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Luftschutz Made of stamped metal with silver and black finish. Marked Luftschutz
SCOTS R S SHOULDER TITLES - PAIR- GAUNT Lovely matched pair and Gaunt London stamped to rear and of the good quality associated with them. Larger size. White metal for Territorials. V.G.C.
19TH P.W.O. HUSSARS CAP BADGE Pre 1902 example. Very nicely struck. Great detail with no rubbing. Uncleaned and nicely toned. V.G.C.
42nd OF FOOT - BLACK WATCH WATCH FOB - WW1 Rare WW1 period sports presentation watch fob. Bronze fob inlaid with red and blue enamel with " 42 " to the centre over crossed rifles and with a scroll to the bottom with THE BLACK WATCH. Kings Crown to top. Named on the back. Strong suspension loop. Excellent condition
92nd OF FOOT ( GORDON HLDRS. ) OFFICERS WAIST BELT PLATE Very good 92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Regiment, Victorian Officer’s waist belt plate circa 1855-81. Rectangular buckle with it's gilt finish remaining. At the top , unmarked silver,“Peninsula” and at the bottom, “Waterloo”. Between the scrolls, resting in a thistle spray, the Sphinx on “Egypt” over milled numerals XCII. Fixed belt loop present, detachable belt loop now absent. The XCII is rivetted on which is correct. The other 4 pieces are removable for cleaning. Unusually this one has a tail up Sphinx. Very nice.
ANGUS - BLACK WATCH - SHOULDER TITLE Very rare early title WW1 or earlier. Brass. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS SUN HELMET Super example of an 1899 pattern Wolseley helmet attributed to an officer in the Argylls. This came with other uniform items straight from the family home. The other items date to the Boer War and are available in my other listings. The helmet could possibly be 1920's /1930's as it has foil inside which was more common on later helmets . Condition is very good for it's age with only some splits to the leather trim out the leading edge. , 8 fold puggaree is good and most of the foil lining is present. Makers details to the leather and red silk sweatband is present but indistinct. Leather chin strap complete but dry. Very nice Bronze officers collar mounted on black cotton with Regimental yellow felt trim to left side. Collar is the "Tail Up" type used during the Victorian period. Superb piece and extremely rare to find something to the Argylls from this period . Great look.
BLACK WATCH WW2 SLEEVE COMBINATION - 48TH S. MIDS. DIV. Very rare WW2 removed from uniform sleeve combination. Black Watch cap badge shaped tartan patch over a wool blue circle with a red embroidered diamond with a blue macaw. Instituted in 1940 after the units return from Dunkirk.
BLACKENED ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND CAP BADGE - CYPRUS Scarce blackened Argylls cap badge ,this one bought from the vet who served with the Argylls during the cyprus emergency.
BOER WAR - SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS WHITE BELT & BUCKLE Rare officers Victorian waistbelt and buckle. Excellent example. Slade Wallace style. Stout white buff leather belt with brass fittings. Large size for the period and will likely do up to 36 inch waist. Heavy silver plated plate with 3 piece silver Officers style Regimental device . Different motto being " TULLOCH ARD " rather than the usual Cuidich Righ. Tulloch Ard on officers' sword belts is a war-cry of the clan. No. 25 to inside and 2 different names. Rare V.G.C.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS 1904 ISSUE SPORRAN BADGE Rare piece. Short lived " Chocolate " badge initially used with the introduction of khaki. Unpopular so were quickly discontinued. This is a well detailed sporran badge for an officer. Retains it's brown over brass finish. V.G.C.
LANARKSHIRE YEOMANRY OFFICERS CAP BADGE Good " Been There " example. Originally with a black/gilt finish. This now only obvious on the back confirming it as an officers example. No rubbing or damage. Finish likely removed in the field so as to not stand out as an officer.
LUFTWAFFE OFFICERS SWORD by PAUL WEYERSBERG Very clean out the woodwork example that would be hard to upgrade. Luftwaffe 1st model Fliegerschwert by Paul Weyersberg & Co. Solingen. Gilt sunwheel swastika to pommel centre, this retaining all it's finish. Three tier cross guard with birds feather type motif with a smaller sun wheel swaz in the centre. The blue leather grip with a double row of wire binding, this with none of the usual dings and wear to the leather. The fittings are the aluminium type to both sword and scabbard. The dark blue leather scabbard showing virtually no wear . The 28.25 inch blade is in excellent condition with nice makers mark to ricasso for Paul Weyersberg & Co. Solingen. Matching blue leather hanger again very good. As nice as they come and fresh to the market.
QUEEN'S BODYGUARD FOR SCOTLAND - COMPANY OF ARCHERS Beautiful officers sash badge. This one retaining it's gilded finish. Undamaged green enamel behind the Motto. QVC. Uncleaned as it's just come in from an old collection. V.G.C.
RAMC PARACHUTE RGT. - 16TH PARA - UNIFORM SET DESERT RESCUE Very important attributed uniform to the leader of one of only 2 teams doing desert rescue in the Middle East. Each item is named to Major J.S. MacDonald Uniform is mint . All badging etc. totoally original. The Army Parachute Medical Team is an example of inter-service' co.:. operation. It is formed by personnel and equipment from 16th Independent Parachute Brigade Group (23rd Parachute Field' Ambulance and 16th Inde- pelldent Parachute' Brigade Group Signal Squadron),
ROYAL SCOTS 1ST & 2ND BTN. HELMET PLATE - 1902 - 1914 Scarce Kings Crown helmet plate. White metal volunteers helmet plate centre. Nice age toning. Will clean up nicely if desired.On the rear the lugs are soldered to the helmet plate. Rare compared to the QVC version. No rubbing or damage and fresh to the market from a very large old collection that's just come in.
SCOTTISH CUTAWAY BOER WAR KD TUNIC - 1900 DATED Superb " Been There " example of this extremely rare tunic. Khaki drill with the classic Boer War bullet loops above the breast pockets. GS buttons.Stand up collar with 4 holes each side , north and south which I believe is for the " I.Y." collar dog letters worn by some units at that time. Nice clear stamping to the inside " W.D. 1900 " with war department arrow. There are a couple of 38 stamps which is the chest size. Also applied in ink is a 5 digit number which is likely the soldiers army number so he may well be researchable. Sergeants strips to right sleeve. Removed from another tunic and loosely hand applied in the field by the looks of it. Good size for the period 38 inch chest and would have fitted a man approx 5' 8 '' inches. Amazing condition for nearly 118 years old and is the Scottish pattern making it even rarer.
SCOTTISH QUEENS OWN HIGHLANDERS PLAID BROOCH Nice brooch to the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders (Cameron & Seaforth). 4 piece construction of Golphic Crown and cypher and silver thistle surround with Sphinx ( Egypt Battle Honour ) and across the centre a tablet with " Alamein " in raised letters on a seeded ground. Original pin and hook. Old poliush residue to the back. Good example with no rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
SILVER / ENAMEL ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. LAPEL BADGE Very nice example with undamaged enamel. Stamped "Silver" to the back. Very attractive. Original pin and catch. V.G.C.
TURKISH FIELD GUN PLATE - MESOPOTAMIA - BRITISH VET WW1 BRING BACK Rare piece. Heavy brass makers plate removed from a Turkish cannon, field gun in Essin , Mesopotamia. Bears the Coat of Arms of the Ottoman Empire. Although brought back from the Great War I believe this to be from a older gun possibly from around the 1860's as the Turkish army were using obsolete artillery, if anyone has any ideas please let me know and I'll update my description. Hand written note attached to the back " Taken by my father ., . , M... from a Turkish gun captured at Essin Mesopotamia ". Straight from the family and fresh to the market. Very well detailed . Details of the officer who brought it back to the buyer. V.G.C. Check shipping cost as this is a heavy piece in solid brass.
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS BADGER HEAD SPORRAN Good early officers Badger Head sporran. Good head with some hair loss/ service wear to nose. Unusually this one has a softer hair to the body which would appear to be some kind of cat ? All original but a rare variant. Red morocco leather back. Brass cantle. Great looking one likely Boer War period.
WW1 52ND LOWLAND SLEEVE BADGE - REMOVED FROM UNIFORM Very good example of this rare badge.Khaki backing cloth with large "L" within the arms of which is an embroidered shield with a thistle over a Saltyre. White backing cloth. Evidence of stitching where it's been uniform removed.
WW2 GERMAN KREIGSMARINE CAP EAGLE Alloy construction national eagle with a fire gilt finish for wear on the Donald Duck cap.Finish complete to almost 100%. The eagle features out-stretched wings and is clutching, a wreathed, canted swastika in it’s talons. Original pin is still attached. V.G.C.
WW2 GERMAN PARATROOPER GRAVITY KNIFE C/W ORIG. LANYARD - SMF Very good example in good working order. Stamped spike and also underside of lever has "616" impressed to it. Nicely etched SMF logo to blade with correct pointed nose as found on originals. Blade very clean with no rust, darrkening or pitting although there is slight sharpening to leading edge. Good clean slab grips with no dings or initials. This one comes with it's original rare cord lanyard, it came with it so I am keeping it with it rather than selling it seperately. All polished finish in good order. Lovely
WW2 OFFICERS BRONZE RECONNAISSANCE CORPS CAP BADGE Good " Been There " one. Old polish residue to back. Officers bronze finish, partially polished off.
( PRE ) WW1 - SLADE WALLACE - LEATHER BAYONET FROG VARIANT Believed to be for a thinner belt issued to some Territorials and also possibly foreign units. Stout leather which has been whitened at some point. For slimmer belt, approx. 1 inch , inch and a quarter. V.G.C.
(QUEENS OWN) CAMERON HIGHLANDERS. - CAR MASCOT/ BUMPER BADGE Very rare item. Circa 1950'S . Car bumper mascot / car badge. Made by Beulah. Cap badge device in relief over Regimental colours. Domed clear glass /acrylic . Chrome good. Looks like it's had light use only. No stone chips or damage. Heavy and substantial, good quality piece. The only one of these I've ever come across to the Camerons. V.G.C.
\"20 R\" ( RESCUE ) BRITISH WW2 HOME FRONT HELMET More unusual helmet with a number as well as unit designation. 1939 dated. Black painted shell. Large stencilled " R " to both back and front and the front has an additional " 20 " above the R. Good liner and chin strap. V.G.C.
\"ON WAR SERVICE - 1914\" LAPEL BADGE - HARCOURTS B/HAM Good example of the War Workers badge in brass and enamel. Confirmed you were working for the war effort and not shirking your duty. Scarce maker Harcourts of Birmingham. V.G.C.
1 / 2 LOTHIAN AND BORDERS HORSE PIPE MAJORS SILVER BADGE Usually these were in nickel silver , this one tests as Sterling quality so likely for P/M or P/Sgt ? Good condition with no rubbing and uncleaned but will come up nicely if desired. Scarce. V.G.C.
1 V R SUTHERLAND WW1 WHITE METAL SHOULDER TITLE One of the rarest around. VGC apart from one of the 3 lugs is missing
10 BY 80 ZEISS WAR SHIP BINOCULARS - FASLANE Extremely rare war ship binoculars taken from a German ship scrapped at Metal Industries Faslane in 1945. These stunning 80º elevation, 10 x 80 Kriegsmarine mkd. binoculars were made by Carl Zeiss Jena. The prototype was developed around 1938, and were considered a Sonderkonstruktion, or special construction, by Zeis. Used in conjunction with the ships guns for targeting aircraft and surface targets. All control knobs , handles etc. original and in good working order. Clear lenses. Retaining their original grey finish which has salt wear indicating the ship did not sit in port during the war. When you consider how few German surface ships were left at the end of the war you can work out the rarity of these optics. Absolute State of the Art at the time. P.O.A.
10TH GURKHAS CAP BADGE Great example in cast nickel silver. Chunky well cast badge.
10TH OF FOOT (LINCOLN REGIMENT) VICTORIAN SMALL BUTTON Nice maker mkd. brass tunic button Rare. V.G.C.
13TH BLACK WATCH ( Mounted Yeomanry ) WW1 TRENCH ART SHELL Not a lot turns up the the 13th Royal Hldrs. so this was a nice find. Very well done piece. Standing out in relief " Villers/Pol, 13th Bn. Black Watch 1919". Shell dated 1917. Very striking looking. V.G.C. 13th (Scottish Horse Yeomanry) Battalion 1 October 1916 : Formed at Abbassia in Egypt from three dismounted Yeomanry Regiments, the 1st and 2nd Scottish Horse and details from the 3rd. Moved to Salonika, arriving 21 October 1916. 21 October 1916 : came under command of 81st Brigade in 27th Division. June 1918 : moved to France. 15 July 1918 : transferred to 149th Brigade in 50th (Northumbrian) Division.
13TH OF FOOT ( SOMERSET ) VICTORIAN O/R\'S BRASS CAP BADGE. Scarce badge in die struck brass .KK 438. Worn circa 1874-1881. North/South loops to the reverse. Old polish residue. VGC.
14TH ARMY MINIATURE MEDAL SET, 14th ARMY FORMATION SIGN & BURMA STAR CAP AND BLAZER BADGES Nice straight from the son grouping of Far East vet items. Miniature medal set comprising 39/45 and Burma campaign stars, War medal and scarce India Service medal and Territorial Efficiency. The India Service medal was awarded to among others British Serviceman who had been resident in India prior to the outbreak of WW2. Nicely mounted. 14th Army embroidered formation badge with a piece of the period airtex shirt to the back. Burma Star 3 lug cap badge and his blazer badge. All in all a nice One Mans grouping. V.G.C.
14TH BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE Nice example with lovely age toning. Clear detail. slider back.
15TH SCOTTISH DIVISION SILK SLEEVE BADGES - HOLLAND MADE Very rare. Nice pair of removed from uniform formation signs.Red Lion Rampant on yellow background on black backing. These were made by a Dutch town liberated by the Allies who had a silk works. I had other insignia made by this town for the 7th Armoured Div. and it's very distinctive.
15th SCOTTISH DIVISION SILK SLEEVE BADGES ( UNCUT PAIR ) - HOLLAND MADE Made by a Dutch town for the liberating Allies. Mint condition and uncut. Mint
16th LANCERS CAP BADGE FIRMIN WW1 Very nice example. Multi piece construction. Maker mkd. " FIRMIN B/HAM" to slider. VGC with nice age toning.
17 / 21ST LANCER BRONZE CAP BADGE Bronze toned cap badge. Slider with “FIRMIN” maker mark. Slider shortened. Very sharp detail. K & K 782. Scarce.
17/21st LANCERS EARLY TUNIC BUTTON Toned brass . Raised detail. Maker mkd for Player Bros. Birmingham. V.G.C.
17TH / 21ST LANCERS CAP BADGE -BRONZE - FIRMIN Scarce bronze finish brass cap badge. K & K 782. Clipped slider. Firmin mkd. Some finish loss due to service wear but quality badge as you expect from Firmin.
17TH OF FOOT - LEICESTER - LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Scarce button from the Victorian era. Numbered and with QVC. Maker mkd. for Stillwell London. V.G.C.
1853 PTN. BRITISH SOCKET BAYONET Good condition, possibly Enfield bayonet. Unmarked. Lovely clean cruciform blade and scabbard with good leather , this still retaining it's original shiny black finish . Brass mounts.17 and a half inch blade.
1858 P ROYAL NAVY CUTLASS BAYONET - 1ST MODEL Rare bayonet in super condition . Bayonet itself is very clean but more so is the original leather and steel scabbard .This with no stitching faults. Top mount numbered 273. Leather part has a cross which I believe is an out of service mark? Good compressed leather handle, pommel mkd. 140. Ricasso marked "A. & E. H." (A. & E. Holler of Solingen Germany), (used 1854 to 1885). Many blades used on British weapons of this period were German made. This is a great piece , unusually still with a good scabbard, this often missing or in very poor condition. 1st pattern with thicker guard and curved blade.
1871 PTN PRUSSIAN GRENADIER PICKLEHAUBE Excellent condition . Stout leather shellaced skull with correct pebbled leather back peak. Correct single cockade with hook on chin scales. Brass fittings.Silk liner with leather sweat band. These in excellent condition for with light service wear.
1878 DTD. FRENCH GRAS BAYONET - MATCHING NOS. Good condition bayonet. Hooked quillion with nos. 99089, the scabbard frog mount etched with the same number. Good clean handle and blade. Scabbard with a couple of small dents. Bayonet does not push fully to the bottom of the scabbard probably due to dirt inside. Good price.
1895 HALLMARKED ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS SILVER BADGE - KIRKWOODS. This is the Rolls Royce of Argyll badges. I showed this to the 1st Btn. Pipe Major many years ago and he thought it was the nicest badge to the Argylls he had ever seen ! Kirkwoods at their best, Edinburgh silver with H/M's for 1895. This one still unusually with it's 4 lugs intact, north and south were normally removed. Kirkwoods tablet to rear. The detail is the simply the best, there's a song in there !! Near Mint
1895 HALLMARKED ARGYLLS BADGE - KIRKWOODS The most attractive A&S.H. officers badge you are likely to come across. Edinburgh silver with h/m for 1895. Classic Kirkwoods with the 4 lugs for that period.Beautiful fretting and detail. This one has been polished but no rubbing to high points. Tail up cat. Not a cheap badge but very beautiful and with that distinctive Kirkwoods design for the late 1800 period.
1899 REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK BAYONET Scarce bayonet made by Remington and also sold to other countries inc. Mexico, Venezuela and France. Condition is very good and nicely mkd. with makers details to fuller. Good supple leather scabbard. Very clean blade with no rust or pitting. Handle good, sprung button working.
18TH HUSSARS - OFFICERS SMALL TUNIC / CAP BUTTONS I believe these to be the strap buttons from a cap. Bi metal. Kings Crown. Both well detailed silver on brass although not an exact pair. Maker mkd on the back. One is Jennens, the other is indistinct. Rare. V.G.C.
18TH HUSSARS - VICTORIAN BRONZE OFFICERS COLLAR BADGE Bi Metal collar. QVC crown. Seperately applied " 18 H " which would appear to be silver. V.G.C.
18TH HUSSARS VICTORIAN OFFICERS COLLAR BADGE 2 piece construction. Victorian crown. Bronze officers. Pre 1901.
1903 DTD. ATHOLL HLDRS.SILVER/ IVORY SKEAN DHU - ROBB OF BALLATER A virtually one off piece and no ivory Issues as it's named and dated on the back " E.R.I - 1903" This is in excellent condition with broad full ivory handle c/w all it's studs. Profusely hall marked to all but the top mount, has " W.R. " "Robb Ballater" and Edinburgh silver marks for 1903.Also mkd. "BLTR" Hand engraved Celtic pattern mounts. There are many collectors of Robb items because of their high quality. They were granted a Royal Warrant in the late 19th century. Good scabbard leather. Blade has a camel motif which was used by Inverness silversmiths so has possibly come from one of them, Ferguson & Mc Bean ? Attributed to the Atholl Highlanders this is an outstanding top end piece, unfortunately with price to match but I suppose as a decent vintage Infantry of the Line example now costing £600/£700, it's a great investment.
1904 CAMERON HIGHLANDERS BRONZE OFFICERS BADGE FOR KHAKI UNIFORM Very rare short lived chocolate coloured badge brought in for use with khaki in 1904. As it proved very unpopular it was quickly done away with. Superb detail. Lovely fretting with nice age toning. v.g.c.
1907 PATTERN - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BAYONET & FROG Enfield made example . A & S.H. to pommel. No pitting to blade. Good wood grips. Sprung button working. Scabbard leather nice and soft. With it's WW2 type webbing frog. Argylls marked examples are rare. V.G.C.
1910 - BLACK WATCH ASSOCIATION LAPEL BADGE - GAUNT Super example of the 1910 introduced wartime type of Black Watch members / ex members lapel badge. Outside oval with " The Black Watch Association " this in blue enamel on brass. The centre is gilded with white enamel. Overlong pin on the back which is correct for the period. No damage. Mkd. on the back for J.R.Gaunt London. V.G.C.
1913 H/M ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS DIRK C/W ORIG. BOX Good example by Brookes of Edinburgh . Edinburgh hallmarks for 1913. All parts are individually stamped. Acid etched Regimental blade. All stones matching and no breaks or damage to the bog oak handle and knife and fork. Scabbard mounts standing in high relief. These with no rubbing or damage. Scabbard leather good.All handle studs present. Spring triggers on knife and fork working well. Comes with it's original Brookes leather covered silk lined case. Part of a collection of Argyll officer items just in from the family home.Name of officer and copy photograph of him in uniform to buyer. On hold for T until 23rd Nov.
1914 DATED ARGYLLS O/R\'s SERVICE DRESS AND GLENGARRY Total sleepers straight from the house of soldiers family ( name to buyer). 1914 dated tunic and also the same date on the glengarry. S.D. tunic in excellent condition with no moth or damage . Tunic insignia comprising Argyll white metal (Territorial) shoulder titles and regimental buttons. Lewis gunners sleeve badge, L/CPL stripes. Long service and overseas chevrons to lower sleeves. Brass wound stripes. Correct cream interior cloth. WD stamped. Medium size. Near mint glengarry with beautiful 3 tier rosette and solid badge with raised centre. Both items as nice as they come.I have done some research and have the mans service records.
1914 DATED WW1 HIGHLAND DOUBLET SCARLET TUNIC Exceptional " Sleeper ". No moth or damage. Full complement of GS brass buttons. White blanket lining. 1914 dtd. white paper label, this being the best and most complete of any tunic I've had. The only insignia it seems to have had is collar badges. V.G.C.
1914 DTD. ARGYLLS GLENGARRY As near mint as you're likely to find. Good size and still with paint stamp for 1914. Full length silk tails. Beautiful 3 tier rosette. No moth or damage. Leather trim A.1. Original to it, solid centre badge. Soldiers name to buyer as this came as part of a complete uniform to a 7th Btn. sergeant
1914 EDINBURGH H/M BLACK WATCH OFFICERS CAP BADGE - H.T. Hallmarked Black Watch badges are rare and this is a beauty. Edinburgh silver hallmarks for 1914. Stamped "H.T. (Henry Tatton ). Silver lugs. Long scrolls. 3 piece with detachable lugged "Jimmy" Uncleaned , as found. Would clean up very nicely if desired. Rare
1914 STAR TRIO PLUS WW2 MEDALS A nice untouched group to William Gott R.F.A. Comprises Mons star and bar., War and Victory pair, Impreial Service medal and WW2 War and Defence medals. All with original ribbons. 14 Star inscribed to Gnr. W.Gott. The pair are awarded to Acting Sgt. Gott. Faithful Service inscribed to William Gott. Nice set to one man and low price. William Gott served with 45th BGDE, R.F.A.
1915 0N WAR SERVICE MUFTI BADGE Good never for sale before example. Maker mkd. " J.A. WYLIE & CO. LONDON". Numbered 34833.and has a U. Uncleaned as found. Cheap
1915 H/M CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) OFFICERS BADGE Good silver badge with Birmingham hallmarks for 1915. Jeweller stamp B & P (Bent & Parker). Nicely detailed. Scarce
1916 ON WAR SERVICE LAPEL BADGE - NUMBERED Very nice example by "WYLIE &CO. LONDON".Numbered to rear 184059. Almost all gilded finish remaining.
1917 DATED WW1 MARCHING COMPASS WITH LEATHER POUCH - Very good example. Both compass and case dated 1917. Compass by " S. Mordan & Co. "Verners Pattern V111.W.D. arrow. Good working condition. Owner’s name W. GAYNE inscribed at the rear. Leather case in great shape. made by " French & Son Ltd. - London "and with WD arrow. V.G.C.
1917 HALLMARKED SILVER SEAFORTHS OFFICERS BADGE Beautiful example with Birmingham hallmarks for 1917 and maker stamped "B & P (Brent and Parker). 3 piece with Golphic crown and "L" cypher, Stags head and CUIDICH RIGH motto. Lovely detail and in excellent condition. Nice heavy one this. Rare
1918 DATED BRITISH WW1 TRENCH CAP A very good example of this scarce cap. Stitched peak. Provision for slider cap badge at the front.Good size 56/57 . Black oil cloth lining with white stam p "MYERS & CO. 7 (size) 1918". Correct thin leather chin strap in VGC with GS brass buttons.Cap cloth good overall with some light moth tracking to crown and a small frayed area at the back under the overhang.( not noticeable). Now very hard to obtain especially is this size.
1918 HALLMARKED SILVER OFFICERS WATCH WITH SHRAPNEL GUARD Officers silver wrist watch in good working order. Hallmarks to inside of rear plate. Nice clear face. C/w German silver shrapnel guard with strong spring action. Original leather strap. Exceptional
1920'S / 30'S ANTI SEMITIC BEER STEIN A very rare German beer stein with strong anti semitic connotations mirroring the view that helped Hitler come to power. This is being sold as a historically important piece and in no way mirrors our beliefs and for the record, the last one I had went to Israel to a big collection there. Approx. size 20.5 cm/8 inches from top to bottom of the stein. 11.2 cm diameter at the bottom. This stein is 100% " One Look "original . The scenes on the stein show pretty very much every negative quality of the Jews, including the saying "Trau keinem Fuchs..." (Trust No Fox...). Some of the scenes depict the following: A German farmer together with three Jews holding documents, as they cheat him out of his land with the saying "Kauft nicht bei Juden" (Don't buy from Jews). A Jew presenting an invoice to a laborer, together with a saying that translates to something like, "The handicraft brings only a small salary while the Jew Cohn cashes in the big profit" A sleeping Aryan (Michel) is laying under a tree while two Jews are robbing him while he sleeps. Another scene is calling to drive the Jews out of Germany to Israel with "Michel" the Aryan showing the Jews the way out of Germany while swinging a club. "Deutsches Haus / Juden haben keinen Zutritt" (German House / No Access For Jews) is written under another scene where the Jews are being forced to leave The retailer of the stein is Joh. Korzilius, a company that is still in business today.The manufacturer was Deumler & Beiden. There are two dates on the stein, 1893 and 1910. 1893 being the year in which the anti-Semitic party had a huge success in the Reichstag election and 1910 was the year in which the "Deutschvoel-kischer Studentenverband" was founded, a very antisemitic right wing party. One of the founders, Wilhelm Kube, was later leader of the Prussian wing of the NSDAP and during the war was in charge of the "Jewish Question" in Weissruthien (Russia). Similar steins were auctioned off at Christie's in New York, Christe's in Amsterdam, Habsburg Feldman in Geneva and Sotheby's in Tel Aviv between 1988 and 2001 for several thousand dollars each. Condition is excellent with no chips, damage or repairs. It comes with a lifelong guarantee of authenticity.
1920\'S ROYAL TANK CORPS OFFICERS OSD CAP BADGE - RIGHT FACING TANK Very rare badge in excellent condition. Retains all it's bronze finish. Both blades to the back very good. Well detailed. Rare right facing tank. V.G.C.
1933 - 4/5TH ROYAL SCOTS - 400 YEARS MEMORIAL BADGE - PIPE BAND Rare piece. 300 year anniversary . Heavy card with Regimental tartan ribbons. Mkd. up on the back " Presented Mr. Young by 4/5th Band ". V.G.C.
1933 H.J. TAG DER JUGEND IN BAYERN DAY BADGE Scarce early Hitler Youth die struck tinny. Retaining all it\'s gilding finish.
1933 INGOLSTADT ÖSTERREICH UNGARISHER PIONEER & TRANSPORTATION TROOPS DAY BADGE Early die struck tinny for Austrian, Hungarian pioneer & transportation troops rally in Ingolstate. Great details. Scarce.
1933 SILVER H/M SGIAN DHU - EBUTTS / ANDERSON Beautiful piece. George the Vth period. Makers stamp for Ebbutts and Anderson Military Tailors retailers tablet. Celtic pattern bog oak handle. Top mount with fluted finial. Good original leather to scabbard. Clean clipped back blade with small area of darkening. No breaks , no issues. Beautiful V.G.C.
1934 TAG DER PFALZ DIGTEN DAY BADGE Early die-struck brass tinny. Good clear detail.
1936 - HESSEN, NASSAU, DARMSTADT - LEATHER Super 1936 Day Badge. Large oval. Details and eagle and swastika embossed into leather. Stitched trim. Excellent condition.
1938 GAUTAG SUD-HANNOVER/BRAUNSCHWEIG DAY BADGE Large size embroidered tinny. Great detail and bright colour. Size 4.7 cm x 3.9 cm.
1939 SA GRUPPE KURPFALZ SPORTS RALLY DAY BADGE Bakelite tinny in sharp details. Code M9/20 & maker marked to rear. No pin to rear.
1939 TAG DES DEUTSCHEN HANDWERKS TINNY Good alloy example of 1939 German craft works day badge. Stamped \"GZ 1 & TAG DES DEUTSCHEN HANDWERKS 1939\" to rear. Nice detail. Scarce.
1940 PATTERN BRITISH BATTLEDRESS TROUSERS - DTD. 1943 Good pair in a smallish size ( see label for details ). Slight moth damage, see pics. Label still attached. All original buttons and fixings.Inside leg measures 26 inches.W.D. stamped and arrow. Straight out the weeds along with the Argylls tunic in my other listings. Back on due to non payment by Marcel van Hoepen from Holland, seller beware.
1940 PATTERN BRITISH BATTLEDRESS TUNIC. Good 1943 dated battledress tunic in good condition with good clear original label with 1943 issue date. Smallish size, probably for a young soldier. No moth or damage. Small price. VGC
1941 DTD. DFC WINNERS RAF PATHFINDERS UNIFORM - NAMED Good group of items to " William Richard Samson" gazetted Nov. 1941. Dundee made uniform in excellent condition for age. Nice tunic with DFC ribbon and Pathfinders badge. Great heavily padded peaked cap with nice "Attitude". Makers details to crown. VGC side cap. Lovely lot .
1942 BRITISH AIRBORNE PARA DENISON SMOCK 1st PATTERN - WAREINGS Rare 1st pattern combat worn Denison smock as worn at Arnhem. This is the sought after WAREINGS made one. Large size ( See Label). Good original working half zip by LIGHTNING and still with it's original long cloth puller. "NEWEY" studs. Elasticated cuffs with some wear and tear as you expect from an original. Some fading and a 1 inch tear to back ( See photo). Monkey tail removed as is usual on a 1st pattern as they could'nt be fixed up at the back which was rectified on the 2nd pattern. If you want a good "Been There, Done the Biz" combat worn example this is for you however if you want mint, unissued, pass.
1942 DTD. AIRBORNE DENISON SMOCK - P. FRANKENSTEIN Good "Been There" large size Denison smock by rare maker P. Frankenstein. Good condition overall. Half zip. Good wool storm cuffs. Nice clear label with 42 date and shows sizes to suit 5'9" to 5' 11", 40 to 42 inch chest. Couple of tears here and there as you expect with a combat worn one. Monkey tail removed. lightning zip still with it's cloth puller. Newey studs.
1942 DTD. BRITISH ARMY JACK KNIFE - MAKER MKD. Good example by "BUTT", marked spike. Sharpened blade. Good grips. Dated (19) 42.
1942 DTD. BRITISH ARMY PISTOL HOLSTER Good holster by M.E.CO.and dtd. 1942. WD arrow. Some stains to outside which I've not tried to remove, looks like gun oil so will wash off if desired. I'm including a DD mkd. ammo pouch with the sale, this looks genuine and unissued but not guaranteed so it's a freebie.
1942 DTD. GERMAN K98 - MATCHING NOS. Good all matching example. Bakelite grips. Blued blade with most finish with runner mark loss only. Corresponding numbers " 630 " and " F Z E (19) 42" Scabbard good with one dent to rear. Waffenampt stamped , what looks like " WEA 51 " ? Sprung button stuck, otherwise no issues
1943 DTD. BRITISH AIRBORNE HELMET - LEATHER STRAPS Good "Been There" combat example with early leather straps. Scrim net original with hessian strips and some tears. Original untouched condition. G & S 1943. to inside. Top pad present. Now rare and the prices keep getting higher.
1943 DTD. BRITISH ARMY JACK KNIFE Very clean example retaining most the polished finish to blades. Nicely mkd., "S.S.P. - 1943" and with W.D. arrow. V.G.C.
1943 DTD. BRITISH ARMY JACK KNIFE - MAKER MKD. - SHEFFIELD Rodgers of Sheffield mkd. jack knife. Dated 1943. This one without the usual honing so full size blade. I've left this "As Found" but will clean up if desired.
1943 K98 - MATCHING NOS. & MAKER MKD. C/W ORIG. FROG Straight out the weeds as they say. Bought from R.A.F. vets son and confirmed as his fathers bring back. Wood slab grips. Good condition blued blade. Matching nos. and also matching date and maker details. " 43 ASW" ( E.u.F Hörster ). Bayonet maker from 1941/mid 1944 . There's also again matching script " h h " or similar. Unmarked leather frog in good condition.
1944 DATED BRITISH PARATROOPERS HELMET Nice camo large size para /airborne helmet. BMB ( Briggs Motor Bodies ) and 1944 date, nice and clear , not like most that magically have the the date obscured in an otherwise good sweatband !! Khaki jump straps. Cheap helmet. V.G.C.
1944 DTD. ARMY JACK KNIFE - MAKER MKD. W & B.B. maker mkd and 44 dtd. army jack knife. Darkening and some honing to blade otherwise very good.
1944 DTD. BRITISH DENISON CAMO TROUSERS - LARGE size Rare to find in this huge size. Good condition camo windproof Denison trousers. Original label with clear 1944 date. fit 6 ft to 6 ft 2 ins., waist 40. Colours still bright. Condition good with one very small tear. Formerly belonging to a Black Watch officer.
1944 DTD. BRITISH PARA HELMET - BMB -VERY LARGE SIZE Very clean condition and c/w camo net and scrim. Good huge size 8. Shell retaining almost all it's drab paint finish. Net good. Good liner, top pad etc. The khaki 2nd pattern straps good but with one field repair to one end, ( see pics ). Clearly stamped to liner " BMB ( Briggs Motor Bodies ), 1944 and (size) 8. Rubber good and still supple. Dirty and dusty inside, spiders webs etc. just the way I like to find them. 100% combat original in a scarce large size.
1945 DTD BATTEDRESS TUNIC - MINT - W.D - CANADIAN MADE Beautiful condition B.D. blouse in the superior Canadian material favoured by British troops. I've had quite a few of these badged to Scottish Regiments in the past and they were issued in substantial numbers along with double labelled American versions as well as Antipodean made ones. This is as nice as they come and profusely stamped. " WORKMAN UNIFORM CO. LTD. - MONTREAL 1945 - 3 (size), 5' 3" & 4" - 36 - 37 - BATTLE DRESS BLOUSES. SERGE" and WD arrow in a circle. It is a bit larger certainly I'm 5' 7" and it's fine on me. Nape of cloth is superb as is the very clean interior I would think this one is likely unissued. No signs of ever having been badged. Excellent
1945 DTD. BRITISH ARMY BOOTS Good condition boots size 9. Maker mkd and dtd. to inside. W.D. stamped and mkd. to top on the outside. Good condition. Some of the original pre blackened brown issue colour showing through. This is the type sometimes referred to as the jungle boot with sewn in tongues and rear pull on loops. Rubber soled. Good wearable condition and good size.
1945 DTD. BRITISH TURTLE HELMET Dated to both liner system and shell. This one with period matt blackened finish .Good liner and chin strap. Inside retains the original brown colour. V.G.C.
1945 SEASON ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS MUSIC IN THE PARK PROGRAMS From my collection of Argylls items. Original Programmes / flyers for performances in various parks round Glasgow.From 30th July to 3rd August 1945. V.G.C.
1949 AUSTRALIAN VETERANS LAPEL BADGE Numbered veterans badge and specifically to the 49th Btn. which was in the main formed from Gallipoli vets. 4 colour enamel with no damage. I've had this badge before but never to a specific regiment. V.G.C. The 49th Battalion was an infantry unit of the Australian Army. Raised as part of the Australian Imperial Force during the First World War, the battalion fought along the Western Front between mid-1916 and late 1918, before being disbanded in early 1919.
1949 DTD. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. LARGE PURSE SPORRAN Korean War period and continued in use to the 1950's these type of oversize day sporrans have become highly collectable. As per wartime patterns but one third larger and make to a much higher standard. Heavy brown pebbled leather with chamois leather lining. The latter profusely stamped with " CAT. NO. C.T. 0290. D.P.E.C. 1949 and W.D. arrow. Has a further arrow and " W.D. 254". Inside has a further small pocket within the purse. Stout Newey press stud fastening. Regimental sporran badge. C/w original to it leather and chromed steel link chain. Could do with a polish to cover up a couple of surface scratches otherwise very good. I've shown it in one of the pics against a standard size sporran to show the size difference. Measures approx. 9 inches by 8 inches.
1960'S LOWLAND BRIGADE METAL BADGE - NOT ANODISED This is the scarce 1960's Lowland brigade sometimes referred to as an officers badge. Chrome plated white metal and much more substantial than the later anodised badge.
1964 GRENADES & STERLING MACHINE GUN PAMPHLETS Nice original with all necessary info on grenade types and use inc. section on anti riot pistols and more. Loads of black and white pics. Very informative.
1968 CHINESE CULTURAL REVOLUTION MAO ZEDONG'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION CALLENDER Nice original in 2 parts with good depictions of Mao. One of the stamps on the back translates to wishing Chairman Mao a long life, can't translate the other one. V.G.C.
19TH HUSSARS P.W.O. CAP BADGE Well detailed o/r's example. White metal. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
1ST ABERDEENSHIRE R.V. CAP BADGE - 1860-84 Beautifull age toned example of this scarce badge. Die struck brass which has toned to a lovely coppery colour on the front but retains the original brass finish to the back. Would clean up nicely if desired . Well detailed with no rubbing or damage. ( Bloomer Scottish reg. Badges , no.214 ) V.G.C.
1ST ADMIN BTN. DUMFRIESSHIRE RIFLES TUNIC BUTTON Very rare button. Plated closed back. Firmin & sons maker mkd. Circa 1860.
1ST ARGYLL HIGHLAND RIFLES VOLUNTEERS BADGE Rare badge. As per the regular Argylls badge but text reads , " 1st Argyll Highland Rifle Volunteers ". Solid centre with Victorian " Tail Up " cat. Centre has all detail in high relief. Nice age toning. No rubbing or damage. Fine example. V.G.C.
1ST BTN. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS PIPE BAND SIDE DRUM - SIGNED BY POTTERS ALDERSHOT Superb condition. Circa 1980's. 1st Btn. A & S.H. side drum , used by the P &D's. The Real Deal, not Pakistani or tranfer. Hand painted and signed off by Potters of Aldershot who did also the good top end emblazoning before the army went to using transfers instead as a cheap option. No chips or damage and it plays well. I just put new snares on top and bottom. One black rod at the back has a slight bend in it but the hoops are nice and even. One only and old Regimental Argyll drums are now exceedingly rare. V.G.C.
1ST BTN. GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Very good example of this scarce badge. toned to that nice greyish colour found on genuine badges. Sharp strike with no rubbing to high points. V.G.C.
1ST BTN. SCOTS GUARDS PIPERS BANNER - 4TH - H.Q. COY. Beautiful high quality banner as you expect with the guards. Circa 1950's. Blue silk fringed with gold bullion wire. High quality embroidery with the silver wire sphinx in high relief as is the crown.V.G.C.
1ST BTN. SCOTS GUARDS PIPERS BANNER - 8TH - SUPPORT COY. Beautiful high quality banner as you expect with the guards. Circa 1950's. Blue silk fringed with gold bullion wire. High quality embroidery with the silver wire sphinx in high relief as is the crown.V.G.C.
1ST BTN. SCOTS GUARDS SPORTS MEDAL I'm presuming this is a Sports medal ? SG device to obverse. Back blank. V.G.C.
1ST DUMBARTONSHIRE R.V. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) SCARLET TUNIC Rare tunic to 1st Dumbarton R.V. who later became the 9th Argylls. Scarlet tunic in melton cloth with yellow facings. Dumbarton elephant and howdah collar dogs and Dumbarton buttons. Tunic came with 2 buttons missing I have sourced 2 and they will come with the sale.Embroidered lettering to epaulettes. Small hole to the inside of one cuff and a smal mark to tunic front otherwise very good. Blanket lining. Name of soldier to buyer. White buff leather belt with well detailed Regimental buckle. This is available to the buyer for a further £275. Sale for tunic only the other items are for display .
1ST FIFESHIRE ARTILLERY VICTORIAN - VOLUNTEER HELMET PLATE Cheapest out there ! Nice o/r's HP. QVC . As per Regular HP. but with added " 1st Fifeshire Artillery Volunteers " 3 lugs. Nice toning. No rubbing or damage. Rare. V.G.C.
1ST FIFESHIRE VOLUNTEER CORPS ( 6TH BLACK WATCH ) VICTORIAN HELMET PLATE Very nice example in 1 piece die struck white metal. No rubbing or damage. Thane of Fife within a central strap. 3 lugs to reverse. This plate dates to 1880 when the various Corps of Fifeshire RV were consolidated as the 1st Fifeshire RV, with HQ at St. Andrews. It would have been worn on the OR's pattern blue cloth home service pattern helmet. The unit became 6th (Fifeshire) Volunteer Battalion of the Black Watch in 1887 and 7th (Territorial) Battalion Black Watch in 1908. V.G.C.
1ST GULF WAR DESERT STORM IRAQI HELMET - CAMO British soldier bring back helmet. Tan overpaint. Correct fibre shell. Arabic script , most likely soldiers name to inside. Good chin strap and liner, these usually missing or a/f. Very good example. Not poor or copy fleabay example. These helmets are now becoming rare and prices are rising, get a good one now while they're still around and affordable.
1ST ISSUE LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH ALUMINIUM ANODISED BADGE Circa 1965. Scarce early better quality anodised aluminium cap badge. Good detail.
1ST KINGS DRAGOONS - WW2 CAP BADGE. Nice toned brass on slider. V.G.C.
1ST MIDLOTHIAN COAST VOLUNTEER ARTILLERY HELMET PLATE. Good example of this scarce helmet plate. White metal o/r's. 3 lugs. One lug lost the tip of the loop QVC crown. Age toned as found. Will clean up nicely if desired. Some polishing to the bottom scroll. Worn circa 1878-88. Royal Arms with short scroll below reading, "First" over the gun. Below a long scroll with, 'Midlothian Coast Artillery Vols'. Formed at Leith on the 16th of October 1859 Good example of this scarce helmet plate. White metal o/r's. 3 lugs. QVC crown. Age toned as found . Will clean up nicely if desired. Some polishing to the bottom scroll. Worn circa 1878-88. Royal Arms with short scroll below reading, "First" over the gun. Below a long scroll with, 'Midlothian Coast Artillery Vols'. Formed at Leith on the 16th of October 1859 All 3 lugs are present although one has split at the end. Good example at a great price.
1ST MIDLOTHIAN RIFLE VOLUNTEERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Scarce die struck bronze retaining all it's finish. 2 screw posts to rear. Worn 1863-85. V.G.C.
1st PATTERN FAIBAIRN SYKES - MINT Rare first pattern Wilkinson Sword made Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife. As nice as they come this one. No damage or shortening. Nice clear etching. This one comes with a 2nd pattern scabbard which was how it was issued. Due to this the price is reduced. You will be hard pressed to find one as clean as this.
1ST PATTERN FAIRBAIRN SYKES FIGHTING KNIFE Good "Been There" combat example of the rare 1st pattern FS Fighting knife. Correct S guard as found only on first patterns. Full length blade, this with good point but has been honed during it's working life. Nickel plated knurled handle with most of the original silver colour absent but otherwise good. Etched panels to both sides nice and clear 1st type scabbard with nickel chape. Top part period removed, leather nice and supple. This one is a good original which did'nt sit out the war and is being offered at half the price of a top condition example. From an English vets house clearance 12 years ago and given to the removal man and bought from his wife by me so new to the market.
1st PATTERN FAIRBAIRN SYKES FIGHTING KNIFE A beautiful example of the most famous and iconic of the Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Fighting Knives. This knife was made in 1940-1941 by Wilkinson Sword of London. The knife has a tapered double edged blade with a square shank ricasso etched with \"The FS Fighting Knife\" on one side and with Wilkinson\'s trademark of crossed swords and \"Wilkinson Sword Co. Ltd., London\" on the other. It has a 2\" wavy \"S\" shaped crossguard and a knurled skittle shaped hilt, It is nickel plated overall. First pattern blades were hand drawn and because of this varied in length - this example has a 6\" unmodified blade. Production figures for this knife are a matter of much debate and range between 500 and 1250, either way it is a rare and desireable knife. The sheath appears not be original to the knife but is an unusual and very high quality pattern made form soft and supple light tan leather in beautiful condition, possibly a replacement for the often damaged flimsy original standard pattern.
1st PATTERN LUFTWAFFE DAGGER - EICKHORN Very good example with no issues. Good clean blade with sharp tip and nicely etched squirrel logo. Leather on handle very good. Scabbard leather slightly frail along one edge otherwise V.G.. C/w original hanging chains. Very nice dagger just bought back from a customer.
1ST PATTERN LUFTWAFFE DAGGER COMPLETE Very nice example straight from an American vets family. I've left exactly as it came to me but this one will clean up nicely. Pommel and cross guard very good. Leather and binding to handle very good. Scabbard fittings very good with good blue leather which has one scrape to the finish. Metal fittings A.1. Chains with " OLC " and " Ges Gesch " . Lovely clean unmarked blade with very slight runner marks. Scarce V.G.C.
1ST PATTERN NSKK STURZHELM - GERMAN HELMET Good all original early leather crash helmet. 1st pattern eagle which has never been removed from the helmet, nice and tight and no evidence of other holes. Unusual felt lined interior as opposed to the usual leather top pad. Most finish remaining to exterior. Good sides and back flaps without the usual tearing. Size 54 approx. Now a rare item especially a first pattern. VGC
1st RENFREW (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS) SILVER H/M PLAID BROOCH How nice is this ? Officers hallmarked plaid brooch. Celtic quoit with celtic knots Argyll boars head, Sutherland wild cat and scrolls with " Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders - 1st Renfrew V.B.". All pieces standing in higher than normal relief and all separately applied and rivetted on. London H/M for 1889. Stout original pin. Beautiful piece and I've left it uncleaned but would clean up a treat if desired
1ST RENFREW (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) SILVER PLAID BROOCH A rare hollow unmarked silver plaid brooch to a volunteer btn. of the Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs. Very nice condition with separately applied scroll with "1ST RENFREW V.B.". Correct domed back and original stout pin. Soldiers details "PR 1450" scratched to rear. Lovely example of this rare brooch most likely belonging to a piper.
1ST RENFREW V.B. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS 1889 LONDON SILVER PLAID BROOCH Beautiful brooch. 5 piece with all parts in high relief. B & P ( Brent & Parker ) marked . H/M's for London 1889. High quality for officer. No rubbing or damage. I could prattle on but the pictures say it all. Excellent condition with no rubbing or damage. Age patina , will clean up nicely if desired.
1st SCOTS GUARDS WW1 CANE Scarce 1st Battalion attributed stick. Light coloured cane shaft. Brass end present. Top with Star of the Order of the Thistle in relief. Scroll below reads "1st BATT SCOTS GUARDS". Some dents ,overall nice and very hard to find Battalion attributed.
1ST STIRLING MILITIA FALKIRK COY. OFFICERS W.B.P. Very rare buckle for the 3rd Falkirk coy.1st Stirling Rifle Volunteers. Officers example. Circa 1859 - 1886. Very rare. VGC
1ST V.B NORFOLK RGT + NORFOLK RGT. ASSOCIATION BADGES 2 nice condition enamel mufti badges relating to the Norfolk Rgt. One with " 1st V.B. Norfolk Reg. Veteran ". Maker mkd. to rear Vaughtons Bhm. the other one is for " The Royal Norfolk Regiment - Association ". This one made by J.R. Gaunt. Both have buttonhole fixings 2 nice examples in the same blue and red enamel on brass and from the same source. Bargain price ! V.G.C.
1st V.B. RENFREW - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. PLAID BROOCH Stunning brooch in unmarked silver. Beautiful detail. As per Regular battalions but with added scroll with "1st ( RENFREW ) V.B. Nice tapered original pin with stout hook. V.G.C.
1ST VOLUNTEER BTN. - LINCOLNSHIRE - VICTORIAN HELMET PLATE Nice w/m, o/r's HP. Nice toning. 3 lugs to back. Scarce.
2 LOVAT SCOUTS BUTTONS Scarce matched buttons in silvered rather than brass finish. Small size for pockets or epaulettes. Gaunt maker mkd. to rear. V.G.C.
2 T 6 TITLES - WW1 2 T titles, not an exact match but they came together as that was how they were worn, not uncommon. Good condition, will look nice with any Regimental title for the Great War.
2 V R H ( ROYAL HLDRS. BLACK WATCH ) WHITE METAL SHOULDER TITLE Very rare white metal title. 3 lugs. C/w original cotter pins. V.G.C.
2 X BRITISH LEGION LAPEL BADGES - ONE SCOTTISH 2 x Lapel badges . 1st one un used example on makers card. Button hole type. Maker details to back of badge. 2nd one is for Scotland is mint and with Scottish Crown. Price is for both.
2 X CHINESE COMMUNIST MEDALS - 1943 & 1947 - HERO AWARD 2 x medals . One says it's the Hero Award ( 1943 ) for the North East Union Army , presumably against the Japanese. The 1947 medal is translated as Hero of the People Award for Guerilla Fighting in the East area.
22ND DRAGOONS CAP BADGE Near mint example with silvered finish. Nicely detailed. Cast.
23RD RENFREW R.V. POUCH BADGE - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. Extremely rare badge to the 3rd Renfrew R.V. Good condition , uncleaned . Posts to rear. Later a Volunteer Btn. of the A & S.H. V.G.C.
26TH OF FOOT - CAMERONIANS GLENGARRY BADGE - 1874/81 Rare glengarry badge for the 26th of Foot circa 1874 to 1881. Die struck brass. Nicely toned. Sharp detail. V.G.C.
26TH OF FOOT - CAMERONIANS OFFICERS DIRK BELT BUCKLE Beautiful example in silver and gilt. Centre with QVC and 26 in relief on gilded seeded ground. Female part with rococco pattern. Rare
26TH OF FOOT ( CAMERONIANS ) OFFICERS HOME SERVICE HELMET Truly a thing of beauty and originally purchased from the late very reputable dealer Stan Paget. Beautiful condition especially considering it's age and large size 57. Maker mkd. to inside. Original to it officers HP with no extra holes on the helmet. Very rare
26TH RUSSIAN INFANTRY RGT. OFFICERS HELMET PLATE - 1855 Extremely rare officers helmet plate which was a battlefield pick up by a serving officer. Condition is good overall but see photos of the back which has a little period damage and repair. " 26 " raised silver numerals for officers examples. Full-dress for Russian infantry during the Crimean War (1854-1856) entailed wearing the tall pickelhaube-style leather helmet, although most Russian soldiers in the Crimea wore the soft fatigue cap instead. The brass helmet plate, with the Russian double-headed eagle perched on an Amazon shield and two decorative curls to each side, was common to all infantry regiments; only the regimental number, which in the case of officers was picked out in silver, was subject to change. This one was brought back by a British officer involved in the conflict and was a direct purchase by me. Officers name to buyer.
27TH SCOTTISH SOUTH AUSTRALIA CAP BADGE - STOKES WW2 example .Very well detailed, silvered lugs. Maker mkd. "Stokes" to the back. As nice as they come. Scarce. The 27th was a South Australian Militia regiment, and in the period of 1930 to 1942, it had a Scottish nature. First introduced in 1938 this hat badge is based on the Australian Rising Sun badge, with the stag's head of the Seaforths in the centre, and 27 between the antlers on the sun. The scrolls read, South Australian Scottish Regiment, and with the Latin phrase, Primus Inter Pares, meaning First Among Equals.
2ND ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. DRUMMERS SWORD - 1856 1856 Pattern sword attributed to the 2nd Vol. btn A & S.H. so still in use after 1881. Brass handle for drummers. Good blade with acid etched maker details. Excellent leather/brass scabbard. Etched to back of top scabbard mount " 7/94 V. 2 A & S.H. - 8 Rare
2ND BTN. CAMERONIANS CAP BADGE Very rare numbered cap badge. As per the normal badge but with the addition of a "2" within the strung bugle. W/m or silver plate. V.G.C.
2ND CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) CAP BADGE Rare badge. As per the standard cap badge but with a "2" within the strung bugle. W/m . No rubbing or damage. Age toning. will clean up nicely if desired. V.G.C.
2nd HAMPSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS VICTORIAN CAP BADGE Very nice cast example with lovely sharp detail. Possibly silver plated. No rubbing or damage. Cheap price.
2nd KING EDWARD 7th GURKHA RIFLES CAP BADGE Superb mint example in blackened enamel. Slider
2ND KING EDWARD V11 'S OWN GURKHA RIFLES CAP BADGE Good eample retaining almost all the original bronzed finish. Slider. v.g.c.
2nd LIFE GUARDS CAP BADGE Good WW2 example with slider. Nice patina and condition.
2ND PATTERN COMMANDO DAGGER Good honest example, straight out the weeds and never been in a collection. Full length blade with good tip and most of the blued finish remaining. Scabbard with nickel chape. Leather good. Top of scabbard has been soldier cut as they did and the elastic has been removed and the leather tabs cut short. " B " and W.D. arrow to cross guard. There may be a number beyond the B but I can't make it out. Others I've had were " B2 ".Nice toned brass handle. It's being sold as it came in but would clean up nicely if required. One look original with no issues
2ND PATTERN ETCHED FAIBAIRN SYKES FIGHTING KNIFE Nice 2nd pattern Wilkinson Sword Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife. No damage or shortening. Nice clear etching to both sides as per the 1st pattern. Also stamped "PP" to pommel. Retains most of it's blackened finish.Top elastic removed from scabbard but otherwise very good with sew on tags and good supple leather and blackened brass chape. This is a very good example of a now scarce dagger which fetches a lot more than this elsewhere. Grab a bargain !
2ND PATTERN FAIRBAIRN SYKES COMMANDO FIGHTING KNIFE - ETCHED PANELS Good example of this very rare and iconic Fighting knife from WW2. Brass handle. Etched panels to both sides of the ricasso. Nice clean full length blade.Good point. No scabbard. V.G.C.
2ND PATTERN GERMAN E BOAT BADGE - SCOTTISH COMMANDO BRING BACK The last from a tin of awards brought back by a Scottish Marine Commando. The tin containing approx. 30 badges was bought from his widow and this is the last one which I had planned on keeping. Our man had " Liberated this and the other items from some military shop or stores as there were 3 's and 4's of everything but all Kreigsmarine. I ran all items up on the forums and it was a 100% thumbs up. This is a mid war zinc example, unissued and with some loss of finish as you find on zinc examples as the zinc seems to soak up the gilding. Maker mkd. to rear " FEK W.E.PEEKHAUS BERLIN AUSF. SCHWERIN BERLIN 68 ". Really nice example with coke bottle pin and still with uniform retaining hook. Name of soldier to buyer.
2ND PATTERN POLIZEI VISOR CAP EAGLE This is a nice early Polizei Visor Cap-eagle (Mützenadler). 2nd Pattern as introduced on 25 June 1936. The aluminum police cap-eagle is complete with both prongs. V.G.C.
2ND ROYAL LANARK MILITIA CAP BADGE - 1860 Rare cap badge to the 2nd Royal Lanark who served in the Crimean War. Blackened brass with some finish remaining. Slight rubbing to the pronounced " 2 " otherwise very good. North South lugs. VGC
2ND VOL. BTN. HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY COLLAR BADGE - PAIR Rare to get one of these never mind a pair. Non facing. 2nd VOLʀ. BATTɴ. scroll to bottom and SOUTH AFRICA 1900 -2 scroll below bugle. Nicely toned white metal.
2ND VOL.( Renfrewshire ) BATT. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. 1899 H/M GLASGOW SILVER PLAQUE Beautiful piece. The hand etching on this is exquisite. Likely from a large presentation piece. Glasgow silver hallmarks for 1899. Fantastic condition. The 2nd V.B ( Renfrewshire ). A & S.H, along with the 1st and 3rd Renfrewshire became the 6th A & 1908.
2nd VOLUNTEER BATT. HLI PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Very rare plaid brooch to the 2nd Volunteer Battalion of the H.L.I. Plain quoit with silvered 2nd VB cap badge device with the SOUTH AFRICA 1900-2 Battle Honour scroll. The centre although similiar to the cap badge is purpose made for the brooch , in silvered cast brass or copper. Stout original pin to rear.Circa 1908
2ND WORCESTER RGT. WW2 PRESENTATION CLOCK - MACHINE GUN PLTN. Lovely presentation piece in the form of a Art Deco style clock presented by a M.G. platoon to one of their officers. Nicely marked for Rawalpindi in India and dtd. 1939. Officers name to top and Regimental motto " FIRM " to front. Attributed to the 2nd Btn. who were stationed in Rawalpindi at that time and continued to fight in Burma later in the war. It's had a new movement fitted which does not detract from the appearance of the clock. Very striking.
3 WAR GROUP OF MEDALS, WW2, PALESTINE , KOREA - ARGYLLS, RNF Fantastic group from vets daughter. Comprises WW2 group of, Africa c/w 8th Army bar, France & Germany and 1939/45 Campaign stars and Defence medal, these unworn and still with their original ribbons and box of issue addressed to him in Bannockburn. Palestine GSM named to him and Argyll and Sutherland Hldrs . Korea pair of Queens Korea , named to him (he's now with the Royal Nothumberland Fusiliers), and the U.N. Korea c/w box of issue. The entitlement slip for both medals is included . Also their is an Imperial Service medal named to him and their is an original photo of him receiving it.The latter medal in box of issue with outer card box. He seemingly transferred to R.N.F. to see service in Korea. Transferred to HLI in May 1945 and was put on the army reserve list in 1951 Also included are numerous safe driving medals. Fantastic group to a Scot who saw lots of Frontline service in 3 wars.
3 WW1 SILK POST CARDS Really nice examples. Colours bright , like the day they were made on 2 of them. One has a small card inside. None written on. V.G.C.
31ST LANARKSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS SHAKO BADGE Rare badge. Die struck brass. Very nicely toned and as it came to me with old polish residue. Nice strike The 31st were formed in December 1859 from workers in the leather trade. VGC
36th ULSTER Y.C.V CAP BADGE Good example of an o/r's badge to the Young Citizens Volunteer Btn.(14th Irish Rifles). Although polished by the previous owner this is a genuine badge which can be borne out by on line research. The Young Citizen Volunteers of Ireland continued to wear this badge after becoming 14th Btn. R.I.R. in 1914. Disbanded 1918 Detail is good and correct with no rubbing. Red hand of Ulster on a shamrock surmounted by the Kings Crown. Rare
36th Ulster Y.C.V. OFFICERS BRONZE CAP BADGE An exceedingly rare cap badge which was "Badge of the Year"a few years ago at Britains top military auctioneers, making the most money of any British cap badge that year. 2 piece bronze. Flat back. Blades good. On it's original green felt backing patch. Almost all finish remaining. Excellent condition and one of only a handful known to exist.
3rd A.&S.H. BOER WAR LEE METFORD - UNIT MKD. 3rd A &S.H. bayonet to this Territorial unit, formerly Stirling Militia who saw action in the Boer War. Bayonet in good shape and nicely unit mkd. to the pommel (See photos). Unusual American style scabbard.
3RD BTN. CAMERON HLDRS. - PIPERS PLAID BROOCH - INVERNESS, MORAY. BANFF, NAIRN HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY MILITIA Very rare pipers plaid brooch to the Highland Light Infantry Militia. Unmarked silver. Hand etched letters to front. Stamped to rear "3rd CAM Hrs" and number "B (band) 8". Became 3rd Battalion Cameron Hldrs. Rare. V.G.C.
3RD CARABINEERS CAP BADGE Good early example. Slider. Solder holes. Well detailed.
3RD CARABINIERS CAP BADGE Good example on slider. Well detailed, die struck. Age toned. V.G.C.
3RD KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS (KOSB) OFFICERS HOME SERVICE HELMET IN NAMED TIN Blue cloth helmet named to a 3rd V.B. officer with it's accompanying japanned carry tin. Tin with nice brass plate with the officers name and regiment in script. Helmet in great condition but missing it's helmet plate. Approx. size 55/56. V.G.C.
3RD LANARK O/R'S VICTORIAN CAP BADGE Very nice well detailed original of a much faked badge. This one has correct horizontal lined "3" with seeded back ground and the background of the strap is also seeded. North and south lugs. White metal. Very sharp strike.
3RD LANARKSHIRE R.V. HELMET PLATE - CAMERONIANS Good 2 piece example with very good detail. No rubbing to high points. 2 lugs to reverse. For use on the Home Service helmet. Later became a Volunteer Btn. of the Cameronians Rare
3RD LANARKSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS HELMET PLATE Good w/m o/r's helmet plate circa 1878. Nicely toned. 2 lugs. Strung bugle to voided centre and full details on surrounding strap. V.G.C.
3RD PATTERN FAIRBAIRN SYKES FIGHTING KNIFE - 2 Good straight out the weeds example. Full length blued blade with good tip. Ribbed handle. Pommel with mould number " 2 " indicating wartime production. Scabbard leather good . Elastic present but broken. Great untouched example with no sharpening.
3RD REICH / ITALIAN FASCIST RING Good Nazi/Fascist alliance finger ring. Chunky plated brass. Pinky size. Face with brass Swaz and Fascist axe. Good condition. British vet bringback bought from his daughter.
3RD REICH 1935 1.MÄRZ SAAR DAY BADGE A striking 2-piece tinny. Clear detail with nice age toning. Scarce.
3RD REICH DAF STICK PIN Good detail. Correct pin. 5.8 cm long.
3RD REICH DRA SPORTS BADGE BRONZE GRADE Nice example of this 1913-34 award. Good detail. Maker marked to rear.
3RD REICH GERMAN 1933 LIEGNITZ AREA DAY BADGE Scarce day badge with nice depiction of German soldier wearing the WW1 type helmet. Retains most of it's gilt wash. Original lead soldered pin to rear.
3RD REICH GERMAN 1935 SUD HANOVER BRAUNSCHWEIG DAY BADGE Nice age toned and uncleaned Regional ( Gau ) badge. Raised detail with swas and Horse of Hanover. Large size. Scarce . V.G.C.
3RD REICH GERMAN 1939 WIEN HJ COLONIAL AUSLANDER YOUTH DAY BADGE Scarce tinny in superb condition with sharp clear detail.
3RD REICH GERMAN NSDAP PARTY BADGE BY FRITZ ZIMMERMANN RZM & maker marked M1/72 for Fritz Zimmermann-Stuttgart.
3RD REICH GERMAN SA SPORTS BADGE IN BRONZE Nice condition with makers details WERNSTEIN - JENA to the rear. Also mkd. D.R.G.M.35269. Nice detail and toning.
3RD REICH HJ-DAF REICHSBERUFSWETTKAMPF 1934 BADGE This badge was awarded to participants and officials of the reichsberuffwettkamp (National Trade Competition to encourage German youth to develop proficient skills. All participants were required to belong to the HJ, DAF and under 21 years old were eligible to compete.) on 1934. Marked REICHSVERBAND PFORZHEIM to rear.
3RD REICH KUNDGEBUNG GAULEITER RUST 1938 HILDESHEIM DAY BADGE Striking coloured tinny made of efoplast. Maker marked E.O. FRIEDRICH - LEIPZIG. Scarce and in V.G.C..
3RD REICH ORSTGRUPPE - SENIOR LEADERS ARMBAND As nice an example as you will find anywhere and brought back by a Polish paratrooper and bought by me from his son. No moth or damage. Good quality 16mm oak leaf brocade which reaches right to the edge of the multi piece swastika. Original and complete RZM label to the inside. Piped in blue bullion wire to the outer edges. This configuration would have been worn by the senior Department leader. V.G.C.
3RD REICH WW1 GERMAN COLONIAL VETERANS LAPEL BADGE - VET BRINGBACK Good pin back example with no enamel damage. Ges Gesch mkd. and maker stamp " S " in a circle to the back. Part of a group of British vet bring backs.
3RD SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Super example of a Territorial Btn. plaid brooch in nickel silver. Very well detailed and nice heavy construction. Uncleaned with age toning but will clean up beautifully if desired. Original stout pin and hook to the reverse. Points of the antlers stand out in high relief. Very striking.Most I've seen do not have this standard of detail. V.G.C.
3RD V.B. - H.L.I (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) 1903 SILVER SHOOTING MEDAL 1896 Birmingham silver. Reg. marked . Nicely inscribed . Obverse with silver / rose gold shield on a ornate silver ckplate with suspension ring for watch chain or similar. This flanked by a rifle each side. V.G.C.
3rd V.B. SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS PIPERS PLAID BROOCH A scarce plaid brooch from the Territorial era. Cast silver quoit with stag horn design. Separately applied stags head. What makes this one special is the stamping to the back "3RD V.B.S.H." and (number) "10". Original stout pin, oversize as per the period. Excellent condition.
3RD VB ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS GLENGARRY BADGE Lovely genuine example of this very rare badge Die-stamped white metal. Circa 1887. 2 lugs to rear. V.G.C.. Please do not be confused with the thousands of copies of this badge being offered for sale, this is a real one from a famous old collection. If you are buying one for less money than this it is most certainly a fake.
3rd VOL BTN A & S.H. OFFICERS (Stirling Militia) SBP Very rare SBP to the Argylls. 3rd VB were the former Stirling Militia. As per Volunteer pattern but with added scroll
3rd VOLUNTEER BTN. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. PLAID BROOCH Nice heavy nickel silver Victorian plaid brooch. Domed back. All original. Stout pin. As per Regular Btn. brooch but with added scroll . 3rd is one of the scarcer ones. V.G.C.
4 / 5TH SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Nice white metal die struck example. Sutherland wildcat to centre with motto "Sans Peur" (without fear) on seeded ground. No rubbing or damage with very nice sharo detail. V.G.C.
4 BAR QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL - ARGYLL& SUTHERLAND HLDRS. A Queen’s South Africa Medal 1899-1902, 4 Clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1902, awarded to, 8741 Private S. Mc Gregor Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, who saw service during the Boer War on operations in the Cape. Number ties it to a Volunteer soldier so possibly 3rd/ 4th Btn ? C/w original ribbon
4/5 SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS SHOULDER TITLE - 2 PIECE This is a very rare title. normal Seaforth curved title but with a separate 4/5 title. Both parts in V.G.C. with old polish residue to rear.
4/5TH ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS CAP BADGE Very nice example in silver in gilt. Correctly mkd. to the back for Marshall and Aitken and with a serial number. Pin back. Green enamel behind centre. dark age patina, uncleaned as it came to me with the cross belt badge also listed and a lapel badge .
42nd (BLACK WATCH) VICTORIAN SERGEANTS CAP BADGE Very clean example with Victorian crown. Silver plated. 4 piece with seperate numerals, gilded centre and plated star. Center with a nice burnished look and retaining all it's finish. Rare.
42ND BLACK 1933 SHOOTING MEDAL Nice piece with a Black Watch device with to the centre " 42 " and recipients name. To the obverse a raised image of a Vickers gun. V.G.C.
42ND BLACK WATCH SGTS BADGE - KINGS CROWN - WW2 Extremely rare badge. Worn by sergeants only in WW2. As per the officers/ Snco's badge but with " 42 " rather than st. Andrew to the centre. Condition is very good. One period replacement lead soldered lug. This reflected in the price.
42ND BLACK WATCH VICTORIAN SWAGGER STICK Good condition and unusual walking out cane for the 42nd. Nice long nickel silver top and longer than usual metal tip. Top good with nice sharp not rubbed away detail and none of the usual denting.
42ND HIGHLANDERS - BLACK WATCH VICTORIAN OFFICERS CAP BADGE Very nice 3-piece officers example in unmarked silver. Good, clear detail with lovely age toning. Still retaining almost all it's gilding finish.Victorian crown. Silver lugs.
42ND HIGHLANDERS (BLACK WATCH) - WW2 SERGEANTS KINGS CROWN CAP BADGE Good example of this very rare badge. 3-piece construction as it should be. Worn by Sgts. in WW2. Great condition.
42ND HIGHLANDERS (BLACK WATCH) SWAGGER STICK Rare 42nd Highlanders swagger stick. Nickel silver ball top. Regimental device with QVC and Royal Highlanders . Cane with a couple of bits of damage but still with it's nickel tip. Attributed to Freddie Tate a distinguished golfer and son of a famous Edinburgh physicist. Freddie died in action in the Boer War
42ND HLDRS. - BLACK WATCH SERGEANTS VICTORIAN CAP BADGE Very nice example. 4 piece. Some light polishing to high points. Die struck star and burnished Victorian crown over Nemo Me Impune strap. Silver " 42" to centre Very striking
42ND HLDRS. - BLACK WATCH SGTS BADGE Rare piece. Unmarked silver. Period pin back . Black age toning as found with silver. Two thirds size of normal cap badge. Possibly adjutants badge for wear on the visor cap. Kings crown. V.G.C.
42ND HLDRS. - BLACK WATCH VICTORIAN BALL TOP SWAGGER STICK Very rare walking out cane to the Gallant Forty Twa. Early Victorian example. Ball with heavy polishing and a hairline crack to the side. Star of the Order of the Thistle device to top with " 42 " to centre. Lovely straight age toned cane sand still with it's brass tip. These rarely turn up and if they do the condition , unlike this one is usually very poor
42nd OF FOOT ( BLACK WATCH ) SERGEANTS KINGS CROWN CAP BADGE Beautiful WW1 example with Marshall of Edinburgh jewellers tablet to rear.The original gilding has darkened giving it a nice toned look.
43 COMMANDO CUFF LINKS - FLEET PROTECTION GROUP Good piece of modern Commando ephemera. Mint in their issue box. Nicely made. FS fighting knife flanked by 4 & 3. Modern but virtually unobtainable outside the unit and priced lower than they soldiers can buy them for. Tasked with protecting Faslane. Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines. The Comacchio Group RM was renamed Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines in March 2001, and was restructured into its current organisation.16 The Group also moved from RM Condor in Arbroath Angus (where it was co-located with 45 Commando) to HM Naval Base Clyde, which is situated near Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute. In 2012, FPGRM formally adopted the name 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines.
44TH INDIAN AIRBORNE DIVISION WW2 PATCH Good printed example. Service wear. Removed from uniform.
44TH OF FOOT ( ESSEX RGT ) OFFICERS SILVER COLLAR PAIR Rare pair of pre 1881 collar badges in silver for an officer. Correct female sphinx with tail rising above the back and the tuft facing forward. Facing pair. V.G.C.
45TH FOOT NOTTINGHAMSHIRE VICTORIAN CAP BADGE Nice pre 1881 die struck brass example. Good detail. VC crown. North & south lugs to rear.
47th LONDON BATTLEDRESS COMBINATION Mint possibly unissued condition.Printed Bow bells insignia. All correctly stitched. Scarce
48TH HIGHLANDERS OF CANADA (GORDONS) - CAP BADGE Very nice well detailed badge. Good quality as is usual with Canadian made badges. Affiliated with the Gordon Hldrs. V.G.C.
4TH / 5TH ROYAL SCOTS - OFFICERS CROSS BELT BADGE - MARSHALL & AITKEN Beautiful rare piece in unmarked silver. I've left this uncleaned with it's age patina but will clean up nicely if desired. No rubbing or damage. Green enamel behind central thistle. 2 screw posts to rear c/w original voided nut fasteners. Marshall & Aitken Edinburgh and Registation number to back. Scratched to the back is what looks like Roman Numerals " LVX " ? large size just under 3 inches approx.
4th / 5TH ROYAL SCOTS SILVER FORAGE CAP BADGE Nice example as per the officers badge. 2 piece construction. Unmarked silver. Small size approx. one and a quarter inches. Rare.
4TH BLACK WATCH - COLLAR PAIR Rare pair of unmarked silver officers collar badges. Matching pair. Black age patina as found on silver. Will clean up nicely if desired. As nice as thry come. V.G.C.
4TH BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE Good o/r's cap badge with nice unrubbed detail. W/M.
4TH BLACK WATCH COLLAR BADGE Very nice die struck example of this scarce collar. Perthshire double headed eagle.
4TH BLACK WATCH COLLAR DOG PAIR Nice pair of Victorian collars. Very sharply struck with great detail. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
4th BLACK WATCH LEE METFORD BAYONET - WILKINSON Excellent example with markings to pommel , " 4 R.H." ( Royal Hldrs- Black Watch" and no. 596.Clean blade with profuse stampings , 7'90 - 97, 197, V.R. WILKINSON , W.D and arrow, B.R. and more, see pics.Scabbard leather excellent and with unblackened pre Great War unblackened metal parts. Top mount mkd. 310 to mouth.Good working sprung button.Wood grips good. Very clean untouched example from old collection fresh to the market.
4th BLACK WATCH PLATED SPORRAN BADGE Scarce sporran badge for 4th B.W. Heavy plate finish. Perthshire double headed eagle. Well detailed die struck.
4TH DONSIDE - GORDON HIGHLANDERS SAND CAST BADGE - GREAT PRICE Cheapest out there ! Good classic example in nickel silver. Cock O the North to centre. Circlet with " 4th Donside Hlnd. VOL . Bn. GORDON HIGHrs. - Watch Detail is good. No rubbing. Nicely shaped to bonnet. Uncleaned with nice age patina. V.G.C.
4TH DONSIDE (GORDON HIGHLANDERS) CAST SILVER BADGE Cast unmarked silver possibly for an officer. Flat brass loops as is fairly common on these badges. Slight polishing to the wing and tail of the Cock of the North. Substantial badge.
4TH DONSIDE HIGHLAND VOLUNTEER BTN. (GORDON HLDRS.) CAP BADGE Good cast brass example. Slight polishing to the high points. Flat lugs. V.G.C.
4TH DONSIDE HIGHLAND VOLUNTEER BTN. (GORDON HLDRS.) CAP BADGE Cock O the North cap badge. Looks like cast then silver plated with nice dark age toning. Wire loop type lugs. Nicely detailed on this one. V.G.C.
4TH DONSIDE HIGHLAND VOLUNTEER BTN. (GORDON HLDRS.) SILVER CAP BADGE Good officers example in unmarked cast silver. Slight polishing to the Cock of the North's wing. Flat lugs. V.G.C.
4TH DONSIDE VOLUNTEERS - GORDON HIGHLANDERS SAND CAST BADGE Sand cast cap badge. Cock O the North to centre. Uncleaned. Sharper than usual detail on this one. V.G.C.
4TH GURKHAS CAP BADGE Mint example. Chromed. Prince of Wales feathers with crossed kukris with Roman numeral 4 between blades.
4th LANARKSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS ( CAMERONIANS / SCOTTISH RIFLES ) - SHAKO BADGE - 1860 / 1881 Victorian period badge for wear on the shako. Silver plated. Dark age toning . Introduced 1860. Later became part of the Cameronians. V.G.C.
4TH ROYAL IRISH DRAGOON GUARDS CAP BADGE Good example with sharp detail. Slider back.
4TH V.B ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. VICTORIAN OFFICERS BELT PLATE Very rare and in exceptional condition. Silver coloured for Territorials and with added scroll to bottom. C/w keeper. Well detailed.
4TH V.B. ARGYLL& SUTHERLAND HLDRS. TERRITORIAL OFFICERS WAIST BELT PLATE Very rare buckle in near mint condition. As per Territorial standard officers but the with the addition of a scroll to the bottom with " 4TH VOLUNTEER BATT. ". Only ever had two of these in 40 years of collecting so I'm thinning out my collection and letting this one go.
4TH V.B. CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) CAP BADGE Extremely rare badge and the real deal, not ebay fake. Well struck in w/m with sharp die struck detail. As per Regular badge but with "4 V“ between the thistle tops. V.G.C.
4TH V.B. ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE Exceptional heavy cast example.Great detail. Sand cast. Very Striking
4TH, 5TH, 6TH & 7TH BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE - WW1 - RARE Very rare no sphinx example of Black Watch badge for 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th BTN. Good clear detail. It has been period converted to brooch pin . This is a very rare badge. I've had only 3 genuine examples in over 30 years of collecting.
4th, 5th, 6th, 7th BLACK WATCH NO SPHINX WW1 CAP BADGE - RARE Fine example of this exceedingly rare Great War Territorial Btns. badge . Thin and flat as per genuine examples and with nice age toning. This badge without the Sphinx Battle Honour found on Regular Battalion badges . It's over 4 years since I last had one of these so extremely hard to come by. V.G.C.
4th, 5th, 6th, 7th BLACK WATCH NO SPHINX WW1 CAP BADGE - RARE Fine example of this exceedingly rare Territorial Battal badge . Thin and flat as per genuine examples and with old polish residue to back. This badge without the Sphinx Battle Honour found on Regular Battalion badges . It's over 4 years since I last had one of these so extremely hard to come by. V.G.C.
4TH/ 7TH ROYAL DRAGOON GUARDS CAP BADGE Early lugged as opposed to slider example. W/M . Well detailed
51ST HIGHLAND ( DIVISION ) VOLUNTEERS BANDMANS DRAPE Rare bandsmans drape for his music stand. Velvet in Regimental colours with embroidered Regimental " Crucified Moose " badge. Gold fringed. Black cotton backed. Vintage top quality example. V.G.C.
51ST HIGHLAND DIVISION - C.O - GORDON HIGHLANDERS SILVER PRESENTATION PIECE Unique piece with Edinburgh silver hallmarks for . Officers cap badge device on stepped black wood base. To the front a silver plaque reads, " Presented by the Officers 4th/ 7th Bn. The Gordon Highlanders on Relinquishment of Commandof 153 ( H ) ( Highland ) Brigade August 1951 " To the back of the cap badge is inscribed " 4th / 7th The Gordon Highlanders ". This is a beautiful and important thing in the history of the famous 51st Highland Division. I believe the officer in question to be Brigadier H. Murray. V.G.C.
51ST HIGHLAND DIVISION 8TH ARMY DESERT SHOULDER INSIGNIA - ARGYLLS/BLACK WATCH A cracker straight out the house in Raploch Stirling from the grandson. Shoulder slip over . Sun bleached and dirty. HD and a piece of Regimental tartan. Worn by both Black Watch and Argylls. Very rare
51ST HIGHLAND DIVISION ANODISED CAP BADGE Now scarce " Crucified Moose " as worn in the 1980's by 51st Highland Territorials. 3 lugs . Mint condition.
51ST HIGHLAND DIVISION GLENGARRY BADGE O/r's " Crucified Moose ". Good condition. 3 lugs. Circa 1980's. scarce V.G.C.
51ST HIGHLAND DIVISION OFFICER/SNCO'S CAP BADGE Good quality staff badge.Silver plated. Uncleaned as found. Frosted silver Stag with a good percentage of the frosting remaining. Correct 3 lugs, still with original cotter pins. Bolt on stag.
51st HIGHLAND DIVISION OFFICERS CAP BADGE Nice 2 piece silvered "Crucified Moose". Silvered with nice frosted silver stags head in relief. 4 bolts to secure the stag over the Saltyre. 3 lugs. Worn by officers and SNCO's. Good earlier substantial one. V.G.C.
51ST HIGHLAND DIVISION OFFICERS CAP BADGE Good unmarked silver example. Stag in relief as per officers and Snco's. Bolt on centre. 3 lugs. Uncleaned. V.G.C.
51ST HIGHLAND DIVISION OFFICERS/SNCO'S CAP BADGE Nice example of the " Crucified Moose " cap badge for officers and senior ranks. Deers head in relief. Retains a good percentage of silver frosting. 4 bolt , 2 piece construction. 3 lugs. Uncleaned but will come up a treat if desired. No rubbing or damage. Now scarce. V.G.C.
5TH ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW1 TRENCH ART MANS BRACELET Beautiful original piece from the Great War. Large size bracelet set with an Argylls collar badge. To either side of this raised letters A and S (Argyll & Sutherland ). Also letter puched with "5th Batt - 1917". V.G.C.
5TH BTN. CAMERONIAN CHARLES G. TAYLOR LETTER BOX & DINNER MENU Sgt. Charles Taylor. WW1 vet. Served with 5th Cameronians. Was also a piper with them. Front door brass letter box and 1919 Reunion dinner menu and list of all attending members from the different companies.Rare interesting piece of ephemera.
5TH BTN. SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS COLONEL'S BADGE The rarest of the Feather cap badges. 4 feathers for Colonel or C.O. Of the pattern locally made in Beauly and the like. Silver plated nickel . Some finish loss and polishing to high points. You are unlikely to find another of these.
5th CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES) OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE Very good slider example for peaked cap. Unmarked silver. Left uncleaned as it came to me with one other many yers ago from the officers family. Rare.
5TH DRAGOONS SNCO'S SLEEVE BADGE Good example of this scarce badge. Worn above the chevrons on the right sleeve. Good condition with no rubbing or damage. 2 loops to reverse. White metal. V.G.C.
5TH DRAGOONS - SGT'S SLEEVE BADGE Unmarked silver sgt's sleeve badge. Similar to Scots Greys back badge but with ribs showing . Approx 3 inches by 1 and 3 quarters. Great condition, no rubbing or damage. Scarce
5TH GURKHAS CHROMED CAP BADGE Striking sand cast example. Heavy chrome finish. Officers quality. Well detailed. V.G.C.
5th INFANTRY DIV. (INDIA) - OFFICERS SLOUCH HAT Very rare "Been There" slouch hat attributed to 5th Indian Division (Ball of Fire). This one has seen a fair bit of service with sweat staining and general service wear. Good size 56/57. Cotton puggaree with Formation patch which is 2 piece pin back but is also stitched down and original to hat. Sweat band with much sweat staining and forehead section has rotted away through sweat. The front has a slot for a slider cap badge. Nicely shaped. The 5th were heavily engaged in North Africa before being shipped to the Far East in 1943 and it took part in many major battles inc. Imphal and Kohima. They had the honour of being the first allied unit into Singapore in 1945.
5th INISKILLING DRAGOON GUARDS COLLAR BADGE PAIR. Good facing pair so flags go left and right. Bi metal with "INNISKILLING" scroll. Circa WW2.Cast scrolls. Mid 1920's but worn in WW2. Slight rubbing to high points but good early type.
5th INNISKILLING DRAGOON GUARDS COLLAR BADGES - PAIR Lovely set straight from the vet who took part in the Normandy campaign. Facing pair in mint unissued condition.
5TH ROYAL IRISH POST '52 OFFICERS TUNIC BUTTON Rare button retaining it's gilded finish. Well detailed. Gaunt maker mkd. V.G.C.
5TH ROYAL SCOTS - OFFICERS CAP BADGE - MARSHALL AITKEN Beautiful and scarce badge. Marshall & Aitken Edinburgh and Registration number to back as it should have.
5TH ROYAL SCOTS - PRE 1902 OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR Rare collar in cast brass. Victorian crown. V.G.C.
5th ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE Nice die struck o/r's example. Age toned. No rubbing or damage. Old polish residue to back. V.G.C.
5th ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE Good die struck o/r's example. Nice sharp details. 2 lugs to rear. One slightly bent. Lowest price out there for a real one.
5TH ROYAL SCOTS PRE 1902 OFFICERS COLLAR BADGE Very rare. Officers collar badge to the 5th RS. Same design as the cap badge. Only one I've ever had , cap badges are fairly common but not collars. V.G.C.
5TH ROYAL SCOTS SILVER H/M COLLAR - 1917 Rare bi metal officers collar with Edinburgh hallmarks for 1917.Marshal & Aitken jewellers tablet. Correct registration no. RD. 540927. Maker H.T. ( Henry Tatton). Pin back. Quality construction. Excellent.
5th ROYAL SCOTS SILVER/GILT CAP BADGE c/w ORIGINAL PATCH. MAKER MARKED Beautiful example of this very rare badge. No rubbing. Still with green enamel behind centre. Original regimental tartan patch. Marshall & Aitken - Edinburgh stamped to rear. Also serial number. As far as I am aware they were the only Military Outfitter to sell this badge.
5th SEAFORTHS VICTORIAN WAIST BELT LOCKET Fine example of this rare buckle. Regimental motto "SANS PEUR" (without fear) to outer section and Wildcat to centre. Fine Roccocco ends. No rubbing . White metal. VGC
5TH V.B. H.L.I. ( GLASGOW HLDRS. )( HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) - PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Real rarity here. Circa 1881. Heavy cast nickel silver in a style similar to the Black Watch to who they were affiliated.. Stamped to the back " 5th V.B. - H.L.I. ". Original hook, hinge and needle pin which is slightly over long which is correct for the period. Age toning with no rubbing or damage. Pipers. V.G.C.
5TH V.B. H.L.I. GLASGOW HLDRS. CAP BADGE Scarce Victorian cap badge. Nicely toned w/m. As per Black Watch pattern but with 5TH V.B. - H.L.I. scrolls. V.G.C.
5TH VB HLI (GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS) PIPERS WAIST BELT PLATE Rare pipers waist belt plate as per the Royal Scots piper pattern. Nicely etched to back, " 5TH ( GLASGOW HIGHLAND ) V.B. - H.L.I. . Nickel silver. Victorian period.
5TH VOL. BTN. ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE Superb looking example with solid domed out centre. No rubbing or damage. Beautiful age toning.
5TH VOLUNTEER BTN ( LEITH ) ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE Super example of this rare badge. Non voided centre which has been domed out. Lovely age patina. No rubbing or dmage. Slightly thicker than usual white metal. Old polish residue to back. V.G.C.
6 V.B. GORDON HLDRS.VICTORIAN OFFICERS DIRK BELT PLATE Very rare buckle in very good condition. Nice bevelledbelt plate retaining almost all it's original bright silvered finish. Gordons device as per Regular Battalions but in white metal and blank Battle Honour tablets.
6th BANFFSHIRE GORDON HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Very rare cap badge for Volunteer Btn. Marquis of Huntly stag over a coronet. Outer strap with Regimental motto "BY DAND". There are spurious copies of these around however this is a genuine example and has had the 3 lugs found on originals. These have been period removed and replaced with an old style pin and hook. Excellent
6TH BLACK WATCH COLLAR PAIR Rare collars to the 6th Fifeshire Btn. Thane of Fife with Latin motto above. Facing pair. Die struck. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
6TH BTN. KINGS LIVERPOOL RGT. CAP BADGE Very good die struck brass example retaining almost all it's original blackened finish. Comes with the original to it red felt patch. Slider V.G.C.
6TH LANARKSHIRE BTN. -CAMERONIANS WW1 DRUM Very rare side drum to the 6th ( Territorial Btn. ) Scottish Rifles. Marked up inside to Potters of Aldershot who until the introduction of transfers still hand painted all the army drums. This is exceedingly well painted with the Battle Honours up to 1918 done in gold over Rifle Green. Very well done Regimental device to centre. Blackened tension and drag ropes which is correct for a rifle regiment. Vellum heads. Sling hook in the wrong place and bottom snare strainer absent at one side. As rare as they get.
6TH V.B. (FIFESHIRE) BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE Circa 1887 . Nice o/r's example. Thane of Fife to centre. Outer strap with Virtue Et Opera. No rubbing or damage. Nice strike. Scarce. V.G.C.
6th VOLUNTEER BATT. HLI CAP BADGE Scarce badge with long scroll bearing battle honour “SOUTH AFRICA 1900-02” Nicely shaped to cap. Nice age toning. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
7/9TH ROYAL SCOTS 1935 BOXED BOXING MEDAL Small size bronze medal. To 7/9. R.S.V.E.A.B.C. Dated 13-3-35.
71ST HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY SHOOTING BARS Rare tartan ribbon with all 71st shooting prize winners within a certain period. Silver bars. 71st device to bottom.
71ST HIGHLANDERS (H.L.I.) EDINBURGH HALLMARKED SILVER CROSS BELT BADGE Rare pipers cross belt badge for the Highland Light Infantry Nicely mkd. up on the back "Regimental Property - 1st HLI ". I've come across this before with genuine HLI pipers pieces. No rubbing or damage. Heavy cast silver . Screw posts. Measures 2 and a half inches. Silver Edinburgh hallmarks with “W” for 1927.
71ST OF FOOT - HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY - SILVER H/M WBP Rare officers or pipers belt buckle in excellent condition. Hand etched back plate with bugle and 71 in high relief. Clipped edge. Hand made from sheet silver. The back profusely mkd. with "Regimental Property - 1st HLI," Also "Wilson & Sharp Edinburgh" ( jeweller ) and with the Kirkwoods of Edinburgh thistle logo. Kirkwoods in my opinion were by far the best of the Edinburgh silversmiths from that period. Edinburgh silver hallmarks for 1923. As the pipe band was still wearing 71st marked kit I think this most certainly a pipers buckle.
71ST- HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY- EDINBURGH 1923 SILVER H/M WOODEN SKEAN DHU Here's one you can fly with. Sgian dhu made of wood with silver fittings. No blade. Nicely mkd . to the back " REGIMENTAL PROPERTY - 1ST H.L.I." and with Edinburgh hallmarks for 1923. Curved for the leg. Rare piece.
72ND (SEAFORTHS HIGHLANDERS) SHOULDER BELT PLATE - RARE ORIGINAL Rare original of this much faked SBP. Pressed brass with "72" within a thistle spray. Hair line casting fault behind the 72 this only on genuine examples. Back with correct heavy hand bent pins and lots of old polish and verdigris. Unfortunately the fakes have swamped the market but as said, this is a rare original.
72ND DUKE OF ALBANYS OWN HIGHLANDERS VICTORIAN BONNET BADGE Good original example from the estate of Col. J.Davies Q.O.H..Gilt remaining to rear but gone from the front. Crisp die struck example with Q.V.C. crown. 72 in relief on bee hive. Loops at the back present but bent. Circa 1860. Rare
72ND OF FOOT (1ST SEAFORTH HDLRS. ) - PIPERS SILVER PLAID BROOCH - KIRKWOODS Beautiful pipers brooch by in my opinion, the best maker of the day. Kirkwoods , unlike Anderson and other military outfitters produced their own badges and brooches. This one is a bit special . Unmarked silver. Beautifully hand etched detail to the front with black highlights, most don't have this. The back is very impressive with etched " Pipers - 1st Seaforth Highlanders - 10 ( brooch number ). It also has Kirkwoods trademark thistle and a jewellers tablet with name and address. The piper has scratched his initials just below the centre. Original stout pin and hook. V.G.C.
72ND SEAFORTH HLDRS. PIPERS PLAID BROOCH -INDIAN MUTINY - UNIQUE NAME Good original and attributable 72nd (Seaforths). pipers plaid brooch. Good deep hand etched detail. nice and clear as often this is indistinct due to polishing. Nickel silver. Original off set stout pin. Pipers name " CAMPBELL" scratched to rear. Records show only one Campbell as a piper , first name Colin ,Army No. 3880. Enlisted 1854, Discharged 1865. Awarded the Indian Mutiny medal. Scarce
73RD OF FOOT (BLACK WATCH) OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Rare SBP to the 73rd. Silver Waterloo and Bangalore scrolls and numerals. The small Bangalore may have had a blue enamel ground, now absent.QVC in high relief. Back with correct hook and stud arrangement and surprisingly still has it's red Morocco leather backing.To find a plate still with this is rare. Original gilt finish to plate with some finish loss. The 73rd Regiment of Foot was an infantry regiment of the British Army, raised in 1780. Under the Childers Reforms it amalgamated with the 42nd Regiment of Foot to form the Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) in 1881.
73RD OF FOOT (BLACK WATCH) VICTORIAN BRONZE LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Rare large size tunic button in a bronze finish. Raised detail of 73 with thistle and rose spray surmounted by QVC crown. Jennens maker mkd. V.G.C.
74TH HIGHLANDERS (H.L.I.) GLENGARRY BADGE - 1874/1881 Rare glengarry badge, circa 1874 to 1881. K & K 539. White metal version. Dark age toning to back. Original lugs. These a bit bent. V.G.C.
74th HIGHLANDERS (H.L.I.) BRASS COLLAR BADGE PAIR - RARE Extremely rare collar set. Brass for o/r's . Facing, matching pair. Original lugs intact but bent over. Fretted example , these could also be solid. Worn 1874 to 1882. V.G.C.
74TH HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS SHAKO BADGE - 1869 - 1878 Extremely rare badge. Die struck silver plate. Featured in both Bloomer and K&K. Worn on the last shako. Very well detailed with the 74 in high relief. No rubbing or damage. EX Hugh King collection.
74TH HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS SHAKO PLATE BADGE - 1869/1878 Rare plate. Die struck in either unmarked silver or heavy silver plate. This is a very well struck badge with no rubbing or damage. The 74 stands in high relief. KK 178. Worn on the last shako. 2 lugs to rear. V.G.C.
74TH OF FOOT O/R'S SHAKO BADGE Very rare cap badge . Similar to 91st shako badge from the same era. Brass . Wire mesh behind " 74 ". V.G.C.
75TH REGIMENT OF FOOT - THE STIRLINGSHIRE REGT. (GORDONS) BELL TOP SHAKO OFFICERS BADGE Extremely rare badge circa 1840. Not even in K & K this one. Circa 1840 for wear on the bell top shako. Beautiful piece , the only issue being the original loop fixings are absent from the back although it's easy to see where they've been. Die struck gilded brass star with silver star mounted in relief. On top of that in separately applied pieces are the Battle Honours , India and Seringapatam and in Roman numerals " LXXV " (75).Also a beautiful gilded tiger. This is a piece I personally have never encountered before and don't expect to see another and therefore it's priced to reflect the rarity.. Replacing the loops if so desired is an easy fix. Astounding piece !!
78TH (ROSS-SHIRE BUFFS) SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS BADGE Very nice clean example. Sharp detail. No rubbing or damage. Scarce. V.G.C.
78th HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH Lovely untouched example just bought back from a customer. Silver parts on brass quoit. No rubbing or damage. Correct overlong vertical pin. Rare
78TH HIGHLANDERS- ROSS SHIRE BUFFS ( SEAFORTHS) VICTORIAN SILVER FORAGE CAP BADGE Nicest example I've seen of one of these. Pre 1881. Unmarked silver. Silver lugs. Elephant with Assaye scroll above and surmounted with "78". Rare genuine one. Excellent condition.
78TH HIGHLANDERS- ROSS SHIRE BUFFS ( SEAFORTHS) VICTORIAN SILVER FORAGE CAP BADGE Nicest example I've seen of one of these. Pre 1881. Unmarked silver. Silver lugs. Elephant with Assaye scroll above and surmounted with "78". Rare genuine one. Excellent condition.
78TH HLDRS ( ROSS SHIRE BUFFS , 2ND SEAFORTHS) OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE Outstanding example in cast unmarked silver. Nice detail and with only slight polishing to high points. Heavy. Silver wire lugs. Beautiful.
78TH OF FOOT - ROSS SHIRE BUFFS ( SEAFORTH HLDRS. ) CAP BADGE Pre 1868 large pattern in heavy die stamped brass example. No rubbing or damage. Age patina and some verdigris on the badge. Sharp detail. Retains it's gilt finish. V.G.C.
79TH - QUEENS OWN CAMERON HLDRS. BRASS / ENAMEL BADGE - GAUNT Lovely thing and of the high quality one associates with J.R.GAUNT. Fretted centre with " 79 ".Original robust pin and hook. Blue enamel undamaged. V.G.C.
79TH (CAMERON HIGHLANDERS) OFFICERS SGIAN DHU - ANDERSON Fine Cameron Hldrs officers sgian dhu retailed by Anderson, Military outfitters, Glasgow and Edinburgh and with their tablet to the top scabbard mount. Correct brass fittings with Sphinx Battle honour " Egypt " to handle. Morocco leather covered wood scabbard. Bog oak studded handle. Ornate top mount with foiled citrine. Original blade with some dark spots but very good for age. Circa WW1. Scarce. V.G.C.
79th (CAMERON) NUMERAL CAP BADGE FOR PORK PIE CAP Rare numerals for the pork pie cap, Crimea period. Cast brass. Nicely toned. V.G.C.
79TH CAMERON HIGHLANDERS BALL TOP SWAGGER STICK Far from mint but priced accordingly. Nickel silver ball top with Kings crown over a Regimental device with a Sphinx on an " Egypt " tablet with " 79 " below. Ball with denting. Original black lacquered finish to shaft. Original brass tip. All original.
79TH OF FOOT - CAMERON HIGHLANDERS SWAGGER STICK Nice nickel silver topped walking out stick to the Cameron Hldrs. Very well detailed, this standing out in relief. Post 1902 possibly Boer War, if not, WW1. Black wood shaft and original brass tip.
79th OF FOOT (CAMERON HLDRS) VICTORIAN SHOULDER BELT PLATE BELT PLATE Can't start to describe this beauty. Thistle wreath in high profile with Roman Numerals for 79. Surmounted by a Victorian crown. Seeded gilt back plate. Good original hooks and studs to rear. Lovely and very rare.
79th OF FOOT OFFICERS SKEAN DHU - ETCHED BLADE Very rare skean dhu of officer pattern. Gilded mounts. Sphinx resting on Egypt battle honour tablet. Acid etched Regimental blade with "79" etched to both sides. Each side of the blade is different. One side with thistles and the other with thistles and bluebells. Nice silvery cairngorm stone to top. Scabbard leather very good with none of the usual frailty and rot. Some loss of finish to gilding on scabbard mounts but still a super piece.
79TH OF FOOT WW1 CAMERON HIGHLANDERS SWAGGER STICK WW1 walking out cane with ball top in nickel silver. Some dents. Regimental device clear, not ob=ver polished. Original black ebonised cane with original brass tip.
79TH QUEENS OWN CAMERON HIGHLANDERS WW1 ENAMEL BAD... Brass and enamel lapel badge. Lovely thing and ...
79TH THE QUEENS OWN CAMERON HIGHLANDER SWAGGER STICK Nice nickel silver topped walking out stick to the Cameron Hldrs. Fairly dent free unlike most and no rubbing to detail. Very well detailed in high relief. Post 1902 possibly Boer War, if not, WW1. Black wood shaft with it's original finish. Tip absent.
7TH ( STIRLING ) - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SHOOTING FOB Nice silver shooting prize fob to a Sgt with the 7th . 1923 so will have been a Great War vet. Crossed rifles to top. Won by Sgt. Forrest - 7th A & SH and dtd. 1923. Dark uncleaned age patina. Will come up a treat if desired. V.G.C.
7th ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS WW1 SPORRAN Attributed to the 7th Stirlingshire Battalion Swinging 6 hair sporran. Stamped to back, " H 104 - 7 A & S.H. ". Came with other 7th Btn. items listed on my web site. Condition is good overall, one belt loop has some stitching come away. Brass cantle good. No hair loss so nice full shape and the tassles are very good with leather rings to push the tassles out for that Belled Out look favoured by the Argylls. Comes with it's original to it white buff leather sporran strap. Rare to find a Battalion attributed one. 100% all original .
7TH ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - OFFICERS 1887 EDINBURGH SILVER H/M CAP BADGE Extremely rare, only the 2nd time I've ever seen one of these. Beautifully made, most likely by Ebbutts. Marshall of Edinburgh jewellers tablet to back. 7th VolunteerBtn, scroll to bottom. Condition is excellent and beautifully fretted. Edinburgh silver hallmarked for 1887.
7th ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND HLDRS. EMBROIDERED PATCH NOT ! a blazer badge ! This I believe is from a senior officers tartan table cover. Beautiful bullion wire embroidered on a black background with yellow trim. Originally I thought it was from a pipe bag cover but I checked with former pipers and it seems not, they believe it to have been used by the C.O. on his desk.
7th ARGYLLS SILVER H/M OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH - MARSHALL Beautiful and very rare. Edinburgh silver with hall marks for 1887.Raised Jewellers tablet with " MARSHALL & SONS 87 GEORGE ST. EDINBURGH " As per Regular Battalion but with added scroll with " VII VOLUNTEER BATTN". Correct over long pin for period. Excellent condition
7th ARGYLLS WW1 RAW EDGE BRODIE c/w COVER - ATTRIBUTED Awesome helmet ! This ticks all the boxes. One of the first helmets with the light green paint. 1st type oil cloth tongue liner with again, 1st type buckle chinstrap. The original to helmet sacking cover is named to Alan Bain as is the helmet. Both helmet and cover have 4 horizontal blue stripes, this being for 7th Argylls. Expensive but if you want the kind of helmet that is rarely available , dig deep.
7th CAMERONIANS VICTORIAN OFFICERS SHAKO - NAMED & WITH TIN Good example with no moth or damage to body. Red silk lining, complete but with some tears. Good leather sweat band with officers name and 7th S.R.. Leather chin strap good.Approx size 55. Good cap lines. Plume absent. Contained in it's Japanned tin with makers tablet to lid " LANDON, MORLAND AND LANDON - 7 NEW BURLINGTON ST. REGENT ST. LONDON" V.G.C.
7TH CONVERTED TO 1ST BATT. ROYAL HIGHLANDERS SHOULDER TITLE WW1 shoulder title with the legs of the " T " officially clipped to form " 1 " for a soldier who has moved from a Territorial Btn. to the 1st Btn. I've had these before and also to different Regiments , i.e. Cameronians. 3 lugs. Good condition. Scarce
7TH V.B - A & S.H. - DOLLAR ACADEMY ( INSTITUTE) - CADET CORPS OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE Extremely rare officers example in unmarked cast silver. DA were administered by the 7th Argylls. Very fine detail. Dollar Academy ( Institution ) circa 1908 . I've occasionally had the w/m o/r's version but never an officers one. Dark age patina but will come up wonderfully with a silver cloth if desired. No rubbing or damage. Silver lugs . V.G.C.
