarine around at this reduced price. This helmet ties in 100% with the Rice book on helmet codes. Produced 1941 for the Kreigsmarine. If you are interested in buying the helmet without it's chin strap at a reduced price please let me know as I would be happy to keep the strap.
M40 NORMANDY CAMO GERMAN HELMET - ATTRIBUTED One of the most striking camos you are ever likely to see and a 100% original bought from a RAF vets family along with many other bringbacks by me 10 years ago. Tan/Maroon/Green camo with rough sawdust finish, this has been applied while the paint was wet giving it a rough textured finish.Good size ET64 shell. Good liner with soldiers name applied in ink. Original marked and dated chinstrap. None nicer, name of the L.A.C. who served with a Typhoon squadron in Normandy and brought it back will be given to buyer. Please note, these are copyright photos . Anyone who knows their stuff can see this is a real helmet and is sold as such. I realise buying a camo these days is a nightmare but this is the real deal and kept by me until now.
M40 QUIST SINGLE DECAL GERMAN ARMY HELMET - 64 Good looking M40 shell with Heer decal. Q64 with Lot No. DN 313. An interesting helmet which dates from 1943 according to the Rice helmet code book which sees the factory transition begin from M40 to M42 shells. Scarce helmet Pig skin liner with scarce side stitched seam. No chin strap. V.G.C.
M40 SINGLE DECAL ARMY GERMAN HELMET - NS 64 A good 100% original combat veteran . NS 64, with Lot No. DN 67. This helmet dates to 1940 and has the hybrid characteristics as they changed from aluminium to zinc liner bands so you find helmets like this where they are using the last of the M35 liner systems in the M40 shell. Double banded aluminium liner band with square D rings and sheepskin leather. Another coat of rough paint on top of the Field Grey. This is the way I like to see them with some paint on the decal from where the owner has tried none too successfully to paint round the decal. Liner dry and hair oil darkened but still good with one tongue end a/f. Original draw string. No chin strap. Single Heer decal. One Look original
M42 COMBAT HELMET - FRENCH BARN FIND Acquired recently from a Normandy barn. Large size 66. I've left this exactly as found with it's dusty liner which is still in very good shape and it's uncleaned shell. I think it exudes character the way it is although would clean up if desired. Low price
M42 GERMAN HELMET ARMY SINGLE DECAL 2 TONE CAMO - AMERICAN VET BRING BACK This one out of Michigan a few years ago and purchased direct from the vets family. Story goes it was taken from a pile of helmets from surrendering P.O.W.'s. Vet liked it because it was the only one with camo paint. He took the helmet and put it in his tank.Later the chin strap was utilised for a running repair on said tank. That aside it's a cracking helmet , much better in the flesh as it were. Green and ochre spray and the owner obviously was young with a sense of humour ( See finish in line/behind decal ). Wermacht adler decal very good. Size 57 liner with service wear round the lower leading edge. Remains of chin strap at one side. Code numbers to rear skirt, CKL 164 2510. Superb genuine " Been There " combat helmet with an unusual camo. Brian Ice helmet code book records confirm this helmet having left the factory between 1st Feb. 1943 and the 28th Aug. 1943 and corresponding exactly with the helmet particulars being a single decal Heer with sheepskin liner with zinc band . V.G.C.
M42 HEER SINGLE DECAL HELMET - Good condition large size combat helmet. Overpainted in a field grey sawdust camo. Great decal.Almost all paint remaining. Soldiers name to inner apron. Good liner with all tongue ends intact. Original chin strap, this missing buckle from short end and tip from long end . Size 57 liner , 64 shell. Nice example.
MANCHESTER CITY POLICE WHISTLE ( HUDSON - BARR ST. ) \"Metropolitan\" model police whistle. Marked up to Manchester City Police . Has original hook and ring attachments and later chrome chain. Scarce V.G.C.
MILES - MULTIPLE INTEGRATED LASER ENGAGEMENT SYSTEM HELMET ATTACHMENT Multiple integrated laser engagement system, or MILES as used by the British army and other nations inc.the U.S. Not tested. A bit of kit that rarely comes on the market. Has elasticated helmet over straps and clips for the rim. Helmet not included. V.G.C.
MILITARY TEMPERANCE MEDAL Military Temperance medal. India. 3 years. No ribbon. Uncleaned . V.G.C.
NATAL MOUNTED RIFLES (SOUTH AFRICA) HELMET BADGE Natal Mounted Rifles helmet badge circa 1922-43. Nicely toned white metal. No rubbing or damage. 2 one is absent hence low price. V.G.C.
NATIONAL RESERVE LONDON ENAMEL; BADGE - 21031 Scarce National Reserve London. No enamel damage. Gilded crossed rifles below. Membership number 21031 and Gaunt London to the reverse. V.G.C.
NAVY LEAGUE KEEP WATCH ENAMEL LAPEL BADGE Nice wee wartime lapel badge. No damage. V.G.C.
NAZI ANTI SEMITIC TINNIE Scarce tinnie. Jew with whip and Aryan with sword and spade. Text translates to " A Peoples Peace or a Jewish Dictatorship ". Aluminium. Needle pin. V.G.C.
NEW ZEALAND - W.W.C.T RGT. BADGE Good quality bi metal cap badge for the Wellington West Coast & Taranaki Regiment. V.G.C.
NEW ZEALAND - 15TH NORTHLAND CAP BADGE Nice die struck brass. Well detailed, no rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
OX & BUCKS VICTORIAN HELMET PLATE Nice example of an ordinary ranks brass helmet plate. Nice age toning. QVC. No issues. Scarce. Bargain price !!! V.G.C.
OX AND BUCKS COLLAR DOGS AND CAP BADGE SET Wartime w/m collars and cap badge. All matching age toning. Good price. V.G.C.
PAKISTAN - BALUCH REGIMENT CAP BADGE Nice sand cast cap badge. Good detail. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
PALESTINE POLICE BADGE Good w/m example. No rubbing or damage. Slider. Kings Crown. V.G.C.
PERTH CORPORATION TRAM DRIVERS CAP BADGE Very rare badge. As per a 4th Black Watch sporran badge with the Perth double headed eagle but with Corporation motto instead of the latin one found on military badges. Well struck . White metal. Excellent condition
PERTH HIGHLAND RIFLE VOLUNTEERS ( BLACK WATCH ) CAP BADGE Good example of this scarce Victorian period badge circa 1874-1880. Silvered white metal. Die struck. Good detail. They became the 5th Black Watch.
POLISH WW2 - 8TH INFANTRY BRIGADE - SILVER/GOLD RING Extremely rare piece and found locally here in Bridge of Allan where the 8th were stationed prior to D Day along with the 9th Polish Lancers and an Infantry Brigade. They adopted the Scottish Lion Rampant with an 8 below as an unofficial Formation Sign and it was worn on their battledress. The ring is awesome, big and chunky with the Polish Eagle within a shield in relief. Silver plated. To the face in rose gold is the unit insignia. Largish 3rd finger size. Heavy. V.G.C.
POST ‘52 CANADIAN CALGARY HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Queens crown. Post ' 52. Retains original bronze finish One replacement lug to rear. Hence very low price. V.G.C.
POST 1902 - ROYAL SCOTS HELMET PLATE CENTRE Good example. As per a cap badge but with wire loops for fitting to the Generic crowned star helmet plate used on the Home and Foreign Service helmets. Nice age toning and old polish residue to back. Wire loops good. No rubbing or damage. Scarce. V.G.C.
PRE 1884 1st ABERDEEN RIFLE VOLUNTEERS ( GORDON HLDRS ) - PLAID BROOCH. Beautiful piece in nickel silver. Hollow construction. Correct overlong pin. No rubbing or dmage. Extremely rare. V.G.C.
PRE 1902 LIFE GUARDS LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Dark toned brass. Will clean up nicely if desired. Maker mkd. for Jennens London. V.G.C.
PRE WW1 - KAISER WILHELM COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL Good condition with age toning.Circa 1897. Kaiser Wilhelm I Commemorative Centenary Medal. Originally awarded in memory of the hundredth birthday of the Great Emperor Wilhelm I. 1797- 22. March -1897. Awarded by Prussia to state and university officials, as well as all military officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel, which were actively serving in army, navy and Schutztruppe. Medals were also awarded to the surviving veterans of the First Schleswig War, Second Schleswig War, Austro-Prussian War, and the Franco-Prussian War.
PRUSSIAN ERSATZ PICKLEHAUBE C/W ORIGINAL COVER - GERMAN HELMET Excellent "been there" combat helmet in a brownie green felt. Brass fittings. Original helmet plate, which has left it's impression on the helmet shell. Original chinstrap complete and in good condition for age. Original cockades. Size 57. Leather liner good if a little dry and dirty. One tongue end damaged. Original trench cover with green '62' to front. All hooks present . Maker details "N.ALEXANDER - BRESLAU - 57" to inside. The cover has good honest service wear commensurate with the helmet, which I believe has originally been green but through getting rained on has had the colour washed out a bit. If you want a helmet that has seen front line action this is for you.
QUEENS EDINBURGH VOLUNTEER RIFLE BRIGADE BADGE Large round bronze badge for either the cross belt , pouch or belt centre. Large size , just over 2 and a quarter inches. Heavy cast brass or bronze. Stout mounts. Castle in relief to centre. Latin motto to the outside " Nisi Dominus Frustra ". Without God it is in Vain. Also now the motto of Edinburgh Council. It should be how much will you pay me for the Building Contract ! Scarce. V.G.C.
QUEENS OWN CAMERON HIGHLANDERS REGIMENTAL HISTORY Scarce booklet circa 1927. Good concise history. Given to new recruits. Nice condition. V.G.C.
QUEENS OWN HIGHLANDERS ( CAMERON & SEAFORTH ) - PIPERS CAP BADGE Now difficult to find, circa 1961 cap badge worn only by pipers. Still on it's Regimental tartan bonnet patch. 2 lugs to rear. Mint condition. Rare to find with the tartan patch. V.G.C.
QUEENS OWN HIGHLANDERS ( CAMERON & SEAFORTH ) PIPERS PLAID BROOCH As nice as they come this example. Large percentage of the original silver frosting present, usually polished off. Bright finish brass quoit. Bolt on furniture. Parts are matching numbers ( 26) . V.G.C.
QUIST 64 M35 FORMER DOUBLE DECAL - NAMED Good early helmet still with it's shiny parade/early finish. Batch no. 4575. This is one of the helmets referred to ass " Oddball" in the Brian Ice helmet book, i.e. this one has a zinc liner band fitted with earlier aluminium D rings, a known though scarce configuration. Brass helmet pins.Also at this time helmets were leaving the factory in both shiny and matt paints. This is a great helmet with a very nice condition size 56 liner named to it's former owner . Evidence of it's army double decals, the state shield having been scraped off as per the 1940 decal drop directive. Cheap price original
R E M E CAR MASCOT / BUMPER BADGE - GAUNT Beautiful condition car mascot from the early 1950\'s. Cap badge type device to centre , this inlaid with undamaged blue enamel. This set in high relief over undamaged enamel in Regimental colours. Gaunt stamped. V.G.C.
R.A. SGT'S BRASS SLEEVE BADGE C/W BACKING PLATE Good example , well detailed and retaining a fair bit of the original gilded finish. Original oval backing plate.
R.G.LAWRIE SILVER SKEAN DHU - 1924 SILVER H/M Very striking sgian dhu with silver hallmarks for Glasgow 1924. Intricate hand etched silver mounts all in good order with no rubbing or damage and sharp etching. Beautifully hand carved Celtic knot bog oak handle with finely etched silver mounts and silver top. To the top mount as well as the hallmarks there is a stamping \" R.G.L. \" for R.G.Lawrie the famous bagpipe makers They had shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh at one point where they sold Highland attire as well as pipes. Wood, leather covered scabbard in good order with it\'s original black grained leather. Clipped back steel blade with etched \" R.G.LAWRIE - GLASGOW & EDINBURGH \". Blade has some sweat pitting and light surface rust. This is a high quality hand made piece and would not have been a cheap item back in the day. Rare. V.G.C.
RAD - REICH LABOUR SERVICE FOR WOMEN (RAD - WJ) BADGE - J.B.u CO Good example of the RAD womens branch badge. Zinc. Maker mkd., J.B.u Co. ( Julius Bauer & Co. ) below pin. Nice uncleaned age toning. V.G.C.
RAF (BRITISH ROYAL AIR FORCE) PLASTIC ECONOMY BADGE WW2 plastic economy cap badge. Good example with no distortion. Short blade type,(one curved tip absent) otherwise VGC. Non maker marked.
RAF \"O\" - (OBSERVERS) SILVER & ENAMEL BADGE Maker & STERLING marked to rear. No enamel damage. Very attractive. V.G.C. Scarce
RAF WW2 WARRANT OFFICERS SLEEVE BADGES Estate fresh. Belonged to former Spitfire pilot who saw extensive service in the Far East. Uniform removed. V.G.C.
RARE - 6TH VOLUNTEER BTN. GORDON HIGHLANDERS - PIPERS PLAID BROOCH I doubt you will ever see another of these ! In 20 years as a full time dealer in primarily Scottish militaria this is the only one of these I have ever had / seen. Nickel silver with all scrolls and centre piece rivetted on. Nickel silver. Stout construction with correct original over long pin for the period. Scrolls with \" SIXTH VOL. BATTALION - GORDON HIGHLANDERS \". Once it\'s gone it\'s gone, I doubt you will ever find another for sale attributed to the 6th V.B. V.G.C. This will be shipped by the courier to the oversea buyer.
RARE - M33 ‘TRANSITIONAL ’ SA - DOUBLE MKD. RZM M7/66 \"1939‘ EICKHORN C/W HANGER - VET BRING BACK One of a number of Black Watch vets bring backs just purchased from his son. Rare transitional SA dagger in good condition. These daggers were produced in the short period between the maker marks and the RZM marks and carried both logo’s on the blade. This example was made by Carl Eickhorn Solingen in 1939 (RZM M7/66) . Good sleepy condition with nice colour to the handle. Painted scabbard retaining almost 100% of it\'s original finish with no fading to the colour. C/w it\'s original to it hanger which has RZM and maker marks “RZM M5/71 OLC”. ( Overhoff , Ludenscheid ). Lovely One Looker. Name of vet to buyer only. V.G.C. A rare dagger . Name of the vet to buyer only.l
RARE - RUSSIAN RKKA - HAMMER & PLOW - RUSSIAN REVOLUTION CAP BADGE - BRING BACK A rare genuine example of the cap star worn by Bolshevik forces in the Russian Revolution. Pre dates the Hammer and Sickle. If you do find one of these it is likely to be ground dug with no prongs or fake. This is the real deal and was a bring back by a Scottish officer who\'s details I will give to the buyer. Retains a good percentage of it\'s correct shade of red paint. Prongs are present and good. Don\'t listen to anyone who tries to diss this badge, THIS IS GUARANTEED 100% GENUINE !! I got it along with other items belonging to the man , a career soldier and it was mounted on a piece of card with his details on the back. Came from his son who is now in his \'80\'s , himself also a career soldier. Never seen one so good. V.G.C.
RARE WW2 GERMAN NSFK - GRUPPE 8 MITTE (ESCHWEGE) FLYING DAY BADGE Great flight day rally badge for the NSFK . Great detail in relief on this one. Icarus with superimposed swastika and attributed to Gruppe 8 Mitte (Eschwege) which was based in the State of Hesse. Silver washed die struck tombak. Rare. V.G.C.
RED ARROWS 1ST SQUADRON LEADERS FLYING HELMET - ATTRIBUTED A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO OBTAIN A GENUINE & SUPERB (RED ARROWS) Mk2 "BONE DOME". Flown during the 1970-71 display season in the Folland Gnat aircraft then used by the team. The helmet is attributed to the Late-Great Squadron Leader 'Bill Loverseed" Team Leader of The Red Arrows 1970-1971. The helmet is in well used condition with plenty of knocks and scrapes having for many years been used as an RAF recruiting 'tool' in various places and at various air shows and displays. It was finally sold off as a charitable donation many years ago. The visor screws at left end of the visor need replacing but overall the helmet is clean and complete having had the normal "interservice green" inner electrical and webbing conversion and general mod' common to 99% of all operational helmets of the period. All "white" RAF Mk2 helmets are very scarce and seldom seen for sale at all. Used also on many of the types being flown at the time such as The Lightning, Vulcan and the Phantom etc. Raymond Eric William Loverseed was born on an RAF base in Egypt in 1932. Bill joined the RAF in 1952,[17] and flew with the Red Arrows in their first year, 1965, and also in 1970.[18] He took command of the Red Arrows in 1971 after the previous leader, Dennis Hazell, broke his leg after ejecting due to an engine failure in practice in November 1970. Four Red Arrows' pilots were killed in an accident at RAF Kemble in January 1971, when two planes carrying two men each collided in mid-air. Bill Loverseed was promoted to Squadron Leader in July 1971,[19] but resigned his commission in May 1972.[17] He married four times. He flew a Buffalo transport plane that crash-landed at the Farnborough Air Show in 1984, and a Piper Cherokee aircraft that suffered severe icing and crashed in Newfoundland in 1987. He died in 1998, on a Dash 7 that he was piloting on a test flight over Devon.[20] A WONDERFUL ITEM OF GREAT HISTORICAL INTEREST ( Much sought after I will guarantee that you will not see anything like this again in a hurry !) . C/w it's carry case.
RED CROSS - FOR SERVICE BADGE - MINT A good pre 1953 British Red Cross Society "For Service" gilt and enamel badge, the reverse with maker's details 'J.R.Gaunt London' and official issue number "L 13229". Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, no damage to the enamel. Height 41mm.
RENFREW ( GLASGOW ) CONSTABULARY CHROME COLLAR PAIR Chrome finish. Good detail. Nice matched pair. Prince of Wales feathers. No newer than WW2. V.G.C.
RENFREWSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEER BTN SHAKO Rare shako in good overall condition. Silver badge. Comes with it's metal carrying tin. Size 55 approx. Grey cloth with red band running around the crown. No moth, some black spots on the crown from where it has been sitting on top of the original waterproof cover which is congealed in the bottom of the tin. Nice 100% original and extremely rare especially in this condition.
ROYAL ARMY VETINARY CORPS (RAVC) BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Nice shoulder title. Unusual lugs and c/w brass backing plate and cotter pin. Scarce. V.G.C.
ROYAL ARTILLERY GILDED OFFICERS HELMET PLATE KINGS CROWN Nice post 1902 officers HP for the Home Service Helmet. Kings Crown examples are scarce. Retaining most of it's gilded finish with some loss to the bodiesof the lion and unicorn. Sharp die struck detail. 3 lugs to back. Good example. V.G.C.
ROYAL ARTILLERY OFFICERS FIELD SERVICE SIDE CAP Good example. Mid 1950's. 2 post '52 Queens Crown buttons to front. Bullion RA officers cap badge. Has light service wear and age related fading but no moth or damage. Gold bullion trim. Approx size 56.
ROYAL ARTILLERY OFFICERS GILDED HELMET PLATE - WW1 Very cheap price !! Officers example retaining most of the original gilded finish. Post 1902 Kings crown, so scarce. 3 lugs to back. Fine detail. V,G,C,
ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE CAP BADGE Nice wartime example. Nicely toned " One Looker " V.G.C.
ROYAL BRITISH LEGION - SCOTLAND - 2000 LAPEL BADGE Rare badge. Gilt and various colours of enamel. Maker mkd. Pin back. No enamel damage. B.L. device to centre with thistle wreath and Saltyre. V.G.C.
ROYAL COMPANY OF ARCHERS BONNET BADGE Lovely Kings Crown example. Retaining all it\'s beautifully gilded finish. Die struck. I\'m starting to see cast fakes of these purporting to be the real thing and also reproductions at £145. This is a One Look original. V.G.C.
ROYAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS DRESS SIDE CAP Good high quality example . London makers stamp to inside. Bullion RE badge. Black melton cloth with gold braid trim. Beautiful 3 piece silver/ gilt buttons to front. Owners name of cloth label to inside. Good gold lining. Approx size 57. V.G.C.
ROYAL FUSILIERS (CITY OF LONDON) GRENADE BADGE Post 1902 large grenade badge. O/r's brass. Kings crown (KK 947). Very good with no rubbing or damage.2 long loops to reverse. Strap with motto and rose within.
ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIERS - ( H.L.I./ R.S.F. ) - CAR MASCOT / BADGE - GAUNT One of the rarest of the bumper badges produced by J.R. Gaunt , late \'50\'s , early \'60\'s. Quality as you expect from Gaunt and condition is very good. Raised flaming bomb over enamel in Regimental colours. Will clean up nicely if desired. V.G.C.
ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIERS (HLI / RSF) PIPERS CAP BADGE A now very hard to come by badge. Early , Post 52.White metal not anodised. Some polishing to high spots but nevertheless a good example. Worn by Regimental pipers only. V.G.C.
ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS - ANODISED COLLAR PAIR Good matching pair. Single post fixings. Anodised. V.G.C.
ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS CAP BADGE Nice 2-piece example with age patina. Slider back.
ROYAL IRISH RIFLES - CAP BADGE - ENGLAND STAMP ON SLIDER Good w/m die struck wartime example. Kings Crown. England mkd. slider. V.G.C.
ROYAL MIDLOTHIAN YEOMANRY CAVALRY VICTORIAN POUCH BELT Victorian pouch belt with original silver plated furniture of hand engraved rose boss, chains, drumsticks on hand engraved back plate and hand engraved buckle, slider and tail piece. Leather pouch with beautiful silver thistles in relief and silver Royal Midlothian Yeomanry Cavalry unit cypher with silver QVC above ( this missing the tip of the crown ). All these with the dark age toning silver takes on but will clean up easily if desired. The RMYC were absorbed into Lothian & Borders Horse and likely this pouch was still in use after amalgamation. Belt itself is more modern. Rare. V.G.C.
ROYAL REGIMENT OF SCOTLAND PIPERS G10 SGIAN DHU Standard G10 pipers sgian dhu with a miniature RRS enamelled badge to handle. Quality construction with clipped back blade, wood handle and leather covered wood scabbard. Top mount with finial. These now being made for the army by a top Scottish jeweller after years of poor quality Pooley ones being on issue. Mint , unissued
ROYAL REGIMENT OF SCOTLAND SKEAN ( SGIAN ) DHU Beautiful example of an RRS sgian dhu. Classic top quality . Wood handle , steel clipped back blade. Leather covered wood scabbard. Plated fittings. Top mount with finial. Miniature Royal Regiment badge to handle. Mint
ROYAL REGIMENT OF SCOTLAND TAM O SHANTER Issue Tam c/w tartan patch, early Firmin badge and hackle. Couple of moth nips. Good size approx. 57.
ROYAL SCOTS - 2ND HIGHLAND COY. - 1ST CITY OF EDINBURGH RIFLE VOLUNTEERS CAP BADGE Rare badge circa 1860. 1st City of Edinburgh RVC glengarry badge. 3 lugs. Silver or silver plate. St. Andrew to centre with outer strap with Gaelic motto, translates as, " Highlanders Shoulder to Shoulder " Not to be confused with the Lanarkshire badge that is similar but with different motto. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS - QUEENS RIFLE VOLUNTEERS CROSS BELT BADGE Excellent example in cast blackened brass. Fretted centre. Loop for whistle chain. Victorian period. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS - QUEENS RIFLE VOLUNTEERS PIPERS FEATHER BONNET BADGE As per the normal badge but with extra long lugs presumably for a feather bonnet so likely for a piper. Blackened brass. Old polish residue. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS - VICTORIAN - OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE & WAIST BELT PLATE SET Nice quality set. Officers Shoulder Belt Plate and Dirk Belt plate. Circa 1900. Silver fittings on burnished back plates. SBP with Silver diamond cut star.Green enamel behind centre. Waist belt plate with early style star , green enamel behind the centre. Curved back plate. Matching set with nice even age toning . No rubbing or damage From deceased estate.Fresh to the market , uncleaned as found. Scarce. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS 5TH VOLUNTEER BTN CAP BADGE Good example of this Victorian period badge in w/m. Circa 1888/1908. Voided centre. Additional top scroll with \" 5th Vol. Batt. \" V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS DRAGOON GUARDS - NCO'S ARM BADGE Nice age toned example. 3 lugs to back.2 piece. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS OFFICERS WW1 COLLAR - OSD Good 2 piece cast example. Nice bi metal 2 piece construction. Reddish coloured metal bomb with brass thistle. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS SHOULDER TITLE PATCH Removed from uniform. White embroidered on red wool backing . V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS VICTORIAN CAP BADGE - PRE 1902 Good scarce Victorian example. QVC. Lugs north and south. Old pink polish residue to rear. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS GREYS IRON PLAQUE FROM FRONT OF BARRACKS Super rare piece being a large Regimental device from the front of the barracks . Excellent condition with a skilfull repaint.When originally found it was rusty with no paint. Approx 12inches by 12 inches. Great detail. Very heavy so pay attention to shipping before purchasing V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Nice matched pair of 2 piece colllar badges for wear on the Officers Service Dress. Near mint.
ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS WAIST BELT PLATE BY FIRMIN Excellent condition. Officers type badge retaining it's silver frosted finish . Nicely gilded centre with green enamel behind the thistle. Polished brass back plate. Good quality as you expect from Firmin. Mint
ROYAL SCOTS RS TERRITORIAL SHOULDER TITLE PAIR Nice pair of the scarcer small size " R S " shoulder titles. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS SHAKO PLATE - 1871 - 1877 Other ranks Victorian helmet shako plate to the Royal Scots, circ 1871-1877, with two long lugs to the reverse, in good condition. Nicely toned brass. Well detailed. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS SOLDIERS SPOON WITH ARMY NUMBER. Nice soldiers spoon with R.S. and his last 4 digits of his army number. Maker mkd.
ROYAL SCOTS WW1 GILDED CAP BADGE - OFFICERS ? Rare variant. Brass economy with gilded finish , this present to almost 100%. Period brooch back. From a large Royal Scots collection just in. V.G.C.
ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE BRONZE OFFICERS BADGE - BLADES Scarce officers cap badge for wear with the Service Dress. Die struck bronze with 2 blades to reverse. This is the last pattern prior to the amalgamation with The Queen's Regiment in 1992. Good price, way below market value. V.G.C.
ROYAL YACHT SQUADRON / ROYAL LONDON Y.C. - BAR BROOCH Beautiful bar brooch made from 3 gilded buttons professionally mouned on a gilded bar with stout original hook and pin. The 2 outer epaulette size buttons have 3 anchors and "R.Y.S." in old script. The centre large button has "R.L.Y.C." and is surmounted by a Victorian crown. A lovely rare item circa WW1 or possibly as early as the turn of the century.
RSF (ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS) SHOULDER TITLE Unusual example with flaming bomb and \" RSF \". Single lug construction. Nice age toning . From a recent found in a shed old collection . V.G.C. With this single lug and it\'s positioning it is not a 2 piece or part title. This has been it\'s original configuration. Rare V.G.C.
RTR - ROYAL TANK CORPS WARTIME CAP BADGE - CAST- IN THEATRE MADE Sand cast example. Wartime Kings crown. In theatre made, likely North Africa, Far East. slight rubbing to the high points of the tank turret, otherwise VGC
RUSSIAN COLD WAR FLAG Beautiful iconic piece in silk/rayon. Lenin to one side, Soviet device to the other. Cold war items have now really kicked in as people realise it was a war and not a period of stalemate. Measures 1.73 m by 1.05 m V.G.C.
RUSSIAN FRONT GERMAN WW2 M40 SS HELMET - Solid bunker found single decal helmet. No leather. Liner band present. Good decal. Found near Poltava. The premier SS divions were there so either Dad Reich, TK or Liebstandarie. One look helmet.
S.A. BRIGADE 41 THURINGIA EAST - 1934 GREIZ - RALLY BADGE Early and scarce SA unit attributed Tinny. Raised laurel wreaths and swastika with central SA device in higher relief. I've left this dirty and age toned but will come up nicely if desired. V.G.C.
SA SPORTS BADGE AWARD SA Sports Badge. Numbered: 477804. Maker mkd for Berg & Nolte. A.G. Lundenscheid. Also , \'Eigentum D.S.A. Sportabzeichen Hauptstelle\'. Nice age toning. Retains most of the original finish. Concave. V.G.C.
SA MAGDEBURG - GRUPPE MITTE -MEMORIAL DAY BADGE Extra large size SA Gruppe Mitte die struck day badge. 5 cm diameter. Mint condition. Rare.
SCARCE GERMAN WW2 1939 WINTER HELP WORK COMPRESSED PAPER DAY BADGE Scarce as most of these did'nt survive. Compressed paper with a tin foil type finish. Nice depiction of a soldier with M35 steel helmet in relief over Wermacht adler. V.G.C.
SCOTS / COLDSTREAM GUARDS BEARSKIN ( BUSBY ) C/W RED PLUME Very nice condition real bearskin ( not synthetic ). Great look. Leather backed brass chin scales. Correct bamboo frame inside. Great condition leather liner. Has the red horsehair plume for the Coldstream Guards. Standard pattern throughout the Guards Division only the plume differentiates which one. Now rare. V.G.C.
SCOTS GREYS POUCH BADGE Nice detailed large brass pouch badge for the Greys and DG's. Lugs V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS - ADEN EMERGENCY - SGT\'S KHAKI DRILL BUSH JACKET & SHORTS - PERSIAN GULF BADGED - ATTRIBUTED An original Aden period \'Jackets Bush Khaki, 1950 Pattern\' dated 1967 and Scots Guards attributed. This pattern of jacket has to be one of the most iconic military jackets of the 20th Century. Typical Safari style with two chest pockets with scalloped flaps, long sleeves and single button cuffs. Sleeves both with rare printed British H.Q. Land Forces Persian Gulf Formation patches ( these sell at £30 each) . Sgt\'s stripes to one sleeve. Original inside label is still present and very clear stating sizes as well as WD arrow and manufacturer\'s name and date. The 1950 Pattern shorts also have a clear label and a 1967 issue date. The Serviceman served in that theatre and copy photos of him wearing this uniform comes with the sale. Name of soldier to buyer only. Scots Guards were deployed to Aden in 1967 which ties in with the issue of this uniform. V.G.C
SCOTS GUARDS - SGT\'S MESS DRESS JACKET Good attributed jacket circa 1950\'s. Name of soldier to buyer. Lovely condition. Bullion thistles to lapels. Medium size approx. See pics for chest size. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS - VALISE/ POUCH BADGE Good sharply struck example with no rubbing or damage. Loop on the back has a W.D. arrow. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS - WHITE BUFF LEATHER BELT & BUCKLE Nice example of the white leather buff belt. C/w it\'s original to it brass buckle. Stout leather, newer examples are not of this quality and tend to be thinner leather. Good size. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS 2ND BATTALION SIDE DRUM Circa 1960\'s. Beautiful hand painted emblazoning. 8 rod. No issues and no damage to paintwork. Rare V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS BEAR SKIN BUSBY - ATTRIBUTED Beautiful example circa 1950\'s. Soldier served in Malaya during the insurgency as well as other theatres ( name to buyer only ). No hair loss, great look and chin scales and interior are as nice as they come. Photographs come with the sale of it being worn . V.G.C. On Hold for R.G.\'s perusal .
SCOTS GUARDS CAR MASCOT - GAUNT As new, never used. Circa 1950\'s. In it\'s card box with inlay card.. Guards cap star device in chrome to centre over enamel Regimental colours. Gaunt mkd. Fixing screws. Rare. Mint
SCOTS GUARDS FLAG - EXTRA LARGE Genuine Scots Guards flag. Measures 6 feet by 43 inches approx. Hanging rope with toggle. Superb condition Rare
SCOTS GUARDS OFFICERS WW1 HELMET WITH INSIGNIA Outstanding helmet rarely found for sale these days. WW1 Brodie shell in rough drab paint to 100%. Beautifully painted officers badge to front. Officers type Gucci lining by a London maker. Stout leather chin strap. Fitted with an original to it string net suggesting service beyond the Great War by the officer. Painted initials " W.T. " in 3D script. Super rare in top condition with a price unfortunately reflecting that. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS SILVER (925) TIE CLIP Nice piece. Guards thistle device to centre with hand inscribed motto. 925 - Sterling silver mark to rear. Some polishing as you would expect from a good Guardsman ! Scarce. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS STERLING SILVER FORAGE CAP BADGE Nice correct small size pin back for wear on the officers forage cap. Bi metal, silver / gilt. Green enamel behind centre. \" Sterling \" silver stamped. Original pin and hook. V.G.C.
SCOTTISH - ABERDEENSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS VICTORIAN WAIST BELT CLASP - HUGH KING Fine and rare cast nickel silver O/R's waist belt clasp. In virtually unissued condition. Motto "Bon Accord" to outer circlet and with the Aberdeen Coat of Arms to the centre. Plain belt fixings. Originally purchased from Bosleys as part of the Hugh King Collection he sold.
SCOTTISH HORSE CAST COLLAR Very nice collar size badge, sand cast in either silver or heavy silver plate. Nice detail . Golphic crown. V.G.C.
SCOTTISH LOTHIAN & BORDERS HORSE COLLAR PAIR Nice matching pair of o/r's collars. North and south lugs. V.G.C.
SCOTTISH ROYAL ENGINEERS - TRE LOWLAND SHOULDER TITLE Good brass example. 3 lugs to back. No rubbing or damage. Scarce. V.G.C.
SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS - COLLAR / SPORRAN BADGE Scarce example. Cast metal. Possibly for stand up collar but more likely a sporran badge variant ? 2 lugs. Excellent condition.
SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS BLAZER BADGE Nice embroidered blazer badge. Nicely done and never been stitched to jacket. Mint
SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS COMFORTS BADGE Rare enamel lapel badge worn by fund raisers for the Seaforth soldiers on operations in WW1. Brass with red and blue enamel with no damage. Original pin and hook. V.G.C.
SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS TARTAN SHOULDER SLIDE - NORTH AFRICA A Regimental tartan Mc Kenzie shoulder slide as worn in North Africa. Went over one epaulette, sometimes with insignia attached. This one has never had insignia . Mint condition. Rare.
SEAFORTH HLDR'S OFFICERS 3 PIECE BADGE Good example although not exactly matching but that was how the officer wore it. Well detailed stags head in nickel silver with very pronounced antler points , these undamaged. Nickel Cuidich 'n Righ scroll. These 2 pieces match. The top piece of Golphic crown with L below is in unmarked silver. Very striking. Sensible price.
SEAFORTH HLDRS. OF CANADA BRASS SPORRAN BADGE Nice die struck example. Sharp detail. Measures 2 and a half inches x 2 inches. Correct 3 lugs. Scarce . V.G.C.
SEAFORTH HLDRS. OFFICERS BOER WAR EDINBURGH 1891 HALLMARKED SILVER PLAID BROOCH - BOXED - KIA As nice as they come and attributed to a Boer War casualty. The reverse with makers marks 'R. & H.B. Kirkwood, 66 & 68 Thistle St. Edinburgh.' with Edinburgh hallmarks for 1891. The plaid brooch retaining the original stout pin and clasp fittings. It weights approx 86.8 grams. Owners etched letters 'HMB' on back of stags head - positively attributed as worn by Captain HUGH MAXWELL BLAIR, 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders who was 'Killed-in-Action' at Koodoesburg, on 7 February 1900, during the South African War. The brooch contains in its original case of issue, this with the company logo of 'R. & H.B. Kirkwood, 66 & 68 Thistle St. Edinburgh.' on the inside upper lid. One external hinge as-found and brass eye for the front catch missing. A magnificent item of the finest Scottish craftsmanship. The silver quoit being approximately 80mm, this emblazoned with 15 x battle honours; Maida, Java, Assaye, Hindustan, Cape of Good Hope, Koosh-Ab, Persia, Sevastopol, Lucknow, Central India, Peiwar Kotal, Charasia, Kabul, Kandahar, Afghanistan. Attached thereon the stags head regimental crest surmounted by the a Golphic crown and cypher 'L' of Leopold, The Duke of Albany. Hugh Maxwell Blair, a native of Edinburgh, Scotland, where he had lived at 35, Moray Place. Born in 1872, Hugh was the son of Alexander Blair (Advocate-Sheriff of the Lothians and Peebles). He was commissioned in 1891, and served in the Relief of Chitral Expedition in India (1895) and on attachment with the West African Frontier Force prior to his death in the South African War. A scarce and desirable item of Scottish militiary insignia
SEAFORTH HLDRS. SWEETHEART BROOCH Nice chrome and enamel sweetheart. Excellent condition. Good price.
SEAFORTHS B.E.F. UNIFORM A scarce uniform in the WW1 style and as worn by Highland regiments who went to France with the British Expeditionary Force. There are some very poignant photographs of the the Gordons , Seaforth and Camerons marching through Highland towns on their way to war wearing this style of uniform Comprises 1937 dated tunic with it\'s original insignia of double collar dogs of elephant and Princess Louise\'s \"L\". Brass \"Seaforth \"shoulder titles. Seaforth brass buttons. Large size ( see photo of label ). Apart from a few moth holes to lower front skirt on one side the tunic is in VGC. Regimental kilt in McKenzie tartan. Box pleats. To suit 5\'10 tall, 32/33 waist. VGC. Brown wool hose in good condition with small cloth label attached which has the same seven digit regimental no. as the inside of the kilt. Correct light green puttees with white tapes. White buff leather waist belt with GS buckle. Pair of cream hose 1943 dated Tam o Shanter with cap badge and tartan patch. A very nice uniform , as found, no messing no spurious additions to make it complete.
SET OF 6 GERMAN WW2 - STAHLHELM TUNIC BUTTONS 6 matching Stahlhelm tunic buttons. Inter War. Grey blue, same as their belt buckle. Steel button with steel helmet in relief. Scarce. V.G.C.
SMALL ARMS BY FREDERICK WILKINSON 1970'S version. Lots of photos in good condition. 256 pages. Still leading work in it's field.
SPANISH FRANCO PERIOD MILITARY BELT BUCKLE From the early 1940's. Brass buckle with crowned eagle with crown. A bit of rust to the front but has the keeper and unusually, still with the long pin. Good condition with some service wear.
SPORTING AMMUNITION CATALOGUE -1930 - ICI Rare book. Circa 1930. Informative with colour and black & white plates. Leather bound. Good overall . Modest price. The only other original publication I could find for comparison was on Abe books at £138 so this one is less than half price. Grab a bargain !
SS - M40 HELMET - DEMJANSK POCKET Super bunker found complete SS single decal M40 helmet. Liner leather good. Shortened chin strap. Good decal. One look original recovered from Demjansk many years ago and sold by me and purchased back from my customer.
SS / SA NSDAP CAP / KEPI EAGLE Good original. Prongs intact. RZM & M1/18 ? marked to rear. Age toned and uncleaned from a collection of bring backs. Worn on black Allgemeine cap, SA kepi and Nsdap cap V.G.C.
SS ALUMINUM MANS BELT BUCKLE - RZM, SS & MAKER MARED Good maker marked example. RZM, SS & maker code 36/40 at rear. Some service wear.
SS BLACK SHOULDER STRAPS Black button on shoulder boards. Uniform removed and with some service wear. Impression of where the buttons have been. Interestingly, one is longer than the other however they have been worn as a pair with exactly the same commensurate age and wear. Ground dug, no waffenfarbe but have been posted and are the Real Deal.
SS DIRLEWANGER ATTRIBUTED M42 HELMET Non runic M42 but directly attributed to SS Dirlewanger. This helmet was found last year in a small village near Warsaw and sold to a friend of mine. Under the front peak is scratched the Feldpost number 00512. This was used exclusively by Dirlewanger and nobody else. It was forum posted and got a 100% thumbs up. The helmet itself is in typical barn found condition with good shell retaining most of it's paint, dry liner and original but broken and dry chinstrap with a period field repair.Decent size approx 64 shell, apron markings indistinct. Rare to find a real piece to this notorious unit. 00512 (15.9.1940-31.1.1941) SS-Sonderkommando Dirlewanger d. Waffen-SS Distrikt Lublin (1.8.1943-23.3.1944) 17.9.1943 Regimentsstab und Stabskompanie SS-Sonderkommando Dirlewanger (24.3.1944-6.11.1944) 29.6.1944 Stab und Stabskompanie SS-Sonder-Regiment Dirlewanger 8.9.1944: Stab und 1.-5. Kompanie SS-Sonderkommando Dirlewanger (7.11.1944-Kriegsende) 19.12.1944 Stab SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger Only ever used by Dirlewanger
SS M40 QUIST SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET - RUSSIAN FRONT Good bunker found Quist. Solid with most paint remaining and good percentage of decal. Liner band present , leather missing. Russian Front find.
SS M40 SINGLE DECAL BATTLE DAMAGED - ZHITOMIR KIA helmet with great decal. Liner band, no leather. One chin strap end present. Dug in the Ukraine near Zhitomir, ( Battle of the Dnieper ). The main SS unit involved was the LAH.
SS M40 SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET - RUSSIAN FRONT A good bunker find helmet recovered from a position on the Mannerheim Line scene of a huge battle as the Red Army began it's 1944 summer offensive. ET64 shell retaining most of it's now dull field grey paint. Great decal. Double banded1940 dtd, aluminium liner band. Good original liner with all tongue ends intact (back seam possibly restitched). Full length original maker mkd. and 1940 dtd. chin strap with aluminium buckle. A good solid " Been There" helmet. Some hairline cracks to the shell possibly as a result of blast or temperature change. These days it's nice to get a total " One Look " helmet that is 100% original and as found.
SS M42 HELMET SHELL - POLTAVA - KURSK Genuine SS M42 shell with liner band. This bunker recovered along with another similar 10 years ago near Poltava near Kursk, scene of the biggest tank battle ever and involved all the elite SS divisions including Das Reich, Totenkopf and Liebstandarte. Good solid shell with some pitting but still with most of the original field grey paint. Good 2nd type Runic shield. One helmet pin absent. Liner band present. Now near impossible to find a good Eastern Front combat helmet and nice that this one is attributable to one of the most famous battles of WW2.
SS M42 SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET - EASTERN FRONT - NARVA Genuine combat worn SS single decal helmet. This one from a house in Narva. As with all M42 decalled helmets I now have them appraised. Images of this one were sent to Kelly Hicks who has no issues with it. Decal is worn back but a large percentage of the shield remains. 50% approx of the original paint still present. Some surface pitting. Liner in heavy battle worn condition but complete. No chinstrap. Apron codes unclear. Medium size approx. 55 liner. Good genuine "Been There" Eastern Front helmet at a very affordable price for an SS helmet
SS MANS DAGGER - 1198/39 Super vets bring back bought from the family in America. Rzm mkd. and 1198 / 39 to riccasso. Anodised scabbard with all finish. No damage to eagle or enamel roundel. Good blade. Hanger clip with SS marks. A super One Look original, now very difficult to find.
SS MANS DAGGER - RZM MODEL BY ROBERT KLAAS WITH ORIGINAL HANGER Straight out the woodwork from daughter of the British officer who brought this back. Very good condition and nicely mkd. M7 / 37, RZM 1051 / 39 SS and very nice RZM logo. This is a high quality Robert Klaas of Solingen with year of manufacture being 1939. Very good blade with clear "MEINE EHRE HEIST TREUE " motto. Excellent handle with none of the usual chips or repairs and with good runic motto and eagle. Scabbard retains most of it's original finish. Bottom mount with some light surface rust but undented ball. What really makes this one is it's original to it rare hanger. This is a variation on the vertical type with a nicely mkd. hanging clip, M5 / 184 ( LINDEN & FUNKE ). These hangers fetch £500 plus if you can find one. Great sleepy original new to the marketplace.
SS PANZER COLLAR TAB - CUT OFF Stunning collar tab . Slightly padded and with embroidered runes. Still attached to the black, likely Panzer wrap over tunic collar. Vet bring back. V.G.C.
SS POSTCARD - UNSERE WAFFEN SS I believe this is one from a series of 10 . Nice depiction of soldiers in camo smocks and helmet covers. Couple of creases but nice original One Looker.
SS PROPAGANDA POSTCARD - WOUNDED SOLDIER - EICHHORST SS - Propaganda-Postcard, "Deutsche Künstler und die SS" by Franz Eichhorst, Verwundeter Soldat ". Excellent condition.
SS SILVER/GOLD /ENAMEL FINGER RING One of the nicest runic rings you are likely to see. Silver ring with raised runes set on black enamel. Rose gold surround. Excellent condition.
SS SLEEVE BADGE CUT OFF FROM CAMO SMOCK Cracking condition cut off from dot pattern smock.Correct stitching. American vet bring back . V.G.C.
SS SLEEVE EAGLE - VET BRING BACK - UNIFORM REMOVED Superb embroidered SS sleeve eagle. Removed from uniform and swopped for cigarettes in Hamburg by SS man P.O.W. with Trooper Spence of Edinburgh, 1st RTR ( 7th Armoured Div. Desert Rats) who was involved in the push on the city. Straight from this vets house along with other German bring backs and his personal uniform items. 100% "Been There" example which I was originally going to forum sell,so posted it and thumbs up from all, can't be too careful with German items and nowadays I'm only buying them in this manner. This is one you can sleep at night with.
ST.ANDREWS O.T.C. - COLLAR DOG PAIR Mint condition and although Kings Crown, I believe circa 1980's. White metal, good detail. North & south lugs. Genuine issue. Bought from an officer cadet in the unit. Mint
STALINGRAD FOUND M35 GERMAN HEER HELMET- BATTLE DAMAGED Fantastic helmet recovered from the Roshoshka area of Stalingrad. Retaining most paint and still has it's liner and chinstrap. Army decal. Soldiers name in paint to rear apron. Leaves no doubt as to the ferocity of the fighting.Battle damage is exit holes and even the chin strap buckle has taken a strike. This is a good solid helmet, bunker recovered.
STIRLINGSHIRE SOUTH LENNOX YEOMANRY CAVALRY OFFICERS SBP - DAVID STIRLING Very rare silver hallmarked shoulder belt plate with marks for Birmingham 1799. In 1802 this unit were absorbed into the Stirling Yeomanry. What is very interesting about this one is it came from the family home of David Stirling , founder of the S.A.S. The contents of the Stirling family home Keir House Dunblane were auctioned off by Christies in 1995 after decades in storage. This was one of the items from that auction.It was formerly the property of CHARLES STIRLING who was the C.O.( major )in Command from 1805. In it's own right this is an incredibly rare piece and coupled with the fact that it belonged to an ancestor of one of the most famous soldiers of WW2 makes it a fantastic thing to own. Condition, Excellent
STOLEN IN WILTSHIRE - ARGYLLS SILVER STATUE A good friend had this figure stolen from his home in Wiltshire. It's a silver plated highland soldier approx. 12 inches high excluding the base. Quite distinctive with a Lochaber axe, ( top of axe absent ). This was a presentation piece given to his father and as such has sentimental value for the family. Any help in it's recovery would warrant a reward. We are closely watching auction houses etc. and it has been reported to the Police but any help would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to share the photo. Dave
T - RAMC - HIGHLAND BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Scarce brass title. 3 lugs. Uncleaned but will come up nicely if desired. V.G.C.
T - RAMC - LOWLAND - WHITE METAL SHOULDER TITLE Rare title in white metal. 3 lugs. V.G.C.
T 7 ROYAL HIGHLANDERS (BLACK WATCH) SHOULDER TITLE Scarce 7th Btn.title. Uncleaned, dark patina. Correct 3 lugs. V.G.C.
T 7 ROYAL SCOTS - BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Brass Territorial title . 3 loops to back. Well made. V.G.C.
T RAMC HIGHLAND BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Good genuine one, not ebay fake ! Toned brass, 3 lugs. Very nice example. V.G.C.
T RAMC LOWLAND SHOULDER TITLE Nice brass original. 3 loops. V.G.C.
T4 CAMERON HIGHLANDERS TERRITORIAL SHOULDER TITLE Rare title. White metal for Territorials. 3 loops. Excellent condition.
T5 GORDON HLDRS SHOULDER TITLE Now very hard to find. Nice genuine 3 lug example in brass.Loops slightly pinched from being fitted to board. V.G.C.
T7 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SHOULDER TITLE Nice example of a genuine T title, unlike most in the market place. Brass. Top lug absent otherwise V.G.C.
T7 ROYAL SCOTS SHOULDER TITLE Very nice brass example. 3 lugs. No rubbing or damage. Scarce. V.G.C.
T7 SR - CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) BLACKENED SHOULDER TITLE Very good example retaining most of it's correct blackened finish. 3 loops to reverse.
TAN ERSATZ PICKEHAUBE - VERY RARE A beautiful pickle which I have owned since a boy and am now reluctantly selling. Tan cloth over cloth associated with German East Africa. Condition is very good with all leather trim intact and cloth body also very good. Correct red coloured interior . Good size 57 which is large for the period. I have never seen another one of these for sale and very few picklehaubes in this all original condition hence high price.
TAYFORTH OTC ( OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS. ) CAP BADGE Scarce. Mint condition cap badge. Anodised.Staybright. Comes on a piece of Regimental tartan.
TERRITORIAL SHETLAND GORDON WHITE METAL SHOULDER TITLE PAIR These have to be just about the rarest of Territorial titles circa 1914 to 1918 only. Feaured in the Westlake book on British shoulder titles. The Shetland Isles detachment of the Gordon Hldrs. had 200 men when at full strength. These are white metal c/w their brass backing plates and are a matched pair. 3 lugs. I doubt you will ever see another genuine set of these for sale again. V.G.C. Stationed at Lerwick initially guarding installations. 1915 mobilised and sent to France to join the 51st Highland Division.
THE ROYAL SCOTS BELT PLATE CENTRE North & south lugs. Some polishing to high points.
TOP PRICES PAID FOR GENUINE HELMETS I\'m actively looking to buy any good 100% original German helmets. Also other nations helmets, i.e British especially Para and Japanese. I pay top money as this is my own collecting field and I\'m always looking to add good pieces to that and the odd one for the website. We pay better than you will end up with from auction houses with their exorbitant 30% off both buyer and seller and Vat, insurance etc. These guys are having a laugh all the way to the bank at our expense ! Whole collections or single pieces wanted.
TRANSVAAL SCOTTISH VOLUNTEERS OFFICERS BOER WAR SPORRAN Beautiful and extremely rare. Circa 1902 when the unit was formed. Morocco leather body with brass trim and tassle tops. 6 horsehair tassles. Sporran badge which is original to the piece to the top flap. Original leather sporran belt. Considering the strength of the unit was 500 in 1908 the chances of finding another one of these is nigh impossible. Good wearable condition. V.G.C.
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO RGT. / POLICE - OFFICERS DRILL CANE Similar in size to a walking stick. Not a swagger stick, more like a Sgts Drill Cane. Black painted stout shaft. Silver plated top with Star of David type device . This insignia used by both military and police. Very rare piece. V.G.C.
TURKISH FIELD GUN PLATE - MESOPOTAMIA - BRITISH VET WW1 BRING BACK Rare piece. Heavy brass makers plate removed from a Turkish cannon, field gun in Essin , Mesopotamia. Bears the Coat of Arms of the Ottoman Empire. Although brought back from the Great War I believe this to be from a older gun possibly from around the 1860\'s as the Turkish army were using obsolete artillery, if anyone has any ideas please let me know and I\'ll update my description. Hand written note attached to the back \" Taken by my father ., . , M... from a Turkish gun captured at Essin Mesopotamia \". Straight from the family and fresh to the market. Very well detailed . Details of the officer who brought it back to the buyer. V.G.C. Check shipping cost as this is a heavy piece in solid brass.
TWO OF 21ST ARMY GROUP FORMATION PATCHES WW2 British 21st Army Group HQ Head Quarters Cloth Formation Signs. One is the standard type and the other is a more elaborate bullion wire example. Both V.G.C.
U BOAT ZEISS 7 BY 50 BINOCULARS A super condition pair of these high quality binos regarded by some as the best ever made. This pair with nice clear lenses. Ordnance tan body. Serial no,BLC 58587. rubber very good overall with only slight perishing to the edges on the large ends. Push in caps for eyepieces absent.Excellent condition neck strap. These were part of a trove gathered from the German North Sea bases aT the end of WW2 and sold off in Scotland possibly from Rosyth in the early 1950's. They were bought by a Scottish dealer who then sold them on although even in those days they were very expensive. This pair were bought by a Fife man who kept them in a cupboard until they were recently inherited by his son who sold them to me. As nice as they come.
UGANDA PRISONS SERVICE OFFICERS DRILL CANE Very rare. As per the style of British officers/ Snco's drill sticks and much larger and more substantial than a swagger stick. Silver plated top on a dark oak shaft. Top with Maltese type cross in relief with grey crowned Crane to centre. Strap with " Uganda Prisons Service " Fairly dent free and retains original metal tip. Measures just under 33 inches. V.G.C.
UK & COMMONWEALTH FALS VOL 2 - CANADIAN PUBLICATION Rare book on the S.L.R. In great condition. Very informative. Selling way way below market value. V.G.C.
UNIFORM OF THE SS VOLUME 1-6 BY ANDREW MOLLO Postage quoted is for UK sale only.
UNITED SERVICES CORPS CAP BADGE Set up in 1908 to find employment for discharged ex Servicemen. Corps employed ex military personnel. Cast brass with St.Edward crown which is similar to the QVC. V.G.C.