7TH V.B. ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE Great condition. Die struck w/m. V.G.C. Scarce
7TH V.B. ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE - 1898 - 1908 Good example. No rubbing or damage. From old Royal Scots collection. Scroll reads , " 7th V.B. The Royal Scots ". Die struck. V.G.C.
7TH V.B. ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE - 1898 - 1908 From a collection of Royal Scots badges I bought many years ago and am now letting go. Excellent example. Heavy metal die struck. Uncleaned with nice age patina . Scroll below St. Andrew reads, " 7th V.B. The Royal Scots ". Good One Look original . V.G.C.
7TH V.B. ROYAL SCOTS COLLAR DOG - RARE Super rare 7th V.B. Royal Scots collar badge. W/M. Nicely struck. Scroll with " 7th V.B. The Royal Scots ". Only one I've ever had. V.G.C.
7TH VOLUNTEER BATTALION, THE ROYAL SCOTS (LOTHIAN REGIMENT), O/R'S GLENGARRY BADGE C.1903-1908 Rare cap badge. Age toned. 5th & 6th turn up but this is earlier. Circa 1903 to 1908 only. Die struck. Nice domed centre.
8TH ARMY RIBBON BAR Good period ribbon bar. Ribbons for France/ Germany, Italy,39/45 and Africa with brass "8". Attached to the back is a non mounted War medal ribbon. C/w original pin.
8th ARMY TANKERS GROUP One mans items inc. Desert Rat patch cut from uniform, different Div patches, badges and his soldier book. This guy got around ! A photograph of him is included.
8TH INFANTRY DIVISION PATCH PAIR - REMOVED FROM UNIFORM- ATTRIBUTED Very good used condition. Removed from the uniform.
8TH ROYAL IRISH HUSSARS / 5TH LANCERS SGTS SLEEVE BADGE A thing of beauty ! Excellent detail. Die struck. North/ south lugs. Unfretted harp. Worn by 8th King's Royal Irish & 5th Lancers VGC
8TH ROYAL IRISH HUSSARS / 5TH LANCERS SGTS. SLEEVE BADGE A thing of beauty ! Excellent detail. Die struck. North/ south lugs. Unfretted harp. Worn by 8th King's Royal Irish & 5th Lancers VGC.
8TH VOL. BTN. ROYAL SCOTS ( THE LOTHIAN REGIMENT ) CAP BADGE Rare cap badge circa WW1. White metal . Nicely toned. One lug bent. Both slightly pinched.
8TH VOLUNTEERS BTN ROYAL SCOTS BADGE One of the rarer VB Batt. Royal Scots badges. Circa 1888. Nice strike on this one. Lugs are pinched and one is bent down. Reflected in the price.
91ST - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - OFFICERS SILVER PLAID BROOCH - MARSHALL Truly a thing of Beauty ! Extremely rare 91st of Foot officers silver plaid brooch. Hand etched thistle pattern and lettering with Battle Honours and XCI - ARGYLLSHIRE. Large Cairngorm to centre. The back with original stout pin and makers Trade Mark and " Marshall & Sons - 87 George St. Edinr. ". Probably the nicest plaid brooch I've ever owned and early 91st items are few and far between. Price is not for the faint hearted but is a top shelf item you are unlikely to find for sale anywhere.
91ST “XCI” ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS LARGE FLAT TUNIC BUTTON Nicely toned brass button. Raised lettering. Maker marked Brook & Son Edinburgh to rear. Rare
91ST / 93RD HIGHLANDERS ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND ) PRINTERS BLOCK - OFFICER Copper printers block with image of 91st or 93rd officer in full dress with trews and holding feather bonnet. Good size, measures approx. 16cms by 11 cm. V.G.C.
91ST 93RD ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS ENAMEL BADGE Rare enamel badge in great condition.
91ST ARGYLLSHIRE HLDRS. OFFICERS GLENGARRY BADGE- 1872 - 1881 Rare badge. 5 piece construction. Unmarked silver. Star of the Order of the Thistle with gilt crown, cypher and Boars head. Oval with " XCI - Princess Louise's Argyllshire Highlanders " Original sale ticket and auction catalogue from 2001 comes with the sale. Beautiful piece.
91ST HIGHLANDERS - (1ST BTN. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) MEDAL Not sure what this medal is for. Mkd. to the back , " L.A.C. XCI HIGHLANDRS ". I'm presuming this is from the period around WW2 when the 1st A & S.H. still referred to themselves as the 91st. Raised Argylls device to front and with it's original coloured ribbon. V.G.C.
91ST HIGHLANDERS - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND - PIPERS PLAID BROOCH - KIRKWOODS 91st marked to rear. Likely dating from around late 1800's when although the 91st and 93rd had amalgamated to form the A & S.H. they still referred to themselves as the 91st and 93rd. Nickel silver plaid brooch with early pin and hook. The pin has a very elaborate brass part which the pin is braised on to. Was this how they made them early on or a very skilful repair ? Kirkwood of Edinburgh stamped. To the top " 10 - 91st P.F. ". Also has soldiers details scratched into it. Knock to lower left and polishing to th high spots. This brooch was well used but I would rather have this one than one that sat in the stores. Marked brooches are rare .
91ST HIGHLANDERS - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS SPORRAN CANTLE Scarce officers cantle from a badger head sporran Pierced XCI with old red fabric behind to make it stand out. Red backing was commonplace with the Argylls, more usually found on badges. Long bolts to back. Vintage unknown but as the 1st Btn. still referred to themselves as the 91st after they became Argylls, it's possible it's as late as WW1, possibly quite a bit earlier. Rare. V.G.C.
91ST HIGHLANDERS ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.) PIPE BANNER Beautiful and extremely rare 91st of Foot, Argyllshire Hldrs. pipers banner. Large bullion Regimental device to centre. To the reverse, yellow silk with beautifuly embroideredBoars head and motto, this partially done in bullion wire. Small tear to the silk below the Boars Head. The obverse in Regimental tartan. Nicely fringed and still with it's drone ties. V.G.C.
91st HIGHLANDERS ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) OFFICERS REGENCY SHAKO BADGE A very rare 91st Argyllshire Regt. of Foot Georgian Officer's Regency pattern shako plate in un marked silver. The Regency shako was in use from 1816 to 1829. This is a beautiful example in near mint condition and just purchased from an old collection, more items from which I will be listing soon. Domed silver ball shaped back plate with "PENINSULA - XCI (91st) - ARGYLLSHIRE". Beautiful !!
91st HIGHLANDERS (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) SERGEANTS PLAID BROOCH Very rare item. Hand etched with "XCI" and thistles. To the rear " SGT 24". Stamped Marshall & sons ? George Street Edinburgh. Original stout oversize pin. Not cheap but try finding another
91ST HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE First item from a collection of Argylls related items I am in the process of buying. This one not for sale at the moment but I thought some of my regular customers would like to see this rarity.
91st HIGHLANDERS RARE SHAKO BADGE 1874 - 1881 Very rare brass badge for the shako from the pre territorial era. Correct mesh wire behind the 91 as found on genuine examples. 4 point star with strap " Ne Me impune Laccessit". Very good condition. Old lead solder on lugs, which is quite crude so possibly a period repair.
91ST HLDRS ( 1ST A & S.H. ) PIPERS BANNER - 1860 Extremely rare pipers banner circa 1860. To one side, 91st device in bullion, small loss to outer circle. silk good. To the reverse, original 91st tartan ( Campbell of Cawdor ) used before they adopted the Government No.2. Drone ties present. Fantastic condition for age and the only one I've ever encountered with that tartan.
91ST HLDRS ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND ) XCI REGENCY SHAKO CAP BADGE Another from a recently purchased Argyll collection. Circa 1815 to 1829. 5 piece construction. Age toned. Old polish residue. Burnished copper with silver scrolls and XCI. May have originally have been black as the rear finish is such. All fixing pins present and with north and south lugs. O/r's example, exactly the same in detail as the silver version with the exact same thin round pins for attaching the silver parts. Large QVC separately applied. Extremely rare. V.G.C. International shipping is high due to the value of the item can only be shipped with the courier.
91ST HLDRS OFFICERS SHAKO BADGE Exceedingly rare badge as worn on the shako. Officer pattern, gilded with inlaid blue enamel.Silver numerals. Slight damage to the bottom of the enamel , otherwise A.1.
91ST HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) OFFICERS BADGE Rare and beautiful. Unmarked silver and gilt. Circa 1864. For wear on the glengarry. Original sale particulars come with this badge.
91st HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) OFFICERS SHAKO BADGE Exceedingly rare officers example as per K & K 178 A. For wear on the last shako so circa 1869 to 1878 only. Silver numerals on mesh backing. Blue enamel to strap with " ARGYLLSHIRE HIGHLANDERS". Some enamel loss. Retains it's gilding. 2 lugs to rear.
91st OF CANADA ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND ) MILITIA - SERGEANTS CAP BADGE Good Sergeants example with Kings Crown, Circa 1902-23. Sand cast nickel silver with sharp detail. Quite heavy. No rubbing or damage. Rare. V.G.C.
91ST OF FOOT - SNCO'S PAIR OF BOARS HEAD COLLARS - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS Extremely rare matching pair of collars from a collection of 91st and 93rd items just in. Great condition and one of the rarest collars out there. V.G.C.
91st OF FOOT ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) GILT OFFICERS TUNIC BUTTON Rare button.QVC with strap bearing "Argyllshire Highlanders - 9 " Excellent condition with maker details, Firmin & Sons - The Strand, London. Circa 1863 - 1881.
91ST OF FOOT (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.) BRASS TUNIC BUTTON Rare button in excellent condition. Concave. Non maker mkd.
91ST OF FOOT (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) SHAKO BADGE An exceedingly rare badge unless you want a copy. The real deal ! Brass Star of the Thistle. Ne Me Impune motto on circlet with "91" within. Behind the numerals correct fine wire mesh. No rubbing . Nice badge. 10 years since I last had one of these for sale. V.G.C.
91ST OF FOOT ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SMALL TUNIC BUTTON The smaller size tunic button which is the harder to obtain one. V.G.C.
91ST OF FOOT OFFICERS SWAGGER STICK Beautiful and rare silver ball top swagger stick. I've left it with it's black patina but will clean up beautifully if desired. Nice Regimental device to top . Thicker more substantial cane than later WW1 examples and I would imagine this one is for an NCO or even possibly an officer. Excellent condition for age.
91st OFFICERS BELT PLATE DEVICE Rare silver officers belt plate centre. 3 pce. Lovely original. Some rubbing to high points otherwise very good
91ST OFFICERS BOARS HEAD COLLAR BADGE - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS Extremely rare single collar for an officers tunic. V.G.C.
91ST/93RD HLDRS. (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) ENAMEL LAPEL BADGE This is one of the rarer Argylls badges. Gilt & enamel. No damage whatsoever and a very well made badge. Maker marked J.R. GAUNT LONDON to rear. Excellent condition.
92ND (GORDEN) HIGHLANDERS VICTORIAN POUCH BADGE Nice genuine example. Good detail with nice age toning. Three screw posts to rear.
92ND (SEAFORTH HLDRS.)- INDIAN MUTINY - PIPERS PLAID BROOCH - NAMED Very early and attributable pipers plaid brooch in nickel silver. Nice deep hand etched details to front and not polished off as is often the case with these brooches. Old style pin and hinge. I've never encountered an example as early as this, circa 1850's. Unique name to the 72nd, "Campbell" scratched to the back. The only Campbell is confirmed as a Battalion piper and as having fought in the Indian Mutiny Records show only one Campbell as a 72nd piper , first name Colin ,Army No. 3880. Enlisted 1854, Discharged 1865. Awarded the Indian Mutiny medal. Rare V.G.C.
92ND OF FOOT (GORDON HIGHLANDERS) VICTORIAN BRASS SPORRAN BADGE Early rare 92nd sporran badge. Solid sheet brass. Sphinx, 92nd and 2 thistle sprays , all in relief. Stout brass lugs to the back. Grear condition with no damage.
92ND OF FOOT (GORDON HIGHLANDERS) VICTORIAN PIPERS CAP BADGE Nice toned example of a 92nd pipers badge . Very sharp detailed die struck with very precise fretting..Silvered metal. Left as it came to me but will clean up nicely if desired. Circa 1868 - 81. Rare V.G.C.
92nd OF FOOT GLENGARRY BADGE - PRE 1880 - GORDON HLDRS Super example of this rare badge. Thistle wreath with nice detail. Sphinx battle honour with "EGYPT" tablet over a "92". Very short lugs to rear. Great detail. Nice original of this much faked badge. The 92nd Regiment of Foot was a British Army infantry regiment. It was granted Royal Warrant on 10 February 1794, and first paraded on 24 June 1794, originally being numbered the 100th Regiment of Foot. It was amalgamated with the 75th Regiment of Foot to form the Gordon Highlanders during the Childers Reforms in 1881.
92ND OF FOOT GORDON HLDRS CROSS BELT PLATE Not often you see a real one of these ! Most collectors shy away as the market is flooded with copies. This is a One Look original which I've left exactly as it came to me from a very old collection. It will clean up if desired but this kind of patina you can't fake. Condition is dirty but very good.3 screw posts to rear. Mounted on an old red velvet covered card.
92nd OF FOOT GORDON HLDRS OFFICERS SILVER BONNET BADGE Good silver stamped example. Long silver lugs for feather bonnet. Nicely detailed, nice age patina to back.
92nd OF FOOT GORDON HLDRS OFFICERS WAIST BELT PLATE Pre 1880 officers 5 piece belt plate. Silver furniture on burnished brass back plate. Very rare.
92ND OF FOOT, GORDON HLDRS. O/R'S CAP BADGE A silvered brass example with dark age patina. Well detailed die struck.Bit of verdigris and old polish to back. V.G.C.
93RD ( SUTHERLAND ) HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS DIRK BELT PLATE Beautiful example of this rare belt buckle in unmarked silver and gilt. No rubbing or damage. Finely detailed. Centre with 93 and thistle surmounted by a QVC crown , all in relief. Outer strap with Sutherland Highlanders. V.G.C.
93RD HIGHLANDERS - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND TUNIC - 1869 Extremely rare o/r's tunic to the 93rd ( Argyllshire Highlanders ) in madder or" brick" red. In use from when the 93rd returned from India until 1871 when scarlet was introduced. Soft melton cloth .Gauntlet cuffs. All hand stitched. Embroidered "93" to shoulders. Blanket lining. Large size for the period. Full complement of it's original " 93 " maker mkd. buttons brass buttons. No moth. Large size for the period. Lovely condition . I don't believe there is another of these for sale anywhere especially in this condition.A steal at this price !!
93rd HIGHLANDERS - SILVERED 2 SCROLL CAP BADGE Sand cast silvered example for an officer, possibly In theatre made (India) when the Regiment was stationed abroad. Nicely toned. 2 scrolls ,Cape of Good Hope and Balaklava. V.G.C.
93RD HIGHLANDERS ( 2ND BTN. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HL... This ring was purchased in Hong Kong when the Ar...
93RD HIGHLANDERS (A & S.H.) OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE - FRASERS EDINBURGH Superb early officers SBP made by Forsyths of Edinburgh. Single Battle Honour so very rare as the ones that occasionally turn up tend to be later with the Balaklava scroll as well. Private purchase. Nice etched border with thistle at each corner. V.G.C.
93RD HIGHLANDERS (A & S.H.) SILVER CIGARETTE CASE WITH GOLD INLAY Beautiful silver cigarette case with hand inlaid Regimental device to lid. Victorian Crown over silver XCIII. Below that a thistle spray and 2 panels with " SUTHERLAND - HIGHLANDERS". This all hand done with fine quality detail. Inside there's a Chinese makers surname in characters. I've left it black and uncleaned but will come up nicely if desired. Rare piece.
93RD HIGHLANDERS (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) BONNET BADGE Good genuine example. Brass o/r's . Brass lugs. Shaped for fitting round feather hackle. 1st pattern with single Battle Honour. V.G.C.
93RD HIGHLANDERS (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) FEATHER BONNET BADGE Very hard to find original. 2 scrolls , nice toning. Long lugs for the feather bonnet. These are the original lugs and have been period re affixed with old lead solder. Nice detail and toning.
93RD HIGHLANDERS (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) OFFICERS GLENGARRY BADGE Rare glengarry badge circa 1879- 1881. Most of the gilded finish present, slight loss on the numerals. sharp strike. Old polish residue to the back. Brass lugs. V.G.C.
93RD HIGHLANDERS (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) OFFICERS SMALL TUNIC BUTTON Good example of the scarcer small size brass button. Marked “JENNENS & CO. LONDON“ to rear. V.G.C.
93RD HIGHLANDERS (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) VICTORIAN PIPE BANNER Beautiful piece from my own collection. Pipers banner circa 1860. The embroidery , wire work and beading on this is outstanding and in super condition. Some old moth holes to the tartan back cloth otherwise V.G.C. Extremely rare, you will not find another for sale.
93RD HIGHLANDERS BUTTON FROM CRIMEA Rare genuine example of a pewter tunic button to the 93rd. Copies of these appeared some years ago. This is the Real Deal. Originally bought by me for my own collection in the '80's from the late Stan Paget. Excavated in the Crimea in the 1960's. QVC with 93. Rare
93rd HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE 1874 1881 Good genuine example of a much faked badge. One piece brass o/r's example. North and south lugs. Excellent condition
93rd HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS FEATHER BONNET BADGE Very rare example. As the o/r's badge but in die struck silver with seperately fixed "93" centre piece. Mint
93rd HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS FEATHER BONNET BADGE 1837 Very rare officers feather bonnet badge circa 1830\'s to mid 1840\'s so very rare badge. Condition very good and has been converted at the back to a belt buckle, possibly detracts a bit but this is a very rare item priced down because of the alteration. Try finding another.
93rd HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH 93rd (Sutherland) Highlanders, a very fine officer’s unmarked silver plaid brooch of hollow back construction, the quoit with continuous thistle sprays and title circle ‘Sutherland Highlanders’, Small knock to top side but only really seen from the back. Stout pin fastener c. 1861 - 1881. Rare
93rd HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE A pre 1881 officers SBP to the 93rd ( later 2nd A & S.H.) ,famous as The Thin Red Line.4 part example comprising burnished brass backing plate with hook and stud fixings . Top scroll with Battle Honours \"Alma- Balaklava- Sebastopol \" Centre section with 93 to centre, strap with \"Sutherland Highlanders\", Battle Honour \"Lucknow\" and St Andrew to the bottom. End scroll with Honour \" Cape of Good Hope\".All this within a thistle spray. The Victorian crown has been converted to Kings Crown suggesting this was still being worn after 1902 possibly by a senior officer who served with the 93rd. Apart from 2 side lugs being absent from the centre, north and south lugs still present and are perfectly adequate and a little finish loss on the backing plate to the sides of the crown, this is a very good example and interesting in that it continued in use after the amalgamation of the 91st and 93rd in 1881. The 2nd Btn Argylls still referred to themselves as the 93rd as late as WW2.
93rd HIGHLANDERS SILVER OFFICERS SKEAN DHU Beautiful and exceptionally rare officers Skean Dhu to the the 93rd of Foot, Sutherland Hldrs, later 2nd Btn A &S.H. and famous for being The ThinRed Line at the battle of Balaklava. Hand chased patterned mounts. Bog oak handle with large "93' in silver. Hallmarks to bottom mount but indistinct. Nice blade.Leather bound wood scabbard. Beautiful high quality and exceedingly rare item.
93RD HIGHLANDERS WAIST BELT PLATE A pre 1881 WBP to the 93rd Argyllshire Highlanders (later 2nd BTN A & S.H.). Nice detail. Brass belt plate mounted with regimental device of XCIII (93rd) to centre with strap \"Sutherland Highlanders \" with St. Andrew to bottom. All inside thistle spray surmounted by Queen Victoria crown. Rare. VGC
93rd HLDRS ( A & S.H.) OFFICERS FEATHER BONNET BADGE - 1837 TO 56 Beautiful, heavy and chunky officers example in un marked silver. Single scroll earlier example. Silver lugs. Leather pad behind centre. Rare.
93rd HLDRS ( A & S.H.) OFFICERS PRE TERRITORIAL GLENGARRY BADGE Very rare cap badge in unmarked silver circa 1874 to 1881. Lovely sharp detail and period converted from lugs to stout old style pin and hook. This of a similar shape to the Argylls badge. V.G.C.
93rd HLDRS ( A & S.H.) OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Excellent example of this very rare S.B.P. Silver furniture on brass backing plate. Hooks and studs to rear good. "One Look" 100% original. I'll let the pictures do the talking
93RD HLDRS ( A & S.H.) OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Excellent example of this very rare S.B.P. Silver furniture on brass backing plate. Hooks and studs to rear good. "One Look" 100% original. I'll let the pictures do the talking
93RD HLDRS ( A & S.H.) OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Good early example having only the Cape scroll. End section of said scroll missing and part of the left hand thistle spray so instead of the usual £750 plus it's a bargain price. I have a jeweller who can make that missing pieces if desired, his details can be given to the buyer.
93rd HLDRS ( A & S.H.) OFFICERS W. B. P. CAP BADGE Bronze officers badge in the same pattern as the waist belt plate centre. 2 stout lugs. Very slightly dented at the right hand thistle top otherwise near mint and retaining almost all it's bronze finish. Base metal would appear to be brass. Rare.
93rd HLDRS ( A & S.H.) OFFICERS WAIST BELT BUCKLE Rare buckle in very good condition. Unmarked silver furniture. Slight polishing to the high points on the crown otherwise spot on. Burnished belt plate with nice toning.
93RD HLDRS (A & S.H.) 1930 BIRMINGHAM SILVER H/M OFFICERS MESS CARD TRAY. I'm presuming this is to the 2nd Btn. A & S.H. who still referred to themselves as the 93rd at this time. Silver hallmarked. 93rd Regimental device to centre and copies of various officers signatures inscribed to the base. Officers would write their signatures and this would them be copied by the silversmith on to the tray. Good size approx. 10 inches with nice raised scalloped edge. Unique piece of Mess silver.
93RD HLDRS (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.) OFFICERS SILVER PLAID BROOCH Beautiful example in unmarked silver. This is the larger size one. Domed back, hollow construction. Quoit with very sharp detailed thistle spray to outer part, this in high relief. Strap with Sutherland Highlanders and inner ring of thistles. Nicely named to the named " D. E ." ? The 2nd letter is in old style script and may possibly be L. Original stout pin and catch. No rubbing or damage and of particularly good quality.
93rd HLDRS TUNIC BUTTON. Very good condition brass button. Non maker mkd example. Victorian crown over "93". Pre 1881.
93RD HLDRS. - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND - FEATHER BONNET BADGE A good example that did'nt sit out the wars. Rare 2 scroll. Age toned brass. Period re solder of the original lugs. Crudely field done which I think adds a lot of character to the badge. Often lugs are replaced because they're weak on a copy badge, not the case with this, you can see the old lead solder and these are the original longer lugs for the feather bonnet. Normally these badges fetch between £550/ 750 at auction. This is a very low price for a " One Look " original. Guaranteed genuine, not copy !!
93rd HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND ) SMALL SIZE TUNIC BUTTON This a smaller size and a lot scarcer than than the standard size. Possibly from the white shell jacket? Maker mkd. to rear. V.G.C.
93RD HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS , OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH Exceptional example in hollow unmarked silver. This is the large size one. Domed back. Correct stout overlong pin. Thistle design in relief to the outside. Very slight polishing. V.G.C. Rare.
93RD HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) SILVER H/M BOMB CANDLES - OFFICERS MESS PIECES Nice pair of silver hallmarked silver flaming bomb candles, I believe they were filled with oil and you lit the wick? 1933 London silver so 2nd Btn who continued to refer to themselves as the 93rd beyond the period when they were designated 2nd A & S.H. Fantastic condition apart from one has a bent where it's likely been knocked over by an officer with too much port and Atholl Brose inside him ! Very rare pieces of Mess Silver. Heavy and about the size of a tennis ball, possibly slightly larger.
93RD HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) SILVER OFFICERS BADGE Rare Crimea period officers badge ( KK566). Die struck from sheet silver. 2 piece construction with a solid centre and separately applied silver " 93 ". Circa 1837 / 1856 . Back tarnished, One Look original.
93RD HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) STAG HORN OFFICERS MESS PIECE Unusual item being a piece of stag horn mounted with the centre piece from a 93rd officers shoulder belt plate and most likely been used as an ash tray in the officers mess back in the day. Great condition and very striking. V.G.C.
93RD HLDRS. (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) - OFFICERS P/M REGIMENTAL DIRK Beautiful and extremey rare all original officers dirk. Mounts all in unmarked silver. Acid etched blade with " 93rd Sutherland Highlanders " and Battle Honours, "Cape of Good Hope, Alma,Balaklava, Sevastopol, Lucknow." Marked for Henry Wilkinson Pall Mall, London. Clipped back blade with good point, some areas of darkening . Acid etching nice and clear. Matching stones to all 3 pieces. Sprung triggers on knife and fork both good. No old breaks or damage. Nice tight fit between dirk and scabbard . Top scabbard mount with "93" in relief. Bog oak studded handles . Beautiful exceedingly rare piece. Fresh to the market. V.G.C.
93RD HLDRS. (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) SPORRAN BADGE Extremely rare piece bought recently from a sale of Argylls items. Cast nickel. St. Andrew on thistle spray. Scroll below with "Sutherland Highlanders". Rear fixings present. Good detail. Just over 2 inches tall. Possibly also for the waist belt centre.
93RD HLDRS. WALKING OUT CANE Extremely rare stick with nice Regimental device in relief. No rubbing , a few dents but good overall. Nice cane and retains it's metal tip. V.G.C.
93RD OF FOOT - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS WAIST BELT CLASP Extremely rare officers waist belt buckle to the 93rd Sutherland Hldrs. Silver centre on burnished brass back plate. Untouched as it came from the family. No polishing to high points. v.g.c.
93RD OF FOOT ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS FEATHER BONNET BADGE Good genuine One Look original of this much faked badge. 2Battle Honours. Well detailed. Long lugs for feather bonnet. Old lead re affixed which is very common on original examples. Old polish residue to front and mainly to the back. V.G.C.
93RD OF FOOT. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS CLAYMORE C/W PROVENANCE Amazing provenance on this mid 19th century Claymore. The Wilkinson unique number ties this one to William Fitswilliam Elliott Murray Kynynmound. He was the son of the 3rd Earl of Minto and related to Lady Diana Spencers family (Kynynmound). The claymore itself was used by the officer in the Zulu War of 1879. Condition is good overall with clear Henry Wilkinson acid etching to hilt. Double fullered blade in good condition. Shark skin handle c/w all it's binding. Nice steel basket. Red insert with some small damage to the red outer felt and blue trim but considering the age and the fact this was a fighting sword , not ceremonial, it's surprisingly good.No scabbard. Provenance includes showing him having bought his Commission into the 93rd in 1867 and later continuing with the A & S.H. and ending up with rank of Lt. Col. and having received a M.I.D. during his service, presumably in the Zulu War. Not often a sword with this kind of provenance appears on the market especially at what I think is a very fair price.
93RD SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH Beautiful officers large size brooch. Thistle pattern with inner strap, this with raised lettering " SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS". Nice hollow domed back. Stout original pin and hook. Rare.
93RD SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS SILVER PLAID BROOCH Beautiful smaller size for field officers. Hollow unmarked silver. Stout original pin and hook. Very well detailed with high relief. V.G.C.
9TH ( QUEENS ROYAL) LANCERS EDWARDIAN CHAPSKA HELMET PLATE Post 1902 9th (Queens Royal) Lancers Helmet Plate, being an other ranks brass example with Royal Arms and arms of Queen Adelaide, battle honours for the Boer War, Queen Adelaide cipher and regimental scroll. Plate has two screw post fittings on the reverse Battle Honours up to the Boer War. Scarce. V.G.C.
9TH (SCOTTISH) ROYAL VETERANS BTN. PEWTER BUTTON - 1805 - 1814 (9th) Royal Veterans Battalion​ extremely rare pewter button. In the condition most pewter buttons are found in. Description: 9 below thistle with 'Royal Veteran Battalion' below surmounted by crown . Maker details to back.  The 9th Royal Veteran Battalion was formed at Edinburgh in April 1805.Initially serving at Edinburgh Castle and later a company each on Orkney and the Shetland Isles. Veteran Battalions were formed from men no longer fit for active service and did in the main, admin duties. Eight companies were disbanded in 1814 and the remaining two companies were merged into the 3rd Royal Veteran Battalion in 1815. ​​​ ​ ​Category:​​ Regular Troops; ​ ​Flat 15mm; ​ ​Date​: 1805-1815 ​
9TH ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. MEDAL GROUP& SCROLL Nice grouping to Sgt. Tominey , 9th A & S.H.(Dumbarton). Group comprises George the 5th Territorial medal named to Sgt. B.Tominay. War and Victory medals named to GNR. B. Tominay R.A.. Also a rare Territorial scroll signed by the C.O. of the 9th and awarded to Tominey. This contained in a period frame. Items to the 9th Argylls are rare and this is a fantastic little group , all original and as it came from the family who are still resident in Dumbarton.
9TH ARGYLL& SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS - DUMBARTONSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS GLENGARRY BADGE A mint condition die-struck example that has been on an old framed display board for 50 years. Circa 1888-1908. As per the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders pattern but with Dumbarton Coat of Arms of Elephant and Howda to centre and motto “FORTITUDO ET FIDELITAS” outer circlet with “DUMBARTONSHIRE VOLUNTEERS”. Two loops to reverse. Rare. V.G.C.
9TH GURKHAS OFFICERS CAP BADGE Gilded officers example. Finely cast with nice detail. Wartime Kings Crown. V.G.C.
9th H L I OFFICERS CAP BADGE - 7 PIECE Very rare example with long scrolls, these seperately applied with copper pins. Easily removed centre with lugged St Andrew. Cast back plate. Very striking looking, nicely made piece and quite different from the usual examples. Lovely
9th H L I OFFICERS CAP BADGE - GAUNT Very good bi - metal example with long scrolls. 3 piece held together with it's original long pin to rear."Lacessit" spelling.J.R.GAUNT LONDON tablet to rear. One lug slightly bent otherwise near excellent with no rubbing or over polishing.
9TH H.L.I. - HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY OFFICERS BADGE Excellent silver & gilt example.Cast silver. Bolt on centre. Gilding good and present. Long scrolls. Silver lugs. V.G.C.
9TH H.L.I. GLASGOW HLDRS. OFFICERS TUNIC BUTTON Nice condition gilded button by scarce maker E . Armfield & Co. Birmingham.
9TH H.L.I. LARGE SIZE MUFTI BADGE I've only ever encountered one of these before and it was a Black Watch one. This is over 4 times larger than a sweetheart brooch measuring 45 cm by 35 cm approx. Nicely set with red and blue enamels, these with no damage. Original hook and pin. Rare, especially to the 9th HLI. V.G.C.
9th H.L.I. OFFICERS CAP BADGE - SILVER Very scarce cap badge in unmarked silver to the 9th Highland Light Infantry. Cast silver back plate with the centre and "Jimmy" attached by a small bolt. Sphinx connected by bent pin. This is the correct configuration for this badge, most likely made by Anderson of Edinburgh. Nice long scrolls. The nut could be tightened slightly but it's been worn with the centre slightly loose so I've left it "As found " Good price.
9TH H.L.I.(Highland Light Infantry) WW1 FEATHER BONNET BADGE Nice example with good detail. 2 long lugs to rear As per pipe band examples.
9TH H.L.I.SILVER H/M SPORTS MEDAL - 1913 - NAMED Silver h/m medal for Birmingham 1913 and made by W.J.D. (William James Dingley). Features Regimental device to the obverse, this similar in style to the Black Watch. The reverse with "Cpl. D Mc Intyre - C,Partick Coy. B.W.S.( Black Watch Shield )" ? and 1913. V.G.C.
9TH HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY (H.L.I.) SILVER / ENAMEL SWEETHEART BROOCH Lovely silver/enamel 9th H.L.I. sweetheart brooch. Marked "STERLING SILVER" to rear. Very good condition with nice age patina.
9TH HLI - GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS - SUN HELMET BADGE A rare badge being as per a normal cap badge but larger and was a helmet plate for the tropical white helmet. A soldiers badge with some polishing which in this case just adds to it's attractiveness. Great looking badge.
9TH HLI GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE Superb 9-piece cast silver & gilt example. Nice age patina. Kings crown. Stamped "SILVER" to rear bottom. All original & uncleaned.
9TH LANCERS COLLAR DOGS Nice condition brass example. Came together but miss match pair.
9TH ROYAL SCOTS ( DANDY 9TH ) CAST CAP BADGE Fine and scarce example in heavy cast metal. Age toned with no rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
A R P BELL AND ATTRIBUTED ITEMS - FIFE Straight out the house, a nice collection of one mans Air Raid Precautions stuff all pertaining to the County of Fife, comprising, 1939 dtd. ARP mkd bell in top condition,registration card dtd. 1942,an earlier card dtd. 1939 , National I.D. card and a 21 page pamphlet on what to do in event of different types of attack. This man was a WW1 vet and had an interesting career. Name and further details will be given to buyer. V.G.C. Priced to sell
A&S.H. OFFICERS FULLY FRETTED CAP BADGE. Super heavy nickel silver example. Beautifully fretted. Circa WW1. VGC
ABERDEEN ARTILLERY VOLUNTEERS - 1ST ADMIN - PLUME HOLDER Aberdeenshire Artillery Volunteers 1st Administrative Brigade. A fine and rare white metal die-struck grenade plume holder . Flaming bomb with the ball bearing a strap with ‘In Defence’ and enclosing the Scottish Heraldic shield with central Lion Rampant, complete with slider and plume holder. Uncleaned with dark age patina V.G.C.
ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY COLLAR Scarce collar badge. White metal.Die struck. Nice sharp detail. Exceedingly hard badge to find. V.G.C.
ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY O.T.C. CAP BADGE Extremely difficult to obtain badge as it's a small unit. Anodised. V.G.C.
ADEN - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS GREY SHOULDER SLIDES For wear on the officers grey shirt. Early '60's, Aden period. The slides are grey wool serge material with the rank pips and designation A&SH embroidered in black thread. Scarce. Matched pair. V.G.C.
ADMIRALTY CONSTABULARY CAP BADGE AND COLLARS Very nice set of cap badge and matching collars. Nice heavy chromed. Kings Crown. Set up to protect dock yards during wartime. Scarce. V.G.C.
ADOLF HITLER BRIDGE KOBLENZ ENAMEL SIGN - LARGE A real rarity straight out the weeds from the son of a Koblenz local whose father picked this up at the end of the war. The Europa Bridge in Koblenz was formerly the Adolf Hitler bridge during the Nazi period. A.H. street signs occasionally turn up as most towns had such a street. There were only a handful of bridges named after him and to have one directly attributed to a specific bridge enhances the sign further. Good as found condition, it's dirty, bullet holed and bomb damaged as you would expect from an item from a bridge that was destroyed by allied bombing . Measures approx. 49 and a half inches by 13 inches. Historically very important piece and should really be in a museum.
AFRIKA KORPS - GERMAN / ITALIAN MEDAL Nice example of the Italian Made DAK Afrika Medal. Given to the German forces and their Italian counterparts. The medal was issued in both bronze and zinc. This is an earlier bronze example and has it's original silk ribbon although not in great condition. The award was banned for medal wear after 1944. A scarce award to find nowadays. MM winner bring back bought from his son a few years ago and being offered for sale for the first time. Vets name to buyer.
AFRIKA KORPS - TROPICAL WEB BELT & BUCKLE SET - RZM M4 / 44 Superb example of both belt and buckle. Tan web belt with leather trim to both ends and "86” marked. Scarce buckle. Pressed steel buckle by Paul Cramer - Ludenscheid ( M4/44 ). This firm who made mainly political buckles however when it made a batch of Heer buckles they continued to stamp the RZM code M4/44. Approx. 34 inch waist. V.G.C.
AFRIKA KORPS ATTRIBUTED RING DAK ring from the estate of a former Panzer officer (name to buyer). Large heavy ring of the type made in North Africa. Face with palm tree and swastika and "DAK 1941 - AFRIKA". Shanks with palm tree and camel/oasis. Large size. Comes with photo of owner in his Panzer uniform.
AFRIKA KORPS CUFF TITLE Very nice full length Afrika with palms cuff title awarded for 6 months service In Theatre. Soft doeskin material. As nice as they come this one. V.G.C.
AFRIKA KORPS CUFF TITLE A good genuine example of this cuff band given to members of the D.A.K. for service in North Africa. Correct oval shape to inside of the " O" as found on genuine wartime examples. Also the rear is text book for the period. Full length and in excellent condition. Brought back by MM winner, his name to buyer and bought from his son with other items a few years ago and being offered for sale for the first time.
AFRIKA KORPS CUFF TITLE VARIANT A rare unofficial variant captured in the desert by a member of the RAF Regiment. Full length. Black felt with white embroidered "AFRIKA", officer pattern with white trim.
AFRIKA KORPS CUFF TITLE VARIANT - COMBAT WORN Rare variant of the Afrika with Palms cuff title awarded for 6 months service with the DAK. This one in a faded green back cloth with bullion palms and " AFRIKA ". Full length , removed from uniform. American vet bring back. Found in his photo album. Stunning combat worn example. V.G.C.
AFRIKA KORPS M35 DOUBLE DECAL CAMO GERMAN HELMET Stunning original combat helmet in dark tan overpaint as used in Tunisia. Both army and national decals visible under the paint. Good original size 57 liner with original drawstring. Double banded aluminum liner band. Alloy buckle with 1939 DTD and maker marked "OOHIELLE - COBURG"? chinstrap. Owner's name "Alias Wahl" ? applied to the liner. Apple green paint under camo. Beautiful and real DAK camo.
AFRIKA KORPS PHOTOGRAPH Nice in theatre full length photograph of a DAK soldier in tropical uniform.Message written to reverse. Condition good
AFS (AUXILIARY FIRE SERVICE) WW2 TOMMY HELMET A scarce 1940 dtd. example with red painted shell . This practice was dropped during 1940 when it was realised they could be seen from the air so units went to the green shell. Hand painted "AFS" to front. Good lliner and chin strap. V.G.C.
AIR LEAGUE ENAMEL BADGE Established in 1909 to further British aviation. Birmingham Medal Co. to back. Brass base with gilded eagle over light blue enamel globe. Outer ring in dark blue enamel with text "AIR LEAGUE IN COELO IMPERIUM". Fine example
AIRBORNE BRITISH PARA TITLE - UNIFORM REMOVED - ARNHEM VET Officer attributed title. He was with the Irish Rifles Air Landing. Name to buyer. Nice printed example retaining it's colours, uniform removed. As nice as they come for a combat vet.
AIRBORNE PARA - TICKET FOR Exceedingly rare ticket given to Arnhem veterans to see the Premiere of this film. Made in aluminium from actual gliders that carried the Airborne division to Arnhem. Excellent condition and original
AIRBORNE WW2 EMBROIDERED SHOULDER TITLE INSIGNIA Well made early example. Green backing. Nice high relief to script. Some wear to nape of maroon cloth. Removed from uniform
AMERICAN 8TH AIRFORCE PATCH Good British made example. Great condition. From old collection. V.G.C.
AMERICAN AIRFORCE OFFICERS WW2 PEAKED CAP Nice original cap formerly belonging to soldiers medal winner (name to buyer). Soft doeskin material, leather peak. As worn, never touched. Although one strap button oxidised. As bought from the family and stored since 1946. Please note, the photograph is not included.
AMERICAN ARMY WW2 SHOULDER PATCHES - 4 Nice original Removed from Uniform group of items. V.G.C.
AMERICAN NAZI LEAGUE MEMBERS LAPEL BADGE Extremely rare enamel lapel badge. Nicely mkd. up to the back " Apollo Jewellery Brkln. N.Y. Mint condition with no enamel damage.
AMERICAN VIETNAM ERA HONOUR GUARD HELMET Very rare item of headgear being a genuine Honour Guard parade piece. This is a helmet liner finished in a thick shiny black lacquer. This largely good with an area of loss at the front peak. Nice Honour Guard insignia and Stars and Stripes to sides. It came without it's front badge so I've put this one on, don't know if that's what would be worn as I've seen all different things on the front inc. rank bars but it is included in the sale. Named to inside. Vietnam period type liner.
AMERICAN WW2 CARLISLE DRESSING UNOPENED IN DTD. POUCH Carlisle dressing in unopened tin and in it's 1942 dtd. canvas pouch. Pouch dtd. to rear and US mkd. to front. Tin un opened and retaining almost all it's olive paint.
AMERICAN WW2 PAIR OF ARMY GAITERS- 1942 DATED Good condition. Maker mkd. and dtd. to inside. V.G.C.
ARGYLL SUTHERLAND HLDRS. TERRITORIAL EX SCROLL CAP BADGE Well this is a genuine ex Territorial cap badge now without scroll . Tangs are present on the back for attaching the Volunteer scroll. I surmise this guy went Regular and removed the scroll. As we all know, genuine scroll badges are very rare, ( outside evilbay ) which has a plethora of them albeit they are all fake. Nice wee anomoly for the Argylls collector. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERAND HLDRS. - NORTHERN IRELAND ISSUE CAP BADGE Issued during The Troubles. Black anodised. Retains all finish. Rare badge . V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND ANODISED MATCHED COLLAR PAIR Now hard to get collars. Nice matched pair. Single post to rear for wearing on No.1 tunic as well as service dress.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDER ENAMEL SWEETHEART BROOCH Unusual bar brooch with Art Deco style stepped bar. The fob has no damage to the enamel. Striking looking. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDER PIPERS SPORRAN Super rare Argylls pipers sporran. circa WW2. Grey full horsehair with 3 black tassles with thistle motif tops. cream leather purse back. Heavy chrome cantle with 3 piece Regimental insignia. This with a small area of finish loss where it's come into contact with the pipers waistbelt. Super rare and exclusively worn by Argylls pipers only. Period piece not an '80's one produced for the Btn. by Dalman
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS - 1ST RENFREWSHIRE OFFICERS V.B. CAP BADGE Another from a very old collection and genuine, important to point out as there are so many copies dating from the 1980's of this badge. This badge is a post 1902 example with Tail down. Badge circa 1887 - 1908. Fully fretted centre as per officers examples. Square top tangs to scroll, correct for Renfrew examples. Age toned but will clean up nicely if desired. Lugs slightly bent.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS - 7 TH V.B. CAP BADGE Very rare genuine example. Solid domed out centre. Correct oval top scroll fixings for this badge as opposed to squared top for Renfrew examples.Circa 1887 - 1908. Tail up cat for the Victorian period. Nice age toning. Small bit of verdigris to thistle on left side. As it came to me, will clean up nicely if desired.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS - OFFICERS SILVER PRINCESS LOUISE CYPHER SPORRAN BADGE Rare sporran badge worn briefly from the end of WW2 to Palestine campaign. Frosted silver with silver lugs. Stamped “P” ( Gaunt ) to rear. Very well made and detailed. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS - PIPERS CHROME CAP BADGE - D DAY VET This one from the estate of an Argylls piper who took part in D Day and went on to see further service post war ( Suez, Cyprus, Aden etc. and was with the Btn right into the Northern Ireland Troubles. ( Name to buyer and a copy photo ). He lived to get his Legion D Honneur from the French for taking part in D Day. Chromed type as worn by pipers. Great looking badge. Scarce
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS - SERGEANTS SILVER FROSTED CAP BADGE Beautiful badge and retaining almost all the silver frosted finish. fully fretted centre for an SNCO. Circa WW1. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS - VICTORIAN PIPERS CROSS BELT BADGE Tail piece from a pipers cross belt. Early example in heavy cast metal. 3 screw posts to back. Nice detail in high relief. Scarce. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS 1904 BIRMINGHAM SILVER PLAID BROOCH One of the nicest plaid brooches you will ever see !!! From my personal collection of Argyll items built up over 45 years and now being sold. Multi piece construction. All detail separately applied and in high relief. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1904 . Maker details J & Co. Well constructed pin and hook. Flat head silver rivets to rear where the furniture has been applied. This is a seriously top end piece and priced to that end but if you want one that stands out from the crowd it's worth pushing the boat out for this one, I did when I bought it ! I will be listing other brooches at various prices and quality but if you want the Rolls Royce this is for you !! Quality don't come cheap ! None nicer. V.G.C
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BELT BUCKLE - MAKER MARKED I've left this as it came to me uncleaned. Brass plate ,toned . Mounted with Argylls Regimental belt centre in w/m. Maker mkd. " H & S ". Low price as it's one of 16 I just got in.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BLUE/WHITE ENAMEL BUTTON HOLE BADGE Very nice mufti/buttonhole badge.Blue & white enamel with no damage. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS CAR MASCOT / BUMPER BADGE Well detailed as new car mascot. Regimental colours overlaid with cap badge type device. Single screw on post. Fixings screws come with the sale although not shown in the photos. Mint
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS CAST SILVER SWEETHEART BROOCH This is a beautiful piece from my personal collection. Larger size . Cast silver. Stamped "Sterling Silver". Circa the Great War. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS CHROMED - DAY SPORRAN BADGE STICK PIN This was a short lived variant . As per standard sporran badge but cast metal in heavy chrome finish. Stick pin instead of lugs for easy piercing of the the leather day sporran. Really good looking stout piece with stout needle pin to rear. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS CHROMED LAPEL BADGE Nice wee chromed pin back badge as sported by a lot of ex members of the Regiment. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS COLLAR DOG PAIR Nice facing pair circa WW1. W/m. 2 lugs to back. Slightly curved to suit the stand up collar. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS COLLAR PAIR - SINGLE POST VERSION Likely from the '50's. White metal but for use on the later single post collars found on No.1 dress. Clean with no rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS DAY SPORRAN Genuine issue leather day sporran for officers, SNCO's and Pipe Band. Nicely " Bulled " up. Correct long link chain. Regimental sporran badge with no extra holes. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS EDINBURGH 1924 SILVER HALLMARKED BADGE Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders officers cap badge in very good condition. Cast silver hallmarked Edinburgh with date “S” for 1924. “Anderson & sons military outfitter Edinburgh & Glasgow” tablet to rear. 2 strong silver lugs.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS EDINBURGH HALLMARKED SILVER SKEAN DHU Lovely piece . Silver H/M. Carved ebony or bog oak handle. Silver studs. Real stone to top. Princess Louise cypher to handle. Leather covered wood scabbard. As new. Mint
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS EDINBURGH SILVER HALLMARKED OFFICERS BADGE Beautiful piece from my colllection of Argylls items. This is a jeweller I've never had before or since. " J. Stewart & Sons- 88 George St. Edinburgh ". Maker tablet " T.E. " ( Thos. Ebbutts ) and Edinburgh hallmarks for 1924. Very sharp detail with no rubbing. Silver lugs. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS GREAT WAR TUNIC A beautiful early example with cuff rank for a captain. Heavy corded material regimental buttons. Good size. Evidence of collar dogs. Formerly belonging to a captain Lochie who served in the great war with both the 8th & 9th battalions. Rare and virtually unobtainable in this condition. 100% original. No moth. One repair to rear waist possibly rubbed by sam browne (see photo).
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS GREEN HACKLE Green hackle for the Argylls and also the 5th Btn. Royal Rgt of Scotland ( Argylls ). As the Argylls were reduced to company strength ( Balaklava Coy ) this is the hard one to get. Mint, unissued in it's packet of issue.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS HELP / CONTRIBUTIONS LAPEL BADGE Scarce item circa the Great War. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders bronze numbered lapel badge. These were a , " Great War Souvenir From H.R.H. Princess Louise", and some were numbered to the back. Kings Crown over a PL cypher. Height 30mm. Very well detailed with no finish loss. Number 2024 to . Original pin and hook . V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS LAPEL SWEETHEART BROOCH Very nice detailed chromed lapel badge/sweetheart brooch. Pin back.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS LARGE FLAT BUTTON Likely for wear on Mess Dress. Gilded finish with raised detail. Maker marked PITT & Co. 51 MADDOX ST LONDON W. to rear. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS LT. COLONELS GREEN SHOULDER SLIDE Nice post '52 rank slide for wear on the epaulette. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS MOP LAPEL BADGE Good condition and very substantial Argylls lapel badge. Heavy chrome and enamel with Argylls device. Mounted on white Mother of Pearl. Stout pin & hook to back. Mint
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS / PIPE MAJOR BI-METAL COLLAR PAIR None nicer than these. Worn only on Number 1 Dress. Bi metal as worn only by officers , Pipe Major and Drum Major. Nice and heavy . Gilded parts separately applied. No loss of finish. Matched pair. Single post fixing to rear. Higher price due to condition and quality. Rare. Mint
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS BI-METAL COLLAR PAIR Bi metal Argylls collars are rare. This is a nice matched pair. Really good quality. Single post fixing. Worn only on No.1 Dress by officers and Pipe Major / Drum Major. Extremely hard to come by. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS BRONZE FRETTED BADGE - ANDERSON TABLET Very rare WW1 officers badge for wear with the OSD. this cast from the same die as the Andersons silver officers badge with fully fretted out thistles and centre. Anderson tablet to back. I only ever saw another of these around 20 years ago which I bought and have in my personal collection alongside the silver one. They are exactly the same but in different metals. A really substantial high quality badge, exceedingly rare and in excellent condition.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS FULLY FRETTED CAP BADGE Very nice heavy nickel silver example. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS GREY SHOULDER SLIDE Captains shoulder slide for wear on the officers grey shirt. Black wool embroidered " A. & S.H. and 3 pips. Scarce. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Very nice example circa WW1.Silver 4 piece furniture. Uncleaned as it came to me from a very large collection. It will clean up nicely if desired.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS SILVER HALLMARKED CAP BADGE Beautiful scarce die struck example . Silver Hallmarks for Birmingham . “I” for 1919. J & O, silver smith . Really nice hand fretting to centre and thistle. From my personal Argylls collection. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS TAM O SHANTER BONNET A real rarity being an officers wool bonnet similar to a Thrum bonnet which was issued in small numbers to Highland Regiments in the Great War. I have one of these in my personal Argyll collection and this is only the 3rd one I've ever seen. Possibly private purchase and favoured by Argylls officers ? I believe these bonnets to be inter war ('20's ) into WW2. Wool body with a couple of moth holes. Diced band. Short tails to the back which are normally worn tied in a bow. Lining with some loss / damage. Fitted with beautiful officers fully fretted cap badge. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS PAGRI BADGE White metal collar type badge. Pin back for wear on the slouch hat and sun helmet. V.G.C..
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS PAGRI BADGE Nice pagri badge and not a conversion from a lugged collar ! Original pin and hook. White metal. No rubbing or damage. Nice dark age toning. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS PICTORIAL LARGE MATCHBOOK Interesting and rare item. Colour image of the Argylls Drum Major to the front and a history of the Argylls on the back. 12 inches long. Couple of creases otherwise VGC,
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS PIPERS CROSS BELT BUCKLE Worn by pipers only. Cross belt buckle. Heavy chrome finish. “MADE IN GT BRITAIN” stamped to rear. Rare. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SERGEANT MAJORS CUFF RANK WRIST BAND Nice example, direct purchase from the vet. Post 52. Regimental tartan with anodised large crown. Scarce. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SGT. BADGE - GAUNT TABLET Very nice Great War example with fully fretted centre as found on Sergeants badges from the period. J.R. Gaunt London brass tablet to the back. Very nice badge with some light polishing to the high points.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SILVER & MARCASITE SWEETHEART Beautiful brooch. Marked silver to the rear. Not sure if there should be a marcasite where the eye socket is ? V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SILVER SKEAN DHU Beautiful jeweller made sgian dhu. Hallmarked silver. Studded Bog Oak handle with Argylls device to front. Clean blade. Real Quartz stone to top. Morocco leather wood scabbard. Top quality . Mint
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SOLID CENTRE SILVER CAP BADGE Solid centre. Silver lugs to rear. Nice solid heavy badge in unmarked silver. Well detailed . Circa WW1 / WW2. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SPORTS MEDAL GOLD Nice Regimental medal with neck ribbon in regimental colours. Quite large , 5cm diameter. Mint
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS STICK PIN Nice plated stick pin / sporran badge. Same size as a sporran badge but made with stick pin fitting. Approximately 47 mm H x 22 mm W. Mint
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS TAIL UP BELT BUCKLE - MAKER MARKED Another from a cache of 16 I turned up recently that were ex stores in the 50's. Early " Tail Up " cat associated with the Victorian period although I would say this is a later buckle fitted with an earlier centre but still all original. Back plate with a bit of distortion . Uncleaned as found. Hobson London maker mkd. to rear. Very low price for a Tail Up.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS VICTORIAN BROAD SWORD A rare chance to acquire an early Victorian Scottish Basket Hilt sword with a Regimental blade. Acid etching with thistles and " ARGYLE & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS "(old spelling of Argyll). The other side with more thistle etching and Queen Victoria crown.No obvious maker marks. Nice heavy steel basket.Wire bound sharkskin handle. Red leather insert with pale blue edging. Red end tassle absent.. Scabbard good overall with some light pitting and finish loss commensurate with age. I have left the sword as found but if you were so inclined I believe it would clean up nicely.Personally I prefer it with it's age patina left on. This is a fighting sword and has some service wear to that end. Very rare to find one of these swords in nice original condition.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS VINTAGE CUFF LINKS... Matched set of cuff links and tie pin. In their...
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS VOLUNTEER BTN. PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Nice and rare Volunteer Btn. plaid brooch in nickel silver. Early style domed back with hollow construction. Original pin and hook. Below the " Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders" on the front there is a blank scroll as found only on Territorial examples. Sometimes this was etched with the Btn no., sometimes left blank. Very nice piece this which I've owned for many years. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS VOLUNTEERS PIPERS BLANK SCROLL PLAID BROOCH Nice and rare Volunteer Btn. plaid brooch in nickel silver. Early style domed back with hollow construction. Original pin and hook. Below the " Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders" on the front there is a blank scroll as found only on Territorial examples. Sometimes this was etched with the Btn no., sometimes left blank. Very nice piece this which I've owned for many years. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS WW1 BRASS ECONOMY BADGE Genuine brass economy badge. Die struck. Not your usual crude sand cast fake from India. Scarce. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS WW1 H/M SILVER CAP BADGE Beautiful officers silver cap badge to the Argylls. Lovely fretting in rare Edinburgh silver for 1915. Maker marked \"WA&S\" by William Anderson & Sons to rear. V.G.C. and heavy.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS WW1 H/M SILVER CAP BADGE Lovely hallmarked silver example. Very good detail. Silver hallmarks for "Birmingham1915 by J & CO." on the front. Pin back. None of the usual rubbing found on a silver example. Very sharp.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS WW1 OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Nice pair of Argylls officers collars from the Great War. Cast. Age toned. Matching pair. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS WW1 SILK HANDKERCHIEF Beautifully hand embroidered Argylls silk hankie. Purple with white silk fringes. Argylls cap badge device in different coloured thread with " A & S.H. " below. This is one I have kept in my own collection for many years. Once plentiful, these are now becoming scarce especially one of this quality. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS- OFFICERS FEATHER BONNET BADGE - 1915 BIRMINGHAM- HALLMARKED SILVER - B & P Early Great War Argylls officers badge. Heavy cast silver . Some polishing to high points. B & P ( Brent & Parker ) stamped to back Lugs a bit crudely affixed but are original to it . Birmingham hallmarks for 1915 . Slightly curved to fit round the hackle of the feather bonnet. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS - 7TH BTN. SILVER H/M PLAID BROOCH - 1887 H/M Extremely rare 7th A & S.H. officers plaid brooch. Edinburgh silver hallmarks for 1887. Jewellers tablet for Marshall & Sons - 87 George Street Edinburgh. Maker stamp " M & S " As per Regular battalions but with added scroll " V11 VOLUNTEER BATT. " Beautiful condition and rarely found for sale.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS - OFFICERS SILVER / FRETTED CAP BADGE Beautifully fully fretted officers example . Silver hallmarked and TE. Cast silver. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS -VICTORIAN - .PIPERS BOARS HEAD CROSS BELT BADGE Victorian era . Has had it's lugs replaced a long time ago which would be normal through a lot of use.Old lead solder. Early nickel silver ones like this are very hard to find. Great detail. Scarce. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS 1914 H/M CAP BADGE An exquisite cap badge in Edinburgh silver with hall marks for 1914. Jewellers tablet with \" ANDERSON & SONS- GEORGE ST - EDINBURGH\".This badge has the most beautiful fretting I\'ve seen on an Argylls badgeI\'ve left it pretty much as found with it\'s dark age patina but it would clean up beautifully. Excellent condition
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS 1915 H/M EDINBURGH SILVER CAP BADGE Silver Argyll officers badge with hallmarks for Edinburgh 1915 and maker stamp "W A S". Nicely fretted in heavy cast silver. Top quality piece. Rare.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS OFFICER/ P/M, D/M COLLAR DOGS Lovely mint condition pair of bi - metal collars as worn by Officers, Pipe Major and Drum Major. Frosted silver laurel wreath with gilded Argyll Boars head and Sutherland Cat. Cat and boars head separately applied. Nice detail and a matched pair. Single rear fixing so will fit modern army tunic.Sold to me a few years back by a former Pipe Major. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS OFFICERS BI - METAL COLLAR BADGE As nice as they come. Nicely gilded and with a silver wash to surround. 3 piece construction with double rivetted gilded parts. Silver lugs. Circa WW2. Scarce
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS OFFICERS HALLMARKED SILVER CAP BADGE Very good detailed fully fretted officers silver badge by T.E. (Thos. Ebberts). Scottish hallmarks for Edinburgh 2002. Fretted thistles and fully fretted centre as per officers examples. Silver lugs, one a possible replacement as they're not quite exact. Priced to sell.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS OFFICERS S.D. CAP BADGE Scarce bronzed cap badge for wear with the service dress in wartime. Mint unissued condition. Good heavy example.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS OFFICERS SILVER BADGE - KIRKWOODS Probably the nicest Argylls pattern cap badge ever produced. Made around 1881 to 1886 by Kirkwoods of Edinburgh. This style is unique to Kirkwoods and sometimes has their thistle trade mark but always in this unique style and with 4 lugs. The detail is exceptional and there is no cap badge I've come across that has had this kind of detail. 2 piece construction. This one has had the north and south lugs removed by it's owner which I've come across before. Nice age patina and excellent condition. Beautiful
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Very good tail down brooch circa WW1. Oversize pin as found on early examples. Very good detail. VGC
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS REGIMENTAL SIDE DRUM Lovely example circa 1970\'s. Lovely emblazoning by Potters of Aldershot. Good playable condition if you were so inclined. Now very rare. VGC
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS SKEAN DHU - ANDERSON EDINBURGH Good silver plated example with bog oak handle. All silver studs present. Regimental device of Princess Louises cypher to handle. Foiled citrine to top. Scarbbard with partially worn "Anderson & Sons - Edinburgh". Plain blade. Very good condition with some honest service wear. Circa WW1. These Skean Dhu are now very rare.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS SPORRAN BADGE Genuine issue, not ebay fake. Cheap price.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS VICTORIAN REGIMENTAL DIRK WITH REGIMENTAL BLADE An exquisite piece from my own collection which I am now unfortunately down sizing. Maker mkd. " SANDILANDS & SON, CONDUIT ST W.". This to the beautiful acid etched blade which has to one side the Argyllshire Boars head and " NE OBLIVSCARIS" and to the other side the Sutherland Wildcat and " SANS PEUR". Clipped back stout blade. Unmarked silver fittings. These are superbly detailed and without damage or rubbing. Matching foiled citrines to all 3 parts and the external knife and fork have no damage or repairs. Leather bound scabbard good.Knife and fork have some silver studs missing otherwise this dirk is near perfect and certainly the best ever to pass through my hands.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS WW2 SLEEVE COMBINATIONS Rare pair of battledress combinations for Argylls attached to the Welsh. Nice condition. Uniform removed.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. STIRLING MILITIA SHAKO BADGE Exceedingly rare Victorian period shako badge for the Stirling Militia, R.V. who later became part of the A & S.H. Well detailed with no rubbing or damage. Seeded scroll with "STIRLING” in relief. 2 brass lugs to rear. Nice uncleaned age patina and old polish residue to back. Will clean up a treat if desired. No rubbing or damage. Die struck w/m V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - 1ST RENFREW V.B.-SGTS. BADGE - NICKEL SILVER Please do not confuse this with the 100's of fake examples in the market place , this is the Real Deal. Ex Hugh King collection a few years ago when it 1st came on the market. Sgt's example with fully fretted centre. Die struck nickel silver, this will give any doubters piece of mind as no fakes were made of nickel which went out of use long before the fakes appeared in the '80's. Also known as " German Silver " (800 silver content ), this one has it's correct yellowish ageing unique to nickel. Correct tangs attaching the scroll which reads, " 1st Renfrew V.B.". Bottom of the badge nicely fashioned to form a snug fit with the scroll. Scroll seeded with nice sharp raised lettering. Lovely fretting to the centre. These are incredibily rare badges in the genuine form and this one is a " One Looker " from a famous old collection. Reluctant sale from my own collection. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - 1ST RENFREW V.R. - SILVER PLAID BROOCH Super example in unmarked silver. Hollow construction with domed back. Stout original pin and hook. Detail as per Regulat Btn's with the addition of a further scroll which reads, "1st. Renfrew V.R.". As nice as they come with no rubbing or damage.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - 3 X BOXING MEDALS - NAMED 2 Argylls Boxing medals in bronze. Named to " J. Peebles " and dtd. 1936 and 1937 respectively. A third 1950 Runner up Argylls mkd. medal. One medal with Aldershot maker. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - 91ST/93RD MEMORIAL ME... Commemorative type enamel medallion in it's case...
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - ARGYLLSHIRE HIGHLAND RIFLE LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Argyll Highland Rifle Volunteers large silvered tunic button. Maker mkd. to the back for " Hugh Morrison, Jamaica St. Glasgow ". Later became the 8th Argylls. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - ARGYLLSHIRE MILITIA LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Extremely rare Argyll Militia gilded button. Nice hand incised detail. Maker mkd. to back. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - BULLION BLAZER BADGE Nice vintage blazer badge circa 1950's. Formerly belonged to a D Day vet, ( name to buyer ) V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - FEATHER BONNET - FULLY FRETTED CAP BADGE Hand fretted. White metal. Long lugs for feather bonnet. Looks fantastic. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - LEATHER COVERED WOODEN BOX Beautiful box likely for cigarettes. From a Inter War / WW2 Lt. Colonels house. Tan leather with Argylls device impressed to lid. Lovely rare piece. Measures 5 inches by 3 and a quarter by 2 and a half inches tall.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - O/R'S PAGRI BADGE Good white metal example for the sun helmet circa Inter War / WW2. Original pin and hook, not conversion from collar. Well detailed. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - OFFICERS - 1910 SILVER H/M CAP BADGE Super example in die struck silver with hallmarks for "J & C - ( Jennens ) Birmingham 1910". Nicely fretted centre. No rubbing or damage. "Tail Up " cat associated with the Victorian and pre Great War period. Excellent condition.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - OFFICERS VICTORIAN SILVER/ GILT COLLAR BADGE Very good quality example in cast unmarked silver with separately applied Wild Cat and Boar's Head. The cat is correct Tail Up for the Victorian period. V.G.C. Scarce
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - WW1 DTD. AND REGT. MKD OFFICERS SAM BROWNE BELT C/W HOLSTER Rare to find a unit mkd. Sam Browne. This one " A & S.H. " stamped and with Birmingham makers details and 1916 date. Comes with a nice flapped pistol holster which has never been off it. Estate Fresh to me many years ago. Good , " Been There " condition.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - WW1 GILDED BRASS ECONOMY BADGE Exceptionally nice badge. Gilt on brass so possibly for officers. I've had them like this before, most recently to the RS. Nicely curved to suit wearing on the Tam O Shanter. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. 1ST ADMIN. BTN. PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Pipers Victorian period plaid brooch solely used by 1st Admin btn. Clackmannan and Kinross rifle volunteers. Circa 1874 - 1887. Possibly cast silver . Very well detailed St. Andrew and thistles. Original over long pin. Considering the size of the unit they can not have had many pipers and I've never seen one of these for sale before. Excellent condition.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. 1ST RENFREW V.B. PIPERS SILVER PLAID BROOCH Nice Victorian Argylls Volunteer Btn. pipers plaid brooch. Un marked hollow silver. Front retains it's silver frosting. As per a Regular brooch but with an added scroll below " 1st Renfrew V.B. ". Domed back with gas holes. Correct overlong stout pin for the period. Scratched to the back " P B ". and " 1450 ". V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. 4TH ADMIN CLACKS & KINROSS R.V. Very rare badge in unmarked silver. 4th Admin Btn. Clackmannan & Kinross Rifle Vols. circa 1874 - 87. Became part of the Argylls after 1881. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. 54 L.A.A. BATTLEDRESS INSIGNIA Very rare , cut from uniform insignia. The Argylls Anti Aircraft unit in WW2.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ATTRIBUTED OFFICERS FIELD MIRROR Nice example of a Great War officers kit. Private purchase mahogany wood cased mirror. Sliding section , this with details in ink " P. Walker XI ( 11th ) A & S Hlrs. ". Suspension ring to top. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. BELT BUCKLE - MAKER MKD. & NAMED Good example of an o/r's belt buckle.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. BELT PLATE DEVICE 2 piece Regimental device as per the belt plate centre but with bolts. Polished white metal on brass back plate. Fine detail. Use unknown, possibly from a display piece. Early as later they were one piece construction. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. BOER WAR COLLAR / SLOUCH HAT BADGE Collar with scroll below. Tail Up for the Victorian period. Worn on the slouch hat during the Boer War. Well detailed. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. BOXED SILVER & ENAMEL MEDAL Very nice medal for sports or shooting. Regimental device to centre with undamaged green & yellow enamel. Un named. Contained in it's original Phillips of Aldershot velvet lined , leather covered case. Circa WW1. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. BRONZE - WW1 FUND RAISING BADGE Rare item , especially with it's original box. Brook & Son Edinburgh mkd. to hinged lid with Royal Coat of Arms. Inside a small card with " From H.R.H. Pincess Louise - A Souvenir to her Helpers for the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. These were individually numbered on the back. This is an early 740 number. Mint Condition. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. BRONZE MEDAL Mint condition medal for sports, shooting etc. Bronze with green/yellow enamel. Regimental device to centre. Nice age patina. Circa WW1/ WW2.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. BRONZE OFFICERS CAP BADGE / COLLAR - BOER WAR Mint bronze badge retaining all it's original finish. As per the later collar badge but with added scrolls to the bottom. "Tail Up" cat for the Victorian period. These were worn on the slouch hat during the Boer War and also used on occasion as a cap badge in WW1. Beautiful
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. BRONZE/GREEN ENAMEL SWEETHEART BROOCH Scarce type in excellent condition. Buttonhole hole fixing. Mufti type. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. CAP BADGE Near mint example from WW2. Looks possibly unissued or a guys spare badge. Well detailed.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. CAP BADGE - DOMED CENTRE Great looking cap badge. The centre has been domed out which was something Argylls did. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. CHROME & ENAMEL TIE PIN... Mint piece. Very attractive. Was also produced...
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. CROSS BELT BADGE Centre piece from an early officers cross belt. Very well detailed. 2 screw posts to rear. Nice age patina. Circa WW1.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. DUMBARTONSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS - MATCHING COLLAR PAIR Matching pair of these rare collars to the DRV before they became the 9th Argylls. W/m with matching toning back and front to both so have always been together. Dumbarton motto and Coat of Arms of Elephant and Howdah. Nicely struck, no rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. EDINBURGH SILVER H/M CAP BADGE - T.E. Very striking heavy cast badge in Edinburgh silver with hall marks for 1990 and makers stamp " T.E. " ( Thomas Evans ). This is an important badge as it was the last ever pattern issued to Argyll officers before the regiment became 5 Scots. Mint condition. Very nicely fretted out thistles as per some better officers examples and fully fretted out centre. Silver lugs.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. EMBROIDERED BLAZER BADGE Very nice vintage example in embroidered bullion wire. Removed from blazer. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. EMBROIDERED BLAZER BADGE - VINTAGE Nice one from the daughter of an Argyll who fought in Malaya, Borneo and Aden. Good quality work mainly in bullion wire. Small bit of wear to the centre but looks good and not straight from the tailors but worn by a vet.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. FULLY FRETTED BADGE Can't get more fretted than this. As well as the thistles and centre being hand pierced , so is the lettering. This is an original. I say this as some modern Dremel done fretted lettering badges appeared a few years ago. These were very crude not like this and I bought this one a long time ago. No rubbing or damage. Die struck white metal. Rare. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. LARGE SWEETHEART BROOCH Lovely condition. Blue/white enamel on a glass background. The glass with Pearl effect. Well detailed.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. MAJORS BATTLEDRESS - MC WINNER Superb 1943 dtd.lend lease battledress blouse to a Military Cross winner. Good size to fit someone 5' 10". 41" chest. Double labelled with the original American one and the British one which is clearly dtd. 1943. These labels are a bit worn but text can be made out easily. Majors crowns to epaulettes and evidence of his earlier pips so he's worn this battledress through at least part of his pre Major career. To the front his ribbon bars show him having been part of the 8th Army in North Africa before taking part in the Italian campaign and ending up in Germany all presumably with the 8th army. He also has the War and Defence medals, an officers Territorial decoration and last but not least , the Military Cross. To each sleeve there is Argylls red/white diced patches and the formation sign for Northern Command where presumably he was posted towards the end of the war. This is exactly how this battledress came to me many years , it has no rebadging or enhancements and is in excellent shape apart from 2 tiny moth nips, one to front and one to back otherwise no damage. Wartime Argylls B.D.'s are extremely rare never mind to a Highly decorated officer who served throughout WW2. Worthy of further research.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. NATIONAL RESERVE BADGE One of the rarer National Reserve badges and in mint condition. Maker mkd. to rear " Jas Hardy & Co. Ltd. - Aberdeen ".Also mkd. GEW.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS BI - METAL COLLAR DOG PAIR Beautiful example of these scarce collars. Worn by officers, Drum & Pipe Major only. Mint condition and retaining all gilded finish. Single post fitting. None nicer ! Slightly more than the normal £135 these do in the market place but well worth the extra.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS BOER WAR SLOUCH HAT Amazing condition for age. Large size 7 (paper size label present ).Nice high shape for the period. Leather chin strap good. Argyll officers Victorian Tail Up bronze collar on a red linen patch to the left side.7 fold puggarree.No wear to felt and not faded. No sweat band otherwise as mint as they come. Attributed to 4th Argylls ( Stirling Militia ) who served there.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Mint matched pair from either WW1 or WW2. All bronze finish remaining. Die struck. For use on officers OSD.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS EDINBURGH SILVER H/M DIRK- BROOKS 1899 Superb late 19th Century example. Edinburgh silver hall marked for 1899. Retailed by Brook & Son with their tablet to the top scabbard mount. Beautiful matched stones. Well detailed silver mounts, each with a complete set of hallmarks. Acid etched Regimental blade in superb condition. Silver h/m examples in this condition rarely turn up now so if you want a top end early example I would consider this one.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS PAGRI BADGE Good example of yellow embroidered A & S.H. on Regimental tartan for use on the sun helmet. V.G.C. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH- UNMARKED SILVER Very good Victorian officers example in unmarked silver. Hollow silver with small holes in the back for releasing the gas during the manufacturing process. Tail up cat for Victorian period. Well detailed. I've left as is with it's dark patina but will clean up nicely if desired. Good original stout pin to reverse.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS SILVER / GILT WW1 COLLAR Beautiful example in unmarked silver with silver lugs. Beautiful dark gilded Boars Head / Cat. 3 piece construction with aforesaid pieces separately applied. Way above average and rare in real silver
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS SILVER H/M FEATHER BONNET BADGE - KIRKWOOD 1888 A class above these badges. Exceedingly high quality with the lettering hand done. Exquisite detail.Hallmarks for Edinburgh 1888. This style unique to Kirkwoods.Maker mkd. Long silver lugs for feather bonnet. Glengarry badges had 4 short lugs, this has never had that configuration so specially made for bonnet. Rare. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS SILVER PLAID BROOCH Victorian period brooch in unmarked hollow silver. Domed back. Correct over long pin. Gas escape hole. Nice detail. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS SUN HELMET - WW2 Very rare" Been There " Wolseley pattern solar topee to the Argylls. Very sleepy and I've left it as found with all it's dust etc. Nice service wear and some sun bleaching to crown but no damage. Heavy embroidered " A & S.H. " flash to left side. All complete and in good order. W.D. stamp and letter O or Q making it either 1940 or 42. Owners initials to inside of the sweat band. Rare to find an Argylls one of these
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS SWORD ATTRIBUTED Straight from the family home along with other items this is not one to be missed. Wilkinson sword officers broadsword with acid etched Regimental blade and with the officers initials ( R.L.H.) . What is unusual about this one is it has both the leather bound field scabbard and handle and also the basket hilt and polished scabbard. Both are original to the sword. This officer was a WW1 veteran and fought in France with both 1st and 2nd Btns. as well as having been with the Gurkha Rifles. He stayed with the Argylls through the 1920's. There is a period photograph of him mounted on a horse and the sword is clearly visible. Lovely piece in good condition.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS UNIFORM - ATTRIBUTED Beautiful Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs. officers uniform. Estate Fresh from the family. Comprises , Stunning 6 tail officers ostrich feather bonnet with large white hackle and fretted centre shaped nickel silver badge. C/w it's named metal carry tin. Brass plate with the original owners name and a later paint stencilled name to the WW2 owner. Also card tube for storing the hackle. Although I've sold many feather bonnets over the years inc. Claude Bose Lyons ( the Queen Mums brother ), this ranks as one of the finest I've ever seen ! Scarlet officers tunic by Meyer and Mortimer .This with it's full complement of Argylls buttons and a beautiful set of matching officers bi metal collars. Bullion shoulder boards with Captains pips. Officers fly plaid . This fine officer quality brushed wool and nicely fringed. Scarlet silk sash of Regimental pattern. This in fair condition but a/f. Beautiful officers plaid brooch with jewellers tablet for Anderson of Glasgow & Edinburgh and with Edinburgh Silver Hallmarks for 1926.. Name of officer to buyer. Although the officer served from the 30's to the late 40's and was in Shanghai with the British Legation ending the war in Berlin and in '46 took part in the Nuremburg War Trials I would say the uniform is of WW1 vintage and as was the case was sold to our man by a retiring officer . Beautiful condition with no mothing. There was also 4 sports medals named to the officer , these also come with the sale. Name to buyer. PLEASE NOTE - kilt and sporran Not included with the sale, display only V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS/PIPE MAJORS COLLAR Beautiful condition silver/gilt collar as worn by officers/Pipe Major and Drummie on their No.1 tunics. This a Gaunt London example, this stamped to rear as is a large " P" ? Seperately applied boars head and wild cat. As nice as they come. Circa WW1/WW2
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. PIPE BANNER Excellent condition banner with central Argylls device in high relief. Banners were held by respective officers and issued to Regimental pipers for high profile occasions. Beautiful and with very modest price.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. PIPE BANNER Beautifully made banner with heavy bullion Regimental device in high relief, set on Regimental tartan. Ties and fringes present. Yellow silk to the obverse. Circa WW2. Very rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. PIPERS BOAR'S HEAD CROSS BELT BADGE Very nice condition heavy chromed Boars head as worn only by pipers on their cross belt. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. PIPERS CHROMED CAP BADGE Very well detailed badge with slightly belled out centre. Heavy chrome as favoured by pipe band. Excellent
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. PIPERS CROSS BELT BADGE Used only by pipers on their cross belt. Chromed Boars Head. Well detailed. No damage. 2 screw posts to rear. Now rare.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SENIOR RANKS/OFFICERS TAM O SHANTER Lovely condition bonnet by Meyer & Mortimer. Size 56/57. C/w it's original tartan patch and cap badge. Higher quality as worn by SNCO's and Officers only
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SGIAN DHU - 1950\'S - RBT. ALLISON A very nice Regimental sgian dhu by Rbt. Allison silversmiths of Glasgow. Nickel silver mounts of Regimental pattern.Top mount with "R.A." trademark and "Scotland". Foiled citrine to top with no chips or damage. Bog oak studded handle and with Princess Louise cypher to the centre.. Very clean stainless steel blade. Leather covered wood scabbard. Very nice example at a very fair price for a vintage one.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SGT'S CAST CAP BADGE Fully fretted centre as worn by sergeants. Sand cast. Well detailed. Circa WW1. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SHOULDER TITLE PAIR Classic Argylls brass shoulder titles. Now very difficult to find genuine ones never mind a matching set. If you feel the price is high get yourself one of the hundreds of fake sets flooding a well known on line auction site for much less, produced in Yorkshire circa 2017 ! These are the real deal
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SIDE DRUM - POTTERS Genuine Argylls side drum from the 1970's not the s..t that porports to be genuine on evilbay, this one is the Real Deal ! Beautifully hand painted by the famous Potters of Aldershot and signed by the artist. Surprisingly this one has no dings to the emblazoning. Some of the tension rods are absent as well as a knurled nut on the bottom snare strainer. I'm selling as a display piece but I daresaw with some TLC it might be possible to get it up to playing condition but it will sound flat ompared to a modern drum. 1st Battalion used. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER /ENAMEL FOB / PENDANT Truly a thing of beauty hoarded away for decades in my personal collection ! 2 piece construction. Both parts marked Sterling silver. Face set with red and blue enamel. Blue scroll with some loss. Stout teardrop suspender to the top. I've never seen the fob / pendant of this elsewhere although there was a badge version that very occasionally crops up. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER /GILT COLLAR - GAUNT P Lovely single collar circa WW1. Retains most silvered finish and all gilt. Nice rivetted Boars Head and Wild Cat. Marked J.R.Gaunt. London and a large " P". V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER FOB IN ORIGINAL BOX Beautifully detailed watch fob in the form of an Argylls plaid brooch. Heavy solid silver with no rubbing or damage. Still in it's Greenock jewellers box.This leather covered with velvet inside and in great condition. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER H/M DIRK Beautiful example by " BROOK &SON - GEORGE ST. - EDINBURGH". Edinburgh silver hallmarks for 1923. Beautiful detail to scabbard fittings, all standing out in high relief. Each section matching and all hallmarked. All matching stones. Beautiful acid etched Regimental blade. No issues on this one, none of the usual breaks, repairs, replaced stones etc. as is usual with an old dirk. This one has survived as a 100% original. Priced fairly for a top example.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER H/M OFFICERS BADGE -1898 & MAKER MKD. Beautiful piece in die struck silver with very sharp detail. Birmingham silver for 1898. Even has silver hallmarked lugs this beauty. Maker mkd. "J & CO" (Jennens). No rubbing or damage. Don't find them like this for sale in the market place. From my Argylls collection which I'm slowly (and reluctantly) letting go. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER H/M SKEAN DHU Beautiful Regimental pattern skean dhu. Ebony handle, morocco leather scabbard with Edinburgh hallmarks for 2014. Regimental device to handle. Foiled citrine to top. Brand new beautifully crafted military jeweller made piece exactly as the old ones but without the usual issues that make them unwearable .
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER PAGRI/SLOUCH HAT BADGE Very rare and possibly specially commissioned piece being a pin back all silver badge similar to a collar dog with a solid silver back plate. Collar dog badges were worn on the slouch hat by officers in the Boer War. This one is not a tail up Victorian example so I suspect it's from WW1, certainly no later. Detail is exquisite on this.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER STATUE - ATTRIBUTED Beautiful large statue of an Argylls officer. Presentation plaque to front. Hallmarked for 1924. Soldier was a 1st War veteran who served with the Regiment until the late 1920's. Statue itself is beautiful with some slight polishing to high points. Stands inc. base, over 16 inches high. Copy photograph of the soldier in uniform comes with it. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER SWEETHEART BROOCH Cast silver . Larger size, approx. 35mm by 28mm. Silver stamped to back. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER SWEETHEART BROOCH Beautiful silver/enamel Argylls sweetheart. Unmarked silver. Very finely detailed.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER/ MARCASITE/ ENAMEL BADGE Truly a thing of Beauty ! Princess Louise cypher as used by the Argylls. Unmarked silver. Set with marcasite and red enamel as well as very fine green and purple enamels in the crown. Very well made and with no issues. Rare V.G.C. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER/GREEN ENAMEL SWEETHEART BROOCH Very nice near mint condition lapel badge. Button hole fixing. Undamaged enamel.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SMALL SIZE BADGE - LESNEY Lesney made a limited run of badges of some of the main British regiments including the Argylls. This one is mint and still attached to it's info card. 55 by 40 cm approx.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SPORRAN BADGE. MAKER MKD. L.B.&B Unusual to get a maker mkd. example. Mint condition
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. STIRLING MILITIA ( FALKIRK COY. )VOLUNTEERS WAIST BELT BUCKLE Super rare. Or's brass belt buckle. Bears town motto " Touch Ain Touch Awe ". Clansman to the centre in relief. Rococco pattern ends. Later became 7th Argylls. Circa 1860. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. VICTORIAN SOLID CENTRE BADGE Very nice cap badge. Lovely age toning early more squat shape. Scarce solid centre example with " Tail Up " cat for the Victorian era. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. VICTORIAN VOLUNTEER OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Beautiful example with unusual 3 metal construction. Brass backing plate. Silver top and bottom sections with a different coloured brass centre. All with exceptionally good detail with no damage or rubbing. No Battle Honours as per Volunteer Btn. type. All rear fixings good and with original pins for attaching the furniture. "Tail up" cat as found on Victorian examples. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WAIST BELT PLATE - TAIL UP CAT Another one from an ex stores cache of 16. This is another Victorian "Tail Up " cat although the buckle itself is later but that was how this one was issued. Uncleaned with age toning and old polish residue but will clean up nicely if desired. Firmin London maker mkd to rear. Bargain price for a Tail Up. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW1 O/R'S SWINGING 6 SPORRAN Very nice example which pre dates WW1 as there is no date or maker details common on pre Great War examples. Full black horsehair with brass topped white tassles. Comes with it's white buff leather belt. Retains nice light colour to tan leather . Purse still with it's brass button. See pics for a photo of the original sergeant in his scarlet tunic wearing this sporran and with a WW1 medal trio proving it was still being worn. Both items came together but the photo will be hard to ship however if someone wants it we can do a deal as a separate item. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW1 - EDINBURGH 1915 - SILVER H/M SGIAN DHU Very nice silver sgian dhu with Hallmarks for Edinburgh 1915. Stamped " R.W.F. " ( Forsyth ). Very well detailed ornate silver with Argylls device to handle. Clean blade. Scabbard leather good. Bog oak studded handle. Leather over wood scabbard. Nice fit between knife and scabbard. Small chip to the corner of the citrine, only noticeable on close inspection.( See pics ). V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW1 - SWAGGER CANE TOP Great War swagger stick top. Heavy nickel silver. Fairly dent free. Hairline fracture at the back. Not badly rubbed. Nice detail in relief.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW1 CAP BADGE Good clean no nonsense o/r's badge with fretted centre. Good detail. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW1 GOLD SWEETHEART BROOCH Beautiful. Rose gold on Sterling Silver with hand engraved detail. In the style of the Argylls cap badge. Rare pattern from the Great War. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW2 BATTLE COMBINATION Rare genuine example of a battledress combination used from D Day on by the Argylls. Please note this is the real deal and not one of the many spurious knock offs out there. Argylls diced patch to top with the early light green edging. Below that an HD ( Highland Division ) formation sign. Interestingly this one is of WW1 vintage with the HD and circle standing out in high relief. Below that the three red Infantry brigade stripes for the 154th Infantry Brigade. Removed from uniform and bought straight from the son with other items, soldiers name to the buyer. As nice as they come and an absolute bargain at this price. from my own collection which I am now whittling down.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW2 OFFICERS BLUE PATROL JACKET - DSO WINNER An absolutely stunning example of a scarce Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders officers blue patrol jacket. 1939 dated and named to officer.This chap has seen a lot of service with WW2 ribbon bars which include Africa and Italy as well as a Mentioned in dispatches acorn so likely a member of the 8th Army. Additional ribbons bars for Korea as well as a GSM which could be Palestine ? In the pocket of the tunic I found his DSO and military OBE ribbon bar. I have not re affixed this but could be stitched back by the new owner. It was fitted by the officer with later staybrite buttons. This is exactly how it came to me 20 years ago but if desired it could be retro fitted with brass buttons but for me he was still wearing the jacket after the introduction of staybrites and therefore is part of the jackets history. Smallish size , no moth or damage and retains it's integral belt with brass buckle. Tailors label with '39 date and soldiers name. Good condition and fresh to the market. Worthy of research. Please note, jacket for sale only, other items are for display and are not included.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW2 PLASTIC ECONOMY CAP BADGE As near mint as you will find. Unissued example with all original finish and no distortion. Good blades to the rear. As usual with Argyll examples, no maker mark. As nice as they come.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW2 SHOULDER TITLE PAIR - RARE Very rare pattern of yellow on black titles produced late in the war and worn in small numbers from D Day on. Very good condition matched pair. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.- 1ST RENFREW V.R. PLAID BROOCH - SILVER Victorian period Volunteer Btn. Argyll officers / pipers plaid brooch in hollow unmarked silver. This is a good heavy brooch with domed back. Gas escape holes. Stout original correct overlong pin. Detail to the front is really nice. As per Regular btn but with added scroll , " 1st ( Renfrew ) V.R. Scarce. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.( 3RD BTN.- STIRLING ) BOER WAR OFFICERS UNIFORM Never in 50 years of collecting Argylls items have I had one of these. Exceedingly rare Boer War officers field uniform. Comprises, 1899 dtd. and W.D. arrow stamped KD tunic. This with a full complement of period buttons and officers Victorian bronze " Tail Up" collar badges.Medium size. 1899 dtd. and W.D. stamped slouch hat. This in very good " Been There " condition with puggaree replaced with leather strap as was the fashion in the field. To the side there is a rare brass Regimental device not disimilar to the later WW1 fund raisers award but larger and with two trailing silk tails in Regimental tartan. No moth or damage which is unusual as moths love felt.No chin strap.Good medium size. Whipcord breeches , good overall with some moth tracking to the front. A real rarity and straight from the family home and new to the market, also not a put together but actually worn in this format by the officer. Please note I will Not, split the slouch hat from the group however should someone want the uniform Iess the hat the price is £2,200. Sam Browne not included in sale, display only.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.A.A. BTY- SILVER H/M TANKARD Silver hallmarked tankard presented to Col. D.M. Main on his retiral. 402 Light were an Argylls artillery battalion. Very nicely inscribed and no dents or damage. 341 gram silver.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.BOER WAR OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Beautifully matched officers bronze collar pair. Cast construction. "Tail Up" Victorian set used in Boer War. As nice as they come.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.BOER WAR OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Beautifully matched officers bronze collar pair. Cast construction. "Tail Up" Victorian set used in Boer War.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.BOER WAR OFFICERS SLOUCH HAT BADGE Officers cast bronze badge as worn on the slouch hat in the Boer War. I also have pics of this being worn as a cap badge in WW1 pictures of the Argylls. Possibly due to shortages of the standard cap badge. As per a collar badge but with an added scroll below. Tail up Victorian period cat.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.CADETS 1940 PTN. BATTLEDRESS BLOUSE - 1943 DTD. Nice wartime Argylls cadets tunic. Good clear label with all sizes and 1943 date. Further black stamping. Period badged. Straight out the family house. Rare tunic. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.OFFICERS BOER WAR PAGRI / SLOUCH HAT BADGE Lovely Victorian period badge with " Tail Up " cat. The whole badge is gilded. Pin back for pagri or slouch hat. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.OFFICERS FRETTED CAP BADGE Very unusual fretting on this one and in a harder metal I've encountered on some Argylls badges before. Old polish residue to back. Striking badge. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.VICTORIAN TERRITORIAL OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Excellent condition silvered shoulder belt plate for Territorial officers. "Tail Up " cat for the Victorian period. No damage or rubbing. All rear fixings good. As nice as they come. Uncleaned as found with would come up wonderfully if desired. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.VICTORIAN OFFICERS/PIPERS PLAID BROOCH - ROMANE & PATERSON Very nice early brooch with makers stamp to rear " ROMANE & PATERSON ". Super sharp detail on this one with no rubbing to high points. Strong original pin and hook to rear. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.WW1 P.O.W. SOLDIERS BOOK WW1 soldier from Oban who was a pre war Regular having enlisted in 1906. His service in France lasted a mere 16 days before he was wounded and captured. Good condition
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND OF CANADA POST'52 CAP BADGE - SCULLY Heavy, chromed cap badge. Slider. Mkd. "William Scully" to rear. No rubbing or damage. Exactly as per WW1/WW2 but with Queens Crown. V.G.C.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND OFFICERS BI-METAL COLLAR PAIR WITH BACKING PLATES Very nice matched pair of bi metal collars as worn by officers, Pipe Major & Drum Major only. For wear on the No.1 tunic in both Archer Green and red. Single post fittings to rear so will fit straight on the doublet that has been in use since the 1960's. Prior to that it was 2 lugs. V.G.C. Rare
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND OFFICERS TAM O SHANTER Excellent officers Tam made by Anderson of Edinburgh & Glasgow. With it's original to it officers beautifully fully fretted cap badge on a tartan patch of Regimental tartan.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND RIFLE VOLUNTEERS PLAID BROOCH Beautiful and rare pre 1881 plaid brooch, silver plated quoit. Unmarked silver centre of boars head and bugle surmounted by Victorian crown. Large size 4 inches diameter approx.. Nice fat hollow quoit with raised centre. Very sharp detail to silver centre. Good original pin to rear. Argyll R.V. became 5th Btn. Argyll and Sutherland Hldrs. Brooch circa 1860.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND WW1 SILVER SWEETHEART BROOCH Nice example of WW1 Argylls & Sutherland sweetheart on silver/mother of pearl. Silver stamp to rear. Approx. 2.8 cm diameter. Lovely.
ARGYLL & SUTHERLANDER HIGHLANDERS TERRITORIAL OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Rare silver plated example for Territorial battalions. Excellent sharp detail 4 piece construction on silver plated backing plate. Some of the original plating has been polished off below the bottom scroll. All rear fixings good and c/w the original fixing pins. No Battle Honours on wreath surrounds as per Victorian Territorial units. Very nice. VGC
ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS MEDAL PAIR Nice original medal pair to an Argyll Private. From the family, c/w original ribbons. Not K.I.A. V.G.C.
ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS VICTORIAN OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Nice cast matching pir of bronze collars for wear on the officers Service Dress. Tail Up for Victorian period. Retaining all the bronze finish. Mint
ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND HLDRS SILVER PLAID BROOCH J.R. Beautiful heavy solid silver plaid brooch. Superb detail in high relief. Jewellers stamp J.R. ( GAUNT). Unmarked so therefore issued as opposed to private purchase. Stout pin. As nice as they come and I have had it jeweller tested and it is silver.
ARGYLL CAR MASCOT Huge car mascot in heavy chrome cast metal. Argyllshire Boars Head with the motto used by the Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs. " NE OBLIVISCARIS" Excellent condition. Comes with fixing screws.
ARGYLL OFFICERS BADGER HEAD SPORRAN As nice as they come and as near mint as you will ever find. High quality, made by Janet Eagleton who makes sporrans for the likes of Prince Charles and Billy Connolly as well as most good army sporrans. Beautiful head, no hair loss, stout leather back. Gilded tassle tops. Made in 1991. I'll say no more and let the pictures do the talking.
ARGYLL OFFICERS DIRK BELT PLATE Larger than usual belt plate with seeded gilt back plate. Silver Regimental device with no rubbing or damage.
ARGYLL SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SWEETHEART BROOCH Nice chrome / enamel device on white TS backing with heavy chrome framing. Good substantial piece. V.G.C.
ARGYLL& SUTHERLAND HDRS. SPORRAN BADGE Unissued later die struck type. Nicely detailed.
ARGYLL& SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW2 B.D. COMBINATION Good Argylls B.D. combination circa 1940. Argylls dicing Highland division patch and 3 red infantry stripes. Interestingly this HD patch has the "HD" in high relief occasionally found of WW1 examples but I never seen this type before but 100% original. Very dirty indicating it's a "Been There" example and has been removed from uniform. Scarce
ARGYLL& SUTHERLAND HLDRS.- KOREAN WAR - VETS 1950 DTD. GLENGARRY Straight out the house of a vet who was on Hill 282 when the Americans infamously napalmed the 1st A & S.H. Excellent condition and good size 56/57. Correct red/ white dice. Mkd. to inside with year letter code B (1950) and W.D. and arrow and 16. Lovely chromed badge which is original to the glengarry and has never been off. Scarce to find an Argylls item from this Forgotten War. Has that older shape.No moth or damage.
ARGYLL& SUTHERLAND WW1 THRUM BONNET - RARE Very rare variant on the Tam O shanter. Wool knitted body. Good size 57 approx. C/w original Argylls badge and patch. VGC
ARGYLLS & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE High quality Victorian silver/gilt example. 5-piece. Un-cleaned. Tail of cat possibly absent, otherwise V.G.C. and scarce with gilded parts.
ARGYLLS & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SILVER H/M OFFICERS CAP BADGE Lovely cast silver Argyll officers cap badge with hallmarks for 1916. Nice fretted centre. Some rubbing to high points. Good chunky heavy weight badge. Now rare.
ARGYLLS PIPERS VICTORIAN PLAID BROOCH - MAKER MKD. Very good silver plated example by ROMANE AND PATERSON. Shortened pin. Great detail with no rubbing or damage. Lovely
ARGYLLS SILVER PLATED SERGEANTS BADGE Good WW1 cap badge with fully fretted centre as worn by sergeants. Good detail.
ARGYLLS WW1 OFFICERS DIRK BELT PLATE Very nice one this. Burnished brass curved back plate.Unmarked Silver Regimental device with "Tail Down" cat. No rubbing. Plate has 2 part cut slits to back of plate ? 2 of the original 3 fixing pins present. All in all a good example.
ARGYLLSHIRE HIGHLAND RIFLE VOLS. GLENGARRY ( 5TH V.B.-8TH ARGYLLS ) Extremely rare glengarry c/w it's original silver plated badge. As per early Argylls example with shallow shape and leather trim. This one with shortened silk tails which may have been a Regimental affectation. Glengarry is in excellent shape especially considering it dates from around the 1880's.2 moth nips to diced band. Badge is silver plated either copper or brass with silvered lugs.As per Argylls but strap reads " 1st Argyllshire Rifle Volunteers ". Size approx. 56. Clean waxed cotton interior. Supple leather trim. This scarce badge is worth £125 on it's own. One of a number of items I'm listing to this unit who became the 5th V.B. Btn. A & S.H. and later still the 8th Btn. A & S.H.
ARGYLLSHIRE HIGHLAND RIFLE VOLS.( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) SGT'S UNIFORM Very rare Rifle Volunteers uniform for Argyllshire R.V. This straight from the family home and never offered for sale before. In incredible condition with no moth or damage. Comprises Colour Sgt's tunic c/w chevrons and star to upper right arm and with five 3 year good service bullion stars to lower arm. Full complement of Argyllshire Highland Rifles silver buttons.Embroidered Regimental mkd. epaulettes. Large size. Red melton cloth with yellow facings. Locally made Ardrishaig military tailor kilt. This in Government tartan and with knife pleats as worn before their absorption into the A & S.H. Large size. White buff leather waist belt with regimental buckle. Black glengarry with very rare Argyllshire Hldrs. brass Boars Head badge. White horsehair Regimental sporran with Boars head on the cantle. This made by local Lochgilpaed sporran maker "Sinclair" and mkd. up to them inside the pocket. Soldiers name applied in ink to the back. The Argyllshire R.V.recruiting area was .Argyllshire, Buteshire and Dumbartonshire. Incredibly rare uniform in top condition and in a unusual for the period large size. May split tunic and kilt from the other items but not the glengarry which I've already had a substantial offer on.
ARGYLLSHIRE HIGHLANDERS VICTORIAN PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Large imposing plaid brooch as worn by pipers and officers. Hollow silver plated domed quoit. Centre raised on legs and bearing a Victorian crown over a bugle and this surmounted by the Argyll Boars Head.All rear pin and hook fixings original. Maker stamped "R.G.LAWRIE - GLASGOW" The Argyllshire Hldrs became the 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Hldrs. in 1881. Rare
ARGYLLSHIRE HLDRS - 5TH V.B. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. BELT Excellent condition white buff leather belt with it's original to it 5th A.&S.H. V.B., o/r's buckle. Nice as they come. Paint stampings to inside of belt. Stamped 169 on the buckle. Large size. The Argyllshire Rifle Vols. became the 5th V.B. before finally being designated the 8th Argylls. Rare.
ARGYLLSHIRE HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND ) PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Good example of this scarce pipers brooch. Large imposing plaid brooch as worn by pipers with the Argyllshire Rifle Volunteers. . Hollow silver plated domed quoit. Centre raised on arms and bearing a Victorian crown over a bugle and this surmounted by the Argyll Boars Head. All rear pin and hook fixings original. The Argyllshire Hldrs became the 8th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Hldrs. in 1881. Rare. V.G.C.
ARGYLLSHIRE N.G.V.C. CAP BADGE Very rare glengarry badge to the Argyllshire National Guard Volunteer Corps. Small pierced hole in Boars mouth which is possibly meant to be there ? Condition VG. .Circa 1914- 19. Very rare.
ARGYLLSHIRE VOLUNTEER ARTILLERY VICTORIAN POUCH BADGE AND BUTTON White metal for Volunteers beautifully detailed pouch badge with lovely 3 D effect and fine top notch die struck detail. 3 screw posts to rear. Accompanied by an extremely rare polished w/m / silver tunic button. This with a trademark I've never seen and " Rivetted & Soldered ". To the face a QVC in high relief and artillery piece and " Argyllshire Artillery Volunteers " Beautiful. V.G.C.
ARMY AIR CORPS. WW2 PLASTIC ECONOMY CAP BADGE Very good example by Stanley of Walsall. Good blades to back. No distortion or flaking.
ARMY G.D.S. 1965 UNIFORM - MINT - UNISSUED The best condition of this scarce olive green uniform I've ever seen. Good size. Retains it's original colour. Nice clear labels. Mint
ARMY ISSUE - PIPERS SGIAN DHU (SGEAN DHU) As new issue pipers sgian dhu as used by all Highland Regiments. Very good quality.Not shoddy current issue or poor Pooley sword. Studded wood handle with plated top mount. Bottom mount with thistle design. Leather covered wood scabbard with plated mounts. Nice clipped back blade. V.G.C.
ARMY ISSUE RUBBERISED CAPE - 1951 DATED Army issue rubberised cape. Maker stamped and 1951 dated (see photo 5). There are small holes beside the buttons but are hidden behind the cape once button up.
ARMY ORDNANCE CORPS. CAP BADGE - BUTTONS LTD. B/HAM Maker mkd.. Nicely toned bi - metal . Maker mkd. to slider. V.G.C.
ARMY PIPERS G10 DIRK - GENUINE ISSUE - MKD. TO THE HIGHLANDERS. Now extremely hard to find genuine Army Issue pipers dirk. Correct studded handle, not moulded tuffnell as most were from the mid '80's on. Applied details to the back confirm the date of issue as 1979 and has a issue number , Crows Foot, W.D. arrow and " H" ( Highlanders ) ( Queens Own, Gordons ). Sheffield maker details to blade so not one of the many Pakistani fakes that abound in the market place. Clean blade , nice plated fittings. Leather covered wood scabbard , mounts with thistle design in relief. Kings Crown to pommel. Rare. V.G.C.
ARMY SEWING KIT - 1950’S Army issue " Houswife kit. Dated for early 1950's. Soldiers details period applied. Some contents. V.G.C.
ARMY TRUMPET AND BUGLE CALLS MANUAL 1966 Army publication. Most of the army calls for the various Regiments of the British Army. Red hardback. VGC
ARP ITEMS FIRST AIR RAID ON FORTH BRIDGE ATTRIBUTED Group of items which belonged to a member of the South Queensferry A.R.P. and just purchased by me from the mans daughter. Comprises, early war steel helmet, ARP mkd. whistle., mkd. and dated wooden rattle and brass ARP bell this 1939 dtd and a piece of shrapnel from a German bomb. When the first raid on the Forth bridge occurred the service had been struck a glancing blow by this spent piece of shrapnel and there is a score across the crown of the helmet. A letter of provenance signed by the daughter, now in her late 70's confirming this. Very nice grouping in excellent condition.
ARTILLERY BUSBY PLUME HOLDER Nice piece from the Victorian era. Well detailed w/m.Slider never re affixed. V.G.C.
ARYGLL AND SUTHERLAND HLDRS WW1 BRASS ECONOMY BADGE A real 1916 pattern brass badge. Nice toning. Correct colour for the correct badge.
ARYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW2 PLASTIC ECONOMY CAP BADGE Super example with no distortion. Good blades. As nice as they come.
ARYSHIRE EARL OF CARRICKS OWN YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Nice age toned example with slider. V.G.C.
ASSMANN PARATROOPER BADGE - LATE WAR - REAL I now see so many clever copies I am by and large shying away from German items unless they come from vets families or are expertly checked. This badge has been posted on different forums and has also been seen by knowledgeable people before now being finally offered for sale. Nice detail as you expect from Assmann and mkd. to rear. Condition is very good. By with confidence, this one ticks all the boxes.