US - TACTICAL COMMAND LAPEL BADGE Nice enamelled lapel badge. Mint
VICKERS MACHINE GUN RANGE TABLE - 2ND ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS Very rare publication in red hard back jacket. 1937 dated. Attributed to, A (S) Company, 2nd Argylls & Sutherland Highlanders.( Stamped to them inside ) C/w with fold out section.. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN / WW1 -CAMERON HIGHLANDERS SPORRAN / POUCH BADGE Excellent officers example in cast metal, likely silver. Beautifully detailed with no rubbing or damage. 2 screw posts to the back. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - 2ND V.B. MANCHESTER REGIMENT - OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE Rare officers example . Great detail. Unmarked silver. Blades to back. Scrolls with remains of gilding to seeded ground. Fine detail. Pre 1908 V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - LONDON SCOTTISH VOLUNTEERS -OFFICERS WAIST BELT CLASP. Good scarce Victorian period Cockney Jocks belt buckle. Thistle design ends. Centre with Rampant Lion in relief. No rubbing or damage. These seem to be around £165 in the market place so this is a good price V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - CAMERON HLDRS. - TERRITORIAL OFFICERS DIRK BELT PLATE Silvered back plate for Territorials. Quality 3 piece construction. Unmarked silver well detailed officer type belt furniture. Thistle sprays with St. Andrew in the centre. Nice age toning . Scarce. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - 3RD ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS HELMET & CROSS BELT & WAIST ... Edinburgh or Queens Regiment of Light Infantry grouping. Good attributed lot of one mans items. Comprises officers Home Service helmet with rare, sought after gilded helmet plate. This is 2 piece, outer part with silver scroll with \" The Lothian Regt \". To the centre \" Ne Me Impune Lacessit \" and thistle centre again in silver with undamaged green enamel back piece. Gilded spike and fittings. Silk and leather liner good and with Pall Mall maker details to the crown. Rose bosses to spike base and side chin scale attachments . No damage to body. Exceptionally nice condition. Comes in it\'s japanned carrying tin and has the officers brass name plate ( detached ) \"Captn Scobie - Edinburgh Co. Militia \" This beautifully hand etched by jeweller. Officers white buff leather shoulder belt with SBP. and sword hangers. The plate is of very high quality with no rubbing or damage and the green enamel behind the thistle centre is good. Matching waist belt with matching buckle, again in exceptional condition and with sword hanging straps. Very rare. The Queen\'s Edinburgh Light Infantry Militia was an auxiliary regiment raised in and around the city of Edinburgh John Mackay Scobie - Ensign 1867, retired as Captain in 1878. Hailed from Musselburgh.
VICTORIAN - 5TH ROYAL SCOTS HELMET PLATE Rare piece. Victorian plate for thr Home Service Helmet. Centre with " 5th Vol. Batt - The Royal Scots ". Voided centre. 3 lugs to back. W/m with nice age toning. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SILVER/GILT OFFICERS COLLAR Very good quality officers bi metal collar, also worn on the slouch hat in the Boer War. " Tail Up " cat for the Victorian period. Cast unmarked silver, 3 piece construction. Most gilded finish remaining. Quality made. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY OFFICERS- LARGE TUNIC BUTTON. Good silvered example. Uncleaned with nice toning toning. Raised detail of QVC crown over strung bugle. Mkd. to back "Treble Standard Extra Rich". V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - FIFESHIRE POLICE WAIST BELT BUCKLE Silvered back plate with silver Thane of Fife. The Thane is the police style with no sword. Very well detailed with no rubbing or damage. Rare. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - LIGHT INFANTRY - SHAKO CORD BOSS - CAMERONIANS ? Rare to find one of these for sale on it's own. Front boss from a shako. Has light Infantry strung bugle. Rear fixings present. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - QUEEN’S BODYGUARD SHOULDER - EPAULETTE BUTTON PAIR These rarely turn up compared to the other tunic . buttons which although scarce, are available. Gilded with QV Crown. These are correct screw post and have the fixings as well. For attaching the shoulder straps. Matched pair. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - QUEENS BODYGUARD LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Victorian crown. Maker marked Fraser & Anderson. Retains original gilding. Fine example. Rare.
VICTORIAN - QUEENS BODYGUARD SMALL TUNIC BUTTON Fine example of the smaller tunic button. QV Crown. Rare
VICTORIAN - ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS (RSF)VOLUNTEER BTN. CAP BADGE Very rare badge. Sand cast. White metal for Volunteers. QVC. Slight rubbing to central Coat of Arms. North & south lugs. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - SCOTTISH - RENFREW COUNTY POLICE BELT BUCKLE Extremely rare nickel silver buckle with original nickel belt sliders. Numbred " 14 ". Outer strap with " RENFREW COUNTY POLICE ". Male part with Prince of Wales feathers in relief. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - VOLUNTEER ENGINEERS LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Silvered finish with nice age toning. Royal cypher with outer strap and surmounted by QVC crown. Maker mkd. Hobson of Kensington. Scarce. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN 1ST FORFARSHIRE ARTILLERY HELMET PLATE Fine example of this scarce Artillery HP. QVC. Scroll to bottom with " 1st Forfarshire Artillery Volunteers " W/m. 3 lugs to back. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN 2ND BTN QUEENS OWN RIFLE OF CANADA COLLAR QVC with nice raised detail. Collar badge
VICTORIAN 42ND HIGHLANDERS (BLACK WATCH) VICTORIAN REGIMENTAL DIRK Very rare Officers dirk dirk. 42nd of Foot ( Black Watch ). Gilded brass mounts, these with some loss of the original gilding . Scabbard mounts with hand chased design to borders. All with seperately applied thistle in high relief. Top scabbard mount with thistle spray and St. Andrew with a silver " 42 ". Leather over wood scabbard with it's original leather in good condition. All original matching stones and no breakages or repairs to the bog oak handles. All handle studs present. Plain clipped back blade in good condition with a good point , some dark areas but no rust or pitting. Great usable example. Low price. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN 5TH V.B H.L.I. , HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY- GLASGOW HIGHLANDRS CAP BADGE Rare genuine 5th V.B. , Highland Light Infantry, Glasgow Highlanders cap badge. QVC. Nicely age toned. Top scroll reads, " GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS ". Bottom scrolls " 5TH V.B. H.L.I.". Nicely shaped for bonnet. Slight polishing to high points but good o/r's example. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN 91ST OF FOOT ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS) OFFICERS DIRK - BOXED - KIRKWOODS Just in and would be hard to beat this one. Silver fittings, beautiful acid etched blade. These is a real sleeper straight from an old Argylls family. Correct side by side knife and fork and all matching stones. Contained in it\'s original blue silk lined leather bound case. The pictures say it all. Not cheap but find another, especially in this condition. Near mint. No issues
VICTORIAN 98TH FOOT ROYAL IRISH SHOULDER BELT PLATE Victorian era shoulder belt plate. Nice genuine one. A little verdigris on the front but retains almost all it's bronze finish. Studs and hooks on the back good. From old collection. Much copied piece but this is an original V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS 1881 BIRMINGHAM H/M SILVER PLAID BROOCH From my collection, bought ages ago and I have another so can let this one go cheap. Argyll officers example. No rubbing or damage. Stout original pin. Birmingham hallmarked silver with date letter W within a circle for 1881. Mkd. "J & Co.” (Jennens). Beautiful. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN BLACK WATCH BADGE CAP BADGE Lovely toned uncleaned cap badge. Victorian crown. One Looker ! Scarce genuine one ! V.G.C.
VICTORIAN BLACK WATCH OFFICERS DIRK BELT BUCKLE Rare piece. Black Watch officers dirk belt buckle. Possibly a Territorial officer as the seeded back plate is silvered as opposed to gold. Regimental device with QVC to centre . Victorian examples are very hard to come by. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN BLACK WATCH PIPERS CROSS BELT BADGE / CAMERON HLDRS. CAP BADGE Very well detailed die struck badge with silvered finish. No rubbing or damage. St. Andrew within a thistle spray. Worn in Victorian times both as a Black Watch pipers cross belt badge and as a cap badge for the Camerons. When these went out of production they became scarce and the B.W. pipers had to resort to using a later cap badge with \" Cameron \" scroll. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN BLACK WATCH VOLUNTEER BTN. OFFICERS CAP BADGE - RATTRAY DUNDEE Similar in style to a clan badge but much larger. Seeded outer strap with raised lettering. St. Andrew to centre in relief. Rear has Victorian pin and hook. Makers tablet for Rattrays of Dundee. Very well detailed. No rubbing or damage. Jeweller made private purchase . Rare. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN CAMERON HIGHLANDERS PLAID BROOCH Nice post 1881 example in nickel silver. Good deep detail. Uncleaned. Stout original pin to back. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN CAMERON HIGHLANDERS SPORRAN / CAP BADGE Good shaped to cap example with lovely uncleaned age toning. Victorian era for cap and sporran. 2 lugs. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN CAMERON HIGHLANDERS SPORRAN BADGE Good example. Very sharp detail on this one. Nicely age toned, uncleaned. East / west lugs. Scarce. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN CAMERON HIGHLANDERS TERRITORIAL OFFICERS WAIST BELT PLATE Dirk belt buckle for a Territorial officer. Silvered back plate with very finely detailed Cameron 2 piece device . Very well made with correct curved back plate. I've left it as it came to me with age patina and old polish residue but will clean up a treat if so desired. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN CONNAUGHT RANGERS CAP BADGE Scarce QVC example. Lead soldered lugs. Slight wear to high points of crown and harp frame. Nice age toning. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLUNTEERS GLENGARRY Classic Victorian shape. Red/hite dicing. DRV cap badge. No tails. No moth or damage. Extremely rare. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN DUMBARTONSHIRE MEDALS, PLAID BROOCH, CROSS BELT PLAID & DIRK BELT BUCKLE SET Beautiful set of one officers items all named to him. Comprises, plaid brooch, Shoulder belt plate, waist belt plate. These all named to him and with the same date, likely when he was commissioned. Medal group with associated miniatures as well as 2 gold sports medals. In their fitted case.
VICTORIAN KINGS OWN BORDERERS SERGEANTS GLENGARRY BADGE Fine and rare large size glengarry badge circa 1881- 87. White metal, 2 lugs, not helmet plate. sharp strike. Nicely age toned. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS HELMET PLATE CENTRE Nicely toned with no rubbing. O/r\'s white metal. Very sharp detail. Large size. Two of the 3 thick U wires present. Top one absent, apart from this VGC.
VICTORIAN KOSB - KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS - HELMET PLATE CENTRE / BADGE Cracking Helmet plate centre. QVC. Nicely age toned with no rubbing or over polishing. To the back , 2 loops, originally there has been 3. v.g.c.
VICTORIAN MEDICAL STAFF CORPS CAP BADGE - 1883 Circa 1883. Rare cap badge to the medical Staff corps. Die struck brass with QVC . No rubbing or damage. I put a piece of modern red felt behind the fretted centre . Great condition this one. Rare
VICTORIAN ROYAL ABERDEENSHIRE MILITIA CAP BADGE Very nice toned example from an old collection just bought in. W/m.2 loops. Cheapest real one around. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIER ( RSF ) - CAP BADGE Scarce with QVC. Nice example. Brass. North & south lugs. No rubbing or damage. No polishing to high points. Rear with old pink polish residue. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS BADGE O/r\'s brass RSF cap badge. Queen Victoria crown. Nice age toning. Old polish residue to back. Scarce. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS BUSBY GRENADE BADGE Large cap grenade for wear on the fur cap. Flaming bomb with QVC crown over Coat of Arms. Long north & south lugs. Rare V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS COLLAR BADGES - MATCHING PAIR Bi metal collars. 2 piece construction with separately applied thistles. Very slight polishing to high points. Old polish residue to back. Matching pair.
VICTORIAN/ WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS BELT BUCKLE- KIRKWOODS Victorian officers belt buckle. Very well detailed example by in my opinion, the best of the silversmiths from that period. Correct slightly concave back plate . Silver furniture. Tablet to the back with Kirkwoods thistle trademark and impressed details , \" R & H . Kirkwood 66 - 68 Thistle St. - Edinr. \" . Tail Up cat for the Victorian period. Keeper also present. Rare V.G.C.
VIETNAM WAR US FLYER’S TYPE B4B SUITCASE Very good condition and unusually, still with it\'s 3 coat hangers with hook and clip arrangement as well as the centre tightening strap. Brass zips , waterproof outer cloth. 1972 dtd. Scarce. V.G.C.
WAREINGS 1942 DTD, DENISON SMOCK - LARGE - NEAR MINT The nicest Denison out there ! This one has it all, large size, see label. 1942 dtd. label and WD stamps with an issue date for 1943, in time for Arnhem ! Half zip, no fading to colour. No rips and tears to wool cuffs, monkey tail still present, to suit 6 foot plus, 39/41 chest. Newey studs. I suspect this was never issued or it's seen limited use. I have other "Been There" examples at a third of this price but if you want a large " Minter " with a price to match, this is for you !!
WARWICKSHIRE YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Nice toned example on slider. Well detailed. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WEIMAR PERIOD WIEDERSEHANSFEST J.R.160 - 1927 BONN Rh DAY BADGE Rare early tinny. Very nice detail. Original ribbon. Beautiful.
WELSH FUSILIERS CAP BADGE Nice 2 piece example. Solder holes to back.Slider. V.G.C.
WESTERN COMMAND - WW2 - FORMATION SIGN - ATTRIBUTED From a number of items from an ex argylls officers home. Western Command embroidered sleeve badge. Good condition. Removed from uniform. Name of officer to buyer.
WOMENS LAND ARMY ENAMEL HAT BADGE - HWM A now scarce original Second World War 'Womens Land Army' hat badge. Gilt finish, inlaid with green enamel around the central wheatsheaf and red enamel inlay to the Kings Crown. Maker's details 'H.W.M' (H.W.Miller Ltd Birmingham) to the back. Original pin and hook. This is as nice as they come with no enamel damage and no dulling to the finish. V.G.C. Worn on the hat and sometimes the jumper.
WRAC ( WOMENS ROYAL ARMY CORPS ) TIE PIN Nice piece. Mint condition.
WW 1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Nice no nonsense One Look original O/R's cap badge. Nice age toning. Fretted centre. V.G.C.
WW1 BRITISH ARMY SKILL AT DRIVING TRADE PATCH Removed from uniform. With crown above. Some mothing.
WW1 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE RGT. CAP BADGE Good example on slider. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL FLYING CORPS AIR MECHANIC PROPELLER INSIGNIA Rare piece. Textbook example. Removed from uniform. Good price for a quick flip. V.G.C.
WW1 - CANADIAN CLOTH SHOULDER TITLE PAIR - REMOVED FROM UNIFORM Very nice embroidered Great War titles. Matched pair . Removed from uniform. No moth or damage. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 - \"CAMERON\" HIGHLANDERS BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Great War example in brass. Cameron not Camerons ( WW2 ). Nice toning. Hex lugs. Scarce V.G.C.
WW1 - 14TH/20TH HUSSARS BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Nice brass title. Hex lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 - 1915 - LORD DERBY SCHEME ARM BRASSARD - ATTRIBUTED C/W RELATED ITEMS As nice as they come this one and has a very clear scarce stamping inside \" Issued Under Authority Of Army Council \" and letter \" W \". One button absent, no moth or damage. C/w the owners leather wallet with his gold monogrammed initials. Inside there is a note book and pencil, Propaganda leaflet ( Anti The Kaiser ) and a Church member pamphlet named inside to him with a 1914 date. Nice grouping and fresh to the market. Great price especially with the leather wallet and attributed. V.G.C. The scheme was introduced in October 1915 by Lord Derby, Director General of Recruiting, it was a final attempt to avoid full conscription. Men aged between 18 and 41 were asked to attest their willingness to serve, on the understanding that all single men would be called up before the youngest married volunteers. The armband was given to men who had attested for the army during 1915 before conscription became law in 1916
WW1 - 21ST LANCERS CAP BADGE Bi - metal. Nice age toning . Slider. Sharp strike. V.G.C.
WW1 - 4/5TH ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS CAP BADGE Very nice example of this rare officers badge in silver and gilt. Correctly mkd. to the back for Marshall and Aitken Edinburgh and with a serial number. Pin back. Green enamel behind centre. Dark age patina, uncleaned as it came to me . Worn only by officers in the 4/5th R.S. V.G.C.
WW1 - 4TH/ 5TH ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE Very nice example in white metal. No rubbing or damage. Nice sharp strike. Lovely age toning. Nice original of a much faked badge. Cheapest out there !! Scarce V.G.C.
WW1 - 5TH BTN. SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS CAPTAIN'S BADGE 2 feathers for Captain. Of the pattern locally made in Beauly and the like. Silver plated nickel. Some finish loss and polishing to high points. Very rare.
WW1 - 7TH ( STIRLING ) ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BANDSMANS DRAPE From my own collection. A very rare bandstand drape for 7th Argylls Military Bandsman. Dark green velvet with well embroiled regimental device of boars head and wildcat with coronet and cypher. Between the top legs of the cypher a \"7\". 7th Argylls were based at Stirling. Circa WW1 although their use carried on till WW2. Measures 21 x 16 inch approx. Complete with original hanging cord with both end tassles. V.G.C.
WW1 - 91ST ARGYLLS OF CANADA CAP BADGE Good well detailed w/m example. One old period lead refixed lug. No rubbing or damage. Priced very low. V.G.C.
WW1 - 91ST REGIMENT ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OF CANADA MATCHING COLLAR PAIR Another from a large old Argylls related collection I\'m selling. White metal matching collars. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 - 9TH H.L.I. GILT & ENAMEL SWEETHEART BADGE Beautiful piece in exceptional condition. No gilt or enamel loss. Scarce
WW1 - 9TH H.L.I. BRONZE SWEETHEART BADGE Good bronze finish sweetheart. Glasgow Highlandrs, 9th HLI scrolls. Scarce V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BADGE - FLAT LUGS Bit of a debate about when these were introduced but I'm going with WW1 or just after. Only found on some Scottish badges, KOSB, Seaforths , Royal Scots, Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs , Black Watch with scrolls and HLI. Electrical stamped flat brass lugs with a circular hole . Rare variant. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BADGE SHAPED PHOTO FRAME Nice stand up photo frame /cap badge. This one is a officers fully fretted example. Could easily have the lugs re applied but it's nice the way it is. WW1. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Very nice example with a domed centre. Red felt backing patch. W/m. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS DOMED CENTRE BADGE Great looking badge with a domed out centre. This was done by the soldiers themselves with a Peen Baw hammer to give their badges a bit of attitude. Nice age toning . V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS GREETING CARD Nice condition vintage fold out greetings card. Shows early Victorian era cap badge. C/w red string. Circa the Great War, possibly earlier. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SILVER WASHED OFFICER / SGT\'S CAP BADGE Rare badge still retaining it\'s silver washed finish which is usually polished off. Fully fretted centre. Well detailed. Been in my personal collection for over 20 years. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS WOUND BADGE Numbered on the back , " B170473 " and attributed to S/23785, Pte. John Henry Craig, Mc Turk, 5th Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs. Has a piece of period mounted Regimental tartan behind the badge and also a fine safety chain and pin. Uncleaned with nice toning. Circlet inscribed " For King And Empire Services Rendered ". GRI Imperial Cypher to the voided centre Vertical correct over long pin for the period. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WHITE METAL TERRITORIAL SHOULDER TITLES Scarce w/m titles as were issued to Territorial Battalions in the Great War. Matched pair and as nice as they come. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. CAP BADGE - DOMED CENTRE Great looking cap badge. The centre has been domed out which was something Argylls did. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SGT\'S CAP BADGE GAUNT TABLET WW1 Sgt\'s cap badge with the fully fretted centre. Brass Gaunt London tablet to rear. Scarce badge. V.G.C.
WW1 - BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE - SHAPED Very good example of the pre 1936 badge . Silvered finish and nicely shaped for wear on the TOS. Sharp detail. Some old polish and verdgris to back. Better quality with the silvered finish. V.G.C.
WW1 - BLACK WATCH SILVER PLAID BROOCH C/W BOX - KIRKWOODS Beautiful high end piece in unmarked silver. Circa WW1, possibly earlier. Very well detailed with no rubbing or damage. To the back, 5 domed screw heads for attaching the centre. Tablet with \"R & H. Kirkwood - 66 & 68 Thistle St, Edinr.\". Also has their thistle trade mark. Stout original correct over long pin. Contained in it\'s leather covered wood box with blue top cloth, this with very clear gold lettering. Purple velvet bottom insert. Original swing catch to front. All the aforesaid in excellent condition. In my opinion Kirkwoods were by far the best of the military silversmiths from that period. Stunning and boxed examples are exceedingly rare. V.G.C.
WW1 - BRITISH HOOKED QUILLION BAYONET - ENFIELD Early rare hooked quillion bayonet. Enfield made example. Wood grips good.Sprung button working. Blade has never been cleaned and does'nt have a lot in the way of markings although you can make out Enfield to the ricasso . Retains most of the bright finish with some rust to the lower edge. Point good. Scabbard leather good and stamped , " 9 S - E - J.W.B. - 18 " Honest, untouched, fresh to the market example and at a great price. V.G.C.
WW1 - BRITISH OFFICERS SAM BROWNE LEATHER AMMUNITION POUCH Good untouched example. Brown leather with brass post. Worn as part of the acoutrements in the Sam Browne system. No markings. Good quality. V.G.C.
WW1 - CAMERON HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Nice sharp strike o/r\'s cap badge. Great detail to the thistles. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 - COLDSTREAM GUARDS COMMANDING OFFICERS - FIELD SERVICE SILVER CAP BADGE - ATTRIBUTED Beautiful early officers badge attributed to Brigadier Lancelot Merivale Gibbs, D.S.O., M.C.M.I.D. ( 4 ). Unmarked silver with undamaged blue & red enamel. To the back are his hand applied initials and the date( of his enlistment ) 1910 . Enlisted 1910 and saw extensive action in the Great War rising to Commanding Officer of the 2nd Btn. in 1916. He also served in WW2 as a Admin Colonel. I have a records of his extensive service which come with the sale. Beautiful and attributed to a highly decorated officer with genuine provenance . V.G.C.
WW1 - FALL OF KUT - P.O.W. OFFICER GROUPING Extremely rare group of Estate Fresh items to a Colonel who was captured at the Fall of Kut - El - Amara in Mesopotamia in the Great War. Comprises a number of items inc. a period framed photo of the soldier along with other officer P.O.W's. Pair of WW1 uniform removed Colonels epaulettes. A Xmas / New Year card. Cloth name tag /label, presumably for his kit during it's transfer to Yusgat Camp, ( Officers were treated very well, men were not ! ). A Red Crescent post card named to the officer. His Bath attributed Wardens insignia from WW2. Extremely rare and in excellent condition.
WW1 - GLASGOW RED CROSS NURSING BRONZE/ENAMEL BADGE - SORLEY Rare badge with 1914/1919 and raised detail. Red/white enamel inset. Maker mkd. to rear. Nice age patina. Mint.
WW1 - GORDON HIGHLANDERS LADIES BELT I\'ve had an Argyll one of these in the past. Worn by officers wives to Regimental balls and other formal occasions. Cloth belt in Regimental tartan with nickel silver buckle with a hand engraved thistle motif and a central thistle in relief. Buckle is 5cm diameter. The belt is 6 cm in height to fit up to 29” waist. V.G.C.
WW1 - GORDON HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS BADGE Very nice silvered example with long lugs possibly for the feather bonnet. Well detailed. Cast. No rubbing or damage. Circa WW1 / WW2. V.G.C.
WW1 - GORDON HIGHLANDERS TAM O SHANTER TARTAN PATCH Rare 2 tier tartan patch as worn on the Tam O Shanter. Great War vintage in the double thickness style patch with frilled edges. The back patch is Government No.2 tartan , the front is Gordon Highlanders. These never crop up on their own so grab it while you can , it will set off your Tam nicely. One Look original in the heavier tartan worn in the Great War. V.G.C.
WW1 - H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) PLAID BROOCH Nice 3 piece example circa WW1. Battle Honours up to the Boer War. No rubbing or damage. Original stout pin and hook and the hinge is the type that should the pin break, it\'s easy to fashion another and fit it through the hole. This type is likely for a piper. V.G.C.
WW1 - H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) PLAID BROOCH - DCM WINNER - RSM - D CHRISTIE Super attributed Highland Light Infantry officers plaid brooch attributed to Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM), D. Christie, No. 4737 who served through the Great War until 1920. Officer bi metal type device to centre over a circlet with Regimental Battle Honours up to the Boer War. Uncleaned with nice age toning but with clean up beautifully if desired. No rubbing or damage. Nice original pin and hook. Owners name \" D. CHRISTIE \" jeweller etched to rear. D. Christie was the RSM with the 1st Btn. and DCM winner. V.G.C.
WW1 - HCB (HIGHLAND CYCLIST BRIGADE) SHOULDER TITLE - J.R. GAUNT LONDON Rare J.R. Gaunt made WW1 shoulder title to the Highland Cyclists. Nicely toned brass. Great condition.
WW1 - I / 7TH ROYAL HIGHLANDERS (BLACK WATCH) BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Nice 1st / 7th Black Watch shoulder title. This has originally been a T title but the soldier has clipped the edges from the T to form a 1. This was a common practice among the Highland regiments in the Great War. 3 lugs to the back. Nice age toning. Rare V.G.C.
WW1 - KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) SHOULDER TITLES PAIR Good pair of Great War brass titles. Hex lugs. Nice toning. Lugs very slightly mismatched however the titles themselves are spot on and came together. Nicely age toned. V.G.C.
WW1 - LEEDS PALS W. YORK BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Rare title for the 15th and 17th Battalions.Both raised in 1914. Brass. Good One Look original. Bit of verdigris on back. Rare V.G.C.
WW1 - MACHINE GUN CORPS CAP BADGE Good example. Nice age toning. Slider. V.G.C.
WW1 - MARK V WHIPPET TANK HOTCHKISS AMMUNITION BOX & ONE WITHOUT LID (2) Extremely rare WW1 ammo boxes (2) for the .303 Hotchkiss M.G. used in the Whippet tank. Both unlike most, still has the internal compartments. Box 1 , Original paint, original leather parts. Box 2 , minus lid and some leather. Light pressed steel construction with lift off lid . Measures approx. 425 x 212x 80mm V.G.C. Reduced, a steal at this price !!
WW1 - PATRIOTIC LEAGUE OF BRITONS OVERSEAS MUFTI BADGE Nice brass & enamel mufti badge. No enamel damage. Maker mkd. "Fattorini Bradford" V.G.C.
WW1 - RNAS ( ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE ) PILOTS SILVER SWEETHEART BADGE Very nice well detailed example. Pin back. Marked STERLING to rear. No rubbing or damage. Uncleaned with nice toning V.G.C.
WW1 - RND (ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION) SHOULDER TITLE Extremely rare shoulder title. Toned brass. V.G.C.
WW1 - ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION - HOOD BTN.- COLLAR BADGE Rare Hood Battlion RND brass collar badge. Good condition. Extremely hard to find. v.g.c.
WW1 - ROYAL NAVY DIVISION \" HOWE \" CAP BADGE Good genuine one. Rare. nice age toning. Old polish residue to back. Lugs a bit bent otherwise VGC
WW1 - ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS - BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Nice brass title. Good with nice age toning. V.G.C.
WW1 - ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS OFFICERS BADGE Nice two piece example with bolt on centre as opposed to wire pins. Nice sharp detail. Die struck No overpolishing or repair to the flame which is a common fault on these. Long lugs to back. Kings Crown. V.G.C.
WW1 - ROYAL SCOTS TERRITORIAL CAP BADGE Good Territorial issue cap badge in white metal. Nice sharp strike. Old polish to back. V.G.C.
WW1 - RSF (ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS) SHOULDER TITLE Nice brass title. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 - S R (SCOTTISH RIFLES / CAMERONIANS) BLACKENED SHOULDER TITLE Nice correct blackened shoulder title for the Cameronians. V.G.C.
WW1 - SCOTTISH RIFLES (CAMERONIANS) - BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Good Great War shoulder title. Brass. Hex lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 - SCOTTISH SGTS. RED SASH - ROYAL SCOTS & MORE This came in with a group of 7th Royal Scots Sgts. items straight from a house in Edinburgh. Dates to WW1 or possibly even earlier. Nice condition with no issues. A similar type is still in use today but this is 120 years old and not a thing that often crops up for sale. See my other sales for the Sgts. tunic and white buff belt that came with it. V.G.C.
WW1 - SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS BONNET BADGE Fine example and given a bit of style and attitude by the soldier. The stags horns have been fashioned to stick out like real antlers as opposed to sitting flat. It has also been shaped for the bonnet. Nice age patina. Uncleaned. 3 lugs. I personally like them like this. V.G.C.
WW1 - SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS CAP BADGE Now scarce 3 piece officers badge for the Seaforths circa the Great War. Possibly unmarked silver or silver plate. Good detail. Top piece with Golphic crown and Princess Louise \" L \".Bottom scroll with correct Gaelic motto . Well detailed stags head. Top and bottom pieces with silvered lugs, stag with copper lugs, not uncommon. V.G.C.
WW1 - SEAFORTH HLDRS. \" T \" REMOVED BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Former Territorial shoulder. T removed. Soldier who has gone from a Territorial to a Regular Btn. Not uncommon to find this or maybe the 7 clipped to a 1. This one has evidence of having had a numbered " T " section above the Seaforth. Nice toned brass . V.G.C.
WW1 - ST. AAC (ST. ANDREW AMBULANCE CORPS) SHOULDER TITLE Rare WW1 shoulder title. Toned brass. 2 loops. V.G.C.
WW1 - T 8 A&SH ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. 3 PIECE TERRITORIAL SHOULDER TITLE Rare Great War 3 piece title. White metal for Territorials. 8th A & S.H. based in Dunoon. V.G.C.
WW1 - T LONDON - BRASS SHOULDER TITLE - HEX LUGS Nice example. 3 hex lugs to back. Real deal, not spurious evil bay copy . V.G.C.
WW1 - T. RAMC. HIGHLAND SHOULDER TITLE Brass. Uncleaned with nice toning and no rubbing or damage. 3 lugs. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 - T8 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SHOULDER TITLE SET Rare 3 part WW1 Territorial title for the 8th Btn. ( Dunoon ) of the A & S.H. Toned brass. T and 8 are seperate as opposed to the usual soldered together type. This I believe is an earlier configuration. v.g.c.
WW1 -CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) BRASS SHOULDER TITLE - FLAT BRASS LUGS Nice large size brass SR title circa WW1. Rare flat brass lugs. These stamped brass lugs with a circular hole are found mainly on Scottish badges. V.G.C.
WW1 -PERTHSHIRE VOLUNTEERS (BLACK WATCH ) CAP BADGE WW1 Home Guard, affiliated to the Black Watch. Possibly silver. Uncleaned with dark age patina. East /west lugs. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 ( EARL OF CARRICKS OWN) AYRSHIRE YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Lovely toned example. 2 lugs to reverse. V.G.C.
WW1 / 2 - AUSTRALIAN OFFICERS SLOUCH HAT BADGE Unmarked silver or heavy plate. Collar dog size but with pin back. Well detailed. Kings Crown so could be either world war. Condition is, VGC
WW1 / WW2 BRITISH MAJORS BRASS CROWN PAIR For wear on the epaulettes. Sharp detail. No rubbing or damage. Nicely toned V.G.C.
WW1 1908 PTN. WILKINSON BAYONET - MATCHING NUMBERS & WEB FROG. Nice very clean example . Undarkened wood grips on this one. Matching numbers ( X 656 ) to pommel and scabbard throat. Leather good. Blade with no rust or dark spots. C/w WW2 type frog. Wilkinson and crown to ricasso. To the other side a crown and " 17 E " also a 29 . V.G.C.
WW1 4/5TH SEAFORTH HLDRS. CAP BADGE Great War type often found as a pin back. Die struck with nice detail. Lugs. Left with it's age toning and old polish residue. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 51ST HIGHLAND DIVISION BRODIE HELMET - 8TH. ARGYLLS Rare 2nd pattern Brodie with 4 vertical lines for the 8th Argylls.Div. stripes to both sides of the helmet.These have been originally red but have faded to almost black. Liner good condition but loose. Red Brodie stamp. Chin strap partially present and impressed with ( size ) 7.Most rough paint finish present to exterior. Felt crown pad good with no moth damage. Very rare helmet with these markings.
WW1 5TH BTN. SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS MAJOR'S BADGE Exceedingly rare badge. 3 feathers for Major. Of the pattern locally made in Beauly and the like. Silver plated nickel . Some finish loss and polishing to high points.
WW1 8TH CAMERON HIGHLANDERS BRASS TAG Brass tag I normally associate with being attached to kit. This one has 8th Camerons and " Shandy " ? Soldiers nickname, Regimental Mascot ? Honestly I don't know but nice piece for the Camerons collector. V.G.C.
WW1 91ST HEAVY BATTERY R.G.A 1918-1919 PALESTINE GREETING CARD Rare card. Great condition. No issues.
Ww1 9TH H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) SILVER & ENAMEL BAR BROOCH Nice silver example. Mkd. " I.L.M. Sterling " to the bar. Good red / blue enamel. Circa WW1. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BADGE Nice white metal example. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS EDINBURGH 1916 SILVER SGIAN DHU - KIRKWOODS / BROOKES A beautiful piece dating to the 2nd year of the Great War. Made by Kirkwoods , in my opinion the best of the Edinburgh silversmiths. Retailed by military outfitters Brookes of Edinburgh and bearing their details. As well as retailing Kirkwoods were one of the few who actually had their own silversmiths as opposed to having them made elsewhere and applying their details. Bears Kirkwoods trademark thistle so made by them for Brookes. Bog oak handle with silver studs. Celtic serpent pattarn to the mounts. Foiled citrine to top. Clipped back blade in nice condition for it\'s age with no rot or pitting but does have some rust. Leather covered wood scabbard. Argylls Princess Louise cypher to handle. Very difficult now to find any decent sgian dhus never mind top end examples like this. RARE V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS WAIST BELT PLATE Good example of an officers WBP. Nice toning. Curved back plate. Nicely detailed. No rubbing or damage. Circa the Great War. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SILVER FOB / PENDANT Beautiful piece. Unmarked silver. For wear on watch chain or similar. Solid centre which is nicely domed out. Suspension loop to top. Tail Down cat. Rare. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SILVER/ENAMEL SWEETHEART Rare example of a Regimental badge / brooch. Curved for wear. Inset blue enamel. Maker mkd " T.L.M. and " Sterling " to back. Measures 0ne and a half inches across approx. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SKEAN DHU ( SGIAN DHU ) Lovely maker marked example from around WW1 period. Jewllers tablet on the back for Anderson, George St. , Edinburgh. Nickel silver. Leather covered wood scabbard. Foiled citrine to top. Studded bog oak handle. Clipped back blade. The Real Deal in great condition for it\'s age. Unrestored. V.G.C. Scarce
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS TUNIC - ATTRIBUTED - 9TH BTN. - ATTRIBUTED Great War o/r\'s tunic to a member of the 9th Argylls ( Dumbarton ). Name to buyer. This is a square tunic converted to cut away for Highland Regiments. Officially done. Correct white cotton inside parts. No paper label but does have a stores marking under one of the pockets. Original to it T9,A &S.H. brass shoulder titles and Sgt\'s stripes to both sleeves.Argylls regimental brass buttons. Nice period photo of the soldier wearing this actual tunic , this comes with the sale . Exceptional condition with only slight moth under the arm pits where the moths would be attracted to the smell ! This was a direct from the family purchase along with his brothers uniform 15 years ago and have been with a well established collector since. Tunics like this rarely turn up and this is fresh to the market and with good provenance which will be given to the buyer. Please Note : Glengarry not included , only for display. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS WHITE FACE ENAMEL SWEETHEART BADGE Rarest of the white faces. Mint condition with no enamel damage. Searched for one of these for years before finding this one. Truly a thing of beauty. Regrettably now being sold. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS BRASS SHOULDER TITLE PAIR Lovely matched pair of collars. Brass. C/w their cotter pins. Very difficult to find now especially a matched pair. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS CAP BADGE - RARE BRASS LOOPS Nice toned example. This one with rare flat brass loops cut from sheet brass as opposed to the normal wire type. These I've only encountered on Scottish badges and I'm unsure if they were for a specific type of headgear or a manufacturing variant ? Rare
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - NON VOIDED CAP BADGE Very nice solid centre example . Pronounced raised detail. No rubbing or damage. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - OFFICERS LEATHER TOOL POUCH Good rare piece of officers kit being a Morocco leather pouch containing a variety of tools. "A & S.H." marked to outside flap. 2 press stud fixings in good order. Tools all makermarked. "Booths". Felt flap present. Leather good. Great War or earlier. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - WHITE METAL TERRITORIAL SHOULDER TITLES - PAIR Rare white metal titles for Territorials.Very slightly mismatched but were worn as a pair by the soldier and came in many years ago with other items direct from the family home. Loop type lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. CAP / COLLAR BADGE Great War tail down example. Worn both as a collar and cap badge. Officers cast example. As per collar badge but with added scrolls to the bottom. I have period photos of these being worn on the Tam O Shanter in WW1. Cast construction. Old polish residue to back. Lugs. Scarce V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. CAP BADGE Nice fretted centre example. Polished finish. One lug slightly bent. Great looking badge. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. EDINBURGH 1914 EDINBURGH HALLMARKED OFFICERS CAP BADGE - Mc DOUGALL An exceptional example of a private purchase officers cap badge dating to the first year of the Great War. Beautifully fretted with domed centre. No rubbing or damage. Good detail. Cast silver with Edinburgh H/m for 1914 and makers stamp \" H.T .\" ( Henry Tatton ). Retailers tablet to back \" Mc Dougall\'s - London . \". Silver lugs. Heavy badge. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. KILT APRON - K.I.A. Very good condition full wrap round kilt cover. A &S.H. stamped to inside as well as with the soldiers Regimental no. Number attributable to ; John Dickson, 2nd Btn.. Embarked for France 1-10-15. Killed 13 - 6 -16. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS DIRK BELT PLATE Very good example from my personal Argylls collection. Concave back plate. Silver fittings. Nice toning and still with original back pins. Officers name, \" WILSON \" scratched to back. Some light surface polishing otherwise VGC
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER SWEETHEART Beautiful. Unmarked cast silver. A 2/3'rds size collar type device but in silver. Well detailed and chunky. Scrolls below the Cat & Boars head with mottos , " Ne Obliviscaris & Sans Peur ". Overlong pin and also safety chain safety ring. Beautiful thing and a rarity. V.G.C.
WW1 ARMY SCOTTISH TROOPS KILT PIN Genuine large size kilt pin for pinning the kilt at the waist. Most Great War kilts had no buckles and these large substantial pins were used. Bit of rusting to the finish. Rare piece. V.G.C.
WW1 BAVARIAN NCO'S PICKLEHAUBE - NAMED & UNIT MKD Very good leather skull picklehaube with brass fittings. Nco's example so has chin scales as per officers type but leather liner, not officers leather and silk. Chin scales. Original State and National cockades. Bavarian state helmet plate with no additional holes and still retained by the original leather tangs. Rear spine with breather. Good leather liner. Soldiers cloth name tag attached to body under the liner with clear soldiers name and rank and Infantry Rgt. 94 ? . There is also a 2nd name hand applied to the rear peak. Large size for the period, approx. 57. Some crazing to the shellac finish but overall this one is in great shape and none of the usual replaced cockades, fake chin straps etc.
WW1 BLACK WATCH SPORRAN BADGE Nice o/r's white metal example. Good detail. 2 lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH - PERTHSHIRE VOLUNTEERS - HOME GUARD CAP BADGE Good example in either silver or heavy silver plate. This unit were raised for home defence in the Great War. " Perthsire Volunteers - 1916 " on a seeded ground. Fluted star to the centre. No rubbing. Lugs a bit bent otherwise, V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH - PERTHSHIRE VOLUNTEERS 1916 CAP BADGE Scarce o/r's example in white metal. Dark age toning. Good detail. Lugs to rear , one bent.No rubbing to high points. Black Watch affiliated Home Guard unit
WW1 BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE Good age toned example. Nice detail with no rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE Nice pre 1936 example as worn in the Great War. Top and bottom scrolls. White metal. Die struck. Nice V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE - UNUSUAL LUGS Nice example with the rare lugs made from brass telephone connectors as used by one Scottish maker in the Great War. Badge has subtle shaping for wear on the bonnet. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE WITH SCROLLS Nice WW1 example in w/m. Nicely age toned. Old polish residue to back. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH KILT SWEETHEART IN LEATHER WALLET Great War kilt sweetheart in the form of a sporran with the correct 5 tassles over a kilt in Regimental tartan. Silver cantle with finials and blue enamel inlay with \" Black Watch \". Totally as it came to me pinned inside this period leather wallet. Uncleaned , untouched. Kilt has some fraying so see pics. Now rare.
WW1 BLACK WATCH OFFICER CABINET PHOTO IN LEATHER FRAME Early WW1 cabinet photo of a Black Watch officer photo original cabinet photo in brown leather frame. Officer is wearing an early cuff rank tunic with single pip and bronze officers collar dogs. Oposite picture of his wife. Ouside measures aprox. 12 inches x 10 inches. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH SOLDIER - DEATH CARD Usually associated with the Germans. Nice fold out card for a soldier from a Volunteer Btn. of the Black Watch. In his thirties which was an old soldier in the Great War. Good uniform depiction of him in uniform. Rare piece in great condition.
WW1 BLACK WATCH SOLDIERS PHOTO IN PERIOD FRAME Good period piece with photo of 3 Black Watch soldiers in khaki uniform. Mounted in it\'s period metal frame with French and British flags flanking a Kings Crown in the corner. Arbroath photographers details to right corner. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH TINTED PHOTO MINIATURE- BOXED Beautiful piece. Black Watch soldier with red hackle visible on his Tam O Shanter. Service dress tunic and also shows what looks like a haversack strap ? Nicely tinted photo which was originally stuck in place in the purpose made period box. Silk and velvet lined , some fraying to silk. Leather covered wood outer. Rare.
WW1 BRITISH - OVERSEAS SERVICE CHEVRONS - TROPICAL TUNIC Three blue stripes for 3 years service overseas. This set is blue embroidered but onto cotton material as opposed to the usual wool so I believe these to be from the Khaki Drill tropical tunic worn in the likes of Gallipoli and Palestine. Worn on the lower right sleeve. Condition is excellent. Scarce
WW1 BRITISH - VOLUNTEER TRAINING CORPS ASSOCIATION BADGE Very nice condition with no enamel damage. Maker mkd.for Fattorini of Bradford. I don\'t know why these have a hole in the buttonhole fixing but that seems to be the case also with others I\'ve seen. V.G.C.
WW1 BRITISH MACHINE GUNNERS QUALIFICATION SLEEVE BADGE Great War example. Nicely embroidered in the correct colour of thread. V.G.C.
WW1 BRITISH SIGNALLERS SLEEVE BADGE Great War example worn on the lower sleeve. Removed from uniform. Nicely embroidered. Never sat out the war but condition is good. Correct colour of thread for WW1. V.G.C.
WW1 BRITISH TERRITORIAL FORCE IMPERIAL SERVICE BREAST BADGE Scarce maker mkd. example.WW1 Territorial Force Imperial Service Volunteer uniform breast badge Worn on the tunic above right pocket by Territorial Force Soldiers who had Volunteered for Overseas Service during the Great War. Nice age toning. V.G.C.
WW1 BRITISH WIRE CUTTERS Unmarked set . Great War pattern. Working. Some pitting. Priced to sell. Buyers outside U.K. please contact for shipping cost before check out.
WW1 BRODIE HELMET COVER - 1916 DATED - RARE - SCOTTISH Very rare to find a Great War helmet cover and exceedingly rare in this condition. Light brown canvas. Dated 1916 to inside and with WD arrow. Hand stitched piece of Lindsay tartan applied to outside. I can find no unit that used theis tartan despite checking Commonwealth details as well as British. If anyone has any ideas, please enlighten me. I suspect the soldiers name was Lindsay and he stitched a piece of clan tartan to the cover.Absolutely superb and still with original draw string. Shown on a Brodie, this not included in sale, cover only.
WW1 BRODIE HELMET WITH RARE BRODIE COVER - UNIT MKD. Nice condition helmet but what makes this special is the rare Brodie stamped cover. The stamp is the same as found inside the helmet liner. Only a handful of covers were produced with this stamp. As well as the stamp there are maker details and a 1916 date. Cover is canvas with a yellow triangle on the side with a black "2" to the centre. Unit unknown. If anyone can shed any light on this please let me know. The strap is named also to soldier. Fantastic !
WW1 BUTTONS SWEETHEART ON ROLLED GOLD BAR Nice piece. 2 General Service cap strap buttons mounted side by side on a " Rolled Gold " mkd. bar. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERON BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Good example. Hex lugs. WW1. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERON HLDRS. OFFICERS THISTLE COLLAR BADGES - PAIR Good pair of Post 1901collars in cast nickel silver. Very slight rubbing to high points. Good detail. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERON HLDRS. OFFICERS SILVER PLATED COLLAR BADGE Nice cast silver plate example with lovely detail. Plated lugs. V.G.C. Scarce.
WW1 CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) SGT\'S CROSS BELT / POUCH BADGE Nice example in nickel silver. Circa 1903 to '52. Well detailed with no rubbing or damage. 3 lugs. Measures 3 and a half inches by 3 inches. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) BLACKENED SHOULDER TITLE Good condition blackened brass title. Two lugs to the reverse. Westlake 998 V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) CAP BADGE Well struck . W/m. Great detail with no rubbing or damage. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERONIANS( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) BRASS POUCH BADGE All brass, not the usual silvered star. Nice toning. Correct 3 lugs. Very good example. Scarce
WW1 CANADA SHOULDER TITLE PAIR White on khaki embroidered. Moth hole to one title. Removed from uniform.
WW1 CANADIAN C.E.F. FRONT SERVICE LAPEL BADGE - NO. 397219 Nice Great War piece. Well made. Nice toning and no enamel damage. Numbered to the back. Rare. V.G.C.
WW1 CANADIAN CALGARY HLDRS. BADGE Retains almost all the bronze finish. Bi metal with silver coloured beave. Kings Crown. V.G.C.
WW1 CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE VETERANS NUMBERED BADGE Very nice condition badge given only to veterans of the Great War, I love the script on the back \" Penalty for misuse, 500 dollar fine or 6 months imprisonment \". Also has the veterans unique number so researchable. Bronze with enamelled Union Jack. V.G.C.
WW1 CANADIAN NOVA SCOTIA HLDRS - C.E.F. - GLENGARRY Original Canadian Khaki Glengarry made by Ansley Dineen Hat and Fur Co. Limited Toronto 1916 Size 7 1/4, C Broad Arrow Marked, in good condition. There is light wear to the leather sweat band and some moth nips here and there. 193rd badge has a nice pickled finish. Badge has original lugs. (see photos). Rare
WW1 DEATH PLAQUE - OLIVER WILLIAM RISLEY Direct from the family purchase. Condition is 1st class.
WW1 FIRST AID NURSING YEOMANRY (FANY) TRENCH ART PIN DISH Very rare to find something to FANY. Nicely made brass dish with a bronze unit cap badge to the bottom. Lovely One Off that I've owned for many years. 4 inch diameter approx.
WW1 FULL KILT APRON Beautiful condition. Early heavy cotton as opposed to later thin canvas type material. Full wrap around with pleated back. Original ties present. Front pocket c/w original horn button. Good medium size. Rare
WW1 GERMAN HANDGRENADE (HANDGRANADE) INSTRUCTION PAPER Rare piece of ephemera. 1916 dtd. instruction sheet for hand grenade use. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN - M16 MEDICS HELMET - FEATURED IN BOOK Incredibly rare item item. This is genuine and is featured in a book on German helmets which dates back to the 1970's . I have owned this since then and it's a reluctant sale. The helmet is in excellent condition with Medic cross to the crown. Some age fading to this . Helmet shell retains it's original green finish. E39 mkd to crown. Owners name and Rgt. to the rear apron." Gfr. E. Kramer - 7th - San ( Sanitat ) Truppe " Good liner with all 3 pads in great shape and with their horshair pads. Good leather liner band. Original chin strap. Large size with non stepped vents. 100% genuine. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN BUTCHER BAYONET & FROG -1911 - P.D. LUNESCHLOSS This one would be hard to better ! Beautiful blade with no darkening or pitting. Kaisers crown and 1911 date.Good point. Ribbed wood grips still retaining their polished finish. Sprung button working. Part muzzle ring and no flash guard as per early models. Steel scabbard with undented ball. Nice tight fit between scabbard and bayonet. Scabbard has to the back \" S.E.79 ? \" indistinct. Good reddish leather frog. Lovely set rarely available like this anymore. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN EK2 IRON CROSS Nice original . One Look , EK2. Age toned and uncleaned as it came to me. Will clean up nice if desired. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS Good vet bring back. Marked ring “S” ? for Nice uncleaned age toning. No issues. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS - MARKED RING One Look original c/w original ribbon. “S-W”? marked ring. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN JAGER TROOPER STATUE - SIGNED Rare period piece. Black painted spelter figure of a Mountain Trooper from JR 108.. Good detail with numbered shoulder boards, ski cap, marching order etc. Signed to the base of the figure. Overall height inc. the marble base is approx 13 and a half inches. Figure is 11 and a half inches approx. Bought over 30 years ago from Hermann Historica and has sat on my mantelpiece since. Now time to find this fella a new home. V.G.C. Very heavy, check the shipping cost before purchasing
WW1 GERMAN M 17 CAMO STAHLHELM - GERMAN HELMET Great looking trench helmet with the regulation dark brown/ochre/green camo in a nice block pattern. Shell retaining most of it's paint. Very good liner system with the 3 leather pads with tongue ends complete and still with the original horsehair pads. Metal liner band.One strap end present. Owners named applied to inside apron. Size 64 shell. Sleepy original and one of a number of items I will be listing from an old collection.
WW1 GERMAN M16 HELMET C/W ORIGINAL CHINSTRAP Rarely found in this condition these days and still with it's original to it chinstrap ! Leather liner band as per 1916 manufacture . All 3 leather pads good with no issues on the tongue ends. 2 helmet pins with broken blades so the liner is loose in the helmet. Chin strap in incredible condition for age and easily £250 plus on it's own as they're rarely encountered. Shell retaining most of it's original field grey smooth paint. Stepped lugs as found on smaller size helmets. Approx size 54/55. What appears to be owners initials in ink on one pad ( indistinct ) One Look original and rare with an original strap. This is how it came to me, dusty and dirty but will clean up a treat if desired. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN M16 STEEL HELMET- PERSONALISED LINER BAND Good barn found original. Large size with non stepped air vents. All 3 liner pads present and still attached to the original leather band. This with a well etched depiction of barbed wire which has been very nicely soldier applied in two places.
WW1 GERMAN M17 HELMET - COMPLETE Good all original example in a large size with a rough sand or grit camo applied.Large size Q66 ( Quist ). Non stepped ventilation lugs as found on larger helmets. White chromed leather pads in good condition and still with their horshair cushions inside and tongue ends unbroken. Metal liner band.Chin strap metal ends present. Rough field grey/ brown finish over the original smooth paint. 100% original.
WW1 GERMAN M17 HELMET - NAMED Straight from a Scottish officers house in Dumbarton ( Brig. Alisdair Pearson, Parachute Rgt. ) and was a wartime bring back by a family member. Totally original. M16 type shell with M17 metal liner band. 3 white chromed leather pads in very good condition with 5 of the 6 tongue ends intact and and still with the horsehair cushions and original draw string.Some sweat and dirt to the liner pads, so not a helmet that sat out the war ! (In May of 1917 due to a leather shortage the liner was redesigned. The new liner continued with the earlier “three pad” system but changed from a leather band to a steel band made from sheet metal. The pads were now crimped into place on a steel band. The pads were now to be made from white chromed leather (Russian leather) instead of the brown vegetable tanned type. This change was made in the hope that the chromed leather would hold up better in the trench conditions. Steel band marked " 64 - F C B 18 - A.K.E.". Shell stamped with a " W "( Hermann Weissenberger & Co. Stuttgart-Cannstadt). This is slightly unusual in that they were thought to have only produced size 66 and 68 shells so this could turn out to be a rarity. Field grey paint. Stepped lugs. One chin strap metal end present. Soldiers name to rear skirt and 6/395 ?, possibly a Feldpost number ? If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Cracking sleeper.
WW1 GERMAN M18 HELMET - UNIT MKD - BELL L - FREIKORPS ? Very interesting M18 helmet from the Great War / Inter War period. Rare maker,known as the Bell L helmet as the factory symbol is a bell shape followed by " L " and ( size ) 64, this being the only size of shell made by this factory ( R. Lindenberg A.G., Remscheid-Hasten ). The helmet has a brownish hue from the toned lacquer it was coated with , in my opinion during the Stahlhelm / Freikorps period inter war. Post WW1 is was common to do this to give the helmet a parade type finish . Smooth paint, shiny finishes still continuing into the M35 period before the introduction of wartime matt Feld Grau. The helmet has a number " 10 " painted to the front. This could be Regiment 10 from wartime or possibly a Freikorps unit . I have forum posted the helmet for opinions on this but no one has a definitive answer although the helmet itself got the 100% thumbs up on authenticity. The shell retains most of it's original finish and has the rounded ends to the air vents correct for this maker. Stepped lugs. Metal liner band with the strap fixings correct for M18 helmets. Liner pads are the chromed leather type and in good shape with some service wear / sweat and 2 of the 6 tongue ends a/f.Leather is still supple . Draw string is original. Rare " Carbine Clip " original chin strap and although shortened and with a repair is in good condition with the leather still supple. These on their own are expensive and near impossible to find. Faint pencilled name / details to the rear skirt. Cracking non Run of the Mill helmet, all original and in great shape for it's age and remarkably, still with it's chin strap. If anyone has a take on the number to the front , please let me know.
WW1 GERMAN MAUSER 98 LONG BAYONET - UNIT MKD. First model Mauser bayonet used up to and including WW1. Blade measures 20 and a half inches. Overall length just under 26 inches. This one straight out a loft. Unit mkd. to Quillion "B. 2. I." plus other numbers ( indistinct ). Bavarian Inf. Rgt. 2 ? Exactly as found but will clean up if desired. Erfurt maker mkd. and dated '04 to spine. Good untouched original. No scabbard.
WW1 GERMAN MOUNTED GROUP OF 4 MEDAL SET Very nice medal group mounted for wear. includes, EK2, Hindenburg cross, Wurtenburg Military Merit medal. 4 medals in total nicely mounted. All original. EK with marked ring possibly \"W ?\". V.G.C..