ATHOLL HIGHLANDERS 2 PIECE CAP BADGE Nice well detailed badge.Very well detailed, no rubbing or damage. Die struck. Now very difficult to find especially an early one like this. V.G.C.
ATHOLL HLDRS.- ANNE OF ATHOLL LIVERY BADGE - SILVER A very rare item I've never seen outside Blair Castle. Anne of Atholls own entourage, footmen, piper etc. wore a special insignia with her double A cypher. This one in heavy unmarked silver with stout pin to the rear. Lovely detail and exceedingly rare.
ATS CARDIGAN Rare piece of kit being a womens issue cardigan for the ATS. It has been taken in 4 cm at shoulder during it's working life. Smallish size and did'nt sit out the war.
ATS HANDKERCHIEF - WW2 HAND EMBROIDERED Very nicely hand embroidered khaki hanky. Mint
ATS OFFICERS BRONZE BADGE - J.R. GAUNT LONDON - BLADES BACK Auxiliary Transport Services. Nice officers example with blades. J.R.Gaunt London mkd to back so excellent quality. Retains it's bronze finish. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
ATS SILVER LAPEL BADGE - 2027 Nice detail. Unmarked silver. Numbered 2027 to rear. Nice original pin and hook.
AUSTRALIAN - 59TH THE HUME REGIMENT CAP BADGE Scarce gilt and enamel very striking cap badge. Kings crown. Couple of small bits of enamel loss otherwise good. North and south lugs which in my opinion may have been replaced ? I'm factoring that into the price, normally this is an £80 badge.
AUSTRALIAN - 5TH BTN. VICTORIA SCOTTISH CAP BADGE Rare item. Struck in nickel silver. Scottish lion on Nemo Me Impune Laccessit motto. Uncleaned with nice age toning. Will clean up a treat if desired. V.G.C.
AUSTRALIAN BYRON SCOTTISH (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) CAP BADGE Scarce badge. Correct 3 lugs and "Stokes" maker mkd. Retains all it's original finish. Good substantial well made badge. Near mint. From an old collection of framed Argylls items just in and bought from a former ex Sgt. Major of the Battalion.
AUSTRALIAN TIN HAT DAY HELMET BADGE CIRCA WW2 Commemorative lapel badge. Tommy helmet approx. 2 inches in size. Retains almost all paint and nice clear writing and still with it's rear fixing.
AUSTRALIAN VETERAN NUMBERED LAPEL BADGE - AMOR SYDNEY Very nice example of an Australian WW1 Veterans League lapel badge. Recipient number Y31660 and made by Amor Sydney. Enamel good. Retains original cotter pin for the double fixing at the back.
AUSTRIAN S.A. - SUDMARK - MEMBERS LAPEL BADGE Scarce " Sudmark " lapel badge for supporters of the Party . Coloured enamels with no damage. Sun wheel swas to centre and , " Sudmark " in Gothic script. Buttonhole fixing to rear. V.G.C.
AUXILIARY FIRE SERVICE VISOR CAP Very nice example of a firemans dress visor. Nice pin back Kings Crown AFS chrome and enamel badge. Brushed wool with no moth or damage. Clean inside size approx. 56. V.G.C.
AUXILIARY TRANSPORT SERVICE ( ATS ) OFFICERS BRONZE CAP BADGE - GAUNT As nice as they come this one. I only list Corps badges if they are a bit special and this is. J.R.Gaunt mkd to rear. Blades. All bronze finish remaining. Quality item. V.G.C.
AYRSHIRE CONSTABULARY SHOULDER BADGES - PAIR Nice condition matched pair. Heavy chrome finish. Scarce. V.G.C.
AYRSHIRE CONSTABULARY WARTIME CAP BADGE Good example. Some polishing to high spots. Nice character this one.
AYRSHIRE NATIONAL RESERVE CLASS 1 BADGE - GAUNT Rare Ayrshire example. Large size. Red outer ring with Class 1. Text has a small bit of enamel damage but this is a rare badge. Gaunt mkd. to rear.
AYRSHIRE NATIONAL RESERVE CLASS II BADGE - J.R. GAUNT Rare . Enamel excellent , gilt excellent. Like new this one ! J.R.Gaunt mkd to back. Cheaper than Sallys. Mint.
AYRSHIRE YEOMANRY - EARL OF CARRICKS OWN CAP BADGE Very good example of this now scarce badge. Copper tone to finish. Die struck with fine detail. Slider V.G.C.
BADEN WW1 PICKLEHAUBE AND COVER - JR112 Great War picklehaube. 1905 dtd. and Regiment mkd. to rear skirt. Toned brass fittings.Rear spine with slider. Skull good with no distortion. Approx size 54/55. No extra holes for helmet plate. Liner good. Good chin strap. Original cockades. Cover exceptional with all clips. Remains of leather inside spike part of cover, this rotted but good indication of authenticity. painted numerals to front. Rarely found now in this condition.
BAND OF BROTHERS LEADING ACTORS HELMET - GENUINE WW2 Superb example and the only item I kept from the mountain of items I had after filming ended. This came from one of the actors and originally had a certificate saying who had worn it. I'm sure a viewing would confirm which character it was as it's a very distinctive helmet. Large size split rim WW2 shell with genuine liner and wartime net. As nice as they come .
BARRHEAD ( GLASGOW ) BURGH BRASS BAND (BBB ) CAPBADGES Extremely rare. 2 cap badges, one in gilded finish and one silvered finish. Possibly Band Master and Bandsman. Circa 1930's. V.G.C.
BATTLE DAMAGED EX HEER SS GERMAN HELMET WITH CAPTURE CHIN STRAP Very interesting helmet bought straight from a surviviing WW2 vet in the N.E. of England. Dark field grey M40 EF64 shell with 22123 to rear of apron.Most finish remaining. Shrapnel ball strike to left side which has not penetrated the shell but has caused a crack approx. 3 inches long which has pinged the front helmet pin. Liner band has been pushed in but the liner itself is undamaged , so a lucky man ! The Heer decal has been scraped off and to the right side there is a hand applied crudely painted runic shield.This has been lacquered over and the background has gone a creamy colour with age. There are the original army soldiers details painted to the rear apron "Gefr. H. Muller" Good combat worn liner, sweaty but with virtually no damage and retains it's original draw string. A British helmet chin strap has been crudely sewn at one side and the other side passed through the D ring to create a sliding buckle arrangement. This helmet has been posted for discussion and there have been no adverse comments but helmets like this are always subject to debate therefore it is for sale as a battle damaged ex Heer and priced accordingly. Great soldier altered combat helmet.
BATTLE DAMAGED LUFTWAFFE M40 FIELD DIVISION GERMANHELMET Field division helmet with green camo overpaint. Inside with original Luftwaffe blue paint.Good eagle decal. Liner present and in good shape with relevant tearing where the bullet has passed through. Original draw string. Cut chin strap with early aluminium buckle. Bullet has pierced the shell and impacted on the opposite side causing a crack. Owners finger prints to crown where he has touched it while paint was still wet. Very evocative piece. Quist 64 shell.
BATTLE DAMAGED M42 COMBAT HELMET Good complete battle field pick up combat helmet. Small calibre bullet strikes which have come from the inside and have impacted on the shell with resulting outward dents, most likely from a pistol. Corresponding holes to liner. Also another bullet strike to the outside below the right air vent. Evidence of blood in the liner. Liner leather good, full length chinstrap.Owners name in Gothic script to rear apron "Reimer". Large size 66. Codes partly obscured by name. Superb " Been There" helmet
BATTLE OF BERLIN SS OFFICERS BELT BUCKLE Nice late war zing example c/w both belt loops. Correct stampings to rear. Found in Berlin.
BATTLE OF KURSK M40 GERMAN ARMY SINGLE DECAL - COMPLETE / BATTLE DAMAGED Stunning "Been There" in the extreme combat helmet. This one found a few years ago in the Kursk area. Bunker found condition. Shell retaining most of it's paint. Good decal. 64 size shell, maker not visible. Bullet hole to right side. Liner complete but dry and frayed at edges and with the usual a/f seam stitching. Long end of the chin strap present. These helmets now rarely found. Holding till the end of November for a customer who's on holiday.
BAVARIAN O/R's PICKLEHAUBE - REGIMENT MKD. This has to be one of the finest condition picklehaubes around. Virtually uncrazed original finish to skull. No distortion to shape. Nice supple liner with no tears to tongue ends and c/w original leather drawstring. Good size 55. Original cockades and chin strap. Grey metal fittings retaining all original finish, plate with Bavaria Coat of Arms. Removable spike. Rear peak marked "211 R" and maker stamped and dated to the skull " 147 - DD 111 - 1916". From an old collection and rarely found these days as pristine as this, a real sleeper.A good price for this condition
BLACK WATCH - 1ST CITY OF DUNDEE V.B. - MATCHED SET OF (4) COLLAR DOGS Exceedingly rare set of collar badges as worn exclusively by the 1st City of Dundee Volunteer Battalion, Black Watch circa 1899-1908. The collars were worn as a dual set with the St Andrew in front and the Arms of the Royal Burgh worn behind. The latter being a pot of growing lilies. White metal pair for o/r's. I've never had these before and they just came in with a half set of officers type which will be listed soon. Slight pinching to the lugs otherwise A.1 with no rubbing or damage. V.G.C
BLACK WATCH - 1ST FIFESHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEER CORPS HELMET PLATE Very nice o/r's white metal helmet plate. Nicely toned. 3 lugs to reverse. These bent over,likely to have been removed from board. Nice One Look original Scarce
BLACK WATCH - 2ND ADMIN BTN. FORFAR/ANGUS R.V. CROSS BELT BADGE Rare heavy cast bronze cross belt badge, most likely an officers as previous examples I've had have been white metal die struck.I Defence to outer strap with Scottish lion over a crown to the centre. Very substantial. Short lugs. Rare. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH - 2ND ADMIN BTN. FORFAR/ANGUS R.V. SHAKO / X BELT BADGE Scarce badge is w/m. Sharp detail. Die struck. East/ west lugs but the loops face north. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH - 5TH VOL. BTN.( PERTH HIGHLAND VOLUNTEERS) - BELT & BUCKLE Very rare leather waist belt and brass buckle set to the 3rd. Perthshire Volunteers. Buckle in brass and in perfect condition. Outer seeded strap with "Perth Highland Volunteers” in relief. To the Centre a raised thistle on a seeded ground. Both male and female parts with "70" stamp so a matched set. Belt leather in fantastic condition for age and double stamped to the inside "5 V.B.R.H.".Also double stamped " 188 ". The leather tang which goes behind the buckle has further stampings to the leather with what looks like , " Simplex Roundfit Patent " ? Also with the makers details" R & I .P. London " . Large size for period, at least 35" inch waist. V.G.C. The title Perth Highland Volunteers was conferred upon the various R.V.' s in 1873. In 1887 they became the 5th R.V.B.W. After the outbreak of WW1 the Battalion became the Highland Cyclist Brigade.
BLACK WATCH - 73RD ( PERTHSHIRE ) OF FOOT BONNET BADGE - 1874 / 78 Unbeatable price !!! For one week only. Very rare badge. 1874 to 1848 only. KK 537. Brass die struck. Nice age toning to front and back retaining the original finish as this one was removed from a board. Sharp strike. V.G.C. Bargain price as the cheapest I've seen for sale elsewhere is £235
BLACK WATCH - 73RD OF FOOT CAP BADGE Rare badge with beautiful age patina. Die struck brass, circa 1874-81 .Two loops to the reverse. Small bit of verdigris otherwise A.1.. Removed from board so back still bright whilst front has toned nicely over the years.
BLACK WATCH - BW - MATCHED PAIR - BRASS SHOULDER TITLES. As nice as they come. Hex lugs. Scarce V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH - FORFAR RVC BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Victorian brass title as worn by the Forfar companies of the Black Watch circa 1859/60. This is an extremely rare title in great condition and the only one I've ever had. I don't know if this was worn into the Territorial era. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH - OFFICERS SILVER SPORRAN BADGE - STAMPED FIRMIN Silver sporran badge with a silver frosted finish. Marked FIRMIN to rear. Silver lugs. Beautiful fine detail. A thing of beauty. Scarce. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH - OFFICERS VICTORIAN HELMET PLATE FOR SUN HELMET - KIRKWOODS This is a very rare badge being the type worn on the white helmet. Circa 1881 to 1914. ( K & K 256 ). Superb example by KIRKWOODS of Edinburgh and with their jeweller tablet to rear. 4 lugs, these in silver, unusually all 4 are present. Long scrolls. 3 piece construction. This is a larger badge than the post Victorian examples. Some polishing to high points and "Jimmy". Still with original long cotter pins, these rounded for the shape of the cloth helmet this has been worn on. A very rare, attractive high quality piece by Scotlands top maker .
BLACK WATCH - PERTH HIGHLAND RIFLE VOLUNTEERS OFFICERS SILVER GLENGARRY BADGE Nice silver version of the Perthshire R.V. cap badge. Unmarked silver with silver lugs. Nicely fretted centre. QVC . officers examples are scarce. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH - POST '52 OFFICERS BADGE Very good 1950's example retaining it's silver frosting and gilding . 3 piece construction. Good quality . V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH - VICTORIAN 1ST FIFESHIRE RVC HELMET PLATE Scarce w/m plate for o/r's. Nice age toning. 3 lugs. These bent over . Thane of Fife to the fretted centre. Rare. V.G.C. with no rubbing.
BLACK WATCH - VICTORIAN PERTH HIGHLAND R.V. OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE Rare badge circa 1874 - 1881 for wear on the glengarry. Unmarked silver with lovely age patina. Silver lugs. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH - WW2 SLIP ON SHOULDER TITLE Very difficult to obtain "BW" black embroidered on khaki. Near excellent condition.
BLACK WATCH -1ST FIFESHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEER CORPS HELMET PLATE Ordinary ranks w/m Victorian helmet plate. Nicely toned. QVC. Thane of Fife to centre. 3 lugs. Rare V.G.C The 1st Fifeshire rifle volunteer corps became a volunteer battalion of the Black Watch in 1881. redesignated 6th (Perthshire) Volunteer Battalion Black Watch in 1887
BLACK WATCH / SEAFORTHS . VICTORIA CROSS WINNERS HIGHLAND BROADSWORD Historically important. Beautiful and extremely rare attributed sword to John Mc Kenzie V.C. Acid etched Black Watch blade in top condition with no rust or blackening. Fishskin bound handle, steel basket, original red " Wig " all in good condition. Basket insert good but with some blue trim loss and one small area of loss to the red exterior. John Mc Kenzie was approx the 12th Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross . He won it at Dompoassi in the Ashanti War (now Ghana). One of only 2 recipients of the V.C. in that war. V.G.C. As this is a high ticket item I would consider a part exchange for good items ( british or German headgear/ dirk sgian dhus ). Considering a good dirk now will cost you £4000/ 4500 the price is realistic for such a unique item. Copy of Wilkinson record comes with the sale. John Henry Mackenzie, awarded a DCM as a Corporal with the Seaforth Highlanders, recommended for a VC as a Sergeant with the Seaforth Highlanders from an action on 09 June 1900. Commissioned as a 2nd Lt with the Black Watch on 29 Nov 1900, the sword dates to late 1900 (from the Harvey's generic Wilkinson lists) so would have been his commissioning dress/undress sword, was awarded a VC in April 1901 at St James Palace. Transferred to the Royal Scots in 1904 and served on loan to an African Army unit. Promoted to Major and died in action, WW1 in 1915 at Festubert commanding the Bedfordshire Regiment.
BLACK WATCH 1892 BIRMINGHAM SILVER SWEETHEART BADGE Early piece , pre Boer War when the Regiment saw action in Africa and India. Large size . One and a half inches by one and a half approx. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1892 and jeweller mark " E.F. " ? I've left the dark age toning on. Very elaborate detail. Nice original pin and hook. Rare. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH 1914 EDINBURGH SILVER HALLMARK ED OFFICERS BADGE Black Watch hallmarked badges are rare. Hallmarked badges were private purchase, the army did not pay for having them Assayed. I presume as issue badges to the Watch were always of good quality few officers bought their own, subsequently making silver hallmarked examples exceedingly rare. This one is Edinburgh silver for 1914 . Maker mkd. " H.T. " ( Henry tatton ). The badge is a beatiful example with long scrolls and even has silver lugs. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH 1939 H/M SILVER / TORTOISESHELL SWEETHEART More commonly associated with WW1, it's unusual to get a WW2 hallmarked example. Condition excellent and left exactly as it came to me with it's dirt and age patina. Would clean up beautifully if desired.
BLACK WATCH ASSOCIATION BADGE - MAKER MKD. Striking Kings Crown wartime example.Bi metal as per officers type. Scottish maker to rear, W.L. THOMSON - GLASGOW. Loop for attaching red feather. Mint
BLACK WATCH ASSOCIATION WARTIME ASSOCIATION BADGE Scarce bi metal type like a small senior ranks cap badge. Rare maker W.L. Thomson , Glasgow & Edinburgh. Loop at the back for feathers. 4 piece construction
BLACK WATCH BLAZER BADGE Nice embroidered blazer badge. Backed with a piece of Regimental tartan. Removed from jacket. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH BOER WAR SPORRAN BADGE Nice detail sporran badge circa 1900. Single post fixing to the rear. No rubbing or damage. Came from the same source as the slouch hat badge listed. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH CAR BADGE/MASCOT - J.R.GAUNT BIRMINGHAM Rare piece dating from the 1950's. WW1 type cap badge with scrolls over undamaged green , red & blue enamel. Maker mkd. for J.R.Gaunt so excellent quality. Undamaged/ pitted chrome. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH CHROMED SPORRAN BADGE Good substantial chromed metal sporran badge. ( not anodised ). V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH COLLAR BADGES Nice heavy white metal matched pair of St. Andrew collar dogs. V.G.C..
BLACK WATCH COLLAR DOGS - MATCHED PAIR Mint set of chromed collars to the Royal Hldrs. Lugs.Matching set.
BLACK WATCH EARLY PLAID BROOCH This is a very nice example. Silver or heavy silver with black age patina. Hand etched thistle quoit. Correct overlong original pin as found on Victorian/ early 20th Century ones. Nicely detailed. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH FORMATION PATCHES & MORE - ATTRIBUTED Super set of one mans items straight from the house and never offered for sale before. Comprises 2 sleeve patches, one with HD patch, 3 red brigade stripes and one correctly with tartan patch in the shape of the Black Watch cap badge and one without as at this time it was worn only on one sleeve. Also 1936 pattern Black Watch cap badge c/w original hackle. WW2 ribbon bar comprising Africa star c/w brass "8" for Eighth Army, Italy,France and Germany and 1939/45 Campaign Stars, the classic eighth Army group. His fibre dog tags are also included so this man is researchable. Cracking group and with the patches still smelling of gun oil. Rare
BLACK WATCH OFFICERS / SNCO\'S FEATHER BONNET BADGE Lovely bi metal badge with long lugs for wear on the feather bonnet. Cast back plate. 3 piece construction. Beautiful. Circa WW1.
BLACK WATCH OFFICERS ADJUTANT\'S CAP BADGE An amazing thing being a third size officers badge. This is not a collar or a waist belt badge rather exactly like a cap badge but in miniature. Worn by the adjutant on a peaked cap when not in Highland dress. The lugs at the back are standard type for a cap or collar and not the slim type for the belt plate. Unmarked silver with separately applied long scrolls and detachable centre. 7 piece construction. 2 inches high, the same size as the KOSB adjutants badge. Exact same construction as per a good quality full size example. Detail is wonderful.
BLACK WATCH OFFICERS SPORRAN CANTLE -WILSON & SHARP - ATTRIBUTED - BOND - MILITARY CROSS WINNER Stunning sporran cantle formerly the property of 2 Lt. Edward Ramsden Priestley M.C. and engraved to the top with his initials "E.R.P.B.". This is an extremely nice example, nicely gilded and with " Wilson & Sharp, Edinburgh " jewellers tablet to the top. Copy paperwork and 2nd Btn. Black Watch copy photo comes with the sale. Rare attributed piece of high quality V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH OFFICERS TAM O SHANTER - JARDINES - NAMED Good officers Tam. Officer pattern with brushed wool body. Original Touree. Still with it's original Red Hackle. No badge , these were never worn with badges, only the hackle. Lining with some sweat / light service wear. To the crown the makers label with " Jardines, Tailors, Forth Street , Edinburgh. The officers name is applied to this in ink. A few small moth nips here and there but overall in good shape. Size 56/57 approx. The officer served in WW2 continuing into the 1950's. 100% original straight from the son. Scarce
BLACK WATCH OFFICERS VICTORIAN SHOULDER BELT PLATE Beautiful example of a Victorian officers SBP to the Black Watch.Oversize cap badge type device with a QVC on a seeded back plate. Silver/gilt centre well detailed and in great condition. Pins and studs good to back.Original retaining pins. Rare
BLACK WATCH PIPERS TUNIC BUTTON - VERY SMALL SIZE Very small. The size of a cap strap button. Possibly from shako or similar ? Any ideas please let me know. Well detailed. V.G.C. Rare
BLACK WATCH PLAID BROOCH - ROMANES & PATERSON EDINBURGH Super example with sharp detail. V.G.C.. Good stout pin. Maker marked "ROMANES & PATERSON EDINBURGH" to rear. Circa WW1.
BLACK WATCH POST 52 OFFICERS BELT BUCKLE Good quality Queens Crown example. Seeded gilt backing plate.Bi - metal badge as per the officers cap badge.This 3 piece construction. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH POST 52 OFFICERS CAP BADGE Nice shaped officers badge with frosted silver finish and gilded centre with frosted St. Andrew. Circa early/mid 50's. Nicer than most post WW2 example.
BLACK WATCH POST 52 OFFICERS FEATHER BONNET BADGE Superb mint post '52 officers bi metal cap badge. Good quality example. 3 piece construction. The Jimmy is silver. Long silvered lugs to rear for feather bonnet.
BLACK WATCH POST 52 OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Very nice officers SBP. Queens crown. Silver Star of the Order of the Thistle.Nicely gilded centre. Unusual this one in that it's never had a Sphinx . This makes me think it's for a Volunteer / T.A. officer. V.G.C. Gilded seeded back plate.
BLACK WATCH SENIOR OFFICERS SILVER PLAID BROOCH This one is a real rarity and one of the most striking brooches I've ever seen ! Unmarked silver. Domed quoit with "NE MO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT". Around the edge a very well detailed raised thistle border. Large clear citrine on raised legs to the centre. Stout original pin to reverse. Outstanding.
BLACK WATCH SHOULDER TITLES - PAIR Nice matched pair of the 1920 introduced "BLACK WATCH" shoulder titles. These were worn extensively in WW2 alongside the later "B.W." Lovely age toning with loads of old polish still on them. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH SILVER FROSTED OFFICERS COLLAR DOGS - PAIR Nice pair of silver frosted cast collar badges. Well detailed. Substantial. Silvered loops. Circa WW1 / WW2.
BLACK WATCH SILVER FROSTED ON SILVER SPORRAN BADGE FIRMIN Beautiful maker mkd. example. Great detail. Silver noth and south lugs. Retaining most of it's original silver frosting. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH SPORRAN BADGE Super early type circa WW1 with single stout brass post to centre. White metal. Well detailed. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH SPORRAN BADGE Very good example of the early single fixing type sporran badge. White metal, crisp strike. Old pink polish residue to rear. As nice as they come.
BLACK WATCH TAM O SHANTER WITH RED HACKLE Very nice untouched Tam for late WW2. Nicely lined in quilted tan cotton . Large size period original red hackle. Size 55/56. One small hole at the back under the overhang. Looks like it's been caught on something as opposed to a moth nip. Otherwise extremely nice condition. One Look original. Scarce
BLACK WATCH TARTAN PATCH Battledress removed sleeve insignia for the Black Watch. In the shape of the cap badge in Regimental tartan. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH VICTORIAN CAP BADGE Nice example of an o/r's badge with Victorian crown. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH VICTORIAN CAP BADGE - GAUNT TABLET Scarce QVC crown Black Watch cap badge. Shaped to bonnet. Old pink polish residue to back. Brass Gaunt tablet to rear. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH VICTORIAN OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH Nice silver plated example with hand etched thistle quoit. Well detailed unmarked silver St. Andrew to centre. Correct over long stout pin to reverse. Slight finish loss to upper edge hence lower price. Excellent
BLACK WATCH VICTORIAN PIPERS TUNIC BUTTON Rare button for the pipers doublet. Age patina. Nicely detailed. Non maker mkd. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH WW1 BRASS ECONOMY BADGE - IN THEATRE MADE These badges are very difficult to come by being the type locally made "In Theatre", most likely the Middle East possibly Mesopotamia. This one has surprisingly good detail for a sand cast badge and has had a silver wash on it in the beginning some of which is still evident on the back. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH WW1 ECONOMY BRASS CAP BADGE Very scarce WW1 brass economy cap badge in very good condition. Die struck. See the back of the badge which confirms this is an original example of a much faked badge. Hard to come by.
BLACK WATCH WW1 HAND EMBROIDERED SILK HANKIE Beautifully done . Multi coloured embroidered silk hanky. Colours still very bright.
BLACK WATCH WW1 OFFICERS OSD COLLAR BADGE Nice example of an officers St. Andrew collar badge as worn on the OSD tunic. Well detailed and substantial. Round lugs. Some old polish residue to back. No rubbing or damage. Scarce
BLACK WATCH WW1 OFFICERS OSD COLLAR PAIR You would be hard pressed to find a superior set of matching collars to beat this set ! Bronze, cast, flat backs. All finish remaining. Beautifully matching.
BLACK WATCH WW2 1943 DATED BLUE PATROL JACKET - NAMED Scarce WW2 1943 dated example in good condition.Original makers Wm Anderson & Sons label to inside with 1943 date. Full complement of Black Watch brass buttons.
BLACK WATCH WW2 BED PLATE Good example. Brass bed plate. Soldiers name and number to front along with Black Watch regimental device. To the back " Duty ".and makers details for Narborough Birmingham. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH WW2 COLLAR DOGS - MATCHED PAIR Good condition white metal o/r's collar badges. Difficult to find now.
BLACK WATCH WW2 K.I.A. OFFICERS GLENGARRY & SPORRAN Beautiful items both made by rare Perth maker T. Kemp of Perth who were the main military outfitters for the Black Watch when they're H.Q. was in Perth. Beautiful top end sporran with red morocco leather back and impressed makers stamp. Lovely mix of white horsehair and goathair.Heavy gilded cantle. Leather topped tassles, the tassles themselves again, a mix of horse and goat hair. Glengarry c/w it's original post '36 officers badge in unmarked silver, also it's original red hackle, Glengarry with a Kemp label. Good size approx 57. Name of the officer who was killed in 1940 to the buyer. Both items in lovely condition, the glengarry with light service wear, the sporran hardly worn.
BLACK WATCH WW2 SAND CAST CAP BADGE Post '36 , WW2 no scrolls cap badge. Likely In Theatre made as most cast badges are. Usually Middle East . Heavy. Detail is good. These badges are scarce. V.G.C.
BLACK WATCH WW2 STABLE BELT Rare item being a stable belt worn in WW2 through to the 50's . This one came from the estate of a Major Jones along with other WW2 items. Bought directly from his son. Regimental colours of green/red/blue and stout tan leather belt and buckle arrangement ends. Never had one from this period . Later ones were tartan. All in good used condition.
BOER WAR - 2ND VB A & SH 1901 BIRMINGHAM SILVER & GILT FOB Beautiful and very rare 2nd Volunteer Btn. A & S.H. shield shaped fob / pendant. Never seen another of these and it's been in my collection for many years. Approximately 38 mm H (excluding ring) x 25 mm W. V.G.C.
BOER WAR - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS BIRMINGHAM SILVER HALLMARKED BADGE Good die struck silver hallmarked officers cap badge. “I” for Birmingham 1902 and maker , " J&Co ". Correct " Tail Up " cat for the Boer War period. Rare
BOER WAR - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS LONDON SILVER SOUTH AFRICA SWEETHEART BROOCH Silver hallmarks for London 1902. Lucky horseshoe as they tended to use for that war. Argylls device within. 2 piece construction. Scarce . V.G.C.
BOER WAR - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS OFFICERS TUNIC & BREECHES This one just just reeks of combat on the Vleld. Good size for the period. Marked inside " L " but it's a medium by todays standards being approx. a 38" chest. Classic Boer War KD tunic with the bullet loops above the breast pockets. A & S.H. brass buttons. Pips for a Captain. Still has the white shirt collar attached. No moth or damage. Owners initials to inside of collar. Breeches with moth damage to front but are part of the original uniform. Please note this sale is tunic and breeches . Hat not for sale . I just bought this uniform back from a customer, it was listed previously on my site. Great original item that I jumped at the chance of buying back. Rare. V.G.C.
BOER WAR - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - OFFICERS SLOUCH HAT BADGE. Beautiful example. Bi metal . Tail Up cat for the Victorian period. Correct over long pin. NOT a conversion from a lugged badge, this is the Real Deal known as a pagri badge for wear on slouch hat and sun helmet. Nice age toning. Quality. Scarce. V.G.C.
BOER WAR - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS SLOUCH HAT / PAGRI BADGE Very nice gilded example of this scarce badge. Pin back , not conversion from collar. I have owned a couple of slouch hats with this same badge on them. Also worn with the solar topee. As per collar style but with added scrolls to bottom. Correct overlong pin for the period. V.G.C.
BOER WAR - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SLOUCH HAT BADGE Pagri badge for wear on the sun helmet and slouch hat. Very popular in the Boer War. Tail Up cat for the Victorian period. Correct purpose made pin back , not conversion from lugs. Correct pin and hook for the period. W/m . No rubbing or damage. Good example. V.G.C.
BOER WAR - AUSTRALIAN - NSW 1ST BTN. SCOTTISH RIFLE RGT. - CABINET PHOTO - NAMED Rare. Cabinet photograph of Clifford Melville Southey prior to shipping out for the Boer War in 1899. No.1 uniform with Black Watch sporran and cock feather on his glengarry. Nice image. Heavy card with Sydney Photographer embossed stamp tofront bottom right hand corner. Named on back. 572 Southey C.M. awarded QSA. Recorded as serving with 1st Btn N.S,W, Scottish Rifle Rgt which was affiliated to the Black Watch. 3 times wounded. Rare V.G.C.
BOER WAR - BOER MAUSER BANDOLIER - ENGLISH MADE Boer Mauser/Boer Pattern 1901 bandolier This was the most common bandolier used by the Boer forces. There were a few versions that can be seen on contemporary photos and in museum collections: 1. This is a “Martin’s of Birmingham No.14747 Patent” 60-round bandolier. Like so many other Boer uniforms, swords, accoutrements and weapons these were probably imported from England before the war. This bandolier consisted of a brown leather belt with a brass double tongue buckle. On the belt twelve slanted pockets were carried, each pocket sized to take a clip of five 7x57mm Mauser cartridges in clips, or five loose .303-inch rounds. Each pocket had its own flap which closed by means of a brass stud. The bottom of the pockets had five holes through which the tips of the cartridges protruded. Unlike the British MI bandoliers of the time, this bandolier was of an all riveted construction with not stitching. It had no steadying strap and no lace in the pockets to keep round seperate :
BOER WAR - BRITISH OFFICERS FOLDING KFS SET Scarce knife,fork and spoon set with Sheffield makers details. Good condition with no springing to joints. C/w it's original pig skin leather pouch with broad belt loop. V.G.C.
BOER WAR - BRITISH OFFICERS SPORTSMANS KNIFE Quality example of the multi tool sportsmans knife favoured by British officers in the Boer War. Maker blade " Smith & Son - Scarboro ". Classic shape and this is the rarer smaller size. Handle measures 2 and a half inches long approx. Blades have been well used and shortened. Corkscrew good, stone removing tool for horses hooves also good. Retains the lanyard ring to top. Smooth nickel handle plates good. Priced to sell.
BOER WAR - LOTHIANS AND BERWICKSHIRE YEOMANRY CAVALRY - ONE MANS ITEMS Nice rare lot from the estate of a former L & B . Y.C. sergeant who served in the Boer War as part of the Imperial Yeomanry. Comprises, 1 - Rare Troopers metal helmet with all complete and well detailed helmet plate. Metal skull good. Leather part of the liner absent, liner band present. Brass trim good. Intricate spike. Intricate well detailed Oak leaf pattern to the rear spine.. Horsehair plume is good but has been given a small haircut to sit better by the soldier. Rose boss from the top of plume absent. Leather backed chin scales good. Front peak with leather backing to the inside. 2- Bullion sergeants sleeve badge. These are very rare and the chevrons are surmounted by unit insignia of a bushel of corn, later adopted by the Lothian and Borders Horse. 3- Four Bar QSA . Named to him , 8410 - Pte J. Murray - 19th Coy. 6th Imp Yeo. Nice condition and like all the items in the group, uncleaned as they came to me. 4- Two In Theatre photographs of him in the field, in their period frames. Both with nice depictions of the variety of uniform worn in the Boer War. 5 - A pair of black and tan riding boots. These are complete but the leather is dry. Cracking lot .
BOER WAR - SHUREYS ILLUSTRATED WAR MAGAZINE - 1900 Rare publication dealing with Britain's military involvement around the globe but especially the Boer War. Complete but not mint but some pics would look great framed. No.38 and front illustration is dtd. 1900 so I presume that's also the date for the magazine.
BOER WAR -HORN HANDLE JACK KNIFE Surprisingly good condition for age. Nice blade. Stag horn grips. Lanyard ring absent . Way above the average. V.G.C.
BOER WAR / WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS RARE BOOK COVER INSIGNIA BADGE X 2 Unusual pieces being similar to oversized collar dogs. Tail up cat for the Victorian era. Heavy chrome finish. Taken from an ex officers mess book cover. Over 2 x 1 inches in size. Very rare, likely One Off pieces. Want an item to the Argylls no one has , these are it. V.G.C.
BOER WAR / WW1 ROYAL SCOTS SWAGGER STICK Good example of this once plentiful but now scarce item. Nickel silver top with Regimental device over a Sphinx /Egypt Battle Honour and below that a long scroll with " The Royal Scots " with a thistle at each end, all in relief. Top with a bit of denting but overall well above the standard of what is out there and not polished to death. Shaft retains it's original black finish and brass tip.
BOER WAR ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. GLENGARRY Very good example of a Boer War period glengarry c/w with it's " Tail Up " Victorian badge. Tails removed as per front line service. Good condition with supple leather trim.Size 56 approx. No moth.Waxed cotton lining . Stitching loose at one point so correct hessian inner body visible. Badge is a lovely broad early type with a fretted centre.Came with other Boer War items in my other listings. Rare
BOER WAR ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS POCKET KNIFE Rare multi bladed high end pocket knife which belonged to Stirling Militia ( 4th Argylls ) officer A.Parker Smith. Edinburgh maker. I am sure he is researchable.
BOER WAR ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SLOUCH HAT BADGE Good example with " Tail Up " cat , correct for the Victorian era. As per collar with added scroll to bottom. There are many pics of officers wearing these on their slouch hat during the S.A. conflict. V.G.C.
BOER WAR BLACK WATCH SWAGGER STICK Good Victorian crown ( pre 1902 ) walking out cane to the Royal Hldrs. Nickel silver top with no rubbing and nice high relief. It has a small hole to the left side ( see pics ), this could be easily repaired if desired but this was how it came to me many years ago. Top slightly loose . Lovely maroon colour age toning to the wood shaft. Brass tip still present. Normally a £85/95 pounds item I'm selling cheaper because of the slight damage.
BOER WAR CAMERON HIGHLANDERS PLAID BROOCH - NAMED Very nice brooch in unmarked silver. Attributed to " Duncan Campbell of Blair Atholl ( Army No. ) 239 - 1882 - 1901. Very rare to find them named like this and possibly presented to him. Scrip is nicely done. Stout original pin and hook.
BOER WAR CHOCOLATE TIN WITH CONTENTS Very good condition tin retaining bright colours and not the usual washed out and rusty examples you find in the market place. All contents present. V.G.C. and scarce in this condition.
BOER WAR GENERAL BULLER PLATE Well glazed pottery plate with image of Buller to the centre. Strung for wall hanging at the back. Good size approx, 9 and a half inch diameter.
BOER WAR LORD ROBERT PIN BADGE Nice Patriotic badge from the period. Scarce. V.G.C.
BOER WAR LOTHIANS AND BERWICKSHIRE IMPERIAL YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Nice example. Toned brass. No rubbing or damage. Good detail. 2 lugs. V.G.C.
BOER WAR QUEEN VICTORIA CHOCOLATE GIFT TIN Good example. Retains most paint and in is not buckled or twisted. V.G.C.
BOER WAR QUEEN VICTORIA CHOCOLATE GIFT TIN Rowntrees version with the darker ( Prussian Blue ) paint. Chocolate is gone but with remaining of tinfoil wrappers inside. V.G.C.
BOER WAR SILVER H/M WATCH FOB - LORD ROBERTS & KITCHENER Beautiful condition watch fob / pendant with clear pictures of Lord Roberts on one side and Kitchener on the other. Set in a silver frame with silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1899. Excellent.
BOER WAR SOUTH IRISH HORSE CAP BADGE Good condition brass cap badge. Die struck with nice detail. Slider.
BOMB MATCHING PAIR COLLAR BADGES Solid cast brass flaming bombs. Pin back. V.G.C.
BORDER REGIMENT CAP BADGE Nice on e this with blades to hold a red felt centre to rear. This is more unusual and possibly an officers example ? Cheap
BOXED 3RD REICH LUFTSCHUTZ 2ND CLASS DECORATION Nice air raid defence medal contained in it\'s original box. Late war zinc. Example c/w original ribbon. Box good overall with front end flap absent on lid. Scarce with the box.
BOXED GERMAN WW2 SILVER WOUND BADGE - L/21 Good zinc example . Maker marked L/21 ( Foerster & Barth, Pforzeim ). Comes with its original LDO box in very good used condition.
BOXED GERMAN WW2 SILVER WOUND BADGE - RUDOLF WÄCHTER & LANGE - MITTWAIDA Mid war example in very nice condition. Retaining almost all its original silver finish. Maker marked 100 (Rudolf Wächter & Lange, Mittwaida) at rear. Complete with its original box in good used condition.
BOXED GOLD WOUND BADGE - HOLLOW CONSTRUCTION Rare hollow gold wound badge retaining almost all original finish. Nice condition box. Non maker mkd. Only hollow example I\'ve had
BOXED LUFTSCHUTZ MEDAL Mid to late war example c/w full length original ribbon and contained in it\'s original box. Medal very good ,box good overall with some wear to corners. Good.
BOXED SILVER BOMBER CLASP A beautiful example, un-maker marked and retaining most of it’s original frosting box near excellent. Comes with letter of authenticity for both items (box & award) from Detlev Niemann.
BOY BRIGADE WW2 NATIONAL SERVICE BADGE Very nice example of this scarce badge. Well detailed and retaining almost all it's silver wash finish.
BOYS SCOUTS 1978 B/HAM SILVER \" WITH THANKS\" BADGE Nice bar badge . Well detailed. No rubbing or damage. Silver hallmarks to the back for 1978 Birmingham. v.g.c.
BRASS CAMERON HLDRS CAP BADGE Early type no scroll, usually associated with the Victorian era. This one is possibly a WW1 economy badge. VGC
BRASS/ENAMEL ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. LAPEL BADGE Oversize lapel badge. Good enamel. Pin back V.G.C.
BREN GUN TOOL ROLL Looks like '52 Pattern webbing. Same as wartime pattern but green. Roll and sling good with brass buckles. No obvious markings. Contents include oil bottle, various tools ( see pics ), pull through etc. Some tools are W.D.mkd and one has a 1963 date. Nice used condition.
BRIGADIER 9 COMMANDO / ARGYLLS - ATTRIBUTED BROADSWORD Beautiful piece attributed to Ronnie Tod. Argylls Regimental blade. Good condition. Initials to blade. Wilkinson mkd. with their unique number , 60203. TOD, Ronald John Frederick (Brig) Known as: Ronnie Rank: Brigadier Unit/Base: 6 Independent Company 11 Independent Company 9 Commando Regiment/Corps: Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Service number: 32187 Honours & Awards: Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) Distinguished Service Order Bar to the Distinguished Service Order Born: Friday, November 3, 1905 Died : Saturday, April 5, 1975 Operations: Operation Collar Operation Ambassador Operation Roast Commissioned into the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders in 1925. Served in No 6 Independent Company and was Officer Commanding No 11 Independent Company in 1940 and later took command of No 9 Commando in 1942. Awarded DSO, and later a Bar to the DSO, each for "gallant and distinguished services in Italy " whilst commanding No 9 Commando in 1944. Promoted Brigadier and Officer Commanding 2 Commando Brigade, in 1945 he was awarded a CBE for "gallant and distinguished services in Italy." Commando Association Newsletter 61 of 1975. "We are saddened by the death on 5th April last of Brigadier Ronald John Froderick Tod CBE, DSO & Bar, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, a Vice President of the Association and one of the first Commanding Officers of the Independent Companies from which Army Commandos were developed. Lt.Colonel Michael Allen (9 Commando) writes: Ronnie Tod, as he was universally and affectionately known, rose spontaneously during the Second World War to the occasion for which he had been trained as a regular soldier, and throughout his wartime commands of No. 6 Independent Company, No. 9 Commando and ultimately 2nd Commando Brigade, he operated as a talented, intrepid, and adventurous professional. He instinctively recognised the right job to be done, acknowledged the supreme significance of the men with whom he had to see to the doing of it, and then commanded, cared for, and directed them accordingly. Those men remained under his command with unswerving resolution and loyalty for so long as they were fit and able. Ronnie Tod was daunted by nothing except concern for his men, and at all times was inspired by an implacable determination that together they would achieve the object of whatever task or exercise was set them. He will happily have joined those whose names are inscribed in the Cornmando Roll of Honour Book which rests in St. George's Chapel, Westminster Abbey and we recall that the final completion of this Book of Remembrance was only made possible by his generosity. We have lost another comrade without the like of whom the Army Commandos would never have gained their place in the history of the British Army". Early life and career Tod was born on 3 November 1905.[1] On graduation from Royal Military College, Sandhurst he was commissioned into the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders as a second lieutenant on 29 January 1925.[2] On 14 December 1932 (now a lieutenant) he was seconded for service with the Colonial Office,[3] joining 4th Battalion, Nigeria Regiment, Royal West African Frontier Force.[1] He was promoted captain on 6 June 1935,[4] and took command of one of the battalion's companies.[1] His secondment ended on 1 August 1938,[5] and he returned to the UK, taking up regimental duties with 1st Battalion, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders in early 1939.[1] Second World War[edit] In March 1940, following the outbreak of the Second World War, Tod volunteered to join the Independent Companies being raised for the Norwegian Campaign. He was promoted to acting major on 2 April and became Officer Commanding No. 6 Independent Company on 25 April.[1] He held that post until June when he was tasked with raising No. 11 Independent Company.[nb 1] As commander of this company, he led them on two "commando" raids shortly afterwards, one to Boulogne in France known as Operation Collar, and Operation Ambassador, which was a raid on the German occupied Guernsey.[6][7] These were the first two such raids carried out by British commandos during the war.[8] Just before the second of these raids he was confirmed as a temporary major on 2 July 1940.[1] Later, on 20 January 1942 Tod was promoted to acting lieutenant colonel,[1] his majority was made substantive on 29 January,[9] and his acting rank was made temporary on 20 April.[1] Later in the year he took command of No. 9 Commando.[1][10] In late 1943 No. 9 Commando was detailed to take part in the Italian Campaign. Tod was later commended for his leadership during a raid across the river Garigliano on 29/30 December 1943 and during Operation Shingle, the Allied amphibious attack on Anzio on 22 January 1944. In the follow-up to the landings, the commando was ordered to take two hills to the north of Monte Ornito on the night of 23/24 February 1944.[11] For his leadership during the attack, Tod was awarded the Distinguished Service Order on 29 June 1944.[12] The recommendation for the award describes the events of the night. The commando left its start lines at 19:30, and at about 21:30 came under heavy mortar and machine gun fire. Tod undertook a personal reconnaissance, and the ensuing attack captured a German pill box and 23 men. The commando resumed its journey towards its objective, but immediately came under heavy artillery and mortar fire which continued to build in intensity as they approached the main objective, "Point 803". As Tod gave orders for the main attack to begin, four out of five troop leaders, the intelligence officer, and the regimental sergeant major were all killed or wounded by the shelling. Tod retained control, ordering the leading troop to make the attack, supported by two other troops, while the remaining two troops were to take up covering positions to the south, where they would hopefully be out of the majority of the shelling. At this point, Tod himself was wounded in both arms and both legs, but still managed to order his adjutant forward to take command of the attack. Tod then lost consciousness for about ten minutes, but after coming round, began to oversee the evacuation of the wounded. The troops detailed to attack the objective managed to attain it, but were taking heavy casualties, so Tod ordered a retreat to defensive positions on the southern slope of Mount Ornito. Tod was among the last group to fall back, and had to be supported by the adjutant as they made their way back. He remained in command until 10:30 the following morning when his brigade commander ordered him to seek medical attention. According to the recommendation he "undoubtedly saved a critical situation and had a very steadying influence on his unit".[11] Another officer, George Davy, later described how that morning Tod was far more concerned about the injuries to his RSM than he was by his own wounds.[13] Just under a month later, on 19 March 1944, the commando was ordered to carry out a diversionary attack on a dry valley in the Campo di Carne area, and for his leadership on this occasion Tod was awarded a Bar to his DSO on 20 July 1944.[14][15] Again the recommendation for the award describes events. The commando's attack began at 02:00, they entered the valley and began to clear it, but it soon became apparent that the defending force was considerably larger than anticipated. Later intelligence showed that they had been facing a whole German battalion. Realising that further progress along the valley would be impossible, Tod ordered his men to take up defensive positions. They held these until the following evening, despite being under fire from three sides, and one particularly strong counterattack by the Germans. Tod was painfully wounded in the early afternoon, but continued to lead from the front. During the German counterattack, German grenades were exploding in his command position. With nightfall, the commando withdrew, bringing in all their wounded. The recommendation especially mentions Tod's "complete disregard for his own personal safety", and his "outstanding display of coolness, courage and leadership at a time when such qualities were most urgently required."[15] Tod then served in the Greek islands with Foxforce in the summer of 1944,[16] when 9 Commando was made part of 2nd Special Service Brigade under the command of Land Forces Adriatic, led by George Davy.[13] Davy ordered the commando to Kythera, ready for a move to the Peloponnese in anticipation of the German withdrawal from Greece. Here, British forces were being sucked into the emerging Greek Civil War, and often found themselves between opposing communist and anti-communist Greek forces. They managed to defuse many of these potential conflicts, saving many lives in the process. Finally they were ordered to take two islands off Piraeus in order to provide security for Royal Navy minesweepers operating in the area in preparation for the arrival of larger British force under Ronald Scobie. Orders that they were not to enter Athens itself did not reach them, and Tod ensured that the airfield and various strategic points in Athens were under British control prior to Scobie's arrival. Tod was awarded the freedom of the city by Archbishop Damaskinos of Athens,[13] and Davy credited him as "one of the two British officers who kept Greece on the free side of the Iron Curtain".[13] Tod was then promoted to acting colonel, and appointed brigadier in command of the 2nd Special Service Brigade on 18 October 1944.[17] With them he returned to Italy to lead them in the Spring 1945 offensive and until the end of the war.[1][18] For this, and in particular the capture of Comacchio, he was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire on 20 September 1945.[19][20] Retirement[edit] On 7 August 1948 Tod retired with the rank of honorary brigadier.[1][21] He remained in the reserve of officers until 3 November 1955.[22] He died on 5 April 1975.[1] ^ No. 11 Independent Company was raised on 14 June from volunteers for commando service and members from the recently disbanded No. 9 Independent Company.
BRIGADIERS SHOULDER BOARDS - 2 Two different post '52 shoulder boards for a Brigadier. One light green cotton with stitched on cloth pips.The other is brown with anodised metal insignia.
BRITISH GUARDS CLOTH SHOULDER TITLES X 5 5 x various Guards cloth titles. Bargain at this price !! V.G.C.
BRITISH 1942 DTD. DISPATCH RIDERS HELMET - NORTH AFRICA CAMO - BMB Early dispatch riders helmet. 1942 was the first year of manufacture of this pattern of helmet replacing the earlier cork type. Stamped inside the leather headband 'BMB' ( Briggs Motor Bodies) and 1942 date, (size ) 6 1/4. Owners initials " U.S. " to the sweat band. The helmet has an original tan sand camo overpaint for North Africa or Italy . The inside has the factory mid green paint . Interior is good with one area on the brow which has rot I associate with blood indicative of a head wound. Good example. V.G.C.
BRITISH 1944 PATTERN WEB BELT Scarce belt. Green . Approx. 32/34 waist. Interesting belt similar to the American belt of the period . VGC
BRITISH 1945 DTD. ARMY JACK KNIFE Although all metal examples went on to be common post war, wartime dtd. examples are scarce. Nice condition overall with no springing. Clear maker and date and W.D.arrow . V.G.C.
BRITISH 2ND PATTERN COMMANDO DAGGER - B2 Very good example from vets wife. Full length blade with good point. " B 2 " mkd. to crossguard. Original scabbard with tangs and loop removed and top part a bit dry. Nice knurled handle.
BRITISH 3RD PATTERN COMMANDO DAGGER - MARKED 6 - ENGLAND Very good wartime original with scabbard. Clearly mkd. " 6" to lower part of handle and " ENGLAND " to crossguard. Copper coloured brass handle. Full length blade with good point. Scabbard leather good with it's tangs present. Elasticated loop removed.
BRITISH 5 CORPS HQ FORMATION SIGN Removed from uniform. Embroidered type with the Viking ship pointing west which I believe is the scarcer HQ version.
BRITISH 8TH ARMY ( DESERT RATS ) ENAMEL LAPEL BADGE Rare piece. Red rat ( Jerboa ) on black enamel background. No enamel damage. Lead soldered pin. Period piece from likely just after the 2nd World War. V.G.C.
BRITISH AIRBORNE PARA GROUPING ATTRIBUTED TO WW2 VET Nice selection of items to WW2 vet John Greenaway. I have his potted history, joined up at the outbreak of war and landed at Gold Beach on D Day with the 44th Tank Rgt. In 1945 he enlisted in the Territorial Parachute Rgt. Served Egypt 1952, Cyprus 1955 and Libya1969. I assume the Tropical issue Denison smock in what is known as the " Suez Camo " is from that time. Absolute cracker with coloured flash to both sleeves as well as Jump wings and WO crown to the left sleeve. Original label with Size 2 and makers details. Newey press studs.Wool cuffs in a light tan .Full length brass zip, puller absent but zip works fine. Group also includes , Copy photo of him with his Denison on. Airborne Red beret, Additional insignia comprising,Tropical sgts. arm brassard ( he attained the rank of WO2 ), sgt's stripes from ceremonial tunic, 3 different sleeve badges, WO crowns x 3. Beret is a size 57/58 approx. Tunic is in great condition and still with it's monkey tail. Great attributed grouping who continued a long military career which started in WW2. V.G.C.
BRITISH AIRBORNE PARA BERET - 1944 - BERET INDUSTRIES An exceptional beret, one of 2 bought from an Arnhem vets widow. Lettering is faint but BERET INDUSTRIES and 1944 can be made out. To further confirm the date, the paint stamp is "M" which confirms it as 1944. good size 7 approx. Leather trim, silk draw string. This one does not have the loose single thread running round the circumference but instead has double stitching which is correct for Beret Industries examples. No evidence of having a badge fitted. Exceptional condition, no moth damage or faded colour. Beautiful inside and out. Rarely found in this condition.
BRITISH ARMY - IRISH DRUMMERS BADGE WITH BACKING Nice brass example. This one from a Royal Ulster drummer. Mounted as worn on heavy dark felt. V.G.C.
BRITISH ARMY CYCLIST CORPS CAP BADGE Good example on slider in a coppered coloured brass.16 spoke wheel. V.G.C.
BRITISH ARMY EMERGENCY RESERVE (AER)LAPEL BADGE Nice silvered example. Button hole fixing. V.G.C.
BRITISH ARMY ISSUED G10 CWC 1981 FAT BOY MILITARY WATCH British army issued G10 CWC military watch. Dated 1981 with fatter case referring as “Fat Boy“. Good working order with new battery and strap fitted. Scarce and desirable.
BRITISH ARMY SERGEANTS RED SASH Issue sash , not cadets or Asian copy. Good vintage example. Worn by sergeants and Sergeant Major. V.G.C.
BRITISH BRODIE STEEL TOY HELMET - RARE Nice condition childs helmet made of steel. Retains almost all it's khaki paint. String chin strap. Made without liner. Excellent condition.
BRITISH FUSILIERS CLOTH SHOULDER TITLE PATCHES x 4 Four x cloth titles. Bargain price. V.G.C.
BRITISH LEGION 1957 ST. ANDREWS LAPEL BADGE Super rare item. Bears the St. Andrews town Coat of Arms surmounted by the British Legion badge and " St. Andrews 1957 ". Enamel undamaged. Pin back. V.G.C.
BRITISH M TYPE 1955 DTD. OXYGEN MASK & FLYING HELMET Scarce Cold War oxygen mask and inner helmet. Small rubber lozenge to the wearers left side with 1955 date and other details. Some perishing, hose broken. Has what I believe is the ejector seat coupling on the bottom of the hose ? Marked " OD / 1525 " and WD arrow. The cloth inner helmet for wear with the bone dome is a large size and in good condition. Label with " 22C/1732 -Size 4 - KX/R/267/65 and WD arrow.
BRITISH MARK 5 JUNGLE CARBINE BAYONET - WILKINSON Excellent example with undamaged nicely toned wood grips.Good blade, mkd. to the riccasso W.S.C. and S - 294. Further markings to other side of the riccasso, ( see pics ). Good metal scabbard with no dents.
BRITISH MARKSMAN / SGT'S ARM BRASSARD - INTER WAR / WW2 TROPICAL Very nice Sergeants brassard from the 1920's / WW2. White blancoed stripes with Marksmans crossed rifles badge. Tropical cotton type. Likely Western Desert. Stencilled " 12 " to inside. Original buttons. Scarce
BRITISH MARTINI HENRY CARBINE SAWBACK BAYONET - 1879 Good overall and retaining a large percentage of it's original finish with some darkening but no pitting. Steel construction , pressed leather grips, sawbacked blade. blade 26 ins. approx. Marked "V.X. 9/83, E 59, (reversed) R and other marks which are indistinct as well as W.D. and 2 crows foot stamps. R W E7 stamped to blade back. Sprung button working. No scabbard
BRITISH MARTINI HENRY SOCKET BAYONET - 1876 Good example with clean blade overall. Blade approx.22 inches. W.D. and crow foot stamp plus " 5 5 5 , F 45,G/S 8 ,B 30 /90 , /89, more letters and 14. Nice condition brass and leather scabbard with W.D. and crows foot and surmounted by a crown with E 12. Frog mount with 581 inscribed into it. One brass stud absent from bottom mount otherwise good with supple leather. Nice example offered cheap.
BRITISH MERCHANT NAVY WW1 OFFICERS VISOR CAP BAND Great War example from the house in Liverpool. Items in the house tie this to a ships captain. Name to buyer. Good condition and complete with it's cap band. V.G.C.
BRITISH N.7 JUNGLE CARBINE BAYONET Very good condition example of this scarce bayonet. WW2 British No7 Mk1 swivel handle bayonet for the No4 Rifle and Mk5 Sten, made by BSA. Most finish remaining. The red Tufnell grips are excellent and sprung clip works well as does the swivel. The blade is excellent with no darkening or pitting. The steel scabbard with most of it's original finish. Very clean and from an old collection fresh to the market.
BRITISH PARA BERET - 1943 - KANGOL - AIRBORNE As nice as you are likely to find. Just bought along with another from an Arnhem vets widow. Very clear KANGOL WEAR LTD, WD arrow and 1943 date. The paint stamp has WD and the letter N which indicates again 1943. Size is 7 and 1 eighth. This one has the correct loose single stitch running round the circumference, this often missing even on genuine examples. No holes for badge so possibly not even worn. No moth or damage and as near mint as you will find. Leather trim, silk draw string. Bright original colour, no fading. Exceptional
BRITISH PARACHUTE REGIMENT ‘52 CAP BADGE ‘52 Queens crown cap badge. Good 2 lugs to rear.
BRITISH PARACHUTE REGT. 1956 DATED KANGOL RED BERET & BADGE Large size 7 Kangol beret. 1956 dated with W.D. arrow.. Complete with original WW2 K.C. cap badge. Beret mint, badge with some polishing to high points. Badge is worth £30 on it's own.
BRITISH PARATROOPER HELMET - 1956 - CCL- DRUMMER Wartime pattern with WW2 khaki straps. Double named and unit mkd. to inside . Both names have HQ coy., one interestingly also has after the soldiers name " DRUMMER".Painted unit flash to left side. Condition is good with light service wear. Fitted with camo net. Approx. size 56. With WW2 examples now fetching crazy money this is a good option as it has all the characteristics of a wartime one at a fraction of the cost. Good all original helmet.
BRITISH PATTERN 1887 MARTINI HENRY BAYONET - WILKINSON Good 1889 dtd. example.Clean blade and nicely mkd. WILKINSON SWORD COMPANY LONDON.W.D. arrow. 5266 numbered to scabbard top mount. Very good pressed leather grips. Leather/metal scabbard good.
BRITISH RAF (ROYAL AIR FORCE) COLD WAR JERKIN Rare to find one for RAF use only. Blue RAF battledress type material inside. 1956 dtd. Poly vinyl to the exterior, these are a lot harder to find than WW2 examples. All original buttons present. Sizing/ maker label to inside. Couple of bits of orange paint which could come off easily, otherwise A1.
BRITISH RAF (ROYAL AIRFORCE) ENAMEL SWEETHEART Nice period brass/enamel example. Lovely detail with 3 different coloured enamels. Priced to sell.
BRITISH RED CROSS - COUNTY/BRANCH BADGE - CITY OF GLASGOW A scarce original early period Scottish County 'British Red Cross Society County of City of Glasgow gilt and enamel badge', the reverse with maker's details 'J.R Gaunt London' and impressed with recipients name and number. Very good condition, complete with original pin fitting, no damage to the enamel, gilt finish remains bright. Height 49mm. The British Red Cross Society County or Branch badge was Instituted in 1911 and Discontinued in 1956.
BRITISH ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION R.N.D. DRAKE CAP BADGE Honest example with clear detail. Period converted from lugs to slider back. Good used condition with nice age toning.
BRITISH ROYAL NAVY BAKELITE SWEETHEART BROOCH Unusual 3D Bakelite sweetheart brooch for Royal navy regiment. Aluminium in the middle with red felt backing. Lovely.
BRITISH UNION OF FASCISTS BELT AND BUCKLE Very rare belt and buckle set. Buckle with Fascist symbol. Heavy broad leather belt with stamping impressed to leather "ACKMAN.L.G.Co 1934 GUARANTEED ALL HIDE" Super condition. I've seen the buckles before but never a complete belt. V.G.C..
BRITISH VICTORIAN MEDICAL STAFF CORPS SHAKO BADGE Rare cap badge circa 1893. Gilded brass. 8 point star with superimposed laurel wreath. Fretted central cross . Replacement red felt behind. QVC crown . 3 part scroll to bottom with " Medical Staff Corps ". K &K 1008. V.G.C.
BRITISH WESTERN DESERT CAMPAIGN TOMMY HELMET - RAND S.A. Cracking "Been There" desert combat helmet. South African made Rand with Rand mkd. liner. These issued in large numbers to British troops serving in North Africa. This one has not sat out the war and the paint has sun bleached to a more whiter shade of tan. Liner and chin strap with good honest service wear and the liner with some old newspaper sticking to the oil cloth . Felt top pad present. 3 holes at the rear for attaching a neck flap as found on the South African made models.
BRITISH WW1 MILLS BOMB - HAND GRENADE - COMMEMORATIVE INK WELL Smashing thing ! Real Great War Mills grenade converted to an ink well. Insert for ink present. Nice gold inscribed text on metal japanned base. Beautiful. Circa , just post WW1. V.G.C. Rare
BRITISH WW1 ROBBINS DUDDLEY PUSH DAGGER /FIGHTING KNIFE Good genuine example of this iconic dagger from the Great War. These are now copied however this is a One Look original. This WW 1 manufacturer specialised in various types of metal work and existed from 1876 to 1928. During WW 1 they commenced manufacturing unique designs of trench knives for private purchase to troops heading to the front. This pattern is their push dagger, it has a 5" double edged blade with twin fullers top and bottom. The hilt is a grey alloy (aluminium?) with a cast in finger guard. The knife and hilt are in exceptional condition for their age. The hilt is unstamped as was often the case.. The scabbard is original to the knife but has seen better days with a broken but in place retaining strap. Full details of this knife can be found on page 24 of Flook's book "British and Commonwealth Military Knives." Double fullered blade. Good point. No darkening , rust or pitting. Way better condition than most I see and priced to sell.
BRITISH WW2 23RD ARMOURED BRIGADE SHOULDER PATCH PAIR Nice matched pair of Formation signs straight from vets estate. Embroidered Liver bird in black on white felt background. Name of vet to buyer. V.G.C.
BRITISH WW2 51st HIGHLAND DIV. 5/7th BTN. GORDON HLDRS. COMBINATION B.D. INSIGNIA Scarce original battle bar combination. Good condition with some honest service wear. Regimental tartan patch with Brigade stripes and Highland Division patch.
BRITISH WW2 ARP (AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS) BREAST BADGE Nice example of the cloth breast badge usually worn on the blue overalls. V.G.C.
BRITISH WW2 DOG TAG PAIR - RFA Good condition dog tags. Still tied with original string. VGC
BRITISH WW2 ROPE TOGGLE As used by Paras and Commandos. Good condition but not one that sat out the war.
BRITISH WW2 SKI TROOPS COLD WEATHER CAP - 1943 DTD. Very good example of this scarce cap worn by Mountain warfare and Ski troops. Ribbed khaki material with lambswool ear pieces. Removable liner, this clearly dtd. 1943 with WD arrow and makers details of J. COLLETT and size 7 and 1 eighth. In the crown of the cap itself it is again stamped 43 and also has the letter N, this the correct letter for 43 manufacture. Very nice item with no moth or damage and a good size.
BRONZE NUREMBURG DESK EAGLE Very good condition wartime desk eagle. Well detailed . Heavy. On it's original base. Well detailed with dark age patina and no damage or polishing. Height inc. base 6 inches approx.
BRTISH BOER WAR MOUNTED OFFICERS WATER BOTTLE Boer war mounted officers private purchase water bottle complete with part leather strap and khaki covering.A very rare item. Brass sprung clip fitting for either shoulder strap , Sam Browne belt or as part of the equipment fitted to a saddle. The khaki covering is in good condition overall with some moth to one side. Good robust bottle with sound screw top this surpringly still with it's attaching chain. No dents.
BURMA STAR ASSOCIATION MEMBER'S LAPEL BADGE Burma vets lapel badge, marked J R GAUNT LONDON to rear. Good condition
BUTTON HOLE RIBBON - HINDENBURG / RUSSIAN FRONT Nice example and unusual ribbon bar Rolled up ribbons on a button. Hindenburg X with swords for combatants and Eastern Front ribbon. V.G.C.
BYRON SCOTTISH PIPERS CAP BADGE (AUSTRALIAN ARGYLLS) - STOKES None nicer than this. Mint condition and with heavy chromed finish as worn by pipers. "STOKES" marked to rear as it should be. 3 lugs. The Byron Scottish are part of the Royal New South Wales Rgt. and are affiliated to The Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs. and wear the Argylls kilt on ceremonial occasions.
C.1860 VICTORIAN INVERNESS SILVER SKEAN DHU - JAMES FERGUSON Beautiful earlyInverness silver mounted skean dhu circa 1859 by James Ferguson. Silver with unusual Celtic pattern and in excellent condition. Bog oak silver studded handle . Brown leather scabbard in VGC. Lovely script on the back " ALISTER Mc ALISTER FROM THE MURRAY OF HARRIS. " Blade with sweat pitting to one side and etched with " James Ferguson - inverness". Skean dhus like this rarely crop up and I like the shorter handle which allows the silver to be shown as opposed to being hidden beneath the sock line.
C.I.V. CITY OF LONDON IMPERIAL VOLUNTEERS - OFFICERS SILVER H/M SWAGGER STICK Incredibly rare, possibly the only one out there. Bold statement you may think but this unit would have at best 200 officers and they existed for less than a year it stands to reason. Reduced to sell, you will not find another ! Silver topped cane with Regimental Insignia and C.I.V.. Hallmarks for London 1900. Not suffering from the usual rubbing and denting and nice straight cane still with it's brass tip. Read below to see background on this unit, raised purely for the Boer War and lasting less than a year with under 2,000 men. This has to be just about the rarest walking out cane there is ! V.G.C. City of London Imperial Volunteers From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The City of London Imperial Volunteers (CIV) was a British corps of volunteers during the Second Boer War. After the outbreak of the Second Boer War in October 1899, volunteer corps were established in most counties of the United Kingdom to provide officers and men for service in South Africa. A corps of Imperial volunteers to be raised an equipped by the City of London was authorized by Royal Warrant dated 24 December 1899 with the name City of London Imperial Volunteers. The corps included an infantry division, a mounted infantry division, and a field battery (artillery) division. The infantry and mounted infantry divisions were composed of about 1,400 men recruited mainly from existing volunteer regiments in London and Middlesex, while the artillery division was composed of about 150 men recruited from the Honourable Artillery Company and the City of London Artillery. All the officers and men received the Freedom of the City of London before departure.[1][2] Most of the men proceeded to South Africa in January and February 1900, returned in October the same year, and was disbanded 1 December 1900. Colonel William Mackinnon served as Colonel commandant of the corps, with Major Gilbert McMicking in charge of the Field Battery, Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Cecil Cholmondeley in charge of Mounted Infantry, and Arnold Keppel, Earl of Albemarle in charge of Infantry.[3] Field Marshal Lord Roberts was Honorary Colonel.
CALGARY HIGHLANDERS. POST '52 CAP BADGE Very nice Queens Crown 3 part example. Most bronze finish remaining.
CALGARY HLDRS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND ) POST '52 CAP BADGE Affiliated to the Argyll & sutherland hldrs. Calgary Hldrs. cap badge. Queens crown. Nice heavy cast example. V.G.C.
CAMERON HIGHLANDER RARE CHOCOLATE COLOURED BADGE Very rare short lived badge used briefly after the introduction of Khaki. " Chocolate" finish over brass. Shaped to possibly fit round hackle? Good example and retaining almost all it's original finish. Circa 1900-1903.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS - OFFICERS SILVER FEATHER BONNET BADGE Officers feather bonnet badge in un marked silver. Beautiful detail. No rubbing or damage. Long lugs for use on the feather bonnet. Circa WW1. V.G.C.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS - PIPERS - LARGE CROSS BELT BADGE Same size as a plaid brooch but with screw post fixings to the back. For pipers cross belt. Nickel silver. Nice detail thistle border. Battle Honours and sphinx to centre. V.G.C. Rare
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS CAR MASCOT - GAUNT Nice old Gaunt made Cameron Highlanders car mascot. Nice sharp detail central device with coloured stripes behind, the paint on these possibly touched up at some point. Defo been on the car and not in the display cabinet . Rare piece before the acrylic versions came in in the '60's.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS EARLY ( CHOCOLATE ) CAP BADGE Rare short lived badge. With the introduction of khaki these , " Chocolate " coloured badges were introducedThis is a nice pre scroll Camerons example. White metal with a brown finish. V.G.C.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS GLENGARRY/CAP BADGE I don't list or buy many of these but the detail on this one is outstanding. Very sharp features and high forehead. Thistle detail outstanding. Silver plated, not a Jocks example , likely for an NCO. v.g.c.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS O/R'S OR DRUMMERS BELT BUCKLE Nice vintage larger size o/r's or drummers waist belt plate. Measures 3 and a half by 4 and a half inches. Uncleaned but will come up nicely if desired. Badge with Waterloo as opposed to Cameron correct for waist belt. No rubbing or damage to centre.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS BRONZE BADGE Circa 1904 and brought in for the introduction of khaki. Chocolate coloured bronze. The fretwork on this one is outstanding especially the fine hand piercing to the thistle surround. Smaller size but was a cap badge. These badges were unpopular so short lived. Subsequently very rare. V.G.C.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS COLLAR BADGE - LUDLOW Good WW1 example retaining almost all of it's frosted silver finish. Detail is very sharp and has a diamond cut glitter to it. Mkd. Ludlow London to rear.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Cracking example of this rare early pre 1881 pattern plaid brooch. Nickel silver oval , hand etched with " Cameron Highlanders ". Interesting on the back. Stamped " PI " ( piper )and also has the pipers name hand applied , I can't make out the name. Good period pin and hook with correct slightly over long pin for the period. V.G.C.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS RING Beautiful silver ring in Art Deco style. Very heavy , chunky. Pinky size. Nice hand engraved St. Andrew within wreath with CAMERON scroll below.Nice raised motif to shanks. Regimental rings are rare. Circa WW1. V.G.C.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS SPORRAN BADGE Early type sporran badge. Very sharp detail , die struck. Correct broad single brass fixing to rear. V.G.C.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS TERRITORIAL OFFICERS DIRK BELT Beautiful officers dirk belt. Silver thistle motif brocade. Substantial silver plated oval buckle with gilded Cameron device to centre. Black Morocco leather backing. Small size, around 30 inch waist. Rare. V.G.C.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS UNMARKED SILVER CAP BADGE Beautiful cap badge in silver with a silver frosted finish. Great sharp detail. Cast. Uncleaned. V.G.C.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS VICTORIAN HELMET PLATE CENTRE - SILVER PLATED Scarce . Silver plated . Helmet plate centre. Very sharp detail, especially to face. Wire loops for attaching to the HP. These period re soldered with old lead. Hence lower price.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS VICTORIAN OFFICERS DIRK BELT PLATE. Beautiful detail belt plate. Burnished brass curved belt plate with silver St. Andrew surrounded by thistle wreath. Detail on this one is exquisite. Rare.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS VICTORIAN PLAID BROOCH Nice nickel silver pipers/Sgt.\'s post 1881 example. Beautiful detail especially to thistles. Good stout pin. Light rubbing to lettering otherwise A.1..
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS VICTORIAN SPORRAN BADGE Great detail early sporran badge. Size 5 cm diameter approx.. Correct blade (lug) to rear.
CAMERON HIGHLANDERS WW1 NAMED PLAID BROOCH Nice attributable piece. Nickel silver . Nicely fretted. The back makes this one. Engraved " No. 1 " to top with a number 4 hand applied next to it. To the bottom engraving with " SERGTS MESS - DEPOT - CAMERON HDR's " Rare with markings. Period replaced pin. V.G.C.
CAMERON HLDRS . ASH TRAY / PIN DISH Nice aluminium ash tray with cap badge style Camerons badge standing out in relief. Same size as a cap badge. Cherry blossom type design to outer rim. V.G.C.
CAMERON HLDRS . ASH TRAY \ PIN DISH Nice aluminium ash tray with cap badge style Camerons badge standing out in relief. Same size as a cap badge. Cherry blossom type design to outer rim. V.G.C.
CAMERON HLDRS CAP BADGE/ BELT BUCKLE Good die struck cap badge fashioned into a buckle by the attaching of brass belt fixings to the rear.
CAMERON HLDRS PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Beautiful early cast nickel silver example. Outer edge with lovely thistle pattern in relief. Tail down sphinx. Stout original pin and hook to rear. Pipers initials "A.W." scratched to rear Lovely .
CAMERON HLDRS PIPERS PLAID BROOCH _ TAIL UP Very heavy cast nickel silver example, this one with the "Tail up". Beautifully detailed thistle quoit with thistles in high relief. Original stout pin and hook to rear. Lovely example.
CAMERON HLDRS SILVER PLATED CAP BADGE Good post 1902 Cameron badge. This one silver plated with plated lugs. Nicely detailed. V.G.C.
CAMERON HLDRS VICTORIAN OFFICERS POUCH/SPORRAN BADGE Cast silver plated example with lovely fretting. 2 original screw posts to rear. Superb detail.
CAMERON HLDRS VICTORIAN COLLAR BADGE Rare Victorian crown example of an o/r's white metal collar. Near mint
CAMERON HLDRS WW1 PERIOD OFFICERS/PIPERS SKEAN DHU Good example of an early Camerons black knife.Studded Bog oak handle with silver sphinx. Foiled citrine to top.Good scabbard leather. Blade with some darkening but no rot or rust. Rare
CAMERON HLDRS. - SILVER OFFICERS CAP BADGE Beautiful die struck Officers example with fine sharp detail. No rubbing or damage. Un marked silver . Silver lugs. Some old polish residue to back. V.G.C.
CAMERON HLDRS. - VICTORIAN SPORRAN / CROSS BELT BADGE Very good w/m example. Uncleaned with nice age toning. This one with lugs so may also have been used as a slouch hat badge in the Boer War. V.G.C.
CAMERON HLDRS. 1917 H/M SILVER OFFICERS CAP BADGE Beautiful example by TBW (T.B. WILKINS). Birmingham hallmarks for 1917. Detail astounding on this one. Look at the face and thistles, stunning . No rubbing or wear. Left uncleaned as found but will clean up beautifully if desired. Good clear hallmarks and jewellers tablet to rear. V.G.C.
CAMERON HLDRS. BRASS ECONOMY BADGE Unusual cap badge in brass. Remains of a gilded finish. 3 lugs. Sharp die struck detail. Other than the finish loss condition is good. Lugs slightly pinched.
CAMERON HLDRS. IN THEATRE MADE CAST CAP BADGE Scarce sand cast example with good detail. Quite heavy. Cast badges were usually In Theatre made. This one has been cast from a good quality badge as the facial features and thistles are very sharp.
CAMERON HLDRS. INSCRIBED PLAID BROOCH Very nice detail plaid brooch in nickel silver. What makes this one is the inscription on the back. "Sergts. Mess, Depot, Cameron Hldrs" Also, "N (number ) 2. A further hand mkd. "4". Pin replaced period although it would be easy to have a more substantial pin fitted because of the hinge arrangement if desired. Super piece.
CAMERON HLDRS. OFFICERS BRONZE CAP BADGE - PRE 1881 Good example of this scarce badge. still retains most of it's bronze finish. Well detailed. Short lugs. V.G.C.
CAMERON HLDRS. OFFICERS VICTORIAN PLAID BROOCH Superb high quality silvered example with extra fretting as per officers pattern. This one has excellent detail to the thistle wreath which also has very high relief. Original stout pin and hook to the back. I've left this one uncleaned and as found, will polish up beautifully if desired. 100% original as usual
CAMERON HLDRS. OFFICERS VICTORIAN SHOULDER BELT PLATE Superb example. Gilt seeded back plate with well detailed parts to front. Good hooks and studs to rear. No rubbing or damage. As nice as they come.
CAMERON HLDRS. PAGRI BADGE Good example converted to pin back for use on the sun helmet. Period pin and hook. Very well detailed strike. Scarce.
CAMERON HLDRS. PRE CRIMEA OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Very rare and in excellent condition. Oval plate with thistle below large Victorian crown. Correct pin and 2 studs to rear. From a very old collection.
CAMERON HLDRS. SERGEANTS SILVER PLATED CAP BADGE Beautifully detailed cast badge. finely detailed thistles and extra fretting below St. Andrews feet. Lovely rare badge which seldom turns up.
CAMERON HLDRS. TERRITORIAL OFFICERS DIRK BELT Very rare late Victorian / WW1 dirk belt and buckle for a Territorial officer. Reversed format from Regular Btns. with silver bullion thistle pattern brocade as opposed to gold and the buckle is a gilded St. Andrew on a silver background, the reverse of Regular Btns. Condition is very good. Black Morocco leather backing. Good heavy well detailed buckle.
CAMERON HLDRS. WW1 GLAZED PLATE Very nice glazed plate with Camerons device to centre . Very attractive with sharp bright colours. 2 holes for wall hanging at the top. Good condition. Measures approx. 8 and a half by 7 and a half inches.
CAMERONANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES) MATCHED COLLAR PAIR Lovely matching blackened brass collars. Well detailed. 2 lugs.Facing pair . Cast. V.G.C.
CAMERONANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) OFFICERS PAGRI BADGE Scottish Rifles, Cameronians post 1881 officers pagri badge. Unmarked silver . Die-struck mullet on scroll. Long silvered slider. Left with it's dark finish but will clean up beautifully if desired. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
CAMERONANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) PIPERS CAP BADGE Nice condition, no rubbing or damage. Correct 3 lugs to rear. V.G.C.
CAMERONIAN (SCOTTISH RIFLES) COLLAR PAIR Nice matched pair of these now very difficult to obtain collars. Blackened brass and retaining most of their original finish. North and south lugs, not later single post. V.G.C.
CAMERONIAN (SCOTTISH RIFLES) SGT. CAP BADGE Very nice example.Large size as worn by sgt's and officers. Nickel silver. Uncleaned and nicely toned. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
CAMERONIAN SGT\'S CAP BADGE Large size badge for Sgt. Nice age toning. 2 lugs to rear.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) - 2ND ROYAL LANARKSHIRE VOLUNTEERS CAP BADGE - 1860 Rare cap badge to the 2nd Royal Lanark who served in the Crimean War. Well detailed brass. North and south lugs. Old polish residue to back. V.G.C The 2nd Royal Lanark saw active service during the Crimean War between 5th February 1855 and 30th June 1856, and during the Indian Mutiny between 21st October 1857 and 12th June 1860.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) ANODISED CAP BADGE These are scarce having been introduced not long before the disbandment. Stay bright. Mint condition.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) BLACKENED COLLAR DOG Nice single rear post example retaining almost all it's original blackened finish. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) CAST SERGEANT'S BADGE Cast " Been There" example. There were usually made in theatre by local artisans and as such are scarce.Likely the soldier has seen action in India or North Africa/ Middle East. Circa WW1/WW2. Sand cast and substantial. Has had the lugs resoldered during it's working life . This has been soldier done as they have been crudely reapplied there is a lot of old lead solder residue. Small area of finish loss on the star. Good detail and not rubbed. Good honest example in the larger size for sgts. and officers.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) OFFICERS POUCH BADGE Bi metal. Die struck. Seperately applied Silver star. 3 lugs. Dark age toning. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) PIPERS SLEEVE BADGE WITH GREEN BACKING PATCH Chromed bagpipes on green felt backing. Worn on the lower sleeve. Scarce. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) SGT\'S CAP BADGE Good die struck larger size cap badge for sergeants. Great detail and no rubbing or damage. Die struck. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) SILVER / SP - COLLAR DOG Lovely piece retaining it's frosted silver finish. Silver plated lugs. Not sure if it's silver or plate so priced as plate. Scarce V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) V.B. BRASS COLLAR / SLOUCH HAT BADGE Rare piece circa Boer War to WW1. Well detailed brass. Period pin and hook arrangement. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) VOLUNTEER OFFICERS POUCH BADGE Lovely example of a post 1901 die stamped silver plated pouch badge as worn by Volunteer Battalions. Very well detailed. Three lugs to the reverse. VGC.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES. EDINBURGH SILVER H/M CAP BADGE - ANDERSON Nice heavy cast silver cap badge, Approx. 51 grams. Anderson, Glasgow and Edinburgh tablet to back. Edinburgh silver hallmarks. The date letter is unclear. The sheild is dated from 1902-1930. It is likey be WW1 or before. No rubbing or damage. Uncleaned but will come up beautifully if desired.
CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES) O/R'S CAP BADGE Nice example in polished finish possibly chromed. Good detail. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) - CLOTH SHOULDER TITLE White embroidered on green felt. Moth nip to top centre. Removed from board.
CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) - PIPERS CAP BADGE This is a great example. Sharp detail. 3 lugs. Seeded scroll. No rubbing or damage. Nicely toned. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) BLAZER BADGE Good example circa 1950's. Silver bullion wire. As per cap badge of thistle spray with mullet and bugle within. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) GLENGARRY Nice clean example by Leckie of Glasgow and with W.D. arrow. Original to it o/r's cap badge. Correct rifle green colour with black touree. Size 6 and 6 eighths, approx a 55. The Cameronians were disbanded in the 1960's although I believe a small Territorial unit continued to wear their cap badge until a later date. Scarce
CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) OFFICERS PAGRI BADGE Beautiful badge. Very sharp detail. Two thirds normal size and on slider. Rare. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) SGT'S CAP BADGE Nice heavy cast example in nickel silver . No rubbing or damage and with nice age toning. Long lugs. Larger size as worn by SNCO's and officers. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) VICTORIAN OFFICERS CAP BADGE Retaining almost all it's original blackened finish. Base metal is brass. Scarce officers badge. Circa 1881. V.G.C.
CAMERONIANS SCOTTISH RIFLES) 1938 OFFICERS EDINBURGH SILVER CAP BADGE As nice as they come. Top example by Anderson of Edinburgh and with Edinburgh silver hallmarks for 1938. Jewellers tablet to rear. No wear or damage. Lovely detail.
CAMERONIANS SHOULDER TITLE Blackened brass and retaining most finish. Early hex lugs. V.G.C.
CAMERONS OF CANADA 1940 DATED TAM O SHANTER Very nice example with Canadian makers details and 1940 date. Correct blue touree and cap badge with regimental tartan patch.No moth or damage , good size 56/57. Scarce
CANADIAN - MOUNT ALLISON OTC CAP BADGE Good early bronze example retaining all it's finish. Well struck. Mint.
CANADIAN CALGARY HIGHLANDERS ’52 BADGE Affiliated to the Argylls. Good bi metal in the typically good quality you find with Canadian badges. Queens crown. V.G.C.
CANADIAN LEGION OF FRONTIERSMEN COLLAR PAIR Nice matched set of collars . No rubbing or damage. Paramilitary force. V.G.C.
CANADIAN( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) CALGARY HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Calgary Hldrs. wartime cap badge. Kings crown. Affiliated to the Argylls. Great condition.
CARMERON HLRS. OFFICERS CAST SILVER FEATHER BONNET BADGE Lovely well detailed officers badge in unmarked silver. Longer loops for use on the feather bonnet. Uncleaned with dark age patina. Will clean up nicely if desired. V.G.C.
CHANNEL ISLAND TRANSITIONAL CAMO HELMET Another from my personal collection. Correct green with black splotch sprayed camo. ?L64 shell. Pigskin liner with 3 tongue ends detached but present, attached to original drawstring. Owners name "EHRET" applied to apron and liner. Found in Jersey after the war. Rare 2nd line troops helmet.
CHESHIRE REGIMENT WW2 BANDMASTERS CAP BADGE Beautiful badge just purchased from the family. Formerly the property of Ernest Martin the bandmaster of the regiment in WW2. Unmarked silver and gilt. Green enamel behind the gilded centre. Very well detailed. Long blades to back. Uncleaned, as it came from the house. Ernest Martin was the bandmaster with both the Cheshires and the Green Howards. Lovely attributed piece.
CHESHIRE REGIMENT WW2 BANDMASTERS CAP BADGE- ATTRIBUTED One of 2 cap badges from the family of Ernest Martin bandmaster of the Cheshire Regiment and at one time the Green Howards during WW2. Bronze officers badge with good detail. Period re affixed lugs. Nice attributed piece
CHESHIRE RGT CAP BADGE Good example on slider. V.G.C.
CHINESE CULTURAL REVOLUTION 4.22 GUANGXI BINYANG RED GUARD'S ARM BAND Original Red Guard armband. Good image of Mao. Breakaway group , wiped out by the mainstream Red Guard. Rare
CHINESE CULTURAL REVOLUTION CHINA RECORD Straight out of mainland China ,Cultural Revolution record disc of poems and songs dedicated to Chairman Mao. 33 and a third RPM so you can playing along with your Deep Purple L.P.' s, gives you 2 different colours ! This one is of course red ! Floppy disc format. Excellent condition.
CHINESE CULTURAL REVOLUTION PROPAGANDA COLLECTION 1 92 pages of all the classic anti Western posters produced by Mao's regime. Scarce
CHINESE CULTURAL REVOLUTION PROPAGANDA POSTER - 18TH ANNIVERSARY OF P.R.O.C. 6 political figures celebrating 18th annversery of People Republic of China following chairman Mao's revolution forever. Size 76 X 52 cm approx.
CHINESE CULTURE REVOLUTION PROPAGANDA BADGE Bought in China. Period piece . Red enamel with no damage. Numbered to back. Mao's head in relief. Slogan in Chinese, "VIVA CHAIRMAN MAO" V.G.C.
CITY OF EDINBURGH & MIDLOTHIAN RIFLE ASSOC. PRIZE MEDAL Good condition bronze medal as issued to Rifle Volunteers who won prizes on this contest instituted in 1863. Good condition
CITY OF GLASGOW WHISTLE Nicely marked up Thunderer style whistle. Chromed brass. Some finish loss where it's been held and also blown.
CLACKMANNAN COY. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. TITLE - RARE Very rare title for the admin coy. of the Argylls. Brass. Hexagonal lugs. Super rare to a small company. WW1 or earlier.
COASTAL ARTILLERY BELT AND BUCKLE Scarce item. Buckle still retaining a large percentage of it's dark blue finish. Maker mkd. "J F S ". "M4/25". Belt also stamped but details are unclear. Very nice.
COLD WAR EAST GERMAN ( DDR ) PARATROOPERS BERET Rare beret to a East German parartrooper. DDR and Airborne qualification badges. These original to the beret, not put together. East German maker. Medium size. Near mint condition.
COLDSTREAM GUARDS LOT Nice lot mounted on a hanging board. Measures 7½ inches by 5½, Cloth inisgnia, brass buttons, all mounted on a piece of regimental scarlet tunic.
COLLECTING THE EDGED WEAPONS OF THE 3RD REICH - TOM JOHNSON- C/W SET SIGNED The complete set of 8 volumes, the first not even opened and also the Cross Index. All good condition with their dust jackets. Two copies are signed, Vol.6 and Vol. 8, the latter is also numbered 563. Post not cheap, books are.
COMMAND CONTROL GERMANY - MATCHED PAIR OF FORMATION SIGNS - ATTRIBUTED Good "Removed from Uniform" matched pair of embroidered sleeve badges. The officer who wore these was in Berlin at wars end before working at the Nuremburg War Trials. Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs ex 2nd Btn. - Name to buyer
COMPETITION SHIELD - HLI VICTORIA CROSS WINNER Super and very rare item. This is a large wooden shield mounted with 15 hallmarked silver shields. What is interesting is that 3 of the shields are attributed to D.F. HUNTER V.C. This soldier won his Victoria Cross in WW1 at Mons while serving with the Highland Light Infantry and this is well documented on line. Largish item measuring 21 by 17 inches approx. Well detailed Artillery device hand carved to centre. Offered cheap and with a substantial value already in the silver. ABSOLUTE STEAL AT THIS REDUCED PRICE
COMRADES OF THE GREAT WAR LAPEL BADGE - NUMBERED 226959 -J.R.GAUNT Old Comrades lapel badge. Numbered and all J.R.Gaunt maker mkd. Enamel on brass. V.G.C.
CONDOR LEGION SPANISH WOUND BADGE Very sharp detail example retaining most of it\'s black finish. Swastika standing out in high relief on WW1 style helmet. Bought from Royal Scots vet\'s son along with other listed items.
COURT MOUNTED GERMAN WW1 3 MEDAL GROUPING Nicely court mounted 3 medal group comprising, Iron Cross 2nd Class, Hindenburg Cross with Swords for combatants, and Prussian 9 year service medal. All original as worn . Good pin to rear. V.G.C
CRIMEA - OFFICER SAXE WEIMAR HUSSARS PURSE Very rare item I've had in my collection for a long time. Kid leather purse with red Morocco leather lining.Seperate inside pocket with swing catch. Writing on the outside translates to "HITZOWO - CAPTAIN IN THE GRAND DUKE OF SAXE WEIMAR HUSSARS - REGIMENT NO.12 - SCUTARI". Weimar Hussars were a pro French German unit with some French officers. Very rare piece.
D.A.K. - AFRIKA KORPS HELMET - LIBYA Bought from a Libyan farmer in the 1960's . Definite correct shade of DAK paint. Pitted but solid after it's year exposed to the sun. Large size M40. Rare to get a DAK battlefield relic.
D.V.G. (DEUTSCHER VOLKSGENOSSEN BUND) WESTMARK (LOTHR) MEMBERSHIP BADGE Nice honest example. No damage to enamel. Maker marked M9/312 for Fritz Mannheim G.m.b.H, Kaiserlautern
DAF CAP BADGE - RZM & 357 MKD. Very good example Nice multi piece construction oval badge, 55 x 40 mm approx. gilded brass oval, stamped steel back retaining all it's field grey painted finish. Gold on black rayon machine woven insignia. Brass prongs and fixings. Nicely "RZM" marked. and "Lieferant 357" . As nice as they come this one.
DAK AFRIKA CUFF TITLE Very good example of the cuff title awarded for 6 months or more service in theatre. Mint, full length and in the soft doeskin material. As nice as they come.
DESERT RATS - EL ALAMEIN VETS ARMOURED GROUPING An amazing collection of items belonging to Charles A Simmers.Originally from Aberdeen this trooper saw service as a tank man in North Africa, Italy and Germany. During his service he served with different armoured units and there are patches and shoulder slides to them in the group inc. Desert Rat Jerboa, RTR and 4th Indian Brigade shoulder slides.21st Tank Brigade patch mounted on khaki formation sign, RTR cap badge and collar, XRH shoulder title pair, Sharpshooters collar,Alamein vets medal. Also a period photograph of him in uniform in what I suspect is Italy( dated Sept 1943 on back ) and his Soldiers Pay book which is very interesting. All the above in the card ration box it came to me in. Fantastic.
DEUTCHLAND ERWACHE - THURINGEN - PARTY DAY - WEIMAR BADGE Now faked , this however is an original. Heavy die struck brass . 1936 - 10 year anniversary. Weimar Reichs Party Day. Maker mkd. H. Wernstein - Jena correctly mkd up the side for the gold washed type. Large size 5cm diameter approx. Good detail in relief. V.G.C.
DEUTSCHES TURN SPORTS AWARD IN GOLD Super near mint example of this 1913-34 award. Lightweight construction, coke bottle pin. Almost all finish remaining.
DIVERS KNIFE - SOUS MARINE GUERNSEY Good example of this quality divers knife. Rubber leg strap at fault otherwise VGC
DOLLAR ACADEMY C.C.F. CAP BADGE Very difficult to find badge. White metal bearing the school Coat of Arms with "D.A." to either side. To the bottom, "C.C.F". V.G.C.
DOLLAR INSTITUTION (ACADEMY) CADET CORPS - 7TH ARGYLLS CAP BADGE Probably the rarest of all OTC and Argylls affiliated items being the Dollar Academy cadet force cap badge. Top tablet with " 7th VB A & S.H." Below this a circlet inscribed “Dollar Institution Cadet Corps” . Within the circlet the Dollar Coat of Arms and school motto. Interestingly it uses the old name for the school. Dollar Instituition . Badge in lovely condition with the nice silver grey toning you get on correct old white metal badges.East , west lugs to rear. Circa 1910 but was still being worn during the Great War as I have period photos of cadets wearing this on their glengarries and also their sporrans. The latter however has north and south lugs, the cap badge , east , west. The Cadet Corps was administered by the 7th Argylls who were the local battalion. V.G.C.
DRK HEWER Fine non maker marked example. Excellent blade with no darkening or damage. Good grips with none of the usual cracks. Some lifting of finish to left side of crossguard. Original paint to scabbard. Good detail to DRK device.
DUBLIN FUSILIERS VICTORIAN FUR CAP GRENADE BADGE Great detail example in brass. 2 long lugs to rear.Dublin coat of arms within fusiliers flaming bomb. Scarce badge from an old collection.
DULWICH COLLEGE LONDON OTC CAP BADGE Correct small size bronze cap badge. K & K vOL. 2 - 2544. Excellent condition.
DUMBARTON R.V. ,ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS SHOULDER TITLES WW1 or earlier shoulder titles. White metal. One "Dumbarton" with hex lugs. The other a set of 3 separate letters, "D.R.V.". They came together so I'm unsure whether they were worn together or more likely separately. Mint condition and very rare.
DUMBARTON R.V. ( 9TH A & S.H.) OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH Beautiful example from my own collection. Unmarked silver quoit.3 metal construction. All original . Later became 9th Argylls. Very rare.
DUMBARTON R.V. ( 9TH ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) VICTORIAN CAP BADGE Nice o/r's example in die struck brass. Good, " One Look " original, I say this as fakes of this badge abound on a well known selling platform ! Good detail. Old polish residue to back. Scarce . V.G.C.
DUMBARTON R.V. ( 9TH ARGYLL& SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) - MEDAL Rare piece circa 1903. Silver fob measuring approx. 1 and a quarter inches tall by an inch wide. D.R.V. device to centre with Dumbartons Latin motto to top and , " Dumbartonshire Volunteers " to bottom. To the back, very nicely inscribed, " Denny Cup Badges - 1903 - F Company - 1st DRV - Pte. R. Williamson " Unmarked silver. Rare V.G.C.
DUMBARTON R.V. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) OFFICERS SILVER SHAKO BADGE Fine and rare Victorian officers shako badge. As per o/r's but in silver. Silver stamp to rear. No rubbing or damage. Lugs pinched, otherwise A.1. condition.
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLS O/R'S WAIST BELT - 9TH ARGYLLS Very rare belt and buckle set. White buff leather belt with owners initials to inside, still very good condition. Well detailed buckle with Dumbarton Coat of Arms and motto to centre. Roccoco ends.32/34 waist.
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLS OFFICERS FEATHER BONNET BADGE ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND Beautiful badge from my own collection. Silver plated with solid gilded centre. Long lugs for feather bonnet.Heavy construction. Rare Dumbarton R.V. became 9th Btn. Argyll and Sutherland Hldrs.
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLS. - 9TH ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS STICK Another rarity from my own collection being an officers Victorian walking out cane. More substantial that an o/r's and with a weighted top. Below this , very nice rococo style metal work. Dumbarton elephant and howdah in high relief to top. Lovely age toned wooden shaft. Very Rare
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLS. - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. -VICTORIAN SHAKO BADGE. Good solid die struck brass shako badge. Nice slightly curved shaping to suit hat. QVC . Outer strap with " Dumbartonshire Rifle Volunteers with Elephant and Howdah within. V.G.C.
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLS. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. CAP BADGE Very nice example of an o/r's cap badge in white metal. Solid centre nicely domed out. To the centre the Dumbarton Coat of Arms with elephant and howdah with scroll above with the town motto.Uncleaned with dark toning as it came to me but will clean up nicely if desired.No damage or rubbing. V.G.C. The DRV later became the 9th Argylls.
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLS. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. COLLAR DOG PAIR Good condition o/r's white metal collars to the DRV. Dumbarton Coat of Arms of Elephant and Howdah. Later become 9th Argylls. V.G.C.
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLS. OFFICERS SHAKO BADGE - 1860-64 Lovely example of this scarce badge. 2 piece blackened and retaining all finish. 2 lugs to each part. Circa 1860 - 64 only. V.G.C.
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLS.( 9th A & S.H.)OFFICERS SKEAN DHU - REGIMENTAL BLADE Very striking and super rare Skean Dhu to the DRV. This one has a beautiful large Regimental device of Elephant and Howdah with Fortitude through Strength motto below. Acid etched blade with "DRV - VR" Silver mounts and great cairngorm to top of bog oak handle. Not cheap but try finding another. 35 years collecting Argylls items and this my first one of these. In 1881 the Dumbarton R.V. became the 9th Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs.
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLUNTEERS CAP BADGE Crisp example with fretted and domed centre. Back with old polish . Nicely toned.
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLUNTEERS GLENGARRY Rare pre WW1 glengarry to D R V who later became the 9th Argylls. Argyll type dicing but slightly smaller. Leather edging. C/w it\'s original Dumbarton badge. Good size for the period , approx 57. Tails absent V G C
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLUNTEERS OFFICERS DIRK BELT BUCKLE Fine and rare example. Untouched and with it's age patina. Will clean up beautifully if desired. To the top and bottom respectively in gilded metal, the town motto and Dumbarton Volunteers. To the centre Elephant and Howdah in silver over a seeded St. Andrews cross. All original right down to the securing pins on the back. V.G.C.
DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLUNTEERS OFFICERS SBP Beautiful silver plated/gilt officers shoulder belt plate. Pre 1908. Town motto and crest of elephant and howda. Very high quality heavy plate and nice gilding, much nicer than the photo ! Uncleaned, as found. Straight from the family so never been offered for sale before.
DUMBARTONSHIRE R.V. (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) BELT & BUCKLE Extremely rare and from my personal Argylls collection. White buff leather belt in great order and owners initials applied to the inside. Fit up to 32' waist. Buckle very well detailed with the Elephant and Howdah to centre and to the outside " Dumbartonshire Volunteers ". Very rare and a reluctant (thanks to stupid Scottish government policies ) sale. V.G.C.
DUMBARTONSHIRE RIFLE VOLS. - OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE - ATTRIBUTED Very nice SBP from the home of Cpt. Lochie of Dumbarton who served in WW1. This came many years ago with other items of his inc. his uniform, glengarry etc. I have decided now to let this piece go. Immaculate with no issues. The pictures say it all.
DUMBARTONSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH Look at this beauty ! 4piece construction. Silver plated quoit with Roccocco design. Thistle wreath with fine detail. Elephant and howdah to centre, this is 2 piece with the front part in burnished brass, again with great detail. Very robust unusual fixings for the thistles and elephant. Rare.
DUMBARTONSHIRE VOLUNTEERS SILVER CAP BADGE Rare cap badge in gilt & silver. Great condition with lovely detail. 2 lugs to rear.
DUNDEE CORPORATION COLLAR BADGE Rare collar. Similar to police badge. Die struck white metal. Rare
DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY - SILVER FROSTED OFFICERS CAP BADGE Lovely badge in mint condition , retains almost all it's silver frosted finish. Very well detailed. Slider.
DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY VICTORIAN SILVER PLATED BUTTON Officers quality button. Jennens London made. Very well detailed. Cheap.
DUTCH WW2 SILK - ORDER OF ST. GEORGE Another WW2 silk from a Dutch factory. English Order of St. George. Given to liberating troops. Mint.
E.N.S.A. ( ENTERTAINMENTS NATIONAL SERVICE ASSOCIATION) - CAP AND COLLARS SET Rare set of matching collars and cap badge. Pin back . V.G.C. The Entertainments National Service Association or ENSA was an organisation set up in 1939 by Basil Dean and Leslie Henson to provide entertainment for British armed forces personnel during World War II.
EARL HAIG 1936 POSTMARKED CARD SENT TO O.B.E.- SUNDAY PICTORIAL Nice card of Douglas Haig in uniform with his medals. This card was sent to prospective customers by the Sunday Pictorial to highlight the resumption of it's publishing in 1936. This one addressed to a Mr. Low O.B.E. and franked for January 1936
EARLY 20TH CENTURY GORDON HIGHLANDERS SILVER SKEAN DHU BY A & J. SMITH ABERDEEN Beautiful Sgian Dhu in rare Aberdeen silver. Maker mkd. to blade and bottom handle mount, " A & J SMITH - ABERDEEN " (Alex and John Smith - 1880 - 1932 ).Mount also stamped " Silver ". Lovely condition with nice foiled citrine on the unique style pedestal used by the Gordons.Bog oak studded handle. Morocco leather covered wood scabbard.
EARLY GERMAN RAD (LABOUR SERVICE) MEMBERSHIP BADGE Very good condtion early example. GES. GESCH marked to rear.
EARLY ROYAL SCOTS DRAGOON GUARDS CAP BADGE Good quality 2 piece construction. Nicely toned with no rubbing. Slider.
EARLY S A / SS CAP EAGLE - VET BRING BACK Nice original in good condition. Nicely toned with Swaz retaining all black finish. Good prongs to back. Part of a group of items brought back from Hamburg by RTR trooper in WW2.
EARLY SECOND PATTERN F-S KNIFE - NICKEL PLATED During WW 2 the standard finish of second pattern FS knives was all black. Prior to this a limited number of all nickel plated knives were produced to simplify the construction used for the iconic First Pattern Knives and scabbards. After the First Pattern, this is perhaps the rarest of the FS series of knives. This knife was produced between April 1941 and early 1943 and is a superb example of the type. The 6 7/8"" long nickel plated blade is hand drawn and is in excellent condition. The brass hilt and steel crossguard are similarly plated although there are two very small areas of worn plating at the top of the hilt and the button from rubbing on the scabbard. The scabbard is correct for this pattern with a nickel plated chape and the narrow and intact elastic retainer. The sew on tabs have been carefully removed - not torn or cut off - as is often the case. Ref Flook's book British and Commonwealth Military Knives page 58 plate 122 for this pattern. The knife is offered at a modest price for an example of this quality and rarity.
EAST LOTHIAN YEOMANRY CAVALRY - OFFICERS CHAIN EPAULETTE Truly a thing of beauty ! Gilded chain mail with a solid silver insert with scripted " E L Y ". Red melton cloth backing with 4 circular tunic fixings. Circa 1797 - 1888. Officers example. Extremely rare. Measures 6 and 3 quarter inches long. V.G.C.