WW1 GERMAN MOUNTED HONOUR CROSS -MAKER MARKED Court mounted 1914 - 18 Honour cross. Maker marked \" W.D.\" and manufacturers logo to rear. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN TORTOISE CAMO STAHLHELM - NAMED Stunning example still retaining very bright colours and with an amazing "Tortoise" camo. Large size, named to rear apron. Good liner with it's original hair pads. No chin strap.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDER O/R\'S SPORRAN Total sleeper, right out the weeds as they say. It had been attached to a wall board in the owners house along with his glengarry. Condition is great . Brass cantle , shellac finish leather insert with brass sporran badge. White Horsehair with 2 brass topped black tassles. Back is superb because of it having been on a board. Retains it\'s light tan colour with 2 stout belt loops. Top of the press stud is absent, bottom part present so still clicks shut. Uncleaned with lovely age patina. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDER SPLIT MOTTO CAP BADGE Scarce split motto cap badge. By Dand as opposed to Bydand. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Nice white metal toned example. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Very nice w/m example. Nice age toning. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS/ SERGEANTS BADGE Beautiful. Very well detailed , cast unmarked silver. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS/SERGEANTS BADGE Nice nickel silver sergeants badge to the Gordons. Nice relief. Folded antlers. Now scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS SERGEANTS BADGE Good Great War example in nickel silver. Stag in relief. Nice set of antlers. No rubbing or damage. Now getting scarce and more fakes appearing in the market place. 100% as always. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Good clean example in silver & gilt. No rubbing or damage. Good detail. Nice uncleaned age patina. Studs and hooks to the back present. Very fair price on this. One Look original. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HLDRS O/R\'S CAP BADGE Sharp diestruck example with no rubbing or damage. Old polish residue to back. C/w it\'s overlong w/m cotter pin. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HLDRS. EDINBURGH 1918 SILVER H/M OFFICERS CAP BADGE Very attractive and well detailed private purchase officers cap badge. Cast silver with Edinburgh silver H/m\'s for 1918. Silversmiths stamp for Thomas Kerr Ebbutt , \" T.E. \". No rubbing or damage. Folded antlers. Silver lugs. Soldiers initials scratched to back. \" A. M. \". Beautiful example. V.G.C.
WW1 GREETING FROM PALESTINE CARD -1918-1919 Nice period piece. V.G.C.
WW1 HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY ( HLI ). TERRITORIAL OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH - ANDERSON High quality example by Anderson of Edinburgh. Jewellers tablet to rear with \"Wm. Anderson & Sons - Military Outfitters - Edinburgh\". Blank scroll on badge for Territorial Battalions. Nicely gilded and retaining the original gilt. Unmarked silver. Original stout pin and hook to rear. V.G.C
WW1 HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY VOLUNTEER OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH - CASED- NAMED Beautiful piece in mint condition. Unmarked silver. Blank Battle Honours for Territorial Btn. Very well detailed raised cap badge device to centre, this of 5 piece construction. Initials to back in old type script "G.F.T". Stout original pin. Housed in it's large (6 by 5 and a half inch) velvet lined leather covered wood case. This of high quality with good working catch. Outstanding piece rarely available in this condition these days.
WW1 HINDENBURG CROSS FOR WIDOWS This was one of a number of items from a 4th KOSB soldiers Bring Backs. Very clean with no paint loss and a very good ribbon. Sleepy and fresh to the market. As nice as they come. V.G.C. The Next-of-Kin Hindenburg Cross was awarded to surviving widows, parents, and dependents of fallen soldiers in the Great War
WW1 HLI (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) GLENGARRY Nicest one I've had in a while and these WW1 are now difficult to find in good condition. No moth or damage if a little grubby with light service wear. Saw some action this one. Leather trim , supple and in good condition. Original silk tails with original stitching and not reapplied with later cotton tails as is often the case to enhance the value of tails removed examples. Nice low shape. Red Touree. Waxed cotton lining. Original to it, o/r's cap badge with nice dark age toning. Good size for the period 55/56. V.G.C.
WW1 HMS DIANA LAPEL BADGE - SILVER - RARE CHESTER H/M Very rare badge to the WW1 HMS DIANA, a Light Cruiser/old 2nd Class Cruiser, Eclipse-class. Pin back. Very rare Chester Provincial silver with hallmarks for 1916.. Launched 5/12/1895, sold for BU 1/7/20. remained in the Mediterranean until 1913 and then transferred to 3rd Fleet at Devonport. Joined Cruiser Force 'G' in Channel in August 1914, capturing a German schooner on the 6th. 12th Cruiser Squadron, Channel from February 1915; China Station November 1915-August 1917, then to Red Sea and Indian Ocean until November 1918. Returned to Queenstown and paid off June 1919. (Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships 1906-21) Good condition.
WW1 KHAKI ECONOMY KILT - VERY RARE From the estate of an officer of the 10th Black Watch. Extremely rare khaki cotton kilt in the style of a kilt apron with front pocket but much more substantial . Kilt type buckles, lined waist. No moth or damage. Length to suit 5' 10", 30 inch waist. Featured in the Bodsworth book on Great War uniforms. You are unlikely to find one of these for sale anywhere as they were only produced in small numbers. Please do not confuse this with a kilt apron, this is a completely different thing.
WW1 KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) CONVERTED FROM PAGRI CAP BADGE Period coversion from the slider to lugs. Base of slider still present. Good detail.
WW1 LARGE KILT PIN - SCOTTISH REGIMENTS Large pin for pinning the kilt at the top before buckles were introduced. No pitting. Very good example. Rare
WW1 LINCOLNSHIRE RGT.- BANDMASTERS CAP BADGE Unusual rare badge that belonged to a WW1 period band master Bi metal. Bronze / gilded. North south lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH - MUFTI BADGE Rare badge. Dark age toning. Large size for a lapel badge. Buttonhole fixing. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH 9CT GOLD & ENAMEL SWEETHEART BADGE Truly a Thing of Beauty !! 10th Liverpool. Gold and red / blue enamel. Marked 9CT & maker stamped T.L.M to rear. All original no repairs. Rare. V.G.C. Cost you a lot more than this from Sally !!
WW1 LONDON SCOTTISH PHOTO POSTCARD Nice shot of what is possibly pipers ? in No.1 Dress. V.G.C.
WW1 LONDON SCOTTISH SILVER & ENAMEL BAR BROOCH Very well hand made brooch. Enamels all without damage. Correct period pin and catch arrangement. Stamped “SILVER” to rear. V.G.C.
WW1 LOTHIAN & BORDERS HORSE CAP BADGE Very nice example. Brass with age toning. Lugs to rear. V.G.C.
WW1 LOTHIAN & BORDERS HORSE CAP BADGE Nice " Been There " example. Toned die struck brass. Old polish to back. North & south lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 M16 GERMAN STAHLHELM HELMET - AMAZING CAMO An absolutely stunning" One Look" camo of red and brown and very different from the usual block types. Nice circle pattern. Leather liner band in very good condition. All three liner pads present and with their priginal horsehair cushion pads. Stepped air vents . Stamped to crown " BW 272". This one was forum posted by the previous owner and got a unanimious Yes from over 8 very well informed collectors.
WW1 MERCHISTON CASTLE OTC ( EDINBURGH ) SWAGGER STICK Good example of this rare swagger stick. Nickel silver top with no rubbing but some dents. Light colour shaft. V.G.C.
WW1 MGC (MACHINE GUN CORPS) SHOULDER TITLE Nice brass WW1 title. Age toned. No issues. V.G.C.
WW1 MILLS GRENADE - ENGINEER OF MUNITIONS ORIGINAL BLUE PRINT - FOUNDRY TECHNICAL DRAWING Extremely rare item which came from a local foundry here when it closed it\'s doors decades ago . This is if you like, a blueprint for making a Mills grenade. Various Scottish foundries produced Mills grenades inc. Carron Iron Works Falkirk and Elmbank in Glasgow . Has WW1 date stamp to the bottom right corner, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, Engineer of Munitions stamp as well as, \" Confidential \", all in red. Please note, the 1968 in the top left corner is not a year date ! Condition is super for something over 100 years old with some tears in the folds but otherwise good. Large wall chart size. This must be as near a One Off item as you\'ll find.
WW1 OFFICERS SAM BROWNE & CROSS STRAP - ANDERSON Nice \" Been There \" example . Nicely marked up inside to Anderson & Son - Glasgow and Edinbugh. Leather nice and supple. Good quality as always with Anderson. No date. V.G.C.
WW1 PAIR OF MAJORS CROWNS Well detailed matched pair of Majors crowns. Original red velvet to rear. V.G.C.
WW1 PERTHSHIRE VOLUNTEERS - BLACK WATCH HOME GUARD CAP BADGE Good example of this WW1 Black Watch Home Guard cap badge. Toned w/m. original lugs, one slightly twisted. V.G.C.
WW1 PRINCESS MARY GIFT TIN WITH CONTENTS - CIGARETTES & TOBACCO PACKETS XMAS CARD & PHOTO Nice original. Good tin with no bashes and good hinges. Both tobacco and cigarette packets are original but with no contents. Xmas card , photo and envelope. All original , no repro parts. V.G.C.
WW1 QUEENS BODYGUARD LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Post 1902 Kings crown large tunic button. . Maker marked Herbert & Co London Bedford St. Retains it\'s original gilding. Very good example. Rare.
WW1 QUEENS OWN HUSSARS OFFICERS BRONZE BADGE & COLLAR SET Beautiful matched set. High quality. All bronze finish remaining. Cap badge with blades. None nicer. Scarce
WW1 R.S.F. (ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS) SHOULDER TITLE & COLLAR PAIRS SET 2 part shoulder titles of titles and flaming bomb. Brass. Hex lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 ROSE GOLD LOCKET - SOLDIER PHOTO/ KITCHENER Beautiful gold locket with picture of WW1 soldier in o/r\'s uniform with peaked service cap. To the reverse a coloured picture of Kitchener. Soldiers cap badge has Prince of Wales feathers, possibly Glamorganshire Yeomanry but could be something else. Stamped \"ROLLED GOLD\" on top rim. SIZE 39 mm x 30 mm not including the loop.
WW1 ROYAL ARTILLERY ASSOCIATION LAPEL BADGE - GAUNT Old Comrades Association. Good quality example with no enamel damage. J.R.Gaunt marked to back. Excellent condition.
WW1 ROYAL ENGINEERS - T.R.E. LONDON SHOULDER TITLE Scarce genuine title. Brass. Made as a 2 lug example. Bit of slight verdigris on the front. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL IRISH RIFLES CAP BADGE - MKD. SLIDER Very clean o/r's white metal cap badge. Age toned. Brass slider with "England". V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL MUNSTER FUSILIERS BADGE Good 2 piece example. Solder holes to back , used to apply the front piece of the badge during construction. Fakes don't have these. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION RND BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Smaller version. Age toned. Hex lugs Rare V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS - IN THEATRE MADE CAST BADGE Likely a In Theatre made example from India or Mesepotamia. Lovely age patina. Sand cast. Lugs bent otherwise V.G.C. Scarce
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS BRASS ECONOMY BADGE Brass economy version of the cap badge introduced around 1916. Die struck brass. Good detail. Old polish to back. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE Fine example. Nicely toned brass. Red felt to centre. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE Nice untouched example of this scarce brass version of the o/r\'s cap badge. Uncleaned with dark age patina and will clean up well if desired. Shaped to Tam O Shanter. Lugs have been deliberately bent up by the soldier. Old pink polish residue to back. One that did\'nt sit out the war. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE - LONG LUGS Circa 1916. All brass economy version. This one with long lugs so possibly Pipe Band issue for the feather bonnet . Old polish residue to back. Scarce especially with the longer lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE Good example. O/r's. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE Nice one this. Shaped to cap. Red felt behind the voided centre. Uncleaned with nice age toning. Original long steel cotter pin. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS OFFICERS GLENGARRY - RARE Rare Great War top quality, private purchase officers glengarry with it's original to it , officers badge. Full length long silk tails in excellent condition. Silk edged to body. Please do not buy into the myth that all Great War glengarries had leather trim, Private purchase Officers examples tended not to have this. Grey ribbed lining with makers label with , F.W.FLIGHT - Army Tailor .London, Winchester, Aldershot , Woolwich and their respective addresses. This definitely ties it to WW1 as by WW2 and the risk of bombing both sides omitted street names. Also After WW1 the makers label read, " 'FLIGHTS LTD Military Tailors". Red/ green / white diced band, this with some moth nips. Dark blue body is good . Large size for the period, 57. 2 piece officers badge on silk rosette.This original to it. A rare glengarry from the War to End All Wars. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS BADGE Nice brass o/r's example. Noth & south lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS OFFICERS COLLAR BADGE - OSD Fine example of an officers flaming bomb collar for wear on the Great War OSD tunic. Cast, 2 piece construction. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS PIPERS SHOULDER TITLE Silvered shoulder title for pipers. Rare. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS TERRITORIAL CAP BADGE White metal for Territorial units. No rubbing or damage. Die struck. Original red felt for behind the voided centre. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS UNIFORM DATED 1918- DANDY 9th A rare opportunity to acquire an O/R/\'s uniform to a sergeant in the 9th Royal Scots (The Dandy 9th). This is all one mans items, no additions to complete the uniform or items sold separately. Uniform comprises - 1908 pattern tunic with no moth or damage. 1918 dated paper label with manufacturers details \"Sutherland & Sons -Glasgow\". Brass regimental buttons and shoulder titles. Good size for the great war, 5\'9\" height, 37\" chest. Great coat, again in V.G.C. with paper label (details indistinct). G.S. buttons. Hunting Stewart kilt, evidence of paper label, some moth to inside apron but good overall. Adapted by soldier to incorporate waist belt as WW1 kilts have no buckles. 32\" waist approx. Trews again in regimental tartan. Correct high back, condition grubby but good.Glengarry, exceptional condition with leather trim, silk tails and Sgts bi-metal badge, size 57. Swagger stick with Royal Scots device to top. Dog tags with soldiers name and details. 3 brass shoulder titles. Metal soap dish. Army bible found in the great coat pocket with paper markers to some sections and soldiers name applied to inside. Rare to find a near complete uniform to one man especially in this size and condition. Definately 9th Btn as they were the only kilted battalion in the Royal Scots
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS VOLUNTEER BTN.CAP BADGE - GREEN FELT BACKING Scarce , original green felt as opposed to the usual red. Different opinions on what Battalion used green. 2nd seems to be the consensus. Nice white metal , die struck example with some polishing to the St. Andrew.
WW1 SAM BROWNE LEATHER PISTOL HOLSTER 1918 DATED Really nice example of an officers pistol holster for wear on the Sam Browne belt. High quality with good condition leather and with no stitching faults. Nicely impressed with makers details " Heath Machin & Co, Walsall - 1918 " V.G.C.
WW1 SCOTS GREYS CAP BADGE Nicely toned quality example on slider. No issues. V.G.C.
WW1 SCOTS GREYS CAP BADGE I've left this exactly as it came in. Nice age toning, bit of verdigris. Will clean up nicely if desired. 2 lugs.
WW1 SCOTS GUARD PIPERS BANNER Cracking rare wartime silk / embroidered pipers banner. Beatiful detail. Some fraying to the backing silk due to age. V.G.C.
WW1 SCOTS GUARDS OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE - ANDERSON Super example . Gilded centre with green enamel. Unmarked silver with silver lugs. Anderson of Edinburgh tablet to the rear. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
WW1 SCOTTISH - O/R\'S HIGHLAND CUT AWAY - KHAKI TUNIC - LARGE - RARE Extremely rare Great War Scottish type o/r\'s tunic. I don\'t think this one could be bettered. Beautiful condition . Highland cut away front for wear with the kilt. Made by Moore and Taggart of Glasgow. Very good size for WW1 being approx. 38/40 chest. Khaki lining cloth as found on these tunics. Argylls brass buttons although there was a set of GS buttons in the pocket when it came to me so likely left the factory with them before the soldier applied his Regimental buttons.. Evidence of having had shoulder titles. One very small hole otherwise as nice as they come with no moth. Tunics like this are extremely difficult to find and this I got from a house in Oban. Tunic only. The following is an excerpt from an article on Great War tunics from the GWF. Late war tunics and Canadian tunics did have khaki liners and late war ones also had stitched labels. When troops returned home their old war worn uniforms (which only survived about 1 month of front line wear) were taken off and destroyed, new ones were issued so the troops looked good when they disembarked in Folkestone, Dover etc. For these reasons most surviving genuine WW1 O.R. uniforms will be late war productions and could therefore have tan liners and stitched labels. Indeed I would be far more wary if I saw a tunic with white liner and remains of a paper label. The misunderstanding that all WW1 liners were white with paper labels is quite common. WW1 seems to have been the swan song for Moore Taggart & Co as military outfitters and they featured strongly in the kitting out of Canadian units over the period 1913-14. V.G.C.
WW1 SCOTTISH HORSE BRASS TUNIC BUTTONS X 4 Good selection of these scarce buttons. 3 large tunic front size and one small for pocket and epaulette. 2 by Clymont/ Dewar Glasgow, one Anderson , Edinburgh and one Gaunt. V.G.C.
WW1 SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS BADGE A particularly nice example. Antler tips have been teased out by the soldier giving it a bit of attitude. Correct 3 lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 SEAFORTH HLDRS. OFFICERS , P/M, SGIAN DHU - ANDERSON. Now very difficult to come by especially in this condition. Seaforth Hldrs. sgian dhu as worn by officers and Pipe Major, Drum Major and Bandmaster Carved bog oak handle with the correct star pattern to the middle with a brass St. Andrew in relief. This style of handle is unique to the Seaforths. Gilded thistle motif mounts. Lovely orange coloured foiled citrine to top. Remarkably good clipped back steel blade retaining it\'s bright finish with no darkening or pitting. There are some light surface scratching to the back side of the blade. Scabbard is in very good order, wood covered by grained black leather with plain brass mounts top and bottom. To the top mount retailers details \" Anderson & Son , George Street - Edinburgh \". Circa WW1, could be earlier. Fine example. V.G.C.
WW1 SHOULDER EPILATE PAIR Red/ black ? Kings crown buttons.
WW1 SOUTH AFRICAN DEFENCE FORCE CAP BADGE WW1 Gilded example with correct motto for the Great War Left facing Springbok. Motto in English and Afrikaans. One lug slightly bent, otherwise, V.G.C.
WW1 STAHLHELM CAMO HELMET - RARE MAKER- NAMED Rare Bell L64 marked helmet.City of manufacture unknown.Batch no. stamped to crown. Good bright classic geometric camo of yellow/red/green. Gothic script to the rear apron, this being one of the nicest I've had with soldiers name , rank and unit. No liner but a beautiful piece nonetheless.
WW1 T 7 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Good original and definitely not one of the countless fakes swamping the market place, especially evilbay ! 3 lugs. 7th ASH were based at Stirling. V.G.C.
WW1 T 7 ROYAL SCOTS SHOULDER TITLE Very nice correct 3 lug example in brass. Nicely toned. V.G.C. The 7th will be remembered as the Battalion involved in the Gretna train disaster where over 200 soldiers were killed. They went on to fight at Gallipoli. 7th Battalion, Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment) was a unit of the Territorial Force with its HQ at Dalmeny Street, Leith
WW1 T 7 ROYAL SCOTS SHOULDER TITLE PAIR Matched pair. 3 lugs to the reverse. 7th Btn. fought at Gallipoli and were also the one in the Gretna train crash. Hex lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 T. RAMC LOWLAND BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Nice real title. 3 lugs. Not dodgy evilbay one ! Toned brass. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 T. RE. EDINBURGH BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Nice scarce title. 3 Hex lugs. Real deal not a faker from the Bay ! No rubbing nor damage. Scarce V.G.C.
WW1 T4 CAMERON TERRITORIAL SHOULDER TITLE Nice Territorial title . Scarce white metal example worn earlier on before going to mass produced brass. V.G.C.
WW1 T5 A&SH ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Genuine example, I say this as there are many fakes now in the market place. 3 lugs. Brass. Nice toning. Scarce V.G.C.
WW1 T8 ROYAL SCOTS VOLUNTEERS BTN. WHITE METAL SHOULDER TITLE Good " Been There " white metal Territorial shoulder title. 2 lugs bent , otherwise good. Scarce
WW1 ULSTER VOLUNTEER FORCE ( UVF) CAP An extremely rare and completely made in Ireland cap as worn by the Ulster Volunteer Force in the Great War. This originally from a house in Ayrshire ( name of serviceman to buyer ). Khaki cap in a floppy style, these were made in Ireland before the UVF embarked for England to enlist. No moth or damage and in a good size for the period being approx. 56. Thin leather strap with leather football buttons. Orange liner with sweat staining to the crown. The \" Dixie \" cap badge is original to the cap and has a piece of rubber behind it it to keep it tight. Don\'t know if it is a Sharmann marked one as I\'ve never taken the badge off and have no intention of doing so. \" Badge with old polish residue and slight verdigris. Green leather under the peak. Sides stiffened with the same woven hessian found on Great War glengarries. 100% One Look original . V.G.C.
WW1 US GAS MASK BAG American Great War version of the British gas haversack used extensively in WW2. These are scarce. Good condition.
WW1-2 NEDERLAND BADGE Rare WW2 alloy metal Netherlands badge
WW1-WW2 AUSTRALIAN BRONZE SLOUCH HAT BADGE Good sharp strike. Retains most of it\'s blackened finish. Loops are open north south , not the usual east west. V.G.C.
WW1, 9TH BTN. GORDON HLDRS. UNIFORM & MEDALS - MM WINNER, M.I.D. An incredible group of items fresh to the market and bought direct from the family in the 1960's and has been in the collection of a top Scottish collector since then. Group comprises, WW1 leather trim glengarry with it's original badge. Tails cut off as per usual with front line soldiers. 1902 Pattern tunic with the soldiers number and a further " Gor "( Gordons), these both paint stencilled to the inside. Fitted with GS buttons, brass " GORDON" shoulder titles with hex lugs and Pioneer collar badges.The 9th Btn. to which this man belonged were the Pioneer Btn.. Regimental kilt, this also with the same details as the tunic stamped to the inside. Pre war Regimental hair sporran in good order and with brass cantle and sporran badge. Military Medal and Trio, the Victory with a Mentioned in Dispatches oak leaf. These all contained in a period oak frame. His mentioned in Dispatches document, this also in an oak frame. Absolutely stunning collection of items to one man. All in excellent condition. Very Rare
WW1/1920'S BLACK WATCH OFFICERS HELMET WITH HACKLE I'd only ever seen these in photographs so to actually turn one up and c/w it's original hackle came as a big surprise, even the Black Watch museum do not one of these. Private purchase Hawkes helmet with purpose built metal loop to accommodate this type of unique to it hackle. Hackle seems to be on a sprung wire that slots into the loop. Shell retains almost all it's drab finish and the officer type liner is excellent. Not for sale at the moment but I thought helmet and Black Watch collectors might like to see it.
WW1/WW2 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS COLLAR DOG PAIR Nice WW2 matched collar dog set. From D Day vets estate, ( name to buyer ). V.G.C.
WW1/WW2 BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE Pre 1936 cap badge with scrolls. W/m. Nice strike. V.G.C.
WW1/WW2 LONDON SCOTTISH BADGE Good die struck example. No rubbing or damage. Bargain . V.G.C.
WW2 AFRIKA KORPS ( DAK ) INSIGNIA - HATE BELT - M.M.WINNERS BRING BACK Straight out the weeds a number of years ago from the son of a 8th Army vet who won the M.M. in the Desert. Came with other items mainly cuff titles. All insignia has been tunic removed before being stitched to an RAF belt. Comprises Army breast eagle, Luftwaffe shirt eagle, Luft cap eagle, collar litzen pair, cap roundel. Italian insignia comprising 2 different collar tabs, one mkd. \" 62 \", 2 different size brass tunic buttons. Raf breast eagle. Never touched and all insignia is tropical DAK. Name and unit of the soldier to buyer and also the reason he qualified for the Military Medal.
WW2 BLACK WATCH SERGEANTS \"42\" CAP BADGE- GAUNT Very rare and sought after badge. WW2 . Bi metal. Worn only by Sgts. Rear has a \" P \" which is for J.R.Gaunt . Nicely shaped to bonnet. Lovely age toning. No rubbing or damage. As nice as they come and rarely ever seen for sale. V.G.C.
WW2 ROYAL SIGNALS CAP BADGE Good example. No issues. Nice one. V.G.C.
WW2 - L.A.R.P. ( CIVIL DEFENCE ) ENAMEL LAPEL BADGE W2 Local Air Raid Precautions LARP ( Local Air Raid Precautions ) Civil Defence Instructors badge. Nickel silver plated. Nicely detailed Crown over title,this inlaid with red enamel. 'Instructor' title bar across voided centre. Original pin & hook. No enamel damage. H.W.M. LTD ( H.W.Miller ) marked to rear. V.G.C.
WW2 - 1943 DTD. BRITISH BRASS PRISMATIC COMPASS WITH 1944 DATED LEATHER CASE This example would be hard to better in respect of it retains almost all it\'s original black painted finish and nice bright white details to the underside inc. 1943 date. The leather case is outstanding and retains it\'s tan colour which has\'nt darkened with age likely to do with the fact that until I opened the soldiers trunk it likely had\'nt seen daylight since wars end. Stout top fastening and shoulder strap.1944 dtd. ( His name to buyer ). Only slight downside is there is a bubble in the liquid. V.G.C.
WW2 - 1944 PTN. BRITISH JUNGLE ISSUE BINO CASE - 1945 DTD. Mint condition and clearly maker mkd. and dtd.for 1945. W.D.arrows. '44 Pattern used mainly in the Far East.
WW2 - 40TH INFANTRY DIVISION EMBROIDERED COCKEREL SLEEVE BADGE Good embroidered example. From a Korean War Argyll . V.G.C.
WW2 - 5TH GURHKAS CAP BADGE Very nice chromed sand cast example. Very well detailed and with no polishing. Kings Crown over a 5 and crossed kukri's. V.G.C.
WW2 - 6TH INNISKILLING DRAGOONS CAP BADGE Great example. Nice detail and toning. No rubbing or damage. Solder holes to the back. Bi metal. V.G.C.
WW2 - BLACK WATCH NO SCROLL CAP BADGE - SHAPED TO CAP Very nice example that has been shaped by the soldier for wear on the TOS. No rubbing or damage. Stand out piece. V.G.C.
WW2 - BLACK WATCH OFFICER / SNCO\'S, CAP BADGE - MAKER MKD. Nice condition with very sharp detail. 3 piece construction. Jimmy attached by pins so does\'nt remove, only the centre piece. Scarce maker mkd. example for Ludlow of London. Post 1936 without scrolls which is a harder to find piece than the WW1 with scrolls. No rubbing or damage. Very clean. V.G.C.
WW2 - BLACK WATCH OFFICERS TOMMY HELMET - PAINTED RED HACKLE Super rare helmet. Professionally painted red hackle for an officer. From the family home in Montrose over 20 years ago and has been kept by me since. Fine artwork with well detailed hackle.Not a helmet that sat out the war but still in good condition. Maker stamped and dtd. 1940. Soldiers initials to inside. Not cheap but find another !! V.G.C.
WW2 - BLACK WATCH STAFF CAR BADGE/MASCOT Rare piece. Pre \'36 style badge with scrolls mounted on a green painted shield. Mudguard/radiator fixings to back. V.G.C.