EAST LOTHIAN YEOMANRY CAVALRY - OFFICERS VICTORIAN HELMET PLATE Beautiful large piece from the Cavalry helmet. Measures approx., 7 inches by 5 inches. 6 piece construction, the back plate with very ornate and well detailed thistle spray, separately applied scrolls and motto as well as a backing plate on the central cypher. No rubbing twisting or damage. 3 screw posts to rear. Uncleaned as it came to me but would come up a treat if desired. Very well detailed. Circa 1797 - 1888 Rare
EAST LOTHIAN YEOMANRY CAVALRY OFFICERS EPAULETTE Beautifully constructed epaulette to this unit circa 1797 to 1888.Gilded chains with no damage. Silver beautifully detailed unit cypher within a laurel wreath on gilded bck plate. Rear has it's original red melton cloth and with it's 4 loop fixings present. Top quality item in excellent all original condition. I've seen the cypher on it's own for £180 so this is a low price for such a rare item in this condition.
EAST LOTHIAN YEOMANRY CAVALRY VICTORIAN OFFICERS HELMET PLATE Very striking 2 piece example of this exceedingly rare 2nd pattern helmet plate. Silver plated beautifully fretted thistle wreath surmounted by crown. The detail on the thistles/leaves is outstanding and with no rubbing or damage. Gilded strap with motto this seperately applied with 4 thin pins. Inside the raised strap is a Star of the Order of the Thistle with LACESSIT motto. To the centre is a unit cypher. The back has 3 screw posts. Large size, approx 5 " by 4" inches. Considering the age,( this unit only existed 1797 to 1888), the H.P. is in very good order . This is the officer pattern the o/r's being brass and much less elaborate than this . V.G.C.
EAST SURREY RGT. VICTORIAN BRONZE OFFICERS CAP BADGE Good example retaining a good percentage of it's bronze finish to front and almost all to the back. Loss tends to be to the high points through cleaning. Victorian crown. Old pink polish residue to back.
EDINBURGH CITY ARTILLERY PLUME HOLDER BADGE/HOLDER Victorian era. Edinburgh City Artillery Volunteers, a very scarce other ranks white metal grenade plume holder . Very sharp die struck example. Detail in relief. No rubbing or damage. Tapered plume holder. Wire loops. Nice patina and age toning. V.G.C.
EDINBURGH MILITARY TATTOO COLLECTION OF BADGES Very nice and obtained from a Friend of the Tattoo, a former high ranking military officer (name to buyer). Comprises consecutive year enamel badges from 2003 to 2009 plus a Diamond Jubilee one and a "Friend" one which is rare. All mint condition.
EDINBURGH OTC KINGS CROWN SPORRAN BADGE Scarce wartime sporran badge. Shield with Saltire superimposed with thistle, open book and castles.White metal . Excellent with nice patina
EDINBURGH RIFLES 2ND VOLUNTEER CORPS HELMET PLATE ( ROYAL SCOTS ) Very rare and in excellent condition. White metal with very sharp detail and no rubbing. 3 loops to reverse. Circa 1885.
EDINBURGH TRANSPORT DRIVER CAP BADGE Rare badge in heavy chrome plate. Very sharply die struck. Edinburgh Coat of Arms. Lettering and castle in relief. Silver lugs. Excellent.
EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY O.T.C. BADGE - SLIDER Kings crown . Large size ( 7 cm ). Pre 1952. Scroll with ( T.A. ) version. Slider. Scarce. V.G.C.
EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY O.T.C. WW2 COLLAR BADGES - MATCHED PAIR Beautiful pair of matched collars. Kings crown.
EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY OTC SHOULDER TITLE Good example with backng plate. V.G.C..
EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY OTC SPORRAN BADGE Scarce Kings Crown pre 1952 badge. Saltire with open book, thistle and castle. Uncleaned as found but will clean up nicely if desired. Mint
ENGLISH CLOTH SHOULDER TITLE COLLECTION X 9 9 x cloth shoulder titles. Normally minimum £5 each in the marketplace so grab a bargain here ! Part pf a large collection of items just in from a lifetime collection. V.G.C.
ENOUGH DEATH - SPANISH CIVIL WAR - FRENCH PROPAGANDA POSTER This is a period anti Communist propaganda poster urging Frenchmen not to go to the Spanish Civil War. Translates roughly as, Enough war, Revolutionary trade unionists are asking today for France to go and save Spain. Tomorrow, they will find another reason to find for the thugs from Moscow. etc. Rare V.G.C.
ESSEX REGIMENT SWEETHEART BROOCH Lovely sweetheart on mother of pearl.
ESTONIAN SS CAP INSIGNIA - EAGLE & SKULL Very rare set of SS visor cap insignia as worn by Estonian Volunteer legion. Recovered from the Russian Front. Variant eagle and smaller skull (see photo). Correct triangular pins for Estonian made insignia. I have the wing laser repaired by a manufacturing jeweller as there was a hairline crack in it. You are unlikely to find another set of these. 100% genuine. Ground dug. Modest price for such a rare item to one of the SS Volunteer Legions
ESTONIAN SS VOLUNTEER SLEEVE EAGLE Nice example removed from tunic. Rare.
FAIRBAIRN SYKES 1ST PATTERN COMMANDO DAGGER Scarce variant very similar to the type usually stamped 56. Good condition overall with slight blunting to the tip. 11 'KILL' notches to top of chequered plated nickel grip. ist type scabbard with nickel chape. Top part removed, Owners initial "A" to bottom mount. Nice original never on the market before. Good price
FAIRBAIRN SYKES 2ND PATTERN COMMANDO DAGGER Good full length example. Chequered brass handle. Cross guard stamped " B 2 " and with W.D. arrow. This is one for British troops use as many available of this type are often stamped England and were were for use by American troops and have no WD arrow only the B2. Circa 1941. Scabbard elastic period replaced with leather lace and no tangs but otherwise very good, possibly has never had tangs as I see no evidence of them. Most blue finish absent from blade which is in very good condition with no pitting or age blackening.
FAIRBAIRN SYKES COMMANDO DAGGER - VARIANT SCABBARD Early 2nd pattern with the nickel finish as per the 1st Patterns. Full length blade.No darkening, sharpening or dings. Straight cross guard. Chequered grip retaining almost all it's original finish. Unusual heavy leather scabbard in V.G.C.This has a press stud fixing to top and owners initials " R.R.". Single belt loop to rear. Very nice example of a Fairbairn and the variant scabbard is very interesting . I've been unable so far to find information on this.
FAIRBAIRN SYKES FIGHTING KNIFE - ETCHED PANELS Excellent example of what is often wrongly referred to as the Officers Pattern 2nd Pattern F/S. Very clean. Nickel. Clear etched panels. Full length blade. Leather scabbard with nickel fittings.Elastic stretched. Just about as nice as they come. This model rarer than the 1st Pattern.
FIDEL CASTRO LAPEL BADGE Dating from the 60's or 70's tin Fidel badge with nice detail. Bought in Havana. Good condition.
FIFE & FORFAR (BLACK WATCH) WW2 CAP BADGE Lovely example in toned w/m. Sharp detail. Slider. V.G.C.
FIFE & FORFAR BELT BUCKLE Beautiful example. Silvered finish . Extremely well detailed Thane of Fife. No rubbing or damage . Bolt on centre. V.G.C.
FIFE & FORFAR IMPERIAL YEOMANRY KINGS CROWN BRASS BUTTON Scarce Kings Crown tunic button. Most buttons actually marked I.Y. were Victorian crown. Good condition.
FIFE & FORFAR YEO. POST ' 52 BERET BADGE Very sharp detail on this one. Thane of Fife over a Saltyre. Slider.
FIFE & FORFAR YEO. POST ' 52 BERET BADGE - J.R.GAUNT LONDON Good example with clear detail. Nice age toning. Maker stamped "J.R.GAUNT LONDON" on slider.
FIFE & FORFAR YEO. POST ' 52 BERET BADGE - J.R.GAUNT LONDON Good example with clear detail. Nice age toning. Maker stamped "J.R.GAUNT LONDON" on slider.
FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Nice toned original on slider.Well detailed.
FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Good o/r's example with very crisp detail.2 lugs. Wartime example. V.G.C.
FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY NCO’S ARMS BADGE Nice example in brass. Good used condition. 2 lugs to rear.
FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY OFFICERS OSD COLLAR PAIR Rare matching pair of officers bronze collars for wear with the OSD. Well detailed and in great condition.
FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY OFFICERS WW2 CAP BADGE Exceptionally well detailed which makes me think this is an officers example. I've found on o/r's examples that the face and shield especially are not particularly clear which is not the case with this one. Nicely toned . Slider. No wear to high points.
FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY SHOULDER TITLE Good original. Correct 3 lugs. Nicely toned brass. V.G.C.
FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY WW2 CAP BADGE Good silvered example. Die struck. Fine detaill. Slider. V.G.C.
FIFE CONSTABULARY BELT BUCKLE Not to be confused with the F & F Yeomanry type. This has short helmet plume and no sword. Silvered finish. Fine detail. Rare V.G.C.
FIFE CONSTABULARY BRASS CAP BADGE Very rare early brass example. Old polish residue to back. Similar to F & F Yeomanry but is defo Police. V.G.C.
FIFE LIGHT HORSE 1871 PATTERN TROOPERS HELMET Fife Light Horse Trooper’s helmet. A good example of the 1871 pattern silvered helmet. To the front, a Regimental pattern helmet plate bearing the Thane of Fife on horseback wearing full armour set on a gilt brass ribbed Saltyre. This in turn mounted on a four pointed silvered star, the uppermost overlaid with a large Victorian crown. A tri part scroll with motto and to the centre "FLH" in gilded metal. Two rose head bosses support a silvered interlinked chin chain, with leather backing. A silvered fluted spike with white horsehair plume, this with metal rose boss to top . Good condition original leather liner. Overall very good with some minor service and age wear.
FIFE MOUNTED RIFLE VOLUNTEERS OFFICERS SILVER BUTTON Very rare closed back silver tunic button. Cypher FMVR. Good condition.
FIFESHIRE POLICE TUNIC BUTTON - QUEEN VICTORIA CROWN Scarce Victorian large size button. QVC. Maker mkd. to rear.for Firmin. V.G.C.
FLEET AIR ARM WW1/WW2 BRASS/ENAMEL SWEETHEART Scarce badge. Lovely red/green/blue enamel with no damage. Nice detail. Pin bar possibly renewed but hinge and hook definitely original. Priced to sell.
FORFAR WW1 SHOULDER TITLE Very rare "FORFAR" title. Brass. V.G.C.
FORFARSHIRE ARTILLERY VOLUNTEERS HELMET PLATE - 1878 - 1900 Excellent example of this scarce helmet plate. Die struck white metal for o/r's. Circa 1878-1900. Royal Coat of Arms with short scroll below with, " First " over a cannon. Below the cannon a long scroll with " Forfarshire Artillery Volunteers ". Three loops to reverse. V.G.C. with no rubbing or damage.
FREIKORPS - HAMBURG CROSS - FELD ABZEICHEN - GROUP Nice group comprising the full size award, miniature and document. All good. Award has a tiny crack in the enamel to the bottom leg of the cross, otherwise good. Rare stick pin miniature with knurled pin. Named and dated document. Very rare to find all items.
FRENCH WW1 LEATHER SHOULDER STRAPS Good condition set of French Great War Y straps. Brass J hooks. Unmarked. Leather good. V.G.C.
FULLY FRETTED ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. CAP BADGE You could'nt get one more fretted than this.As well as the thistles and centre fretted it also has each letter hand pierced.Silver plate. Likely soldier done as opposed to jeweller but I've had them like this before.Looks amazing with a piece of red felt behind it which was something Argylls did to personalise their cap badge.
GAU ESSEN DAY BADGE - HOFFSTATTER BONN Gilt metal. Still has most of gilded finish. Nicely mkd. to back. Rare. V.G.C.
GAU TREFFEN MECKLENBURG LÜBECK 1935 DAY BADGE Scarce tinny with age patina. Large size approx. 5.5 cm x 3.4 cm.
GENUINE & ORIGINAL WW2 GERMAN NCO’S VISOR CAP WREATH & COCKADE Good early 2 piece example. Pins and loop are present.
GEORGE HERIOTS SCHOOL EDINBURGH O.T.C. BADGE & BUTTONS Cap badge in gilding metal plus scarce brass tunic buttons, 6 large and 8 small. Some with maker marks to rear. V.G.C.
GERMAN D.D.A.C. CAR PENNANT C/W BUMPER POLE & VET PICS Beautiful top quality multi piece pennant . White leather trim to large side of triangle. Pole retaining it's heavy chrome finish on brass which does'nt pit. Finial top very well detailed. This one for a high rank as most pennants for DDAC tend to be one piece cotton. Pics of the 8th Army vet who brought it back comes with the sale. Some of these are named on the back. V.G.C.
GERMAN GERBIRGSJAGER FINGER RING Beautiful enamel faced ring. Largish size to suit average middle finger. Silver. Hand engraved eagle shanks. Just bought back from customer. Rare
GERMAN HELMET M40 LUFTWAFFE FIELD DIVISION SINGLE DECAL- DOCTOR - QUIST 66 Good very heavy helmet retaining most of a field grey overpaint as done by the Field Divsions. Inside retains it's Luftwaffe blue paint. 2nd pattern eagle visible below camo paint. Large size 66 with batch number 248.Single banded liner band. Good liner with all tongue ends good and original drawstring. Soldiers name "Dr. BAHN".Possibly doctors helmet ? Unusual original chin strap with Luftwaffe roller buckle with leather flap behind. This helmet is recorded in the Brian Ice book on helmet lot nos. as leaving the Quist factory as a Single decal Luftwaffe size 66 and prior to 1943 so all ties up correctly. This one is what it's meant to be. Good honest helmet and as it left the factory.
GERMAN - M40 ARMY SINGLE DECAL - FORMER MEDICS HELMET / TAN CAMO Cracking helmet that's had the thumbs ups on Valhalla as having been a Medics.. American vet bring back. The red cross is clearly visible under the field grey paint going side to side and back to front. Army decal to almost 100%. Tan camo visible in parts under the field grey overpaint. No maker or lot number visible due to the overpaint having extended to the apron. Name " Holz " applied to liner and also rare liner maker stamp. Size 62 shell with a 54 liner. Liner with one tongue a/f otherwise good with all tongue ends intact and original draw string. No chinstrap. Sheepskin on zinc liner system. Rare. V.G.C.
GERMAN 1898 PATTERN MAUSER BAYONET 1st German bayonet of the Great War and used right through. Long slender shape. 1904 dtd. Erfurt maker. regiment mkd. " b.2 . J ". No flash guard, good wooden ribbed grips. Blade good , some darkening , good point. Sprung button working. No scabbard. Rare. Good price as they are £300 plus with a scabbard for an average condition one. V.G.C.
GERMAN 1927 BONN VETERAN REUNION FESTIVAL DAY BADGE Beautiful piece. Regimental reunion for members of Regiment 160 ( Rhenish ). Sharp detail of Landser in steel helmet holding a banner. Still with it's blue/orange silk ribbons. Die struck brass. V.G.C.
GERMAN 1935 LABOUR DAY BADGE ( TAG DER ARBEIT ). Good large size early Day Badge.4.5 x 3.3 cm. Aluminium. Detail in relief of workers from different professions and eagle. V.G.C
GERMAN 1937 REGENSBURG UNTEROFFIZIERS KORPS DAY BADGE Great looking 1937 Regensburg corporals 1937 day badge. It retains most of its gold colour paint. Original pin to rear.
GERMAN 1937 SA GRUPPE WESTFALEN DORTMUND SPORTS COMPETITION BADGE Superb piece. Looks a bit like an SA Sports Badge with laurels and central sword. Centre has rearing horse over the SA device. Good largish size 5.5 x 4.5 cm. Rare.
GERMAN 1938 GAUTAG DESSAU-MAGDEBURG-ANNHALT DAY BADGE Large aluminium day badge. Maker marked “Alexander Wollram, Dessau” to rear. Approx. size 50 mm x 36 mm. Good detail.
GERMAN 3 RD REICH D.R.K.B VETERAN WINTER HELP DAY BADGE Die struck with a silvered finish. Kyferhausser memorial in relief. 1936. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3 RD REICH DEUTSCHE JUGEND ( DJ ) WHISTLE Signal whistle made from horn and not the issue bakelite. Carved DJ device and brass plate with owners initials. Also maker mkd. Metal lanyard ring. Working. Rare piece. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3 RD REICH HITLER YOUTH 7 SPORTS FESTIVAL 1936 DAY BADGE Nice detail die struck w/m Tinny. HJ device and Luben Coat of Arms. Sportsman to the centre in relief. Strong original pin and hook. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3 RD REICH MARINE VOLKSWOCHE 1935 KIEL DAY BADGE Die- stamped tinny. Retaining most of it's copper paint. 4.5 cm x 2.7 cm.
GERMAN 3 REICH NSDAP AUSTRIAN PARTY BADGE - M1/148 This is a scarce much sought after maker. Austrian made. RZM & M1/148 (Heinr. Ulbrichts Witwe Wien) marked to rear. Forum posted for authenticity as there are some very good copies of this one and genuine. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3D REICH N.S.K.O.V. LEIPZIG FRONTSOLDATEN DAY BADGE Rare. Superb wooden "Tinny". Leipzig June 1936. Text to the rear. 2 piece construction. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH - GERMAN WW2 HJ (HITLER YOUTH) GOLDEN LEADERS PROFIENCY BADGE BY GUSTAV BREHMER Good example by Gustav Brehmer who seems to have been the only maker of this beautiful award . Marked to back M1 / 101 and RZM mkd. Recipient large number 10179. Enamel good. The only issue stopping this being A1 is the botton third of the pin is absent. At the time I bought this , a direct vet purchase it broke as he ripped it from the Germans uniform. Nice age toning to the award. Normally a £450 badge if you can find one , it is priced with the a/f pin in mind. Researchable.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1933 1ST MEETING OF THE HJ FRANKEN-OSTMARK GROUP NUREMBURG DAY BADGE Scarce early Hitler Yourth tinnie made with copper brass. GES. GESCH marked to rear.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1933 ARBEIT DAY BADGE NSBO Early brass day badge. Workers party. Retains gilded finish. Die struck sheet brass. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1933 MUNSTER DAY BADGE Homeland and Empire. Early 3rd reich day badge. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1934 DENKMALWEIHE LANDSTUHL DAY BADGE Nice die struck badge with horse/rider and tablet in relief. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1934 DIE SAAR DAY BADGE Early die-strike brass tinnie. Good condition. German is the Saar. Roughly translates as , "German Honour is True". Catches the feeling of Germans who believed the Saar region to be always German. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1935 BERLIN DAY BADGE Silver washed and retaining most of the original finish. 2 years into the Nazi period. Detail in high relief with the Brandenburg gate at the top.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1935 DEUTCH JUGENDFEST BADGE Nice silvered day badge. HJ device to centre. original pin. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1935 GAU OLDERBG - OSTFRIESLAND GAUTAG DAY BADGE Good example still retaining most of it's silver finish. Approx. 6 cm long.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1935 HESSEN NASSAUGAU TAG DAY BADGE Very good example tinnie made with leather. Nice detail with lovely age toning. Large size approx. 6 cm x 4.5 cm.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1936 SCHLAGETER DAY BADGE Scarce tinny in black wash with age patina. Original pin.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 1937 GRENZLAND GRONAU TREFFEN STICK PIN Rare. 3rd reich German 1937 Gronau Grenzland Treffen stick pin. Correct knurled pin. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH 23 REGIMENT 1935 - THE SAAR IS FREE BADGE Cracking looking badge to the 23rd Infantry Regiment. Steel helmet over a shoulder board with " 23 " in relief. To the bottom the slogan " DIE SAAR IST FREI ". Very striking. Rare early piece. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH ARBEITSBUCH - LEIPZIG Excellent condition work book . Issue stamp for Leipzig 1940.
GERMAN 3RD REICH ARMBAND Large size 3 piece Party armband. Broad width.11.5 cm VGC
GERMAN 3RD REICH BADISCHE-SÄNGERBUNDESFEST KARLSRUHE 1935 Early tinnie for 1935 festival for the singer's association in Karlsruhe. Very good condition with maker stamp to rear.
GERMAN 3RD REICH BREMEN UND SEINE HAFEN OPFERN 1934 DAY BADGE Rare Bremen und Seine Hafen Opfern (Bremen and its ports sacrifice) tinny. Approx. size 41 mm x 41 mm. Very good condition with all its original black enamel paint. Original vertical pin to rear.
GERMAN 3RD REICH BUNTING From a collection of British vets bring backs, ( see pics ).
GERMAN 3RD REICH COMBAT GAMES NUREMBERG 1934 BOXED MEDAL Scarce Fighting games medal. Constructed of gilded and brown-painted porcelain with the obverse bearing a raised depiction of Nuremberg with a National eagle and Swastika towering over it. . Round the edge the inscription , “DEUTSCHE KAMPFSPIELE NÜRNBERG, 1934” (“GERMAN COMBAT GAMES NUREMBERG, 1934). The reverse is maker marked ,“HEUTSCHENREUTHER, SELB, BAVARIA”, with the firm’s classic lion insignia. Measures 52 mm diameter, accompanied . In its period red leather covered wood box presentation case. The interior with a white rayon lid liner, marked “GEGEBEN VON DER STADT NÜRNBERG”, with a depressed white velvet medal bed. The hinge on this one still intact. The bottom on the box still retains it's gold coloured, “HEUTSCHENREUTHER, SELB, BAVARIA”and lion sticker. Rare in this condition. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH D.R.K.B. 1936 KYFEHAUSER KURPFALZ DAY BADGE Early 1936 tinnie. Rare, not in the 2 volume tinnie book. Silvered tin with some loss of finish . As found.
GERMAN 3RD REICH DAF 1936 GOTHA PARADE DAY BADGE Nice depiction of the town in relief and DAF cog wheel. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH DENKMAIWHIHE LANDSTUHL 1934 DAY BADGE Nice well detailed tinny with horse, rider and plinth in high relief. Nice age toning. V.G.C
GERMAN 3RD REICH DRL SPORTS BADGE SILVER GRADE Nice example of silver DRL national sports award badge. 50% frosting to the front. Most finish remaining on the back. Maker mkd. for Weinstein - Jena and D.R.G.M. - 35269.
GERMAN 3RD REICH DRL SPORTS MINIATURE GOLD BADGE Nice miniature gold pin back. Nicely maker mkd. for Wernstein Jena. Post 1933 type with Swastika. Scarce. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH FRONTLINE WORKERS 1933 BRESLAU DAY BADGE Early 1933 brass tinnie. Stick pin to rear. Retains it's finish. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH GAU KURHESSEN 1936-37 WHW DAY BADGE scarce early green bakelite day badge. Approximately 4 cm diameter.
GERMAN 3RD REICH GENERAL SERVICE ARM BAND Good Wertmacht service armband. Part of a group of British vet bring backs ( see pics ). Near mint.
GERMAN 3RD REICH HEIMAT UND REICH 1933 MUNSTER DAY BADGE Very striking early tinny with all enamel paint remaining. Scarce. Approximately 50 mm x 50 mm.
GERMAN 3RD REICH HITLER YOUTH DAGGER HANDLE DIAMOND With the blades for fitting into the dagger handle. RZM & M1/72 marked to rear. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH LEIPZIG 1934 DAY BADGE Very unusual day badge made from porcelain. Nice depiction of a shooter with swaz below his right arm. Held in a brass clip frame. Rare. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH MOTHERS CROSS GOLD Fair condition. No ribbon.
GERMAN 3RD REICH MOTHERS CROSS GOLD AWARD - BOXED Very nice example retaining it's gilded finish and no enamel damage. Contained in it's original Sieper of Ludenscheid marked box. Box clicks shut but the hinges are a/f. otherwise good. Mutter Cross image to lid.
GERMAN 3RD REICH MOTHERS CROSS SILVER AWARD Nice example in silver. No damage to the enamel. Part original ribbon present. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH N.S.G. KRAFT HESSEN NASSAU DAY BADGE Nice maker mkd. alloy day badge. Wiedmann Frankfurt maker mkd. to bsck. Great detail. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NATIONAL SOLDIERS DAY BADGE Nice toned brass. Detail in relief. Good soldier and civvy figures over Swastika. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NDSP PARTY PARTY BADGE - M1/13 Scarce and pre1939 example. RZM and maker marked M1/13 by L. Christian Lauer - Nurmberg. Very good condition for age.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NS STUDENTEN BUND MEMBERSHIP PIN Early German student party badge. Nice condition. Pre 1935 version without M1 prefix. RZM 42 marked to rear.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP 1932 BRAUNSCHWEIG REICHTAG DAY BADGE Scarce early tinne. Fine detail of a SA man. Large size approx. 43 mm x 34 mm. Very good condition for age.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP 1933 VETERANS DAY BADGE Early large size tinny. Good detail & pin.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP 1933 WEIMAR DAY BADGE Rare early 1933 tinny. Die struck brass in a larger size approx. 58mm x 35 mm. Detail in relief. Nicely toned. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP BUTTON HOLE PARTY BADGE Good example with no enamel damage. Forum checked just to be sure. Marked RZM & M1/34 (Karl Wurster) to rear. Scarce button hole version. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP BUTTON HOLE PARTY BADGE BY KARL WURSTER Pre WW2 button hole example by Karl Wurster - Markneukirchen. RZM & Maker marked M1/34 to rear.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP MEMBER’S BADGE BY RUDOLF REILING - BUTTON HOLE Good honest pre 1939 example. RZM & M1/25 for Rudolf Reiling marked to rear. Scarce button hole fixing to rear.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY BADGE Painted Party badge. Excellent condition. RZM & maker marked M1/103 to rear.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY BADGE - CARL POELLATH Rare and early used example. Painted version with RZM & maker marked M / 103 for Carl Poellath.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY BADGE - M1/103 CARL POELLATH Rare pre 1939 badge. Excellent painted version. RZM & M1/103 marked to rear.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY BADGE BY CARL POELLATH German pre 1939 Nazi party badge by Carl Poellath Schrobenhausen. Enamel version is more scarce then painted by this maker. RZM & maker code M1/103 to rear.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY BADGE BY FERDINAND WAGNER Early pre WW2 German Nazi party badge. RZM & maker marked M1/8 for Ferdinand Wagner - Pforzheim. Very good condition.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY BADGE BY GOTTLIEB FREDRICH KECK & SOHNE Pre WW2 party badge by scarce maker "Gottlieb Fredrich Keck & Sohne - Pforzheim". RZM & maker mared M1/93 to rear.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY BADGE BY MAX KREMHELMER Very good pre WW2 example. RZM & maker marked M1/3 for Max Kremhelmer - Munchen. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY BADGE BY ROBERT HAUSCHILD Pre 1939 NSDAP party badge. Lovely condition. RZM & maker marked M1/9 for Robert Hauschild - Pforzheim. Scare.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY BADGE BY WERNER, REDO-SAARLAUTERN Nice condition Pre 1939 issued. RZM & maker marked M1/100 for Werner, Redo-Saarlautern.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY BADGE BY WILHELM BORGAS Early tombac scarce example by Wilhelm Borgas - Eutingen. Marked RZM & M1/23 to rear. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY BADGE BY WILHELM SCHRODER & CO., LÜDENSCHEID Very good painted enamel version. Retaining all its original finish. Pin back. RZM & M1/108 for Wilhelm Schroder & Co., Lüdenscheid.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PARTY MEMBERS BADGE BY CARL POELLATH Nice painted version. One Look original. M1 /103 (Carl Poellath) RZM marked to rear. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP PHYSICAL EDUCATION DAY BADGE Very unusual shape Day badge. Long thin shape. Plated finish. Inset detail. Slight pitting to plating. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH NSKOV DISABLED WAR VETERANS PIN Nice zinc pin badge. Marked 63 to rear.
GERMAN 3RD REICH RARE WINTER HELP WORK DUISBURG 1935/36 DAY BADGE Good pressed gilded tin day badge. Early eagle and swastika in high relief. Nicely age toned. Not in Tieste Tinnie book.
GERMAN 3RD REICH SA BRIGADE 41 THÜR-OST GREIZ 1934 DAY BADGE Early 1934 SA brass tinny for BRIGADE 41 GREIZ EAST THÜRINGEN. Large size. Honest un-cleaned example. Scarce.
GERMAN 3RD REICH SA SPORTS BRONZE AWARD - RARE MAKER Most examples of the DRL badge were made by Wernstein. This is rarely found Ferdinand Wagner example. Nicely age toned. Crudely affixed catch which may be a period repair ? If so it's the same toning as the rest of the badge and is in brass not lead. One Look original.
GERMAN 3RD REICH SA WATCH FOB Superb German 800 silver watch fob. Original ribbon no polishing or damage. Rare
GERMAN 3RD REICH SMALL SWASTIKA FLAG Vehicle recognition flag or small drape. Measures 74 by 59 cms approx. Correct stitching. One small hole on the red below circle. Colours bright. Great size for a display .
GERMAN 3RD REICH STAHLHELMBUND FRONT FIGHTERS MEMBERSHIP BADGE A Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Frontkämpferbund membership badge. Given to elite members of Der Stahlhelm . This is the last type of this badge to be distributed,. Die struck. Silvered tombac construction with pin that works perfectly. Measures 21mm in diameter and marked " A. GES. GESCH " to the back. V.G.C. Distribution of these badges discontinued with the dissolution of the Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Frontkämpfer-Bund (Stahlhelm) on November 07, 1935 The Stahlhelm, Bund der Frontsoldaten (Steel Helmet, League of Front Soldiers”, also known in short form as Der Stahlhelm) was one of the many paramilitary organizations that arose after the German defeat of World War I. It was part of the “Black Reichswehr” and in the late days of the Weimar Republic operated as the armed branch of the national conservative German National People’s Party (DNVP), placed at party gatherings in the position of armed security guards (Saalschutz).
GERMAN 3RD REICH STUTTGART 1933 TURNFAST DAY BADGE Very early 1933 Rally badge. This is the type in an early heavy cast alloy so a badge rather than a Tinny. Raised detail. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH SWASTIKA ARM BAND 3 piece example with very elaborate embroidery. Excellent condition. Wool version.Higher quality type. British vet bring back ( see pics ).
GERMAN 3RD REICH THE FUHRER LEADS, WE FOLLOW - 1936 SEESEN KREISTAG BADGE Striking 3rd reich compressed cardboard “tinny” with nice details in relief of head depictions of soldiers, veterans and workers with Nazi flag in the background. Excellent condition. Scarce. Large size 48 mm diameter.
GERMAN 3RD REICH WINTER WORK DANZIG DAY BADGE Good example of the cloth & metal WHW day badges. This one a desirable DANZIG one. Rare. V.G.C.
GERMAN 3RD REICH- 23RD REGIMENT- 1935 DIE SAAR IST FREI DAY BADGE Cracking looking badge in polished white metal. Always contentious for Germany after WW1, "Die Saar Ist Frei" (The Saar is Free). Raised outer edge and within in relief a WW1 style helmet over a shield with "23" (regiment). V.G.C.
GERMAN 81 RGT. WIEDERSENHAM 1928 DAY BADGE Nice Weimar period day badge. Weimar eagle. Depiction of the town in relief. V.G.C.
GERMAN ARMY 12 YEAR LONG SERVICE MEDAL Nice condition with long ribbon. Army eagle attaches on the ribbon with 2 pins. Good detail with lovely age toning.
GERMAN ARMY 12 YEAR SERVICE ERKUNDE, 12 YEAR POLIZEI, 12 YEAR BRITISH SERVICE A very interesting group of certificates to one man. Comprises an Army 12 year during the Reichswehr period. This is very attractive with stahlhelm wearing soldiers in fighting order, 2 infantry, one wearing a gas mask and also a mounted trooper. In the foreground a Maxim and field howitzer. To the foreground, the Reichswehr eagle holding a shield. The 2nd certificate is for long servfice in the Police. The 3rd certificate is probably the most intriguing being for the British Meritorious Service medal implying he has gone to serve in some capacity with the British Army of the Rhine. All in their frames as they came from the family. Very low price but please check postal costs before committing to buy. Approx. weight 2.5 kg -3 kg.
GERMAN ARMY M43 SKI CAP Good "Been There" example. This one did'nt sit out the war ! Good condition with honest service wear. Has a nice difference in the nape of the cloth between the exposed and covered parts. Peak has the correct raised edge but the cardboard inside has gone floppy from use and weather. Good size 56/57 approx. Faint maker details to the crown. Small tear to the lining and underside of the peak commensurate with being a combat worn example. Pebbled buttons. Original to it Army trapezoid insignia which has been partially field repaired / re sewn by the soldier presumably during it's working life. Good honest One Looker. V.G.C.
GERMAN ARMY WW2 WATCH FOB Truly a thing of beauty ! Silver fob with decaled helmet over crossed rifle and bayonet which stand out in relief. Original ribbon and c/w sprung clip.
GERMAN ARMYM40 SINGLE DECAL - ET64 Good untouched, all original M40 with a nicely toned almost 100% army decal. Helmets like this rarely turn up now and this one is an American vet bring back acquired straight from the family. This is not a Kreigsmarine although I've seen toned army's sold as such to enhance the value . ET 64 shell, Lot no. 1162. Configures exactly with the Ice helmet code book which has that lot of helmets as single decal army, Zinc/ sheepskin liner , field grey drab paint so it's as it left the factory. Good percentage of original paint, liner complete but dry, one tongue end a/f. Full length original chin strap dry but good, strap fixing stud absent on the buckle side and held together by a piece of period string so likely it was being worn like this. Good One Look original.
GERMAN ATHENS GARRISON SILVER/GOLD RING Rare silver and gold ring. Acropolis and " ATHENS 1943" to face. Nice detailed hand etching to shanks. Pinky size. Amust for the serious ring collector.
GERMAN BATTLE DAMAGED CLOSE COMBAT CLASP - JFS Battle damaged awards are rare. This is a very good example with what has most likely been a shrapnel strike which has tore off the top of the badge and sprung the retaining hook. Maker marks clear. Back plate also damaged. Battle field pick up
GERMAN BAYERN WINTER HELP WORKS DAY BADGE Nice Bayern W.H.W. tinny still retaining its original colours.
GERMAN BERLIN WW2 POLICE SHAKO 1937 DATED REISSUED This is a very interesting helmet. It originally had the Nazi period eagle plate then after the surrender has had a Berlin police plate fitted as the Polizei continued with business as usual. Green felt body. Erel maker. Size 55 mkd. 1937 dated in 2 places inside the liner and also has the owners name. It would be easy to change the current plate for a wartime one if so desired but this is how it ended it's service life so important in it's own right. Faint ghost image of the Nazi plate visible on the nape of the cloth. V.G.C.
GERMAN BUTCHER'S BAYONET - RARE MAKER - J.CORTS SOHN - 1916 A rarity. Good condition Butcher bayonet by maker J.Corts of Remscheid. This bayonet maker only made bayonets for 2 years during WW1 in 1915 and 1916. The overall condition of the bayonet is good. Exceptionally clean blade with no darkening , pitting or other issues. Kaiser Wilhelm Crown and 1916 date to the back of the blade. Ribbed wood grips are fair. Half muzzle ring and flash guard. Scabbard retains a good percentage of it's original paint and has an undented end ball. It's uncleaned and I always sell as the item comes to me. This maker only produced the 2nd pattern which this is. Good bayonet overall with one of the cleanest blades I've seen in a long time. A cheap bayonet going by what I see in the market place.
GERMAN CROSS IN CLOTH Good clean example of the Deutches Cross in gold. VGC. c/w it's backing . Photos speak for themselves. Scarce
GERMAN DAK CUFF TITLE - AFRIKA WITH PALMS Very good removed from uniform example of this classic DAK award. Full length. Correct soft doe skin material. Slight fading only obvious when you look the ends where it's been sewn into tunic. Afrika with palms awarded for 6 months minimum service in theatre. VGC
GERMAN DEUTCHES CROSS Nice original, possibly early Deschler. 6 rivets, middle two slightly damaged where wreath has been tightened. North Africa bring back bought from vets daughter.
GERMAN DLV FLYERS SPORTS VEST BADGE Deutscher Luft Verband sports vest insignia. A very well detailed piece. Shiny rayon type material. Amazing detail . colours are still bright and vibrant. Icarus with arms outstretched. Measures just under 6 x 4 inches. Very rare. V.G.C.
GERMAN DRIVERS BADGE - BRONZE GRADE Nice age toned example. Good detail. 2 brass blades to rear. V.G.C.
GERMAN DRL SPORTS BADGE - BRONZE GRADE Nice toned example. Non maker mkd. Battle of the Bulge bring back. Provenance provided. V.G.C.
GERMAN FALLSCHIRMJAGER BADGE - CLOTH VERSION - REMOVED FROM UNIFORM Good honest "Been There" example which belonged to a POW who took up residence in Britain in the 1950's (name to buyer) Uniform removed with some moth to the cloth behind the eagle. Looks good and nice with provenance.
GERMAN FALLSCHIRMJAGER GERMAN HELMET A great example of a late war paratrooper helmet. Field grey paint to almost 100%. Slotted aluminium bolts. Good size 55 RB numbered liner retaining it's bright tan finish. Good condition blue jump straps with flower motif to stud. Sorbo type rubber very good and supple. No makers mark but there is a faint stamping "4305" ? Lovely clean helmet rarely available in this condition. Posted on Wermacht Awards Forum by previous owner.
GERMAN FIRST PATTERN H.J DEUTCHE ARBEITER-JUGEND MEMBERSHIP BADGE Cicra 1929-1933 first pattern Hitler Youth League of German Worker Youth membership badge. GES. GESH. marked to rear. Later ones were mkd. RZM.
GERMAN FRANCO PRUSSIAN WAR 4 MEDAL GROUP WITH BARS Superb medal group for the Franco Prussian War circa 1870/71. Comprises 1870 EK2, Kaiser Wilhelm1897 Centenary Medal, Prussian Long Service and a 6 bar F/ P Combatants Service Medal , this with the correct edge inscription " " Aus Orbertem Geschutz " ( From Conquered Cannon ) as these medals were made from captured French ordnance. Nicely period mounted with attaching hooks and stout pin to rear. Reduced , a steal at this price !! V.G.C.
GERMAN FREIKORPS MEDAL c/w ORIGINAL RIBBON An un official medal known as the Kyffhauser Association War Commemorative medal for 1914 -18 War Veterans. Circa 1919 to 1933 when Hitler instituted the Cross of Honour and banned the plethora of un official medals.
GERMAN GENERAL ASSAULT BADGE - R.S. Good example with very sharp detail. Good straight pin. Maker marked R.S. to rear.
GERMAN GERBIRSJAGER METAL INSIGNIA - ARDENNES BRING BACK Nice piece of metal insignia, possibly from an officers visor cap . Aluminium flower mounted on red felt. The gilded centre is also over the same red felt. 2 thin prongs to the back. Might be a personalised piece, for wear on the mountain ski cap ? V.G.C. Another one of the Brenneise bring backs.
GERMAN GERBIRSJAGER SUD ( SOUTH ) TIROL (NORTHERN ITALY) BRUNECK DAY BADGE Top marks for detail on this beauty. Mountain Troops Association. Mountain and Edelweiss in relief with the Trooper in short peak ski cap in higher relief giving a superb 3 D effect.
GERMAN HEER M42 CAMO HELMET WITH WIRE - BATTLE DAMAGED - Battle damaged M42 from the battle for France after D Day. Retains most of it's original sawdust camo overpaint and the remains of a white winter camo . Shrapnel strike to the right side just above the ear which has pierced the helmet and no doubt instantly killed the soldier. What is really cool about this one is the improvised wire arrangement for holding foliage. It's possibly the spring from a truck seat or similar, fitted through the air vents and very suitable for holding any camo materials. Definitely original to the helmet with impressions on the shell where the wire has ridden up and down. Found in France. No liner as you would expect with serious damage like this but not a relic, rather a battlefield period pick up. SE 62 shell.Batch no. 2341.
GERMAN HELMET M35 KREIGSMARINE DOUBLE DECAL APPLE GREEN Extremely rare M35 double decal Kreigsmarine helmet in early apple green smooth paint. The helmet shell is maker mkd/sized ET66 on the inside apron at wearers left. The original Apple Green paint remains approx. 97% intact. The eagle decal is a text book example of early Kreigsmarine insignia with a deep golden colour and layered construction. It rates at 97%. The split pins are all matching each other and show no signs of tampering. The early aluminium re enforced liner band is maker mkd. and dated 1938. There is an acceptance dome stamp to the inside crown of the helmet that clearly shows the date 1938. The leather of the liner shows the early tanning method and rates excellent condition wise, showing only minor wear and no damage. The chin strap is original to the helmet and is in nice pliable condition. It bears a maker mark and a faint 1939 date. Servicemans name to rear apron in white and evidence of a cloth name tag to the leather. I've encountered these named labels on helmets before. This one has been removed suggesting the helmet had a previous owner. Great looking large helmet that displays nicely and is among the rarest to find in any condition. The National colours decal was given a swipe of paint to cover it as per the ordered decal drop in 1940. At some point it's been uncovered again and a large percentage of the decal is still present. Double decal Navy's are the hardest to find of any arm of service because they were produced in far fewer numbers and this is a very low price for such a rarity, examples I've seen in the market place are £2,500 plus. 100% original. The cheapest genuine apple green double out there.
GERMAN HITLER YOUTH KNIFE - RZM M7/5 Hitlerjugend Fahrtenmesser. Marked RZM & M7/5 by Carl Julius Krebs of Solingen on the blade. Retains a large percentage of it's plated finish to pommel and cross guard. This one unusually with very little or no sharpening to the blade. Original leather cushion to ricasso. Blade good, some dark spots . Handle chequered grips with some service wear. Diamond enamel good, a couple of marks to the gold swastika background, these may clean off but I sell things as they come to me. Scabbard retains a good percentage of the original black paint. Late war or replacement pebbled leather hanging strap. Good example. V.G.C.
GERMAN HJ DAF 1935 DAY BADGE Good example in die strike copper/brass with age toning.
GERMAN INTER WAR - DER STALHELM BADGE Nice example. Silvered finish with black inset text and EK. Likely plated tombak. Original pin. Stamped to base "W.D. Ges Gesch". Note, this one has the Iron Cross which is less common, most having just the " Der Stahlhelm " text. GES.GESH marked to bottom. V.G.C.
GERMAN INTER WAR REICHSWEHR PERIOD - RGT. 81 RALLY BADGE Nice Rally badge. Reichswehr eagle to top, town image and to the bottom, a shoulder board with "81 ". Nicely toned. V.G.C.
GERMAN INTERWAR 1924 STAHLHELM MEMBERSHIP BADGE Excellent example. Ges Gesch marked to back as well as a profusion of other numbers, inc. 5 -1 -24, STH (manufacturer’s mark, standing for the Stahlhof Magdeburg), and other hand etched numerals. Original pin and hook. No enamel damage. V.G.C.
GERMAN KYFERHAUSERBUND STICK PIN - MAKER MKD. - GROSSMAN Good example with undamaged enamel. Knurled pin. Number 11 ( Grossmann & Co. Vienna ) and Ges Gesch marked to rear.
GERMAN LEGION CONDOR FINGER RING Straight from a German deceased estate. Gold 3rd finger ring . Hand engraved Condor Legion jawless skull to face. Very rare
GERMAN LUFTSPORT HILFT DEUTSCHLAND ASSOCIATION DAY BADGE Nice example with frosted outer strap retaining it's silvered finish. Orange bakelite centre with metal plane in relief. V.G.C.
GERMAN LUFTWAFFE FLAK LIEUTENANTS COLLAR TAB One Look original. Removed from uniform. " Been There " example. V.G.C.
GERMAN LUFTWAFFE HERMAN GOERING RGT. TRADE PATCH A Hermann Göring Regiment Flak Artillery Armorer’s Trade Badge, constructed of a Luftwaffe blue-grey wool base, with machine-embroidered, diagonally angled and crossed antique cannon barrels, in silver-grey threads, measuring 49 mm in diameter. V.G.C.
GERMAN LUFTWAFFE O/R'S ALUMINIUM BELT BUCKLE Good aluminium example with pebbled finish. "One Looker ". Slight service wear to eagle otherwise VG. Non maker mkd.
GERMAN M16 DUCK BILL HELMET - BATTLE DAMAGED - BING A very rare front line helmet by the scarce maker G.B.N. ( Gebruder Bing), better known for their top end tin plate toys. This one has sustained battle damage with a shrapnel strike to the rear crown. It also looks like someone has then put 4 pistol rounds into the poor chap as there are outward dents with corresponding holes through the liner. The liner surprisingly is good with all 3 pads and leather band, one pad still with it's cushion and still with it's original draw string. This is the correct size 64, the only size produced by Bing and has the scarce " Duck Bill" front visor found on these models. The shell retains most of it's original field grey paint . The helmet is dusty and dirty, this is how it came to me and that is how all items go out. Superb all original combat vet.
GERMAN M16 MEDICS GERMAN HELMET I'll let this one speak for itself. All original inc. horsehair pads, even has an original undamaged chinstrap. Featured in WW1 German Militaria book a few years ago. Helmets like this are now virtually unobtainable.
GERMAN M35 CONDOR LEGION HELMET Rare Legion Condor German M35. Finished in a smooth brown paint to the shell with a tropical tan paint to the inside of the apron. This is very often the case with LC helmets and I have enclosed pics of other examples with this. Original Luftwaffe blue to the rest of the inside. All original with near absence of markings as is the norm with helmets made for export. Early single banded aluminium liner band. Full length chin strap with aluminium buckle. Ink soldier applied markings to the inside ( see pics ), one of which looks like Pz. Panzer ? I am including a Spanish eagle helmet badge which did not come with the helmet but is an original wartime piece. Great condition and not to be confused with the later Spanish made Elmetto. When the M1935 combat helmet went into production in 1935, units of the German Army (Heer) and Air Force (Luftwaffe) eagerly awaited the finished product. Much to their dissatisfaction, the first shipment of completed helmets did not reach their units until 1936. This delay, in part, was due to a number of large foreign orders that took precedence over the requests of the German Armed Services (Wehrmacht). It is important to note that German firms produced the M1935 helmet for foreign export prior to World War II. The largest of these shipments were sent to the Chinese and Spanish governments. While virtually identical to the German issued M1935, most of the exported helmets did not have the same type of liner systems found in Wehrmacht issued helmets. In addition, the majority of foreign export models were not stamped with production code numbers and maker's marks like those found on original wartime era German combat helmets. There was no standard colour brown used and it is possible the repaints were actually done in the field. When the German Condor Legion arrived in Spain , they had unilaterally painted their Luftwaffe-blue helmets brown.
GERMAN M35 DAK AFRIKA / EURO CAMO LUFTWAFFE HELMET - ARTILLERY UNIT MKD. Great looking combat helmet. This one the tan colour is the Afrika pinkish hue as opposed to European theatre ordnance tan so this guy has served in North Afrika before being transferred to either Italy or France. Then he has simply added some green spray on top of the DAK paint. Great " Been There " example, all original with good combat worn liner and full length maker mkd. and dtd. chin strap.It's definitely ex DAK, I know that pinkish colour so very possible as said before, this guy went to Italy/Sicily or another European theatre . Named and also mkd. up to a Flak/Artillery unit. Good size 66 Quist shell.
GERMAN M35 DOUBLE DECAL ARMY HELMET - NS 68 - COMPLETE Excellent helmet in early war smooth paint. Huge rare size 68. Very good Heer decal. State shield also good to about 85%. This interestingly has had a brush stroke of paint put across it in an effort to hide it as per the decal drop directive of 1940 when these shields were supposed to be removed. Obviously the lazy mans way as opposed to scraping it off. Original 1940 Maker mkd and dated chin strap. Double banded aluminium liner band. Batch no. B 2. Good leather liner which is approx a 57. All original helmet straight from an American vets foot locker and exactly as it came back in 1945. Brian Rices book confirms this helmet to be a double decal Heer of early 1940 manufacture and having a 1940 chin strap. Also they were a direct pre cursor to the M40 pattern B series helmets.
GERMAN M35 DOUBLE DECAL ARMY/ HEER HELMET Top shelf helmet. Rare early helmet in a large size. Early smooth paint to 95%. Excellent Wermacht Adler and State shield. Both are as nice as I've seen. The eagle decal is almost 100% and still very bright. State shield has some nice slight age crazing and is almost 100%. Large Q 66 shell with early lot no. 4500. Confirmed in the Ice book as having left the factory with this exact configuration around late 1937. Nice liner c/w original draw string. Chin strap although original to it is a later 1943 dtd. and maker mkd. example. Not unusual given this is an early helmet. The long end has a tear at the rivet otherwise very good with the steel buckle still retaining it's grey painted finish. All in all an excellent helmet of a quality not often found these days.
GERMAN M35 DOUBLE DECAL LUFTWAFFE HELMET - EARLY DROOP TAIL EAGLE Top shelf helmet. Very early SE 66 shell with lot no. 3345. Retaining almost all it's original smooth paint. Very nice 1st pattern Droop Tail eagle.Very good State shield. Scarce single banded aluminium liner band with hair oil darkened liner, this with it's original draw string. C/w it's period aluminium buckle chin strap. Brass helmet pins with no signs of being messed with. Great all complete original .
GERMAN M35 SE 68 SINGLE DECAL SAWDUST CAMO HELMET SIZE 68 Huge sawdust camo reissue which has been originally a double decal. Nice decal and most of the applied finish present apart from some loss in the crown area, finish remaining to around 90%. Still with it's scarce early issue single banded aluminium liner band, this as usual cracked hence the need for the later double banding. Nice sheepskin liner and still with the original draw string. Original to it aluminium buckle with Berlin maker and 1938 date, this in good supple condition. Cracking helmet and in the sought after very large size. SE 68 and lot no. 3607
GERMAN M35 SINGLE DECAL ARMY HELMET - M35 SNOW CAMO Great looking combat helmet.Large size 66 , possibly 68 shell. NS maker. Reissue helmet and ticks the boxes with the Ice book on helmet criteria on NS reissues. True front line vet this one and with a large percentage of part removed whitewash snow camo. Good decal. I can't make out the lot number due to paint but it looks like 2717. Correct zinc liner band with sheepskin and still with the original drawstring. The liner tongues are all good and pulled together at the top as I would guess it was too big for the soldier ? Good original to it full length steel buckle chin strap with an ink maker mark ( indistinct ). Large percentage of the drab field grey finish remaining and evidence of having had a camo underneath and as stated a fair amount of snow camo overpaint. A helmet that has seen a lot of action.
GERMAN M35 SINGLE DECAL HEER HELMET - ORIGINAL PARADE FINISH - COMPLETE Super helmet and rare to find one with the early smooth dark green paint finish. The silver army decal is in good shape and has toned to a nice golden colour.Size 57 liner with owners initials. NS 64 shell with batch no. 5864. Brian Ice's helmet book confirms this helmet configures exactly as to how it left the factory in late 1937. Both liner and chinstrap are great, the chin strap being maker mkd. and dated 1940. Original draw string. Helmets like this are scarcely encountered, never refinished in field grey or reissued. Letter of authenticity from Bill Shea included
GERMAN M40 ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET - QUIST Extremely nice M40 with beautiful bright decal. Q62 shell retaining almost all the original paint finish.Lot no. 365. Zinc band with pigskin liner. The Ice book on helmet codes confirms this 1st run of helmets, starting in March 1940 with both sheep and pig skin media. Came with no chin strap, I will supply a good copy one with the sale. V.G.C.
GERMAN M40 HELMET - LUFTWAFFE FIELD DIVISION SINGLE DECAL Good combat helmet. Originally Luftwaffe blue, still present on the inside apron. Overpainted in field grey for Field Division. Eagle overpainted but evident under the paint. Size 64 Quist so nice heavy helmet with particularly nice shape. Lot no. T 993 to rear skirt. Sheepskin liner on zinc band. The former with small area of staining likely from a head wound.All tongue ends intact. Luftwaffe brown chin strap in good condition but shortened by soldier. Great looking combat vet and all original.
GERMAN M40 HELMET - ZIMMERIT CAMO - Q64 - T 742 Fantastic , "One Look" combat helmet. Hand applied zimmerit type rough finish. On top of this there is a sand camo to 50%. This helmet saw more than one Theatre of Operations ! Zinc liner band with good thick sheepskin liner with all tongue ends complete and original draw string. Original strap good but with the end of the long section absent. Steel buckle. This helmet dates to 1943 and just prior to the decal drop as there is evidence of having had a single decal. Superb combat vet with a fantastic look and a heavy helmet as Quists tend to be. V.G.C.
GERMAN M40 HELMET ARMY SINGLE DECAL - ET64 Good clean helmet by Thale Iron works. Good decal. Shell retains a large percentage of it's original smooth field grey paint. Some reddish/ ochre paint around the helmet pins would indicate it possibly having had a camo applied at some point during it's working life. Great liner with just a nice amount of service wear. Original draw string present but broken. Batch no. 5491. No chin strap. Priced to sell.
GERMAN M40 HELMET ARMY SINGLE DECAL QUIST 64 - NAMED A superb all complete original combat helmet retaining almost all it's original matt field grey paint. This one is what's called a wartime re issue, i.e. updated with matt paint , re decalled in some instances and issued again. Interestingly, the decal has been applied on top of an earlier one which can just be made out on close inspection. The decal is a stunning looking army which has toned to a golden colour but in my opinion is not a Kreigsmarine. Q64 and batch no. DN 116. Good liner with 3 tongue ends slightly a/f and dark which is usually blood so this guy possibly had a head wound. Original steel buckle chin strap, good but with tip of the long section absent . Owners name " BRAUN FALKO " applied to apron. Fantastic looking helmet.
GERMAN M40 HELMET EF 66 - COMPLETE Exactly as it left the factory, verified in the Brian Rice book on German helmet codes and configurations. Field grey shell retaining most of it's paint. Sheepskin liner . Mkd. and 1940 dtd chin strap. Nice army decal which has toned to a nice gold colour.Large size. Good, clean all original examples like this are now increasingly hard to find.
GERMAN M40 HELMET NORWEGIAN ARMY POST WAR USE Now very collectable in their own right, this is a German M40 helmet re used by the Norwegian army post war. Large SE66 shell with lot no. 5072. The Ice helmet book has this as originally leaving the factory as a single decal Luftwaffe. Good red dyed liner and Norwegian roller buckle chin strap. Norwegian decal to both sides. V.G.C.
GERMAN M40 QUIST ARMY SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET - NAMED Very good example of a Heer single decal. Very good adler with only a small abrasion to top corner of the shield. Retains almost all it's drab field grey paint. Zinc and sheepskin liner system with soldiers name "PISCHKE" in ink. Steel buckle chin strap. Q 62 with lot no. 4768 Very nice clean helmet.
GERMAN M40 SINGLE DECAL ARMY COMBAT HELMET - 1941 DATED CHINSTRAP Good "Been There" combat helmet retaining the majority of it's rough field grey re issue paint. All original "One Looker". Unusually with full length maker marked and 1941 dated steel buckle chin strap. Liner in combat worn condition and with 2 tongue ends a/f. Zinc band with fracture. There is scratched owners details to the inside of the apron but indistinct. EF 64 shell with batch no. 11763. Remains of army decal. Good honest American vet Bring Back that did'nt sit out the war. Now hard to find untouched originals like this.
GERMAN M40 SINGLE DECAL ARMY - ZIMMERIT - NAMED One Look stunner ! This is just how you want to find a helmet. Good army decal . Zimmerit overpaint . Size 64 with a 67 liner. Lot details painted over. Liner good with all tongue ends intact,original draw string present but broken. Named to Utfz. Bruggemon with what looks like a Feldpost number below. Full length chin strap with maker details to the end. One Looker ! V.G.C.
GERMAN M40 SINGLE DECAL SNOW CAMO HELMET - BATTLE DAMAGED Very good Russian Front relic. M40 white snow camo. Single army decal clearly visible. Serious battle damage. Liner band present. Maker, codes etc. not visible.Very solid. On hold till end of May. Great looking piece and a poignant reminder of the savage fighting on the Eastern Front. Found near Leningrad.
GERMAN M42 HEER SINGLE DECAL HELMET - NAMED Perthshire Black Watch soldier bring back and just found in his garage when the family were clearing his house. Mid 1943 ET ckl helmet size 64, lot no. is indistinct but looks like 2781 ? Correct zinc and sheepskin liner system for that period. Liner although in good supple condition has one tongue missing. Named to soldier in ink and another name is part present next to the missing tongue so it would appear to have been issued twice. Original steel buckle chin strap with field repair . Good bright decal. Good percentage of original field grey matt paint. One Look original vet bring back.
GERMAN M42 HELMET - GREEN CAMO - AMERICAN VET BRING BACK "One Look" Combat helmet . Thick, likely hand applied Grass Green camo paint over the field grey. This camo I associate with the period after the crossing of the Rhine when the Germans were fighting on their own soil. ET 64 ckl 3107. Dates to late '44 / 1945. Correct configuration with the Rice code book of zinc band with sheepskin liner and slate grey paint. Liner good although the leather is dry. All tongue ends complete No chinstrap. Superb looking combat vet that did'nt sit out the war. Comes with an old business card from the original vendor. American veteran bring back. V.G.C.
GERMAN M42 LUFTWAFFE SD HELMET Lovely early M42 I sold to a customer 20years ago and just got it back. All complete and with Luftwaffe brown chin strap, full length mkd. and dated. Large size 66. The liner band is from the transition period from M40 to 42 where they were still using M40 components. I've checked this out and it all tallies exactly as it should and the 1st of the M42's could have sheepskin leather as opposed to pig skin that dominated later in the war. Helmets as clean as this are now difficult to obtain and it's a very fair price.
GERMAN M42 LUFTWAFFE SD HELMET - VERY LARGE SIZE 68 - PROVENANCE Superb example which was a vet bring back from Kiel at the end of the war. It was brought back by Douglas Reeman, famous writer of Naval histories who was a that time the skipper of an MTB.On VE day he was in Copenhagen , arriving in Kiel 3 days later. Rare size 68 retaining almost all it's finish and a good decal. Liner good. No chin strap although I have a late war RB numbered strap that would look good on this which I would offer to the buyer for an additional £150. Nice helmet, nice provenance.
GERMAN M42 SINGLE DECAL ARMY HELMET - K.I.A. Not for the squeamish this one. Trophy vet bring back. Size 64 shell. Blood soaked liner and chin strap ends. Chin strap cut. Good decal.
GERMAN MARINE-SA SACHSEN 1939 DAY BADGE Very good example bakelite tinnie. Lovely detail. RZM M9/4 and maker marked to rear. Original pin. Scarce.
GERMAN MESSERSCHMITT ME 109 RELIC GROUP INC. OFFICERS COLLAR TAB Relic group from a shot down Me 109 purportedly during the Battle of Britain but I have no proof of this to back up the vendors claim. Comprises engine parts, cannon shell and smaller calibre rounds . Also a flight officers yellow backed collar tab attached to a piece of his uniform collar. This on it's is a sought after item as is any uniform cut off. Nicely mounted on a card board.
GERMAN NAZI 1914-1934 TANNENBERG DAY BADGE Good early tinnie with nice age patina. Tannenberg was probably the most crushing defeat by the Russians in WW1. Swaz to middle. V.G.C.
GERMAN NAZI FLAG One piece silk screened Nazi flag. Size it's 115 cm x 77 cm. Excellent condition for age.
GERMAN NAZI SWASTIKA SILVER/ENAMEL RING Very attractive ring with unusual orange enamel face with no chips or damage. Oak leaves with sharp detail to shanks. Maker mkd. " F.J." and 800 (silver) stamps to inside. 3rd finger size. Scarce pattern.
GERMAN NSDAP 10 YEAR SERVICE CROSS Thicker type made with heavy quality metal with a bronze finish.
GERMAN NSDAP PARTY BADGE Nice RZM & maker marked M1/14 example. Pin back. Condition is good over all.
GERMAN NSDAP PARTY BADGE BY FOERSTER & BARTH Pre 1939 NSDAP party badge. Superb condition for age. Marked RZM & M1/77 to rear for Foerster & Barth - Pforzheim.
GERMAN NSDAP PARTY BADGE BY FRANK & REIF RZM & maker marked M1/102 for Frank & Reif - Stuttgart
GERMAN NSDAP PARTY BADGE BY W. DEUMER - BUTTON HOLE PAINTED ENAMEL Rare version of painted enamel button hole NSDAP party badge. Very good condition. Pre 1939, RZM & maker marked M1/120 for Wilhelm Deumer-Ludenscheid. It is easier to find a enamel button hole version than this one.
GERMAN NSKK DAGGER - SCHUTTELHOFER SOLINGEN Good straight out the weeds untouched NSKK dagger. As per SA model but with a black scabbard. All original. Good handle with nickel eagle and SA device. Black painted scabbard retaining a good percentage of paint. Plated mounts good with no dents to ball. Blade with ALLES FUR DEUTCHLAND motto and RZM M7/13 (Arthur Schüttelhöfer & Co). Nice tight fit with dagger and scabbard. One Looker
GERMAN NSKK LAPEL PIN Nice badge with RZM mark and M1 / 72 to rear. Retaining most of it's original silver wash and black paint. Good original pin.
GERMAN OFFICIALS GAU VERDEN CUFF TITLE Excellent condition removed from uniform . Blue with gold lettering. Printed. From a collection of vet bring backs I bought locally 25 years ago. The Nazais set up 43 Gau or districts. The Gau was identical to a Civil Defense region. Similar title featured on page 45 of the Fowler book " Nazi Regalia ".
GERMAN P.O.W. U S A RING Big chunky ring. Silver/enamel. Large 3rd finger size. American Eagle to shank. Enamel undamaged. Maker marked and "Sterling" stamped. Slight use wear otherwise very good.
GERMAN P38 SOFT SHELL HOLSTER. Combat worn . Supple leather.No markings . All stitching good. 2 small cuts to the leather below the magazine pouch. One that did'nt sit out the war.
GERMAN PANZER JAWLESS COLLAR SKULLS Beautiful matched pair of Panzer collar badges. From collection of bring backs from the Battle of the Bulge.
GERMAN PARA FALSCHIRMJAGER DIVING EAGLE - UNIFORM CUT OFF Rare cloth version of the Diving Eagle awarded to Falschirmjager troops. This one cut from uniform. Some moth but the real deal.
GERMAN PARATROOPER GRAVITY KNIFE - HELBIG Very nice clean gravity knife in good working order.. Clean blade with clear motto. No darkening , pitting or other issues. The slab grips are first class, no nicks, notches or names. Marked spike. Finish to metal parts very clean with no loss or pitting. Spring very good and this knife does what it's supposed to do, no tip peeking out when locked. All in all as nice an example as your likely to find and scarce by this maker. VGC
GERMAN PARATROOPER GRAVITY KNIFE - SMF Good example of this scarce bit of kit.Good wood slab grips. Springs good and working as it should. Nice deep incised motto of a king wearing his crown and Solingen rust free. 2 small dings to sharp edge. Good honest " Been There" piece. Very nice overall
GERMAN PARATROOPER TAKE DOWN GRAVITY KNIFE - SMF- EXPORT ONLY Very good example of the scarce take down version of the Luftwaffe/ Fallschirmjager gravity knife. Good blade, good strong spring so does what it's supposed to do.Great slab grips. Blade clean and not sharpened with sharp motto. Matching nos. No Luftampt stamp to spike which is not unusual on a take down. All comes apart nicely. V.G.C. and all original. Not one of the very clever Polish fakes going around , this is the real deal. Export sale only
GERMAN PRE WW1 EARLY PATTERN LARGE BELT BUCKLE Good scarce example. Service wear. one small split on top corner (see photo). Size 6.4 cm x 5 cm.
GERMAN REICHSPARTEITAG 1936 & 1937 DAY BADGES 2 large day badges for yearly party rallies held in Nuremburg. 1936 badge marked "G. DANNER MÜHLHAUSEN THÜR" and 1937 badge marked "FOERSTER & BARTH PFORZHEIM".
GERMAN RUBY EYE SKULL RING WITH TAG Lovely ring c/w it\'s original jewellers tag, one of 28 found in an old jewellers in Frankfurt. Good detail skull with serpent and oak leaf shank. Pinky size. Maker and silver content stamped (835). Last one. Mint
GERMAN S.A. SÜDMARK (AUSTRIA) PARTY SUPPORTERS BUTTON HOLE BADGE Rare brass/enamel button hole badge for SA Südmark (Austria) NSDAP supporters.
GERMAN SA 1934 SPORTS DAY BADGE - STURMBANN Ⅱ/29 Rare SA SPORTWETTKAMPF tinny for Sturmbann Ⅱ/29. Good details in copper. Approx. size 4.2 cm x 3.2 cm. pin back.
GERMAN SA DAGGER - RZM M/7/13 - SCHUTTELHOFER Straight from Geordie vets son. Good untouched example by Arthur Schuttelhofer of Solingen Wald. Original scabbard painted finish largely intact. Nice grain to wood and retaining it's original finish snug with the wood and handle mounts. Same with the handle insignia the fit is tight , no shrinkage to wood. Plated nickel mounts. Top mount has two surface hairline cracks to surface only , not going all the way or even partially through. Blade good , uncleaned with sharp tip Snug fit with the dagger and scabbard. Ball on scabbard bottom undented. Good clean fresh to the market example by a good maker.
GERMAN SA DAGGER - SMF Good early example. Nickel silver fittings. Nice tight fit between scabbard and dagger. Sharp handle insignia with no damage. Nice deep etching on the the blade motto and largely retains the black finish to motto. Etching on this and the maker logo is beautifully done. Bright finish remaining to blade and no pitting , faint runner marks as usual. Gau marked " No " to crossguard. Good scabbard with original finish and no dents to end ball. Very faint small hairline surface crack on the wood below tightening nut on pommel, this common on SMF's , only visible on close inspection. The solid nickel scabbard fittings look great and have nicely patinaed with age. They match the crossguards in color, patina and condition. All four original scabbard screws remain tight and intact. The scabbard / crossguard fit is perfect . The redwood handle looks excellent! There are no flakes or chips. The grip / crossguard fit is near perfect! The nickel silver eagle retains it's beautiful detail with no rubbing or damage. The SA roundel has a perfect fit and retains all of its enamel. A fine example of an early SA Dagger!
GERMAN SA SPORT BADGE - 1934 1934 Sports Badge to the SA. Aluminium. Original pin. 5.5 CM from sword tip to bottom. Nicely age toned. Rare. V.G.C.
GERMAN SILVER SKULL RING - CHEAP Stamped 830 (German silver) inside ring. Heavy solid example, large 3rd finger size. Good condition with only light wear. Cast not die struck so chunkier . Absolute bargain at this price
GERMAN STALHELM BUTTON Inter War Stahlhelm organisation tunic button. Age toned. V.G.C.
GERMAN TANK ASSAULT BADGE - ALBERT STUBBE BERLIN Excellent "One Look" original Tank Assault Award. Albert Stubbe logo to rear. Ball hinge with needle pin. Nice convex type . Lovely untouched example with nice age patina.
GERMAN THIRD REICH SCHLESIEN GAUTAG 1936 DAY BADGE Very striking day badge. Cast alloy with well detailed face. 3 heads of SA Man, Soldier and worker. Town in the back ground with swastikas either side of the Tor. Retaining all it's finish. Scarce
GERMAN VDK RHINELAND-PFALZ DAY BADGE Scarce Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge ( German War Graves Commission) Rhineland-Pfalz day badge
GERMAN WW1 / WW2 - 4 RIBBON MEDAL BAR Nice set. Comprises, WW1 Iron Cross, War Merit Cross with Swords for Combatants, WW2 KVK with swords and Hungarian War Service. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW1 / WW2 RIBBON BAR Nice 3 medal set comprising, WW1 Iron Cross, Wurttenberg Service Medal and WW2 War Merit with Gold Swords. Marked Tz within a circle to rear on metal bar. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW1 & WW2 - 4 MEDAL RIBBON BAR Nice WW1 EK winner who then saw active service in WW2. Nicce untouched original bar . V.G.C.
GERMAN WW1 BUTCHERS BAYONET - C.G.HAENEL SUHL Good early example by scarce maker, C.G.HAENEL SUHL. 1913 dated to spine. Early steel/leather scabbard. Leather excellent for age. Ribbed wood grips A.1..Working button.Blade very good with no rust or pitting.
GERMAN WW1 EK1 CONVEX SCREWBACK - 800 SILVER Nice convex dome shape screwback example. 800 sliver mark to rear.
GERMAN WW1 ERSATZ BAYONET Very good example. This good overall with some dark patches but no pitting. Good handle with working sprung button. Scabbard very good. Total length 17 ½ inch. 12¼ inch (311 mm) blade.
GERMAN WW1 FIGHTING KNIFE This is an original WW1 Era German Trench Dagger. It has a Stag Horn handle with 3 rivets. The knife has a 3.5" single edged blade nicely marked 'Solingen Rostfrei' and makers logo" OTHELLO" and trademark head. The blade is exceptionally clean with good point and no pitting or damage. It measures 8 1/2" overall. The dagger is complete with original brown leather sheath with German Silver throat mount and end piece. This one is in exceptional condition with good leather, perfect stag horn grips and high quality blade.
GERMAN WW1 HINDENBURG WIDOWS CROSS Good scarce example given to mothers of KIA combatants. Also known as the Black Cross or Widows Cross. Given to mothers and widows Marked C.P. to rear. OIriginal ribbon. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW1 HUNTING / FIGHTING KNIFE - HUBERTUS SOLINGEN Good example of a fighting knife from the Great War. Stiletto style With pressed leather ringed handle and brass cross guard. Blade with some darkening but no pitting. To the the ricasso, the Hubertus trade mark and the other side with SOLINGEN. Good leather scabbard with nickel tip and belt loop and retaining strap both these have working studs. Original and untouched.
GERMAN WW1 M16 HELMET - S.i. 66 Good original helmet by scarce maker "S.i." ( Eisenhutton werks Schlesien ) in Silesia. Size 66 so correct non stepped lugs for this large size. Leather liner band, this has " Breslau 1916 " stamped to the inside. 2 of the 3 liner pads present, no cushions. Liner band good, pads with good leather, not frail but tongue ends a/f and one pad has a tear. Price is fair for a total original but with liner issues.
GERMAN WW1 M17 CAMO HELMET C/W CHINSTRAP - ET66 One Look original German WW1 trench helmet in an interesting 2 tone autumn camo of green and brick red with fine line black separation. The helmet is complete. Chrome leather liner pads in good supple condition and with all tongue ends intact. Horsehair pads are there on 2 of the pads, the third has a piece of leather instead, this would appear to be period and as the rest of the helmet is sleepy so I have no doubts this is how it was worn.Metal liner band as per M17 configuration. Rare original to it chin strap, present and complete and decent for it's age and to get a chinstrap on one of these helmets is extremely rare. Large size ET 66.No stepped lugs as found on the big sizes. Stamped ET66 to apron and there is a crown stamping although it's indistinct. Great front line helmet and not one of the many spurious fake camos out there, this one is the real deal.
GERMAN WW1 MODEL STAHLHELM BELT BUCKLE Lovely example remaining almost all it\'s paint finish. Good detail. Very scarce.
GERMAN WW1 PORTRAIT WITH PICKLEHAUBE SWEETHEART BROOCH Lovely sweetheart brooch. Size 3.4 cm diameter. Maker marked to rear.
GERMAN WW1/WW2 TRANSITIONAL HELMET COMPLETE I've left this one exactly as it came in, c/w with it's full length mkd. chinstrap. Now most helmets I see have no chin straps because sellers remove them and sell separately for £150/160 pounds on their own. Originally a blue grey this has been overpainted period in correct field grey . This with a percentage of flaking. Excellent M35 pattern, clean, size 56 liner and maker mkd. full length chinstrap. This is the WW1 M18 or Austrian type shell with no strap fixings on the inside of the apron. Mkd. to crown " N.O. " Transitional helmets, i.e. WW1 helmets fitted with WW2 type liners were used inter war during the Nazi period, and wartime they were used primarily by 2nd line troops. Take off the price of the chin strap and this makes it a very cheap helmet.
GERMAN WW2 2ND PATTERN ARMY MARKSMANS LANYARD'S BADGE Badge from the Marksmans lanyard.Good condition . The 4 retaining pins present. Nicely toned.Well detailed.
GERMAN WW2 RAILWAY PROTECTION POLICE BEVO CAP INSIGNIA Scarce cap eagle for the Schutz Polizei. Bevo. Mint unissued condition.
GERMAN WW2 RED CROSS MEMBERS BADGE Nice example with no damage to red/black enamel. Marked E.L.M. GES. GESCH to rear.
GERMAN WW2 SINGLE DECAL ARMY DAK M40 CAMO HELMET Nice combat helmet brought back by an American serviceman from Tunisia. Remains of distinctive DAK camo to around 40% of the shell. SE 64 with Lot No. 11826. Army decal. Liner complete with tearing along the lower leading edge at one part. Typically real tropical theatre helmets have issues with dryness to the liner. Tongue ends complete complete. No chinstrap. A genuine North Afrika campaign helmet at a fraction of the normal cost and one that did'nt sit out the war.
GERMAN WW2 VEHICLE MEDICAL KIT BOX & CONTENTS - SS ATTRIBUTED ? A super " Been There" late war item being the combat medical tin carried in most 3rd Reich vehicles. This example left the factory in the standard late war ordnance tan and has seen a fair bit of action . Lid has a Red Cross symbol to the centre and black stencilled " VERBANDKAFTEN" ( Dressing Box). Finish is worn and with some rust bleed. One of the 2 snap clips is a/f. There are various elements of the first aid items contained inside .To the inner lid there is a paper label which is SS mkd. As with all SS items these days I'm very suspicious but this is how it came to me years ago and it has age wear commensurate with the rest of the box. So it's make up your own mind on this and I've priced the box as a standard kit not with an SS price. The reason I'm not guaranteeing this 100% an SS item is, I've never had one before. No doubt this will not stop the many Instant Experts out there making a comment as to whether it is or not. Make up your own mind, either way it's a fairly priced original medical box and if it turns out to be SS your are" Quids In" as they say. A very cool item that would look great in a combat display with helmets, mannequins or similar.
GERMAN WW2 - 1937 - HELMAT UND SCHULFEST - WOOD BADGE Beautiful painted wood badge. intricate construction using 5 pieces of wood. Hand painted and retaining bright colours, no fading. 300 year commemoration . Rare. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 - 2 MEDALS WITH PACKETS AND DOCUMENTS One mans medals. Russian Front and War Merit Cross with Swords. Both Awards come with the citation and packet of issue. Awarded to Obergefreiten Werner Urban of Medical company 2/4. KVK has a mkd ring, “14". Nice complete package to an Eastern Front vet. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 - 3 RIBBON BAR Nice group. Comprises Russian Front, KVK with Swords and Silesian Eagle. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 - DLV BELT BUCKLE - MKD & DTD. - LBA MKD Very good example. Retains most of it's silvered finish . Pebbled aluminium. Black painted swaz. Leather tang with faint Nurmberg maker details, 1938 date and Luftwaffe LBA stamp. Really good quality buckle in exceptional condition.
GERMAN WW2 - FALLSCHRIMJAGER ( PARAS ) - SOLDIERS - SUD FRONT PERIOD PRINT Nice period print from likely the Italian / Greek campaigns. 3 Paras, 2 with MG and one with MP and all in tropical uniform with tropical camo painted helmets. MG is also camo painted. In period frame and has never been opened. Out of Germany 20 years ago. Great action , possibly posed propaganda shot and shows paras in a combat situation. Good size 13 x 9 and a half inches. Rare. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 - KREIGSMARINE BLOCKADE RUNNERS AWARD - PLACZEK / SCHWERIN Nice original retaining most of the finish to the silvered eagle and grey finish to almost 100%. Coke bottle pin. Nicely maker marked to rear. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 - LUFTWAFFE FIELD DIVISION M35 - D/D - CHICKEN WIRE - EF 64 Exceptional combat helmet. M35 Luftwaffe double decal re issue. Original Luftwaffe blue paint under the field grey over paint. Both decals visible under the paint. Early Droop Tail eagle. Faint dome stamp. The short part of the brown chinstrap has a clear " L.B.A. " stamping. EF64 with Lot No. 20355. This configures exactly with the Brian Ice helmet code book . Double banded alu. liner band , d/d Luft , ( both 1st and 2nd pattern eagles ) and recorded as having left the factory in 1938 Full galvanised period chicken wire basket with a couple of small breaks but in overall excellent condition. Good double banded aluminium and good condition sheepskin liner with all tongue ends complete. Square D rings. Soldiers name painted to rear apron , " EICHENAUER ". Original chin strap with aluminium buckle. This has been cut so possibly a casualty , the condition is not the best but the LBA stamp makes up for it.. Dry stored so not a lot of rust between the shell and wire and interaction is less common with galvanised wire, that said, the basket is most definitely original to the helmet which came direct from the vets family 12 years ago and was bought by me from a big shooter on WAF ( name to buyer ). Great " One Look " original combat helmet. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 - NATIONAL SOCIALIST FLUG TAG 1932 LAUEN BADGE Rare very early NSDAP related Air Day rally badge. Die struck toned brass, Features glider and swas over an egle with folded wings. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 - RBK Original German NSDAP (Nazi Party) Reichsbund der Korperbehinderten Member lapel badge. Original membership pins of the Reichsbund der Körperbehinderten (Reich Association for the Physically Handicapped) are not seen very often. This organization stood contrary to the general ideology of the Nazis who promoted a race of physically and mentally fit. Those who did not fit into that category often became victims of the euthanasia program. The disabled veterans of World War One were organized in the NSKOV. The RBK must have been a rather small organization and therefore this badge must be considered a rare find! Good condition. One tiny chip to top of enamel. Art Deco style with black & white enamel on brass. Part of the NSV . Marked “GES. GESCH.” to reverse. 19mm . This is a very low price , normally these command around 300 US Dollars. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 1941 DTD. MOTORCYLE DISPATCH RIDERS GOGGLES Very good condition pair of army issue motor cycle goggles . These are not being mis sold as Luftwaffe flying goggles as most I see are. Good clear lenses and with the rims still retaining most of their original paint. Rubber eye cups still supple with no perishing or brittleness. Broad original elasticated head strap good. Shown here on a Normandy camo helmet, this obviously not included in the sale.
GERMAN WW2 6 BY 30 BINOS C/W BAKELITE CASE- BUSCH Made by BUSCH of Rathenow. Graticules. Some specks of dirt to lenses.Original leather neck strap. Black crackling has some loss in the holding area due to use. C/W their original black bakelite case in good condition and still with the belt loops and shoulder strap.Padded top.Maker marks ( see photos). Good " Been There" combat vets.
GERMAN WW2 AFRIKA KORPS RING A good large size example of the rings made fro DAK soldiers in tripoli by local tradesmen. Palm tree and swastika and "DAK 1941" to Gold face. Palm tree and mosque etched to broad part of shank. Good heavy example.
GERMAN WW2 AFRIKA KORPS RING Nice original In Theatre made example. Hand scripted details to the face " DAK 1941 " and the Afrika korps symbol of palm tree and swastika. Also symbols to the shanks. ( see photos ). Good size for large 3rd finger or thin middle finger. These rings were made by local artisans for occopation troops. Often manufactured from coins. The Real Deal. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 AFRIKA KORPS RING - 800 SILVER Good example of the sought after Italian made pattern ring. Dak motif of Palm tree and Swastika with DAK 1941 below.Mosque to shanks. Marked 800 (silver) to outside shank. Good size for large 3rd finger. Some service wear but nice original piece.
GERMAN WW2 ARMY BREAST EAGLE REMOVED FROM THE TUNIC Good honest bevo Heer breast eagle made in cotton with silk thread. Removed from uniform example with some age staining to swastika. Good condition One Looker
GERMAN WW2 ARMY CLOSE COMBAT CLASP - FRIEDRICH LINDEN, LÜDENSCHEID Cracking clasp in bronze. FLL mkd. Also markings for the designer Peekhaus Berlin. Markings in relief. Stout original pin & hook. Nicely age toned and uncleaned. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 ARMY FOUR YEAR SERVICE MEDAL Very nice example retaining most of it's original silvered finish.Replacement ribbon but medal came with a box of vet bring backs I got from from a former Desert Rat vet's family.
GERMAN WW2 ARMY M35 DOUBLE DECAL HELMET- ZIMMERIT CAMO Good example of a very early M35 which left the factory between Autumn and December 1935. Heavy textured period applied zimmerit camo overpaint. Decals exposed. The original early apple green paint is evident in the crown .which Dome stamp. Good supple liner with scarce Braunsweig makers details embossed into the leather and with the original draw string and size 58. Zinc liner band with square aluminium D rings. Large ET66 shell with Lot No. 2441 ? Chin strap full length and maker mkd. but broken / cut in one place, otherwise very good and with aluminium buckle. Army decal near complete but worn back. State shield to 30%. All original combat helmet which but for the decals being uncovered would be £1300 plus. Rare to find such an early helmet which was in the 2nd run to leave Eisenwerke Thale. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 ARMY M40 WHITE WASH CAMO HELMET American vet bring back so likely the Ardenne . Complete helmet with sheepskin liner with soldiers name in ink. Seam is towards the front which is not uncommon and I've had/seen this on many other helmets. Full length chin strap. ET maker, size and lot number indistinct. Smallish size, likely a 62 shell. Sold to me as Kreigsmarine but I believe this to be a toned army decal. Decal in good shape . Good covering of whitewash. Really nice " Been There " combat helmet.
GERMAN WW2 ARMY M43 CAP Nice One Look original. A bit dirty but no moth or damage. Correctly sewn insignia. Size 55/56. Late war example. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 ARTILLERY SHOULDER BOARD WW2 German should board. Red waffenfarbe for artillery. Single pip. Rayon lined.
GERMAN WW2 BINOCULARS - 6 BY 30 C/W RAIN GUARD AND HANGING STRAP - NAMED Excellent combat used set of binos. Ordnance tan with plenty of service wear to grips. Bakelite eye pieces. Neck strap with rubber rain cover. Scarce leather hanging strap. As they came and were a vet bringback and obviously the property of a front line soldier with the commensurate wear. Name scratched to front " Friedrich " Clear lenses
GERMAN WW2 BLACK WOUND BADGE Good One Look original. Black finish on brass. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 BLACK WOUND BADGE - MAKER MARKED 65 Wound badge in black. Maker marked "65" for Klein & Quenzer A.G., Idar/Oberstein. From a collection of British vet bring backs , ( see pics ). Excellent condition.
GERMAN WW2 BOXED MOTHERS CROSS GOLD AWARD Full length ribbon. Makers name on inside of the case,”Richard Sieper & Sohne. Ludenscheid".
GERMAN WW2 CASED EK1 (IRON CROSS 1ST CLASS) - GEBR. GODET & CO. Mint cased example. Marked L/50 to rear for Gebr. Godet Co..
GERMAN WW2 CASED EK1 SPANGE - MEYER Beautiful sleeper straight from the vets house via his niece. Cased spange in it's original box. Correct no maker marks for a Meyer. Never seen the light of day since 1945. As nice as they come and still with it's original silver frosting
GERMAN WW2 COASTAL ARTILLERY AWARD Good non maker marked early war example.Very well detailed. Some gilded finish remaining to the laurel wreath and black finish to the water. Well defined features as found on pre zinc types.
GERMAN WW2 CONDOR LEGION - SPANISH BLACK WOUND BADGE - BLADES FIXING Superb scarce piece especially having having blades instead of a pin. Most likely for an officer. Black Wound Abzeichen awarded for up to 2 wounds. Die struck blackened brass. WW1 type helmet with swastika. This is the version of the wound badge that was presented to the wounded German Volunteers of the Condor Legion ( the German Forces that participated in the Spanish Civil War 1936 - 1939) on the side of General Franco. The badge was based on the WW1 Wound badge of the Imperial Army with the addition of the Swastika. It was presented to all branches of the military , same badge for the Wehrmacht, Kriegsmarine and the Luftwaffe. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 DRL BRONZE AWARD Good genuine example and the last of the Awards brought back from the Battle of the Bulge American interpreter Ehud Brenneise. Rare maker Fritz Kohm - Pforzheim. Hook absent. otherwise VGC
GERMAN WW2 EASTERN FRONT POSTCARD Nice original. Some yellowing and spotting but easily identified as an original.
GERMAN WW2 EDLEWEISS ON RED BACKING PATCH INSIGNIA Nice piece. Mountain troops edelweiss possibly from a visor cap. Bi metal with a small red felt behind the brass centre. Circular felt behind the silvered part. 2 thin prong fixings to rear. Scarce. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 EK2 (IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS) Very nice example c/w original ribbon. Uncleaned , as found . Pretty much all paint remaining . No rubbing or damage. Unmarked ring. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 EK2 AND SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS - K.I.A. Very nice grouping to a infantry sergeant of Grenadier Rgt. 435. Comprises EK2 with original ribbon. Award citation named to him, Rare condolence document sent to his family and a photograph of his grave, both photo and frame are wartime pieces. Unusual to get such a complete group and the condolence document were only sent in small numbers. All items are in good condition.
GERMAN WW2 EK2 SPANGE Early Bar to the Iron cross in nickel silver. Nicely detailed. 2 out of 4 fixing blades absent to rear otherwise very good condition. The 2nd Class Spange to the Iron Cross 1939 was awarded to servicemen who has received the Iron Cross 2nd Class in WWI and would have earned the 2nd Class Iron Cross in WWII.
GERMAN WW2 FALLSCHRIMJAGER POSTCARD -WILLRICH Wolf Willrich postcard showing Oberst Bruno Bräuer, the victorious Nazi paratrooper at Dordrecht and Moerdijk in Holland in May 1940, for which he received the Ritterkreuz. It is Willrich VDA card number P1 R10 Nr 1 published by the Volksbund für das Deutschtum im Ausland in Berlin. Great condition.
GERMAN WW2 FELDGENDARMERIE GORGET A now rare item. Good early war example. Heavy and chunky construction. Retaining most of it's luminous paint and plating to both chain and gorget. Felt at the back has mothing. Strong heavy pins to the rear. Uncleaned and exactly as it came to me along with another late war example. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 FELDGENDARMERIE GORGET - VET BRING BACK Nice Polizei gorget from a collection of items brought back by one of the soldiers present at the liberation of Bergen Belsen . I have a pdf copy of his letter home which makes grim reading ( this comes with the sale ). Uncleaned as it came to me from his son. Radium finish present to almost 100%. Late war card type backing. Uncleaned. Chain good. One Look original with sound provenance and purchased straight from the family. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 GAUAPPELL 1936 SACHSEN DAY BADGE Commemorative tinny in alloy. Marked 20-21 JUNE 1936 WÄCHTLER & LANGE MITTAWEIDA to rear. There are copies on the market but this is 100% original.
GERMAN WW2 GERMAN OFFICERS COAT Good large size, full length leather coat in wearable condition. Leather still supple. Fits 40/42 chest and suits up to 6' 2''. Good liner with very faint stamps which looks like " V A 1939 ? . There are other numbers but very faint. One belt loop torn but could be easily stitched. Buttons are a full matching set of WW2 period replacements. Offered at a very low price but check out the postal costs as the weight is 5 kilos.
GERMAN WW2 GOLD WOUND BADGE - HAUPTMNZAMT WIEN Great example with almost all its gold finish remaining. Marked 30 at rear for "Hauptmnzamt Wien". Superb.
GERMAN WW2 GOLD WOUND BADGE - HAUPTMÜNZAMT, WIEN Originally a gold wound badge but lost all it's gold paint on the front. Remaining trace of gold paint at the back and on the pin. Marked "30" for Austrian maker "HAUPTMÜNZAMT, WIEN"
GERMAN WW2 GOLD WOUND BADGE BOXED - HAUPTMÜNZAMT WIEN AUSTRIA Good original mid war zinc example. Gold finish now gone from as often is the way with zinc but still has gold pin. Maker mkd. to rear "30". Good original box and not a marraige. WAF posted for comments, all good.Confirmed as a gold example. Box still with blue makers label to underside.
GERMAN WW2 HEER BELT & BUCKLE SET - LARGE Good combat worn belt and buckle set .Early pebbled aluminium Army buckle, non maker mkd. still with it's leather tab. Tab has makers lozenge but the details are indistinct. Belt condition is good with service wear. Stamped with a " 90 ". Large size approx, 36 inch waist approx. Not one that sat out the war this one. Nice One Look original.
GERMAN WW2 HITLER YOUTH 1939 LAPEL BADGE - RZM & MAKER MARED Great example with RZM & maker marked to rear.
GERMAN WW2 HITLER YOUTH JUGENDFEST 1943 BADGE Scarce version. Good honest condition for age.
GERMAN WW2 HJ 1935 JUGENDFEST BADGE Good example retainning most of its silver finish.
GERMAN WW2 HJ 1937 JUGENDFEST BADGE Good detail retainning most of it's silver finish.
GERMAN WW2 HJ PROFICIENCY AWARD LAPEL BADGE Scarce miniature version of the Hitler Youth Sports badge. Late war uncleaned example as it came to me. M1 / 63 and RZM mkd. to back. Original pin.
GERMAN WW2 INFANTRY OFFICERS VISOR CAP Fantastic looking cap with high saddle shape. Officers early bullion cap eagle and cockade. Tri cot material. No moth. To the underside of the left hand overhang there is a brown stain which is either blood or iodine. Officers cap cords.White piped for infantry. Padded sides. Inside of the cap has really nice sweat staining and service wear. Celluloid diamond present but detached in part. A good quality cap with a lot of attitude which did'nt sit out the war. Size 56 approx.Nice early One Look original.
GERMAN WW2 INFANTRY VISOR CAP Super large size all original early war mans visor. Size approx. 60 cm. Early insignia never removed so no holes in lining. Slight moth tracking to crown. White piped. Celluloid diamond good with clear maker details. Good chin strap. Total " One Look " original.
GERMAN WW2 IRON CROSS / EK2 - 113 MARKED RING Lovely example with nice detail. Good condition and age toning. Complete with original long ribbon.
GERMAN WW2 IRON CROSS 1ST CLASS - L12 - JUNCKER Very nice example by C.E. JUNCKER - BERLIN. Mkd. coke bottle pin. Uncleaned. Crisp detail. Nice age toning. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 IRON CROSS 1ST CLASS ( EK1 ) - 26 MKD. MEYER PFORZHEIM Very good example by B.H. Meyer Pforzheim. All black paint remaining. Light surface rust to this. Nickel with nice age toning. Coke bottle pin impressed with number 26. V.G.C
GERMAN WW2 IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS Good honest condition.
GERMAN WW2 IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS - MARKED RING 55 Good honest example EK2 with 55 stamped on the ring. Original uncleaned.
GERMAN WW2 IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS SPANGE Nice condition 2nd Class Spange of the Iron Cross as awarded to recipients of the EK2 in WW1 who also won the award during WW2. Missing 2 of it's 4 prongs otherwise VGC. From the collection of Battle of the Bulge bring backs .
GERMAN WW2 K98 BAYONET & FROG - MATCHING NOS. Very good example,JWH maker mkd. and matching nos. to both scabbard and blade. This one also has Waffenampt stamps and even has markings to the scabbard ball. Condition on this one very good. Bakelite grips. Good brown leather frog. Soldiers name to rear of frog ( indistinct).
GERMAN WW2 KREIGSMARINE BELT & BUCKLE This another item from a group that came from a vets son. The vet having been present at the liberation of Belsen. Rb. Numbered belt , this with a small tear to the leather where it's been left folded over a period of time. Blue painted Kreigsmarine buckle. Maker mkd. and dtd. - B & N - 43. Name and a email copy of his letter home from Belsen to buyer.
GERMAN WW2 KREIGSMARINE BELT BUCKLE - JFS Scarce blue painted belt buckle referred to as the Navy buckle although it's likely late war the army were also using these buckles. Very nice condition and retaining most of it;s original blue finish. Vet bring back from the Battle of the Bulge. There were Kreigsmarine sailors put into the ground role in the Ardennes so could be army or navy.
GERMAN WW2 KREIGSMARINE BREAST EAGLE Another from a British vets bring back group of items ( see pics ). Bought from his son. One look original. Mint condition.
GERMAN WW2 KREIGSMARINE ISSUE NARVIK SHIELD The navy version is the rarest of this already scarce award. Retains a good percentage of it's gold for Kreigsmarine finish. Junckers made. Gilded zinc. Retains all 4 prongs. V.G.C. From a vets bring backs a few years ago. This award was the first of a series of arm shield campaign awards.[4] A total of 8,577 personnel received the Narvik shield. Specifically: 2,755 to the army, 2,161 to the Kriegsmarine, and 3,661 to the Luftwaffe.
GERMAN WW2 KREIGSMARINE OFFICERS CAP COCKADE A very finely embroidered cellion gold wreath with metal wire central cockade . Padded type. Mint condition.
GERMAN WW2 KREIGSMARINE U BOAT ATTRIBUTED RIBBON BAR IN SCHIFFER BOOK Good piece and featured in the Schiffer book on German ribbon bars. Belonged to Leutnant Mettenheimar who was the Watch officer on U95 in the Great War. In WW2 he was CO of Halbschute Flotilla operating out of Brest. Good condition with the only issue being it has lost it's retaining hook for the rear pin. Otherwise VGC.
GERMAN WW2 KRIEGSMARINE MINESWEEPER BADGE One from the Battle of the Bulge collection. Zinc, mid war . Retaining much of the original finish. Non maker mkd. Needle pin. v.g.c.
GERMAN WW2 KVK IST CLASS (WAR MERIT CROSS) WITHOUT SWORDS Great non maker marked example.Uncleaned, as found. Stout coke bottle type pin. Will clean up nicely if desired.
GERMAN WW2 LABOUR WORKER GAU BAYR. OSTMARK DAY BADGE Scarce still retainning its black enamel paint. All original.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE 4 YEARS SERVICE MEDAL RIBBON BAR Ribbon bar. Cornflower blue and with Luftwaffe eagle. From a group of British Vets WW2 bring backs. ( See pics ) V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE BELT & BUCKLE - MAKER STAMPS Super belt and buckle set both with makers markings. Pebbled aluminium buckle with maker C.T.D. Belt nicely impressed with " Bekl. LGK 2 - Schonwalde ". Also Luftwaffe, " LBA " stamp. Owners name hand applied and tip impressed "90". Good size, easily up to 36' waist. Good condition with some service wear.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE BELT & BUCKLE C/W D - RING BELT LOOP - MAKER STAMPED TANG & DATED 1938 Good "Been There" early belt /buckle set. Pebbled aluminium buckle Droop Tail eagle. 1938 dtd. and maker mkd leather tang, Belt in good "As Found" condition and is approx. 32/33 waist. What is really nice is it still has a D Ring equipment strap which is original to it. Nice vet bring back One Looker.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE BREAST EAGLE Good high quality example . Silk embroidered. Uniform removed with some stitching remains. Part of a collection from a vets house all swopped for cigarettes with a P.O.W. in Hamburg.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE FLAK BADGE Nice early war example. Crisp detail. No rubbing or damage. Needle pin. American vet bring back. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE FLAK BADGE Very sharply detailed early war example. Non maker mkd. V.G.C. From the Ehud Brenneise collection of bring backs.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE GROUND ASSAULT BADGE Good 2 piece with separately applied rivetted eagle. Zinc . Non maker mkd. V.G.C. Another from the Brenneise collection of Battle of the Bulge bring backs.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE PARATROOPER BADGE - NAMED TO SOLDIER Outstanding piece . Combat worn Fallschirmjager award. This one has the soldiers name scratched to the back and looks like " Headenk " ? Possibly researchable and this man was in the Ardennes offensive as it was another from the extensive collection of Battle of the Bulge bring backs by American officer Ehud Brenneise. These don't often turn up named. Uncleaned with nice patina. Non maker marked. If you want a " Been There " from one of the most famous battles of WW2 this is for you. Good condition but not ex stores.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE PILOTS BADGE - CLOTH VERSION - REMOVED FROM TUNIC Good One Look original. Embroidered. Quality example. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE VISOR CAP COCKADE & ROUNDEL Mid war zinc cap insignia for Nco and O/r's. One of the 2 rear pins is absent otherwise A1. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 M35 SINGLE DECAL ARMY HELMET NS62 - NAMED Good honest all complete M35 combat helmet. NS 62 (Nickelwerke Schwerte) with rear apron code D 13 ? making it a 1938 helmet. Good percentage of it's re issue original paint .Toned Army decal with abrasions where it's been rubbing against kit or vehicle. Sheepskin liner. Original chin strap with aluminium buckle, complete but broken. Owners name in blue to left skirt. All original early helmet which are difficult to find these days. Direct family purchase in 2017 from the family of Henry Redding who served with the American National Guard Quartermaster Corps.Part service records included for him.
GERMAN WW2 M40 HEER SD HELMET - QUIST 64 Text book helmet which conforms to exactly as it left the factory. Q64, with lot no. DN80. Quist Big Foot decal, nicely toned with no issues. Good sheepskin liner on zinc band, c/w draw string. Original chin strap present with steel buckle. Short end good, long end with end section absent and tear at the stud end. The liner, decal finish etc. configure exactly as to how it left the factory accordingly to the Brian Ice helmet code book.
GERMAN WW2 M42 ARMY SD HELMET Had this one forum posted and all good. Size 66. Maker unclear but Lot no. is 8451. Good sheepskin liner . Good HJ & K toned army decal. Uncleaned, as found. One Look original. No chin strap.
GERMAN WW2 M42 ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET - K.I.A. Good ET size 64 helmet. Liner rotted out and surface rust to crown. Superb toned army decal to almost 100%. Most field grey paint remaining. Liner band, chin strap ends and a small part of the liner present. CKL 64 - 2249 mkd to rear of Apron. Had this had a good liner this would have been a £750 helmet.
GERMAN WW2 M42 ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET- ET64 - CKL3646 Just bought this one back from a customer who got it a couple of years ago but now needs an urgent roof repair. M42 from ET with the later CKL prefix to the rear skirt. Lot no. 3646. Almost all field grey paint remaining. Good near complete decal although slightly off centre, possibly field applied, toned with a couple of slight abrasions to both wings Pigskin liner on zinc band. Blue dome stamp. Earlier aluminium buckle chin strap with clear maker and 1937 date. Reason for this unknown but it is a good genuine full length strap. Draw string present. Great looking helmet
GERMAN WW2 M42 LUFTWAFFE SINGLE DECAL HELMET Nice untouched original. This is a SE ( Saxon Ironworks ) with the M42 HKL prefix. To the rear rim is, HKL 62, 2068. This ties in exactly with the the Rice book on helmet codes which has this helmet leaving the factory as a size 62, Luftwaffe single decal with zinc band, sheepskin liner with rear apron markings so ticks all the boxes this one. Liner in good condition with all tongue ends complete and with the original drawstring and marked ( size ) 55. Almost all paint remaining. Decal 90% plus complete. No chinstrap. A good One Look original
GERMAN WW2 M42 NORMANDY CAMO HELMET Very striking looking genuine camo M42 in large size 66. 3 colour,Tan/Green/Brick Red spray with most paint remaining. Double stamped to rear apron but maker stamp unclear as is often found on M42's but the size 66 and lot no. 4625 very clear. Soldiers name also hand applied in the rear skirt. This camo referred to as Normandy camo Outline of an army decal under the paint on the left side. Zinc liner band with good hair oil darkened goat skin leather in good shape with all tongue ends present.size 58.No chin strap. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 MARINE BUSCH DIENSTGLAS 6X30 BINOCULARS Nice vet bring back pair of "M" marine mkd. 6 by 30 Dienstglas. Graticules. No damage to bakelite eye pieces. Leather neck strap. No damage to crackling. Good lenses.
GERMAN WW2 MERIT CROSS 2ND CLASS WITH SWORDS Very well detailed early war example. Original ribbon. Excellent.
GERMAN WW2 MINESWEEPER AWARD BY R.K. Good example retaining most of it\'s finish. Maker marked \"R.K.\" (Rodolf Karneth & Sohne - Gablonz). Coke bottle pin. Good detail.
GERMAN WW2 MOTHER'S CROSS GOLD AWARD Nice scarce gold grade example with original ribbon and retaining all it's gilded finish. Small bit of finish loss to the left arm of the cross. Hence lower price.
GERMAN WW2 MOTHERS CROSS BRONZE GRADE Nice example with no damage to enamel. Full original ribbon.
GERMAN WW2 NATIONAL SOLDIERS DAY BADGE Nice early day badge in copper. Very good detail of soldiers in uniform in relief. 3.8 cm diameter.
GERMAN WW2 NSBO BANNER TOP This Banner Top would have been for use on a marching flag pole for the NSBO, Nationalsozialistische Betriebszellenorganization (National Socialist Factory Party Organization) The NSBO was a Nazi workers organization that existed from 1931 to 1935. Cracking piece, typical early pre war high quality. Organisation device of a fist holding a hammer with swastika and DAF type cogwheel with “N.S.B.O.” The metal has a matt grey / silver appearance, with the hammer and N.S.B.O. lettering retaining nearly all of the original black paint finish. Scarce. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 NSBO STICK PIN Good detail stick pin. Swastika hammer in a clenched fist and cog wheel with "N.S.B.O.” Straight pin not knurled. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 NSDAP ORSTGRUPPE POLITICAL VISOR CAP Nice early cap in a large size. This one not suffering from the usual moth damage to the blue piping. The body of the cap in tan-colored, fine whipcord-weave ,wool / rayon mix with one piece top. The blue piping is indicative of the political “Ortsgruppe” . Die stamped gold coloured alloy oak-leaf wreath, encompassing a three-piece cockade with swastika , wreath with a break, easily repaired by laser or I have another identical which could be included in the sale but I've left as it came to me . Silvered political style eagle. Gold chin cords with silver/grey buttons. Early leather as opposed to the more common vulcanfibre chocolate brown visor is firmly in place . The interior of the cap in great shape with brown leather sweatband with sweat perforations at the brow area. Lining devoid of the usual staining and marks and with complete celluloid diamond with maker stamp below. Nice oilcloth RZM tag with size and other details. Approx size 57. Rare with the early leather peak. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 NSKK TIE BADGE 2 prongs to the rear. Nicely RZM & M1/34 marked to rear. Good example with the blacking to the text still there. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 NSKOV TREFFEN 1935 HANNOVER DAY BADGE Early example. Retaining virtually all brass finish. Nice sharp strike.
GERMAN WW2 PANZER ASSAULT BADGE - BRONZE GRADE - F.L.L. Superb example with sharp detail. Retaining all it\'s bronze finish. Maker marked FFL 43 for Friedrich Linden Lüdenscheid.
GERMAN WW2 PANZER ASSAULT BADGE BRONZE GRADE BY KARL WURSTER Mid war zinc example by scare maker Karl Wurster. Retaining a nice light bronze wash. Nice age toning. Well detailed.
GERMAN WW2 PANZER ASSAULT IN BRONZE GRADE - R.K. Nice original in Bronze grade. Retaining most of it\'s finish. Maker stamp \"R.K.\" (Rudolf Karneth & Söhne - Gablonz) to rear.
GERMAN WW2 PANZER ASSAULT IN SILVER GRADE - HERMANN AURICH Beautiful silver grade example with almost all it's original finish. Maker marked for Hermann Aurich - Dresden. As nice as they come.
GERMAN WW2 PARATROOPERS POSTCARD - WILLRICH Wolf Willrich postcard produced by the Volksbund für das Deutschtum im Ausland in Berlin for the VDA School charity collection of 1940. Features famous paratrooper and Knight's Cross recipeint Major Koch and measures 105 x 147 mm. Great condition.
GERMAN WW2 POLITICAL CAP EAGLE British vet bring back and straight from the grandson. Picked up in Austria along with another couple of items I am listing. Maker & RZM marked to rear. M1/41 ( H.A. Kohlers & Sohne - Altenberg ) 3 prongs to back. Mint condition
GERMAN WW2 POLIZEI BELT BUCKLE WITH LEATHER TANG - RICHARD SIEPER & SON Early aluminium buckle complete with original leather tang. Stamped RS &S for Richard sieper & Son. There is a stamp on the the leather but instinct. Well worn example.
GERMAN WW2 POLIZEI CAP EAGLE - 2ND PATTERN Good chunky early war example. Removed from cap. Both prongs to the back good. Good sharp detail and no rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 POSTCARD Nice colour original of Flak gun and crew. Stuttgart printer. Good condition. Good action depiction.
GERMAN WW2 QUIST M40 ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET - NAMED / FELDPOST NO. Superb looking combat vet. Retains almost all it's field grey finish. Toned Wermacht adler. Name and Feldpost number painted to rear skirt. Liner with service wear and 5 tongue ends a/f. Full length chin strap with faint maker details. Q64 shell, lot number indistinct . This helmet just looks fantastic and is researchable.
GERMAN WW2 RAD MEDAL BRONZE GRADE Good example. Complete with ribbon.
GERMAN WW2 RAD WOMEN'S MEMBERS RANK BADGE- ASSMANN Third pattern, (1939), die struck, circular brooch with chromed finish. Size approx. 46mm diameter. Features three embossed ridges to the outer edge border with an embossed, mobile swastika flanked by embossed sheaths of wheat on a pebbled background field. Reverse of brooch has a soldered on horizontal pin . Assmann marked and with " 39" and triangle with RAD. Brooch is the "Iron" grade and the pattern indicates the rank of Kameradschaftsälteste. The third and final pattern of this badge was introduced in October of 1939.
GERMAN WW2 RECONNAISSANCE CLASP IN GOLD - MAKER MKD. Stunning One Look gold original. Rare maker mkd. example. Forum posted ( WAF ). 100% thumbs up from people who know their stuff,with 1000's of posts. "Very nice BSW clasp in gold. You dont see these often". "What a cracker with stunning patina". "Good clasp! " Great condition.
GERMAN WW2 REICHSKRIEGERTAG 1937 KASSEL DAY BADGE Still retaining most of its gilded finish. Maker marked "C. POELLATH SCHROBENHAUSEN" to rear.
GERMAN WW2 RIBBON BAR NIce original 3 ribbon bar comprising Russian front, EK & War merit with swords. Good period example as opposed to one of the many modern ones that seem to be flooding the market.
GERMAN WW2 RURAL POLICE ( SCHUTZPOLIZEI ) SHOULDER BOARD Sew in type Gendarmerie shoulder board for a Wachtmeister. Double outer silvery braid, with interwoven black "V"s, and double inner plain dark brown braid. Orange fine weave back cloth. Removed from a board with some glue and card residue, card easily removed.
GERMAN WW2 SA GRUPPE HANSA 1939 HANOVER DAY BADGE RZM & M9/25 Richard Sieper & Sohne, Lüdenscheid marked to rear. White bakelite with gold finish. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 SA SPORTS BADGE BRONZE GRADE Good example retaining almost all it's bronze finish. Maker marked to rear in raised letters "W.REDO - OBERSTEN SA-FÜHRUNG SAAR-LAUTERN ". V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 SA-GRUPPE NIEDERRHEIN 1937 SPORTS BADGE SEW ON SLEEVE TYPE A good original a much copied badge. Measures 7 cm x 5.5 cm approx. Aluminium mounted on felt backing. SA device over a sword. Crossguard of sword with text, "SA Gruppe Niederrhein - 24 - 25 Juli 1939". V.G.C. Rare.
GERMAN WW2 SHUCO INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE - MAKER MKD. High quality late war zinc example by SHUCO, more famous for their tin plate toys prior to the outbreak of war. Very good detail. Nice streaking to the back. Maker mark " SH.u.CO - 41"
GERMAN WW2 SILVER WOUND BADGE - RUDOLF WÄCHTER & LANGE - MITTWAIDA Mid war example in very nice condition. Retaining 95% of its original silver finish. Maker marked 100 (Rudolf Wächter & Lange, Mittwaida) at rear. Please see photo for details.
GERMAN WW2 SILVER WOUND BADGE - RUDOLF WÄCHTLER & LANGE Very nice text book example with almost all its silver finish remaining. Early tombak. Marked 100 for "Rudolf Wächtler & Lange". V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 SKULL RING Large size Alpacca skull ring. Good detail chunky ring.
GERMAN WW2 SONDERFUHRER COLLAR TAB Army Administration officials collar tab. 3rd Regulation type . Military officials ( Wermachtbeampte Auf Kreigsdauer ). Nice condition, green piped. Buckram backing. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 SQUADRON FOR BOMBER PILOTS CLASP - SILVER GRADE A beautiful example, retaining 80% of it’s original frosting finish. Non maker marked.
GERMAN WW2 SS BELT & BUCKLE - ASSMANN Superb Assmann mkd. steel buckle on original to it leather belt. Very well detailed and with no rubbing or damage. Leather tang on the keeper side with maker details ( indistinct). Belt in good supple condition. As any SS items now are not for the faint hearted this one was WAF forum posted and got the thumbs up all round. Belt size up to a comfortable 34" waist easily.
GERMAN WW2 SS COLLAR TAB 3 pip collar tab. Correct buckram to back. Wartime pips. No moth or damage. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 SS MANS COLLAR TAB - REMOVED FROM TUNIC Good late war bevo o/r's collar tab. Correct cardboard as opposed to buckram backing for late war examples. Part of a group of British vet bring backs purchased from his son ( see pics ). One look original. Removed from uniform. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 SS MANS DAGGER WITH HANGER Nice " Straight out the Weeds " early SS dagger with original to it leather hanger. Nickel fittings, anodised scabbard as found on early examples. Lovely clean blade with nicely etched motto, finish remains clean with no pitting, darkening or lifting. Handle with none of the usual breaks, cracks or repairs. Cross guard mkd " 1 ". Hanger clip with RZM mark and makers code " M5/8 ". Leather very good. Lovely One Look original and hard to come by like this now. Straight from a vets family and fresh to the market
GERMAN WW2 SWASTIKA ENAMEL PENDANT Undamaged white enamel face with gilded Swaz and trim. 2cm tall. Suspension loop. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 TAN BINOCULARS 6 BY 30 C/W STRAP & RAIN GUARD Nice vet bring back pair of Dienstglas 6 by 30 binos. Although retaining most of their tan finish these are a pair that have not sat out the war. What I find particularly interesting is the period shortened neck strap which has the binos sitting right on the middle of the chest with just the right length of strap to reach the eyes comfortably. Lenses good with no fogging although there is one little spec of dirt in one lens. Graticules. Rubber rain guard. Bakelite eye pieces good with only a tiny chip on the inside lip of the left eye. Front line, " Been There " field glasses .
GERMAN WW2 TANK ASSAULT BADGE SILVER GRADE Excellent condition silver tank Tank Assault badge for tank crews. This is the scarce "Daisy" type , so called because of the small flower under the tank track. Die struck and retaining almost all it's silvered finish. Concave back. From the Ehud Brenneise collection of Battle of the Bulge bring backs.
GERMAN WW2 TROPICAL BELT BUCKLE - J.F.S. Original steel painted buckle . Maker marks to rear. Nice original pick up from North Africa although most of the original paint to front was removed by the British vet. Priced accordingly.
GERMAN WW2 U BOAT BINOCULARS Lovely set of Zeiss 7x50 U Boat post 1943 rubber armoured binoculars in the correct Ordnance Tan paint. Fixed focus . Focus adjusting screws set into optical housing The right shoulder under the rubber housing is stamped with: 7 x 50, serial number and blc , The German Wartime code for Carl Zeiss, Jena. Lenses are very clear. Rubber is in good shape. Original leather neck strap present but broken at one end. No touching up to the original tan paint. Now exceedingly hard to find in this good usable condition.
GERMAN WW2 U BOAT SOLDBUCH PLUS PHOTOS Rare opportunity to purchase a U Boat crew mans soldbuch. Also included are 2 photos and a card as well as the solbuch wallet the lot came in. Profusion of entries and stamps. Feldpost no. ties it to U 565 which was attacked and damaged then scuttled by the crew. V.G.C. Nice pic of him in uniform in the book as well as a further uniform shot and one of his U Boat. Straight out the weeds from a German Flo Mart in January 2017.
GERMAN WW2 VETERAN 25 YEAR SERVICE STICK PIN Great example stick pin in 2-piece construction. GES GESCH marks on the back. No damage to the enamel.
GERMAN WW2 VETERANS CAP BADGE Scarce coloured ovel example. 2 blades at rear in good order. Some paint lost to front. Scarce variant.
GERMAN WW2 VISOR CAP EAGLE Nice alloy cap eagle. 3 pins to reverse. Shaped to cap/ V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 VISOR CAP EAGLE - 38 MKD. Nice alloy cap eagle. 3 pins to reverse. Mkd "38 "to rear ( A.G.Muk ). Shaped to cap. V.G.C.
GERMAN WW2 WAR MERIT MEDAL Good condition with full length original ribbon.
GIBRALTER GARRISON WW2 PRINTED FORMATION SIGN Good bright colours. Removed from uniform. V.G.C.
GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS - HLI (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) O/R'S CAP BADGE Very nice w/m example which has been domed out by the soldier giving it a great look. Nicely toned. Die struck. V.G.C.
GLASGOW HLDRS, 9TH H.L.I. OFFICERS LAPEL BADGE Bi metal lapel badge in the fashion of an officers badge. Very well detailed. 2 piece construction. Kings crown. Scrolls with Glasgow Highlanders and 9th Btn H.L.I. Sweetheart size approx. 1 and a quarter inches tall. Original pin and hook to rear. Scarce.
GLASGOW HLDRS. - 9TH H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) BADGE - SHAPED Lovely Great War o/r's example in white metal. Nicely shaped to the Tam O Shanter by the soldier. Personally I like these personal touches and for me , this is a great looking badge. V.G.C.
GLASGOW IMPERIAL YEOMANRY 1845 ALBERT PATTERN OFFICERS HELMET A very rare and beautiful example of an Albert pattern helmet as worn in the Crimea. This one is all original which is rarely the case these days as most have had repairs and replacement parts . Skull in very good condition with brass thistle pattern border. Lovely helmet plate. Original full horsehair plume. The interior has the leather work and edge but the silk is gone. Officers chin scales with their velvet backing. All this and the original chamois leather protective bag and the original carrying tin. I could go on but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Beautiful !!
GLASGOW UNIVERSITY OTC CAP BADGE Good cast brass example with some polish in the middle. North & south lugs.
GLASGOW YEOMANRY OFFICERS CAP BADGE Nice example with good detail. Originally would have been black and gilt but this one one did'nt sit out the war. Old polish residue to the back. Scarce. V.G.C.
GLEN ALMOND OTC SHOULDER TITLE Good example. Brass 2 lugs. C/W round back plate. V.G.C.
GLENALMOND OTC ( 4TH BLACK WATCH ) SWAGGER STICK Good example. Blackened shaft c/w original metal tip. Nickel silver top with nice detail . Top with some dents but sides pretty good. Glenalmond affiliated to the 4th Black Watch in the same way Dollar OTC was to the 7th Argylls. Scarce
GLOUCESTER RGT. CAP BADGE Sharp detail. Nicely toned. Slider. Shaped to cap. V.G.C.
GOLD SS FINGER RING Rare and absolutely stunning 3rd finger ring. Very large and ostentatious. Large face with raised SS runes on pebbled back ground. Name of officer to buyer.
GORD0N HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS BROADSWORD A good regimental bladed example by Wilkinson dating from WW1. Nice deep acid etching with marquis of Huntly stages head, \"BY DAND\" motto and \"GORDON HIGHLANDERS\" to one side. The other side bearing George V royal cypher. To the hilt \"BY WARRANT - HENRY WILKINSON - PALL MALL - LONDON\". Some darkening to blade otherwise very good. Correct proof mark. Basket hilt with white leather and red felt insert. Some of the powder blue trim absent. Crimson tassle present. Shark skin wire bound handle with some light service wear. Contained in it\'s leather field scabbard, which is in good condition. Series no. 58850. Rare.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS - OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE Nice example in unmarked silver. Uncleaned. No rubbing or damage. Really attractive detail. Unusual triangular shaped silver lugs. Letters " B.A. " incised to rear. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS - SILVER CROSS BELT/ WAIST BELT PLATE Very nice badge in unmarked silver.3 piece construction. Unlikely to be a belt plate as the fixings are badge style lugs so more likely for use on the cross belt. Stamped to back " 23 ". Very well detailed. One lug period replacement. Rare
GORDON HIGHLANDERS BELT PLATE CENTRE Nice condition vintage Gordons belt centre. Regimental device in w/m. Original central bolt fixing.Sharp detail, no rubbing or damage. 3 piece construction. V.G.C.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS CAR MASCOT Rare 1950\'s car badge. Gordons split motto cap badge device over enameled background. Some enamel worn away through wear otherwise very good. Chrome still good with no pitting.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS GLASGOW SILVER HALLMARKED CAP BADGE Beautiful officers silver badge. Glasgow hallmarks for 1905. Maker stamp "T.D.". Recorded silversmiths initials in the Glasgow Register, (not London although there were 2 TD's there too). No rubbing or damage and stout overlong original pin. Uncleaned, will come up a treat if so desired. Cheaper than buying from an auction house especially after you factor in the greedy b.....ds 30% plus post and insurance. V.G.C.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Lovely un-cleaned unmarked silver example. Lovely detail. 5-piece construction. Larger size. Superb.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS SILVER WAIST BELT BUCKLE IN ORIGINAL BOX Beautiful silver/gilt early example in mint condition. Complete with heavy card box. WW1 or earlier. Very striking.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS SHOULDER TITLE PAIR Scarce late issue, just prior to the Amalgamation. Anodised with pin rear fixings. Nice matched pair in mint condition.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS SILVER HALLMARKED CAP BADGE - GLASGOW 1905 Beatiful early badge with rare Glasgow silver hallmarks for 1905.Well detailed with no rubbing or over polishing. Stout original pin to rear. Uncleaned but will polish up beautifully if desired.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS SILVER OFFICERS - P/M , D/M SKEAN DHU Beautiful hall marked silver Regimental pattern sgian dhu to the Gordons. Maker mkd to the rear. Fully refurbed by a top jeweller. Pedestal type top unique to the Gordons. Real stone and this beautifully cut with a nice domed shape. . Leather bound wood scabbard. Clean blade. As nice as they come and totally refurbed so not going to fall apart on you as some old ones tend to do. Mint
GORDON HIGHLANDERS SPLIT MOTTO scarce split motto where there is a space between By and Dand. W/m . Nice toning . Scarce. V.G.C.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS SPLIT MOTTO BY DAND CAP BADGE Scarce split motto cap badge. Nice toned example in V.G.C.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS SPORRAN BADGE - WW1 / WW2 These are very hard to come by with the pre '52 Kings crown. Very sharp clear detail. Unmarked silver. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS VOLUNTEER OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Beautiful volunteer battalion officers should belt plate. Blank scrolls below sphinx and tiger for volunteers. Lovely toned gilding. 5-piece construction. 2 hooks & 2 studs to rear. Rare. High quality example. Larger size.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS WAIST BELT PLATE - HOBSON Nice maker marked example of this scarce buckle. I've left it exactly as it came to me from an old collection, uncleaned with dark patina but will clean up nicely if desired. 3 piece construction with the Sphinx and Tiger Battle Honours standing in high relief. Brass back plate with Hobsons & Son London makers details to the back. V.G.C.
GORDON HIGHLANDERS. - PIPERS SILVER CROSS BELT BADGE Large cross belt badge made from sheet silver. 4 piece construction removable centre piece with stags head and " Gordon Highlanders" above. Sphinx with " EGYPT " Battle Honour to top and to the bottom a tiger standing on a tablet with " INDIA " Battle Honour. Lugs to back for cross belt, not to be confused with shoulder belt centre. Highly polished. Some rubbing to high points but a very nice and rare piece. V.G.C.
GORDON HLDRS 92nd OF FOOT GLENGARRY BADGE. Outstanding example of this rare badge. Well struck example in white metal. Nice dark loops to rear. No rubbing to high points. Great detail
GORDON HLDRS OFFICERS DIRK BELT & BUCKLE - KIRKWOODS Very nice example circa Victorian/WW1 era. Buckle with Kirkwoods Thistle trade mark and incised tablet with "R &H.R. KIRKWOOD -66&68 THISTLE STREET-EDINBURGH".Also has a incised "1". Dirk belt with correct thistle pattern brocade to front and red Morocco leather backing. Some stitching a/f commensurate with age. Very nice early belt set
GORDON HLDRS OFFICERS SBP - ATTRIBUTED A very nice shoulder belt plate for officers attributed to Major Peter G.C. Riddell. Nice condition unmarked silver Regimental device on brass backing plate. Stud/hook arrangement on back very good. Peter GilbertCharteris Riddell fought in many of the major battles in the Burma campaign in WW2. Research comes with the sale. VGC
GORDON HLDRS OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE Beautiful example in unmarked silver so army issue as opposed to private purchase. Nice spread out antlers. Silver lugs. Great detail and no damage or repairs whatsoever which is unusual with these badges. Excellent.
GORDON HLDRS OFFICERS SKEAN DHU - A & J SMITH ABERDEEN Beautiful officers skean dhu with unmarked silver mounts, Circa 1885. Bog oak handle with beautiful amber coloured cairngorm stone. Gordon Hldrs type Sphinx on tablet with Battle Honour " EGYPT", the latter in high relief.Ivy leaves round the bottom of top mount. Makers details of "A & J SMITH - ABERDEEN" TO BLADE. Some finish loss to small parts of the blade but no pitting. Scabbard top stamped "A & J SMITH - ABERDEEN - SILVER". Leather in very good condition.
GORDON HLDRS SILK Possibly came with cigarettes back in the day. Nicely detailed, likely cotton. Scarce V.G.C.
GORDON HLDRS. 6TH BANFFSHIRE PAGRI BADGE - PIN BACK Rare period conversion from lugs to pin back for wear with the sun helmet / pagri. Only genuine examples had 3 lugs so always good to check that out. Period pin and hook on old style hinge. Originally 3 lugs. Solid centre. Marquis of Huntly stag on a solid centre with an outer strap bearing Regimental motto , " By Band ". Rare to find a genuine example especially a conversion.
GORDON HLDRS. CLUB - RARE LAPEL BADGE Rare lapel badge in unmarked cast silver. Gordons device to fretted centre with outer strap with “Gordon Highlandrs Club". Uncleaned with age patina, will clean up nicely if desired. No rubbing or damage. Buttonhole fixing. V.G.C.
GORDON HLDRS. GREAT WAR XMAS CARD Good gate fold card with embossed Regimental device to cover and smal piece of silk regimental tartan. Inside with colour pic of soldiers in No.1 dress on sentry duty. From a Sgt. Mc Donald to his parents. V.G.C.
GORDON HLDRS. NCO's FEATHER BONNET BADGE Good crisp example with the long lugs for the feather bonnet. Nickel. Marquis of Huntly stag with Regimental "BY DAND" motto. Mint condition. Rare.
GORDON HLDRS. OFFICERS BADGE Nice frosted silver badge in a slightly smaller than usual size. Great looking badge with no rubbing or finish loss. A possible very skilful period jeweller repair to the antler on one side. I only noticed this with the loop. Priced with this in mind.
GORDON HLDRS. OFFICERS BULLION COLLAR BADGE Very good example. Gold bullion wire on dark green cloth. Early black backing as found on WW2 examples
GORDON HLDRS. OFFICERS HALLMARKED BADGE - 1942 Beautiful example with hallmarks for Birmingham 1942 and jewellers stamp for B & P (Brent and Parker). Lovely detail and absolutely no damage and stags horns have a nice shape. As nice as they come and priced accordingly.
GORDON HLDRS. OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH - 1896 - KIRKWOODS A superb example in Edinburgh silver with H/M for 1896. Jewellers tablets on the back of both stags head and quoit with "R & H.B. KIRKWOOD - 66 & 68 THISTLE ST. EDINBURGH". Also with Kirkwoods thistle logo. Scrolls and stags head applied with silver rivets. Original stout pin. Brooches by this excellent maker rarely appear now. Condition very good. Small dent to left top of quoit. Sharp detail to stag and scrolls.
GORDON HLDRS. OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE - NAMED Very good wartime example. 5 piece construction. Unmarked silver. Brass backing plate is slightly bent at bottom laft hand corner, Pins and hooks to rear good. Owners name "R.W. PETRIE" hand applied to rear.
GORDON HLDRS. RARE ABERDEEN SILVER OFFICERS CAP BADGE These never turn up. Mkd. to back " ABD " and "SIL". Double stamped. Excellent condition badge.
GORDON HLDRS. SHOULDER TITLE PAIR - GORDONS Nice pair of " GORDONS" shoulder titles. Now scarce especially as a pair
GORDON HLDRS. SPLIT MOTTO CAP BADGE - LONG LUGS Nice toned example of this now scarce badge. The motto is split, i.e., BY DAND as opposed to the normal BYDAND. Long lugs for feather bonnet. I reckon this is silver plated but I've left as found with it's patina.
GORDON HLDRS. SWEETHEART BROOCH. Good silver plated example with enamel scroll with \"GORDON HIGHLANDERS\".To the top another scroll with regimental motto \"BY DAND\". Very good condition possible replacement pin at some point.Large size for a sweetheart, approx inch and a half.
GORDON HLDRS. TROPICAL SHOULDER SLIDE Worn singly in North Africa and Italy. This one with Gordons tartan flash and white woolly triangle. Mounted on lightweight cotton slide. Rare. VGC.
GORDON HLDRS. WW1 - SPLIT MOTTO - CAP BADGE Scarce split motto example in toned w/m. Usually the BYDAND is joined this this. Split motto is " BY DAND ". Great looking badge. V.G.C.
GORDON HLDRS. WW1 SGTS/OFFICERS CAP BADGE C/W ORIGINAL TARTAN PATCH Very good example with correct stout brooch pin to the back. Well detailed with the Marquis of Huntly stag in relief and with nicely shaped horns. C/w it's original 2 tier Gordons tartan patch for wear on the T.O.S..
GORDON HLDRS. WW2 SILVER OFFICERS BADGE 4TH ABERDEEN H.G.- ATTRIBUTED Beautiful presentation piece in unmarked silver. Presented to Lt. Ian Williams D.C.M. as a wedding present by D Coy, 4th City of Aberdeen Home Guard. 1943 dated. V.G.C.
GORDON SCHOOL O.T.C. CAP BADGE Nicely toned brass cap badge for the Gordon Boys School O.T.C. V.G.C.
GORDON SCHOOL ( SURREY ) OTC CAP BADGE Good early example. Sheet brass. Nicely toned. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
GORDONS CAP BADGE - SPLIT MOTTO - BY DAND Scarce split motto example. Nicely toned with good detail.
GREEN HOWARDS WW1 SHOULDER TITLE Good brass example with hexagonal lugs for the Great War. Nicely toned brass. Excellent condition.
GROSSDEUTSCHER REICHSKRIEGERTAG 1939 KASSEL DAY BADGE Superb looking alloy tinny for 1st Greater-German State War Veteran’s Day. The event only held once due to starting of WW2. Maker marked E.FERD.WIEDMANN - FRANKFURT A.M.S.10. Great details.
GULF WAR FEDAYEEN HELMET Very rare helmet to this fanatical Iraqi para military group. 100% original. Market now flooded with clever fakes so be very careful when offered one of these helmets. All complete with light service wear. Retains the Saddam badge to the side. Correct liner
GULF WAR TORNADO SQUADRON SILVER PLATED SPOON - NO.14687 Superb and rare piece having been given only to squadron members who served in the 1991 First Gulf War. Limited number and this one is numbered on the back and will be attributable. The spoon itself is a striking piece with a Tornado to the top. Fluted handle and nice deep etching with " Allied Gulf War Victory 1991 " V.G.C.
H.J. (HITLER YOUTH) HOCHLAND LAGER BADGE Rare badge in heavy construction. Silver washed brass badge. All detail standing out in relief. Good condition enamel on HJ device. Maker marked to rear "A BERGER - GAHISCH".
H.L.I (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) ANODISED COLLAR PAIR HLI / RHF collar pair. Flaming bomb with HLI in the centre. Single post fixings. Anodised. V.G.C.
H.L.I (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) BRASS BED PLATE - A. PURDIE Nice genuine one . Early brass bed plate. HLI badge device with soldiers name and 6 digit number. Now scarce. V.G.C.
H.L.I. - HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY SHORT SCROLL CAP BADGE Good example uncleaned as found. Type with the short " ASSAYE" scroll. Circa WW1.
H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) 1 V.B. SCROLL CAP BADGE Very nice rare die struck white metal badge. Scroll with "1 V.B.". Rare. V.G.C.
H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) 4TH/5TH/6TH VOLUNTEERS CAP BADGE Nice cap badge with SOUTH AFRIA scroll officially erased for 4th/5th & 6th volunteer btn.. Rare.
H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) CHROME CAP BADGE Nice chromed example from WW2.Short scroll. V.G.C.
H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) EX 6TH BTN - SCROLL ERASED BADGE These occasionally crop up. Former Volunteer who has moved usually to a Regular Btn. and has erased the 6th Btn. scroll. Text still just visible. Rare. V.G.C.
H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) O/R's SHAKO- MATT TAYLOR COLLECTION A post 1902 example. Dark blue cloth body with diced bands. Post 1902 o/r's shako badge. Cord boss with thistle device. Woollen ball tuft. Good interior with makers gold stamp. Marked with W.D. and arrow. Good condition all original piece. Good size 56/57. Bought in the 80's from the famous Matt Taylor sale.
H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) OFFICERS 5 PIECE CAP BADGE Very good quality example in unmarked silver. 5 piece construction great detail. Original lugs one possibly reaffxed period with lead solder ?. Lovely badge and now scarce.
H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) PIPES MAJORS ARM BADGE Beautiful and rare large bullion sleeve badge from the estate of Davy Aitken MBE. The last pipe major of the H.L.I.. He was also the first pipe major of the RHF and the first P/M at the army school of music (as opposed to musical director). There are many photos of P/M Aitken wearing this badge on his NO. 1 tunic. Crown with damage, otherwise very good. Measures 6 x 7 inches.
H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) VICTORIAN VOLUNTEER CAP BADGE Nice shape HLI white metal badge. Scroll with removed ASSAYE for Volunteer BTN. 2 lugs to the rear.
H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) WW1 BRASS ECONOMY BADGE Good example WW1 economy brass cap badge. Sharp detail. 2 lugs to rear.
H.L.I. OFFICERS KHAKI BALMORAL BONNET - ANDERSON Rare officers khaki balmoral for the Highland Light Infantry. Blank scroll officers badge as worn by 5th, 7th and 8th Btns. This pattern of headgear was introduced in 1915. Khaki serge as per SD type material. Good size 56/57. Anderson label to crown and jewellers tablet to the rear of badge indicating they have always been together. Beautiful !!
H.L.I. PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Rare plaid brooch circa WW1/2 for H L I piper. White metal quoit with applied raised centre bearing battle honours. Cap badge device to centre. Good example with some light service wear. Good pin to rear.
H.L.I. POST ‘52 BELT BUCKLE Nicely toned post 1952 waist belt plate. Queens crown No rubbing or damage. Will clean up nicely if desired. Old polish residue between the lettering, not verdigris. V.G.C.
H.L.I. VICTORIAN OFFICERS COLLAR DOGS Beautiful matching pair of collars. Construction as per officers cap badge with pin pin running down the rear connecting the 4 pieces. Victorian crown. Un marked silver as per army issue. Uncleaned with dark age toning. Lugs applied differently (see photo) on one collar possibly period re -affixed ?, nevertheless a nice pair of collars bought straight from a family along with the cap badge.
HAIL TO THE JEEP - A, WADE WELLS Scarce book dealing with the Jeep's wartime history. Fantastic photos. V.G.C.
HEER TRAPEZOID CAP INSIGNIA - REMOVED FROM UNIFORM Trapezoid eagle and roundel for M43 and side cap. Bit of moth to backing cloth. Removed from cap.
HEIM INS REICH ENAMEL LAPEL BADGE - NSDAP SYMPATHISER Scarce lapel badge. Good condition overall. Slight enamel damage to left side. Maker mkd. "C.W." (Carl Wild ). The term "Heim Ins Reich" (Home to the Reich) was used before World War II. We note swastika pins with the words "Heim Ins Reich" around it. The pins were worn by Germans and Austrians before the Anschluss (March 12, 1938). “Home to the Reich” was also the slogan of the Sudeten German Home Front of the Sudenten Deutsche Partei (SDP). In both cases it meant not only unifying a population, but there territory as well.
HEIMAT UND REICH 1933 MÜNSTER DAY BADGE Superb looking early tinny. Retaining most of it\'s original enamel paint. Large size 5 cm x 5 cm. Very scarce.
HIGHLAND BORDERERS (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.) OFFICERS SILVER WAIST BELT CLASP - ATTRIBUTED Officers silver waist belt buckle for the Highland Borderers. Very well detailed and not a generic casting but of higher quality with separately applied strung buckle. Maker marked J & co. (Jennens). Matching (no.) 1 on both male and female parts. Rococco work also with fine detail. No damage or rubbing. Attributed to the Orr Ewing family of Cardross Estate near Stirling. Very rare. V.G.C. Formerly the Stirling, Dumbarton, Clackmannan and Kinross Militia, their title was changed to the Highland Borderers Light Infantry in 1855 before becoming a Argylls Vol. Btn. in 1881
HIGHLAND BORDERERS OFFICERS CAP BADGE Super rare badge in unmarked silver circa 1850. Later became the 3rd and 4th Argylls.
HIGHLAND BORDERERS OFFICERS SILVER MOUNTED DIRK - ATTRIBUTED Very rare dirk to the Highland Borderers . Unmarked silver mounts with thistle and bluebells motifs in high relief. These have been seperately applied as opposed to being a one piece casting. Top mount with thistle spray with "90" within. All matching foiled citrines to handle tops. Studded bog oak handle. Beautiful acid etched blade with no darkening or pitting and nice deep etching with " HIGHLAND BORDERERS LIGHT INFANTRY ". Scabbard leather good and no old breaks to the dirk or knife and fork. Spring trigger on the external knife absent. C/w a cabinet photograph of the owner and the original auction room bill of sale attributing it to the Orr Ewing family of Cardross. This small unit who later became part of the Stirling, Clackmannan and Kinross Militia before finally becoming part of the Argylls.
HIGHLAND BORDERERS SILVER CAP BADGE Extremely rare cast silver cap badge. St. Andrew to centre with "HIGHLAND BORDERERS" to outside circle. Long lugs for feather bonnet so possibly pipe band. Nice condition. The Highland Borderers became the 3rd Battalion A & S.H. in 1881
HIGHLAND CYCLISTS CAP BADGE - GAUNT Good quality example by JR GAUNT LONDON with brass tablet to rear. Some polishing to high points. Left lug possibly period re affixed? Still nice badge.
HIGHLAND CYCLISTS ENAMELLED SWEETHEART BROOCH - GAUNT Super example of an enamel WW1 brooch to the Highland Cyclists. Enamel undamaged. "J.R. GAUNT - LONDON " marked to rear. Rare.
HIGHLAND CYCLISTS WW1 SHOULDER TITLE. Nice example of this rare title. 3 lugs present.
HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY - 1949 DTD. SPORRAN Nice large size purse sporran as worn by Highland Rgts. from the late '40's into the 1950's. Profusely stamped inside. Good brown leather body. HLI badge to front. Original brown leather sporran strap. Female part of popper absent otherwise very good.
HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY - HLI - OFFICERS 5 PIECE COLLAR BADGE As nice as they come silver and gilt collar. 4 seperately applied gilded parts retaining their original finish. Kings crown. Excellent.
HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY - OFFICERS MESS CIGAR BOX Beautiful and rare. Oak box with Regimental cap badge device hand carved to lid. Also lovely carved rope work, castellations etc. Measures approx. 31.3 cm x 18.1 cm x 14 cm. Lid a little stiff and original key there but lock not working, easily sorted if desired. Truly a thing of beauty ! V.G.C.
HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY ( H.L.I.) TRENCH ART SHAKO CAP - WW1 Intricate trench art piece made into a tobacco box. Hinged bottom. Made in the shape of a Scottish shako and with the crown from the top of an o/r's badge applied to the front. Nice period piece unlike the modern elaborate vickers etc. flooding the market just now.
HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY ( HLI ) WW1 - ENAMEL SWEETHEART BROOCH Red and blue enamel on a silvered brass base. Well detailed. Circa WW1. V.G.C.
HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY (H.L.I.) WW1 OFFICERS 6-PIECE BADGE C/W ORIGINAL TARTAN PATCH Super high quality example in unmarked silver. 6 piece construction on this one. C/w it's original heavy wool Regimental tartan badge for wear on the Tam O Shanter. V.G.C.
HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY (HLI ) OFFICERS SWORD - ETCHED BLADE - NAMED Excellent blade, beautifully etched and with no darkening or pitting. Thistle pattern with "Highland "L " (within a bugle ) Infantry" Maker panel on the riccasso with "Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London" The swords unique number along the back of the blade is 41822. Also has the soldiers initials " C.H.A.". This will be a easily researched sword. C/w leather covered field scabbard with possibly re plated Chape. Original wig to handle. The only down side is the basket and insert look to be a more modern replacement but it would be easy to source a period basket or if the sword was going to be used I would leave as is. This is reflected in the price so instead of being a £900 plus sword ,the price is £650. Further reduction to this " Almost Giving It Away " price !! ( £595 )
HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY OFFICERS 5 PIECE CAP BADGE Quality example with separately applied parts. Cast back plate. Issue not private purchase. V.G.C.
HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY SILVER SWEETHEART Beautiful SILVER stamped badge. I've left it with it's black patina , as found but this one will clean up beautifully if desired. Collar dog size.
HISTORY OF ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS 1794-1939 Rare and exceedingly difficult to come by 60 page booklet on the history of The A&SH since it's creation in 1794 for overseas service. Informative text re both the 91st and 93rd. Peninsular Wars, Crimea, Boer War and the Great War. War all covered in great detail.. Also organisational aspects inc. Cardwell reforms, service in India, Gibraltar etc. Written by Col. G . Malcolm and published I believe in 1946. Condition is excellent.
HITLER CERAMIC HEAD Plaster Hitler image. Not sure if it's been removed from a display piece ? Measures 7 x 5 cm approx. No damage and retains it's original off white finsh. V.G.C.
HITLER YOUTH 1939 SPORTS DAY BADGE Excellent detail and mint condition. Rare card " Tinny ". HJ device, amphitheatre and " H.J. "
HITLER YOUTH KNIFE - EICKHORN / RZM MKD. The double mkd. models are the rarest of the HJ knives. This one in great condition and all original. Undamaged diamond. Nickel finish good as are the chequered grips. Leather cushion good. Scabbard retaining a good percentage of it's original paint. Eickhorn squirrel, RZM and code M7 / 66 clearly mkd. to blade. There's also on the ricasso the number " 39 ", possibly a unit number ? Blade clean and with no re shaping. Leather hanging strap and press stud original and good. Really nice all original.
HITLER YOUTH KNIFE -RZM MARKED All original and in good condition. Good grips with undamged sprung diamond. Leather parts good. Sheath with original paint. Blade retaining most of it's original plated finish. RZM and makers code M7/49. Dated 1938. Leather hilt cushion present. Nice to find an original un messed with example with none of the usual blade sharpening/reshaping, replaced leather parts and repainted scabbard. If you want a nice sleepy original this is for you.
HITLER YOUTH KNIFE HANDLE DIAMOND Good genuine example with both blades undamaged. Scarce
HITLER YOUTH KNIFE WITH MOTTO - EICKHORN Good example from this top maker. (HJ Fahrtenmesser). A knife measuring 25.2 cm long with the scabbard on, featuring a 12.5 cm long brushed magnetic steel blade, the blade is etched BLUT UND EHR! (Blood & Honour ), maker marked with logo for Carl Eickhorn, Solingen. RZM logo and correct code M 7/66 on the reverse. Correct thick blackened leather washer at the crossguard is intact and sits tightly in place. Black bakelite grip plates held in place via two rivets with an undamaged HJ diamond . Black painted steel scabbard retaining most of it's original finish. Stout brown leather strap with a snap-button closure to secure the knife into place.This with a stamping to the leather (indistinct). Some of the normal period light sharpening to the blade as these were issued with a fairly blunt edge. Scarce. V.G.C.
HITLER YOUTH KNIFE WITH MOTTO - HENCKELS Lovely condition early example. Heavy nickel handle and crossguard. Blade with a little darkening but good original shape and point. Clear motto. Clearly stamped to hilt " J.A.HENCKELS SOLINGEN ZWILLINGSWERK - GES GESCHUTZ M7/10 -1938" and with twins motif. .Also has RZM mark. Super scabbard with original stout hanging strap which is stamped to the leather on the rear . Good handle with no damage and very good enamel diamond. All in all a very nice dated pre war example
HITLER YOUTH KNIFE WITH MOTTO - TIGER One the scarcer makers and scarce double marked example. Good transitional model and all original. Double stamped with Tiger Solingen logo and RZM number M7/68. Clear "Blut Und Ehre" motto to blade. Nickel finish good with some loss behind the press stud. Original paint to scabbard and "L.S." stamp to the hanger which is nice and supple and with a good working popper. Small crack going down from the lower rivet on the handle. HJ diamond with no damage to the enamel. Slight movement on the blade. Nice early originals like this are now extremely hard to find.
HITLER YOUTH MARKSMANS BADGE - M1/77 HJ Schützen (Marksman) lapel badge: Nickel plated and enameled tombac. 22 mm.diameter. RZM M1/77 (Foerster & Barth, Pforzheim),mkd. to rear. Reverse also has the firm's latest inovation - a die-struck boss for inserting and soldering on the pin plate, perfect enamel , no damage. As nice as they come this one.
HITLER YOUTH PROFIENCY SILVER AWARD Nice numbered and maker coded example of an HJ silver class proficiency badge. RZM marked and scarce maker M1/35 (Rudolf Wachtler & Lange Mittweida) and 258695 recipient number. Nicely detailed with age toning. V.G.C.
HITLER YOUTH SHARPSHOOTERS BADGE - SILVER GRADE Scarce German early HJ Sharpshooter badge, with the silver honor wreath to the outside. Largely finish absent but traces of the silver is still there. Centre with applied rifles and HJ emblem . No enamel damage. Maker details M1/120 to back. Nice original.
HJ (HITLER YOUTH) 1937 JUGENDFEST DAY BADGE Nice tinny retaining most of it's silver finish. Slight rust near pin at rear due to age.
HJ (HITLER YOUTH) 1ST JUGENDFEST 1933 DAY BADGE Early tinny in brass. Pin back.
HLI - LANARKSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS - VICTORIAN O/R'S HELMET PLATE- 1881 - 1901 Very nice Ordinary Ranks die struck w/m example. Nicely age toned. LRV central device with QVC. Circa 1881 - 1901. 3 lugs to back. No rubbing or damage.
HLI (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) DRUM MAJORS SASH Unique item to the 1st /6th City of Glasgow Battalion, the Highland Light Infantry. Beautifully made sash with all Battle Honours, Regimental devices etc. in high relief. Ebony drum sticks.Morocco leather lined.All Battle Honours are correct, "Borne on the regimental colours, representing actions fought by the 71st and 74th Regiments of Foot or the Highland Light Infantry prior to 1914: "Carnatic", "Hindustan", "Sholingur", "Mysore", "Gibraltar 1780-83", "Seringapatam", "Assaye", "Cape of Good Hope 1806", "Rolica", "Vimiera", "Corunna", "Busaco", "Fuentes d'Onor", "Ciudad Rodrigo", "Badajos"' "Almaraz", "Salamanca", "Vittoria", "Pyrenees", "Nivelle, "Nive", "Orthes", "Toulouse", "Peninsula", "Waterloo", "South Africa 1851-2-3", "Egypt 1882", "Tel-el-Kebir", "Modder River", "South Africa 1899-1902" First World War: "Mons", "Ypres 1914,'15,'17,'18", "Loos", "Somme 1916,'18", "Arras 1917,'18", "Hindenburg Line", "Gallipoli 1915–16", "Palestine 1917–18", "Mesopotamia 1916–18", "Archangel 1919". All original, untouched. Very rare.
HLI (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) VICTORIAN OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Nice QVC crown officers shoulder belt plate. 6 piece silver gilt centre on seeded back plate. Age toned. Polishing to back plate. V.G.C.
HLI OFFICERS BRONZE CAP BADGE POST '52 Nice condition bronze " Flaming Bomb " with HLI to centre. V.G.C.
HLI VICTORIAN VOL. OFFICERS SHAKO c/w TIN Super example with rare blank scroll officers badge for a Volunteer Btn. No moth or damage to body. Silk lining present but with some tears Good leather sweat band, good chin strap. Maker mkd." Hebbert & co. 16 James St. Haymarke Army clothing and accoutrement makerst". Good cap lines and contained in it's original japanned tin. Ball tuft absent otherwise this is easily a £1200 piece.
HONOURABLE ARTILLERY COMPANY CAP BADGE Lovely example with very sharp detail. Maker mkd. to slider \"BP &co Lo. B/ham\". Near mint.
HUNTERS FROM THE SKY - THE STORY OF GERMAN PARACHUTE REGIMENT Hardback with dust jacket in fair condition.
IDF - ISRAELI DEFENCE FORCE - ( EX BRITISH WW2 ) PARATROOPERS HELMET - 6 DAY WAR Extremely rare Airborne helmet as worn by Israeli paras in the 6 Day War. British shell and wartime khaki jump straps. Overpainted in period tan camo. Jewish liner with markings and possible date of 1955 ? Yellow sorbo foam. V.G.C.
INDIAN ARMY PALMACOTTA LIGHT INF. WW1 SHOULDER TITLE Palmacotta L.I. brass shoulder title. This unit fought in British East Africa in the Great War. Drilled bar type lugs. Uncleaned as found. V.G.C.
INFANTRY TRAINING RIFLE & BAYONET PAMPHLET Infantry Platoon Weapons Training Vol. 1 - Rifle & Bayonet. 1948. Same as wartime one. Great pictures and info
INTER WAR - GORDON HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS GLENGARRY C/W BIRMINGHAM SILVER CAP BADGE- ATTRIBUTE Beautiful officers glengarry with it's original to it Birmingham 1914 silver hallmarked badge. The badge has the soldiers name scratched to the back. His full name will be given to the buyer. This was a direct vets family acquisition and the soldier was a veteran of the Boer War and WW1 where he became a P.O.W. at St. Quentin in 1914. He also saw service in the run up to WW2. A copy photograph of the soldier in uniform will be supplied to the buyer. Note, this is an officers example and does not have leather trim, not all did. V.G.C.
INVERNESS HIGHLAND R.V. OFFICERS CROSS BELT BADGE. A badge does not accurately describe this piece. It's plaid brooch size, 3 piece construction. Outer piece is a thistle wreath, very nicely detailed, centre piece is a bugle within which is "I H R V". Both these applied on top of a polished smooth back plate.3 screw fixings to rear with 2 of the original nuts still present. Lovely condition, 1880 - 1887.
INVERNESS NAIRN BANFF (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) MILITIA CAP BADGE Extremely rare cap badge. Slight casting flaw on the A of Banff otherwise very good. In 1881 this unit became the 2nd Battalion Cameron Highlanders.
INVERNESS RIFLE VOLUNTEERS SILVER PLATED LARGE BUTTON Rare button. Large size for tunic front. Silver plated. Detail in high relief. “FIRMIN & SON Ltd LONDON” marked to rear. V.G.C.
IRAQI HELMET 1ST GULF WAR Good vet bring back Iraqi helmet circa Desert Storm. Ballistic fibre shell overpainted in Desert Camo.Evidence of it having had an earlier darker shade of tan paint. Arabic script inside which I presume is the soldiers name. All complete and large size approx. 58. Genuine battle field pick up.
IRISH - ULSTER HOME GUARD WW2 MATCHED COLLAR BADGES Nice matched pair of blackened collars. Red card backings and cotter pins included. KC. V.G.C.
IRISH GUARDS CAP BADGE Good o/r's example.Well detailed, die struck. V.G.C.
IRISH GUARDS CAP STAR Nice die struck brass cap badge. No rubbing or damage. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
IRISH GUARDS CAUBEEN BADGE Large size, approx 4 inches. Die struck brass. Long lugs. V.G.C.
IRISH GUARDS PIPERS CAUBEEN BADGE Nice example in white metal. Measures approx. 90cm. Die struck.
IRISH GUARDS SERGEANTS CAP BADGE. Scarce badge with chromed star and gilded centre. 2 piece, bolt onfront. Nice detail and refief. V.G.C.
IRISH GUARDS WW1 BAR SWEETHEART Rare brass and enamel sweetheart to the Mick Guards. Good condition with no enamel damage.
IRON CROSS EK2 \"120\" MKD RING - BY FRANZ PETZL - EARLY Good crisp early example c/w original ribbon. Very clearly stamped \"120\" Franz Petzl Wien. Sharp detail, some bubbling to paint otherwise very nice.
ITALIAN NAVY WW2 FINGER RING. Rare plated zinc ring. Naval device in relief to face. Largish 3rd finger size. Chunky. Absolute bargain.
ITEMS BOUGHT / WANTED We are looking to buy good original untouched militaria especially British and German headgear. From single items to whole collections. We have also for the past few years been selling items on consignment for customers. Looking for daggers, uniform items, Scottish and German badges. Top prices paid for German helmets, picklehaubes and British decalled helmets.
JACOBITE ARM PIT DAGGER - UXTER DHU Very rare fighting knife from the Jacobite period. Blade cut down from a period Broadsword. Bog oak handle with Celtic pattern. Has originally had a silver strip running down each side of the handle, one absent. Apart from that this is in amazing condition for it's age. Often used by Highlanders and was worn below the arm pit . 5 and a half inch blade and 9 inches approx. overall length so most definitely not a skean dhu !
JAPANESE ARISAKI BAYONET WW2 A near mint example of the standard Jap bayonet of WW2. Bright polished blade. Scabbard with no dents or damage. Canonball mark to ricasso. Excellent wood grips. As nice as they come this one.
JAPANESE COMBAT HELMET - BATTLE DAMAGED - MANCHURIA This one recovered many years ago in a bunker used by the Kwantung army in their fight against the Russians in 1945. Through and through bullet holes which match perfectly with the damage to the liner. Japanese star to front, liner present but brittle with stitching faults. Bought back from a customer and I personally obtained it straight from the finder.
JAPANESE WW2 - SUMMER FIELD CAP Scarce Japanese summer cap in woven fibre material. Retains it's green finish. Sweatband good. Woven inner lining. Original rear orange adjustment cord. Strap buttons. Good size 56/57. V.G.C.
JAPANESE WW2 TYPE 90 COMBAT HELMET COMPLETE - LARGE All original combat helmet. Size large in white paint to inside and also the owners name in characters " NISHIGUCHI " to the inside of one of the liner pads. Leather liner good with cushion pads present. Original chin cords good but shortened by the soldier. Metal star to front. Great " Been There " helmet.
JAPANESE WW2 TYPE 90 HELMET All original combat helmet attributed to the 32nd regiment who fought at Saipan and Okinawa and were virtually wiped out in the process. Nicely marked up with soldiers name \"Sone\" and character for (size) large. Still retains most of it\'s sand painted finish and original metal star. Good pigskin 3-pad liner. Complete with cushion pads. Although a bit dry. Chin tapes good. Circa 1943. Good example of a \"been there\" helmet, which has taken part in two of the most famous battles in the pacific.
JUNGLE CARBINE BAYONET Good example of this scarce bayonet.Wood grips retaining their original finish.Working sprung button.Undented scabbard which is a nice snug fir with the bayonet. Light sharpening to blade otherwise very good with no darkening or pitting.
K O S B (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS ) OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Very good quality officers shoulder belt plate circa the 1980. Superbly detailed multi piece construction. This is a completely different animal from the cheap frosted ones that appeared a few years ago which I personally think are fake and of very poor workmanship and detail when compared to this. Burnished brass back plate retaining it's finish. Officers initials and 1980 to rear. Correct 2 hooks and studs to reverse. Low price. Scarce
K.I.A. FLYERS VISOR CAP & MORE - ATTRIBUTED - PROVENANCE Great group of items to a K.I.A. flyer, comprising visor cap with yellow waffenfarbe ( flight ). Luftwaffe belt and buckle (maker mkd. tang). Various photos of serviceman in uniform inc. one HJ. Large amount of feldpost and a period Me 110 model on a very striking base. Also original documents and letters one of which is a condolence Urkunde from the unit ommander. Cap has lovely attitude/shape and is in great belt, belt fair with the buckle retaining most of it's original blue finish. Great group.
K.O.S.B. (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) SILVER CAP BADGE Good example in unmarked silver. Lovely detail. Slight rubbing to crown otherwise super badge at a very fair price. V.G.C.
K.O.S.B. WARTIME CAP BADGE The finest strike I've seen of this badge. More substantial and with very sharp detail. Larger size example. A cut above the rest.
K.O.S.B. WW1 GLENGARRY As nice as they come with no moth or damage. Large size for the period around 56/57. Leather trim excellent. Full length tails. Interior with "CM 1917". Original to it o/r's cap badge with a piece of red cloth, likely a piece of hose flash behind the voiding. V.G.C.
K.O.S.B.OFFICERS WW1 / 2 SILVER CAP BADGE - GAUNT Beautiful hand pierced silver frosted officers example. No rubbing or damage and in mint condition. Correct J.R. Gaunt tablet to rear. Mounted diagonally on it's hessian backed Mc Kenzie tartan patch for the TOS. Outstanding.
K98 POLIZEI BAYONET & FROG - HENCKELS - VET BRING BACK Nice early example with polished finish . Bakelite grips. J.A.HENCKELS marked and with "Twins" maker mark. Good unnumbered blade and scabbard as per Police examples which are scarce. Scabbard good. The frog on this one is in exceptional condition with makers details and 1941 date in a circle to rear. Brought back by Cameronian/Recce soldier and bought from his son.
KENYA POLICE BRASS TUNIC BUTTONS 4 Wartime brass tunic buttons.
KING EDWARD THE 8TH CORONATION FLAG C/W ORIGINAL POLE 1936 King Edward the 8th Coronation flag. Edward relinquished his throne after less than a year. Printed cotton measuring 82 by 57 cm approx. Very good condition overall. C/w it's original wooden pole.
KING EDWARDS HORSE CAP BADGE - WW1 Very good white metal example. "Adamus" scroll to bottom. Slider with some cloth residue where it was stuck to a board. Priced to sell
KINGS BODYGUARD IN SCOTLAND GILDED CLOAK FIXING / BADGE Rare piece being the button/ badge and chain for a neck fixing , presumably for a cloak. Gilded . V.G.C.
KINGS LIVERPOOL REGIMENT - THE KINGS CAP BADGE Bi metal cap badge on slider. Nice age patina. Circa WW1. V.G.C.
KINGS LIVERPOOL RGT. BADGE Very well constructed 2 piece badge with brooched back. V.G.C.
KINGS OWN BORDERERS VICTORIAN TUNIC BUTTON. Rare button from when the regiment still used the 25th of Foot designation. Brass with details in high relief. Firmin mkd. to rear. V.G.C.
KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS ( KOSB ) - IN THEATRE MADE SAND CAST CAP BADGE Scarce In Theatre made sand cast cap badge. These examples were usually locally made in India and the Middle East as well as North Africa. This one is likely from the Middle East where some battalions served with the Egyptian Expeditionary Force in Palestine . Good detail and no rubbing or damage. Very Nice V.G.C.
KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS (KOSB ) - KOREAN WAR - OFFICERS BATTLE DRESS Scarce Korea campaign Battle dress to an officer in the Kings Own Scottish Borderers. Origin badging of Regimental tartan patch and embroidered Lowland Division saltyre to each sleeve and 2 pips to the shoulders. Korean War ribbons to the left breast. 1951 dated label inside. Pit to pit chest measurement 20”.These don't marry up with the size stampings in the jacket which has it smaller than it is. No moth or damage and As Found. V.G.C.
KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS (KOSB) 1917 EDINBURGH SILVER OFFICERS BADGE - Stunning Great War officers badge and with rare retailer , Harrison, Brown & Dummer. 6 George Street Edinburgh. Nice clear tablet on the back. Maker stamp "H.T.". (Henry Tatton). Edinburgh silver hallmarks for 1917. Hand fretting on this extremely nice. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS (KOSB) BOER WAR ENAMEL SWEETHEART BROOCH Nice Boer War type with lucky horse shoe surround. Brass inlaid with red & green enamel. Nicely toned brass.
KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS (KOSB) CLOTH SHOULDER TITLE. White embroidered on red felt. Removed from board. Scarce V.G.C.
KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS (KOSB) MOTHERS OF PEARL SWEETHEART BROOCH Lovely WW1 example with brass Regimental device set with red/blue enamel with no damage. On a Mother of Pearl disc. Lovely thing in V.G.C.
KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS SILVER OFFICERS BADGE Scarce example of a silver cap badge similar to the officers waist belt centre. 2 piece construction. Over long early pin and has never been a belt plate. Silver in uncleaned state , will clean up nicely if desired. Good detail. Rare V.G.C.
KINGS ROYAL RIFLE CORPS CAP BADGE Good example. Blackened brass. Die struck. Slider. V.G.C.
KOMMANDO HITLER'S SPECIAL FORCES IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR 176 pages by Leo Kessler. In very good used condition.
KOREA - UNITED NATIONS - UNCS F - JSA - BELT BUCKLE Rare piece. Given to officers serving on the DMZ. Brass. Large size . 8 cm Good detail. v.g.c.
KOSB - KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS WW2 SHOULDER SLIDE Very nice example of this scarce WW2 epaulette slide title. Wool body, linen backed, cotton tapes. No moth or damage. V.G.C.
KOSB ( KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) FORMER PAGRI BADGE Period slider removed and changed to lugs. Semi unique badge, usually it's the other way round !
KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERER) HELMET PLATE CENTRE Nice condition. Good sharp detail. Correct 3 loops to reverse. Scarce.
KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERER) VICTORIAN CAP BADGE Good example with clear detail and nice age toning. 2 lugs at rear. Originally a 3 lug example. Top lug has been removed during its service time. VGC. Scarce
KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) EMBROIDERED BLAZER BADGE Old veteran worn example of the bullion blazer badge. Good quality. Removed from jacket.
KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Nice matched bronze collars. For officers on the OSD. V.G.C. Scarce
KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) CAP BADGE Good " As Found " example. Uncleaned , possibly silver plated. Fine detail. Bronze coloured back. V.G.C. ( In a dirty sort of way ! )
KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) COLLAR PAIR Anodised collar pair.Single posts. Mint
KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) EDINBURGH SILVER H/M OFFICERS CAP BADGE Beautiful cap badge . Has it all Anderson tablet to the back and maker marked , H.T. ( Henry Tatton ) and “Q” for 1921. Edinburgh silver marks. Hand peircing on this one is outstanding. V.G.C.
KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) EDINBURGH SILVERH/M - ANDERSON TABLET - CAP BADGE Beautiful hand pierced officers silver badge with Edinburgh hallmarks for 1920. Anderson & Son tablet to rear. Period re- affixed lugs. Outstanding and nice with the rear tablet.
KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) EMBROIDERED BULLION BADGE Edwardian period bullion collar badge for an officers scarlet tunic. May be a pipers example ? Any knowing people out there , please advise. Beautiful work on this one with great detail in high relief. Can't find another for sale so I'm presuming it's a rare piece.
KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) OFFICERS COLLAR PAIR Nice pair which as always, I've left as they came to me. Dark age toning and old polish residue but will come up a treat if desired. Gilded finish bright to back. Matched pair. V.G.C.
KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) SILVER CAP BADGE Good detailed example. Kings crown. Unmarked silver. 2 lugs to rear.
KOSB PLAID BROOCH Good WW1 or before example. Plain quoit with cap badge style device to centre. Original stout pin to rear. W/m. Good all original.
KOSB SGTS. CAP BADGE Larger size as worn by sergeants. Die struck w/m. Good condition. Circa WW2. V.G.C.
KOSB SHOULDER TITLE PAIR WITH BACKING PLATES Nice matched pair of shoulder titles. Hex lugs. Brass back plates. Age toned. Uncleaned. V.G.C.
KREIGSMARINE BINOCULARS & CASE - ERNST LEITZ WETZLAR (BEH ) Very good 7 X 50 Magnification Kriegsmarine Binoculars by BEH, ( Ernst Leitz, Wetzlar ). Serial no. 459731. Great condition with good supple rubber armour and no damage to the black crackling finish. Rubber hinges to eye piece covers have been repaired and work well. Good condition full length leather neck strap. Optics are fairly good. Clearly mkd. on one shoulder, 7 x 50, beh,( Ernst Leitz, Wetzlar). They come c/w their fitted black leather case with hinged lid which is in excellent condition. The lid has its original sprung fastener and the body has its original single stud fastener. Inside the lid are 2 small leather pockets to hold additional lenses, these absent, press studs on covers both work well. Very good leather shoulder strap. The outer lid is nicely impressed with a Nazi Eagle and large letter ‘M’ (Marine). All in all a very nice pair at a very reasonable price.
KREIGSMARINE DESTROYER BADGE - JFS Good sharp early war example .Good amount of finish remaining to the wreath. Maker mkd. "J F S" ( Josel Feix & Sohne - Gablonz). Still with it's uniform retaining hook. 100% original with no issues.
KREIGSMARINE M40 SINGLE DECAL - QUIST 64 Very scarce helmet as Quist did not make many KM's. This one is straight out the vets sons house and is a total Sleeper. Configures exactly as to how it left the factory according to the Rice book on helmet codes. Single decal,sheepskin liner, zinc band and grey green paint. Good dark gold decal and most paint remaining. Double named, once in paint to the apron and another service mans name in ink to the liner. It came without a chin strap although I have added the correct type for the photos. Price is for helmet only. Strap is another £150 if wanted.
KREIGSMARINE MINESWEEPER BADGE BY WALTER & HENLEIN - GABLONZ Another award brought back by Marine commando 121161 CPL. D.A. FLETCHEA. Retains almost all it\'s original finish back and front. Maker marked to in \"WH\" (Walter & Henlein - Gablonz). Super sharp detail. Very sleepy in un-issued condition.
KREIGSMARINE MINESWEEPERS BADGE Good honest mid war example. Some finish remaining to wreath and most finish present to centre.. Coke bottle pin. Uniform retaining hook absent. Non maker mkd. Good detail. Modest price.
KREIGSMARINE OFFICERS DAGGER - EICKHORN Textbook Eickhorn Naval Dagger is in very good condition throughout. The pommel eagle has very sharp detail to the head and breast feathering and also the swastika, in fact the detail overall is outstanding. The celluloid handle is also very good with nice toning and with tightly wrapped twisted brass wire which unusually has no damage. Original aluminum portepee in fair condition. The scabbard is the lightning bolt type with a couple of creases but good overall and still with a good percentage of it's original gilding. The double etched blade has the fouled anchor nautical motif. This blade is high quality nickel-plate and retains its needlelike tip. The frosting in the background of the acid etching is also very good. This blade is near mint. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the Eickhorn trademark featuring a seated squirrel with a downward pointing sword. Under the squirrel is , “original” and below the name of the producer and location, “Eickhorn Solingen”. The original reddish leather blade buffer is still present. A very nice naval dagger in very good condition overall and 100% aqs found .
KRETA CUFF TITLE Good removed from uniform example. Some fraying to tresse where it\'s rubbed against the uniform.
KRIEGSMARINE COASTAL ARTILLERY BADGE BY FRIEDRICH LINDEN One of a number of awards brought back by Marine commando 121161 CPL. D.A. FLETCHER. Almost all original gilding present. Very sharp detail. Maker marked "FLL - 43 (Friedrich Linden - Lüdenscheid)". Lovely example in un-issued condition. Very sleepy, kept in a tin since the end of WW2. Nice with Commando provenance and one of a number of Kreigsmarine awards I direct purchased from his widow. Superb example, be hard pushed to better this one for condition. V.G.C.
KRIEGSMARINE HIGH SEAS FLEET BADGE BY SCHWERIN A super example by Schwerin. Retains almost all original gilding. Maker marked to rear "FEC ADOLF (Designer) AUSF SCHWERIN - BERLIN". Brought back by Marine commando 121161 CPL. D.A. FLETCHEA.
LANARKSHIRE YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Very nice toned example. No rubbing or damage. Old polish residue to back. V.G.C.
LANDES POLIZEI GRUPPE GENERAL GORING M16 HELMET Super rare helmet being the state police group general Goring which consisted of NSDAP members. This one is a M16 Austrian with screened air vents and correct medium green parade finish (see pages 247 & 248 Ludwig Baer - History of the German steel helmet). Large size with original paint finish to 85%, 5cm mobile swastika to right side with only minor abrasion and tilted. 5cm. State shield which is almost complete. Great condition 3 pad linen, size 57 with owners name applied in ink. Leather liner band, quick release chin strap. Scarce excellent condition. A super helmet, rarely available.
LARGE ARGYLLS & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS FLAG Barracks flag formerly from the 1st Btn. 2 sided. Detail is great and not faded. C/w toggle and hanging rope so ready to fly from your Man Cave ! Extremely rare. Approx. 185 cm W x 124 cm H.
LARGE COLLECTION OF 3RD REICH AWARDS & BADGES - AMERICAN VET BRING BACKS FROM THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE An amazing collection of WW2 Nazi awards, badges, medals etc. These were all brought back by Ehud Brenniese son of a German / Jewish family. Ehud, an officer in the 95th took part in the Battle of the Bulge. Afterwards he was one of the interrogators of German prisoners. Most of these awards were acquired there. A copy of his memoirs and copy photographs go to the buyers of any of these awards. Acquired for me direct by an American picker friend from Ehuds Son in Law. All original and in combat worn condition and never seen the light of day since 1945. These days , probably like most people I have a lot of angst around the authenticity of German items and only do direct vet related purchases like this for the piece of mind. Get yourself a piece from of of the most famous battles of WW2.
LARGE CONCENTRATION CAMP SCENE BANNER - SS A one off from a German house clearance. Shows SS guard in the fore ground with stripe suited inmates shuffling by with Concentration camp in the back ground. This rolls out in banner form with 2 stout poles and a screw fixing to keep it closed when not in use. Size is approx. 39 " by 24 " for the print. There is a pencilled " 36 " on the back , possibly the year. Linen backed construction. V.G.C. and rare
LATE 18TH CENTURY CAP WRIST LOCK HANDCUFFS - PFEIL STEDALL Very rare handcuffs used by prison chain gangs. Nice condition . Numbered and maker mkd.Non matching numbers. Sometimes used in conjunction with a pair of Hiatts with a smaller cuff for handcuffing a prisoner to an officer. See my other sales for a pair of these Hiatts. Good condition.
LEATHER SAM BROWNE SWORD FROG Good wartime example with the stouter straps. Leather and buckles very good. Some loose stitches on the front left top corner.
LEE METFORD BAYONET - 4TH BLACK WATCH - SANDERSON The 2nd of 2 near identical bayonets from an old collection of swords and firearms I recently purchased. Beautiful condition. Correct un blackened scabbard parts, bayonet pommel and cross guard. Beautiful near perfect wood grips with nice rosy age patina. Great profusely mkd. blade ( see pics ) and VR crown and maker details " SANDERSON SHEFFIELD ". Pommel mkd. " 4 R.H. ( Royal Hldrs - Black Watch ). The 4th were known as the " Dundee Battalion". Super blade with no tipping, blackening or pitting. Scabbard leather excellent. If ever you wanted to own one good Metford to a Scottish Territorial Btn. this is it. Outstanding
LEGION CONDOR MINIATURE TOLEDO SWORD UNIT MKD. Exquisite piece. Gold inlaid blued steel. In the form of a miniature cup rapier. Toledo mkd. to blade. Running round the cup "War against Bolshevism Spain 1936 - 38". Unit mkd. to blade and cup for motorised Flak Unit 88. I'll let the pictures do the talking . V.G.C. Rare
LEGION CONDOR SILVER RING - LUFTWAFFE FLYER Part of a nice collection of Legion Condor items recently purchased from a Spanish vendor. Mkd. to the inside , 9ct and silver so probably was gold plated but as this was not a ring that sat out the Spanish Civil War it's lost it's thin gold plate. Nice well detailed face with Luftwaffe eagle and unit marking.Art deco type shanks.3rd finger size. This one came from a house clearance and was found in a dresser at Madrid Flea Market. I have included a photograph of the various items found and the ring can be clearly seen. Subsequent to being found the group of items were forum posted and got a 100% thumbs up. Big reduction.
LEICESTER PRE 1881 MUSICIANS POUCH BADGE Scarce cast metal pouch or cross belt badge. Very sharp detail. Long lugs.
LEICESTER REGIMENT MUSICIANS POUCH BADGE Very good example in cast nickel silver. Very well detailed with no rubbing or damage. Long lugs. Uncleaned
LEICESTER YEOMANRY BADGE Well detailed brass. Single post to rear. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
LEICESTER YEOMANRY CAP BADGE - GAUNT Good smaller size badge . Both badge and slider shaped to the soldiers cap. GAUNT - LONDON stamped to slider. Good. Priced to sell
LIGHT INFANTRY - INKERMAN LIONS HEAD BOSS / WHISTLE &CHAIN SET This is an old set in polished white metal or silver plate. Wing nut fixings on the back are the type found on Victorian cross belt furniture. Well detailed lions head. Whistle good and working with some polishing to the top projection and there has possibly been a small springer , if so it's now absent although the whistle stays locked in just fine.Backing plate present. Stout double chains. Original wing nut fixings all original and present. V.G.C.
LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT CAP BADGE WITH BACKING PATCH Mounted on a felt patch. Good genuine wartime example. Slider. V.G.C.
LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT SHOULDER TITLEs X 3 3 titles to the Lincolnshire regiment. V.G.C.
LINCOLNSHIRE YEOMANRY MAKER MKD. CAP BADGE Crisp example by J.R. GAUNT- LONDON. Stamped to slider. Chunky, quite heavy.
LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH - FEATHER BONNET BADGE Nice example of a w/m cap badge . Good detail, no rubbing or damage. Longer lugs for use on the feather bonnet. V.G.C. with nice age toning.
LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH (10TH LIVERPOOL) - OFFICERS CAP BADGE Scarce officers example. Heavier than o/r's. This one is sand cast with 2 piece construction as opposed to the usual die struck type. Nicely age toned. Good detail. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH OFFICERS CAP BADGE. 10th Liverpool. Cast . 2-piece construction. Well detailed sturdy badge. Scarce. V.G.C.
LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH SILVER OFFICERS CAP BADGE Extremely nice badge in unmarked silver. Sharp detail. Heavy. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
LONDON FUSILIERS BUSBY BADGE Post 1901 City of London Royal Fusiliers cap grenade. Three and a half inches tall approx. Brass with nice age toning. V.G.C.
LONDON IRISH CLOTH SHOULDER TITLE Black embroidered on rifle green shoulder title. Rough linen or cotton backing. V.G.C.
LONDON RIFLE BRIGADE CADETS CAP BADGE - GAUNT - CHROMED Outstanding example i either chrome or silver plate. "J.R.GAUNT LONDON " to slider.
LONDON SCOTTISH - OFFICERS CAST SILVER SPORRAN BADGE Beautiful scarce piece. Heavy cast silver and with a silver washed finish. Heavy badge. Silver lugs. V.G.C.
LONDON SCOTTISH 1938 H/M SILVER CAP BADGE WITH INSCRIPTION Beautiful piece with no damage or rubbing. Beautifully hand inscribed to the back and attributed to RSM Kelly on his birthday and dtd. for 1941. Outstanding
LONDON SCOTTISH ANODISED CAP BADGE Good earlier anodised badge to the ' Cockney Jocks '.
LONDON SCOTTISH BRASS/ENAMEL SWEETHEART BROOCH Die struck, good condition overall. Slight enamel loss above the \"T\"s.
LONDON SCOTTISH CAP BADGE Very nice example with good detail. Long lugs to rear.
LONDON SCOTTISH CAP BADGE WITH RED FELT BACKING Nice o/r's cap badge and with a piece of period red felt. Condition and detail are very nice. Before anyone makes an assumption, this felt is not a rogue piece from a RS cap badge. Other regiments used red felt to enhance the fretted detail. V.G.C.
LONDON SCOTTISH SILVER PLATED CAP BADGE Superb silver plated badge with exceptional detail in relief. Lovely age toning. V.G.C..
LONDON SCOTTISH STERLING SILVER BADGE Lovely STERLING stamped silver badge with uncleaned as found patina. Detail on this one is lovely and is possibly an officers Pagri badge ? Bigger than a sweetheart. Nice original strong hook and pin. V.G.C.
LONDON SCOTTISH VOLUNTEERS WAIST BELT BUCKLE Good scarce Victorian period London Scottish Volunteers belt buckle. Thistle design ends. Centre with Rampant Lion in relief. No rubbing or damage. Number 6 stamped to both male and female parts. V.G.C.
LONG LEATHER PISTOL HOLSTER No idea what pistol this is for . Long , approx 14 inches top to bottom. Good supple leather. No markings.
LOTHIAN & BORDERS HORSE BRASS CAP BADGE Age toned brass o/r's cap badge. Slider. No rubbing or damage. Well detailed. V.G.C.
LOTHIAN & BORDERS HORSE CAP BADGE - WW1 Beautiful example found in a little box straight from a veterans family. Sheaf of corn with nice detail. Slider. Some old polish residue to back.
LOTHIANS & BERWICK IMPERIAL YEOMANRY TUNIC BUTTON Rare button. Brass. Rare maker Fraser Ross Glasgow.
LOVAT SCOUTS WW2 CAP BADGE Good WW2 example with the strap and French motto, Je Suis Prest (I am Ready). Nice clear detail.
LOVAT SCOUTS - JE SUIS PREST CAP BADGE Nice detail. Post '22. A bit of verdigris which will come off but as usual the badges go out as they come in.
LOVAT SCOUTS BOER WAR BONNET - ATTRIBUTED From the family this very rare hand knitted and carded bonnet peculiar to the Lovet Scouts. The Lovat Scouts were the first real sniper unit being drawn mainly from ghillies and stalkers from the north of Scotland. In the Boer War they were mounted yeomanry. The bonnet has the distinctive black and white dicing worn only by them. Nice open hand made body with lovely large hand knitted touree. Waxed cotton lining in good used condition with the remains of gold lettering reading " INVICTA - INDIGO.... and TAM O' SHANTER". Good size for the period being approx a 56. There is a hand written letter attached giving the soldiers name and details and confirming he fought in the Boer War. He returned to S. Africa later and made his fortune some of which he donated to his home town. 3 moth nips and frayed silk band otherwise an exceptional item and very rare. The Scouts wore these bonnets as well as slouch hats in the Boer War and there are many period images of such.
LOVAT SCOUTS I.Y. CAP BADGE A brass cap badge for the Lovat Scouts Imperial Yeomanry. Lugs. V.G.C.
LOVAT SCOUTS IMPERIAL YEOMANRY BOER WAR SLOUCH HAT BADGE Scarce badge for wear on the slouch hat.Die struck brass. Old polish residue to rear. V.G.C.
LOVAT SCOUTS IMPERIAL YEOMANRY BOER WAR SLOUCH HAT BADGE Very nice bronze example retaining it's bronze finish. Die struck. V.G.C. Scarce
LOVAT SCOUTS WW1 CAP BADGE Good Great War example with the strap and French motto, Je Suis Prest (I am Ready). WW2 examples tend to have "Lovat Scouts". White metal.
LOVAT SCOUTS YEOMANRY OFFICERS CAP BADGE Gilded finish. Cast metal example. Fretted centre. Scarce V.G.C.
LOVAT SCOUTS YEOMANRY OFFICERS GILT CAP BADGE Scarce gilded officers example for the field service cap. Good condition with a large percentage of the gilding present.
LOVAT'S SCOUTS CAP BADGE Lovat's Scouts OR's cap badge circa 1903-20. A good nicely toned, die struck example in white metal .Age patina, will clean up nicely if desired. Two loops to the reverse. VGC.
LOWLAND BRIGADE CAP BADGE C.1960'S This is the early proper metal one from the '60's , not later anodised version. Heavy 2 piece construction. Scarce. V.G.C.
LOWLAND REGIMENT CAP BADGE Scarce WW2 for the Lowland Regiment. Die struck w/m. North / south lugs. Slight shaping to the cap. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
LOWLAND REGIMENT CAP BADGE Scarce 2 lug example. Removed from it's original glengarry which only had the corresponding north/south lug holes. Nicely detailed white metal. Usually found with 4 lugs.
LOWLAND REGIMENT WW2 CAP BADGE Nice condition and unusually not with the 4 corner lugs usually found on these. Still pukka badge and with the remains of old polish to the back. Nice age toning to front. Scarce.
LT. COLONELS SHOULDER SLIDE - NORTH AFRICA / ITALY Good example of the shoulder slides worn singly in the Desert and Italian campaigns in WW2. Lightweight cotton slide with rank insignia. Near mint
LUFTAFFE M40 SINGLE DECAL - COMPLETE - QUIST As nice as they come. Beautiful " One Look" helmet. Rough texture blue grey paint to almost 100%. Lovely toned decal, complete apart from one small nick out the centre of the swastika. Q64 shell,batch no. indistinct. Nice size 56 liner with original draw string. Original to helmet full length steel buckle chin strap marked, DLO 42 to end. Liner band is the scarce double banded aluminium but with steel D rings. If you're looking for a nice untouched helmet straight out the woodwork with no issues this is a good buy.
LUFTWAFFE AFRIKA CUFF TITLE Scarce DAK cuff title. Removed from tunic. White embroidered "AFRIKA" on dark blue background. Bringback by MM winner ( name to buyer).
LUFTWAFFE ALUMINIUM VISOR CAP COCKADE Nice aluminium example with split pins fixing to rear. Good details.
LUFTWAFFE BREAST EAGLE - UNISSUED British vet bring back along with other items( see pics ) bought from the son. Unissued condition.
LUFTWAFFE CAP INSIGNIA CUT FROM UNIFORM Early 2 piece insignia still attached to side cap. Some blood stains to eagle. Vendor states taken from Fallschirmjager soldier in Normandy by American vet.
LUFTWAFFE DESK EAGLE Scarce desk eagle. Very well detailed and still with threaded mount . Repair to one wing. Would have originally had a marble base.
LUFTWAFFE DROOP TAIL CAP EAGLE - VET BRING BACK One of a number of items that came to me from a vets son. Varied group of militaria inc. the usual flag, armbands etc. Among it were 6 of these cap eagles, all unfinished in respect of they all had no pins. Low price
LUFTWAFFE DROOP TAIL CAP EAGLE - VET BRING BACK Very nice " Shaped to Cap " example. Aluminium with 2 brass prongs to back. Near mint.
LUFTWAFFE FLAK VISOR CAP Very good , clean example of a mid to late war Man's visor. Issue type. Condition is very good through out with no damage and only one tiny moth nip to crown.Nice insignia. Stout chin strap. Good interior with a couple of stains to the crown. Sweat band undamaged. Looks like it's had only minimal use. Red piped for Artillery / Flak. No maker marks. Approx. size 55. Great looking shape. Very low price for an all original cap as nice as this.
LUFTWAFFE GENERALS CAP COCKADE Extremely rare Luftwaffe Generals metal cap cockade. Couple of small areas of verdigris othwerwise VGC. Rear fixings present.
LUFTWAFFE GROUND ASSAULT BADGE Very good example of a mid war 2 piece award with separately applied rivetted eagle. Zinc . Eagle retains a good proportion of it's original silvered finish. Good stout pin & hook. Non maker mkd. Another from the Brenneise collection of Battle of the Bulge bring backs. A pdf copy of the American officers memoirs detailing his interpreting role during and after the Ardennes Offensive is available to the buyer. Nice One Looker with genuine provenance ! V.G.C.
LUFTWAFFE GROUND ASSAULT BADGE - MAKER MARED Good 2-piece maker marked example \"M. ?. ?.\"(see photo). Strong construction. Coke bottle pin. Quality piece.
LUFTWAFFE M40 COMBAT HELMET Great looking size 64 in a rough texture blue grey finish. Luftwaffe visible under the paint. Good sheepskin on zinc band liner system with an original lace / draw string. Rare maker stamp embossed into the leather " Schuberth Werke Braunschweig " Has the original chin strap albeit long end is in 2 parts with the tip absent and the short end is missing the buckle. A great looking helmet. V.G.C.
M.M. WINNERS AFRIKA KORPS INSIGNIA HATE BELT Straight out the weeds a number of years ago from the son of a 8th Army vet who won the M.M. in the Desert. Came with other items mainly cuff titles. All insignia has been tunic removed before being stitched to an RAF belt. Comprises Army breast eagle, Luftwaffe shirt eagle, Luft cap eagle, collar litzen pair, cap roundel. Italian insignia comprising 2 different collar tabs, one mkd. " 62 ", 2 different size brass tunic buttons. Raf breast eagle. Never touched and all insignia is tropical DAK. Name and unit of the soldier to buyer and also the reason he qualified for the Military Medal.
M16 CAMO GERMAN HELMET Super example of camo helmet. 2 pads of the liner absent. Let the pictures speak for itself.
M16 CAMO STAHLHELM GERMAN HELMET Straight out the loft and in times when most camos out there are fake it's nice to get a 100% original. 3 colour block camo of green /ochre / reddish brown and correctly broken up with finger width black lines. Leather liner band. 3 pads present, one still with it's horsehair cushion. These are still in good condition for their age with 4 tongue ends still intact. Unusually the leather draw string is still present.Strap ends present. Large size with non stepped air vents. Never on the market and straight in from the family.
M1871 REGIMENTALLY MKD. GERMAN MAUSER BAYONET C/W FROG - WW1 USE Outstanding example rarely found like this these days. For the 1871Mauser Rifle. The bayonet has brass grips, smooth on one side and grooved on the other. Sprung button operates smoothly. The quillon is stamped with Regimental markings "31.R .9.10." The ricasso has clear makers details for "COULAUX - KLINKENTHAL". The back of the blade has the Prussian Crown. Very clean single edged blade with deep single fuller measuring approx. 18.3" inches. Steel scabbard with no dents or damage. Nice original to it leather frog with clear maker details for "ADOLF SCHWARTZ & CO. - BERLIN N.39" and dated 1914. No rust, pitting, finish loss or any of the usual issues, this is a top shelf example.
M35 APPLE GREEN GERMAN HELMET- DECALS REMOVED - CAPTURE CHINSTRAP Large size NS 66 still with it's early pre war shiny apple green paint. Lot no. D30. Ice book confirms this helmet as having left the factory in late 1937 as a double decal Heer. Dome stamp. Evidence of Army decal to left side and state shield to right.. Retains most of it's original paint although there's a recent chip to the forehead area. Aluminium single band with square D rings, this ties in correctly with the helmets configuration when leaving the factory. Leather liner a bit dry with some damaged tongue ends. Interesting use of a captured Brodie helmet chin strap. These of course still being in use in WW2 by armoured crews and 2nd line soldiers. Apron stampings "NS 66 - D30". Owners named scrawled in pencil to apron. Scarce early war helmet in good condition and not re issued with the later drab paint.
M35 ARMY DOUBLE DECAL - VET BRINGBACK Cracking vet bring back supposedly taken from Hitler Youth soldier in 1945. Good toned army decal and State shield visible under the paint. Original liner and chin strap. Smallest size (ET) 60. Original apple green paint to inside. Most likely what is referred to as a reissue helmet. The Rice book has this helmet leaving the factory in early 1939 as an army double decal. Great "Been There" helmet.
M35 ARMY SINGLE DECAL - SAWDUST CAMO GERMAN HELMET Straight out the woodwork " Been There" one look helmet. Grey /green camo with rough textured sawdust finish. Size 66 . Named in rear apron. All original. Photos speak for themselves. Get in quick , helmets like this don't hang around long
M35 ARMY SINGLE DECAL RE ISSUE - WIRE CARRYING LOOPS. Stunning helmet being a M35 Quist 66 re issue, with lot no. 516. which means it left the factory in 1938 most likely as an army double decal. Matt field grey paint. Good decal. Named to skirt and liner. Interestingly this one has soldier made wire hooks for belt suspension. Nicely made with flattened ends which hook into the air vents and come down under the liner band and end in attaching loops. Original full length brown chin strap and excellent liner. Now rare as clean as this. Top shelf helmet.
M35 COMBAT GERMAN HELMET C/W ORIGINAL NET Superb all original combat helmet with an original to it string net. ET 64 shell with batch no. 3660. Nice hair oil darkened liner with all tongue ends intact, one small rodent bite to leather.Double banded liner band with square D rings. Original maker marked. and dated chin strap "M &..kampmann - .ppert..e - 1937". Aluminium buckle. String net in good condition with a few breaks. Very striking helmet and I've checked the factory records and this batch left the factory in 1938.
M35 D/D LUFTWAFFE HELMET - FLAK BTN. - NORMANDY CAMO Stunning all original camo which ticks all the boxes. This one is confirmed in the Brian Ice book on helmet codes as having left the factory in 1939 as a double decal Luft with 2nd eagle and dome stamp. Both decals visible under the camo which is green & maroon spray of the type referred to as a Normandy. I must say in my experience this camo crops up in various theatres.Nice clear dome stamp. Original Luftwaffe blue to inside. Very good original sheep skin liner still with it's drawstring. The helmet is a large size Q66 (QUIST) , lot no. 4622. Maker mkd. original full length chin strap. Double banded liner band , again confirmed in the Rice book. To the rear apron is penned " F.B. 103" ( Flak Btn. 103). This unit was part of Flak Rgt. No. 2 which took part in the invasion of France and later Operation Barbarossa . A superb combat vet which has been forum posted and is confirmed to be as it is supposed to be, a total 'One Looker ". Genuine camo and all components configure exactly as to how it left the factory. No re issue, no " Period liner replacement", etc. This is as genuine as they get with all it's original factory fitted parts all still there and with the addition of an in theatre applied camo. A very hard to come by helmet which could tell a few stories. Just reduced to this very low price for a real camo. 29/2/15
M35 DOUBLE DECAL ARMY APPLE GREEN GERMAN HELMET Good 100% original "One Looker ". Good toned Heer decal and fair State shield. Early Apple Green paint to approx 60%. Some pitting to paint and a couple of areas with surface rust. Good liner with owners initials "H K".Early double banded aluminium liner band with square D rings. Original good condition chin strap with aluminium buckle.Apron stampings ET62 - 39 ? 9. Early war army apple green helmets now scarce and very collectible and with some fetching over £2,000. This is a modest price for a good original.
M35 DOUBLE DECAL ARMY CAMO HELMET One look combat vet. If you want an impeccable " Been There " example this one fits the bill. Army adler exposed and State shield overpainted but visible under the heavy textured field grey paint. This one straight off the battlefield and still with lots of yellow clay that initially I thought was a tan camo. The mud is visible to at least 70% of the shell. Soldiers name in the skirt. Good liner and full length mkd. and dtd. chin strap. 64 shell, 57 liner. Great helmet that could tell plenty stories I'm sure
M35 DOUBLE DECAL HEER COMBAT GERMAN HELMET - COMPLETE Good "One Look" barn find original which has started out as a Luftwaffe helmet . Both decals approx 50% complete. Heer decal has been applied over the original Luft eagle and with close inspection, one wing tip of the eagle is still visible. Early smooth paint in Luftwaffe blue. Liner good with a few little tears but tongue ends complete and retains the original draw string. Double banded alumium liner band with square D rings. Shortened aluminium buckle chinstrap.Splotch of orange has has dripped on to the shell at some point but could be easily removed if required. ET64 shell with Batch no. 3797. This helmet is recorded in the Brian Rice book as having left the factory in 1938 as a Luftwaffe double decal. Very reasonably priced with some M35 doubles being priced at £2,000 plus elsewhere
M35 DOUBLE DECAL HELMET - SE 66 - VERY EARLY 073 CODE Nice very early re issue double decal in a large size. 2nd pattern eagle. Batch no.073. This helmet left the factory in 1935 as a double decal with 2nd pattern eagle according the book on helmet codes. Very good sheep skin liner, zinc band. Liner size 58. Dark blue/ slate grey colour.
M35 DOUBLE DECAL LUFTWAFFE C/W REMAINS OF CAMO NET -TWICE NAMED Great all complete helmet. SE 64 shell. Good 2nd pattern Eagle decal. State shield painted over but visible under the paint. Obscured as per the 1940 decal drop directive. Retaining most of original paint and has the original split pins with no signs of tampering.. Double named so issued twice. Original to it aluminium buckle chin strap which is still full length and maker mkd. and dated 1939. The liner is in really good condition , size 56 and of the type using the early pre war tanning process. Named to " SCHROFF ". Early double banded aluminium liner band with square D rings.Original draw string to crown. Nicely painted name in rear skirt, "Wm. Hellmers ". Fitted to the helmet is a thin strand camo net. The vendor stated it was there in poor shape to the outside when he got the helmet, now only the inside section remains but would suggest this has been a combat helmet as it is original to the helmet. This helmet was originally purchased from an American veteran of the C.I.C. ( Criminal Investigation Corps ). It was taken to an American gun show along with his other bring backs and sold to an American dealer. Fantastic 100% original and nice with the remains of the net.
M35 DOUBLE DECAL LUFTWAFFE GERMAN HELMET Straight from the vets family. Text book helmet. Early type eagle. Double named, once to skirt and the other to liner. Also unit markd and large stencilled 5 to crown next to the dome stamp. Maked and dated brown chin strap. Double banded liner. ET 62 in block script. Batch no. 4192. Brian Rice's helmet code book confirms this helmet left the factory in 1939 as a double decal Luft, block script, double banded liner and was a size 62, so nothing changed on this "One Look" helmet. Not cheap but you can have peace of mind with this sleeper.
M35 DOUBLE DECAL NORMANDY CAMO -ET66 - COMPLETE If ever you wanted one good real camo this is it. Outstanding helmet in 3 colour Normandy camo of tan / red / green. All complete and straight out the weeds as the Americans say. I've left it as found with it's mouldy sweat stained liner, which incidentally comes off without damaging or darkening the liner. What can I say, just to be sure I ran this by all the big shooters and no one has any issues as to it's originality, always a concern these days when buying a camo. Total " One Looker ".
M35 DOUBLE DECAL SE64 GERMAN HELMET COMPLETE - M35 helmet with one of the best Army decals I've seen in a long time. Almost 100%, nicely toned to a nice golden colour but this is not a Kreigsmarine. Remains of state shield, partially scraped off as per the decal drop directive of 1940. Early smooth paint but has the remains of a green camo overpaint. Early single banded liner band with square D rings. Liner good but with some rodent nips to two tongues. This is not very noticeable. Nice original numbered chin strap. Good complete helmet offered very cheap for a double decal.
M35 GERMAN ARMY DOUBLE DECAL HELMET - EF 68 - COMPLETE Straight out the woodwork from vets family. Huge size EF 68 with lot no. 20407. Size 61 marked to liner. Shell has the early smooth paint which is scarce as most helmets of this vintage were re issued with matt paint. Very good army eagle and state shield also good with the crazing I like to see on genuine examples. Liner good with all tongue ends complete although a little dry and with some wear to lower edge.Soldiers initials applied in ink. Different colour to helmet pins which is not uncommon, pins the early type with markings. Double banded aluminium liner band with square D rings.This nice and tight and has never been removed. This helmet came without a chin strap, I have shown it here with an appropriate strap which is not included in the price. One Look original and scarce is this huge size.
M35 GERMAN ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET - Q 66 Good straight out the woodwork combat vet in a large size. This is how I like them, dirty, dusty and likely hasn't seen the light of day since 1945. Early smooth paint. Full length maker mkd. chin strap. Liner with all tongue ends good and c/w the original draw string. Good Toned army decal. Large size Quist 66. Untampered with One Looker.
M35 GERMAN DAK CAMO - ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET Stunning unusual Afrika Korps camo in an unusual 3 tone colour scheme. This helmet came straight from a house where the womans husband had served in North Africa with the RAF. All over tan camo in a heavy brush stroked finish , over this has been applied a blue and green geometric pattern similar to British tanks in the Western Desert and also these colours were used by the Luftwaffe. Nice army decal. Size 62. No chin strap. Good liner.
M35 KREIGSMARINE GERMAN HELMET Super example in correct shade of field grey for navy. Nice decal. Original liner very tight to pins. Named to rear. Remains of one strap end. Bit rusty in crown as if it has had some moisture inside at some time. Otherwise V.G.C. possibly coastal artillery. The Rice book on German helmet codes confirms this left the factory as a Kreigsmarine single decal.
M35 LUFTWAFFE FORMER DOUBLE DECAL - Q 66 Good large size helmet in it's original smooth Luftwaffe blue paint. Helmet retains almost all it's finish. Eagle decal good . One wing tip and an abrasion to the tail the only faults on this one. Clear evidence of where the state Shield was. Lot number unclear. Double banded aluminium liner band with square D Rings and stout sheepskin leather with all tongue ends complete.. Non original blue cloth chin strap. Never seen anything like this so don't know if t's wartime or post war addition . Jury's out ? Great looking original in non re - issue original paint. Heavy helmet as you find with Quists which are my personal favourite German helmet. V.G.C.
M35 SINGLE DECAL ARMY BATTLEFIELD BUNKER FOUND - BATTLE DAMAGED Good solid bunker recovered helmet still with almost all it's original paint. Army decal to left side. Concussion/blast crack to crown. Double banded aluminium liner band with square D rings. All helmet pins present. Eastern Front found.
M35 SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET - DAK- ATTRIBUTED - FLAK UNIT Vet bring back from Tunisia. Quist 64 shell M35 re- issue type helmet. Lot no. 992. Good army decal. All complete and original. This one is named and has a Feldpost no. to the liner. This number attributes it to a Heer Flak ( M.G.) Btn , 2 Komp. Flak. Btn. 612. This unit was subordinated to the Afrika Korps in 1941 and were wiped out in Tunis in 1943. Full length chin strap, good liner, still with it's draw string. Barn found condition . Proper " Been There" helmet from the North African campaign. Tied 100% to them rather than surmised due to camo colour.
M35 SS DOUBLE DECAL SAND CAMO RE ISSUE Stunning looking 100% original camo.M35 re issue. Green overpaint with rough sand finish. Pig skin liner with soldiers name applied in ink. Full length chin strap. ET64, batch no. indistinct, B.L. initials to crown. To the left side under the paint can be seen the red of a party shield strongly suggesting this has been an SS helmet. Very striking combat helmet that has been posted for opinions and all good. Buy with confidence.
M35 TROPICAL CAMO GERMAN HELMET DAK - TUNISIA Great example of a tropical camo found in the cellar of a house in Medina Italy. Brownish tan overpaint usually associated with Tunisia in the latter stages of the North African campaign. The tropical paint has been applied over an earlier white winter camo suggesting this soldier has seen action in another theatre most likely Russia. The brown paint is also sun bleached in parts so it is likely this man has been in action for a prolonged period of time in a very hot climate before being shipped to Italy. Large heavy Q66 shell, with batch no. ..77. Outline of decal shield to left side. Some light pitting to inside apron. Good condition liner with all tongue ends intact and original draw string (broken). Owners name applied in ink "BROOG" ? Double banded liner band. Very good supple full length original chin strap with indistinct maker details and 1941 date. Fine "One Look" combat helmet that could tell a few stories.
M40 ARMY SINGLE DECAL - K.I.A. - FRANCE 1944 Superb looking attributable helmet taken as a vet pick up in Calais by a Canadian soldier. All original NS64 D series helmet with good army decal with some slight surface abrasions. Most field grey finish present to shell. Named in rear skirt and also in the liner. Liner complete and very good with honest service wear comensurate with the rest of the helmet. One helmet pin a period replacement ? Full length maker mkd and 1940 dtd. chin strap. Maker looks like "....LRINGHAUS & CO - ..L...HEIM". Unteroffizier H.Poppe, born Munster 1924, died Calais 1944. Buried Bourdon Cemetary. Brian Rice book confirms this helmet left the factory in early 1940 as a Army single decal. Superb "One Look" helmet and attributable.
M40 ARMY SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET A total original I just got from the loft of a house in Wales. ET 64 shell. Owners initials "A.P." scratched to apron and white "27". Good liner. Maker marked and dated chinstrap "GTO -1943". Good decal. Dome stamp in crown. At least 50% of original field grey paint.
M40 ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET WITH ORIGINAL CHICKEN WIRE Lovely combat helmet, SE64 with lot no. 869. This was WAF posted and got a unanimious thumbs up. Great condition all round. Photos tell all.
M40 BATTLE DAMAGED SINGLE DECAL ARMY HELMET Good solid battle field recovered helmet found in Hungary. Retains a large percentage of original smooth paint finish. Army decal to around 50%. Liner present but detached. A bit shrunken but with holes, which correspond with the two entry holes on the shell as well as the strike on the rear apron. Original liner band. Good Eastern Front relic.
M40 DOUBLE DECAL POLIZEI HELMET QUIST 64 Polizei division quist size 64 shell combat helmet. Bordered police decal in really good condition and Nazi shield also good with a couple of abrasions. Field grey shell to almost 100%. Liner with some tongue ends at fault and has dark dry sections that suggest to me a head wound ? Full length maker mkd. chin strap with steel buckle good but with a partial tear just below the buckle. Lot no. DN 197 confirmed in the Rice helmet code book as having left the factory in 1942. Great helmet !
M40 GERMAN WW2 ARMY SINGLE DECAL HELMET Good One Look combat helmet. NS 64. Lot no. looks like 6858 ? Inside with original smooth paint and outside with a rough zimmerit type drab field grey. Army decal to 90%. Liner dry and with tongue ends detached but still present , attached to the original draw string. Chin strap ends only. 100% original.
M40 KREIGSMARINE SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET - QUIST 66 Fine all original Quist 66, skirt no. DN121. Good field grey smooth paint, 95% remaining. Subdued gold Kreigsmarine eagle. Liner has seen heavy use and is part frayed ar lower edge.One tongue end detached but still tied to draw cord. Rare full length brown Navy chin strap with small size roller. This chin strap on it's own is worth over £200 and rarely come up for sale. Quist shape and heavy weight, great looking helmet and has to be the cheapest genuine Kreigsmarine around at this reduced price. This helmet ties in 100% with the Rice book on helmet codes. Produced 1941 for the Kreigsmarine. If you are interested in buying the helmet without it's chin strap at a reduced price please let me know as I would be happy to keep the strap.
M40 KREIGSMARINE SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET - WOODWORK FRESH Absolute stunner of a helmet straight from an RAF vets daughter. Size ET 66, Code no. 220. Confirmed in the Brian Ice book as correct configuration in every way as when it left the factory. 1940 maker mkd. original chin strap. Good sheepskin liner with zinc band and original draw string. Both liner and apron named to the soldier. Nice almost 100% Gold decal. Total sleeper.
M40 NORMANDY CAMO GERMAN HELMET - ATTRIBUTED One of the most striking camos you are ever likely to see and a 100% original bought from a RAF vets family along with many other bringbacks by me 10 years ago. Tan/Maroon/Green camo with rough sawdust finish, this has been applied while the paint was wet giving it a rough textured finish.Good size ET64 shell. Good liner with soldiers name applied in ink. Original marked and dated chinstrap. None nicer, name of the L.A.C. who served with a Typhoon squadron in Normandy and brought it back will be given to buyer. Please note, these are copyright photos . Anyone who knows their stuff can see this is a real helmet and is sold as such. I realise buying a camo these days is a nightmare but this is the real deal and kept by me until now.
M40 QUIST SINGLE DECAL GERMAN ARMY HELMET - 64 Good looking M40 shell with Heer decal. Q64 with Lot No. DN 313. An interesting helmet which dates from 1943 according to the Rice helmet code book which sees the factory transition begin from M40 to M42 shells. Scarce helmet Pig skin liner with scarce side stitched seam. No chin strap. V.G.C.
M40 SINGLE DECAL ARMY GERMAN HELMET - NS 64 A good 100% original combat veteran . NS 64, with Lot No. DN 67. This helmet dates to 1940 and has the hybrid characteristics as they changed from aluminium to zinc liner bands so you find helmets like this where they are using the last of the M35 liner systems in the M40 shell. Double banded aluminium liner band with square D rings and sheepskin leather. Another coat of rough paint on top of the Field Grey. This is the way I like to see them with some paint on the decal from where the owner has tried none too successfully to paint round the decal. Liner dry and hair oil darkened but still good with one tongue end a/f. Original draw string. No chin strap. Single Heer decal. One Look original
M42 COMBAT HELMET - FRENCH BARN FIND Acquired recently from a Normandy barn. Large size 66. I've left this exactly as found with it's dusty liner which is still in very good shape and it's uncleaned shell. I think it exudes character the way it is although would clean up if desired. Low price
M42 GERMAN HELMET ARMY SINGLE DECAL 2 TONE CAMO - AMERICAN VET BRING BACK This one out of Michigan a few years ago and purchased direct from the vets family. Story goes it was taken from a pile of helmets from surrendering P.O.W.'s. Vet liked it because it was the only one with camo paint. He took the helmet and put it in his tank.Later the chin strap was utilised for a running repair on said tank. That aside it's a cracking helmet , much better in the flesh as it were. Green and ochre spray and the owner obviously was young with a sense of humour ( See finish in line/behind decal ). Wermacht adler decal very good. Size 57 liner with service wear round the lower leading edge. Remains of chin strap at one side. Code numbers to rear skirt, CKL 164 2510. Superb genuine " Been There " combat helmet with an unusual camo. Brian Ice helmet code book records confirm this helmet having left the factory between 1st Feb. 1943 and the 28th Aug. 1943 and corresponding exactly with the helmet particulars being a single decal Heer with sheepskin liner with zinc band .
M42 HEER SINGLE DECAL HELMET - Good condition large size combat helmet. Overpainted in a field grey sawdust camo. Great decal.Almost all paint remaining. Soldiers name to inner apron. Good liner with all tongue ends intact. Original chin strap, this missing buckle from short end and tip from long end . Size 57 liner , 64 shell. Nice example.
MALAWI RIFLES BLACKENED BRASS CAP BADGE Circa 1965. Mint condition, blackened brass. North & South lugs. Within A Bugle Horn ,the Rising Sun, upon a title scroll reading: "MALAWI RIFLES" Surmounted by a Lion Passant. V.G.C Scarce
MALAWI RIFLES CAP BADGE - POTTERS - RARE Very rare example of these scarce badge. This one in blackened brass and produced by Potters of Aldershot. Potters examples are extremely rare. Mint unissued condition and was a direct purchase from their workshop by a fellow dealer many years ago.
MASSIVE ! ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS WHITE BELT & BUCKLE Hey Big Boy ! Here's the belt you could never get in your size ! You dreamed about this and now it could be your Xmas present to yourself ! Adjustable white corlene belt up to 48” waist. Nice Argylls belt buckle, polished white metal on brass. V.G.C.