WW2 - BRITISH ARMY OVERSEAS SERVICE STRIPES Printed . Look unworn. 2 stripes. Mint
WW2 - BRITISH HOME GUARD 1913 PATTERN WINCHESTER BAYONET C/W LEATHER FROG Scarce Winchester bayonet for use with the 1913 Pattern rifle. Dated 1917, Very clean blade. Good leather on the scabbard. British H.G. frog in good condition apart from top leather loop id broken. Faint makers details and WD arrow to back. These are scarce compared to the more common Remington or even the Winchester 1907 type. V.G.C.
WW2 - BRITISH RE-ISSUE 8TH ARMY S.A. MADE HELMET - 1950 DTD. LINER - KOREAN WAR South African made helmet as issued to the 8th Army in large numbers. Has the distinctive 3 holes at the back of the apron for attaching a neck flap. Overpainted in a thick textured dark camo / overpaint as often seen in helmets once they moved into the Italian Theatre. Evidence of the original issue desert tan paint underneath. WW2 chinstrap. Has been period fitted with a 1950 dated liner suggesting re issue for Korea or Home Defence. Good looking original piece , not tampered with. Low price. V.G.C.
WW2 - BUNDLES FOR BRITAIN ORGANISERS BADGE Beautiful quality piece . This is a organisers badge for " Bundles For Britain " American war aid for the UK. Nicely marked up to rear. Painted red/white and blue with a couple of paint chips otherwise V.G.C.
WW2 - CALGARY HIGHLANDERS ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND ) BRONZE COLLAR Bronze collar retaining all it's finish. Introduced 1925 . Affiliated with the Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs. V.G.C.
WW2 - CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) BATTLEDRESS TARTAN SLEEVE PATCH Scarce. Removed from uniform. Grubby and did\'nt sit out the war. Good battleworn condition.
WW2 - CANADA CLOTH SHOULDER TITLE PAIR Nice matched pair of embroidered cloth shoulder titles. No moth or damage. Unissued condition.
WW2 - EDINBURGH NFS SOUTH EASTERN HELMET & MEMBERSHIP BOOK & ARP WHISTLE One mans items. Estate fresh from the family home in Edinburgh. Edinburgh firefighter. Senior officers two red ring helmet with his Edinburgh fire station details to brim. Nicely named inside to him. Excellent condition all round retaining a nice bright paint finish and great liner and strap. C/w his identity firemans document and his ARP mkd. whistle. Nice grouping. V.G.C.
WW2 - EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY O.T.C. CAP BADGE Good example of the large size ( 7cm ) cap badge with scrolls. Nicely toned white metal with no rubbing or damage. 2 lugs to rear. V.G.C.
WW2 - GERMAN 3RD REICH EARLY 1933 BRESLAU WORKERS FRONT DAY BADGE Nice die struck brass tinny. No loss of finish. Detail in relief. Original vetical stick pin fitting to back. V.G.C. Approximately 50 mm X 25 mm.
WW2 - GERMAN ARMY SINGLE DECAL M42 HELMET Total One Look original combat helmet which ticks all the boxes. Size 64 ET ( CKL) made helmet with lot no. 3121. Ice book confirms this as being of Feb/Aug 1943 manufacture and prior to the decal drop. Configures recorded as, rough grey/green finish with ET decal. Liner components were zinc band with either sheepskin or pig skin leather and with a dome stamp. This has all this and the liner is in thick pig skin. There are 2 small black areas of staining which I believe to be blood in the liner . One at the back and another at the side which has rotted through a small area of the leather which is characteristic of blood, Decal is good. Owners name " Hans " painted in Gothic script to the rear of the apron. Liner has the correct blue ink stamp , ( size ) 57. Original full length chin strap with steel buckle. This a bit frail but original the helmet. Pins are tight and have never been removed. Good " Been There " helmet. V.G.C.
WW2 - ITALIAN FASCIST CAP INSIGNIA - F G C Nice removed from uniform bullion insignia to an officer in the F.G.C. ( Genoa ). Came with some items of insignia. Good " Been There " condition.
WW2 - ITALIAN FASCIST YOUTH MOVEMENT OFFICERS - FGC - BULLION INSIGNIA 2 matching pieces of bullion insignia. Uniform removed . Facist axe and within the centre the initials " F G C ". Some light service wear. Scarce v.g.c.
WW2 - KINGS OWN CAP BADGE Good "Been There" example. Toned. The soldier had period added a ring to the bottom of the slider, reason unknown but a nice interesting variation. Some polishing to high points. See my sales for more items to the same man. V.G.C.
WW2 - LOTHIAN & BORDERS HORSE BRASS CAP BADGE - SLIDER Nice die struck example. Old polish residue. No rubbing or damage. Slider fitting to rear. V.G.C.
WW2 - MINISTRY OF PENSIONS - KINGS BADGE - BOXED Instituted in November 1941. The badge was issued to all those invalided out of the services through pensionable war injury. Made of nickrl silver and in it's issue card box. V.G.C.
WW2 - PRINTED R.A.M.C. SHOULDER TITLE Scarce WW2 printed title. Unissued condition. V.G.C. Scarce
WW2 - RAMC - ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS - SENIOR NCO\'S SLEEVE BADGE Scarce badge in near mint condition. Embroidered red on white with bullion wire outer ring. Black background. Black backing cloth. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW2 - RECCE CORPS. CAP BADGE Good brass example. Well detailed. Old polish residue to back. V.G.C.
WW2 - RED CROSS HAT BADGE British Red Cross Society hat badge . A good circa 1940's other ranks hat badge, red cross shield within a gilt circular title "British Red Cross Society" above tri-part Latin scroll "Inter Arma Caritas" (In War, Charity). Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, perfect enamel, an excellent example. Height 35mm.
WW2 - ROYAL CORPS OF SIGNALS PRINTED SHOULDER TITLE. Second World War printed shoulder title. Removed from uniform. Great condition. Printed titles from WW2 are scarce. V.G.C.
WW2 - SCOTTISH CADETS LAPEL BADGE Rare piece, Scottish cadets lapel badge in die struck w/m . Brass button hole fixing. Uncleaned with nice age patina. V.G.C.
WW2 - US AIRFORCE CAP BADGE Worn on the O/R'S peaked Service cap. This type of cap badge was introduced in late 1937. Eagle device on a domed gilded disk. Two rear screw discs present. WW2 original from a wartime schoolboys badge collection. V.G.C.
WW2 / 1960\'S - CAMOUFLAGE FACE VEIL / SCRIM / SCARF - PARAS Scarce camo scrim as used by the paras. Introduced in 1942 but these camo ones were also issued in limited numbers again in the Northern Ireland period although most were still green. Bright colours. Green/ brown. 97 x 93 cm approximately. No markings, there never are on these. V.G.C.
WW2 / INTER WAR. ROYAL ARMY SERVICE CORPS - SENIOR OFFICERS CAP Nice early cap straight from the family home and in the WW1 / Inter War style. Dark blue melton body. 3 moth nips to top and one to red piping , ( see pics ). Shellac finish to leather peak with broad bullion wire rank bar, this with some green paint splatter. Green leather underside to peak. Beautiful officers pre 1946 wartime badge set with red and blue enamel which unusually, has no damage. This is likely a Gaunt example but I am not taking it off to find out for certain. The badge on it's own is £45 plus so effectively you're getting the cap for £20 !!! I know, I must be mad ! Gilded kings Crown GR strap buttons. Came with no chin strap. Quilted crown with good sweatband , this embossed with " Real Russia Finish ". Approx size 55. Rare cap. V.G.C. overall
WW2 1945 DTD. BRITISH TURTLE HELMET Both liner and helmet shell are 1945 dated. Black period overpaint to the outside. Inside retains the flat brown paint it was issued with. Liner good. Chin strap has lost some of it's elasticity. Most were not dated so this is a boon to any collection. V.G.C.
WW2 3RD REICH SOCIAL WELFARE MEDAL A very good early example of the Social Welfare Medal. Usually the finish has gone because of the zinc used in producing but this one is excellent. Complete with its red and white original ribbon. Uncleaned , as found.No rubbing or damage.
WW2 7TH HUSSARS SHOULDER TITLE PAIR Embroidered matched pair in near mint condition. From Scottish vets estate. Nice to get a pair . Scarce. V.G.C.
WW2 7th/9th ROYAL SCOTS COMPLETE UNIFORM AND MORE - ATTRIBUTED Amazing find straight from the family. Comprising, 1945 dtd. tunic c/w Sgt stripes, "R.S." embroidered shoulder boards, South East Asia Command shoulder titles and formation signs. His WW2 insignia combinations of embroidered "MOUNTAIN" and Saltire, tartan flash and brigade stripes also present. Battledress trousers in a large size. Tam O Shanter with original tartan patch and badge, this in very nice battle worn condition. WW2 glengarry with cap badge, His wartime medals mounted for wear these c/w with their original box named to him , also, 3 post war awarded medals for service in N.W. Europe,.Printed ROYAL SCOTS WW2 titles. 1940 dtd. map case with wartime maps of S.E.Asia and named to him. Kit bag with his name and still with it's original lock. There is also a large album with newspaper clippings from the period. Among the many clippings are photographs of the soldier wearing this very uniform with the 52nd Mountain combination clearly shown on the sleeve. There is also a large photo of him as an old man wearing the uniform at a Regimental Reunion. It is very rare these days to find such a complete group to one man . All items without moth or damage. Name of soldier to buyer.
WW2 ANTI GAS BABY PROTECTION HELMET C/W BOX & INSTRUCTION OK, we\'ve all seen these baby helmet / gas masks for sale but this is the 1st time I\'ve had one with the original issue box and instruction booklet. Helmet is near mint and nicely marked and dated on all components. The card box is tatty but again marked up and the booklet is good. All from a friends parents house in Liverpool and this and other items from the family home all fresh to the market. Rare.
WW2 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS CANADA SHOULDER PATCH Scarce embroidered shoulder title. Rough linen backing. No moth. V.G.C.
WW2 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS PLASTIC ECONOMY BADGE Good example of this scarce WW2 plastic economy issue cap badge. No distortion or flaking . Blades good. V.G.C.
WW2 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS PLASTIC ECONOMY CAP BADGE Nice example with no distortion or flaking. No discolouration. Blades good. Tip still present. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
WW2 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS 1938 GLASGOW SILVER H/M PAGRI BADGE Beautiful and rare. For wear on sun helmet or slouch hat. Glasgow silver hallmarks for 1938 . Maker details look like " P.H. " which would be Peter Henderson. Correct pin and hook for the period. V.G.C.
WW2 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS TROPICAL TUNIC Very nice condition Scottish officers cut away front khaki drill tunic as worn in North Africa and Italy. No markings but came in with a WW2 group of items from the vets home. Great condition and is still pressed nicely. Please Note, sale is for the Tunic Only !! Glengarry and Belt are for display purposes. Medium size. There\'s been pips and possibly a shoulder title to the epaulettes. Full complement of Anderson of Edinburgh marked brass tunic buttons. Scarce A Steal at this price !! V.G.C.
WW2 ARMY RESERVE ECONOMY PLASTIC BADGE - STANLEY WALSALL Nice WW2 plastic economy example. Maker mkd. for stanley of Walsall. Good blades. V.G.C.
WW2 ATS CAP BADGE Good example. Slider. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW2 ATS OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR PAIR - MAKER MKD. Mint condition bronze matched collar pair. Cast. Gaunt London Maker mkd. to rear.
WW2 AYRSHIRE YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Nice example in the slightly reddish tone often found with these badges. Good detail, die struck. Slider. Old polish residue. V.G.C.
WW2 BLACK WATCH BW SHOULDER SLIDE Rare slip on shoulder slide. Khaki wool with cotton backing and slide. No moth or damage. A 2nd matching one from the same estate along with other related items are in my other sales. Name of soldier to buyer. V.G.C.
WW2 BLACK WATCH COMBINATION WITH PHOTO & DOG TAG Good original attributed lot to a Black Watch soldier with the 51st Highland Division in WW2. Sleeve combination comprising printed \" HD \", 3 red Brigade Stripes, Black Watch tartan patch in shape of the cap badge. Uniform removed. C/w superb tinted period photo of the soldier in uniform with the insignia on his Battledress. His fibre dog tags. Name and details of soldier to buyer. More items of his are in my other sales. One Look original grouping. Rare. V.G.C.
WW2 BLACK WATCH HIGHLAND DIVISION BATTLEDRESS SLEEVE COMBINATION Battledress sleeve combination to the a Black Watch soldier with the 51st Highland Division. Removed from uniform example. Now rare. Attributed and soldiers name will be supplied to buyer. Printed HD patch with 3 red Brigade stripes and tartan patch in the shape of the Black Watch cap badge. Slight service wear. 100% original. V.G.C. See my other sales for more items from the same estate.
WW2 BRASS & ENAMEL TANK LAPEL BADGE Nice original lapel badge for the RTR. Button hole fixing.
WW2 BRITISH ISSUE TROPICAL SHORTS Good pair of shorts with double straps. Ink stampings Belonged to an officer who saw service in the Western Desert and the Italian campaign. ( Name to buyer ). Scarce. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH TAN / BLACK CAMO S.A. MADE TOMMY HELMET Cracking rough sand, tan/ black camo helmet. 3 holes to the rear as found on South African made helmets as issued to the British army in North Africa. Fitted with FFL (Fisher. Foil. Ltd), 1945 dtd.liner.This a bit dry suggesting hot climate use . Most likely this is from the Italian campaign . Good condition chinstrap. Very striking original camo. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH - 1939 DTD TOMMY HELMET - BLUE BAND Combat helmet in drab brown/ khaki paint. Broad blue band running around the circumference of the helmet with a white stencilled \" 18 \" to front. Super condition and not a helmet I\'ve come across before, if anyone knows, can you enlighten me. 1939 dtd. Liner and chin strap good. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH - SOUTHERN COMMAND FORMATION SIGN - REME - REMOVED FROM UNIFORM Higher quality than the normal embroidered example. Reme, ( Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers ) Southern Command. Uniform removed. One of the scarcer Southern command badges. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH “M” TOMMY HELMET ( MESSENGER ) SGT. ? I\'m presuming this is motorcycle Messenger. If anyone knows different , please enlighten me as I can\'t find that particular designation in my books or online. Rare piece. Large \" M \" and three chevrons to front. The insignia is commensurate and all original to it. Black painted shell. Good liner and chin strap. 1938 date to liner strap. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH 1941 GAS MASK & HAVERSACK Nice set both with 1941 date. Haversack is the economy model that was introduced that year. No perishing to rubber and both came together so I assume have always been a set. U.K. buyer will be due a partial refund on postage for this item. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH 1944 DATED SAM BROWNE LEATHER POUCH One of the more unusual pieces of Sam Browne equipment .Large stout leather pouch measuring 8 and a half inches by 6 and a quarter. In near mint condition.Faint maker mark, WD arrow and 1944 date. Brass stud. Rare
WW2 BRITISH 6TH ARMOUR DIVISION FORMATION PATCHES PAIR - ATTRIBUTED Nice matched pair of 6th Armoured Div. formation patches. White embroidered on black wool backing. Belonged to former Recce Corps officer who served in North Africa and Italy. Name to buyer. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH 8TH INFANTRY DIVISION FORMATION SIGNS - PAIR - REMOVED FROM UNIFORM A pre-war regular division on Palestine Internal Security duries, but was disbanded there on 28 February 1940.Use was continued till after D Day. Our soldier was a Normandy vet and his name will be given to the buyer. Nice matched pair of printed formation signs. Removed from uniform. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH 9TH H.L.I. - OFFICERS TOMMY HELMET Stunning " Been There " helmet. Rare decal / transfer only found on officers examples circa 1939. Helmet finished in a heavy In Theatre applied sand camo. Decal is good. Inside would suggest the helmet has been worn in a hot climate with the oil cloth finish sweated/ worn off. Doubt you will see another of these ever ! V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH A.F.S. (AUXILIARY FIRE SERVICE) HELMET- 1939 DTD Rare early war helmet. At the start of WW2 helmets were red painted however as the fear of being seen from the air by German planes was a concern they were subsequently painted in dark colours so this is a rare survivor. 1939 dtd. One chin strap spring a/f and fair liner. One that did\'nt sit out the Blitz.
WW2 BRITISH AIRBORNE PARA HELMET - 1944 BMB Large size example in great condition. Shell retaining most of it's rough finish. Very good interior and stamped "BMB 1944". Unusually this one has the leather straps which is uncommon in a later helmet however these are original to the helmet. Complete with it's brown camo net. Painted " S " to side. V.G.C. Lovely
WW2 BRITISH ARMY TRADE PATCHES 4 original WW2 trade patches. Uniform removed . V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH ARMY GAITERS Good condition set of gaiters from the house in Liverpool I got a number of items from. The date is faint but would appear to be 1940. W.D. arrow. In unworn un blancoed condition. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH ARMY OFFICERS TIE - ATTRIBUTED Nice officers tie which belonged to a Captain in the H.L.I. ( name to buyer ). Good condition and of the period as he only served in WW2 in North Africa, Italy and Germany. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH BACK PACK From the estate of a WW2 , HLI officer. Standard back pack with straps. No markings. Name of soldier to buyer. V.G.C. Approx. 33x34 cm
WW2 BRITISH BATTLE DRESS TUNIC - 1945 DATED Very nice condition 1940 Pattern unbadged South African made British Battle Dress tunic. Good size, see label. No moth or damage. S.A. made examples were worn by British forces and are sought after. Low price for quick flip. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH CRUISE VISOR HELMET - RARE The rarest of all WW2 British helmets produced for use primarily for bomb disposal teams and armoured car crews. There were 5,000 helmets produced in this configuration with the pull down armoured visor. Good overall " As Found " condition, untouched and totally original. My first one since 1985 and it's unlikely I'll find another. Named to inner apron and correct 1940 date. I believe there was only one production run of these helmets so all should be dtd. 1940. Steel Helmet Visors Seventy-five per cent of all blindness suffered by soldiers during the Great War was due not to eye disease but to injuries caused by shell, bomb and grenade explosions. The great majority of these injuries were the result of fragments of metal which penetrated no deeper than the eye itself and which, had they struck elsewhere on the body, would have caused only trivial harm. The question of some form of eye protection designed to reduce the incidence of eye injury and blindness was therefore raised immediately on the outbreak of the Second World War by Sir Richard Cruise, an eminent opthalmic surgeon. Captain Cruise, as he then was, had in 1917 designed a form of chain visor which could be attached to the rim of the British Mark 1 steel helmet. Although it was intended to help reduce or prevent injuries to the eyes, in practice it proved to be unpopular with the troops. A modified and improved version was developed in 1918 but this, too, failed to find acceptance and eventually it was withdrawn. In 1939 samples of a further modified 'Cruise' visor were sent over to the British Expeditionary Force in France. This version was so designed that when not in use it could lie under the rim of the steel helmet. However, the reports of its use in the BEF were so inconclusive that 5,000 visors were manufactured to allow for a large scale trial to take place; unfortunately, military events overtook their production, and before they could be despatched Dunkirk had fallen to the Germans and the survivors from the BEF were back in Britain. Trials were carried out instead by troops of the Home Forces in the autumn of 1940, but reports submitted by the troops trying out the Cruise visor and the advice of the Medical Research Council were against the adoption of any form of metal visor. It was found that rain made it difficult for the wearer to see through the visor, and the drops of water could not be shaken off easily. Stereo-scopic vision was impaired, the wearer's field of vision was reduced, and his ability to see in the dark whilst wearing the visor was markedly affected. In the light of these adverse reports the Army Council decided against any form of protective visor being adopted, and although work on Perspex visors was being undertaken no satisfactory type was developed , and in 1941 on the advise of the Medical Research Council, the whole matter was dropped.
WW2 BRITISH FIELD DRESSING 1940 DTD. Nice un opened dressing and still with some of the original cellophane wrapping. Nice clear instructions and maker " Johnson & Johnson " and 1940 date. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH FORMATION / UNIT STRIPS - FREE FRENCH 3 colour combination. Red/white/blue French colours.Not used by any British units. As per British Brigade strips but with the unique colours for Free French fighting in British uniform. Removed from tunic. Rare Rare Genuine !! V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH FOUR MEDAL RIBBON BAR Nice pin back WW2 vets ribbon bar. Comprises 39/45 and Italy Campaign stars and War and Defence medals. Name of reipient to buyer. From Scots vets estate. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH GENERAL SERVICE KHAKI PLASTIC TUNIC BUTTONS FOR DENIM TUNIC X 10 10 GS Kings Cown buttons for the " Denims " tunic. Hard plastic or bakelite with brass ring fixings. Extremely hard to come by. Mint unissued condition
WW2 BRITISH HOME FRONT \"W\" WARDENS HELMET Good example with large W both back and front. 1940 dated helmet & liner. Good liner and chin strap. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH HOME FRONT A.R.P. HOME FIRST AID BOX WITH CONTENTS Nice example retaining most of it's original black painted finish. C/w wartime dtd. part contents. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH HOME FRONT TOMMY HELMET - FIRE GUARD OFFICER 1939 dtd. helmet. White painted shell with 2 thin black bands and "F.G." to front. Black painted interior. Good liner and chin strap. "R.O. & Co" and 1939 date. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH HOME FRONT TOMMY HELMET - RARE VARIANT A real rare variant just sourced with other wartime items from a house in Liverpool. B Grade helmet as issued to Home Guard as they were not deemed fit for Front Line service. Unusually this one only has the 3 holes on one side of the apron not both. The normally fibre straps of the liner and the liner band are made of compressed paper, this I\'ve never encountered before. Chin strap again, a variant I have never seen. Buckle type fixings at the strap clips, broader than usual width webbing and still with springs. JSS maker. Good one for the Tommy / Home Front collector. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH JACK KNIFE - 1943 DATED Good example by scarcer maker G. Ibberson & Co. Sheffield. 1943 date and their violin ? logo and W.D. arrow. No springing. Parts retain their bright finish. Blade with a couple of dings . V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH LEATHER FLARE PISTOL HOLSTER Sam Browne flare pistol holster in stout brown leather. Great condition. Belt loop plus brass fixing, the latter with 2 brown leather loops. Officer served with the E.F.I. and is one of a number of attributed to him , items I'm listing. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH OFFICERS SHIRT - ATTRIBUTED This style of officer\'s shirt was worn in the Great War and remained in service through WW2. Two tone with lighter colour collar band. Designed to be worn with a detachable collar, I will supply one of his with the sale. The inside of the neckband features the War Department broad crows foot arrow mar as well as the manufacturer details and the soldiers initials. ( Name to buyer ). This shirt is made from a soft linen cotton mix which was a popular choice for British officers during the war. Some mothing to the front, see pics. Priced with that in mind. Normally sell for £135 plus.
WW2 BRITISH OFFICERS PUTTEES - FAR EAST / TROPICAL Nice pair of FOX made puttees for wear with shorts and green hose . THe soldier who owned these served in Burma and India. Nice cloth name label to both puttees. Fox. maker label to both. Matched pair. Rare
WW2 BRITISH PARA / AIRBORNE CAP BADGE One look original of this now scarce badge. W/m. Lugs. Nice toning. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH PARA RELATED - ROYAL ULSTER RIFLES INSIGNIA SET - ATTRIBUTED This one out the house a few years ago. 3 part set of sleeve insignia. Name of the officer to the buyer. Excellent, Removed from Uniform condition and has the rare straight Airborne printed title
WW2 BRITISH PROPAGANDA / WAR SAVINGS TANKS POSTER Very rare poster and straight from the house of a former Desert Rat. Near mint condition with bright colours and no tears. Has been folded but no stress to folds. Size approx. 29 by 20 inches. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH SHORTS PT BLUE Rare bit of kit. Well worn and washed out . From the estate of a WW2 HLI officer. Some rust spotting. Waist will fit up to 36” max. Hence low price.
WW2 BRITISH SIGNALS KHAKI SIDE PACK - 1945 DATED WW2 satchel as used by signals units. In unissued condition. Marked to top " Satchel Signals " Inside top with clear maker stencil and 1945 date. Cotton lined. Shoulder strap. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH SOUTH AFRICAN TOMMY HELMET A great " Been There " combat worn example of the South African made Tommy helmet issued in large numbers to the 8th Army. Paint is sun bleached to a slightly lighter shade but be in no doubt, this is the original paint finish. The liner is dry with 2 liner ends a/f. Chinstrap has been soldier modified to make the strap longer. Correct 3 holes at the back apron for attaching a neck apron , Rand liner. Felt top pad has some old moth holes. Almost all the paint finish is present. Still has sand from the Western Desert inside ! Great looking helmet that did'nt sit out the war.
WW2 BRITISH SWEETHEART PENDANT - AIRCRAFT PERSPEX Kings Crown brass General Service type device on aircraft perspex. Brass suspension ring. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH TANKS POSTER From a former Desert Rat's house. Folds into a booklet. 2 sided. Lots of pics on one side of British tanks in action and the other side with a series of techical drawings and pics relating to the Matilda Infantry tank. Large size, approx. 40 by 30 inches. Very rare and in good condition.
WW2 BRITISH WATER BOTTLE & 1942 DTD .CARRIER Good example with nice maker and date stampings inside the web carrier. No moth on the bottle cover. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH WOMENS LAND ARMY (WLA) BADGE Nice condition. Brass and enamel. V.G.C.
WW2 BRITISH WOOLLEN TRIGGER GLOVES WW2 British wool gloves. Unissued condition. Couple of stitching faults . Steal at this price. V.G.C.
WW2 CALGARY HLDRS. TOMMY HELMET WITH REGIMENTAL FLASH Very rare helmet with red / white painted diced square to the left side. Not Argylls as they were always rectangular. The Calgary Hldrs. are however affiliated to the Argylls and adopted their glengarry with the red/ white dice. Their helmets bore the same colours but in a square. I have enclosed a period photo to endorse this. On their arrival in England they were kitted out with British equipment and weapons. Helmet has seen a bit of action but is in good battle worn condition. Pipe-Major Neil Sutherland talks to former Prime Minister and Honourary Colonel R.B Bennett, in England on 12 February 1943. The Pipe Band took their full ceremonial dress with them to the United Kingdom. Officer in greatcoat in centre of photo wears the Second Division patch on his sleeve with a gold wire "C-II" device. Officer at right has a decal on the left side of his helmet, in the pattern of the red and white dicing found on the glengarry.
WW2 CAMERON HIGHLANDERS EDINBURGH 1939 H/M SILVER CAP BADGE Beautiful crip detail officers cap badge to the Cameron Hldrs. Silver marks for Edinburgh 1939 and maker marks " T.E. " , Thomas Ebbutt. Beautiful condition with no rubbing or damage. Silver lugs.
WW2 CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) SHOULDER TITLE Very good blackened brass title. Retains almost all it's blackened finish. Round lugs. V.G.C.
WW2 CIVIL DEFENCE CORPS ENAMEL LAPEL BADGE Nice example. Undamaged enamel. V.G.C.
WW2 DATED BRITISH ENTRENCHING TOOL C/W COVER & SHAFT Good complete example with maker details and wartime date to the shovel head. Corresponding date inside the web cover. Has the wooden shaft. All in good order. V.G.C.
WW2 DATED GERMAN - LUFTWAFFE BELT BUCKLE C/W LEATHER TANG - MAKER MKD. Beautiful un issued . Retains all it\'s blue Luftwaffe finish. Leather tang excellent with makers details and date. Beautiful. V.G.C. The 2nd of two I got from an American vets family from grand dads footlocker. Not cheap but worth pushing the boat out for this primo example.