MC DONALD OF SLEAT LIVERY BUTTON Early buttons circa 1880's. Silver plated brass. Good condition but most silver plate worn off. Maker mkd. " C & J WELDON - 130 CHEAPSIDE - LONDON". Features Mc Donald clan motto and Coat of Arms. I have around 30 of these so if you want more than one let me know. These are the large tunic buttons . I also have smaller ones for epaulettes. Price is for 1 large button only.
MILITARY WD MKD. HAND CUFFS Rare military set of cuffs c/w their original key. Rare maker J.G. and 1952 ( date) ? False back strap. Darby made. Made for the British Army. Great condition
MILITARY WW1 KUKRI - COMPLETE Good military issue example c/w skinning knives and original leather covered wood scabbard, this with the usual split along the seam where the leading edge of the blade sits. Chip out of the handle ( see pics ). Blade good. No W.D. mark. Priced to sell
MUNSTER FUSILIERS CAP BADGE Nice great War bi metal cap badge. Slider. Solder holes on the back, used when applying the front section, only found on genuine examples. V.G.C.
NATAL MOUNTED RIFLES (SOUTH AFRICA) HELMET BADGE Natal Mounted Rifles helmet badge circa 1922-43. Nicely toned white metal. No rubbing or damage. 2 one is absent hence low price. V.G.C.
NATIONAL RESERVE LONDON Ⅱ BADGE - 21031 Scarce National Reserve London. No enamel damage. Gilded crossed rifles below. Membership number 21031 and London to the reverse. V.G.C.
NAVY LEAGUE KEEP WATCH ENAMEL LAPEL BADGE Nice wee wartime lapel badge. No damage. V.G.C.
NAVY NAVAL DIVISION - DRAKE 1915 BRIMINGHAM SILVER SWEETHEART BROOCH/BADGE Rare piece. Rose gold crown anchor top bar and one tip. Below the crown, a hand etched " DRAKE " The other tip is silver so I expect probably a period repair by a good jeweller. Silver h/m's for 1915 and makers details. Priced with repair in mind.
NAZI 1927 BERLIN VETERANS BADGE Important year in the Nazi history as the ban was lifted on Hitler and he gave a speech in Berlin. There was also bloody battles in March between the Communists and Nazis.This I believe pertains to that. Badge shows the Brandenburg Gate over a silvered shield with a stahlhelm and " Berlin 1927"
NAZI ANTI SEMITIC TINNIE Scarce tinnie. Jew with whip and Aryan with sword and spade. Text translates to " A Peoples Peace or a Jewish Dictatorship ". Aluminium. Needle pin. V.G.C.
NAZI PARTY GAULEITUNG - LEVEL MAIN DEPARTMENT LEADERS ARMBAND Red wool body. Bordered machine-embroidered gold bullion wire oak leaves. Burgundy-red piping indicating Gauleitung -level personnel, with a central white cotton-blended disc measuring 80 mm in diameter and trimmed with gold bullion wire, bearing a multi-piece black mobile swastika similarly highlighted in gold bullion wire. Vet bring back, forum posted just to be sure and no issues. Original " One Looker " which came back along with a collar tab and Party badge, presumably all taken from the same tunic. V.G.C.
NAZI PERIOD DHV RING Very rare 925 silver ring. 3rd finger size. Good coloured enamel face with no damage. D H V , (National Association of Commercial Employees.) , the conservative white collar workers union. The DHV leadership did initially support the NSDAP because it didn't recognize the independence of unions.
NAZI POLIZEI SHAKO EAGLE & COCKADE - JTS/ SRM MKD. Nice original shako eagle in great condition and fine detail. JTS maker mkd. to neck area on the back. Both screw posts good. Came with a nicely mkd. cockade, this S.R.M. maker mkd. and with 1937 date. The post has bent the opposite way, otherwise in excellent condition. Both pieces V.G.C. and WAF forum posted to confirm authenticity.
NEW ITEMS LISTED EVERY DAY - BARGAIN PRICES Since Covid I've brought all my shop stock home, much of which was never on my web site. We are now listing at least 5 new items every day. Priced to sell , there are some great items I bought many years ago when prices were lower and I'm selling Way below market value. Grab a bargain and it helps me too !!
NEW ITEMS LISTED EVERY DAY - BARGAIN PRICES Since Covid I've brought all my shop stock home, much of which was never on my web site. We are now listing at least 4 new items every day. Priced to sell , there are some great items I bought many years ago when prices were lower and I'm selling Way below market value. Grab a bargain and it helps me too !!
NEW ITEMS LISTED EVERY DAY - BARGAIN PRICES Since Covid I've brought all my shop stock home, much of which was never on my web site. We are now listing at least 4 new items every day. Priced to sell , there are some great items I bought many years ago when prices were lower and I'm selling Way below market value. Grab a bargain and it helps me too !!
NEW ITEMS LISTED EVERY DAY - BARGAIN PRICES Due to Covid I am now in the process of selling off a lot of " Rainy Day " items I had been keeping . Most were bought a long time ago, never from auction always from vets families or old collections built up in the 50's and 60's. My prices are very competitive and all items as 100% original and guaranteed as such. I have a. not happy , no quibble return policy.
NEW ITEMS LISTED EVERY DAY - BARGAIN PRICES Many thanks to my customers both old stalwarts and new buyers. Hard times here with our shop being closed and other aspects of our income completely gone for the foreseeable future. To that end I am indebted to you all for keeping us in business and I hope you appreciate the quality and prices of our items have not dimished. I was lucky, I had a large stock and also a personal collection that I have been able to use to get through this . Some others in the business are not as fortunate as me and to that end I am grateful . No end in sight but we will continue to list a minimum of 5 new items every day so any time you visit our website there will be something new to look at and everything is priced to sell. Thanks again, your business is appreciated. Dave
NEW STOCK LISTED EVERY DAY - BARGAIN PRICES Due to Covid I am now in the process of selling off a lot of " Rainy Day " items I had been keeping . Most were bought a long time ago, never from auction always from vets families or old collections built up in the 50's and 60's. My prices are very competitive and all items as 100% original and guaranteed as such. I have a not happy , no quibble return policy.
NEW ZEALAND - W.W.C.T RGT. BADGE Good quality bi metal cap badge for the Wellington West Coast & Taranaki Regiment. V.G.C.
NEW ZEALAND - 15TH NORTHLAND CAP BADGE Nice die struck brass. Well detailed, no rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
NEWCASTLE TRAMWAYS COMPANY TUNIC BUTTON Rare large size tunic button from the Vicorian era. Nice dark age toning. Raised detail. Maker mkd. to back. V.G.C.
NORFOLK REGIMENT WW1 CAP BADGE Striking o/r's example with slider. good detail. Old polish residue to back.
NORTH BENGAL MOUNTED RIFLES - 1897 TROPHIES (2) Rare items being 2 presentation tankards one personally named to the Sgt. Major and the other with multiple names of A Troop . This was a Tea Planter militia which saw action during this period and later in the Great War. Very interesting Colonial ephemera and researchable.
NOTTS & DERBY BRONZE OFFICERS CAP BADGE Bronze officers cap badge. Kings Crown. 2 loops. Cast. Polishing / finish loss to the high points. Shaped for cap. Not one that sat out the war.
NSDAP GAU OBER GEMEINSCHAFTSLEITER COLLAR TAB Vet bring back along with the equivalent rank Party arm band I also have for sale. Tab is constructed of red doe skin, with metal rank devices and political eagle on top. Rank strip in golden tress below, edged with burgundy piping (indicating GAU level). Buckram backing. Uniform removed. Some stitching out on the trim due to uniform removal otherwise V.G.C. Rare.
NSDAP GOLD PARTY BADGE - DESCHLER Beautiful example by top maker Deschler. Numbered to rear 65471, this membership number is unresearched. Gas escape hole to rear. Good original pin. Small chip to white enamel at left point of swastika.Nice toned finish to wreath.
NSDAP KREISAPPELL MOERS 1936 DAY BADGE Great looking tinny with early eagle. Sharp detail with lovely age toning. Very scarce.
NSFK GROSSFLUGTAG GRUPPE 8 MITTE DAY BADGE Superb die-struck copper tinny. Great detail and in very nice condition. Very rare.
NSFK LAPEL BADGE - MARKED & NUMBERED Great detail. Original pin. GES GESCH, Maker marked & number \"18831\" to rear.
ON WAR SERVICE 1915 LAPEL BADGE - GAUNT Good example. Numbered 20998. Gaunt mkd. with Guaranteed Fire Gilt. Uncleaned. VGC.
ORIGINAL WW2 HIGHLAND DIVISION PHOTOGRAPH - LIBYA 1943 Cracking photo of the " Highland Decorators " as the 51st was nicknamed because they painted their Div. sign everywhere in action . Soldiers from the Seaforth and Gordon Hldrs. present as seen by the cap badges. Hand written on the back, " The 51st ( HD) Div arrives in Tripoli January 23rd 1943
OSAMA BIN LADEN ACTION FIGURE Very rare well detailed 12" figure released by Dragon then promptly discontinued after a lot of bad press. Existing stock then put out in unmarked packaging (like this guy) till stock was exhausted. Mint condition and highly collectable especially in the original packaging like this.
PAIR BRITISH BRIXMIS COLD WAR SLEEVE BADGES Scarce formation badges for Brixmis. The real deal, removed from uniform examples. These are early circa late 40's BRIXMIS existed from 1946 – shortly after the end of the Second World War – until the eve of the reunification of Germany in 1990. Created by an agreement to exchange military missions, the stated object of BRIXMIS – and the Soviet equivalent in the British Zone, SOXMIS – was "to maintain Liaison between the Staff of the two Commanders-in-Chief and their Military Governments in the Zones".[1] This liaison was undertaken by 31 members – 11 officers and no more than 20 others – appointed to each mission. These liaison staff were issued passes allowing freedom of travel and circulation, with the exception of certain restricted areas, within each other's zone. Such "tours", as they became known, were conducted in uniform and in clearly identifiable vehicles. Nevertheless, although never openly stated, this liaison role also presented an ideal opportunity for the gathering of military intelligence through reconnaissance and surveillance and the occasional 'borrowing' of military matériel. This opportunity was fully exploited by both sides. BRIXMIS was ideally placed to "test the temperature" of Soviet intentions from its privileged position behind the Iron Curtain. However, and perhaps more importantly, it offered a channel for communication between West and East via its secondary but significant role of liaison – the initial reason for its establishment.
PAIR OF WARTIME LT. COLONELS BULLION SHOULDER BOARDS Good quality pair of shoulder boards. Lovely Kings Crowns with bullion wire and velvet inlay. Crown and pip for Lt. Col. Twisted bullion wire construction.
PAIR OF WW1 Y LANARK SHOULDER TITLES Good pair with hexagonal lugs. V.G.C. Low price.
PAIR OF WW2 HOME COUNTIES DISTRICT PATCHES - BLACK WATCH ATTRIBUTED Another pair of formation signs from a Black Watch soldiers estate. These are the embroidered type. See my other sales for a printed pair used by the same soldier. Matched pair. Removed from tunic.
PAKISTAN - BALUCH REGIMENT CAP BADGE Nice sand cast cap badge. Good detail. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
PALESTINE POLICE SILVER H/M OLD COMRADES BADGE Very rare silver and enamel badge with h/m for Birmingham 1959 and makers details " T.A.B. & CO". To the centre is the double "PP", this surrounded with a blue enamel strap with PALESTINE POLICE, red scroll with O.C.A. (Old Comrades Association). Kings Crown as this force served in Palestine immediately after WW2. No damage and with lovely detail.
PANZER ASSAULT SILVER GRADE - KARL WÜRSTER Good sharp example by Karl Würster - Markneukirchen. Nice detail. Large percentage of finish remaining. Scarce maker.
PANZER OFFICERS VISOR CAP - DOUBLE EREL , SONDERKLASSE EXTRA - NAMED Top end Heer Panzer Officer Visor Cap. Great looking double marked EREL. Perfect shaped peak and really nice profile. Cap body is a fine doeskin wool . Some light moth tracking and a couple of small stains to crown otherwise very good. Insignia is original to the cap and is silver washed with the wreath especially well detailed. The visor is near perfect with no crazing . The gold rayon interior is also very clean and pristine with just a bit of soiling around the forehead area of the sweatband. The crown celluloid is excellent with all the text very clear and the officers name is there in Gothic script. The cap is marked to “Erel” on both the lining and sweatband and the crown is marked in silver script " Officizier - KleiderKasse - Berlin - Erel - SonderKlasse - Extra, so as nice as they come . Pink Waffenfarbe for Panzer Arm of Service.3 small moth nips to crown piping which does not detract from the quality of this cap. Silver wire officers cap cords. Very large size 58 approx. 100% original , One Look rare cap.
PANZER RING Exceedingly rare ring. As per the tank assault badge. I will let the pictures do the talking. V.G.C.
PARACHUTE RGT. ( AIRBORNE) RED BERET C/W GAUNT BADGE Post war red beret. Comes with a very nice WW2 badge by Gaunt London which is slider. This is original to the beret and has some stitches to keep the slider in place. Beret approx. size 56. V.G.C
PEGASUS SLEEVE BADGE - AIRBORNE - PARA - 1950'S Parachute reg. sleeve badge. Unusual type with embroidered pegasus separately applied on to a maroon square.
PERTH CORPORATION TRAM DRIVERS CAP BADGE Very rare badge. As per a 4th Black Watch sporran badge with the Perth double headed eagle but with Corporation motto instead of the latin one found on military badges. Well struck . White metal. Excellent condition
PERTH HIGHLAND RIFLE VOLUNTEERS ( BLACK WATCH ) CAP BADGE Good example of this scarce Victorian period badge circa 1874-1880. Silvered white metal. Die struck. Good detail. They became the 5th Black Watch.
PERTH HIGHLAND RIFLE VOLUNTEERS GLENGARRY BADGE Nice example in solid die-struck brass. Victorian crown. Lovely age patina. 2 lugs to rear.
PERTHSHIRE RIFLE VOLS. ( BLACK WATCH ) OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE Beautiful badge in unmarked silver. Silver lugs. Strap with "Perthshire Rifle Volunt'rs", surmounted with QV Crown and thistle within. Fine detail. Die struck. The o/r's version turns up but officers examples don't. V.G.C.
PERTHSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS (BLACK WATCH) 1916 BADGE Nice white metal example with good details. 2 lugs to rear.
PERTHSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS OFFICERS CROSS BELT AND POUCH Very rare early Victorian officers cross belt and accoutrements. Large silver bolt on cross belt badge with Star of the Order of theThistle with strap " NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT" ( wha dare meddle wi me ). This all standing in lovely high relief with higher central thistle giving the badge a beautiful 3 - D effect,this below a large well detailed Victorian crown . Lions head boss with original chains although part of the latter may be missing some links. Silver tapered mount for whistle, the whistle itself is absent. All mounted on the original leather cross belt which is in superb supple condition for age. Complete with it's original leather cartouche pouch, again in great condition. Early Victorian period.
PERTHSHIRE VOLUNTEERS WW1 NATIONAL RESERVE OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE A very rare officers Sterling silver stamped cap badge for the Perthshire Volunteers. This Home Guard/National Reserve unit was raised in 1914 before being given official status and their own cap badge in 1916. Small units existed within Perthshire. This is the officers bi - metal version as opposed to o/r's white metal. Excellent condition
PIPERS ARMY ISSUE G10 DIRK - WILKINSON BLADE - HIGHLANDERS - QUEENS OWN / GORDONS Nice army issue pipers dirk circa 1990 . Wood studded handle. Kings Crown to the pommel. Leather covered wood sheath. This one has an unmarked Wilkinson made blade. Plated mounts. Marked on the back, " ( Piper ) REID - 4690 - 1367275 - H ( Highlanders ) - 1990 " and WD arrow. Nice genuine issue piece. V.G.C.
PIPES OF WAR - ORIGINAL , SETON & GRANT BOOK 1920 One of only 200 from the 1st print run. Originally available as a 2 part book , one with the pipe music and the other ( this one ) with the text. All photos were glued in not printed so easy to see this is one of the very rare originals, not to be confused with later runs which are common and modestly priced. Good condition.
POLICE - ASSISTANT CHIEF CONSTABLE - SHOULDER RANK BADGE - SILVER Pre 1952 shoulder badge in unmarked silver. 2 piece construction. Tipstaff crown top nicely set with red enamel. Silver lugs. Rare V.G.C.
POLICE - BOROUGH OF TYNEMOUTH CAP BADGE Wi Aye, Scarce vintage police cap badge. White metal. Good detail, no rubbing or damage. v.g.c.
POLISH 8TH RIFLE REGIMENT RING - POLES IN SCOTLAND - STIRLING Awesome piece !! Huge silver plated copper ring with rose gold Scottish Lion Rampant standing on an " 8 " to face. Nice detail Polish eagles to shanks. Very slight wear. 3rd finger size. The 8th were stationed in Bridge of Allan near Stirling and took part in the D Day landings. Extremely rare and one of the nicest rings I've had the pleasure of owning.
POLISH OFFICER WITH THE RAF - WW2 SIDE CAP - ATTRIBUTED Beautiful condition. Officer quality private purchase side cap with London tailors details inside. This one has it all, Polish cap badge, gilt officers Polish buttons to the front and a sewn in cloth label with the Servicemans name so possibly researchable . No moth or damage. The interior is the oil cloth type with velvet swet band. Good medium size. Very rare One Look and untampered with original. V.G.C.
POLISH WW2 - 8TH INFANTRY BRIGADE - SILVER/GOLD RING Extremely rare piece and found locally here in Bridge of Allan where the 8th were stationed prior to D Day along with the 9th Polish Lancers and an Infantry Brigade. They adopted the Scottish Lion Rampant with an 8 below as an unofficial Formation Sign and it was worn on their battledress. The ring is awesome, big and chunky with the Polish Eagle within a shield in relief. Silver plated. To the face in rose gold is the unit insignia. Largish 3rd finger size. Heavy. V.G.C.
POST ‘52 HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY ( H.L.I ). CAP BADGE White metal die struck. Queens crown. Circa mid '50's. V.G.C.
POST 1902 - ROYAL SCOTS HELMET PLATE CENTRE Good example. As per a cap badge but with wire loops for fitting to the Generic crowned star helmet plate used on the Home and Foreign Service helmets. Nice age toning and old polish residue to back. Wire loops good. No rubbing or damage. Scarce. V.G.C.
PRE 1881 72nd HIGHLANDERS PIPERS PLAID BROOCH A good scarce plated example. Burnished open quoit hand engraved with stag's head and Seaforth motto "Cuidich Righ" on the upper portion and crowned "72" on the lower. Stout original pin and engraved " B (band) 38 to back. Etching to front very good which is unusual as most have this quite badly rubbed. Very good example. 72nd Duke of Albanysbecame 1st battalion Seaforth Highlanders on 1st July 1881.
PRE 1902 LIFE GUARDS LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Dark toned brass. Will clean up nicely if desired. Maker mkd. for Jennens London. V.G.C.
PRE WW1 - KAISER WILHELM COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL Good condition with age toning.Circa 1897. Kaiser Wilhelm I Commemorative Centenary Medal. Originally awarded in memory of the hundredth birthday of the Great Emperor Wilhelm I. 1797- 22. March -1897. Awarded by Prussia to state and university officials, as well as all military officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel, which were actively serving in army, navy and Schutztruppe. Medals were also awarded to the surviving veterans of the First Schleswig War, Second Schleswig War, Austro-Prussian War, and the Franco-Prussian War.
PRECISTA NAVY STOP WATCH Unissued. Working. Dated 1988. W.D. arrow and military part numbers to rear.
PRUSSIAN ERSATZ PICKLEHAUBE C/W ORIGINAL COVER - GERMAN HELMET Excellent "been there" combat helmet in a brownie green felt. Brass fittings. Original helmet plate, which has left it's impression on the helmet shell. Original chinstrap complete and in good condition for age. Original cockades. Size 57. Leather liner good if a little dry and dirty. One tongue end damaged. Original trench cover with green '62' to front. All hooks present . Maker details "N.ALEXANDER - BRESLAU - 57" to inside. The cover has good honest service wear commensurate with the helmet, which I believe has originally been green but through getting rained on has had the colour washed out a bit. If you want a helmet that has seen front line action this is for you.
Q.A. IMPERIAL NURSING RESERVE BERET BADGE - GAUNT Nice wel detailed cap badge and retaining a good percentage of it's silvered finish. J.R.Gaunt - London mkd. to rear.
Q.A.R.A.N.C OFFICERS CAP & COLLARS Very nice condition officers set of matching cap badge and collars. Retaining almost all their gilded finish. 2 piece construction. Post '52. V.G.C.
Q.O.H. SEAFORTH /CAMERON HIGHLANDERS PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Lovely example of this scarce pipers brooch. 4 piece construction. Silver furniture on polished brass quoit. marked to back, " STG 95 ". Stout original pin. No wear or damage. V.G.C.
QUEEN ALEXANDRAS IMPERIAL NURSING SERVICE OFFICERS LAPEL BADGE Well detailed officers badge in unmarked silver and gilt. Lovely condition retaining all it's gilt finish. Kings crown. Silver lugs. Circa WW1.
QUEEN MARYS ARMY AUXILIARY CORPS CAP BADGE -1918/1920 Rare badge to the AAC who evolved from the WW1 Womens Auxiliary Army Corps and existed only from 1918 to 1920. Nice age patina with old period polish evident to back. Brass with slider. Cheap
QUEEN VICTORIA 1st PRIZE MEDAL Mint ,unissued medal in a gold finish for 1st prize. School coat of arms in relief. Rear blank. Rare.
QUEEN VICTORIA MILITARY SCHOOL DUNBLANE - PIPE BAND SIDE DRUM Circa 1980's . Ued by the military school Pipes and Drums before being written off , backloaded and sold off. Lovely hand painted School Coat of Arms and related detail. Premier HTS drum which is in good playable condition. Bargain price, the drum probably cost more than this ! Rare. V.G.C.
QUEEN VICTORIA SCHOOL CAP BADGE Scarce Kings Crown pre 1952 example. Lovely dark age toning. Die struck with very sharp detail and no rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
QUEEN VICTORIA SCHOOL O.T.C. BADGE Good pre '52 kings crown example. Nicely toned w/m. No rubbing or damage. Lovely raised detail on this one. Lugs slightly mismatched ? Now scarce. V.G.C.
QUEEN VICTORIA SCHOOL PIPING MEDAL- GOLD GRADE Gold coloured ( gilded ) piping medal for the Grade winner. School Coat of Arms to front. Mint unissued.
QUEEN'S OWN LOWLAND YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Slider back. Scarce. Anodised. V.G.C.
QUEENS EDINBURGH VOLUNTEER RIFLE BRIGADE BADGE Large round bronze badge for either the cross belt , pouch or belt centre. Large size , just over 2 and a quarter inches. Heavy cast brass or bronze. Stout mounts. Castle in relief to centre. Latin motto to the outside " Nisi Dominus Frustra ". Without God it is in Vain. Also now the motto of Edinburgh Council. It should be how much will you pay me for the Building Contract ! Scarce. V.G.C.
QUEENS GOLDEN JUBILEE MEDAL - OFFICIAL ISSUE This is the official issue not copy. Golden Jubilee Medal 2002, unnamed as issued. Contained in it's original box of with certificate card. Mint.
QUEENS OWN HIGHLANDERS ( CAMERON & SEAFORTH ) - PIPERS CAP BADGE Now difficult to find, circa 1961 cap badge worn only by pipers. Still on it's Regimental tartan bonnet patch. 2 lugs to rear. Mint condition. Rare to find with the tartan patch.
QUEENS OWN HLDRS. OFFICERS CAP BADGE Mint 3 piece plated officers cap badge. As per wartime examples but with Queens crown.
QUEENS OWN HLDRS. POST 52 OFFICERS CAP BADGE SET Very nice 3 piece badge and with it's original period blue hackle.
QUIST 64 M35 FORMER DOUBLE DECAL - NAMED Good early helmet still with it's shiny parade/early finish. Batch no. 4575. This is one of the helmets referred to ass " Oddball" in the Brian Ice helmet book, i.e. this one has a zinc liner band fitted with earlier aluminium D rings, a known though scarce configuration. Brass helmet pins.Also at this time helmets were leaving the factory in both shiny and matt paints. This is a great helmet with a very nice condition size 56 liner named to it's former owner . Evidence of it's army double decals, the state shield having been scraped off as per the 1940 decal drop directive. Cheap price original
R A D HEWER - EICKHORN Superb early example . Plated nickel fittings to scabbard. Exceptionally good blade with no polishing, pitting or darkening. Good clear RAD "ARBEIT ADELT" motto, the reverse side is marked, RADL in a triangle & below this GES GESCH & the Eickhorn Solingen 1935/41 early Trade Mark. Some surface marks from the scabbard springs otherwise as nice as they come. Lovely stag horn grips in fantastic condition. Slight finish loss on a couple of areas on the handle due to service wear and the anodised scabbard has some edge wear to finish. This one will clean up nicely if so desired however I've left it exactly as it came out of the vets war chest. Total " One Look" original by a top maker.
R E M E CAR MASCOT / BUMPER BADGE - GAUNT Beautiful condition car mascot from the early 1950's. Cap badge type device to centre , this inlaid with undamaged blue enamel. This set in high relief over undamaged enamel in Regimental colours. Gaunt stamped. V.G.C.
R. INNISKILLING FUSILIERS -WW1 - INSIGNIA GROUP 2 collars,2 shoulder titles and 2 buttons. Shoulders and collars taken from moth eaten uniform but slightly mismatched.
R.A. SGT'S BRASS SLEEVE BADGE C/W BACKING PLATE Good example , well detailed and retaining a fair bit of the original gilded finish. Original oval backing plate.
R.A.F. COMFORTS COMMITTEE WORKERS LAPEL BADGE Rare WW2 lapel badge. Chrome and blue enamel. Maker mkd. to back for Fattorini B/Ham. Mint condition.
RAD - REICH LABOUR SERVICE FOR WOMEN (RAD - WJ) BADGE - J.B.u CO Good example of the RAD womens branch badge. Zinc. Maker mkd., J.B.u Co. ( Julius Bauer & Co. ) below pin. Nice uncleaned age toning. V.G.C.
RAF - WW2 - PILOTS HELMET, OXYGEN MASK & GOGGLES SET Type C flying helmet c/w full wiring loom. Good goggles although head strap slightly stretched . Brown rubber oxygen mask with one small split, ( see photos ). Helmet a good size 4 , approx 56/57. Great looking set.
RAF (BRITISH ROYAL AIR FORCE) ENAMEL & DIAMONTE SWEETHEART BROOCH Beautiful large size sweetheart brooch. Measures over 2 and a half inches wing tip to wing tip. Has all it's Marcasite stones. Original pin & hook. Stunner
RAF (BRITISH ROYAL AIR FORCE) PLASTIC ECONOMY BADGE WW2 plastic economy cap badge. Good example with no distortion. Short blade type,(one curved tip absent) otherwise VGC. Non maker marked.
RAF \"O\" - (OBSERVERS) SILVER & ENAMEL BADGE Maker & STERLING marked to rear. No enamel damage. Very attractive. V.G.C. Scarce
RAF AG (AIR GUNNERS) BRASS & ENAMEL BADGE Very nice brass and enamel. Rare piece.
RAF GOLD HAND ENGRAVED SWEETHEART Nice and unusual hand engraved by a jeweller sweetheart. Unmarked gold. Good detail
RAF MARKSMAN BISLEY SLEEVE BADGE Rare badge for taking part in the top military shooting competition. Marksmans crossed rifles with BISLEY 1981. Rare item especially as entrants from the Raf are a lot less than the army. On Raf blue cloth so probably produced for wearing there as part of a team ? VGC
RAF MOP SWEETHEART BROOCH Nice brooch with Good Luck horseshoe and brass RAF on Mother of Pearl disc. Original pin.
RAF SILVER STAMPED PATHFINDER WINGS Very nice full size Pathfinder badge. Original pin. Stamped silver. Possibly a sweetheart ? Good condition with nice uncleaned patina.
RAF SWEETHEART BROOCH Nice sweetheart brooch in good condition.
RAF WW1 ENAMEL SWEETHEART BROOCH Lovely looking brooch. No damage to enamel. Kings crown. Good size 6.5 cm long.
RAF WW2 CAR RADIATOR BADGE WW2 wing device in heavy chrome. Measures 2 and a half inches approx wing tip to wing tip. Long bolt/nut radiator fixing to rear. V.G.C. Rare
RAF WW2 WARRANT OFFICERS SLEEVE BADGES Estate fresh. Belonged to former Spitfire pilot who saw extensive service in the Far East. Uniform removed. V.G.C.
RAFVR LAPEL BADGE WITH MEMBERS NUMBER - SILVER Scarce R.A.F. Volunteer Reserve members mufti badge. Unmarked silver. Numbered to rear "60286" Good condition with no rubbing to high points. The RAFVR was formed in July 1936 to provide individuals to supplement the Royal Auxiliary Air Force which had been formed in 1925 by the local Territorial Associations. The AAF was organised on a Squadron basis, with local recruitment similar to the Territorial Army Regiments. Initially the RAFVR was composed of civilians recruited from the neighbourhoods of Reserve Flying Schools, which were run by civilian contractors who largely employed as instructors members of the Reserve of Air Force Officers (RAFO), who had previously completed a four year short service commission as pilots in the RAF. . Recruits were confined to men of between 18 and 25 years of age who had been accepted for part time training as Pilots, Observers and Wireless Operators. The object was to provide a reserve of aircrew for use in the event of war. By September 1939, the RAFVR comprised 6,646 Pilots, 1,625 Observers and 1,946 Wireless Operators[1] When war broke out in 1939 the Air Ministry employed the RAFVR as the principal means for aircrew entry to serve with the RAF. A civilian volunteer on being accepted for aircrew training took an oath of allegiance ('attestation') and was then inducted in to the RAFVR. Normally he returned to his civilian job for several months until he was called up for aircrew training. During this waiting period he could wear a silver RAFVR lapel badge to indicate his status. By the end of 1941 more than half of Bomber Command aircrew were members of the RAFVR. commanders. Eventually of the "RAF" aircrew in the Command probably more than 95% were serving members of the RAFVR.
RARE - 6TH VOLUNTEER BTN. GORDON HIGHLANDERS - PIPERS PLAID BROOCH I doubt you will ever see another of these ! In 20 years as a full time dealer in primarily Scottish militaria this is the only one of these I have ever had / seen. Nickel silver with all scrolls and centre piece rivetted on. Nickel silver. Stout construction with correct original over long pin for the period. Scrolls with " SIXTH VOL. BATTALION - GORDON HIGHLANDERS ". Once it's gone it's gone, I doubt you will ever find another for sale attributed to the 6th V.B. V.G.C. This will be shipped by the courier to the oversea buyer.
RARE 26TH OF FOOT (CAMERONIANS) OFFICERS GILDED COLLAR PAIR Extremely rare collar pair worn by officers for the brief period, 1880 to 1881. Gilded metal and an exact pair. Correct non facing ( Pg. 116 History of British Army Collar Badges - Churchill ). Introduced in 1872 in brass for o/r's and adopted in 1880 in gilt and also bronze for officers. V.G.C.
RARE 79TH (CAMERON HIGHLANDERS) CRIMEA PORK PIE HAT BADGE Rare " 79 " badge for wear on the peork pie hat . Crimea period. Heavy cast brass or copper. Short lugs. Nice toning. V.G.C.
RARE BLACK WATCH - CITY OF DUNDEE OFFICERS GILDED COLLAR COMBINATION Extremely rare 2 part collar set . Gilded for officers. Worn exclusively by the 1st City of Dundee Volunteer Battalion, Black Watch circa 1899-1908. The collars were worn as a dual set with the St Andrew in front and the Arms of the Royal Burgh worn behind. The latter being a pot of growing lilies. Excellent condition and I doubt you will find another set anywhere.
RARE CAMERON OFFICERS CHOCOLATE CAP BADGE - CIRCA 1904 Very rare short lived chocolate coloured badge brought in for use with khaki in 1904. As it proved very unpopular it was quickly done away with. Superb detail. Lovely fretting with nice age toning.
RARE WW1 ROYAL FLYING CORPS. - COWL FLYING HELMET - NUMBERED & WD STAMPED Rare issue as opposed to private purchase Cowl flying helmet with very clear issue stampings and service mans number. A seriously Top Shelf helmet that would be hard to better. The leather is in fantastic condition and still retaining it's original mid tan colour. All studs and straps are excellent. The inner fur / chamois is excellent with no loss of fur , Good chamois leather and the lower section is with very clear W.D. arrow with a W to it's left side and a P below. Above the arrow there is what looks like an S ? Fur trim to the face area is good with one small stitching fault at the front. The head strap buckle is still fully leather covered and the internal cords are A.1.. The thin brow strap buckles are still with their polished finish with no rust or pitting. Large size. The bottom cotton trim, again in great condition. Incredibly rare to find a genuine issue example outside of the few museum pieces. This one is Straight Out the Weeds and has never been on the market. No doubting this one did'nt sit out the war . NOT a car helmet. V.G.C
RARE WW2 GERMAN NSFK - GRUPPE 8 MITTE (ESCHWEGE) FLYING DAY BADGE Great flight day rally badge for the NSFK . Great detail in relief on this one. Icarus with superimposed swastika and attributed to Gruppe 8 Mitte (Eschwege) which was based in the State of Hesse. Silver washed die struck tombak. Rare. V.G.C.
RARE WW2 Q FORCE JORDAN FORMATION SIGN These sleeve badges are exceedingly rare occasion I've seen them turn up they have always been printed. This is an embroidered variant with the swans detail standing out in relief. Removed from uniform.
RARE WW2 SCHELLENBAUM CROSS ARM TASSLE Very rare medium sized tassle approx. 6 inches long for schellenbaum cross arms.Excellent condition.
RED ARROWS 1ST SQUADRON LEADERS FLYING HELMET - ATTRIBUTED A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO OBTAIN A GENUINE & SUPERB (RED ARROWS) Mk2 "BONE DOME". Flown during the 1970-71 display season in the Folland Gnat aircraft then used by the team. The helmet is attributed to the Late-Great Squadron Leader 'Bill Loverseed" Team Leader of The Red Arrows 1970-1971. The helmet is in well used condition with plenty of knocks and scrapes having for many years been used as an RAF recruiting 'tool' in various places and at various air shows and displays. It was finally sold off as a charitable donation many years ago. The visor screws at left end of the visor need replacing but overall the helmet is clean and complete having had the normal "interservice green" inner electrical and webbing conversion and general mod' common to 99% of all operational helmets of the period. All "white" RAF Mk2 helmets are very scarce and seldom seen for sale at all. Used also on many of the types being flown at the time such as The Lightning, Vulcan and the Phantom etc. Raymond Eric William Loverseed was born on an RAF base in Egypt in 1932. Bill joined the RAF in 1952,[17] and flew with the Red Arrows in their first year, 1965, and also in 1970.[18] He took command of the Red Arrows in 1971 after the previous leader, Dennis Hazell, broke his leg after ejecting due to an engine failure in practice in November 1970. Four Red Arrows' pilots were killed in an accident at RAF Kemble in January 1971, when two planes carrying two men each collided in mid-air. Bill Loverseed was promoted to Squadron Leader in July 1971,[19] but resigned his commission in May 1972.[17] He married four times. He flew a Buffalo transport plane that crash-landed at the Farnborough Air Show in 1984, and a Piper Cherokee aircraft that suffered severe icing and crashed in Newfoundland in 1987. He died in 1998, on a Dash 7 that he was piloting on a test flight over Devon.[20] A WONDERFUL ITEM OF GREAT HISTORICAL INTEREST ( Much sought after I will guarantee that you will not see anything like this again in a hurry !) . C/w it's carry case.
RED CROSS - FOR SERVICE BADGE - MINT A good pre 1953 British Red Cross Society "For Service" gilt and enamel badge, the reverse with maker's details 'J.R.Gaunt London' and official issue number "L 13229". Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, no damage to the enamel. Height 41mm.
REICHSWEHR MARINE BELT BUCKLE c/w LEATHER MARKED &DTD TANG Very rare buckle for the navy during the Reichswehr period. Steel buckle with WW1 type mid green paint to rear in the same shade often encountered on helmets. Good supple leather tang with makers name and "Konigstein - ELBE - 1927" Also with impressed "M" and anchor. Seldom encountered Naval version of an already scarce buckle
REMINGTON 1917 DTD. BAYONET C/W DRAIN HOLE SCABBARD Nice example. Remington trade mark in circle and 1917 date. Other side of the ricasso with Eagles head acceptance stamp and U.S., flaming bomb motif. Blade and grips good. Sprung button working. Scabbard retains it's green finish, maker mkd. H.E. and 1918 dtd. Drain hole to bottom mount . Top mount with American belt clip fixing. Some pitting to top mount possibly by having had another possibly wet web frog on top. This is the only small issue on an otherwise fine bayonet with it's scarce scabbard.
REMINGTON1917 BAYONET C/W SCABBARD & FROG 1917 Remington bayonet. Blade good overall with some surface rust. Good wood grips. Working sprung release button.Some rust to metal handle parts. Scabbard leather very good and retaining the original green American finish. Stamped with what looks like " C & M " and " I.K." to the leather at the back. Scabbard mounts with surface rust. Good green leather frog with maker C & K and 1917 date. Shed find hence surface some rust , this more than made up for by the quality of the leather. Good price.
RENFREW ( GLASGOW ) CONSTABULARY CHROME COLLAR PAIR Chrome finish. Good detail. Nice matched pair. Prince of Wales feathers. No newer than WW2. V.G.C.
RENFREW MILITIA OFFICERS CAP BADGE PRE 1881 Rare silver plated example. Fretted centre with Prince of Wales feathers and Regimental motto "ICH DIEN". strap with "ROYAL RENFREW MILITIA". Good detail and condition. Became Volunteer Btn. of the Argylls in 1881.
RENFREW MILITIA SHAKO BADGE Very rare 2-piece badge later became 4th Argylls in 1881. V.G.C. White metal. O/r's example.
RENFREWSHIRE RIFLE VOLS. ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) TUNIC BUTTON Large size tunic button. Toned. Good condition. Firmin mkd. to rear. Scarce
RENFREWSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEER BTN SHAKO Rare shako in good overall condition. Silver badge. Comes with it's metal carrying tin. Size 55 approx. Grey cloth with red band running around the crown. No moth, some black spots on the crown from where it has been sitting on top of the original waterproof cover which is congealed in the bottom of the tin. Nice 100% original and extremely rare especially in this condition.
RENFREWSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS WAIST BELT LOCKET Scarce waist belt buckle circa 1862 - 1889. very good condition with no rubbing. White metal. Centre with Prince of Wales feathers. Stamped (number)" 4 " to inside of outer piece. Nice Roccocco ends. Became 2nd Volunteer Btn.Argyll & Sutherland 1898 with HQ at Paisley.
RGT 81 - REICHSWEHR PERIOD DAY BADGE Super day badge with Reichswehr eagle to top and RGT 81 shoulder board to bottom.Reads \" WIEDERSHENS - FEIER 1928\" with image of Cathedral, Brass coloured, sharp detail Scarce.
RHODESIAN AFRICAN RIFLES LAPEL BADGE Very scarce badge. Well detailed, die struck. Has retaining chain with pin. V.G.C.
RIGHT HAND LEVER FOR WW2 AIRBORNE WELL BIKE - BOXED Repackaged twice with dates for 1953 and '61. Not for a Corgi. Blackened steel, unissued part carried over post war. Original box. Mint in scruffy box. Unopened. Photo 4 shows the content.
ROYAL ABERDEENSHIRE MILITIA VICTORIAN GLENGARRY BADGE Nice example of this scarce badge. Die struck. Victorian crown. Thistle over a Saltire to the centre. 2 lugs. No rubbing to high points. Later became part of the Gordon Highlanders. V.G.C.
ROYAL ARMOURED CORPS WW2 CAP BADGE Very good example. Die struck white metal with sharp detail. Excellent.
ROYAL ARTILLERY COLLECTION OF ITEMS Nice lot comprising, Cap Badge, Bert badge, Collar, Shoulder Title, Lapel badge and single Cuff Link. All good condition.
ROYAL ARTILLERY GILDED OFFICERS HELMET PLATE KINGS CROWN Nice post 1902 officers HP for the Home Service Helmet. Kings Crown examples are scarce. Retaining most of it's gilded finish with some loss to the bodiesof the lion and unicorn. Sharp die struck detail. 3 lugs to back. Good example. V.G.C.
ROYAL ARTILLERY OFFICER WW2S CHEESCUTTER SIDE CAP Officers side cap in black wool. Artillery badge. GS brass buttons. Size 55/56. Nape of cloth with wear. Low price for a genuine all original wartime cap.
ROYAL ARTILLERY OFFICERS FIELD SERVICE SIDE CAP Good example. Mid 1950's. 2 post '52 Queens Crown buttons to front. Bullion RA officers cap badge. Has light service wear and age related fading but no moth or damage. Gold bullion trim. Approx size 56.
ROYAL ARTILLERY OFFICERS GILDED HELMET PLATE - WW1 Very cheap price !! Officers example retaining most of the original gilded finish. Post 1902 Kings crown, so scarce. 3 lugs to back. Fine detail. V,G,C,
ROYAL ARTILLERY SWEETHEART BROOCH Mint example with all enamel intact and all gilded finish present.
ROYAL ARTILLERY WW1 SILVER SWEETHEART Very nice example retaining it's frosted silver finish. Made of unmarked silver. Original pin and hook. Might pre date WW1 going by the crown shape ? V.G.C.
ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE CAP BADGE Nice wartime example. Nicely toned " One Looker " V.G.C.
ROYAL BERKSHIRE RGT CAP BADGE Good looking example that has been nicely shaped for cap by the soldier. Dark toning, giving it a lovely reddish look. Slider. V.G.C.
ROYAL CORPS OF TRANSPORT ( RCT ) CAR MASCOT - GAUNT Fine and rare example of a car bumper badge from the 1950's by top maker J.R.Gaunt. Chromed cap badge device over Regimental coloured enamel. No stone chips and good chrome.
ROYAL DRAGOON GUARDS OFFICERS CAP BADGE & COLLARS SET - FIRMIN 3-piece construction. Superb condition with no damage to enamel. Maker marked \"FIRMIN\" to rear.
ROYAL DRAGOONS VICTORIAN CAP BADGE Good 2 piece example. Overlaid silver scroll. Lion over Victorian crown. 3 lugs. Some slight polishing to high points on crown. Very nice example with low price.
ROYAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS DRESS SIDE CAP Good high quality example . London makers stamp to inside. Bullion RE badge. Black melton cloth with gold braid trim. Beautiful 3 piece silver/ gilt buttons to front. Owners name of cloth label to inside. Good gold lining. Approx size 57. V.G.C.
ROYAL ENGINEERS SGT'S DRILL CANE Fine example of a very hard to find Sgt's drill cane. As per a walking out stick but much more substantial . 6 inches longer and fatter shaft. This one with a nice silver top with a Royal Engineers device. Kings Crown. Nice dark toning to shaft. Brass tip absent, otherwise extremely nice and circa WW1 / WW2. V.G.C
ROYAL ENGINEERS SILVER SWEETHEART BROOCH Nice silver marked sweetheart with good undamaged enamel. V.G.C.
ROYAL FAMILY ATTRIBUTED BLACK WATCH WW1 FEATHER BONNET - CLAUDE BOWES-LYON A beautiful feather bonnet formerly belonging to Claude Bowes-Lyons the present Queens grandfather. The bonnet itself is by Marshall & Aitken, famous Scottish military tailors. Fine baby ostrich feather with silk tails to rear. Silk/leather lining. 4 fox tails to side. Very large red vulture feather hackle of the type that curves over the top of the bonnet. Top fixing loop absent. Lovely layered silk rosette. Pin back gilt officers sphinx bonnet badge. Leather chinstrap. Large size. Contained in it\'s original carrying tin with \"C.BOWES LYONS ESQ. THE BLACK WATCH\". A beautiful bonnet and with the Royal prouenance makes it a very special one-off item. Claude George Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, KG, KT, GCVO, TD (14 March 1855 – 7 November 1944) was a landowner and the maternal grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II.
ROYAL FLEET AUXILIARY - FORT LANGLEY ENAMEL BADGE The Fort Langley saw action in WW 2 before being transferred to the R.F.A. Nice badge with all enamel intact. 4 cm diameter.
ROYAL FLYING CORPS CAP BADGE Nice "Been There" original which came with the shoulder title I'm selling. Slight polishing to high points as you would expect from an issued example. Lugs. One Look original
ROYAL FLYING CORPS CAP BADGE Well detailed, nicely domed example.Uncleaned. V.G.C.
ROYAL FLYING CORPS SHOULDER TITLE Super original removed from a Maternity tunic. Dark blue wool backing with white lettering. "One Looker " V.G.C.
ROYAL FUSILIERS (CITY OF LONDON) GRENADE BADGE Post 1902 large grenade badge. O/r's brass. Kings crown (KK 947). Very good with no rubbing or damage.2 long loops to reverse. Strap with motto and rose within.
ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIERS (H.L.I.) BELT BUCKLE Good post '52 buckle. Toned brass.Flaming fusilier bomb with Queens crown and HLI device to centre. Scarce V.G.C.
ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIERS ( HLI / RSF ). POST '52 COLLAR PAIR Scarce anodised collar pair. 3 piece construction. Single post. These are an early more substantial matched pair. V.G.C.
ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIERS (H.L.I., R.S.F) - POST 52 BADGE & COLLAR PAIR SET Nice set of matching anodised collars and cap badge to the RHF. V.G.C.
ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIERS CAP BADGE Good anodised bi metal cap badge.
ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIERS WAIST BELT CLASP Scarce buckle withQueens crown over H.L.I on raised flaming bomb. Early 50's. 4 piece construction.
ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIERS WAIST BELT PLATE Brass belt plate with HLI flaming bomb device to centre. Queens Crown. Post '52. V.G.C.
ROYAL IRISH DRAGOON GUARDS CAP BADGE Very nice example. Slider . Solder holes to scroll. Uncleaned with it's age patina
ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS - ANODISED COLLAR PAIR Good matching pair. Single post fixings. Anodised. V.G.C.
ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS CAP BADGE Nice 2-piece example with age patina. Slider back.
ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS CLOTH SHOULDER TITLE Embroidered shoulder title. Cream cotton backed. Removed from board V.G.C.
ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS CLOTH SHOULDER TITLE White embroidered on red felt. Linen backed. Removed from board.
ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS MATCHED BRASS COLLARS Lovely matched facing pair. Nice patina. Good detail. A.1.
ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS VICTORIAN FUR CAP GRENADE. Very good example circa 1890/ 96. Toned brass . French eagle in relief. 2 long north and south lugs to the back. V.G.C.
ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS WW1 SHOULDER TITLE Scarce R.I.F. title. Hexagonal lugs. Good condition with nice dark age patina.
ROYAL IRISH RANGERS POST '52 CAP BADGE Nice bi-metal badge. 2 piece construction.Well detailed. Near mint.
ROYAL IRISH REGIMENT WW1 OFFICERS BRONZE CAP BADGE Superb example with lovely age toning. Nice clear detail. 2 lugs to rear.
ROYAL IRISH RIFLES - CAP BADGE - ENGLAND STAMP ON SLIDER Good w/m die struck wartime example. Kings Crown. England mkd. slider. V.G.C.
ROYAL LINCOLNSHIRE RGT. - OFFICERS FIELD SERVICE CAP STAR - GAUNT Beautiful condition with it's original gilt and frosting. Officer's, small size, worn on the field service cap The reverse is stamped S and has the makers name J.R. Gaunt, London. V.G.C.
ROYAL MARINE POST'52 BRONZE CAP BADGE Nice example retaining it's bronze finish. V.G.C.
ROYAL MARINES WW1 SILVER / ENAMEL SWEETHEART Beautiful very well crafted piece in an Art Deco style. Stepped bar with below, RM device set with red/green/blue enamel. V.G.C.
ROYAL MID LOTHIAN CAVALRY OFFICERS COATEE BUTTON Royal Mid Lothian Cavalry officers plated closed back coatee button Crown withi RMLC. Scarce maker .
ROYAL MILITARY POLICE CAR MASCOT - J.R.GAUNT Dating from around the mid 50's to early 60's this is a high quality example as you expect from Gaunt. Heavy chrome outer laurel wreath. Enamelled centre in Regimental colours, this with no damage at all and standing out in relief, a Regimental cap cap device with ER 2 to centre. To the back it's stampled " J.R.Gaunt although one of the fixing rivets partly obscures the Gaunt. Going by the condition I would guess this was never fitted to a car. Measures 4 by 3 inches. Mint
ROYAL MUNSTER FUSILIERS WW1 TRENCH ART BROOCH Trench art brooch reputedly given to a French woman at the time and bought in France by me. Brass tunic button with stout copper wire fashioned into a pin. Nice unusual original to this fine Irish regiment.
ROYAL NAVAL DIV. WW1 COLLAR - HOOD Rare HOOD Btn. collar. Good detail. One lug bent otherwise very good.
ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION / RND NELSON CAP BADGE Very good example in brass. Nice detail with lovely age toning. Slider back. Remains of old style polish to back. Slight rubbing to high points. Nice to find a rea one !
ROYAL NAVAL VOLUNTEER RESERVE WW2 MEDAL GROUP Good group attributed to a Lieutenant in the RNVR. Named box of issue. 5 medals comprising Atlantic, Italy and 1939/45 Campaign Stars as well as the War and Defence medals. No entitlement slip. All with their original ribbons. Also included is the officers bullion cap badge which has seen a lot of action and sea time.
ROYAL NAVY JACK KNIFE NO. 21306 - RODGERS OF SHEFFIELD Marked Rogers Sheffield England & 21306 on each side of the blade. WD arrow with 474 on the handle. Nice and tight with no springing. Condition is very good apart from some sharpening at the tip. Steel shackle. Blade has no pitting and the handle and spike are excellent. Usually these are well used with honed down blades etc but this is a nice clean one.
ROYAL NAVY JACK KNIFE WITH LANYARD Good example . Nicely maker mkd. for Harrison, Fisher & Sons, Sheffield. Undated. C/w lanyard. Post war as it has the steel as opposed to copper shackle. V.G.C.
ROYAL NAVY MINE WATCH SERVICE LAPEL BADGE - GAUNT Lovely gilt/enamel mufti badge. All finish remaining. Maker mkd. to rear.
ROYAL NAVY SILVER/ ENAMEL SWEETHEART BAR BAROOCH No damage to enamal. Marked "SILVER" to rear. Hook a/f but working fine.
ROYAL REGIMENT OF SCOTLAND OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR BADGES Un-issued condition complete with silver colour backing plate. Still in original packet.
ROYAL REGIMENT OF SCOTLAND SGIAN DHU Standard G10 pipers sgian dhu with a miniature RRS badge to handle. Quality construction with clipped back blade, wood handle and leather covered wood scabbard. Top mount with finial. These being specially made for Allied & Axis by a top Scottish jeweller.
ROYAL REGIMENT OF SCOTLAND SKEAN ( SGIAN ) DHU Beautiful example of an RRS sgian dhu. Classic top quality . Wood handle , steel clipped back blade. Leather covered wood scabbard. Plated fittings. Top mount with finial. Miniature Royal Regiment badge to handle. Mint
ROYAL REGIMENT OF SCOTLAND TAM O SHANTER Issue Tam c/w tartan patch, early Firmin badge and hackle. Couple of moth nips. Good size approx. 57.
ROYAL RENFREW MILITIA CAP BADGE Rare and fine example. Solid centre with Prince of Wales feathers and Regimental motto "ICH DIEN". strap with "ROYAL RENFREW MILITIA". Good detail and condition.Uncleaned as it came to me .Nicely detailed die struck white metal. Dark age patina.Feathers in high relief.
ROYAL SCOTS 300 YEAR ANNIVERSARY MEDAL Very nice 300 year anniversary medal. Enamel perfect. Given to serving soldiers and some Association members. Mint
ROYAL SCOTS - 1ST ADMIN BTN. MIDLOTHIAN R.V. SHAKO PLATE -1861 Super die struck blackened brass retaining almost all it's original finish. Sharp strike. Rare. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS - 1ST OF FOOT VICTORIAN CAP BADGE Rare Victorian period glengarry badge. Bi metal with solid centre, this domed out. Super looking badge. Some polishing to the high points on St. Andrew. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS - 2ND HIGHLAND COY. - 1ST CITY OF EDINBURGH RIFLE VOLUNTEERS CAP BADGE Rare badge circa 1860. 1st City of Edinburgh RVC glengarry badge. 3 lugs. Silver or silver plate. St. Andrew to centre with outer strap with Gaelic motto, translates as, " Highlanders Shoulder to Shoulder " Not to be confused with the Lanarkshire badge that is similar but with different motto. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS - DANDY 9TH SHOULDER TITLE Scarce T 9 ROYAL SCOTS shoulder title. Brass. 3 lugs. Good condition.
ROYAL SCOTS - EMBROIDERED SHOULDER TITLE White embroidered on red felt. Removed from board. Scarce. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS - QUEENS EDINBURGH RIFLE BRIGADE OFFICERS CROSSBELT FURNITURE Rare set of officers cross belt furniture. Cross belt badge with it's original 2 post and even the original nuts. Long double chain which connects from the badge to a whistle boss with it's whistle. 2 posts , one with it's original nut. All in brass. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS - QUEENS EDINBURGH VOLUNTEER RIFLE BRIGADE - VICTORIAN CROSS BELT BADGE Victorian era bronze cross belt badge. Fretted lettering. Stout loop at the bottom for attaching chain. 2 screw posts to rear. Cast. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS - QUEENS RIFLE VOLS. BRIGADE FEATHER BONNET BADGE Very good o/r's example in blackened brass. RVB to centre and R.S. to sides. Long lugs to rear.
ROYAL SCOTS - QUEENS RIFLE VOLS.BRIGADE GLENGARRY BADGE Good o/r's example in blackened brass.RVB to centre and R.S. to sides. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS - QUEENS RIFLE VOLUNTEERS BRIGADE CAP BADGE Excellent example from the Victorian period. Blackened brass and retaining most of it's finish. Well detailed, die struck. Retains an original to it shaped piece of blackened leather behind the badge. Strong impression of the badge on the leather.Unusual to find one with this backing.
ROYAL SCOTS - QUEENS RIFLE VOLUNTEERS CROSS BELT BADGE Excellent example in cast blackened brass. Fretted centre. Loop for whistle chain. Victorian period. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS - QUEENS RIFLE VOLUNTEERS PIPERS FEATHER BONNET BADGE As per the normal badge but with extra long lugs presumably for a feather bonnet so likely for a piper. Blackened brass. Old polish residue. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS - THE LOTHIAN REGIMENT OFFICERS HELMET PLATE The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment) Victorian Officer’s helmet plate circa 1881-91. A fine and scarce example. Gilt crowned star mounted with Order of the Thistle Star. To the centre circlet hand pierced lettering, “Nemo Me Impune Lacessit”.This with rope style edging. To the centre a silver thistle in high relief and set on a green enamel ground. Running across the base of the star a silver scroll with “The Lothian Regt”. Three loops to reverse. Uncleaned. VGC
ROYAL SCOTS - WW2 SLIP ON SHOULDER TITLE Scarce black embroidered " R.S. " on khaki. Near excellent condition.
ROYAL SCOTS ( 5TH VB - LEITH ) BOER WAR PERIOD SILVER WATCH FOB Silver watch fob mkd. up to 5th Vo. Btn and with the Leith Coat of Arms to the centre. Strap around this with " Attendance Prize , Drill Series ". Named to the reverse, " Pte. F. Horne. 1901 ". Nicely detail. Rare
ROYAL SCOTS 1933 4TH CENTENARY BADGE - 4/5TH PIPER ATTRIBUTED Rare lapel badge which would appear to be made of cork or compressed paper. Still has the silk tails in Regimental tartan. To the rear is written "Presented to Mr. Young - 4/5th Band - 5 - 7/9 R.S." Good condition with clear lettering, silk tails detached. Rare item.
ROYAL SCOTS 5TH VOLUNTEER BTN CAP BADGE Good example of this Victorian period badge in w/m. Circa 1888/1908. Voided centre. Additional top scroll with " 5th Vol. Batt. " V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS BELT BUCKLE - HOBSON Nice vintage o/r's buckle, uncleaned as it came to me. Centre with light polishing to high points. Maker mkd. for Hobson London to rear.
ROYAL SCOTS DRAGOON GUARDS - NCO'S ARM BADGE Nice age toned example. 3 lugs to back.2 piece. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS DRAGOON GUARDS STAYBRITE CAP BADGE Maker marked J.R. GAUNT BIRMINGHAM. Bit of debate over these so giveaway price. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS - 1896 GLASGOW SILVER SPOON Presentation spoon awarded to Pte. M. Kirkland. Flaming bomb hand engraved to top. 1896. Glasgow silver hallmarks. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS - 5TH DIV. WW2 B.D. COMBINATION INSIGNIA Not a lot of RSF WW2 items turn up. This combination part of a large private collection I'm working my way through. Its type printed cotton 5th Div insignia of white "Y" on brown square. 3 red infantry stripes. Tartan flaming bomb mounted on it's own khaki backing before being mounted on the khaki backing strip. VGC. Rare.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS - OFFICERS WAIST BELT PLATE Royal Scots Fusiliers post 1881 Officer’s waist belt plate. Fire gilded seeded back plate with well detailed silver centre.St. Andrew and Cross within a thistle wreath. Curved scroll across the bottom with , " Royal Scots Fusiliers ". VGC
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS - WW1 MEDAL PAIR Nice condition and fresh to the market. Pte. W. Barr. 28606. R.S.F. War and Victory, with ribbons. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS BI METAL COLLAR BADGE Nice well detailed collar to the RSF. 2 lugs. Lots of old polish residue to rear. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS EMBROIDERED CLOTH SHOULDER TITLE Excellent condition WW2 title . White embroidered on red background. No moth or damage. Scarce V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR DOG PAIR Nice bronze officers OSD collar pair. Excellent condition.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS OFFICERS COLLAR BADGES Lovely matched pair retaining their gilded finish. Silver thistles. Solder holes to back. As per genuine examples. Near mint.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS OFFICERS VICTORIAN COATEE BUTTON Gilded finish. Uncleaned but will clean up nicely if desired. Raised detail and QVC crown. Dished back. Mkd. up for Firmin , Warwick, Regents. Scarce. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS OFFICERS WW1 COLLAR - OSD Good 2 piece cast example. Nice bi metal 2 piece construction. Reddish coloured metal bomb with brass thistle. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS PIPE BANNER/BANDSMANS DRAPE Beautifully embroidered panel from either a bandsman music stand or the silk side of a pipers banner. Circa WW1. Beautifully embroidered on silk, measures approx 13 by 9 inches. Mounted in a modern frame.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS PIPER'S GLENGARRY BADGE Very nice solid centre example in heavy chrome finish Very crisp die struck. 2nd Btn. , 2nd pattern , post 1881. Rare
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS PIPERS BADGE - SILVER - 1877- 81 Beautiful example in unmarked silver. The back uncleaned and black as only silver goes. Well detailed with no rubbing to highlights and that soft look you get on silver badges. Circa 1877/81. Rare.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS SILVER MEDAL - NAMED A beautiful hallmark silver/enamel sports medal brooched for wearing. Nicely inscribed \"KEEFE SHIELD - WNRS. C. COY - L/CPL C.GRIEV - 1925\". Maker marked \"J McC\" and Birmingham hallmark. Slight damage to the enamel but nevertheless a lovely rare piece.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS VICTORIAN CAP BADGE - PRE 1902 Good scarce Victorian example. QVC. Lugs north and south. Old pink polish residue to rear. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS WW1 CAP BADGE Great age patina on this one. C/w it's original cotter pin.
ROYAL SCOTS GREYS EARLY TUNIC BUTTON Nice toned brass large tunic button. Maker mkd. for Bowler of Birmingham. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS GREYS IRON PLAQUE FROM FRONT OF BARRACKS Super rare piece being a large Regimental device from the front of the barracks . Excellent condition with a skilfull repaint.When originally found it was rusty with no paint. Approx 12inches by 12 inches. Great detail. Very heavy so pay attention to shipping before purchasing V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS GREYS WW1 CAP BADGE Nice die struck example. Super detail. Sturdy badge. 2 lugs. No rubbing or damage
ROYAL SCOTS HELMET PLATE CENTRE Nice example with sharp detail and lovely age patina. 2 special lugs for fixing to the helmet. Scarce.
ROYAL SCOTS IN THEATRE MADE 2 PIECE CAP BADGE Sand cast back star with the centre applied with prongs. Heavier than normal badge as is the norm with sand cast. Likely WW2 and North Africa theatre made.
ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS BELT BUCKLE Nice officers belt plate. Bi metal badge with green enamel behind gilt centre. North/south lugs for belt plate as opposed to cap badge.Mounted on brass back plate. V.G.C. Low price.
ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR BADGE PAIR Lovely matching pair of bronze collars for wear with service dress. 2-piece construction. "LACESSIT" spelling to motto. Mint unworn condition.
ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Nice matched pair of 2 piece colllar badges for wear on the Officers Service Dress. Near mint.
ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS FORAGE CAP BADGE As per the cap badge style for officers but in the smaller size for the forage cap. Bi - metal. Green enamel behid the centre. 2 piece. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS OSD COLLAR PAIR Mint unissued condition bronze collars for wear on the service dress. 2 piece construction. This style introduced inter war period . C/w cotter pins.
ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS SILVER & GILT CAP BADGE Excellent condition die struck 3 piece badge. Green enamel behind the nicely gilded centre.Long lugs. As nice as they come. Priced to sell.
ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS WAIST BELT PLATE Very good example. Brass backing plate with officers cap badge device to centre, this in silver with gilded centre and still retaining the green enamel behind the thistle. Circa WW2. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS WAIST BELT PLATE BY FIRMIN Excellent condition. Officers type badge retaining it's silver frosted finish . Nicely gilded centre with green enamel behind the thistle. Polished brass back plate. Good quality as you expect from Firmin. Mint
ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS WW1 COLLAR BADGE Scarce w/m collar worn on the Blue Patrol jacket. Well detailed, die struck. 2 lugs. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS PIN BACK SWEETHEART Royal Scots sweetheart brooch made with collar. Possibly trench made by soldier.
ROYAL SCOTS PIPERS BELT BUCKLE Scarce pipers buckle. Heavy chrome. Will fit any standard pipers belt. Genuine issue, straight from ex Regimental piper.
ROYAL SCOTS PIPERS CAP BADGE Very good example of this scarce badge.Solid bolt on centre. Plated star. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS PIPERS VICTORIAN WAIST BELT PLATE Rare pipers WBP circa 1860 - 1902. Very sharp detail with St. Andrew standing out in relief as is the thistle border. Nickel silver.Four inches tall by 3 inches wide. c/w keeper VGC
ROYAL SCOTS REGIMENTAL SPORTS MEDAL- NAMED Heavy brass medal with nice regimental device in relief to the face. Dated 1927 and named to recipient. For running the 100 and 220 and getting a 2nd in both. Still not bad ! Good quality
ROYAL SCOTS RS TERRITORIAL SHOULDER TITLE PAIR Nice pair of the scarcer small size " R S " shoulder titles. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS SHAKO PLATE - 1871 - 1877 Other ranks Victorian helmet shako plate to the Royal Scots, circ 1871-1877, with two long lugs to the reverse, in good condition. Nicely toned brass. Well detailed. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS SILVER & ENAMEL SWEETHEART BROOCH Very nice Sterling Silver sweetheart with lovely detail to the silver and undamaged blue enamel. Original pin. Lovely condition.
ROYAL SCOTS SILVER OFFICERS BADGE Very good condition officers badge with nicely gilded centre and intact green enamel. Stamped "S" to the rear. Pin back. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS SILVER OFFICERS CAP BADGE BY ANDERSON & SON Superb unmark silver example. Nice sharp detail with maker marked W.M. ANDERSON & SON LTD. EDINBURGH & GLASGOW to rear.
ROYAL SCOTS SOLDIERS SPOON WITH ARMY NUMBER. Nice soldiers spoon with R.S. and his last 4 digits of his army number. Maker mkd.
ROYAL SCOTS TERRITORIAL OFFICERS BELT BUCKLE Beautiful Reserve officers buckle with heavy chrome back plate and proper belt plate centre similar to the officers badge. Centre is a beautiful piece with silvered star, nicely gilded centre with the correct green enamel behind. Scarce V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS TERRITORIAL OFFICERS WAIST BELT PLATE Excellent condition. Polished white metal back plate, this possibly originally adapted from gilded example as the back has the remains of a gilt finish? Regimental device as per officers badge with nice gilded centre with green enamel behind, set on frosted silver star. Proper fixings for belt plate. not adapted from cap badge. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS TERRITORIAL WHITE METAL TITLE PAIR Nice pair of matched shoulder titles in white metal for Territorials. V.G.C. Scarce
ROYAL SCOTS WW1 BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE Very good example with longer lugs. Possibly for pipers feather bonnet ? A real one ! Old polish residue to back. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS WW1 GILDED CAP BADGE - OFFICERS ? Rare variant. Brass economy with gilded finish , this present to almost 100%. Period brooch back. From a large Royal Scots collection just in. V.G.C.
ROYAL SCOTS WW1 TERRITORIAL CAP BADGE White metal Volunteer example. Red felt backing to voided centre. Mounted on non period tartan flash. VGC
ROYAL SIGNALS SILVER BALL TOP OFFICERS SWAGGER STICK Very nice example with silver ball top, this with very little denting. Raised Regimental device to top. Kings crown. Lovely light coloured shaft with original nickel silver tip. A steal at this price. V.G.C.
ROYAL TANK REGIMENT WW2 CAP BADGE Particularly nice one this. Cast . Well detailed. No rubbing or damage.
ROYAL TANK RGT. OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR BADGE - GAUNT Very good example bronze example retaining all it's finish. Kings crown. J.R.GAUNT LONDON mkd. to rear.
ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE BRONZE OFFICERS BADGE - BLADES Scarce officers cap badge for wear with the Service Dress. Die struck bronze with 2 blades to reverse. This is the last pattern prior to the amalgamation with The Queen's Regiment in 1992. Good price, way below market value. V.G.C.
ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE RGT CAP BADGE Die struck on slider. Bit of verdigris on scroll.
ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE RGT. - OFFICERS POST '52 CAP BADGE Nice bronze example with blades. Officers.
ROYAL WEST KENT CAP BADGE Fine example on slider. Nicely shaped to cap. V.G.C.
ROYAL YACHT SQUADRON / ROYAL LONDON Y.C. - BAR BROOCH Beautiful bar brooch made from 3 gilded buttons professionally mouned on a gilded bar with stout original hook and pin. The 2 outer epaulette size buttons have 3 anchors and "R.Y.S." in old script. The centre large button has "R.L.Y.C." and is surmounted by a Victorian crown. A lovely rare item circa WW1 or possibly as early as the turn of the century.
RTR - ROYAL TANK CORPS WARTIME CAP BADGE - CAST- IN THEATRE MADE Sand cast example. Wartime Kings crown. In theatre made, likely North Africa, Far East. slight rubbing to the high points of the tank turret, otherwise VGC
RUC (ROYAL ULSTER CONSTABULARY) TOMMY HELMET This I believe is a re issue circa 1950's into the 60's. My research shows helmets with a stencilled " RUC " is indictive of that period. Early WW2 helmet . Great condition throughout and a real rarity whatever period it's from. V.G.C.
RUSSIAN COLD WAR FLAG Beautiful iconic piece in silk/rayon. Lenin to one side, Soviet device to the other. Cold war items have now really kicked in as people realise it was a war and not a period of stalemate. Measures 1.73 m by 1.05 m V.G.C.
RUSSIAN FRONT DEAD SS SOLDIER COMBAT PHOTO & 1 MORE Bit gruesome this one. Dead SS soldier wearing camo uniform. This has been shredded by an explosion leaving his groin area exposed. He's been running to a parachute container and has been killed in the process. There is another photo of skeletal remains. Both originals and not for the squeamish.
RUSSIAN FRONT GERMAN WW2 M40 SS HELMET - Solid bunker found single decal helmet. No leather. Liner band present. Good decal. Found near Poltava. The premier SS divions were there so either Dad Reich, TK or Liebstandarie. One look helmet.
S A DAGGER & HANGER - HERDER Straight out the wood work. Very nice early example with nickel fittings and anodised scabbard. Super blade with deep etched motto this still retaining it's black finish to script. Gau mkd. " NRH"( Niederrhein) to cross guard. Good handle with none of the usual chips and the insignia is very sharp. Herder logo of cross keys nicely etched. Very good , original to it hanger with commensurate patina to the metal parts to match the dagger. No dents to scabbard ball. Lovely "One Look" original straight from the family.
S A POLITICAL VISOR CAP EAGLE Here we have a beautifully detailed SA Political Visor Cap Eagle,scarce 1936 Pattern ! It is aluminum base mint condition, die stamped and with all silver washed finish remaining. The obverse depicts an SA eagle, with outstretched wings, clutching a wreathed swastika within its talons. Another RTR vet bring back, swopped in Hamburg with a P.O.W.for cigarettes. Mint original
S.A. BRIGADE 41 THURINGIA EAST - 1934 GREIZ - RALLY BADGE Early and scarce SA unit attributed Tinny. Raised laurel wreaths and swastika with central SA device in higher relief. I've left this dirty and age toned but will come up nicely if desired. V.G.C.
S.A. SUDMARK (AUSTRIA) MEMBERS WATCH FOB Very rare and attractive watch fob for SA members. This one has a nice enamelled device with "SUDMARK" and mobile swastika. Condition is A.1 with no enamel loss or damage. SA Styrian group Sudmark was formed in 1941 to protect ethnic Germans from attack by Yugoslav partisans. Location wise it borders Yugoslavia.
SA BRAUNSCHWEIG TREFFEN. RARE SCREW BACK Super rare but correct variant of this scarce badge. As per the normal pin back version but with rare award type screw back fixing. Die struck 2nd type. Nice likely jeweller professional conversion. Forum posted this one and got positive feedback. V.G.C.
SA BRIGADE 48 MARBURG 1934 AUFMARSCH DAY BADGE Lovely early tinny with beautiful detail of the city in high relief.. Great condition.
SA DAGGER - SCARCE MAKER - C/W HANGER Extremely rare pre 1935 dagger by Paul Ebel of Solingen. This has the highest rarity rating of a “10” on the McSarr’s trademark listing. Nicely marked to blade and with his 2 fish conjoined by a crown logo. Gau mkd. to hilt " Om " ( Warthegau ). Nickel fittings. Anodised scabbard. Clean blade with nicely etched motto. No damage to the handle. Original to it hanger. Good scabbard fittings with undented ball. For the serious dagger collector who wants an SA that scores 10 out of 10 in the rarity stakes.
SA GRUPPE NIEDERRHEIN 1939 SPORTS DAY BADGE Nice bakerlite SA sports tinny. Maker \"Richard Sieper & Söhne - Lüdenscheid\" and RZM & code M/25 marked to rear.
SA MAGDEBURG - GRUPPE MITTE -MEMORIAL DAY BADGE Extra large size SA Gruppe Mitte die struck day badge. 5 cm diameter. Mint condition. Rare.
SA POST CARD Classic official SA card. Nice depiction of 2 stormtroopers in uniform.
SA SPORTS BADGE - BRONZE AWARD - No. 688167 SA Sports Badge. Nice condition and Numbered: 688167. Made by Berg & Nolte. A.G. Lundenscheid. Text on the back as well as the maker details and number reads, 'Eigentum D.S.A. Sportabzeichen Hauptstelle'. Retains most of it's bronze finish. Brass pin. V.G.C.
SA STEYRMARK / HITLER YOUTH KEPI / COLLAR EDELWEISS Scarce metal edelweiss in the style used by HJ and SA. Correct RZM marked to rear. British vet bring back. Scarce. V.G.C.
SA-GRUPPE NIEDERRHEIN 1937 SPORTS DAY BADGE SA sports participant's badge in aluminum. Some detail "SA-GRUPPE NIEDERRHEIN 1937" has worn away at the bottom. Rare.
SAS WW2 DESERT CAMO SMOCK & TROUSERS 1942 - LARGE Excellent condition desert tan camo special forces windproof smock and trousers as issued to SAS and commando units in WW2. 4 pocket tan head over smock with clear label and 1942 date. Matching trousers again with clear label and 1942 date. Good very large size (see label). All tapes and buttons present. These items are sleepy and mint, no damage, bought in with other items from a veterans widow. These smocks are now reproduced and are still popular with originals being worn by SAS troops in the 1st Gulf War. In WW2 they were issued in tan and white to units going into extreme weather conditions please note, these are guaranteed WW2 originals.
SCARCE GERMAN WW2 1939 WINTER HELP WORK COMPRESSED PAPER DAY BADGE Scarce as most of these did'nt survive. Compressed paper with a tin foil type finish. Nice depiction of a soldier with M35 steel helmet in relief over Wermacht adler. V.G.C.
SCHUCO CLOCKWORK GERMAN DRUMMER A very rare working example of a wartime German toy. Detail very good with cloth field grey uniform with bandsmans wings.. Leather belt. Tin WW1 type helmet and drum, the latter with the correct red/white painting for drums used during the Nazi period. Schuco made a basic chassis which pre war could be, a monkey, pig or a clown. Obviously wartime this guy was produced in small numbers. Works like a dream and his timing is spot on. C/w period key.
SCOTS GREYS - SHOULDER TITLES Look like a pair but one has hex loops , the other round. Toned brass. Came in together. Toning is the same. Likely worn together. One with a slight twist on the S, otherwise good originals and now hard to find.
SCOTS GREYS / RSDG'S DRUMMERS CAP Good example with an almost Germanic saddle shape to it. Dark blue wool body with yellow Van Dyke zig zag band used only by the Scots Greys and RSDG's. Good size , approx 56/57.Comes with anodised RSDG's cap badge. Hard to come by. V.G.C.
SCOTS GREYS BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Very hard to come by Greys stuff. Nice brass title from WW1 / WW2.
SCOTS GREYS BUSBY BACK BADGE Unmarked die struck silver. Well detailed. Early example. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
SCOTS GREYS CAP BADGE Good lugged example. Detail good with no rubbing to high points.
SCOTS GREYS CAP BADGE Very good example with nice age toning. 2 lugs.
SCOTS GREYS CIGARETTE BOX - LARGE Good Scots Greys cigarette tin.
SCOTS GREYS COLLAR PAIR Nice matched pair of Greys collars. Die struck. Very sharp detail with no rubbing or damage. Scarce. V.G.C.
SCOTS GREYS COLLAR PAIR Not an exact match but were worn as a pair. Well detailed , die struck. Facing pair. Scarce V.G.C.
SCOTS GREYS FIGURES - CRIMEA & WW1 PERIOD Two top end wood figures around 11 inches tall. Reputedly originally from the Greys museum. Circa 1910. Old screws to base. Hand painted. Fantastic accurate detail to uniform and accoutrements. Small bit of damage to sword hanger on Crimea figure otherwise amazing for their age. V.G.C. Very rare
SCOTS GREYS HORSE OF HANOVER BUSBY BACK BADGE Exceedingly rare piece now. Fine example in silver plate. Well detailed. Old pink polish residue to back. V.G.C.
SCOTS GREYS POUCH BADGE Nice detailed large brass pouch badge for the Greys and DG's. Lugs V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS - PIPERS - CAP BADGE Good silvered example of this now hard to find cap badge. Seeded strap with Scots Guards in relief. Worn by pipers only. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS - OFFICERS SILVER H/M FORAGE CAP BADGE - 1914 Beautiful and scarce Good example of the small size badge worn on the forage cap. Nice detail and with silver hallmarks for Edinburgh 1914. Pin back. 2 piece construction. Excellent condition.
SCOTS GUARDS - SERGEANT’S CAP BADGE Good bi metal example as worn by sergeants. Nice toning to centre. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS - VALISE/ POUCH BADGE Good sharply struck example with no rubbing or damage. Loop on the back has a W.D. arrow. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS 1912 HALLMARKED LONDON SILVER MEDAL PENDANT Beautifully detailed chunky silver fob medal. Sharp detail to Regimental device. Excellent condition
SCOTS GUARDS 1912 LONDON SILVER MEDAL / FOB Just pre the Great War. Hallmarked for 1912, London silver. C.W. maker . Nice sharp Scots Guards device with raised detail. Sports medal as it has " Won By " but no name. Nice piece.
SCOTS GUARDS BANDS MANS DRAPE Nice Military band drape for musicians music stand. Regimental device embroidered to centre. Fringed dark blue velvet body. Nicely embroidered. Rare
SCOTS GUARDS BIRMINGHAM SILVER PIPERS BADGE Heavy silver die-struck example. Good detail and quite heavy. Silver lugs. Hallmarked silver examples are scarce. Uncleaned but will come up a treat. Pipers badges now difficult to find. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS BRODERICK CAP BADGE Larger size brass cap badge for broderick cap. Size 5 cm x 5 cm. Long lugs. More substantial than a normal cap badge. Old polish residue to back. Scarce. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS BRONZE OFFICERS SD CAP BADGE Circa WW1. For wear with the Service Dress. Good example . Old pink polish residue to back. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS FLAG - EXTRA LARGE Genuine Scots Guards flag. Measures 6 feet by 43 inches approx. Hanging rope with toggle. Superb condition Rare
SCOTS GUARDS HM SILVER PIPER\'S KILT PIN - 1931 Very fine complete Birmingham silver 1931 example by JRG & S being a thistle star with green enamel backing to the central thistle spray. The pin and chain in silver plate. Light service wear to the centre thistle head otherwise very good condition.
SCOTS GUARDS LAPEL BADGE GROUP 3 badges comprising regimental mufti, bar brooch and S.G. association mufti. The latter J.R. Gaunt mkd. all enamel good. Bargain.
SCOTS GUARDS LARGE HEADQUARTERS FLAG Rare HQ flag. Double sided. Mint condition. Measures 6 foot by 4 foot approx. Guards colours with Regimental device to centre. Hanging rope present. Circa 1960's/ 70's
SCOTS GUARDS O/R'S CAP BADGE Good example with no issues. Sharp detail. old polish residue to back. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS OFFICERS CAP BADGE Nice early 2-piece example circa WW1. Unmarked silver. This one has behind the thistle a mirror as opposed to enamel which gives it a nice effect. This is original to badge. Original pin to back. No re-soldering to lugs. Good example.
SCOTS GUARDS OFFICERS CAP BADGE - ANDERSON EDINBURGH Wartime officers badge. Green enamel behind centre present and good. Well detailed. Anderson Military tailors details to rear. Some polishing to gilding but a great looking badge from an officer who liked his kit looking good.
SCOTS GUARDS OFFICERS SILVER FORAGE CAP BADGE Small size cap badge as per full size pattern stamped \"STERLING\" to rear. Diamond cut star. Nice gilded centre over green background. Gilt to 100%. Complete with khaki felt backing cloth extremely nice example in V.G.C..
SCOTS GUARDS OFFICERS WW1 HELMET WITH INSIGNIA Outstanding helmet rarely found for sale these days. WW1 Brodie shell in rough drab paint to 100%. Beautifully painted officers badge to front. Officers type Gucci lining by a London maker. Stout leather chin strap. Fitted with an original to it string net suggesting service beyond the Great War by the officer. Painted initials " W.T. " in 3D script. Super rare in top condition with a price unfortunately reflecting that. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS PIPERS BADGE Nice chromed example. Good detail with two long lugs to rear.
SCOTS GUARDS SERGEANTS CAP BADGE Good near mint bi metal sergeants badge. 2 piece construction.
SCOTS GUARDS SGTS CAP BADGE Nice bi metal badge as worn by Sergeants. Excellent condition. Scarce
SCOTS GUARDS SGTS. BI-METAL CAP BADGE Good example. Sharp detail. Gilded centre. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS SILVER PIPERS CAP BADGE Good vintage example in heavy unmarked silver. Circa WW1 / WW2. Outer strap with " Scots Guards ". To the centre a silver Star of the Order of the Thistle. Dark age patina but will clean up nicely if desired. V.G.C.
SCOTS GUARDS TOMMY HELMET Super example with painted red/white dicing to both sides. All original and rare.
SCOTS GUARDS WHITE FACE SWEETHEART Rare white face for the Scots Guards circa WW1. Wee bit of damage to the white enamel at the top left. These badges are normally around £50 plus for a SG example so grab a bargain, still looks great. Different coloured enamels on brass. Original pin & hook.
SCOTS GUARDS WW1 CHRISTMAS CARD Rare 1918 Scots Guards Christmas card. Fold out with nice photograph of WW1 soldiers in Service Dress with Battalion standards and drums, this to inside of gate fold. Beautiful possibly hand painted Star of the Order of the Thistle to front. Good condition
SCOTS GUARDS WW1 OFFICERS BRONZE OSD CAP BADGE Rare bronze cap badge for wear with service dress in WW1. Good detail, 2-piece construction blades to rear (missing ends). Retains almost all it\'s dark finish.
SCOTS GUARDS WW1 PERIOD OFFICERS BADGE - ANDERSON Beautiful example in unmarked silver. Anderson jewellers tablet to rear. Green enamel behind gilded centre. Left uncleaned but will polish up nicely is desired.
SCOTS GUARDS WW1 PRIVATE PURCHASE HELMET Exceedingly rare helmet made by Bates of London. Nicely stamped with their logo. Good leather liner and chinstrap. Fitted with heavy inter war net so likely used post WW1 and likely into WW2. Beautiful condition and the officers badge device toi the front really makes it. I don't know how this has been done but it stands out proud from the helmet. A.1.
SCOTTISH COMMAND FORMATION SIGN WW2 and immediately post war use. Embroidered. This one uniform removed with a couple of small moth nips. Scarce
SCOTTISH 52 LOWLAND INSIGNIA GROUP - ATTRIBUTED Superb "Been There" removed from uniform group of insignia to a Royal Engineer sergeant attached to 52 Lowland Division. Comprising embroidered R E shoulder titles, 2 complete sets of printed Mountain/Satire sleeve badge, 2 brigade strips and a 6 year overseas chevron, this made from 2 3 year stitched together. What is particularly interesting is the saltire backing cloth is stamped for Anderson Military outfitters Glasgow and Edinburgh which I've never seen before and have been privately purchased. Super original lot to a Sgt. Bonoski.
SCOTTISH FULL WRAP AROUND KILT APRON - WW1 / WW2 ? Excellent condition full wrap around kilt apron for wear over the kilt in combat. Medium size. Ties present. Horn button to front pocket. Pleated back. White label present but washed out. No tears or moth. WD stamped with "R" above. This possibly makes it a very rare 1939 issue ? Some of the BEF went off to war in 1939 in WW1 style kit and there is a classic photo of the Gordons marching through Keith in SD jackets and kilt aprons reminiscent of the Great War. Of the Great War pattern and opinions vary as to the stampings, one is they were the different clothing depots. Another train of thought is all WW1 examples have the letter below the Wd whereas this is above. Irrespective of that, this one is as nice as they come and kilt aprons are near impossible to find now and this is one I've owned for a very long time. V.G.C.
SCOTTISH HIGHLAND REGIMENTS LARGE TYPE LEATHER SPORRAN Scarce sporran being the one issued immediately post war until the early 1950's. Much better quality then what came later. Larger size and with integral pocket within the purse.Stout brown leather. Dated 1949 and with WD arrow.Has had 3 issues during it's working life. C/w it's original chain & leather strap. Now with a Cameron Hldrs. thistle sporran badge.
SCOTTISH HOME GUARD 1 R&B ( RENFREW & BUTE ) SHOULDER TITLE SET Very rare set of printed Home Guard insignia to 1st R & B . Unissued, printed. Extremely rare. Mint.
SCOTTISH HORSE - FRETTED COLLAR BADGES - PAIR Very nice matched pair of fretted collar dogs. Scottish Golphic crown. Well detailed. V.G.C.
SCOTTISH HORSE ATHOLL BONNET One of the rarest pieces of Scottish headgear being the Atholl Bonnet worn exclusively by the Scottish Horse in both World Wars. This one I believe is WW1 as the dicing is red/white/green, this is found on early examples and by WW2 the green had evolved to black. Lovely knotted tails to the back. No moth or damage and good size approx. 55/56. Nice interior with leather panel for stiffener so possibly officers. Rare
SCOTTISH HORSE BRASS/ENAMEL SWEETHEART BROOCH Lovely Sweetheart brooch circa WW1. Good 3 colour enamel with no damage. Original pin and hook.
SCOTTISH HORSE OFFICERS FRETTED CAP BADGE Well detailed fully fretted officers cap badge. Scottish Golphic crown. V.G.C.
SCOTTISH HORSE OFFICERS GILDED COLLAR BADGE Very nice near mint example. Cast construction, gilt finish with almost all finish remaining and no rubbing or damage. Scottish crown.
SCOTTISH HORSE WW1 KINGS CROWN CAP BADGE A good scarce die stamped white metal Example. Two loops to the reverse. Nicely shaped by soldier for the Atholl bonnet. V.G.C.
SCOTTISH HORSE WW2 LARGE ONE MANS GROUP. Amazing find straight from the house. Comprises huge amount of original photographs and newspaper clippings showing the soldier who was a pre war Territorial with the Scottish Horse, inc. one of all the troops from his home village of Callander leaving in 1939 for war. The early pics are in service dress and later shots in Battledress. One in particular shows them wearing battledress combinations of formation signs, Brigade stripes, Atholl tartan and HD patches and RA shoulder titles. The 79th Rgt. R.A. were a Scottish Horse unit. His release book is there along with his medals, ribbon bar, cap badges, Regimental Assoc. lapel badge, RA slip over title and more. Fantastic group to this famous cavalry regiment. See my other items for a German dagger and some badges he brought home.
SCOTTISH OFFICERS BRASS POST ' 52 SWORD BELT BUCKLE - HOBSON Unissued condition. Heavy brass. Hobson tablet to rear. Worn by all regiments inc. Scottish. For use on the sword belt. Mint. Well detailed
SCOTTISH OFFICERS TAM O SHANTER - HUNTING STEWART PATCH Officers / SNCO's Tam O shanter. Soft brushed wool in the standard beige colour for officers. Good size 56/57. Has a Hunting Stewart tartan patch which would indicate Royal Scots or possibly OTC unit. This could be changed if desired as this type of Tam was worn by all Regiments in the Scottish Division. V.G.C.
SCOTTISH RECONNAISSANCE CORPS OFFICERS CAP BADGE The rarest of the Recce Corps badges and has never been faked unlike the others. Correct chromed finish. Red Lion Rampant in enamel to centre. Unissued condition. From very old Recce collection.
SCOTTISH ROYAL ENGINEERS - TRE LOWLAND SHOULDER TITLE Good brass example. 3 lugs to back. No rubbing or damage. Scarce. V.G.C.
SCOTTISH SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS (SGIAN ) SKEAN DHU SEAFORTH HLDRS - SGIAN ( SKEAN ) DHU Mint condition sgian dhu to the Seaforths. Hand carved ebony handle with unique Seaforths star design behind the early style St. Andrew. Gilded brass mounts. Real stone to top. Clipped back steel blade. Leather covered wood scabbard. V.G.C.
SCOTTISH VICTORIAN MILITIA OFFICERS SHAKO Very rare piece from the Volunteer/Militia era. Silver bullion band to top for Volunteers officer. Rare grey frosted open bugle in a larger size with matching grey thistles on HLI type boss. Body in excellent condition with none of the usual moth or damage. Full length officers cap lines. Interior good but missing sweatband and silk. Ball tuft absent. Rare item , unit unknown but possibly HLI related ?
SCOTTISH WAR WORKERS ENAMEL BADGE - RED CROSS Scottish Red Cross War Workers lapel badge. Makers details for Alex Scott - Glasgow to rear. V.G.C.
SCOTTISH WW2 3rd INF. DIV. 1st KOSB BATTLEDRESS COMBI. Superb "Been There" removed from tunic example. Regimental tartan flash with Brigade stripes and formation sign , all on original khaki strip. Rare
SCOTTSH HORSE WW1 SWEETHEART BAR BROOCH Brass with nice red and blue enamel inlay. Striking looking example. WW1 or earlier.
SEAFORTH - 78TH HIGHLANDERS ( ROSS SHIRE BUFFS ) VICTORIAN OFFICERS DIRK BELT Very rare and in beautiful condition. Complete belt and buckle set. Buckle in burnished gilt with well detailed thistle surround. 2 piece centre in silver comprising Regimental motto " Cuidich ' N ' Rhi to the top. Below that an elephant surmounted by a QVC Crown and below that a 3 part scroll with the Battle Honours, " Assaye, Maida and Java ". Th the bottom a Roman numeral scroll with " LXXVIII ". The buckle still with it's red Morocco leather backing. The belt is truly a work of art, beautiful Thistle pattern in bullion wire on a soft brown leather backing. The last buckle I saw did £920 after fees and that was in 2015. This is the 1st time I've seen one with it's original belt and this in amazingly good condition. V.G.C.
SEAFORTH HDRS. TERRITORIAL W/M COLLAR BADGE Difficult to find in white metal. O/r's L cypher collar badge. Correct 3 lugs. V.G.C.
SEAFORTH HIGHLANDER CAP BADGE Good o/r's example. 2 lugs. V.G.C.
SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS - 78th OF FOOT VICTORIAN CAP BADGE Pre 1868. Larger size example. Die struck brass. No rubbing or damage, near mint. Offered at an excellent price. V.G.C.
SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS - COLLAR / SPORRAN BADGE Scarce example. Cast metal. Possibly for stand up collar but more likely a sporran badge variant ? 2 lugs. Excellent condition.
SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS BLAZER BADGE Nice embroidered blazer badge. Nicely done and never been stitched to jacket. Mint
SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE ON TARTAN PATCH Correct 3 lug w/m wartime cap badge. Mounted on a Mc Kenzie tartan patch which may or may not be period. Crisp example. Old polish residue to back and inside lugs V.G.C.
SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS COMFORTS BADGE Rare enamel lapel badge worn by fund raisers for the Seaforth soldiers on operations in WW1. Brass with red and blue enamel with no damage. Original pin and hook. V.G.C.
SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS GLENGARRY Nice original vintage glengarry with it's original to it badge. Tri colour dicing, this with a couple of small moth nips. W/m cap badge which has been the only badge ever fitted, no extra holes. Smallish size 54 approx. Very clean inside. Rear tails good. Great price. V.G.C.
SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS SILVER BONNET BADGE Nice silver example. Good details. Pin back. Stamp "SILVER" to rear.
SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS TARTAN SHOULDER SLIDE - NORTH AFRICA A Regimental tartan Mc Kenzie shoulder slide as worn in North Africa. Went over one epaulette, sometimes with insignia attached. This one has never had insignia . Mint condition. Rare.
SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS WW1/2 CAP BADGE Very good 3 lugs example. Good clear detail. White metal.
SEAFORTH HLDR'S OFFICERS 3 PIECE BADGE Good example although not exactly matching but that was how the officer wore it. Well detailed stags head in nickel silver with very pronounced antler points , these undamaged. Nickel Cuidich 'n Righ scroll. These 2 pieces match. The top piece of Golphic crown with L below is in unmarked silver. Very striking. Sensible price.
SEAFORTH HLDRS BATTLEDRESS COMBINATION Seaforth B.D. removed from uniform combination. Regimental tartan patch. 3rd Division 2 piece wool formation sign. 2 red infantry stripes. 4 moth nips, one to tartan flash the other 3 to khaki backing cloth. Otherwise very nice example of combat worn sleeve insignia. Rare.
SEAFORTH HLDRS O/R'S CAP BADGE Correct 3 lugs as found on genuine examples. Good detail especially to antlers. V.G.C.
SEAFORTH HLDRS OFFICERS 4 PIECE CAP BADGE Great badge with matching 4 pieces. Maker mkd. to rear of stag for Kirkwoods, Thistle St. Edinburgh by far in my opinion the best of the Edinburgh makers. Very well detailed. Circa WW1. Unmarked silver. V.G.C.
SEAFORTH HLDRS PIPERS CROSS BELT BADGE Very rare badge from pipers cross belt. Star shape with strap "DUKE OF ALBANYS OWN HIGHLANDERS". Centre with Vic. crown over an "L". Although bearing a Victorian crown this pattern of badge was worn right up until the Highlanders became part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. 1 of the 4 screw posts is absent otherwise very good.Bought by me years ago from a Seaforths piper. Ultra difficult to find.
SEAFORTH HLDRS. OF CANADA BRASS SPORRAN BADGE Nice die struck example. Sharp detail. Measures 2 and a half inches x 2 inches. Correct 3 lugs. Scarce . V.G.C.
SEAFORTH HLDRS. OFFICERS BOER WAR EDINBURGH 1891 HALLMARKED SILVER PLAID BROOCH - BOXED - KIA As nice as they come and attributed to a Boer War casualty. The reverse with makers marks 'R. & H.B. Kirkwood, 66 & 68 Thistle St. Edinburgh.' with Edinburgh hallmarks for 1891. The plaid brooch retaining the original stout pin and clasp fittings. It weights approx 86.8 grams. Owners etched letters 'HMB' on back of stags head - positively attributed as worn by Captain HUGH MAXWELL BLAIR, 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders who was 'Killed-in-Action' at Koodoesburg, on 7 February 1900, during the South African War. The brooch contains in its original case of issue, this with the company logo of 'R. & H.B. Kirkwood, 66 & 68 Thistle St. Edinburgh.' on the inside upper lid. One external hinge as-found and brass eye for the front catch missing. A magnificent item of the finest Scottish craftsmanship. The silver quoit being approximately 80mm, this emblazoned with 15 x battle honours; Maida, Java, Assaye, Hindustan, Cape of Good Hope, Koosh-Ab, Persia, Sevastopol, Lucknow, Central India, Peiwar Kotal, Charasia, Kabul, Kandahar, Afghanistan. Attached thereon the stags head regimental crest surmounted by the a Golphic crown and cypher 'L' of Leopold, The Duke of Albany. Hugh Maxwell Blair, a native of Edinburgh, Scotland, where he had lived at 35, Moray Place. Born in 1872, Hugh was the son of Alexander Blair (Advocate-Sheriff of the Lothians and Peebles). He was commissioned in 1891, and served in the Relief of Chitral Expedition in India (1895) and on attachment with the West African Frontier Force prior to his death in the South African War. A scarce and desirable item of Scottish militiary insignia
SEAFORTH HLDRS. OFFICERS COLLAR BADGE - WW1 Scarce smaller size gilded collar circa WW1.Cast example. Old polish residue.
SEAFORTH HLDRS. OFFICERS DIRK BELT PLATE Nice early example. 3 piece rivetted parts comprising, Golphic Crown and L cypher, Stags head and Scroll with Regimental motto.. Silver on brass. Some light rubbing to scroll otherwise V.G.C Uncleaned with dark age patina.
SEAFORTH HLDRS. OFFICERS SILVER H/M CAP BADGE - KOREAN WAR Beautiful Edinburgh silver 3 piece officers badge circa 1953 by T.E. (Thos. Ebbert) of Edinburgh. Very well detailed and with nice uncleaned age patina.
SEAFORTH HLDRS. OFFICERS SILVER PLAID BROOCH C/W ORIGINAL BOX Very nice condition Seaforths officers plaid brooch in unmarked silver . A magnificent item of the finest Scottish craftsmanship. The silver quoit being approximately 80mm, this emblazoned with 15 x battle honours; Maida, Java, Assaye, Hindustan, Cape of Good Hope, Koosh-Ab, Persia, Sevastopol, Lucknow, Central India, Peiwar Kotal, Charasia, Kabul, Kandahar, Afghanistan. Attached thereon the stags head regimental crest surmounted by the a Golphic crown and cypher 'L' of Leopold, The Duke of Albany. Reverse with air holes to allow gasses to escape during manufacture. Original stout pin. Complete with it's original fitted case with velvet lining. Box is in fairly poor condition with one side missing although the leather covering is there and in good shape. I was assured by the jeweller who polished the brooch that it would be fairly easy to reinstate the missing side to the box. Beautiful near mint condition brooch with no damage or issues.
SEAFORTH HLDRS. OFFICERS WW1 HALLMARKED CAP BADGE Very well detailed example in Scottish silver. The Stag and the Ducal Coronet have Hallmarks for HENRY TATTON of Edinburgh, dated 1915. The Scroll though similar has a different hallmark and though it is for Edinburgh I cannot make out a clear date and the maker is different. Badge is in VG condition, One lug on the coronet is a silver replacement. Still a very nice piece and offered at a very good price.
SEAFORTH HLDRS. SWEETHEART BROOCH Nice chrome and enamel sweetheart. Excellent condition. Good price.
SEAFORTH HLDRS. VICTORIAN SKEAN DHU Beautiful early black knife as worn by Seafoth Hldrs. officers. Gilded brass mounts. Lovely orange foiled citrine to top enclosed in thistle mount. Early type St. Andrew to bog oak handle , this gilded and very well detailed. Good leather bound wood scabbard in VGC. Blade darkened and with a couple of dings to sharp edge but overall especially considering the age this is a great skean dhu. Rare
SEAFORTH OFFICERS BADGE -INVERNESS SILVER 1887 Exceptionally beauiful and very rare 3 piece officers badge by Bain and Mc Bean (1887-1893). Hallmark of Dromederi camel. Heavy chunky silver lugs to top and bottom parts. Stags head a pin back, made like this as the antler would not allow for the width of the chunky lugs. Stunning detail. Scottish Provincial silver is very rare especially Inverness. Excellent condition
SEAFORTH OFFICERS COLLAR BADGE Lovely gilded finish collar badge. Smaller cypher as per officer examples.
SEAFORTH OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH. Super example. Quoit with Battle Honours. Beautifully detailed stags head in unmarked silver. Stout original overlong pin as used in WW1/WW2.
SEAFORTH PAGRI BADGE Very scarce In Theatre made badge for wear on the sun helmet.Sand cast, very unusual pointed slider. Likely made during the Regiments service in India. V.G.C.
SEAFORTH SERGEANTS SILVER H/M BONNET BADGE - 1914 Beautiful example of a sergeants stags head bonnet badge. Hallmarks for Birmingham 1914 and makers stamp "B & P" (Brent and Parker). Lovely detail, pin back. Pin looks like possibly a period brass replacement?
SEAFORTH TERRITORIAL LARGE PHOTOGRAPH -NAMED, 1920 Black & white photo of Seaforth soldier probably Territorial . Named on back "Pte. Robert Charles Talbot taken in 1920". Size, 11 by 13 inches (33 mm x 28 mm) inc. mounting card, approx. Original picture.
SEAFORTHS B.E.F. UNIFORM A scarce uniform in the WW1 style and as worn by Highland regiments who went to France with the British Expeditionary Force. There are some very poignant photographs of the the Gordons , Seaforth and Camerons marching through Highland towns on their way to war wearing this style of uniform Comprises 1937 dated tunic with it\'s original insignia of double collar dogs of elephant and Princess Louise\'s \"L\". Brass \"Seaforth \"shoulder titles. Seaforth brass buttons. Large size ( see photo of label ). Apart from a few moth holes to lower front skirt on one side the tunic is in VGC. Regimental kilt in McKenzie tartan. Box pleats. To suit 5\'10 tall, 32/33 waist. VGC. Brown wool hose in good condition with small cloth label attached which has the same seven digit regimental no. as the inside of the kilt. Correct light green puttees with white tapes. White buff leather waist belt with GS buckle. Pair of cream hose 1943 dated Tam o Shanter with cap badge and tartan patch. A very nice uniform , as found, no messing no spurious additions to make it complete.
SEAFORTHS HIGHLANDERS PLAID BROOCH Lovely example with battle honours up to Afghanistan (1878-80). Cast unmarked silver 3-piece construction. Good stout pin. No rubbing or damage. Sharp detail.
SEAFORTHS OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE DEVICE Very early and rare bolt on crown and cypher. Fromeither SBP or waist belt plate. Condition is very good.
SEAFORTHS OFFICERS SILVER H/M CAP BADGE Beautiful 3-piece silver cap badge with lovely detail. Each piece with London silver hall mark 1928. Also maker marked \"E.W. &?\". Original fixings. Now rare.
SEAFORTHS SGTS. CANE - WW1 Truly a thing of beauty and exceedingly rare. Sgts. drill cane. Beautiful nickel silver top with the Seaforth badge in relief to the obverse and the 5th Seaforth wilcat to the reverse. Stout stick similar in size / width as a walking stick. V.G.C.
SET OF 6 GERMAN WW2 - STAHLHELM TUNIC BUTTONS 6 matching Stahlhelm tunic buttons. Inter War. Grey blue, same as their belt buckle. Steel button with steel helmet in relief. Scarce. V.G.C.
SILVER / ROSE/YELLOW GOLD SCOTTISH FOB - 1904 H/M -W.A. Beautifully made silver /gold watch fob. Rampant Lion in yellow gold on a rose gold centre with hand etched surrounding strap. This on a silver St. Andrews cross with a Scottish Golphic crown above. Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1904 and silver smiths stamp W.A. Lovely piece with all hand etched detail and nice 3D effect from the items standing out in layered relief.
SILVER ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WW1 BROOCH Lovely piece , the same size and style as a sporran badge but in unmarked silver. Pin back. Good condition with slight polishing to high points.
SILVER CAMERONIANS OFFICERS CHEESE CUTTER CAP BADGE Scarce Victorian period officers badge in unmarked silver. Detail is very fine and one of the best I've seen. No rubbing or damage. Pin back.
SILVER NAZI PATRIOTIC BROOCH Nice silver and pearl lapel brooch. Vet bring back . Very nice. Modest price.
SILVER SS SKULL RING - RUBY EYES - ORIGINAL BOX. Amazing looking ring with a large size skull. Ruby garnets to eye sockets. Stamped to inside " 835 S . Maker details in an oval with F and a star. This type known as the "Toothless" skull. Quite heavy and chunky. Contained in it's original wartime jewellers box. VGC
SINGLE DECAL LUFTWAFFE M42 - ET66 Cracking helmet. Large size , all complete. Good 2nd pattern eagle. Field grey paint to almost 100%. ET 66 shell with ckl 1085 code. Full length chin strap with steel buckle and mkd. to the end " LF 89 ". Pig skin liner in great condition, size 58 mkd. and all tongue ends complete. Very good example.
SMALL ARMS BY FREDERICK WILKINSON 1970'S version. Lots of photos in good condition. 256 pages. Still leading work in it's field.
SPANISH FRANCO PERIOD MILITARY BELT BUCKLE From the early 1940's. Brass buckle with crowned eagle with crown. A bit of rust to the front but has the keeper and unusually, still with the long pin. Good condition with some service wear.
SPHINX CAST BRASS BADGE Cast brass. From Potters of Aldershot who for a time got into making badges. From their workshop many years ago. V.G.C.
SS - M40 HELMET - DEMJANSK POCKET Super bunker found complete SS single decal M40 helmet. Liner leather good. Shortened chin strap. Good decal. One look original recovered from Demjansk many years ago and sold by me and purchased back from my customer.
SS ALUMINUM MANS BELT BUCKLE - RZM, SS & MAKER MARED Good maker marked example. RZM, SS & maker code 36/40 at rear. Some service wear.
SS ALUMINUM MANS BELT BUCKLE - RZM, SS & MAKER MARED Good buckle retaining most of it's finish. Maker marked to rear "822/38" and with RZM & SS marks. There is a small bit of damage to the surface of eagle body like it's been struck by something, otherwise V.G.C..
SS BEVO CAP EAGLE Mint uncut example. The real deal.
SS BEVO SLEEVE EAGLE Superb scarce original Bevo sleeve eagle. 100% original. Uniform removed. Excellent condition.
SS BLACK SHOULDER STRAPS Black button on shoulder boards. Uniform removed and with some service wear. Impression of where the buttons have been. Interestingly, one is longer than the other however they have been worn as a pair with exactly the same commensurate age and wear. Ground dug, no waffenfarbe but have been posted and are the Real Deal.
SS DAS REICH KUBELWAGEN NUMBER PLATE AND BRACKET Fair condition plate recovered near Moscow. Complete with it\'s original bracket and light fitting.
SS DIRLEWANGER ATTRIBUTED M42 HELMET Non runic M42 but directly attributed to SS Dirlewanger. This helmet was found last year in a small village near Warsaw and sold to a friend of mine. Under the front peak is scratched the Feldpost number 00512. This was used exclusively by Dirlewanger and nobody else. It was forum posted and got a 100% thumbs up. The helmet itself is in typical barn found condition with good shell retaining most of it's paint, dry liner and original but broken and dry chinstrap with a period field repair.Decent size approx 64 shell, apron markings indistinct. Rare to find a real piece to this notorious unit. 00512 (15.9.1940-31.1.1941) SS-Sonderkommando Dirlewanger d. Waffen-SS Distrikt Lublin (1.8.1943-23.3.1944) 17.9.1943 Regimentsstab und Stabskompanie SS-Sonderkommando Dirlewanger (24.3.1944-6.11.1944) 29.6.1944 Stab und Stabskompanie SS-Sonder-Regiment Dirlewanger 8.9.1944: Stab und 1.-5. Kompanie SS-Sonderkommando Dirlewanger (7.11.1944-Kriegsende) 19.12.1944 Stab SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger Only ever used by Dirlewanger
SS EMBROIDERED SLEEVE EAGLE Fine example. Forum posted original in great condition.
SS EMBROIDERED SLEEVE EAGLE Mint original. Due to the paranoia around SS items I have posted all my items on various forums before offering them for sale. This one WAF thumbs up as well as various top collectors. Excellent condition.
SS ENAMEL STICK PIN Lovely condition pin with correct maker details and "GES GESCH". Good enamel. Knurled pin still with brass keeper. Larger size approx. Rare.
SS ENLISTED MAN / NCO'S BELT BUCKLE - 822/38 - C.T.DICKE Nice original aluminium buckle.Nicely stamped to rear with RZM, SS runes and 822/38, the 822 code being for C.T.Dicke. Some slight service wear to face so not one that sat out the war.
SS FINGER RING Lrge size Runic ring, most likely trench art or local artisan made.Stepped face. 1943 split between both shanks. Small period repair at rear.
SS LAPEL BADGE Nice scarce SS mufti size badge.Some wear to highpoints on frosted silver otherwise V.G.C..
SS M40 QUIST SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET - RUSSIAN FRONT Good bunker found Quist. Solid with most paint remaining and good percentage of decal. Liner band present , leather missing. Russian Front find.
SS M40 SINGLE DECAL BATTLE DAMAGED - ZHITOMIR KIA helmet with great decal. Liner band, no leather. One chin strap end present. Dug in the Ukraine near Zhitomir, ( Battle of the Dnieper ). The main SS unit involved was the LAH.
SS M40 SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET - RUSSIAN FRONT A good bunker find helmet recovered from a position on the Mannerheim Line scene of a huge battle as the Red Army began it's 1944 summer offensive. ET64 shell retaining most of it's now dull field grey paint. Great decal. Double banded1940 dtd, aluminium liner band. Good original liner with all tongue ends intact (back seam possibly restitched). Full length original maker mkd. and 1940 dtd. chin strap with aluminium buckle. A good solid " Been There" helmet. Some hairline cracks to the shell possibly as a result of blast or temperature change. These days it's nice to get a total " One Look " helmet that is 100% original and as found.
SS M42 HELMET SHELL - POLTAVA - KURSK Genuine SS M42 shell with liner band. This bunker recovered along with another similar 10 years ago near Poltava near Kursk, scene of the biggest tank battle ever and involved all the elite SS divisions including Das Reich, Totenkopf and Liebstandarte. Good solid shell with some pitting but still with most of the original field grey paint. Good 2nd type Runic shield. One helmet pin absent. Liner band present. Now near impossible to find a good Eastern Front combat helmet and nice that this one is attributable to one of the most famous battles of WW2.
SS M42 SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET - EASTERN FRONT - NARVA Genuine combat worn SS single decal helmet. This one from a house in Narva. As with all M42 decalled helmets I now have them appraised. Images of this one were sent to Kelly Hicks who has no issues with it. Decal is worn back but a large percentage of the shield remains. 50% approx of the original paint still present. Some surface pitting. Liner in heavy battle worn condition but complete. No chinstrap. Apron codes unclear. Medium size approx. 55 liner. Good genuine "Been There" Eastern Front helmet at a very affordable price for an SS helmet
SS MANS BELT & BUCKLE - OVERHOFF A superb huge size example in excellent condition. Unmarked Overhoff steel buckle retaining most of it's original painted finish. Massive maker marked (HANS OF ??? AUGSBURG) and dated (1940) belt, measures 1270 cm (50 inches).
SS MANS DAGGER - 1198/39 Super vets bring back bought from the family in America. Rzm mkd. and 1198 / 39 to riccasso. Anodised scabbard with all finish. No damage to eagle or enamel roundel. Good blade. Hanger clip with SS marks. A super One Look original, now very difficult to find.
SS MANS DAGGER - RZM British vet bringback bought straight from him by me and never offered for sale before. RZM model with good blade with no blackening, pitting or lifting to finish. Marked to hilt "RZM - 1196/38 SS". Motto very clear. Handle insignia very sharp with no damage to either enamel or eagle. Grip with chip to lower edge and 2 chips to top but no repairs as usually found on these daggers. Scabbard good and with a large percentage of it's original paint.Mounts good with only slight denting to bottom of ball. Handle mounts good with some slight service wear and light scratches. Very nice overall and an untouched original "one looker".
SS MANS DAGGER - RZM MODEL BY ROBERT KLAAS WITH ORIGINAL HANGER Straight out the woodwork from daughter of the British officer who brought this back. Very good condition and nicely mkd. M7 / 37, RZM 1051 / 39 SS and very nice RZM logo. This is a high quality Robert Klaas of Solingen with year of manufacture being 1939. Very good blade with clear "MEINE EHRE HEIST TREUE " motto. Excellent handle with none of the usual chips or repairs and with good runic motto and eagle. Scabbard retains most of it's original finish. Bottom mount with some light surface rust but undented ball. What really makes this one is it's original to it rare hanger. This is a variation on the vertical type with a nicely mkd. hanging clip, M5 / 184 ( LINDEN & FUNKE ). These hangers fetch £500 plus if you can find one. Great sleepy original new to the marketplace.
SS MANS DAGGER - VET BRINGBACK- CHEAP 100% ORIGINAL This is a chance to pick up an original "As Found" SS mans dagger at a very affordable price. RZM model with mark and code to blade. The blade has had grease on it which has dried causing darkening. I think this would possibly polish off but as I never touch anything it's up to the buyer. Scabbard good overall with nickel fittings. One dent to rear and one mount screw absent. Most original finish present. Good handle with none of the usual chips, car filler etc. found on these daggers. SS motif very nice and with no enamel damage. Nice eagle. Blade with good point and motto. If you're after a pristine example you can pay the £2,000/2,500 they go for but if you want a 100% original, one looker, uncleaned and from a vets family at an affordable price this is a great dagger.
SS MOTORCYCLE NUMBER PLATE - KARELIA Karelia recovered motorcycle number plate. Found about 7 years ago. It's mounted on little rubber feet with screws through the original holes, no damage and can be removed before posting.
SS MOTORCYCLE NUMBER PLATE - KARELIA - OSTFRONT Nice genuine original recovered in the area of the Mannerheim Line on the Finnish /Russo border. Good clear numbers and red condition stamps. One faint one clear. Good solid condition.
SS NORD MOTORBIKE NUMBER PLATE Very good example with a large percentage of painting remaining. Good solid plate recovered in Russia.
SS OFFICERS BELT BUCKLE - BERLIN FOUND Super original just bought back from a customer. Nicely marked to rear. Found Potsdam. Rare to find a genuine example of this much copied buckle.
SS OFFICERS BULLION WIRE COLLAR PATCH Lovely example of an early officers Runic patch. Good overall with some light moth to black cloth. White as opposed to the more common honey coloured hessian backing. 100% original bought from Vets daughter with other items. Rare
SS OFFICERS SILVER AND ENAMEL RUNIC RING Scarce high end ring in 935 silver which is very high content for German rings which are usually between 8 and 9 hundred. Art deco style with silver runes on a black enamel ground. Pinky size.Great looking ring . Rare
SS PANZER COLLAR TAB - CUT OFF Stunning collar tab . Slightly padded and with embroidered runes. Still attached to the black, likely Panzer wrap over tunic collar. Vet bring back. V.G.C.
SS POSTCARD - UNSERE WAFFEN SS I believe this is one from a series of 10 . Nice depiction of soldiers in camo smocks and helmet covers. Couple of creases but nice original One Looker.
SS PROPAGANDA POSTCARD - WOUNDED SOLDIER - EICHHORST SS - Propaganda-Postcard, "Deutsche Künstler und die SS" by Franz Eichhorst, Verwundeter Soldat ". Excellent condition.
SS RZM PATTERN SLEEVE EAGLE - REMOVED FROM UNIFORM Good forum posted original. Small damage where it has been torn from a uniform, where the eagles foot joins the Swaz. Priced with the damage in mind.
SS SHOOTING COMPETITION DAY BADGE My last one of these, I had 6, all from the family who originally owned the manufacturing company. Interestingly the competition was in the same town as the company was based in. Maker mkd. CARL PETERS- SCMALKALDEN. The front in uncleaned as found condition. Nice detail of target, SS runes and castle in relief. Very rare.
SS SILVER SKULL RING Part of a collection of rings I recently purchased. Pinky size. Stamped to inside \"H.B. 935\". Good silver content. Original. Some service wear to face.
SS SILVER SKULL RING Good chunky example for 3rd finger. Maker mkd. \"C.J.\" and anotherstamp (indistinct) possibly silver content. Good detail.
SS SILVER SKULL RING Another from a recently purchased collection found with a metal detector on the Mannerheim line on the Russian Finnish border. 3rd finger size. Slight service wear to face. Stamped "835" (silver).
SS SILVER SKULL RING Superb example. Chunky silver ring with good detail. Silver mark 830S inside. Scarce.
SS SILVER/GOLD /ENAMEL FINGER RING One of the nicest runic rings you are likely to see. Silver ring with raised runes set on black enamel. Rose gold surround. Excellent condition.
SS SKULL RING Very striking silver ring. Large Aztec style skull. Nice chunky unmarked silver. Great detail. Pinky - 3th finger size. Part of a recently acquired private collection.
SS SKULL RING Very striking example. "ALPACCA" stamp. This is of the classic designs of SS rings with the crossed bones and "C" to shank. Good detail, some dirt to eye sockets and recesses.
SS SKULL RING - RUBY EYES Nice alpacca metal ring with ruby coloured garnet eyes. 3rd finger size. Old period lead repair to shank.Good detail without too much wear. From old collection, found in Austria.
SS SKULL RING c/w JEWELLERS TAG Lovely ring still with it's wartime jewellers tag. Silver and maker marked. Good size.
SS SLEEVE BADGE CUT OFF FROM CAMO SMOCK Cracking condition cut off from dot pattern smock.Correct stitching. American vet bring back . V.G.C.
SS SLEEVE EAGLE - VET BRING BACK - UNIFORM REMOVED Superb embroidered SS sleeve eagle. Removed from uniform and swopped for cigarettes in Hamburg by SS man P.O.W. with Trooper Spence of Edinburgh, 1st RTR ( 7th Armoured Div. Desert Rats) who was involved in the push on the city. Straight from this vets house along with other German bring backs and his personal uniform items. 100% "Been There" example which I was originally going to forum sell,so posted it and thumbs up from all, can't be too careful with German items and nowadays I'm only buying them in this manner. This is one you can sleep at night with.
SS SLEEVE EAGLE REMOVED FROM TUNIC Good example removed from tunic. Still attached on a piece of army cloth. Slight service wear. As good as it gets.
SS SPORTS VEST BADGE Good example.Some small brown age spots to white back ground otherwise A.1. Sharp detail , well made . Remains of RZM label to rear.
SS VOLUNTEER OFFICERS TUNIC- ESTONIAN-RARE A very rare all original tunic to a medical officer with the Estonian 3rd Volunteer Brigade. Tunic c/w it\'s original insignia comprising correct metal collar tab, arm shield, removed but present. SS officers sleeve badge,rank collar tab,shoulder boards with medical insignia. Award loops for 3 awards inc. combat clasp or ribbon bar.Tunic itself although a bit grubby is in VGC, with no moth or damage. 100% original and very rare.
ST.ANDREWS O.T.C. - COLLAR DOG PAIR Mint condition and although Kings Crown, I believe circa 1980's. White metal, good detail. North & south lugs. Genuine issue. Bought from an officer cadet in the unit. Mint
STALINGRAD FOUND M35 GERMAN HEER HELMET- BATTLE DAMAGED Fantastic helmet recovered from the Roshoshka area of Stalingrad. Retaining most paint and still has it's liner and chinstrap. Army decal. Soldiers name in paint to rear apron. Leaves no doubt as to the ferocity of the fighting.Battle damage is exit holes and even the chin strap buckle has taken a strike. This is a good solid helmet, bunker recovered.
STIRLINGSHIRE SOUTH LENNOX YEOMANRY CAVALRY OFFICERS SBP - DAVID STIRLING Very rare silver hallmarked shoulder belt plate with marks for Birmingham 1799. In 1802 this unit were absorbed into the Stirling Yeomanry. What is very interesting about this one is it came from the family home of David Stirling , founder of the S.A.S. The contents of the Stirling family home Keir House Dunblane were auctioned off by Christies in 1995 after decades in storage. This was one of the items from that auction.It was formerly the property of CHARLES STIRLING who was the C.O.( major )in Command from 1805. In it's own right this is an incredibly rare piece and coupled with the fact that it belonged to an ancestor of one of the most famous soldiers of WW2 makes it a fantastic thing to own. Condition, Excellent
SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS - (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.) PIPERS CROSS BELT BELT BUCKLE Rarity here being an earlier version PRE 1881 ) of the buckle adopted by Argylls pipers. Worn only by pipers on the cross belt. Whereas the Argylls one says, Argyll & Sutherland , this one is "Sutherland Highlanders". I'm assuming this dates to before the amalgamation or in the early stages where both battalions still called themselves the 91st and 93rd. Nickel silver. Some light polishing to high points. Rare.
SWASTIKA FINGER RING Nice fretted silver ring. Size is for an average 3rd finger. Good condition, uncleaned. Bargain price.
T - RAMC - HIGHLAND BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Scarce brass title. 3 lugs. Uncleaned but will come up nicely if desired. V.G.C.
T - RAMC - LOWLAND - WHITE METAL SHOULDER TITLE Rare title in white metal. 3 lugs. V.G.C.
T - RE - ABERDEEN BRASS SHOULDER TITLE - RARE Great toned brass example of this very rare title. 3 lugs. C/w backing plate. V.G.C.
T - RE - EDINBURGH - BRASS SHOULDER TITLE - RARE Very nice example. this one with 3 hexagonal lugs. V.G.C.
T & A.V.R. OFFICERS BOXED 1977 TERRITORIAL DECORATION / MEDAL Issued from1967 to 1982 with this suspension bar. In it's box of issue. Dated 1977 to back. V.G.C.
T 10 LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Scarce T / 10 / SCOTTISH / LIVERPOOL post 1908 brass shoulder title.3 loops with original to it brass backing plate. V.G.C.
T 4 Q E R ROYAL SCOTS SHOULDER TITLE This is an original and scarce Shoulder Title of the 4th&5th Territorial Battalion (Queen's Edinburgh Rifles) Royal Scots Regiment in use from 1908 until 1921.It is made from blackened brass . 3 lugs.Most original blackened finish present. V.G.C.
T 7 RH BLACK WATCH SHOULDER TITLE BY J.R. GAUNT LONDON Rare maker mkd. example ( J.R.Gaunt - London ) Good quality. Brass. 3 lugs. Nice age toning. V.G.C.
T 7 ROYAL HIGHLANDERS (BLACK WATCH) SHOULDER TITLE Scarce 7th Btn.title. Uncleaned, dark patina. Correct 3 lugs. V.G.C.
T 7 ROYAL SCOTS - BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Brass Territorial title . 3 loops to back. Well made. V.G.C.
T LONDON BASS SHOULDER TITLE - TIPTAFT & CON LTD Good example. Originally has been blackened. Maker stamped "TIPTAFT & CON LTD." to rear.
T R E CITY OF DUNDEE SHOULDER TITLE Rare brass shoulder title. 3 lugs . V.G.C.
T RAMC HIGHLAND BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Good genuine one, not ebay fake ! Toned brass, 3 lugs. Very nice example. V.G.C.
T RAMC HIGHLAND SHOULDER TITLE Nice condition WW1 title.Nicely toned brass. 3 lugs. V.G.C.
T RAMC LOWLAND SHOULDER TITLE Nice brass original. 3 loops. V.G.C.
T RE LOWLAND SHOULDER TITLE Scarce Royal Engineers attached to Lowland Division. 3 lugs. Brass. Good condition.
T RGA BUTE SHOULDER TITLE Very rare title. Brass. 3 loops. River Clyde garrison. V.G.C.
T RGA FORTH WHITE METAL SHOULDER TITLE Very rare white metal title for the River Forth garrison who protected Rosyth naval base and the Forth Bridge. 3 lugs. V.G.C.
T RGA ROSS & CROMARTY SHOULDER TITLE Rare title.Brass. 3 loops. Nicely toned. V.G.C.
T Y LANARK WW1 SHOULDER TITLE Good pre 1919 Great War title. 3 lugs . Good condition. Slight bend to the Y. Good price.
T Y QOR GLASGOW YEOMANRY WW2 TITLE Scarce Glasgow Yeomanry Territorial shoulder title. Good condition with 3 lugs.
T4 CAMERON HIGHLANDERS TERRITORIAL SHOULDER TITLE Rare title. White metal for Territorials. 3 loops. Excellent condition.
T4 CAMERON WHITE METAL SHOULDER TITLE WW1 shoulder title in white metal for Territorial btns. 3 lugs. Good condition overall with slight bend to the T.
T4 HANTS SHOULDER TITLE Good brass title. 3 lugs.
T5 GORDON HLDRS SHOULDER TITLE Now very hard to find. Nice genuine 3 lug example in brass.Loops slightly pinched from being fitted to board. V.G.C.
T6RH ( BLACK WATCH ) WW1 SHOULDER TITLE This is the scarce type with the large RH same size as worn by regular Btn's. Very good and it's uncleaned as found and will clean up nicely if desired. 2 lugs, north and south.
T7 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SHOULDER TITLE Nice example of a genuine T title, unlike most in the market place. Brass. Top lug absent otherwise V.G.C.
T7 ROYAL SCOTS SHOULDER TITLE Good example in brass. 3 lugs. Scarce.
T7 ROYAL SCOTS SHOULDER TITLE Very nice brass example. 3 lugs. No rubbing or damage. Scarce. V.G.C.
T7 SR - CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) BLACKENED SHOULDER TITLE Very good example retaining most of it's correct blackened finish. 3 loops to reverse.
T8 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SHOULDER TITLE Good genuine one, I say this as the market has become flooded with fake T titles. 8th Territorial Btn. (Dunoon). 3 lugs. Nice age patina. No modern solder like the duds. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
TAN ERSATZ PICKEHAUBE - VERY RARE A beautiful pickle which I have owned since a boy and am now reluctantly selling. Tan cloth over cloth associated with German East Africa. Condition is very good with all leather trim intact and cloth body also very good. Correct red coloured interior . Good size 57 which is large for the period. I have never seen another one of these for sale and very few picklehaubes in this all original condition hence high price.
TAYFORTH OTC ( OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS. ) CAP BADGE Scarce. Mint condition cap badge. Anodised.Staybright. Comes on a piece of Regimental tartan.
TERRITORIAL BISLEY SHOOTING MEDAL GROUP Excellent group of one mans shooting awards inc. 4 medals, a spoon and bullion insignia. At the moment they're nicely mounted in a frame but are being sold unframed due to shipping cost. If buyer wants to pay the post they can be sent framed.
TERRITORIAL ROYAL ENGINEERS EDINBURGH SHOULDER TITLE PAIR Unusual to find a matched pair of these. Nicely toned 3 lug originals.
TERRITORIAL SHETLAND GORDON WHITE METAL SHOULDER TITLE PAIR These have to be just about the rarest of Territorial titles circa 1914 to 1918 only. Feaured in the Westlake book on British shoulder titles. The Shetland Isles detachment of the Gordon Hldrs. had 200 men when at full strength. These are white metal c/w their brass backing plates and are a matched pair. 3 lugs. I doubt you will ever see another genuine set of these for sale again. V.G.C. Stationed at Lerwick initially guarding installations. 1915 mobilised and sent to France to join the 51st Highland Division.
THE BORDER REGIMENT HELMET PLATE CENTRE Very nice apart from the 3 loops are missing from the back. Priced accordingly. Scarce.
THE BOYS' BRIGADE KINGS BADGE Rare Kings badge. Retaining almost all original silver frosted finish. V.G.C.
THE BRITISH ARMY - IT'S HISTORY, CUSTOMS,TRADITIONS AND UNIFORMS - E.C. TALBOT BOOTH Hardback with red cloth boards,some ware to cover but in all good condition,boards and hinges good. Pages in good clean order,binding is tight and square.Many illustrations of Uniforms, Insigna etc in colour and black and white and in good clean order. The British Army gives an indepth look at the Royal Regiments History Traditions,Uniforms,Customs Insigna etc.. Many of the Scottish Regiments like the Royal Scots are mentioned. Cheapest out there, normally £35. Circa 1950
THE BUFFS - PAGRI BADGE Nice bronze example on slider. Tone. V.G.C.
THE GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS - HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY OFFICERS CAP BADGE Nice heavy officers badge in unmarked silver. Long scrolls. 3 piece , bolt on centre. Uncleaned with nice age patina. V.G.C.
THE GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS (H.L.I.) WW2 CAP BADGE Very nice scarce WW2 example. Well detailed , die struck.
THE PATRIOTIC LEAGUEOF BRITONS OVERSEAS Scarce lapel badge. for this organisation From WW1 and before supporting Britain in all their Dominions by rasing money for the war effort. Great condition.Fattorini of Bradford maker marked to rear.
THE QUEENS OWN ROYAL REGIMENT WW1 TRENCH ART Nice period piece being an ashtray with a brass and enamel Regimental sweetheart brooch applied to the centre. V.G.C.
THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION SCOTLAND BADGE Scottish cap badge. Chrome finish. V.G.C.
THE ROYAL SCOTS BELT PLATE CENTRE North & south lugs. Some polishing to high points.
THE ROYAL SCOTS TERRITORIAL OFFICERS SILVER CROSS BELT PLATE BY ANDERSON & SONS Nice early one with Scots Guards style Star in silver with gilded raised centre. Green enamel behind thistle. Below this a long scroll with " The Royal Scots ". Unmarked silver back plate ( uncleaned ). Marked to the back for Anderson - George St. - Edinburgh. Worn by 6/7/8/9/10th Volunteer Btns, V.G.C.
THE WELSH REGIMENT CAP BADGE Nice example. Nicely toned die struck. Separately applied scroll and crown. Slider
TORONTO SCOTTISH CAP BADGE Nicely made badge in w/m. Nice dark age toning. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
TRANSVAAL SCOTTISH VOLUNTEERS OFFICERS BOER WAR SPORRAN Beautiful and extremely rare. Circa 1902 when the unit was formed. Morocco leather body with brass trim and tassle tops. 6 horsehair tassles. Sporran badge which is original to the piece to the top flap. Original leather sporran belt. Considering the strength of the unit was 500 in 1908 the chances of finding another one of these is nigh impossible. Good wearable condition. V.G.C.
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO RGT. / POLICE - OFFICERS DRILL CANE Similar in size to a walking stick. Not a swagger stick. Black painted stout shaft. Silver plated top with Star of david type device . This insignia used by both military and police. Very rare piece. V.G.C.
TYNESIDE ENGINEERS PIPERS BADGE - RARE Exceedingly rare badge worn only by the pipe band of the Tyneside Engineers. This badge is based on the insignia for the Submarine Miners of WW1. Heavy chrome, long lugs. Mint
TYNESIDE SCOTTISH - WW1 BRASS ECONOMY BADGE - 2 FEET ON CASTLE Very rare badge and looks like it's never been cleaned since the Great War. Dark age toning. Excellent condition . Scarce
TYNESIDE SCOTTISH 2ND PATTERN CAP BADGE Nice uncleaned example with nice age patina. V.G.C..
TYNESIDE SCOTTISH CAP / GLENGARRY BADGE Good solid example in white metal. Nice toning & detail. Original pin back.
TYNESIDE SCOTTISH TAM O SHANTER - NAMED - RED HACKLE Anything wartime to the Tyneside Scottish is rare so to get a named Tam O Shanter was quite a find. As the Tynesides were affiliated to the Black Watch they wore the Red Hackle. So down to the bonnet , size 7, made by Gelfer of Glasgow and dated 1945. W.D. arrow. Named to inside "E. EDRINGTON" and "1 T.S." ( Tyneside Scottish ). Original hackle. Very good condition overall with light service wear.
TYNESIDE SCOTTISH WW1 LAPEL BADGE Scarce silver/gilt lapel badge. Lovely detail. Slight enamel damage to red on flag otherwise good. Original pin.
U BOAT ZEISS 7 BY 50 BINOCULARS A super condition pair of these high quality binos regarded by some as the best ever made. This pair with nice clear lenses. Ordnance tan body. Serial no,BLC 58587. rubber very good overall with only slight perishing to the edges on the large ends. Push in caps for eyepieces absent.Excellent condition neck strap. These were part of a trove gathered from the German North Sea bases aT the end of WW2 and sold off in Scotland possibly from Rosyth in the early 1950's. They were bought by a Scottish dealer who then sold them on although even in those days they were very expensive. This pair were bought by a Fife man who kept them in a cupboard until they were recently inherited by his son who sold them to me. As nice as they come.
UGANDA PRISONS SERVICE OFFICERS DRILL CANE Very rare. As per the style of British officers/ Snco's drill sticks and much larger and more substantial than a swagger stick. Silver plated top on a dark oak shaft. Top with Maltese type cross in relief with grey crowned Crane to centre. Strap with " Uganda Prisons Service " Fairly dent free and retains original metal tip. Measures just under 33 inches. V.G.C.
UKRANIAN FOREIGN VOLUNTEERS RECON HERRINGBONE COMBAT TUNIC - RARE A very rare tunic attributable to a Ukranian volunteer in the service of the German army. Printed Ukranian army of liberation arm shield and padded rank patch to left sleeve. Brown piped shoulder boards for a motorcycle recon unit. Iron cross 2nd class ribbon confirming this as belonging to a combat soldier and not a Hiwi. Full complement of (Rgt.) 11 marked buttons. Medium size 36/37 inch chest. Good combat worn condition. Correct bottom pockets only and no breast eagle. It has never had one, which is right for many of the volunteers didn\'t subscribe to Nazism but were committed to fighting Bolshevism. No markings to inside. All original, never messed with.
ULSTER REGIMENT WW2 CAP BADGE - MAKER MARKED Good o/r's example with nice toning and detail. Maker marked on slider.
UNIFORM OF THE SS VOLUME 1-6 BY ANDREW MOLLO Postage quoted is for UK sale only.
UNITED SERVICES CORPS CAP BADGE Set up in 1908 to find employment for discharged ex Servicemen. Corps employed ex military personnel. Cast brass with St.Edward crown which is similar to the QVC. V.G.C.
US - TACTICAL COMMAND LAPEL BADGE Nice enamelled lapel badge. Mint
US MARK 1 TRENCH KNIFE - MARKED U.S. 1918 The No.1 knife was first made in France for the US Government before US manufacturers could get into production. It is not known however if this is a French or US made example as it is unmarked. The blade, hilt and scabbard configuration however point to it being probably made in France by Au Lion, ie one of the early knives. It has a 5 5/8" double edged blade with a degree of age darkening patina. The knuckle hilt is cast brass with US 1918 cast in lettering. The blade attachement to the hilt is by a pointed nut often referred to as a "skull crusher" The hilt is unusual in that the quillon appears to have been slightly bent upwards presumably to better protect the hand and/or avoid snagging. The scabbard is iron, originally copper plated and chemically blackened. The scabbard hangers have been crudely repaired by brazing. Full details on this knife can be found on pages 25/26 of Book III of MH Coles "US Military Knives."
VICTORIAN / WW1 -CAMERON HIGHLANDERS SPORRAN / POUCH BADGE Excellent officers example in cast metal, likely silver. Beautifully detailed with no rubbing or damage. 2 screw posts to the back. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - 2ND V.B. MANCHESTER REGIMENT - OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE Rare officers example . Great detail. Unmarked silver. Blades to back. Scrolls with remains of gilding to seeded ground. Fine detail. Pre 1908 V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - 5TH V.B. BLACK WATCH BADGE - ( BLAIRGOWRIE ) PIPERS CROSS BELT BADGE Rare piece. Circa 1860's Nice 2 piece version. Star of the Order of the Thistle with strap within reading , " 5th Vol. BATTn. Black Watch " Solid raised centre with a thistle in relief. This piece is seperately attached. 3 screw posts to rear all unusually still with their brass tightening finger nuts. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN BLACK WATCH BALL TOP SWAGGER STICK Scarce ball top example. Well detailed cap badge device with Victorian crown to nickel silver ball. This unusually, largely dent free. Lovely still straight nicely aged tan cane. Brass tip present. As nice as they come.
VICTORIAN - CAMERON HLDRS. - TERRITORIAL OFFICERS DIRK BELT PLATE Silvered back plate for Territorials. Quality 3 piece construction. Unmarked silver well detailed officer type belt furniture. Thistle sprays with St. Andrew in the centre. Nice age toning . Scarce. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - 18TH OF FOOT ( NORTH GLOUCESTER ) COLLAR BADGE PAIR Pre. 1881 Scarce facing pair. Uncleaned and straight from a deceased estate. White metal. Die struck. Will clean up nicely if desired. Very slightly mismatched but have been worn as a pair the patina back and front is exact.
VICTORIAN - 3RD ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS HELMET & CROSS BELT & WAIST ... Edinburgh or Queens Regiment of Light Infantry grouping. Good attributed lot of one mans items. Comprises officers Home Service helmet with rare, sought after gilded helmet plate. This is 2 piece, outer part with silver scroll with " The Lothian Regt ". To the centre " Ne Me Impune Lacessit " and thistle centre again in silver with undamaged green enamel back piece. Gilded spike and fittings. Silk and leather liner good and with Pall Mall maker details to the crown. Rose bosses to spike base and side chin scale attachments . No damage to body. Exceptionally nice condition. Comes in it's japanned carrying tin and has the officers brass name plate ( detached ) "Captn Scobie - Edinburgh Co. Militia " This beautifully hand etched by jeweller. Officers white buff leather shoulder belt with SBP. and sword hangers. The plate is of very high quality with no rubbing or damage and the green enamel behind the thistle centre is good. Matching waist belt with matching buckle, again in exceptional condition and with sword hanging straps. Very rare. The Queen's Edinburgh Light Infantry Militia was an auxiliary regiment raised in and around the city of Edinburgh John Mackay Scobie - Ensign 1867, retired as Captain in 1878. Hailed from Musselburgh.
VICTORIAN - 5TH ROYAL SCOTS HELMET PLATE Rare piece. Victorian plate for thr Home Service Helmet. Centre with " 5th Vol. Batt - The Royal Scots ". Voided centre. 3 lugs to back. W/m with nice age toning. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SILVER/GILT OFFICERS COLLAR Very good quality officers bi metal collar, also worn on the slouch hat in the Boer War. " Tail Up " cat for the Victorian period. Cast unmarked silver, 3 piece construction. Most gilded finish remaining. Quality made. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SOLID CENTRE BADGE Very nice example with the detail in high relief. Non voided centre. Squatter early shape. " Tail Up " cat for the Victorian period. Lovely grey toning. Nicely shaped by the soldier for wear on the bonnet. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - BLACK WATCH OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE. Beautiful cap badge in unmarked silver. Long scrolls (some polishing). 7 pieces construction. Brass lugs. QVC. Very striking. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY OFFICERS- LARGE TUNIC BUTTON. Good silvered example. Uncleaned with nice toning toning. Raised detail of QVC crown over strung bugle. Mkd. to back "Treble Standard Extra Rich". V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - FIFESHIRE POLICE WAIST BELT BUCKLE Silvered back plate with silver Thane of Fife. The Thane is the police style with no sword. Very well detailed with no rubbing or damage. Rare. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS ( KOSB ) SGTS. BADGE - GAUNT TABLET Scarce Gaunt made example. Large size for sergeants. Victorian crown. Brass JR Gaunt tablet to the back. 3 lugs, one removed as was often the case and the other 2 are bent. Nice age toning. No rubbing and nicely detailed.
VICTORIAN - LINCOLNSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS LARGE TUNIC BUTTON. Good example of this rare button. Blackened finish. QVC over strung bugle to centre with outer strap with "Lincolnshire Rifle Volunteers" Maker mkd. to back "O & J Weldon - London" V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - PERTH GENERAL RAILWAY STATION - TUNIC BUTTON Exceedingly rare button. Circa 1848 when the station opened and was initially called "Perth General Railway Station". Large size button for the front of the tunic. Nickel silver. Mkd. to back " Fast Shanks " Nice toning. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - PERTH POLICE - PILL BOX HAT BADGE AND LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Exceedingly rare items from the mid Victorian period pertaining to the Perth (Scotland) police force. Pill box hat badge is beautifully detailed with no rubbing and nice age toning. Shaped for the hat. Long sturdy lugs. Button is nickel silver with Perth Police to the outside, a raised strap with Latin motto and to the centre the Perth double headed eagle . Maker mkd to the back , " C & J. Weidon - London ". Both items uncleaned, as found but will clean up nicely if desired. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - REGIMENT OF ARTILLERY TUNIC BUTTON Rare button. 3 cannon early insignia (not Ordnance). QVC crown. Smith, Kemp & Right Birmingham mkd. to rear. Toned brass. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS (RSF)VOLUNTEER BTN. CAP BADGE Very rare badge. Sand cast. White metal for Volunteers. QVC. Slight rubbing to central Coat of Arms. North & south lugs. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - SENIOR BRITISH ARTILLERY OFFICERS - BULLION FLAMING BOMB COLLAR BADGES Hard to find original early artillery officers bullion wire collar badges. Victorian period, circa 1900, possibly earlier. Matched pair , uniform removed. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN - VOLUNTEER ENGINEERS LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Silvered finish with nice age toning. Royal cypher with outer strap and surmounted by QVC crown. Maker mkd. Hobson of Kensington. Scarce. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN (ROYAL SCOTS) QUEENS RIFLE VOLUNTEERS BRIGADE BADGE This is a beauty ! Retains almost all it's original blackened finish. Also has an original to it leather backing. Never seen this before . Exceptional. From an old collection of Royal Scots items belonging to a deceased collector which I bought many years ago. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN / WW1 OFFICERS SWORD / SABRE BELT C/W HANGERS Rare piece in good condition. Sabre/sword belt with hangers. Nice quality bullion work with red Morocco back. No buckle and keeper and these are stitched in, see pic. 4. Will need restitched with new buckle. An absolute steal at this price !!!! V.G.C.
VICTORIAN / WW1 OXFORDSHIRE HUSSARS OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE Very nice example with the AR of Queen Adelaide and her crown. Black patina as found only on silver examples. Silver unmarked. 3 loops to reverse. Low price for silver type. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN / WW1 SCOTTISH OFFICERS BULLION SWORD HANGERS Nice set of high quality straps to go with a sword belt. Thistle motif for Scottish regiments. Gold colour for Regular Battalions. Nice work and with nicely aged red Morocco leather to the back. Rare V.G.C.
VICTORIAN 1ST FORFARSHIRE ARTILLERY HELMET PLATE Fine example of this scarce Artillery HP. QVC. Scroll to bottom with " 1st Forfarshire Artillery Volunteers " W/m. 3 lugs to back. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN 1ST OF FOOT OR ROYAL SCOTS GLENGARRY BADGE Nice example. Clear detail with some polish on high points.
VICTORIAN 2ND BTN QUEENS OWN RIFLE OF CANADA COLLAR QVC with nice raised detail. Collar badge
VICTORIAN 2ND VOLUNTEER BTN BLACK WATCH BADGE Good example of this rare badge. Die struck w/m. Bottom scrolls with " 2nd VOLr. BATT ". v.g.c.
VICTORIAN 42ND HIGHLANDERS (BLACK WATCH) VICTORIAN REGIMENTAL DIRK Very rare Officers dirk dirk. 42nd of Foot ( Black Watch ). Gilded brass mounts, these with some loss of the original gilding . Scabbard mounts with hand chased design to borders. All with seperately applied thistle in high relief. Top scabbard mount with thistle spray and St. Andrew with a silver " 42 ". Leather over wood scabbard with it's original leather in good condition. All original matching stones and no breakages or repairs to the bog oak handles. All handle studs present. Plain clipped back blade in good condition with a good point , some dark areas but no rust or pitting. Great usable example. Low price. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN 5TH DRAGOON BI-METAL COLLAR BADGE Nice detail, Victorian crown. Original wire lugs. These have been re-affixed during it\'s working life with old lead solder. Hence...
VICTORIAN 5TH HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY CAP BADGE Scarce Victorian 5th H.L.I. badge in good condition. Sharp clear detail. Nicely shaped.
VICTORIAN 5TH V.B H.L.I. , HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY- GLASGOW HIGHLANDRS CAP BADGE Rare genuine 5th V.B. , Highland Light Infantry, Glasgow Highlanders cap badge. QVC. Nicely age toned. Top scroll reads, " GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS ". Bottom scrolls " 5TH V.B. H.L.I.". Nicely shaped for bonnet. Slight polishing to high points but good o/r's example. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN 5TH VB HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY ( H.L.I. ) CAP BADGE Very good example nicely shaped to fit the glengarry. Clear detail. 2 lugs to rear.
VICTORIAN 78TH SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS COLLAR BADGE Very nice white metal elephant collar. Assaye Battle honour scroll to top. North and south lugs. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN 98TH FOOT ROYAL IRISH SHOULDER BELT PLATE Nice genuine one. A little verdigris on the front but retains almost all it's bronze finish. Studs and hooks on the back good. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HDRS. GLENGARRY BADGE Very nice badge . Solid centre die struck. Victorian " Tail Up " cat. Nicely shaped by the soldier for wear on his glengarry. Sharp detail. Nice age toning. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HDRS. PAGRI BADGE Nice solid centre " Tail Up " Victorian period cap badge. Period, probably soldier done conversion to slider for use on the pagri. Badge is in very good condition. Brass long bent wire slider attached with old solder. Rare
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS 1881 BIRMINGHAM H/M SILVER PLAID BROOCH From my collection, bought ages ago and I have another so can let this one go cheap. Argyll officers example. No rubbing or damage. Stout original pin. Birmingham hallmarked silver with date letter W within a circle for 1881. Mkd. "J & Co.” (Jennens). Beautiful. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Nice pair of bronze officers collar badges. " Tail Up " for the Victorian period. Matching pair. Cast V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Good pair of officers bronze collars for wear on the OSD tunic. " Tail Up " cat for the Victorian period. Cast. Good detail. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS COLLAR PAIR Nice pair of matching Argylls officers collars for wear on the OSD. Tail Up cat for the Victorian period. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SKEAN DHU Early sgian dhu with the broad handle and wide blade. Mounts in unmarked silver. Regimental device to handle. Orange foiled citrine to pommel. This with a very small chip. Finely detailed mounts. Scabbard leather good. Bog oak handle with silver studs. Clipped back blade.Some darkening. Slightly reshaped as the it has been tipped at some point in it's career. Good usable example and early types like this are scarce. Uncleaned as it came to me but will come up a treat if desired. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SOLID CENTRE BADGE Boer War cap badge. " Tail Up " for the Victorian period and the squatter earlier shape. Great condition with no rubbing or damage.
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SOLID CENTRE GLENGARRY BADGE Tail Up for the Victorian period. Squatter shape common for that period. Solid centre as favoured by the 2nd Btn. Very nice detail. Die struck. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR DOGS - PAIR Nice removed from tunic set of bronze collars. " Tail Up " Victorian period cat. This is a scarce matched pair in cast bronze. One collar has a bit of finish loss so slightly mismatched colour wise but detail is exactly the same.
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. 1881 BIRMINGHAM SILVER PLAID BROOCH Beautiful hard to by Victorian example of an Argyll officers plaid brooch. No rubbing or damage. Very nicely stamped to rear. Pin curved for plaid . V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. COLLAR DOGS Good pair of "Tail Up " for Victorian period collar dogs. White metal with lovely age toning. Round liugs. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Very nice matched pair of officers bronze collars. "Tail Up " for the Victorian period. Nicely matched. Cast construction. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ARTILLERY BLUE CLOTH HOME SERVICE HELMET A very good o/r's example by Hobson of London. Cloth body good and nice interior with leather and silk liner. Approx size 55. Good chin scales and helmet plate. Never had another helmet plate. 100% nice original by this fine maker.
VICTORIAN AYR & WIGTON MILITIA OFFICERS SHAKO Exceedingly rare shako. Great condition for age. The helmet plate is one of only 3 known to exist. 100% original.
VICTORIAN BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE Good o/r's white metal example. Victorian crown. No rubbing. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE Good nicely toned example. QVC crown.Die struck. All original , no re affixed lugs. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN BLACK WATCH DIRK AND SKEAN DHU - KIRKWOODS Nice top quality matching pair, worn together by a Black Watch officer. Gilded fittings, each piece with the Kirkwoods thistle motif found on early examples. Also a tablet with"R & H.B. KIRKWOOD - 66 & 68 THISTLE STREET - EDINBURGH" on both the dirk and skean dhu. Top mount on the dirk with Regimental device of St. Andrew within a thistle wreath in high relief. Skean dhu with St. Andrew device on the handle. No breaks or repairs on the bog oak handles which is rare for items of this vintage. Good blades with some darkening. No pitting. Matching foiled citrines. Almost all original gilding present. Very rare to find the 2 items still complete and they look amazing when worn together.
VICTORIAN BLACK WATCH EDINBURGH SILVER H/M - COMMANDING OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH - HOLME Not often anything hallmarked comes up to the Black Watch and this is a cracker! Edinburgh silver hallmarks for 1897. Outstanding detail in high relief. Officers name incised to rear in jeweller applied script . Believed to be the C.O. of the 3rd. Militia Btn. Also Maker Mkd. "T.S. & S", (Thomas Smith & Son 25-31 Queens St Glasgow). The engraving is a facsimile of the signature of George Robert Seaton Logan-Hume. Born Edrom Berwickshire 1880. Lt 3rd Militia Bn BW 6TH Dec 1899 aged 19. Died 1908 aged 28 (Possible from consumption). Worthy of further research. A top end item of superior quality for the serious collector. of Black Watch ephemera and offered at a very fair price. Very rare. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN BLACK WATCH GLENGARRY BADGE Victorian era cap badge with QVC. Nicely shaped for the bonnet. Age toned. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN BLACK WATCH O/R'S HELMET PLATE An excellent example of this scarce helmet plate circa 1881-1901. All original. Centre attached by 2 long pins north and south. Uncleaned with nice age toning but will clean up well if desired. No rubbing or damage. Old polish residue to back. 3 loops. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN BLACK WATCH OFFICERS SILVER & GILT BADGE Long scroll example in unmarked silver. Victorian crown. Separately applied scrolls. Some polishing to high points. Very striking. Rare.
VICTORIAN BRITISH OFFICERS POUCH BADGE Very well detailed brass pouch badge. QVC crown over cypher. 3 screw posts to rear. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN CAMERON HIGHLANDERS PLAID BROOCH Nice post 1881 example in nickel silver. Good deep detail. Uncleaned. Stout original pin to back. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN CAMERON HIGHLANDERS TERRITORIAL OFFICERS WAIST BELT PLATE Dirk belt buckle for a Territorial officer. Silvered back plate with very finely detailed Cameron 2 piece device . Very well made with correct curved back plate. I've left it as it came to me with age patina and old polish residue but will clean up a treat if so desired.
VICTORIAN CAMERON HLDRS CAP /BLACK WATCH PIPERS BADGE Especially nice strike of this non scroll badge as worn in the Victorian era and also worn by Black Watch pipers on their cross belt. Detail ,especially to the thistles is very sharp. No rubbing to high points.
VICTORIAN CAMERON HLDRS. FEATHER BONNET BADGE Smaller size but with long lugs for wear on the feather bonnet. Heavy silver plate. Well detailed die struck. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN CAMERON HLDRS. OFFICERS WAIST BELT PLATE - KIRKWOODS Beautiful example of this scarce WBP and made by Kirkwoods of Edinburgh by far the best of the military jewellers. Silver St.Andrew surrounded by thistle wreath on brass backing plate. Nicely stamped to rear with " R & H.B. KIRKWOOD, THISTLE ST. EDINBURGH " and with their Thistle trademark. Likely for the dirk belt. Female keeper present. Centre applied with domed rivets. Very nice condition. Scarce
VICTORIAN CAMERON HLDRS/ BLACK WATCH PIPERS BADGE Early badge worn as a cap badge by the Camerons and also as a cross belt badge by Black Watch pipers. You will see pics of Black Watch pipers with a Cameron badge on their cross belt. It should be this but they became difficult to obtain so the later version with " Cameron " was adopted. No rubbing. W/m. Old lead re solder to the lugs and priced with this in mind. Now difficult to find an original. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLE) ,LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Scarce large size tunic button. QVC crown. Brass. Maker mkd. to the rear , JENNENS & Co LONDON. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) SWAGGER STICK Scarce Victorian example with QVC crown. Correct blackened shaft c/w it's metal tip.Nickel top which has little in way of dents or rubbing. Detail in relief. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN CONNAUGHT RANGERS CAP BADGE Scarce QVC example. Lead soldered lugs. Slight wear to high points of crown and harp frame. Nice age toning. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN DUMBARTON RIFLE VOLUNTEERS GLENGARRY Classic Victorian shape. Red/hite dicing. DRV cap badge. No tails. No moth or damage. Extremely rare. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN DUMBARTONSHIRE MEDALS, PLAID BROOCH, CROSS BELT PLAID & DIRK BELT BUCKLE SET Beautiful set of one officers items all named to him. Comprises, plaid brooch, Shoulder belt plate, waist belt plate. These all named to him and with the same date, likely when he was commissioned. Medal group with associated miniatures as well as 2 gold sports medals. In their fitted case.
VICTORIAN H L I OFFICERS/SNCO's CAP BADGE Good example with Queen Victoria crown. 4 piece construction. Brass/ silver plate. Lovely.
VICTORIAN H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) BUTTON SWEETHEART Sweetheart made from a Victorian crown button. Period pin and very nicely made. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN HERTFORDSHIRE CONSTABULARY - POLICE CAP BADGE Good condition with the Hertford stag. Well detailed QVC. Lugs. No rubbing or damage.
VICTORIAN HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY OFFICERS SWEETHEART BROOCH Nice Victorian crown example. Gilded centre parts on a silver washed star. As per the style of an officers badge. Well detailed. Good pin and hook.
VICTORIAN HIGHLAND RIFLE VOLUNTEER COMPANY - GLENALMOND O.T.C. SWAGGER STICK Very rare stick to the Highland Rifle Volunteers Company part of Glenalmond OTC. Great condition with nickel silver top. Letters " H.R.V.C. " over the Glenalmond device and scrolls with motto and " Glenalmond O.T.C. ". Pre WW1. Attributed to Freddie Tate a distinguished golfer and son of a famous Edinburgh physicist. Freddie died in action in the Boer War
VICTORIAN HLI OFFICERS SILVER/GILT 4 PIECE COLLAR Very high quality example with construction the same as an officers cap badge. Victorian crown. Unmarked silver. Lovely.
VICTORIAN HORN HANDLED GHILLIE KNIFE Very rare item being a locking blade Highland Estate Ghillie's knife. Horn handle. Excellent and still very sharp blade. Works well with sprung clip for releasing blade. Circa 1880- 1900
VICTORIAN INVERNESS RIFLE VOLUNTEERS VICTORIAN LARGE BUTTON Large size for tunic front. Silver plated. Detail in high relief. “FIRMIN & SON Ltd LONDON” marked to rear. (I have a matching set of 5 which I am putting out singly.)
VICTORIAN KINGS LIVERPOOL GLENGARRY BADGE Good example with lovely age patina. chunky die struck. Scarce.
VICTORIAN KINGS OWN BORDERERS HELMET PLATE - 1881-84 Rare die-struck helmet plate in V.G.C.. Edinburgh castle to centre. 1881-84 only. Gilding metal. KK311....
VICTORIAN KINGS OWN BORDERERS SERGEANTS GLENGARRY BADGE Fine and rare large size glengarry badge circa 1881- 87. White metal, 2 lugs, not helmet plate. sharp strike. Nicely age toned. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS CAP BADGE Nice age toned example. QVC crown. 3 lugs to the back, sometimes when you get a 3 lugger the top lug is snipped off but not the case on this one. Good detail with no rubbing or damage. Will clean up nicely if desired but looks really good with it's nice age toned finish. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS HELMET PLATE CENTRE Nicely toned with no rubbing. O/r's white metal. Very sharp detail. Large size. Two of the 3 thick U wires present. Top one absent, apart from this VGC.
VICTORIAN KOSB - KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS - HELMET PLATE CENTRE / BADGE Cracking Helmet plate centre. QVC. Nicely age toned with no rubbing or over polishing. To the back , 2 loops, originally there has been 3. v.g.c.
VICTORIAN LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT LARGE TUNIC BUTTON Nice gilded tunic button. Raised detail and with QVC. v.g.c.
VICTORIAN LONDON SCOTTISH VOLUNTEERS -OFFICERS WAIST BELT CLASP. Good scarce Victorian period Cockney Jocks belt buckle. Thistle design ends. Centre with Rampant Lion in relief. No rubbing or damage. These seem to be around £165 in the market place so this is a good price V.G.C.
VICTORIAN MEDICAL STAFF CORPS SHOULDER TITLE - 1855 One of the rarer shoulder titles. Good condition with nice age toning. Brass . Hex lugs. Pre dates the RAMC and was formed in 1855.
VICTORIAN MEDICAL STAFF CORPS CAP BADGE - 1883 Circa 1883. Rare cap badge to the medical Staff corps. Die struck brass with QVC . No rubbing or damage. I put a piece of modern red felt behind the fretted centre . Great condition this one. Rare
VICTORIAN MUSICIAN BADGE Good example of an Army Musicians badge. 2 piece. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN MUSICIANS BADGES - 5 INC. OFFICERS Nice bargain here. Group of 5 musicians badges, all great condition. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN MUSICIANS OFFICERS GILDED BADGE Officers bi-metal 2-piece gilded badge. Excellent condition with all gilding finish remaining. Victorian crown.
VICTORIAN OFFICERS CARTOUCHE POUCH BADGE Super example with lovely gilded finish. Large size. 3 screw posts to rear. Worn on officers ammunition pouch. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN PERTHSHIRE HIGHLAND VOLS. ( BLACK WATCH ) OFFICERS CROSSBELT BADGE Perth Highland Volunteers officers pouch or cross belt badge. QVC over the Star of the Thistle, circular strap with title enclosing a thistle spray. Circa1873-1881, Beautiful 3 piece cast example. Sharp, very fine detail and nice 3 -D effect. 4 screw posts to rear . Detchable circlet. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN QUEENS BODYGUARD OF SCOTLAND BUTTON Lovely condition gilded button. Firmin maker mkd.
VICTORIAN ROYAL ABERDEENSHIRE MILITIA CAP BADGE Very nice toned example from an old collection just bought in. W/m.2 loops. Cheapest real one around. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY TUNIC BUTTON Silvered tunic button. Uncleaned but will come up nicely if desired. Nice raised detail of QVC over a field gun. Firmin maker mkd. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ROYAL IRISH REGIMENT CAP BADGE Scarce QVC example. Nice age toning which I've left as is. Old polish residue to back. North south lugs. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIER ( RSF ) - CAP BADGE Scarce with QVC. Nice example. Brass. North & south lugs. No rubbing or damage. No polishing to high points. Rear with old pink polish residue. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIER BUSBY GRENADE Good example with nice detail. Lovely age toning. 2 lugs to rear. Very scarce. Size 9.5 cm x 4 cm approx.
VICTORIAN ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS BUSBY GRENADE BADGE Large cap grenade for wear on the fur cap. Flaming bomb with QVC crown over Coat of Arms. Long north & south lugs. Rare V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS COLLAR BADGES - MATCHING PAIR Bi metal collars. 2 piece construction with separately applied thistles. Very slight polishing to high points. Old polish residue to back. Matching pair.
VICTORIAN ROYAL SCOTS HELMET PLATE Good Minty example. Generic HP with QVC crown. Royal Scots helmet plate centre with correct wire loops. Original to it red felt patch behind the centre. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS/PIPERS SILVER PLAID BROOCH Unmarked silver. Stamped "5" and "MADE IN GT. BRITAIN". Not to be confused with the recast modern versions of this brooch that abound. This is the Real Deal. Crown projecting above the quoit.Bolt on parts. Stout pin. Heavy. Good condition.
VICTORIAN SANDHURST OFFICERS HELMET PLATE Beautiful HP as worn by all gentleman officers passing through Sandhurst Military Academy. Circa 1878. QVC over star this superimposed with laurel wreath spray . Centre with hand fretted gilt strap with motto 'Nec Aspera Terrent'. Beautiful undamaged red and blue enamel under central VR Cypher . 3 lug fixings to rear. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN SEAFORTH OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Seaforth Highlanders post 1881 Officer’s shoulder belt plate with no rubbing or damage. Burnished gilt rectangular plate with silver fittings. Golphic crown, " L " cypher, elephant, stag’s head and scroll with, “Seaforth Highlanders”. Reverse with the original hooks and studs. Generally VGC with age patina and uncleaned . Will polish up nicely if desired
VICTORIAN SILVER PLATED CAMERON HLDRS / BLACK WATCH PIPERS CROSS BELT BADGE Very nice early no scroll Cameron Hldrs cap badge. Also worn by Black Watch pipers on their cross belt. Well detailed. No wear to plating. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN STAG HORN HANDLE SKEAN DHU Not military but very nice and unusual. Stags antler handle with silver mounts. Cypher to the top. Nice etched silver mounts. Had a top jeweller make a new wood/leather scabbard using the old mounts so very wearable.
VICTORIAN TERRITORIAL H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) OFFICERS BLANK SCROLL CROSS BELT PLATE Beautiful example of a Territorial officers SBP. Seeded gilded back plate with hooks and studs. Queen Victoria crown and blank scroll for Territorials. Silver Star of the Thistle with raised bugle in high relief. This is 7 piece construction and as nice as they come. None cheaper ! Bargain price . Rare V.G.C.
VICTORIAN THE KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS CAP BADGE Fine and scarce example. QVC crown. Very nicely toned. Unusual but original 3 lugs to reverse. V.G.C.
VICTORIAN/ WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS BELT BUCKLE- KIRKWOODS Victorian officers belt buckle. Very well detailed example by in my opinion, the best of the silversmiths from that period. Correct slightly concave back plate . Silver furniture. Tablet to the back with Kirkwoods thistle trademark and impressed details , " R & H . Kirkwood 66 - 68 Thistle St. - Edinr. " . Tail Up cat for the Victorian period. Keeper also present. Rare V.G.C.
VIETNAM ERA AMERICAN COMBAT HELMET This is a fine Vietnam War M1 steel combat helmet with liner and Mitchell camouflage cover . The shell is without dents or any type of damage. C/w both clip-on type canvas chin straps and black finished T1 hook and claw fixings . The liner is a mid-war type with OD green finish, leather sweatband, and cross over webbing in the dome to hold the dark OD green web suspension system together. Web is good, metal fixings with surface rust due to bad storage.The rear fixing is absent. The camouflage cover is with reinforced slits for additional foliage and has some nice honest service wear. The underside is dated (19) “70” within the DSA contract code. Iconic piece and now genuine wartime examples are scarce.
VINTAGE ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS BLAZER BADGE Aye, they don't make them in this quality anymore ! Heavy bullion wire with bright colours and no damage. From WW2 vets daughter.
VINTAGE R.G.LAWRIE SKEAN DHU Good civvy sgian Dhu by the well known Glasgow firm of R.G. Lawriefamous for their quality bagpipes. Circa 1950. Bog oak handle with nickel silver top. Good clean blade with makers details etched to the clipped back blade. Excellent scabbard. Wood body with good original leather. Makers details to the rear of the top mount. Very good sgian dhu in both quality and condition. Vintage examples are now extremely hard to come by and this one has had very little use.
WAFFEN SS ALUMINIUM BELT BUCKLE - 822/38 Good condition o/r's buckle. Nicely mkd. with SS and RZM marks , makers code and year of manufacture 822/38. 822 was Richard Sieper & Sohne - Ludenscheid. Found in the Demjansk pocket. Russian Front original.
WAFFEN SS CARVED OAK WALL PLAQUE Outstanding period piece. Measures just under 10 by 7 inches so good usable size. Carved from one piece of wood (apart from the runes which have been separately applied), and beautifully done with the detail standing out in high relief. All finish commensurate. Makers initials to rear . Rare
WAFFEN SS IN RUSSIA - QUARRIE Scarce book and very informative. Creases to the front cover corners otherwise V.G.C.
WANTED - HELMETS & SCOTTISH BADGES We are looking to buy good original untouched militaria especially British and German headgear. From single items to whole collections. We have also for the past few years been selling items on consignment for customers. Looking for daggers, uniform items, Scottish and German badges. Top prices paid for German helmets, picklehaubes and British decalled helmets.
WAR MERIT CROSS 1ST CLASS WITH SWORD - BOXED Good example. Maker code "62" to inside of pin.
WAR MERIT CROSS IN BRONZE FOR NON COMBATANTS Good crisp early example. Non combatant type with no swords. Good replacement ribbon. V.G.C.
WAR OFFICE 1942 A.F.V. FIELD POCKET BOOK Original rare publication on Armoured fighting Vehicles.Lots of information and good drawings of both Allied and Axis tanks and A.F.V's. Great condition for age
WAREINGS 1942 DTD, DENISON SMOCK - LARGE - NEAR MINT The nicest Denison out there ! This one has it all, large size, see label. 1942 dtd. label and WD stamps with an issue date for 1943, in time for Arnhem ! Half zip, no fading to colour. No rips and tears to wool cuffs, monkey tail still present, to suit 6 foot plus, 39/41 chest. Newey studs. I suspect this was never issued or it's seen limited use. I have other "Been There" examples at a third of this price but if you want a large " Minter " with a price to match, this is for you !!
WARWICKSHIRE YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Nice toned example on slider. Well detailed. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WEIMAR PERIOD WIEDERSEHANSFEST J.R.160 - 1927 BONN Rh DAY BADGE Rare early tinny. Very nice detail. Original ribbon. Beautiful.
WELSH FUSILIERS CAP BADGE Nice 2 piece example. Solder holes to back.Slider. V.G.C.
WELSH GUARDS BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Brass leek in great condition.
WELSH HORSE CAP BADGE Rare brass badge. Great example with lovely age patina. North and South lugs to rear.
WERMACHT INFANTRY NCO'S CAP - CHEAP Good looking example with nice shape. White piped for infantry. Good original leather chin strap. Metal insignia. The eagle has lost one prong from the back otherwise nice. Good size 57/58. Sweat band with heavy service wear and stitching a/f to 50%. Nice complete celluloid diamond with makers details. Inside cloth good, peak good. Lovely soft material with none of the usual moth and damage. Priced to sell
WESTERN COMMAND - WW2 - FORMATION SIGN - ATTRIBUTED From a number of items from an ex argylls officers home. Western Command embroidered sleeve badge. Good condition. Removed from uniform. Name of officer to buyer.
WILTSHIRE HUSSARS CAP BADGE - MAKER MKD.MARPLES & BEASELEY Very nice quality badge. Sharp detail. Diestruck. Age tone. No rubbing or damage. Maker mkd. to slider. V.G.C.
WILTSHIRE RGT. CAP BADGE Good example on slider. V.G.C.
WOMENS LAND ARMY ENAMEL HAT BADGE - HWM A now scarce original Second World War 'Womens Land Army' hat badge. Gilt finish, inlaid with green enamel around the central wheatsheaf and red enamel inlay to the Kings Crown. Maker's details 'H.W.M' (H.W.Miller Ltd Birmingham) to the back. Original pin and hook. This is as nice as they come with no enamel damage and no dulling to the finish. V.G.C. Worn on the hat and sometimes the jumper.
WOMENS LAND ARMY ENAMEL LABEL BADGE Nice example with no damage to enamel. Pin back.
WORCERSTERSHIRE OLD COMRADES LAPEL BADGE Nice enamel button hole lapel badge. Enamel is in great condition.
WORCESTER SHIRE OLD COMRADES LAPEL BADGE Nice oval enamel example. Button hole fixing. V.G.C.
WRAC ( WOMENS ROYAL ARMY CORPS ) TIE PIN Nice piece. Mint condition.
WW 1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Nice no nonsense One Look original O/R's cap badge. Nice age toning. Fretted centre. V.G.C.
WW 1 BRITISH PATRIOTIC CAP PIN DISH Nice piece of Great War ephemera being a well detailed pottery service cap pin dish. The inside with a green glaze. Very attractive. V.G.C.
WW 2 AMERICAN CIVIL DEFENCE HELMET Good example. Blue finish with remains of a decal to the front. I suspect it was originally white as the interior is that colour but this is an official factory overpaint. Stamped to front inside apron " U.S Govt Property O.C.D. " Adjustable liner at the moment set to around size 57. Both liner and chinstrap are good. Paint finish to almost 100%. V.G.C.
WW 2 POLISH NAVY CAP BADGE - VERY RARE Nice condition bi metal badge. Well detailed anchor over black background. Seperately applied anchor. Possible period re lug. Slightly smaller than army cap badge.
WW GERMAN PRUSSIAN EAGLE TRENCH ART PIECE Unusual piece being a small round container possibly for thread or similar. Prussian eagle to both ends. These likely formed from tunic buttons. Came in a Mary tin along with pieces of shrapnel, badges and other bring backs. Nice vet souvenir bring back.
WW1 (MACHINE GUN CORPS) SHOULDER TITLE Nice original brass title. Hex lugs. One bent slightly.
WW1 4TH BLACK WATCH SWAGGER STICK - MM WINNERS Scarce stick which belonged to Archibald Henderson MM and Bar.This has a Victorian crown so has been handed on. Nice high relief detail to the nickel top. Also marked ?th BATT. He was part of the Doune detachment of the 4th but the 4 has been rubbed away exactly where you hold the stick when under your arm. Other than that condition is very good. Great attributed stick aqnd his records are on file. Worthy of further research. Bought from his grandson.
WW1 5TH GORDON HLDRS. BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Rare title for the 5th Territorial btn. Brass , 3 lugs. Nice age toning. V.G.C.
WW1 BRITISH ARMY SKILL AT DRIVING TRADE PATCH Removed from uniform. With crown above. Some mothing.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS SGT'S & OFFICERS CAP BADGE Very nice one in silver plate. I've left it as came, dark age patina but would clean up very nicely if desired. Sharp detail and a cracking set of antlers ! V.G.C.
WW1 GUARDS - OFFICERS FORAGE CAP STAR Nice pin back small size star for wear on the officers Forage Cap. Marked Sterling Silver to rear. V.G.C.
WW1 HORN HANDLE JACK KNIFE - SHEFFIELD Scarce stag horn handle WW1 jack knife. This type was often included in parcels to the Front. Good condition for age. Main blade with some age / usage. Some dark spots, no pitting. Tip very slightly a/f. Stag horn grips very good. Small tin opener blade good. No springing. Maker marks a bit indistinct . Scarce
WW1 KOSB LEATHER TRIM GLENGARRY Good example. Nice soft leather trim. 3 colour diced band , this with a few small moth nips. Red touree to crown. Silk rosette partially present , same with the tails.Both are original to the bonnet. Nice clean interior. Period KOSB badge which may or may not be original to it although there are no extra holes and the cotter pin corresponds exactly with the impression behind it. Small size so likely for a young soldier. Now very difficult to find . V.G.C.
WW1 LIGHT INFANTRY - VOL. BTN. OFFICERS COLLAR Beautiful blank scroll collar as per Vol. Btn's. Bi metal. Kings Crown. 4 piece construction. Silver plated. Cica WW1
WW1 LOVAT SCOUTS YEOMANRY ENAMELLED OFFICERS BADGE Beautiful brass and blue enamel cap badge .This is the type of badge in brass worn in the Great War but without enamel which suggests to me this is an officers. Enamel with no loss or damage. Made as pin back , not adapted from lugged version. Old style pin and hook assembly. Strap with " LOVAT SCOUTS - Y (yeomanry). Size approx. 34 mm diameter. V.G.C.
WW1 MIDDLESEX RGT. CAP BADGE Good example. 2 loops to back.Sharp strike. V.G.C.
WW1 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE RGT. CAP BADGE Good example on slider. V.G.C.
WW1 SCOTS GUARDS OFFICERS BADGE Very good pin back example. Green enamel behind centre present and good. No rubbing or damage.
WW1 - CANADIAN CLOTH SHOULDER TITLE PAIR - REMOVED FROM UNIFORM Very nice embroidered Great War titles. Matched pair . Removed from uniform. No moth or damage. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 - 1915 - LORD DERBY SCHEME ARM BRASSARD - ATTRIBUTED C/W RELATED ITEMS As nice as they come this one and has a very clear scarce stamping inside " Issued Under Authority Of Army Council " and letter " W ". One button absent, no moth or damage. C/w the owners leather wallet with his gold monogrammed initials. Inside there is a note book and pencil, Propaganda leaflet ( Anti The Kaiser ) and a Church member pamphlet named inside to him with a 1914 date. Nice grouping and fresh to the market. Great price especially with the leather wallet and attributed. V.G.C. The scheme was introduced in October 1915 by Lord Derby, Director General of Recruiting, it was a final attempt to avoid full conscription. Men aged between 18 and 41 were asked to attest their willingness to serve, on the understanding that all single men would be called up before the youngest married volunteers. The armband was given to men who had attested for the army during 1915 before conscription became law in 1916
WW1 - 1917 DTD. SAM BROWNE AMMUNITION POUCH - ARGYLLS ATTRIBUTED Very good example , stamped to back "LEATHERS LTD. - 1917". Named to inside R.A.P.C. (Cpt. R.A.P. Caldwell). Came with other Sam Browne equipment and his badger head sporran from the family.
WW1 - 42ND - BLACK WATCH OF CANADA CAP BADGE Nice bronze cap badge . Excellent, retaining most of it's bronze finish. Slight loss to high points. V.G.C.
WW1 - 43RD CAMERON HIGHLANDERS OF CANADA CAP BADGE Good example in a bronze finish. Well made badge. Old polish residue to back. v.g.c.
WW1 - 4TH BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE Good example as worn by the 4th Battalion. Perthshire double headed eagle with central shield with raised lamb with pennant. Shaped for bonnet. Very sharp detail to wings etc. V.G.C.
WW1 - 4TH/ 5TH ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE Very nice example in white metal. No rubbing or damage. Nice sharp strike. Lovely age toning. Nice original of a much faked badge. Cheapest out there !! Scarce V.G.C.
WW1 - 5TH BTN. SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS CAPTAIN'S BADGE 2 feathers for Captain. Of the pattern locally made in Beauly and the like. Silver plated nickel. Some finish loss and polishing to high points. Very rare.
WW1 - 5TH IRISH DRAGOONS SHOULDER TITLE Very good bi metal example and c/w it's original brass backing plate. Hex lugs.Flag left for WW1.Some polishing to high points of the castle otherwise good.
WW1 - 5TH ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS SILVER H/M ( 1914 ) FORAGE CAP BADGE Beautiful. Rare forage cap badge . Smaller size, approx. 1 and a quarter inches tall and wide. Officers. Edinburgh silver hallmarks for 1914 and maker tablet H.T. ( Henry Tatton ) Still has rare safety chain and pin. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
WW1 - 7TH ( STIRLING ) ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BANDSMANS DRAPE From my own collection. A very rare bandstand drape for 7th Argylls Military Bandsman. Dark green velvet with well embroiled regimental device of boars head and wildcat with coronet and cypher. Between the top legs of the cypher a "7". 7th Argylls were based at Stirling. Circa WW1 although their use carried on till WW2. Measures 21 x 16 inch approx. Complete with original hanging cord with both end tassles. V.G.C.
WW1 - 7TH VOLUNTEER BATTALION ROYAL SCOTS RARE COLLAR BADGE Extremely hard to come by w/m collar. As per a Territorial cap badge but in collar dog size. V.G.C.
WW1 - 9 CT GOLD - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SWEETHEART Truly a thing of beauty from my personal collection. 9ct gold . Circa the Great War. Larger than usual size, 3.5 x 3 cm. approx. Blue enamel with no damage. Marked " 9 ct " to back. Has a small suspension loop at the top rear for attching optional fine safety chain. Don't want to be losing this ! Low price. Rare. V.G.C.
WW1 - 91ST ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OF CANADA CHROMED CAP BADGE Circa WW1. Lovely well struck nickel badge with heavy chrome finish. slider. Kings Crown. Nice high relief to detail.
WW1 - 91ST OF CANADA ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MEDAL Gilded sports medal with cap badge device to front in low relief. V.G.C.
WW1 - 91ST REGIMENT ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OF CANADA MATCHING COLLAR PAIR Another from a large old Argylls related collection I'm selling. White metal matching collars. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 - 9TH / 12TH LANCERS SHOULDER TITLE Brass shoulder title. Hex lugs. Nicely age toned. V.G.C.
WW1 - 9TH H.L.I. BRONZE SWEETHEART BADGE Good bronze finish sweetheart. Glasgow Highlandrs, 9th HLI scrolls. Scarce V.G.C.
WW1 - 9TH H.L.I.(HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) OFFICERS CAP BADGE Good example of this rare badge at a very low price. Nice long scrolls going out to the edge of the badge. 3 piece construction. Heavy cast well detailed Star of the Thistle. Silver St. Andrew mounted on well detailed brass centre. Period lead solder holding the centre to the back plate rather than the 2 small slots, this likely a field repair.
WW1 - 9TH H.L.I.SILVER H/M SPORTS MEDAL - 1915 - LOWLAND DIV. FOOTBALL Scarce Great War example of a silver medal with hallmarks for Birmingham 1915 ( Q ) and maker mkd. W.J.D. ( William James Dingley ). Obverse with Regimental device similar to Black Watch and the reverse with , LOW DIV. ( Lowland Division ), Football Final 1915. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HGHLANDERS COPPER PHOTO FRAME Beautiful piece. Copper framed free standing mirror. Argylls cap badge to top.Period glass. Wooden back. Measures, outside, 10 by 6 inches. Photo size, 6 and 3 quarter inches by 4 and 3 quarters V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BRASS SLOUCH HAT / CAP BADGE Scarce example of a Tail Down version of the sun helmet /slouch hat badge. I have photos of these being worn on Tam O Shanters in the Great War as cap badges and have one on a sun helmet in my collection. As per a collar but with added scrolls to the bottom. This one in brass. Old polish residue to the back. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS GREETING CARD Nice condition vintage fold out greetings card. Shows early Victorian era cap badge. C/w red string. Circa the Great War, possibly earlier. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS SILVER PAGRI BADGE Unusual and very striking officers unmarked silver pagri badge with solid silver back plate. High quality pin and hook asembly . No rubbing or damage. Jeweller made. Very rare V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS PIPE BANNER Outstanding example, a reluctant sale from my personal collection. Heavy bullion wire centre in high relief on Government No.2 tartan. Tail up cat associated with the Victorian period but carried on beyond that on banners. Fringed in black / green . Yellow silk to reverse. Rare. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SOLID CENTRE CAP BADGE Solid centre variant favoured by the 2nd Btn. As nice as they come . Slightly domed centre with detail sharp and in high relief. If you wanted one example of a solid centre type you will be hard pushed to better this one. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS WOUND BADGE Numbered on the back , " B170473 " and attributed to S/23785, Pte. John Henry Craig, Mc Turk, 5th Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs. Has a piece of period mounted Regimental tartan behind the badge and also a fine safety chain and pin. Uncleaned with nice toning. Circlet inscribed " For King And Empire Services Rendered ". GRI Imperial Cypher to the voided centre Vertical correct over long pin for the period. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. WHITE METAL TERRITORIAL SHOULDER TITLES Scarce w/m titles as were issued to Territorial Battalions in the Great War. Matched pair and as nice as they come. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - OFFICERS SILVER & GILT COLLAR Beautiful. Silver with it's black age patina. Gilded, seperately applied Boars Head and Wilcat. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS DIRK BELT Very nice example. Undamaged thistle brocade. Red Morocco leather inside. Buckle good with finely detailed plate. Approx.32 inch waist. V.G.C.
WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS KILT PANEL Nice vintage example circa the Great War. Hand embroidered. Silk rosettes. 17 inches approx. length, 3 and a half inches wide. Old examples now scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 - BLACK WATCH MATCHING PAIR COLLAR BADGES Nice white metal o/r's collar badges. As found with age toning. Will clean up nicely if desired. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 - BLACK WATCH RH (ROYAL HIGHLANDERS) SHOULDER TITLE PAIR Good brass titles. Matched. Pre 1921 when they changed to BW. Scarce V.G.C.
WW1 - BLACK WATCH SILVER PLAID BROOCH C/W BOX - KIRKWOODS Beautiful high end piece in unmarked silver. Circa WW1, possibly earlier. Very well detailed with no rubbing or damage. To the back, 5 domed screw heads for attaching the centre. Tablet with "R & H. Kirkwood - 66 & 68 Thistle St, Edinr.". Also has their thistle trade mark. Stout original correct over long pin. Contained in it's leather covered wood box with blue top cloth, this with very clear gold lettering. Purple velvet bottom insert. Original swing catch to front. All the aforesaid in excellent condition. In my opinion Kirkwoods were by far the best of the military silversmiths from that period. Stunning and boxed examples are exceedingly rare. V.G.C.
WW1 - BOXED - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS NO. 740 FUND RAISERS BADGE This is as nice as they come. Early low number . Bronze fund raisers badge. Contained in it's original card box with Brook & Son of Edinburgh details to lid. Brooks were a well known military jeweller from the period. Original card still present which reads " From H.R.H. Princess Louise ( patron of the Regiment ), A Souvenir to her Helpers for the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders " Near mint condition and rare with the box and insert card.
WW1 - BRITISH 1907 HOOK QULLION BAYONET SCOTTISH HORSE Very good example of this rare bayonet and marked up on the pommel to Sc. H. (Scottish Horse ). Blade good , no pitting and not a lot of darkening, good point. Wilkinson 1907 to ricasso and various other marks, ( see photos ). Good wood grips and working soprung button. Scabbard leather very good and has the scarce button mount to the bottom. All in all , a nice clean piece and mkd. up to a famous Scottish regiment who fought at Gallipoli among other campaigns. On the back of the scabbard , half way down there is a leather loop added ? Also has the scarce button mount to the bottom of the scabbard. No idea on this but it is original to the scabbard and probably something to do with them being a mounted unit ?. Sleepy straight from vets family example V.G.C.
WW1 - BRITISH HOOKED QUILLION BAYONET - ENFIELD Early rare hooked quillion bayonet. Enfield made example. Wood grips good.Sprung button working. Blade has never been cleaned and does'nt have a lot in the way of markings although you can make out Enfield to the ricasso . Retains most of the bright finish with some rust to the lower edge. Point good. Scabbard leather good and stamped , " 9 S - E - J.W.B. - 18 " Honest, untouched, fresh to the market example and at a great price. V.G.C.
WW1 - BRITISH PROPAGANDA GERMAN IRON CROSS Original era manufacture. A British made WWI faux Iron Cross, produced to mock the wide-spread awarding of the Iron Cross by Germany during WWI. In the Great War propaganda versions of the Iron Cross were made for sale in Britain , the funds going to Charities. This one has TW to the centre and Western Front battlefield names. Made of iron and measuring approx 1 and 3 quarter inches.and retaining it's black finish. These can be seen in a variety of styles, some with names of Belgian towns where incidents of atrocities occurred under German occupation V.G.C.
WW1 - BRITISH PROPAGANDA GERMAN IRON CROSS - MARKED BACK Large size version of the Iron Cross copy made for the British wartime market. Measures just over 2 inches. Marked to rear " For Swank ". Cast Irion. V.G.C.
WW1 - BRITISH PROPAGANDA IRON CROSS - LIMBURGER GUARDS Large Propaganda Iron Cross made by the British. This is a higher quality die struck example, most being crudely made from iron in foundries. Large size ( 7cm approx.)in the form of a badge. Poking fun at the Germans as Limburg was a refugee destination. Retains almost all it's original blackened finish. Scarce. V.G.C. V.G.C.
WW1 - BULLET PENCIL FROM PRINCESS MARY GIFT TIN REDUCED . I see these fetching £110 elsewhere, get yourself a Bargain !! Good example. Casing has the " M " monogram. Unmarked silver top with no dents or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 - CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) - EDINBURGH SILVER H/M CAP BADGE - ANDERSON - T.E. Beautiful officers large size cap badge. This one has it all, Anderson jewellers tablet and T.E.( Thos. Ebbutt) maker stamp. Silver hallmarks for Edinburgh 1906. Beautiful detail and no rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 - CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) BIRMINGHAM SILVER H / M OFFICERS BADGE Beautiful officers badge with Birmingham silver hallmarks for 1915. Also maker stamped , " B & P 9 Brent & Parker ). This one even has silver stamps on the lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 - CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) SERGEANTS BADGE WITH GLENGARRY ROSETTE Nice larger size cap badge for sergeants. Die struck. No rubbing or damage and with nice uncleaned patina and age toning. Attached to it's original Great War hessian backed silk glengarry rosette. V.G.C.
WW1 - CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE Rare badge. Brass economy version. Age toned but in great condition and will clean up nicely if desired. Original loops. V.G.C.
WW1 - CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) SERGEANTS NICKEL SILVER CAP BADGE Fine example in cast nickel silver. Nice and heavy. One lug bent. Larger size for sgts. / officers. Circa WW1.
WW1 - FALL OF KUT - P.O.W. OFFICER GROUPING Extremely rare group of Estate Fresh items to a Colonel who was captured at the Fall of Kut - El - Amara in Mesopotamia in the Great War. Comprises a number of items inc. a period framed photo of the soldier along with other officer P.O.W's. Pair of WW1 uniform removed Colonels epaulettes. A Xmas / New Year card. Cloth name tag /label, presumably for his kit during it's transfer to Yusgat Camp, ( Officers were treated very well, men were not ! ). A Red Crescent post card named to the officer. His Bath attributed Wardens insignia from WW2. Extremely rare and in excellent condition.
WW1 - GLASGOW RED CROSS NURSING BRONZE/ENAMEL BADGE - SORLEY Rare badge with 1914/1919 and raised detail. Red/white enamel inset. Maker mkd. to rear. Nice age patina. Mint.
WW1 - GORDON HIGHLANDERS - OFFICERS SILVER SGIAN DHU - 1918 H/M - THOS. KERR EBBUTT Outstanding sgian dhu by this top Edinburgh silversmith. Bog oak silver studded handle. Unique to the Gordons voided pedestal top with real citrine which retains it's lovely yellow colour. Scabbard leather good. Top mount with 1918 Edinburgh silver hallmarks and nicely inscribed " M" , " Oct.10th - 1918 ". Blade with some darkening which I've left as is but could be polished if desired . Beautiful, all original piece ! V.G.C.
WW1 - H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) OFFICERS CAP BADGE Very good example. 4 piece construction. Uncleaned with nice age toning and will clean up a treat if desired. kc. Rivitted on parts. Cast star. Cracker. V.G.C.
WW1 - H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) PLAID BROOCH Nice 3 piece example circa WW1. Battle Honours up to the Boer War. No rubbing or damage. Original stout pin and hook and the hinge is the type that should the pin break, it's easy to fashion another and fit it through the hole. This type is likely for a piper. V.G.C.
WW1 - H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) PLAID BROOCH - DCM WINNER - RSM - D CHRISTIE Super attributed Highland Light Infantry officers plaid brooch attributed to Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM), D. Christie, No. 4737 who served through the Great War until 1920. Officer bi metal type device to centre over a circlet with Regimental Battle Honours up to the Boer War. Uncleaned with nice age toning but with clean up beautifully if desired. No rubbing or damage. Nice original pin and hook. Owners name " D. CHRISTIE " jeweller etched to rear. D. Christie was the RSM with the 1st Btn. and DCM winner. V.G.C.
WW1 - HCB (HIGHLAND CYCLIST BRIGADE) SHOULDER TITLE - J.R. GAUNT LONDON Rare J.R. Gaunt made WW1 shoulder title to the Highland Cyclists. Nicely toned brass. Great condition.
WW1 - HIGHLAND CYCLISTS (BLACK WATCH) - THCB SHOULDER TITLE BY J.W. TIPTAFT& SON Rare brass shoulder title to the Highland Cyclists Brigade ( Territorial ) affiliated to the Black Watch. great condition and with the added bonus of being a super rare maker mkd one ! J.W. Tiptaff & Son , Birm. ( ingham ) 3 lugs. Old pink polish residue to back. V.G.C.
WW1 - HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY ( HLI ) OFFICERS 4 PIECE BADGE Nice 4 piece example . Rivetted bronze parts. Uncleaned with nice age toning. No rubbing or damage. Sand cast star. Good heavy weight. V.G.C.
WW1 - HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY (H.L.I.) CAP BADGE WITH TARTAN PATCH Good example for o/r's. White metal, short Assaye scroll. Onit's original Regimental tartan patch for wear on the Tam O Shanter. V.G.C.
WW1 - I / 7TH ROYAL HIGHLANDERS (BLACK WATCH) BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Nice 1st / 7th Black Watch shoulder title. This has originally been a T title but the soldier has clipped the edges from the T to form a 1. This was a common practice among the Highland regiments in the Great War. 3 lugs to the back. Nice age toning. Rare V.G.C.
WW1 - IRISH GUARDS - W.C MUMFORD - M.C. - VERNERS COMPASS C/W CASE - 1917 DATED Cracking example of a brass Verners compass. Case nicely marked up to " W.G. ( Walter Clarkson ) Mumford - Irish Guards ". He was a Military Cross winner and friend of Rudyard Kipling. Maker details and 1917 date to the case.. Compass base mkd, " B.L. and WD arrow - No. 71972 - 1917. Good working order and no bubble in the liquid. V.G.C.
WW1 - KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) OFFICERS BRONZE COLLAR PAIR Scarce officers bronze matching collar pair. Retain all their bronze finish. Circa WW1. V.G.C.
WW1 - KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) SILVER PLATED BADGE Crisp detail example in silver plate . Uncleaned with nice age patina. Will come up a treat if desired. Shaped for the bonnet. V.G.C.
WW1 - LINCOLN SLIP ON SHOULDER TITLE Good "Been There" example. Cotton with faded white embroidered " Lincoln ". Broad cotton tape on the back. V.G.C.
WW1 - LOTHIAN & BORDERS HORSE COLLAR BADGE PAIR Nice matched pair of brass collars. No rubbing or damage. Nice age toned brass. North & south lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 - LOTHIANS & BORDER HORSE - YEOMANRY OFFICERS (18 ) BRASS BUTTONS Nice collection of brass officers buttons from 2 SD tunics. One is a matching set by Anderson of Edinburgh, 6 small for pockets and epaulettes and 4 large for the front. The 2nd set are by Firmin of London. 4 large for the front and 4 small. All good condition and tunic removed. Scarce V.G.C.
WW1 - LOVAT SCOUTS OFFICERS CAP BADGE Very good example with heavy silver plated finish. No wear or rubbing. " Je Suis Prest " on seeded ground. Very sharp detail. Long lugs for feather bonnet ? As nice as they come. Name or details scratched to the back. Nice heavy badge.
WW1 - MACHINE GUN CORPS - MATCHED BRASS SHOULDER TITLES Scarce and a matched pair. Nice age toned brass. No issues. Hex lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 - MIDDLESEX REGIMENT SILVER OFFICERS BADGE - BLADES FIXING Beautiful and rare. Post 1902 type. Officers silver example. Blades to the back. Only one of these I've ever had with blades. A steal at this price ! V.G.C.
WW1 - PATRIOTIC LEAGUE OF BRITONS OVERSEAS MUFTI BADGE Nice brass & enamel mufti badge. No enamel damage. Maker mkd. "Fattorini Bradford" V.G.C.
WW1 - RNAS ( ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE ) PILOTS SILVER SWEETHEART BADGE Very nice well detailed example. Pin back. Marked STERLING to rear. No rubbing or damage. Uncleaned with nice toning V.G.C.
WW1 - RND (ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION) SHOULDER TITLE Rare RND brass shoulder title. 2 lugs to rear. Nice genuine one !! Toned brass. V.G.C.
WW1 - RND (ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION) SHOULDER TITLE Extremely rare shoulder title. Toned brass. V.G.C.
WW1 - ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION - DRAKE BTN. CAP BADGE Rare WW1 bi metal cap badge retaining it's bright finish. Unfortunately has been re lugged and that is reflected in the low price. Otherwise a fine example.
WW1 - ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION - HOOD BTN.- COLLAR BADGE Rare Hood Battlion RND brass collar badge. Good condition. Extremely hard to find. v.g.c.
WW1 - ROYAL NAVY DIVISION \" HOWE \" CAP BADGE Good genuine one. Rare. nice age toning. Old polish residue to back. Lugs a bit bent otherwise VGC
WW1 - ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE Nice looking badge but has a small dent on St. Andrews legs. This could be pushed out but I like it because it's picked up the dent during it's working life. Nice strike. Nice toning. V.G.C.
WW1 - ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS - BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Nice brass title. Good with nice age toning. V.G.C.
WW1 - ROYAL SCOTS TERRITORIAL CAP BADGE Good Territorial issue cap badge in white metal. Nice sharp strike. Old polish to back. V.G.C.
WW1 - RSF (ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS) SHOULDER TITLE Nice brass title. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 - SCOTS GUARDS OFFICERS BADGE Very nice example. Nice detail to star. Centre attached with fold over broad blades. Green enamel behind centre good. V.G.C.
WW1 - SCOTS GUARDS OFFICERS PIN BACK BADGE Circa WW1. Good example in unmarked silver. Green enamel behind gilded centre. Period pin back, not conversion from lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 - SCOTTISH RIFLES (CAMERONIANS) - BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE Nice One Look period example. Die struck. Sharp detail. As nice as they come. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 - SCOTTISH RIFLES (CAMERONIANS) - BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Good Great War shoulder title. Brass. Hex lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 - SEAFORTH HLDRS. \" T \" REMOVED BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Former Territorial shoulder. T removed. Soldier who has gone from a Territorial to a Regular Btn. Not uncommon to find this or maybe the 7 clipped to a 1. This one has evidence of having had a numbered " T " section above the Seaforth. Nice toned brass . V.G.C.
WW1 - ST. AAC (ST. ANDREW AMBULANCE CORPS) SHOU TITLE Rare WW1 shoulder title. Toned brass. 2 loops. V.G.C.
WW1 - T LONDON - BRASS SHOULDER TITLE - HEX LUGS Nice example. 3 hex lugs to back. Real deal, not spurious evil bay copy . V.G.C.
WW1 - T WILSON & SON BRITISH ARMY JACK KNIFE Good example with chequered grips. Copper lanyard ring. Decent blade with some darkening . No springing, it works well. Mkd. to T.Wilson- Sheffield. V.G.C.
WW1 - T. RAMC. HIGHLAND SHOULDER TITLE Brass. Uncleaned with nice toning and no rubbing or damage. 3 lugs. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 - T8 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SHOULDER TITLE SET Rare 3 part WW1 Territorial title for the 8th Btn. ( Dunoon ) of the A & S.H. Toned brass. T and 8 are seperate as opposed to the usual soldered together type. This I believe is an earlier configuration. v.g.c.
WW1 - THE ROYAL SCOTS BUTTON SWEETHEART Nice brass button fitted to brass pin type sweetheart brooch. V.G.C.
WW1 - UNITED PROVINCES HORSE ( ANGLO INDIAN ) CAP BADGE - J.R. GAUNT LONDON Rare cap badge. Silvered finish. Correct north & south lugs. J.R.Gaunt London brass tablet to the back and the usual high quality you find with Gaunt examples.. Old polish residue. V.G.C. The United Provinces Horse was an Auxilliary Force India unit. These were part time volunteers, British or Anglo-Indian who formed the rough equivalent of the British Territorial Force. Many were employed by British firms and the British-Indian government.
WW1 -BRITISH PROPAGANDA GERMAN IRON CROSS- BALLANTYNES FOUNDRY BONESS Rare example of these Iron Crosses produced for the British market as fund raisers and for Propaganda purposes. Used to mock the Germans and sometimes names were applied that were scenes of alleged atrocities by the Huns against Civilian populations. Scottish made one by Ballantynes Foundry in Bo Ness near Falkirk. Still in business to this day and procured directly from them as they still had a few a number of years ago, now all gone. Iron. Rare. V.G.C.
WW1 -PERTHSHIRE VOLUNTEERS (BLACK WATCH ) CAP BADGE WW1 Home Guard, affiliated to the Black Watch. Possibly silver. Uncleaned with dark age patina. East /west lugs. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 "SCOTIA" BRITISH JACK KNIFE Good example with good grips and decent blades. Copper lanyard ring. Mkd. to hilt " Scotia - J. Mc Clory - Sheffield ". V.G.C.
WW1 ( EARL OF CARRICKS OWN) AYRSHIRE YEOMANRY CAP BADGE Lovely toned example. 2 lugs to reverse. V.G.C.
WW1 / 2 SOLDIERS SHAVING RAZOR IN ISSUE /CARRY TIN Unusual piece being a issue shaving razor, all complete in it's green painted tin of issue. Marked "MADE IN U.S.A" to the bottom. Used by Doughboys, G.I.'s and also British servicemen.
WW1 / 2 - AUSTRALIAN OFFICERS SLOUCH HAT BADGE Unmarked silver or heavy plate. Collar dog size but with pin back. Well detailed. Kings Crown so could be either world war. Condition is, VGC
WW1 / 2 ROYAL ARTILLERY COLLECTION- BADGES COLLAR & SHOULDER TITLE PAIRS Nice collection of wartime Royal Artillery items comprising, cap badge, beret badge, collars, shoulder titles and lapel badge. All good condition.
WW1 / WW2 CALGARY HIGHLANDERS ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) CAP BADGE Very nice post 1902 example with KC. Retains almost all original bi metal finish. Good quality. Affiliated to the Argylls. V.G.C.
WW1 13TH/18TH ROYAL HUSSARS (QUEEN MARY'S OWN) COLLAR BADGE - FIRMIN MARKED Lovely example WW1 brass 13th/18th Royal Hussars collar badge. maker marked "FIRMIN LONDON" to rear.
WW1 1907 ENFIELD BAYONET - EFD - 1915 Clean bayonet with no rust or pitting. Good point. Grips good , working sprung button. Scabbard leather good. Metal scabbard parts repainted black at some point. Wartime or not ? I can't say. Nicely maker mkd., " E F D ", ( Enfield Smal Arms Factory ) and with a ' 15 (1915) issue mark.WD and crown plus other markings. Nice piece
WW1 1915 CANADIAN MADE JACK KNIFE M & D 1915 Rare WW1 jack knife used by both Canadian and British forces. Nicely stamped to handle. Blade good overall for it's age, some darkening which may clean up if desired. Some surface rust and also pitting to the riccasso making the makers details hard to read.That said it retains the original shape and has a good point. WD arrow in a circle to handle. Soldiers initials hand applied to grip " R P G " Spike and tin opener with some pitting. I'm painting a somewhat black picture when in fact this is a decent example compared to the few I've encountered in the past. Blades all work well , locking into position nicely. I always leave my items as they come in .
WW1 1916 ROYAL SCOTS BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE Great example with lovely age patina. Complete with red felt back. Scarce.
WW1 1917 REMINGTON BAYONET - WW2 BRITISH HOME GUARD USED Very good example with Remington and 1917 on one side of hilt and the other side with flaming bomb, Indian head and U.S. Good blade with a little very light surface rust, easily removed.Green leather scabbard in V.G.C.Handle with the official two burnt lines to distinguish it from Enfield models.Sprung button working. Has the original American belt attachment, leather part stamped " JEWELL 1917 ".
WW1 1918 DATED BRITISH WEBBING BAYONET FROG Rare broad bayonet frog. Maker mkd. ( indistinct ), 1918 date and WD arrow.
WW1 4/5TH SEAFORTH HLDRS. CAP BADGE Great War type often found as a pin back. Die struck with nice detail. Lugs. Left with it's age toning and old polish residue. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 4TH BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE Nice o/r's example with sharp detail. Die struck. V.G.C.
WW1 51ST HIGHLAND DIVISION BRODIE HELMET - 8TH. ARGYLLS Rare 2nd pattern Brodie with 4 vertical lines for the 8th Argylls.Div. stripes to both sides of the helmet.These have been originally red but have faded to almost black. Liner good condition but loose. Red Brodie stamp. Chin strap partially present and impressed with ( size ) 7.Most rough paint finish present to exterior. Felt crown pad good with no moth damage. Very rare helmet with these markings.
WW1 5TH & 4TH/5TH SEAFORTHS SERGEANTS CAP BADGE Rare Territorial badge. Correct pin back. Good chunky example. Sutherland wildcat and Sans Peur (without fear) motto. Worn by sergeants of both battalions until disbandment in 1946.
WW1 5TH BTN. SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS LIEUTENANT'S CAP BADGE Very rare and of the pattern locally made in Beauly and the like. Silver plated nickel . One Feather for Lieutenant. Some polishing and finish loss but the real deal.
WW1 5TH BTN. SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS MAJOR'S BADGE Exceedingly rare badge. 3 feathers for Major. Of the pattern locally made in Beauly and the like. Silver plated nickel . Some finish loss and polishing to high points.
WW1 5TH DRAGOON GUARDS SHOULDER TITLE Good condition bi metal title and c/w it's brass backing plate. Hex. lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 5TH SEAFORTH HLDRS. CAP BADGE Good example in white metal. Nicely toned. Correct pin back as worn exclusively by the 5th Btn.( 4th/5th has loops ). Sutherland wild cat and Sans Peur (Without Fear) motto. V.G.C.
WW1 5TH, 4/5TH SEAFORTHS OFFICERS CAP BADGE A genuine example of this super rare badge. This badge is very contentious with all different opinions running around as to what makes an authentic example. Most people have never actually seen one of these never mind owned one. In my experience there are 2 main variants. One is the hallmarked version which is of high quality and carries hallmarks for the Great War. The other is the locally made versions , much cruder and made by jewellers in Beauly and other highland towns. These are most definitely not pin back. There is no room for a pin so the tosh about they should be always be pin back, is just that. That holds for the Sgts. badge only.Another myth is the feathers should not project above the glengarry, not true, please see Dornoch history website where there is a period photo of an officer wearing this badge with the feathers clearly seen worn well above the height of the glengarry This one I have is a Beuly made one and came from an impeccable source which I will pass on to the buyer. Lovely condition, silver washed finish Please note, the copies of these are very clever and in most cases of much higher quality than originals with SILVER stamped to the feathers. This one is guaranteed 100% original and has never been on the market .
WW1 8TH CAMERON HIGHLANDERS BRASS TAG Brass tag I normally associate with being attached to kit. This one has 8th Camerons and " Shandy " ? Soldiers nickname, Regimental Mascot ? Honestly I don't know but nice piece for the Camerons collector. V.G.C.
WW1 9TH H.L.I. - GLASGOW HLDRS. BLUE ENAMEL/SILVER SWEETHEART - LARGE This is a seldom encountered example of sweetheart more in the style of the tortoiseshell type. Sky blue enamel on silver with hand etched Regimental device to centre. Nicely stamped to rear "F.F.G. STERLING SILVER". Large size approx. 3 cm in diameter. No enamel damage.
Ww1 9TH H.L.I. (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) SILVER & ENAMEL BAR BROOCH Nice silver example. Mkd. " I.L.M. Sterling " to the bar. Good red / blue enamel. Circa WW1. V.G.C.
WW1 9th H.L.I. OFFICERS CUFF RANK TUNIC A stunning early war officers tunic to the 9th Highland Light Infantry.Totally original and never offered for sale before. Full complement of Regimental buttons. Bronze collars with brass "T" ( Territorial) below. Pre 1916 cuff rank. Correct heavy cord material. Good size for Great War. 38 ins. chest to suit approx 5.8" height. Slight fraying to cuffs otherwise near perfect. Very Rare. Please note, tartan breeches are for display only. An absolute steal at this price for such a rare pre 1916 tunic.
WW1 9TH H.L.I. SILVER & ENAMEL BAR BROOCH Scarce Great War sweetheart to the Glasgow Hldrs. Stamped Silver to back. Undamaged blue and red enamel inlay. Nice
WW1 9TH H.L.I. SILVER & ENAMEL SWEETHEART BROOCH Silver with red / blue enamel. Scarce V.G.C.
WW1 9TH H.L.I. SILVER SPORTS MEDAL Anything to the 9th Highland Light Infantry is scarce and this is no exception. Regimental cap badge type device to one side in the style of the Black Watch but with the scrolls reading "Glasgow Highlanders" and " 9th Batn. H.L.I " Likely for wrestling as the obverse has an adonis grappling with a lion. Measures 1 and a quarter inches approx. in diameter. V.G.C.
WW1 9TH H.L.I.SILVER & ENAMEL BAR BROOCH Very nice example of a Great War bar brooch. Sterling ( 925) silver set with red and blue enamels. No damage. Stamped to the back with makers initials and STERLING. V.G.C.
WW1 ALLIED NATIONS SOLDIER BANK Rare and attractive wooden bank featuring wooden hand painted figures of a Scott in full regalia, a Tommie, in fighting order, a French Souave and a Sailor. The souave has been a casualty and has lost his head , otherwise very good.