WW2 DURHAM & NORTH COUNTY DIVISION FORMATION PATCH Scarce patch. Green wool with yellow embroidered sheep shears. To embrace the association of the wool industry of North Riding. Uniform removed. V.G.C.
WW2 FIFE & FORFAR CAP BADGE Nice chromed example. 2 lugs so may be an earlier badge. Very fine detail. V.G.C.
WW2 FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Very nice silvered example. Well defined detail. Slider. Die struck. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW2 FOLDING SAW C/W 1940 DATED LEATHER CARRIER Good example c/w the wooden handles, . Nicely maker mkd and dtd. to the back. Brass end rings maker mkd. and dtd. Handles mismatched and one missing the brass ring , otherwise, V.G.C.
WW2 FORFAR POLICE NATIONAL REGISTRATION IDENTITY CARD Period pic in uniform c/w gas mask bag. Named and 1940 dtd.Stamp. Rare
WW2 GEORGE 6TH UGANDA POLICE BUTTONS (4) Very rare buttons. For wear on bush jacket or similar. Marked Uganda Police and with George 6th cypher. Ostrich to centre. Maker mkd. Grove & sons - Halesowen. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN CANVAS GAITERS Good pair of German wartime green canvas gaiters . Good used condition with no issues. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN - CRAFT WORKERS DAY BADGE - 1934 STUTTGART Very nice day badge with sharp detail. Worker, his wife and child in relief. Retains brass finish and black lettering. v.g.c.
WW2 GERMAN - KRIEGSMARINE - DRL SPORTS BRONZE AWARD BADGE WITH CITATION BOOK Rare Kriegsmarine example of the DRL award with it\'s associated achievement book. Measures 15cm x 21cm in an off-white card cover with an embossed image of the award . The first page is blank. The second page has photograph of the recipient, in his Kreigsmarine sailors uniform. The third page has a printed image of the award along with Munich 1937 stampings. His name and birth date , his affiliated organization and its location, and the level of the award, being bronze, silver or gold. Following pages lists the required qualifications for the award. His achievements are in the back pages and all with Kreigsmarine stamps.The award book has light service wear/use. The award itself is in used condition and absent it\'s pin but I suspect that has been intentionally removed and the award was sewn to the tunic. Kreigsmarine examples are very difficult to come by. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN - WESTFALEN FIRE DEFENCE SERVICE OFFICERS BELT BUCKLE Officers bronze buckle. Raised seeded centre with Hannoverian horse in relief. Retaining most of the original finish. Very well detailed. Knock down price ( usually around £130 ). V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN - 1939 WHW ARMY DAY 1939 RALLY BADGE Nice condition TAG DER WEHRMACHT 1939 brass tinny. Good detail of soldier throwing a stick grenade dressed in fighting order with steel helmet. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN - 25 YEAR VETERANS TYPE 2 GORGET A Type II Veterans Gorget as worn by flag bearers in the DRKB during the Nazi period. Silver-colored back plate with gilded brass flags and banners in relief. Raised central red enamel DRKB emblem with no damage. Complete with its original very well detailed gilded chain. The chain links feature alternate Iron Cross and Swastika emblems, The reverse of is complete with its original black wool backing cloth and 2 metal clips for attaching the chain, one stamped with the manufacturers number “3”. The DRKB, Deutscher Reichskriegerbund (Kyffhäuserbund), (German National Association of Veterans, Kyffhäuser Association), was formed during WWI, and was based on the DKB, Deutscher Kriegerbund (German Veterans Association). V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN - DJV HUNTING LEAGUE MEMBERS STICK PIN Nice stick pin with uncleaned age toning. Knurled pin. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN - DUISBURG WHW 1935-1936 THANKS BADGE Rare, not listed in Reinhard Tieste tinny book. Nice die struck brass badge. Very well detailed. Text translates roughly as "Your thanks, the loyalty to the Fuhrer" 1935. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN - HEER MARKSMANSHIP LANYARD (Heer Schützenschnur). Consisting of a badge attached to a knotted backer and a thick braid with loops for button attachment on either end. The badge constructed of aluminum on a silver bullion aluminum threaded knot with a field grey wool backer. The cord consisting of matching braid; the end of the chord with an embroidered acorn. In better than extremely fine condition. The real deal this one, guaranteed 100%. Forum checked.
WW2 GERMAN - HEER/ARMY LONG SERVICE COURT MOUNTED MEDALS One of a number of Black Watch soldiers bring back items just purchased from his son. Court mounted 12 years & 4 years long service medals. Cornflower blue ribbons. Gold 12 year retaining all it\'s gilded finish and the 4 year is nicely age toned. Both have their small ribbon eagles in gilt and silver . Nice One Look vet bring back. See my sales for more of his items. Soldiers name to buyer only. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN - HITLER THANKS BADGE - WESTFALEN NORTH Good heavy example. Sivered tombak. Good detail. Nicely mkd. on the back, with Ges Gesch and Ludenscheid maker Paulmann & Crone. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN - POTSDAM DAY BADGE - 1936 Scarce . Silvered finish. Weimar type eagle with swastika on top. Large size, 5.2 cm x 3.6 cm. Nice detail. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN - REICHSBAHN STICK PIN Good example retaining it's original finish. Non knurled pin. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN - RLB AIR DEFENCE DONATION BADGE Nice Donation pin, not day badge. Circa 1941 Luftschutz. Fretted centre with aircraft with RLB device below. Text reads, Aviation is Necessary. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN - S.A. HANNOVER 1935 - ALLOY BADGE Nice heavy aluminium . SA Gruppe attributed. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN - SCHELLENBAUM TASSLE Rare piece. Medium sized tassle from the Schellenbaum or " Jingling Johnnie ". For the cross arms. Approx. 6 inches long. Fantastic condition and great quality.
WW2 GERMAN - WEHRFAHIG (ABLE TO FIGHT) BADGE Nice large size Patriotic badge. Bronze finish die struck with silver panel with text in red. Well detailed eagle over a M1935 decalled steel helmet. Ges Gesch mkd. to back. Scarce blades fitting. Large size 4.6 x 5 cm approx. Original blade fixings.
WW2 GERMAN 10 BY 80 FLAK BINOCULARS - EMIL BUSCH Straight out the woodwork from British vets son. D.F.10 by 80 C.X.N.( Emil Busch - Rathenow ) Flak binos. Retaining most of the original black painted finish. Used by German anti-aircraft batteries for spotting aircraft, they have a very wide field of view and the lenses are inclined at 45 degrees for easy viewing. The optics are superb and crystal clear with only a couple of dirt specs.Graticules. The adjustments for eye relief, width and selector for filters from clear (Klar) to Dark (Dunkel) are fully functional and all the filters are present. All spirit levels are in place and fully functional and the perspex has no damage. The padded brow piece fits and locks perfectly and is in very good condition having not perished at all and clearly mkd., D.R.G.M.( Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster = registered design of the German Reich.). Sleepy untouched item, exactly as it was brought back in 1945.
WW2 GERMAN 1934 DIGTEN DAY BADGE - RHINELAND Early 1934 tinnie with nice detail in relief. Pressed tin with brass coloured finish.
WW2 GERMAN 1937 BRAUNSCHWEIG STATE DAY BADGE Die struck brass. Image of the town in relief. Flying eagle to the top. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN 1937 KARLSRUHE DAY BADGE Gilded finish. Die struck. SA type dagger overlaid with eagle then swastika inside an oak leaf border. Almost all gilt remaining. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN 1938 - SA GRUPPE SPORTS CAMP DAY BADGE Nice quality plastic sports competition badge SA attributed. Maker marked for Siper and son Ludenscheid to rear. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN 1938 SA GRUPPE SUDWEST KARLSRUHE DAY BADGE Nice zinc maker mkd. SA Sports competition badge. Sword over swas with laurel surround. Maker coded M9 /7 and Foerster & Barth Pforzheim and also with RZM circle. Rae and good quality. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN 1938 SA SPORTS CAMP DAY BADGE Nice piece retaining all it's original gilded finish. Athlete holding a shield with SA device to centre in relief. Topped by a Political style eagle. Die struck. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN 1939 DTD.SILVER 5 DEUTSCH MARK COIN Rare date 5 Mark silver coin . Mint mark and 1939 date. German Eagle & swastika to obverse. Paul Von Hindenburg head to reverse. Stamped rim “Gemeinnutz geht vor eigennutz”(Public interest goes before self interest). Pure silver . V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN 1939 KASSEL DAY BADGE Great looking day badge . Rearing horse on red painted shield over black painted swas.all in relief. Raied text round the sides." Heimat Und Reich ". V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN 1939 SA GRUPPE WESTMARK SPORTS DAY BADGE Silvered finish over Alloy . E.H.O. maker marked to rear. Scarce V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN 1945 SOLDBUCH & ENTITLEMENT PAPER Well this soldier did\'nt sit out WW2 !! Wehrpass with no entries with accompanying document stating \" Sgt Hannes Filgis lost his soldbuch in combat and this document acts as a valid stop gap until his replacement can be issued. It also gives his address AH Strasse - Ottobeuren ( Stuttgart ) Filgis\'s medal entitlement is as follows, War Service Cross with swords, Black Wound Badge, Tank Assault badge, Russian Front medal, 1st Class War Service Cross with swords, Austrian and Sudenentland medals. Signed off by his Company Commander. Nice combat Infantry NCO\'s document. Soldbuch in mint condition.Document also very good. From Hermann Historica in the 1980\'s. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN 1ST MAY 1939 DAY BADGE Good original alloy day badge. Paderborn maker. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN 1ST PATTERN ARMY MARKSMANSHIP LANYARD Excellent example. As there a good fakes out there I Forum posted this one just to make sure and it got the thumbs up. Braided bullion wire. Solid shield with Heer eagle in relief. All finish remaining. Both the small piece of field grey on the rear as well as the cotton backing cloth present. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN 25 YEAR LONG SERVICE BOXED - W & L - VET BRING BACK Another of a group of items recently purchased from the family of a Scottish soldier ( Name & Regiment etc. to buyer ). Silver Treudienst Ehrenzeichen 25 in good condition with box. Maker marked box by Wächtler & Lange, Mittweida with a silver \" 25 \" to lid. Medal mint, box with some slight damage to lid. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN 25 YEARS FAITHFUL SERVICE BOXED AWARD Super example with it's great condition original box. For 25 years service to the Fatherland. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN 25 YEARS FAITHFUL SERVICE SILVER AWARD - BOXED Top example of the 25 year Civil Award. Usually the boxes on these tend to be tatty whereas this one is top shelf and has the makers label. The award itself is as nice as they come !
WW2 GERMAN 40 YEAR LONG SERVICE BOXED AWARD - DESCHLER - VET BRING BACK Scottish vet bring back and recently purchased from his son, ( name & Regiment to buyer ). German 40 year faithful service cross in box of issue . Medal retains its lovely gold finish and the enamel is undamaged. Good condition box. Box is stamped with the makers name of Deschler and Sohn of München and has a \" 40 \" within a wreath in gold to the lid. V.GC. and good to get an attributed example.
WW2 GERMAN AFRIKA KORPS CUFF TITLE Near mint example of the Afrika with Palms awarded for minimum 6 months service in North Afrika. Full length uncut. Correct soft doe skin type material made from camel hair.. One tiny pin hole where the American vet who brought it back had it pinned to a board. Colours are good. As nice as they come.
WW2 GERMAN ARMY GENERAL ASSAULT BADGE Mid to late war zinc example with the remains of the silver finish. Good detail. Original ball hinge and hook arrangement. American vets bring back and straight out the footlocker. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN ARMY M40 SD HELMET - EF 64 Super M40 combat helmet. Almost all field grey finish present. Army eagle decal to 90%. Some toned Docolux lacquer present which ages to gold . Good supple combat worn liner with sweat staining mainly in the brow area. "56 "(size) to one tongue. Tongue ends good apart from one has the end missing. E.F 64 in Gothic script and lot no. 5012. Zinc band with sheepskin leather. The helmet configuration ties in exactly with the Ice book on helmet codes confirming no alterations and as it left the factory. No chin strap. Nice " Been there " helmet . V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN ARMY M40 SINGLE DECAL HELMET - NS Straight out the weeds and never been on the market. All complete NS 62. Field grey shell. Good decal. Good liner c/w it's original draw string. Slightly mis shapen where it's been on a helmet stand. It will bend back into shape easily if sat on a mannequin head. Full length maker mkd. steel buckle chin strap. Early smooth paint to inside apron. As found and straight from an American vets family. Good " Been There " combat vet.
WW2 GERMAN ARMY MARKSMANS LANYARD - 1ST PATTERN Nice original with the 1st Pattern shield. Condition is really good with no fraying to the bullion wire. Well detailed shield. Forum checked. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN ARMY OFFICERS LATE WAR BREAST EAGLE Constructed of aluminum silver wire embroidery on an embroidered green rayon background. Measures, 110 mm x 43 mm. Well constructed and the bullion wire and colours are very bright. Backing cloth has old moth damage although the eagle is in unissued condition. This was 0ne of two that came with a WW2 British uniform and was obviously the soldiers Booty/ bring backs. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN BLACK WOUND BADGE Early gloss black painted over brass version. Nice detail and retains almost all of it\'s original finish. Very good example V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN BLACK WOUND BADGE - DAK - TAN PAINTED FINISH Direct vet bring back . This has originally been a black wound badge going by the back. Has a tan camo, Italy/Afrika paint applied to the face. Sides have the brass base metal finish and the back has evidence of the original black painted finish. Rare. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN BLOCKADE RUNNER BADGE BY FOERSTER & BARTH Good early example in plated zinc. Forum approved and although non maker mkd. is confirmed as being by Förster & Barth. Theirs were never maker mkd. but are recognisable by the hardware used. V.G.C. The Blockade Runner Badge was instituted on April 1, 1941. It was awarded to sailors of merchant ships who successfully brought their vessels through enemy blockades and into a friendly port
WW2 GERMAN DESTROYER BADGE - JFS Good example with a fair percentage of mercury gilding present. Maker mkd. Uniform top hook still present. Good detail. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN DRK ( DEUTSCH RED CROSS ) HEWER C/W FROG One Look original. Super example with no issues. Chequered front grip with smooth back grip. Early mounts, front one with DRK eagle in relief. Good blade with Ges Geschutz under the rear lozenge. Clean blade with good saw back and screwdriver tip. Scabbard with no dents, all screws and almost all original finish. Nickel mounts. Leather frog with 1938 date and maker details for Paul Klopfer Berlin. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN DRL SPORTS AWARD STICK PIN Nice original DRL stick pin. Knurled shaft. Uncleaned. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN DRL SPORTS BADGE BRONZE AWARD -DENAZIFIED When worn post war all awards had to be de Naziified. Swas erased. Good wartime example otherwise and maker mkd. for Wernstein of Jena also DRGM mkd. Priced accordingly. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN GAS MASK & TIN - 1942 Nice One Look original set. Mask is 1941 dtd. to canister top as well as having correct ink Waffenampt stamp and maker \" F E \" & \" F E 37 R . Good supple rubber face, no cracking or perishing and retains the original colour. \" 280 \" to inside face. Lenses with \" BWZ - 6 - 1942 \". Snout with \" BLC - 42 \" and mask number 309 in paint. Also stamped ( size ) 2 . Long strap with owners name in ink and number 309 . Good fluted tin with it\'s long straps and short strap is the web & leather type with 1942 date stamped to the leather. Replacement lenses in lid. Lid with \" EMM - 40 \". Great example. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN GAS MASK WITH TIN Good untouched example. Nice condition 1938 dtd. mask with profuse markings. 1939 dtd. tin. Original paint with white stores number. Lid compartment c/w lenses. 2 web straps. Inner wire piece for keeping the mask in place. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN GENERAL ASSAULT BADGE IN ZINC BY SCHAUERTE & HOHFELD - (RARE) One Look original by Schauerte & Höhfeld. Late war solid uncut zinc example and much rarer than early, hollow tombak examples. Forum posted. Retains a good percentage of finish. Needle pin. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN GOLD WOUND BADGE - WILHELM DEUMER Maker marked L/11 for Wilhelm Deumer, Lüdenscheid to rear.
WW2 GERMAN HANDWORKS 1939 DAY BADGE Made with zinc. Marked "PF3" & "TAG DES DEUTSCHEN HANDWERKS 1939" to rear.
WW2 GERMAN HITLER YOUTH 1939 REICHSPORT WETTKAMPF DAY BADGE Great condition. Made with compressed paper. Stamped to rear.Retaining all original brown finish.
WW2 GERMAN HITLER YOUTH CAP DIAMOND BY ZIMMERMANN Great example. No issues. Marked M1/72 to rear for “Fritz Zimmermann, Stuttgart”. Now scarce. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN HJ OBBERBANNFURHER SHOULDER BOARD Scarce Hitler Youth Obberbann leader's shoulder board c/w paper label to rear. Forum posted. Nice . V.G.C
WW2 GERMAN INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE SILVER AWARD BY JOSEF BERGS & Co. Exceptional example retaining a nice early type silvered finish. Non maker mkd. but identified by WAF members as being made by Josef Bergs & Co.. Forum posted. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN KREIGSMARINE ( NAVY ) HIGH SEAS FLEET BADGE - FRENCH MADE Scarce French made example. Exceptional nice deep detail on this one. Zinc with some mercury gilding left to wreath. Stout pin as found on these ones. Part of a collection of Kreigsmarine bring backs by ex RM Commando, ( name to buyer ). V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN KREIGSMARINE BLOCKADE RUNNER BADGE - SCHWERIN Very good example retaining almost all finish inc. silvering to eagle. Nicely mkd on the back, " Fec Otto Placzek Berlin - Aus. S Schwerin, Berlin ". Coke bottle pin. Not the cheapest but condition wise it's right up there so worth the little bit more if you want above average condition. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN KREIGSMARINE DESTROYER BADGE/AWARD BY JFS Nicely detailed. Retaining approx. 50 % of it\'s gilding to outer wreath. Good percentage of gold gilding to back and still retaining the top uniform hook. JFS mkd. One Look original. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN KREIGSMARINE MINE SWEEPERS AWARD Good honest example . Mercury gilded wreath finish approx 50% present. Water plume retains most finish. Zinc. Needle pin.
WW2 GERMAN KREIGSMARINE OFFICERS BREAST EAGLE Good removed from tunic example. Bullion eagle for officers. Bullion slight dirty through service wear but undamaged. One of a number of Kreigsmarine items brought back by a Scottish Commando bringback. One Looker.
WW2 GERMAN KRIEGSMARINE BLOCKADE RUNNERS AWARD - SCHWERIN / OTTO FEC Blockade Runner Badge by Schwerin, Berlin - In tombac. Both ship and eagle retain retain their blackened and silvered finishes. Nicely maker marked, \"Fec. Otto Placzek Berlin Ausf. Schwerin Berlin\". Top quality , extremely fine condition. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN KRIEGSMARINE DAGGER - EICKHORN Very good example. Good etched blade. Lightning bolt scabbard with no creasing. Good handle with it\'s wire binding. Sharp detail all round. This is a great dagger. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN KRIEGSMARINE DAGGER - LETTER OPENER Vet bring back . Before going further please note, even wartime these never had a swastika. Sometimes produced with fouled anchor motif or like this with a cross on the crossguard. Measures 8 and a half inches overall with 5 and a half inch blade. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN KYFFHAUSER BUND CAP EAGLE MAKER MKD. Near mint . Shaped to cap. 3 pins to reverse. Ges Gesch and "21" (Godet). mkd. to back.
WW2 GERMAN LAND CUSTOMS OFFICIALS VISOR CAP - VET BRING BACK One of the best condition caps I\'ve had. Pristine condition with absolutely no moth. Beautiful saddle shape. Green piped with green sides. Clean interior with makers details, size and pig skin sweat band, this with one tear. Celluloid panel is undamaged. Original to it metal Land Zoll insignia, for whatever reason the eagle was only fitted with 2 of it\'s 3 prongs and is loose . The eagle is the type with upswept wings, unique to the Customs Service Coloured chin cords. Hard to better this one. Black Watch vet bring back and bought from his son with a number of other items. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN LUFTSCHUTZ MEDAL Good example of the 1st type aluminium version. Well detailed. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN LUFTWAFFE GENERALS CAP COCKCADE Extremely rare Luftwaffe Generals metal cap cockade. Couple of small areas of verdigris othwerwise VGC. Rear fixings present. Nicely toned. Rare V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN LUFTWAFFE M40 - VET ART FORMER CHICKEN WIRE HELMET - ATTRIBUTED Super M40 American D Day vet bring back helmet. Helmet is a Quist 62 with lot number DN 137. This code ties in exactly with the helmet configuration in the Ice code book as having left the factory as a single decal Luft with zinc liner band and sheep skin media and dates it's manufacture to 1941. Soldiers name " Haupka " painted to rear apron. Evidence of chicken wire to crown. Good decal with swastika removed . To the front a red & white V ( for Victory ? ) and to the crown in small white painted lettering " Somewhere in France , June 1944 ". A copy of the American servicemans records comes with the sale. V.G.C. Really cool original vet art helmet.
WW2 GERMAN M35 ARMY DAGGER - ALCOSA - VET BRING BACK Another piece in over the counter from the son of a WW2, 4th KOSB veteran. Good untouched dagger. Model 1935 Heer by Alcoso of Solingen Good white trylon handle with no cracks. Undented seeded nickel silver scabbard with nice age toning.Both throat screws present and untampered with. Alcosa silvered zinc alloy Cross guard eagle with some light polishing to the high points. The early Alcoso pommel and ferrule are also very sharply detailed with oak leaves and acorns in relief. Clean blade with sharp point and nice crisp early type etching to the Alcosa trade mark and script. Leather cushion pad present and nice tight fit between dagger and scabbard. One Look original. V.G.C. .
WW2 GERMAN M35 PEA GREEN CAMO HELMET - DAK / SUD FRONT Beauty from my own collection. Pea green all over camo. ET64. Lot no. indistinct. Double banded aluminium liner band with squaure D rings. This is one of the colours used by the DAK but I believe also used in Italy. Double decal army. Both decals evident under the paint. Good liner and with nice stitch on cloth name tag. Original chin strap although broken. One Look original. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN M35 ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET Lovely clean, all complete army single decal M40 helmet. Good decal. Liner and maker mkd and dtd. chin strap. Now difficult to find clean untouched helmets like this. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN M35 DOUBLE DECAL - LUFTWAFFE - HELMET - SZ.68 Huge size ET 68 M35 double decal Luftwaffe combat helmet. Rough thick likely hand applied field grey paint exterior. Lot no. 4373. Good Luft adler and State shield. Double banded liner band with square D rings . Sheepskin leather which is dry with 3 tongue ends absent. Full length maker mkd. chin strap ( Otto Jahn - Berlin present but broken in two places. One Look combat vet, likely Field Division. All original. Good price for a double decal especially in this scarce large size.
WW2 GERMAN M35 DOUBLE DECAL REISSUE LUFTWAFFE HELMET Great looking helmet. Reissue M35 with good eagle decal and State shield present under the matt paint. Smooth blue paint visible . Good early sheepskin liner with size 56 stamp. Original draw string. Double banded aluminium liner band. ET 64. Lot No.3768. Correct block script and this helmet configures exactly with the Rice helmet code book which has it leaving the factory in 1937 as a double decal Luftwaffe ! Full length maker mkd. chin strap with aluminium buckle. Cracking never been tampered with helmet. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN M35 HELMET C/W ORIGINAL CAMO NET- ET 64 Nice original with it's period string net. Matt field grey paint to almost 100%, Nice condition hair oil darkened liner. Full length aluminium buckle maker mkd. chin strap, Looks like " Kampmann " and 1937 dtd.? Helmet net tucked up into the liner band . Few breaks on the outside but good overall.ET 64 , Lot no. 3660. Double banded aluminium liner band , square D rings. Nice early helmet
WW2 GERMAN M35 SAWDUST CAMO HELMET - ET 66 - KHARKOV Original M35 combat helmet with heavy textured sawdust camo. Found in 1985 in the vicinity of Kharkov along with a sniper rifle. Barn found condition. M40 zinc banded type liner, this in same battle worn condition commensurate with the helmet, split in liner band near right D ring.Leather a bit dry and some tongue ends a/f .Service wear and sweat staining. Shell with ET 66 stamping. Lot number not clear. Chinstrap with faint maker marks and interestingly one end is attached using a binocular stud.Aluminium buckle. One helmet pin a/f with one blade broken . Great looking combat vet from one of the most famous battles of the Eastern Front.
WW2 GERMAN M35 WINTER CAMO HELMET- RUSSIAN FRONT - ET64 Now extremely hard to find a genuine Russian front winter camo like this. 20 years ago I was was getting them from Demjansk like this regularly but not now. Bunker found condition so all complete but has the darkened liner and seam stitch rot you usually find with bunker helmets. All over hand brushed white camo. Full length chin strap. Early single banded aluminium liner band.Square D rings. One look original . ET 64 but Lot no. is unclear.
WW2 GERMAN M40 ARMY SD HELMET -EF 64 - DOME STAMP Nice One Look all original helmet. E.F.64 with Lot No. 11423. Configures exactly with the Brian Ice book on helmet codes.See page 702. Size 64 shell , 56 liner. Single decal Heer with good decal. Rough texture field grey paint to almost 100%. Good sheepskin liner with zinc band. Original draw string. Dome stamp. Chin strap ends. Nice to get one that exactly matches the spec as it left the factory. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN M40 ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET- NS 64 - NAMED Nice original combat pick up from American vets footlocker. Good decal with bright silver eagle. Field grey paint.Crown with small round shrapnel dent. Original chin strap present but missing buckle and tip from long end. Good hair oil/sweat darkened liner , this with owners name and possibly unit details scratched into the leather. All tongue ends good and still with it's original draw string. NS 64 and lot no. D 129. This ties in with the Brian Ice book as having left the factory in early 1940 and with zinc band/sheep skin liner which this still has. Also confirms it as having been a single decal Heer. Good "Been There" helmet with no issues and configuring exactly as to how it left the factory.
WW2 GERMAN M40 LUFTWAFFE SD HELMET Q62 - UNISSUED M40 single decal Luftwaffe Q62. Lot number DN156. Condition is near mint with a rough texture blue grey finish. Beautiful decal. Lovely supple sheepskin liner with ( size ) 55 stamp. Zinc band. Configures exactly with the Brian ice book as to how it left the factory in around 1940 . Recorded as rough texture blue grey paint, zinc / sheepskin liner and even has the recorded mis stamped error \" TN156\" in the rear helmet code. Beautiful helmet. One Look original.