WW1 AMERICAN MADE JACK KNIFE Scarce American produced British army style jack knife produced for Canadian forces. Marked to riccasso "E.C.SIMMONS - KEEN KUTTER". Tin opener mkd., "Oil the Joints". Main blade good with some darkening. Knurled grips good as is lanyard ring. A nice example of a hard to come by knife.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HDRS. BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE Very good example of this scarce badge. Very slight rubbing to high points otherwise near mint.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HDRS. CAP BADGE Very nice example with nicely domed out fretted centre. Age toned. Well detailed.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS 1914 EDINBURGH SILVER FRETTED SWEETHEART BADGE Beautiful WW1 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders silver sweetheart badge. Fully fretted as per an officers cap badge but smaller. Very fine detail with hand piercing. Edinburgh silver hallmarked “I” for 1914. Maker marked H&I ( Hamilton & Inches ). Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS 1914 EDINBURGH SILVER SWEETHEART BADGE Fretted silver sweetheart badge. Edinburgh silver marked “I” for 1914.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS 1918 EDINBURGH SILVER SKEAN DHU Beautiful condition and belonged to Lt. General, F.C.C. Graham.No provenance on this unfortunately but came from a fellow officer back in the day. That aside it's a lovely example in Edinburgh silver with hallmarks for 1918 and maker mkd. for Anderson with a nice tablet on the back.All mounts very nicely cast and nice citrine to the top. Scabbard leather good and slightly shaped to the leg as one often finds with Argylls examples. Now exceedingly hard to find especially in this condition.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BADGE Nice white metal example. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BOXED SWEETHEART Available during the Great War. Patriotic badge brooch. Along the lines of the kilt sweetheart but much rarer. Original box with lid in Regimental tartan. Never taken from it's card insert so never worn. Large size Argylls brooch with silk bow and still amazingly with the sprig of heather. Super rare. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS EDINBURGH 1917 HALLMARK SILVER SKEAN DHU Now very difficult to find so get one now. Silver mounted sgian dhu with Edinburgh hallmarks for the Great War. Jeweller W & S (Wilson & Sharp) and with Edinburgh trademark thistle. Uncleaned with it's black patina peculiar to silver. Bog oak handle with silver studs and Argylls Regimental device. Leather covered wood scabbard with Celtic pattern silver mounts. Blade good with some surface rust, good point. Foiled citrine to top. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS FULLY FRETTED CAP BADGE Beautiful and scarce example with hand fretted thistles as well as lettering. 2 copper lugs wide apart. Tail down . Rare. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS GLENGARRY Argylls glen in unissued type condition. Has silk tails, waxed cotton lining and leather trim. Small bit of mothing but when you see the condition overall you will be amazed. It has never been fitted with a badge however I can supply a WW1 period badge to suit should the buyer wish to purchase one. I would guess, issued to a soldier and never worn, likely because the unit were wearing Tams. very difficult to find original Glens still with their early silk tails. These were often cut off in the field. Scarce
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS GLENGARRY Good example of a Great War Argylls glengarry. Red / white diced band. Leather trim with retains the black finish and is in great shape. Clean waxed cloth interior. Tails removed as per Front Line service examples. Good badge that could do with a clean to just set the hat off nice. Approx. size 55/56. Now very hard to find, especially in this condition. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS MUFTI LAPEL BADGE BADGE Circa WW1. Brass and green enamel. Buttonhole fixing. Scarce type. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS NON VOIDED CAP BADGE Absolute beauty . Solid centre. All detail standing out in higher than usual relief. Very crisp. Nicely age toned. Way above average this one hence a bit more expensive.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS DRILL CANE Unique example. Jeweller made top with Cypher, Boars Head and Wild Cat to both sides , possibly fashioned from the centres of 2 officers silver badges. Below this on the top mount, 2 thistles. Stout thick cane . Bottom metal mount absent. Measures 34 and a half inches approx. Beautiful. Rare. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SHOULDER TITLE PAIR Nice brass sharp strike titles. Old polish residue to back. Matched pair. Now scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SILVER FOB / PENDANT Beautiful piece. Unmarked silver. For wear on watch chain or similar. Solid centre which is nicely domed out. Suspension loop to top. Tail Down cat. Rare. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SKEAN DHU ( SGIAN DHU ) Lovely maker marked example from around WW1 period. Jewllers tablet on the back for Anderson, George St. , Edinburgh. Nickel silver. Leather covered wood scabbard. Foiled citrine to top. Studded bog oak handle. Clipped back blade. The Real Deal in great condition for it's age. Unrestored. V.G.C. Scarce
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS SWAGGER STICK TOP Well detailed cane top with none of the usual rubbing and dents. Nickel silver. Top only.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS TAM O SHANTER Beautiful condition Tam with no moth or damage. Original to it Argylls cap badge with lovely toning but only one lug. Original cloth tie cord to back. Approx. size 56. Correct 4 eyelets to the back for the Great War and double stitched quilting, again as found on WW1 examples. No extra holes ,so has only ever had this badge. All original bonnets like this are now rare.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS WHITE FACE ENAMEL SWEETHEART BADGE Rarest of the white faces. Mint condition with no enamel damage. Searched for one of these for years before finding this one. Truly a thing of beauty. Regrettably now being sold. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS 1914 BIRMINGHAM HALLMARK SILVER RIFLE SWEETHEART Very rare item from my own collection. "Rifle" sweetheart in the form of a SMLE rifle with sling and bayonet. Original pin fitting. Hand engraved Cat and Boars Head in rose gold. Mounted on silver H/M rifle. Jeweller stamped "A. Bros."(Ahronsberg Bros.). Silver h/m's for Birmingham 1914. Beautiful.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS BRASS SHOULDER TITLE PAIR Lovely matched pair of collars. Brass. C/w their cotter pins. Very difficult to find now especially a matched pair. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS CAP BADGE - RARE BRASS LOOPS Nice toned example. This one with rare flat brass loops cut from sheet brass as opposed to the normal wire type. These I've only encountered on Scottish badges and I'm unsure if they were for a specific type of headgear or a manufacturing variant ? Rare
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS COMBAT WORN UNIFORM Rarely does a genuine battle worn uniform come up for sale. Especially to the Argylls. Comprises 1. Tunic in heavy corded material. Cuff rank for a captain. Two wound stripes. Regimental buttons (maker marked). Military cross ribbon to chest. Evidence of captains pips to epaulettes. Good size 38-40 chest. Named label to inside (indistinct). Some barb wire repairs, interestingly he has cut a piece of cloth from inside the tunic to repair a tear on the shoulder. 2. Heavy corded breeches. Good battle worn condition and still with candle grease spots to front from where he has been working in his dug out. Good size and still with original drawstrings to legs and leather panels. 3. Brodie helmet with divisional sign. Red diamond to front of heavily textured helmet, The name \"BOWER\" to inside. I can not confirm this was definately the name of the officer althought all the items were found together in a trunk in a large house in the 1960\'s. Helmet V.G.C.. with clear red brodie stamp. A great \"been there\" uniform that evokes images of the trenches . Guaranteed 100% original and from my own private collection.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS EDINBURGH H/M SILVER SGIAN DHU Retailed by Meyer & Mortimer - London with 1918 Edinburgh silver hallmarks. Studded bog oak handle. Clipped back clean blade. Very well detailed. Foiled citrine to top. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS FULL KILT APRON Argylls stamped aqpron c/w soldiers army no. (name to buyer). Good condition overall. Some moth nips to rear, see photos. All 3 ties good . Pleated back. Horn button to pocket. All original, attributable and rare.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS OFFICERS BI- METAL COLLAR DOG PAIR Beautiful pair of Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders silver and gilt collar dog. Single post to rear on each collar.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS SWAGGER STICK Very good example with nickel silver top. Not much denting on this one and the Regimental device is in nice high relief. Loved toned cane and still with it's metal tip. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS TERRITORIAL OFFICERS DIRK BELT Beautiful officers dirk belt circa WW1. Silver brocade for Territorials as opposed to gold for Regulars. Red Morocco leather to the inside. C/w it's original curved officers buckle. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - CROSS HILTED FIELD OFFICERS SWORD Rare sword and of the pattern associated with the Argylls. This ties in exactly with the history of the sword as it was one of 3 swords recently acquired by me as a direct veterans family purchase and the family members were ex Argylls and the other 2 swords had Argyll etched blades ( name to buyer ). Argylls pattern hilt with fish skin grip bound with silver wire. Original red tassle present to pommel. Acid etched blade This is a good example of this sought-after pattern of sword. This particular example has a hilt design that is associated with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; it bears the Wilkinson blade No 51460 which puts its date of manufacture between 1914 and 1918. The grip and hilt are in good order with just some slight loss of shagreen to the grip. The wiring is intact and there is only some slight loss of plating to the cross-guard and the pommel. The blade is tarnished overall and there is some light pitting near the hilt. The etching is clear and sharp, however, and both sides of the blade are decorated with the thistles of Scotland with the GRV cypher also to one side of the blade. The leather service scabbard is in excellent order; it is complete and undamaged and carries the ball chape that is a distinguishing feature of most Scottish sword scabbards.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - KILT SWEETHEART C/W BOX Fine condition kilt sweetheart in it's original tartan top card box and with "A &S.H.” sticker. Brooch is in excellent condition with 6 white tassles on black horsehair. Unusual cantle to the sporran with thistle design and raised centre , this with "A & S.H." in blue enamel. Rare. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. - OFFICERS LEATHER TOOL POUCH Good rare piece of officers kit being a Morocco leather pouch containing a variety of tools. "A & S.H." marked to outside flap. 2 press stud fixings in good order. Tools all makermarked. "Booths". Felt flap present. Leather good. Great War or earlier. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. 1916 DATED GLENGARRY Straight out the weeds Argylls Great War glengarry. Approx size 56. Tails removed as per front line service.Original to it Argylls cap badge. Leather trim. Clean interior . Original makers label with 1916 date, rare to find this. Now rare.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. BRASS ECONOMY SOLID CENTRE BRASS CAP BADGE Scarce solid centre example. Very well detailed. Unusual with the solid centre.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. BRASS/ENAMEL LAPEL BADGE Good heavy badge in the style of early sports medals but a pin back variant for wear as a lapel badge. Toned brass with enamel in Regimental colours. Argylls device in relief to the centre. Period pin to back. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. CAP / COLLAR BADGE Great War tail down example. Worn both as a collar and cap badge. Officers cast example. As per collar badge but with added scrolls to the bottom. I have period photos of these being worn on the Tam O Shanter in WW1. Cast construction. Old polish residue to back. Lugs. Scarce V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. CAP BADGE Striking example. Curved north south to suit the Tam O Shanter. Sharp, deep detail. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. CAP BADGE WITH TARTAN PATCH Nothing that special about this except it is a super " Been There " example and still with it's regimental patch as worn on the T.O.S.. Also has a small piece of red behind the voiding in the centre which I suspect is from a leg flash. Beautifully toned and uncleaned. Just a nice thing that could no doubt tell a few stories.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. GLENGARRY Very good example in a large size 58 approx. No moth, nice supple leather trim. Clean inside. Came without a badge but there was a clear impression on the cloth where it had been. I've added a period badge. Tails removed as per the norm for front line service as they were a hindrance to the wearer as well as being a highway for lice to travel on.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. KILT Good attributed kilt re issued inter war. 2nd name is Conlon, this written over original Great War soldiers name. Good overall for age. Front panel with 2 small holes and a half inch tear. These not noticeable when against the inside apron.Approx 33 inch waist for 5' 8'' inches height. Correct no buckles as on early examples these having been pinned at the time although they sometimes turn up with later fitted buckles. Box pleats. No label. Low price
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. KILT APRON - K.I.A. Very good condition full wrap round kilt cover. A &S.H. stamped to inside as well as with the soldiers Regimental no. Number attributable to ; John Dickson, 2nd Btn.. Embarked for France 1-10-15. Killed 13 - 6 -16. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. KILT SWEETHEART Very nice example with the kilt intact. Swinging 6 sporran. To the top a nickel sweetheart type badge with undamaged blue and red enamel. Fine example.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. MOTHER OF PEARL SWEETHART BROOCH Silver plated brass with dark age patina. Will clean up beautifully if desired. Blue enamel with no damage. Real Mother of Pearlback plate. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. NON VOIDED CAP BADGE - DOMED CENTRE As nice as they come. Well detailed , solid centre which has been nicely domed out giving the badge a really good look. No rubbing or polishing. Excellent condition.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. O/R\'S TUNIC One I don't think this one could be bettered. Beautiful condition WW1 highland cut away o/r's tunic by Moore and Taggart of Glasgow. Very good size for WW1 being approx. 38/40 chest. Khaki lining cloth as found on these tunics. Argylls brass buttons. Evidence of having had shoulder titles. One very small hole otherwise as nice as they come with no moth. Tunics like this are extremely difficult to find and this was one of two I got last year from a house in Oban. Tunic only. The following is an excerpt from an article on Great War tunics from the GWF. Late war tunics and Canadian tunics did have khaki liners and late war ones also had stitched labels. When troops returned home their old war worn uniforms (which only survived about 1 month of front line wear) were taken off and destroyed, new ones were issued so the troops looked good when they disembarked in Folkestone, Dover etc. For these reasons most surviving genuine WW1 O.R. uniforms will be late war productions and could therefore have tan liners and stitched labels. Indeed I would be far more wary if I saw a tunic with white liner and remains of a paper label. The misunderstanding that all WW1 liners were white with paper labels is quite common. WW1 seems to have been the swan song for Moore Taggart & Co as military outfitters and they featured strongly in the kitting out of Canadian units over the period 1913-14.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICER SILVER FROSTED CAP BADGE Beatiful silver washed cap badge. Die struck. Most of the silver frosting present. Fully fretted centre. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS BROADSWORD Scarce First World War Scottish Officers Cross Hilt Broad Sword. This type of nickle cross guard and bun pommel was used by the seaforth highlanders, the Cameron highlanders and the Argyle and Sutherland highlanders. Wire bound, shaggreen (shark skin) grip. Approx. 33” (84cm) blade with one centred fuller (blood groove) engraved with the GVR cypher and scottish thistles and the star of David with a brass “proved” mark in the centre – Proved mark for Thurkle, London). Engraved to one side of the ricasso is “London made”. Wooden leather covered service scabbard with nickle scabbard throat. Good condition overall with some dark finger staining to the blade. Just under 41” (104cm) overall length. .
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS CAP BADGE One of nicest fretted badges I've had the pleasure of owning. Die struck silver plate with beautiful fretting to both the thistles and centre. Near mint condition , one wire lug a period replacement. I've shown it against a red felt patch to show the fine fretting, patch not included.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS DIRK BELT PLATE Very good example from my personal Argylls collection. Concave back plate. Silver fittings. Nice toning and still with original back pins. Officers name, " WILSON " scratched to back. Some light surface polishing otherwise VGC
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS FRETTED CAP BADGE Good w/m example for wear in the field. The more squat shape as found on early examples up to WW1. Fully fretted centre and thistles also cut out as per officers pattern.Old pink polish residue to back. Low price. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. OFFICERS SILVER /GILT COLLAR Beautiful example I took from an old moth eaten scarlet tunic. As nice as they come with beautiful detail and all gilt finish present . Silver is black as it should be in it's uncleaned state but will come up nicely if desired. As nice as they come.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. PAINTED MINIATURE AND ONE MORE Very well painted miniature of an Argylls officer in his Great War uniform. Nice depiction and the officers fretted badge is clearly visible. In it's period frame. Accompanied by a black and white photograph of another family member, again in it's period frame. Measures approx.4 and a half inches by 3 and a half. This is Not a tinted photo rather an artist painting often done by better off families prior to their loved ones going off to war.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. PLATED BRASS ECONOMY BADGE Unusual example from the Great War. Not the normal brass economy variant , rather thin sheet brass given a silver colour wash. The brass base metal showing through on some of the high points. Very flat and thin as sometimes found on WW1 badges. Short lugs. Seldom encountered variant.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SERGEANTS CAP BADGE Cracking badge with the fully fretted centre as worn by sergeants in the Great War. Very substantial with the weight of a cast badge although die struck. Red garter flash has been cut to go behind the fretted part which was an Argyll thing, also still on it's glengarry rosette. Loads of old pink polish residue to back.Period replaced lead soldered lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SGTS. DRILL CANE A real rarity. Imagine a swagger stick but about 4 times fatter and longer and you're close to what this is like. Nice undented top with the Regimental device in high relief. Slight warp to the shaft but a really nice piece usually handed on to the next drill sergeant so not many around. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILK EMBROIDERED HANKIE Beautifully hand embroidered silk hankerchief.Lace trimmed. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER SWEETHEART Beautiful. Unmarked cast silver. A 2/3'rds size collar type device but in silver. Well detailed and chunky. Scrolls below the Cat & Boars head with mottos , " Ne Obliviscaris & Sans Peur ". Overlong pin and also safety chain safety ring. Beautiful thing and a rarity. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. SILVER SAND CAST CAP BADGE WW1 cap badge, In Theatre made, most likely Palestine or Mesopotamia. Cast silver and with wire loops. Good detail and high relief. Looks really nice and is a rarity as these locally made badges rarely turn up and in 40 years of collecting Argylls this is the only one I've ever seen or had. Part of the down sizing of my personal collection.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. TRENCH ART BUCKLE Brass buckle hand engraved with Argylls Regimental device and YPRES 1916. Good condition Great War original.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. TRENCH ART CARVING A nice unusual piece being an Argyll soldier hand carved out from a piece of mahogany. Nice relief. Approx. 6 inches tall. Soldiers initials " M.T." to rear. V.G.C.
WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.FOB / PENDANT More unusual than a sweetheart. This variant has a suspension ring at the top likely for fob chain. Mother of pearl back plate with nice brass /enamel centre in the form of an Argylls cap badge. The obverse with clear window for inserting photo or similar. Condition is excellent.
WW1 ARGYLL &SUTHERLAND FRAMED PHOTO Cracking piece which I have owned for many years but have decided to let go . Gilded metal frame with dimpled finish and Argylls cap badge device. C/w it's original photograph of a young WW1 A &S.H. soldier. Edinburgh framers label to back. Rare
WW1 ARMY CYCLISTS GILDED CAP BADGE Good strike and retaining almost all it's original gilded finish. Possibly an officers example ? Slider back.
WW1 ARMY SCOTTISH TROOPS KILT PIN Genuine large size kilt pin for pinning the kilt at the waist. Most Great War kilts had no buckles and these large substantial pins were used. Bit of rusting to the finish. Rare piece. V.G.C.
WW1 ARTILLERY BRONZE OFFICERS BADGE - GAUNT TABLET Mint condition bronze RA officers badge. 3 blades. J.R.Gaunt brass tablet to rear. Usual high quality from Gaunt and with the tablet makes it a rare thing.
WW1 ARTISTS RIFLES (S A S) SHOULDER TITLE Very rare brass title the WW1 type hex lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 AUCHTERARDER SPECIAL CONSTABLES LAPEL BADGE Very rare item. In 1914 the town of Auchterarder in Perthshire created an establishment for 60 Specials for security duties. Gilt and coloured enamel. Reads, " Auchterarder Town Guard 1914 - 1916".
WW1 AUSTRALIA SHOULDER TITLE Good example with nice age toning. Good lugs top rear
WW1 BATTLEFIELD MAP - LA BASSEE - 1ST MIDDLESEX 100% original officers map in superb condition. Drawn on a waxed waterproof paper. All the detail is there. Signed and also marked up to the 1st Middlesex. Excellent and very rare.
WW1 BAVARIAN NCO'S PICKLEHAUBE - NAMED & UNIT MKD Very good leather skull picklehaube with brass fittings. Nco's example so has chin scales as per officers type but leather liner, not officers leather and silk. Chin scales. Original State and National cockades. Bavarian state helmet plate with no additional holes and still retained by the original leather tangs. Rear spine with breather. Good leather liner. Soldiers cloth name tag attached to body under the liner with clear soldiers name and rank and Infantry Rgt. 94 ? . There is also a 2nd name hand applied to the rear peak. Large size for the period, approx. 57. Some crazing to the shellac finish but overall this one is in great shape and none of the usual replaced cockades, fake chin straps etc.
WW1 BLACK WATCH BI-METAL LONG SCROLL CAP BADGE - 3-PIECE CONSTRUCTION Very good sharp detail example likely for a sergeant. No rubbing or damage. 3 piece, silver St. Andrew. Very striking.
WW1 BLACK WATCH OFFICERS LONG SCROLLS CAP BADGE Fine Great War example. Unmarked silver. 3 piece construction. long scrolls. Nice heavy one. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH SPORRAN BADGE Nice o/r's white metal example. Good detail. 2 lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH - PERTHSHIRE VOLUNTEERS - HOME GUARD CAP BADGE Good example in either silver or heavy silver plate. This unit were raised for home defence in the Great War. " Perthsire Volunteers - 1916 " on a seeded ground. Fluted star to the centre. No rubbing. Lugs a bit bent otherwise, V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH - PERTHSHIRE VOLUNTEERS 1916 CAP BADGE Scarce o/r's example in white metal. Dark age toning. Good detail. Lugs to rear , one bent.No rubbing to high points. Black Watch affiliated Home Guard unit
WW1 BLACK WATCH BADGE UNUSUAL HEX LUGS Good white metal example with unusual hex lugs as usually found on shoulder titles. Made like this, not conversion. Good detail, no rubbing or damage. v.g.c.
WW1 BLACK WATCH BI-METAL OFFICERS BADGE - LONG SCROLLS Fine example for either officers or Snco's. Die struck, long scrolls.No rubbing or damage. 3 piece construction with silver " Jimmy" to the centre. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Now very hard to obtain in a sea of fakes. Brass , nicely toned with hex lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH BRASS/ENAMEL RIFLE SWEETHEART BROOCH Good example which belonged to a W.Mc Gregor who served with the Black Watch in WW1. Enamel good, butt with a little verdigris.Original pin and hook. Good detail. Scarce
WW1 BLACK WATCH BRONZE CAP BADGE Rare WW1 bronze cap badge. Die struck and retaining most of it's bronzed finish with some slight loss to the high points. Either for officers OSD or an economy badge.
WW1 BLACK WATCH BRONZE MUFTI BADGE - GAUNT Usually lapel badges are silver so nice to get a quality bronze example. Very well detailed as per Gaunt pieces. Stamped to rear " J.R. GAUNT - LONDON ". V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH BUTTON SWEETHEART - C/W ORIGINAL CARD Nice button sweetheart. Still on it's original card. Numbered to back. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE Very good example of a WW1 badge for the Royal Highlanders. Kings Crown and pre 1936 version with scrolls. Scarce brass loops occasionally found on Great War examples. Nicely shaped for the T.O.S.
WW1 BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE No nonsense One Look w/m ,o/r's badge. With scrolls as found on pre 1936 examples. Good soldiers badge, not ex stores.
WW1 BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE Particularly nice one this. Very sharp crisp strike. Great detail. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH COMFORTS FUND DUNDEE FUNDRAISING LAPEL BADGE Very good condition with no damage to red/navy blue enamel. Maker stamped to rear. Pin back. Scarce.
WW1 BLACK WATCH KIA GROUP Awesome straight from the house large group of items to Pte. Reith , Black Watch. Very young soldier as seen in the cabinet photograph. Plaque in original wartime blackened brass Maltese cross type frame. Medals in a period frame with remains of his poppy. Gold locket with photograph plus other lockets with pictures of him and other family members and parents. Scroll and condolence slip contained in their card tube of issue with family address. Brass sewing kit with contents. A profusion of items, see pics. All untouched and how they came from the house.
WW1 BLACK WATCH KILT Lovely condition Great War kilt with no moth or damage. Knife pleats. Good size 34' waist. No buckles as per early examples. It's had poppers fitted at a later date around the top band. Correct heavy weight and colours for WW1. No labels or marks.
WW1 BLACK WATCH MINIATURE DRUM Rare piece likely from the officers mess for holding cigarettes.Very precisely detailed. Metal. As per the real drums of the period. Hand painted with Regimental device and Battle Honours. Rope tension.Even has the tensioners and snares to the bottom. Approx. 3 by 3 inches. Rare piece of Regimental ephemera.
WW1 BLACK WATCH OFFICERS BALMORAL C/W BADGE & HACKLE Rare officers balmoral for the Royal Hldrs. Good condition with no moth. Broad silk band to lower edge. Silk tails a/f. Beautiful long scroll officers badge and original period hackle. There will be a copy of the photograph shown with the officer wearing said bonnet included in the sale along with his name to buyer. There is an example of this type of bonnet shown in the Bodworth book on Great War uniforms. Very rare and straight from the soldiers great grandson.
WW1 BLACK WATCH OFFICERS BI METAL GLENGARRY BADGE Excellent example with long scrolls. 3 piece construction. Good strong lugs to rear. Sharp detail. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH OFFICERS CAP BADGE Very nice officers badge in heavy silver plate. Jimmy is silver plated. Cast silver star. Long scrolls. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH OFFICERS CAST SILVER CAP BADGE Very nice 3 piece example that has been, Shaped to Cap by the officer. Cast silver Star of the Order of the Thistle with bolt on centre piece I usually associate with Anderson made examples. Long scrolls. Nice detail and toning. No rubbing or damage. Striking looking badge. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH OFFICERS DIRK BELT PLATE - FIRMIN Lovely example. Officers bi metal cap badge type device on a seeded back plate. Nicely mkd. to rear. Kings crown. V.G.C. Scarce
WW1 BLACK WATCH OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE - LONG SCROLLS Fine Great War example. Unmarked silver. 3 piece construction. long scrolls. Nice heavy one. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE - LONG SCROLLS Top end 7 piece officers badge in unmarked silver with nicely gilded centre with separately fixed silver St. Andrew. Also separately applied long scrolls reaching right out to the edges of the star. This is not your usual die struck example, rather of a much more elaborate construction and quality. These badges in general have become virtually unobtainable in the last year and ones like this rarely turn up. Not a cheap badge but worth the extra. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH OFFICERS TAM O SHANTER / BALMORAL - PERTH MAKER Very rare piece of headgear being a khaki balmoral as worn in small numbers by Scottish officers in the Great War. Good size 57/58. Double stitched quilted lining which is correct for the period. Original to it Red Hackle. Perth makers label " A. Darling & Co. Original tails absent, likely period removed as there is some stitching that looks like it's been there to stop fraying and it was common practice in the front line to remove tails from headgear. Good condition
WW1 BLACK WATCH PIPERS PLAID BROOCH - ANDERSON EDINBURGH Beautiful plaid brooch, nice domed shape with outstanding detail.Jewellers tablet to rear with " ANDERSON & SONS - GEORGE STREET - EDINBURGH ". Slightly overlong pin , correct for the period. One small ding to outside of quoit probably from the guys pipes. Centre applied with domed rivets. I've left it uncleaned but this will clean up nicely and will look amazing. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH RIFLE SWEETHEART Very nice WW1 Black Watch rifle sweetheart. Brass and enamel. Scarce.
WW1 BLACK WATCH SGTS / OFFICERS CAP BADGE - J R GAUNT TABLET Rare Gaunt example of a WW1 Black Watch snco' / officers bi metal cap badge. Die struck. Long scrolls. Very well detailed. J.R. Gaunt London tablet to top rear. Interesting period conversion to pin and hook and back to lugs. 3 piece construction. Lovely dark age toning. Will clean up a treat if desired.
WW1 BLACK WATCH SNCO'S CAP BADGE - GAUNT Excellent badge as you expect from Gaunt. Long scroll type. 3 piece. Silver St. Andrew. All finish to centre present. J.R.GAUNT tablet to rear. Fine example.
WW1 BLACK WATCH SPORRAN BADGE Very nice example as worn on the hair sporran in the Boer and Great War. Large single post fixing which is correct for that period. Polished finish. V.G.C.
WW1 BLACK WATCH TINTED PHOTO MINIATURE- BOXED Beautiful piece. Black Watch soldier with red hackle visible on his Tam O Shanter. Service dress tunic and also shows what looks like a haversack strap ? Nicely tinted photo which was originally stuck in place in the purpose made period box. Silk and velvet lined , some fraying to silk. Leather covered wood outer. Rare.
WW1 BLACK WATCH WHITE FACE SWEETHEART - RARE Don't get a lot of these turning up to the Black Watch and I've never even seen one to the Argylls (If anyone has one and would be willing to sell, please let me know.) Excellent example this one with all it's white enamel back ground as well as the blue & red enamel inlay. Lovely.
WW1 BLACK WATCH/ GORDONS TAM O SHANTER - ATTRIBUTED Good example of a Great War Tam nicely marked up inside with the soldiers details. S / 10471, John Gray - 2nd Royal Hldrs. and 1st Garrison Btn. Gordon Hldrs, S / 19465. The bonnet is marked up to the Gordons although it's never had a badge fitted and the rare 1st War Red Hackle is original to it. It's possible he continued to wear the Black Watch hackle after his transfer ? Big size and great large shape. Correct double eyelets to rear and still with the original tightening cord. Size 58 approx. WD stamp and date letter P. Also 59. Correct double stitched quilting for the Great War. A couple of very small moth nips. Rare
WW1 BLACK WW1 BRASS LAPEL BADGE - GAUNT Super brass mufti badge, nicely aged toned. Brass or bronze. Good detail as usual from Gaunt examples. Maker mkd. to rear. V.G.C.
WW1 BOYS BRIGADE H/M 1916 BIRMINGHAM SILVER MEDAL Good Great War hallmarked medal. Excellent condition. Bargain price
WW1 BRASS ARMY PIPERS SLEEVE BADGE WITH BACKING PLATE Very nice brass example with original oval metal back plate. Nicely toned. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 BRASS HANDLED KNUCKLE DUSTER FIGHTING KNIFE The rare 1918 pattern L.F. & CO brass handle trench knife. This one retains it's original dark finish and has not been polished up like most. Good blade with no issues and good original finish . Scabbard good but as usually found, the fragile belt clip to the rear is absent. Scabbard also stamped with "L.F.& CO. 1918" Very nice example
WW1 BRASS MAJORS CROWNS C/W BACKING PLATES Nice matched pair of Majors crowns as worn in WW1 and WW2. C/w metal backing plates and card spacers used by the officer.
WW1 BRITISH - SGT. MAJORS LEATHER WATCH / RANK WRISTBAND WW1 leather watch strap with applied insignia . This is how it came in along with other WW1 items from a vets family. Nice supple leather with Sgt. Majors brass crown. V.G.C.
WW1 BRITISH 1915 DATED PICK SHAFT Rare bit of kit. Great War pick axe handle. Amazing condition for age. Marked and dtd. ( see pics ). V.G.C. The postage is calculated by the weight. A partial postage refund will issue to the UK buyer after checkout.
WW1 BRITISH 1915 DTD. BACK PACK From a deceased Black Watch officers son. Mint condition webbing large pack. Nice clear makers details, date and W.D. arrow. Looks unused. Rare
WW1 BRITISH 1917 DATED WIRE CUTTERS Good condition set of issue cutters. Nicely marked up, " C.W. CHELSMAN - 1917 ". Working with no looseness to joints.
WW1 BRITISH ARMY JACK KNIFE Now rare in this condition. A fine example by Bird & Co - Sheffield. Good blade with some dark patches. Good grips c/w lanyard ring (this loose). As nice as they come.
WW1 BRITISH ARMY JACK KNIFE - CLARKE & SON As WW1 jack knifes go this one is a good example. Blade retains it's original shape and size and has not been honed down. One small ding on the sharp edge near the tip otherwise good. No pitting or darkening, it's uncleaned but I imagine it would clean up nicely if desired. Can opener is good , has some darkening but no pitting. No springing and all components lock firmly into place. Copper shackle. Maker mkd. to ricasso.
WW1 BRITISH ARMY JACK KNIFE - FRANK MILLS SHEFFIELD Good condition with chequered slab grips. Blade and tin opener. good for age.
WW1 BRITISH ARMY JACK KNIFE - MAKER MKD. Good condition example by Harrison of Sheffield. Exceptionally clean blade and good chequered design handle.
WW1 BRITISH LEATHER PISTOL HOLSTER Good "Been There" example in stout brown leather. Brass D ring for attaching to the Sam Browne. All stitching good. For 38 Enfield or Webley.
WW1 BRITISH OFFICERS LEATHER WHIP ATTRIBUTED Officers leather whip in excellent condition. From the estate of Thos. Ronald Millar a WW1 officer from Lanarkshire.
WW1 BRITISH OFFICERS PRIVATE PURCHASE KHAKI TUNIC Near mint with no moth or damage and in a good size, approx. 40 inch chest. Correct tri cot material. WW1 ribbon bar to left breast. Full complement of leather football type buttons. Broad pleat to back. No maker marks or stampings. Waist belt with button fastening. V.G.C.
WW1 BRITISH OFFICERS SWORD FROG FOR SAM BROWNE Good condition leather sword frog for use with the Sam Browne equipment. Stout leather and still very supple with no stitching faults or issues. V.G.C.
WW1 BRITISH RAW EDGE BRODIE Good example of the now very rare raw edge Brodie helmet. Good percentage of original tan paint. Liner good and chin strap all complete and in good condition if perhaps a little dry. No evidence of a red Brodie stamp but that is not unusual on very early liners. Felt crown pad with some mothing. Original draw string present. Hard to find a complete one now as most in the market have absent liners. Marked to shell, HS ( Hadfields ) 237.
WW1 BRITISH ROYAL NAVY CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS CAP Nice moth free example. Good quality with well padded sides giving it that classic Great War shape. The rank badge is for a Chief Petty Officer. Size approx. 55. Faint makers details to crown. V.G.C.
WW1 BRITISH SMALL PACK Good all complete example. Back top and bottom buckles present. Stampings indistinct but looks like M.E 7 CO. and 18 dtd and WD arrow. Some stains but otherwise very good. Priced to sell.
WW1 BRITISH SOLDIERS ROLLED GOLD PENDANT- PHOTOS Beautiful piece. Oval shaped with rolled gold frame. Depiction of Tommie in uniform to the obverse. To the rear, a tinted image of Kitchener. Suspension ring to top. Not sure of regiment , cap badge would appear to have Prince of Wales feathers to the centre.
WW1 BRITISH TRENCH MIRROR WWI 'Vigilant' type Trench Mirror though likely this one was a trench made example as it does'nt close. Used to peer over parapets when fixed to the end of a bayonet. This one belonged to a Gordon Highlander and came in with his medals and other ephemera from his grandson. Name of soldier to the buyer. Good condition and saw Front Line use in France. Rare genuine piece and not to be confused with American types which are still readily available. V.G.C.
WW1 BRITISH WOUND STRIPE Estate fresh. Wound stripe from MM winners family. Twice wounded officer ( field promotion ). C/w backing plate which is well detailed. Slight verdigris to one corner of the back plate. Soldier was twice wounded and I have his 2nd stripe also for sale . V.G.C.
WW1 BRODIE HELMET C/W ORIGINAL SACKING COVER Rare these days to find a Brodie with it's cover. Found in a loft. Helmet itself is nice with good leather and retaining most of the original paint. Small dent to the crown. Top felt pad had some old moth but I've treated it just in case. Cover has it's string/twine tightener and is in good shape. Hadfield steel , 2nd pattern with applied rim. Red Brodie stamp. V.G.C.
WW1 BRODIE HELMET COVER - 1916 DATED - RARE - SCOTTISH Very rare to find a Great War helmet cover and exceedingly rare in this condition. Light brown canvas. Dated 1916 to inside and with WD arrow. Hand stitched piece of Lindsay tartan applied to outside. I can find no unit that used theis tartan despite checking Commonwealth details as well as British. If anyone has any ideas, please enlighten me. I suspect the soldiers name was Lindsay and he stitched a piece of clan tartan to the cover.Absolutely superb and still with original draw string. Shown on a Brodie, this not included in sale, cover only.
WW1 BRODIE HELMET WITH RARE BRODIE COVER - UNIT MKD. Nice condition helmet but what makes this special is the rare Brodie stamped cover. The stamp is the same as found inside the helmet liner. Only a handful of covers were produced with this stamp. As well as the stamp there are maker details and a 1916 date. Cover is canvas with a yellow triangle on the side with a black "2" to the centre. Unit unknown. If anyone can shed any light on this please let me know. The strap is named also to soldier. Fantastic !
WW1 BRTISH BAYONET -1916 DTD - SANDERSON Good WW1 Enfield bayonet. Dated ' 16. Profusely mkd. Crown and " G.R. ", SANDERSON, 1907, plus arsenal marks. Good leather scabbard. Clean blade with no pitting.Good wood slab grips. Very nice and all original
WW1 BUTTONS SWEETHEART ON ROLLED GOLD BAR Nice piece. 2 General Service cap strap buttons mounted side by side on a " Rolled Gold " mkd. bar. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERON BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Good example. Hex lugs. WW1. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERON HIGHLANDER INVERNESS SILVER OFFICERS CAP BADGE BY W.B.T Rare Inverness silver Cameron officers badge by William B. Taylor c.1910. Good condition and Inverness silver rarely turns up and is highly desirable both by Military and silver collectors.
WW1 CAMERON HIGHLANDERS 1915 B/HAM H/M SILVER BADGE This is a beautifully detailed badge with Birmingham hallmarks for 1915 and maker stamped : B & P" (Brent and Parker). 2 screw posts to rear likely for sporran or cross belt. No rubbing or damage. Mint
WW1 CAMERON HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Nicely toned white metal o/r's cap badge. Die struck.
WW1 CAMERON HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS 1915 EDINBURGH SILVER OFFICERS GLENGARRY BADGE Nice example. Edinburgh hallmarks for 1915 and makers stamped, " H.T. " (Henry Tatton ). Very finely detailed. Silver lugs. Black age toning as only found on real silver, will clean up nicely if desired Good price for a Scottish silver Great War officers badge. Scarce V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERON HLDRS BRASS SHOULDER TITLE. A genuine WW1 brass title. Uncleaned, unusual small loops and with age patina. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERON HLDRS. BRASS SHOULDER TITLE PAIR WW1, "Cameron” brass title pair. The Real Deal. Matched pair. Hex lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERON HLDRS. OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE - ANDERSON Very rare officers SBP for the Camerons. I could describe how beautiful this is but the photographs will speak for themselves.Seeded gilded backing plate. Silver Star of the Thistle on top of which is mounted a gilded strap and crown with raised centre.Mounted on the raised centre is a silver thistle surmounted by the Kings Crown. Egypt battle honour below sphinx. The raised centre gives this plate a stunning 3D effect with lots of depth. Rear has it's original fixings and 2 of the 3 pins. Raised jewellers tablet with "ANDERSON&SONS - GEORGE STREET - EDINBURGH" This one is worth pushing the boat out for.
WW1 CAMERON HLDRS. OFFICERS SILVER PLATED COLLAR BADGE Nice cast silver plate example with lovely detail. Plated lugs. V.G.C. Scarce.
WW1 CAMERON HLDRS. SHOULDER TITLE Good brass example with hexagonal lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERON HLDRS. SILVER H/M. PIPE MAJORS PLAID BROOCH - MKR. MKD Rare early pattern pipers plaid brooch. This one with Edinburgh hallmarks for 1911 and jewellers stamp "H & I" (Hamilton and Inches". Also stamped to rear "P (piper) 5". Oval shape with hand etched "CAMERON HIGHLANDERS". Stout original pin and hook. Just bought back in from customer. Beautiful example and rare in silver as any of these I've come across have been white metal. Presumably the Pipe Majors.
WW1 CAMERON HLDRS.- GILT/ENAMEL SWEETHEART Mint condition sweetheart brooch retaining it's gilded finish and undamaged blue enamel. Old style pin /hook arrangement with correct early overlong time. Real sleeper this one. Mint
WW1 CAMERON SHOULDER TITLE Good "CAMERON" pre 1922 title. Hexagonal lugs. Good condition.
WW1 CAMERONIAN BALL TOP SWAGGER STICK Now scarce walking out cane. Ball top with nice Regimental device in high relief. Original black finish to shaft. Metal tip present. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERONIAN SCOTTISH RIFLES WHITE FACE SWEETHEART BROOCH Scarce white face sweetheart. Some damage to enamel at the bottom. Complete with pin.
WW1 CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) VICTORY MEDAL Nice condition. No knocks or damage. Named to , "45686 Pte. W. Allan - Sco Rif." V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) CAP BADGE Good o/r's example with nice toning and sharp detail. Circa WW1. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) SGT'S CROSS BELT / POUCH BADGE Nice example in nickel silver. Circa 1903 to '52. Well detailed with no rubbing or damage. 3 lugs. Measures 3 and a half inches by 3 inches. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) BLACKENED SHOULDER TITLE Good condition blackened brass title. Two lugs to the reverse. Westlake 998 V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) CAP BADGE Well struck . W/m. Great detail with no rubbing or damage. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) ENAMEL & MOTHER OF PEARL SWEETHEART BROOCH Very attractive example of a WW1 sweetheart. Undamaged enamel inlay to regimental device in brass. Set on a Mother of Pearl ground. Silver outer band. As nice as they come.
WW1 CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) SERGEANT’S CAP BADGE Nice heavy cast example in the larger size worn by officers and SNCO's. Toned nickel silver. No rubbing or damage. Circa WW1. V.G.C.
WW1 CAMERONIANS BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE Scarce WW1 brass example. Great detail with lovely age patina. 2 lugs to rear.
WW1 CANADA 32ND C.E.F. BRONZE CAP BADGE Good condition bronze cap badge. Nice clear detail. Kings crown. 2 lugs to rear.
WW1 CANADA SHOULDER TITLE PAIR White on khaki embroidered. Moth hole to one title. Removed from uniform.
WW1 CANADIAN 43RD REGIMENT - CEF Nice bronze finish over brass. Age toned, old polish residue to the back. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 CANADIAN C.E.F. FRONT SERVICE LAPEL BADGE - NO. 397219 Nice Great War piece. Well made. Nice toning and no enamel damage. Numbered to the back. Rare. V.G.C.
WW1 CANADIAN CAP BADGE Good example of the standard WW1 cap badge. Well detailed. V.G.C.
WW1 CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE VETERANS NUMBERED BADGE Very nice condition badge given only to veterans of the Great War, I love the script on the back " Penalty for misuse, 500 dollar fine or 6 months imprisonment ". Also has the veterans unique number so researchable. Bronze with enamelled Union Jack. V.G.C.
WW1 CANADIAN NOVA SCOTIA HLDRS - C.E.F. - GLENGARRY Original Canadian Khaki Glengarry made by Ansley Dineen Hat and Fur Co. Limited Toronto 1916 Size 7 1/4, C Broad Arrow Marked, in good condition. There is light wear to the leather sweat band and some moth nips here and there. 193rd badge has a nice pickled finish. Badge has original lugs. (see photos). Rare
WW1 CANADIAN SCOTTISH CAP BADGE Nice condition o/r's badge in white metal. Very well detailed, no rubbing or damage.1 loop slightly twisted otherwise V.G.C.
WW1 CANADIAN TRENCH ART BUTTON FOB / LOCKET Nice Canadian soldier art piece being a brass tunic button converted to a hinged opening locket with provision for inserting a photo. Suspension ring to top. Nice piece.
WW1 CANADIAN TRENCH ART SWEETHEART PENDANT C/W PHOTO Made from a silver button. Open from the back. Photo of soldier's mother on one side & scratched MOTHER on the other side. Suspension ring.
WW1 CAVALRY MESS TINS C/W ISSUE COVER - DTD. Very rare to find a cover with these mess tins. The tins are maker mkd and dtd. to both parts but are different makers which is not uncommon. Top is mkd, " Inley & co. - London & Birmingham and dtd. 1915. The bottom is also 1915 dtd. and made by Ash Bros. London. Issue cover with WD arrow and makers details and 1918 date. Soldier applied number and possibly regiment to bottom. Original horn button This was not a set that sat out the war and any covers I've encountered were private purchase whereas this is an issue example.
WW1 CENTRE FRETTED KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) BADGE Nice example for the Kilmarnock bonnet. Nicely toned white metal. Extra fretting. Old polish to back. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 CHOCOLATE TIN - THE GIFT OF THE COLONIES Scarce tin in good shape. First World War period chocolate box. An example of one of the more unusual gift tins sent to members of HM Forces The tin bears the emblems of Trinidad, Grenada and St. Lucia and is marked : 'THE GIFT OF THE COLONIES OF TRINIDAD.GRENADA & ST. LUCIA TO HIS MAJESTY'S NAVAL & MILITARY FORCES and THIS CHOCOLATE IS MADE FROM COCOA GROWN IN TRINIDAD. GRENADA & ST. LUCIA.' 32 cm by 10 cm.
WW1 CITY OF GLASGOW RED CROSS SHOULDER TITLE British Red Cross Society City of Glasgow shoulder title set. A rare original for the British Red Cross Society City of Glasgow, 26 Detachment. Fretted brass . Hex lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 CONNAUGHT RANGERS BADGE - PIN BACK PAGRI BADGE Period pin back for use on the sun helmet. No evidence of having had lugs and is a proper jeweller applied pin and hook. Nice strike and no rubbing or damage. Rare as a pin back version. V.G.C.
WW1 CONNAUGHT RANGERS SLIDER BADGE Good Great War example. Nicely age toned brass. Slider. Kings Crown. Old polish to back. Great condition and nice it's been used and not ex stores. V.G.C.
WW1 DCM WINNERS COMMEMORATIVE BRODIE HELMET - LEICESTER RGT. One off painted Brodie attributed to Sgt. H. Ashton DCM, 1/4th Leicester Regiment. Nicely painted with crossed flags and Battle Honours. Has top felt pad and chin strap remnants only to the inside. Very striking piece, dirty and dusty as it came to me. Back on due to non payer.
WW1 DEATH PLAQUE CARD BOX. Great condition card box for Death Card.
WW1 DEATH PLAQUE CARDBOARD BOX Near mint condition plaque box retaining it's original colour and finish. As nice as they come.
WW1 DEATH PLAQUE. Mint condition straight from the family home. " Harold Arter ".
WW1 DENTAL CORPS OFFICERS BADGE - GAUNT Good bronze officers badge with good blades to rear. Incised " J.R.GAUNT LONDON " V.G.C.
WW1 DOUBLE BRACED SAM BROWNE - 1917 - WALSALL Very cool matched set double braced Sam Browne In good condition and not a marriage as both cross straps are clearly impressed " J. HARVEY & CO. LTD. - WALSALL - GATE (? ) and 1917. The belt itself is dtd. 1917 on the tang. One cross strap has the internal leather loop for crossing the straps. Good condition and quality, approx up to 34 waist.All parts with equal toning.
WW1 DUNDEE TERRITORIAL FORCE SILVER MUFTI BADGE Mufti badge for a staff officer with the Dundee T.F. most likely the Black Watch, remains of white enamel inlay to outside strap. Maker and hallmarked to rear. Condition not great but a very rare piece.
WW1 EAST YORKSHIRE CAP BADGE - SLIDER Good example with nice age toning. Slider back.
WW1 ERA BLACK WATCH SILK Nice coloured silk . Colours bright. Good . Measures 48 by 53 cm. V.G.C.
WW1 ERA BOY SCOUTS FLAG POLE TOP Rare pole top for a Boy Scouts standard.Heavy cast brass with Fluer D Lys and motto. Six and a half inches high approx. Old pink polish residue. V.G.C.
WW1 FIFE & FORFAR (14TH BLACK WATCH) BRASS CAP BADGE Very nice example of the brass Thane of Fife badge worn by the 14th Btn. who fought in the Middle East in the Great War. Well detailed, die struck on slider. Old polish residue to back. Scarce/ rare V.G.C.
WW1 FIFE & FORFAR YEOMANRY OFFICERS CAP BADGE Officer quality more substantial, silver plated cap badge. Well detailed. Some finish loss to high points due to service wear as opposed to polishing which the base metal, likely brass be seen. Plated slider. Striking variant.
WW1 FIRST AID NURSING YEOMANRY (FANY) TRENCH ART PIN DISH Very rare to find something to FANY. Nicely made brass dish with a bronze unit cap badge to the bottom. Lovely One Off that I've owned for many years. 4 inch diameter approx.
WW1 FRAMED ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS 3 CARICATURE DRAWINGS From the old 7th Battalion headquarters in Stirling, closed in the 1960's and circa 1920's 3 Caricatures in original oak frame. 2 poking fun at the Black Watch. Very well done and possibly Stick or Snaffles ? Never seen these particular ones before. Rare V.G.C. Happy to post with the frame but Postal Services do not insure glass. It will be very well packed and fragile mkd.
WW1 FRENCH ARTILLERY ADRIAN HELMET A good combat worn example in complete and all original condition. Retains most of it's horizon blue paint with a little use scuffing to comb. Dent to crown on left side just below the comb. Crossed canon helmet plate for artillery. Unusually still has it's original chin strap in good condition . These are usually missing or broken. The liner has all tongue ends complete along with all it's corrugated metal parts but has frayed along the lower edge for just over half it's length. Drawstring at the top interestingly has a brass French artillery button attached to it. Soldiers name has been scratched to the rear apron (indistinct). Nice "One Looker"
WW1 FRENCH EPEE BAYONET MODEL 1886 Good combat veteran. Snug fit between bayonet and scabbard .Quillion marked "4 8 4 37 ", also an R in a circle and s within a shield. The back of the German silver handle is stamped 1 P 1 2 4 . There is creasing to the bottom end of both scabbard and corresponding part of the blade, common on examples that have " Been There".
WW1 FRENCH INFANTRY ADRIAN HELMET C/W VETERAN PLATE "Straight Out the Weeds " as they say. Original mid Horizon Blue shell. RF flaming bomb to front. Liner good but dusty As Found .One corrugated spacer present. Good original chin strap. Veteran of the Great War brass plate to peak, again this is uncleaned but will come up nicely if desired. One Look original and nice with it's veteran plate. V.G.C.
WW1 FRENCH POST CARD BOOKS (3) 3 nice original books of Great War postcards as purchased by British servicemen in France. These seem to have all their cards and some separation sheets. Condition is A1 Sold cheap
WW1 FRENCH ZOUAVES FIGHTING KNIFE - YPRES MKD. Very striking if not decidedly menacing Goumiers fighting knife. Large folding blade with double edge for the first 2 thirds of the blade. Ornate horn or bone handle with brass studs and panels. One panel has the owners initials and "Ypres" nicely inscribed. Full length is 16 inches approx. Blade length 7 inches. French North African troops were renowned for their up close hand to hand combat skills and there preference for knives. Rare
WW1 FULL KILT APRON Beautiful condition. Early heavy cotton as opposed to later thin canvas type material. Full wrap around with pleated back. Original ties present. Front pocket c/w original horn button. Good medium size. Rare
WW1 GALLIPOLI STAR - B.B & Co As nice as they come example with all red enamel intact. Better quality German made one by B & B. Everything good and from my own collection.
WW1 GALLIPOLI STAR - TURKISH MADE Most I see for sale are the B & B German made ones. This example I have owned for many years and is as nice as they come, Turkish painted finish example. All red paint present and there is a small piece of original ribbon attached to the back. Pin back. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN - PRUSSIAN BELT BUCKLE Very nice early bi metal example. Brass plate with correct solder holes to the back. Silvered centre with motto and Imperial crown. Small dent to centre otherwise VGC Good "Been There" example.
WW1 GERMAN - M16 MEDICS HELMET - FEATURED IN BOOK Incredibly rare item item. This is genuine and is featured in a book on German helmets which dates back to the 1970's . I have owned this since then and it's a reluctant sale. The helmet is in excellent condition with Medic cross to the crown. Some age fading to this . Helmet shell retains it's original green finish. E39 mkd to crown. Owners name and Rgt. to the rear apron." Gfr. E. Kramer - 7th - San ( Sanitat ) Truppe " Good liner with all 3 pads in great shape and with their horshair pads. Good leather liner band. Original chin strap. Large size with non stepped vents. 100% genuine. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN 91ST INFANTRY REGIMENT SHOULDER STRAP Removed from uniform example. White piped. Embroidered "91". V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN BINOCULARS - ZEISS JENA Good "Been There" originals c/w with their original leather neck strap. Some service wear to finish just through use so not the property of a desk jockey. Lenses clear
WW1 GERMAN BINOS - FERNGLAS - LEITZ Good quality fernglas by top maker Leitz. Clear lenses.Brass construction . Separate focus eyepieces. Most of the rough field grey coating to the body present. Right bakelite eyepiece has a chip.
WW1 GERMAN BUTCHER BAYONET - 1915 - SIMSON SUHL Very clean example. Blade with no pitting or damage and retaining it's bright finish.Marked to the the back of blade " W (19) 15. and makers details Simson & Co - Suhl. Good ribbed wooden handle with a small burnt area due to it being the early type with no flash guard. Half type muzzle ring.Sprung button working Steel scabbard with no dents or damage. Nicest I've had in a long time. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN BUTCHER BAYONET c/w FROG Outstanding example of the classic butcher. Very clean blade with no darkening and 1915 date. Mker mkd. for Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf". Handle still it's original mid brown ribbed wood. Usually the wood darkens over the years but the condition ties in with what the vendor said , that his grandfather brought it back and it had been at the bottom of a kist ever since.Flashguard. Good metal scabbard excellent. Mid brown leather frog good with nice honest service wear. As nice as you are likely to find anywhere.
WW1 GERMAN BUTCHER'S BAYONET Good example with scarce leather/steel scabbard. Excellent blade retaining almost all it's finish with no pitting or darkening. Scabbard leather excellent. Sprung button working . Good ribbed slab grips. Mkd W 15 . Maker " C.G.HAENEL - SUHL ".
WW1 GERMAN EK1 BOXED WITH MINIATURE Superb silver example , non maker mkd. Watch fob miniature. Original velvet lined box with EK device to lid. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN EK2 IRON CROSS Nice original . One Look , EK2. Age toned and uncleaned as it came to me. Will clean up nice if desired. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN ERSATZ BAYONET - SCARCE PATTERN C/W FROG Good example of this scarce type replacement bayonet. Retains a good percentage of it's original mid green paint to handle and scabbard.Clean fullered blade with no pitting or damage.Comes with original to it black leather frog. This with faint maker markings but very clear 1914 date to the rear of the belt loop. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN IMPERIAL NAVY BRASS LIGHTER German examples of this type of lighter referred to as " Trench Lighters" are scarce. Body formed from a bullet case which is mkd. to the bottom " K 41 - FIZ " ?. K rounds would appear to be for the German Anti Tank rifle circa WW1 ? Working. Excellent condition Top has an Imperial Navy button to the top. Very good condition.
WW1 GERMAN IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS - MARKED RING One Look original c/w original ribbon. “S-W”? marked ring. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN JACK BOOTS Now scarce. Good leather uppers and soles. You could wear these ! Pull on tags present. Missing the metal toe cleats. Heel horsshoes present. Priced to sell.
WW1 GERMAN JAGER TROOPER STATUE - SIGNED Rare period piece. Black painted spelter figure of a Mountain Trooper from JR 108.. Good detail with numbered shoulder boards, ski cap, marching order etc. Signed to the base of the figure. Overall height inc. the marble base is approx 13 and a half inches. Figure is 11 and a half inches approx. Bought over 30 years ago from Hermann Historica and has sat on my mantelpiece since. Now time to find this fella a new home. V.G.C. Very heavy, check the shipping cost before purchasing
WW1 GERMAN M 17 CAMO STAHLHELM - GERMAN HELMET Great looking trench helmet with the regulation dark brown/ochre/green camo in a nice block pattern. Shell retaining most of it's paint. Very good liner system with the 3 leather pads with tongue ends complete and still with the original horsehair pads. Metal liner band.One strap end present. Owners named applied to inside apron. Size 64 shell. Sleepy original and one of a number of items I will be listing from an old collection.
WW1 GERMAN M16 HELMET C/W ORIGINAL CHINSTRAP Rarely found in this condition these days and still with it's original to it chinstrap ! Leather liner band as per 1916 manufacture . All 3 leather pads good with no issues on the tongue ends. 2 helmet pins with broken blades so the liner is loose in the helmet. Chin strap in incredible condition for age and easily £250 plus on it's own as they're rarely encountered. Shell retaining most of it's original field grey smooth paint. Stepped lugs as found on smaller size helmets. Approx size 54/55. What appears to be owners initials in ink on one pad ( indistinct ) One Look original and rare with an original strap. This is how it came to me, dusty and dirty but will clean up a treat if desired. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN M16 STEEL HELMET- PERSONALISED LINER BAND Good barn found original. Large size with non stepped air vents. All 3 liner pads present and still attached to the original leather band. This with a well etched depiction of barbed wire which has been very nicely soldier applied in two places.
WW1 GERMAN M17 HELMET - COMPLETE Good all original example in a large size with a rough sand or grit camo applied.Large size Q66 ( Quist ). Non stepped ventilation lugs as found on larger helmets. White chromed leather pads in good condition and still with their horshair cushions inside and tongue ends unbroken. Metal liner band.Chin strap metal ends present. Rough field grey/ brown finish over the original smooth paint. 100% original.
WW1 GERMAN M17 HELMET - NAMED Straight from a Scottish officers house in Dumbarton ( Brig. Alisdair Pearson, Parachute Rgt. ) and was a wartime bring back by a family member. Totally original. M16 type shell with M17 metal liner band. 3 white chromed leather pads in very good condition with 5 of the 6 tongue ends intact and and still with the horsehair cushions and original draw string.Some sweat and dirt to the liner pads, so not a helmet that sat out the war ! (In May of 1917 due to a leather shortage the liner was redesigned. The new liner continued with the earlier “three pad” system but changed from a leather band to a steel band made from sheet metal. The pads were now crimped into place on a steel band. The pads were now to be made from white chromed leather (Russian leather) instead of the brown vegetable tanned type. This change was made in the hope that the chromed leather would hold up better in the trench conditions. Steel band marked " 64 - F C B 18 - A.K.E.". Shell stamped with a " W "( Hermann Weissenberger & Co. Stuttgart-Cannstadt). This is slightly unusual in that they were thought to have only produced size 66 and 68 shells so this could turn out to be a rarity. Field grey paint. Stepped lugs. One chin strap metal end present. Soldiers name to rear skirt and 6/395 ?, possibly a Feldpost number ? If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Cracking sleeper.
WW1 GERMAN M18 HELMET - UNIT MKD - BELL L - FREIKORPS ? Very interesting M18 helmet from the Great War / Inter War period. Rare maker,known as the Bell L helmet as the factory symbol is a bell shape followed by " L " and ( size ) 64, this being the only size of shell made by this factory ( R. Lindenberg A.G., Remscheid-Hasten ). The helmet has a brownish hue from the toned lacquer it was coated with , in my opinion during the Stahlhelm / Freikorps period inter war. Post WW1 is was common to do this to give the helmet a parade type finish . Smooth paint, shiny finishes still continuing into the M35 period before the introduction of wartime matt Feld Grau. The helmet has a number " 10 " painted to the front. This could be Regiment 10 from wartime or possibly a Freikorps unit . I have forum posted the helmet for opinions on this but no one has a definitive answer although the helmet itself got the 100% thumbs up on authenticity. The shell retains most of it's original finish and has the rounded ends to the air vents correct for this maker. Stepped lugs. Metal liner band with the strap fixings correct for M18 helmets. Liner pads are the chromed leather type and in good shape with some service wear / sweat and 2 of the 6 tongue ends a/f.Leather is still supple . Draw string is original. Rare " Carbine Clip " original chin strap and although shortened and with a repair is in good condition with the leather still supple. These on their own are expensive and near impossible to find. Faint pencilled name / details to the rear skirt. Cracking non Run of the Mill helmet, all original and in great shape for it's age and remarkably, still with it's chin strap. If anyone has a take on the number to the front , please let me know.
WW1 GERMAN MAUSER 98 LONG BAYONET - UNIT MKD. First model Mauser bayonet used up to and including WW1. Blade measures 20 and a half inches. Overall length just under 26 inches. This one straight out a loft. Unit mkd. to Quillion "B. 2. I." plus other numbers ( indistinct ). Bavarian Inf. Rgt. 2 ? Exactly as found but will clean up if desired. Erfurt maker mkd. and dated '04 to spine. Good untouched original. No scabbard.
WW1 GERMAN MOUNTED GROUP OF 4 MEDAL SET Very nice medal group mounted for wear. includes, EK2, Hindenburg cross, Wurtenburg Military Merit medal. 4 medals in total nicely mounted. All original. EK with marked ring possibly "W ?". V.G.C..
WW1 GERMAN NCO'S BINOCULARS - VOIGTLANDER 6 BY 30 Very good pair of German NCO's binoculars. Graticules. Clear lenses. Crackling good and retaining most of the original green finish. Script with the original white paint, all very clear. As nice as they come and none of the usual fogged lenses, damaged eye pieces etc. found on these.
WW1 GERMAN PHOTO SWEETHEART - SOLDIER IN UNIFORM Lovely piece. Gold plated Art Deco style surround holding a photo of a Landser in field uniform. The details on the Picklehaube helmet are in red so an early image as the German army quickly went to green lettering in the trenches. Nice original piece purchased in Germany many years ago. Original pin and hook. Poignant piece which no doubt belonged to a mother or wife / girlfriend.
WW1 GERMAN SCREW BACK WOUND BADGE Rare screw back version of a WW1 black Wound badge. Purpose made like this not a conversion. Sturdy large disc as found on EK1's. Most finish remaining, well detailed.
WW1 GERMAN SILVER FRAMED 1916 GOLD I GAVE FOR IRON IRON MEDAL Framed for wearing. Purpose built frame in silver. Neatly holds the medal for donating your gold to the war effort. To the reverse the inscription, ‘Gold gab ich für Eisen’ (Gold I gave for iron). To the obverse, " In Eisener Zeit ". An appeal during WWI, when the German state asked its cititzens to donate their gold for funding the war and support families who lost relatives. People donated their gold jewellery, coins a.o. and received as a thank you iron medals or rings (known as Berliner Eisen) with the same inscription . V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN STEEL BELT BUCKLE O/r's example. Imperial crown to centre with Gott Mit Uns. Some original green paint to front but a large percentage remains to the rear.
WW1 GERMAN STICK PIN - EK1 . EK2 & WOUND BADGE Nice set. EK 1 & 2 and what might be a gold wound badge ? or over polished. Old polish residue. Knurled pin. V.G.C.
WW1 GERMAN TORTOISE CAMO STAHLHELM - NAMED Stunning example still retaining very bright colours and with an amazing "Tortoise" camo. Large size, named to rear apron. Good liner with it's original hair pads. No chin strap.
WW1 GERMAN TRENCH CLUB Good lead filled example with horse shoe nails to head. No markings. Original cord to handle. A few old wood worm holes otherwise very good.Ribbed handle. seventeen inches long approx. These were made a unit level not by soldiers in the trenches.
WW1 GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS - 9TH H.L.I. OFFICERS/SNCO'S CAP BADGE Very nice 3 - piece example. Die struck. Long scroll type circa WW1. No rubbing or damage. Rare badge. V.G.C.
WW1 GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS 9TH HLI OFFICERS CAP BADGE Beautiful and rare. Long scrolls with "THE GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS - 9TH BTN HLI". 3 - piece construction. Superb.
WW1 GORDON HDRS. OFFICERS BADGE Very nicely detailed example in nickel silver. Stags head in relief and this one with the antlers up and not turned in as often found on these badges. No rubbing or damage. Worn during both World Wars with no changes to the pattern. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDER SPLIT MOTTO CAP BADGE Scarce split motto cap badge. By Dand as opposed to Bydand. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS 1918 EDINBURGH SILVER SKEAN DHU BY THOMAS KERR EBBUTT Outstanding sgian dhu by this top Edinburgh silversmith. Bog oak silver studded handle. Unique to the Gordons voided pedestal top with real citrine which retains it's lovely yellow colour.Scabbard leather good. Top mount with 1918 Edinburgh hallmarks and nicely inscribed " M" , " Oct.10th - 1918 ". Blade with some darkening which I've left as always in . As Found condition. Will clean up a bit if desired. Beautiful !
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS/SERGEANTS BADGE Nice nickel silver sergeants badge to the Gordons. Nice relief. Folded antlers. Now scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS SERGEANTS BADGE Good Great War example in nickel silver. Stag in relief. Nice set of antlers. No rubbing or damage. Now getting scarce and more fakes appearing in the market place. 100% as always. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS SGT./OFFICERS CAP BADGE Very good nickel silver example with good detail. . Nice high relief. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Nice Regular Btn. officers SBP. Uncleaned . No rubbing or damage. Studs and hooks good on the reverse. Nice age patina, will clean up nicely if desired. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE Good clean example in silver gilt. No rubbing or damage. Good detail. Studs and hooks to the back present. Very fair price on this. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS STERLING SILVER SWEETHEART Silver and enamel sweetheart brooch. By Dand motto and Gordon Highlanders in blue undamaged enamel. Well detailed. " Sterling Silver " stamped to back. Overlong original indicative of the Great War period or earlier. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HLDRS SILVER H/M OFFICERS BADGE - WILSON & SHARP The nicest Gordons badge I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Very rare maker. Profusely marked to the back "WILSON & SHARP - EDINBURGH", "W & S", and very clear Edinburgh hallmarks for approx. 1916. What makes this badge especially interesting is it has the etched thistle I've only found previously on Kirkwoods badges. Also W & S ceased to trade around 1915. Is it possible this badge was acquired from them by Kirkwoods and given the Kirkwoods thistle ? Whatever, this is a superb 100% original and even still has it's silver cotter pin. Silver lugs. For someone looking for a better example and prepared to pay a little more this is a good investment and a great badge to own. Wilson & Sharp, formally Moreton and Wilson, of 139 Princes Street, Edinburgh. These were Watchmakers and Jewellers (i.e. a retail shop) working in Edinburgh from about 1895 to beyond 1900. Subsequently they were Mappin and Webb but when this came about is unclear.
WW1 GORDON HLDRS. COLLAR BADGE Nice tiger collar badge in w/m. 2 short lugs. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON HLDRS. OFFICERS SILVER TOPPED SWAGGER CANE Very unusual style officers walking out cane in unmarked silver. Beautiful top with none of the usual denting and over rubbing. Gordons Regimental device of Marquis of Huntly stag, Kings Crown and Regimental "By Dand" motto. Lovely yellow bamboo shaft. Rare pattern and in silver for officers.
WW1 GORDON HLDS. BRASS SPORRAN BADGE A now very difficult item to find. Worn on the sporran from both World Wars. Great condition with nice age patina. Seeded background with Marquis of Huntly stags head with " By Dand " motto above. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDON OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE TO BRIG. A F . G. Attributed silver officers cap badge to Brigadier General Alister Fraser Gordon, the highest ranking officer to be killed in action in WW1. One of two I got from the same source , both had his unique initials scribed " A.F.G. " to the back. Nicely detailed. Unmarked silver. Comes with research and A4 size copy photos. V.G.C.
WW1 GORDONS GLENGARRY Good " Been There" example. Wool body with the shallow shape often encountered on WW1 and earlier examples. Correct red/white/black dicing. Good large size for WW1, being approx. a 57. Original white metal o/r's badge. Oil cloth lining. Leather sweatband as found on most WW1 examples. Red touree. Tails removed as was the practice in the trenches. A few moth nips to diced band. Super rare original in good overall condition.
WW1 GORDONS GLENGARRY C/W ORIGINAL BADGE Good example in a large size for WW1, around a 56/57. Diced wool band, unusually with only one moth nip near the tails. Leather trim in VGC. Silk tails as found on WW1 examples, these complete if a bit frail. Original to cap Gordons cap badge which has been on here forever. This on it's silk rosette with an unusual black hessian piece behind it.
WW1 H.L.I (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) GLENGARRY BADGE Short scroll example. W/m for O/R's. Lugs bent otherwise, VGC
WW1 H.L.I. OFFICERS BADGE Very nice sleepy example straight from the house along with the 9th Btn. one in the next listing. Die struck, silver bugle. All original " As found ". Long lugs
WW1 H.L.I.(HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) CAP BADGE Nice short call o/r's badge in white metal. Sharp detail. nicely age toned. No rubbing or damage. v.g.c.
WW1 H/M SILVER SEAFORTH SERGEANTS BADGE A beautiful example with Birmingham hallmarks for 1915 and stamped "B&P", (Brent and Parker). Excellent detail. Pin back. Sergeants wore stags head only.
WW1 HIGHLAND BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Genuine example of a Highland brass shoulder title. Evidence of have another part at one time. TRE, T RAMC, T LOWLAND, T HIGHLAND were examples of this. T part removed if soldier went to a Regular battalion.
WW1 HIGHLAND CYCLISTS (BLACK WATCH) BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Very difficult to find title. Brass. WW1. 2 lugs. Nicely toning. V.G.C.
WW1 HIGHLAND CYCLISTS CAP BADGE Rare pierced crown variant. W/m , o/r's example. Nicely age toned. Shaped for cap. Some old polish residue to back. V.G.C.
WW1 HIGHLAND CYCLISTS OFFICERS/SNCO CAP BADGE A very rare badge in extremely good condition. Long scroll type, scrolls with "HIGHLAND CYCLIST" and "BATTALION T.F. (Territorial Force). As per Black Watch pattern. White metal with gilded centre. 3 pice construction. No rubbing. Beautiful.
WW1 HIGHLAND CYCLISTS SHOULDER TITLE Rare title. Brass. Nicely toned original.
WW1 HIGHLAND CYCLISTS SHOULDER TITLE - GAUNT Good brass example. Stamped J.R.Gaunt London to back. V.G.C.
WW1 HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY ( HLI ) PORTRAIT MINIATURE This is the o/r's or poor mans version of a portait miniature. I've had officers ones but never one like this. Photo image tinted and then applied to a tin oval. Contained in it's blue leather bound case.Case with velvet and silk interior . Working catch. Makers details in gold script to rear ( indistinct). Nice shot of a WW1 " Jock " in his Service Dress uniform with TOS with a HLI badge clearly showing. Colours bright. A real rarity this one.
WW1 HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY ( HLI ). TERRITORIAL OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH - ANDERSON High quality example by Anderson of Edinburgh. Jewellers tablet to rear with "Wm. Anderson & Sons - Military Outfitters - Edinburgh". Blank scroll on badge for Territorial Battalions. Nicely gilded and retaining the original gilt. Unmarked silver. Original stout pin and hook to rear. V.G.C
WW1 HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY (H.L.I.) SILVER TORTOISHELL SWEETHEART BROOCH Good silver/shell HLI sweetheart with hallmarks for London 1918. Good condition
WW1 HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY (HLI ) OFFICERS CAP BADGE Nice 4 piece cap badge . Cast un marked silver star. This is a good substantial badge with fine detail. V.G.C.
WW1 HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY OFFICERS BADGE A good quality, "Been There" example that has seen a lot of service. Polishing to high points and the scroll is blank, either polished ,or the "Assaye" has been removed as per Territorial examples which had a blank scroll and often due to wartime shortages the scrolls were buffed off Regular Btn. examples. Nevertheless a great looking badge that did not sit out the war and has seen a lot of service in it's lifetime. Good quality 4 piece construction with the gilded parts doubled riveted on. Old wire type lugs.
WW1 HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY OFFICERS CAP BADGE - ANDERSON Exceptional example. 5 piece construction with riveted parts.Unmarked silver. Anderson tablet to rear. Very well detailed. Worth paying the extra for this one. V.G.C.
WW1 HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY STERLING SILVER SWEETHEART Lovely Sterling Silver stamped brooch. Set with blue enamel. Original pin and hook. Slight enamel loss .
WW1 HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY VOLUNTEER OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH - CASED- NAMED Beautiful piece in mint condition. Unmarked silver. Blank Battle Honours for Territorial Btn. Very well detailed raised cap badge device to centre, this of 5 piece construction. Initials to back in old type script "G.F.T". Stout original pin. Housed in it's large (6 by 5 and a half inch) velvet lined leather covered wood case. This of high quality with good working catch. Outstanding piece rarely available in this condition these days.
WW1 HLI (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE Good example of this scarce WW1 economy badge. Nicely toned. VGC
WW1 HLI (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE Good example with and nice age toning. 2 original lugs to rear.
WW1 HLI (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) CAP BADGE Nicely toned short scroll WW1 example.
WW1 HLI (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) GLENGARRY Nicest one I've had in a while and these WW1 are now difficult to find in good condition. No moth or damage if a little grubby with light service wear. Saw some action this one. Leather trim , supple and in good condition. Original silk tails with original stitching and not reapplied with later cotton tails as is often the case to enhance the value of tails removed examples. Nice low shape. Red Touree. Waxed cotton lining. Original to it, o/r's cap badge with nice dark age toning. Good size for the period 55/56. V.G.C.
WW1 HLI (HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY) SILVER SWEETHEART BROOCH Good WW1 era bar brooch. Enamel nicely set with no damage. Stamped silver.
WW1 HMS DIANA LAPEL BADGE - SILVER - RARE CHESTER H/M Very rare badge to the WW1 HMS DIANA, a Light Cruiser/old 2nd Class Cruiser, Eclipse-class. Pin back. Very rare Chester Provincial silver with hallmarks for 1916.. Launched 5/12/1895, sold for BU 1/7/20. remained in the Mediterranean until 1913 and then transferred to 3rd Fleet at Devonport. Joined Cruiser Force 'G' in Channel in August 1914, capturing a German schooner on the 6th. 12th Cruiser Squadron, Channel from February 1915; China Station November 1915-August 1917, then to Red Sea and Indian Ocean until November 1918. Returned to Queenstown and paid off June 1919. (Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships 1906-21) Good condition.
WW1 HOOKED QUILLION BAYONET - EFD - CONNAUGHT RANGERS Rare bayonet made by Enfield. Marking to the hilt, Crown over ER, (19)12, EFD,110 and to the pommel " 3 C. T., 316 ".Great blade with no darkening, pitting or sharpening. Scabbard with very good leather and marked to top mount "478 ". Slab grips good. REDUCED
WW1 INNISKILLING FUSILIERS CAP BADGE Good WW1 flag left brass example. Nice age toning. slider back.
WW1 IRISH - ROYAL MUNSTERS CAP BADGE Nicely toned. Slider. Old polish residue to back. 2 piece. V.G.C.
WW1 IRISH GUARDS GOLD PLATE/ENAMEL SWEETHEART BAR BROOCH Lovely gold plate/enamel example. No damage to enamel. Very good detail.
WW1 IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS Very clean example uncleaned with dark age patina. Original ribbon.
WW1 JUNIOR TRAINNING CORPS LAPEL BADGE Good condition with dark patina. Silver and blue enamel. Buttonhole fitting. V.G.C.
WW1 K.O.S.B. (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) GLENGARRY Good example. Tri colour diced band, this with a small amount of mothing. Good supple leather trim. Original to it w/m badge on silk rosette. Original silk tails present but a/f. Nowadays I'm seeing cotton modern added tails being sold as original. Tails should be fine silk as these are. Clean interior. Original red touree Smallish, approx size 54. Getting hard now to find unmessed with One Look originals like this. V.G.C.
WW1 K.O.S.B.(KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) CAP BADGE Beautiful age toned with sharp detail. 2 lugs to rear. V.G.C.
WW1 KHAKI ECONOMY KILT - VERY RARE From the estate of an officer of the 10th Black Watch. Extremely rare khaki cotton kilt in the style of a kilt apron with front pocket but much more substantial . Kilt type buckles, lined waist. No moth or damage. Length to suit 5' 10", 30 inch waist. Featured in the Bodsworth book on Great War uniforms. You are unlikely to find one of these for sale anywhere as they were only produced in small numbers. Please do not confuse this with a kilt apron, this is a completely different thing.
WW1 KINGS LIVERPOOL REGIMENT CAP BADGE Nice " Been There " example. Some polishing to high points and with nice age patina and old pink polish residue. Shaped to cap.
WW1 KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS (KOSB ) SILVER H/M OFFICERS CAP BADGE Exceptionally nice silver officers badge with Birmingham hallmarks for 1909. Beautiful hand piercing to the lettering. Heavy. Sharp detail. Silver lugs. No rubbing or damage. As nice as they come. V.G.C.
WW1 KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS CAP BADGE Uncleaned as it came in. Nice age patina. Die struck. Sharp detail.
WW1 KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS PENNANT BADGE Nicely coloured pin back fund raising flag. Bright colours, not faded, great condition.
WW1 KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS SOLDIER CABINET PHOTO Very nice named and 1918 dtd. cabinet photo of a KOSB soldier in his Service Dress. Overseas and Lance Corporal chevrons and brass Wound Stripe so obviously had been in action prior to the photo. V.G.C.
WW1 KNUCKLEDUSTER FIGHTING KNIFE - L.F.& CO -1917 Fine example of this rare trench knife as issued to American and French troops in WW1. No issues with this one,everything as it should be and scabbard still with most of it's original green finish, this stamped "JEWELL 1918" The images speak for themselves, as nice as they come.
WW1 KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) CAP BADGE Nice toned example from the Great War. No rubbing or damage.
WW1 KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) CONVERTED FROM PAGRI CAP BADGE Period coversion from the slider to lugs. Base of slider still present. Good detail.
WW1 KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) GLENGARRY Good all original KOSB glengarry. Leather trim. Good size for the period, around 56/57. Lovely toned, original to it o/r's cap badge. Original silk ( not cotton ) tails. They should be silk although most of these I see have been retro fitted with later cotton tails which are incorrect. Written in paint to inside " S.M 1917 ". 3 moth holes to right side body otherwise good. Super combat vet.
WW1 KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) GLENGARRY Good untouched Great War glengarries are becoming hard to find and most I see for sale have modern tails added. This is a 100% original. Leather trim. Silk tails, these with some moth holes. Nice clean lining. Red touree. Original to it w/m o/r's cap badge. Very good overall with some small moth nips. Good size 55/56.
WW1 KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) OFFICERS CAST SILVER BADGE Beautiful officers badge with fine hand pierced fretting. Heavy, cast unmarked silver. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) SHOULDER TITLE Single brass title. Slightly curved for the epaulette. Hex lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 KOSB PIPERS CAP BADGE Very well struck o/r's and with superb detail. This one slightly curved to go round the hackle on the feather bonnet indicating pipe band use. As nice as they come.
WW1 KOSB WHITE METAL CAP BADGE Nice example with good detail. 2 lugs to rear.
WW1 LANARKSHIRE YEOMANRY OFFICERS CAP BADGE Excellent condition and retaining almost all it's original black / gilt finish.
WW1 LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS CAP BADGE - SLIDER With age patina. Slightly rubbed on sphix due to polish.
WW1 LEATHER HOSTER - NAMED - UNIT Nice leather holster . Leather supple. Named to RAMC officer in flap. No stitching faults. V.G.C.
WW1 LEE ENFIELD MAHOGANY DRILL RIFLE Here's one that's safe to own. Full size high quality scale model of the WW1 Lee Enfield rifle. Great looking and to scale. Very good quality and detailed professionally made piece. Practice/drill, correct and weight as the real rifle, used by depot training units.
WW1 LEINSTER RGT. H/M SILVER OFFICERS MESS PIECE Beautiful piece in mint condition. Likely officers silver for dinners etc. Very well detailed no rubbing or damage. From the estate of a WW2 RUR officer, as it's hallmark is for London 1914 it possibly was his fathers ? Measures 4 inches by one and a half approx.
WW1 LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE Rare. Nice Great War brass economy badge. Slightly curved for the peaked cap. 2 lugs. Old polish residue to back. Well detailed. The Real Deal
WW1 LIVERPOOL PALS -1914 CHESTER SILVER HALLMARKED CAP BADGE Beautiful and rare piece. Given by Lord Derby to the officers of the Battalion . 1914 Hallmarks, rare Chester provincial silver marks. Uncleaned but will come up a treat if desired. Stout original pin and hook and also has a fine safety chain with a pin so you did'nt lose it. Nice detail to the Liver Bird. “O” for 1914. V.G.C.
WW1 LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH - MUFTI BADGE Rare badge. Dark age toning. Large size for a lapel badge. Buttonhole fixing. No rubbing or damage. V.G.C.
WW1 LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH 9CT GOLD & ENAMEL SWEETHEART BADGE Truly a Thing of Beauty !! 10th Liverpool. Gold and red / blue enamel. Marked 9CT & maker stamped T.L.M to rear. All original no repairs. Rare. V.G.C. Cost you a lot more than this from Sally !!
WW1 LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH CAP BADGE Good example in uncleaned as found condition. Very well detailed. Old polish to rear.
WW1 LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH CAP BADGE Very well die struck cap badge in w/m. Nice toning. Shaped for wear on the Tam O Shanter. Attractive badge. V.G.C.
WW1 LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH GLENGARRY All original. Leather trim. Shortened silk tails, usually these are absent, either cut off period, or frayed. These have been shortened for use in the trenches. Original to it, w/m O/r's badge with sharp detail. Slightly customised by soldier in that he has reduced the size to fit him by stitching in the crown to the sides. Could be undone if required. No moth other damage other than some service wear. Modest price
WW1 LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH GLENGARRY Very good example in a large size for the period, 57. All original and still with it's long tails, these often cut off. Good supple leather trim.Original to it o/r's w/m cap badge. White stamps and WD arrow to inside. None of the usual moth and damage.
WW1 LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH OFFICERS GLENGARRY AND BADGE Rare WW1 glengarry to the 10th Liverpool (Scottish). Dark blue body with tri colour dicing. Very large size for WW1 being approx a 58. Leather trim,silk tails. Good waxed interior with a cloth label stitched on with the soldiers name."D.A.CAMPBELL" Officers pin back cap badge which is original to the hat as there are no holes for a lugged badge. Very chunky badge, more detailed than an o/r's and with a silver horse. Stout pin and hook to rear. This is a beautiful example and a very rare item. This obviously pushes the price of the glengarry up so I might consider splitting them if someone makes an offer for one or other.
WW1 LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH PIPERS CROSS BELT BADGE Very well detailed. 2 piece construction. Rear with screw posts for cross belt . V.G.C.
WW1 LONDON SCOTTISH BADGE INSIGNIA SET Nice group comprising O/r's cap badge, sporran badge, 2 thistle collars which are likely unmarked silver going by the black age toning and a large brass tunic button. Priced to sell. V.G.C.
WW1 LONDON SCOTTISH COLLAR DOG PAIR Pair of London Scottish white metal collars.Unusual fixings to rear Nicely toned. V.G.C.
WW1 LONDON SCOTTISH SILVER & ENAMEL BAR BRROCH Very well hand made brooch. Enamels all without damage. Correct period pin and catch arrangement. Stamped “SILVER” to rear. V.G.C.
WW1 LOTHIAN & BORDER HORSE CAP & COLLAR BADGES Good condition cap badge with accompanying collar. Both lugged. V.G.C. Priced to sell
WW1 LOTHIAN & BORDER HORSE OFFICERS CAP A very rare officers peaked field cap to this famous cavalry regiment. Correct heavy ribbed material and thin chinstrap for the great war. Nice oversize officers badge to front. G.S. brass buttons to attach strap. Good size 56/57. Quilted lining to crown with London makers label. Good condition sweat band with velvet section to forehead area. No moth or damage. Exceptional condition and good shape still with wooden stiffener to crown. High quality private purchase cap.
WW1 LOTHIAN & BORDERS HORSE CAP BADGE Nice " Been There " example. Toned die struck brass. Old polish to back. North & south lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 LOVAT'S SCOUTS CAP BADGE Very nice toned example of this scarce badge. Die struck. V.G.C.
WW1 LT. COLONELS S.D. EPAULETTE WITH BLACKENED INSIGNIA Officers Service dress epaulette with it's original insignia. Blackened brass for wear in the field. Nice sharp detail. V.G.C.
WW1 M16 GERMAN STAHLHELM HELMET - AMAZING CAMO An absolutely stunning" One Look" camo of red and brown and very different from the usual block types. Nice circle pattern. Leather liner band in very good condition. All three liner pads present and with their priginal horsehair cushion pads. Stepped air vents . Stamped to crown " BW 272". This one was forum posted by the previous owner and got a unanimious Yes from over 8 very well informed collectors.
WW1 MACHINE GUN CORPS LONDON SILVER H/M GRATITUDE BADGE - ALNWICK A rarity this one being a London 1918 hallmarked badge as per the unit cap badge but sweetheart size. That in itself is nothing but this one has engraving to the back " MGC - GRATITUDE & SERVICE - ALNWICK 1917- 1918 ". I presume this is along the lines of the gold pocket watches often given to vets who had been highly decorated by people of the Parish or district . Anybody wants to shed any light on this , please let me know. Lovely original condition.
WW1 MIDDLESEX REGIMENT SILVER OFFICERS CAP BADGE Middlesex Regiment Officer’s WW1 silver cap badge. Die struck with fine detail. Between the laurel wreath, Prince of Wales’s feathers and " Ich Diem " motto, Duke of Cambridge’s coronet and cypher on scroll with ‘Albuhera’, long ‘Middlesex Reg.’ scroll to the bottom. Blades to the reverse. V.G.C.
WW1 MOTOR MACHINE GUN SILVER & ENAMEL SWEETHEART Sterling Silver stamped to rear and set with blue and red enamel. Lovely condition and rare.
WW1 NEW ZEALAND RIFLE BRIGADE HAT BADGE Military badge; a brass coloured badge featuring a lion holding a pennant flag above the words: "Soyes Ferme". This is the cap badge of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, formed on 1 May 1915 as the 3rd Brigade of the New Zealand Division, part of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force. During the first World War it fought in Egypt, against the Senussi, and then on the Western Front. It was disbanded on 4 February 1919. Good condition , brass. slightly bent and is a soldier used , issued example.
WW1 NORTH STAFFORD CAP BADGE Good example with nice age toning. Slider back.
WW1 ON WAR SERVICE 1914 LAPEL BADGE Good example with no enamel damage. Uncleaned . Brass with nice age toning. Narborough of Birmingham mkd. to rear. Button hole fixing. V.G.C.
WW1 ON WAR SERVICE BADGE - GAUNT Good example. Numbered on back and with J.R.Gaunt details and large R. V.G.C.
WW1 OPEN TOP BRITISH PISTOL HOLSTER - NAMED Very good example of the scarce open top type holster. Stout brown leather with brass D ring for attaching to officers Sam Browne equipment. Named to back " CAPT. MILLER H.W.V.S.
WW1 OTTOMAN TURKISH PRISONER OF WAR BEADED SNAKE - DARDENELLES Exceptional example of a hand made beaded snake. Made by Turkish prisoners for sale and barter. This one measures approx. 8 feet 4 inches (255cm) No missing beads. Beaded tongue on the snake. Text reads "DARDENELLES TURKISH PRISONERS 1917" Mint condition.
WW1 PAIR OF MAJORS CROWNS Well detailed matched pair of Majors crowns. Original red velvet to rear. V.G.C.
WW1 PERTHSHIRE VOLUNTEERS - BLACK WATCH HOME GUARD CAP BADGE Very nice silver plated example. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 PERTHSHIRE VOLUNTEERS - BLACK WATCH HOME GUARD CAP BADGE Good example of this WW1 Black Watch Home Guard cap badge. Toned w/m. original lugs, one slightly twisted. V.G.C.
WW1 PHOTOGRAPH OF SCOTTISH CAMERONIANS AND AUSTRALIAN SOLDIERS - FRAMED Excellent cabinet photograph of 2 friends in uniform. One a Scot with Cameronians ( Scottish Rifles ) cap badge and " S.R. " shoulder titles. The Australian is a very nice depiction of the classic Digger with Slouch Hat and Rising Sun collars. Contained in it 's period as the Eric Bogle , Green Fields of France song goes, " Brown Leather Frame " In fantastic condition and totally untouched .
WW1 PIPERS GLENGARRY C/W COCK FEATHER Highland regimental pipers glengarry. From a deceased estate in Angus 20 years ago . Black for pipers. Black touree. Long SILK tails, correct for the Great War and these original, not later replacement. Original to it Black Cock feather, this stitched on to the glengarry. Size medium. No moth, good inside. Rare. V.G.C.
WW1 PRINCESS MARY'S CHRISTMAS TIN Very nice example which closes fine and is in good shape. Tin only.
WW1 QARNNS RANK BADGE ( Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service) QARNNS Reserve Senior Nursing Sister Tippet Rank Badge Bullion wire-embroidered KC. Naval Branch, rank or miscellaneous insignia Kings crown.Very well detailed. Bullion wire. Removed from uniform. V.G.C.
WW1 QUEENS OWN HUSSARS OFFICERS BRONZE BADGE & COLLAR SET Beautiful matched set. High quality. All bronze finish remaining. Cap badge with blades. None nicer. Scarce
WW1 QUEENS OWN LOWLAND YEOMANRY SHOULDER TITLE Very good condition brass title with hexagonal lugs. Scarce
WW1 R.N.D. HOWE CAP BADGE Rare badge, nicely detailed with 2 lugs to rear. V.G.C.
WW1 R.N.D. NELSON CAP BADGE - GAUNT Rare original and with the addition of having a J.R.GAUNT - LONDON tablet to the rear. Well detailed. 2 Lugs to rear.
WW1 R.S.F. (ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS) SHOULDER TITLE & COLLAR PAIRS SET 2 part shoulder titles of titles and flaming bomb. Brass. Hex lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 REMINGTON 1917 BAYONET REISSUED 1940 LEATHER FROG - HARVEY OF WALSALL Good example of a WW1 Remington re issued to the Home Guard in WW2. It has the officially applied 2 lines across the handle to differentiate it from the Enfield bayonet as they were not interchangeable. Nice toned grips retaining their original finish. Sprung button working. Nicely mkd. to both sides of the Ricasso with U.S. and a flaming bomb to one side as well as a number "11".To the other side, Remington, 1917. Blade good overall, uncleaned as it came to me, some dark spots but no rust and good point. Very good scabbard retaining the original green finish, no stitching faults and there is a faint stamping to the leather. C/W it's original to it Home Guard leather frog , complete and nicely stamped with makers details " Harvey & Co. - Wallsall - (Newcastle) 1940". Most frogs have no maker mark. Straight from a house in Dundee where the father had been in the Black Watch Home Guard unit. V.G.C.
WW1 RIBBON BAR EK2 AND HINDENBURG WITH SWORDS Nice little ribbon bar and with scarce mini Iron Cross device on WW1 ribbon and War Merit cross with swords for combatants.Good pin. Lovely condition.
WW1 ROBBINS OF DUDLEY THREE-FINGER HILT TRENCH DAGGER This iconic WW1 manufacturer specialised in various types of metalwork and existed from 1876 to 1928. During WW1 they commenced manufacturing unique designs of trench for private purchase to troops heading for the front. This pattern is known as the "Three-Finger Hilt" Trench Dagger so called because the hilt form only allows only the first three fingers can be accommodated within the knuckle bow. The blade is 6" long, double edged with twin fullers on both sides. The hilt is a grey alloy(aluminium?) with the knuckle bow cast in. The pommel carries the stamp "Robbins Dudley". The scabbard is in excellent condition and is original to the knife, both knife and scabbard are in exceptional condition for their age. Full details can be found on page 26 of Flook's book "British and Commonwealth Military Knives".
WW1 ROSE GOLD LOCKET - SOLDIER PHOTO/ KITCHENER Beautiful gold locket with picture of WW1 soldier in o/r's uniform with peaked service cap. To the reverse a coloured picture of Kitchener. Soldiers cap badge has Prince of Wales feathers, possibly Glamorganshire Yeomanry but could be something else. Stamped "ROLLED GOLD" on top rim. SIZE 39 mm x 30 mm not including the loop.
WW1 ROYAL ARTILLERY ASSOCIATION LAPEL BADGE - GAUNT Old Comrades Association. Good quality example with no enamel damage. J.R.Gaunt marked to back. Excellent condition.
WW1 ROYAL ARTILLERY ENAMEL/BRASS SWEETHEART Nice horse shoe type sweetheart. Blue /red enamel . Gilded metal.
WW1 ROYAL ARTILLERY HALL MARK SILVER / TORTOISESHELL SWEETHEART BROOCH Very nice hall mark London silver / tortoiseshell sweetheart brooch. Maker & hall marked London silver to rear. V.G.C..
WW1 ROYAL ARTILLERY OFFICERS BRONZE CAP BADGE - JR GAUNT LONDON - BLADES BACK Beautiful badge as you expect from Gaunt. Retains it's bronze finish. Good blades. Gaunt stamps. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL ARTILLERY SILVER/TORTOISESHELL SWEETHEART As nice as they come. Beautiful hand etched regimental device and London silver H/M for WW1 to rear rim. Priced to sell.
WW1 ROYAL DUBLIN FUSILIERS CAP BADGE Good 3 wire lug example. Bi Metal. Solder holes to back. Nice toning. Old polish residue. Lugs a bit crudely affixed but original to the badge. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL DUBLIN FUSILIERS CAP BADGE - GAUNT Good example with slider which is J.R. Gaunt London stamped. 3 piece. Cast. No solder holes.
WW1 ROYAL ENGINEERS - T.R.E. LONDON SHOULDER TITLE Scarce genuine title. Brass. Made as a 2 lug example. Bit of slight verdigris on the front. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL ENGINEERS SILVER SPORTS MEDAL Silver and enamel sports medal with B/ham silver hallmarks for 1918. Beautiful condition. Large size,one and a quarter inch diameter . Worth more than this as scrap silver but that's un ethical in my book !
WW1 ROYAL ENGINEERS WHITE FACE SWEETHEART BROOCH Lovely sweetheart brooch from the Great War period. No damage to enamel. Pin back.
WW1 ROYAL HIGHLANDERS (BLACK WATCH ) SHOULDER TITLE Scarce smaller size brass RH . Flat variant lugs. Aged toned with old polish residue. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL INNISKILLING FUSILIERS SHOULDER TITLE Good example in uncleaned condition. Hexagonal lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL IRISH / ULSTER RIFLES CAP BADGE - MAKER MKD. Nice o/r's cap badge in white metal with slider. Slider with small maker stamp which looks like "E.N. B/HAM" ? V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL IRISH RIFLES BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Good Great War example with hexagonal lugs. Attached to a piece of tropical type tunic. Scarce. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL IRISH RIFLES CAP BADGE - MKD. SLIDER Very clean o/r's white metal cap badge. Age toned. Brass slider with "England". V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL MUNSTER FUSILIERS BADGE Good 2 piece example. Solder holes to back , used to apply the front piece of the badge during construction. Fakes don't have these. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION BRASS SHOULDER TITLE A real one ! Not Evilbay fake. Brass RND, 2 lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL NAVY SWEETHEART BROOCH Silver RN sweetheart or bar brooch. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS - BUTTON SWEETHEART Gilded Royal Scots tunic button mounted on a brass pin to make a sweetheart brooch. Button maker mkd. for Anderson of Edinburgh. Possibly made in the field to send home. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS - IN THEATRE MADE CAST BADGE Likely a In Theatre made example from India or Mesepotamia. Lovely age patina. Sand cast. Lugs bent otherwise V.G.C. Scarce
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS BALL TOP SWAGGER STICK Nice example and with very little denting. Nice sharp Regimental device to top. Blackened cane shaft still with it's metal tip. Very good.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS BRASS BED PLATE Nice genuine one with Regimental device with " The Royal Scots banner below in relief. Soldiers name and number and the original stout brass hanging hook. Maker marked to rear corner, " F.N. B/HAM ". V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS BRASS ECONOMY BADGE Brass economy version of the cap badge introduced around 1916. Die struck brass. Good detail. Old polish to back. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS BRASS ECONOMY BADGE WITH RED FELT BACKING From old collection. Rare brass Economy example. Beautifully toned brass with original to it red felt patch. Old polish residue to back. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE Fine example. Nicely toned brass. Red felt to centre. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE Nice untouched example of this scarce brass version of the o/r's cap badge. Uncleaned with dark age patina and will clean up well if desired. Shaped to Tam O Shanter. Lugs have been deliberately bent up by the soldier. Old pink polish residue to back. One that did'nt sit out the war. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS BRASS ECONOMY CAP BADGE - LONG LUGS Circa 1916. All brass economy version. This one with long lugs so possibly Pipe Band issue for the feather bonnet . Old polish residue to back. Scarce especially with the longer lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS DANDY 9TH O/R'S CAP BADGE Heavy cast example as worn by the R.Scots only kilted battalion. Left uncleaned as found. Will clean up nicely if desired.C/w original cotter pin.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS OFFICERS GLENGARRY - RARE Rare Great War top quality, private purchase officers glengarry with it's original to it , officers badge. Full length long silk tails in excellent condition. Silk edged to body. Please do not buy into the myth that all Great War glengarries had leather trim, Private purchase Officers examples tended not to have this. Grey ribbed lining with makers label with , F.W.FLIGHT - Army Tailor .London, Winchester, Aldershot , Woolwich and their respective addresses. This definitely ties it to WW1 as by WW2 and the risk of bombing both sides omitted street names. Also After WW1 the makers label read, " 'FLIGHTS LTD Military Tailors". Red/ green / white diced band, this with some moth nips. Dark blue body is good . Large size for the period, 57. 2 piece officers badge on silk rosette.This original to it. A rare glengarry from the War to End All Wars. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS BRASS COLLAR BADGE Nice single bi metal collar. Period converted to pin back. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS BRASS COLLAR BADGES - PAIR Good matching pair of o/r's bi metal collars. Fusiliers flaming bomb in brass with w/m thistles. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS OFFICERS CAP BADGE - GAUNT TABLET Good quality JR Gaunt made example and with their brass tablet from the Great War era on the back. 2 piece construction. North & south lugs. Gaunt made examples are rare. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS OFFICERS COLLAR BADGE - OSD Fine example of an officers flaming bomb collar for wear on the Great War OSD tunic. Cast, 2 piece construction. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS OFFICERS OSD COLLAR PAIR Superb set of officers collars retaining all their bronze finish. 2 piece construction. Perfectly matched pair. Mint
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS WW1 GLENGARRY Good size with original WW1 long silk tails. Original badge. Good size 56/57. Crown cloth part absent due to repair or size adjustment. Leather trim. No moth.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS GREYS CAP BADGE Nice WW1 example. nicely toned. Uncleaned. 2 lugs,no rubbing or damage. Will clean up nicely if desired. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS MEDAL PAIR & SHOULDER TITLE Nice Great War pair to a Royal Scots corporal. He also later served with the Vetinary Corps. Came with a curved brass shoulder title. No knocks or damage . C/W ribbons. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS PIPE MAJORS COLLAR BADGES Very rare pair of unmarked silver collar dogs as per the type issued to pipers. Pipers were in white metal. These being silver would suggest being for P/M. Silvered lugs. Condition A.1.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS PIPERS SHOULDER TITLE Silvered shoulder title for pipers. Rare. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS SHOULDER TITLE PAIR Nice brass matched pair. Hex lugs. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS SILVER/GOLD RIFLE & SWORD SWEETHEART BROOCH - CHESTER 1914 Very rare Chester provincial silver and with silver hallmarks for 1914. Unusual and very striking brooch from the Great War. Silver crossed rifle and sword. This surmounted by rose gold Regimental device with scroll below reading " Royal Scots ". Hallmarks to the rear .
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS SWAGGER STICK Good example with Regimental device in high relief.Nickel silver top with St. Andrew in an oval with scroll below with "THE ROYAL SCOTS". Nicely toned cane and c/w it's original brass tip. Minor denting to top compared to how they usually turn up. Very nice and straight from the house and never offered for sale before
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS SWAGGER STICK Good example. Nickel silver top with raised RS device. Not over polished. Nice bamboo shaft. Brass tip. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS TERRITORIAL CAP BADGE White metal for Territorial units. No rubbing or damage. Die struck. Original red felt for behind the voided centre. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS TERRITORIAL WHITE METAL CAP BADGE Good stout 2 piece example. Centre separately applied. V.G.C.
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS UNIFORM DATED 1918- DANDY 9th A rare opportunity to acquire an O/R/\'s uniform to a sergeant in the 9th Royal Scots (The Dandy 9th). This is all one mans items, no additions to complete the uniform or items sold separately. Uniform comprises - 1908 pattern tunic with no moth or damage. 1918 dated paper label with manufacturers details \"Sutherland & Sons -Glasgow\". Brass regimental buttons and shoulder titles. Good size for the great war, 5\'9\" height, 37\" chest. Great coat, again in V.G.C. with paper label (details indistinct). G.S. buttons. Hunting Stewart kilt, evidence of paper label, some moth to inside apron but good overall. Adapted by soldier to incorporate waist belt as WW1 kilts have no buckles. 32\" waist approx. Trews again in regimental tartan. Correct high back, condition grubby but good.Glengarry, exceptional condition with leather trim, silk tails and Sgts bi-metal badge, size 57. Swagger stick with Royal Scots device to top. Dog tags with soldiers name and details. 3 brass shoulder titles. Metal soap dish. Army bible found in the great coat pocket with paper markers to some sections and soldiers name applied to inside. Rare to find a near complete uniform to one man especially in this size and condition. Definately 9th Btn as they were the only kilted battalion in the Royal Scots
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS VOLUNTEER BTN. HELMET PLATE Either for the Home Service helmet or possibly cross belt/ baldrick. Kings Crown. Polished nickel silver. 2 stout U shaped fixings to back. Round bolt on plate. Volunteer w/m badge to centre with red leather behind. Well detailed. Scarce
WW1 ROYAL SCOTS VOLUNTEER BTN.CAP BADGE - GREEN FELT BACKING Scarce , original green felt as opposed to the usual red. Different opinions on what Battalion used green. 2nd seems to be the consensus. Nice white metal , die struck example with some polishing to the St. Andrew.
WW1 SAM BROWN BELT - 1914 DATED Sam Browne officers belt and shoulder strap. 1914 dtd. and Hobson London mkd. to tang. High quality as you anticipate from Hobson. No issues and from Black Watch officers estate. V.G.C.
WW1 SAM BROWNE LEATHER PISTOL HOLSTER 1918 DATED Really nice example of an officers pistol holster for wear on the Sam Browne belt. High quality with good condition leather and with no stitching faults. Nicely impressed with makers details " Heath Machin & Co, Walsall - 1918 " V.G.C.
WW1 SAM BROWNE PISTOL HOLSTER This came with other items from the estate of a Cpt. Caldwell of the Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs. Faint initials inside. Some service wear . Good "Been There" original.
WW1 SCOTS GREYS CAP BADGE Very nice slider example. Well detailed with no rubbing.
WW1 SCOTS GREYS CAP BADGE I've left this exactly as it came in. Nice age toning, bit of verdigris. Will clean up nicely if desired. 2 lugs.