WW2 GERMAN M40 SD HEER (ARMY) HELMET - E.F.64 Good One Look, untampered with all original helmet. E.F. 64 . Lot No 203. Configures exactly as it left the factory ( Ice codes book Pg. 687. Rough texture field grey shell. Liner with Zinc band / sheepskin leather. Size 57 lwith all tongue ends intact, nice supple leather and original draw string. Chin strap present but missing a small portion of the tip on the long end. One Look original that has never been messed with Great helmet. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN M42 COMBAT HELMET - ITALIAN CAMPAIGN ZIMMERIT CAMO Great looking "Been There" combat helmet. Rough finish Zimmerit tan & green as used in Italy. Originally this looks like it's been all over tan Southern Front camo then later the green has been added . The inside apron retains the tan colour . Dome stamp to crown. Large size 66 shell, CKL 66 - 5036. Size 58 liner, this a bit dry but all tongue ends complete and has the soldiers name " OLAR" applied in ink. Zinc liner band with some surface rust and all pins with no signs of tampering .No chin strap. Nice untouched example which turned up in Italy a number of years ago from a cellar.
WW2 GERMAN MAP - GRAZ - 1941 DTD. British vet bring back and just in from the grand son with a few other items he brought home. Graz in Austria. Wartime dtd. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN MATCHING COMPASS Classic German bakelite Marching compass of WW2. Excellent condition with no issues and works well. DRP quality control mkd.
WW2 GERMAN MEDAL BAR OF 5 Includes, Luftwaffe long service (swastika removed for wearing post war), Entry in Czecheslovakia with Prague bar. Nice condition .
WW2 GERMAN MINESWEEPER BADGE - R.K. Nice One Look original, completely untouched. Correct long tapered pin to back with " R.K. " When you lift the pin you can see a difference in colour in the shape of the pin which is really nice to find. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN MOTHER CROSS GOLD AWARD WITH ORIGINAL RIBBON Good example with it's gilded finish and no enamel damage. Good proportion of it's original ribbon. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN MOTHERS CROSS BRONZE GRADE Good example in bronze. No chips to the enamel. Original ribbon. Nice uncleaned age toning. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN NAVY KRIEGSMARINE ENGINEER OFFICERS TRADE PATCH Kriegsmarine Engineer Room Specialist Officer’s Career Sleeve Patch. Vet bring back , one of a number of items which were a direct vets family purchase. Removed from uniform. Light service wear. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN NSDAP 1936 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE RETURN OF THE REICHSPARTEITAG WEIMAR BADGE Fine example 1926-1936 “10 Jahre Wiederkehr des Reichsparteitag Weimar” badge in heavy brass. Maker marked “H. Wernstein, Jena” to rear. Large size 4.9 cm diameter.
WW2 GERMAN NSDAP 1938 KREISTAG DAY BAGE Nice pressed NSDAP tinnie. Retaining almost all it’s silver finish.
WW2 GERMAN NSDAP 2 MEDAL RIBBON BAR Rare ribbon bar with both the 10 year and 15 year ribbons and silver and bronze eagle device. Stamped at rear. As nice as they come
WW2 GERMAN NSDAP BADGE - KARL WÜRSTER Scarce maker. Enamel version in good condition. RZM and M1 / 34 (Karl Wurster Markneukirchen) marked to rear. Has the correct rectangular " D.A.P.". No damage. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN PANZER CREWMAN POSTCARD - WILLNER Nice depiction of a Panzer tank driver. WW2 original. Great condition.
WW2 GERMAN POLIZEI GORGET - VET BRINGBACK Good example, uncleaned and straight from vets son a couple of years ago along with other items. Radium still glows in the dark. Backing cloth of the late war type. Great condition and will clean up nicely if desired. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN POSTCARD - HANS DETLEFF Original Willrich postcard featuring Hauptmann Hans Detleff von Cossel. Great condition.
WW2 GERMAN POSTCARD - ROTHENBURG - SCARCE One of the rarer cards in the Willner range. Panzer officer Oberst Rothenburg. Shows him with Panzer collar tabs and KC. Great condition.
WW2 GERMAN PROPAGANDA FILM POSTER / PROGRAMME Original German WW2 propaganda film poster /programme. Wunschkonzert (Request Concert) is a 1940 German drama propaganda film by Eduard von Borsody.1 After\" Die Große Liebe\", it was the most popular film of wartime Germany, reaching the second highest gross. 7 pages in total. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN REICHS BAHN COLLAR BADGE From an officials collar tab . Die struck with nice toning and detail. 4 prongs to back. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN REICHSBAHN RAILWAY COLLAR BADGE Winged railway wheel. Toned . All 4 tang fixings present. Good condition.
WW2 GERMAN RUSSIAN FRONT MEDAL Good early example of the " Frozen Meat " medal. Original ribbon. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN SA 1939 DAY BADGE - MAKER MKD.RZM & CODED Nice SA Day Badge. Storm Trooper and Roman heads in relief. Profusely mkd. on the back. Maker Lauer - Nurnburg and Berlin. RZM mkd. and Manufacturer code M9 / 3. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN SA SPORTS AWARD Very nice pre war tombak example by rare maker . Recipient number . Nicely age toned. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN SINGLE DECAL LARGE ARMY HELMET - NS68 - DN22 Cracking extra large size 68 shell M40 with field grey drab finish.Toned army decal. Liner dry with some tongue ends a/f. Full length original chin strap with aluminium buckle. Double banded aluminium liner band with square D rings so I would presume a early 40 shell using the earlier M35 components. Rice helmet code book confirms this helmet left the factory as a single decal army. Straight out the American vets foot locker and fresh to the market. Scarce is this very large size.
WW2 GERMAN STAHLHELM BUND EDELWEISS BADGE Rare piece and being most likely from an alpine stick due to it\'s curved shape. Very well detailed and has the Stahlhelm Bund helmet atop an edelweiss. Has Munich 1929 so presumably for a rally ? No fixings to the back. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN SWASTIKA STICK PIN Plated Swastika stick pin. Plain short pin. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN U BOAT BADGE - DUEMER One look original but forum posted on WAF just to be sure. Unmarked Duemer. Zinc. This one has been nicely shaped to the uniform so it would'nt catch on things. Great " Been There " example . V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN U BOAT BADGE - GWL Good example by “GWL” . Logo in a circle for Gebruder Wegerhoff, Ludenscheid. Good amount of finish left. Forum posted and all good. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN U BOAT COMMANDERS BINOCULARS - ERNST LEITZ BEH 8 X 60 A very scarce original pair of the Ernst Leitz 'BeH' 8x60 binoculars, which were issued by the Kriegsmarine exclusively to U-Boat commanders! Regarded as superior to the Zeiss model and do not require a screwdriver to adjust the focus. Good Been There" condition. Rubber armour present with typical age related wear . Still has the eyepiece lense caps which are usually absent. Lenses are slightly fogged but no scratches or dirt. BEH mkd to top under rubber armour. Leather neck sling. Circa 1944. All original wartime, no replaced rubber. Very fair price. V.G.C. for age.
WW2 GERMAN VETERANS ASSOCIATION (SOLDATENBUND) BREAST EAGLE A stamped alloy, silver-washed eagle. Wingspan is 95mm. Eagle with a wreathed, mobile swastika in its talons, and a Iron Cross to its breast (with black painted centre), Long crossed swords, left facing eagle.Substantial pin and hook to rear. Streaking on wings as found on originals. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN VISOR CAP COCKADE Metal cap cockade and roundel for the visor cap. D.R.G.M. mkd. Both fixing pins present. Nicely age toned. Early example. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN VISOR CAP COCKADE Marked 16 - GES.GESCH. to rear. One pin absent otherwise in very good condtion. Ges. Gesch and maker mark 16 ( Alois Rettenmaier, Schwabish - Gmund ) Very nice one this . Good detail and construction.
WW2 GERMAN WEHRPASS A lot of entries in this one. Made out to an individual serving with Wehrbezirks Erfurt (Military District Command ). Attempted De Natzifield eagle on the front cover. Condition fair.
WW2 GERMAN WOMENS WORK MEMBERSHIP BADGE Deutsche Frauenwerk membership badge. A subsidiary organisation of the Frauenschaft. Triangular shape with black enamel background. Runic symbol and sun wheel swastika in silver. Nicely mkd to back with
WW2 GLASGOW YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Scarce. Very well detailed. Slider back. Die struck. V.G.C.
WW2 GLENALMOND O.T.C. (OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS) SHOULDER TITLE Nice original brass shoulder title. Real Deal, not one of the many fake titles that has now pervaded the market place.
WW2 GORDON HLDRS. OFFICERS HELMET - ATTRIBUTED Exceedingly rare helmet with silver decal of a Gordons badge. Fine helmet net. Similar helmet featured on page 108 of B.L.Davis book, British Army uniforms and insignia of WW2. Name of the Lt. Col. who owned it to the inside on a cloth embroidered label. I am including his gas mask in the sale with the same label to the haversack. I doubt you will find another of these as they were only used by officers only for a brief period at the start of the war. Excellent condition
WW2 GREEK RESISTANCE PROCLAMATION / PROPAGANDA POSTER PLUS ONE From the estate of a Scottish officer. Original flyers from Greek Resistance reaching out to British soldiers. Good condition and very rare pieces of ephemera. V.G.C.
WW2 H.L.I (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) ECONOMY PLASTIC BADGE Good condition scarce plastic economy badge circa WW2. No distotion. Blades good on the back. Non maker mkd. V.G.C.
WW2 H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) OFFICERS BONNET - ATTRIBUTED Extremely rare bonnet worn exclusively by officers in the Highland Light Infantry. Introduced Inter War it\'s use carried on into WW2. Khaki serge with distinctive short tails to the the back. Khaki rosette in the same shade and material as the tails. Couple of small moth holes to crown . Quilted inside with Anderson of Edinburgh cloth label , this with the owners name and dated . Original to it , officers bi - metal cap badge. Details on the owner to the buyer who served in North Africa, Italy and Greece. He was awarded a Mention In Dispatches during his service. Good size 57 approx. Comes c/w it\'s original purchase receipt from Andersons . This is seldom the case and ties the bonnet 100% to the owner and when he bought it. Fantastic \" Been There \" bonnet that you are unlikely to see for sale again, this being only the 2nd I\'ve encountered in 25 years, the other being sold 17 years ago to the well known Scottish collector , the late Stuart Graham. V.G.C.
WW2 H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) OFFICERS CUT AWAY SERVICE DRESS TUNIC - ATTRIBUTED - M.I.D. Estate fresh.Bought from Serviceman\'s daughter. Beautiful 100% original tunic attributed to an officer in the Highland Light Infantry who served in North Africa, Italy and also Greece. Private purchase tunic by J.C.Smith, Edinburgh & St. Andrews and clearly 1941 dated. C/W HLI officers bronze collars, Regimental officers brass buttons and ribbon bar for Africa, Italy and 39/45 Campaign Stars. This was obviously before he got his Mentioned in Dispatches as his later tropical uniforms had the bronze leaf for a M.I.D. Metal pips for Captains rank. Highland cut away and I have the cloth belt that came with the tunic. No moth or damage. Sizes are in the photo images. Name and details of officer to the buyer only. Copy picture of him wearing the tunic comes with the sale. V.G.C. Please Note. The sale is for the TUNIC ONLY , bonnet and Sam Browne are NOT included but were his and can be sold to the tunic buyer if they want them but at the moment not for sale on their own as I would like to see them go together but as there have been no takers on his complete tropical uniform , regrettably I have to sell his other items singly.
WW2 H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) TROPICAL UNIFORM - NORTH AFRICA / ITALY - ATTRIBUTED North Africa and Italian Campaign vets uniform as worn by him. Estate fresh as the Americans say from the family garage. The soldier was a Captain in the 2nd H.L.I. and his details will go to the buyer . Uniform etc comprises 1 - Medium sized officers Scottish cut tunic with brass regimental buttons.This in lovely \" Been There \" condition. 2 - Khaki drill tropical trousers.Medium size. 3 - Web waist belt, uncleaned with some verdigris. 4 - Officers collarless shirt with 2 collars. Lovely \" Been There \" condition. 5- Early gaiters with leather straps. His initials to the inside. 6 - White sweat rag. 7 - Map of Italy. 8 - Officers Fox puttees. 9 - Officers uniform tie. Now rare to get a One Mans, as worn, grouping like this and not a put together uniform. Please note, - BONNET is now sold and the price has been reduced to reflect that All items in good condition. Buyer gets first refusal on other items from the estate inc, cased compass , cased binos, medals, temperate uniform, greatcoat, shorts, WW2 brogues, packs, paperwork and much more. Important period grouping which is like a time capsule. Priced to sell. V.G.C.
WW2 H.L.I. OFFICERS GREAT COAT - ATTRIBUTED Great looking coat with no moth or damage. Full complement of Brass Regimental buttons. Good size, makers label to inside. Chain hanging strap. Name of soldier to buyer. Straight out the weeds, fresh to the market. Officer quality brushed wool. V.G.C.
WW2 HITLER YOUTH KNIFE - RZM M7/38 - PAUL SEILHEIMER, SOLINGEN - VET BRING BACK One of a number of Black Watch soldiers bring backs. Good One Look example. Marked RZM M7/38.(Paul Seilheimer, Solingen). Good \" Sleeper \" . Scabbard retaining most of it\'s original black painted finish. Nice in nice supple condition inc. the cushion pad. Good grips and correct rocking movement to the diamond. Blade without sharpening ( unlike most ) and good point. Uncleaned as it came to me. V.G.C.
WW2 HOME FRONT GPO HELMET One of the rarest and most sought after Home Front helmets. Early war shiny grey green paint. GPO ( General Post Office ) stencilled to front. Maker mkd. U.S.S. and 1941 dated shell. 3 holes either side of the apron denoting a B Grade helmet. Good liner and chin strap. V.G.C.
WW2 HOME GUARD PRINTED SHOULDER TITLE Good removed from uniform example. Printed. V.G.C.
WW2 IRVIN FLYING JACKET - ALL ORIGINAL - WEARABLE Good late war example of the classic Irvin, never treated with leather cleaner etc. so retains it\'s proper brown chromed finish. All 3 zips are original Lightning ones and are very good, one missing it\'s leather puller. Sheepskin good. Original hanging chain. Unusually , no repairs on this one and no stitching faults I\'ve been wearing it and I reckon , looked after it has a long time in that condition as it\'s one of the most robust jackets I\'ve had. A bit dusty as it\'s straight out the weeds after years in storage but will clean up nice if desired but personally I like that great aged untouched look. Size is, 38\" chest to suit 5\'6\" to 5\' 8\". Sleeve length shoulder to cuff 21 and a half inches. Back shoulder to shoulder 18inches. Length of back 22 inches. V.G.C.
WW2 ISSUE BRITISH BOOT POLISH WITH CONTENTS One of the various makes of black boot polish as issued to British troops in WW2. Has the contents but I have\'nt opened it. Tin has it\'s paint and little rust. Rare. V.G.C.
WW2 K.O.S.B. (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) GLENGARRY Wartime original. Wool diced band with a few small moth nips. Original to it cap badge, this I've left with it's untouched age toning. Lining has had the crown part deliberately torn out by the soldier so possibly used in a hot climate ? Painted "KOSB" and number. inside. No tails or touree but a good 100% original to the KOSB confirmed by the painted letters. Good size 56/57
WW2 KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS TROPICAL SHOULDER SLIDE PAIR Rare pair of tan slides to the KOSB as worn in North Africa and the Italian campaign. Good \" Been There \" combat worn condition . Black embroidered lettering and with a arm of service blue/ yellow applied trim for the RASC so the soldier would have been Service Corps attached to the KOSB making these a very rare set. V.G.C.
WW2 LUFTWAFFE SPORTS VEST EAGLE INSIGNIA Good example. Un cut as issued . For wear on the sports vest. V.G.C.
WW2 M35 ARMY (HEER) APPLE GREEN SINGLE DECAL M35 HELMET- SE 66. Good early helmet in apple green which was originally a double decal. Heer shield very good. State shield removed as per 1940 directive but evidence of it being there. Large percentage of the parade finish smooth apple green paint present. Good sheepskin liner with owners name \" Muller \" applied in ink. All tongue ends present. Reinforced aluminium band with square D Rings. Full length maker mkd and dtd. chin strap. SE 66 and 4497 Lot no. which ties in nicely with the Ice book helmet characteristics on finish, liner components and decals. . Good looking helmet in now scarce pre Field Grey paint. V.G.C.
WW2 NFS SENIOR OFFICERS HELMET - EDINBURGH - C/W MEMBERSHIP CARD & WHISTLE Super rare to find one directly attributed to a Leith ( Edinburgh ) WW2 fire station. Helmet is in excellent condition and nicely named inside. Comes with the officers I.D. card and whistle.
WW2 NORTH HIGHLAND DISTRICT SCOTTISH FORMATION SIGN - ATTRIBUTED Just in from an Argylls family. Soldier was a D Day vet and continued serving into the 1960\'s. Removed from uniform Formation sign . Embroidered. ( Name of soldier to buyer with copy photo and service details ) V.G.C.
WW2 POLICE HELMET - 1940 DTD Good example of the classic WW2 Home Front Police tommy helmet. Dark blue painted shell with stencilled \" POLICE \" to front. Colours still bright not faded. Good liner and chin strap. No rust issues, very clean. Top cross cushion pad detached from inside crown but present. Otherwise, V.G.C.
WW2 POLISH (ARMY IN EXILE - FREE POLISH FORCES) CAP BADGE Nice WW2 example. Both rear prongs present. Nice age toning. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW2 POLISH 2ND CORPS OFFICERS PATCH Sirena ( Maid of Warsaw ) sleeve or breast badge. From the estate of a Recce Corps officer attached to Polish 2nd Corps. MID for actions on Monte Cassino. Name of officer to buyer. Couple of moth nips, removed from uniform. Rare officer example with silver bullion wire. Issued to units attached to 2nd Polish in North Africa and Italy. G.C.
WW2 PRINTED BRITISH HIGHLAND DIVISION - HD - PATCH Removed from uniform. Scarce Highland Div. WW2 printed ( not embroidered ) formation sign . Slightly grubby but as it came to me . Colours still bright. V.G.C.
WW2 QUEEN VICTORIA SCHOOL CAP BADGE Very nice w/m example with Kings Crown. Fine detail. Die struck. No rubbing or damage. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW2 RAAF (ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE) BRONZE BADGE Nice Australian RAAF cap badge. Toned brass. Well detailed. Old polish residue. V.G.C.
WW2 RAF (ROYAL AIR FORCE) SIDE CAP Untouched original. Nice difference between the nape of the cloth under the sides. Toned wartime cap badge and brass buttons. Stampings inside. Approx size 55. No moth or damage ,light service wear. V.G.C.
WW2 RAF AIR GUNNER WING - RARE VERSION Rare variant in the style of the RAAF with more horizontal wing as opposed to upswept. Nicely embroidered. V.G.C.
WW2 RAF BRITISH DITCHING WHISTLE Good example retaining it's original chromed finish. Nicely mkd. to both sides, " A.M. 23/230" and Crown, the opposite side with " 293/14/L1795 " . C/w keyring attachment. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
WW2 RAF CAP BADGE Good example. Nicely shaped to cap. Old polish residue to back. Light rubbing / polishing which for me , along with the shaping makes this a good servicemans piece, preferable to ex stores ones.
WW2 RAF CAR MASCOT - KINGS CROWN Scarce pre 1952 Kings Crown example. Great condition for age with some plating loss but that adds to it\'s character in my opinion.. Latin motto as opposed to RAF. V.G.C.
WW2 RAF GAITERS Scarce RAF blue gaiters. Some service wear in respect of old polish to inside etc. Servicemans number in ink to inside. V.G.C.
WW2 RAF REGIMENT - GOLD SWEETHEART & PHOTO GROUP Nice grouping comprising, Stamped "375" (9ct) bar also with makers stamp holding a beautiful polished wood frame with serviceman in uniform 2 period photos, one looks like in North Africa. Both , In Uniform of the soldier. Price reduced, any less I'd be giving it away especially with a gold hanger. VGC
WW2 RAF SLEEVE INSIGNIA Good embroidered example. Silk or rayon backing . Removed from uniform. V.G.C.
WW2 RAF. DINGHY / DITCHING KIT - FIRST AID BOX Scarce piece carried by bombers in event of ditching. Measures appro,x. 18 x 15 x 8cm. RAF blue painted exterior with hinged lid. To the lid , a Red Cross , AM ( Air Ministry ) and "FIRST AID OUTFIT - AIRCRAFT DINGHY LARGE (4 - 10 MEN) - BOTTOM LEFT BRIGHT FOR HELIOGRAPH PURPOSES ". Retains most of it's original paint and is in better condition than most I see. V.G.C.
WW2 RECONNAISSANCE CORPS BADGE Good One Look , wartime original. Brass. Bit of verdigris that should come off but I never clean items.They go out as they came in. V.G.C.
WW2 RECONNAISSANCE CORPS LARGE BUTTONS SET OF 5 Tunic removed from the same jacket. Brass. Large size for the tunic front. V.G.C.
WW2 RESPIRATOR SPECS C/W ORIGINAL CASE - ATTRIBUTED Nice pair of prescription glasses for use with and without respirator. Issue item not private purchase. Belonged to an Highland Light Infantry officer, details to buyer only. Named case. V.G.C.
WW2 ROYAL AIR FORCE SWEETHEART PENDANT Nice swing pendant in 1920's Art Deco style. All gilding and enamel good. V.G.C.
WW2 ROYAL NAVY PATCHES X 2 Two period patches from a wartime school boys collection. One with anchor and the other is for an officers Steward. V.G.C.
WW2 ROYAL NAVY PETTY OFFICERS CAP INSIGNIA Nice padded example as worn on the peaked cap. V.G.C.
WW2 ROYAL NAVY JACK KNIFE - RODGERS - 1943 DATED Good 1943 dtd. example by Rodgers of Sheffield. Mkd. marlin spike. Uncleaned. Blade good with some darkening but not honed to death. No springing to joints. Owners name to handle. Steel lanyard ring. V.G.C.
WW2 ROYAL NAVY PETTY OFFICERS SLEEVE BADGE Good Removed from Uniform example. KC with crossed anchors below. From a wartime schoolboys badge collection. V.G.C.
WW2 ROYAL NAVY WRITERS BULLION SLEEVE BADGE Good uniform removed example. Gold bullion on black. V.G.C.
WW2 ROYAL SCOTS PLASTIC ECONOMY BADGE - STANLEY - WALSALL Good condition with no distortion or flaking. Good blades and maker mkd. for Stanley of Walsall. V.G.C.
WW2 ROYAL TANK REGIMENT CAP BADGE C/W RARE MAKER MKD. BACKING PLATE Nice badge, shaped for the beret. What makes this one really nice is the engraved brass back plate with Bovington Camp retailer details in black lettering. Rarity. V.G.C.
WW2 RP/E ( REPAIR PARTY / ELECTRICAL ) HOME FRONT HELMET - 1939 DTD Very clean helmet. Scarce brown early shiny finish.This has dulled a bit on the outside. Most helmets like this were recalled and given a drab coating so a rare survivor. Stencilled RP / E. ( Repair Party / Electrical ) Nice condition throughout . 1939 dtd. V.G.C.
WW2 RUR OFFICERS/SNCO'S CAP BADGE - AIR LANDING BTN. Extremely rare badge. Worn only by officers and SNCO'S of the Royal Ulster Rifles. Correctly marked to the back, "Sterling Silver" This came with the sleeve insignia in my other listing. Name of the officer to buyer. Excellent condition.
WW2 RUSSIAN FRONT GERMAN WW2 M35 SNOW CAMO RELIC - DEMJANSK Snow camo winter warfare M35 with good solid shell, liner band and remains of leather liner. Recovered back in the day by Spin from the 290th Infantry Div. positions in the Demjansk Pocket.Outline of army decal to left side. These helmets are all gone now so a good chance to get an attributable Russian Front combat helmet at a good price.
WW2 SCOTTISH - NORTH HIGHLAND COMMAND PRINTED FORMATION SIGNS - PAIR Rare wartime printed titles. Matched, uniform removed pair. Most are embroidered. Printed ties them to WW2. Green/purple back ground with Rampant Lion. Colours are bright. V.G.C.
WW2 SCOTTISH OFFICERS HIGHLAND UNIFORM TROPICAL SOCKS In a light green as worn by Scottish officers with shorts. In this case the officer was H.L.I. ( name to buyer ). Good condition , approx shoe size 8. No holes, moth or damage. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW2 SCOTTISH RED CROSS - WAR WORKERS BADGE - ATTRIBUTED WW2, \"Scottish Branch - British Red Cross Society\" bar brooch, badge\'. Gilded brass with blue enamel surround. \'War Worker\' to centre on white enamel . Maker mkd. to rear, \'Alex Scott Ltd Glasgow\'. Attributed, name to buyer, daughter of a famous Clyde ship builder . Diameter 21mm.Width 36mm. Mint
WW2 SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Nice white metal example. 2 lugs to back. V.G.C.
WW2 SEAFORTH HLDRS. OFFICERS DECALLED TOMMY HELMET These are the rarest of all WW2 helmets. Only worn briefly by officers at the outset of the war. Seaforth Highlanders decal to one side. Super rare.
WW2 SIEBE GORMAN 1939 DTD HOME FRONT, CIVIL DEFENCE / ARP ISSUE GAS MASK This is the finest example I have ever seen ! These are around but usually in fair to poor condition. This one by Siebe Gorman the famous maker of diving equipment and breathing apparatus. the canister has all it\'s gold decals present and is1939 dated.Also has a \" CD \" stamp. Rubber face profusely mkd. with dates, maker, ARP stamp, etc. Dare I say, it\'s like the day it was made and comes with it\'s stout canvas bag of issue, again in top condition and c/w with a makers stamp,shoulder strap, original draw string, metal weight inside and anti dimming tin. The lead weight is seldom still there and I presume was to help the bag keep it\'s shape ? Contained in inside pocket. Also has the owners name and address in ink to the outside . Check out the images. Worth paying a bit extra for. Excellent condition.
WW2 SOUTH AFRICAN AIR FORCE CAP BADGE Nicely age toned bronze colour. Lugs. Old polish residue to back. V.G.C.
WW2 SOUTH AFRICAN Q SERVICES CAP BADGE Nice original . Toned copper finish. Slider. v.g.c.
WW2 TRANSITIONAL BRITISH HELMET WITH SACKING COVER Very rare helmet being a smooth paint 1930\'s Tommy helmet with a WW1 Brodie liner. I\'ve had other examples where the shell has been WW1 and the liner WW2 . Pre war smooth brown paint, this over the top rivet on the exterior of the helmet so marraige done at factory level. Brodie liner has the red Brodie stamp inside and top rubber doughnut although the wool over that is absent. Original to the helmet 4 panel sacking cover, this in nice condition with drawstring drawn tight . All original pre/early war variant. V.G.C.
WW2 UNIFORM REMOVED FORMATION SIGNS ETC Including Anti aircraft command, Gibraltar Garrison, printed Gurkha etc.. All nice originals Vgc some uncleaned as they were found in vets tins etc.
WW2 WESTERN DESERT - BATTLE OF WADI AKARIT -19TH BTY R.A.- CANNON -TRENCH ART Super piece attributed to artillery unit on one side and Wadi Akarit on the other. 1943 Dated \" Wheels \" with artillery buttons. 303 Bullets for the tail. 1942 dtd 50 cal casing for barrel Well made original piece from a very famous battle. V.G.C.
Y - FIFE & FORFAR BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Good example. 3 lugs. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
Y LANARK ( LANARKSHIRE YEO. ) SHOULDER TITLE Nice genuine example. Toned brass. Hex lugs. V.G.C.